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March 21 - April 20

July 24 - Aug. 23

Nov. 23 - Dec. 21

April 21 - May 21

Aug 24 - Sept. 23

Dec. 22 - Ja". 20

May 22 - Ju"e 21

Sept. 24 - &ct. 23

Ja". 21 - (e%. 1)

Ju"e 22 - July 23

&ct. 24 - Nov. 22

(e%. 20 - Mar. 20

.&/ T& 0ND+1STAND S0N S2#NS
A12+S the 1a$
March 21st through April 20th
.o, to 1ecog"i3e A12+S
The A12+S Ma"
The A12+S /o$a"
The A12+S !hil-
The A12+S 4oss
The A12+S +$ployee
TA010S the 4ull
April 21st through May 21st
.o, to 1ecog"i3e TA010S
The TA010S Ma"
The TA010S /o$a"
The TA010S !hil-
The TA010S 4oss
The TA010S +$ployee
#+M2N2 the T,i"s
May 22"- through Ju"e 21st
.o, to 1ecog"i3e #+M2N2
The #+M2N2 Ma"
The #+M2N2 /o$a"
The #+M2N2 !hil-
The #+M2N2 4oss
The #+M2N2 +$ployee
!AN!+1 the !ra%
Ju"e 22"- through July 23r-
.o, to 1ecog"i3e !AN!+1
The !AN!+1 Ma"
The !AN!+1 /o$a"
The !AN!+1 !hil-
The !AN!+1 4oss
The !AN!+1 +$ployee

L+& the Lio"
July 24th through August 23r-
.o, to 1ecog"i3e L+&
The L+& Ma"
The L+& /o$a"
The L+& !hi-
The L+& 4oss
The L+& +$ployee
21#& the irgi"
August 24th through Septe$%er 23r-
.o, to 1ecog"i3e 21#&
The 21#& Ma"
The 21#& /o$a"
The 21#& !hil-
The 21#& 4oss
The 21#& +$ployee
rL241A the Scales
Septe$%er 24th through &cto%er 23r-
.o, to 1ecog"i3e L241A
The L241A Ma"
The L241A /o$a"
The L241A !hil-
The L241A 4oss
The L241A +$ployee
S!&1*2& the Scorpio"5 +agle or #ray Li3ar-
&cto%er 24th through Nove$%er 22"-
.o, to 1ecog"i3e S!&1*2&
The S!&1*2& Ma"
The S!&1*2& /o$a"
The S!&1*2& !hil-
The S!&1*2& 4oss
The S!&1*2& +$ployee
SA#2TTA120S the Archer
Nove$%er 23r- through Dece$%er 21st
.o, to 1ecog"i3e SA#2TTA120S
The SA#2TTA120S Ma"
The SA#2TTA120S /o$a"
The SA#2TTA120S !hil-
The SA#2TTA120S 4oss
The SA#2TTA120S +$ployee

!A*12!&1N the #oat
Dece$%er 22"- through Ja"uary 20.
.o, to 1ecog"i3e !A*12!&1N
The !A*12!&1N Ma"
The !A*12!&1N /o$a"
The !A*12!&1N !hil-
The !A*12!&1N 4oss
The !A*12!&1N +$ployee
A60A120S the /ater 4earer
Ja"uary 21st through (e%ruary 1)th
.o, to 1ecog"i3e A60A120S
The A60A120S Ma"
The A60A120S /o$a"
The A60A120S !hil-
The A60A120S 4oss
The A60A120S +$ployee
*2S!+S the (ish
(e%ruary 20th through March 20th
.o, to 1ecog"i3e *2S!+S
The *2S!+S Ma"
The *2S!+S /o$a"
The *2S!+S !hil-
The *2S!+S 4oss
The *2S!+S +$ployee


(or Mi7e To--
the #e$i"i
,ho really 7"e, the people he 7"e,
a"- 8or Melissa A""e
the *isces
to 7eep a pro$ise . 5 5
Thus gre, the tale o8 /o"-erla"-9
Thus slo,ly5 o"e %y o"e5
2ts 'uai"t eve"ts ,ere ha$$ere- out-A"a5 "o, the tale is -o"e . . .

2 ,oul- li7e to e:press $y grate8ul tha"7s 8or the help a"- a-vice give" $e %y $y
8rie"- a"- teacher5 astrologer Lloy- !ope5 a irgo. /ithout his e"courage$e"t a"-
8aith5 this %oo7 $ight have re$ai"e- ;ust a"other Aries -rea$.
The verses use- throughout the te:t have %ee" ta7e" 8ro$ the ,or7s o8 Le,is
The ter$ <Su" sig"< $ea"s that5 i8 you are5 8or e:a$ple5 a #e$i"i5 the Su" ,as i"
the 3o"e o8 the 3o-iac calle- #e$i"i ,he" you ,ere %or"5 appro:i$ately %et,ee"
May 21st a"- Ju"e 21st5 i"clusive. =ou>ll 8i"- that the -ates coveri"g the Su" sig"
perio-s are slightly -i88ere"t5 -epe"-i"g o" ,hich astrology %oo7 you rea-. Most
astrologers -o">t ,ish to co"8use the lay$a" ,ith the i"8or$atio" that the Su"
cha"ges sig"s i" the $or"i"g5 a8ter"oo" or eve"i"g o8 a particular -ay. 2t>s all very
"ice a"- "eat a"- easy to prete"- each "e, sig" %egi"s precisely at $i-"ight. 4ut it
-oes">t. (or e:a$ple5 e:cept 8or leap year variatio"s5 the Su"5 8or the last several
-eca-es as ,ell as at the prese"t5 %oth leaves Aries a"- e"ters Taurus so$eti$e o"
April 20th. 2t>s i$porta"t to 7"o, that April 20th co"tai"s %oth sig"s. &ther,ise5
you $ight go arou"- all your li8e thi"7i"g you>re a Taurus ,he" you>re really a"
Aries. 1e$e$%er that i8 you ,ere %or" o" the 8irst or the last -ay o8 a"y o8 the Su"
sig" perio-s liste- i" this %oo75 you>ll have to 7"o, the e:act ti$e a"- the lo"gitu-e
a"- latitu-e o8 your %irth to ;u-ge ,hether or "ot the Su" ha- cha"ge- sig"s %y that


