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Sunday Morning (TBS TV series)
Rocky Point owner Dick Acker says that Redondo Canyon, an underwater trench that brings
nutrient-rich water from the Catalina Channel, is another reason for the excellent fishing at King's
Harbor. The nutrients bring bait, and the bait brings the bonito.
Rocky Point, Florida, near Tampa, Florida.
If you're conventional-gear fishing, Acker suggests using light spinning tackle with 10-pound test or
less. Lures that produce bonito include small ``Crocodiles'' in blue and white or green and white.
MegaBait Twitchn'L lures work well in silver shad shad, fish, Alosa sapidissima, of the family
Clupeidae (herring family), found along the Atlantic coast from Newfoundland to Florida and
successfully introduced on the Pacific coast. The shad is one of the largest (6 lb/2. colors fished
near the surface.
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a cause of diarrhea, vomiting, salivation, lacrimation, depression, miosis, polypnea, tachycardia,
hypothermia in cats. seem to be their favorite forage. Tagging studies have show that the warm-
water discharge from electric-generating plants such as the one at Redondo Beach holds the usually
migratory bonito in the area.
Any of certain species of small (6-12 in., or 15-30 cm, long) food fishes of the herring family
(Clupeidae), especially in the genera Sardina, Sardinops, and Sardinella. , let it run for three
seconds before you set the hook, says Warrington, who recently landed an 8-pound bonito near the
fuel dock.
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To avoid battling the locals for your fish, try fishing away from the usual spots near the bait dock, as
the sea lions know them too. Frank Selby of His and Hers Flyfishing suggests that when you hook a
bonito, let it run for at least 15 seconds. He says the vibrations of a hooked bonito alert the sea lions
if you don't let it run first.
moronesaxatilis. and a yellowtail and some white sea bass, which are appearing more often.''
The water in the harbor is remarkably clear and we spot the sea lions making passes under our boat.
The action heats up at midday, with the families catching mackerel and bonito. We hook up to some
mackerel that give a surprisingly good fight, as do the bonito. But you have to be quick. Larry
Garfinkel of Thousand Oaks Thousand Oaks, residential city (1990 pop. 104,352), Ventura co., S
Calif., in a farm area; inc. 1964. Avocados, citrus, vegetables, strawberries, and nursery products are
grown. hooks a very nice bonito, but the sea lion is too quick. Like a cat with a mouse, the sea lion
toys with the fish before making a meal out of it. Garfinkel is left with only a fish head on the end of
his fly line.
Bill Becher/Special to the Daily News
Swift, predaceous schooling fishes (genus Sarda) of the mackerel family (Scombridae). Bonitos,
found worldwide, have a striped back and silvery belly and grow to about 30 in. (75 cm) long. ,
mackerel mackerel, common name for members of the family Scombridae, 60 species of open-sea
fishes, including the albacore, bonito, and tuna. They are characterized by deeply forked tails that
narrow greatly where they join the body; small finlets behind both the dorsal and , halibut
halibut: see flatfish.
Chumming is the operative word if you're fly-fishing the ocean. Unlike your favorite trout stream,
where you pretty much can find a fish once you've learned to read their holding spots, the ocean is a
big place and fish move around. Tossing some bait can manufacture a hatch of fish, and bring them
closer to the surface.
``You can fish with live bait,'' Acker said. ``We encourage catch and release and provide single
hooks with lures we sell. We're happy to provide single hooks free to any anglers who want to
convert their treble hooks to a more safe and fish-friendly means of angling. Luhr-Jensen now packs
a single hook with their lures - something we appreciate. You can catch more and release them
faster if you use a single hook.''
If you're 16 or over you will need a California fishing license with an ocean-enhancement stamp to
fish at King's Harbor. Rocky Point sells day licenses only. Skiff rentals at Rocky Point are $45 for a
half-day, or $65 for a 7 a.m.-4 p.m. full-day plus a $10 deposit. Bait is $15 for a half scoop, $20 for a
full scoop. They also will rent you a kayak or arrange a guided fishing trip.
