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CONTRACT No: PDOC"#$"%-596
Palougue Produced Water Project Phase I
Re). No.
A00/o)e1 23 PDOC
A Jan 24 2008 Submitted for approval Caihongwei Gosong
B Apr 1 2008 Submitted for approval Caihongwei Gosong
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ 0/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
11 General1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
111 Contents of (5e6ution )lan1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
112 )urpose of (5e6ution )lan111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
117 !b8e6tives of )ro8e6t111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
114 (ssentials and *easures111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111112
21 (ngineering1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111114
211 &ntrodu6tion11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111114
212 )ro8e6t *ission Statement111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111114
217 Staffing111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111114
214 (ngineering 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111114
213 )ro6urement Support11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111118
214 Constru6tion Support1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111110
219 Communi6ation : #raining Support111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111117
71 )ro6urement11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111117
711 &ntrodu6tion1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111117
712 !rgani;ation and $esponsibilities11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111114
717 )ur6hasing111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111113
714 $e<uisition and &n<uir=111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111114
713 Bid (valuation and ,endor Sele6tion111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111119
714 (5pediting111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111118
719 &nspe6tion and #esting 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111
718 Shipment and Air .reighting 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111120
71 &nland #ransportation1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111120
7110 +ogisti6 Support1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111122
7111 $e6eipt of *aterials at Site11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111124
7112 >arehouse and Sto6? )ile Area1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111123
7117 Spare )arts and Consumables1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111124
7114 #a5 (5emption Appli6ation1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111124
7113 %se of +o6al )rodu6ts and Servi6es111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111124
7114 >arrant= from *anufa6turer11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111129
7119 *aterial Control1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111129
7118 *anagement of Surplus *aterials111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111128
41 Constru6tion111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111112
411 General1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111112
412 Constru6tion Arrangement and )reparator= >or?1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111172
417 Constru6tion )lan1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111174
414 Statement of +abor *anagement and &ndustrial $elations111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111147
413 Civil wor?s11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111144
414 14@ main water line1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111149
4110 (le6tri6al installation 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111138
)age 1 of 2
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ 0/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
4117 *aterial AandlingB Storage and 'elivering 111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111144
4114 Constru6tion Cualit= *anagement11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111148
4113 Constru6tion Cualit= Control DCCE1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111148
4114 Constru6tion Cualit= Assuran6e *easures1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111114
4118 Safet= Se6urit= )oli6ies in Constru6tion11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111197
411 Constru6tion *anagement111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111199
4120 Camp +iving .a6ilities and #emporar= Constru6tion .a6ilities +a=out11111111111111111111111111111111111111111198
31 Commissioning111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111180
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'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
!. Gene/.l
!.! Content- o9 E:e5*tion Pl.n
&n a66ordan6e with the instru6tions given in C!"#$AC#B C)(CC has prepared the )ro8e6t
(5e6ution )lan whi6h 6overs whole S6ope of >or?B all phases and aspe6ts related to
)ro8e6t e5e6ution1 #he des6ription of the plan is provided in the subse6tions entitled as
#his plan provides suffi6ient detail to ensure !wner that C)(CC has the full ?nowledge of
the S6ope of >or? and is 6apable of performing the >or? in a66ordan6e with the
re<uirements of C!"#$AC#1
!.# P*/0o-e o9 E:e5*tion Pl.n
#his plan is formulated to present the strategi6 prin6iples and 6on6rete approa6hes for
e5e6ution of the )ro8e6tB leading the )ro8e6t a6tivities to pro6eed well organi;ed and
s6heduled wa=B and in a safe and effi6ient manner to reali;e good performan6e in all phases
in terms of s6hedule and <ualit=B so as to ensure the final su66ess of this )ro8e6t1
Based on the a6tual situationB a6hievementsB status of engineering and pro6urementB
availabilit= of materialB manpower and e<uipmentB and other 6onditionsB this plan will
sub8e6t to revision from time to time throughout the )ro8e6t e5e6ution to maintain
6ontinuous improvement and s=n6hroni;e with the a6tual progress of the )ro8e6t1
!.$ O+7e5ti)e- o9 P/o7e5t
C)(CC will ma?e ever= endeavor to a6hieve the following ma8or ob8e6tives of this )ro8e6t/
#o as6ertain and 6onfirm the ade<ua6= of spe6ifi6ation and design information
in6luded in the +!A and Contra6t do6uments1
Commission 2 sets of water in8e6tion pumps and 4 sets of mud pumps 1and to a6hieve
the Se6tional *e6hani6al Completion of twoD2E mud pumps within five D3Emonths
from the Contra6t (ffe6tive 'ate1
#o provide and 6ommission all e<uipment and fa6ilities that will meet the fun6tional
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'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
re<uirements as envisaged in the C!"#$AC#1
#o warrant that C)(CC has full= performed the S6ope of >!$F as stipulated in the
!.; E--enti.l- .n1 Me.-*/e-
11411 (arl= )reparation and .ast *obili;ation
C)(CC will plan the formation of pro8e6t management team and 6onstru6tion teamB
deplo=ment of 6onstru6tion e<uipment and materialsB and get information regarding the
possibilit= and availabilit= for fast mobili;ation of the humane and material resour6es as
re<uired b= pro8e6t e5e6ution1
#he manpower mobili;ation shall be performed in a progressive manner in a66ordan6e with
)ro8e6t e5e6ution plan and s6hedule1 #he ?e= personnel responsible for different fun6tions
will be immediatel= ta?e the offi6eB and the involved individual dis6ipline personnel shall
be mobili;ed as re<uired prior to a6tual start of their respe6tivel= responsible a6tivities1
>ith 6areful planningB C)(CC will as6ertain the deplo=ment of 6onstru6tion e<uipmentB
re6tif= an= defi6ien6= and maintain them in good 6ondition to be read= for operation prior
to 6ommen6ement of 6onstru6tion a6tivities1
11412 #imel= )erforman6e of (ngineering 'esign
#hrough the e5perien6e in previous pro8e6t e5e6utionB C)(CC has reali;ed that timel=
performan6e of engineering design is most 6riti6al to provide the indispensable 6ondition
for pro6urement and 6onstru6tion a6tivities to be possibl= performed on s6hedule1
#hereforeB the engineering group will immediatel= start the engineering performan6e in a
professional and effi6ient manner1
(ngineering group shall verif= and update the information alread= supplied b= the !wner
to as6ertain its ade<ua6=B update and perform an= investigation if ne6essar=B and also verif=
and 6onfirm all the Basi6 'esign do6uments re6eived from the !wner and in6orporate an=
6hanges as re<uired to 6omplete the >or?1
&n order to ma?e the engineering a6tivities go smoothl= and avoid the repetition of design
8obsB and to ensure the timel= submission and approval of engineering do6umentsB a good
6oordination 6hannel between the Contra6tor and !wner will be effe6tivel= established and
maintained throughout the whole engineering phase1
#o ensure the diffi6ulties in 6ivil wor? 6onstru6tion 6reated b= rain= season is redu6ed to
the ma5imum e5tentB C)(CC will tr= the best to issue as earl= as possible the 6onstru6tion
)age 2 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
drawing for 6ivil wor?B espe6iall= for those a6tivities diffi6ult to perform in wet 6ondition1
C)(CC understand piling drawing is 6riti6al to a6hieve two mud pump first operation
within 3 months1 C)(CC will also give the prioriti;ed 6onsideration to the issuan6e of
relevant engineering do6uments for e5peditious pro6urement of long lead items1
11417 (5peditious )ro6urement A6tivities
#he timel= deliver= to site of )ro8e6t e<uipment and materials is the basi6 6ondition for
ensuring the 6ompletion of 6onstru6tion a6tivities on s6hedule1 #hereforeB the pro6urement
group shall maintain effi6ient performan6e in pro6urement a6tivitiesB for whi6h 6lose
6onta6t and 6ollaboration with engineering group is ne6essar=1
#he pro6urement a6tivities shall be planned around the overall )ro8e6t phases so that timel=
availabilit= of materials for 6riti6al paths 6an be guaranteed1 #he long deliver=B 6riti6al
items will be ordered on priorit= basis to meet their deliver= at site as per )ro8e6t s6hedule1
11414 Cualit= and Safet=
GCualit= .undamental@ and GSafet= .irst@ shall be alwa=s ?ept in the mind of ever=bod= of
C)(CC throughout the )ro8e6t e5e6ution1
Along with the effe6tive operation of a 6ertified Cualit= S=stemB C)(CC shall sti6? to
observation and implementation of all the standardsB 6odes and spe6ifi6ations as re<uired
b= the Contra6t and no <ualit= 6ompromise is allowed1 All the a6tivities in different phases
shall be performed and 6ompleted in a66ordan6e with the approved pro6eduresB and shall be
sub8e6t to supervision and <ualit= inspe6tion b= C)(CCHs <ualit= inspe6tors and )'!CHs
representatives1 An= non26omplian6e as found must be re6tified1
C)(CC will atta6h as well great importan6e to safet= all the time to provide a safe
environment to C)(CC emplo=eesB visitorsB !wnerHs and sub6ontra6torHs personnel and
minimi;e the losses 6aused b= unsafe a6tsB 6onditions or omissions1 All the appli6able
safet= regulations are mandator= and personnel at all level of C)(CC management shall be
held a66ountable for their safet= responsibilities1 All C)(CC individual emplo=ees will be
trained and en6ouraged to understand and promote the safet= standards all the time and to
6ooperate with the 6ompan= safet= program in ever= aspe6t to ensure the )ro8e6t is
e5e6uted safel= and smoothl=1
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'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
#. En4inee/in4
#.! Int/o1*5tion
C)(CCB as a *ain Contra6torB will provide the Gsingle sour6e@ responsibilit= for all aspe6ts
of the pro8e6t e5e6utionB whi6h involves overall pro8e6t managementB engineeringB
pro6urementB 6onstru6tionB site 6oordinationB <ualit= assuran6e:<ualit= 6ontrolB AS(B
pro8e6t 6ontrolsB trainingB 6ommissioning and reporting1
China )etroleum (ngineering Co1B +td DC)(EB as an (ngineering Sub6ontra6tor to C)(CCB
will provide all servi6es as ma= be re<uired for smooth e5e6ution of this )ro8e6tB mainl= as
engineering designB pro6urement assistan6eB 6onstru6tion support as well as training and
6ommissioning instru6tions1 C)(CC will appoint a responsible person and some ma8or
dis6ipline engineers ta?ing the fun6tion of supervision of engineering wor? and
6oordination between the (ngineering Sub6ontra6torB C)(CC and the !wner for the
purpose of ensuring all the engineering a6tivities to be performed in 6onformit= with the
re<uirements of the Contra6t and to timel= satisf= the needs b= pro6urementB 6onstru6tion
and 6ommissioningB so as to a6hieve the final su66ess of this )ro8e6t in terms of <ualit= and
#.# P/o7e5t Mi--ion St.te,ent
#o assist the main 6ontra6torB C)(CCB as re<uired to ensure the su66essful e5e6ution of this
pro8e6tB 6omplete the pro8e6t within the budget and s6hedule 6onstraints laid out in the
Contra6tB and to a6hieve a <ualit= that meets or e56eeds the re<uirements for a66ura6= and
presentation of Client1
#.$ St.99in4
#.$.! PDOC & CPECC St.99in4
)'!C staffing will 6ompose of the following/
)ro8e6t *anager
)ro8e6t #eam +eader
)ro8e6t Coordinator
#he personnel who will be assigned to the above posts will be introdu6ed during Fi6?2!ff
*eeting1 AoweverB )'!C will appoint a C#S representative to be responsible for the
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'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
)ro8e6t *anagement role for this pro8e6t who is the approving bod= for all the issued for
approval do6uments:drawings re<uired on this pro8e6t1
C)(CC as the main 6ontra6tor who will be responsible for the (ngineeringB )ro6urementB
Constru6tion and Commissioning D()CCE of this pro8e6t will dire6tl= 6ommuni6ate with
C#S D)'!CE1 C)( will be reporting to C)(CC for all engineering matter of this pro8e6t1
#.$.# CPECC O99i5e
C)(CC:C)(Hs proposed (ngineering !ffi6e for the e5e6ution of this pro8e6t is the offi6e in
FhartoumB Sudan1
#.$.$ CPE<- Re-0on-i+ilitie-
C)(B as the (ngineering Sub26ontra6tor of C)(CCB is overall responsible for the 6orre6t
and timel= e5e6ution of the engineering wor? s6ope1
C)( will underta?e the following a6tivities/
'etailed (ngineering
)ro8e6t Controls on (ngineering >or? in6luding planning I 6ontrolsB and reporting
Support on )ro6urement Servi6es su6h as preparation of *#!Hs and #e6hni6al
(valuation of vendor proposal1
#e6hni6al Assistan6e during 6onstru6tion and 6ommissioning a6tivities
)repare as2built do6umentation and pro8e6t dossier
Co2ordination with C)(CC
#.$.; O/
)ro8e6t !rgani;ation Chart will be submitted to C)(CC showing the Fe= )ersonnel and
*anagement +evel1 #he following Fe= )ositions serve in the $oles as des6ribed and are
a66ountable for the $esponsibilities as briefl= outlined below/
P/o7e5t M.n.4e/
A66ountable to C)(CC and C)( *anagementB for the overall
su66essful e5e6ution of the )ro8e6t1
(nsures that all (ngineering servi6es are provided in a66ordan6e
with the )ro8e6t S6hedule1
Assist C)(CC in the e5e6ution of the !verall )ro8e6t )lan1
)rovide engineering representation to the !wner as re<uested b=
$eport to C)(CC #eam +eader
.o6al point for all 6orresponden6e for the (ngineering Servi6es1
P/o7e5t En4inee/
$esponsible for assisting the )ro8e6t *anager in e5e6uting the
overall )ro8e6t1 Ae is responsible for the te6hni6al wor? under
their review1
'ire6ts dail= a6tivities of the pro8e6t team1
)age 3 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
$esponsible for meeting engineering produ6tivit= ob8e6tives
$esponsible for overseeing engineering and design and
6oordinating inter2dis6iplinar= wor?1
$esponsible for the development and implementation of pro8e6t
pro6edures and the pro8e6t <ualit= plan1
$esponsible for 6oordinating do6ument 6ontrol1
$esponsible for auditing <ualit= s=stem1
P/o7e5t Cont/ol
$esponsible to ensure 6onforman6e with budget and s6hedule
Assist pro8e6t management in identif=ing varian6esB formulating
re6over= plansB revising and updating s6hedulesB pro6essing
6hange orders and preparing 6ost and hour reports and fore6asts
>ill provide all the reporting re<uirements as referen6ed in
)ro8e6t $eporting1
>A " >C
"ot dire6tl= involved in )ro8e6t (5e6ution1 $esponsible for
6he6?ingB verif=ing and validating the design in a66ordan6e with
the Cualit= Assuran6e )lan in6luded in C)(Hs Cualit= )ro6edures
#he above personnel are identified on the !rgani;ation Chart with e5tensive wor?
e5perien6e and to be approved b= C)(CC1
#.; En4inee/in4
#.;.! ?/ont En1 en4inee/in4 & De-i4n @?ee1 A (e/i9i5.tion
#he engineering team re6ogni;es the value of providing a <ualit= produ6t B and 6onfirms
that the te6hni6al do6ument in6lude the spe6ifi6ation and drawings provided b= )'!C 1
.eed verifi6ation 6overs all dis6iplinesB in6luding ele6tri6alB 6ivil:stru6ture tan? and C) et61
'uring this stage the output of engineering a6tivities 6an be summari;ed as follows/
)lot plan I tan? e<uipment +a= outs
).'Hs I) I & 'Hs
)iping GA'Hs and isometri6s
+ine routing )lan
)iling la= out )lan
Substation Aousing
#an? installation
Stru6ture steel
Area Classifi6ation 'rawing
#an? C) s=stem
+oad list
*CC single line diagram
)age 4 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
414 F, swit6hgear and soft start
&nstrument lo6ation )lan
Cable s6hedule

#.;.# Site S*/)e3
#he Site Surve= will in6lude the following details/
Site des6ription details
A66ompan= C)(CCHs sub26ontra6tor for Geo2te6hni6al I topographi6al surve=
sele6ting route
#.;.$ Coo/1in.tion P/o5e1*/e
Contra6tual 6orresponden6e shall be between C)(CC:)'!CHs pro8e6ts managerB su6h
letters shall be through fa5es or hand2deliveredJ C)( shall prepare *inutes of meetings
with C)(CC or )'!C and release1 An= 6omments shall be re6orded in the following
meeting minutesJ Signifi6ant telephone 6onversations shall similarl= be 6onfirmed in
writingJ All 6orresponden6e will deal with a single sub8e6tB be datedB assigned a uni<ue
identifi6ation numberB logged and be6ome part of the pro8e6t re6ords1
Site &nstru6tions shall be 6onfirmed in writingB using a numbered site instru6tionB signed b=
C)(CC and C)(1
)rogress $eports for (ngineering >or?s will be prepared b= C)( and submitted to C)(CC
in a wee?l= basis1 !n the last wee? of the month a 6omprehensive *onthl= $eport will be
prepared b= C)(J A separate *onthl= $eport with man2hours spent information will be
prepared for C)( internal use1
#he )ro8e6t )lan will be defined b= a 6omprehensive s6hedule1 )erforman6e will be
evaluated and 6ompared with the plan as part of the regular reporting progress1
C)( shall obtain all re<uired passes and permits from the appropriate authorities1 Site visit
and all wor? re<uiring a Site >or? )ermit will be 6oordinated with C)(CC with ade<uate
advan6e planning so as not to in6ur dela=s1 "o wor? will be underta?en without the
re<uired permits1
&n the event that instru6tion re6eived b= C)(CC ma= lead to a Change in the S6ope or the
S6hedule of the )ro8e6tB the 6on6erned 'is6ipline (ngineer shall initiate a Change !rder
"otifi6ation to identif= the impa6t1 #he Change !rder "otifi6ation will des6ribe the sour6e
and nature of the deviation from the s6ope of wor? or s6hedule and provide an estimate of
)age 9 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
the 6ost of the deviationJ #he )ro8e6t *anager shall review the Change !rder "otifi6ation
and review against C)(Hs obligations and re<uirements in the Agreement1 #he )ro8e6t
*anager will de6ide whatever a Change !rder )roposal needs to be submitted to C)(CCJ
#he Change !rder will not be implemented unless approved b= the C)(CC in the form of
Agreement amendment1
#.;.; (en1o/ D.t. S*+,itt.l-
,endor drawings and data are reviewed for 6onforman6e with *aterial $e<uisition
spe6ifi6ationsB annotated with 6ommentsB stamped and signed and returned to the vendor in
a timel= manner1 All ,endor deliverables shall be sub8e6t to ,endor S<uad Che6? as
'CC prepares the ,endor S<uad Che6? .orm and informs through email the +ead
'is6ipline (ngineers 6on6erned1
(a6h (ngineer shall properl= review and mar?2up the do6umentation indi6ating the
re<uired a6tion in the ,endor S<uad Che6? .orm1
'CC will provide for the distribution of the revised S<uad Che6? 'o6umentation to
,endorB C)(CC and )ro8e6t .ile1
,endor 'ata of main e<uipments shall be submitted to )'!C for review1
#.;.5 Te58ni5.l 2i1 E).l*.tion-
#e6hni6al proposals submitted b= manufa6turersB fabri6atorsB vendors and suppliers are
evaluated on te6hni6al merit1 #he emphasis of these evaluations is on thoroughness and
6ompletenessB ensuring that all issues are resolved before a 6ommitment to pur6hase is
madeB or a 6ontra6t is awarded1 (ngineering reviews and 6ompares the bids and ma?es a
re6ommendation for pur6hase and award1 As spe6ified in )ro6urement )ro6edureB a
te6hni6al bid tabulation spreadsheet is prepared 6omparing the bids1
#.5 P/o5*/e,ent S*00o/t
)ro6urement will initiall= run parallel to 'etailed (ngineering and 'esign in order to allow
review of vendorsH drawings and in6lusion:modifi6ations to 6onstru6tion drawings1
)ro6urement and e5pediting a6tivities as listed below will be the responsibilit= of C)(Hs
)ro6urement (ngineer1
)reparation of *aterial $e<uisition D*$E do6umentation1
&ssue *aterial #a?e !ffsB *$Hs to C)(CC1
*aintain:update $.C log form1
!btain <uotations from )'!CHs approved vendors1
)age 8 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
(valuate vendorHs te6hni6al <uotations1
&ssue #e6hni6al (valuation $eport D#($E to C)(CC1
(5pedite:follow2up final vendor do6uments:drawings1
*aintain:update ,endor 'o6umentation Status +og1
#.5.! Co1e o9 Et8i5-
#he 6ondu6t of engineers engaged in pro6urement servi6es is 6riti6al to the reputation and
long2term su66ess of C)(1 #husB it is essential that emplo=ees stri6tl= adhere toB and
6ompl= with General )rofessional (thi6sB and to the following spe6ifi6 re<uirements/
Consider first the ClientHs reasonable interest and se6ond C)( interest in all
)ro6urement a6tivities1
Bu= without pre8udi6eB see?ing to obtain the ma5imumB ultimate value for ea6h dollar
of e5penditure1
.ollow pra6ti6al and 6ost2effe6tive methods for 6ondu6ting pro6urement servi6es1
Subs6ribe toB and wor? forB honest= in bu=ing and sellingB and denoun6e all forms of
briber=J do not a66ept gifts or hospitalit= other than minor items of promotional value1
Strive 6onstantl= to a6<uire up2to2date ?nowledge with regard to ,endorHs materialsB
manufa6turing pro6essesB and available servi6es1
A66ord prompt and 6ourteous re6eption to all thoseB who 6ome on a legitimate
business mission1
$espe6t the 6onfidentialit= of supplierHsB and vendorHs <uotations and te6hni6al