.&/ T& 0ND+1STAND S0N S2#NS
A tale %egu" i" other -ays5 /he" su$$er su"s ,ere glo,i"g- A si$ple chi$e5 that
serve- to ti$e The rhyth$ o8 our ro,i"g-
So$e-ay5 you ,ill -ou%tless ,a"t the co$plete -etails o8 your perso"al "atal chart.
Mea",hile5 you ca" %e sure that stu-yi"g your Su" sig" is a" i$porta"t 8irst step.
.o,ever5 stu-yi"g your Su" sig" shoul-">t %e co"8use- ,ith stu-yi"g the
pre-ictio"s %ase- o" your Su" sig" alo"e i" $aga3i"es a"- "e,spapers. They $ay
hit you ,ith i$pressive accuracy $ore o8te" tha" they $iss5 %ut they>re 8ar 8ro$
%ei"g i"8alli%le. &"ly a "atal chart calculate- 8or the e:act hour a"- $i"ute o8 your
%irth ca" %e co$pletely -epe"-a%le i" such a speciali3e- area.
&" the other ha"-5 -o">t %elieve the co$$o" accusatio" that these pre-ictio"s are
<;ust a %u"ch o8 ge"eral phrases that ca" %e scra$%le- arou"- to 8it a"y%o-y.<
That>s e'ually u"true. The pre-ictio"s ?i"-icatio"s ,oul- %e a %etter ,or-@ apply as
they are pri"te-5 to the Taurus or *isces or irgo perso" i"-ivi-ually. They -o">t
apply helter-s7elter to a"y o8 the t,elve Su" sig"s. They are ,ritte" %y co$pete"t
pro8essio"als a"- %ase- o" $athe$atical calculatio"s o8 the aspects 8or$e- %et,ee"
your "atal Su" a"- the pla"ets $ovi"g overhea-5 a"- they give you a 8air -egree o8
accuracy5 as 8ar as they go. The 8act that they>re "ot %ase- o" the e:act -egree o8
your "atal Su"5 "or o" the a--itio"al aspects 8ro$ the other eight pla"ets i" your
"atal chart5 plus your "atal Moo"5 is ,hat creates the 8la,. Still5 they ca" %e
i"teresti"g a"- help8ul5 i8 allo,a"ces are $a-e 8or the -iscrepa"cies.
The Su" is the $ost po,er8ul o8 all the stellar %o-ies. 2t colors the perso"ality so
stro"gly that a" a$a3i"gly accurate picture ca" %e give" o8 the i"-ivi-ual ,ho ,as
%or" ,he" it ,as e:ercisi"g its po,er through the 7"o," a"- pre-icta%le i"8lue"ces
o8 a certai" astrological sig". These electro-$ag"etic vi%ratio"s ?8or ,a"t o8 a %etter
ter$ i"> the prese"t stage o8 research@ ,ill co"ti"ue to sta$p that perso" ,ith the
characteristics o8 his Su" sig" as he goes through li8e. The Su" is">t the o"ly 8actor
i" a"aly3i"g hu$a" %ehavior a"- traits5 %ut it>s easily the $ost i$porta"t si"gle
So$e astrologers 8eel that a %oo7 a%out Su" sig"s is a ge"erali3atio" co$para%le to
lu$pi"g together all the *olish5 2rish5 !hi"ese5 Negro5 2talia" a"- Je,ish people- or
li7e lu$pi"g all %utchers5 %a7ers5 ca"-lestic7 $a7ers5 $ercha"ts or 2"-ia" chie8s.
Though 2 respect their 8eeli"gs5 2 ca">t agree ,ith the$. True5 Su" sig"s ca" %e
$islea-i"g i8 they>re use- ,ith the ,ro"g attitu-e. 4ut i" the a%se"ce o8 a "atal
chart5 they>re 8ar ahea- o8 a"y other 7"o," 'uic75 relia%le $etho- o8 a"aly3i"g
people a"- lear"i"g to u"-ersta"- hu$a" "ature.
A" i"-ivi-ual>s Su" sig" ,ill %e appro:i$ately eighty perce"t accurate5 so$eti$es
up to "i"ety perce"t. 2s">t that 8ar %etter tha" 3ero 7"o,le-geA That e:tra te" or
t,e"ty perce"t5 is5 o8 course5 $ost i$porta"t a"- $ust %e co"si-ere-. 4ut i8 you
7"o, a perso">s Su" sig"5 you>re su%sta"tially %etter i"8or$e- tha" those ,ho 7"o,
"othi"g a%out hi$ at all. There are "o pit8alls i" applyi"g Su" sig" 7"o,le-ge ,he"
it>s -o"e ,ith -iscretio". Just pla"t a" i$agi"ary police$a" i" your $i"- to 7eep
,ar"i"g you that you $ight %e o88 %y that te" or t,e"ty perce"t5 a"- you ca" use
the$ ,ith co"8i-e"ce.
/hat is a Su" sig"A A particular 3o"e o8 the 3o-iac- Aries5 Taurus5 #e$i"i5 etc.-i"
,hich the Su" ,as locate- at the $o$e"t you -re, your 8irst %reath5 a" e:act
positio" ta7e" 8ro$ a set o8 ta%les calle- a" ephe$eris5 calculate- %y astro"o$ers.
As poi"te- out i" the "ote to the rea-er that prece-es the Ta%le o8 !o"te"ts5 i8 you
,ere %or" o" the 8irst or the last -ay o8 a"y Su" sig" perio-5 youll have to 7"o,
your e:act %irth ti$e a"- the lo"gitu-e a"- latitu-e o8 your %irth place to ;u-ge
,hether or "ot the Su" ha- cha"ge- sig"s %y that hour. 2" other ,or-s5 the -ates
,hich %egi" a"- e"- the Su" sig" perio-s i" this or a"y astrology %oo7 are
appro:i$ate5 a"- this is $ost i$porta"t to re$e$%er. These t,o -ays are calle- the
cusps5 a"- -o">t let the$ co"8use you. So$e astrologers eve" give the$< a lo"ger
perio-. 4ut either ,ay there>s %ee" e"tirely too $uch stress lai- o" the$ 8or the
lay$a". No $atter ,hat you>ve hear-5 i8 the Su" ,as i" #e$i"i ,he" you ,ere
%o$5 it ,as i" #e$i"i5 ho,ever "ear it $ay %e to the cusp5 a"- that>s that. The
i"8lue"ces ,hich $ay %e i$presse- o" your perso"ality 8ro$ the sig" prece-i"g or
8ollo,i"g #e$i"i ,ill "ever %lot out your #e$i"i characteristics e"ough to tur"
you i"to a Taurus or a !a"-ceria". Nothi"g ca" -i$ the %rillia"ce o8 the Su"5 ,hile
it>s actually i" a sig"5 a"- the variatio"s you get 8ro$ %ei"g %or" o" a cusp are "ever
stro"g e"ough to su%sta"tially alter your %asic Su" sig" perso"ality. The i$porta"t
thi"g is to esta%lish through your %irth hour that you ,ere -e8i"itely %or" ,ithi" the
cusps. Ma7e a s$all allo,a"ce 8or the$5 a"- the" 8orget it.
/hat is a "atal chartA =ou ca" thi"7 o8 it as a photograph o8 the e:act positio" o8 all
the pla"ets i" the s7y at the $o$e"t o8 your %irth5 8or$e- %y precise $athe$atical
calculatio". 2" a--itio" to the Su" a"- Moo" ?the t,o lu$i"aries@5 there are eight
pla"ets5 all o8 ,hich i"8lue"ce your li8e5 accor-i"g to the sig"s they ,ere i" ,he"
you ,ere %o$5 their -ista"ce 8ro$ each other %y -egrees ?aspects@ a"- their e:act
28 you ,ere %or" o" Ju"e )th5 you>re a #e$i"i5 o8 course5 %ecause the Su" ,as i"
#e$i"i5 a"- a%out eight out o8 every te" #e$i"i traits ,ill sho, i" your character.
.o,ever5 the Moo"5 ruli"g your e$otio"s5 $ight have %ee" i" Aries5 colori"g your
e$otio"al attitu-es ,ith Arie" 'ualities. Mercury5 ruli"g the $i"-5 coul- have %ee"
i" Scorpio5 so your $e"tal processes ,oul- o8te" %e Scorpio" i" "ature. Mars5
ruli"g your speech a"- $ove$e"ts5 a$o"g other thi"gs5 coul- have %ee" i" Taurus5
so you ,oul- spea7 rather slo,ly5 li7e a Taurea". e"us $ight have %ee" i"
!apricor"5 givi"g you a" esse"tially !apricor" attitu-e i" love5 artistic a"- creative
$atters-a"- so o" ,ith the other pla"ets. =et5 "o"e o8 these place$e"ts ,ill totally
erase the %asic 'ualities o8 your #e$i"i Su". They si$ply re8i"e the -etails o8 your
co$ple: perso"ality.
There are other 8actors to co"si-er i8 you>re to %e o"e hu"-re- perce"t correctly
a"aly3e-. (or o"e thi"g5 the aspects 8or$e- %et,ee" the pla"ets a"- the lu$i"aries
at your %irth ca" $o-i8y their positio"s i" the sig"s. 4ut the $ost i$porta"t
co"si-eratio" is your asce"-a"t-the sig" risi"g o" the easter" hori3o" ,he" you
too7 your 8irst %reath-a"- its e:act -egree. =our asce"-a"t greatly $o-i8ies the
perso"al appeara"ce ?though your Su" sig" has a lot to say a%out that5 too@ a"- it
8or$s your true i""er "ature5 upo" ,hich the $otivatio"s o8 your Su" sig" are
%ase-. 28 your asce"-a"t is A'uarius5 8or e:a$ple5 you $ay have stro"g A'uaria"
lea"i"gs5 a"- ,o"-er ,hy the -escriptio"s o8 your #e$i"i Su" sig" -o">t i"clu-e all
o8 your i-iosy"crasies a"- secret lo"gi"gs. The t,o $ost i$porta"t positio"s i" a"y
"atal chart5 a8ter the Su" sig"5 are the asce"-a"t a"- the Moo" sig".
=ou>ll 8i"- it i"teresti"g to o%tai" your asce"-a"t 8ro$ a" astrologer ?,hich ca" %e
-o"e 'uic7ly over the telepho"e@5 a"- the" rea- the -escriptio" 8or that sig"5 alo"g
,ith your regular Su" sig". =ou>ll 8i"- that the t,o o8 the$ %le"-e- $a7e up your
total perso"ality to a re$ar7a%le -egree. A thir- %le"-i"g o8 your Moo" sig" ,ith
the other t,o ,ill give you a" eve" $ore co$plete picture.
Ne:t5 the houses o8 the horoscope $ust %e co"si-ere-. These are $athe$atically
co$pute- locatio"s i" the "atal chart ,hich have i"8lue"ce over -i88ere"t areas o8
your li8e. There are t,elve o8 the$5 o"e 8or each sig". The 8irst house is al,ays
rule- %y the sig" o" your asce"-a"t5 a"- so o"5 i" cou"ter-cloc7,ise or-er arou"-
the circle ,hich 8or$s the horoscope. The astrologer ,ho has care8ully calculate-
your "atal chart5 %ase- o" the e:act ti$e o8 your %irth a"- its geographical locatio"5
$ust i"terpret the $ea"i"g o8 each sig">s i"8lue"ce o" these houses-or locatio"s-also
ta7i"g i"to co"si-eratio" the pla"ets ,hich 8all i"to their speci8ie- areas. 4le"-i"g
all the 8oregoi"g 8actors i" a"aly3i"g your character5 your pote"tial5 a"- the
i"-icatio"s o8 your past a"- 8uture $ista7es a"- possi%ilities ?,hich are %ase- o"
the aspects o8 the progresse- a"- tra"siti"g pla"ets to your "atal pla"et positio"s@ is
calle- the art o8 sy"thesis i" astrology. That>s ,hat ta7es the ti$e5 tale"t5 e88ort a"-
7"o,le-ge o8 the astrologer. !alculati"g the chart itsel8 is a relatively si$ple tas75
o"ce certai" $athe$atical 8or$ulas are 8ollo,e-.
4ut %ac7 to your Su" sig"5 %ecause5 a8ter all5 that>s ,hat this %oo7 is a%out. 2" a
