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Music Licensing Packet

Dear Prospective Donor,

I wish to express our intent in having you participate in our ARTportunity Knocks “Life
Musik” Compilation CD. The purpose of this compilation CD is described as follows in our
"mission statement."

First and foremost, ARTportunity Knocks, Inc., an Xposure Youth Foundation, Inc.
program, is a community-based program for under-served and at-risk youth in the urban areas of
America. The pilot program will be established in the Metro Atlanta area and will focus on
providing music education, intervention and appreciation to at-risk youth from ages 11 to 20. The
candidates for the program will be drawn from extremely low-income families who otherwise
could not afford music education outside of any public school program. It is expected that through
the providing of this education benefactors will experience not only knowledge and appreciation
of music, but a transformation of hope that will last for a lifetime. This will have a direct and
positive effect on their well-being and improve the surrounding community.

Second, in opening the new classroom facility in Atlanta, it is our plan to open our first Open
Labs studio featuring state–of-the-art audio equipment and technology. The new facility will
become the catalyst for change in the community. We endeavor to train the youth to be excellent
in music production, songwriting, vocals and music theory. Through the arts we will inspire,
motivate, and exchange information that will spark hope in these under-served youth.

Finally, the objective is to use our many voices and talents to share “Life Musik” while making a
positive impact with those in the communities. The target audience for the compilation cd will be
a diverse crowd including, students, families, community leaders, and professionals. The
compilation CD shall act to bring communities, schools, and the music industry together through
education (i.e. seminars) and collaboration. We will promote the ARTportunity Knocks, Inc.
program and other outreach programs at each event to the community at large. It is our intent to
use the revenue from sales of the compilation CD to help sustain the program.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the ARTportunity Knocks “Life Musik”
Compilation CD. We hope you consider joining our “Life Musik” Family. If you have any
questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me via email at info@
ARTportunity or visit our website at www. ARTportunity


Ty Woods
Executive Director
Artportunity Knocks – P.O. Box 813580, Smyrna, GA, 30081
Phone: Ty Woods (404) 671-6667
Email: TyWoods@ ARTportunity Website: www. ARTportunity
Why Donate To Us?
The ARTportunity Knocks Music Compilation CD is a great opportunity for your artist,
organization or business to become involved in one of the largest Impact music events in the
Atlanta area. Besides enriching and supporting the community, there are numerous other benefits
to your organization or business, including the following:

• Increase your visibility in the Atlanta area.

• Publicize to hundreds more people via advertisements throughout the local

area (i.e., flyers, posters, programs, radio, and our Web site).

• Promote your music, organization or business to several media outlets.

• Reach a diverse cross-section of families, college students and community

members of the Atlanta area.

• Gain the potential for future involvement.

• Proceeds will be used to fund Xposure’s ARTportunity Knocks program.

Artportunity Knocks Music Release Form

I, ______________________________, on this ________ day of __________, 20___

hereby authorize ARTportunity Knocks, Inc. , an Xposure Youth Foundation, Inc. program,
to include the song composition and master (hereinafter referred to as “the track”) which I have
provided entitled “_______________________” and performed by
_________________________ to be included on the ARTportunity Knocks, Inc. 2010 ”Life
Musik” Compilation CD (hereinafter referred to as “the compilation”). I understand that this
compilation will be distributed for the purpose of fundraising for the ARTportunity Knocks
Program and on a complimentary basis during various outreach events. I have authorized the
inclusion of “the track” on the “compilation” and further declare that I have the right to enter into
this agreement. I agree to indemnify and hold blameless Xposure Youth Foundation, Inc.,
ARTportunity Knocks, Inc., and any of its associated entities and trademarks blameless for any
claim that may arise out of the inclusion of the track on the compilation.

Name of Licensor Representing the Band: ______________________________

Name of Band or Musical Group: ____________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________

City, State: _____________________________________________________

Date ____________________ Licensor Signature ______________________________

Date _____________________ ARTportunity Knocks ______________________________

The contributions are being made to Xposure Youth Foundation, Inc, a non-profit, donor-advised
fund, which will distribute the contributions to the non-profit organization indicated. As required by
the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Xposure Youth Foundation, Inc has legal control over the
contributions. If you have questions about the contributions, please contact a Customer Service
Representative at
Appendix A to the Letter of Agreement between
(Names of Musicians): ______________________________________________________________________
_______________________________ and ARTportunity Knocks, Inc.
Below is a list of the additional compositions to which the Agreement applies.


1)_____________________ ________________ _______________ ________________________________

2)_____________________ ________________ ________________ ________________________________

3)_____________________ ________________ _______________ ________________________________

4)_____________________ ________________ _______________ ________________________________

5)_____________________ ________________ _______________ ________________________________

6)_____________________ ________________ ________________ ________________________________

7)_____________________ ________________ _______________ ________________________________

8)_____________________ ________________ _______________ ________________________________

9)_____________________ ________________ ________________ ________________________________

10)_____________________ ________________ _______________ ________________________________

11)_____________________ ________________ _______________ ________________________________

12)_____________________ ________________ ________________ ________________________________

13)_____________________ ________________ _______________ ________________________________

14)_____________________ ________________ _______________ ________________________________

15)_____________________ ________________ _______________ ________________________________

16)_____________________ ________________ _______________ ________________________________

Date _______________ Licensor Signature _________________________________________

Date ________________ ARTportunity Knocks Signature ____________________________