#.5.# M.te/i.l ReB*i-ition
.or all pro8e6t re<uirements of materialsB e<uipment and servi6esB there must be a *aterial
$e<uisition D*$E with referen6e number in ea6h e<uipment and materials per dis6ipline1
Although in ea6h dis6ipline the responsible person ma= originate the re<uestB the )ro8e6t
(ngineer and )ro8e6t *anager must approve itB after he has as6ertained the a6tual ne6essit=
based on the )ro6urement )lan1
#he relevant 'is6ipline (ngineer will prepare the s6ope of wor?B data sheetB vendor data
re<uirement formB re6ommended a66essories DsparesE formB field servi6e rate table for
6ommissioning and provision for trainingB sour6e inspe6tion planB inspe6tion levelsB
te6hni6al spe6ifi6ation and ne6essar= drawings to be in6luded in the *$1 #he #e6hni6al Bid
(valuation Spread Sheet .orm has been prepared b= the dis6ipline engineer to indi6ate all
main 6hara6teristi6s upon whi6h the te6hni6al evaluation should be based su6h as per the
6lient re<uirements1
#he *$ assembled as above shall be address b= 'o6ument Controller and sent to C)(CC
)age of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
)ro8e6t *anager for further obtaining te6hni6al and 6ommer6ial bids from various vendors
in6luded in the )'!C Approved ,endors +ist1
#he )ro6urement shall maintain and regularl= update the $.C +og b= re6ording all *$Hs
and #($Hs issued and their status1 $elevant <uestions from the suppliers and:or updates to
the *$ will be in6luded and transmitted to C)(CC for onward transmission to the
involved suppliers1
All relevant dataB i1e1 te6hni6al spe6ifi6ationB related do6uments and drawings et61B re6eived
from the vendors will be tabulated in the #e6hni6al Bid (valuation Spread Sheet .orm b=
the relevant 'is6ipline (ngineer1
#he final #($ whi6h 6ontains the te6hni6all= a66eptable vendors will be submitted to
C)(CC1 C)(CC is responsible to de6ide to whom to award the order based on the final
#($ and 6ommer6ial evaluation done b= C)(CC1
#.5.$ T8i/1 P./t3 In-0e5tion Coo/1in.tion 9o/ C/iti5.l Ite,-
C)( will propose to C)(CC : )'!C a list of 6riti6al items re<uiring #hird )art=
&nspe6tion1 A reputed &nspe6tion Agen6= who will 6arr= out all inspe6tion servi6es will be
re6ommended to C)(CC for their approval1
&f re<uiredB C)( pro6urement engineer is responsible for the 6oordination between
manufa6turer and inspe6tor to ensure that the proper CA:CC supporting do6umentation is
a66ompan=ing the materials being delivered1
#.5.; ?in.l (en1o/ Do5*,ent.tion
,endor do6umentation is re<uired to 6onfirm design and manufa6turing to satisf= the
re<uirements of the pur6hase orderB provide the engineering and design data to integrate the
goods into the remainder of the fa6ilities provide the 6lient with information to operate and
maintain the e<uipment and 6reate the data files of the e<uipment and materials1
C)( lead engineer is responsible to define the re<uirement of vendor do6umentation on the
,endor 'ata $e<uirement .orm D,'$.E1 #his shall define the item:t=pes:<uantities of data
to be provided b= the ,endor1 C)(CC is responsible to follow up the re<uired data to
#.6 Con-t/*5tion S*00o/t
#.6.! Gene/.l
Constru6tion a6tivities will be 6arried out b= C)(CC1 C)( will provide the re<uired
)age 10 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
support relative to engineering:6onstru6tion interfa6es1
#he (ngineering )ro6edure addressing (ngineering and Constru6tion &nterfa6e shall be
produ6ed1 &t will 6over follows as a minimum/
&ssuan6e and administration of .ield Change &nstru6tion D.C&E for amendment of or
additions to engineering drawings and asso6iated design do6uments su6h as
Corre6tion of errors and additions to the &ssued for Constru6tion D&.CE drawingsJ
)'!C or C)(CC design 6hange re<uest during 6onstru6tion1
)reparation of As2Built 'rawings1
&nitiation and administration of and response to te6hni6all= related <ueries from the
&t serves as a 6oordination point for all pertinent data relating to 6onstru6tion1 &t
provides an eas= referen6e and an a66urate information transfer mode for all members
of the pro8e6t management team1
#hroughout the 6ourse of pro8e6tB C)( will 6losel= monitor the progress of the engineering
wor?s and will inform C)(CC to 6ontinuousl= planB monitor and 6ontrol all 6onstru6tion
a6tivities to ensure su66essful 6ompletion of the pro8e6t in a66ordan6e with all approved
drawingsB spe6ifi6ationsB standardsB s6hedules and pro8e6t goals1
#.6.# En4inee/in4 .n1 Con-t/*5tion Inte/9.5e
C)( will prepare and issue engineering design do6uments to C)(CC for )'!C
6onstru6tabilit= review and approval1
)'!C or C)(CC will provide all mar?2ups of do6uments that re<uire to be as2built1 #his
information will be obtained from the start up1 C)( will do all ba6? drafting to update the
related drawings up to as built status based on the approved red line mar?2up drawings1
C)( will provide material ta?e2offs and re<uisitions as per 6onstru6tion re<uirements1
C)( )ro8e6t *anager shall be responsible for 6oordination of 8obsite a6tivities with
C)(CC Site *anager and )'!C1
#.6.$ ?iel1 C8.n4e In-t/*5tion @?CIA
.C&Hs shall be issued b= C)(CCHs Constru6tion *anager and or C)( )ro8e6t *anager1
C)(CC Constru6tion *anager or his designate shall sign all .C&Hs1
C)( do6ument 6ontroller will log all .C&Hs and distribute to obtain the ne6essar= approvals1
Approval of home offi6e generated .C&Hs will be b= C)( )ro8e6t *anager or his designate1
#hese do6uments will 6arr= an identifi6ation number for referen6e purposes1
)age 11 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
#he amendment or addition defined in an approved .C& shall be e5e6uted b= C)(CC
6onstru6tion staff1
All referen6e is to be made to the latestB approved for 6onstru6tion drawings1 $eferen6e to
the latest drawing inde51
"o other revision to &.C drawings or do6uments will be made unless dire6ted b= C)(CC
or )'!C1
All approved .C&Hs will be in6orporated in the GAs2Built@ drawings at the 6ompletion of
6onstru6tion1 .C&Hs shall be emplo=ed to add or to amend &.C drawings or design1 #he .C&
shall then be atta6hed to the master 6op= of the related drawings and in6orporated in the
.C&Hs shall be emplo=ed to e5e6ute 6hanges to &.C engineering drawings or design
do6uments that are ne6essitated b=/
,endor data re6eived after the &.C drawing 6ut2off date1
)'!C dire6tions issued in the field1
'esign errors or omissions1
#he details of the design 6hange shall be entered on the atta6hed .C& form b= C)( engineer
and or C)(CC field engineer1 An= ne6essar= design s?et6hes shall be prepared and
atta6hed to .C& form and shall be referen6ed on the form1 #his should be mar?ed with the
.C& referen6e number1 .C&Hs logs will be maintained b= C)(CC site 6oordinator1 &f
additional materials are re<uired for the approved 6hangesB a referen6ed bill of materials
will a66ompan= the .C&1
#.6.; ?iel1 >*e/ie-
&t is intended to ensure that all <ueries are initiatedB identifiedB logged and responded to in a
timel= and effe6tive manner1
(ither the C)(CC field te6hni6al staff or C)( site representative during 6ommissioning
period will raise the te6hni6al <uer=1
C)( )ro8e6t (ngineer will be responsible for identif=ing the .ield Cuer=B assigning the
wor? and ensuring 6ompletion1 C)( )ro8e6t Se6retar= will be responsible for maintaining
an up2to2date .ield Cueries log and hard 6op=1 #he appropriate dis6iplines will be
responsible for providing te6hni6al 6ontent of the repl=1
#he re6ipient of the response in the field DC)(CC Site *anager or C)( site representativeE
shall ensure that the response is distributed to all appropriate parties1
#.6.5 P/e0./e A--2*ilt
)age 12 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
.ollowing the 6omplete 6onstru6tion of )ro8e6tB all relevant drawings and asso6iated
do6uments shall be updated to represent the a6tual installation1
C)(CC as a main 6onstru6tion 6ontra6tor is responsible for the mar?2up Db= handE of the
drawings1 All drawing mar?2ups are to be 6ompleted in (nglish1 As2built mar?2ups shall be
produ6ed to refle6t an= modifi6ations during 6onstru6tion or 6hanges due to operations
re<uirements1 $ed Color mar?2up 6orresponds to identif= the additions and 6orre6ted
information1 Blue Color mar?2up 6orresponds to identif= the deletions1 Bla6? Color to
identif= the additional notes and 6omments to 6larif= information1 #hese notes are for
referen6e onl= and are not to be in6orporated in the final As2built1 #his should be verified
and signed b= )'!C1
C)( will revise all &.C drawings based on the field re6ords:6hangesB approved mar?2up
drawings and re2issue all drawings GAs2Built@ upon 6ompletion of the pro8e6t as per
6ontra6t agreement1 #he a66ura6= of the final as2built drawing will be dependant on the
<ualit= of redline mar?2ups1
#he GAs2Built@ drawings shall be issued as per C!"#$AC# re<uirement1
#.C Co,,*ni5.tion " T/.inin4 S*00o/t
%nder the intended Contra6t for this )ro8e6tB C)( are providing 'etailed (ngineering
'esign and )ro6urement : Commissioning support servi6es onl=1 #hereforeB responsibilit=
for pre26ommissioningB 6ommissioningB start2up and handover for the fa6ilities lies with
.or C)(Hs hand over s6ope shall be 6onsidered the point when )ro8e6t 'ossiers and
*anuals are forwarded to C)(CCB with onl= 6ommissioning support and as2built a6tivities
)re26ommissioningB 6ommissioning and start2up support shall ta?e the form of/
$esponse to field in<uiries on an as needed basisJ
Site visits and training : te6hni6al assistan6e b= C)( and:or ,endor representatives as
As2built shall be 6ompleted on6e approved mar?ed up Dred lineE drawings have been
re6eived from C)(CC1
$. P/o5*/e,ent
$.! Int/o1*5tion
)age 17 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
#he pro6urement plan is figured out to guide the pro6urement wor? to be performed b=
C)(CC to ensure that all material and e<uipment ne6essar= to 6omplete this pro8e6t will be
pro6ured in 6onformit= to the re<uirements b= C!"#$AC# in terms of <ualit= and
)ro6urement a6tivities shall be planned around the overall pro8e6t s6hedule to ensure timel=
availabilit= of materials as re<uired b= 6onstru6tion1 C)(CC shall prepare a Bill of
*aterials and establish a pro6urement s6hedule1 #his s6hedule shall in6lude appropriate full
duration for the !wner approval 6=6le for pro6urement do6uments1
After bid are awardedB C)(CC shall prepare pro6urement pro6edures and submit to the
!wner for approval1 #he pro6edures shall detail all aspe6ts of pro6urement as re<uired b=
the S6ope of >or?B in6luding preparation of $e<uest for Cuotation or )roposalB proposed
manufa6turers listB evaluation of <uotations:proposalsB !wner review:auditB pla6ement of
pur6hase order or 6ontra6tB e5peditingB third part= inspe6tionB marshalling:storageB
importation and transportation to Site1
$.# O/ .n1 Re-0on-i+ilitie-
After 6ontra6t awardB a )ro6urement 'epartment will be dul= formed same as other
fun6tional departments for e5e6ution of the pro8e6t1 A pro6urement manager will be
responsible overall pro6urement management1 %nder the manager are bu=ersB e5peditors
and engineers at different posts wor?ing on various pro6urement related a6tivities1
#he )ro6urement 'epartment shall ta?e the fun6tions and duties mainl= at the following
&nspe6tion and testing
Shipment and freight forwarding
#a5 e5emption for imported materials and e<uipment
Customs 6learan6e
Spare parts and 6onsumables preparation
*aterial 6ontrol and tra6?ing
#he )ro6urement 'epartment shall be wholl= responsible for fulfillment of Contra6torHs
duties and obligations stipulated in the Contra6t with regard to pro6urementB parti6ularl= as
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'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
#o pro6ure all e<uipmentB materialB transportationB freight forwardingB 6ustom
bro?eragesB laborB sub6ontra6tsB supplies and servi6es re<uired for the >or?B e56ept the
items supplied b= the !wner1
#o prepare bid re<uestsB bid evaluationsB re<uisitions and pur6hase orders in all
dis6iplinesB and reviewB revise and a66ept vendor data in all dis6iplines and meanwhile
with the !wner review and a66eptan6e1 $e<uisitionsB #B( and un2pri6ed )1!1Hs that
has been a66epted b= vendors for the 6riti6al and long lead items will be submittedB
within 43 da=s after 6ontra6t effe6tive date1B to !wner for review and approval1
#o obtain the !wner a66eptan6e of suppliers prior to issuan6e of $e<uest for Cuotation
for items supplied b= the Contra6torB in6luding an= 6hanges or substitutions1
&n order to maintain the effi6ient performan6e of pro6urement a6tivitiesB )ro6urement
'epartment will wor? alongside with (ngineering 'epartment:(ngineering Sub6ontra6tor1
#his effort will improve in the pro8e6t s6hedule and allow timel= resolution of all te6hni6al
and 6ommer6ial 6on6erns with the vendors1
)ro6urement 'epartment will also 6losel= 6ollaborate with )ro8e6t Control 'epartment to
well ?now the overall progress of pro8e6t and needs b= 6onstru6tion team on availabilit= of
materials and e<uipment to be installed or 6ommissioned1
&n additionB )ro6urement 'epartment shall establish an effe6tive 6ommuni6ation 6hannel
with the !wnerHs department 6on6erned for smooth liaison with the !wnerB so as to timel=
obtain the 6omments and approvals from the !wner regarding the pro6urement a6tivities1
C)(CC shall endeavor to ma5imi;e the Sudanese 6ontent of its suppl= providing that
goodsB servi6es and personnel 6an be obtained on e<uall= advantageous 6onditions without
6ompromising safet=B <ualit= and the suitabilit= of the purpose for whi6h the goodsB
servi6es and personnel are intended1
$.$ P*/58.-in4
*ain e<uipment as diesel engine *%' )%*) and 414 >ater &n8e6tion )%*)B
#ransformer Dsuppl= power to 414 F, >ater &n8e6tion )%*)E B >ater 'raw !..B 14HH main
water line are pur6hased b= )'!C 1C)(CC shall onl= be responsible for the following
pur6hasing of these small items as indi6ate in the table as per Contra6t re<uirements1
S:"o1 (<uipment 'es6ription Cuantit=
77F,:400F, #ransformer 1set
)age 13 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
S:"o1 (<uipment 'es6ription Cuantit=
*CC 1set
#an? )late 1 bat6h
#an? C) *aterial 1bat6h
Steel stru6ture 1bat6h
Small pipe and total fittings 1bat6h
Aousing material 1bat6h
&nstrument 1bat6h
Cable and bul? material 1 bat6h
)ur6hase of e<uipment and materials as per the !wner Approved *anufa6turers +ist
DA*+E and in a66ordan6e with the )ro8e6t s6hedule re<uirements1
)ro6essing of re<uisitions from (ngineeringB the in<uir= and )1!1 re<uisition shall in6lude
all the te6hno26ommer6ial re<uirements related with the items being pro6uredB sparesB
inspe6tion and testingB do6umentation in line with the Contra6tJ
)repare in<uir= status reportB pur6hase order status report and pro6urement e5pediting
report and update the same and issue on a monthl= basisJ
)reparing pur6hase orders with pur6hase spe6ifi6ations 6omplete with all atta6hments and
appli6able inspe6tionB testing and do6umentation re<uirementsB spare parts re<uirementsB
vendorHs field assistan6e re<uirements and the !wnerHs spe6ified re<uirements for
pro6urement related a6tivities as appli6ableJ
#ogether with (ngineeringB review vendorHs drawings:do6uments for 6onforman6e to
pro8e6t spe6ifi6ationsB appli6able standardsB 6odesB the !wnerHs re<uirementsB et61J
(nsure ade<uate inspe6tionB verifi6ation of material I test 6ertifi6ates are performed and
release note is issued prior to pa6?ing and dispat6h from vendorsH wor?s as appli6ableJ
Carr= out .a6tor= A66eptan6e #ests D.A#E for 6riti6al items if ne6essar= and appli6able1
$.; ReB*i-ition .n1 InB*i/3
)ro6urement 'epartment will 6ollaborate 6losel= with (ngineering to assure timel= issuan6e
of re<uisitions to meet the pro8e6t s6hedule1 )ro6urement 6oordinators will be assigned for
the purpose of maintaining a 6lose atta6h with (ngineering and )ro8e6t Control1 Generall=B
)age 14 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
long lead items will be engineered first in the design effort1 So far as possibleB re<uisitions
will be issued a66ompanied b= 6omplete drawings and spe6ifi6ations1 AoweverB orders ma=
be pla6ed prior to the 6ompletion of design for long lead bul? materials1 &nitial bul?
material orders ma=B thereforeB represent a portion of the ultimate order <uantit= for earlier
deliver= with balan6e amounts to be defined and delivered later on1
Approved *anufa6turers +ist
)ur6hasing in<uir= will be prepared and issued in a66ordan6e with the material and
e<uipment re<uisition provided b= (ngineering1 #he vendors:manufa6turers to be invited to
bid will be sele6ted from A*+1 C)(CC has noted the !wner re<uires that onl= e<uipment
or material vendors listed on A*+ is to be pur6hased b= the Contra6torB sub8e6t to the
following 6larifi6ation/

%se of e<uipment models with less than 3 =ears proven re6ordB even listed on the A*+B
shall be sub8e6t to the prior a66eptan6e of the !wner1

&n the event that C)(CC is unable to pur6hase in a66ordan6e with the A*+ due to/
#he re<uired e<uipment or material is not listed in an= of the A*+ 6ategoriesB or
&nabilit= of an= listed A*+ manufa6turer to suppl= in a66ordan6e with spe6ifi6ation and
data sheets1
C)(CC will propose to the !wnerB in writingB an optional itemB vendor or manufa6turer
spe6ifi6ation for approvalB whi6h shall be 6onsidered on a 6ase2b=26ase basis b= the !wnerB
and shall se6ure the !wner written approval to the proposal prior to pro6eeding with
pur6hase1 #he re<uisitions and do6umentation of sele6ted vendor for the 6riti6al path
e<uipment:material pur6hase orders will be submitted to !wner for review and approval1
Su6h 6riti6al )1!1Hs shall be identified b= !wner in first five wee?s of the pro8e6t1
&n<uir= will be international tendering e56ept lo6al pro6ured materials1 All <uotations will
be b= sealed bids1 Cuotation b= fa5 will be onl= appli6able to the small value in<uir=1
&n<uir= sent to bidders will be 6omplete with all te6hni6al and 6ommer6ial re<uirementsB
in6luding instru6tion to bidderB terms and 6onditionsB site servi6e agreementB and shipping
and mar?ing instru6tion to vendorB engineering re<uisition with detail des6ription of s6ope
of wor?B sparesB inspe6tion and testingB drawingsB statutor= approvals as appli6able and
relative spe6ifi6ationsB et61
$.5 2i1 E).l*.tion .n1 (en1o/ Sele5tion
C)(CC shall pro6ure all e<uipment and materials in a66ordan6e with the Contra6t
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'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
spe6ifi6ations and Contra6tor supplied and !wner a66epted data sheets1 C)(CC shall
submit #e6hni6al Bid (valuation $eport of the proposed vendor for !wner review1
#he te6hni6al bid evaluation shall 6ontain the following information/
(valuation of minimum three vendors offers1
Complete des6ription of items with spe6ifi6ations or appli6able data1
All deviations and e56eptions from the Contra6t re<uirements shall be 6learl=
Justifi6ation of the Contra6torHs re6ommendation of the proposed supplier1
$e6ommended spare parts1
$e<uirement of the vendor representative for testing and pre26ommissioning1
Separate te6hni6al and 6ommer6ial evaluation on bids will be made to ensure the materials
and e<uipment to be pur6hased satisf=ing the spe6ifi6ations and offered with 6ompetitive
pri6e as well1 #he sealed bids re6eived from vendors will be opened under presen6e of two
pro6urement staff1 #he pro6urement manager or deput= manager will be present in su6h
opening1 #he evaluation at least for three vendor offers will be se6ured1
#he te6hni6al evaluation will 6onsider su6h aspe6ts as standardi;ingB te6hni6al 6apabilities
of e<uipment and materials offeredB 6ost of operationB fle5ibilit= and ease of operationB 6ost
and ease of maintenan6eB servi6e fa6torB inter6hange abilit= and spare parts availabilit=1
After evaluation and 6omparison of the bidsB the optimum oneB viewed from both te6hni6al
wise and 6ommer6ial wiseB shall be a66epted for 6ontra6t award1 Award to the lowest pri6ed
bid shall be sub8e6ted to the te6hni6al a66eptabilit= of the bid1
C)(CC will prepare a $e<uisition Status $eport and a )ur6hase !rder Status $eport whi6h
shall in6lude the information as detailed in C!"#$AC#1 C)(CC shall update these reports
wee?l= and shall submit them to the !wner1
&n additionB C)(CC shall prepare a ,endor &nformation +ist D,&+E whi6h shall in6lude the
data as re<uired in C!"#$AC#B and shall be updated and issued to the !wner monthl=1
$.6 E:0e1itin4
C)(CC shall underta?e all e5pediting ne6essar= to a6hieve or improve the re<uired
deliver= dates while maintaining the pur6hase order design spe6ifi6ation and 6onditions1
An= a6tual or potential deviation or slippage from these re<uirements shall be immediatel=
informed to the !wner1
C)(CC will prepare and submit e5pediting pro6edure for the !wnerKs review and approval1
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'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
#he e5pediting wor? will be 6arried out in a66ordan6e with the approved pro6edure1
C)(CC shall perform e5pediting of e<uipmentB materialsB vendors and manufa6turerHs
dataB manufa6turerHs te6hni6al assistan6e from bid invitation to deliver= to Site for vendor
and manufa6turerHs items in6luding the materials on suborders1
C)(CC shall similarl= e5pedite all repla6ement materials and asso6iated do6umentsB whi6h
are the sub8e6t of guarantee or insuran6e 6laims1 Su6h e5pediting shall be performedB as
ne6essar=B for the duration of the Contra6t1
Complian6e with deliver= s6hedules will be enhan6ed b= assignment of des? e5peditersB
field e5pediters and:or b= intervention of management as ne6essar=1 #he e5pediters will
send and re6eive e5pediting information b= means of telephoneB fa5B e2mail or letter1 #he
regular e5pediting a6tions and:or visits shall be performed to ensure the pur6hase order
6ommitments are being met1 *ore fre<uent e5pediting a6tions and:or visits will be
arrangedB if the order e5e6ution is lagging behind the s6hedule and is li?el= to affe6t the
deliver= and overall )ro8e6t s6hedule1
&n order to meet the pro8e6t s6heduleB C)(CC will ta?e appropriate remedial a6tion with
vendors and suppliers in 6ase the= are behind s6hedule1 C)(CC will promptl= re6ommend
appropriate alternative remedial a6tion to the !wner and implement the same1
$egular status reports will be issued highlighting problemsB 6on6erns and 6orre6tive a6tions
$.C In-0e5tion .n1 Te-tin4
C)(CC shall be responsible for inspe6tion of e<uipment and materialsB and will engage a