,ay5 sayi"g that you>re a #e$i"i is rather li7e sayi"g you>re 8ro$ Ne, =or75 ,hich
is">t the ge"erali3atio" it see$s to %e. /oul-">t it %e 8airly easy to spot a Te:a" i" a
Ne, =or7 %ar-or a Ne, =or7er i" a Te:as restaura"tA 2s">t there a co"si-era%le -i8-
8ere"ce %et,ee" a #eorgia" politicia" a"- a !hicago i"-ustrialistA &8 course. A
rather $ar7e- -i88ere"ce.
2$agi"e that you>re a Te:a"5 -iscussi"g a $a" ,ho is a%out to arrive 8or a %usi"ess
$eeti"g. So$eo"e says5 <.e>s a Ne, =or7er5< a"- i$$e-iately a" i$age is 8or$e-.
.e>ll pro%a%ly have 8aster5 $ore clippe- speech tha" a Te:a"5 %e less ,ar$ i" his
perso"al relatio"ships5 a"- ,ill ,a"t to plu"ge i"to %usi"ess ,ithout too $a"y
preli$i"ary pleasa"tries. .ell pro%a%ly %e i" a hurry to get the co"tracts sig"e- a"-
catch a pla"e %ac7 to the east coast. .e>ll %e sophisticate- to so$e -egree5 a"-
pro%a%ly $ore li%eral tha" the Te:a" i" his politics. /hy is this i"sta"t i$pressio"
li7ely to %e pretty accurateA 4ecause the Ne, =or7er lives a 8ast li8e i" a 8ast city5
,here slo, reactio"s $ay lose hi$ the seat o" the su%,ay or the ta:i i" the rai".
.e>s co"sta"tly ru%%i"g shoul-ers or el%o,s ,ith the 8a$ous5 so he>s "ot easily
a,e-. .e has access to the latest plays a"- the %est $useu$s5 so it>s har- 8or hi$ to
re$ai" u"sophisticate-. Due to higher cri$e rates a"- cro,-e- livi"g co"-itio"s5 he
,o">t %e as hospita%le or as i"tereste- i" his "eigh%ors as the Te:a"-his perso"ality
,ill %e so$e,hat cooler.
&8 course5 a Ne, =or7er ca" %e a slo,-tal7i"g Taurea" or a slo,-$ovi"g
!apricor"5 %ut he ,oul-">t %e 'uite as slo, as the Te:a" Taurea" or !apricor"5
,oul- heA Nor ,oul- a 8ast-thi"7i"g a"- acti"g #e$i"i %e 'uite as 8ast i8 he live-
i" Te:as as he ,oul- i8 he live- i" Ne, =or7. 2t>s all relative.
All right5 he>s a Ne, =or7er. No, assu$e you -iscover he>s 2talia". A"other i$age.
.e>s a ,riter 8or televisio". A thir- i$age. .e>s $arrie-5 ,ith si: chil-re"-a"- yet
a"other -i$e"sio" o8 the $a" is reveale-. There8ore ?although this is a" a"alogy5
a"- all a"alogies are i$per8ect@5 sayi"g he>s a Ne, =or7er is li7e sayi"g he>s a
#e$i"i5 8or i"sta"ce5 a"- a--i"g the 8urther i"8or$atio" is co$para%le to 7"o,i"g
that his Moo" ,as i" irgo a"- he ha- a Scorpio asce"-a"t ,he" he ,as %or"5 etc.
4ut eve" ,ithout the e:tra 7"o,le-ge5 ;ust 7"o,i"g that he>s a Ne, =or7er puts
you co"si-era%ly ahea- o8 those ,ho -o">t 7"o, i8 he>s 8ro$ Ti%et or the South Sea
2sla"-s. 2" the sa$e ,ay5 eve" ,ithout a "atal chart5 ;ust 7"o,i"g a $a" is a
#e$i"i or a Leo ca" give you $ore u"-ersta"-i"g o8 hi$ tha" coul- ever %e
possesse- %y those ,"o -o">t 7"o, i8 they>re copi"g ,ith a 8iery Sagittarius or a"
earthy Taurus.
2t>s true that a -etaile- "ativity ca" i"8alli%ly reveal the 8i"er "ua"ces o8 character. 2t
ca" i"-icate $ar7e- i"cli"atio"s to,ar- or agai"st -ope a--ictio"5 pro$iscuity5
8rigi-ity5 ho$ose:uality5 $ultiple $arriages5 a -istur%e- chil-hoo-5 alie"atio" 8ro$
or "eurotic attach$e"ts to relatives5 hi--e" tale"ts5 career a"- 8i"a"cial pote"tial. 2t
ca" sho, clearly te"-e"cies to ho"esty or -isho"esty5 cruelty5 viole"ce5 8ears5
pho%ias a"- psychic a%ilityB plus $a"y other stre"gths a"- ,ea7"esses o8 i""er
character ,hich $ay %e late"t 8or years5 the" %urst 8orth u"-er provocatio" -uri"g
pla"etary progressio"s a"- tra"sits ,hich a88ect the "atal pla"et positio"s 8or a
te$porary perio- o8 ti$e. Suscepti%ility a"- i$$u"ity to acci-e"t a"- -isease are
reveale-5 secret attitu-es to,ar- -ri"75 se:5 ,or75 religio"5 chil-re"5 ro$a"ce-a"-
the list coul- go o" a"- o". There are "o secrets hi--e" 8ro$ the accurately
calculate- "atal chart. No"e e:cept your o," -ecisio" co"cer"i"g ho, $uch o8
your i"-ivi-ual 8ree ,ill you $ay -eci-e to e:ercise.
.o,ever5 i" the a%se"ce o8 such a co$plete a"alysis5 everyo"e ca" pro8it 8ro$ a
stu-y o8 Su" sig"s5 a"- the 7"o,le-ge ca" $a7e us $ore tolera"t o8 o"e a"other.
&"ce you u"-ersta"- ho, -eeply i"grai"e- certai" attitu-es are i" people>s "atures5
you>ll %eco$e $ore sy$pathetic to,ar- their %ehavior. Lear"i"g Su" sig"s ca" help
cool5 poise- Scorpio pare"ts to %e $ore patie"t ,ith the 'uic7 %right"ess they
,oul- other,ise thi"7 ,as restless 8i-geti"g i" a #e$i"i chil-. 2t helps e:troverte-
stu-e"ts u"-ersta"- i"troverte- teachers5 a"- vice versa. =ou>ll 8orgive the irgo his
pic7i"ess ,he" you reali3e he ,as %or" to 7eep every hair straight a"- to u"ta"gle
issues %y e:a$i"i"g each -etail. 2t>s easier to %ear the careless"ess o8 the Sagittaria"
,he" you u"-ersta"- he>s too %usy 8i"-i"g causes to cherish a"- -e8e"- to loo7
,here he>s goi"g every $i"ute or "otice ,hose toes he>s steppi"g o". .is 8ra"7"ess
,ill cut less ,he" you>re a,are o8 his co$pulsio". to spea7 the truth5 ,hatever the
=ou ,o">t %e as hurt ,he" a !apricor" -oes">t <ooh< a"- <ah< over the gi8t you
gave hi$5 a8ter you>ve re$e$%ere- that he>s -eeply grate8ul5 %ut i"capa%le o8 sho,-
i"g his pleasure ope"ly. .is i"siste"ce o" -uty ,ill cha8e less ,he" you 7"o, that
he -iscipli"es hi$sel8 as severely as he -oes others. *utti"g up ,ith the e"-less
Li%ra" argu$e"ts a"- hesitatio"s is so$eho, $ore %eara%le ,ith the Su" sig"
7"o,le-ge that he>s o"ly tryi"g to %e 8air a"- reach a" i$partial -ecisio". The
A'uaria" ,o">t see$ as ru-e ,he" he roots i"to your private li8e i8 you stop to thi"7
he ,as create- ,ith a" u"co"trolla%le urge to i"vestigate people>s $otives.
&"ce i" a great ,hile you $ay co$e across a Leo5 8or e:a$ple5 ,ith5 say5 8ive or
si: pla"ets i" *isces. The *iscea" i"8lue"ces ,ill o%viously pro;ect the$selves
stro"gly5 $a7i"g his Su" sig" har-er to guess5 si"ce they>ll greatly su%-ue his Leo
'ualities. 4ut that ,ill happe" o"ly rarely5 a"- i8 you>re co$pletely 8a$iliar ,ith all
t,elve Su" sig"s i" -etail5 he ca">t -isguise his true "ature 8orever. No $atter ho,
har- the 8ish tries to hi-e the lio"5 that Leo Su" sig" ,ill "ever %e totally eclipse--
a"- you>ll catch hi$ u"a,ares.
Never $a7e the $ista7e o8 s7i$$i"g the sur8ace ,he" you>re tryi"g to recog"i3e
Su" sig"s. Not all !aprico$s are $ee75 "ot all Leos are out,ar-ly -o$i"eeri"g a"-
"ot all irgos are virgi"s. =ou>ll 8i"- a" occasio"al Aries ,ith a savi"gs accou"t5 a
'uiet #e$i"i or eve" a practical *isces. 4ut loo7 %eyo"- the o"e or t,o traits that
thre, you o88. =ou>ll catch that 8lashy !apricor" pee7i"g at the social register-the
shy Leo pouti"g over a slight to his va"ity-a"- the rare 8lirtatious irgo %uyi"g
i"sectici-e %y the case5 %ecause it>s cheaper. The 'uiet #e$i"i $ay "ot tal7 8ast5 %ut
her $i"- ca" operate at ;et spee-. The e:ceptio"al thri8ty Aries ,ill ,ear a %right
re- Mars coat to the %a"7 or tal7 %ac7 to a ru-e teller-a"- the practical *isces
secretly ,rites poetry or i"vites si: orpha"s 8or -i""er every Tha"7sgivi"g. No o"e
ca" success8ully hi-e his or her Su" sig" 8ro$ you5 i8 you 7eep your eyes a"- ears
ope". +ve" your pet ,ill sho, u"$ista7a%le Su" sig" traits. Do">t $ove the 8oo-
-ish o8 a irgo cat to a stra"ge spot-a"- "ever try to ig"ore a Leo -og.
2t>s 8u" to practice ,ith 8a$ous people5 politicia"s5 8ictio"al heroes a"- heroi"es.
Try to guess their sig"5 or ,hat sig" they $ost represe"t. 2t sharpe"s your
astrological ,its. =ou ca" eve" try co$ic strip characters. #oo- ol- !harlie 4ro,"
is o%viously a Li%ra"5 a"- Lucy coul- o"ly %e a Sagittarius ,ith a" Aries asce"-a"t
a"- her Moo" i" irgo. As 8or S"oopy5 ,ell5 a"yo"e ca" easily see he>s a" A'uaria"
-og5 the ,ay he ,ears that cra3y scar8 a"- the /orl- /ar 2 aviator>s cap5 ,hile he
chases a" i$agi"ary 1e- 4aro" 8ro$ the roo8 o8 his -og house. ?S"oopy $ay also
have a" a88licte- Neptu"e.@ Try it yoursel85 a"- you>ll have go%s o8 8u". 4ut ,hat>s
$ore i$porta"t5 as you play the Su" sig" ga$e5 you>ll %e lear"i"g so$ethi"g very
serious a"- use8ul9 ho, to recog"i3e people>s hi--e" -rea$s5 secret hopes a"- true
characters-ho, to u"-ersta"- their -eepest "ee-s-ho, to li7e the$ %etter a"- $a7e
the$ li7e you-ho, to really 7"o, the people you 7"o,. 2t>s a happier ,orl-5 a"-
people are pretty great5 ,he" you loo7 8or the rai"%o,s hi--e" i"si-e the$.
2s">t that really li8e>s $a;or pro%le$A 0"-ersta"-i"gA A%raha$ Li"col" sai- it
si$ply a"- clearly9 <To correct the evils5 great a"- s$all5 ,hich spri"g 8ro$
positive e"$ity a$o"g stra"gers5 as "atio"s or as i"-ivi-uals5 is o"e o8 the highest
8u"ctio"s o8 civili3atio".<
Start right "o, to stu-y your Su" sig"s5 use reaso"a%le cautio" ,he" you apply
the$5 a"- people ,ill ,o"-er ,here you got all your "e, perceptio" ,he" you
%egi" to u"$as7 their real "atures. 2" 8act5 u"-ersta"-i"g the t,elve Su" sig"s ,ill
literally cha"ge your li8e. =ou>re o" your ,ay to u"-ersta"-i"g people you>ve "ever
eve" $et. =ou>ll soo" 8eel closer to stra"gers5 as ,ell as to 8rie"-s5 a"- is">t that
really rather ,o"-er8ulA
2t>s "ice to 7"o, you.

