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PART 3: Worli Link Bridge Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited

The Worli end of the main bridge will be Segmental / Cast-In-Situ box girder
sections to cater to dispersing traffic and provisions for the future interchange
for a second phase (Worli to Nariman Point).

PART 4:Toll Plaza & Control Centre

The Toll Plaza shall be of 16 lanes with an approximate length of 410 m at
Bandra and equipped with all modern tolling facilities. The plaza building
will house O&M operations and facilities for toll-operator, MSRDC &
Bandra Worli Sea Link
visitors. The control system for the ITS will also be housed here.

l Toll Collection, monitoring & control.
l ITS Control Centre with CCTV, Traffic counting & Classifying, Variable
Message Signs, Remote Weather Information Station and Emergency
Telephones systems for surveillance monitoring & control.
l Operation and Maintenance centre for Sea Link

Communications System
Fibre-optic cable housed in HDPE ducts run parallel to the Bandra-Worli
corridor. In addition, pullout locations will assist drivers and enforcement
officers in pulling distressed vehicle out of traffic stream safely.

Work to be commenced
Improvements Along KAGK Road
l New Sidewalks
l Traffic Railings
l New Foot Over Bridges
l Landscaping and Signages

Ancillary Structures Contact

l 4-lane approach road to W.T.T.
Mr. Anil Kumar Lakhina
l Parking area for 200 vehicles
Vice Chairman & Managing Director
Tel.: 23685909 Fax: 23691031
Steering beyond
Mr. D.G. Marathe
Joint Managing Director
land limits
Tel.: 2368 5910 Fax:

Mr. J. T. Nashikkar
Chief Engineer
Tel.: 26558175 Fax:
Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited
Priyadarshini Park, Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai 400 036, Maharashtra, India.
Tel: (91 22) 2368 5909, 2369 6109 Fax: (91 22) 2369 1031
Website: Email:
Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation Limited

Bandra Worli Sea Link Benefits

The Bandra Worli Sea Link (BWSL) Project has been one of the most highly l Estimated savings in Vehicle Operating Costs (VOC):
recommended links by transport studies conducted for the metropolitan region Rs. 100 Crores per annum Bridge Layout
over the last thirty years.
l Considerable savings in travel time (20 to 30
Current Scenario: Mahim Causeway, the North-South connector between the minutes) due to increased speed and reduced delays Part Constituents
western suburbs and the island city of Mumbai is gets increasingly bottleneck (23 signals avoided) 1 Bandra approach bridge with precast (PC) segmental construction of 50 m spans.
prone. With 1,20,000 vehicles crossing the causeway daily, it takes nearly an hour to l Stress free driving
travel the 8 km from Mahim to Worli. 2 Two Cable Stayed Bridges of 500m & 150m main spans
l Reduced accidents
Bandra Worli Sea Link is first phase of Western Freeway Sea Link (Bandra to Nariman l Reduction in traffic on existing roads because of 3 Worli approach bridge with precast (PC) segmental construction of 50 m spans.
Point) the second phase being Worli - Nariman Point. traffic diversion to the Sea Link
Power Supply and Road Lighting 4 Cast-In-Situ (CIS) approach structure for link bridge at Worli end
l Reduction in Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Oxide
The BWSL (a part of the Western Freeway) will increase the route options of
passengers traveling from the island city to the western suburbs and vice-versa and Levels in Mahim, Dadar, Prabhadevi and Worli along Systems
thereby decongest the overstrained Mahim Causeway and western corridor. existing roads
l Diesel generators and auto mains failure panels to cater as
Reduced noise pollution in Mahim, Dadar, emergency backups.
PART 1: Approach Bridges
Entrepreneur : MSRDC Prabhadevi and Worli along existing roads
l Adequate lighting levels and energy saving luminaries.
Cost : Rs. 1306 Crore No adverse effect on fisheries, marine life and
l Lightening protection at bridge tower and control room. l The bridge comprises typical units of five continuous spans of 50 m each. There are three such
Type of Project : Build Operate Transfer (BOT) livelihood of fisherman units. The ends of each unit have expansion joints.
l Duplicate cables will ensure reliability and availability of
Concession Period : 30 years l Landscaping along the approaches and waterfront l Superstructure and substructure are designed in accordance with IRC & AASHTO codes.
Layout : This 6 km link commences from the Mahim promenade will enhance the environment and add l Sub-structure consists of 1.5 m, diameter drilled piles with pile caps and some of the piers near
l Facade lighting for bridge tower and special lighting in
interchange (i.e. intersection of the Western green spots to the city Worli end will be directly socketed into the rock.
landscaped area.
Express Highway and S. V. Road at Bandra) and Mumbai gets a new landmark
l Longitudinal and lateral, bridge bearing supports (disc type) at various locations will limit
ends at Love Grove Junction in Worli. displacement.
Superstructure will be pre-cast, post-tensioned, fish belly shaped, twin segmented concrete box
Project Brief

