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Polyus Mira a Culture of Peace community in Siberia, Russia

Creating a Different World One Humanity

Giving Birth to a New World, N.G.

White Stone city of Love
Is emerging from heavenly Earth
There are lights shining bright from above
Calling you to your home - the Universe
Tender women in embroidered dresses
Fine lace table clothes use,
Everyone is warmly embraced,
Offered fruits, tasty herbs, and juice.
Happy children create their homes,
Skillful masters perform their arts
The miraculous roofs domes
Radiate bringing joy to all hearts.
Light is seen by invisible eyes
Like over islands in fairy tales
In the sky a Fire bird flies
And this vision wordlessly tells.
Nina Goncharova
Earth is Our Common Home New
Earth Nation
Invitation, N.G.
Written by Nina Goncharova, edited by Rene Wadlow
Polyus Mira a Culture of Peace community in Siberia, Russia
Culture of Peace is a science to live together
A great transition into a new world is happening. Its time for manifesting
and safeguarding a different world that has never existed before a world
of love, beauty and creativity with awakened free and happy people living
and consciously creating with the divine, each other and nature. Guided by
the and of God we have been wandering worldwide and found that a
synchronical process for creating a new world has been happening all over
the world. A united human family of awakened people of high responsibility
for life is emerging. !e also found out that for the last "# years the
$oundation of a %ew !orld an Abode of &awn community was born and
has grown in 'iberia()ussia. A parallel society totally different from an
existing one has been created.
Imagine a world as one divine creative family taking care of *other +arth
and knowing its mission to eternally fill the ,niverse with love, making it
more and more alive. -here is one people, one world, one ever.growing
/oyful responsibility for life, being aware of who we are, destined to ennoble
the entire world from within with love. $or this we should make a
fundamental turn by changing the roots of the society, by bringing people to
themselves and by changing the way of life. Isnt it time to step out of the
cities and an old way of life to create a new attractive reality, one collective
human consciousness and to enter a different world of unlimited
opportunities for us, humans as divine co.creators0
Wat! "t is an international community of devoted people who are
courageous enough to step out of an accustomed world and create a new
world full of /oy, beauty, love and creativity. It is a cross road of creative
powers of a new world. It is for people of different nations, languages,
religions living in harmony with each other, nature according to the &ivine
and ,niversal laws. -hey create a real world they would love to live in.
1eople learn to live together as one family. In a friendly atmosphere they
share their skills in practical life on +arth. It is like a home of eavenly
$ather and the *other of the !orld who accept all Gods children as one
family. It is self.sufficient and self.organi2ed. It is a place for annual
meetings of friends from the emerging communities worldwide to be tuned
into one fabric of new life. It is an interrelated pro/ect for a %ew +arth
%ation one.
Wy0 It is devoted to integrating the creative potential of the world and
'iberia( )ussia for making the transition from te mecanical artificial
#orl$ to te li%in& $i%ine #orl$' -he aim of the 3ulture of 1eace
community is creating a new level of unity of awakened people from all
over the planet with those from the Abode of &awn community, who have
been living and creating together for "# years the $oundation of a %ew
!orld as a seed of a different world. -his fusion will allow experiencing a
science of culture of peace t.i. living together as one creative family. 'o, it
is dedicated to peoples dream to live in a natural world in harmony with
each other, the nature and the world, whose desire has been to satisfy the
longing of their hearts to live together knowing their destiny to manifest
the will of God to be creators in the image of God capable to
transform the material life on Earth and beyond with love.
Wat is an i$eolo&y! An ideology of the community is based on -ruth,
as there is one and the same God for all people of +arth. It is unconditional,
divine love that lives inside everybody as the presence of God. A new
ideology comes from the teachings of the 45ast -estament6 following one
and the same spiritual law for peoples development, appreciating other
spiritual and philosophical teachings and world religions, taking into
consideration things that are in common and not the things that differ. A
3ulture of 1eace concept as a 4science to live together6 is also here. A
new ideology is meant to move people from an artificial world, based on
egoism, violence and consumption back to home to a living divine world,
based on selfless service to each other, nature and to a conscious co.
creation. -his path leads to creating a cradle of a different world inhabited
with people, who are aware of their souls as unprecedented divine gifts in
the ,niverse for making all life around more alive, more beautiful, more
loving. -his path leads to awakening God divine love . inside and also
tuning into the ,niverse to be capable to manifest the two sources of life
inside human beings the Absolute, the origin of the material worlds
including our *other +arth, and the eavenly $ather, the origin of human
souls. -he 3ulture of 1eace community is intended to demonstrate that the
ideological principles of oneness of all people and their connection with the