Li"-a #oo-$a"

A4&0T T.+ A0T.&1
Li"-a #oo-$a" ,as %or" a"- %rought up i" *ar7ers%urg. /est irgi"ia. She
,or7e- 8irst as a colu$"ist a"- 8eature ,riter 8or the *ar7ers%urg "e,s-se"ti"el a"-
the !lar7sville ?Te""essee@courier. Si"ce the" she has %ee" a sta88 ,riter 8or several
ra-io a"- televisio" statio"s5 i"clu-i"g three years at N4! ,riti"g <Mo"itor< a"-
At prese"t she is co$pleti"g the %oo7 a"- lyrics 8or a 4roa-,ay $usical-i" the ti$e
she ca" spare 8ro$ prepari"g astrological charts a"- co"8erri"g ,ith a si3a%le
She lives i" Ne, =or7 ,ith her hus%a"- a"- 8our chil-re".

A12+S5 the 1a$
March 21st through April 20th
.o, to 1ecog"i3e
The A12+S Ma"
The A12+S /o$a"
The A12+S !hil-
The A12+S 4oss
The A12+S +$ployee

.o, to 1ecog"i3e A12+S
They ,oul- "ot re$e$%er the si$ple rules their 8rie"-s ha- taught the$9 such as
that a re- hot po7er ,ill %ur" you i8 you hol- it too lo"gBa"- that5 i8 you cut your
8i"ger very -eeply ,ith a 7"i8e5 it usually %lee-s.
.ave you rece"tly $et a" u"usually 8rie"-ly perso" ,ith a 8orce8ul $a""er5 a 8ir$
ha"-clasp a"- a" i"sta"t s$ileA #et rea-y 8or a -i33y -ash arou"- the $ul%erry
%ush. =ou>ve pro%a%ly ;ust %ee" a-opte- %y a" Aries. +specially i8 you 8ou"- it a
little tough to ta7e the lea- i". the co"versatio".
2s he co$$itte- to so$e i-ealistic cause a"- a"grily -e8e"-i"g the u"-er-ogA That
8igures. Male or 8e$ale5 these people ,ill 8ight ,hat they 8eel is a" i";ustice o" the
spot5 a"- they>re "ot %ash8ul a%out voici"g their opi"io"s. The ra$ ,ill tal7 %ac7 to
a tra88ic cop or a" ar$e- ga"gster ,ith e'ual vigor5 i8 either o"e happe"s to a""oy
hi$. .e $ay regret it later5 %ut cautio" ,o">t co"cer" hi$ i" the heat o8 the
$o$e"t. Mars people co$e straight to the poi"t5 ,ith "o shilly-shallyi"g.
Aries is the 8irst sig" o8 the 3o-iac. 2t represe"ts %irth5 as *isces represe"ts -eath a"-
co"scious"ess o8 the soul. The ra$ is co"scious o"ly o8 hi$sel8. .e>s the i"8a"t o8
the 3o-iac-the "e,%or" %a%y-co$pletely a%sor%e- ,ith his o," toes a"- 8i"gers.
.is "ee-s co$e 8irst. A" i"8a"t -oes">t care ,hether or "ot his pare"ts or the
"eigh%ors are sleepi"g. /he" he>s hu"gry or ,et5 he yo,ls i" -isco$8ort. .e ,a"ts
his %ottle5 a"- he ,a"ts his -iaper cha"ge- "o,5 a"- -o">t %e po7ey a%out it. /he"
the Aries perso" has a" i-ea or so$ethi"g he ,a"ts to get o88 his $i"-5 he>ll call you
at 8our i" the $or"i"g ,ithout a 'ual$. /hy shoul-">t you %e a,a7e to liste" to
hi$A .e>s a,a7e. That>s all that cou"ts. .e ,a"ts so$ethi"g. .e gets it.
Li7e the i"8a"t5 Aries is co"cer"e- ,ith the ,orl- o"ly as it relates to hi$sel8. 4ut
,ho coul- call the s$all %a%y truly sel8ishA .e>s per8ectly ,illi"g to lavish his
s$iles a"- 8avors o" those ,ho satis8y his -e$a"-s. 2t>s har- to resist a %a%y5
%ecause he>s so totally u"a,are that he>s causi"g a"yo"e the slightest i"co"ve"ie"ce.
So it is ,ith the ra$. .is i""oce"ce ha"gs over hi$ a"- $ello,s his ag-
gressive"ess5 li7e the i""oce"ce o8 the "e,%or" so8te"s his egoce"tricity.
This -isar$i"g "aivete is also ,hy Aries people are so 8earless. The %a%y 8ears
"othi"g a"- "o o"e5 u"til he gets %ur"e-. +ve" the"5 he>ll trusti"gly try agai"5 ,he"
he>s 8orgotte" the hurt. There>s "ot a trace o8 cu""i"g ,ile i" the ra$5 a"- he>ll
re$ai" this ,ay throughout his li8eti$eB 8orever %elievi"g ,ith all his heart5 al,ays
8alli"g -o," a"- getti"g up agai" to try o"ce $ore. A"y -ou%ts he collects alo"g
the ,ay are i$$e-iately -isplace- %y the "e:t perso" ,ho>s 7i"- to hi$5 ;ust as the
%a%y 8orgets the pai" o8 the sa8ety pi" that acci-e"tally stuc7 i" his leg the "e:t ti$e
so$eo"e spri"7les the po,-er.
The ra$ ca" $a7e %elieve 8ro$ here to to$orro,5 a"- spi" 8a%ulous -rea$s5 %ut he
ca">t lie ,orth a ti"7er.
2 /hat you see %e8ore you is ,hat he is. There>s "othi"g hi--e" or co$plicate-
a%out hi$. .e>s ;ust as vul"era%le as the %a%y5 a"- ;ust as helpless. /he" stro"ger5
$ore $ature people 8orce hi$ or ta7e thi"gs a,ay 8ro$ hi$5 he reacts i" the o"ly
$a""er he 7"o,s-yelli"g a"- causi"g so $uch -istur%a"ce5 that people give i" ;ust
to get peace. .e -oes">t "ee- <-elicate strategy. Lu"g po,er a"- sel8-a%sor%e-
-eter$i"atio" su88ice %eauti8ully to allo, hi$ to get his ,ay. *erhaps helpless is "ot
the right ,or-. ul"era%le5 yes-%ut helpless5 "o.
2t>s a ci"ch to recog"i3e the physical appeara"ce o8 the ra$. Aries people have
-eci-e- 8eatures5 usually sharp5 sel-o$ so8t or %lurre-. The ,ell-$ar7e- %ro,s
o8te" ;oi" ,ith the "arro, %ri-ge o8 the "ose i" 8or$i"g the sig" o8 the ra$ ?<C@5
perhaps as a ,ar"i"g to a"yo"e ,ith the silly i-ea o8 tryi"g to stop or co"'uer hi$
that those sy$%olic hor"s $ea" %usi"ess. =ou $ay "otice a $ole or a scar o" the
hea- or 8ace5 a re--ish cast to the hair i" the su"light5 a"- $ore color tha" average
i" the co$ple:io". =ou $ay also se"se i"visi%le spar7s shooti"g out i" all
-irectio"s. The $ove$e"ts ,ill usually %e 'uic7 a"- capa%le5 ,ith a $e"tal process
to $atch. 4oth the $ale a"- 8e$ale ra$s "or$ally have %roa- shoul-ers5 a"- they
$ay ,al7 ,ith the %o-y slightly %e"t 8or,ar-5 lea-i"g ,ith the hea-5 so to spea75
a"- al$ost al,ays i" a great hurry. ?&8te"5 they>re i" a hurry to get to a %ric7
%uil-i"g to 7"oc7 -o,"5 though their ho$s $ay get %e"t i" the %utti"g.@ There>s
little that>s grace8ul a%out the ra$5 u"less it>s his s$ooth ,ay o8 ha"-li"g a crisis
?,hich "ever 8ails to surprise people ,ho u"-eresti$ate hi$@. The %o"e Structure is
8i"e a"- stro"g5 a"- 8e, Aries people slu$p. Their posture re8lects their supre$e
ego a"- sel8-co"8i-e"ce. 28 you see a" Aries ,ith -roopi"g shoul-ers5 he>s pro%a%ly
a sheep type5 ,ho ,as %a-ly hurt i" the ego ,he" he ,as you"g. 2t $ay ta7e hi$
so$e ti$e to recover5 i8 the ,ou"-s ,e"t -eep5 %ut he>ll straighte" up so$e-ay. =ou
ca" cou"t o" it. Nothi"g 7eeps these people -o," 8orever5 8ailure least o8 all.
The Mars-rule- perso" ,ill loo7 you straight i" the eye5 ,ith u"a%ashe- ho"esty
a"- rather touchi"g 8aith. =ou>re his 8rie"-5 are">t youA =ou li7e hi$5 -o">t youA
NoA The" the tears ,ill start5 %ut i"s>-e. .e>ll "ever sho, it o" the sur8ace5 i8 he ca"
help it. 28 you see hi$ ope"ly ,eepi"g5 you ca" %e certai" that he>s %ee" cut to the
very soul i" so$e ,ay. Aries ,oul- rather %e caught -ea- tha" %e <caught ,ea7-a"-
so$e o8 the$ literally ris7 the 8or$er to avoi- the latter.
The ra$ ,ill sel-o$ gla"ce "ervously arou"- the roo$. /he" he -oes5 he>s "o
lo"ger i"tereste- i" tal7i"g ,ith you. So$ethi"g else has caught his atte"tio"5 a"-
8or the $o$e"t5 you are 8orgotte". So is ,hat you>re sayi"g. Do">t %e o88e"-e-.
1e$e$%er the %a%y a"- his toes a"- 8i"gers.
.e ,ill u"-ou%te-ly %e at the hea- o8 his chose" career or i"volve- i" a pro8essio"
o" his o,". 28 he>s "ot5 the" you ca" easily recog"i3e hi$ %y the -isco"te"t he
clearly sho,s at %ei"g 8orce- to su%$it to others. =ou ca" loo7 8or a li%eral attitu-e5
lavish ge"erosity ,ith %oth ti$e a"- $aterial thi"gs5 a"- a $ar7e- -esire to lea- all
the $arches -,ith lou- cy$%als. 4ut -o">t loo7 8or su%tlety5 tact or hu$ility. The
average Arie" ,as %ehi"- the %ar" -oor ,he" those 'ualities ,ere passe- out. .e>s
a little short o" patie"ce5 too. 2" a co88ee shop5 he>ll 'uic7ly critici3e the ,aitress
a"- the sa"-,ich5 i8 the 8irst is 8resh a"- the seco"- is stale. 4ut he>ll pro%a%ly leave
a" u""ecessarily %ig tip ,he" the service is goo-.
Aries is very -irect5 to put it $il-ly. Deceptive"ess a"- -evious"ess are e"tirely
8oreig" to the Mars "ature. (ra"7"ess a"- re8reshi"g ho"esty are Arie" tra-e$ar7s5
yet ra$s -o">t $a7e the %est cre-it ris7s. So$e o8 the$ lac7 sta%ility a"- evi-e"ce a
chil--li7e lac7 o8 respo"si%ility. +ve" those ,ho have $ature- ca" 8orget -e%ts i"
the e:cite$e"t o8 the ever-prese"t "e, challe"ge o8 the $o$e"t5 ,hich ,ill al,ays
co"su$e their e"tire atte"tio". They>ll eve"tually pay their %ills cheer8ully a"-
,illi"gly5 %ut you $ay %e out o8 %reath ,he" you catch up ,ith the$.
Although Aries is the 8ire%ra"-5 ,ho 8orges his ,ay through li8e ,ith -ari"g5
i"itiative a"- e"terprise5 there>s a stra"ge 'uir7 to his %ravery. .ell 8ace the
a%o$i"a%le s"o,$a" or the (ra"7e"stei" $o"ster ,ithout the slightest trace o8
8ear5 yet he ca">t sta"- physical pai". .e>s "ever a $oral co,ar-5 %ut he ca" %e a
huge sissy a%out a"ythi"g that hurts. The -e"tist is "ot o"e o8 his 8avorite people.
+very Arie"5 at so$e ti$e i" his li8e5 ,ill i"-ulge i" rash %ehavior that %ri"gs a"
i";ury to the hea- or 8ace. !uts a"- %u$s are also li7ely5 a"- severe or eve"
$igrai"e hea-aches5 ,hich coul- ste$ 8ro$ 7i-"ey i"8ectio"s. The ra$ ,oul- %e
,ise to steel hi$sel8 a"- see that -e"tist regularly5 guar- his eyesight5 ,atch his
-iet5 treat hea- . col-s seriously5 a"- stay a,ay 8ro$ alcohol ?"ot o"ly D %a- 8or the
7i-"eys5 %ut 'uite co$%usti%le ,he" co$%i"e- D ,ith the Mars te$per@. S7i" rashes5
pai"8ul 7"ee caps a"- D sto$ach -isor-ers also plague those %or" i" late March or D
April. The ra$>s co"stitutio" is stro"g a"- tough5 i8 he D -oes">t a%use it5 ,hich he
usually -oes5 %y ig"ori"g it. D /he" you see hi$ co"8i"e- to %e- ,ith little to say5
you D 7"o, he>s really sic7. +ve" so5 it $ay re'uire ha"-cu88s to D 7eep hi$ -o,".
.e ca" survive 8evers high e"ough to 7ill D the average perso"5 a"- $a"y o8 the$
are %rought o" %y D his hea-stro"g Mars te"-e"cy to carry through u"-er Ea-verse
circu$sta"ces5 at the ,ro"g ti$es ,ith the ,ro"g Epeople. The a"gry i$patie"ce
a"- 8rustratio" this al,ays Etriggers is the real cause o8 his health pro%le$s. .is re-D
actio" to -elay $a7es hi$ ill5 a"- the co"scious cultivatio" D o8 patie"ce a"-
cautious -eli%eratio" ,oul- 7eep the D -octor a,ay. Not that he>ll ta7e such a-vice.
.e 7eeps 2 the -octor a,ay 8or years at a ti$e a"yho,5 u"til he D either -rops i"
e:haustio" or reaches a" age ,he" he gets D $ore se"si%le. There>s "ot $uch -a"ger
o8 a" Aries %e-D co$i"g a--icte- to -rugs. Nor$ally5 the ra$ ,o">t eve" ta7e a
sleepi"g pill. .e>- $uch rather stay ,i-e a,a7e. ?.e>s a8rai- he $ight $iss
4ecause o8 his 8orce8ul opti$is$5 Aries ?alo"g ,ith the other 8ire sig"s5 Leo a"-
Sagittarius@ sel-o$ 8alls victi$ to the chro"ic5 li"geri"g -iseases-,hich astrology
has al,ays taught a"- $e-ical scie"ce "o, reali3es are triggere- or i"te"si8ie- %y
$ela"choly a"- pessi$is$. The 8ire sig"s are $ore suscepti%le to ragi"g 8evers5
8ul$i"ati"g i"8ectio"s5 stro7es5 high %loo- pressure a"- viole"tly acute ill"ess. Say
,hat you ,ill a%out his i$pulsive"ess5 the ra$ is sel-o$ guilty o8 gloo$. The see-s
o8 -epressio"5 eve" i8 pla"te-5 ,ill -ie a 'uic7 -eath i" Arie" soil. 4ut that precious
i-ea Aries hol-s5 that "o o"e else ca" -o a"ythi"g as e88icie"tly as he ca"5 $ay ru"
a,ay ,ith hi$ a"- > lea- to a thousa"- -isasters. .e>ll carry through his sche$es
,ith -ash a"- co"8i-e"ce5 sel-o$ reali3i"g that he>s overreachi"g hi$sel8 a"-
hea-e- 8or ulcers or a "ervous %rea7-o,". No o"e ever accuses hi$ o8 la3i"ess.
4ecause o8 their guileless "ature5 su%tle tric7s o8 strategy are i$possi%le 8or these
people. &"e Aries 2 7"o, ,ell5 ,ith his 8iery5 co"tagious e"thusias$5 got a
8i"a"cial a"gel to %ac7 o"e o8 his origi"al i-eas. Just as the -eal ,as a%out to %e
close-5 a"- this ra$ ,as a%out to reali3e his 8o"-est -rea$s5 the a"gel logically
suggeste- that a ,ell-7"o," e:pert oversee the operatio". The Aries ,as positive
that "o o"e coul- ru" it as ,ell as hi$sel85 a"- he ,as 8ear8ul o8 getti"g i"volve-
,ith so$eo"e 8ro$ ,ho$ he $ight have to ta7e or-ers5 so he respo"-e- 'uic7ly5
,ith the usual Aries hu$ility. .e ,ave- his cigar i" the air i" a superior gesture5
a"- as7e- %lu"tly5 <.o, -o you ,a"t your "o5 8ast or slo,A< The 8i"a"cial a"gel
;ust as 'uic7ly ,ith-re, his %ac7i"g5 a"- the poor Aries pro$oter soo" -evelope- a
severe case o8 %usi"ess leprosy. (or $a"y 8rustrati"g $o"ths5 those ,ho ha-
8or$erly %ee" %ehi"- hi$ o"e hu"-re- perce"t ,ere $ysteriously out to lu"ch or i"
+urope every ti$e he calle-.
A little tact8ul -iplo$acy coul- have 7ept his -rea$ 8ro$ e:plo-i"g5 %ut it ta7es the
average ra$ $a"y years to reach the -iplo$acy o8 a" Arie" li7e Dea" 1us7. *eople
