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IS!" 1470055627
IS!#1$" 978-1470055622
I Pre&a'e I
1 Sales usi(ess Pro'esses 1
2 Custo)ers i( *y(a)i's A+
$ Produ'ts i( *y(a)i's A+ 2012 1-
4 Sales .uotatio(s $$
- Sales Orders -2
/ Ite) 0eservatio(s 14
, Sales Order Pi'2i(g 10
1 Custo)er 0etur(s 11
3 Pa'2i(g Slip a(d I(voi'i(g 12
I(voi'e pay)e(t 1$
i4liography 1-
A4out the author 1-
%he prese(t 4oo2 is the &irst i( a series o& 4oo2s dedi'ated to Mi'roso&t6s
(e7 E0P *y(a)i's A+ 20128 'overi(g the Sales a(d 0e'eiva4les areas.
%he target audie('e 'o(sists o& those i(dividuals i(volved i( the
i)ple)e(tatio( o& the E0P8 4oth 'o(sulta(ts a(d 'usto)ers8 4ut also to
stude(ts i(terested i( E0P. It represe(ts )y 'urre(t u(dersta(di(g a(d
des'riptio( o& these &u('tio(alities a(d ho7 to use the) i( order to provide
the right solutio(s to (e7 or e9isti(g issues i( 4usi(esses 7here A+ is or
7ill 4e i)ple)e(ted. I 7ould li2e to )a2e this 4oo2 4etter8 so please &eel
&ree to se(d )e your &eed4a'2 to )y e)ail address
C;AP%E0 1
Perhaps (o other area o& 4usi(ess a'tivity gives rise to as )u'h dis'ussio(
a)o(g a(d 4et7ee( those dire'tly i(volved a(d those 7ho are (ot i(volved
as the a'tivity 2(o7( as sales or selli(g8 7ith the related a''ou(t
re'eiva4les a'tivities. %his is (ot surprisi(g 7he( o(e 'o(siders that so
)a(y people derive their livelihood8 either dire'tly or i(dire'tly8 &ro)
selli(g. Eve( those 7ho have (o dire't i(volve)e(t i( selli(g 'o)e i(to
'o(ta't 7ith it i( their roles as 'o(su)ers.
%he E0P )ust support the sales operatio(s a(d the sales depart)e(t =a(d
other depart)e(ts> 7ith out#o&#the#4o9 &u('tio(ality8 4ut also has to 4e
&le9i4le e(ough to ha(dle?)odel (e7 situatio(s 'o)i(g &ro) the day#to#
day operatio(s. %he pri)ary respo(si4ility o& sales a(d distri4utio( is to
provide 'usto)ers 7ith your goods a(d servi'es8 7he( they (eed it a(d
7here they (eed it. I( order to &ul&ill this tas28 sales a(d distri4utio( (eeds
to )a(age )aterial re@uire)e(ts o& 'usto)ers 4y pro'essi(g sales orders
through pi'2i(g8 shippi(g a(d i(voi'i(g.
%hese 'usto)er re@uire)e(ts )ay origi(ate &ro) o(e or )ore order
strea)s8 su'h as dire't 'usto)er 'o))u(i'atio( 7ith order e(try
perso((el8 sales represe(tatives8 7e4#pla'ed orders8 E*I8 et'.
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's

A+ 2012 supports a variety o& order e(try
s'e(arios to &ul&ill (u)erous 4usi(ess re@uire)e(ts. %he &o'us o&
these s'e(arios ra(ges &ro) tightly i(tegrated 'olla4orative
4usi(ess#to#4usi(ess relatio(s that use the Appli'atio( I(tegratio(
5ra)e7or2 =AI5>8 to 'usto)ers o( the sel&#servi'e portal8 sales
represe(tatives o( the E(terprise Portal8 a(d users 7ho per&or)
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's

A+ 2012 'lie(t#4ased order e(try 7he( a sales
e&ore 7e start to go through the details8 the li(es 4elo7 should give a(
overall pi'ture o& 4usi(ess pro'esses i( sales a(d distri4utio(.
Starti(g poi(t &or sales a(d distri4utio( is 'orre't )aster data8 i( parti'ular
'usto)er#related a(d ite)#related data.
At sales @uotatio( a(d?or sales order 'reatio(8 )aster data 'opy to
tra(sa'tio( data. Sales @uotatio(s a(d sales orders there&ore re'eive
'usto)er a(d ite) data as a de&ault8 7ith 'usto)er data i( the header o& the
order a(d the ite) related data o( ea'h li(e. Aou )ay )odi&y these de&ault
data i( tra(sa'tio(s8 as a( e9a)ple i& your 'usto)er re@uests a di&&ere(t
delivery address or has re@uested a(d agreed a di&&ere(t pay)e(t ter). I&
su'h a )odi&i'atio( applies &or &uture orders as 7ell8 you should 'ha(ge
the 'usto)er re'ord8 7hi'h 'o(tai(s the appropriate )aster data i( this
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
Source: Microsoft
5ollo7i(g 'usto)er re@uest8 the sales represe(tative )ay prese(t a sales
@uotatio( =or several alter(ative sales @uotatio(s>. %he @uotatio( )ay 4e
'reated &or a prospe't or a( e9isti(g 'usto)er. A sales @uotatio( 'o(sists o&
a header8 7hi'h pri)arily 'o(tai(s 'usto)er?prospe't data8 a(d o(e or
)ore li(es8 7hi'h 'o(tai( the ordered ite)s. ;o7ever8 i( order to
auto)ati'ally 'reate a sales order &ro) a sales @uotatio(8 the prospe't
(eeds to 4e tra(s&or)ed i(to a 'usto)er =as )e(tio(ed 4e&ore8 7e (eed
)aster data>.
Note: *epe(di(g o( the starti(g poi(t o& the sales &lo78 di&&ere(t roles i(
the 'o)pa(y )ay 4e i(volved. As you pro4a4ly 2(o78 Mi'roso&t
*y(a)i's A+ 2012 is 4uilt to provide i('reased produ'tivity to e)ployees
a(d the 'e(tral poi(t o& this approa'h is the 0ole Ce(ter
# a perso(aliCed
page &or ea'h &u('tio(al role i( the 'o)pa(y.
Enter sales order
A sales order )ay 4e registered )a(ually or )ay 4e 'reated auto)ati'ally8
as the result o& tra(s&or)i(g a sales @uotatio( i(to a sales order. Other
possi4le sour'e &or a sales order )ay 4e sales agree)e(ts.
%he Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's 0ole %ailored user i(ter&a'e i('ludes )ore tha( $0
0ole Ce(ters a(d )a2es it easy &or everyo(e i( 2ey 4usi(ess areas to a''ess a(d
share sel&#servi'e 4usi(ess i(tellige('e =I> a(d reporti(g.
I( distri4utio( 'o)pa(ies it is a 'o))o( pra'ti'e to vie7 'usto)er
sales history at order e(try.
Dhe( a 'usto)er is sele'ted &or the 'reatio( o& a( order the &a't 4o9
that is displayed o( the right ha(d side o& the &or) 7ill display past
sales orders. %he related &a't 4o9 7ill display a su))ary o& Ope(
.uotatio(s8 Ope( Sales orders8 Ope( 'usto)er i(voi'es8 Ope(
retur( orders. %he operator 'a( 'li'2 o( a(y o& these statisti's to
drill i(to a(d see the details o& the ope( a(d history do'u)e(ts.
Additio(ally the user 'a( e(ter the 'usto)er a''ou(t asso'iated 7ith
the sales order to drill i(to the 'usto)er )aster re'ord. 5ro) here
the operator 'a( see all tra(sa'tio( history related to the 'usto)er.
It6s i)porta(t to (ote that the i(&or)atio( displayed to the order
e(try operator is 'o(trolled 4y the se'urity roles asso'iated 7ith the
Apply terms and conditions
%he de&ault ter)s a(d 'o(ditio(s &ro) the 'usto)er re'ord are 'opied to
the sales order header.
Enter products and customer requirements
I& spe'i&i' 'o(ditio(s are re@uired 4y the 'usto)er &or a sales order8 the
de&ault ter)s a(d 'o(ditio(s )ay 4e 'ha(ged at order e(try.
Also 7he( addi(g ite)s o( sales order li(es the de&ault ite) setti(gs are
'opied?deter)i(ed &ro) ite) re'ord a(d the syste) ta2es i(to a''ou(t the
e9isti(g trade agree)e(ts to deter)i(e the appli'a4le pri'es a(d dis'ou(ts.

Determine pricing and discounting
Pri'es a(d dis'ou(ts are deter)i(ed &ro) trade agree)e(ts. %rade
agree)e(ts are a )atri9 pri'i(g?dis'ou(t list syste). %rade agree)e(t
'reatio( a(d updates are )ade through the trade agree)e(t Eour(als.
%hrough the Eour(al all &ields asso'iated 7ith pri'i(g 'a( 4e updated. %he
Eour(al 'a( ha(dle updates to pur'hase a(d sales pri'es8 li(e dis'ou(ts8
)ulti#li(e dis'ou(ts a(d total dis'ou(ts. Usi(g the sele't &eature the
operatio( 'a( sele't 7hi'h type o& agree)e(t update is 4ei(g do(e8 7hi'h
'usto)ers8 ve(dors8 ite)s or date ra(ges. %he Eour(al has )ultiple &eatures8
su'h as 'opy li(e8 'lear Eour(al or delete li(es. Usi(g the AdEust)e(t
pro'ess a( update 'a( 4e pro'essed 4ased o( per'e(tage or a)ou(t to
update. *y(a)i's A+ i(trodu'es 'o('epts as ge(eri' 'urre('y a(d s)art
rou(di(g &or po7er&ul )ulti#'urre('y support. Attri4utes that 'a( 4e
i('luded i( a trade agree)e(t i('lude 'usto)er 'ode or 'usto)er group8
ite) 'ode or ite) group8 'urre('y8 @ua(tity ra(ge8 lead ti)e8 &ro)?to date8
u(it o& )easure8 ite) 'o(&iguratio(8 ite) siCe8 ite) 'olor8 site8 7arehouse8
4at'h (u)4er8 lo'atio(8 serial (u)4er.
2 CUS%OME0S I! *A!AMICS A+ 2012
Ea'h sales tra(sa'tio( )ust 4e asso'iated 7ith a 'usto)er. Custo)er
i(&or)atio( is )ai(tai(ed per legal e(tity a(d 'a( have u(li)ited
addresses8 'o(ta't i(&or)atio( =su'h as pho(e (u)4ers a(d e#)ail> a(d
'o(ta't people asso'iated to it. It i('ludes 4ut (ot li)ited to i(&or)atio(
su'h as pay)e(t ter)s a(d s'hedule8 dis'ou(ts =li(e8 )ulti#li(e or total
dis'ou(ts>8 'redit li)it8 shippi(g )ethod8 delivery ter)s8 typi'al delivery
)ethod8 a(d &i(a('ial di)e(sio(s. All o& these values 'a( 4e de&i(ed o(
the 'usto)er re'ord a(d used as de&aults to @uotatio(s8 sales orders8 a(d
i(voi'es. Custo)iCatio( is availa4le to de&i(e the 'riteria &or a(y (e7 or
e9isti(g &ield o& the 'usto)er re'ord.
Defining Customers
Use the Custo)er &or) =Sales a(d Mar2eti(g#FCo))o(#FCusto)ers#F
All 'usto)ers or A''ou(ts re'eiva4le#FCo))o(#FCusto)ers#F All
'usto)ers> to 'reate8 )ai(tai( a(d i(@uire a4out 'usto)ers. E(ter as )u'h
data as possi4le i( adva('e8 4e'ause the data is used throughout the syste)
&or i(voi'i(g8 pay)e(ts8 reports a(d the 4ase data is auto)ati'ally
displayed as the de&ault &or all tra(sa'tio(s that i(volve the 'usto)er. Aou
'a( 'ha(ge de&ault i(&or)atio( at a(y ti)e. %o e9pedite the pro'ess o&
'reati(g 'usto)ers8 you 'a( 'reate te)plates
4ased o( the e(tries i( the
&ields o& spe'i&i' 'usto)ers that you spe'i&y as te)plate )odels.
%e)plates 'a( 4e used 4y all users or a si(gle user. I& a te)plate is
availa4le 7he( you 'reate a (e7 'usto)er8 a &or) appears that displays the
%e)plates 'a( 4e used to de&ault values 7he( 'reati(g 'usto)er re'ords. A(
u(li)ited (u)4er o& te)plates 'a( 4e de&i(ed 4y the orga(iCatio( a(d ea'h user.
availa4le 'usto)er te)plates. Sele't the te)plate that applies to the (e7
'usto)er. %he &ield values o& the te)plate are 'opied i(to the &ields o& the
(e7 'usto)er. Aou 'a( )a2e 'ha(ges to the &ields a(d e(ter )ore
i(&or)atio(8 as appropriate.
