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Our little shimmering stars of Nachiketa Tapovan love to express

themselves in the form of drawings, paintings and poems. Here’s NACHIKETA TAPOVAN
a glimpse of the magic of our stars!We love them all dearly! Plot No.70, Phase I, Kavuri Hills, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500 033
Phone No. 040 – 23113887 Mobile No. – 9849168937
Regd. By Govt. of A.P. (Regd. No. 53/IV/99)
6th Class
Volume: 1
Issue :21
N a c h i k e t a n j a l i 10th November, 2009

Basava Raju
6th Class

Adityasya namaskaram Ye kurvantu dinedine |

For Private Circulation only Janmamtara sahasresu Daridhryam nopajayate ||
Akalamrtyuharanam Sarvavyadhivinasanam |
BOOK-POST Suryapadodakam tirtham Jatharedharayamyaham ||
TO, Meaning:
“Those who perform Surya Namaskars daily, do not face poverty in life, one
–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– does not face early death or suffer from diseases. Drink the water kept
before the Sun”
–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Gairan Tanda, Kodgal Village, Jadcherla Mandal, Mahaboobnagar Dist-509301
Ph: +91-40-23113887 • Mobile: 98491 68937•
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Serving the world with love and cooperation, you will find Real Satsang is the union of the Jivatma(individual self)
16 1
your own true Self. with Paramatma(Supreme Self).
Are values more important in life than enlightened ones. They walk and
Spirituality and nature make a soulful
mere actions we perform? Are both spiritual path is being made...they
combination. There is nothing more enjoyable speak and values are made…they look
necessary to grow into an enlightened
than waking up in the morning to the birds citizen? What is the connection between and the ordinary ones are being
chirping and Sun gleaming. How about Values and Actions that we perform? transformed…they work and
Have we ever pondered over this topic Karmayoga is demonstrated…they
watching the sunrise sitting on the soft white accept and atmosphere is charged with
and tried to understand how this life
sands of the beach? Yes the beach! Recently flows unceasingly into life. There are spirituality…they sing and the Ganga of
we were on a south tour with Swamiji and it people whom we call enlightened ones Bhakti flows…they touch and divinity
and when they perform any action it descends on the earth…they smell and
was at Pondicherry that some of us had the the mystical fragrance is experienced
becomes a value, whereas an ordinary
opportunity of watching the rising Golden mind will change values into mere everywhere.
Sun. We were watching the ocean and the action. That is the difference between Values are more important in life.
an extraordinary soul and ordinary Values are going to decide and design
waves, trying to analyze the way Swamiji our course of life. Even if we understand
asked us to when Swamiji drew our attention Action that carries value as essence a bit of a value we will be able to cross
to the breaking dawn. The rising Sun is Godly action and produces enormous the ocean of Samsara which appears to
amount of positive energy whereas the be real sometimes and unreal
Editor appeared in all its glorious beauty unfolding a
Subhadra K. action without values will have sometimes. For an enlightened one
Editorial Consultants: time to renew, recharge and be more in everything exists in this world- beautiful
negative impact on the society. Then
Annapurna R. harmony with the world. We were thrilled to what is that which makes enlightened creation of God, You and I, Self and Ego,
Sowja A. Body and Mind. But to get that clarity
watch the different hues streaming across the ones to transform every action into
value? They function from the soul we need to dive deep to find out our
sky at the crack of dawn. The large ripples on forgotten identity or soul. Soul is not
whereas an ordinary soul functions
the ocean curling over and falling as it reached from the ego, body or mind: we call it ‘I’. your identity but you. Once you touch
Contents Page No. ‘Self’ and come back, your every action
the shore made us feel like we were being Action is same but the approach is
Message by Swamiji 3 different. One makes difference in the will become a value. Whatever you
Mataji's Message 4 swept away into Paradise. Without doubt the society whereas other one leads to perform will become Yaga. From that
Mother Tongue 5 Sun and the Sea have some potent power to indifference. One is found externally yaga the action in the form of fire will
Spiritual Quest 6 make you dive deep within and when you are indifferent but internally thinking and emerge and becomes the best
Field Trip 7 working beyond human comprehension expression of yours or the real value.
in the presence of spiritual people, you hear So let us make our every action into
Training Camps 8 whereas the other one is found
Upanishad Story 10 the voice of the sea speak to your soul. externally composed but internally value by churning out entire being…let
Rohan's Musings 11 indifferent to the society. When the the best come out and spread
Salutations to Aditya ,the Sun God while everywhere…let the nobility make way