&ivine, each other and *other +arth combined with the self.organi2ed life
of people who take responsibility for life will become a model of a different
world the one we all dream about and work for.
(o# $o )eo)le li%e! 1eople create a new sacred space becoming more
and more magnetic to attract people from all over the world. -hey live in
mutual support, sharing all the best with each other and learning to feel
what other human being needs. -hey live a simple, nature oriented self.
sufficient life and thats why they have both individual gardens and
collective farms, providing them with all necessary foods. +verybody has
his(her uni7ue mission in developing this community as an international
common home. -here is a new life education, based on observation,
research and obtaining skills for life, thus becoming masters of their lives.
'killful methods for creating consent, peace, developing cooperation,
based on +ducation for 5ife principles are used. -hey lead to the following
results8 health 9without medicine:, consent 9though people can speak
different languages:, harmonious relationships, individual and collective
creativity, self organi2ation and many level responsibilities for life 9for
oneself, for the family, for the group, for the city, for the country, for the
planet:. -he other task is to develop a spiritual culture, all kinds of arts. 5ots
of activity is devoted to creating ever growing unity. -he human
development is cultivated by improving inner world, the world of human
heart and feelings though expressing the right attitude to life
awesomeness, gratitude, warmths of hearts, grace. ;y living together in
harmony they learn to communicate without words with feelings and
telepathy. -hey make experiments on communicating with nature and take
part in agricultural experiment with plants and seeds. -heir human love
feelings influence plants. &ue to such a way of life people become
healthy, self.organi2ed, conscious and happy as they manifest their divinity
by living and creating in an atmosphere of peace, /oy and cooperation. $or
those who arrive as guests there are cultural international events focused
at creating unity, love and beauty. Guests go back to their homes obtaining
high inner state of energy and a sense of life.
Were! . It is situated amidst the Abode of &awn community, a manifested
dream about life in harmony with the &ivine, each other, the nature . in
Wy in Siberia! &eserted, mysterious, virgin 'iberia seems as if some
special power of destiny has been keeping it safe all the time. Ancient
fables say that once upon a time the first people lived here who called
themselves Aries. In the course of time they went wandering around the
+arth to give rise to the human race. And by the end of centuries the Great
God predestined them to come back here to accomplish the idea of the
'upreme God in full.6 -he meaning of -iberkul 5ake a place of beauty
and pureness is translated as a &ivine 5ake.
In "##< people of the 1romised 5and sent 45et us create the 1olyus *ira=6
appeal to the world. !e have had eleven 4%ew +arth6 expeditions to the
community and witnessed how people have been transformed from within
and have become creators of love and beauty. !e have grown up our
friendship with the united family of the Abode of &awn community and they
invited us to choose the land in summer "#>?.
A preliminary image, made by Alla Maryushko, Buryat Republic, Russia
A %ision of #at it loo*s li*e + It is beautifully landscaped with gardens
and buildings constructed according to nature . saving technologies. In the
center of it there is a -emple of the *other of the !orld a round house,
presenting unity and interdependence of all people of all nations 9like many
children who are e7ually dear to the *others heart:. It also represents
male(female balance and womens role to inspire men for a creative path@
-he -emple of the *other of the !orld starts as a 3ulture of 1eace center
manifesting a culture of peace theory put into practice. -here is umanitys
1eace history hall, presenting a ;ig 1icture of a %ew !orld emerging.
-here are media, art ( film studio and a hall for art performances and an
annual +arth is Aur 3ommon ome %ew +arth gathering. &ue to
collective envisioning by the participants of the events and inhabitants of
the village, the vision of the *other of the !orld -emple will be enriched
and they can take part in its construction, and surrounding it with houses
for living, that are simple and beautiful nature oriented buildings,
representing different cultures. -hey are placed in a circle around the
*other of the !orlds -emple.
-here are green houses for plants and grains@ -here are workshops for all
spheres of life@ -here are art studios for painting, dances, singing,
sculpting, etc@ -here are several guest houses in eastern, western and
newly invented traditions, -here are stables for horses@ -here are gardens
and fields for fruits, berries, vegetables and grains.
Wat is uni,ue an$ ne# in our i$ea!
B It is that the main thing is creating humane harmonious relationships and
only then . houses, domes, etc. In order to build something, to build houses
and more than that try to build temples, first try to build relations between each
other. If you manage to do it properly, the temples will grow on this land.
From now on you must be unable to express the feeling of coldness. Never, under
any conditions you should not even think badly about anyone. Vissarion
B It is that it is based on a new ideology changing the root of the society.
!e envision an awakened, interdependent and interconnected world,
consisting of selfless and divine people serving each other, taking care of
each other, living as one human family@