Any of various flatfishes, especially the Atlantic and Pacific halibuts (genus Hippoglossus, family
Pleuronectidae), both of which have eyes and colour on the right side. and calico bass calico bass
His and Hers Flyfishing in Costa Mesa offers guided trips to King's Harbor. For information, call
(949) 548-9449 or go to
Noun, pl
Eric Martin of El Segundo, with his 6-year-old son Cody, paddles by in his kayak. Cody is grinning
ear-to-ear as he tells me he just caught a mackerel on his new fishing rod.
See also: Sinking Fund, Super Sinker
Rocky Point, Montana
Anchovies are the prime diet for bonito. They will eat a sardine but prefer anchovies. Said Acker:
``All the stars are aligning for the bonito right now. The power plant is on line, we're into the
anchovies cycle, and there are more restrictions on commercial near-shore fishing.''
``The fish typically hold at 8 to 12 feet unless they're coming up to work some bait,'' Acker said.
``The trick is to get the fly at the right depth and keep it there for the longest time possible.
Anticorrosion saltwater construction on your reel is a good idea, as is a good drag system, as larger
fish will put you into your backing. I recommend a 6- to 7-foot, 10-pound leader. If you don't get hit,
go down as far as 6 pound but don't fish with less then a 7-weight rod. You can beat the fish with a
6-weight but you won't beat the sea lions.''
As the sun comes out and the weather turns shirtsleeve, we fish closer to the bait dock, a favorite
spot. The local sea lions know this too, and patrol the area looking for Looking for
If you fish sardines, Rocky Point manager Alex Warrington suggest you ``fly line'' them on a number
2 to 6 hook and no sinker Sinker
``Fly-fishers usually do well with blue and white, olive and white, or chartreuse
chartreuse (shrtr z`), liqueur made exclusively by Carthusians at their monastery, La Grande
Chartreuse, France, until their expulsion in 1903. and white Deceivers,'' Acker said. ``We stock at
least 25 bonito patterns. We're the only on-water fly shop in Southern California Southern California,
also colloquially known as SoCal, is the southern portion of the U.S. state of California. Centered on
the cities of Los Angeles and San Diego, Southern California is home to nearly 24 million people and
is the nation's second most populated region, . We specialize strictly in saltwater tackle for local and
travel waters. The ideal rod here is a 7 or 8 weight. Use a type III Type III may stand for:
But the feature fish at King's Harbor are the bonito. These small but feisty members of the tuna
family thrive in California's coastal waters. Bonito grow rapidly when young. At one year they
average 18 to 20 inches and weigh about 4 pounds. At 2 years, they've grown to 25 inches and 8
pounds. After that, growth slows down. The California all-tackle record bonito is a 22-pounder
caught at Malibu Cove in 1978.
I showed up at Rocky Point Rocky Point may refer to:
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CBS News Sunday Morning, a television news program on CBS in the United States
Puerto Peasco, a Mexican resort town also known as Rocky Point
``The seals tear you up, but I've had days when I catch 20 fish,'; said Kris Hirata of Loma Linda, who
regularly fly fishes at King's Harbor. He says summer usually is the best time for bonito, but this
year they are hanging around in the harbor.
Anglers can have fun catching bonito bonito: see mackerel.
Rocky Point, New South Wales, town in Australia
sea legs
with some fishing buddies from the Conejo Valley The Conejo
Valley is a region spanning both Southeastern Ventura County
and Northwest Los Angeles County in Southern California,
United States. It was discovered in 1542 by Spanish explorer
Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, and eventually became part of the
Rancho El Conejo land grant by Fly Fishers. We rented two
skiffs, 13-foot fiberglass boats with a five-horse outboard stable
enough for two fly fishers to stand and cast. The harbor is very
protected, so this is an ideal place to get a taste of saltwater fishing without the risk of chumming up
your breakfast if you don't quite have your sea legs sea legs
, a tackle shop and aquatic outfitter at King Harbor early one Sunday morning Sunday Morning may
refer to:
Rocky Point, New York
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``You can also catch halibut, spotted bay bass and Pacific barracuda barracuda, slender, elongated
fish of tropical seas. Barracudas have long snouts and projecting lower jaws armed with large,
sharp-edged teeth. They are ferocious, striking at anything that gleams, and are considered
excellent game fishes. by the thousands in the summer,'' Acker said. ``A legal halibut caught last
week weighed in at 13 pounds plus. We're seeing more halibut. This summer we had three striped
bass striped bass
See black crappie.