Syste) ide(ti&ies 'usto)ers usi(g Custo)er a''ou(t8 7hi'h is a u(i@ue
ide(ti&ier per legal e(tity. ;o7ever8 the syste) )a(ages the sa)e
'usto)er a'ross orga(iCatio( =see pi'ture 4elo7>.
%he 'usto)er a''ou(t has a de&ault siCe o& 20 'hara'ters =although it 'a(
4e )odi&ied 7ith 'usto)iCatio(>. %he &ield 'a( 4e divided i(to seg)e(ts
usi(g the (u)4er se@ue('e de&i(itio(s.
Custo)ers are 'reated &ro) the A''ou(ts re'eiva4le )e(u8 'li'2 Co))o(8
'li'2 Custo)ers8 a(d the( 'li'2 All 'usto)ers. Dhe( user 'li'2s !e7#
FCusto)er i( the a'tio( pa(e8 the Custo)er B !e7 re'ord &or) is sho7(.
%he syste) auto)ati'ally ge(erates the Custo)er a''ou(t i& the 'usto)er
a''ou(t (u)4er se@ue('e is spe'i&ied i( the A''ou(ts re'eiva4le
para)eters &or) i( the !u)4er se@ue('es se'tio(.
%he red u(derli(ed &ields are )a(datory &ields8 represe(ti(g the )i(i)u)
i(&or)atio( that the syste) (eeds to 'o(sider a (e7 re'ord valid. esides
the !a)e a(d Cou(try?regio(8 the )ost i)porta(t )a(datory i(&or)atio(
is the
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
Custo)er group &ield8 used to set up auto)ati' posti(g to Ge(eral <edger
a''ou(ts &or reve(ue ge(erated 4y 'usto)ers a(d 'ost o& goods sold8 4ut
also to e(a4le de&ault setti(gs o( 'usto)er re'ord =see the Usa4ility te9t
4o9 4elo7>.
%here are )ultiple optio(s availa4le o( the 'usto)er 'reatio( &or) that 'a(
opti)iCe operatio(s 7he( all details &or the (e7 'usto)er are e(tered. %he
de&ault optio( is Save a(d 'lose8 7hi'h saves the re'ord &or &uture
re&ere('es8 7ithout a(y 'o(se@ue(t a'tio(. %he other optio(s are a''essed
through the Save a(d ope( 4utto(8 as &ollo7i(g"
Custo)er B saves the re'ord a(d ope( it i( the Custo)er &or)
Sales @uotatio( B saves the re'ord a(d 'reates a (e7 sales
@uotatio( &or this 'usto)er
Sales Order # saves the re'ord a(d 'reates a (e7 sales order &or
this 'usto)er
ProEe't @uotatio( # saves the re'ord a(d 'reates a (e7 proEe't
@uotatio( &or this 'usto)er
%o preve(t a''ide(tal 'ha(ge8 a (e7 Edit 4utto( 7as added o( Custo)er
&or) to e(a4le or disa4le editi(g
%he Edit 5u('tio(ality is a ge(eral (e7 &eature i( Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012.
%he la(guage sele'ted i( the <a(guage &ield is used &or all e9ter(al
do'u)e(ts. Aou 'a( use this 'ode to display ite) des'riptio( tra(slatio(s
or to pri(t do'u)e(ts li2e pa'2i(g slips or i(voi'es i( that sele'ted
la(guage. %ra(slatio(s are provided &or the 42 la(guages
provided 7ith
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012. %he la(guage 'ode is )a(datory a(d it
de&aults &ro) the Co)pa(y i(&or)atio( &or).
Customers Addresses and Contact Information
I( the Custo)ers &or)8 o( the Addresses a(d Co(ta't i(&or)atio( 5ast%a48
user 'a( e(ter the 'usto)er address a(d 'o(ta't details.
Mi'roso&t is 'o(ti(uously updati(g the la(guages availa4le8 so this i(&or)atio( is
su4Ee't to 'ha(ge at a(y ti)e.
Dhe( sele'ti(g the 'usto)er group8 the values o& 'ertai( &ields i( the
Custo)er groups &or) are auto)ati'ally 'opied to the 'usto)er
a''ou(t. %he i('luded &ields are"
o %er)s o& pay)e(t
o Settle period
o Ite) posti(g ledger a''ou(ts8 i('ludi(g the Sales ta9 group
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
A 'usto)er 'a( have )ore tha( o(e address8 su'h as 4usi(ess8 i(voi'e8
delivery8 or pay)e(t address e(tered 4y 'li'2i(g the Add 4utto( a(d
e(teri(g the releva(t i(&or)atio( i( the Edit address 7i(do7. A Map
4utto( displays the address positio( o( )ap8 i& para)eters li2e latitude a(d
lo(gitude e9ists.
One-time customers
%here are 'ases 7he( sales to a 'usto)er 7ill (ot reo''ur i( the &uture a(d
the 'o)pa(y does (ot 7a(t to 2eep i( the syste) i(&or)atio( a4out that
'usto)er =&or e9a)ple8 so)e types o& retail 4usi(esses o(ly re@uire a
ge(eri' 'usto)er>. Sele't the O(e#ti)e 'usto)er 'he'2 4o9 to i(di'ate i&
the 'o)pa(y o(ly deals 7ith this 'usto)er o(e ti)e.
%his &eature )ay 4e e(a4led &ro) A''ou(ts 0e'eiva4les para)eters &or)8
7here a de&ault 'usto)er a''ou(t (u)4er 'a( 4e spe'i&ied. %his 7ill serve
as a de&ault te)plate &or o(e#ti)e 'usto)ers8 7hi'h i(&or)atio( 7ill 4e
'opied auto)ati'ally to a (e7ly 'reated 'usto)er re'ord =a (u)4er
se@ue('e )ust 4e supplied &or o(e#ti)e 'usto)ers &ro) 7hi'h the (e7
'usto)er I* is ge(erated> 7he( 'reati(g a sale to a o(e#ti)e 'usto)er i(
the Create sales order dialog 7i(do7. User has to supply the 'usto)er6s
I( so)e 'ases there )ay 4e the 'ase &or 'usto)ers 7ith )ultiple
delivery addresses i( di&&ere(t states or 'ou(tries8 7hi'h )ay re@uire
e(teri(g o& the appropriate ta9 group &or ea'h alter(ative address.
Other miscellaneous customer details
Sele't a statisti'al group i( the Statisti's group list to )a2e reports a(d
statisti's a4out this 'usto)er. 5or e9a)ple8 the statisti's group )ay 4e
used to prioritiCe 'usto)ers 4ased o( their i)porta('e.
A(other i)porta(t &eature used 4y a''ou(ts re'eiva4le 'ler2 is the a4ility
to spe'i&y the &re@ue('y o& 7he( you se(d the 'usto)er a( a''ou(t
state)e(t 4y usi(g the A''ou(t state)e(t list. *epe(di(g o( 'o)pa(ies6
poli'ies8 this 'a( 4e )o(thly8 deter)i(ed 4y the Al7ays optio(8 every
three )o(ths8 usi(g .uarter optio(8 every si9 )o(ths =ia((ually>8 o('e
per year =A((ually> or !ever.
*epe(di(g o( the sele'tio( i( the Address 4oo2 type &ield o( the Ge(eral
5ast%a48 i( the Gover()e(t ide(ti&i'atio( area you )ay e(ter values i( the
I* (u)4er8 Cou(try?regio(8 or State &ields. %hese gover()e(t#esta4lished
data values are 'o))o(ly used to prote't 'o)pa(ies agai(st &i(a('ial loss
due to deli(@ue(t a''ou(ts.
Sele't a ve(dor a''ou(t (u)4er i( the He(dor a''ou(t &ield i& the
'usto)er is also a ve(dor &or your orga(iCatio(. Use the ve(dor a''ou(t
&or rei)4urse)e(t # i& a 'usto)er has a 'redit a)ou(t 4e'ause o&
overpay)e(t or a 'redit (ote8 you 'a( tra(s&er the a)ou(t to the ve(dor
Credit and Collections customer details
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
*y(a)i's A+ provides a 'redit 'he'2 &eature 7hi'h 'a( 4e e(a4led 7ith
the Credit rati(g para)eters i( the A''ou(ts 0e'eiva4les )odule. %hese
para)eters provide a 7ay to e(a4le Che'2 o& 'redit li)it o( sales order8 a
)essage 7he( 'redit li)it is e9'eeded8 'redit li)it type &or e9a)ple. O(
the 'usto)er )aster re'ord you have the optio( o& spe'i&yi(g the 'redit
rati(g a(d a li)it. Dhe( the user is posti(g tra(sa'tio(s through the Sales
a(d Mar2eti(g )odule i& these para)eters are set the( a 'redit li)it 'he'2
7ill 4e per&or)ed. %he user also has the optio( o& per&or)i(g a 'redit
'he'2 7he( posti(g 4y setti(g the Che'2 Credit li)it optio( o( the posti(g
Set up 'redit a(d 'olle'tio(s i(&or)atio( &or the 'usto)er 4y sele'ti(g
7hether i(voi'i(g or deliveries have 4ee( pla'ed o( hold &or the 'usto)er.
!o" all tra(sa'tio(s are possi4le.
I(voi'e" the )ai( a''ou(t is 4lo'2ed &or everythi(g 4e&ore
I(voi'e. Mo(ey 'a( still 4e re'eived8 a(d a( i(voi'e 'a( 4e se(t
o( goods delivered 4e&ore the 4lo'2i(g.
All" all tra(sa'tio(s are o( hold.
Pay)e(t" pay)e(t tra(sa'tio(s are o( hold.
0e@uisitio(" re@uisitio(s tra(sa'tio(s are o( hold.
!ever" (ever allo7 the tra(sa'tio(s to 4e pla'ed o( hold.
Sele't the Ma(datory 'redit li)it 'he'2 4o9 to 'he'2 &or e9'eeded 'redit
li)its a(d8 i& &ou(d8 to display a( error )essage. I( the Credit li)it &ield8
e(ter the )a9i)u) outsta(di(g a)ou(t allo7ed i( the 4ala('e o& the
'usto)erIs a''ou(t. %his a)ou(t is al7ays stated i( the de&ault 'urre('y.
I( the Credit rati(g &ield8 e(ter the 'redit rati(g o& the 'usto)er. It is used
o(ly &or statisti'al purposes.
E(ter appropriate 'olle'tio(s i(&or)atio( i( the &ollo7i(g &ields"
Colle'tio(s 'o(ta't
I('lude i(terest 'harges
E9'lude 'olle'tio(s &ees
Invoice and Delivery customer information
%here are 'ases 7he( the sell#to a(d 4ill#to 'usto)ers are (ot the sa)e. De
'a( use the I(voi'e a''ou(t &ield to li(2 several 'usto)ers to o(e i(voi'e
a''ou(t. I& there is )ore tha( o(e 'usto)er 7ho has the sa)e pay)e(t
address8 or i& the 'usto)erIs a''ou(t is paid through a third party8 the( the
i(voi'e a''ou(t is 7here the i(voi'e a)ou(t is 'redited. I& you leave the
I(voi'e a''ou(t &ield 4la(28 the syste) uses the 'usto)er a''ou(t (u)4er
4y de&ault.
%he delivery ter)s8 )ode o& delivery8 re'eipt 'ale(dar 'a( 4e spe'i&ied i(
the *elivery area. %his i(&or)atio( 7ill de&ault to the sales order header.
%he desti(atio( 'ode &ield 'a( 4e used to divide deliveries i(to groups
a''ordi(g to 'usto)er6s lo'atio(.
Spe'i&y 7hether ta9 should 4e 'al'ulated o( the i(voi'e i( the Sales ta9
group &ield. Sele't the Pri'es i('lude sales ta9 'he'2 4o9 to e(sure that you
i('lude sales ta9 7he( you i(&or) 'usto)ers a4out sales pri'es8 u(less
they 7a(t the pri'es e9'ludi(g sales ta9es =&or e9a)ple8 pri'es e9'ludi(g
HA%>. Also e(ter the %a9 e9e)pt (u)4er a(d Pa'2i(g duty li'e(se
(u)4er &ields.
Customer Payment Information
E(ter i(&or)atio( a4out ho7 to )a(age pay)e(ts o( the i(voi'es e(tered
i( A''ou(ts 0e'eiva4le i( the Custo)er &or)8 o( the Pay)e(t 5ast%a4.
%he &ollo7i(g pay)e(t i(&or)atio( 'a( 4e e(tered"
%er)s o& pay)e(t
Method o& pay)e(t
Pay)e(t spe'i&i'atio(
Pay)e(t s'hedule. A pay)e(t s'hedule 'a( 4e asso'iated 7ith the
ter)s o& pay)e(t 7hi'h is asso'iated 7ith the 'usto)er. %here is
(o li)it to the (u)4er o& pay)e(t s'hedules that 'a( 4e setup. %he
pay)e(t s'hedule is user de&i(ed a(d 'a( spe'i&y i& the pay)e(t is
a &i9ed (u)4er o& pay)e(ts over a period8 &i9ed @ua(tity8 spe'i&i'
a)ou(ts as (eeded.
