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College Info

In these times when people (students) need any service regarding college information, They
have to search for each and every individual college. To get this service at the right time is difficult
as he has to search and consult with individual college at their respective states. Students need to
spend there aluable time for this purpose. To overcome this problem we r providing a web site
based college information as it provides a good and required services about all colleges at their
respective times. Our goal is to provide a good information about the colleges so that it will be
helpful to the people to search their appropriate colleges so that they can build there carrier in a
right way.
The proect college info. Is a web site which is to develop for the people who are loo!ing for
their right colleges and pursuing their respective courses info. "y siting at home so that they can
consume their valuable time by not roaming and contacting to other colleges.
To see this type of service the user firstly needs to get registered to our site without registration so
that the user can only view the type of services provided by our web site but could not request for
the service.
#resently there are many web sites li!e which provides services in a very few
fields such as name and location of colleges but cannot reach to the desired information for which
they are opting.
$ollege info is a website which provides services to the customer directly to their home.
$ollege info provides many details about the individual colleges such as name, location, courses
offered, etc.
Special pac!ages are provided to particular student.
Contact: 040-40274843, !33"42"
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College Info
&e have to create different web sites for different colleges including there respective fields such as
name, location, courses offered, etc.
This leads to time comple'ity as well as development of the web site becomes too difficult.
It also leads to a lot of ris!s and a particular users safe privacy is not there.
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(ront )nd * +sp.,et
"ac! )nd * -S S./S)01)0
Operating System * &indows 2#34
(rame &or! * .,et 5.6 7 +bove
3a.&-a./ R/01$./#/nt2:
#rocessor * Intel #entium3I1 and above
8ard dis! * 9:;" -in.
0+- * 6<4 -" -in. 7 +bove
Others * If any +pplicable
Contact: 040-40274843, !33"42"
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