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Struggle can be defined as a harsh moment in your life that you might go

through. Some may oppose that struggle is positive. It could be good because it
could teach you lessons about life. Others think that struggle is adverse. Much
analysis has been directed on this topic. This essay will argue that struggle,
specifically poverty and racism, is multidimensional and has implications that can
harm us.
Struggles are multidimensional. We notice this in Breaking Through. For example
one of the struggles Panchito experiences is that he was undocumented (see Figure 1).
The result of Panchitos problem causes him to feel fear and to get deported. Some
examples from the text that provide evidence of his fear are when he says he lived in
constant fear for ten long years (Jimenez, 1). Another example is that he got deported by
one of his own. A quote that I got from the book that proofs that he got deported by one
of his own is when the officer said, Do you know who turned you in? No, Roberto
answered and then the officer said, It was one of your people.(Jimenez, 5) Lastly he
was scared that la migra would take him back to Mexico. That is the struggle of being
Along the lines of struggle being multidemtional, we can also inspect its
implications (See Figure2). Once again using Breaking Through Panchito struggles with
poverty. Poverty affects Panchitos education, health, treatment, and living conditions.
There are examples from the book that show the implications of poverty. One example is
that he had a rash on his back and his dad had a back problem. This shows how poverty
affects health. Another example is that he gets treated bad and even by his own people.
That shows how poverty affects the way he is treated. The third example is that the migra
went to his school and took him and his family back to Mexico. That shows how his
education is affected by being poor and undocumented. The last example is that he lived
in rancho Blanco. Rancho Blanco is in Guadalajara its a little village on barren dry hills
its were thy used to live before coming to California. That shows how his living
conditions are. They were hoping to leave their life of poverty by coming to California.
In addition to Breaking Through, the implications of poverty are also found in
various internet sources. Poverty affects education and according to the research from the
internet. One example is that dropout rates of 16 to 24-year-old students who come from
low income families are seven times more likely to drop out than those from families
with higher incomes. ( Other research answers are
children living in poverty have a higher number of absenteeism or leave school all
because they are more likely to have to work or care for family members. The website
argues that 40 percent of children living in poverty arent prepared for primary
schooling. Lastly the incidence, depth, duration, and
timing of poverty all influence a childs educational attainment along with community
characteristics and social networks. It requires physical well-being and appropriate motor
development, emotional health and a positive approach to new experiences, age
appropriate social knowledge and competence, age-appropriate language skills, and age-
appropriate general knowledge and cognitive skills. Children from low-income families
often do not receive the stimulation and do not learn the social skills required to prepare
them for school. ( This shows that
poverty affects education.
There are also implications of poverty affecting living conditions I will be using
my classmates work. An example is Next door there are 23 people in a three-bedroom
house(rapid city journal) Native American Rightsarticle.
ridge. Another example is that Middle and working class Hispanic families have not left
their barrio, or urban Spanish speaking neighborhood, in large numbers. Lastly the despite these promises, hundreds of people on
the pine ridge reservation are homeless and thousands live in a crowded or substandard
housing .The American Indian relief council estimates that 44% of Sioux households lack
complete kitchens and 55% do not have a telephone ( Native Americans
Rights. Native Americans Rights. N.p., n.d.web.21 jan.2014.
Poverty has implications on health according to A example that I got from this website is that
poverty creates ill-health because it forces people to live in environments that make
them sick, without decent shelter, clean water or adequate sanitation. Also 2012 Brenda ortiz. Many infants born into poverty have a
low birth weight, which is associated with many preventable mental and physical
disabilities. Lastly said poverty and poor health worldwide
are inextricably linked. The causes for poor health for millions globally are rooted in
political, social and economic injustices.
Poverty has implications on treatment according to An
example is that its easy to pour scorn on someone in a bad situation, and claim they only
have themselves to blame if youve never been there yourself-most of us do it to some
group in society at some point in our lives. Also Unemployment
rates for African Americans are typically double those Caucasian Americans. Lastly the
website said in at least 30 states legislature across Americans,
predominately wealthy politicians are quite impressed themselves for considering bills
that would limit the meager amount of state help given to needy families struggling to
make ends meets. This shows how poverty affects treatment and how poor families with
a low-income number have to live.
As the final point, this essay has shown that poverty affects a bunch in your life
you work very hard to be able to have a home good health to get treated right and to get
the right education. Some may argue that poverty is good for you. It is good for you
because the bad things that have happened in your life will teach you a life lesson. This
may be true but I believe that poverty is bad because some people do not have enough
money to pay for a good place to live, or to pay the hospital bills, or get the right
education and how they are treated.
Poverty is not the only struggle that has negative implications; racism is just as
damaging. The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities
specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or
races. In other words, racism is when people judge somebody because of their skin color
and their race.
Once again using Breaking Through Panchito struggles with racism. An example
is that they called him names like Chile stomper and tamale roller because he took
Mexican food for lunch like tacitos. But he stopped taking tacitots to school because he
didnt want to be called names. Also Peggys parents didnt let Peggy be friends with
Panchito because he was Mexican. Lastly they made fun of his accent so when he was
going to sing again he decided to sing in Spanish. Those are some of the ways that
Panchito had struggled with racism.
The movie, 42, about the Jackie Robinson, story shows examples of racism and its
implications. An example is that the airport did not let Jackie and his wife get on the
plane they said they didnt have more space, but then the wife saw that other people were
taking there spots. Another example is that the chief at the baseball game wanted to arrest
Jackie Robinson because he wouldnt get of the field and he thought that black people
dont suppose to play with white people. An example is that the coach from the other
team was screaming at Jackie Robison during the game because he didnt like black
people and was trying to make Jackie mad. Another example is that they didnt let
Jackies team the dodgers stay at the hotel. The manager from the hotel told the coach
from the team that they cant stay because Jackie didnt belong there. So all these people
were against black people and didnt think black should be treated the same way as the
Not only has Jackie Robison experienced racism and its implications, but also it
has happened to my parent. Once my mom was having a interview for a job and the
women told her that most of there costumers were American and then she asked my mom
if she was Hispanic and my mom said, yes but that doesnt mean that I dont talk
English. So that is an example of racism that has happened to one of my parents. So yes
some people have just judged and people just because of there raise and color of skin.
In contrast to all I have shared, Kelly mcgonial provides an opposing perspective
Kelly Mcgonial claims that stress (struggle) is your friend. I disagree I think stress is not
good for you. An example that shows that stress is good is that your body starts acting
weird but it is just preparing itself for action. The second example is that stress hormones
make your heart stronger. The third example is that if your body believes that stress is
good then it makes stress healthier for you. Lastly how you think about stress matters
because if your body thinks its good then its good but if your body thinks its bad then its
bad. So that is what Kelly thinks about stress but I think its bad because it affects your
This essay argues that struggle, specifically poverty and racism, is
multidimensional and has implications that can harm us. Panchito had to work more
because his brother Roberto left it was very hard for Panchito because he had to work and
go to school and then go to work. Some people didnt like that Jackie Robison was
playing with the dodgers and they thought he didnt belong there he was different. To
stop racism and poverty we have to start acting we have to fight back and work hard to
achieve this goal. Racism has harmed people in different ways one way is that people get
mad not happy of the way they look there color or there raise. Some people have to work
very hard to support their family sense they were young and are still working hard. So I
hope this will stop and these people will fight for their rights.

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