reputable third part= inspe6tion 6ompan= a66eptable to the !wner to perform inspe6tion of
ma8or e<uipment and materials pro6ured b= C)(CC1
C)(CC shall submit to the !wner for approval a proposed list of e<uipment and materials
sub8e6t to third part= inspe6tion1 C)(CC shall also submit to the !wner for approval an
&nspe6tion and #est )lan whi6h shall identif= all witness and hold points as re<uired during
manufa6tureB assembl=B testing and final inspe6tion1 #o fa6ilitate the !wnerHs planningB
C)(CC shall issue to !wner a monthl= loo?2ahead for all inspe6tion visits1 &n additionB
C)(CC shall send to the !wner 3 wor?ing da=s in advan6e a written noti6e for inspe6tion
visit in Sudan and 10 wor?ing da=s in advan6e a written noti6e for inspe6tion visit outside
%pon 6ompletion of inspe6tion of material or e<uipment and:or review of the
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'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
*anufa6turing 'ata $e6ordsB C)(CC inspe6tors shall fill out an &nspe6tion $elease
Certifi6ate indi6ating that it has been full= inspe6ted1 #he &nspe6tion $elease Certifi6ate
shall be signed b= C)(CC inspe6tors1 C)(CC shall maintain a status log to be issued to
!wner for all &nspe6tion "oti6eB &nspe6tion $eport and &nspe6tion $elease Certifi6ate
issued on ea6h )ur6hase !rder1
$.% S8i0,ent .n1 Ai/ ?/ei48tin4
C)(CC will be responsible for approving the release of 6ompleted goods for shipment after
satisfa6tor= 6ompletion of final inspe6tions and will e5e6ute forwarding a6tivities for all
C)(CC shall ensure that the methods of transportation and pa6?ing used are suitable for
the t=pe of material and 6ompl= with environmental re<uirements1 )a6?ing shall ta?e into
a66ount the t=pe of rough handling whi6h ma= o66ur during operations su6h as loading on
or off shipsB and shall be designed to prevent damage to the materials1
C)(CC shall inform !wner ever= wee? with advan6e information on the arrival of
shipments and the nature of the material in ever= shipment1 C)(CC shall provide
information to !wner with 70 da=s noti6e on pa6?ingB handlingB route surve= and transport
of material involving spe6ial heav= lift and oversi;ed 6argo prior to shipment1
C)(CC shall provide insuran6e for transportation in a66ordan6e with the Contra6t1 C)(CC
shall emplo= a registered forwarding agent at ea6h entr= point into the $epubli6 of Sudan1
C)(CC shall liaise 6losel= with Sudan )ort authorities and airport authorities and shall
agree on detailed pro6edures with them1
C)(CC shall be responsible for air2freighting of materials and e<uipment in the event this
mode of transportation be6omes ne6essar= in order to meet the )ro8e6t s6hedule
re<uirements as set forth in the Contra6t or as it ma= have been 6hanged in a66ordan6e with
the Contra6t1
$.9 Inl.n1 T/.n-0o/t.tion
C)(CC has a6<uired man= su66essful transportation e5perien6es from previous pro8e6ts in
Sudan1 C)(CC is full= aware of the diffi6ult= of inland transportation in Sudan1 &n order to
provide the better transportation servi6e for this pro8e6tB a full investigation on SudanHs
6ustom re<uirements and inland transportation 6ondition will be made b= C)(CC at the
pro8e6t outset1 #his will be essential for future traffi6 management and performan6e
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'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
be6ause Sudan has a long rain= season and the Site is lo6ated remotel= from traffi6 6enters1
Cargoes arrived from overseas lo6ations to )ort of Sudan : Fhartoum Airport need to go
through some regulator= and 6ustoms formalities1 A lo6al bro?er entrusted b= C)(CC will
handleB under instru6tion and supervision b= C)(CC responsible person on the following
'efine the time limit for inland forwarder1
$e6eive and review the shipping do6uments in advan6e of 6argo arrival1
Appl= !wnerHs approval for ta5 e5emption1
)re2noti6e (#A of 6on6erned 6argo and follow2up the updated (#A from lo6al shipping
agent and ma?e notifi6ation a66ordingl=1
)repare all re<uired 6ustoms forms and 6omplete the 6ustoms formalities within 7
&n emergen6= of shortage of original B:+B 6o2ordinate with shipping 6o1 to get tele5
release of 6on6erned 6argo1
Co2ordinate with the )ort Authorit= and the lo6al 6arrier for loading and delivering the
6argo to the site1
&f an= damage or loss or short landing happened prior to our a66eptan6e of 6argoB ma?e
it 6lear whi6h side should be responsible and arrange insuran6e surve= in time and
obtain the short landing and:or dis6repan6= 6ertifi6ate from shipping agent:port
"otif= the C)(CC +ogisti6 Coordinator of an= problems or dis6repan6ies asso6iated
with the import shipment1
#ransfer the import 6ertifi6ate of 6on6erned 6argo and other 6ustom do6uments to
#o guarantee the on2time and safe deliver=B a <ualified and e5perien6ed lo6al forwarder
shall be sele6ted through bidding evaluationB and the following re<uirements shall be
#r= to arrange all shipping 6argo to be transported b= dire6t wa= upon the vessel
arrival of )ort Sudan1
.or heav= or oversi;e 6argoB after review with !wnerB C)(CC +ogisti6 Coordinator
will ma?e a use of handling fa6ilities of port and arrange the dire6t transportation with
inland 6arrier1 Su6h deliveries of spe6ial 6argo are usuall= as a part of a master plan in
whi6h all phases of transportation from the fa6tor= in origin to the 8obsite are 6losel=
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'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
A wireless 6ommuni6ation and tra6ing s=stem must be established for follow up the
6urrent status of on2wa= 6argo1
A deliver= time limit must be imposed upon inland forwarder1
'uring rain= season some urgent 6argoB if possibleB will be delivered b= air from )ort
Sudan:Fhartoum Airport dire6t to 8obsite1
.or sensitive and e5pensive 6argoB prior to loading and off2loadingB an e5pert of this
field must be present1
#he C)(CC +ogisti6 Coordinator will issue regular reports 6on6erning lo6al 6ustoms
maters and port matters1
#he international freight forwarder Dhaving a lo6al offi6eE ma= also be utili;ed to
6oordinate these a6tivities1
$.! Lo4i-ti5 S*00o/t
#he logisti6 offi6e set up at )ort SudanB Fhartoum and wor?site will be responsible for all
traffi6B lo6al pur6hasing I warehousing operations1 All 6ontrols and pro6edures will be
updated periodi6all= to ensure management and 6ontrol is maintained to meet 8ob
re<uirements1 +o6al pro6urement will wor? 6losel= with the )ro8e6t *anager and
(ngineering group to ensure ade<uate support to the )ro8e6t1
+ogisti6 offi6es will perform the following as minimum fun6tions/
)repare <ualified bidders list of lo6al 6ompanies for provision of e<uipmentB materialsB
supplies and servi6es1
)ur6hase all ne6essar= material re<uired for support of 6onstru6tion in6luding the items
listed above but not limited to1
$esponsible for e5pediting and inspe6tionB 6oordination of all lo6al pur6hases and
material shipmentsB in6luding e5pediting materials that ma= be pur6hased from lo6al
$esponsible for 6oordinating all 6ustoms 6learan6e wor? between C)(CC and the
freight forwarder for all pro8e6t related materials and e<uipment and the import
do6umentation re<uired for the same1
$esponsible for routing and tra6ing all lo6al pur6hases and material shipments1
$esponsible for re6eipt of all )ro8e6t materialsB in6luding issuan6e of material
re6eiving reportsB %!SI' reports as ma= be re<uired1
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'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
$esponsible for filing insuran6e damage 6laims and 6oordinating resolution of
%!SI' reports1
$esponsible for the 6ontrol and operation of the warehouse group and the maintenan6e
of e<uipment while in storage and the issuan6e and disbursement of all )ro8e6t related
e<uipmentB materials and supplies1
Customs 6learan6es for all pro6ured )ro8e6t materials shall be pro6essed through a lo6al
6ustoms bro?er entrusted b= C)(CC1
#he lo6al traffi6 group shall be responsible for the following/
*onitor all shipments s6heduled to arrive at lo6al sea ports and airports to ensure the
ne6essar= Customs do6umentation D6ommer6ial invoi6esB pa6?ing listsB o6ean bills of
ladingB 6ertifi6ates of originB insuran6e 6ertifi6atesB et61E to be available prior to the
arrival of the 6argo1
>or? 6losel= with the )ro8e6t 6ustoms bro?er personnel to ensure proper 6lassifi6ation
of materials as to import 6ategor= and tariff headingB and assist with the translation of
do6uments b= providing te6hni6al definitions1
*aintain logs of inbound 6argo shipmentsB assign 6ontrol numbers for all do6umentsB
pa6?ages and posting ea6h step of the pro6essing through final 6learan6e and dispat6hB
e5pedite the )ro8e6t 6ustoms bro?erHs personnel as ma= be ne6essar=B to ensure the
e5peditious release of all )ro8e6t 6argo and materials1
(nsure the e5peditious handlingB 6ustoms 6learan6e and movement of
personal:household effe6ts for all emplo=eesB in6luding famil= and single status
+iaison with lo6al pur6hasing to route and tra6e lo6all= pro6ured materials1
Coordinate with the 6ontra6ted tru6?erDsE in6luding the maintenan6eB in6oming freight
logsB both o6ean and airB dispat6h logsB preparation of shipping noti6esB load
inspe6tionsB tra6ing and pro6essing of freight 6laims1
!btain gate passes from !wner for all material and e<uipment deliveries1
)repare and distribute of o6ean and air 6argo reportsB also dail= shipping reports to
other lo6al pro6urement groupsB 6onstru6tion groupB engineering group or other
dis6iplines as re<uired1
Coordinate insuran6e 6laims with !wnerHs insuran6e 6ompan=1
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'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
(nsure !wner re6eives advan6e notifi6ation of all heav= and oversi;ed e<uipment1
M.te/i.l Re5ei)in4 .n1 6./e8o*-in4
#his group shall be responsible for the following/
Coordinate with the lo6al bu=ers:e5pediters and the personnel in 6harge for traffi6 and
6ustoms affairs to re6eive and disburse all )ro8e6t pro6ured materials and supplies1
Supervise a warehouse that ma= be deemed ne6essar= to re6eive and store )ro8e6t
pro6ured materials1
,erif= re6eived 6argoB 6he6? the <uantities against bills of ladingB freight billsB airwa=
billsB in6luding inspe6tion of 6argo for an= visible in2transit damage1
Che6? in detail the materials to ensure 6onforman6e to pa6?ing slipDsE and pur6hase
orders1 Constru6tionB engineering and supplier <ualit= personnel ma= assist in te6hni6al
inspe6tion if re<uired1
)repare material re6eiving reports and an= %!SI' reportsB as ma= be re<uired from
time to time and the notifi6ation of the field material re<uisition originator that
materials have arrived1
Store and prote6t pro6ured materialsB segregate and disburse as re<uiredB in6luding
6onsumable suppliesB small toolsB et61B within the warehouse and storage =ards1
A material withdrawal form shall be prepared for all disbursements and must bear the
ne6essar= approval signatures prior to release of an= materials1
Coordination with #raffi6 for damaged material returns for repair or repla6ement1
$.!! Re5ei0t o9 M.te/i.l- .t Site
C)(CC will 6ompile all fabri6ation and manufa6turing data dossiers:reports 6ontaining
mill test 6ertifi6atesB ma6hiner= test 6ertifi6ates and all other relevant inspe6tion data after
deliver= of e<uipment to SiteB as appli6able1
>arehouseman should inspe6t the relevant do6uments in6luding invoi6eB pa6?ing listB mill
test 6ertifi6ateB operating and maintenan6e manualB inspe6tion 6ertifi6ateB spares list
D6ommissioning spare listEB vendor drawingsB 6ertifi6ate of originB et61 before the arrival of
goods at site1
After offloadingB a detailed 6he6? of the e<uipment:material shall be 6ondu6ted a66ording
to the deliver= do6ument1 &f there are an= dis6repan6ies or damage a %!SI' report will be
issued in a timel= manner1
>arehouseman will notif= C)(CC <ualit= inspe6tor and !wner engineer of all imminent
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'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
deliveries of C)(CC supplied e<uipment and materials1 After initial inspe6tionB all
e<uipment and material being delivered dire6t to the Site will be inspe6ted b= C)(CC
inspe6tor and !wner engineer on arrival1 C)(CC <ualit= inspe6tor and !wner engineer
will indi6ate their a66eptan6e or re8e6tion of the e<uipment:material1 A66epted material will
be notified to the material 6ontroller of a re6eiving inspe6tion report1 &n the 6ase of non2
6omplian6e e<uipment:material foundB <ualit= inspe6tor will 6omplete a non26omplian6e
report1 Copies of the non26omplian6e report and the %!SI' report will be forwarded to
e5peditor for liaison with the relevant dis6iplines to 6lear the %!SI' in the most
e5peditious manner1 >arehouseman will notif= <ualit= inspe6tor when the
e<uipment:material is available for re2inspe6tionB upon released b= <ualit= inspe6tor the
%!SI' will be 6losed out and e<uipment :material made available for 6onstru6tion use1
After 6ompletion of re6eiptB 6ertifi6ation 6he6? and <ualit= inspe6tionB material re6eiving
report will be issued for ea6h deliver= against the shipping do6uments1
$.!# 6./e8o*-e .n1 Sto5D Pile A/e.
C)(CC will utili;e a 6entral warehouse and sto6? pile =ardsB to re6eiveB storeB prote6tB issue
andB when ne6essar=B surplus all pro8e6t e<uipment and materials1 AandingB preservation
and storage of e<uipment will be 6arried out in a66ordan6e with vendorHs instru6tionB also
with the !wner re<uirements1
A 6omprehensive safet= plan will be initiated involving trainingB wor?er awarenessB
teamwor?B an attitude of 6on6ern for others and individual emplo=ee safet= re6ognition1
$egular inspe6tion of stored items will be 6arried out to verif= ade<ua6= of storage
prote6tion provided1
In-i1e Sto/.4e @6./e8o*-eA
#he 6entral warehouse will provide se6urit= and prote6tion for all weather sensitive
materials or e<uipmentB su6h as ele6tri6al fittingsB instrumentsB 2@ and below pipe fittingsB
valvesB swit6hgearB spare parts and all other items designated for 6overed storage1 #his will
generall= be through the use of the 6entral warehouse but ma=B at timesB have to be
satellite:au5iliar= warehousing or through the use of C2,ans as long as the= meet the
minimum storage re<uirements1 &f re<uiredB some materials and e<uipment will be stored in
air 6onditioned en6losed storage1
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'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
O*t-i1e Sto/.4e @Sto5D Pile Y./1A
#hese =ards will be en6losed b= fen6ing with gate to 6ontrol all in6oming and outgoing
traffi61 *aterials will be stored off the ground b= use of palletsB rough lumberB 6ross ties or
a li?e1 (lement prote6tion as ne6essar= will be a66omplished b= the proper use of
pol=eth=leneB tarps or temporar= stru6tures1 All weather roadwa=s will be provided around
and within re6eiving and storage areas and will be maintained with through spa6e for tru6?s
and operation of lifting e<uipment1 #he area will be se6ured b= fen6ing no lower than 213
meters with barbed wire on the top1 #here will be 4 meters wide traffi6 gates in at least two
points1 #here will be personal gates ne5t to these and in other strategi6 lo6ations that will
be appro5imatel= 113 meters wide and 2 meters 6lear height1 #here should be suffi6ient
loading:unloading areas to a66ommodate tru6?sB trailersB 6ranesB for?lifts and C2,ans
simultaneousl=1 #here will be absolutel= "o Smo?ing in an= of the material storage areas1
$.!$ S0./e P./t- .n1 Con-*,.+le-
As part of $e<uest for CuotationB all the vendors will be re<uired to <uote for
6ommissioning and start2up spare partsB 6apital spare parts and 2 =ears operation spare parts
in a66ordan6e with the !wner re<uirements1
C)(CC will suppl= 6ommissioning and start2up spare parts as ne6essar= up to the
)rovisional A66eptan6e b= !wnerB the 6ost of whi6h is in6luded in the Contra6t )ri6e1
C)(CC will provide a detailed list for 2 =ears normal operationB and the spare parts
information shall be submitted in the Spare )art &nter2Changeabilit= .orm DS)&$E1 C)(CC
will also provide a list of parts of e<uipmentB e<uipment assemblies or 6omplete items of
e<uipment whi6h are re<uired for repla6ement of items not sub8e6t to deterioration b=
normal use but whose failure is 6riti6al for 6ontinual operation of the fa6ilities1
$.!; T.: E:e,0tion A00li5.tion
>ith the e56eption of import duties on materials and e<uipment to be in6orporated into the
>or? or to be supplied to !wner as ether spare parts or as 6onsumables imported for
e56lusive use under the Contra6tB C)(CC shall be responsible for obtaining all ne6essar=
do6uments and permits1
$.!5 U-e o9 Lo5.l P/o1*5t- .n1 Se/)i5e-
C)(CC will sour6e materials and e<uipment lo6all= so far as possibleB providing that the
)age 24 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
servi6eB materials and e<uipment 6an be obtained on e<uall= advantageous 6onditions
without 6ompromising safet=B <ualit= and the suitabilit= of the purpose for whi6h the
servi6eB materials and e<uipment re intended1
As per C)(CC e5perien6eB C)(CC ma= pro6ure some material from lo6al mar?et for 6ivil
wor?B e1g1B 6ementB reinfor6ement barB 6on6rete blo6?B woodB et61 C)(CC ma= also pro6ure
most 6onsumable gasB i1e1 o5=genB a6et=leneB argon from lo6al manufa6turers and suppliers1
C)(CC will sub6ontra6t all 6ustom 6learan6e and inland transportation to lo6al 6ompanies
$.!6 6.//.nt3 9/o, M.n*9.5t*/e/
C)(CC will se6ure warranties from manufa6turers and vendors of e<uipmentB ma6hiner=B
and materials or supplies pur6hased b= C)(CC and used in the >or?1 Su6h warranties will
be assigned to the !wner to the full e5tent thereof1
(a6h pur6hase order for e<uipmentB materials or supplies will bear the following 6lauses/
All arti6lesB materials and wor? supplied b= sellers shall be of good <ualit= and free from
an= defe6ts1 AoweverB pur6haserKs failure to inspe6t or re8e6t an= arti6leB material or wor?
shall not relieve seller of an= warranties or obligations provided hereunder1
Seller warrants that if an= arti6leB materialB or wor? furnished fails to 6onform to the
purpose e5pressl= spe6ified or manifestl= implied in this order or is otherwise found to be
defe6tive De56luding wear and tear from normal use and not due to 6onditions more severe
than stated or implied in this orderEB then seller shall promptl= 6orre6t or repla6e the
defi6ient arti6le or material delivered to pur6haser at the address pres6ribed on this order at
sellerKs sole e5pense1
#he arti6lesB materialsB or wor? to be furnished are to be used in a fa6ilit= being 6onstru6ted
b= pur6haser for the !wner1 &t is understood and agreed that all of the rights and benefits
a66ruing hereunderB in6luding without limitationB all warranties and guarantees shall a66rue
in favor of both pur6haser and the !wner and ma= be enfor6ed b= either of them1
All the vendors will be re<uired to provide twelve months warrant= after )rovisional
A66eptan6e Certifi6ate1
$.!C M.te/i.l Cont/ol
Sound material management will be essential to the pro8e6t su66ess1 #he sheer volume of
pur6hases ordersB the number and geographi6al diversit= of vendorsB the numerous steps
and a6tivities in the pro6urement pro6ess and the 6riti6al s6hedules 6reate a ver= 6omple5
)age 29 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
s=stem to be managed1
A66ordingl=B a detailed 6omputer s=stem will be used to tra6? permanent a6tivit=B
beginning with engineering re<uisitions and following through the entire pro6urement and
materials 6ontrol 6=6le in6luding warehousing and final issue at the 6onstru6tion sites1 #his
s=stem will 6olle6t and maintain s6hedulingB re<uisitioningB pur6hasingB inspe6tionB
e5peditingB deliver=B shippingB site warehouse inventor= and field issue status1 &nformation
from this s=stem will be used to provide the re<uired periodi6 reporting on pro6urement
C)(CC will prepare and submit material 6ontrol pro6edure for re6eivingB storageB issuan6e
and tra6? abilit= of material or e<uipment for !wner review and approval1 #he material
6ontrol wor? will be 6arried out in a66ordan6e with the approved pro6edure1
C)(CC will plan and e5er6ise materials 6ontrol through 6omputeri;ed tra6?ing and re6ord
of materials re6eipt and handling at site for the pro8e6t material 6ontrol1 )repare and update
the 6omputeri;ed material tra6?ing reportsB %!SI' reportsB material inventor= re6ords on
a regular basis1 A detailed material status report showing all milestones from re6eipt of the
engineering re<uisition through to deliver= of all goods and do6umentation will be prepared
and updated b= the )ro6urement 'epartment on a monthl= basis1 Sample of material status
report form 6omputer inventor= s=stem is atta6hed herewith1
C)(CC will ta?e prompt pro6urement a6tion on all %!SI' reports to ensure timel=
availabilit= or repla6ements for the short:damaged items in line with the 6onstru6tion
C)(CC will ensure that the spe6ifi6ationsB drawingsB test 6ertifi6atesB installation and
maintenan6e instru6tions for all e<uipment and materials from vendorsB are available at siteB
for read= referen6e during the 6onstru6tion phase1
$.!% M.n.4e,ent o9 S*/0l*- M.te/i.l-
All the surplus materials will be stored properl= and the surplus report will be issued to
6on6erned parties1
An= surplus materialB whi6h has been issued to 6onstru6tionB will be removed from Site and
return to warehouse after the >or? 6ompletion1 #he warehouse will repeat the re6eivingB
inspe6tionB storing pro6edures and update the inventor= re6ords1
%pon 6ompletion of the >or?B C)(CC shall furnish !wner a list of all surplus and pri6e at
whi6h C)(CC offers to sell ea6h item to !wner1
)age 28 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
;. Con-t/*5tion
;.! Gene/.l
;.!.! T8e O*tline o9 t8e P/o7e5t
!A T8e Title o9 t8e P/o7e5t
*elut Basin !il )ro8e6t L %pstream .a6ilities ()CC of )alouge )rodu6ed >ater )hase &
#A T8e OEne/:
)etrodar !perating Compan= +td D)'!CE1
$A T8e S5o0e o9 6o/D o9 t8e P/o7e5t
)rodu6ed water from produ6ed water s?im #an? #22770A of )alouge .). transfer to new
6onstru6t 4000m
buffer tan? b= 14H water linesB then in8e6t to proposed wells b= 4sets of
1400F> *ud )ump and 2sets of 414F, >ater &n8e6tion )ump1
#hat means one new )ump station need to be 6onstru6ted1
And install 4 water draw off pump whi6h flow rate 130 m
:h 1to repla6e old 2sets of draw
off pump whi6h flow rate is 30m
:h in old palouge .).1
4E #he Constru6tion +o6ation of the )ro8e6t
)%*) station is outside south east to )alouge .).
3E *ain .a6ilities in the )ro8e6t
14H water line 400m
4000 ,
buffer tan?
