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Lillian R.

Educational Profile
Mississippi State University
Education Specialist, summa cum laude, May 2013
Master of Arts in Enlis!, summa cum laude, Auust 2013
Master of Arts in "eac!in Enlis!, summa cum laude, Auust 2012
University of Mississippi
#ac!elor of Arts in Enlis!, summa cum laude, $onors %ollee &raduate,
May 2010
&'A( ).0 in all collee prorams
Mississippi State University
A*ard of distinction for !i!est score, %ompre!ensive Enlis! Masters E+am ,2012-
Educational "estin Service ,E"S- %ertificate of E+cellence for 'ra+is scores ,2011-
$o*ell $. &*in Academic Sc!olars!ip recipient ,Mississippi State University, 2010-
"!e University of Mississippi
"aylor Medalist ,2010-
. $i!est academic a*ard at /le Miss0 iven to top )0.)1 raduatin seniors
&raduate of t!e Sally Mc2onnell #ar3sdale $onors %ollee ,2010-
#ryant A*ard in Enlis! ,2004-
. %ompetitive academic a*ard iven to one Enlis! student annually
Milden Modern Lanuaes A*ard ,2004-
. %ompetitive academic a*ard iven to t*o students in Modern Lanuaes annually
%!ancellor5s $onor Roll ,all semesters-
Employment and Experience
Senior Enlis! and "ec!nical 6ritin "eac!er, 'isa! $i! Sc!ool ,2013.present-
. "eac! all senior literature( Enlis! 78, A' Enlis! 78, 9 %ollee Literature
. "eac! "ec!nical 6ritin to all seniors, *!ic! includes t!e *ritin:pu;lic spea3in
component of t!e Senior 'ro<ect
. %o.orani=er and sponsor of t!e >ui= ;o*l team 9 forensics team
. A%" tutor for seniors and some <uniors ,year.round-
Ad<unct 7nstructor, $inds %ommunity %ollee Ran3in %ampus ,2013-
. "eac! 2ual %redit #ritis! Literature and American Literature at 'isa! $i!
t!rou! $inds
. "eac! a ni!t section of #asic %omposition for remedial students at $inds
'u;lic Relations 6riter for t!e 2epartment of %urriculum and 7nstruction, Mississippi
State University ,2012.2013-
- A*arded a raduate assistants!ip to use *ritin to pu;lici=e t!e department
. 7ntervie*ed students and professors and *rote articles
. Manaed t!e department5s *e;site and social media
Enlis! and Spanis! "eac!er, Louisville $i! Sc!ool ,2011.2012-
- "au!t Enlis! and Spanis!
- /rani=ed and sponsored a >ui= ;o*l team
- %onducted free A%" *or3s!ops after sc!ool ;efore eac! testin date
Editin Assistant for 2r. Steve 2emarais, Mississippi State University 2epartment of
6ildlife and ?is!eries ,2010.2013-
- Edited manuscripts
- 6or3ed *it! raduate students to improve t!eir *ritin
- Reconfiured tec!nical articles for popular pu;lication

"eac!in Assistant, 2epartment of Enlis!, Mississippi State University ,2010.2011-
- "au!t #asic %omposition, *!ic! is for fres!men *!o score poorly on t!e A%" in
Enlis! and need additional instruction to prepare for future collee classes.
- "au!t %omposition 77 for second.semester fres!men, *!ic! focuses on more
advanced *ritin s3ills and literature.
Researc! Assistant, Mississippi State University 2epartment of Enlis! ,2010.2011-
. E+tensive li;rary *or3, researc!, editin, and *ritin, for t*o Enlis! professors.
/ffice Assistant, Sally Mc2onnell #ar3sdale $onors %ollee ,200@.2010-
- Served as a recruiter for t!e $onors %ollee, ivin daily tours and spea3in to
!i! sc!ool students and parents.
- 'lanned and oversa* t!e fres!man retreat, *!ic! entailed manain a lare
;udet and coordinatin t!ree !undred people for t!ree days of *or3s!ops and
- /t!er principal duties included office orani=ation, ans*erin p!ones, and
assistin students and administrators *it! t!e application process.
Extracurricular and Volunteer Involvement
'ro<ect A7M student mentor and tutor ,2012.2013-
Academic 2ecat!lon intervie*, speec!, and essay competition <ude ,2004.2010-
University of Mississippi Spanis! %lu; ,200A.2010-
%ompetition %orps volunteer coordinator ,200A.2004-
United States 'residential 2e;ate volunteer ,200A-
ESL student communicator for international students ,200@.200A-
High School
&raduate of 'res;yterian %!ristian $i! Sc!ool ,May 200@-
A%"( 32 ,3B in Readin, 31 in Enlis!-
Cational Merit ?inalist
References are available upon request.