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Subsea Chokes and

Flow Modules
Designed for maximum exibility and reliability,
FMCs F Series Subsea Chokes and Flow Modules are
ideal for production, injection, gas lift and waterood
applications. Best practice features leverage FMCs
eld proven subsea experience and technology,
including metal and elastomeric seals, mechanical
clamp technology, uid dynamics, ow assurance and
system design.
FMCs subsea choke family includes the Non-Retriev-
able Choke, Insert Retrievable Choke, Insert Running
Tool, Hydraulic Stepping Actuator and Electric
Actuators. Additionally, FMC has introduced
Retrievable Flow Modules, allowing modular packaging
of chokes, ow meters, pressure/temperature sensors
and erosion detectors in an easily retrievable/re-deploy-
able and/or upgradeable package.
Rigorous Qualication Testing
API 6A/17D (ISO 10423 / ISO 13628-4) PR2, Annex F tested
Extended FMC endurance tested at 300F
Independent Cv tested to ISA 75.02
Independent erosion test
Independent API 6A Annex I slurry test
Hyperbaric tested to 10,000 feet (3,048 m) water depth
Endurance tested at 1 million pulses/steps
Subsea feld-tested under severe operating conditions
Non-Retrievable Subsea Choke
Features a multi-hole tungsten carbide plug and cage
design with a steel protective jacket around the cage
to prevent impact damage. The plug is fully guided,
pressure balanced and rigidly attached to the stem to
eliminate fow induced vibration.
Features and Benets
Large gallery to mitigate erosion and extend
choke life
Fully supported cage is capable of reverse fow
at maximum working pressure
Body outlet designed to accept a full tungsten
carbide liner for complete wear protection
Non-Retrievable Subsea Choke
Hydraulic Stepping Actuator
Designed as a fail as is with a Class IV ROV manual
override, the FMC Hydraulic Stepping Actuator
provides remote position feedback via a direct stem
mounted LVDT.
Features and Benets
Two double acting spring return pistons
Crossover tubing to guarantee operation in all
hydraulic back pressure conditions
No net actuator housing volume change during
the stepping mode
Large top mounted visual indicator
Compensation via an enclosed diaphragm
Hydraulic Stepping Actuator
Insert Retrievable
Subsea Choke
Proven experience
Insert Retrievable Subsea Choke
Features an FMC feld proven KL two piece hinged
clamp connector with a horizontal Class IV ROV
Features and Benets
Funnel type guide structure to interface with
choke running tool
Funnel equipped with ROV grab bar and electrical
parking receptacle
Choke body with twin stab wet-mate hydraulic
Hot stab test port between primary and secondary
body to insert seals
Multi-hole tungsten carbide plug and cage insert
with steel protective jacket to prevent debris
impact damage
Flow Module
Proven experience
Subsea Choke Running Tool
The FMC subsea choke insert running tool is wire
line deployed with ROV assistance for insert retrieval and
Features and Benets
Three passive pistons provide soft landing
Latching and unlatching the tool is purely a
mechanical function
Tool completely extends to protect the choke insert
on retrieval and deployment
Running tool provides a 45 rough alignment
capture angle
Hydraulic hot stab provided to assist in choke
insert removal
Subsea Choke with Insert
Running/Retrieval Tool
Retrievable Choke and Flow Module
The FMC Retrievable Choke Module provides easy retrieval and
deployment on a down line with ROV assistance; no running
tool is required.
Features and Benets
Improved reliability and availability due to simplifed
Small compact footprint allowing straightforward subsea
retrieval and deployment
Increased visibility for guidance and connection
Choke insert and body are recovered as an assembly, ideal
for high erosion service
Utilizes a cost effective bolted bonnet design
Improved thermal performance due to simplifed interfaces
and ease of adding insulation onto entire choke body and
Upgradeable by adding retrievable fow meters and sensors
Reconfguration is contained in the fow module
permitting standardization of core tree components
Sensitive components can be retrieved and deployed without
performing major workovers
Allows for easy conversion from production tree to water
injection service and vice versa
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