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Lesson #4


Rich A. Luck
New You Life Coaching

A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

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A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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First, I want to extend a big Thank YOU! The response I received from last weeks lesson was
marvelous (over 300 personal replies, so far), and Ive read every one of them. I've
responded to some, but frankly it was too much for me to get back to each person personally,
so I just want to make sure you know how appreciative I am.

Heres what I plan to do for you:

Over the coming weeks, Im going to address your questions and requests that youve sent in,
and Ill dedicate an entire lesson (or even compile a bonus video for you), that you'll receive
as part of your ongoing membership.

So, be on the look out for your personal request/s in the following weeks ;-)

If you have wishes or feedback youd like to share, please email me at . Id be happy to hear from you personally.

The best part is, were only getting started! Wait til you see what I have in the pipeline for
you over the coming weeks!! Its truly going to motivate, enthuse and inspire you to really
live your life as you wanted!

Today - youre going to discover how to fall in love with the most important person in your
life - you! This is such a crucial ingredient to your personal success and happiness that I cant
emphasize it enough.

and todays lesson is going to give you the courage and confidence to help you see (and
declare!) who you really are!
A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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Youll learn about the amazingly obvious difference between the watcher and the observer
inside you - this new level of awareness can lead you to live a much more peaceful and
influential life.

By the time youve finished with this lesson - well have established beyond all doubt that YOU
are an utterly unique and magnificent being! (Ill also give you my 5 powerful guiding
principles for loving and appreciating yourself!

implement just ONE of these superb tips into your life every week and youll take charge
of your life with a renewed vibrancy and energy.)

So lets get into unveiling how truly magnificent you really are.!

Note: It is Recommended That You Print This Document for more enjoyable reading and
learning experience. It is 26 pages with some color pages. You should place each module
into a binder. Even if you dont use it all now you can archive it to use later.

Recommended Resources:
Noel Jones Subliminal Videos speed up your personal growth, without the need for
willpower! Highly recommended.
A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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Imagine you have a lodger you don't like very much. This person doesn't look too good to
you. They eat food you disapprove of and perhaps spend too much money. Maybe they drink
a little too much or gamble or smoke and you disapprove. Possibly they bite their nails.

Not only that, but as you've got to know them, you've discovered that this person isn't always
completely honest. They don't actually lie, but they don't always live according to their own
beliefs. Maybe they've told you they're very loyal, but you've caught them gossiping now and
then. They say they're thrifty but you've known them to be extravagant. This person thinks
of him or herself as generous, but you can think of times when they were downright mean.

Overall, he or she isn't actually a bad person, but frankly, they don't live up to your ideals.
And sometimes, they just make mistakes. All in all, they're not perfect.

Now take this one step further and suppose this individual isn't your lodger - but your lover.
This is the person you go to bed with and wake with every day of your life. You know his or
her flawed body intimately. You're familiar with every wrinkle, blemish, parts that are not
quite the sexy shape you'd prefer ... and on and on.
A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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You don't hate this individual, but if you could you'd tweak a lot of parts of their overall being.

Does it ever strike you as most odd that this kind of uncomfortable relationship is
the one most people have with themselves?

You have very definite views about your appearance, judge (sometimes most harshly) your
own personality and character traits, even calling yourself insulting names at times!

How come there's an inner "you" that treats "outer you" as if you were someone else? Where
did the idea that "nobody's perfect" come from especially when everybody is so different?

What would you be like if you were actually perfect? And how would you or anybody measure
that perfection? How come you can judge yourself?

In this issue of Breakthrough to Brilliance we're going to attempt to answer some of
those questions, and put to bed some, if not all, of the discomfort that comes with judging
yourself harshly.

Along the way, we'll also look at the past - and figure out why we have a tendency to carry
baggage around that just weighs us down and prevents us from having the life we truly

In other words these next few pages represent a MAJOR stepping stone towards your
personal freedom and happiness. I hope you agree with me that that's a worthwhile reason to
pay attention to the next few pages

A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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Some Truths About YOU

Whatever "you" are, it's complicated. At one level, you're a physical body made of flesh, blood
and bone all of which in turn are made of some pretty complex substances themselves!

At another level, youre a bundle of thoughts, feelings, ideas and character traits that set you
apart from ALL of the rest of humanity. No one ever, in the history or future of planet Earth
will or could have the exact same set of thoughts feelings ideas and experiences.

YOU are 100% unique. And always will be.

Those thoughts, feelings and ideas are invisible to the rest of the world, unless you choose to
share them.

