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Anu Kumpulainen

The paradigm shift in western science

The old Newtonian materialistic and mechanistic paradigm of science saw our physical
reality in terms of solid objects, which were composed of undivided components, atoms
which in turn consisted of protons and neutrons, which were orbited by electrons. These
solid objects were in strict causal relationships and governed by these unchanging
physical laws. These Newtonian mechanistic laws successfully described the motions of
the planets, mechanical machines and fluids in continuous motion, and were thought of as
the ultimate laws of natural phenomena. According to Newtonian physics, time and space
were absolute, and everything could be described objectively. Every physical
phenomenon had a clear physical cause, like billiard balls colliding on a pool table. At
that time radio waves were not known and observer wasnt thought of being able to effect
the physical experiments. This view of reality, however places a human being in a lonely
and cold universe, governed by mechanical clockwork type of laws.

In the light of the new science, which is related to quantum physics, relativity theory of
Einstein, holographic nature of reality and the paradoxical nature of reality, the reality we
live in seems to be however quite different. The quantum physics pioneer, Niels Bohr,
argued in the 1920´s that particles, which matter has been thought to consist of, can be
viewed as both particles and waves. This has widely been thought of as an either or
situation, but according to Ervin Lazlo, it has been a misunderstanding. According to
Lazlo, they are both particles and waves at the same time, which has been called
complementarity, where thing are both-and, as opposed to either-or.

Light has also been viewed as both particles called photons in physics, and waves. Max
Plankc has argued, that heat emissions from a hot object come as packets of energy,
called quanta. Also Einstein postulated, that all forms of electromagnetic radiation can
appear not only as waves, but also in the form of these quanta. However, these energy
packets, or quanta, have been thought of immediately as particles. But in reality, these
should be seen more as an energy than a solid particle! The old paradigm of science had
to change, as the so-called elementary particles became so numerous, that they hardly
could be called elementary any more.

Light according to the latest physics is mostly a carrier of information. Before,

electromagnetic waves were thought to be mainly the carrier of information. This has
been under speculation a lot during the last decades, as new research has emerged in the
field of modern physics. When you look at the universe from the point of view of the
latest physics findings, as according to Putchoff, Lazlo, Tesla and others, we are actually
surrounded and encompassed by a huge sea of energy, called the Zero- Point Field.

This ZPF has first been detected through the so-called Casimir effect, which showed, that
even in the 0 Kelvin temperature, in which according to old classical physics, all motion
should have been seized, there were still electromagnetic phenomena taking place in the
form of two plates creating pressure. The explanation was related to the quantum
fluctuations of space, which created a stronger pressure around these plates, compared to
the pressure between them. At first it was believed, that these fluctuations were so
random and so miniscule, that they could not be directed or controlled in any way. Later
research has however proved, that this is not the case, and that this energy can be used for
many technological applications.

This sea of energy is so vast, and contained so much energy, that the energy contained in
even one cubic meter would boil al the seas of our planet! Ervin Lazlo has named it in
his book Science and the Akashic Field, the cosmic ultraweak backround field, the
unified vacuum, and its nature is said to be an ultradense cosmic medium of information.
It is said to be supereconductive as well, which makes it very difficult for us to perceive.
According to Lazlo, this new concept of science lays the foundation for a totally new
understanding of nature, mind and the universe.

The technical genius in the turn of the 1900th century, Nikola Tesla, described the field
in his book Man´s Greatest achievement as follows; “This original medium, a type of
force-field, becomes matter, when effected by prana, and when this effect ends, matter
disappears and returns to Akasha. And because this medium fills all space, everything is
connected to it.”

Lynne McTaggart has written the book The Field, which introduces the advanced science
and scientists, who have found out incredible things about the nature of our reality, which
dont fit into the old mechanistic and materialistic paradigm of science. According to
McTaggart, the Zero Point field accounts for many of these new phenomena, including
extrasensory abilities of ordinary people, ability to influence random based technical
apparatus (REG, RNA), ability to receive information, pictures and images, regardless of
space and time, ability of water to store information, the holographic nature of our brain
functioning and consciousness in general, the emission of light of living beings,
collective consciousness of people and its effects (prayer, meditation, sports games, other
performances, popular tv events etc.) and the amazing nature of the quantum physics in

In the ZPF model of reality, this infinite sea of quantum fluctuations acts as a memory
bank of all things that ever happened and ever will happen. It is a huge information
carrier, and connects every place to every other place on an underlying plane of reality. It
can be measured indirectly due to its all pervasive nature, which makes it hard for us to
perceive. These phenomena include several different things in the fields of quantum
physics, biology, cosmology and consciousness.

