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Live Lesson Reflection

What was your objective(s) for the lesson? Do you feel like you achieved
yourobjective(s)? How do you know?
Language Objectives:
-Match vocabulary word to its definition
-Express understanding of geography using vocabulary words through journaling
Content Objectives:
-Students will be able to identify and compare the different aspects of geography
I feel as though my lesson acieved both the content and language objectives because Jack
walked away from the lesson feeling confident that he could describe different types of landforms. He
was able to identify them with both a picture of the landform and with a written definition of the
landform. He was then able to express his knowledge of landforms through a written journal, where
he was reuired to describe the atmosphere of where he chose to visit.
The goal here was to challenge the students vocabulary!language develo"#ent$ Do
you feel that you challenged the# in this regard? How do you know?
I feel as though the challenge of students! vocabulary"language development was
successfully achieved during this lesson. #lthough some of the definitions were well above
his age level, Jack proved that he was intelligent and mature enough to understand the
advanced definitions and articulate them back in his own words.
Was there a "art of the lesson that you reali%ed was too difficult and!or too easy? Was
there a "art of the lesson that you felt didnt work the way you #eant it too? What
adjust#ents could you #ake if you were to do this lesson again?
I felt as though the presentation of the vocabulary was a little difficult for Jack to
understand. $his was not my portion of the lesson, and I now wish I took that task of
instruction upon myself. $he powerpoint presentation was in order to present the information
to Jack at a level that was above his current grade, but when I saw the presentation, it was a
little advanced"dull for me to follow, and I!m a college student. In order to have fixed this, I
should have taken that part of the lesson and made the powerpoint interactive and
appropriate for Jack!s age level.
& reali%e that co##unication was not an issue since they are both 'nglish s"eakers$ &f
you were to re"eat this lesson with an 'LL student of the sa#e age(student has a
basic understanding of the 'nglish language and lacks foundation ofcontent
knowledge) what changes would you have to #ake?
#s stated earlier, the changes I would have made to the lesson would be towards the
initial powerpoint portion of the lesson. %or an &'' student, I would make sure there was
more interactive portions and that there was more than one picture to represent the landform
for that slide. &ach slide only had one (oomed out view of the landform, so I would
incorporate multiple pictures of different perspectives of the landform. %or example, if I was
talking about mountains, I would have pictures of the mountain from far away, from the base
of the mountain, from the top of the mountain, etc.