But then there's yet another level of you that you are kind of aware of, but which is
essentially, invisible even to you. For instance, where do your dreams come from? Why
are you drawn to certain things and not others?

For example, one person loves brass band music, whilst another hates it but loves classical
guitar. One person is fascinated by mechanical things and becomes an engineer, whilst
another is utterly bored by what makes things work, but loves to teach languages.

A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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These are profound questions - the stuff of philosophy - and perhaps not for us to go into too
deeply in this course.

However what IS important about them is

They leave you with a sense of needing to "get to know yourself". In much the same way as
youd get to know anyone else, be it a friend, lover or family member.

What makes this phenomenon even more remarkable is the fact that theres an "inner you"
(the watcher) who observes, learns and discovers stuff about the other "you" who you're
getting to know!

This is not only more remarkable this is vitally important. When I first made this incredible
discovery it was like a weight was lifted from my shoulders.

I've spoken before about how important it is that were able to choose what we think and
where to focus our thoughts. But this sense of there being a "watcher" self offers us MUCH
more than that

It can give you great peace of mind because the watcher part of you is always at peace -
and from that perspective you can choose what to change about the "outer" self as you go
along. It's no more difficult than correcting a vehicle you're driving that's slightly off course

And whats important to realize is when you are off course - it doesn't make the vehicle or
the driver "bad" or "imperfect"! It also doesnt mean its not fixable!

Now, its pretty difficult to capture the true potential of this marvelous discovery in words - like
trying to nail a spot of light to the wall! It's ephemeral and it floats away as soon as you try
A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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So instead, Im going to show you how you might capture the experience of the "watcher"
self, for yourself

The first way to experience your watcher self, is to go for a drive, preferably as a passenger
so you can look around. You can travel in any moving vehicle as long as you can see out of
the windows. Now watch the scenery moving past you. Your logical, trained brain knows
that the scenery isn't moving - it's you thats moving.

But now realize how you can shift that perspective back to the way you probably saw it when
you were very tiny - that the scenery is what is actually moving! You are the still centre, and
everything moves past you. See if you can override your logical understanding of whats
happening and allow yourself to experience what your brain actually perceives.

This gives an example of allowing yourself to escape from the logical part of your perception
to simply being the watcher or observer of your experience.

Heres another example:

This is something I learned from the late English philosopher Douglas Harding, who wrote a
classic work back in the 1960s entitled "On Having No Head." This little experiment involves
pointing - nothing more.
A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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Sit in a comfortable chair. Your task is to point and to notice precisely what you actually
observe, and not what you've been "told" is there! It's not as easy as it sounds - at least not
the first time for many people!

Now, I can't tell you what you'll see, but Ill do my best to describe what I see as I do this
experiment with you.


Okay, first point at something across the room.

I'm pointing at the wall above my desk, (where my computer is), and I see the back of my
hand and most of my forearm with my index finger outstretched first of all. Then if I raise my
eyes to the direction of what's being pointed at, I see my calendar, my notice board and the
items on it, including some of my dream board items. (I may tell you about that in another

Okay, now point at your lap.

When I point at mine, I see a different view of the back of my hand, and I see my jeans and
my thighs as far as my knees. I have no visual awareness of the rest of my legs from this
A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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Next, point at your chest.

This time I see a very different view of my hand, with a foreshortened image of my forefinger
with its nail pointed at my chest, and the other three fingers - mostly I can see only the middle
joint of each of those - and I can see about half of my palm. When I look down at whats
being pointed at I see a fairly non-descript area of clothed person. (Ladies may have a slightly
different experience here!)

Finally, point at your head, directly between your eyes.

This time, the view of my hand is similar to the view I had when my chest was the object
being pointed at, from a slightly different angle. But when I look to see whats being pointed
at, I have a completely unexpected surprise!

What is being pointed at?

Of course, if you do this in a mirror or someone else is watching, they can see you pointing at
your head! But that isn't your view of the world, is it?

In fact, you couldn't have a view of the world if there wasn't effectively a vast open window
leading to your brain!

Now, let me explain that last statement
A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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You are designed to let the world in. To put it even better, you are the world! Without you,
there is no perception and therefore nothing to perceive! Remember in our last lesson I told
you that you are creating your reality by your act of observing it, (which is far more than
simply looking).

Think about this: if your ears were full of noise, you would not be able to hear sound. Hearing
sound depends on silence. You wouldn't be able to see if your eyes were full of colours! You
are a window for the world. However, you are also the interpreter of the world - you
make it what it is.

