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Kelsi Matson

Subject Area

Grade Level

Unit Title
Word Problems

Lesson Title
Addition and Subtraction Word Problems

Worksheets, pencils, white board, markers

CCSS.Math.Content.1.OA.A.1 Use addition and subtraction within
20 to solve word problems involving situations of adding to,
taking from, putting together, taking apart, and comparing, with
unknowns in all positions, e.g., by using objects, drawings, and
equations with a symbol for the unknown number to represent
the problem.
Anticipatory Set
(List specific statements or
activities you will use to focus
students on the lesson)
Today were going to practice word problems, and then you will
be able to create your own!
I want some of you to get up and act out these word problems.

Learning Goal (BLO)
After examples of word problems have been done on the white
board as a whole class, students will work in groups to solve and
record 80% of problems correctly.
(What information is essential for
the student to know before
beginning and how will this skill be
Students will need to know what a word problem is and how to
pick out the key information. Examples will be done as a class on
the white board, using the students as manpulatives, and key
vocabulary will be reviewed.

Lesson Activities (very specific and
1. The teacher will review the terms, sum, addition,
subtraction, total, fewer than, more than, etc.
2. Teacher will model a word problem on the white board
showing step-by-step how to solve a word problem.
3. Students will get up and act out two word problems.
4. Students will be put in groups and given worksheets to do
5. When students are done the word problems will be
shared on the white board (students will get up and write
the problems).
6. As a whole, the class will create and solve 2 word
problems together.
(If you will be demonstrating the
skill or competence, how will this
be done?)
The teacher will model word problems on the white board, using
the students as manipulatives.
Check for Understanding
(Identify strategies to be used to
The class will create their own word problems together, ensuring
that every student understands the steps to a word problem and
determine if students have learned
the objectives)
how to solve them.
Guided Practice
(List activities which will be used
to guide student practice and
provide a time frame for
completing this practice).
Students will complete 3 worksheets independently, or with peer
help as needed. This will be done within 25 minutes.
(What method of review will be
used to complete the lesson?)
The class will solve the word problems they created as a group.

Adaptations for Special Needs
M2. I related math problems and vocabulary to prior knowledge
and background.
M5. I used manipulatives to introduce, develop, and practice
M6. I used drawings for word problems.
M7. I encouraged students to think aloud when solving word
M8. I had students give oral explanations of their thinking.
M11. I encouraged students to do the following when solving
word problems:
a. understand the problem, b. find needed information, c. choose
a plan, d. solve the problem
M15. I used cooperative learning.
M16. I used peer tutoring.