B It consists of several creative 4streams6 . 4Abode of &awn6 community
people, +ducation for 5ife movement teams, %ew +arth %ation team and
international peace movements united by the +arth is Aur 3ommon ome
B It is that we create our international 3ulture of 1eace Cillage inside the
existing Abode of &awn community that has been 4planting and gardening6
a $oundation of a %ew !orld ready to accept and embrace the world. A
very special sacred space of love, light, has been created there since
>DDE by people from all over the world in the south of Frasnoyarsk region
in beautiful 'ayan *ountains. It is Cissarion, the originator of the -eaching
of the ,nited $aith who founded the community in 'iberia. -his teaching of
5ight defines the ,nited $aith as the way of spiritual development of man
at the last stage of his transition from the 4kingdom of force6 to the
4Fingdom of 'oul6@
B It is that our basic principles of relations totally coincide with those put into
practice in the existing community in the 1romised 5and. Aur nomadic
+arth is Aur 3ommon ome community spread all over the world has been
manifesting the same principles of relations though distances and now we
have this opportunity to express it in true life on +arth together.
B It is that we create a pulsar of new life by having representatives of all
kinds of existing eco communities and eco villages and a 4tuning fork6 for
heartfelt tuning all hearths of a &ifferent world eco villages into a network
of interconnected eco communities resonant to each other. ere they will
learn to feel each other and coordinate over distances. -ogether we will
learn to silently feel each other so that in the future we could telepathically
be connected inside the ever.growing interconnected space of love and
light. Also masters of all types will exchange their skills by sharing all kinds
of master classes@ ;y developing the communities interconnected and
tuned into each other we create a new attractive different reality of the
future that will become so powerful and radiant that an old world
will become obsolete.

B It is that youth of the world will experience 7uite a different way of life
manifesting how grown ups walk their talk . live the way they talk. -hey will
co create together a really humane world for the ongoing next generations
with their own hands and hearts. -hey will pave a path for new generations
to live in a different society.the world of love, peace, beauty and light.
Wit #om #e collaborate! -here are several international spiritual,
peace and humanitarian movements with whom we collaborate according
to the law of attraction, common visions and actions. All of them are
included into our collective 4)ainbow +arth8 Cision from the $uture6 book.
Among them . there are several spiritual creative eco communities all over
that we visited to learn and share experience. -hey are
'atyanandashram, Greece, an international community in Auroville in India@
there is an emerging 3)+'- >E center Institute of %ikola -esla 9Alto
1araiso, ;ra2il: and others. 'ome world movements are focused on
creating networks of interconnected hearths of new life they are
$oundation of the law of -ime, ,*A%I-A& foundation, 3olombian
+covillage, Alternative 3ommunities network and others. !e intend to
integrate the best experience in all spheres of life with a special accent on
the role of arts which awakens, inspires and enlightens.