Publications & Events 12 latter perform actions, they will never
Suryanamaskar Event 13 Nachiketa Tapovan is gearing up for the great have spiritual impact on the society. into life…let us all live in harmony and
Sponsor Options 14 event ‘SAMUHIK SURYA NAMASKAR ‘ They are more deadly than atom bombs. peace…let us all learn togetherness and
They are living biological bombs. live together…let ‘I’ emerge from the
An Appeal 15 scheduled to take place on November 22nd at self…and let that self function through
Therefore what we need is the right
Quotes by the Lal Bahadur Stadium. attitude or simplicity or innocence of a ‘I’. Hari Om Tat Sat!
Mata Amrutanandamayi Subhadra K. child to know and function like SWAMI NACHIKETANANDA
Only when goodness awakens within, will one’s personality When love overflows and is expressed through every word &
2 3
and actions gain beauty and strength. deed, we call it Compassion.
Discover your Predominant Nature MOTHER TONGUE
In previous issues we do Asanas might like to chant lord’s Along with many advantages that the system are under way. Andhra
tried to understand what name and in him Japa Yoga is more Globalization has granted us there are Pradesh government has made “Maa
Sadhana and the result of dominant. For example, a mother has quite a few disadvantages that have Telugu Talliki Mallepoodanda” (written
Sadhana or fruit of Sadhana three sons all of whom like brinjal but been thrust upon us. Fading of by late poet Sankarambadi
are. In the present issue we not the same preparation. One wants indigenous culture and language is the Sundaracharya) a compulsory part of
will try to understand what kind of to eat the brinjal fried, one likes it foremost of the list of unwanted morning prayers in schools as of
Sadhanas should be adopted, to stuffed with masala, one likes it cooked changes. I am fortunate and proud to October29th 2009. Whatever the
discover one’s nature. Our sages or the in tamarind juice etc. They all like brinjal possess a great part of my parents’ medium of instruction may be mother
spiritual scientists have practiced and but the taste differs from one son to proficiency in Telugu. But I am very tongue should be made a requirement
experienced various branches of another. Destination is same but you unfortunate to admit that my children like Mathematics or Science for every
Sadhanas or streams of yogas. Yoga is need to take up the path which you like might not be able to claim the same child. Parents on their part should
not only Asana, Pranayama and most. F ive people want to go to pride. There is no doubt that they are support the system and instill pride
Meditation. Yoga is the Union between Rishikesh, one goes to Rishikesh by foot, versed with wider range of subjects among children for mother tongue.
individual soul and the supreme soul, one goes by bus, one goes by train, one than I knew at their age! If they have ‘Choice’ is a very comforting word
Yoga is a divine science where you try goes by car, and the other goes by demonstrated broader and better denoting freedom and expression. But
to unite yourself with the supreme soul. flight. Whatever the mode of learning skills in diverse areas, what is extinction of one’s first language is too
Though siblings may look alike, they transportation might be they will all the reason that they are not using the high a price to pay to explore that
don’t have the same nature. So, to reach Rishikesh but the one who is same grasp and interest in learning freedom. Every language has its own
cater to the individual’s predominant going by flight will save his time and Mother tongue? distinct beauty and sweetness. It is
nature we have various streams of reach the destination fast. Similarly Reasons are plenty but the two chief hard to choose which is better and we
Yogas like Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, when you discover your predominant factors that can make most difference don’t need to. But it is our Social
Jnana Yoga, Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga, nature and take up that stream, it is are reforms in Education system and responsibility to know one’s first
Japa Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Tantra Yoga, like going by flight. As you know, any attitude of Parents. These two forces language- the language first spoken by
Laya Yoga and Swara Yoga etc. Srimad path can lead to the destination but if can work hand in hand to revive the the child, before s/he moves on to learn
Bhagavad Gita comprises various you want to save time and energy you knowledge and pride in one’s own other languages. Speaking mother
streams of Yogas from 1st chapter to should go by flight. Though we are all mother tongue. Nevertheless God has tongue is our moral obligation to our
18th chapter so that you can follow any human beings, according to our his own way of putting things in track parents and ancestors.It is a sign of
of the streams of yoga to achieve the Samskaras we have different nature. when things go astray. In a recent pride in our own Culture.
ultimate goal in life. So based on our Samskaras we need to incident two young school children in