4 sets of 1400F> diesel engine drive mud pump
2sets of 800A) 414F, water in8e6tion pump1
2 sets of 4000F,A 77:414F, transformer for water in8e6tion )ump1
!ne *CCI 414F, swit6hgear and soft start room1
4 draw off water pump1
4E Fe= dates of the )ro8e6t/
Contra6t (ffe6tive date/ 'e6 1

*obili;ation to the site/ Before .ebruar= 20 B 200
Se6tional *e6hani6al 6omplete date of two mud pump from b=2pass line
/ *a= 1

)rovisional A66eptan6e date/ !6tober 1 200
CA Geo4/.08i5.l Con1ition-
#he site area belongs to a part of the Sudan Savanna beltB and the 6limate is tropi6al1 #here
are two2season patterns in one =earB a wet and dr=1 #he dr= season is from "ovember to
)age 2 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
ne5t =ear *a= and the wet from June to !6tober1
*a5imum rainfall for 24 hours is 17114mm during rain= seasonB the ground vegetation is
flourish and most of them are flooded b= water1 And the area is sub8e6t to 6onsiderable
wind often a66ompanied with drifting sand and 6onsiderable thunderstorms and lightning in
rain= season1
%A T/.n-0o/t.tion
aE Aighwa=
&t is 1200?m asphalt2paved road from )ort Sudan to $aba? and 700?m off2road from
$aba? to )A+!G%(1 #he off2road is in poor 6ondition and thus the transportation is
restri6ted to a 0?m mountainous passage from Agaba to )ort Sudan1 #he grading on this
passage is appro5imatel= 1000HM7000H:13?m1 Some portions of the road will re<uire
temporar= 6onstru6ted b=2pass road and some portions are impassable during the wet
season1 Bridges and the >ad *adani bridges on the Blue "ileB appro5imatel= 1000?m from
)ort SudanB load2limited and to pass the bridge re<uire spe6ial design of trailers with proper
distribution of weightB reviewed and approved b= 6onsultant of the authorit= of $oad I
Bridges Corp1 Based on our observation the load on the road from )ort Sudan to the
6onstru6tion site is limited to 88 tons1 #he off2road portion of between $aba? to )A+!G%(
will re<uire some earth2movement and 6onstru6tion e<uipment to follow su6h 6onvo= for
paving2 filling of deep valle= L pulling1 #he road is generall= in a good 6ondition in dr=
seasons Dfrom 'e6ember to *a=EB thereforeB we have to deliver large2si;ed e<uipment and
bul? materials to the site prior to the raining season1 Some e<uipment and materials for
urgent useB su6h as food and other living re<uisites will be shipped b= air1 %tili;ing the
highwa= is our first 6hoi6e of the proposed transportation method1
bE $ailwa=
&t is appro5imatel= 1200?m from )ort Sudan through Fhartoum to $aba? b= railwa=1 But
when the material arrives in $aba?B it needs to be delivered )A+!G%( b= tru6?1 &t has
been observed that this part of the road L 700?m is in a ver= bad 6ondition ma?ing the
highwa= transportation e5tremel= diffi6ult during the wet season1
6E Airfreight
*iniature airliner or 6argo air6raft 6an fl= from Fhartoum to )A+!G%( D if the
)A+!G%( airport 6an be usedE and it ta?es two D2E hours1 >or?ing staffs and some
materials for urgent use 6an be transported b= airB but the 6ost is e5tremel= high1
dE +o6al resour6es
1E +o6al labor
)age 70 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
Basi6all= there are almost none permanent residents in )A+!G%( !ilfield due to the
in6lement natural 6onditions in this area1 Currentl=B the onl= people who live there are the
ones who deal with oil e5plorationB development and produ6tion1 #he labors needed in the
pro8e6t will be emplo=ed from outside this area1 C)(CC will emplo= Sudanese lo6al
<ualified labors as man= as possible1 #his means we will tr= our best to hire lo6al s?illful or
semi2s?illful labors1 &n parti6ularB we are planning to sub6ontra6t 6ivil wor? to Sudanese
6ivil 6onstru6tion teams with vast lo6al e5perien6e and strength1
2E +o6al &ndustrial $esour6es
)%*) station is near )A+!G%( .). 1 we no need to build lo6al infrastru6ture 1C)(CC
)alouge 6amp 6an be used1
7E +o6al *aterial for Civil >or?
#here are sandstone resour6es that 6an be used for foundation la=ers near the oilfield and
)A+!G%( region1 SandB stoneB 6on6rete and wood material need to be pur6hased
elsewhere far off )A+!G%(1 Sili6a sand suitable for sand blasting 6an be obtained from a
pla6e appro5imatel= 80?m to 140?m from )A+!G%(1
;.!.# ?e.t*/e- o9 t8e P/o7e5t
#he general features of the pro8e6t are/ large si;e e<uipment B short 6onstru6tion periodB
in6lement natural 6onditionB poor 6onstru6tion 6ondition at site1
Short Constru6tion )eriod
#he 6onstru6tion periodB from the Contra6t effe6tive date to se6tional me6hani6al
6ompletionB is within3 months B #otal provisional a66eptan6e date is 1 !6tober 200
6overing 1 rain= season 1 but we shall tr= to finish most installation before rain= season1
#his posses greater diffi6ult= to the pro8e6t arrangement1 &t is a fast2tra6? 6onstru6tion
)oor "atural Conditions
>ater pump station is lo6ated in poor natural 6onditions1 it is ver= dr= and hot in dr=
seasons and heav= rain in raining seasons a66ompan=ing thunder and strong wind1 #he
bla6? 6otton soil on surfa6e is dilative and loose after rainB whi6h is detrimental to
6onstru6tion a6tivities1 #he measures for waterproofB lea?age prote6tion and water drainage
s=stem must be ta?en during 6onstru6tion period1 $aining in the wet season ma= 6ause
dela= progress of 6onstru6tionB whi6h ma?es it diffi6ult to do an= outdoor a6tivities1
>e must pa= more attention to the personal safet= and health aspe6t1 All ne6essar=
prevention measures in6luding prevention against ha;ards related to su6h as mos<uitoes
)age 71 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
and poisonous sna?e must be ta?en1
'iffi6ult #ransportation
#here e5ists great diffi6ulties to transport e<uipment and materials re<uired from )ort
Sudan to )A+!G%( Constru6tion Site due to 6onditions des6ribed above1 C)(CC plans to
deliver the ma8orit= of e<uipment and materials for this pro8e6t to the Constru6tion Site in
dr= season1 #he weight of individual e<uipment to be transported will be limited not to
e56eed 88 tons to fit the road 6onditions of Sudan1
;.# Con-t/*5tion A//.n4e,ent .n1 P/e0./.to/3 6o/D
;.#.!Con-t/*5tion Mo+ili=.tion .n1 P/e0./.tion
&n 6onsideration of the tight 6onstru6tion s6heduleB and all the e5pe6ted diffi6ulties during
the wet and dr= seasons1 After this pro8e6t is awarded to C)(CC b= )'!CB immediatel=
mobili;ation and preparation should be 6arried out b= C)(CC1
#he proposed mobili;ation and preparator= wor? in6ludesB but not limited toB the
1E )ro8e6t management offi6e and its staffing for all the preparator= wor?1
2E A )ro8e6t ?i6?2off meeting will be held and attended b= all management staffs1 #he
)ro8e6t *anager will e5plain the importan6e of this )ro8e6t to the petroleum industr=
and e6onomi6 development of the $epubli6 of SudanB a pro8e6t outlineB lo6al
environmentB 6limateB and transportation 6onditions of the pro8e6t lo6ation will also be
introdu6ed1 *eanwhile the pro8e6t manager should also state the C)(CC general
e5e6ution plan of this pro8e6t1
7E #he relevant staffs will be appointed to do the preparation wor? in6luding but not
limited to the following/
)ro8e6t *anagement regulations and rules1
"e6essar= do6umentation for )ro8e6t *anagement1
+a=out of wor?1
(ngineering and design for the )ro8e6t1
Control and management program plan for e<uipment manufa6turingB fabri6ation and
transportation to the Site1
.amiliar with !wnerHs re<uirements of 6onstru6tion <ualit= and all the !wners
)reparation of 6onstru6tion pro6edures and <ualit= 6ontrol do6uments1
)age 72 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
"e6essar= lo6al trainingB on matters su6h as the situation of $epubli6 of Sudan and
its laws and AeathB Safet= and (nvironment DAS(E to the staffs and wor?ers1
Sub6ontra6tors shall be sele6tedB espe6iall= the sub6ontra6ts for 6ivil wor? and
transportation shall be finali;ed and e5e6uted in time1
;.#.# Con-t/*5tion G*i1eline
#he 6onstru6tion guideline for the pro8e6t is to ensure the pro8e6t to be put into
6ommissioning and operation in time to satisf= G=mur= .). 6ommissioning and operation
with high <ualit=1 All the 6onstru6tion a6tivities will follow prin6iples as follows/
>ell organi;edB s=stemati6 approa6h Arranging1
Guaranteed Cualit=B Stri6t *anagement1
Client firstB Servi6e Satisfa6tor=1
Safet= firstB )revention .irst1
)rogress ControlledB S6hedule (nsured1
;.#.$ Con-t/*5tion A//.n4e,ent
S6ientifi6 Arrangement and (laborate !rgani;ation
#he G)ro8e6t *anagement method@ will be adopted b= C)(CC based on the )ro8e6t
features to organi;e 6onstru6tion a6tivities1 C)(CC will implement s6ientifi6 arrangementB
stri6t management and elaborate organi;ation in the 6ourse of 6onstru6tion and 6ompl= with
the re<uirements of !wner1 #he following philosoph= shall be adhered to /
%nderground wor? firstB then the above ground wor?1
Civil earth wor? firstB then installation1
(<uipment firstB then piping1
&nstallation of large s6ale e<uipment firstB then small e<uipment1
Criti6al items firstB then general items1
2E 'ifferent Criti6al >or? in different )eriods
#he overall pro8e6t is divided into 3 phases in order to ensure the pro8e6t 6ompletion
)rovisional A66eptan6e 1
)hase 1/ (ngineering shall be finished b= the end of .ebruar= 200 espe6iall= piling
drawing shall be finished before 23 Jan 2001
)hase 2/ &ssuing of 6onstru6tion drawingsB and to start pro6urement wor? for materials1
Criti6al wor?/ #o finish engineering design b= the end of .ebruar= of 200 and to finish
pla6ing pur6hase order b= A)$ 20 2001
.inish pur6hasing and transportation of material b= the end of *a= 2001 1
)age 77 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
)hase 7/ 14H main water line welding1 .a6tor= air pipe and mud pump diesel pipe
6onstru6tion1 'uration/ 1 *ar 2002 70 *ar 200
Criti6al wor?/ "'# of main 14H pipe B pressure testing and pigging Bpainting and
)hase 4/ #wo mud pump Se6tional Completion b= the end of A)$ 2001
Criti6al wor?/ 4 sets *ud pump installation under Guidan6e of vender1
Commissioning of two sets of mud pump
Conne6tion of b=2pass water line1
14H *ain pipe shut down tie 2in

)hase 3/ 4000m
tan? installation B 'uration / 3 A)$ 200228 June 200
Criti6al wor?/ C) installation of tan?
"'# of welding
>ater filling test
Blasting and painting
)hase 4 / 2 sets of 414F, water in8e6tion pump installation under Guidan6e of vender1
414Fv swit6hgear and *CC installation1
'uration / 1 Jul 200 L20 AG% 200
Criti6al wor?/ #ransformer installation
414 Fv soft start installation
Substation housing installation
)hase 9/ .inal 6ommissioning 'uration / 23 AG% 200 L 18 S() 2001
Criti6al wor?/ transformer test
&n8e6tion )ump 6ommissioning
B= pass line transfer to tan?
S=stem put into use

;.$ Con-t/*5tion Pl.n
;.$.! P/o7e5t P/o4/e-- S58e1*le
&n the light of above features and ownerHs re<uirements Bthe pro8e6t shall be
se6tional 6ompletion two mud pump b= the end of A)$ 1200
)age 74 of 88
'()A$#*("# )$!C('%$(
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#/22 %)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
P.lo*4e P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P/o7e5t P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
#otal finish shall be b= the end of S()1 So the following points will be prioriti;ed so
that the pro8e6t 6an be a66omplished in time1
)lease refer to 6onstru6tion progress s6hedule for progress atta6hed11
)lease refer to )ro8e6t !rgani;ation Chart atta6hed1
)age 73 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("# )$!C('%$( *(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("# )$!J(C#22%)S#$(A*
.AC&+&#&(S/ PALOGUE 0/o1*5e1 E.te/ 08.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/ )$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A" )$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
;.$.# Con-t/*5tion M.n-0oEe/ S58e1*le
Ple.-e -ee t8e @ Con-t/*5tion M.n0oEe/ -58e1*leA
Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr may June July Agu Sep Nov Dec
Construction managment 5 5 7 10 10 10 10 10 5 5
Construction Engineer ! ! ! ! ! !
Construction Superinten"ents
Forman 1 # # # #
$nspectors 1 1 %
Surveyors ! 1 1 1
"rivers # 5 5 5 5 1 1
Electrician # # 10 10 5 5
Electrical &el"ers ' 15 15 15 ( ! !
)as *el"ers ! ! 1 1
+iling operators 7
riggers 1 1 1
ot,ers ! 0 0 0 0 10 10
Subtotal 7 7 !' 7 7 '( (7 !! !!
)age 74 of 88
;.$.$ Con-t/*5tion EB*i0,ent .n1 Tool- Pl.n
Ple.-e -ee Li-t o9 P/o0o-e1 Con-t/*5tion EB*i0,ent
$tem No Categories o- E.uipment Si/e01ype 2nit 3ty
4*n 5ental 1o be +urc,ase"
1 Crane 5t Eac, 1
Crane 15t Eac,
! 1ruc6 15t Eac,
# 1railer #0t Eac, 1
5 7us 50seats Eac, 1
( Me"ium 7us 0 seats Eac, 1
7 +ic6 up 14848A Eac, (
' JEE+ 14841A Eac,
9 &al6ie:tal6ie eac, 0
10 *inc, t eac, 1
11 Clevis 10t eac, 0
1 Clevis 5t eac, 0
1! Clevis !t Eac, 0
1# &ire rope (;!7<1 =( Meter 9(
15 &ire rope (;!7<1 =19>5 Meter 9(
1( C,ain bloc6 5t Eac, #
17 C,ain bloc6 !t Eac, 1
1' C,ain bloc6 t Eac, 1
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("# )$!C('%$( *(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("# )$!J(C#22%)S#$(A*
.AC&+&#&(S/ PALOGUE 0/o1*5e1 E.te/ 08.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/ )$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A" )$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
$tem No Categories o- E.uipment Si/e01ype 2nit 3ty
4*n 5ental 1o be +urc,ase"
19 Jac6 0t Eac, (
0 Jac6 10t Eac, (
1 Nylon slinging belt 10t +iece 1
Nylon slinging belt 5t +iece 0
! Nylon slinging belt !t +iece 0
# Civil mac,inery
5 Concrete mi?er #00@ Eac,
( Mortar mi?er 00A Eac,
7 Concrete vibrating ro" =50 +iece #
' Concrete vibrating plane Eac,
9 Steel bar straig,tener =(:10 Eac, 1
!0 Steel bar cutting mac,ine =(:#0 Eac, 1
!1 Steel bar ben"ing mac,ine =(:#0 Eac, 1
! Electrical carpentry sa* an" planer Eac, 1
!! E?cavator 1 m
Eac, (
!# Compactor B&01 Eac,
!5 Dumping truc6 1(m
Eac, (
!( Mortar "umper

1t Eac,
!7 Scraper Eac,
!' 7ull"o/er D'5 Eac,
!9 @oa"er CA1950 Eac, 1
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("# )$!C('%$( *(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("# )$!J(C#22%)S#$(A*
.AC&+&#&(S/ PALOGUE 0/o1*5e1 E.te/ 08.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/ )$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A" )$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
$tem No Categories o- E.uipment Si/e01ype 2nit 3ty
4*n 5ental 1o be +urc,ase"
#0 &ater *aggon 0m
Eac, 1
#1 +iling mac,ine 1
# &el"ing an" cutting e.uipment
#! D>C> &el"ing mac,ine @incon C#00:s Eac, #
## Mobil "iesel *el"ing mac,ine Miller D2:4+ Eac, 0
#5 Mobil "iesel *el"ing mac,ine Miller 7ige7lue 50D Eac, 0
#( Semi:auto cutting mac,ine )CD:150A Eac, #
#7 +ipe -acing mac,ine $S8:!50:1 Eac, #
#' Electro"e oven 500 Eac,
#9 Electro"e t,ermostat bo? !00 Eac,
50 Metal mac,ining e.uipment
51 )rin"ing mac,ine =100 Eac, (0
5 )rin"ing mac,ine =150 Eac, (0
5! Dis6 cutting mac,ine =#00 Eac, #
5# Electrical "ie t,rea"ing mac,ine 10D:!D Eac,
55 Electrical ,an" "rill =1! Eac, (
5( $mpacting "rill Eac,
57 By"romatic pipe:ben"ing mac,ine 10D:#D Eac,
5' 2niversal e.uipment
59 )enerator set #(6* Eac,
(0 )enerator set 06* Eac,
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("# )$!C('%$( *(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("# )$!J(C#22%)S#$(A*
.AC&+&#&(S/ PALOGUE 0/o1*5e1 E.te/ 08.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/ )$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A" )$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
$tem No Categories o- E.uipment Si/e01ype 2nit 3ty
4*n 5ental 1o be +urc,ase"
(1 Air compressor 1>5Map 0>'m
0min Eac,
( Air compressor 0>'Map 1'm
0min Eac, !
(! Electrical pressure:testing pump 0:!5M+a Eac, #
(# Diving pump #E Eac,
(5 F:ray -ault "etector 50E) Eac,
(( F:ray -ault "etector !00E) Eac,
(7 2ltrasonic -ault "etector C1S: Eac, 1
(' Magnetic particle -ault "etector Eac, 1
(9 1,ic6ness measurer Eac, #
70 Bar"ometer Eac,
71 Auto -ilm "eveloping A)DA Eac,
7 Film "eveloping an" -i?ing mac,ine Eac,
7! 7lasting e.uipment Set #
7# +aint spraying mac,ine Eac,
75 5oll aluminum plate mac,ine Eac, 1
7( E"ge roll -or aluminum plate Eac, 1
77 $nsulation e.uipment -or pipeline Set 1
7' $nternal epo?y coating e.uipment set 1
79 $nternal +EF -or trun6lines set 1
'0 1,eo"olite J:( Eac,
'1 @evelling instrument S: Eac,
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("# )$!C('%$( *(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("# )$!J(C#22%)S#$(A*
.AC&+&#&(S/ PALOGUE 0/o1*5e1 E.te/ 08.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/ )$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A" )$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
$tem No Categories o- E.uipment Si/e01ype 2nit 3ty
4*n 5ental 1o be +urc,ase"
' 4verall surveying instrument Eac,
'! )+S Eac,
'# Spar6 ,oli"ay "etector BJ:# Eac, (
'5 Film t,ic6ness measurer D2C:S110 Eac, #
'( $n-ra:re" temperature "etector 1CM:!1 Eac,
'7 Moisture meter 8M&S:A Eac, #
'' Anemometer AC&:01 Eac,
'9 Auto pressure G temperature recor"er FCF:C Eac, #
90 &el" measure Eac, '
91 +rocess instrument signal testing set F7#!7 Eac,
9 Digital multimeter F9!0F) Eac,
9! +iston manometer 0:5Mpa Eac,
9# Stan"ar" pressure gauge 0:5Mpa Set #
95 Smart instrument communicator 54SEM42N1 Eac, 1
9( Megger Hmotori/e"I 500C01000C Eac,
97 Coltage meter 0>5J0:500C Eac,
9' AC0DC amperemeter 0>5 0:1000mA Eac,
99 AC0DC amperemeter 0>50:100uA Eac,
100 Eart,ing resistance tester Eac,
101 1or.ue *renc, Set (
10 Beavy *renc, Set
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("# )$!C('%$( *(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("# )$!J(C#22%)S#$(A*
.AC&+&#&(S/ PALOGUE 0/o1*5e1 E.te/ 08.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/ )$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A" )$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
$tem No Categories o- E.uipment Si/e01ype 2nit 3ty
4*n 5ental 1o be +urc,ase"
10! 2niversal mec,anic tool Set (
10# 2niversal construction "evice Set (
105 Arc -usion splicing mac,ine 1ype:!( Set
10( 4ptical time "omain re-lectometer M&9(70 set
107 @ig,t source @+:510 Set
10' 4ptical po*er meter )N:(05 set #
109 4ptical cable cutter Ericssion set #
110 Stripping pincer Set #
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
;.; St.te,ent o9 L.+o/ M.n.4e,ent .n1 In1*-t/i.l Rel.tion-
1E 'uring 1822008B more than ten lo6al Sudanese sub6ontra6tors parti6ipated in
sub6ontra6t wor? for C)(CCB in the field of 6ivil and power transmission line
6onstru6tion1 .or e5ampleB Aeglig servi6e CoB sub6ontra6tor of 6ivil wor?B
(lnourus "eifidi #ransport Co1 Dsub6ontra6tor of transportationEB .utureB Bee
and Feer Co1 (t61 All of them possess 6ertain te6hni6al strength and sound
reputation and maintain a good wor?ing relationship with C)(CC1
2E Sudan has a large resour6e of manpowerB among them man= possess 6ertain
s?ills and have wor?ed for C)(CC pro8e6ts1 &t is C)(CCKs intention to 6ontinue
the engagement of lo6al te6hni6ians and labors1 >e understand the pro6edure of
hiring lo6al labor and are familiar with Sudanese labor law1 &n our future
pro8e6ts in SudanB all engagement of lo6al labor will be handled through lo6al
labor offi6e and authorit=1 All lo6al emplo=ees whether having wor?ed for
C)(CC before or not will be re<uired to 6ontra6t with us through lo6al labor
management offi6e in order to prevent an= disputes1 All lo6al emplo=ees will
be given a basi6 wor? training 6ourse organi;ed b= C)(CC1 &n the meanwhileB
C)(CC shall provide lo6al emplo=ees with a66ommodationB ne6essar=
insuran6e 6overing a66idental ris?1 +abor prote6tion applian6es and medi6al
6are will also be provided to lo6al emplo=ees1 After the e5e6ution of pro8e6tB
termination of emplo=ment shall onl= be settled through lo6al labor
management offi6e1
7E C)(CC hereb= solemnl= 6ommits to (mplo=er that we will do our best to use
lo6al laborB to in6rease the emplo=ment opportunitiesB and to provide ne6essar=
wor?ing training for those lo6al emplo=ees hired b= C)(CC1 >e will maintain
the good relationship established with lo6al 6ompaniesB and 6arr= out our wor?
