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High Jump Data Correlation

In this assignment you and your group are going to be analyzing the data produced from the
paper written by Dapena and Ficklin and the Biomechanics Lab, Dept. of Kinesiology of Indiana
The goal of the assignment is to establish correlations between different aspects of the High
Jump and the information gathered from those aspects (by the authors) related to the Hpk (found in
Table 5 of the paper), which is the highest point of the athletes center of mass.
You will need to use Excel to input the data and to develop correlations between all possible
aspects of the analyses generated by the authors. Show all graphs and trend lines as well as calculating
the correlation. Every athlete and their jumps that were analyzed must be incorporated into the Excel
data and correlations. After this is done you may use particular parts of the data to further establish
correlations beyond what was mentioned and expected. If you choose not to go beyond the basic
requests that is fine but your lack of motivation and efforts will be considered and the end result may
not be pleasing. In other words, any critiques that need to be made will diminish your grade and there
will be no consideration for extra effort because there was none.
Upon establishing the basic correlations and possibly further creating correlations between your
topic and other topics, you need to draw conclusions based on your Excel data. Explain any and all
relationships that were created and why those correlations are significant or not significant based on
graphs, trends and correlation calculations. Note: just because there are poor correlations does not
mean your grade will suffer be sure to include all data, do not omit anything. Remember poor data is a
good indicator that something is not working or not correct, that does not mean that it is wrong. If you
generate correlations or data poorly due to lack of thought or creativity and you have poorly thought
out conclusions based on that data then you are wrong. Your grade and credibility will suffer due to this.
Understand that there is no right or wrong answer for this assignment! Thinking critically,
creativity, inference, informed decision making and assumptions, organization, details, conclusions and
effort will be the determining factors in the outcome.
If there are any aspects that you believe have been overlooked in this assignment paper please
let Coach Minvielle know. Do not make poor assumptions and loose credit, that is your fault if you fail to
talk to me.
All data and conclusions must be turned in on the due date for review. Late papers will be
severely penalized. The penalty is open ended because different situations demand different
considerations. I may ask you or your partner questions in relation to all data on the paper. Those
questions should be answered accurately. This would likely include clarifications on conclusions, data
inputs and outcomes and so on.
A lab report will need to be written based on all data and information acquired and/or
generated. The following link can be used as a reference for writing the report: . This report may be incorporated into
another form other than a Word Doc. This is not a traditional route however I want you thinking
outside the box. If you choose this be sure all aspects of the lab report are accounted for. This does
not give you permission to leave things out because of the form you chose.
When generating your Results and Discussion you must explain all correlations that were
created and why or why not they were good or bad. Be sure that your conclusion is thorough. What
form your conclusion is in is up to (ex. Word Doc., Power Point etc). Points will not be deducted here
for using a traditional approach. If you choose to go the non-traditional route that is great just be sure
that all information is included. A good source to aid you in writing the conclusion can be found at the
following link: .