Wo #ill create it! 1eople who accept this vision and who feel
responsibility for life, who are ready to courageously step to the unknown
and to consciously make a choice either to follow an old path of suffering
and struggle leading humanity to self.destruction or co.create with God a
new different world of happiness, love, peace and divine co.creation. Gou
are welcome=
Attachment >.
Te Culture of Peace community T-AM
. %ina Goncharova +arth is Aur 3ommon ome pro/ect coordinator,
author of 4)ainbow +arth8 Cision from the $uture6 book, poet,
artist, )ussia
. )ene !adlow . president of Association of the !orld
3iti2ens, ,'A($rance

/r&ani0ations co+foun$ers 'iberian 3enter for +urasian 1ro/ects, +arth is our
3ommon ome team, 'piritual creative eco 4Abode of &awn6 community in cooperation
with the 3ulture of 1eace $oundation, ,*A%I-A& foundation, Association of !orld
/ur team in Siberia, Russia
. -he people of the 1romised 5and
. -he +ducation for 5ife *ovement team from )ussia
/ur international T-AM.
'acha 'tone, ,F (Founder) umanitad $oundation irector!
General" #uro$e ! I.).+.A 9Intergovernmental )enewable +nergy
Argani2ation:, #%ecutive &roducer" *&G
Awards http8((
http8(( http8((
. &hanesvara &as, ,'A a writer, author of the 4'piritual +conomy6 book
and Gitagrads communities concept@
-erry 'isson, ,'A a supporter of self.sufficient communities, founder of
*ade;yFids, an advanced experiential training for youth
3laude Ce2iau, 3anada a composer
Hose &avid, India a -C producer, India
Annibal 5issandro 5ipporini, Argentina coordinator of 3)+'- >E center
in ;ra2il,
Fathleen 'mith umanitad coordinator, ,'A

Me$ia team8
. Alfred 1o2nyakov video maker, ;arnaul city, 'iberia, )ussia
. %ataly ;okova radio, %ovosibirsk, 'iberia, )ussia
. ;oris 1etrovic internet communication, 'erbia( ;ra2il

%ina Goncharova -el(fax JK 9ELE: ""#.ED.LD
)ene !adlow phone M# EE ?K< "E MM
Attachment ".
Ste)s to#ar$ te reali0ation of te Culture of Peace 1illa&e )ro2ect
3' In >DDK during the imalayan 4'acred %etwork of the 1lanet6
expedition we, participants from ># cities of )ussia, while in the
mountains, had a vision of a sacred network of the planet as shining
dots all over the world. -hen while standing opposite the *other of
the !orld *ountain I was given an inspired vision of an international
peace village in 'iberia as a cross road of creative powers of a new
4' $rom >DDM to "##M we have been creating waves of interrelated
events in "< places all over )ussia and the former 'oviet )epublics
devoted to awakening and creating +ducation for 5ife teams 9in the
framework of +ducation for 5ife *ovement, initiated by -algat
Akbashev:. It resulted in creating a nomadic +ducation for 5ife
community, consisting of masters of creating unity, creativity, health
and self.organi2ation. !e have created regional teams of educators
who are ready to be useful at the 1eace Cillage. In "### a meeting
of Akbashev and Cissarion for the future cooperation of +ducation for
5ife *ovement and the Abode of &awn community took place in
Frasnoyarsk city, 'iberia, )ussia.
5' 'ince >DDK till "#># a worldwide trip for making the 4+arth is Aur
3ommon ome6 presentations, art programs and creating a
planetary team of the transition from a society of force into the one of
inner responsibility and creation. It resulted in creating a planetary
+arth is Aur 3ommon ome team, presented in our collective
4)ainbow +arth8 Cision from the $uture6 book. !e have found
resonant and close vision people who heartfelt accepted an idea of a
1eace Cillage and are ready for cooperation.
4. 'ince"##D till "#>? eleven 4%ew +arth6 expeditions to the Abode of
&awn community in 'iberia have been created. !e have found that
here, in 'iberia, a seed of a new world has been planted and grown
up. Aur cooperation has been growing and now we have a team from
the 41romised 5and6 in 'iberia ready to be a part of the 1eace
Cillage. -he apogee of our collaboration happened on the *ountain,
in Hanuary "#>? when &hanesvara &as, ,'A, and %ina Goncharova,
)ussia met Cissarion, initiator of the Abode of &awn community and
we spoke about development of the idea to invite the people of the
world and co.create a 41olyus *ira6, meaning 4a cross road of
creative powers of a new world6.
6' !e envision creating a 3ulture of 1eace center as the first house of
the 3ulture of 1eace community so that the team could move to the
land chosen in summer "#>?. !e also foresee a meeting with a 4%ew
+arth %ation6 initiator 'acha 'tone in Indonesia.

