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Guangdong Shaoneng Group Co., Ltd.

- Financial and Strategic SWOT

Analysis Revie
May, 16, 2014: Company Profiles and Conferences presents a Company Report on "Guangdong
Shaoneng Group Co., Ltd. - Financial and Strategic SW! "nalysis Re#ie$", $ho helps you
formulate strategies that augment your %usiness %y ena%ling you to understand your partners,
customers and competitors %etter.
Guangdong Shaoneng Group Co., Ltd. &Guangdong Shaoneng' is a po$er generation company,
%ased in China. !he company(s operates through its %usiness sectors, $hich includes electrical,
mechanical processing, en#ironmentally friendly paper ta%le$are, )irconium series products. *ts
e+isting installed capacity is ,,-,,./ 0ilo$atts of electricity, of $hich 1//,/// 0ilo$atts thermal
po$er, hydropo$er 1,-,,./ 0ilo$atts. Guangdong Shaoneng(s other operations includes
mechanical processing, electrical, en#ironmental protection, )irconium series products, paper
ta%le$are, cement manufacture, machinery manufacture, and other %usinesses. Guangdong
Shaoneng operates its %usinesses primarily in domestic mar0et, $ith Guangdong pro#ince as its
ma2or mar0et.Guangdong Shaoneng is head3uartered in Guangdong, China.
!his comprehensi#e SW! profile of Guangdong Shaoneng Group Co., Ltd. pro#ides you an in-
depth strategic analysis of the company4s %usinesses and operations. !he profile is %ring to you a
clear and an un%iased #ie$ of the company4s 0ey strengths and $ea0nesses and the potential
opportunities and threats. !he profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your %usiness
%y ena%ling you to understand your partners, customers and competitors %etter.
!his company report forms is the part of 5Profile on 6emand4 ser#ice, co#ering o#er 7/,/// of
the $orld4s leading companies. nce purchased the highly 3ualified team of company analysts
$ill comprehensi#ely research and author a full financial and strategic analysis of Guangdong
Shaoneng Group Co., Ltd. including a detailed SW! analysis, and deli#er this direct to you in
pdf format $ithin t$o %usiness days. &e+cluding $ee0ends'.
The profile contains critical company information including,
8usiness description 9 " detailed description of the company4s operations and %usiness
Corporate strategy 9 "nalyst4s summari)ation of the company4s %usiness strategy.
SW! "nalysis 9 " detailed analysis of the company4s strengths, $ea0ness,
opportunities and threats.
Company history 9 Progression of 0ey e#ents associated $ith the company.
:a2or products and ser#ices 9 " list of ma2or products, ser#ices and %rands of the
;ey competitors 9 " list of 0ey competitors to the company.
;ey employees 9 " list of the 0ey e+ecuti#es of the company.
<+ecuti#e %iographies 9 " %rief summary of the e+ecuti#es4 employment history.
;ey operational heads 9 " list of personnel heading 0ey departments=functions.
*mportant locations and su%sidiaries 9 " list and contact details of 0ey locations and
su%sidiaries of the company.
6etailed financial ratios for the past fi#e years 9 !he latest financial ratios deri#ed from
the annual financial statements pu%lished %y the company $ith 7 years history.
*nterim ratios for the last fi#e interim periods 9 !he latest financial ratios deri#ed from
the 3uarterly=semi-annual financial statements pu%lished %y the company for 7 interims
Key benefits of buying this profile include,
ou get detailed information about the company and its operations to identify potential
customers and suppliers!
!he profile analy)es the company4s %usiness structure, operations, ma2or products and
ser#ices, prospects, locations and su%sidiaries, 0ey e+ecuti#es and their %iographies and
0ey competitors.
>nderstand and respond to your competitors4 %usiness structure and strategies, and
capitali)e on their $ea0nesses. Stay up to date on the ma2or de#elopments affecting the
!he company4s core strengths and $ea0nesses and areas of de#elopment or decline are
analy)ed and presented in the profile o%2ecti#ely. Recent de#elopments in the company
co#ered in the profile help you trac0 important e#ents.
<3uip yourself $ith information that ena%les you to sharpen your strategies and transform
your operations profita%ly.
pportunities that the company can e+plore and e+ploit are si)ed up and its gro$th
potential assessed in the profile. Competiti#e and=or technological threats are highlighted.
Scout for potential in#estments and ac3uisition targets, $ith detailed insight into the
companies4 strategic, financial and operational performance.
Financial ratio presented for ma2or pu%lic companies in the profile include the re#enue
trends, profita%ility, gro$th, margins and returns, li3uidity and le#erage, financial
position and efficiency ratios.
Gain 0ey insights into the company for academic or %usiness research.
;ey elements such as SW! analysis, corporate strategy and financial ratios and charts
are incorporated in the profile to assist your academic or %usiness research needs.
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