Your brain, which is infinitely more complex than any computer on earth, "decides" what
reality to perceive out of the available cacophony of energy pulses and vibrations available to
it. (The brains of other species have a different range of vibrations and pulses available - so
dogs have a heightened awareness of smells compared to ours, whilst bees can see ultra
violet light and so on

What this means is: There is no single definitive view of "reality." It totally depends on the

So, you are a reality creating/interpreting/perceiving being of energy! Even your physical
body, which appears to be solid and stable, is ever changing energy. You exchange gases
with the air around fourteen times every minute. Food you ingest is sifted and turned into ...
well ... you!

Not to mention that theres not one cell of your body in existence here today that was here
seven years ago! Your physical self is fluid and ever changing.

A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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Another way of describing who and what you are is to say: You are an utterly unique

I think we've established that beyond all doubt now, wouldn't you agree?

If that's the case, how can you be anything other than perfect? You are perfectly yourself!

It's only when you try to compare yourself with others that you come up with the frankly
ridiculous notion that you should be like this or that you shouldn't do that! Spend your life
worrying what the neighbours will say and you'll effectively imprison yourself.

One lovely idea I came across a few years ago is to become "pronoid."

Paranoia, as you know, is the belief that people are saying nasty or bad things about you
behind your back or without your knowledge. "Pronoia" is the opposite: a feeling that people
are secretly admiring you! The word doesn't officially exist, but I'd strongly suggest you start
living pronoid and let all your friends in on the secret too!

Let's spread pronoia like a virus!
A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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My 5 superb, enjoyable and powerful ways for loving yourself:

1. Know what you stand for, rather than focusing on what you're against.

The late and incredible Mother Teresa was once asked to join an anti war march when the
Vietnam war was at its height. Her answer was simple and profound. She said she would
never join a march that was anti anything, but that if they ever had a march for peace to let
her know.

If you hate racism, be pro equality. You don't have to go on marches or organise rallies. Just
live it. Don't join the war on terror - that just creates more terror. Become an advocate of
tolerance and peace.

It's a part of knowing yourself to know what you stand for, and then you need to be proud
of it. You don't have to proclaim anything, simply being yourself with integrity is sufficient.
We are human beings, not human doings!

2. Use the language of responsibility.

A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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In other words, own your beliefs, your opinions and your emotions. I am often struck by how
people will resort to speaking in the third person rather than the first whenever a topic gets a
little uncomfortable.

You will hear things like, "Well, when you're under pressure, anyone can make a mistake," as
if by generalizing, some kind of understanding or forgiveness will take place in the mind of the
listener. Politicians are often masters of this technique, although I do suspect that in the
majority of cases it's not conscious.

How much more honest to say, "When I feel under pressure I do sometimes make mistakes."
To my mind, that's much easier to sympathize with.

3. Honor your body.

Recently, Ive come across a few books and personal development teachers who encourage
you to tell parts of your body that you love them out loud. It may work, but it doesn't do it for
me. But if this works for you Great! Try it.

Honoring is essentially about being grateful for your body. Notice how good your health is,
focus for a moment or two on how well your joints work (if they do), relish the fact that if
you're a middle aged man that you still need shampoo! It's kind of having fun with your body
rather than making fun of it.

Now, if you're unhealthily overweight I'm not suggesting you should ignore that, but forcing
yourself to diet by willpower almost never works. (If it did, diet books would be old hat by
now, but they still sell by the million).

A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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We will cover your health and vitality in a later issue, but don't expect another diet programme
from me because you won't get one! This, as well as allowing the pounds to drop off without
struggle or willpower, is about mindset, not calorie counting!

Did you know there are now over 36 thousand diets in circulation right now? You certainly
dont need another one of those, do you?

Since we've already established that your physical self is almost like having a permanent
friend to stay treat your body as exactly that! You might treat your friend now and then to
a slap up meal, but for the most part you'd give a good friend or even a lover the kind of food
and treatment thatd keep them in good shape as much as possible, wouldnt you?

So acknowledge that and treat yourself accordingly with this same respect. You deserve it.
You truly do.