Pay)e(t day
Cash dis'ou(t. A 'ash dis'ou(t is used as a( i('e(tive &or
'usto)ers that pay 4e&ore due date.
a(2 a''ou(t
a(2 a''ou(t (u)4er
Customer Financial Dimensions
Set up spe'i&i' &i(a('ial di)e(sio(s &or a 'usto)er o( the 5i(a('ial
*i)e(sio(s 5ast%a4. %hroughout the syste)8 you 'a( use &i(a('ial
di)e(sio(s to group data i( di&&ere(t 7ays. I& you desig(ate &i(a('ial
di)e(sio(s &or a 'usto)er8 those &i(a('ial di)e(sio(s auto)ati'ally
de&ault &or tra(sa'tio(s &or that 'usto)er. Aou 'a( 'ha(ge these de&aulted
values 7he( you e(ter the tra(sa'tio(. 5i(a('ial di)e(sio(s e(a4le sales
a(alysis 4y 'usto)er type a(d8 used 7ith other e(tities su'h as ite)s8 sales
perso(s8 sales 'a)paig(s8 et'. to provide )ulti#di)e(sio(al a(alysis.
%he 5i(a('ial *i)e(sio(s &eature is a very i)porta(t part o& *y(a)i's
A+ 2012 that 'a( 4e 'reatively used to provide )ore detailed des'riptio(
o& tra(sa'tio(s8 si)pli&y the a''ou(ti(g pro'ess8 a(alyCe a(d 'lassi&y
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
&i(a('ial tra(sa'tio(s8 e(a4le vie7i(g data &ro) di&&ere(t perspe'tives
si('e they 'a( 4e used throughout the syste).
A sales @uotatio( is a sour'e do'u)e(t that is used to do'u)e(t a( o&&er to
supply a @ua(tity o& produ't &or a spe'i&ied pri'e a(d 4y a spe'i&ied date i(
respo(se to a re@uest &or @uotatio( i( a sales pro'ess.
Issui(g a @uotatio( rese)4les the pro'ess &or issui(g a sales order. Most
&u('tio(ality &ou(d i( the Sales order &or) is also availa4le i( the Sales
@uotatio( &or).
So)eti)es8 your 'usto)ers 7a(t )ore tha( o(e @uotatio( &or the ite)s
that they are i(terested i(. %ypi'ally8 they 7a(t ite)s i( a ra(ge o& pri'es.
I( these situatio(s8 you 'a( se(d several alter(ative @uotatio(s a(d li(2
the). Ea'h @uotatio( )ight re&le't di&&ere(t )aterials =&or e9a)ple8 steel8
'opper8 or alu)i(u)> or di&&ere(t &i(ishes =&or e9a)ple8 4rushed8 polished8
or )atte>. .uotatio(s a''epted 4y 'usto)ers are 'o(verted to sales orders8
7hile alter(ative @uotatio(s are lost 7ith the possi4ility o& atta'hi(g a
reaso( 'ode &or losi(g it.
ales !uotation "usiness #se
Aou 'a( use sales @uotatio(s to"
Issue sales @uotatio(s to 'usto)ers or prospe'ts
J a )a(datory
step 7he( issui(g a sales order &ro) a sales @uotatio( to a
prospe't is the 'o(versio( o& the prospe't i(to a 'usto)erJ
Update sales @uotatio(sJ a sales @uotatio( 'a( 4e updated a(d the
syste) 7ill save di&&ere(t versio(s o& @uotatio(s &or &uture
Co(vert sales @uotatio(s to sales ordersJ
Prospe'ts are 'o)pa(ies or perso(s 7hi'h are (ot 'usto)ers yet.
Create sales @uotatio( te)platesJ usi(g Dord te)plates e(a4les
sta(dard &or)atted @uotatio(s that 'o(tai(s i(&or)atio( &ro) the
Mass 'reate8 update8 a(d delete sales @uotatio(sJ
Copy sales @uotatio(s8 thus 4oosti(g produ'tivity &or si)ilar
@uotatio( pro'essi(gJ
Apply trade agree)e(ts8 supple)e(tary ite)s8 a(d 'harges to
sales @uotatio(sJ
Use e(ha('ed delivery date &eaturesJ
Hie7 the ill o& Material =OM> &or sales @uotatio( li(e ite)s
a(d )a2e updates to the OMJ
I('lude sales @uotatio( ite)s i( )aster s'heduli(g =please see the
Appli'atio( spe'i&i'atio( 4o9 4elo7>.
e&ore you start to 7or2 7ith sales @uotatio(s8 you )ust )a2e so)e
@uotatio( related setti(gs li2e (u)4er se@ue('es8 de&ault values a(d so o(.
Dhe( a (e7 @uotatio( is 'reated8 the syste) 7ill ta2e the I* &ro) the
.uotatio( (u)4er series. Se(di(g a @uotatio( to the prospe't?'usto)er 7ill
also use a (u)4er se@ue('e ter)ed .uotatio( Eour(al8 7hile 'o(&ir)i(g a
@uotatio( 7ill populate the .uotatio( Co(&ir)atio( &ield 7ith a (u)4er
&ro) the .uotatio( Co(&ir)atio( (u)4er se@ue('e.
Mi'roso&t re'o))e(ds that you o4tai( a &ull Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's
C0M li'e(se. I& you do (ot have a C0M li'e(se8 all @uotatio(s are
i('luded i( the )aster pla(8 regardless o& the pro4a4ility that they
7ill 4e 'o(verted to a'tual orders. I('ludi(g all @uotatio(s i( the
)aster pla( 'ould lead to a( u((e'essary i('rease o& i(ve(tory i& the
@uotatio(s are (ot 'o(&ir)ed.
I& you have a C0M li'e(se8 you 'a( i('lude o(ly @uotatio(s that
have a high pro4a4ility o& 4ei(g 'o(verted to orders. 5or e9a)ple8 i&
you e(ter a pro4a4ility per'e(tage o& 1-8 all @uotatio(s that have a
pro4a4ility o& 1- per'e(t a(d )ore are i('luded.
Aou )ay &i(d it use&ul to i('lude o(ly @uotatio(s that have a high
pro4a4ility o& 'o(versio( to orders i& you 7a(t to have ite)s i( sto'2
so that you 'a( deliver the) at the ti)e that is pro)ised i( the
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
etup $a%les
I( additio( to the (u)4er se@ue('es8 there are several setup ta4les &or sales
@uotatio(s. <i2e all other setup ta4les8 the values i( these ta4les should
re&le't a(d support the 'o)pa(yIs 4usi(ess pro'esses.
%he setup ta4les i('lude the &ollo7i(g"
%ypes" I(di'ate the 2i(d o& sale the @uotatio( is. %hey 'a( 4e used
&or statisti's &or sales )a(age)e(t 4e'ause they help tra'2 a(d
a(alyCe the sales @uotatio(s. E9a)ples 'a( i('lude Ca)paig(8
!e7 sale8 a(d O(e ti)e.
%e)plate groups" Create groups &or @uotatio( te)plates. 5or
e9a)ple8 a 'o)pa(y 'a( have a spe'ial eve(t =Easter> sale. As
part o& the sale8 there 'a( 4e three te)plates 7ith di&&ere(t produ't
o&&eri(gs. Use te)plate groups to group all three te)plates as part
o& the Easter sale.
*o'u)e(t titles" Create#'o))o(ly used or ge(eri' titles &or
@uotatio( do'u)e(ts. 5or e9a)ple8 a spe'i&i' title used &or all
Autu)( o&&ers. %hese titles are pri(ted o( @uotatio( do'u)e(ts.
*o'u)e(t i(trodu'tio(s" Create a(d store 'o))o( salutatio(s
a(d i(trodu'tio(s to @uotatio( do'u)e(ts. %hese i(trodu'tio(s are
pri(ted o( @uotatio( do'u)e(ts.
*o'u)e(t 'o('lusio(s" Create a(d )ai(tai( sta(dard 'o('ludi(g
se(te('es or paragraphs &or @uotatio( do'u)e(ts. %hese
'o('lusio(s are pri(ted o( @uotatio( do'u)e(ts.
Default &alues
Aou 'a( set up @uotatio( de&ault values i( the Sales 5ast%a4 o( the
Ge(eral ta4 o& the A''ou(ts re'eiva4le para)eters &or) i( the A''ou(ts
re'eiva4le )odule.
Aou 'a( set up the de&ault values i( the &ollo7i(g &ields"
*ays 'a)paig( e9pires" E(ter the (u)4er o& days &or the
@uotatio( e9piratio( date. Dhe( you 'reate a @uotatio(8 the
e9piratio( date o& the @uotatio( is auto)ati'ally 'al'ulated as
todayIs date plus the (u)4er o& days spe'i&ied i( this &ield.
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
*ays 4e&ore &ollo7 up" E(ter the (u)4er o& days &or the @uotatio(
&ollo7#up date. Dhe( you 'reate a @uotatio(8 the &ollo7#up date
o& the asso'iated a'tivity is auto)ati'ally 'al'ulated as todayIs
date plus the (u)4er o& days spe'i&ied i( this &ield.
.uotatio( type 'usto)er" %his &ield re&ers to the %ype setup ta4le
e9plai(ed earlier. %he type o& @uotatio( 'a( de&ault 7he( a sales
@uotatio( is 'reated.
'or(ing )ith !uotations
O(e o& the )ai( a'tivities as a salesperso( is to )ai(tai( @uotatio(s &or
your 'usto)ers. ;e 'a( 'reate sales @uotatio(s upo( 'usto)er re@uests a(d
i( )ass 4y usi(g @uotatio( te)plates. ;e 'a( 'ha(ge @uotatio(s a(d repri(t
the) or he 'a( e(ter alter(ative @uotatio(s that 7ill 4e )a(aged
si)ulta(eous8 a(d eve( )a2e pri'e si)ulatio(s &or ea'h @uotatio( li(e. It is
also salesperso(6s respo(si4ility to &ollo7 up o( the status o& his sales
@uotatio(s" those that are 'a('eled8 lost a(d 7o(.
Creating ales !uotations
Creati(g a @uotatio( rese)4les 'reati(g a sales order"
Several di&&ere(t list pages help sort a(d vie7 e9isti(g @uotatio(s8
&ro) 7hi'h you 'a( 'reate a @uotatio(. %he list pages 'a( display
all @uotatio(s8 ope( @uotatio(s8 user @uotatio(s =My @uotatio(s>8
e9piri(g @uotatio(s8 se(t @uotatio(s8 et'.
Create header i(&or)atio( a4out the @uotatio( i( the ;eader vie7
o& the Sales @uotatio( &or).
Create the i(dividual li(es i( the <i(e vie7 o& the Sales @uotatio(
&or). Create @uotatio(s &ro) the Sales a(d )ar2eti(g )odule a(d
the E(terprise Portal.
%o 'reate a sales @uotatio( &ro) the Sales a(d )ar2eti(g )odule8 &ollo7
the path Sales a(d )ar2eti(g F Co))o( 5or)s F Sales @uotatio( F All
.uotatio(s8 'li'2 Sales @uotatio( i( the !e7 group o& the A'tio( Pa(e a(d
the( the Create @uotatio( &or) ope(s.
Note: It is possi4le to 'reate a (e7 @uotatio( &ro) a( opportu(ity. %he
usual s'e(ario is that a sales represe(tative 'alls a 'usto)er &or a &ollo7 up
o( a( e9isti(g opportu(ity a(d the 'usto)er )ay re@uest a @uotatio(.
Note" A(other optio( is to 'reate a (e7 ProEe't @uotatio(8 7ith a re&ere('e
to a proEe't I*. Use this optio( 7he( the 'o)pa(y6s a'tivity is tra'2ed 4y
%he %ype8 E9piratio( date8 a(d 5ollo7#up date &ields de&ault a''ordi(g to
the de&ault values that are set up.
As )e(tio(ed earlier8 the A''ou(t type &or 7hi'h the @uotatio( 7ill 4e
'reated 'a( 4e Custo)er or Prospe't. *epe(di(g o& the a''ou(t type
sele'ted8 the syste) sele'ts Custo)er a''ou(t or Prospe't drop#do7( list
appropriately. %his a'tio( tra(s&ers the prospe't a(d 'usto)er values to the
@uotatio( header. %his i('ludes the pri'e dis'ou(t groups asso'iated 7ith
the a''ou(t.
Cli'2 OK to 'lose the Create @uotatio( &or) a(d the (e7 @uotatio( is
ope(ed i( Edit )ode. %o add the @uotatio( details =li(es> 'li'2 Add li(e to
'reate a (e7 li(e o( the <i(es ta4 o& the Sales @uotatio( &or). <i(es 'a( 4e
produ'ts or sales 'ategories8 i& the produ't o( the sales @uotatio( does (ot
have a( ite) (u)4er.
