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In continuous effort to upgrade the software, we have added a new tool

called Trend and Theory recently. This report is used to generate trades
based on Uptrend/Downtrend and filtered with director pattern and
shiksha theories. This report generates trading opportunities available in
given time frame in any group. This tool scans with given conditions and
generates report which we can use to trade. Also we added chart of
selected time frame in report itself to drill down along with indicators and
traded values, which offers one click solution to generate the trade and
execute the same. Following is detailed explanation to use the tool.

1. After login, select the Trend and Theory Option as shown below

2. Once option is clicked, following screen is visible.

3. We try to generate report based on (a) CNX Nifty (b) All Scrips (c) Daily
(d) 3+1 DP (e) Downtrend and (f) Reverse Sleeping beauty theory.
Following is how selection is to be made to arrive at desired report

Once selection is down, just click on generate report button

Following is the report generated for 2
May 2014 Intraday.

Now to drill down you need to click the Date hyperlink, to illustrate we
check BHEL scrip which is having theories of Reverse Sleeping Beauty in RC
and CCP in RC (Listed on Extreme right side) with 3+1 Director Pattern and
Downtrend. Following is drill down report.

Now its easy to check that BHEL is having WDP of 182.60 and BDP of
187.15, and in clear downtrend with 3+1 DP. As per shiksha, if BHEL opens
in ICRC in Downtrend, Short side trade available when it exits RC with
target of FC 23.60%. As you are aware of software, when you hover mouse
below RC11.80% it gives FC11.80% LTV in a box as below:

Live Market : Today BHEL manages to open ICRC in Downtrend as we
expected and later on it exited RC (below 180.70) and Sell trade was
generated with target of FC23.60%. This trade was fruitful as prices manage
to fell till FC23.60%.

Same situation was available to trade in Larson & Toubro and trade was
successful there as well.

In short, this live example is shared just before refresher to let you know
the power of software and shiksha combined, offers effortless, stress less
and doubtless trading. Further, as report is generated with given set of
conditions, it filters only perfect set up available and we are left only with
Pre-opening prices to decide the possible trade and once trade is decided,
execution is always easy and effortless.

I wish you all practice the same on software with different set conditions
and understand the power newly introduced tool.
Following is test report for weekly time frame with 3+1 DP and Reverse
Sleeping Beauty :

Following is Monthly Report based on 2+2 DP, Sleeping Beauty and CCP in

I hope this gives clear idea of what to trade which suits your trading style
and what to avoid.