4. Honor your deservingness.

Part of being a unique individual means that you acquire knowledge, talents, skills and
expertise in things that not everyone else has in quite the quantities or combination that you

So when someone pays you a compliment, thanks you, or even wants to pay you to do
something you think of as "ordinary" don't respond with, "Aw, anyone could do that." Anyone
couldn't do whatever it is the way you do - even if it's changing a light bulb. Maybe you do it
with more enthusiasm, love or humor than anyone else around. Say thank you, and accept
that at least one person thinks you're special for at least one thing, and

Never, ever diminish yourself by comparing yourself with someone else.
A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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Amongst my hobbies is snow skiing. I'm a good skier - quite talented in fact. I'll tell you one
thing that it took me years to realize and accept: The way I ski is unique. When I'm dead, no
one will ever ski quite like me again.

You might not ski, but the way you speak, think, walk, create ideas - in fact just about
everything you do - is special because you are a one and only original and unique you!

5. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude.

We live in a world of victim thinking. Our media reflects this too. You must make a conscious
decision to focus on what is good and what works in your life.

I love the idea of keeping a "Magic Moments Journal." Get a nice notebook and keep it by
your bed. Each night before going to sleep pick up your journal and write down three things
that happened in the last twenty four hours that were "magical."

Perhaps you exchanged smiles with a child. Maybe you had an idea for a new novel. The
colours of a tulip field blew you away. Your favourite childhood pop star was played on the
radio ... you come up with them!

The task is to think of and write down at least three such magic moments before you turn out
the light. It's not only a lovely way to go to sleep, its also a vivid reminder that no matter
how stressful or difficult things get, there's always good things happening too.

This type of activity changes your focus, and as it becomes more of a habit, you'll find yourself
looking for, and making mental notes of, magic moments as you go through each day.

A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

Page 18
These 5 powerful tips are guaranteed to help you love who you are and what you stand for -

If you implement just ONE of these 5 ideas into your life each week, over the next 5 weeks
and youll watch your life and happiness begin to soar to new heights

Putting the Past to Bed

To round out this session I want to take you on a major step forward I want you to really
get that living in the moment is more than just an idea. It's the only thing that's possible.
And how you live each and every moment is crucial to your happiness and your success in life.

Try a little experiment with me. Think of what you had for breakfast yesterday. If you don't
eat breakfast, lunch will do! Just for a moment or two, close your eyes and remember the
look of the food on the plate or in the dish, recall how it tasted in your mouth, and feel once
more the pleasure of enjoying your food. (Well, I hope you enjoyed it anyway!)

Now, open your eyes. Is the food actually here again? Are you in fact eating it? No, of
course not! It happened yesterday! But the memory happened NOW!

A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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Think about something you're planning to do tomorrow, or an ambition you'd like to achieve
some time in the next twenty years - and those thoughts and ideas, and all the feelings they
carry with them are happening now.

This moment is all you have. I love this quote:

"The past is history,
The future's a mystery
But this moment is a gift.
That's why it's called ... the present."

So what? Well, it's all very well just knowing this almost too obvious fact, but there's a
profound truth in here.

You see, whenever you feel inadequate, not capable, not good enough or you hold back in any
way from following a dream of yours, it's because you're comparing an imaginary future with
something from your past!

You think the future will look like the past!

A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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It seems reasonable, especially as our ability to "extrapolate" is part of our survival instinct. I
mean - you know that trying to drive around a hairpin bend in top gear isn't going to work
because you may have mistakenly attempted something similar when you were learning to

But it's not so reasonable to conclude that no one can love you because of a couple of
relationships that didnt work the way you expected them too.

(Note: If you (or anyone you know) keep attracting the same type of disastrous
partner there is a reason for this. But we'll tackle that in a later issue when we
cover relationships. You'll just have to be patient!)

It's not reasonable either when you conclude that you can't start a venture just because you
tried something similar once and got bitten.

"Once bitten, twice shy," is a recipe for a life of mediocrity and self imprisonment!

I prefer Robert the Bruce's observation, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, try again."

My friend: never give up!

Life may be a roller coaster at times - which means it may have its downs as well as many
ups, but there is one cardinal rule about riding roller-coasters: Don't get off!

A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

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How to Rise Above Your Past For a Brighter Future

So, let me wrap up our present meeting by offering you a foolproof formula for not letting the
past eat up your future.

How you feel about yourself, and how you feel about your abilities, is largely based on events
that occurred in your past. During those events we make decisions about ourselves,
sometimes consciously, mostly not, such as I cant be loved , Im not good enough /
smart enough to earn more money , I have no confidence, etc.

These decisions about yourself are holding you back from your dreams, and in this exercise
The Past Cleanser Process we are going to eliminate them.

Note: I have a special Bonus available for you to download latter on this week,
So make sure you keep and eye out for the email with all the instructions!

