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1]Avascular necrosis seen in - Talus2]Ulnar Nerve Injury result s in - Claw Hand3]Ant Shoulder dislocat ion -
Axillary Nerve Injury4]Meckle's Divert iculum Invest igat ion - Tc995]T Cells develop in -
Thymus6]Pneumat ic Bone - Front al7]Bezolt s Abscess - St ernocleido Mast oid8]IOC in Int erst it ial Lung
Diseases - HRCT9]Bone in Bone Appearance - Ost eopet rosis10]Adder Head Appearance -
Uret erocele11]Cancer relat ed wit h HHV8 - Kaposi's Sarcoma12]HIV pat ient s CD4 Count <50 -
Pnemocyst is Carinii Pnuemonia13]prot ein C f act ors - Fact or 5a and 8a14]Triad of Epidemiology - Agent ,
Host , Environment 15]CuT 380A needs t o be replaced in - 10years16]Ear inf ect ion causing Meningit is -
Pseudomonas Aerigunosa17]A Case of Gas Gangrene - Cl. Welchii18]Caloric Test st imulat es - Lat eral
Semicircular Canal19]Cock up splint used in - Radial Nerve Injury20]Lat e Decelerat ion seen in - Fet al
Anoxia21]Bleeding seen in Vomit us of Alcoholic MCC - Mallory Weiss Tears22]Cereals in Mid day Meal
Programme - 50gm/100gm/150gm/None.(ans - 100GM)23]A case of Filariasis A/E - Brugiya Malayi/ Timori/
Oncocerca Volvulus/ W. Bancrof t i.(Ans - Oncocerca Volvulus)24]Scleroderma induced HTN TOC - ACE
Inhibit ors25]To prevent Gas Gangrene in a pat ient - Proper Wound Debridement 26]Saf et y muscle of
vocal cords - Cricoaret ynoid27]Millenium goals t o be achieved by - 201028]What is used f or Thryroid
Ablat ion - I13129]Laser f or iredot omy is usef ul in which condit ion - ACG30]Icreased accomodat ion leads
t o - Pseudomyopia.31]Best Treat ment in Choriocarcinoma - Met hot rexat e.32]Prost at ic cancer arises
f rom - Peripheral Zone33]Best Drug used in management of NSAID induced Ulcer - PPI34]Direct cause
of mat ernal mort alit y - Hemorrhage35]Commonest cause of mat ernal mort alit y - Hemorrhage

36]Cause of vit reous hamarrage in young adult male - Eales Disease37]Fluid used in burn managemanet
- Ringer Lact at e38]Viual aquit y of an eye is best described as -39]In what kind of breast malignancy
would you pref er biopsy of opposit e side - LobularCarcinoma40]Palmar surf ace in Burns - 1%41]A child
always f ight s in school, has deciplinry problems in school - Conduct Disorder42]Basal met abolic index
f ormulae - Wt /(Ht )243]Diat oms are seen in which t ype of deat h - Drowning44]Most common malignancy
seen in heart is - Secondaries.45]In epidemic of Hep.E which t ype of person will be af f ect ed more -
Pregnant women46]Residual chlorine in drinking wat er should be - .5mg47]Reverse cold chain is seen in -
St ool samples in Polio.48]Black t ongue is seen in which subst ance abuse - Cocaine49]Tremors will st art
af t er how much t ime of alcohol wit hdrwal - 12-24 hrs.50]Ant idot e in Cynanide Poisoning - (NaCl, NaHCO3,
Sodium Thiosulphat e, None) Ans -Sodium Thiosulphat e.51]Kerat omet er is used f or - Corneal
Curvat ure.52]weight gain in pregnancy - (10,12,14,16) Ans - 1253]Ape t humb def ormit y which
nerve54]Reed St ernberg Cell seen in - Lymphoma.55]Marjolins Ulcer - Basal Cell Carcinoma56]FNAC not
usef ul in - Follicular Carcinoma.57]Oschner Sherren's Regime is f or - Apendicular Lump
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