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Guidelines for Paper Setters of MTE

(For Non Degree Chinese students, Term 2 Session 2013-14 only)

1. Obtain the latest syllabus and instruction plan for the allocated course code.
2. The question paper has to be developed for the Mid Term Examination and the duration of the
examination is 1.5 hr. duration and the maximum marks are 50.
3. The question paper has been divided into two parts, Part-A and Part-B. Part-A will consist of 15
multiple choice question each of two marks. For these questions you are required to give four
answer choices out of which only one should be correct. Part-B will consist of 10 questions for
which the students should be able to answer in one or two lines.
4. Kindly make sure that the questions set have been taken such that marks are evenly
distributed throughout the syllabus.
5. Kindly maintain a uniform difficulty level.
6. There should not be repetition of any question.
7. Alternatives like all of the above or none of the above are to be used rarely and only
when appropriate.
8. The diagrams, pictures or photographs are to be used wherever necessary and helpful in
developing the understanding and should be of high quality.
9. Avoid too many tricky questions that might involve hit and trial method or too much
application of time.
10. Questions should NOT require use of log tables or any other table. If any tabular
information is required for solving a question, include extract from the relevant table in the question
paper itself.
11. The learning outcomes to be tested include (a) recall of knowledge, (b) intellectual ability, and (c)
general skills of the student.
12. Ensure that there is no disagreement concerning the answer. Typically the answer should be one that
experts would agree on as the correct or best answer.
13. The language of all the questions should be simple so that it conveys the clear and unambiguous
meaning of the question.
14. Do not use the passive if it can be avoided because it can make a sentence impersonal and
15. Proof read the text to avoid any missing text or grammatical mistake.
16. Please ensure that the question paper does not contain any objectionable/unlawful
content/questions of politically or religiously sensitive issues.
17. Make sure there are no errors in the question paper. BE VERY CAREFUL.
18. Solve the paper after typing it to make sure there are no errors in data.
19. In a rare instance, if you have been allotted two sets of question papers (two letter Codes)
of the same course code (say A and B of MGT851), you are required to set two unique
question papers no question should be repeated in the two sets.
20. The header of a question paper will be exactly like that in the format attached.
21. Code assigned to the paper-setter must be written in 32 pts bold on the right top corner of the
question paper.
22. Use proper font style and font size as per the instructions i.e. 12 Point Arial font.
23. Along with the question paper you are also required to submit the answer key for both
Part-A and B.
24. After you have prepared the question paper it should be mailed to
and after receiving confirmation mail regarding the receipt of question paper, discard all the hard or soft
copies of question paper with you.
Student Registration. No.
Course Code: Course Title:
Time allowed: Max. Marks:
1. This paper contains 25 questions divided in two parts on __ pages.
2. All questions are compulsory.
3. Answer all questions in serial order.
[Body of the question paper should be in 12-point Arial regular font]
Cover of the question paper
Course Code: Course Title:
Format of certificate to be attached to the cover of the question paper:
Paper Code
I certify that I have followed t he instructions to the paper-setters f ul l y. I have solved the
problems after typing the question paper. I have maintained strict confidentiality a n d
have not discussed these questions with anyone, and I have not saved any hard or
soft copy of this paper or a part of it.
Important: - If you have received instructions to frame the Question Paper of a
Course Code in which any of your relatives is registered, you are required to
inform the Examination Department. No lapse will be excused in this regard.
Course Signature of Name Date Bio UID Contact No
Code Paper Setter