,ho have arrive- at the top through har- a"- patie"t ,or7 ;usti8ia%ly rese"t a"
aggressive Aries5 ,ho thi"7s he 7"o,s 8ar $ore ,ith 8ar less e:perie"ce. .e lear"s
$o-esty a"- hu$ility o"ly a8ter $a"y -is$al 8ailures. 4ut o"ce he>s lear"e-5 he ca"
$a7e a pro;ect pay o88 li7e a gusher5 a--i"g stac7s o8 creative i-eas5 a"- i"tuitively
$a7i"g the right $oves. .e reaches lea-ership o"ly %y 8irst respecti"g those a%ove
hi$ i" cre-it a"- stature5 yet success5 ,he" it co$es5 is "or$ally giga"tic a"-
i$pressive. Stra"gely5 $ost Aries people o8te" create ,ealth 8or others rather tha"
8or the$selves. Lots o8 ra$s pay re"t $ost o8 their lives5 a"- sel-o$ o," their o,"
ho$e. 2t -oes">t see$ to %rea7 the Mars spirit that cash -oes">t al,ays cli"g to hi$5
perhaps %ecause ,hat he see7s is "ot "ecessarily i" the %a"7.
Though Aries pushes ahea- ,ith co"8i-e"ce5 cari"g little 8or the 8eeli"gs o8 others5
a"- his attitu-e5 especially i" youth5 is <$e 8irst5< he ca" %e the ,ar$est a"- $ost
ge"erous o8 all the Su" sig"s. .e>s "ot cruel. .e ;ust ho"estly %elieves that he ca"
-o a"ythi"g %etter tha" a"yo"e else5 a"- he>s psychologically u"a%le to sta"- %y
,hile others 8u$%le a"- 8lop. #ive hi$ a choice o8 $o"ey or glory5 a"- he>ll ta7e
glory a"y ti$e. .e>s as 8o"- o8 a -ollar as the "e:t perso"5 %ut he>s ;ust a 8e, sha-es
8o"-er o8 praise a"- 8a$e. The ra$ has a ,ay o8 $a7i"g i"sta"t -ecisio"s ,ithout
the authority o8 his superiors. .is speech ca" %e satirical a"- cutti"g i" i"vective.
Arie" a"ger 8lashes 8orth ,ith the spee- o8 sou"-5 %ut it>s usually go"e %e8ore the
victi$ 7"o,s ,hat it>s all a%out5 a"- the happy5 chil--li7e s$ile 'uic7ly retur"s.
&"e ca">t help %ei"g re$i"-e- o8 a tB certai" i$pulsive ra$5 Ni7ita Frushchev5 ,ho
o"ce %a"ge- his shoe i" a 8it o8 chil-ish te$per5 o" a ta%le at the 0"ite- Natio"s5 i"
8ull vie, o8 a televisio" au-ie"ce5 a"- the -evil-ta7e-the-hi"-er$ost. .e ,as %ei"g
ig"ore-5 a"- ,hat Arie" cares a%out tact ,he" he>s %ei"g ig"ore-A =et this sa$e
Aries ,as truly heart%ro7e" ,he" he $isse- e";oyi"g the $agic ,o"-er o8
Mars people are o8te" accuse- o8 havi"g a terri%le te$per. They have. 4ut they also
have a co$plete i"a%ility to re$ai" a"gry5 a"- o"ce over ,ith5 the grieva"ce is
ge"erally %urie- a"- 8orgotte". .e>s hurt a"- surprise- that you still re$e$%er the
rash thi"gs he sai- %ut -i-">t $ea". #ive" the cha"ce5 Aries ,ill apologi3e to his
,orst e"e$y5 regar-less o8 a"y -ire threats he $a-e i" the throes o8 e$otio". .e
see7s accepta"ce5 eve" ,hile he hee-lessly a"- -eli%erately courts re;ectio". Aries
people sel-o$ %eco$e a"gry ,ith i"-ivi-uals. =ou $ay get the sho,er o8 spar7s5
%ut the 8ire is actually -irecte- to,ar- a" i-ea or a situatio" he 8i"-s i"tolera%le.
The ra$ is capa%le o8 tryi"g to tell a s$all ,hite lie5 i8 it ,ill put hi$ 8ore$ost or
save o"e o8 his cherishe- r-eals5 %ut $ost o8 the ti$e5 he has little use 8or lies5
,hich is 8ortu"ate5 %ecause he gets caught every ti$e. 4lu"t ca"-or is 'uic7er5 a"-
si"ce the $ai" i"terest is i" getti"g to the poi"t i" a hurry5 he pre8ers to tell the truth.
.e has "o ti$e at all 8or gossip. That i"volves -iscussi"g others5 a"- Aries is 8ar too
i"tereste- i" hi$sel8 to ,aste a"y e:cess e"ergy speculati"g o" the i""er secrets5
%ehavior or $otives o8 a"yo"e else. 4esi-es5 people are "or$ally either %lac7 or
,hite to hi$. .e -oes">t %other ,ith the gray to"es. Do">t $ista7e this 8or pre;u-ice5
ho,ever. 28 he has heavy pla"etary a88lictio"s o8 his "atal chart5 the Aries i$pulsive
-isregar- 8or the 8acts $ay co$e 8orth i" the 8or$ o8 cruelty or pre;u-iceB %ut this is
e:tre$ely rare. The typical ra$ ,ill -i"e ,ith %eggars a"- 7i"gs ,ith e'ual ease
a"- ge"ui"e a88ectio". A"y reputatio" he gets 8or pre;u-ice co$es 8ro$ his
te"-e"cy to lu$p people i"to t,o -isti"ct ca$ps-his 8rie"-s a"- his e"e$ies-a"-
he>ll e:pect you to li"e the$ up the sa$e ,ay5 i8 you>re close to hi$.
Despite his shoc7i"g 8or,ar-"ess5 the ra$ ca" also %e the epito$e o8 social grace.
.e ca" co"verse 8or hours i" a" e:citi"g5 i"teresti"g $a""er o" su%;ects he 7"o,s
a%solutely "othi"g a%out. There>s a lot o8 sur8ace polish to cover that aggressive
Mars -rive. *atie"ce ,ith -etail is">t his stro"g poi"t. .e>- rather leave the $i"or5
petty sta-. tistics to so$eo"e else. That>s se"si%le e"ough. So$eo"e else ,oul-
ha"-le the$ 8ar $ore e88icie"tly. Ti$e spe"t pi""i"g -o," the 8acts is rese"te-5
%ecause the ra$ cares "othi"g 8or yester-ay>s lesso"s5 a"- to$orro, is too 8ar a,ay
to ,orry a%out. To-ay is his "atural resi-e"ce. This hour a"- this $i"ute. .e>s
totally co"su$e- i" the actio" o8 the prese"t.
A realist5 yet a -eci-e- i-ealist5 Aries o8te" -e8ies e$otio"al -escriptio". No o"e
ca" sho, such tough5 8orce8ul %ehavior. =et5 8e, others are capa%le o8 such
se"ti$e"tality5 ,ist8ul i""oce"ce a"- %elie8 i" $iracles. Mars people are literally
i"capa%le o8 accepti"g -e8eat. They ,o">t recog"i3e it-eve" ,he" it stares the$ i"
the 8ace. They>re i"cura%le opti$ists a%out the e"- result o8 a"ythi"g 8ro$ love to a
%ase%all ga$e. 4ei"g very clever i"-8ighters5 the ra$s %attle %est ,ith their hea-s5
$ea"i"g their $i"-s. They e";oy oppositio" %ecause o8 the challe"ge it prese"ts5
a"- they>ll go out o8 their ,ay to $eet a" o%stacle a"- co"'uer it lo"g %e8ore it
co$es to the$-a"- o8te" ,he" it $ight have %ee" hea-e- i" the opposite -irectio".
They -o">t ,ait arou"- 8or success to -rop i" their laps5 either5 They>ll chase it at a
8urious pace5 ,hich is ,hy you>ll 8i"- very 8e, Arie"s o" ,el8are lists.
Just thi"7i"g a%out the e"ergy o8 the ra$ ,ears out $ost people. 4ut Arie"s are also
capa%le o8 %ei"g cal$5 ,ise a"- serious ,he" they choose. 0"8ortu"ately5 they
usually -o">t choose u"til youth has passe- a"- $aturity has $ello,e- their rash
i-ealis$ a"- se"se o8 -rivi"g haste. They ca" arouse popular sy$pathy easily5 yet
they -o">t "ecessarily $a7e goo- politicia"s. Tho$as Je88erso" a"- +uge"e
Mc!arthy are rare e:ceptio"s to the rule. &8 all the Arie"s ,ho have tosse- their
hats i" the ri"g5 $ost have ha- co$paratively %rie8 or trou%le- political careers. /e
have">t ha- a" Aries presi-e"t i" the 0"ite- States si"ce Joh" Tyier i" 1G40. The
8iel- o8 politics is -i88icult 8or the average ra$. (or o"e thi"g5 he>s "ot the very %est
eco"o$ist i" the ,orl-. (or a"other5 he>s i$pulsive i" his speech a"- he hates to
he-ge5 %oth -ea-ly traits 8or a politicia". Most politicia"s ,ait to see ,hat people
,a"t %e8ore airi"g their positio"s. The average Aries has his o," i-eas o8 ,hat the
people "ee-5 "ever $i"- ,hat they ,a"t5 a"- he>ll see that they get it5 soo"er tha"
$ight %e politically e:pe-ie"t. Still5 he>s so i-ealistic that o"ce the Arie" has co$e
%e8ore the pu%lic he 8ires their i$agi"atio" a"- $a7es the$ %elieve i" the$selves
agai". The 8resh"ess o8 Mars ca"-or ca" %lo, through the s$o7e o8 political %ac7
roo$s li7e a %ree3e.
4ut $ost Aries people are usually happier i" %usi"ess or the creative arts5 ,here
they>re so -esperately "ee-e-. &thers $ay e:cel i" pla""i"g strategy. !al$er hea-s
a"- $ore practical $i"-s $ay %e %etter at e88icie"t orga"i3atio". 4ut ,ithout the
-irect actio"5 e"ergy a"- origi"ality o8 the ra$s5 the $ost -esira%le pro;ects ,oul-
8all to the grou"- or $a7e little hea-,ay.
=ou $ay 8i"- a" occasio"al Arie" ,ho is shy5 %ut you>ll
5 "ever 8i"- o"e ,ho>s u"certai" ,here he sta"-s. 2t>s -i88icult to e:press your o,"
i"-ivi-uality arou"- these people. Aries is 8ar happier ,he" he>s tal7i"g a%out
hi$sel8 a"- his pla"s tha" a%out a"y%o-y or a"ythi"g else ?,ith the e:ceptio" o8 the
love- o"e5 ,he" he>s caught i" the clutches
2>o8 a ro$a"ce@. &"ce you get his i"terest-a"- lots o8 luc7-hell %e a" atte"tive
liste"er5 especially i8 your i-eas are e:citi"g a"- progressive. .e>ll pro$ote you to
the s7ies5 a"- o88er you his ti$e5 $o"ey5 sy$pathy a"- loyalty. /he" you>re i" the
hospital5 he $ay 8orget to se"- a car-5 %ut he $ay choose the hospital 8or you5 -rive
you there hi$sel8 a"- re8er you to his o," -octor ?,ho ,ill %e superior to *asteur
a"- %oth o8 the Mayo %rothers5 o8 course@. &"ce i"volve- i" helpi"g you through a
rough ti$e5 Aries ,ill ,al7 the e:tra $ile ,ithout hesitatio". 4ut sho, your
gratitu-e5 please. .e>ll %e -eeply hurt5 i8 "ot -o,"right a"gry5 ,he" you -o">t
appreciate his stre"uous actio"s5 ,hich ,e"t 8ar %eyo"- the call o8 -uty5 a"- also
pro%a%ly 8ar %eyo"- ,hat you "ee-e- or ,a"te-. .e e";oys -oi"g 8avorsB the larger
the charita%le gesture the %etterB
%ut the ra$ ,a"ts his cre-it ,he" it>s co$i"g to hi$. 28 tha"7s are ,ithhel-5
ho,ever5 it pro%a%ly ,o">t 7eep hi$ 8ro$ helpi"g agai". .is a$a3i"g 8aith i"
hi$sel8 is $atche- o"ly %y his "aive trust i" others5 ,hich is ,hy he>s al$ost
co"sta"tly -isillusio"e-5 a"- co$plai"i"g that so$eo"e has let hi$ -o,". &8
course5 he ,o">t stay -o," lo"g. .e>ll pic7 hi$sel8 up5 -ust hi$sel8 o885 a"- soo" %e
rea-y5 ,illi"g a"- a%le to %last a,ay agai"5 a8ter a typical %i"ge o8 viole"t %ut %rie8
The ra$ gives such a" i$pressio" o8 si"cerity that it>s startli"g to 8ace his sheer
au-acity ,he" he clai$s 8or a 8act so$ethi"g he 7"o,s-or shoul- 7"o,-to %e
u"true. Accuse hi$ o8 -isho"esty5 a"- he>ll loo7 at you i" a$a3e$e"t5 ,ith ca"-i-
eyes ope" ,i-e i" utter horror that you coul- -ou%t hi$. .e ca" ,ear %li"-ers a"-
ear plugs to shut out a"ythi"g he -oes">t ,a"t to %elieve. +ve" ,he" his positio" is
co$pletely u"te"a%le5 he>ll %ravely stic7 to his gu"s a"- ,or7 8or the lost cause ,ith
ear"est co"victio". Still5 he ca" cha"ge his $i"- a%out a" opi"io" you thought he
,as %or" ,ith i" a $o$e"t o8 8ast -ecisio"5 a"- ,he" he -oes5 it>s i$possi%le 8or
hi$ to regai" his 8or$er poi"t o8 vie,5 let alo"e re$e$%er it. .is urge to toss the
past i" the trash ca" a"- go 8or,ar- at 8ull spee- ?o"e o8 the chie8 reaso"s he a-apts
to "e, locatio"s a"- people so pai"lessly@ $a7es hi$ thi"7 those ,ho try to reaso"
,ith hi$ are i"ter8eri"g ,ith his progress. The" he>s lia%le to thro, ,hat little tact
he has to the 8our ,i"-s. The ultra co"servative5 ,ho ,eighs every ,or- a"- -eci-
sio"5 is $a--e"i"g to the Mars souls5 ,ho ca" co$$u"icate their a""oya"ce a"-
8rustratio" ,ith clear a"- a%u"-a"t $ea"i"g. So it>s easy to see ,hy they so$eti$es
$a7e such %itter e"e$ies o8 ol-er5 ,iser hea-s.
Aries has a" i""oce"t ,ist8ul 8acet to his "ature5 a"- a 7i"- o8 eter"al5 ;oyous5 "aive
8aith5 %le"-e- ,ith the %li"- 3eal o8 the %or" crusa-er. Li7e the -ia$o"-5 his Mars
hor"s are har-5 a"- tough to crac7.
.e sees %right re- 8re'ue"tly5 %ut ,he" the spar7s have -isappeare-5 he %eco$es as
cheer8ul a"- ope"ly 8rie"-ly as the happy Arie" -aisy. .is $etal is iro"5 a"- its u"-
%e"-a%le stre"gth gives hi$ "i"e ti$es as $a"y lives tc live as othersB "i"e ti$es as
$a"y cha"ces o8 ,i""i"g the %attle. The 8ire that co"su$es his spirit ca" %e a
8la$i"g torch that lights the ,ay to courage 8or a"yo"e ,ho recog"i3es his great
.e is the pio"eer5 al,ays lea-i"g others o",ar- to a" i$possi%le goal. .is %eauti8ul
iro" 8aith is pure-u"$i:e- ,ith the alloys o8 hypocrisy a"- gree-. .e sel-o$
a$asses a 8ortu"e5 a"- i8 he -i-5 he ,oul- %e too %usy to stop a"- cou"t it. .elp
yoursel8 to his $o"ey5 clothes or ti$e. .e al,ays has so$e to spare5 ho,ever
presse- or poor he $ay %e te$porarily. The ra$ 7"o,s that %rea- cast o" the ,aters
"ot o"ly 8ee-s his ego a"- retur"s agai" i"crease-5 %ut it $a7es people happy5 o"e
o8 the thi"gs he e";oyA $ost i" li8e. To Aries5 $iracles are a -i$e a -o3e". 28 you
ru" out5 hell $a7e you so$e $ore5 ,rappe- i" %rave5 scarlet -rea$s.
(a$ous Aries *erso"alities
Dea" Acheso" 4is$arc7 Mario" 4ra"-o !harles !hapli" 2l7a !hase Julie !hristie
Joa" !ra,8or- 4ette Davis Tho$as De,ey 4er"ar- #i$%el .arry .ou-i"i .e"ry
Ja$es Tho$as Je88erso" #eorge Jessel Ni7ita Frushchev !lare 4oothe Luce
.e"ry Luce +uge"e Mc!arthy A"-re, Mello" J. *. Morga" /ay"e Ne,to" Lily
*o"s Joseph *ulit3er Si$o"e Sig"oret .arol- Stasse" Leopol- Sto7o,s7i #loria
S,a"so" Lo,ell Tho$as Arturo Tosca"i"i *eter 0sti"ov i"ce"t a" #ogh
/e$her vo" 4rau"
Te""essee /illia$s