Just as some children by birth are find out the path that is best for us. St Joseph’s School, Kadapah A.P. were
found to be great singers, artists, poets Discover the mode of best punished by hanging placards around
etc. likewise in you also there is one transportation which you have in you, their necks with the words ‘I will never
predominant nature. For example, one in order to experience true self of yours. speak in Telugu’ written on them and
doesn’t like to meditate but he likes to paraded in the campus under hot Sun.
work and you can say he likes the path This evoked such great response from
of action. So in him Karma Yoga is more media, the education system and the
dominant. The one who doesn’t like to whole society that some reforms in R. ANNAPURNA
4 The first step in spiritual life is to have compassion. Compassion is the goal of religion. 5
If there is only one God, what is the role carrying was not true identity. Real
played by different Gods and Goddesses? identity is that which he has
Ans: Yes everything exists. One experienced within! His total perception
exists…all exist… One industrialist who towards life changed and he became one
happened to be found everywhere had with the universe without carrying any
all kinds of industries. He had many identity but living in identity.
visiting cards. Once his Guru asked why This entire universe is like this. This
he carried so many visiting cards. He industrialist exists… all his industries
said that there were different people exist…people exist…living and non On the morning of October12th, 5th State Museums were very well
engaged in different fields who needed living beings exist…what we see and and 6th grade students of Vidyamandir, maintained and staff willingly offered
to know about particular industry. Guru beyond seeing exist…one exists and chaperoned by their teachers set out guidance to the overwhelmed yet
was pleased by this answer but not fully many exist…and they all have different on an educational cum fun trip to Public inquisitive students. After a break for
so he suggested that he makes only one roles to play in this universe. As per gardens, Hyderabad. We started our lunch the group proceeded to see the
visiting card. Industrialist accepted and different roles and impressions we are tour with viewing the State Museum Health Museum which held
with great difficulty made one single card prone to get attracted towards the same which had many priceless exhibits interesting and highly educational
with few prominent industries kind of energy through selfish or selfless dating back to 17 th century. Every health related exhibits which again
mentioned on the card and showed to motives. If it is selfish motive then the member of the group was were keenly viewed by the
the Guru. Guru was more pleased but most we may see is only the Manager or fascinated to see the Mummy students and teachers alike.
not completely. Then Guru asked if it is another higher authority but not the
of a princess belonging to the The Health Museum contains
possible for the people to know about main industrialist. Whereas when we
6 th Pharoah’s family from great concepts but the
him without his Visiting card. This go ahead with selfless motive we would
Egypt. The other favorites of contents haven’t seen the
industrialist thought about it and felt, definitely encounter the industrialist
who is the Master. all were the artifacts of light of change in technology,
“Yes there is possibility! What Guru says Buddha including the ashes, time and age for at least 4
needs to be pondered on. If I am able to God’s presence is like that. Through
many we can experience one and finger ring, the bowls used by decades. However the
condense my visiting cards into one then
through one we can experience many. It Him etc. from Bavikonda, A.P. Museum provided pictures to
I might even drop this visiting card and
is our perception towards the world or The ancient sculptures, idols, the thousands of concepts
still make a difference in the society. Isn’t
an object as per our collective plates used by Kings, their imparted to students every
it possible to function without having
any external identity? Many are there impressions we attract similar kind of jewellery were very keenly observed year making the entire trip
energies. There are certain roles played with great intrigue by the children. The worthwhile.
in the world who never heard my name
by presiding deities with certain higher
but will come to know if they come into
level of energies connected to the
contact with any of my expressions
Supreme consciousness. We should be
found everywhere in the universe”. And
able to use any one of presiding deity
suddenly he became motionless. He was
to get closer to the Supreme
in that trance state for a long time
consciousness. That is the whole
without knowing anything externally but
philosophy of having many in one and
knowing everything internally.
one in many…
When he came from that state he
realized that the identity which he was
If you must give God a gender, God is more Detached, selfless action leads to liberation.
6 Such action is not just work; it is karma yoga. 7
female than male, for he is contained in She.