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The ability to adjust one's balance to the motion of a ship, especially in rough seas.
Informal .
Hyperlipproteinemia type III, a risk factor for cardiovascular disease
You can keep up to 10 calico bass if they're more than 12 inches. There are no limits on mackerel.
You can keep five bonito of any size, and another five if they're more than 24 inches fork length.
Bonito should be bled and put on ice quickly for best eating. Be sure to check the latest regulations
because they change. Rocky Point is open every day except Wednesday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. For
more information: 310-374-9858 or
REDONDO BEACH Redondo Beach (r?d?n`d?), city (1990 pop. 60,167), Los Angeles co., S Calif., on
the Pacific Ocean; inc. 1892. Once a commercial port for Los Angeles, it is a residential and resort
city with a protected harbor and an excellent marina. - If you catch a fish at King Harbor at
Redondo Beach, you'll have to fight the locals for it. The locals being sea lions and brown pelicans.
[From the colored spots on its body.] . But once you hook a fish, be sure to get it in fast or a sea lion
might leave you with nothing more than a fish head on the end of your line. Even pelicans are known
to grab a fish as it's being landed.
IF YOU FISH (see text)
So take a kid, or the little kid in you to King's Harbor. It's one of the few places where you can fish
for wild ocean fish and almost be guaranteed to catch one.
The configuration of King Harbor makes it a favorite bonito fishing ground. Bonito consume prey
equaling about 6 percent of their body weight daily. They will eat sardines and market squid, though
anchovies anchovies
In the context of general equities, this describing a buy interest in which a dealer is asked to offer
stock, often involving a capital commitment. Antithesis of in touch with. an easy meal. A number of
skiffs were concentrated here; most were families fishing live bait. Acker says the skiffs will hold
three adults or two adults and two kids. They were designed for this job, and have a minimum of
projections to catch a line. Even so, Acker suggests bringing a towel to cover up your gear and have
a place to strip a fly line. Or you can do what we did; bring a 5-gallon plastic bucket to strip line into.
(3) Two members of the Conejo Valley Fly Fishers cruise the waters at daybreak at King Harbor in
Redondo Beach.
Sinker unless you're after halibut, then use a 1/4-ounce of lead 3 feet from the hook. When a
bonito chomps the sardine sardine: see herring.
We stopped at the bait dock and got a scoop of sardines. The rental skiffs are equipped with a plastic
bucket punched with holes and surrounded by a collar that floats it next to your boat. It kept our bait
alive for the full day of fishing. We fished for calicos in the fog along the seawall seawall: see coast
protection. and landed a half dozen, up to 3 pounds. The trick seemed to be to cast a sink tip or
shooting head parallel to the breakwater breakwater, offshore structure to protect a harbor from
wave energy or deflect currents. When it also serves as a pier, it is called a quay; when covered by a
roadway it is called a mole. and retrieve it with a pause. The bass hide out in the rocks and
couldn't resist the blue and white deceivers we threw at them, striking on the pause.
(1 -- 2 -- color) Larry Garfinkel of Thousand Oaks, above, admires a calico bass he caught while fly
fishing at King Harbor in Redondo Beach. Another catch, a bonito, was eaten by a sea lion as it was
being reeled in, below.
``We've had squid floating in the harbor, an unusual event during the day,'' says Acker. ``We were
getting 6- or 7-pound bonito then. You get a ball of bait and the bonito crash the bait ball. An
amazing sight.''
"Sunday Morning (radio program)", a Canadian radio program formerly aired on CBC Radio One
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or IV shooting head. Sink tips will work but you can get further faster with a shooting head. And it
stays deeper longer because the running line stays deeper.
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