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Reflection about past teaching experiences

What is happening
in the classroom?
During my teaching practicum, I observed that most of my
students had low levels of English language proficiency.
Therefore, I interpret that students low language proficiency
levels is directly related to students vocabulary. Sometimes
student did not understand what they read and that makes
their reading meaningless. In addition, when I asked in Bahasa
Melayu(BM) they will response in BM with a lot of great
explanation. Thus, I concluded that student have limited
vocabulary to speak in English language.
Am I giving my
what they need?
In my teaching sessions I will give an explanation by acting it
out or giving a gesture so that the student will understand what
it meant. Sometime I will show them a video for the
explanation by searching on the internet at that particular time
but I think it will disrupt my teaching session as it will waste a
lot of time.
What do they really
think about the
I think they did not like my lessons I because I will try to use
English Language 100% in the teaching. Even in the
explanation part of lesson I tried to use synonym to make they
understand what I am explaining but it seem majority of them
did not understand.
What do they expect
from me as a
I think they expect me to do translation method from English to
BM in my lesson rather than looking to the dictionary
What would they like
more of/or less of?
I think at the part of the presentation stage students were
really interested in the lesson as I used computer to teach, but
in the practice stage student show less interest in doing it as
they did not like to do handout exercise. So I assume that
student like me in using ICT in teaching.
What are they
ways of learning?
Thus, I think they will a prior input (vocabulary) before my
teaching sessions so that they will understand better in the
lesson and the teaching and learning will run smoothly.
Research Focus

Briefly restate your
problem situation
Sometimes student did not understand what they
read and that makes their reading meaningless
Briefly restate the
root cause(s)
Students had low levels of English language
proficiency. Therefore it is directly related to students
limited vocabulary
Possible actions that
can overcome the root
cause and solve the problem
i. Vocabulary program ( prior input )
ii. Affixes
iii. Audiovisual
iv. Synonyms
v. Antonyms
vi. Hyponyms
decide on an actions from
the list above as your research