in stri6t a66ordan6e with Sudanese relevant law and regulations1 &n order to
avoid an= ?ind of disputes between C)(CC and lo6al laborsB C)(CC will have
legal 6onsultant during 6onstru6tion and warrant= period1 All the timeB an=
disputes Dif an=E happened will be settled immediatel= b= C)(CC pursuant to
stipulation in 6ontra6t and C)(CC will bear the responsibilit= itself without
impa6t on (mplo=er1 (mplo=er shall bear no responsibilit= for an= disputes
between C)(CC and lo6al labor:s1
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
;.5 Ci)il Eo/D-
;.5.! S5o0e
#he 6ivil wor?s of the pro8e6t shall in6lude the followings/ earth wor?B 6on6rete wor?B
pilingB assembl= of building and stru6tureB fen6ing et61
;.5.# E./t8 Eo/D
S6ope of a6tivities in6ludes removal of garbageB topsoilB vegetationB et61 on siteB
earth e56avationB ba6?filling and final grading1
$emoval of garbageB topsoilB vegetationB et61 on site1
C)(CC shall submit the following do6uments to !wner for approval
)rote6tive measures ta?en for publi6 and private properties affe6ted during
6onstru6tion D&f an=E1
$emoval of an= stru6tures hindran6es and obstru6tions on the surfa6e or
underground D&f an=E1
C)(CC shall 6omplete the topographi6 surve= of the area and define 6orre6t lo6ation and
elevation to ensure 6onstru6tion to be performed in a66ordan6e with the design drawings
prior to 6ommen6e of wor?1
!ver2e56avated surfa6es arisen from removing garbage or tree roots shall be
refilled and 6ompa6ted a66ording to re<uirement1
S6raped depth of the site surfa6e within the boundar= defined b= drawings shall
meet re<uirements of the design and !wner
(arth (56avation
(56avation wor? is 6omposed of removal and transportation of e56avated
materials and disposal of surplus material from e56avation1
(56avation wor? should be in a66ordan6e with the approved design drawingsB or
!wnerKs instru6tions1 >here me6hani6al e56avation is for e<uipment
foundationsB a bottom la=er of 200mm shall be manuall= removed1
(56avation and grading below the designed foundation shall be 6ompleted prior
to the 6ommen6ement of e56avations for foundationsB underground pipe
networ?s and utilities1
Surplus earth e56avated shall be transported to the pla6e where the !wner
designates as the lo6ation of surplus material1
>hen earth e56avating and grading rea6h the design elevationB C)(CC shall
report in writing to the !wner for approval1 !nl= upon the !wnerHs approval
6an the foundation 6onstru6tion or pipeline wor? be 6ommen6ed1
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
!ver e56avationB no matter 6aused b= an= reasonB shall be ba6? filled and
6ompa6ted a66ording to spe6ifi6ations1
'uring e56avationsB C)(CC shall ta?e ne6essar= measures to avoid 6ave2ins and
landslides to prote6t e5isting fa6ilities1
+o6ations and elevations of pipe tren6hes and e<uipment foundations shall be
defined in a66ordan6e with dimensions and slopes shown on the design
#he width of pipe tren6h shall meet re<uirements for pipeline 6onstru6tion and
for 6ompa6tion of ba6? filled soil1
*easures shall be ta?en to avoid landslides or 6ollapse of the dit6h wall1
#he tren6h bottom should be evenl= 6ompa6ted to bear the weight of pipelines1
All organi6 material shall be removed and over e56avation shall be ba6? filled
and 6ompa6ted1
(a6h la=er of fill shall be 6ompa6ted in a66ordan6e with the design
>ithin two meters awa= from underground pipelines and 6ablesB manual
e56avation shall repla6e me6hani6al e56avation1
At road 6rossingsB measures shall be ta?en to ?eep the road unobstru6ted as
re<uired b= !wner1
C)(CC should notif= the !wner 7 da=s before filling and ba6? filling1
Granule material of stru6tural ba6? filling should be 6leanB finel= graded and
General engineered fill materials shall 6omprise 6leanB well2graded granular
soils or inorgani6 and low2plasti6 6ohesive soils1
After the pipeline is laid and inspe6ted b= !wnerB the tren6h shall be ba6? filled
in due time1 >hen the ba6?fill rea6hes a height of 1:4 pipe diameter all
provisional supports and guards should be removed and the ba6? filling should
#o a6hieve the ma5imum densit=B the ba6? fillings should be 6ompa6ted in the
optimum water 6ut1 >atering if it is too dr= and airing if it is too wet1
.or site fill and bund fillB the ma5imum dr= densit= shall a6hieve 3N1
#he final height of ba6? filled soil shall be 130mm above the surrounding
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
!wner will supervise the whole filling 6ompa6tion wor?1 C)(CC shall be
responsible for the densit= tests of ea6h fill la=er1
.inal Grading on Site
.inal grading in6ludes e56avationB ba6? fillingB 6ompa6tionB disposal of materialB
road pavementB et61
.or the area around wellheadB the surfa6e shall be graded in a slope with 130mm
top la=er of gravel to drain water out1
'uring the final gradingB suffi6ient drainage shall be provided to drain water
from the site1
'rain dit6hes shall have the 6orre6t elevationB slope and si;e as spe6ified on
design drawings1
After the 6ompletion of gradingB C)(CC shall 6lean up the site1 All dis6arded
materials shall be disposed of as per the !wnerKs re<uirement1
All damages to e5isting stru6turesB roadsB et61 that o66urred during the 6onstru6tion
period shall be restored to its original appearan6e as per !wnerKs re<uirement before
C)(CC leaves the site1
;.5.$ Pilin4
1E )iling shall be performed under the supervision of relative 6ivil te6hni6al
2E #he lo6ations of all underground and aboveground fa6ilities shall be defined
before piling1
7E All piles in a 6ommon group shall be driven to the same tip elevation1
4E )ile 6ap plates for steel piles shall be lo6ated e5a6tl= as shown on the drawings1
3E Centre lines of plate and pile ma= not be in alignment due to hori;ontal
toleran6e allowed for driving of the piles1
4E )iles shall be driven with drop hammersB dieselB impa6t hammers or other
method approved b= !wner1 Contra6tor shall ensure that the e<uipment is in
good wor?ing order before starting the wor?1
9E )iles shall be driven 6ontinuousl= without interruption to a6hieve the
6onditions as spe6ified on the drawings using drop hammers with a minimum
rated driving energ= of 72B000 8oules and a minimum stri?ing weight e<ual to
the weight of the pile but not less than 1B700 ?g1
;.5.; ?en5in4
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
S6ope of wor?s in6ludes .en6ing of wellhead area and !G* areas with wire
.en6ing shall be installed a66ording to design drawings1
All the fen6ing wor? shall be performed b= s?illed and e5perien6ed fen6e
ere6tors in a66ordan6e with the 6onstru6tion drawings1
Steel posts for fen6ing and 6on6rete foundation shall be 6onstru6ted as per
design drawing1
>ire meshes for fen6ing shall be lapped and properl= tensioned to avoid an=
;.6 !6F ,.in E.te/ line
;.6.! Gene/.l
)ro6edure for 14HH 6onstru6tion refers to the 9loE 58./t A.
)'!C provides line pipes with .B( 6oating1 Joint 6oating shall be down on
14HH have internal li<uid epo5= 6oating1
;.6.# Settin4 o*t .n1 T/en58in4
#he surve= team sets out the route and sets up sta?es a66ording to the drawings1
#he surve= team shall verif= all e5isting elevationsB bends and straight2line
se6tions1 All e5isting utilities shall be mar?ed and prote6ted from damage1 All
additional mar?s shall be laid out at this time1 An= dis6repan6= of the
information from that in the drawings has to be re6orded and submitted to the
!wner representative in writing for final de6ision1
(56avation shall be done with tren6hing ma6hineB digging b= hand shall be
done when 6oming into 6lose 6onta6t with the elevation of pipe bottomB tren6h
depth and width shall be in a66ordan6e with re<uirements in drawings1
All pipelinesB 6ablesB foundationsB en6ountered during tren6hing shall be
prote6ted1 #he !wner shall be 6onta6ted who will in turn 6onsult related
department to prevent a66ident or damage1
An= un<ualified tren6h shall be repaired or retren6hed to meet spe6ified
re<uirements after inspe6tion1
;.6.$ St/in4in4 .n1 Line *0
>ire rope slings shall not be used under an= 6ir6umstan6es for handling pipe1
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
Slings to be utili;ed in handling the pipe shall be free from damage to pipe or
pipe 6oating1
#he stringing of pipe along the route shall be done in a manner to minimi;e
8oint overlap1
#he interior of all pipes shall be 6arefull= e5amined for the presen6e of foreign
matter before the pipes are lined up for welding1 All su6h foreign matter shall
be removed1 #he open ends of pipes shall be se6urel= 6losed in the end of ea6h
da=Ks wor?1 #he open ends shall not be reopened until wor? is resumed at that
#he beveled ends of pipes shall be 6leaned b= wire brushes or grinders before
weldingB for a minimum distan6e of 23 mm D1 in6hE from the prepared edge on
both the inside and outside of the pipe1
#he e5ternal line2up 6lamps shall be firml= held in position until the root pass
is 100 per6ent 6omplete and the pipe has been properl= supported1
)rior to weldingB the internal diameters of flange valvesB teesB elbowsB bends
et6B shall be measured to ensure that the internal bore will allow the passage of
a pig fitted with a gauging plate of 3N of the nominal boreB bran6h
6onne6tions shall not protrude inside the pipe1
;.6.; LoEe/in4 in
>eldingB "'# and 6oating I insulation re6ords shall be inspe6ted and a66epted b=
!wner before pipe is lowering inB and the dit6h should be inspe6ted to ensure no ro6?sB
hard ob8e6tsB organi6 material et6 whi6h 6ould damage the pipe 6oating I insulation is
present in the tren6h1 After piping has been inspe6ted and testedB the pipe 6an be
lowered in1 Care should be ta?en during the lowering of pipe to prevent damage to the
6oating Iinsulation1 A hole shall be e56avated around the 8oint to give welder freedom
of a66ess to the weld1 #he welded 8oint shall be 6oated and insulated after welding and
the 6oating shall be tested and a66epted1
;.6.5 2.5D9illin4
1E After lowering2in and inspe6tion have been madeB the following wor? shall be
6ompleted and in 6onformit= with re<uirements of the Contra6t prior to ba6?
Control mar?s Datta6hed on pipelineE1
Status of tren6h1
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
Colle6ted final do6uments1
2E #he written a66eptan6e will be issued b= responsible inspe6tor and !wner
before ba6?filling1 "o organi6 materialB ro6?s et61 shall be allowed in the dit6h1
Ade<uate fa6ilities shall be prepared to drain water out of tren6h if re<uired1 All
material used for ba6?fill shall be of an a66eptable <ualit=B and free from ro6?sB
roots et61 After the dit6h has been ba6? filled above the surrounding groundB
ba6?fill shall be 6ompa6ted and tampedB the remaining ba6?fill shall be spread
over the pipelines1
;.6.6 Tie-in
1E #ie2in refer to wor? done to 6onne6t the se6tions of old pipeline1
2E A66ording to 1site visit and agree with produ6tion1 #ie in point shall be at
operating se6tion of e5isting 14H pipe on pipe ra6?1
7E A elbow se6tion shall be 6ut after shutdownB and one new14H # 6onne6tion shall
be welded to repla6e elbow to a6hieve 6onne6t new 14H pipe to old pipe1
4E #he welded 8oints will be $# tested and visuall= 6he6?ed1 "'# and 6oating
re6ords shall be inspe6ted and a66epted b= !wner before pipe is put into use1
;.6.C Pi44in4
After the pipeline installation has been 6ompletedB blinds at both ends of the
pipeline shall be removed and pigging e<uipment shall be installed1 #he
finished pipelines shall be free from foreign materials and ob8e6ts1 All valves
of the pipeline shall be in open position1 Si;ing pigsB brushes and s6rapers shall
be air driven through all lines and the !wner shall be present1
)rior to 6leaning the pipelineB pig laun6her and re6eiver should be welded to the
beginning and end of the pipeline1 Air inlet and outlet pipes for the laun6hers
shall be installed and 6onne6ted to a 6ompressor1 #he si;ing pig and s6raper
should be installed in the laun6herB and the pig is laun6hed b= 6ompressed air1
All rustB dust and other foreign material shall be blown out of the pig re6eiver1
>hen s6rapers and foreign material arrives at the re6eiverB air pressure shall be
turned off and the re6eivers shall be depressuri;ed before it is opened to
remove all e<uipment and 6lean out debris1 #he pipeline shall be pigged several
times until the piping interior is 6lean as spe6ified and the CC engineer and
!wner are satisfied1
S6rapers shall be used for pipeline 6leaning1 &f the s6raper be6omes stu6?B the
pressure 6an be in6reased until movement o66urs again1 &f the s6raper be6omes
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
stu6? and 6an not be dislodged b= an in6rease in air pressureB se6ond pig of
larger diameter 6an be used to indu6e movement1
)igging of the pipeline shall be performed until 6leaning is a66eptable1 &n order
to determine the lo6ation of the pig in 6ase of missingB audio monitors shall be
installed along the pipeline1
>hen the s6rapers are pla6ed inside the laun6herB the= should be 6arefull=
6he6?ed to ensure that 6learan6e between the s6rapers and the pipe wall are
within toleran6e1
&f there are small amounts of foreign material in the pipeline and the resistan6e
is lowB the s6raper speed must be 6ontrolled to avoid damage to the re6eiver1
;.6.% H31/o-t.ti5 Te-t
1E #he pipeline 6an be separated into several segments for test a66ording to water
availabilit=B elevation et61 After separate tests are 6ompletedB the segments will
be 8oined1 #he final welded 8oints will be )# and $# tested and visuall=
6he6?ed1 Strength test will not be done for these 8oints again1
2E )reparation prior to h=drostati6 test/
All welds repair and "'# have been 6ompletedB whi6h 6an be 6onsidered as a
stop point1
)igging has be 6ompleted and a66epted b= !wner1
Appli6ation form and safet= provisions for testing have been approved1
#emporar= provisions for testing are prepared read=1
)ressure gauges shall have been 6alibrated1 )ressure gauges shall be installed at
an appropriate lo6ation of the pipe se6tion to be tested and a thermometer shall
also be installed if ne6essar=1
All the CC forms to be filled in a66ording to the <ualit= plan and pro6edure shall
be 6ompleted and approved b= CC department and departments 6on6erned1
7E )ressure testing1
#est pressure shall be in 6onformit= to the pipeline sheet and related
A vent valve shall be installed at the highest position to vent out all the air in
the pipeline1 >hen filling the pipeB a pig shall be put in pipeB and it will run
ahead of the water to drive air out so that air does not be6ome trapped behind
the pig1 >hen testing 6ommen6esB the pressure shall be graduall= in6reased up
to the 30N full test pressure and then stop and let stabili;ed for at least 1 hour1
)age 30 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
&f there is no pressure drop or lea?B pressure shall be in6reased to the test
pressure1 #he piping s=stem shall be 6he6?ed thoroughl=1 &f the pressure drops
no more than 1N during 24 hours the test 6an be a66epted1 All lea?s or pressure
drops shall be dete6ted and repaired b= the testing 6rew1 )rior to repairB all
water in the s=stem shall be dis6harged1 #he water used for test must be 6lean
and free of siltB suspended materials or harmful 6orrosive 6omposition1 After
the testB the water will be properl= drained or pumped to the ne5t se6tion to be
;.6.9 Ro.1 5/o--in4
.or this pro8e6tB one .). road shall be 6rossed 1 #he pipeline 6onstru6tion will
be stri6tl= in a66ordan6e with the re<uirements and spe6ifi6ations spe6ified
under the bid do6uments1
&dentifi6ations for 6onstru6tion and lighting e<uipment shall be pla6ed at the
road se6tions where the 6rossing operations is in progress after approval of
lo6al traffi6 authorit= and owner and before 6ommen6ement of wor?1
A steel plate or other materials to ensure re2opening of the road shall be pla6ed
over the pipeline 6rossing dit6h at the end of wor?1
A steel plate or other materials to ensure re2opening of the road shall be pla6ed
over the pipeline 6rossing dit6h at the end of wor?1
.or pipeline 6rossing b= dit6hing I ba6?filling methodB the pipe dit6h shall be
ba6?filled immediatel= after the 6rossing pipeline has been installed on the
bottom of the dit6h1 (a6h lift of ba6?filling shall be 6orre6tl= 6ompa6ted to the
levels of e5isting road base and surfa6e prior to 6ommen6ement of wor?1
#he road surfa6e shall be restored a66ording to the original re<uirements of the
#he pipeline route will 6ross and tra6?s or roads at an angle as 6lose as 6lose as
0C to redu6e the length of the 6rossing1
;.C ;,
buffer tan? shall be fabri6ated in the fieldB duple5 assembled and installed b=
wa= of upside2down mounting in the field1
41911 #he 6onstru6tion pro6edure of the buffer tan? shall be upside2down mounting/
a1 .oundation inspe6tion a66eptan6e
b1 *aterials a66eptan6e
)age 31 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
61 )refabri6ation of the storage tan?
d1 Bottom plate 6orrosion prote6tion
e1 &nstallation of the bottom plate
f1 Shell plate installation of the first ring
g1 $oof plate installation
h1 &nstallation of roof rails
i1 Shell plate installation
81 A66essories installation
?1 A=dro test
l1 Corrosion prote6tion and insulation

41912 .oundation &nspe6tion A66eptan6e
D1E C)(CC and the !>"($ representative shall 6he6? surfa6e si;e of the foundation in
a66ordan6e with the foundation engineering do6uments prior to the installation1
D2E #he elevation and levelness of 6on6rete bearing ring2beam shall be in a66ordan6e
with the drawings and the spe6ifi6ations1
D7E #he surfa6e of the sand la=er shall be leveled and free of protrusionsB sags and
6ra6?s1 #he slope shall be in a66ordan6e with the drawings and the spe6ifi6ations1
41917 *aterials &nspe6tion A66eptan6e
D1E #he storage tan? shall be 6he6?ed with respe6t to the <ualit= 6ertifi6ate of steel and
welding materialsB if doubts e5istB then 6hemi6al anal=sis and re6he6? are re<uired1
%n6ertified materials shall not be permitted1
D2E #he steel plate shall be 6he6?ed with respe6t to materialB surfa6e 6onditionB si;e and
<uantit= in a66ordan6e with the re<uirements1 &t is not permitted if the 6orrosion
allowan6e of the steel plate toleran6e is above that of the steel plate thi6?ness
allowan6e when repairing gouges1
419141 Storage #an? )refabri6ation
D1E #he 6omponent prefabri6ation shall be 6arried out a66ording to the installation
pro6edure1 #he ma8or 6omponents shall be 6omposed and fabri6ated in a66ordan6e
with the drawings 1
D2E #he plate and welding groove shall be ma6hined with the methods of automati6 and
semi2automati6 flame 6utting 1#he edge of bottom edge plate shall be ma6hined
with the method of manual flame 6utting1
D7E )late edge surfa6es shall be smoothl= fabri6ated and free of su6h defe6ts as slagHsB
laminations or 6ra6?s 1
D4E #he 6omponents shall be 6he6?ed with the template to assure pre6ision during
)age 32 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
D3E ,alid measures shall be 6arried out to prevent the 6omponents from deformationB
damage or rust in the period of storageB transportation and field piling2up1
41913 Bottom )late &nstallation
D1E )rior to the bottom plate la=ingB it shall be sandblasted and 6oated against 6orrosionB
30mm edge of the plate edges shall not be 6oated1
D2E (dge plates shall be laid s=mmetri6all= both sides and the seams are to be welded
with base plates1 #he two moving plates shall be prepared as per a6tual si;es1
D7E #he la=ing of 6entral plate segments shall be 6arried out from the 6enter to both
sides and generall= long plates shall be laid prior to septarian plates1 #hree
overlapping plates shall be angle 6ut in a66ordan6e with the re<uirements of the
D4E #he bottom welding shall be stri6tl= 6arried out in a66ordan6e with the >elding
D3E #he welds of the bottom plate shall be va6uum tested and free from lea?age1
41914 $oof )late &nstallation
D1E #he first ring of shell plates shall be installed on the bottom platesB then the top angle
installed and support legs or pontoons fabri6ated prior to the assembling of the roof
D2E #he 6learan6e between ever= ad8a6ent weld of the roof plates shall be in a66ordan6e
with the drawings and the spe6ifi6ations1
D7E Support 6olumns for tan? roof shall ?eep straight and verti6al allowan6e shall not
be more than 011N of 6olumn height1
D4E $oof plates shall be s=mmetri6all= assembled as per the drawn mean line1 #he
overlapping width of roof plates shall be in a66ordan6e with drawings and
41919 Shell )late &nstallation
D1E #he shell plate of the first ring shall be installed and welded to the roof plateB then be
lifted up with 6hain blo6?s and the other shell plates will be installed until the last
ring of shell plates1
D2E #he en6losing plate shall be hoisted to its position a66ording to the 6omposition
diagram and then 6lamped1 After the installation of the en6losing platesB the
6learan6e of the verti6al 8oints and the verti6alit= shall be ad8usted and the levelness
of upper ring surve=ed1 #he misalignments of girth welds shall be 20N less and that
of verti6al welds shall be 10N less than the shell thi6?ness of the upper plate1
D7E #he welds shall be dete6ted in a66ordan6e with the re<uirements1 #he 6lamps shall
be removed B and dents polishedB and internal welds be ground with high velo6it=
abrasive ma6hine or polishing ma6hine1
D4E #he assembled welding shall be in a66ordan6e with the follows/
a1 #he shell height deviation allowan6e shall be in a66ordan6e with the drawings and the
b1 #he deviation allowan6e of the wall verti6alit= shall be no more than 013N of shell
)age 37 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
61 #he 6lamps shall be removed from the wall and the dents and welding residues
d1 After the welding of the tan? bottomB the lo6al 6on6ave26onve5 deformation shall be
in a66ordan6e with the drawings11
41918 >elding and .law 'ete6tion
#he welding and flaw dete6tion of the bottom plateB shell plate and roof plate shall
be 6arried out in a66ordan6e with the stru6tural steel welding pro6edure
4191 A66essories &nstallation
D1E #he installation of the laddersB heaters and platforms shall be 6arried out as per
drawings and spe6ifi6ations1
D2E #he 6enter position deviation of the pipe adapter of the tan? opening shall be as per
re<uirements of drawings and spe6ifi6ations1 'eviation of e5tension for pipe
adapter shall be in a66ordan6e with drawings and spe6ifi6ations1 #he 6urvature of
the opening pat6hing plate shall be the uniform as that of the tan?1
419110 A=dro2#est
D1E All a66essories and 6omponents welded with the tan? shall be finished 6ompletel=
and the welding seam relating to lea?age test shall not be painted1
D2E A=dro test shall be slowl= performed and be observed as respe6ts of the foundation
settlingB strength and tightness lea?age status of the tan?B tan? bottom and the roof1
D7E #he foundation settling test shall be 6arried out to assure the unevenl= settling within
the deviation allowan6e until the stabilit= is obtained1 #he bottom shall be <ualified
against lea?age1 #he wall and the roof shall be free of lea?age and abnormal
D4E #he heater h=dro2test shall be 6arried out in a66ordan6e with the spe6ifi6ations and
sustain the test pressure for a spe6ified period1
419111 Corrosion )rote6tion And &nsulation
D1E Corrosion prote6tion shall be 6arried out in a66ordan6e with 6orrosion pro6edure1
D2E #he e<uipment re<uiring insulation shall be 6arried out in a66ordan6e with insulation
419112 #he temporar= supports and other foreign materials of the tan? shall be removedB
inspe6ted and a66epted b= !>"($ and 6losure re6ord affi5ed1
418 6.6G( E.te/ in7e5tion 0*,0 .n1 1ie-el en4ine M*1 0*,0
)age 34 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
;.%.! Gene/.l
D1E .oundations shall be 6ompleted and 6he6?ed for 6orre6tness and levelness as per
drawings and spe6ifi6ations1 )rior to installationB foundation shall be 6lean with
6orre6t an6hor bolt holes lo6ationB 6enterlines mar?edB elevations and levels
established for 6orre6tness1 Shimming and wedging shall be 6arried out as per
drawings and spe6ifi6ations1
D2E As re<uiredB perform on2site installation of the various e<uipments as per approved
6onstru6tion drawings and spe6ifi6ationsB and instru6tion b= a
manufa6turer:vendor representative1
D7E .inal insulation 8a6?eting shall be 6ompleted so that there will not be an e56essive
amount of s6affolding ere6ted in the plant areas where operators will wor?