The cosmological effects made understandable through this field, include the expansion
of the universe despite of the gravity, which should slow it down, the Euclidean model of
reality, where the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, the fine tuning of
the harmonious nature of universal constants, without which the universe couldn´t exist
as it is. The second effect is the missing mass in the universe, where the gravitational pull
is greater, than the existing mass in the universe, even if the concept of the so called dark
matter would be taken into consideration. Third effect is the eminent sacred geometry in
nature, which is detectable in all levels. Fourth is the so called horizontal problem, which
refers to the uniform nature of evolution throughout the universe, regardless of distance,
where light couldn´t act as the carrier of information.

The quantum mechanics, that have long puzzled the scientists by their bizarre nature,
include the non-local effects of the quantum realm. This means two particles interacting
with each other once they have been in contact, regardless of any distance and even time!
The other effects are the teleportation effects, where the information of one particle can
be transferred to another location in space-time continuum. The quantum physicist,
Heisenberg has made popular the so called uncertainty principle, according to which the
velocity and the direction of the particle cannot be measured at the same time. The long
cherished concept of parallel universes also becomes more tangible in the viewpoint of
quantum physics, according to which the particle exists in any potential state before
measuring and collapses only to a certain state when measured. This, by the way,
includes all the particles connected with it, and even particles, that think they will get
measured, but eventually dont!

According to Puthoff, even the circling motion of the planets around the sun, and of the
electrones around atoms, can be explained through this underlying field. Putchoff says
that without the constant flow of energy from the ZPF, these would eventually loose
speed and crash to the center due to gravity. Even the differing sizes of organisms can be
related to this field. The findings of Putchoff and Haisch suggest, that inertia, gravity and
even mass are all consequences of the interactions between the charged particles and the

In the field of biology the anomalous effects in the mechanistic paradigm have included
phenomena, such as the coherence of living organisms and their internal connectedness in
terms of parts to another parts, cells to other cells, organs to other organs etc, which
happens simultaneously. Living organisms exhibit coherence both internally and
outwardly in a manner in which the coherence manifests also in relation to the
environment of the organism. This can be understood by the example, in which the
mother is able to produce children, who exhibit new characteristics needed for survival in
changed conditions. According to the new research in biology, information just cannot
travel from one place to another merely based on the physiologically and chemically
based idea of randomly jiggling billiard-ball effects, which was the explanation of these
phenomena in the mechanistic paradigm. Even the whole concept of evolution itself is
explicable only in terms of consciousness and holographic exchange of information. Thus
in the light of the new biology, an alive organism can be viewed as a macroscopic
quantum system!

In all ancient cultures and indigenous tribes, people have been aware of phenomena
beyond the 5 known senses. Also certain archetypal images surface in all cultures
regardless of time and place. The new scientific investigations with Remote Viewing,
have also proved, that the mind of a human being is indeed not limited in time and space.
In these tests, normal people were able to receive information from geographical target
locations and sites just by an act of relaxation and concentration. Merely the map
coordinates were enough to bring information forth to the test laboratory, in which the
person was relaxing. Also an emotional closeness of two people has been shown to
increase and magnify the exchange of this type of information. This suggested, that the
zero point field carries this information and created the bridge for all things. Putchoff
even tried these experiments in a submarine in 170 meters depth, as water has an
effective quality of stopping electromagnetic waves movement, which were considered
the medium for this information flow before. The results were however the same under
these circumstances, which suggested, that the information didnt move through
electromagnetic waves.

Information, according to Lazlo, is stored in this aether as interference patterns and

pressure waves, which can hold an infinite amount of information. These pressure waves
can either magnify each other or cancel each other out, as in the sea. This has been
associated to the different sizes of physical objects.

Healing has been viewed in western science long as hocus pocus, but according to new
research, it too is a scientifically proven phenomenon. Elisabeth Targ conducted a series
of experiments with distance healing, using 17 different healers, who represented all
different healing modalities. The results were clear. Regardless of the method used, the
patients were feeling better and were in better condition also according to medical
examinations. Also the experiments using a group of meditators, have shown significant
changes in crimes statistics among others in Washington DC. Also the power of prayer,
even by ordinary people as opposed to devoted Christians, has been scientifically proven
with a group of heart patients in America. The end conclusion of all these experiments is,
that the mind has the ability to influence the mind of another person, and even the body
another. This is being called telesomatic or non-local medicine, according to the
parapsychology researcher, Larry Dossey. It has also been referred to as sympathetic
magic, which can be used in both positive and negative way, such as healing or voodoo.