The A12+S Ma"
.e sai-5 <2 go $y ,ays
A"- ,he" 2 8i"- a $ou"tai"-"il
2 set it i" a %la3e ...<
<So either ,ay
2>ll get i"to the gar-e"5
a"- 2 -o">t care ,hat happe"s.<
That creature over there $a7i"g a pho"e call-is it a" electrically charge- -y"a$oA
2s it a 8la$i"g torchA is it a %ir-5 a" e:plosio"-or is it Super$a"A /ell5 practically.
2t>s a" Aries $ale5 ,hich is pretty close. Let>s hope you 7"o, ,hat you>re loo7i"g
8or. Shoul- it %e e:cite$e"t5 a" Aries $a" ,ill provi-e it %y the %ushel5 ,ith
sel-o$ a -ull $o$e"t to %lur the spar7le. 4ut i8 you>re loo7i"g 8or the security a"-
co"te"t$e"t o8 a soothi"g love5 you>re i" the ,ro"g telepho"e %ooth.
Aries ca" over,hel$ you ,ith passio"ate ar-or o"e $i"tue5 a"- %e as icy as a polar
%ear the "e:t. 2"sult hi$ or lose his i"terest-either or %oth-a"- that ,ar$5 i$pulsive
Mars "ature ,ill 8ree3e i"sta"tly. To ig"ite it agai" $ay $ea" starti"g all over 8ro$
Act &"e5 Sce"e &"e.
Aries $e" are 8airly %ursti"g ,ith i-eas a"- creative e"ergy. Feepi"g up ,ith hi$
$ay %e tiri"g5 %ut 7eep up you>- %etter. At least $e"tally. Aries has a ,ay o8
leavi"g the s"ails %ehi"- a"- "ot gla"ci"g %ac7. .e>ll pro%a%ly loo7 a"- act you"ger
tha" spri"gti$e5 ,hich is all very -elight8ul5 %ut his youth8ul aura $ay carry over
i"to his $e"tal a"- e$otio"al attitu-es u"til he>s $ature-5 ,hich ,o">t %e early i"
li8e. The Aries $a" is i$patie"t ,ith slo, po7es5 %ol- a"- co"8i-e"t5 al,ays ahea-
o8 others5 a"- so$eti$es ahea- o8 hi$sel8 as ,ell. .e ca" %e the soul o8 ge"erosity5
givi"g his ti$e5 $o"ey5 sy$pathy a"- possessio"s %y the carloa- cheer8ully to
stra"gers. 4ut he ca" also %e e:asperati"gly i"tolera"t5 thoughtless5 sel8ish a"-
-e$a"-i"g5 ,he" his -esires are -elaye-5 or he>s 8orce- to %e arou"- "egative
/he" it co$es to love5 his hee-less attitu-e is a%solutely a$a3i"g. .e>ll plu"ge i"to
a" a88air5 positive that this is the o"ly true love ever 7"o," %y a"y t,o people ever
%or"5 ,ith the possi%le e:ceptio" o8 1o$eo a"- Juliet. /he" it %rea7s i" hal85 hell
pic7 up the pieces5 a"- try every a"gle he ca" thi"7 o8 to salvage the -ea- ro$a"ce.
28 it>s %eyo"- repair5 hell start all over agai" ,ith a "e, Juliet5 a"- it ,ill %e li7e the
very 8irst ti$e. No $atter ho, $a"y ro$a"tic $ista7es he $a7es5 the ra$ is sure
his true love or soul $ate is ;ust arou"- the "e:t -rea$. 0"less you>re a Scorpio
8e$ale5 the Aries $a" is as passio"ate as a"y ,o$a" coul- as7. There>s little le8t to
-esire. .e>s so i-ealistic a"- suscepti%le to se"ti$e"t5 he>ll s'uee3e all the ti"gles5
sighs5 ectasies a"- poetry it>s possi%le to s'uee3e out o8 a relatio"ship. Aries is">t
capa%le o8 goi"g hal8,ay. .e gives all o8 hi$sel8 to the %ur"i"g i"terest o8 the
=ou $ay %e i"volve- ,ith o"e o8 the 'uieter sheep. Do">t let hi$ 8ool you. .e>s still
rule- %y Mars. .e -oes">t tal7 $uch right a,ayA .e>s "ot ope"ly e:u%era"t a"-
pushyA =es5 2 7"o, o"e5 too. 4ut ta7e $y ,or- 8or it5 i8 you coul- see i"si-e that
har- hea-5 you ,oul- -iscover that his %rai" is spi""i"g at appro:i$ately t,o
hu"-re- revolutio"s per seco"-. A"y ti$e you $eet this 7i"-5 o"e ,ho -oes">t at
8irst appear to have the typical Mars -rive5 chec7 the prese"t recor- o8 the %usi"ess
he>s co"-ucti"g. =ou>ll soo" %e co"vi"ce- you>re -eali"g ,ith a" Aries. The" as7
his e:-girl 8rie"-s. They>ll pro%a%ly a"s,er ,ith a giggle. <.i$A 4ash8ulA Ti$i-A
=ou $ust $ea" so$eo"e else.< A8ter a ,hile5 you shoul- %egi" to get the picture.
That 'uiet -e$ea"or is a $as7 8or a 8iery heart a"- a tough %usi"ess -rive.
Naturally5 it>s easier ,he" you>re i" love ,ith a plai"5 si$ple ra$5 ,ho $a7es it
o%vious ;ust ho, e"thusiastic he is a%out everythi"g 8ro$ potato chips to $oo"light
a"- $otor trips.
No other Su" sig" ca" %e so scrupulously 8aith8ul as Aries ,he" he>s really i" love
8or 7eeps. .is ho"esty ,ill usually 7eep hi$ 8ro$ 8ooli"g you5 a"- his i-ealis$ ,ill
7eep hi$ 8ro$ ,a"ti"g to. *ro$iscuity or eve" light 8lirtatio"s are "ot a" Arie"
ha%it5 "o $atter ,hat the %oo7s tell you. Not ,he" he>s -eeply i"volve- ,ith all his
heart. .e>s loo7i"g 8or a story%oo7 ro$a"ce5 a"- story%oo7 ro$a"ces "ever i"clu-e
a casual attitu-e to,ar- love a"- se:. Those other girls ,ere 4.=.!.A. ?%e8ore you
ca$e alo"g@. 2" 8act5 2 7"o, o"e Aries ,ho 8re'ue"tly prece-es -iscussio"s o8
yester-ay ,ith his curre"t 8la$e ,ith5 <That ,as4.0.< ?%e8ore us@.
&8 course5 you $ust 7eep alert to 8uture possi%ilities5 %ecause as si"cere as he is i"
his prese"t -evotio" a"- pro$ises o8 co$plete loyalty ?,hich are u"-ou%te-ly a%so-
lutely true@5 his "ee- 8or ro$a"ce is so stro"g that he>s capa%le o8 loo7i"g else,here
i8 you -o">t 7eep his illusio"s alive co"sta"tly. The $i"ute you let your $utual love
lose its story%oo7 8lavor5 he $ay ,a"-er o88 .the stea-y path. 2" case you>re "ot
sure5 story%oo7 love5 to hi$5 -oes "ot i"clu-e goi"g to -rea$la"- at "ight ,ith a
8e$ale ,ho has ic7s salve o" her chest to clear up her cough. 2t also -oes "ot
i"clu-e ,atchi"g your i"ti$ate perso"al toilette5 such as polishi"g your "ails5
,hite"i"g your teeth5 %righte"i"g your hair ,ith <%lo"-es have $ore 8u"< %leach5
peeli"g your su"%ur"5 8ili"g your "ails or 8ighti"g ,ith your $other 8or hours o" the
pho"e. So$eho,5 i" his $i"-5 this is "ot the ,ay story%oo7 pri"cesses %ehave. A"-
goo-"ess 7"o,s5 Juliet ,oul- "ever have sat ,ith her 8eet up5 che,i"g ta88y a"-
,atchi"g T. /ear your per8u$e ,he" he>s arou"-5 a"- giggle ,ith your girl
8rie"-s ,he" he>s "ot. .e 8i"-s it -i88icult to visuali3e hi$sel8 as *ri"ce !har$i"g
,he" he 7isses you a,a7e a"- you either s"ore5 or shout u"pleasa"tly5 <(or gosh
sa7es5 let $e sleep5 ,ill youA< No,5 really5 is that the ,ay Sleepi"g 4eauty ,oul-
have acte- ,he" she ,o7e upA 4e prepare- to greet hi$ -e,y-eye- a"- %reathless
each $or"i"g5 8resh 8ro$ your -rea$s5 thrille- to 8i"- his ha"-so$e 8ace so "ear.
A"- let hi$ 7"o, it.
Aries $ales ,hose s,eethearts "eglect ro$a"ce are heart%ro7e" at 8irst. The" they
%eco$e a"gry. The" they go loo7i"g 8or a pri"cess ,ho -oes">t s"ore a"- thi"gs
li7e that. This is">t -isho"est as 8ar as he>s co"cer"e-. .e -i-">t %rea7 a pro$ise.
=ou -i-. =ou $a-e hi$ thi"7 you ,ere a lovely "ighti"gale5 si"gi"g i" the
$oo"light5 li7e it says i" his 8avorite so"g. No, he 8i"-s out you>re a chatteri"g
s'uirrel or a "aggi"g %lue ;ay a"- the ;olt rouses < hi$ 8ro$ his heave"ly ,orl- o8
a"gelic choirs a"- %ells ri"gi"g every ti$e he touches your ha"-. .o, ca" %ells
ri"g ,he" your ha"-s are al,ays 8ull o8 -irty ashtrays5 a"- ho, ca" he hear choirs
,he" you>re screa$i"g at hi$ that he staye- out u"til a8ter $i-"ight 8or t,o "ights
i" a ro,A ?/hich he -i-5 o8 course5 %ut ,ho are you to thi"7 you ca" -ictate his
every $oveA Marriage is "ot a priso"5 a"- you are "ot his ,ar-e"-that>s his
28 you lea$ ho, to ope" your eyes a"- loo7 at hi$ $istily a"- all the rest o8 it5 he>ll
stay ,ith you happily5 a"- ig"ore every 8e$ale o" earth 8or you. The ra$ is highly
u"li7ely to co$$it hi$sel8 physically to $ore tha" o"e ,o$a" at a ti$e ?u"less
there>s a #e$i"i asce"-a"t or so$e e"us a88lictio" i" his "atal chart@. 2t ;ust
,oul-">t 8it his i$age o8 o"e true a"- lasti"g love. The -ecisio" to %rea7 o88 the ol-
,ill al,ays %e $a-e %e8ore %eco$i"g too -eeply i"volve- ,ith the "e,. =ou>ll
have ple"ty o8 ,ar"i"g. A" Aries $a" ca" rarely prete"- a passio" he -oes">t 8eel.
This alo"e preve"ts a"y u"-ue a$ou"t o8 -eceptio". 4esi-es5 "o, you 7"o, ho, to
7eep hi$ i"si-e the pages o8 that story%oo7.
Just -o">t %e -ull5 "egative or overly ti$i-. To hol- hi$5 you>ll have to %e a
co$%i"atio" o8 #race Felly5 0rsula A"-ress5 Marie Dressier5 Ma-a$e !urie a"-
6uee" ictoria5 ,ith a little %it o8 !lare 4oothe Luce thro," i". No o"e pri"cess
,ill ever satis8y his i$age o8 the i-eal. 2t>s 'uite a tric7 to co"vi"ce hi$ you>re
superior to all other 8e$ales5 %ut it ,ill 7eep hi$ spotlessly 8aith8ul5 i8 you ca"
s,i"g it. 2t>s really ,orth a try5 %ecause5 i8 the Aries plu"ge i"to ro$a"ce is
hea-lo"g5 his race out o8 it is e'ually rec7less. .e>s %oth a" i-ealist a"- a" egotist5
,hich $ea"s he hates to a-$it he>s ,ro"g5 or that the love he chose coul- -ie. Still5
al,ays re$e$%er that he>s capa%le o8 8i"-i"g situatio"s u"%eara%le that others
,oul- co"si-er par 8or the course. A8ter a separatio"5 i8 you catch hi$ i" the right
$oo-5 you ca" 8ire his ro$a"ce all over agai"5 i8 you act as i8 there ha- "ever %ee"
a"y previous i"ti$acy. =ou>ll have to play har- to get5 %ecause he loves a challe"ge.
To $a7e it easier to 8orgive hi$5 i8 trou%le ever arises5 re$e$%er that a"y strayi"g
,as -ue to a su--e" i$pulse a8ter his "ighti"gale stoppe- si"gi"g i" the $oo"light5
"ot to a -eli%erate see7i"g o8 casual variety. A-ultery is actually -istaste8ul to his
ho"est "ature. Do">t 8ret a%out the 8uture. =ou have the $agic 7ey to his heart. Loc7