during start2up1 #he number of insulation 6rews still wor?ing in the area shall not
be e56essive1
D4E At the time of *e6hani6al Completion all fire proofing and rough insulation shall be
6ompletedB i1e1 all e<uipmentB pipingB instrumentsB instrument leadsB et61 re<uiring
insulation for heat 6onservation shall be 6overed so that start2up operations will
not be dela=ed due to e56essive heat loss1 &nsulation re<uired for personnel
prote6tion shall also be 6ompleted1 !nl= areas that would be re<uired to be open
for tightness testing DflangesB valve stemsB et61E will not be 6overed prior to
*e6hani6al Completion1 (5posed insulation is to be properl= prote6ted and

;.%.# Rot.tin4 EB*i0,ent In-t.ll.tion
D1E )rior to installationB inspe6tion for e<uipment a66eptan6e to be 6arried out1
(<uipment installation in6ludes loadingB haulingB unloadingB inspe6tionB liftingB
shimmingB aligningB pla6ingB and se6uring in its final position1
D2E $emove all temporar= supportsB bra6ing or other foreign ob8e6ts that were installed
in the e<uipment or ma6hiner= to prevent damage during shipmentB storage and
ere6tionB and repair an= damage sustained1 #his ma= need vendor assistan6e1
D7E Before positioning the e<uipmentB it shall be 6he6?ed against the drawings to verif=
the pipe installation of flangesB no;;lesB 8un6tion bo5esB 6ouplings and other items
that re<uire e5ternal 6onne6tion1
D4E C)(CC to prepare lifting and rigging plan for all heav= lifts ta?ing into 6onsideration
lo6ation and other a6tivities su6h as e<uipment insulationB stru6tural platforms and
laddersB instrumentationB piping ere6tion and other wor? whi6h 6an possibl= be
a66omplished prior to final ere6tion of e<uipmentB saving s6affolding and bas?et
)age 33 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
D3E #he foundation and an6hor bolts preparation shall be 6ompleted and 6he6?ed b=
C)(CCHs CC inspe6tor prior to installation of e<uipment1
D4E )repare foundation surfa6eB install e<uipmentB and level the e<uipment as per
approved drawings and spe6ifi6ations1
D9E &nspe6t and 6he6? the wor? during the 6onstru6tion stageB and perform su6h non2
operational tests as are ne6essar= to assure the integrit= of the installation in
a66ordan6e with the issued for 6onstru6tion drawingsB spe6ifi6ations and vendor
D8E .lush s=stems and perform initial 6harge of all lubri6ants1 'ispose of all flushing oil
to an area approved b= !>"($1
DE Condu6t all operational tightness tests1
D10E Cualified 6raftsman with e5perien6e in installing rotating e<uipment will be
assigned at site during the ere6tionB installationB 6ommissioning and start2up
period with vendor assistan6e as re<uired for all spe6ial e<uipment1
;.%.$ P*,0-
D1E $otate pumps b= hand to as6ertain that the= turn freel=1
D2E Align pump with driver after 6oupling installationJ ensure that the a5ial and radial
deviationsB and a5ial 6learan6es are within the approved toleran6es1
D7E 'is6onne6t the 6ouplingB 6he6? motor for rotationB run2in for two D2E hours
un6oupled and 6he6? bearings1 Submerged pump:motor ma= be run2in 6oupled1
After motor "o2load testB re26ouple pump to motor1
D4E &nstall proper lubri6ants DfuelB 6oolantE prior to 6ommissioning after review with
D3E &f the pump is to be used for flushingB install temporar= pa6?ing if permanent
pa6?ing or me6hani6al seal is not suitable for flushing1
D4E &nstall strainers in the su6tion piping to prevent foreign ob8e6ts from entering the
pump during 6ommissioning and initial operating period1
D9E $einstall permanent pa6?ing or me6hani6al seal on an= pumps used for flushing1
D8E Che6? that ma6hiner= guards are available and should be fitted as per drawings and
vendorHs re6ommendations1
DE Che6? and run2in pumpsB maintain them after *e6hani6al Completion1
D10E >hen ne6essar=B 6lean strainers b= operators after pumps have been in operation for
a reasonable period1
D11E Che6? the general 6ompatibilit= of the pumps with respe6t to an= 6avitations
problemB dis6harge headB e56essive vibrationsB e56essive noiseB et61 whi6h ma= hint
at abnormal operation of the pump1
D12E !btain the assistan6e of manufa6turers if re<uired1
)age 34 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
;.9 Die-el En4ine S3-te,
D1E ,endor e<uipment drawings shall be reviewed together with the spe6ifi6ation re<uirements
before 6ommen6ing wor?1
D2E .oundation surfa6es shall be 6lean prior to install1
D7E Before installationB all lo6ationsB elevations and orientations of the e<uipment foundationsB
an6hor bolts shall be 6he6?ed and verified in a66ordan6e with approved drawings and
D4E $emove all the prote6tive 6overs from all openings1
D3E 'ata lines of levelsB and:or a5is shall be mar?ed:painted on the foundation1
D4E (nsure steel pa6?s:shims of ade<uate number are provided and leveled to the re<uired elevation
on ea6h side of holding down bolt as per spe6ifi6ations and vendorHs re6ommendations1
D9E +evel the diesel engine sets with pa6?s:shims supporting the base plate near the foundation
bolts and at an= point of the base plate 6arr=ing a substantial weight load1
D8E &t is ver= important that the siesel set base be set level to avoid an= me6hani6al diffi6ulties with
the pump drive sets1
DE Che6? alignment in a66ordan6e with vendorHs re6ommendations1 >hen the unit has been
leveled and alignedB the holding down bolts should be gentl= and evenl= tightened1
D10E Che6? rotation of driver and it is 6orre6t and rotating freel= after the final tightening of
holding down bolts and pipe flange bolts1
D11E Chemi6all= 6lean an= 6ompleted lube and seal oil s=stemB when spe6ified1 'ispose of wastes
and 6leaning media in a66ordan6e with !>"($ instru6tions1
D12E >hen spe6ifiedB the lube oilB 6ontrol oil and oil 6ooling s=stems with flushing oil and
6ir6ulate for 6leaning purposes1 'ispose of an= flushing oil in a66ordan6e with !>"($
D17E Arrange for pipe wor? to be finali;ed to the engine sets1 &t in6lude diesel pipe and start air
pipe 1Support the pipes independentl= b= the use of proper pipe supports1
D14E Charge the lube oilB diesel and water26ooling s=stems based on re6ommended of
manufa6turer 1
)age 39 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
D13E )erform all the tests as spe6ified in the relevant data sheets and spe6ifi6ations1
;.! Ele5t/i5.l in-t.ll.tion
(le6tri6al wor?s of the pro8e6t in6lude 2 sets of 77?v:414F, and one 77?v:014?v
transformerB *CC for sand )ump B414F, swit6hgear and soft starter for 414F,
water in8e6tion pump1 lightingB earthingB 6athodi6 prote6tion s=stem 1
#he power transformer supplied from near b= overhead transmission line whi6h
shall be installed b= others1
In-t.ll.tion o9 e./t8in4 -3-te,-
1E #he lo6ation for earthing ele6trodes and the route for earthing trun? shall be
determined as per design drawings and site 6ir6umstan6es prior to tren6hing1
#he depth of tren6hes is not less than 400mmB earthing ele6trodes shall be so
buried that their top ends are 100mm below ground1
2E (arthing ele6trodes shall be 6opper bars with diameter of 20mm and length of
7m1 $emovable 6onne6tions are available between earthing ele6trodes and the
earthing grid1 #he underground 6onne6tions in the earthing s=stem are
a66omplished b= fusion welding1
7E #he both ends of main ele6tri6al e<uipmentB in6luding swit6hgearsB shall be
4E #he earthing resistan6e of the s=stem shall not be more than 10O1
In-t.ll.tion o9 5.t8o1i5 0/ote5tion -3-te,- o9 t.nD
&nstallation of 6athodi6 prote6tion s=stems shall be referred to installation pro6edure1
1E &nstallation of re6tifier units
)rior to installationB 6he6? and ensure the nameplate parameters in a66ordan6e
with the unit data sheets and ensure the unit and meter surfa6e free from
6hemi6al damage1
%nit foundation shall be level and flat in surfa6e and 6orre6t in lo6ation1
#he lo6ation of 6able inlet and outlet shall be 6orre6t1
$e6tifier unit shall be installed tightl= and reliabl=1
2E &nstallation of tan? bottom anode bedB this 8ob must be down before tan?
foundation 6ompleted1
)rior to anode installationB 6he6? the t=pe and spe6ifi6ation in a66ordan6e with
the 6onstru6tion drawings and ensure anode to be free from an= damage1
)age 38 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
(nsure the installation depth and the spa6e between the lo6ation of anode ground
bed and the prote6ted pipes to be in a66ordan6e with the 6onstru6tion drawings1
#he insulation resistan6e shall be measured prior to la=ing of anode 6ables1
+a=ing route and lo6ation of anode 6able shall be in 6omplian6e with the
6onstru6tion drawings1
#he 6onne6tion of anode 6ables shall be tight and its sealing shall be in
a66ordan6e with spe6ifi6ation and manufa6turerHs instru6tion manual1
#he spa6e between anode ground bed surfa6e and non2piping stru6ture Deg1 6able
et61E shall be as a minimum of 017m1
7E &nstallation of the 8un6tion bo5
)rior to installation of the 8un6tion bo5B 6he6? and ensure the spe6ifi6ation and
t=pe to 6ompl= with the 6onstru6tion drawings without me6hani6al damage1
&nstallation lo6ation and height of the 8un6tion bo5 shall be in 6omplian6e with
the detailed 6onstru6tion drawings1
#he la=ing route of 6ables shall be as per that shown in the 6onstru6tion
4E Cable 6onne6tion
#he 6onne6tion of 6ables in the 8un6tion bo5es shall be reliable and tight with
6orre6t and 6omplete mar?s1 And the inlet and outlet of 6able shall be glanded
#he 6onne6tion lo6ation of negative 6able with pipeline shall be as per that
shown in the 6onstru6tion drawings1
#he 6onne6tion of negative 6able with pipeline shall be a66omplished b=
thermite welding or with stainless band and the painting shall be applied to
6oat the 6onne6tion1
# 8oint shall be applied to 6onne6tion between anode 6ables and positive
6ables1 #he 8oint shall be insulated with heat shrin?age material1
3E &nspe6tion and testing of s=stems
#esting and inspe6tion of the 6onne6tion of installed 6athodi6 prote6tion s=stem
with 6ables ensures it to be proper1
*easurement and ad8ustment of the output voltage of re6tifier ma?es it to be
6omplian6e with the design value1
*easurement of natural potential1
)erforman6e of s=stem hoo?2up and energi;ing and measurement of the
)age 3 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
energi;ed:prote6ted potential1
*easuring and re6ording total 6urrent output and settings at the C) stations1
4E &nstallation of insulation 8oints
#he insulation 8oints shall be installed for pipeline in 6omplian6e with the
lo6ation as spe6ified in 6onstru6tion drawings1
)rior to installationB 6he6? insulation washersB insulation bushing and su6h li?e
to ensure them to be free from 6ra6?s or defe6ts1
&nstallation of insulation 8oints as per detailed 6onstru6tion drawings1
*easure the 8oints insulation resistan6e with 300v * meter to ensure the
measured value shall be over 1 *1
In-t.ll.tion .n1 te-tin4 o9 t/.n-9o/,e/-
1E &nspe6tions prior to installation
A 6he6? shall be made for 6omplete shop 6ertifi6ates and te6hni6al do6uments1
An a66eptan6e inspe6tion of transformer foundations shall be 6arried out b=
ele6tri6al engineer in 6onne6tion with 6ivil and CC personnel1
An inspe6tion of oil tan? shall be performed for 6omplete a66essoriesB perfe6t
por6elain partsB tight seal and good appearan6e without 6orrosion and
me6hani6al damage1
A 6he6? shall be made for 6omplete bolts of tan? 6oversB tight fastening without
lea?ageB and 6lear level indi6ation1
2E &nstallation of transformers
>hen transformers are put in pla6eB attention shall be paid to ensure their
orientation in a66ordan6e with drawings1 >hen the= are liftedB the sling
deviation from plumb line shall be less than 70PB and 6ollision and severe
vibration shall be avoided1
.or a transformer with gas rela=B it shall be installed in su6h a manner that its
top 6over has an as6ent of 1N2113N along the gas flow dire6tion of the gas
#ransformers shall be so installed that the 6enter lines of bushings are
6oin6ident with those of du6t busbars and the height of bushings is mat6hed
with that of du6t busbars1
)age 40 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
After transformers are put in pla6eB their roller shall be lo6?ed with removable
bra?es1 (nsure the earthing of transformer and foundation to be perfe6t1
7E #esting of transformers
'C resistan6e of windings along with bushings will be measuredB the measured
values 6ompared with produ6t data at the same temperatureB the differen6e shall
not e56eed the spe6ified value1 *easurement shall be made at all the taps1
#ransformation ratio of ea6h tap will be measured and 6ompared with the data
in the nameplateB the differen6e is little and is in a66ordan6e with the
transformation ratio law1
,e6tor groups identifi6ation shall be in a66ordan6e with the design re<uirements
and mar?ing in the nameplate1
&nsulation resistan6e and absorption ratio of windings along with bushings shall
be measured and be in a66ordan6e with the re<uirements1
#he power fre<uen6= voltage withstanding test shall be performed on the
windings along with bushings pursuant to the spe6ifi6ation re<uirements onl=
during .A#1
&nsulation oil test1
MCC .n1 6.6G( SEit584e./ in-t.ll.tion
!A In-t.ll.tion o9 SEit584e./ @MCC .n1 6.6G( SEit584e./A
&nspe6tion b= opening pa6?age against the 6onstru6tion details and progress
status with the CC personnel and ma?e a re6ord based on the result of
#he swit6hgear shall be bolted after its alignment1 An inspe6tion shall be made
for hori;ontalit=B verti6alit= of ea6h 6abinet and front fa6e deviation and gap
between 6abinets in a66ordan6e with relevant regulations1
Swit6hgear shall be grounded in a66ordan6e with 6onstru6tion details1
&nspe6tion e<uipment earthing s=stem and measure the grounding resistan6e1
After installationB 6he6? the me6hani6al interlo6? and ele6tri6al interlo6? to
ensure the= are e5a6t and 6he6? the 6onta6ts to see if the= are tight1
Che6? brea?ers with tra6? and distribution units with drawer for the alignment
of drawout me6hanism to ma?e sure the= 6an move freel=B units of same t=pe
6an be inter6hangeable1
)age 41 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
)anel bod= and interior devi6es shall be 6onne6ted firml= with all stru6tural
membersB 6he6? the fusesB C#I)#B indi6ators and rela= to ensure the= are all in
6omplian6e with design re<uirements1
#A T8e In-t.ll.tion o9 Ele5t/i5.l Unit- o9 Hi48 .n1 LoE (olt.4e:
&f brea?ers and swit6hgears are pa6?ed in separate 6asesB 6he6? the brea?ers
and 6ontrolling me6hanism when re6eived to ensure the parts are 6ompleteB free
from me6hani6al damage or 6orrosionB and insulation parts shall not be found
deformation or damped1
#he 6onne6tion parts at the end of insulation bra6e shall be stable and firm1 #he
por6elain2busing surfa6e shall be smoothB free from 6ra6?s or damages1
#he a6tion of brea?er 6ombined with 6ontrolling me6hanism shall be 6orre6t
and e5a6tB free from blo6?ade1 #he indi6ations for swit6h2 on and swit6h2off
shall be 6orre6t1 #he a6tion of au5iliar= swit6h shall be 6orre6t and reliable1
#he installation of isolating swit6h and load swit6h
*e6hanism:driving unit:au5iliar= swit6h and interlo6? devi6e shall be stable
installedB the a6tion fle5ible and reliableB and position indi6ation 6orre6t1
#he as=n6hronous value of 7 phases shall 6onform to the te6hni6al regulation of
the produ6t when swit6h is on1
#he 6onta6t shall 6onta6t well and firml= when the swit6h is on1
Li48tin4 in-t.ll.tion
!A T8e In-t.ll.tion o9 Li48t ?i:t*/e-:
Che6? the t=pe and spe6ifi6ation of light fi5tures to ensure the= are in
6omplian6e with area 6lassifi6ation regulations1
Sele6t light fi5ture and installation mode in a66ordan6e with engineering
drawings1 #he lighting fi5ture shall have 6omplete set of fitting partsB free from
me6hani6al damageB deformationB 6ra6?s on lamp or paint stripped and it shall
be in good insulation as well1
&n a66ordan6e with engineering drawingsB finish the assembling of light fi5tures
and pole and 6omplete installation shall be uniform1 %pon 6ompletion the
fi5ture shall be powered up for the lighting test1
#he swit6h height of light fi5ture installed in a same pla6e shall be uniform1 !n
ever= la=er of e<uipment platformsB the light fi5tures shall be s=mmetri6all=
arranged and aligned1
)age 42 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
#he light fi5ture and support shall be fi5ed firml= and stable1 #he light fi5tures
shall be beautifull= installed and in good order1 #he pole shall be straightB
stable and the welding points shall be treated with paint1
#he orientation in whi6h the light fi5ture installed shall be ad8usted to give
optimum lighting distributionJ it 6an 6onform with the operating re<uirements1
Attention should be given to installation of light fi5ture when high2pressure
sodium light is installed1
%pon the installation 6ompletion of e5plosion2proof light fi5tureB the
6onne6tion interfa6es shall be glanded1
Before streetlights are ere6tedB the assembl= of the fi5ture shall be first fitted on
the groundB and thenB e5amine and test wiring 6onne6tions and insulation
resistan6e1 After the lights is powered and litB lift the assembl= fi5ture with a
6rane and firml= fi5 it on the ground1
#A T8e In-t.ll.tion o9 So5Det
Che6? the t=pe and spe6ifi6ations of so6?et to ensure the= are in 6omplian6e
with the re<uirements of area 6lassifi6ation1
#he height of so6?ets installed in the same pla6e shall be identi6al and the
orientation in whi6h the light so6?ets installed shall satisf= the operating
#he 6onne6tion of so6?et and 6able shall be in 6omplian6e with the terminal
#he 6able inlet of so6?et installed in anti2e5plosion area shall be well glanded1
Clear mar?s shall be made for so6?ets of different voltage levels1
H( 5.+le Te/,in.tion
#he fabri6ation for the terminals of power 6ables shall be underta?en b= the
6ompetent personnel who are familiar with the fabri6ation pro6ess as per the
detailed s?et6hes supplied b= the manufa6turers1
>hen fabri6ating the A, 6able terminals and mid28oints in outdoor spotsB no
dust or foreign materials shall be permitted to fall into the insulation1
Constru6tion under the fogg= or raining 6ondition shall be forbidden1
#he lead2sheathed 6ables shall be lead2sealed1 #he lead2sheathed and armored2
la=er of all terminals of 6ables shall be well earthed1
)age 47 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
#he A, 6ables terminals shall be made of thermal shrin?age materials and
6arried with the devi6es of stress relievingB 6able shieldingB and armored
earthing et61
Before the 6ables are finall= 6onne6tedB the testing for 6ondu6tion and
insulation resistan6e shall be made1 #he 'C withstand voltage test shall be
made to the high2voltage 6ables as per the relevant stipulation1
All the 6ables shall have the labels atta6hed on both ends of the 6ables whi6h
mar? the 6able numbersB t=pesB spe6ifi6ationsB starting points and terminal
points from the 6able lists1 #he labels shall not be atta6hed on the 6onne6tion
spots and 6ontrolling station of motors1
;.!! In-t.ll.tion o9 In-t/*,ent EB*i0,ent
#he height Dfrom 6enter of instrument to floor or platformE of installed lo6al
instrument shall 6ompl= with the re<uirementB 'ispla= instrument shall be
installed at visible pla6es1
&nstrument shall be installedB far awa= from magneti6 fields and heat sour6esB
?ept at vibration free pla6esB and prote6ted from 6orrosion1
&n2line installed instrument or measuring elements shall be removed from the
linesB when pipelines are purgedJ and re2installed after purging1
&nstrument shall be installed at pla6es providing eas= a66ess for reading1
&nstrument supports shall be se6ure and safe and the= shall be 6oated1
1E )ressure instrument
.or pressure tapping of pressure instrumentB d=nami6 pressure affe6tion shall
be avoided as possible1
2E #emperature instrument
#hermometers shall be installed in the pla6es where mediums flow smoothl=
and the 6orre6t temperature 6an be refle6ted1
#he sensors of thermometers shall be installed near the 6enterline of piping1 .or
piping smaller than '"80B e5panded tubes shall be added pursuant to design
Bi2metal thermometers shall be prote6ted from bending and deformation of
prote6tion tubes in storageB transportationB installation and useB when the= have
to be rotated in installationB e5erting for6e on the instrument shall be avoid in
all 6ases1
Bulb thermometers Dtemperature swit6hesE shall be inspe6ted for damage of the
)age 44 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
pressure tapping and seal fa6e before installationB a pre2installation shall be
made prior to the a6tual installation1 #he Bulbs shall be able to be installed and
removed freel=1 #he= shall be full= submerged in the medium1 Capillaries shall
be prote6ted and shall be se6ured with tapes after a6tual installation1 #he
bending radius shall be in a66ordan6e with the te6hni6al re<uirement1
7E Control valves
Control valves shall be installed verti6all= in the pla6es where operation and
maintenan6e are eas=B supports shall be installed if ne6essar=1
#he height of valve pedestal above floor shall be in a66ordan6e with the