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
Sele'ti(g a produ't sear'hes the syste) &or a valid 'o)4i(atio( o& sales
pri'e a(d li(e dis'ou(ts that are part o& a(y trade agree)e(ts that apply to
the sele'ted ite) a(d 'usto)er. A(y appli'a4le pri'e a(d li(e dis'ou(ts are
applied to the li(e ite). Dhe( all li(es are e(tered8 @uotatio( 'a( 4e se(d
to 'usto)er.
#pdating ales !uotations
Ea'h sales @uotatio( has a @uotatio( status. %he @uotatio( status does (ot
re&er to a parti'ular @uotatio( status setup ta4le. %he status values are &i9ed
i( the syste).
%he status is 'ha(ged 4y various pro'esses i( the @uotatio(. %he @uotatio(
statuses are as &ollo7s"
Created" Dhe( the sales @uotatio( is origi(ally ge(erated8 the
status is set to 'reated.
Se(t" %he .uotatio( is ge(erated. O( the Sales @uotatio( &or)8
&ro) the .uotatio( ta4 i( the A'tio( Pa(e8 'li'2 Se(d @uotatio( i(
the Ge(erate group. %his ope(s the Se(d @uotatio( &or)8 7here
you 'a( ge(erate a pri(ted @uotatio(.
Co(&ir)ed" %he @uotatio( is 'o(&ir)ed a(d 'o(verted to a sales
order. %he 'o(&ir)atio( date is i(serted i(to the @uotatio( a(d the
@uotatio( is 'losed &or editi(g. 5ro) the 5ollo7 up ta4 i( the
A'tio( Pa(e8 'li'2 Co(&ir) i( the Status group. %his ope(s the
Co(&ir) @uotatio( &or).
<ost" %he @uotatio( is lost a(d a di&&ere(t 'o)pa(y 7o( the
@uote. 5ro) the 5ollo7 up ta4 i( the A'tio( Pa(e8 'li'2 <ost i(
the Status group. %his ope(s the <ose @uotatio( &or)8 a(d 7he( it
is 'o)plete updates the status to lost a(d is 'losed &or editi(g.
Ca('eled" %he @uotatio( is 'a('eled 4e'ause the 'usto)er (o
(eeds the goods re@uested. 5ro) the 5ollo7 up ta4 i( the A'tio(
Pa(e8 'li'2 Ca('el i( the Status group. %his ope(s the Ca('el
@uotatio( &or)8 a(d 7he( it is 'o)plete updates the status to
'a('eled a(d is 'losed &or editi(g.
Confirm a ales !uotation
Dhe( the sales @uotatio( is 'o(&ir)ed8 the syste) as2 &or a reaso( 7hy the
@uotatio( 7as 'o(&ir)ed =&or e9a)ple8 pri'e> a(d the( 'reates a sales
order8 'opies all values &ro) the sales @uotatio( to the sales order8 'reates a
@uotatio( 'o(&ir)atio( Eour(al re'ord8 i(serts the 'o(&ir)atio( date i(to
the sales @uotatio( as the 'urre(t syste) date8 sets the .uotatio( status to
Co(&ir)ed a(d 'loses the sales @uotatio( &or editi(g.
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
%he (e7 sales order is sho7( i( the <atest sales orders se'tio( o( &a't 4o9
o( the right#ha(d side =the <atest sales orders &a't 4o9 )ight (eed to 4e
e9pa(ded>. %he user 'a( 'li'2 o( the sales order (u)4er to vie7 the sales
order a(d the sales order li(e details.
*ose a ales !uotation
%o set the status o& a sales @uotatio( to <ost8 i( the 5ollo7 up ta4 i( the
A'tio( Pa(e8 you 'a( 'li'2 <ost .uotatio( i( the Status group. Aou are
the( pro)pted to e(ter the reaso( the sales @uotatio( is lost. %he .uotatio(
status is the( set to L<ostL a(d the @uotatio( is 'losed &or editi(g.
Cancel a ales !uotation
%o set the status o& a sales @uotatio( to Ca('eled8 you 'a( 'li'2 Ca('el i(
the Status group o( the 5ollo7 up ta4 i( the A'tio( Pa(e. Aou are the(
pro)pted to e(ter the reaso( the sales @uotatio( is 'a('eled. %he .uotatio(
status is the( set to LCa('eledL a(d the @uotatio( is 'losed &or editi(g.
ales !uotation $emplate
Aou 'a( set up @uotatio( te)plates to ease the )ass 'reatio( a(d
)odi&i'atio( o& sales @uotatio(s. 5or e9a)ple8 a 'o)pa(y 'a( o&&er a
holiday pro)otio( that 'o(sists o& three o&&eri(gs8 ea'h 7ith di&&ere(t
ite)s to 4e @uoted.
%o &a'ilitate this o&&eri(g8 'reate a @uotatio( te)plate8 7hi'h 'a( 4e do(e
starti(g &ro) a( e9isti(g sales @uotatio( o( 7hi'h you 'a( spe'i&y that it
4elo(gs to a te)plate Group I*8 has a te)plate (a)e a(d has the A'tive
'he'2)ar2 O(.
!e9t ti)e user 7a(ts to 'reate a (e7 sales @uotatio( a(d 7a(ts to apply a
te)plate he 'a( sele't a( a'tive te)plate o( the Create @uotatio( &or).
Also8 4y sele'ti(g a Cal'ulatio( Method8 the user de'ides i& ite) pri'es are
4ased o( the sta(dard hierar'hy &or &i(di(g pri'es a(d dis'ou(ts8 su'h as
produ't sales pri'e8 a(d trade agree)e(ts =ased o( 'urre(t values> or all
i(&or)atio( that is (ot 'usto)er spe'i&i'8 su'h as di)e(sio(s a(d ite)
pri'es8 is ta2e( &ro) the te)plate =ased o( te)plate values>.
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
Note+ O(ly a'tive te)plates 'a( 4e used 7he( you apply a te)plate to a
(e7 sales @uotatio(.
,ass Creation of ales !uotations
I& you have to 'reate si)ilar @uotatio(s &or )a(y di&&ere(t sales targets8
you 'a( )ass 'reate the @uotatio(s i(stead o& 'reati(g the) o(e#4y#o(e.
Aou 'a( do this &or sales @uotatio(s a(d proEe't @uotatio(s. Dhe( you
)ass 'reate a(y 2i(d o& @uotatio(8 you )ust 4ase the @uotatio( o( a
@uotatio( te)plate. %o )ass 'reate sales @uotatio(s8 you have to a''ess the
Periodi' Eo4 Mass 'reate @uotatio(s8 spe'i&y the a''ou(t type8 spe'i&y the
te)plate group a(d te)plate (a)e a(d the 'al'ulatio( )ethod. y usi(g
the Sele't 4utto( you 'a( spe'i&y additio(al 'riteria &or the )ass sales
@uotatio( 'reatio(.
I& (o 'o(ta'ts are sele'ted or &iltered8 sales @uotatio(s &or the 'usto)er or
prospe't are se(t to all 'o(ta'ts 7ho are asso'iated 7ith this 'usto)er or
prospe't. I& (o 'o(ta'ts are asso'iated 7ith the 'usto)er or prospe't8 (o
sales @uotatio(s are 'reated.
Other ales !uotations Periodic #pdates
Ma(y sales @uotatio(s 'a( 4e updated at the sa)e ti)e. %he optio(s &or
)ass update are &ou(d i( the Sales a(d )ar2eti(g F Periodi' F .uotatio(
update &older.
%he optio(s &or )ass updates i('lude the &ollo7i(g"
Ca('el @uotatio(" All sales @uotatio(s 'a( 4e 'a('eled at the sa)e
<ose @uotatio(" All sales @uotatio(s 'a( 4e lost at the sa)e ti)e.
Mass 'reate @uotatio(" All sales @uotatio(s 'a( 4e 'reated at the
sa)e ti)e.
Co(&ir) @uotatio(" All sales @uotatio(s 'a( 4e 'o(&ir)ed at the
sa)e ti)e.
Se(t @uotatio(" All sales @uotatio(s 'a( 4e pri(ted at the sa)e
Printing ales !uotations
I& sales @uotatio( i(&or)atio( 'ha(ges8 it 'a( 4e repri(ted 4y 'li'2i(g Se(d
@uotatio( i( the Ge(erate group o( the .uote ta4 i( the A'tio( Pa(e. %his
(ot o(ly a'tivates the @uotatio( to 4e repri(ted 4ut 'reates a (e7 .uotatio(
Eour(al re'ord also.
%he salesperso( 'reates the sales @uotatio(8 pri(ts it8 a(d )ails it to the
'usto)er. A&ter they re'eive the @uotatio(8 the 'usto)er 'o(ta'ts the
salesperso( a(d 'ha(ges the @ua(tity o& produ'ts. %he salesperso( updates
the sales @uotatio( a(d ge(erates the @uotatio(. %his (ot o(ly pri(ts the
sales @uotatio(8 it 'reates a(other 'o(tra'tual o&&er 4y the 'o)pa(y 7hi'h
is re'orded as a (e7 sales @uotatio( Eour(al.
O(ly the )ost re'e(t @uotatio( is used 7he( 'o(&ir)i(g to a sales order.
%he @uotatio( Eour(al re'ords are a''essed 4y &ollo7i(g the path Sales a(d
)ar2eti(g F I(@uiries F Mour(als F .uotatio(.
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
Deleting ales !uotations
%here are t7o )ethods to delete a sales @uotatio(8 either delete sales
@uotatio( re'ords i(dividually or 4y )ar2i(g re'ords8 either delete sales
@uotatio( re'ords i( )ass 4y usi(g the *elete @uotatio(s &or). O(ly sales
@uotatio(s 7ith a status o& Created8 Co(&ir)ed8 <ost8 or Ca('eled 'a( 4e
Additional ales !uotation Features
%he &ollo7i(g &eatures are availa4le &or sales @uotatio(s"
Copy &ro) all
Ma(age 'o)petitors
%rade agree)e(ts a(d supple)e(tary ite)s
E(ha('ed delivery date &eatures
Dor2i(g 7ith OMs
Multiple ship to addresses
.uotatio(s i('luded i( Master s'heduli(g
Pri'e si)ulatio(
Copy From All
Aou 'a( use the Copy &ro) all &eature to save ti)e a(d preve(t sales
@uotatio( i(&or)atio( &ro) 4ei(g e(tered &ro) s'rat'h8 a(d to 'opy the
7hole @uotatio( or spe'i&i' pie'es o& di&&ere(t @uotatio(s.
%he Copy &ro) all &eature 'opies the sa)e i(&or)atio( as i( sales orders.
;o7ever8 the i(&or)atio( is o(ly &ro) other sales @uotatio(s. Aou 'a(
a''ess the 5ro) all 4utto( i( the Copy group o( the A'tio( Pa(e &ro) the
Sales @uotatio( &or).
%he Copy &ro) all &or) displays a list o& sales @uotatio(s. Aou 'a( sele't
the sales @uotatio( or the sales @uotatio( li(e ite)s to 'opy. I& you 'li'2
Sele't all o( the @uotatio( li(e all the sales @uotatio( li(es u(der(eath are
'opied to the (e7 sales @uotatio(. I& you do (ot 7a(t to sele't the
@uotatio( li(es8 )a(ually sele't the Mar2 'he'2 4o9 o( the appropriate
@uotatio( li(e=s>.
,anage competitors
Aou 'a( add 'o)petitors to a @uotatio( a(d this 'a( provide a &urther
a(alysis a4out the result o& 'o)peti(g agai(st the)8 &or e9a)ple i(di'ati(g
@uotatio(s 7o(.
$rade Agreements and upplementary Items
Aou 'a( use trade agree)e(ts to set up dis'ou(ts a(d pri'es &or sales
orders a(d sales @uotatio(s. %rade agree)e(t optio(s i('lude the
Sales pri'e" %he 'usto)er re'eives spe'ial pri'i(g &or 'ertai(
<i(e dis'ou(t" %he 'usto)er re'eives a dis'ou(t i& the @ua(tity o(
a sales @uotatio( li(e )eets the )i(i)u) @ua(tity re@uired 4y the
Multili(e dis'ou(t" %his dis'ou(t 7or2s the sa)e as the <i(e
dis'ou(t 7ith o(e di&&ere('e" the 'usto)er re'eives a dis'ou(t i&
the @ua(tity o( all the appli'a4le li(es i( a sales @uotatio( )eets
the )i(i)u) @ua(tity re@uired 4y the agree)e(t.
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
%otal dis'ou(t" %he 'usto)er re'eives a dis'ou(t o( the 7hole
Aou 'a( a''ess the trade agree)e(t &u('tio(ality &ro) the Ge(eral ta4 i(
the A'tio( Pa(e8 4y 'li'2i(g the %rade agree)e(t 4utto( i( the Custo)er
A(other optio( that you 'a( a''ess &ro) the Ge(eral ta4 is the
Supple)e(tary sales ite)s that are set up &or ite)s i( relatio( to the
'usto)er o( the sales @uotatio(. %his optio( 'a( also 4e &ou(d &ro) the
sales @uotatio( li(e 4y 'li'2i(g Sales @uotatio( li(e F Supple)e(tary ite)s
&ro) the A'tio( Pa(e. %his &u('tio(ality 7or2s the sa)e as it does &or
sales orders.
