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Joey Jackson

Ms. McClory
AP Psych
21 May 2014
Annotated Bibliography
Saewyc !. Magee ". # Pettingell S. $2004%. &eenage pregnancy and associated risk beha'iors
a(ong se)*ally ab*sed adolescents. Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 36.
+etrie'ed May 1, 2014 -ro( https.//www.g*tt(*bs/0o*rnals/,
&his st*dy e)a(ines the link between se)*al ab*se and teenage pregnancy risk by
analy4ing beha'iors o- o'er 54000 Minnesotan 12th graders. 6indings show that teens7
both (ales and -e(ales7who report incest or non-a(ilial se)*al ab*se are (ore likely to
report risk beha'iors associated with pregnancy. Altho*gh a higher proportion o- -e(ales
reported ab*se ab*sed (ales had greater odds o- pregnancy in'ol'e(ent and risk
beha'iors than -e(ales reporting the sa(e ab*se. &he a*thors call -or screening -or
se)*al ab*se inter'entions and increased ed*cation abo*t (ales -or pregnancy
pre'ention progra(s.
&his st*dy was sponsored by 8*tt(acher99an instit*te -o*nded in 1213 whose (ission is
to cond*ct research on reprod*cti'e health. !li4abeth Saewyc Ph: is associate
pro-essor at the ; British Col*(bia School o- <*rsing and Chair in Applied P*blic
=ealth +esearch. &he a*thors re-erence thirty eight articles -ro( acade(ic 0o*rnals
incl*ding JAMA Pediatrics the Jo*rnal o- Adolescent =ealth. +esearchers *sed a 'ery
large sa(ple and *sed statistical analysis in their -indings. &he research is li(ited in that
it *ses sel-9reporting in a school setting. +espondents (ay not acc*rately or honestly
report ab*se and beha'ior and those teens not in school are not represented.
My research e)a(ines the psychological -actors that ca*se teen pregnancy and the
inter'entions that (ay red*ce teen pregnancy. A-ter reading this st*dy > reali4ed how
little research e)its that e)a(ines (ales? risk beha'ior in relation to teen pregnancy
beca*se (ost -oc*ses on the -e(ales who carry the pregnancy. &his st*dy (ade (e
change co*rse and -oc*s on psychological -actors that lead (ales to engage in pregnancy
risk -actors.
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In MLA this would be Works Cited. Use
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