28 you have a"y i-eas a%out playi"g ga$es ,ith hi$ %y 8lirti"g--rop the$. =our
8irst i"-iscretio" ,ill pro%a%ly %e your last. =ou ca" lose hi$ ,ith ;ust a ,hisper or
a" i"ti$ate loo7 at a"other $a"5 let alo"e a"y actual i"8i-elity.
.e i"sists o" %ei"g 8irst i" everythi"g5 a"- you ca" %et your ol- presse- gar-e"ia
this i"clu-es %ei"g 8irst i" your heart. Aries is possessive a"- ;ealous i" the e:tre$e.
&"ly a Leo $ale ca" get ,il-er at the thought o8 a tra"sgressio" o" the part o8 his
%elove-. To $a7e it ,orse5 the ra$ ,ill "ever give you the %li"- 8aith he e:pects
you to give hi$ i" such $atters. =ouHll si$ply have to u"-ersta"- that his a"i$ate-
co"versatio"s ,ith other ,o$e" are i""oce"t5 %ecause he>ll -e$a"- all the 8ree-o$
o8 social co"tact he -e"ies to you5 a"- the" so$e. =our Mars lover ,ill glue you to
a pe-estal5 a"- e:pect you to stay there. Do">t $ove a si"gle toe. Do">t eve" loo7 as
i8 you ,a"t to.
The Aries $ale is a "atural re%el. .e loves to -e8y authority a"- he thi"7s he ,as
%or" s$arter tha" a"yo"e else. *erhaps he ,as5 %ut $ost people -o">t relish %ei"g
tol- so. Tha"7s to his rash ,ay o8 pushi"g his superiority5 he>s lia%le to 8all 8lat o"
his 8ace $ore tha" o"ce. 4ecause o8 his "ee- to lea- a"- re8usal to 8ollo,5 those i"
$ore po,er8ul positio"s ,ill teach hi$ 8re'ue"t lesso"s i" hu$ility. At these ti$es5
you>re ,ay ahea-5 %ecause he>ll ru" to you 8or co$8ort a"- assura"ce ,he" his ego
is %ruise-. The" you>ll lea$ that5 %e"eath his sel8-co"8i-e"t5 aggressive 8ro"t5 lies a"
i"8eriority co$ple: he>- rather -ie tha" a-$it havi"g. The ,o$a" ,ho ha"-les his
shattere- co"8i-e"ce ,ith ge"tle a"- total -evotio" has the %est cha"ce o8 7eepi"g
his heart per$a"e"tly. Never $a7e the $ista7e o8 agreei"g ,ith his $o$e"tary
e"e$y5 or tryi"g to %e 8air a"- seei"g the other si-e o8 the co"troversy. =ou $ust
love ,hat he loves a"- hate ,hat he hates. .e -e$a"-s the sa$e 8ierce a"-
u"'uestio"i"g loyalty that he gives5 i" %oth love a"- 8rie"-ship. 2t>s his co-e. 0"less
you ho"or it5 8i"- a"other $a".
There are "o su%tle tric7s i" the Aries "ature. 2t>s "ot at all har- to recog"i3e ,he" a
Mars $a" is 8i"ishe- ,ith a relatio"ship. The ice a"- %ore-o$ i" his voice a"-
$a""er ,ill %e u"$ista7a%le5 a"- ,ill usually %e acco$pa"ie- %y a 8ra"7 state$e"t
that $a7es it crystal clear. &" the other ha"-5 a" e:plosive 8la$e o8 scorchi"g a"ger
is less serious5 sig"i8yi"g that his -ispleasure is pro%a%ly ;ust a passi"g $oo-5 a"-
the ro$a"ce ca" %e save-. =ou have $ore reaso" to 8ear his ice tha" his 8ire.
Aries $ales -o">t li7e ga$es. .ell %e -irect i" all his approaches. A"- that $ea"s i"
ro$a"ce5 as ,ell as i" %usi"ess. .e ,o">t ,aste a seco"-5 o"ce the love has %ee"
recog"i3e-5 %ut %e sure to let hi$ %e the o"e to recog"i3e it. Do">t chase hi$5 pho"e
hi$ 8re'ue"tly5 get starry-eye- or -eclare your 8eeli"gs u"til you>re a%solutely sure
the passio" is $utual. The 'uic7est ,ay to lose hi$ is to $a7e the 8irst a-va"ce. .e
$ust %e the lea-er here5 as else,here. 28 you -o">t allo, hi$ to %e5 he ca" lose
i"terest so 8ast it ca" asto"ish you a"- crush you at the sa$e ti$e. &"ce you>re each
8ir$ly co$$itte-5 ho,ever5 -o">t %e too cool a"- casual5 or he>ll see7 atte"tio"
so$e,here else. Love ,ith a" Aries $a" is li7e ,al7i"g a tightrope %et,ee" ,ar$
i"terest a"- aloo8 -etach$e"t. =ou practically have to %e a trape3e artist. Do">t ru"
a8ter hi$. Do">t ru" a,ay 8ro$ hi$5 either. Stic7 a pe""y i" your shoe5 carry a 8our-
lea8 clover a"- ,ish o" a star. That ,ill get you as 8ar as a"y "or$al5 $etho-ical
strategy. May%e 8arther. =ou have to 7eep hi$ guessi"g5 eve" a8ter you>re his. At
the sa$e ti$e5 he "ee-s the assura"ce that your love is al,ays there. Lear" to live
,ith it-or lear" to live ,ithout a" Aries.
&" the plus si-e5 although your Aries lover ,ill i"sist o" %ei"g 8irst i" the
relatio"ship5 he>ll also %e the 8irst to say he>s sorry a8ter a 'uarrel5 a"- the 8irst to %e
there ,he" you "ee- hi$. .e>ll %e right %y your si-e ,he" you>re ill or u"happy.
.e>ll spe"- $o"ey o" you 8reely a"- ,illi"gly ?i8 he>s a typical so" o8 Mars@. .e>ll
co$pli$e"t your appeara"ce5 appreciate your tale"ts a"- %e a sti$ulati"g $e"tal
co$pa"io". Although he ca" %e %ossy a"- lose his te$per over a tri8le5 he>ll sel-o$
let the su" go -o," o" his a"ger %e8ore $a7i"g up. =ou $ay %e the $ost i$porta"t
thi"g i" his li8e5 %ut he>ll e:pect you to 7"o, that5 a"- ,ait 8or a88ectio" a"-
atte"tio" ,he" he>s all e:cite- %y so$e "e, i-ea ,hich is co"su$i"g his i"terest.
.e ,a"ts to %e your ,hole ,orl-5 %ut u"li7e other $e"5 he>ll let you share his
,orl-5 i8 you>re his e'ual.
The Aries $ale ,ill e:pect his la-y 8air to %e ultra-8e$i"i"e a"- a to$%oy at the
sa$e ti$e. .e ,a"ts you to %e co$pletely i"-epe"-e"t5 yet ,illi"g to stay a 8e,
paces %ehi"- hi$. .e>ll e:pect you to praise hi$ a"- %e -evote- to hi$5 %ut "ever
play the role o8 hu$%le slavey. Are you still ,ith $eA #oo-. 4rave girl. There>s
$ore to co$e. .e>s capa%le o8 sayi"g %itterly cruel a"- sarcastic thi"gs to you ,he"
his ego has %ee" ,ou"-e-5 thi"gs he ,o">t $ea" at all5 %ut ,hich $ay %rea7 your
heart i8 you -o">t u"-ersta"- hi$. The" he>ll e:pect you to 8orgive a"- 8orget as
rea-ily as he -oes. =ou>ll have to li7e all his 8rie"-s5 ,hile he reserves the right to
%e %ore- %y yours. /ell5 you ,a"te- a $a"5 -i-">t youA =ou>ve sure got o"e i" your
Aries $ate. 28 you>re a real ,o$a"5 your love a88air ca" %e the e"vy o8 everyo"e i"
to,"5 ;ust li7e 1o$eo a"- Juliet ?,ithout the trage-y5 o8 course@.
&"ce you>ve $arrie- hi$5 the Aries $ale ,ill -o$i"ate the ho$e or leave it. .e
,o">t sta"- 8or %ei"g "agge- i" pu%lic or private5 especially a%out %o, he spe"-s
his lettuce. .e ear"e- it5 -i-">t heA 2t>s his $o"ey5 is">t itA ?So$eti$es that
possessive pro"ou" ca" stretch to i"clu-e the $o"ey you ear"5 too.@ .e $ay "ot
%ala"ce the %u-get too ,ell-a"- 2>$ %ei"g 7i"- to put it so tact8ully-%ut -o">t ta7e it
over yoursel85 eve" i8 you $a-e straight A>s i" $ath. Never 'uestio" his 8i"a"cial
a88airs. 2t>s esse"tial that he co"trol the purse-stri"gs all the ,ay. .e>ll %e ge"erous
,ith his cash5 i8 he>s a typical Arie"5 a"- give you ,hatever you "ee-. =ou ca" have
that co%ra s7i" ha"-%ag a8ter he>s %ought that alligator %rie8 case5 i8 there>s a"ythi"g
le8t over. ?.e $ay %e a little sel8ish5 %ut he>s "ever sti"gy.@
Though the ra$ $ay cha"ge ;o%s 8re'ue"tly u"til he %eco$es his o," %oss5 he
,o">t let you starve. .e>ll 8i"- a ,ay to 7eep the -ollars 8lo,i"g i"5 eve" though
they $ay 8lo, out agai" ;ust as 8ast. 4etter save a 8e, 'uarters i" the %lue chi"a pig
a"- surprise hi$ ,ith it ,he" he "ee-s it $ost5 %ecause he>s "ot li7ely to salt a,ay
$uch o8 his ear"i"gs hi$sel8 ?u"less he has a hi--e" asset5 li7e the Moo" i"
!apricor" or !a"cer5 or a" asce"-a"t ,hich -ictates eco"o$y@.
+ach "e, %a%y ,ill 8i"- hi$ %ehavi"g li7e the -evote-5 prou- papa o8 your -rea$s.
Later5 he $ay %e a little %ossy ,ith the chil-re"5 a"- try to -ictate their careers. .e>ll
%e a ,ar$ a"- ,o"-er8ul 8u" -a--y5 %ut he $ight have to %e re$i"-e- that the
you"gsters "ee- i"-epe"-e"ce as $uch as he -oes. (atherhoo- is -e8i"itely a role
he>ll e";oy. 4ase%all5 tal7s a%out the %ir-s a"- %ees5 8oot%all5 8ather--aughter
-i""ers5 the ,hole ,or7s. Just -o">t let hi$ thi"7 little .er$a" or .e"rietta is $ore
i$porta"t to you tha" he is5 ho,ever5 or his e";oy$e"t o8 the role $ay cool
#o ahea- a"- co"ti"ue your career a8ter $arriage i8 you li7e. .e pro%a%ly ,o">t
rese"t it5 as lo"g as you -o">t outshi"e hi$. 2t>s easier 8or hi$ to 8orgive i"sta"t
suppers or 'uic7-8ro3e" 7u$'uats tha" to 8orgive your lac7 o8 8aith i" his i-eas.
That>s i$porta"t to re$e$%er.
+"courage his i"-epe"-e"ce5 %ut try to cur% his i$pulsive"ess-tact8ully. .e $ust
lea- or li8e is ,orth little to hi$. .is great a"- %u%%ly e"thusias$ ca" -ie a sa-
-eath i8 you -ouse it ,ith ,et %la"7ets or short circuit his positive e"ergy ,ith
"egative thi"7i"g. The $i"ute he loses authority o" the ;o% or i" the ho$e5 his
re8reshi"g opti$is$ ,ill tur" to $oo-y -isco"te"t a"- 8i"ally5 co$plete -isi"terest.
2t>s "ot his "ature to su%$it. .e>s a $a">s $a". Never -estroy his $asculi"ity5 %ut
"ever lose your o," i"-ivi-uality. Do">t try to push hi$ arou"-5 a"- -o">t let hi$
push you arou"-. A" Aries hus%a"- ,o">t put up ,ith a ,i8e ,ho ru"s arou"- to
clu% $eeti"gs every "ight. Neither ,ill he tolerate a ,i8e ,ho sits ho$e a"-
crochets %e-sprea-s a"- ta%lecloths all -ay. =ou>ll have to ai$ so$e,here i" the
$i--le. 28 you>re success8ul5 ;ust thi"7- you>ll %e the o"ly ,hite-haire- Juliet i" your
cro,- so$e--ay5 ,ith a hus%a"- ,ho>s still se"ti$e"tal o" your gol-e" ,e--i"g
a""iversary. That>s 'uite a challe"ge i8 you>re a ro$a"tic5 a"- o8 course you are5 or
you ,oul-">t %e i"-B volve- ,ith a" Aries $a" i" the 8irst place.