%rade agree)e(ts 7ithi( Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 provide high
&le9i4ility a(d gra(ularity &or 'o(trolli(g sales pri'es a(d dis'ou(ts. %he
trade agree)e(t types i('lude pri'e8 li(e dis'ou(t8 )ultili(e dis'ou(t8 a(d
total dis'ou(t a(d 'a( 4e spe'i&ied &or a large ra(ge o& trade agree)e(t
'o(ditio(s ='usto)er?seg)e(t o& 'usto)ers8 ite)?seg)e(t o& ite)s8
produ't di)e(sio(s8 storage di)e(sio(s8 tra'2i(g di)e(sio(s8 pri'e 4rea28
u(it o& )easure8 'urre('y8 a(d e&&e'tive dates>.
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 supports a large variety o& &u('tio(ality that
provides overvie7 a(d tra(spare('y a(d that si)pli&ies )ai(te(a('e a(d
redu'es the resour'es (eeded to )a(age the trade agree)e(ts"
Sele't B E9tra'ti(g a'tive trade agree)e(ts i(to the trade
agree)e(t Eour(al is si)ple a(d pre'ise.
S)art rou(di(g B %his &eature supports psy'hologi'al pri'i(g 4y
'o(trolli(g pri'e e(di(gs per pri'e i(terval a(d 'urre('y.
Copy a(d revise B !e7 trade agree)e(ts 'a( 4e 'reated )a(ually
or 4y 'opyi(g a(d )odi&yi(g e9isti(g trade agree)e(ts i( o(e
pro'ess step. =%his i('ludes the optio( to 'opy a(d 'o(vert
pur'hase pri'es i(to sales pri'es.>
ul2 editi(g B Aou 'a( 4ul2 update trade agree)e(ts 7he(
'o))o( 'ha(ges apply. Use s)art rou(di(g a&ter 4ul2 editi(g to
e(sure pri'e e(di(gs &or sales pri'es.
Ge(eri' 'urre('y B Sales pri'es 'a( 4e )ai(tai(ed i( o(e
'urre('y a(d auto)ati'ally 'o(verted to a(y other 'urre('y at the
ti)e o& order ta2i(g. *edi'ated e9'ha(ge rates are used solely &or
sales pri'es8 7ith their o7( rates a(d update &re@ue('y. Use s)art
rou(di(g a&ter 'o(versio( to e(sure pri'e e(di(gs &or sales pri'es.
Segregatio( o& duties B %he se'urity &ra)e7or2 lets you divide
the )ai(te(a('e tas2 i(to t7o re@uired operatio(s" e(teri(g trade
agree)e(ts 4y the 'ler28 a(d approval a(d a'tivatio( 4y the
I)port B%rade agree)e(ts 'a( 4e i)ported 4y usi(g the Mi'roso&t
*y(a)i's A+ 2012 Appli'atio( I(tegratio( 5ra)e7or2 =AI5> or 4y
usi(g Mi'roso&t O&&i'e Add#i(s &or Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012.
Sales pri'es a(d dis'ou(ts are derived &ro) trade agree)e(ts. %his
'al'ulatio( 'a( 4e a si)ple sear'h &or a valid trade agree)e(t or a )ore
'o)ple9 'al'ulatio( that &i(ds the 'heapest pri'e a(d largest dis'ou(t8
i('ludi(g the 'o('epts o& ge(eri' 'urre('y a(d s)art rou(di(g.
%he sales pri'es a(d dis'ou(ts are derived &ro) the trade agree)e(ts 7he(
re@uested. %his 'a( 4e at the ti)e o& 'reati(g or updati(g a sales
@uotatio(?order8 or a re@uest 'a( 4e )ade &or e9porti(g a( ele'tro(i' pri'e
list a(d dis'ou(t list to a 'usto)er 4y usi(g the Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+
2012 Appli'atio( I(tegratio( 5ra)e7or2 =AI5>.
%he 'al'ulatio( o& sales pri'es a(d dis'ou(t &ro) trade agree)e(ts is (ot
al7ays 7a(ted 7he( updati(g a sales @uotatio(?order. I(&or)atio( is
4rought to the user 7he( 'ha(ges to a( e9isti(g order or @uotatio( 'ould
i)pa't the pri'es a(d dis'ou(ts that have 4ee( )a(ually e(tered or
tra(s&erred &ro) a(other do'u)e(t. 5or e9a)ple8 this 'ould 4e sales pri'es
a(d dis'ou(ts o( a sales @uotatio(?order (egotiated a(d agreed upo( duri(g
a @uotatio( pro'ess.
y displayi(g ti)ely a(d pre'ise i(&or)atio(8 Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+
2012 e(a4les the user to )a2e 'o(s'ious de'isio(s" 7hether or (ot to 2eep
the e9isti(g (egotiated sales pri'es a(d dis'ou(ts or to derive the de&ault
sales pri'es a(d dis'ou(ts &ro) the trade agree)e(ts 4ased o( the (e7
Sales pri'es a(d dis'ou(ts also 'a( 4e derived &ro) sales agree)e(ts. Sales
agree)e(ts are a 'o(tra't 4et7ee( a 'o)pa(y a(d its 'usto)er. %he sales
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
pri'es a(d dis'ou(ts o& the sales agree)e(t overrule a(y sales pri'es a(d
dis'ou(ts stated i( a(y trade agree)e(ts that )ay e9ist.
I( previous A+ versio(s &u('tio(ality 7as 'alled NMis'ella(eous 'hargesO.
Aou 'a( use 'harges to add 'osts to a @uotatio( or to spe'i&i' ite)s o& a
@uotatio(. Charges 'ould 4e used &or &reight or servi'es.
%o add 'harges to the 7hole sales @uotatio( o( the Sales @uotatio( &or)8 i(
the .uotatio( ta4 o( the A'tio( Pa(e8 'li'2 Mai(tai( Charges i( the
Charges group.
%o add 'harges to a @uotatio( li(e ite)8 sele't the Mai(tai( 'harges optio(
&ro) the Sales @uotatio( li(e 4utto( i( the <i(es A'tio( Pa(e o& the Sales
@uotatio( &or). %his &u('tio(ality 7or2s the sa)e as it does &or sales
orders. Charges are 'opied 7he( the @uotatio( is 'o(&ir)ed to the sales
'or(ing )ith "O,s
I( the Sales @uotatio( &or)8 i( the li(es area8 'li'2 Update li(e8 sele't
ased o( OM i( the Cal'ulate group. Aou 'a( use this optio( to vie7 the
OM &or sales @uotatio( li(e ite)s8 to update the sales pri'e a(d to sho7
the e&&e't o& @ua(tity 'ha(ges o( 'osts.
Aou 'a( use the OM 'al'ulatio( optio( to"
Sele't the optio(s &or 'o(&igura4le OM ite)s a(d re'al'ulate the
sales pri'e &or the ite).
0e'al'ulate 'osts i& ra7 )aterial 'osts i('rease 4ut are (ot
updated i( the syste).
Sho7 the e&&e't o& @ua(tity 'ha(ges o( the 'ost.
;ave the salesperso( 'ha(ge the @ua(tity a(d vie7 the 'ost
di&&ere('e a(d )argi( di&&ere('e 4ased o( )a(u&a'turi(g
re@uire)e(ts. Dith this i(&or)atio(8 the salesperso( 'a( de'ide to
o&&er the 'usto)er a 4etter pri'e o( the larger @ua(tity.
Note" %his &u('tio(ality 7or2s the sa)e as it does &or sales orders.
,ultiple hip $o Addresses
%he delivery address &or a sales @uotatio( a(d its li(e ite)s de&aults &ro)
the 'usto)erIs address. ;o7ever8 you 'a( set the delivery address &or the
7hole @uotatio( to o(e o& the 'usto)erIs alter(ative addresses8 or have the
delivery address 4e desig(ated 4y the @uotatio( li(e ite). y doi(g this8
di&&ere(t ite)s &ro) the @uotatio( 'a( 4e shipped to di&&ere(t 'usto)er
%o desig(ate a( alter(ative address &or the 7hole @uotatio(8 'li'2 the
;eader vie7 i( the Sho7 group o( the A'tio( Pa(e a(d i( the Address
5ast%a48 'li'2 the *elivery address drop#do7( list a(d sele't a (e7 re'ord.
I& the address is (ot listed8 'li'2 the Add i'o( a(d type a (e7 address8 or
'li'2 the Sele't di&&ere(t address i'o( a(d sele't a( address.
%o desig(ate a( alter(ative address &or a @uotatio( li(e8 sele't the <i(e
vie7 i( the Sho7 group o( the A'tio( Pa(e a(d i( the <i(e details 5ast%a4
sele't the Address ta4. %he optio(s &or sele'ti(g a( address are the sa)e as
the header.
Note" %his &u('tio(ality 7or2s the sa)e as it does &or sales orders.
Include !uotations in ,aster cheduling
Ite) 0eservatio(s are used 4y so)e 'o)pa(ies to provide )ore a''urate
i(&or)atio( o( the availa4le o(#ha(d i(ve(tory to the salesperso(s or order
ta2ers. %he three reservatio(s types that are availa4le i( Mi'roso&t
*y(a)i's A+ 2012 are )a(ual8 auto)ati' a(d e9plosio( reservatio(s. %he
&u('tio(ality also allo7s vie7i(g a(d i(@uiri(g o( reservatio(s 4y usi(g
the lo'2 reservatio(s &u('tio(ality8 'a('eli(g a(d )a2i(g 4at'h
reservatio(s a(d also ide(ti&yi(g the relatio(ship 4et7ee( reservatio(s a(d
sales order pi'2i(g.
%he 'lassi' s'e(ario is that a 'o)pa(y pro'esses hu(dreds o& sales orders
every day a(d the syste) )ust provide the 7ay to e(sure that a sale is
a''o)plished 7he( pro)ised to 'usto)er. %he sales order pro'essors
'o(&ir) that su&&i'ie(t i(ve(tory is o(#ha(d to satis&y ea'h order as they
re'ord the orders. %o )a2e sure that the i(ve(tory sold is availa4le 7he(
the order is pi'2ed8 they use the Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 reservatio(s
&u('tio(ality. y doi(g this8 the ite)=s> is =are> reserved &ro) the ti)e o&
sale o(7ard8 a(d the sales order pro'essors 'a( 'o(&ir) the order a(d
delivery date at the ti)e o& sale.
'hy Perform -eservations and 'hat Can %e -eserved.
I(ve(tory @ua(tities 'a( 4e reserved &or a spe'i&i' sales order. Dhe(
i(ve(tory is reserved8 it 'a((ot 4e 7ithdra7( &ro) the 7arehouse &or other
orders u(less the i(ve(tory reservatio(8 or part o& it8 is 'a('eled. Dhe( you
per&or) a reservatio( the @ua(tity is reserved agai(st o(#ha(d i(ve(tory.
*epe(di(g o( the I(ve(tory )a(age)e(t para)eters setti(gs8 @ua(tities
'a( also 4e reserved agai(st ordered8 4ut (ot yet re'eived @ua(tities o&
%here are several reaso(s to reserve i(ve(tory8 i('ludi(g the &ollo7i(g"
0eservatio(s provide a histori'al approa'h &or )a2i(g delivery
pro)ises agai(st o(#ha(d i(ve(tory.
5irst ordered8 &irst delivered8 )ea(s 'usto)ers re'eive availa4le
ite)s i( the order their sales order li(es are 'reated.
A shortage o& ite)s 7he( there is a lo(g8 or u(2(o7(8 delivery
ti)e &ro) the ve(dor. Ma2e sure 'ertai( 'usto)ers or orders
re'eive delivery o& the &irst availa4le ite)s.
Certai( 'usto)ers a(d types o& orders 'a( have &irst priority &or
Dhe( you 7or2 7ith ite)s that have serial or 4at'h (u)4ers8
spe'i&i' serial?4at'h (u)4ers 'a( 4e reserved &or spe'i&i' orders.
Spe'ial ordered ite)s 'a( 4e reserved &or 'ertai( orders.
Dhe( you use produ'tio( orders8 spe'i&i' ite)s 'a( 4e reserved
that are produ'ed &or spe'i&i' orders8 or adEusted to )eet spe'i&i'
Dhe( you use the Create pur'hase order a(d Create dire't delivery
&u('tio(s &ro) a sales order8 reservatio(s are auto)ati'ally )ade
4et7ee( the sales order a(d the atta'hed pur'hase order. %he ite)Is
type deter)i(es 7hat 'a( 4e reserved &ro) a( order"
0eserve ite)s a(d ills o& Material =OM> ite)s. !oti'e that o(ly
the OM ite) is reserved at reservatio( a(d (ot the 'o)po(e(t
Ite)s o& the type Servi'e a(d (ot sto'2ed produ'ts 'a((ot 4e
reserved 4e'ause there is (o o(#ha(d i(ve(tory.