Spiritual Blossoms !

Students from Hanuman Vyayam Shala, Sultanbazar Girl Students from Hanuman Vyayam Shala, Sultanbazar
drinking the divine nectar. engrossed in tasting the divine nectar.

After personally experiencing the true blissful state

Mataji showering Spiritual Knowledge and
weaving magic in the little hearts.
Students from Nrupatunga School Andhra Yuvati Mandali
enjoying the Parvatasana posture. students paying homage to Sun God.

Students from MNR School getting spiritually charged and preparing themselves for Yogic Life Style.

A one word solution to all the problems the world is facing True happiness is when the love that is within us finds
8 9
today is ‘Compassion’. expression in external activities.
Long long The young monk persisted, “If Prana Swamiji was my mama before he

Rohan's Bio-data
ago there pervades the universe, doesn’t he became Swamiji. He was the one who
lived two pervade me who am a part of that taught me how to wink, whistle etc.
sages named Universe. Isn’t it the same Prana that When I was little he always used to
Shaunaka pulsates in my hungry body that is irritate me and I used to start crying.
a n d standing before you begging for a Class: Age: Now I don’t cry because I am used to
few morsels?” This retort mellowed 5th 10 years it. Even today when I went to Vidya
the sages down who began to see School: Mandir he started searching my
As the designation denotes they were
truth in his argument. The DAV Public school, Navi Mumbai pockets and saying “where is my
learned and austere individuals who money, where is my money?”He took
worshipped Vayu as their deity. On one Brahmachari concluded, “By denying Extra Curricular: out my watch from my wrist and
afternoon they completed all studies food to me you are denying food to Learning Carnatic Music wore it in his hand and said “thank
and rituals and finally settled down to Prana who is your deity for whom you Activities: you for gifting this to me”.
have their lunch when a young and prepared this food?” He used to tell me silly jokes like "A
Music, attending Balavihar Classes,
hungry Brahmachari appeared They realized that they were not U.C. Mas-completed the course man who was walking and he fell
seeking alms. The Rishis who were in applying their knowledge and giving Hobbies: down” and makes me laugh at these
no mood to part with their food failed importance to the form while it is the Playing Video games, Drawing, Craft. jokes. My mother says he does this
to empathize with his hunger and spirit that matters. On being to test me.
turned down his appeal for some food. illumined that serving man is the He has promised not to irritate me
The Brahmachari did not lose his heart Loves playing Tennis, Foot ball and anymore.
easiest way to serve all pervading
and instead went on to question, “Sir, Brahman Shaunaka and Abhipratari The quality I like is that he tells me
may I know which God you worship?” invited the Brahmachari respectfully Achievements: whatever I want to know about God.
And the Rishis replied that Vayu, the to share their food. Received Gold medal for International One day when he had visited my
wind God also known as Prana was Informatics Olympiad in 2nd Standard. house at Mumbai that night he sat
As Swami Vivekananda says, “The Received Silver Medal for the
their deity. “Then you must know down to teach me Brahmari. He
whole universe is a symbol, and God International Informatics Olympiad in asked me who my favorite God was.
that this world originates in Prana, is the essence behind. “ 3rd Standard.
dwells in it and merges into it at the I replied it was Krishna, He asked me
Attained Second level and 19th rank all to close my eyes and imagine
end. Prana pervades visible, invisible over the world in 4th Standard.
He made paper bags, collected money Krishna’s picture. Then he told me to
and whole universe” said the young
by selling them and donated to join my fingers and hum. That night I
Brahmachari. To this the sages replied saw a vision of Krishna in my dream
impatiently, “Yes, we know it beyond Nachiketa Tapovan.
playing his flute. I woke up in the
any doubt.” The Brahmachari Future Plans: morning remembering my dream
persuaded them to answer the next He wants to help Tapovan in future and and sharing it with my family and
question, “Oh honorable sages, could make it worldwide. He plans to join Swamiji.
you tell me to whom did you make this Tapovan after completing College, learn That’s all about Swamiji for now
food as an offering?” “Of course to Yoga and other Spiritual Practices from and I will continue to contribute more
Swamiji and spread it far and wide. He
Prana the deity whom we worship!” wants to walk in the footsteps of about him in the forthcoming issues.
replied Shaunaka and Abhipratari. Swami Vivekananda. Hari Om!
Through selfless action we can eradicate the ego that Our compassion and acts of selflessness
10 11
conceals the Self. take us to the deeper truths.
14th November 2009 Swami Shivanandamayi, heights of Spiritualism is
at Nachiketa Tapovan
who has attained Asana the true guiding force for
Siddhi, Mastered the art of Nachiketa Tapovan and
Nauli and has reached the Nachiketas of Yuvanjali.
Nachiketas of Yuvanjali
the powerhouse of Nation come together to organise
The Samuhik Suryanamaskar
This programme is scheduled to take place on
November 22 2009
at the Lal Bahadur Stadium
and is expected to draw
an attendance of 5000 school and college students
from the twin cities.
Samuhik Suryanamaskar is an We request you to attend the event
effort to create awareness of the and make this a grand success. We
power of yoga in the youth, so need your help in accomplishing
that they enjoy a long, healthy, this task. "Arise!Awake!And stop
focused and worthwhile life. not till the goal is reached".
If interested please contact:,
OUR PUBLICATIONS A set of eight ‘Yogic CDs’ were released
on 1st April, 2007. The CDs comprise of,
instructions given on different yogic
techniques based on an extensive Ph: 9849168937, 9030059678, 04023113887
research done by Swami Nachiketananda
assisted by other Swamis and Volunteers.
‘Yoga Nidra’, the second in the series
takes you beyond the realm of
consciousness. All CDs are available at the
Nachiketa Tapovan premises at Kavuri
Cost of CD - Rs. 35/- Hills and also in leading Bookstores.