Now, how is this all related to Aura-Soma? Well, in this new paradigm of science, which
is holistic and holographic in nature, and everything is connected with everything else. It
also carries the whole in itself in all levels, as the microcosm contains the macrocosm,
and vice versa. This makes us very connected to everything we have thought to be very
separate from ourselves. And what implications does this have to our understanding of
colour? Well, in my view, colour is a kind of information bridge, which connects us to all
phenomena of that particular wavelenght, or information type, so to speak. This could
also be described as an archetypal experience, due to colours universal associations in
different cultures. Thats why we feel love and warmth, when we use pink, because it
connects us to that level very concretely. We become that pink. When we use a red, we
merge and become that red. It can change, but we are not so confined and separate, as we
have thought, we can tune into different station, as Vicky Wall used to say. We can tune
to constructive or harmonic wavelenghts, but not only wavelenghts, but in also much
broader sence, information levels. There is no separation, and we become what we focus
our attention to. We are and become the colours we choose.
This makes us very responsible of what we tune in, in terms of thinking of, feeling or
even believing. Our beliefs about reality reflect our understanding, which can only be
limited here in this physical realm. What we believe will create the boundaries, within
which we can operate. Consequently, is the western science moving forward reflecting a
broader change in the collective consciousness of humanity? I believe so. The only
problem seems to be, that this new information is not being thought in schools and
universities yet. The old generation, which has received its training decades ago, has to
step back, and let the younger ones take charge. It has been said, that the academic world
exhibits a 30 year delay in delivering new information. To me, this is still a very
moderate and optimistic figure!

Even the world renown findings of Masaru Emoto, the Japanese scientist on water crystal
structures, confirms, that we do have a strong effect in our reality. In his photographs, the
water, which has been prayed for or played classical music, was beautifully structured, as
opposed to negative intentions, or heavy metal music, which created very distorted and
even shocking appearances. (as in the photo of intention you make me sick, I will kill
you, there seemed to be a figure holding the other in a horrific way). Also contaminated
water from different natural waters showed distorted structures, as opposed to the ones,
that were taken from clean and sacred water sites. And when you consider our bodies to
contain 73% of water the consequences are tremendous. According to James Oshmann,
the author of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis, water, alongside with light, sound,
magnetism and electricity, acts as information transmitting and storing agent the
energetic continuum of our bodies, called the “living matrix”.

The physicist from Stanford university, William Tiller, is perhaps the most avant garde
scientist in the new paradigm field, working on research related to the intention of human
beings on their environment. According to Tiller, our reality is multidimensional,
including the mental and emotional levels, which influence robustly our physical reality.
He has termed his devices, IITD, intention imprinted technological devises, and has been
able to scientifically prove, that human intention is able to change the pH of water,
change the ATP/ADT ratio, and enzyme and co-enzyme production levels on fruit larvae.
He also confirms, that certain spaces hold intentions even after the original influence
source has been removed from the site, as in sacred sites and place of war and battle. His
latest book has been made into a film as well, and the title says it all; What the Bleep do
we know? He has been very confirmative of the age old metaphysical understanding of
the different levels of reality and even of the human subtle anatomy. According to Tiller,
there are many levels of reality, among which our physical reality is only one, which he
discusses in his book Consciouss Acts of Creation.

According to the biologist Rupert Sheldrake, many natural phenomena, such as the
evolution of species and the ability of animals to find their way home in the most varied
circumstances, is related to an underlying information field, which he calls the
morphogenetic field. This filed accounts for the ability of animals and humans to learn
new information easier, after a critical number of individuals have learned this new skill.
This was first noted with apes in the Japanese islands, where a young ape learned to wash
a sweet potato in the river. Slowly his friends learned the trick too, and finally, as the new
skill had passed to 100 monkeys, all the remaining monkeys learned this trick
simultaneously. And even more, what the scientists found was, that even the apes on the
near by island, learned all the trick at once after this had taken place in the first island,
and with no apparent means to communicate this knowledge to the apes of the other
island! Sheldrakes theories are still regarded as very controversial in the mainstream
scientific circles, and he has also adopted a critical view of the so-called orthodox
science, pointing to its structural limitations, and challenging young researchers to
develop new, cheap research methods to test his new theories in practise.

Aura-Soma has the risk of being associated with New Age in the popular mind. I believe,
that introducing a scientific perspective to colour therapy would be of great benefit for all
involved. It would heal the gap between science and the so-called alternative ways of
thinking, proving, that it indeed is not alternative any more, and that the materialistic
biomedical model of current medicine (which is in the process of change) is in fact,
outdated. I personally would like to see a research center being established around Aura-
Soma and its scientific implications, including publication of its results in the Living
Energies or in the form of new accredited workshops around this aspect. People want to
understand also with their minds and intellects, and bridging this gap is our collective
responsibility as practitioners of a new healing modality and as promoters of it to larger

Light and its aspect of colour can also be seen as the coherence agent within nature and
human information systems.

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