girder sections., A typical precast segment is 18m wide, 3m deep and 3m long weighing about 100t.
Quality Assurance Segments will be epoxied together with nominal pre-stressing
Package Components Status
l Facility for emergency cross over at spans P4 - P5
Features incorporated to enhance bridge
I Flyover at Love Grove junction, Worli Completed l Provision for an access ramp connection to Bandstand near Searock Hotel
performance and durability include:
II Cloverleaf interchange at Mahim intersection Completed l High performance concrete (grade M60 l Bandra & Worli apporach bridges are structurally identical.
with micro silica slurry) to enhance
III Solid approach road from Mahim interchange to the start of the Toll Plaza at Completed
Bandra and a Public Promenade durability

IV Cable Stayed Bridge with viaduct approaches extending from solid approach In progress
l Fusion bonded epoxy coated reinforcement PART 2: Cable Stayed Bridges
as anti-corrosive treatment
road to KAGK Road & Toll Plaza
l Pre-cast technology ensures quality Main Cable - Stayed Bridge over Bandra channel
V Improvements to the existing KAGK Road Yet to commence production of segments Total length:600 m.
l Instrumentation to monitor vital bridge
parameters Main span :500 m
Project Features (2 spans of 250 m each supported by central tower of 130m height)
Second Cable Stayed Bridge over Worli channel
l 8 lanes exclusively for fast moving vehicles with limited access (four wheelers and above).
Total length:350 m
l 2 lanes proposed to be reserved for buses.
l 16-lane toll plaza with automated toll collection system. Main Bridge (PackageIV) Main span:150 m
(Single central main span of 150 m with towers on either side of 56 m height)
l "Intelligent Bridge" with sophisticated surveillance, information, guidance and emergency support systems.
l Main Cable Stayed Bridge 500 m long spanning across Bandra Channel. Work in Progress Details The superstructure comprises of twin pre-cast concrete box girders with a fish belly
cross sectional shape, identical to the approaches.
l Second Cable Stayed Bridge 150 m long spanning across Worli Channel.
l Landscaping and promenade development. Bridge Structure cross sectional shape, identical to the approaches.
l A cloverleaf interchange at Mahim intersection and a flyover at Love Grove junction to ensure faster and safer Bridge consists of twin continuous concrete box girder bridges Boxes are deepened and widened at the edges in order to accommodate cable anchorage. A typical
traffic dispersal of both ends for traffic in each direction. The Bridge (except the cable-stayed pre-cast segment is 22 meters wide, 3m deep, 2.5m long and weighs about 120t. Every alternate
l Maximum clearance of 20 m below Bandra Cable Stayed Bridge for water transport portion) is supported on piers typically spaced at 50 meters. Each segment has cables attached to it..
l State-of-the-art construction technology section is meant for four lanes of traffic, with anti-crash barriers The main tower foundation at Bandra comprises 2m drilled shafts, approximately 25 meter in length. The 6
l Emergency crossovers and Disaster Management Program and service sidewalks on one side. meters deep, pile cap is constructed on a tremie seal within a Cofferdam.