Only the ego makes humans pessimistic, and this

12 Look at the optimism of Nature. Nothing can stop it. 13
causes suffering.
Anna daanam maha daanam; vidya daanam mahattaram.
Annena kshanika trupthihi yaavajjeevanthu vidyaya.
Vidya Mandir at Nachiketa Tapovan is currently able to accommodate a family
of about 150 children who receive all-round nourishment from man-making
education to milk-n- meals and basic health- aid in an atmosphere of genuine
love. Kind-hearted Well wishers have been the unseen force behind this offering
to God. We thank you for your continued support.
Vidya Daanam (Education ) Rs. 3500/ year/student
No man is an island. To fight the good classes ranging from LKG through 6th
Anna Daanam (Mid-day Meals) Rs. 2800/day fight we need help. This has been the grade.
Ksheera Daanam (Morning Milk) Rs. 600/day basis for the Nachiketa Tapovan’s
It requires additional resources, both
inception and ensuing growth over the
Vastra Daanam (Uniforms) Rs. 600/ 2 pairs monetary as well as human to fund this
last 10 years from a hut into a 3 storied-
progressive step. We hereby make a
Dinnerware (Steel Plates & Glasses) Rs. 5000/ 50 sets building onto a 40 acre spiritual
fervent appeal for generous donations.
Stationery Supplies (Copier Paper) Rs. 5000/ term complex. Imparting literacy to children
Please participate in this ‘Vidya Daana
from impoverished families was the idea
Festivals Celebration Rs. 1500/festival Yaga’ being performed to benefit the
with which the divine project started
most deserving children and help pass
Oushadhi (Medical Supplies) Rs. 5000/month before it grew into a multifarious
on the legacy of our Cultural heritage,
movement. All along Tapovan’s efforts
Celebrate your Special Days with the Children Social values and Religious traditions.
received great support from you all in
every way bringing fruition to the noble It may kindly be noted that donations
at to Nachiketa Tapovan are exempted
Nachiketa Tapovan! from Income Tax U/S 80 G of IT Act,
The main focus has never shifted from
1961 of Govt. of India. Donations in
Vidya Mandir. Nachiketa Tapovan has
the form of Cheques/Demand Drafts
become the haven for the
may please be drawn in favour of
underprivileged children who have
Nachiketa Tapovan. We acknowledge
been nourished with not only milk and
the generous contributions made by
food but also good academics
supplemented by the traditional values
Yours in the service of Motherland
of India. Vidya Mandir will be taking a
big stride this June from offering
Primary Education extending onto
Secondary Education. That is, this
academic year, Vidya Mandir will offer
Swami Nachiketananda
The Divine is present in everyone, in all beings, in everything. The Divine is the principle of Life, the inner light of
14 15
It is our very own Self. consciousness, and pure bliss——.

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