-eservation/ Dimensions and $ransactions
Dhe( you 7or2 7ith reservatio(s8 i(ve(tory di)e(sio( values are
i)porta(t. 5or all ite) issues8 i(ve(tory di)e(sio( values )ust 4e
spe'i&ied a''ordi(g to the ite)Is di)e(sio( group 4e&ore physi'al pi'2i(g
o''urs. %he di)e(sio( values are spe'i&ied dire'tly o( the li(e 4y usi(g the
Pi'2 dialog 4o98 through Pi'2 list registratio(8 or as a reservatio(.
Dhe( you reserve i(ve(tory8 'o(sider these three i(ve(tory di)e(sio(
Storage di)e(sio(8 espe'ially those 7ith the Pri)ary sto'2i(g
para)eter sele'ted
%ra'2i(g di)e(sio(
Produ't di)e(sio(
0eservatio(s apply to o(#ha(d i(ve(tory8 (ot to a tra(sa'tio(. %his )ea(s
reservatio(s are 'reated o( li(es i( the O(#ha(d &or) a(d (ot o( li(es i(
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
the %ra(sa'tio(s &or). e'ause there are o(#ha(d i(ve(tories &or ea'h
di)e(sio( value8 a reservatio( 'a( 4e 'reated o( the o(#ha(d i(ve(tory
that is spe'i&ied 4y the issue tra(sa'tio( di)e(sio(s. ;o7ever8 i& the
0eserve ordered ite) para)eter is sele'ted8 reservatio(s 'a( also 4e
'reated o( ordered 4ut (ot yet re'eived ite)s.
-eservation Parameters
Aou 'a( deter)i(e the 7ay a(d 7hat types o& reservatio(s are )ade 4y
spe'i&yi(g the para)eters to set up &or reservatio(s.
0eserve Ordered Ite)s. I& the 0eserve ordered ite)s 'he'2 4o9 is sele'ted8
ite)s that are ordered 4ut (ot yet re'eived 'a( 4e reserved. %o veri&y the
status o& this para)eter8 ope( I(ve(tory a(d 7arehouse )a(age)e(t F
Setup F I(ve(tory a(d 7arehouse )a(age)e(t para)eters8 go to the the
Ge(eral ta4 to vie7 the para)eters sele'tio( status.
Sele't *e&ault 0eservatio( %ype o( Sales Orders. %hree reservatio( types
are availa4le i( Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012"
I( A''ou(ts re'eiva4le F Setup F A''ou(ts re'eiva4le para)eters8 sele't
the reservatio( type that is the de&ault type 7he( you 'reate a (e7 sales
order. %his value de&aults i(to the sales order a(d the sales order li(e. I& it
is (e'essary8 you 'a( override the reservatio( setti(g )a(ually i( the sales
order. Additio(ally you 'a( override the sales order setti(g o( the sales
order li(e. 5or e9a)ple8 o( a si(gle sales order8 you 'a( have sales order
li(es 7ith a( Auto)ati' reservatio( type a(d li(es 7ith Ma(ual or
E9plosio( setti(gs.
A''ou(ts re'eiva4le F Sales orders F All sales orders. Sele't the sales
order re'ord. Cli'2 Edit F Sales order ta4 F ;eader vie7 F Ge(eral ta4.
A''ou(ts re'eiva4le F Sales orders F All sales orders. Sele't the sales
order re'ord. Cli'2 Edit F Sales order ta4 F <i(e vie7 F <i(e details F
Setup ta4.
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
Mar2i(g rese)4les a reservatio(8 a(d is used to 'o((e't re'eipt a(d issue
tra(sa'tio(s. Mar2i(g is 4ased o( the 'ost o& a( i(ve(tory re'eipt =lot> a(d
is 'o(sidered 4y i(ve(tory 'losi(g pro'edure. %he &i(a('ial value is 4ased
o( the 'ost o& the lot that is )ar2ed8 (ot o( i(ve(tory 'osti(g. %his is
i)porta(t 7he( you are assig(i(g a spe'i&i' ite) 'ost to a( issue8 a(d it is
also help&ul 7he( you are retur(i(g ite)s.
*uri(g i(ve(tory 'losi(g8 )ar2i(g overrules the ite)Is i(ve(tory )odel
setti(g8 &irst i(8 &irst out =5I5O>8 last i(8 &irst out =<I5O>8 a(d other
i(ve(tory )odels used to &i(d the 'ost pri'e &or issues. I(ve(tory 'losi(g
al7ays uses the 'ost pri'e &ro) the )ar2ed re'eipt.
,anual -eservations
Aou 'a( use the 0eservatio( &or) to )a2e a )a(ual reservatio(8 a(d
)a(ually reserve a( ite) &ro) a sales order li(e.
%o per&or) a )a(ual reservatio( &ro) a sales order li(e8 ope( A''ou(ts
re'eiva4le F Co))o( 5or)s F Sales orders F All sales orders8 sele't a(
e9isti(g sales order or 'reate a (e7 sales order a(d sales order li(e a(d
'li'2 I(ve(tory F 0eservatio(. %he 0eservatio( &or) appears.
Spe'i&y the i(ve(tory di)e(sio(s that 7ill display i( the 0eservatio( &or)
4y 'li'2i(g &ro) the 0eservatio(s &or)8 I(ve(tory F *i)e(sio(s display.
Sele't the di)e(sio(s that 7ill display a(d sele't the Save setup 'he'2
I( the 0eservatio( &or)8 vie7 the e9isti(g reservatio(s i( the &ollo7i(g
Physi'al reserved # *isplays 7hat physi'al i(ve(tory is reserved i( the
'urre(t lot o& the sele'ted sales order li(e.
E9a)ple" %here is a sales order li(e &or te( pie'es8 &ive o& the te( pie'es
are reserved a(d L-L appears i( the 0eserved physi'al &ield.
Ordered reserved # *isplays 7hat ordered i(ve(tory is reserved &or the
'urre(t lot o& the sele'ted sales order li(e.
Ordered # *isplays a( u(#reserved @ua(tity o& the lot o& the sele'ted sales
order li(e.
Sele't # Hie7 re'eipts to vie7 the re'eipt tra(sa'tio(s &or the 'urre(t
i(ve(tory di)e(sio( i( a separate 7i(do7 at the 4otto) o& the s'ree(.
Sele't this 'he'2 4o98 &or e9a)ple8 to vie7 re'eipt dates &or spe'i&i'
4at'hes o& o(#ha(d i(ve(tory to reserve agai(st the )ost re'e(t 4at'hes8 i&
this is a( orderi(g priority.
I( the 0eservatio( &ield8 e(ter the @ua(tity to reserve
User 'a( vie7 the 'ha(ges i( the 0eservatio( &or). %he Physi'al reserved
or Ordered reserved @ua(tity is updated8 depe(di(g o( the availa4le
@ua(tity o(#ha(d a(d the setti(g &or I(ve(tory a(d 7arehouse )a(age)e(t
F Setup F I(ve(tory a(d 7arehouse )a(age)e(t para)eters F Ge(eral ta4
F 0eserve ordered ite)s.
Item ,odel 0roup
;o7 Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 respo(ds 7he( your try to reserve
)ore tha( the availa4le physi'al @ua(tity &or a( ite) &or a spe'i&i'
di)e(sio( depe(ds o( the ite)Is ite) )odel group para)eters"
I& the ite) has a( ite) )odel group 7here !egative physi'al is
sele'ted8 you 'a( reserve )ore tha( the availa4le i(ve(tory.
I& the ite) has a( ite) )odel group 7here !egative physi'al is
'leared8 a 7ar(i(g is re'eived stati(g that so )a(y ite)s 'a((ot 4e
reserved8 a(d the reservatio( is 'a('eled.
I& the 0eserve ordered ite)s optio( is sele'ted8 the reservatio( 'a( also
'o(sider ordered 4ut (ot yet re'eived @ua(tities o& goods &or reservatio(s.
A( i('rease to the @ua(tity o( the sales order li(e does (ot i('rease the
'orrespo(di(g @ua(tity reservatio(. %he additio(al @ua(tity re'eives the
status O( order8 a(d the reservatio( to 'over the additio(al @ua(tity has to
4e per&or)ed )a(ually.
%o auto)ati'ally &ill i( the 0eservatio( &ield &or the 'urre(t lot or the 'urre(t
i(ve(tory8 'li'2 0eserve lot or 0eserve li(e.
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
I& there is a de'rease to the @ua(tity o( the sales order li(e8 the( the (e7
@ua(tity is less tha( the e9isti(g reservatio(. Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+
'ha(ges8 a(d8 or de'reases the @ua(tity a''ordi(gly.
Aou 'a( sele't the 0eserve ordered ite)s 'he'2 4o9 i( the I(ve(tory a(d
7arehouse )a(age)e(t F Setup F I(ve(tory a(d 7arehouse )a(age)e(t
para)eters F Ge(eral ta4 so that8 reservatio(s 7ill 4e )ade agai(st
physi'ally availa4le @ua(tities o& the ite)s8 a(d ite)s that are ordered 4ut
(ot yet re'eived i(to the 7arehouse.
I& this para)eter is 'leared8 the( reservatio(s 'a( o(ly 4e )ade agai(st
physi'ally availa4le @ua(tities o& the ite).
Note+ %he 0eserve ordered ite)s para)eter 7or2s the sa)e 7ay &or li(es
7here the 0eservatio( type is Auto)ati' or E9plosio(.
Automatic -eservations
Aou 'a( use the reservatio( type Auto)ati' o( a sales order li(e a(d the
order @ua(tity 7ill 4e auto)ati'ally reserved agai(st the ite)Is availa4le
o(#ha(d i(ve(tory. I& there is i(su&&i'ie(t o(#ha(d i(ve(tory8 a(d the
0eserved ordered ite)s para)eter is sele'ted8 Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+
2012 7ill also )a2e reservatio(s agai(st @ua(tities o& the ite) 7ith the
status Ordered.
A 'o))o( s'e(ario &or auto)ati' reservatio(s is 7ith ite)s that have high
sales volu)es a(d are set up &or auto)ati' reservatio(s. e'ause the ite)s
have high sales volu)es8 several orders 'a( 4e ta2e( 7ithi( the sa)e ti)e
period8 7ith ea'h order validated as havi(g su&&i'ie(t i(ve(tory o(#ha(d to
satis&y the order. ;o7ever8 at the ti)e o& pi'2i(g8 the de)a(d &or the ite)s
'a( e9'eed the i(ve(tory.
y usi(g auto)ati' reservatio(s8 de&i'its i( i(ve(tory are visi4le at the
ti)e that the order li(e is 'reated8 i(stead o& at the ti)e o& pi'2i(g. y
doi(g this8 the order pro'essor 'a( i(&or) the 'usto)er the ite) is out#o&#
sto'2 or suggest other ite)s. %his i)proves 'usto)er servi'e.
Automatic -eservation and election of "atch
1 CUS%OME0 0E%U0!S
O(e o& the other aspe'ts i(volved 7ith sales order pro'essi(g is ite)
retur(ed pro'essi(g &ro) 'usto)ers. A 'usto)er )ay retur( ite)s a(d
'lai) &or repla'e)e(t a(d?or a &i(a('ial 'o)pe(satio( a(d )ay deter)i(e
the selli(g 'o)pa(y8 depe(di(g o( the evaluatio( o& the servi'e
depart)e(t8 to apply a dispositio( 'ode su'h as 'redit o(ly8 'redit a(d
s'rap8 repla'e a(d 'redit or repla'e a(d s'rap8 7hi'h 7ill deter)i(e the
su4se@ue(t steps i( the pro'essi(g &lo7. Custo)ers 'a( retur( ite)s to a
'o)pa(y &or various reaso(s8 su'h as a( ite) is de&e'tive8 or a( ite) does
(ot &ul&ill the 'usto)erIs e9pe'tatio(s.
%he retur( pro'ess starts 7ith a re@uest &ro) a 'usto)er to retur( a( ite)8
a(d progresses to 'reati(g a retur( order i( Mi'roso&t *y(a)i'sP A+
%he 'usto)er retur(s s'e(arios 'over ho7 to 'reate8 'o(&ir) the arrival o&
retur(ed ite)s8 a(d i(spe't the retur(ed ite)s. %he &i(al t7o s'e(arios
sho7 the &i(al pro'edures o& pro'essi(g the sales order a(d updati(g the
retur( order.
0etur( Material AuthoriCatio( =0MA> pro'essi(g 4uilds o( sales order
&u('tio(ality. Ea'h 0MA has a( asso'iated sales order8 ter)ed the 0etur(
order8 a(d a( optio(al se'o(d sales order8 ter)ed the 0epla'e)e(t order.
oth sales orders have the sa)e order (u)4er8 4ut use a di&&ere(t order
type8 a(d 4oth orders li(2 to the origi(ati(g 0MA (u)4er.
