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Thesis Topic: Training and Development Practices at Vodafone.

Specialization Area: Human Resource
Training and development in the health care industry is an ongoing process. The importance
of an ongoing education cannot e overestimated. Training is necessary! as the health care
industry gro"s so does the specialization of the different parts of the industry. A person#s
need for education does not stop at the diploma. $ecause the health care industry is
constantly evolving the training and development of the health care "or%ers must e
ongoing. Health care "or%ers must have a career development plan for the future. To
understand the effectiveness of training the organization must e ale to measure the
%no"ledge of the employee and the training process. The revie" process can e done
through testing! intervie"ing employees! and rating.
Training and education in the Vodafone plays a vital role for the consecutive success of an
organization. This industry is changeale! as it is critical that employees face ma&or changes
through training. Proper training and education is Past given in the healthcare field for
'uality service. (any types of healthcare &os are availale ut most of them may re'uire
Tutorials some type of training and education. )mployees are to e properly trained and
educated so that they can fulfill the &o re'uirements. )ach and every action of the employee
must e trained. $y giving proper training as "ell as education to employees can minimize
error on them.
The present study is ased on the follo"ing o&ectives:
To study in deep aout T*D.
To find out ostacles in Vodafone "hile delivering training session.
Research aout the real training should e given to the employees
To e+amine the effectiveness of training in overall development of s%ills of
To understand the vital lin% et"een employee Training! employee productivity and
organizational development in Vodafone
To suggest further development measures in this regard.
SECONDARY DATA: ,rom $oo% ! -lass .otes! .e"s paper! and /oogle oo%
PRIMARY DATA: Primary data "ill e collected y interaction 0oth formal and informal1
of the researcher "ith the all level of employees! iomedical employees and other officials
"ho are directly associated "ith Vodafone.
T223S 4S)D: group discussions! individual intervie"s! 5uestionnaires
SA(P36./ ()TH2D: Simple Random Sampling
SA(P3) S67): 89
TAR/)T A4D6).-): )mployees "or%ing in Vodafone.
The sample size "as small and hence the results can have a degree of variation.
The response of the employees in giving information "as lu%e"arm.
2rganization#s resistance to share the internal information.
Availaility of enough resources.
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(y pro&ect "ill ma%e great contriution to"ards developing human resources.
HR efforts can help the organization in retaining their employees for a longer time
Human Resource study focuses done the est HR practices prevailing in
organizations! fe" of "hich can e adopted to improve employee satisfaction