#he solenoid valve separatel= installed shall be as near to the a6tuator as
possible without interfering normal operation and maintenan6e1
4E .ield 6ontrol panels
&nstallation of field 6ontrol panels fa6ilitates operation and maintenan6e1
.ield 6ontrol panels shall possess safe and se6ure prote6tion earth bars1
Cualified personnel shall 6he6? board2installed instrument of field 6ontrol
;.!# C.+le L.3in4 DoEn .n1 6i/in4
1E Cable arrived at site shall be 6he6?ed to ma?e sure that their t=pesB
spe6ifi6ations and <uantities are in 6onformit= with the design re<uirementsB no
visual damages and defe6ts e5ist and 6ertifi6ates are provided1
2E A list for 6able allo6ations shall be prepared a66ording to the a6tual length of
6ables delivered to site and the length for la=ing1 #he se<uen6e for la=ing down
shall be arranged and de6ided a66ording to site situation1
7E After the 6onstru6tion of 6able tra=s Dtren6hesE is 6ompleted the foreign
materials shall be removed from inside and 6ables will be laid down until
6onditions permit1
4E )rior to la=ing downB 6ables shall be inspe6ted and tested for their 6ontinuit=
and insulation propert= and re6ords shall be made in time1
3E #he surfa6e 6olor of intrinsi6 6able is blue and the= shall be laid down separate
from the non2intrinsi6 6ables1
4E Generall=B 6ables will be laid down in a single a6tionB Caution shall be ta?en to
prote6t 6ables from damage1 &ndelible identifi6ation mar?s shall be tied at the
ea6h end of the 6able1 #he arrangement of 6ables in tra=s Dtren6hesE shall be
)age 43 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
neat1 >hen 6ables are laid in verti6alB suitable supports will be provided to
se6ure them1
9E After 6ompletion of 6able la=ingB a further inspe6tion and test for their
6ontinuit= and insulation propert= shall be 6arried out1 A re6ord for 6able la=ing
and for re2measurement of insulation resistan6e shall be 6ompleted1 >hen
6onfirmed satisfa6tor= the 6able tra= 6overs shall be installed as soon as
possible to prote6t 6ables from me6hani6al damage and fire1
8E >hen 6ables are laid down in tren6hesB sand or soft soil will be filled and
6ompa6ted in a66ordan6e the drawing re<uirements1
E (le6tri6al 6ontinuit= shall be well maintained for the 6able shields1 !ne end of
the 6able shield shall be earthed on the side of the 6ontrol room1 %nless
re<uired otherwise in the design do6umentsB the indoor 6ables shall be earthed
at the pla6e defined in the design drawings1
10E .ield2mounted instruments shall be earthed in a66ordan6e with the re<uirement
in design do6uments and instru6tion1
11E After 6ompletion of instrument loop testsB the entran6e of 6ables beneath a
6abinet shall be 6leaned for prote6tion1 #he method of sealing and t=pe of
material used will be de6ided before the 6abinets are delivered1
;.!$ M.te/i.l H.n1lin4H Sto/.4e .n1 Deli)e/in4
M.te/i.l H.n1lin4
1I Materials s,all be ,an"le" *it, suitable slingsJ pipe ,oo6sJ leat,er belts an" steel
plate clamps to prevent "amage to t,e materials> $- *ire ropes are use"J liners s,oul"
be place" bet*een t,e rope an" t,e material>
I $- sections o- steels or steel plate are ,an"le"J t,e "istance bet*een *ire ropes
an" t,e *eig,t o- t,e material s,all be consi"ere" to prevent "amage or "e-ormation
o- t,e materials>
!I Caution s,all be mar6e" on t,e material pac6agesJ *,ic, are not to be compacte"
or inverte"J eac, pac6age s,all be ,an"le" as a unit>
)age 44 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
4E &f damaged e<uipment are found during handlingB the damaged e<uipment shall
be re6ordedB and the pur6hasing department shall be informed1
5I 1,e e.uipment an" material s,all be mar6e" "uring ,an"ling an" transportationJ
t,e mar6s or tags s,all not be remove"J "amage" or erase">
M.te/i.l Re5ei0t- .n1 Sto/.4e
1E #he warehouse shall be 6onstru6ted 6lose to the living areas with smaller si;e
stores on ea6h site lo6ation1 All stores must be within the 6onstru6tion area1
2E *aterial 6ontrol shall establish a material re6eiptB storage and issue s=stem
ensuring withdrawals are made using a *aterial >ithdrawal $e<uest D*>$E
authori;ed b= the Constru6tion *anager1
7E $e6eipts must be 6he6?ed for 6orre6t <ualit=B spe6ifi6ation <uantit=B and
model:tag numbers against 'rawings as ne6essar=B 6oding against the pa6?ing
list and pur6hase order1 A *aterials $e6eipt $eport D*$$E must be raised and
issued to CC1
4E #he CC department shall ensure all e<uipment and materials 6ompl= with the
te6hni6al spe6ifi6ations and the se6ond 6lause herein and sign off the *$$ if
satisfied1 &tems la6?ing 6ertifi6ation shall be <uarantined until all defi6ien6ies
are satisfied1
3E .or *aterial dis6repan6iesB damagesB shortagesB overagesB non26onformit= with
the )! or spe6ifi6ation re<uirements CC shall raise a "on2Conformit= $eport
D"C$E to *aterial Control to issue and una66eptable !verageB Shortage and
'amage $eport D%!SI'B interfa6ing with pro6urement and engineering to
4E 'amaged:defe6tive materials shall be <uarantined and tagged @"ot for %se@1
9E #he engineer shall de6ide whether defe6tive materials 6an be used and the use
of material not 6ompl=ing with the spe6ifi6ation is sub8e6t to )'!C written
8E All pa6?ed materials shall be repa6?ed after inspe6ting if not used immediatel=1
E *aterial Control shall prote6t materials against damage during re6eiptB storage
and issueB 6orrosion and deterioration ensuring the *anufa6turerHs ne6essar=
+iftingB handling storage and preservation pro6edures are available and
)age 49 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
10E >elding *aterials shall be stored and lo6?ed in a se6ured dedi6ated warehouse
and 6ontrolled b= spe6ifi6 personnel using temperature and humidit= 6ontrol
e<uipment as ne6essar=1
11E Steel produ6ts shall be stored together on Qsleepers to prevent soil 6onta6tB but
segregated a66ording to gradeB si;e and 6learl= tagged1
12E #he distan6e between supports shall prevent steel pipe plates and se6tions from
distorting1 Sta6?ing height restri6ted to prevent weight damage and toppling1
>edges:stops shall be pla6ed at sta6? ends to prevent 6ollapsing and rolling1
)rote6tive *aterials shall be used for 6oated pipe1
17E >here possible ma8or and heav= e<uipment must be shipped dire6t to the 8ob
site to redu6e handling1
14E Spe6ial tools must be stored separatel=B signed out for useB signed in on return
and maintained in good order1
13E Cable 6an be stored outsideB on sleepers to prevent soil 6onta6t1 Cable reels
shall be hooded to prote6t against sunlight1
;.!; Con-t/*5tion >*.lit3 M.n.4e,ent
1E C)(CC establishes a CA:CC department under pro8e6t management offi6e1 #he
CAC:CC department is responsible for <ualit= managementB supervision and
inspe6tion1 #here are some full2time CA engineers and CC inspe6tors in the
CA:CC department and 6onstru6tion teams1 #he= will be in 6harge of the
<ualit= managementB supervision and inspe6tionB 6arr=ing out the pro8e6t
<ualit= plan and the do6uments of &S! 000 <ualit= s=stem stri6tl= under the
ownerHs supervision1
2E #he pro8e6t management offi6e shall establish a <ualit= assuran6e s=stem
in a66ordan6e with &S! 000 <ualit= s=stemB prepare pro6edure do6uments
for 6onstru6tion and for 6onstru6tion <ualit= 6ontrol prior to 6onstru6tion1
Constru6tion and inspe6tion a6tivities shall be 6arried out in a66ordan6e
with the 6ontra6tB the spe6ifi6ations and the pro6edure do6uments1
;.!5 Con-t/*5tion >*.lit3 Cont/ol @>CA
1E All CC operations are responsible for enfor6ing the <ualit= s=stem thus
ensuring engineering meets the re<uired <ualit= ob8e6tives1
2E A spe6ifi6 <ualit= inspe6tion plan shall be prepared for ea6h dis6ipline1
)age 48 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
&nspe6tion Aold )oints shall be determined for ?e= and ma8or operational
se<uen6es1 #he CC (ngineer will not permit wor? to pro6eed to the ne5t step
until he:she has inspe6ted the Aold )oint and issued an &nspe6tion $elease
7E Cualit= supervision of four levels as follows/
+evel A 2 Cualit= supervision is 6arried out b= )'!C or the supervision
+evel B 2 b= the pro8e6t CA:CC *anagement engineers1
+evel C 2 b= the sub6ontra6tors or the 6onstru6tion teams1
+evel ' 2 b= the 6onstru6tion groups1
4E #he method for <ualit= managementB awards and penalties will be
implemented1 CA:CC has the right to inspe6t the <ualit= of 6onstru6tion teams
or sub6ontra6tors 6overing an= dis6ipline at an= time during 6onstru6tion1 #he=
have the authorit= to re8e6t 6onstru6tion wor? stating the reasonsB and the right
to issue time2limited list of remedial a6tionsDsE re<uiredB pla6ing a hold on
further wor? until the re6tifi6ation until satisfied all 6orre6tions have met the
CA:CC re<uirements1
3E A wee?l= Cualit= meeting will be held to dis6uss 6urrent issues and progress
and the overall <ualit= inspe6tion and monthl= to dis6uss and evaluate the
operations of the <ualit= assuran6e s=stem and to anal=;e engineering <ualit=
and effe6t a program of a6tions to resolve an= outstanding issues1
4E .easible and pra6ti6able measures shall be ta?en in rain= and wind= seasons to
provide good to guarantee the welding <ualit=1
9E Stri6t inspe6tions and <ualit= 6he6?s of operational se<uen6es shall be
6ondu6ted1 >hen 6onstru6tion is 6ompleteB the re6ords shall be audited1
&nspe6tion of ?e= operational se<uen6es against hold2points shall be 6arried
out in a66ordan6e with the re<uirements in the pro6edure do6uments and in the
presen6e of representatives of parties D!wnerB Supervision Compan= and
Contra6torE1 #he 6onstru6tion a6tivities of the ne5t operational se<uen6e 6annot
be performed until the se<uential a6tion immediatel= prior has been a66epted
and 6onfirmed in writing1
;.!6 Con-t/*5tion >*.lit3 A--*/.n5e Me.-*/e-
A--*/.n5e Me.-*/e-
)age 4 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
!A C)(CCHS shall be full= implement its CA poli6ies1 (ffe6tive <ualit= assuran6e
s=stem shall be established and maintained throughout the 6onstru6tion phase1
#he Cualit= plan and <ualit= management regulations shall be prepared and
6arried out in during 6onstru6tion1
#A Constru6tion 6rews will be trained in a66ordan6e with the re<uirements of the
<ualit= s=stem to ensure the engineering <ualit=1 Staffs will be edu6ated to set
up the 6ons6iousness of GCualit= .irst and Customer .oremost@B to be familiar
with and to follow the 6odesB the spe6ifi6ationsB the standards and the
pro6eduresB to re6eive the supervision and the inspe6tion of )'!C and the
supervision 6ompan= and to perform the instru6tions from their representatives1
$A *easures to be ta?en
aE (stablishment of the <ualit= s=stem and 6ompletion of the <ualit= management
#he pro8e6t *anagement !ffi6e will ensure CA:CC will to meet the full
re<uirements of the spe6ifi6ations international standards and &S! 000
standardB G<ualit= management and <ualit= assuran6e1
!nl= 6ertified and 6ompetent full2time <ualit= management personnel will be
assigned1 #he <ualit= management department has the right to 6ondu6t
surveillan6e inspe6tion and award and penali;e a66ordingl=1 #he <ualit=
management department is responsible for inspe6tionB a66eptan6e and treatment
of routine <ualit= issues1
#he Cualit= Assuran6e (ngineer of the pro8e6t is the responsible person in
6harge of 6onstru6tion methodolog=B the <ualit= assuran6e persons are those
who are in 6harge of monitoring the <ualit= 6onstru6tion teams and
)rior to 6onstru6tionB all the staffs and management will be familiari;ed with
the ne6essar= 6odesB spe6ifi6ationsB standards and <ualit= re<uirements and
6onstru6tion drawings related to the pro8e6t1 #he= shall read and review the
6onstru6tion drawings on as ne6essar= on an inter2dis6iplinar= s<uad26he6?
basis to familiari;e themselves with the la=outs and inter26onne6tions of
different materials and e<uipment and draw up an= spe6ial operational
pro6edures and stipulate an= hold points1
As materials and e<uipment arriveB the= shall be 6he6?ed against the material
re<uisition spe6ifi6ationsB drawings in terms of si;e and <uantit= and against
)age 90 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
international 6odes and standards1
An a66eptan6e "ote will then be issued1 &f the= are re8e6tedB the reasons will be
given on the re8e6tion noteB prohibiting their useB and outlining a 6ourse of
remedial a6tion or the= are repla6ed as ne6essar=1
All raw materialsB fittingsB partsB 6omponentsB e<uipment for pro8e6t use must
be supplied with material 6ertifi6ates and shop 6ertifi6ates1 .or spe6ial
materialsB attention shall be paid to identifi6ationB mar?ing and mar?ing for
6utting Densuring re6ords are made at the time and properl= ?eptE1
#esting and metering apparatus or e<uipment shall have valid up to date
6alibration 6ertifi6ates1 #he= shall be maintained and stored in a66ordan6e with
the relevant regulations to ensure their a66ura6=1
bE Carr=ing out stri6t pro6ess <ualit= 6ontrol
C)(CCH will be full= responsible to the !wner for the timeliness and <ualit= of
6onstru6tionB pro8e6t handover and subse<uent ease during pro8e6t operation1
#he Aandover shall be 6arried out in a66ordan6e with the stipulations in the
G#able for <ualit= Control of !perational Se<uen6es of )ro8e6t Constru6tion@ to
insure against starting the ne5t se<uen6e from an una66eptable se<uen6e1
)eriodi6 and non2periodi6 inspe6tions shall be organi;ed b= dis6ipline
te6hni6ians and <ualit= inspe6tors to improve 6onstru6tion <ualit= and 6orre6t
<ualit= non6onformities arising in 6onstru6tion1
.or ?e= spots and diffi6ult points in pro8e6t 6onstru6tionB ?e= and spe6iali;ed
operational se<uen6es shall be established in a66ordan6e with C)(CCHS <ualit=
manual and the hold2point inspe6tions shall be made for ?e= points in
a66ordan6e with the spe6ified inspe6tion manners and 6onditions against the
spe6ified inspe6tion tables b= the dedi6ated inspe6tors1
6E #horoughl= manage <ualit= well into 6onstru6tionB su6h as pressure testingB
6ommissioning and start up1
.or me6hani6all= 6ompleted s=stems DitemsEB an overall inspe6tion shall be made
before 6ommissioning1 #his is to 6onfirm the 6onstru6tion of the ?e= a6tivities
and pro6esses satisf= the re<uirements in spe6ifi6ations and standards1 Che6?s
are 6arried out to ensure 6orre6t materials and fittings are used in the high
pressure and temperature s=stemsB no additional stress is e5erted on the rotar=
e<uipment b= pipingB indi6ators and alarm apparatus operate 6orre6tl=B
sensitivel= and reliabl=B and re6ordsB informationB dataB drawings and their
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
6opies are 6ompleteB and 6orre6t1
A dedi6ated department with suffi6ient manpower for pressure testing and
6ommissioning will be established1 &t shall prepare pro6edures and obtain
approval from the owner or the supervision 6ompan= prior to pressure testing
and 6ommissioning1
>here <ualit= problems are dis6overed during testing and 6ommissioning or
later dis6overed during operationB and it is established that the= resulted from
6onstru6tionB the= shall be immediatel= re6tified without pre6onditions1 &f the=
are 6aused b= produ6t defe6tsB manufa6turers shall be informed and as?ed to
mobili;e their ne6essar= spe6ialistDsE:site servi6e engineers to resolve as
ne6essar= matter of priorit=1
$e6ords and information about pro8e6t <ualit= shall be 6olle6ted and filed in
time1 As2built do6uments shall be sortedB 6ompiled and bound in volumes in
a66ordan6e with the spe6ified re<uirementsB and handed over to the owner
through the formal pro6edures1
;.!C I,0o/t.nt >*.lit3 Cont/ol Me.-*/e,ent In E.58 Di-5i0line
1E Civil
Condu6t tests on raw materials su6h as 6ementB steel et61
*i5 $atio test of 6on6rete and mortar1
%se of lo6ating formwor? for an6hor bolts to embedded1
)iling a66ording to spe6ifi6ation1
2E >elding
*a?e sure that materials and fittings are in good <ualit=B pa= attention to
a66eptan6e preservation and mar?ing1
'uring the period of 6onstru6tionB inspe6t the first 6ompleted weldB before
allowing welding to 6ontinue1
>elding parameters should satisf= >)S and welders shall be <ualified
a66ordingl= before the= 6an pro6eed with welding1
$e6ords for all >elding a6tivities shall be made for pro6ess 6ontrol1
(nsure that an= s=stem to be pressure tested is totall= 6ompleted andB that
installation is in a66ordan6e with )I&'B isometri6 drawingsB and other relevant
data re<uirements1
7E Stati6 e<uipment and steel stru6ture
Attention shall be paid to <ualit= 6ontrol of prefabri6ation of members1
)age 92 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
Assembling and fi5ing s6heme should be preparedB and members shall be
inspe6ted for 6orre6t dimension1
#emporar= fasten measures shall be ta?en for beams to be butt welded1
4E (<uipment hoisting
>or? out lifting te6hni6al s6hemeB set up site 6ommanding s=stem1
)rior to liftingB an overall inspe6tion shall be made for 6orre6t 6ondition of
hoisting e<uipment and tools1
All the hoisting a6tivities shall be under the 6ommand of the site 6ommander1
3E (le6tri6it=
(le6tri6ians shall report to dut= with 6ertifi6ates1
4E &nstrumentation1
*a?e sure that the 6alibration 6ertifi6ates of instruments and devi6es are valid1
Calibration room shall be provided with air 6onditioners to meet the ambient
&nstruments 6alibrating staff shall be <ualified1
)re26ommissioning s6heme shall be prepared in detail1
9E )ainting and 6oating
)ainting material shall be 6he6?ed for 6omplete inspe6tion reports and
Coating and painting shall not be done until surfa6e preparation is a66eptable1
#he ne5t pro6edure shall not be 6ontinued until !>"($ regard the hold point
is a66eptable1

;.!% S.9et3 Se5*/it3 Poli5ie- in Con-t/*5tion
C)(CC management regulation and &S!14000 program about safet= in
produ6tion shall be followed at all time1 #he pro8e6t dire6tor is designated as
the first2person in 6harge of AS( management with the promise of stri6tl= b=
the regulations of healthB safet= and environmentJ respe6ting lo6al 6ustomsJ
ensuring safet= produ6tion1
Safet= is number oneB edu6ation as leadingB wor? for improving the safet=
)age 97 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
<ualit= of staffB 6arr= out the safet= edu6ation and provide regularB espe6iall=
to driversB operators in high overhead pla6e and those who wor? in ha;ardous
;one1 )romote the safet= 6ons6iousness among staff1 Condu6t regular safet=
e5aminations to avoid an= possible a66idents from o66urring1 #he safeguard
department is e5amination and dire6tion to safet= 6onstru6tion on site1
)ro8e6t managers are the first2person ta?ing 6harge of the safet= in produ6tion1
Chief engineers are in 6harge of the safet= of te6hnolog=1 Safeguard
department is in 6harge of safet= supervisions and e5aminations1 !perators
6ompl= with their own operating regulations and establish posts responsibilit=
s=stem of safet= in produ6tion1
&dentif= the fun6tion of ea6h management department1 (stablish and 6omplete
the management regulations to form a integral safet= management s=stem and
a 6omplete safet= management networ?1
M.n.4e,ent Me.-*/e-
1E #he staff attended the 6onstru6tion must re6eive AS( training edu6ation1 #he
6ertifi6ate shall be obtained after passing of the test1 )ersonnel engaged in
spe6ial t=pes of wor? shall obtain the safet= training about te6hnolog= and go
to posts with safet= operation 6ertifi6ates1 All the 6onstru6tion staff shall be
familiar with AS( management regulations of )'!C upon their arrival at site1
2E #he 6onstru6tion teams must be told about the detail te6hnolog=1 #he whole
staff shall obtain the edu6ation about healthB safet= and environment before
starting wor?1
7E Carr= out the safeguard regulations of the pro8e6t stri6tl=1 Go to wor? in fro6?s
and wearing the safet= helmets1 #he safet= belts must be tied when operating
in overhead pla6e1 #he e5amination to be made b= spe6ified safet= personnelB
none of un<ualified man is allowed to enter the 6onstru6tion site1
4E Aiming at the safet= te6hni6al measures ta?en inB during the 6onstru6tion of
fa6ilities and pipelines and during e5e6ution of non2destru6tive e5aminationsB
weldingB h=drauli6 pressure testsB gas sealing testsB and ele6tri6 and
instruments testB et61 the detail management measures about healthB safet= and
environment shall be established1
3E Safet= inspe6tion is to eliminate the unsafe fa6tors during the 6onstru6tion and
is to prevent the happening of a66ident1 Spe6ified safet= offi6ers e5amine the
site at all the time to find out dangerous elements and eliminate them in time1
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
&n 6ase of finding unsafe elementsB the= have the right to stop wor? and ta?e
a6tionB and report to 6onstru6tion teamDsub6ontra6torE for re6tifi6ation1 #he
6onstru6tion teams shall perform self2e5aminations dail=1
4E 'o seasonal e5aminations1 )revent slidingB ele6tri6 stri?ing and mos<uito
biting in rain= seasonJ and prevent heatstro?e and fire in dr= seasons to prote6t
the safet= of personnel and fa6ilities1
9E #he full2time personnel ta?e 6harge of inspe6tionsB e5aminations and
emergen6= rea6tions and the 6onta6t with lo6al relevant departments1 >or?