Attachment E
Gates to the Abode of &awn community, 'ukhaya *ountain, 'iberia,
About te Abo$e of Da#n community 7te sout of 8rasnoyars*
re&ion, Siberia9
'(he ti)e ha* co)e+ It,* *$ecial to u*+ It )ar-* the beginning o. a
hi*torical event o. the greate*t change o. the hu)an e**ence, the victory o.
a )an over hi* *econd I under who*e *lavery he ha* been living .or
thou*and* o. year*+ (he hour i* near when the whole world will be
intere*ted in the thing* ta-ing $lace here (in the *outh o. /ra*noyar*-
region, 0iberia, Ru**ia)+ 1nd it will be i)$o**ible not to notice the thing*
you do here+ 2ou will *how very 3uic-ly that hu)anity can e%i*t, with
another character o. li.e!)anaging+ 4 5i**arion
4Aur community is striving to live with each other by the laws of harmony,
5ove, and Goodness, with /oy. Aur mission is to unite everyone striving for
5ove, Good and -ruth regardless of their belief, nationality and language
those who are ready to work hard beyond all measure and unselfishly for
the sake of the others without thinking of themselves. N Cissarion shows
the people by his own example that a man is created to reveal 5ove,
Goodness and 'ympathy to the world by way of creative activity for the
sake of the others6.
< ### people from all over the world have been already living together for
two decades, solving any possible conflicts and becoming more and more
one as a ,nited family. !hen crucial 7uestions arise they solve them
together in a circle or with Cissarion. -his community is a living model of a
new life based on $aith in one and the same God for all, on harmonious
relations with everybodys soul, with each other and the nature. -he
creation of the ,nited $amily is the main ob/ective of the 3ommunity.
45earn to live together, learn to communicate with each other, understand
each other, regard decently each other, and try to react carefully on the
need in your help. -hat will be real community rather than formed by way of
official 'tatue or some confirmed laws. -he 3ommunity is the whole +arth.
-he ability to live together in harmony is defined by the wonderful
conception of the ,nited $amily, where each member cares for another,
looks attentively around and tries to give his shoulder in time to the one,
who found himself unstableN6 Cissarion. -here are about < ### people of
the 1romised 5and from all over the world who learn to live as one family.
-hey are the representatives of EM nations and nationalities. -here is a
number of families comprising three generations. According to the
statistics, the population in the 3ommunity increased by D times because of
high birth and low death rates.
43hildren and teenagers are the main value of the future society. -he
specific features of education of children at the community schools are that
since the age of >" the children learn to become masters of life. ;oys are
supposed to grow as masters rather than solders, and girls will grow as
skillful housewives.
The schools will be formed on the basis of workshops Vissarion. At school all
the negative information and destructive images are taken away from the
lessons to maximum extent.
-he path of the 3ommunity is the 1ath of *asters. *ore and more people
from the community, being former urban inhabitants, are mastering new
skills for live. !hile creating with their hands they are focused at their inner
state love. -he computer operator is mastering wickerwork, the motorist
becomes a potter, and the metallurgical worker becomes a blacksmith.
!ood carving, beautiful paintings, birth articles made by new masters
decorate the houses and the everyday life of the people. Alongside with the
creative labor various kinds of arts are developed actively in the
3ommunity who had never before taken a brush and paints in their hands,
here begin to paint, others begin to compose verses, music, or the vocals
and other talents unexpectedly open up. -here is 7uite a number of former
professionals artists, composers, choreographers, opera singers, pop
-he 1ilgrimage to the 4Altar of the +arth6 on 'undays and festivals liturgies
conducted by the priests of the 3ommunity are open for all comers. !hile
visiting this place we could not but think about ,topia and $airy -ale
becoming true in this land.

1etropavlovka, August "#># 1articipants of the >>
%ew +arth
>> Hanuary "#>?, 1etropavlovka, the Abode of &awn community
Attachment ?.
1ision of te 3
)ossible ouse in Siberia for te community