Next time...

Coming Up Next ...
Lesson #5: Light Your Fire Learn how to tap into the infinite intelligence of
the universe to expand your mind. And while were at it, well also end

I have to say, this is the issue I've been most looking forward to writing. This is
where it really gets exciting, because once you "get" what I'm going to share
A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

Page 22
with you in the next lesson, your life can truly take off in a new and exciting
direction! Youll also discover

How I arrived at a "formula" for happiness. Youd like the formula,
PLUS youll learn how to tune into and trust your intuition and
your inner-guidance!

The only thing you need to be sure of is that you're there

Oh! Then theres the other incredible unadvertised BONUS . which Ill also tell
you about next week ;-)

Your Past Cleanser Process

This is all about your relationship with yourself, the single most important relationship you can
have You cant divorce yourself so you had better learn how to make it work at its best.

First, think of a negative belief that you have about yourself- and identify the feeling. That
is, give the feeling a name.

A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

Page 23
If you have problems coming up on the spot with an example, some example
situations could be:

You believe that you cant attract the right partner into your life
You believe that you are not a confident person
You believe that you are shy
You believe that youre not smart enough to do.whatever!
You believe that no one could love someone like you
You believe that youre not organised

These are common examples I often hear over again from my personal clients. However, you
could have an entirely different situation in mind. Come up with your own example that YOU
can relate to.

Once you have identified the negative belief or limiting decision / choice, give the feeling a
name -

What do you say when you think about doing this thing? Do you call it shyness, unorganized,
unlovable, dumb or perhaps even stupid ... some word or phrase of your own?

Next, close your eyes and identify any memories to which that feeling belongs. There may be
just one, or you may have a series that come to mind. Choose the worst! (That's the one
that's causing you to hold back. The others will fall like dominoes once you deal with this
one). Trust your subconscious to show you the right memories, you might be surprised at
what it brings up for you to look at.

With your eyes still closed, run the memory like a video in your mind. See, hear and recall as
vividly as you can the experience, uncomfortable though it was. It's only for a moment!
A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

Page 24

Now, imagine this is a movie and you are the director. Re-run the whole "movie" but
from a director's perspective, so you can see yourself IN the action. When it gets to
the point where it's the most uncomfortable, mentally shout "CUT!" and freeze the action.

Walk onto the "set" and make any changes you need to make so that when you replay the
scene it will feel comfortable. You can alter the dialogue, have different music playing in the
background, change the scenery, have the characters change their body language, facial
expressions, even costumes!

You can alter the lighting or the time of day or even the date. You can even have Bugs Bunny
run across the set shouting "What's up, Doc?" if you like!

Do whatever is necessary to change the feeling of the scene when you watch it. If it now
makes you giggle or it seems surreal, that's fine as long as you feel differently than the first

When you're satisfied with your new frozen moment, capture the image in some way: Take a
"photograph" or have it turn into a portrait you mentally hang on a wall.

A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

Page 25
Or you could "store" it on a CD Rom in your mind - just find a way to retrieve this new image
whenever you want to bring it to mind.

Go back to your director's chair and shout, "ACTION!" Run the whole scene from the
beginning, but now incorporate your changes. If there's still anywhere that's uncomfortable
for you, run it again and repeat the above steps until you are satisfied that you can view the
entire thing from start to finish without any discomfort whatsoever.

Open your eyes. Take a nice long, deep breath.

Now close your eyes once more, and think about the thing or idea you'd been holding back on.
Imagine yourself doing it - carrying it through and taking whatever action you need to take.

Really imagine it vividly in your mind, and see and hear yourself being effective and
confidently approaching whatever it is you were once afraid of

Let yourself discover how that feels!

There is one final, vital step.


A Breakthrough to Brilliance Lesson: All In The Mind

2009 Richard A. Luck - All Rights Reserved.

Page 26
Prove to your unconscious mind that those changes have happened by doing one thing - no
matter how small - towards your dream.

Are you getting to see who's in charge of your life now?


Dont forget your special bonus latter on this week. Im going to show you how to take the
positive learnings from any negative event, then spread them into your future to make it as
bright and as big as you know it is.

See you next issue.

Richard A. Luck
Publisher, Breakthrough to Brilliance

P.S - Ill be letting you know about an insane unadvertised BONUS in lesson #5 too so
watch out for it!! Its something I was never planning on doing, however Im now extremely
excited to be able to share it with you! All the juicy details will be revealed along with next
weeks lesson!