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Less young people suspected. (,

Relatively most defendants registered, are under 25 years, but the differences with the older
age groups have been reduced in recent years. This ensures that the criminals of criminal
offenses are often younger than they were before. This is a social and demographic problem.
Shrpest !ll t nt"#e nd $estern youth. (, Bl"%op&&'.nl)
The proportion of young people suspected of a crime, has declined in all ethnic groups over
the past five years. However, the reduction was not equal everywhere. To native-born 2 - to
!-year-old youth compared to 2""#, the decline was $ percent of the strongest, followed by
those in western immigrants. This is a positive development and it would be useful if this will
also ta%e place at the foreigners. This is a social and demographic problem.
Incres"ng do(est"c #"olence. (CBS, )u"sel"*%ge$
domestic violence has increased in the time from 2""$ to 2""&, from $&' &25 to 52& "'2
victims. The reported offenses increased from 5&,(55 to &(,(( and the accepted offers of
assistance in the domestic violence also increased. )omestic violence is a tragic incident and
it would be much better if this will be decreased, because much people their lives are ruined.
This is a social and demographic problem.
+pproch"ng nu"snce youth. (R"*%so#erhe",
There is a tendency to ta%e more stronger actions against nuisance youth. The question is if
this is the most effective approach. Hard measures may lead to isolation of young people, what
causes that nuisance only worsens. The combination of social policy and repressive respond
would seem to be a better choice. *ositive measures have a better influence on the youth. This
is a social and demographic problem
V"olence relted $"th the use o! lcohol. (CVV, Ty(
Research shows that more violent crimes are committed under the influence of alcohol. +n
alcohol ban would have much other consequences, approach by better security would be more
effective. This is a social and demographic problem, but also a little bit an economic problem.
,ore people "n de-t "n relt"on $"th cr"("nl -eh#"our. (CVV, Ty(
,or years, research shows that people in debt are more li%ely to e-hibit criminal behavior, and
because people with debts are increasing, the criminal behaviour does also. )oing something
at for e-ample the unemployment would find a favorable measure. This is a social and
demographic, but also an economic problem.