-eturn Order
Every 0MA i('ludes a( asso'iated sales order =7ith a sales order type o&
retur(ed order> that o(ly ha(dles the arrival8 re'eipt8 a(d 'redit (ote &or the
retur(ed ite). Dhe( you 'reate a 0MA it auto)ati'ally 'reates the
asso'iated retur( order that represe(ts a )irror i)age o& the 0MA. A(y
'ha(ges that you )a2e to the 0MA i(&or)atio( auto)ati'ally 'ha(ges
i(&or)atio( i( the retur( order.
-eplacement Order
A( 0MA 'a( i('lude a se'o(d asso'iated sales order 7he( a repla'e)e(t
order )ust 4e shipped to the 'usto)er. Aou 'a( )a(ually 'reate the
repla'e)e(t order &or the 0MA to support i))ediate ship)e(t8 or
auto)ati'ally 'reate the repla'e)e(t order a&ter the 0MA li(e ite) =7ith a
dispositio( 'ode that i(di'ates repla'e)e(t> u(dergoes arrival?i(spe'tio(
a(d re'eipt.
%he repla'e)e(t order has the sa)e &u('tio(ality that is asso'iated 7ith a
sales order. 5or e9a)ple8 you 'a( use it to 'o(&igure a 'usto) produ't as
the repla'e)e(t ite)8 'reate a produ'tio( order to repair a retur(ed ite)8
'reate a
dire't delivery pur'hase order &or se(di(g the repla'e)e(t &ro) a ve(dor8
or support other purposes.
Customer -eturns
A 'usto)er 'o(ta'ts the Custo)er Servi'e 0eprese(tative8 4e'ause there
are so)e pro4le)s 7ith the latest order the 'usto)er re'eived8 )ea(i(g
so)e delivered ite)s are de&e'tive8 a(d o(e ite) did (ot )eet the
'usto)erIs (eeds.
%he 'usto)er servi'e represe(tative &i(ds the re&ere('e (u)4er o& the
order a(d 'reates (e7 retur( orders &or the 'usto)er. y usi(g the
re&ere('e (u)4er8 he &i(ds the 'usto)er i(voi'e a(d vie7s the ordered
ite)s. %he 'usto)er e9plai(s the &ollo7i(g"
Ite) A 7as da)aged duri(g ship)e(t
Ite) does (ot &u('tio(
Ite) C is (ot i(ta't
Ite) * is u(7a(ted # the 'usto)er 7a(ted a(other 'olor
%he e)ployee validates a(d sele'ts the various ite)s o(e 4y o(e &ro) the
'usto)er i(voi'e he &ou(d. I( support o& the later i(spe'tio( or
trou4leshooti(g pro'ess8 he e(ters the e9pe'ted retur( @ua(tity8 Esti)ated
%i)e o& Arrival =E%A> &or the ite)s8 a reaso( 'ode
8 a(d a(y additio(al
i(&or)atio( the 'usto)er provided.
%he 0easo( 'ode is a retur( order header property. I( the a4ove e9a)ple8 it
)ea(s that e)ployee )ust 'reate &our retur( orders8 o(e &or ea'h ite)8 a(d has to
e(ter o(e reaso( 'ode &or ea'h ite) retur(.
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
E)ployee i(&or)s the 'usto)er o& the deadli(e &or retur(i(g the ite)s a(d
the address o& the 7arehouse. 5i(ally8 he se(ds the retur( order do'u)e(t
i( paper or ele'tro(i' &or) to the 'usto)er. %he retur( order do'u)e(t
'o(tai(s the 0etur( Materials AuthoriCatio( =0MA> (u)4er that ide(ti&ies
the retur( order a(d authoriCes the 'usto)er to retur( goods to the
S'e(ario" 0e'eive the 0etur(ed Ite)s
%e( days pass8 a(d the respo(si4le &or shippi(g a(d re'eivi(g re'eives the
retur(ed ite)s at the retur( 7arehouse. ;e vie7s the a''o)pa(yi(g retur(
order do'u)e(ts8 evaluates the retur(ed ite)s8 a(d 'ou(ts a(d 'he'2s the)
agai(st the retur( orders.
A&ter that he ope(s the Arrival overvie7 &or)8 &i(ds the arrival a)o(g the
other retur(s8 a(d 'reates a (e7 ite) arrival Eour(al. e'ause o& the
i)posed re@uire)e(t &or i(spe'tio(8 he spe'i&ies that the ite) )ust 4e
&or ea'h Eour(al li(e. ;e the( posts the arrival Eour(al.
I& the 'o)pa(y poli'y per)itted the shippi(g a(d re'eivi(g )a(ager to
)a2e de'isio(s o( ho7 to dispose o& the retur(ed ite)s8 he 'ould have
applied a dispositio( 'ode to the Eour(al li(e i(stead o& se(di(g the ite)=s>
to i(spe'tio(.
Confirm the Arrival of -eturned Items
%he Custo)er Servi'e 0eprese(tative is (oti&ied that the retur(ed ite)s
have arrived. ;e )ails the 'usto)er a 'o(&ir)atio( that the retur(ed ite)s
have arrived at the retur( 7arehouse a(d additio(al i(vestigatio(s 7ill
I(spe'tio( )ea(s that the ite)s 7ill pass through @uara(ti(e orders a(d to the
@uara(ti(e 7arehouse.

Sour'e" Mi'roso&t do'u)e(tatio(
Inspect the -eturned Items in !uarantine
%he .uality Co(troller has re'eived &our @uara(ti(e orders a(d the
retur(ed ite)s8 a(d (o7 starts to i(spe't the). ;e e9a)i(es the des'ri4ed
sy)pto)s a(d des'riptio(s to )a2e sure that those are 'orre't.
Dhe( the i(spe'tio( is 'o)plete8 he updates the @uara(ti(e orders 7ith the
&ollo7i(g i(&or)atio("
Ite) A is (ot &u('tio(i(g. It re'eives dispositio( 'ode L/1#S'rap
ite)8 'redit 'usto)erL 7ith the dispositio( a'tio(" S'rap. %he
'usto)er 7ill 4e 'redited a(d the ite) 7ill 4e s'rapped.
Ite) is delivered 7ith the 7ro(g a(te((a. It re'eives dispositio(
'ode L$1 # 0epla'e ite)8 'redit 'usto)erL 7ith the dispositio(
a'tio(" 0epla'e a(d 'redit. %he .uality Co(troller or the Custo)er
Servi'e 0eprese(tative8 7ill spe'i&y a repla'e)e(t ite). %he
'usto)er 7ill 4e 'redited8 a(d a repla'e)e(t ite) 7ill 4e e(tered
o( a (e7 sales order.
Ite) C )ust 4e repaired. It re'eives dispositio( 'ode L-1L 7ith the
dispositio( a'tio(" 0etur( to 'usto)er. %he ite) 7ill 4e repaired
a(d eve(tually retur(ed to the 'usto)er. %he 'usto)er 7ill 4e
i(voi'ed &or 'harges8 a(d parts a''ordi(g to 'o)pa(y poli'y.
Ite) * is 7or2i(g &i(e8 a(d it is retur(ed to i(ve(tory. It re'eives
dispositio( 'ode L11 # Put ite) 4a'2 i( to i(ve(tory8 'redit
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
'usto)er 7ho has dispositio( a'tio(" Credit. %he 'usto)er 7ill 4e
'redited a(d the ite) 7ill 4e put i(to i(ve(tory agai(.
%he .uality 'o(troller 'a((ot e(d the @uara(ti(e order &or ite) C8 u(til it
is repaired8 4ut the re)ai(i(g three @uara(ti(e orders 'a( 4e e(ded. E(di(g
orders 7ill tra(s&er the i(&or)atio( a4out dispositio( 'odes 4a'2 to the
retur( order li(es. %his )a2es the) availa4le &or additio(al pro'essi(g 4y
the Order Pro'essor.

Sour'e" Mi'roso&t do'u)e(tatio(
Process the -eturn Order
%he Order Pro'essor pa'2i(g slip updates the retur( orders to re'eive the
retur(ed ite)s i(to i(ve(tory8 a(d to 'reate repla'e)e(t orders i& they are
re@uired. Ite) C is through i(spe'tio(8 a(d is repaired a(d ready to 4e
shipped 4a'2 to the 'usto)er. %he .uality Co(troller 'a( e(d the
@uara(ti(e order. !o7 the Order Pro'essor 'a( retur( the repaired ite) to
the 'usto)er8 a(d the( 'lose the retur( order.
et #p Customer -eturns
0etur(s 'a( 4e 'ategoriCed a''ordi(g to retur( reaso(s or )ethods o&
dispositio(8 a(d spe'i&i' 'harges 'a( 4e 'o)4i(ed 7ith the various retur(
-eturn -eason Codes
Applyi(g reaso( 'odes o( retur(s 'a( help si)pli&y the a(alysis o& retur(
patter(s. %he reaso( 'odes are set up to deter)i(e 7hy a 'usto)er 7a(ts to
retur( ite)=s>. So)e 'o)pa(ies have )a(y reaso( 'odes8 a(d they 7ill
group the reaso( 'odes i( 0easo( 'ode groups &or a 4etter overvie7 a(d
&or a''u)ulated reporti(g.
%o set up retur( reaso( 'ode groups8 ope( the 0etur( reaso( 'ode groups
&or) &ro) Sales a(d )ar2eti(gF Setup F Sales orders F 0etur(s F 0etur(
reaso( 'ode groups8 'li'2 !e7 to 'reate a (e7 reaso( 'ode8 spe'i&y the
(a)e o& the retur( reaso( 'ode group a(d e(ter a des'riptio( a(d 'lose the
%o 'reate a retur( reaso( 'ode8 ope( the 0etur( reaso( 'ode &or) &ro)
Sales a(d )ar2eti(g F Setup F Sales orders F 0etur(s F 0etur( reaso(
'odes or &ro) the 0etur( reaso( 'ode groups &or)8 4y 'li'2i(g 0etur(
reaso( 'odesJ 'li'2 !e7 to 'reate a (e7 reaso( 'odeJ e(ter the (a)e o& the
reaso( 'ode a(d a des'riptio(J &ro) the 0etur( reaso( 'ode group &ield8
sele't the retur( reaso( 'ode group to li(2 to the reaso( 'ode. Charges 'a(
also 4e spe'i&ied o( the reaso( 'ode8 a(d added to the retur( order 7he(
the reaso( 'ode is appliedJ 'lose the &or).
%he reaso( 'odes are applied i( the 0etur( order &or) header.
Disposition Codes
*ispositio( 'odes are also a part o& the 'usto)er retur(s setup. %hey
deter)i(e 7hat 7ill happe( to the retur(ed ite)s &ro) a physi'al a(d a
&i(a('ial perspe'tive. %he availa4le optio(s are de&i(ed 4y the dispositio(
As part o& the ite) arrival a(d i(spe'tio(8 a dispositio( 'ode 7ill 4e
assig(ed to the retur(ed goods.
I( additio( to deter)i(i(g ho7 to dispose o& the retur(ed goods8
dispositio( 'odes 'a( 'ause 'harges to 4e applied to the retur( li(e a(d
they 'a( also 4e used to group retur(s &or statisti'al a(alysis.
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
A dispositio( 'ode 'a( 4e applied 7he( you per&or) the &ollo7i(g tas2s"
Create the retur( order.
0egister ite) arrival.
E(d a @uara(ti(e order.
Disposition Actions
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 has si9 prede&i(ed dispositio( a'tio(s that
de&i(e the 'o)4i(atio( o& the &ollo7i(g"
%he physi'al ha(dli(g o& the retur(ed ite).
%he &i(a('ial e&&e't o& the retur( tra(sa'tio(.
I& a repla'e)e(t ite) )ust 4e se(t to the 'usto)er.
%he *ispositio( a'tio(s are"
Credit # 0etur( the ite) to i(ve(tory8 the( 'redit the 'usto)er.
Credit o(ly # Credit the 'usto)er 7ithout re@uiri(g or e9pe'ti(g
the ite) to 4e retur(ed. %he Credit o(ly dispositio( a'tio( is
availa4le &ro) the 0etur( order &or) o(ly8 as part o& 7he( you
'reate the retur( order.
S'rap # S'rap the ite)8 'redit the 'usto)er.
0epla'e a(d s'rap # S'rap the ite)8 'reate a repla'e)e(t order8
a(d 'redit the 'usto)er.
0epla'e a(d 'redit # 0etur( the ite) to i(ve(tory8 'reate a
repla'e)e(t order8 a(d the( 'redit the 'usto)er.
0etur( to 'usto)er # 0eEe't the retur(ed ite)8 a(d retur( it to the
Create a Disposition Code
%o 'reate a dispositio( 'ode8 ope( the *ispositio( 'odes &or) &ro) Sales
a(d )ar2eti(g F Setup F Sales orders F 0etur(s F *ispositio( 'odesJ 'li'2
!e7 to Create a (e7 dispositio( 'odeJ type the (a)e &or the dispositio(
'ode a(d the des'riptio(J sele't a( a'tio( &or the dispositio( 'ode i( the
A'tio( &ieldJ 'lose the *ispositio( 'odes &or).
