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P/M/C/U 241 Communication and Teamwork

Assessment Two
Component Two Teamwork Role Reflection
Word Count 422
Working as part of a team is something I often dont enjoy as I am wary of others ability to
do what I feel is a good job. I am a perfectionist and therefore I am often unable to trust
others to do a task so do too much myself. I also get irritated if I feel progression isn't
being made or time is being wasted. My preferred role in a team is therefore if not the
leader than certainly the one who has a say in setting the agenda and delegation of work
(even if it mainly rests on me and who ensures the task is completed! particularly to a high
In my self analysis test for "elbin's team role characteristics the scores I received were
almost #$% for a '&haper' and '#% for '(o)ordinator' and 'Implementer' receiving
negligible scores for the other categories. *his was enlightening as the role I foresaw for
myself in the team agreed with the characteristics for these categories in the test.
What was surprising was the emphasis on the '&haper' role which I would not have
guessed as I naturally want to take primary control and would have seen myself as a +(o)
ordinator. *his tendency is described by "elbin as natural in a '&haper' and one of the
main ones to be avoided! i.e. assuming more authority in the group than is warranted! as
+&hapers in full control often leads to conflict.
*his is a problem however if there are no
'(o)ordinators' in the team to take this role! which I felt was an issue in my team but if this
situation arises in the future I will be more aware of others feelings and to try and avoid
taking full control. *he '&haper' also is described to be prone to irritation and frustration at
the team progress which I certainly am and did so in the team. -lthough "elbin describes
this as allowable behaviour! I would like to improve my patience with others! in this
respect! in future.

I also need to stop being negative and discouraging in my analysis of others performance
and being intolerant of vague people in general because I'm so task orientated. .ther
action that could aid my team work skills are a greater trust in others ability and work load
sharing in the form of delegation / I again fell into this trap in this e0ercise. *his I feel is
due to my perfectionism which is the main +(ompleter
attribute! which I surprisingly
scored negligibly on in the test.
!el"in RM& Team Roles at Work, !utterwort$'(einemann& )*ford& 2+++
2M "elbin! Team Roles at Work, "utterworth)3einemann! .0ford! '$$$! p#4
2M "elbin! Team Roles at Work, "utterworth)3einemann! .0ford! '$$$! p#,
2M "elbin! Team Roles at Work, "utterworth)3einemann! .0ford! '$$$! p#,