teams shall address healthB safet= and environment before wor? and ma?e
re6ords on dail= meetings1
8E &nsist on wor? permission s=stem prior to entering into 6onstru6tion site1 &f
an= welding or gas 6utting operation is neededB the safet= inspe6tor shall
transa6t hot wor? permission1
E >hen operating in a 6ontainerB it is ne6essar= that a person shall be on wat6h1
.or lightingB the power suppl= shall be 74v1 &f the 6onstru6tion is 6arried out at
nightB enough lighting shall be provided1
10E #he team roomsB 6onstru6tion fa6ilitiesB engineering e<uipmentB materials and
semi finished arti6les on the site shall be laid out in a66ordan6e with the
re<uirements of 6onstru6tion organi;ation design1
11E #he welding 6lamp 6ablesB rubber tubes for gas tor6hesB riggings and other
tools used in 6onstru6tion shall be ta?en ba6? and put in order or stored in
12E (nhan6e the power management1 #he temporar= 6ablesB swit6hesB power
fa6ilities shall be 6omplete prote6ted with good earthing 6onne6tions1 #he
ele6tri6ian on dut= shall e5amine that ever= da=1 &n 6ase of finding problemsB
he shall settle them at on6e1
17E (le6tri6al testing shall to be 6arried out b= more than two persons1
14E #he insulation of ele6tri6al fa6ilities shall be prote6ted from be6oming damp
and pollution1 'ampen ele6tri6al e<uipment shall be dried1
13E #he high voltage test and 6ompli6ated s=stem test must be e5amined b= the
personnel who in 6harge of te6hnolog= before starting1 A no2load test shall be
6arried out before the load test when testing swit6hgearsB relevant handles
shall be ta?en down or lo6?ed and warning 6ard shall be hung to prevent
wrong swit6hing on1
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
14E "o person is permitted to stand under the 6rane booms during the lifting
operation1 All the riggings shall be stri6tl= 6he6?ed before lifting1 A dangerous
area shall be mar?ed out when lifting bul? materials1 #he warning 6ards shall
be set up when 02ra= dete6tion or gas pressure test is 6arried out to prevent
unauthori;ed persons from entering the operation area1
19E #he fa6ilities of drainageB lightning prote6tion and fire fighting shall 6onform
to AS( management regulations1 CombustibleB e5plosiveB poisonous and
harmful arti6les shall be stored in spe6ial 6ontainers1
18E #he sour6es of powerB water and gas shall be 6ut off after da=Ks wor?1 $emains
and rubbish shall be 6leaned awa= from the wor? area and disposed and buried
in a66ordan6e with the rules1
1E #he 6onstru6tion site shall be managed pursuant to the general plan1 #he
temporar= fa6ilitiesB material =ard and e<uipment shall be laid out as per la=
out drawings design1 Site materials shall be ?ept in good order and the utilit=
fa6ilities shall be set up in order1 $emove the temporar= fa6ilities and 6lean
awa= the rubbish in timeB and ?eep the area tid= and 6lean after the 6ompletion
of 6onstru6tion1
aE rubber tubes of gas tor6hes shall be brought ba6? in tool rooms and put in
good order after da=Ks wor?1
bE #he tools shall be returned to toolbo5es to prevent from missing1 Civili;ed
6onstru6tion management s=stem shall be performed1 (5amination a6tivities
shall be hold timel= and award will be given good management and
punishment for poor management1
20E (mergen6= safet= measures shall be ta?en for 6ommissioning and warrant=
21E .ire2fighting fa6ilities on site shall be e5amined and 6hanged regularl=1 #he
fire permit shall be got and fire fighting measures ta?enB if the fire is used near
the 6ombustible and e5plosive1 #he 8un6tion bo5es in ha;ardous area shall be
of e5plosion proof t=pe1 Smo?ing is prohibited in ha;ardous areas1 !5=gen
6=linders and a6et=lene 6=linders shall be prote6ted against the isolation and
put them separatel= with a safet= distan6e1 >arning signs shall be set up in
dangerous area1
22E #he swit6hbo5es at site shall be prote6ted b= water2proof sheltersB and ele6tri6
lea?age prote6tion shall provide1 #he ele6tri6al fa6ilities shall be well earthed1
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
!peration of Rpower onR or Rpower offR shall be 6arried out in a66ordan6e with
wor? ti6?et s=stemB warning sign shall be set up1 >hen 6ables are laid down
under the groundB 6onduits shall be used for road 6rossing1
27E *a6hines and tools shall be operated b= spe6ified personnelB the= go to posts
with 6ertifi6ates and 6ompl= with relative safet= operating regulations1
;.!9 Con-t/*5tion M.n.4e,ent
H.n1lin4 o9 Site C8.n4e- .n1 >*e/3
1E 'rawing $evision at Site
'uring 6onstru6tionB as found a drawing unreasonable or a substitute material
ne6essar=B C)(CC Site representative will write to !wner Site representativeB the
involved wor? 6an pro6eed onl= after obtaining the approval of !wner Site
representative1 &f !wner finds a design not in 6omplian6e with spe6ifi6ation or not
satisf=ing operation re<uirementB for ensuring 6onstru6tion progressB !wner Site
representatives 6an write dire6tl= to C)(CC Site $epresentative as?ing for
modifi6ation of this design1 All above modifi6ations shall be indi6ated with red
mar?2up in the drawingsB whi6hB after verifi6ation b= !wner Site representativeB shall
be in6orporated in as2built drawings1
2E Site Change !rder
.or the modifi6ation or an= wor? raised b= !wner be=ond Contra6torHs S6ope of
>or? spe6ified in C!"#$AC#B the= shall be treated in a66ordan6e with
C!"#$AC# Condition of Contra6t for Change !rders1 &f an= dis6repan6= o66ur
between two partiesB the wor? 6an be done first as per re<uired b= !wnerB the
dis6repan6= ma= be resolved later on b= 6onsultation1
Con-t/*5tion P/.5ti5e-
1E Constru6tion *eeting
aE &n order to ensure right progress of 6onstru6tionB C)(CC will have a meeting
ever= night attended b= a6hieves of all departments to 6he6? dail=
a6hievementB problems or 6on6erns appeared and resolution to be ta?enB and
the planning for the ne5t da=1
bE .or ensuring safet= of 6onstru6tion at SiteB a #ool Bo5 *eeting shall be held
ever= morning at Site prior to 6ommen6ement of wor?B briefing ma8or 8obs and
safet= pre6autionsB whi6h normall= lasts for a 6ouple of minutes1
6E &n 6riti6al stage of 6onstru6tionB C)(CC Site representative will report to
)age 99 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
!wner Site representative ever= morningB mainl= about the ma8or a6hievement
and 6on6ernsB for the purpose of ensuring smooth progress of 6onstru6tion
through 8oint efforts made b= two parties1
2E 'istribution of Constru6tion 'o6uments
#he !wnerHs do6umentsB drawings or other )ro8e6t related do6uments as re6eived
shall be distributed as per the instru6tion of C)(CC Site representative to relevant
department or individuals for ta?ing ne6essar= a6tion1 All the original 6opies of
do6uments shall be ?ept b= 'o6ument Control 'epartment1
#he vendorsH do6uments shall be administrated b= )ro6urement 'epartmentB whi6h
shall be borrowed to dis6ipline engineers for needs b= installation or related a6tivities
during 6onstru6tion1
#he e<uipment and material re6eiving inspe6tion reporting do6uments shall be ?ept
in order b= )ro6urement 'epartment1
#he 6orresponden6es between the departments shall be re6eived and distributed b=
the do6ument 6ontrol personnel of the departments1
All the do6uments signed off b= !wner for inspe6tion and for test re6ord shall be
?ept b= CA:CC 'epartment1
;.# C.,0 Li)in4 ?.5ilitie- .n1 Te,0o/./3 Con-t/*5tion ?.5ilitie- L.3o*t
C.,0 Li)in4 ?.5ilitie-
.or providing 6onvenien6e to 6onstru6tionB we will use e5isting C)(CC )alougue
6amp 'uring 6onstru6tion siteB the !wnerHs personnel offi6e will be furnished with
all e<uipment and fa6ilities as spe6ified in C!"#$AC# S6ope of >or?1
#he !wnerHs personnel offi6e is in C)(CC 6amp1
B C)(CC )alougue 6amp 6overing about 180B000 m
B having 4 offi6e buildingB 10
dormitor= buildingsB 2 dining2roomB 1 maintenan6e wor?shopB 1 warehouseB 1
roofless storage =ard about 40 B000 m
and par?ing areas for par?ing about 80
vehi6les1 #his 6amp shall satisf= the needs of a66ommodation for about 400 C)(CC
personnel and 100 lo6al emplo=ees1
C)(CC use 7 nos1 400F> generators to suppl= power to the 6amp1 C)(CC will drill
wells for obtaining water for living purpose1
&n order to fa6ilitate the 6ommuni6ation between the site and the 6ampB radio
6ommuni6ation s=stem between 6amp and site has e<uipped with some wal?ie2
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
*ost of living in6idental will be pur6hased in Fhartoum and lo6alB partiall= from
China1 C)(CC will set up an offi6e in Fhartoum and )ort Sudan for providing
logisti6 support su6h as the 6onvenien6e of pro6edure of 6onstru6tion permitB
material 6ustom 6learan6eB arrival of 6onstru6tion personnel and provision of dail=
living needs1
Te,0o/./3 Con-t/*5tion ?.5ilitie- L.3o*t
#he Contra6tor shall be responsibleB at his own 6ost and e5penseB for the ele6tri6it=
and water for 6onstru6tion as per the Contra6t1
&n order to fa6ilitate the 6onstru6tionB we have built simple warehouse reformed
from 6ontainers and offi6e in the s6heduled spa6e near maintenan6e wor?shop1 &n
order to fa6ilitate 6onstru6tion and avoid material re2handlingB we will put most of
e<uipment and material on the site and the e5pensive and ?e= e<uipment and
material in the 6amp warehouse1 #he tool housesB the planned number of whi6h shall
be 4B and simple brea? roomsB the number of whi6h shall be 4 and the= will all be
e<uipped with air 6onditioning1
#he radiographi6 test shall be arranged so far as possible to be performed at night
time and all ne6essar= safet= pre6autions shall be ta?en at $# performan6e siteB
ensuring no person within the dangerous area1 All $# related e<uipment shall be well
stored under supervision of assigned person1
#o fa6ilitate 6onstru6tion a6tivities and to a66elerate 6onstru6tion progressB an
appro5imate 4B000m
fabri6ation =ard and a 4B000m
sand blastingB painting and
insulation fabri6ation =ard will be built near the 6amp1
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
5. Co,,i--ionin4
5.! O)e/)ieE
#his se6tion will des6ribe the 6ommissioning planB s6hedule and pro6edure in
order to meet the re<uirements spe6ified in C!"#$AC#1
Commission two 414F, water in8e6tion pumps and 4 1400F> mud pumps
1produ6ed water from )alouge s?im tan? #22770 Btransfer to 4000m
buffer tan?B
then in8e6t water to wells b= water in8e6tion pumps and mud pumps1

5.# P/e5o,,i--ionin4
5.#.! Gene/.l De-5/i0tion o9 P/e-5o,,i--ionin4
1E C)(CC shall 6ompletel= 6he6?B 6lean and pre26ommissioning all s=stems and
e<uipment before 6ommissioning1 !wner representative shall witness field tests1
aE14@ main water h=drotesting and pigging1
bE >ater filling test of 4000m
buffer tan?1
6E(arething and 6athodi6 prote6tion s=stem1
dE #esting on transforms1
eE#esting on diesel engine and 414F, pump soft starter1
fE +ighting and air26onditions1
2E Che6? out lists for all instrumentsB ele6tri6al loopsB rotating e<uipmentB et61 shall
be prepared and submitted to !wner for review and approval one month prior to
7E .urnishB install and 6ondu6t tests where re<uired in the presen6e of !wnerHs
$epresentative1 Clean2up and inspe6t all s=stems fabri6ated and installed C)(CC
to provide a 6omplete operating unit in a66ordan6e with all >or? re<uirements
4E )repare s=stem test and :or individual line test des6riptions 6omplete with
identifi6ation of test ob8e6tives and a list of e<uipment and lines to be in6luded in
the test for approval b= !wner1
3E .ollow ,endorHs re6ommendations and pro6edures for installing and 6he6?ing
out e<uipment and obtain vendorHs agreement that e<uipment is satisfa6toril=
4E )repare pre26ommissioning materials and spare parts1
9E All rotating e<uipment shall be rotationall= 6he6?ed1 All instruments shall be
loop and fun6tional 6he6?ed1 All valves shall be stro?ed1 All temporar= blind
flanges have been ba6?outed1
8E Che6? and re6tif= all 6ontrollersB alarms and shutdown devi6es1
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
E #o 6omplete and 6lear all ma8or pun6hlist items that affe6t the safet=B operabilit=
and integrit= of the )umping .a6ilities1
5.#.# In-0e5tion P/io/ to P/e5o,,i--ionin4
S6ope of inspe6tions prior to pre26ommissioning shall in6ludeB but not be limited to
the following/
All materials and wor?s are sub8e6t to visual inspe6tion for surfa6e defe6ts1
All welds shall be inspe6ted in a66ordan6e with the spe6ifi6ations1 >elds found
to be outside the defe6t toleran6e shall be repaired or repla6ed1 Complete re6ords
of all weld inspe6tions shall be maintained b= C)(CC and furnished to owner
,isuall= inspe6t of all instrument and ensure that the installations 6onform with
the A.C drawings and shall meet the re<uirement of appli6able 6odes and area1
Condu6t inspe6tions of all e<uipmentB 6he6? nameplate ratingB 6he6? ele6tri6al
6onne6tion dataB la=out and ensure 6onformit= to &nspe6tion on safet= features
and earthing s=stem of ele6tri6al1
,isual inspe6tion and ensure 6orre6t assembl= of all e<uipmentB 6orre6t tor<ue of
all bolts and nutsB lubri6ation of all moving part and 6orre6t
insulation:installation of instrument and ele6tri6al1
5.#.$ Do5*,ent- In-0e5tion
Confirm the following do6uments prior to pre26ommissioning/
Aolida= test reports on outer 6oating of pipeline1
)igging re6ord1
A=drotest pa6?age of pipeline D in6lude tra6eabilit= report E1
#ren6h inspe6tion report1
+ow2in inspe6tion report1
Ba6?filling inspe6tion report1
*ar? up drawing1
Coating inspe6tion report1
&nsulation inspe6tion report1
5.$ Co,,i--ionin4 O/
Commissioning team will be assembled during the detailed engineering phase
and will 6onsist of 6ommissioning managerB plan:s6heduling engineerB
pro6edure:6o2ordination engineers for management and pro6essB instrumentB
me6hani6al and ele6tri6al engineers for te6hni6al support1
#he 6ommissioning personnel shall be e5perien6ed and <ualified in similar
field produ6tion fa6ilities1
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
#he 6ommissioning manager will be appointed b= pro8e6t manager and ?eep
6lose relationship with pro6urementB AS(B 6onstru6tion and other department
managerB when neededB for the 6ommissioning wor?1
(ngineering :vendorHs 6ommissioning spe6ialists shall be present at 8ob site for
te6hni6al support servi6e1
5.; Co,,i--ionin4 Re-0on-i+ilit3
1E #he 6ommissioning responsibilit= is briefl= des6ribed belowB whi6h will be detailed after the
establishment of the 6ommissioning team1
aE Commissioning 'epartment
)reparation and 6ompilation of planB s6hedule and pro6edure for all
6ommissioning a6tivities1
$eview of operation and maintenan6e manual1
$eview of 6ommissioning spare parts list1
)re2start2up audit1
bE )ro6urement 'epartment
Arrangement and e5pediting of vendorHs representatives to be present at 8ob site
based on 6ommissioning s6hedule1
)ur6hase and storage of 6ommissioning spare parts and 6onsumables1
6E AS( 'epartment
Safet= training of all 6ommissioning personnel1
Safet= audit whi6h shall be 6arried out before produ6ed water feeding1
'ail= AS( management meeting during 6ommissioning phase1
dE Constru6tion 'epartment
.inal lea? test for piping1
.un6tion testing of instrumentB 6ontrol and safet= s=stem in6luding loop
(le6tri6al e<uipment s=stem testingB test on lightingB power1
*aintenan6e support for 6ommissioning at 8ob site1
eE !ther 'epartment
Arrange for engineering engineers and 6ommissioning spe6ialists to be present
at 8ob site for the 6ommissioning period1
5.5 Co,,i--ionin4 Pl.n
1E #he 6ommissioning plan shall be prepared and 6ompiled b= C)(CC and report to
)'!CB to dis6uss the total 6ommissioning plan with )A+!G%( .).1
2E #he 6ontent of the plan is listed below for referen6e1
'etailed design dataB fluid flow rate for 6ommissioning and start2up1
Commissioning and start2up se<uen6e and s6hedule1
*anpower and e<uipment resour6esB 6onsumables1
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
(mergen6= maintenan6e servi6e1
5.6 Co,,i--ionin4 S58e1*le
#he personnel of 6ommissioning department will be at the 6onstru6tion site
four wee?s before me6hani6al 6ompletion and pre26ommissioning to be
familiar with the )ro8e6t1 #he 6ommissioning s6hedule will detail all a6tivities1
#he s6hedule shall also indi6ate the engineering engineers and vendorHs
spe6ialists who will parti6ipate in the 6ommissioning1
,endorHs spe6ialists will be re<uested to support the 6ommissioning1
#he engineering te6hni6al servi6e shall at least in6lude pro6essB me6hani6alB
ele6tri6alB instrument and tele6ommuni6ation1
#he vendorHs spe6ialists would be invited to 8ob siteB if an= default or
defi6ien6ies are found and te6hni6al support is needed1
5.C Co,,i--ionin4 P/o5e1*/e De)elo0,ent
.A In-0e5tion .n1 P/e0./.tion P/io/ to Co,,i--ionin4
1E All instruments have been 6alibrated for operation1
2E #he instruments have been 6alibratedB read= for operation1
7E (5amine all ele6tri6al 6onne6tions and earthing 6onne6tions for 6ompletion and
4E !perators are familiar with operating manual and relevant vendorsH data1
3E All re<uired personnelB e<uipment and tools and re6ording forms are read= for
4E &nspe6tion and )reparation
Confirm all me6hani6al 6ompletion re6ords have been signed off and there are
no a 6ategor= pun6h items1
(nsure that prior to start up that the area is suitabl= barri6aded offB suitable
firefighting e<uipment and the relevant permit to wor? are in pla6e1
9E )iping
(nsure that all piping :pipeline is read= to re6eive water 1
8E Confirm that drain s=stem is available and that all drain valves are 6orre6tl= lined
up for operation1
E ,ent )oint
All vent point vents shall be provided with 7:4@ vent valves and fle5ible hose
with drain 6ontainers1 #he vent shall be plugged after 6ommissioning 6ompleted1
+A Co,,i--ionin4 P/o5e1*/e
As a general des6ription of 6ommissioning and startup for the pro8e6tB the ma8or
pro6edure is summari;ed as follows/
1E .irst stage two mud pump put into use from b= pass 14H water lineD round tan?E1
!pen valves for b= pass line and drain water to *ud pump1
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
2E Se6ond stage B from buffer tan? drain water to the water in8e6tion s=stem 6lose
valves whi6h 6onne6ted to b= pass 14H water line 1 and open valves 6onne6t to
tan? su6tion and outlet1
&n the se6ond stage B 6ommissioning a6tivities as below/
Commissioning and startup for ele6tri6al s=stem to ensure that all ele6tri6al
s=stems are powered properl=B
Commissioning and Startup for &nstrumentation S=stem to ensure 6orre6t
operating parameters1
Commissioning and Startup for 414?v water &n8e6tion soft starter S=stem1
Commissioning and Startup for Cathodi6 )rote6tion S=stem1
5.% P/o)i-ion.l A55e0t.n5e
aE Appli6ation of )rovisional A66eptan6e
>hen C)(CC has 6ompleted the installationB it satisfies the following 6riteria/
&t 6onforms to all spe6ifi6ations and drawings
&t is free of an= defe6tive fabri6ationB installation and 6onstru6tion1
&t is free of an= defe6t in engineering1
&t meets all re<uirements of a 6ertif=ing authorit=B if an=1
(<uipment and materials are fit for the intended purpose1
All 6ommissioning a6tivities have been 6ompleted and the s=stem is read=
for servi6e1
C)(CC will initiate notifi6ation for provisional a66eptan6e one month before the )rovisional
A66eptan6e 'ateB as the whole s=stem 6ould not be put into servi6e for pro6ess start2up
without provisional a66eptan6e 6ertifi6ate signed b= )'!C1
bE Step for Aand2!ver 'o6uments
!n6e the )rovisional A66eptan6e Certifi6ate for )ro8e6t is issued b= )'!C and
re6eived b= C)(CCB the wor? is 6onsidered being handed over to )'!C1 #he
provisional a66eptan6e dossiers shall in6lude the following/
!peration and maintenan6e manual1
Commissioning pro6edures1
Commissioning plan and s6hedule1
All 6alibration sheets and re6ords1
Set points of rela=sB prote6tive devi6es1
AlarmB range 6ontrol and trip setting register:s6hedule1
All vendor data boo? and utilit= e<uipment site a66eptan6e tests reports and
6ertifi6ates of utilit= e<uipment1
)erforman6e tests sheets for pro6ess e<uipment whi6h shall be handed2over
after 92hours stable operation1
)age 84 of 88
C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
#he hand over do6ument ma= be prepared portion b= portion whi6h will be
made appli6able for provisional a66eptan6e1
5.9 Pe/9o/,.n5e Te-tin4
C)(CC shall prepare and 6ompile )erforman6e #est D)#E planB whi6h shall detail the
measuring e<uipment:instruments to be usedB the method of sampling and sample
anal=sis1 C)(CC shall also have the following responsibilities/
A6hievement of stable operation in a66ordan6e with the 'esign Basis and S6ope
of >or?1
Close liaison and 6o2ordination with )'!C operations1
C)(CC will 6onfirm/
92 hour 6ontinuous operation shall be 6onsidered to satisf= all the re<uirements
for the performan6e testing DC)(CC will not ta?e the responsibilit= if the features of
produ6ts supplied b= )'!C would not satisf= the re<uirements of design1E1
5.! Line o9 Co,,*ni5.tion
C)(CC reali;es that 6lose liaison and 6ommuni6ation with )'!C is ver= important1
C)(CC will attend 6ommission meetings with )'!C1 )'!CHs supervisor= staff will
wor? side b= side with C)(CCHs 6ommissioning personnel1 Aowever C)(CC shall
assume responsibilit= for 6ommissioning until provisional a66eptan6e b= )'!C1
5.!! OEne/ In)ol)e,ent
'uring 6ommissioning phaseB )'!C shall pla= a ver= important role and 6lose
6ooperation shall be ?ept1 (5pe6ted )'!C involvement is des6ribed below1
)rovision of e5perien6edB <ualifiedB trained and 6ertified operation personnel
who shall be organi;ed as an integral operation and maintenan6e team1
Assuran6e of operation team to be mobili;ed to site at least four wee?s before
water filling to pro6ess s=stem1
)rovision of safet= audit to authori;e the pro8e6t for 6ommissioning and start2up1
Arrange for the vendors installation assistan6e and 6ommissioning team1
5.!# H.n1o)e/
5.!#.! H.n1o)e/ Di-5*--ion
A su66essful handover re<uires agreement with the 6onstru6tor as to s6ope of wor?
and responsibilit=1 Be6ause 6he6?lists for ea6h tagged item indi6ate a6tivities that are
the responsibilit= of the 6onstru6tion 6ontra6tor and whi6h are the responsibilit= of
the 6ommissioning teamB these 6he6?lists provide a ver= detailed delineation and
definition of handover1 All 6he6?lists will be reviewed earl= on b= 6onstru6tion
supervisor= staff and the !ffi6e Commissioning )lanning !rgani;ation for
6on6urren6e on s6ope1 #hereforeB the 6he6?list 6on6ept helps assure a smooth
transition at handover1
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C!"S#$%C#&!" '()A$#*("#
*(+%# BAS&" !&+ '(,(+!)*("#
)$!J(C#-%)S#$(A* .AC&+&#&(S
PALOGUE P/o1*5e1 6.te/ P8.-e I
'!C%*("# "A*(/
)$!J(C# (0(C%#&!" )+A"
)$!C('%$( "!1/ )'!C2342)()201
Another re<uirement of a su66essful and trouble2free handover is the suffi6ient
planning of the handover pro6ess and earl= agreement on this pro6edure b= all parties
5.!#.# H.n1o)e/ P/o5e1*/e
&nitiall= C)(CC &nterim operation group and ownerHs staff will begin to develop
defi6ien6= lists b= s=stem well before *e6hani6al Completion1 &f these lists are
e56essivel= longB then operation ma= ele6t not to a66ept a handover of a s=stem1
Close to the s=stem handover date 6ommuni6ated b= Constru6tion to !perationB a
8oint !wner:C)(CC )I&' wal?down will rigorousl= detail defi6ien6ies that indi6ate
non26onforman6e with pro8e6t spe6ifi6ationsB deviations or omissions from )I&'
drawingsB operabilit= problems or safet= 6on6erns1 #hese items will be given priorit=
and returned to 6onstru6tion for 6ompletion or re6tifi6ation1 An= design 6hanges will
be negotiated through an agreed upon 6hange order s=stem1 Aandover of ea6h s=stem
with remaining items outstanding will be verified b= C)(CC &nterim !peration
Group and 6ommissioning a6tivities 6an 6ommen6e1 $emaining items are wor?ed off
b= 6onstru6tionB design 6hanges implemented and the s=stems and areas are turned
over1 #he &nterim !peration Group 6an then demonstrate performan6e test b=
pa6?age and s=stem as per the startup s6hedule1
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