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Standard 6 School Climate: has documentation and reflection of evidence of

activities to reduce bullying, harassment, violence, substance abuse, etc.;

other documentation as appropriate

Over the course of the 2013-2014 school year, Ryan Bunda worked with
individuals, groups of students and presented activities to my classroom as a whole to
prevent and reduce bullying and harassment and to foster an environment in
cooperative learning.
In the beginning of the school year (September- December), Mr. Bunda worked
with a group of male students who were having persistent conflicts during
unstructured time (recess/ lunch), helping them to understand how to resolve
conflicts in safe and productive ways. He also worked with an individual male student
who had a lot of trouble interacting with his peers during unstructured time, helping
the student to learn appropriate ways to interact with peers and build relationships.
Mr. Bunda built time into his schedule to foster friendships between the student and
his classmates. Instead of participating in unstructured recess, the student was given
opportunities to invite classmates to play in the counseling office, allowing the
student to build friendships with some supervision and guidance. By the end of the
year, this student was able to interact safely and appropriately during unstructured
During the second half of the school year, Mr. Bunda continued to work with
groups of students from my class on conflict resolution. When it became clear my
class needed an overall refresher on anti-bullying behavior, Mr. Bunda led my class in
two different activities during March:
1) A discussion of helpful vs. hurtful words that we can use in the classroom and
the consequences of those words. After naming some words that have been
hurtful and helpful to us, Mr. Bunda presented an experiment with pepper and
water to demonstrate visually how hurtful words can divide and separate us.
2) To encourage class cohesiveness and cooperation, Mr. Bunda led my students in
an activity where they had to pass a hula-hoop around a circle while holding
After these two activities, Mr. Bunda helped me create a problem solving worksheet
to keep in the classroom and refer to during class meetings. We refer to in almost
daily and it has helped my students tremendously.
In recent weeks (April-May) Mr. Bunda has been working with a group of girls who have
trouble communicating appropriately, which has led to much conflict. He has worked
with them during their recess time on conflict resolution and sharing their feelings in
a constructive way. He has also been working with and individual student on
understanding the difference between truth and exaggeration.
Ryan Bunda has been instrumental in creating a healthy, safe and productive
learning environment in my classroom this year!
Mrs. Liz Ruiz-Puyana
grade split class
Mount View Elementary