-eturn Charges
Ma(y 'o)pa(ies 7a(t 'usto)ers to pay a retur( &ee or spe'ial retur(
ha(dli(g 'harges.
I( Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 you 'a( set up 'harges as a sta(dard &ee
4ased o( a retur( reaso( 'ode or dispositio( 'ode8 or you 'a( add the)
)a(ually to the order header or li(es. 5or e9a)ple8 'o)pa(y 'a( setup
reaso( 'odes a(d dispositio( 'odes &or 'harges8 e.g. 1- per'e(t ha(dli(g
&ee or &or ite) repaired 10 per'e(t repair 'harge.
Aou 'a( set up 'harges &or reaso( 'odes 4y 'li'2i(g Charges i( the 0easo(
'odes &or).
5or the dispositio( 'odes8 you 'a( set up 'harges 4y 'li'2i(g Charges i(
the *ispositio( 'ode &or).
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 provides 'apa4ilities &or pro'essi(g a
variety o& pay)e(t a(d 'redit (ote (eeds. Dith 'usto)ers li(2ed a'ross
'o)pa(ies8 pay)e(t pro'essi(g 'a( 4e 'o(solidated i(to a si(gle legal
e(tity so that you 'a( a''ept pay)e(ts o( 4ehal& o& all your 'o)pa(ies.
I( Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 20128 users are a4le to apply pay)e(ts to
i(voi'e li(es a(d set up pay)e(t prioritiCatio( poli'ies that 'a( 4e applied
duri(g the settle)e(t pro'ess. %hese 'apa4ilities provide &le9i4ility i(
prioritiCi(g pay)e(ts a(d 4etter )at'hi(g 7he( re'eivi(g partial
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 also i('ludes"
Credit 'ard pro'essi(g usi(g Pay)e(t Servi'es &or Mi'roso&t
*y(a)i's E0P8 allo7i(g you to authoriCe sales order tra(sa'tio(s
a(d 'apture a)ou(ts at i(voi'i(g.
Ele'tro(i' pay)e(t pro'essi(g usi(g sta(dard 4a(2i(g &or)ats.
Settle)e(t priority that e(a4les you to sele't ho7 pay)e(ts are
applied to a''ou(ts re'eiva4les do'u)e(ts 7he( auto)ati'
settle)e(t is used.
5le9i4le pay)e(t ter)s that allo7 you to 'o(trol 7he( pay)e(ts
are due a(d to s'hedule )ultiple pay)e(ts to )at'h the (eeds o&
your 'usto)ers.
*eposit slip i(tegratio( 7ith the 4a(2i(g )odule.
Post#dated 'he'2s )a(age)e(t &or stori(g a(d releasi(g 'he'2s
7he( they are due.
ills o& e9'ha(ge pro'essi(g that allo7s you to dra7 4ills o&
e9'ha(ge a(d pro'ess re)itta('es &ro) your 4a(2.
ettlement parameters
%o a''ess Settle)e(t para)eters8 ope( A''ou(ts 0e'eiva4le F Setup F
A''ou(ts re'eiva4le para)eters.
Partial pay)e(ts 'a( 4e applied to spe'i&i' &ree te9t i(voi'es a(d i(terest
(otes li(es.
%he &ollo7i(g para)eters are availa4le i( the A''ou(ts re'eiva4le
para)eters &or)"
Auto)ati' settle)e(t # Sele't this 'he'2 4o9 to auto)ati'ally
settle ope( tra(sa'tio(s 7he( a pay)e(t or 'redit (ote is updated.
I& this 'he'2 4o9 is 'leared8 users 'a( settle a''ou(ts )a(ually
7he( e(teri(g pay)e(ts or later 4y usi(g the Settle ope(
tra(sa'tio(s &or)
Cash dis'ou(t ad)i(istratio( # Spe'i&y 7hether a( o4tai(a4le
'ash dis'ou(t di&&ere('e is regarded as a 'ash dis'ou(t di&&ere('e
or a pay)e(t o( a( a''ou(t 7he( a( i(voi'e is settled. %his
setti(g is used 7he( the settled pay)e(t a)ou(t8 7hi'h i('ludes
the 'ash dis'ou(t8 does (ot e@ual the a)ou(t o& the i(voi'e that is
4ei(g settled. %here are t7o possi4le values &or this para)eter"
o U(spe'i&i' B %he 'ash dis'ou(t di&&ere('e is ha(dled
i( the &ollo7i(g 7ays"
I& the appli'a4le 'ash dis'ou(t is posted i( the
sa)e legal e(tity as a( overpay)e(t8 the 'ash
dis'ou(t a)ou(t is adEusted 4y the a)ou(t o&
the overpay)e(t.
I& the appli'a4le 'ash dis'ou(t is posted i( a
di&&ere(t legal e(tity as a( overpay)e(t8 the
'usto)er 'ash dis'ou(t a''ou(t that is
spe'i&ied i( the A''ou(ts &or auto)ati'
tra(sa'tio(s &or) is used.
I& the appli'a4le 'ash dis'ou(t is &or a(
u(derpay)e(t8 the 'usto)er 'ash dis'ou(t
a''ou(t that is spe'i&ied i( the A''ou(ts &or
auto)ati' tra(sa'tio(s &or) is used.
I& there are )ultiple 'ash dis'ou(ts8 &or
e9a)ple i& a( overpay)e(t is settled 7ith
)ultiple i(voi'es8 the adEust)e(t to the
dis'ou(t is )ade &ro) the last i(voi'e that is
settled to the &irst dis'ou(t a)ou(t. %he &irst
dis'ou(t is used 7he( there is a tiered
dis'ou(t. 5or e9a)ple8 i& the i(voi'e is paid
Aou 'a( set up di&&ere(t optio(s &or ea'h 'usto)er posti(g pro&ile.
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
i( &ive days8 allo7 a 10Q dis'ou(tJ i& the
i(voi'e is paid i( 1- days8 allo7 a /Q
dis'ou(t. %he overpay)e(t is adEusted &or the
&irst tier o& dis'ou(t8 7hi'h is 10Q.
o Spe'i&i' B Use the 'usto)er 'ash dis'ou(t a''ou(t
that is spe'i&ied i( the A''ou(ts &or auto)ati'
tra(sa'tio(s &or).
5or e9a)ple8 i& 7e have a( i(voi'e 7ith total a)ou(t 10-.00 &or 7hi'h 7e
'a( o4tai( a 'ash dis'ou(t o& 10.-08 the a)ou(t to 4e paid8 7hi'h i('ludes
'ash dis'ou(t is 34.-0. I& the 'usto)er a'tually pays 3-.008 i& U(spe'i&i' is
sele'ted i( para)eters8 the i(voi'e 7ill 4e settled8 a(d the di&&ere('e o&
0.-0 7ill auto)ati'ally 4e posted to the ledger a''ou(t that is spe'i&ied &or
'ash dis'ou(t di&&ere('es. I& you sele't Spe'i&i'8 the i(voi'e 7ill 4e settled8
a(d the di&&ere('e o& 0.-0 7ill auto)ati'ally 4e posted to the sales ledger
a''ou(t as a pay)e(t.
Ma9i)u) pe((y di&&ere('e # E(ter the )a9i)u) per)itted
pe((y di&&ere('e &or the settle)e(t o& a''ou(ts re'eiva4le
tra(sa'tio(s. I& the pe((y di&&ere('e is e@ual to or less tha(
the pe((y di&&ere('e that is spe'i&ied i( this &ield8 the
di&&ere('e 7ill 4e posted to the pe((y di&&ere('e ledger
a''ou(t that is spe'i&ied i( the A''ou(ts &or auto)ati'
tra(sa'tio(s &or).
Ma9i)u) overpay)e(t or u(derpay)e(t # E(ter the a)ou(t
that is a''epted &or overpay)e(t a(d u(derpay)e(t.
o I& the overpay)e(t or u(derpay)e(t produ'es a
pe((y di&&ere('e that is less tha( the di&&ere('e that is
de&i(ed i( the Ma9i)u) pe((y di&&ere('e &ield8 the
pe((y di&&ere('e a)ou(t is posted to the pe((y
di&&ere('e a''ou(t.
o I& the overpay)e(t or u(derpay)e(t produ'es a
pe((y di&&ere('e that is greater tha( the di&&ere('e
that is de&i(ed i( the Ma9i)u) pe((y di&&ere('e
&ield8 the pe((y di&&ere('e a)ou(t is posted to the
di&&ere('e a''ou(t that is sele'ted &or the Custo)er
'ash dis'ou(t posti(g type i( the A''ou(ts &or
auto)ati' tra(sa'tio(s &or)
%o 'al'ulate ta9 o( overpay)e(ts or u(derpay)e(ts8 i( the Ge(eral
ledger para)eters &or)8 'li'2 Sales ta98 a(d the( sele't the Sales ta9 o(
overpay)e(t or u(derpay)e(t 'he'2 4o9.
Cal'ulate 'ash dis'ou(ts &or partial pay)e(ts # Sele't this
'he'2 4o9 to allo7 &or dis'ou(ts to 4e auto)ati'ally
'al'ulated &or partial pay)e(ts.
Cal'ulate 'ash dis'ou(ts &or 'redit (otes # Sele't this 'he'2
4o9 to allo7 &or dis'ou(ts to 4e auto)ati'ally 'al'ulated &or
'redit (otes. I( A''ou(ts re'eiva4le8 a 'redit (ote tra(sa'tio(
is a (egative tra(sa'tio( that has a value i( the I(voi'e &ield i(
the 5ree te9t i(voi'e &or)8 or a retur( i( the Sales order &or).
Mar2 li(es o( &ree te9t i(voi'es a(d i(terest (otes # Sele't this
'he'2 4o9 to e(a4le the Mar2 i(voi'e li(es 4utto( i( the E(ter
'usto)er pay)e(ts8 pay)e(t Mour(al vou'her8 a(d Settle
ope( tra(sa'tio(s &or)s. %his lets users )ar2 i(dividual li(es
&or settle)e(t. Dhe( this 'he'2 4o9 is sele'ted8 ope(
tra(sa'tio( li(es are 'reated every ti)e that a( i(voi'e that
has a( a)ou(t greater tha( Cero is posted. Ea'h (e7 ope(
tra(sa'tio( li(e represe(ts a 'orrespo(di(g li(e &ro) the
origi(al posted i(voi'e. I& the i(voi'e re&ere('es a pay)e(t
s'hedule8 ope( tra(sa'tio( li(es are 'reated &or the i(voi'e
li(es that )a2e up ea'h i(stall)e(t o& the s'hedule. 5or
e9a)ple8 a( i(voi'e that has &our li(es8 a(d that is asso'iated
7ith a s'hedule that has &our pay)e(ts8 7ould 'reate 1/ ope(
tra(sa'tio( li(es.
PrioritiCe settle)e(t # Sele't this 'he'2 4o9 to e(a4le the
Mar2 4y priority 4utto( i( the E(ter 'usto)er pay)e(ts a(d
Settle ope( tra(sa'tio(s &or)s so that users 'a( assig( the
predeter)i(ed settle)e(t order to tra(sa'tio(s. A&ter the
de&ault settle)e(t order is applied to a tra(sa'tio( 4y usi(g
the Mar2 4y priority 4utto(8 the order a(d the pay)e(t
allo'atio( 'a( 4e )odi&ied 4e&ore posti(g.
5or e9a)ple8 let6s suppose 'o)pa(y pay)e(ts are settled 4ased o( the
&ollo7i(g priorities"
# I(voi'es are settled &irst.
# Pay)e(ts are applied 4ased o( the i(voi'e a)ou(ts starti(g
7ith the s)allest o(es.
I( the A''ou(ts re'eiva4le para)eters &or)8 i( the pa(e o( the le&t8 sele't
Settle)e(t. %he para)eter Mar2 li(es o( &ree te9t i(voi'e a(d i(terest
(otes is sele'ted so that tra(sa'tio( li(es 'a( 4e )ar2ed &or settle)e(t.
Mar2 the PrioritiCe settle)e(t optio( to de&i(e ho7 tra(sa'tio(s are
prioritiCed &or settle)e(t a(d 'li'2 Ma(age priority.
Mi'roso&t *y(a)i's A+ 2012 B A oo2 O( Sales Pro'ess
!ea"y for #ore$
%aerbac& on A#a'on:
AOU% %;E AU%;O0
Over 10 years o& pro&essio(al 4usi(ess e9perie('e 7ith a 7ide variety o&
'o)pa(ies i( di&&ere(t i(dustries &o'usi(g o( E0P i)ple)e(tatio(s a(d
trai(i(g &or *y(a)i's A+ a(d *y(a)i's !AH8 7ith respo(si4ilities &or
e(suri(g that the &ull li&e 'y'le o& a proEe't is su''ess&ul starti(g &ro)
'usto)er re@uire)e(ts to develop)e(t8 testi(g8 do'u)e(tatio(8 trai(i(g8
go#live a(d support.