The A12+S /o$a"
<4ut are">t you goi"g to ru" a"- help herA<
Alice as7e-...
<No use5 "o useI< sai- the Fi"g. <She ru"s so 8ear8ully 'uic7
you $ight as ,ell try to catch a 4a"-ers"atchTJ
So you>re i" love ,ith a" Aries girl. 2 -o">t 7"o, ,hether to co"gratulate you or
sy$pathi3e ,ith you.
/he" 4yro" ,rote that <Ma">s love is o8 $a">s li8e a thi"g apartB >tis ,o$a">s
,hole e:iste"ce5< he 8orgot a%out ;K the Aries ,o$a". She $ay thi"7 love is her
,hole e:iste"ce5 %ut she>s too vitally a%sor%e- i" the ,orl- arou"- her5 "ot to
$e"tio" i" hersel85 8or it to %e the %egi""i"g a"- e"- o8 her li8e. She ca" get alo"g
,ithout a $a" easier tha" a"y 8e$ale you>ll ever $eet.
&8 course5 getti"g alo"g ,ithout a $a" is "ot the sa$e thi"g as getti"g alo"g
,ithout ro$a"ce. She>ll al,ays "ee- that hero o8 her -rea$s to year" 8or i" her
heart. .e $ay %e lo"g ago a"- 8ara,ay-or hi-i"g ;ust out o8 sight a"- touch5
so$e,here i" to$orro,>s $ists-%ut she>ll thi"7 a%out hi$ i" a" April rai". .e>ll
hau"t her ,he" the 8irst s"o, 8alls5 ,he" she hears a certai" so"g or sees light"i"g
8lash. .o,ever5 ,hile she>s year"i"g5 i8 there>s "o $ale arou"- i" actual physical
prese"ce5 she ,o">t $iss hi$ terri%ly. A"ythi"g he coul- -o5 she ca" -o %etter-she
The Aries girl ,ill ope" her o," -oors. Shell also put o" her o," coat5 8ight her
o," %attles5 pull out her o," chair5 hail her ta:i a"- light her cigarette ,ithout a"y
$asculi"e help. Doi"g it hersel8 is5 to her5 the 8astest ,ay to get it -o"e. Naturally5
this -oes">t set too ,ell o" the vul"era%le $ale ego. The Mars girl is -eter$i"e- to
ta7e the lea-5 to %e the 8irst to $ove to actio"5 a"- that i"clu-es the actio" o8 $a7i"g
the 8irst a-va"ce i" ro$a"ce. Aries 8e$ales are the $ost li7ely o8 all the Su" sig"s
to -o the proposi"g5 especially i8 the $a" is slo, a%out "a$i"g the -ate. A"- that>s
a%out as early as you ca" sa8ely sho, your 8eeli"gs-,he" she proposes. 4e8ore that
you>re ta7i"g a cha"ce. 4e very care8ul a%out $ovi"g i" o" a" Aries girl. She ,a"ts
to %e the lea-er i" the love a88air. 4etter %e sure you have her heart sa8ely i" your
poc7et %e8ore you try to gra% her arou"- the ,aist a"- 7iss her goo-"ight. &ther-
,ise5 she $ay give you a sharp right hoo7 to the ;a, a"- ru" li7e a 8righte"e- -eer.
Do">t %e $isle-. The reaso" 8or her ru""i"g is">t $ai-e"ly $o-esty. She>s "ot a8rai-
o8 your passio"ate i"te"tio"s. Those she ca" ha"-le. .er 8light is %ase- o" the 8ear
o8 getti"g ta"gle- up ,ith a ,orshipi"g slave or a lovestruc7 puppy -og5 either o"e
o8 ,ho$ ,oul- %ore her to tears. 4e casual5 7eep her guessi"g5 a"- the cha"ces are
shell chase you i"to a co$er i"stea-. A $a" ,ho resists her i$pact al,ays i"trigues
a" Aries 8e$ale. She ca">t u"-ersta"- ,hy she is">t over,hel$i"g hi$ ,ith her
o%vious char$s. The" her Mars ego ,ill leave "o sto"e u"tur"e- to prove she>s
-esira%le5 eve" ,he" she has "o lasti"g i"terest i" hi$.
Scariett &>.ara is the very epito$e o8 the Mars-rule-
Aries 8e$ale. Li7e Scariett5 the Aries girl ,ill gather every availa%le $ale 8or a
hu"-re- $iles arou"- to her 8eet5 ,hile her ,ill8ul heart year"s 8or the o"e $a" she
ca">t have 8or o"e reaso" or a"other. Li7e Scariett5 the Mars ,o$a" ca" 'uic7ly
a-apt 8or survival i8 "ecessary5 ,ithout ,hi$peri"g. 4oth the &>.ara a"- the Aries
characters are tough e"ough to -e8y co"ve"tio"5 8ace a" a-va"ci"g ar$y5 or eve"
shoot a $a" through the hea- ,ith icy cal$"ess5 9 i8 he threate"s her love- o"es.
Never ,as Scariett $ore Mars-li7e tha" ,he" she ,as starvi"g5 alo"e a"-
8rie"-less5 a"- ,ithout ,aiti"g 8or a $a" to co$e to the rescue5 she cle"che- her
8ist to,ar- D heave" a"- shoute-5 <2>ll survive this . . . a"- ,he" 2 -o5 2>ll "ever %e
hu"gry agai" ... 28 2 have to lie5 cheat5 steal i or 7ill-as #o- is $y ,it"ess5 2>ll "ever
%e hu"gry agai"I< D Much later5 her e$otio"s shattere-5 her %elove- chil- -ea- L a"-
the o"e $a" she love- a%out to ,al7 out o8 her li8e5 D this typical Aries ,o$a" ,as
still a%le to say5 <2>ll thi"7 o8 so$e ,ay to get hi$ %ac7. There>s "ever %ee" a $a" 2
coul-">t get5 o"ce 2 set $y $i"- o" hi$. . . . A8ter all5 to$orro, is a"other -ay.<
=es5 Scarlett &>.ara creates a vivi- i$age o8 the 8irst M Su" sig" o8 the 3o-iac5 ,ith
all the Mars stre"gth a"- a%ility to %ou"ce %ac7 a8ter trage-yB a%le to play the
8e$ale role to the hilt5 ,ith 8lutteri"g lashes a"- a ,ell-ti$e- tear5 %ut ;ust as a%le to
ta7e over a $a">s ;o% ,he" the $e" are">t arou"-. A care8ul stu-y o8 Scarlett>s
character ca" give you a" e:celle"t u"-ersta"-i"g o8 ,hat you>re i" 8or ,ith a"
Aries ,o$a"-a"- "aturally5 also the re,ar-s you ca" loo7 8or,ar- to a8ter you>ve
%ee" %rave e"ough to clai$ her. .er aggressive -rive $ay %e har- to ta7e5 %ut her
shi"i"g opti$is$ a"- 8aith i" to$orro, ca" %e $ighty upli8ti"g.
The Aries girl is rather a pushover 8or 8lattery5 i8 it has a" ho"est %ase. Let her 7"o,
you a-$ire her5 %ut -o">t %e too 8lo,ery or sugary a%out it. .er loyalty i" love is
giga"tic5 as lo"g as you 7eep the se"ti$e"t alive5 8or she is -eeply se"ti$e"tal.
There>s the typical Arie" co"tra-ictio" i" her9 she -oes">t ,a"t to %e o%viously
chase-5 yet she 'uic7ly loses i"terest i8 you>re too -etache-. She -oes">t ,a"t a
co$pletely -o$i"eeri"g $ale5 %ut "either ,ill she ,ar$ up to a $a" ,ho sits
a-ori"gly at her 8eet. 4e8ore love ca" %ri"g her happi"ess5 the Aries ,o$a" $ust
$eet the eter"al Mars challe"ge-her stro"g -esire to co"trol the lover5 co"8licti"g
,ith her secret ,ish to %e co"trolle- %y hi$. 0"%elieva%ly i-ealistic5 so$eti$es she
searches i" vai" 8or that %rave 7"ight i" shi"i"g ar$or5 ,ho ,ill s,eep her o88 her
8eet5 co"'uer the ,orl-5 ha"- it to her ge"tly a"- yet "ever sacri8ice his $a"hoo-.
Si"ce he e:ists o"ly i" 8airy tales a"- the $yths o8 Fi"g Arthur>s court5 the Aries
,o$a" o8te" ,al7s alo"e5 ,ithout a star to gui-e her. .er -ays are %right a"- 8ull o8
e:cite$e"t5 her "ights are so$eti$es -ar7 a"- 8ull o8 lo"gi"g. =et5 ,he" her
-e8eate- -rea$s %eco$e s$ol-eri"g ashes-;ust as you thi"7 the 8la$e is -yi"g5
Aries leaps up to %uil- a"other 8ire.
She $ust %e prou- o8 you to love you. 4ut -o">t %e so i$porta"t that you "eglect to
"otice her tale"ts a"- a%ilities. Though she>ll -e$a"- a lot 8ro$ you5 she>ll give
-ou%le $easure i" retur". The Aries girl ca" %e ge"erous to a 8ault ,ith her ti$e a"-
sy$pathy5 cheer8ully shari"g her possessio"s a"- $o"ey5 %ut ,he" it co$es to love5
she>s -o,"right sti"gy. </hat>s hers is hers< i" the ro$a"ce -epart$e"t5 a"- it ,ill
ta7e very little to set o88 a ;ealous e:plosio". Do">t a-$ire your 8avorite $ovie
actress i" her heari"g5 or pay too $a"y co$pli$e"ts to her girl 8rie"-s. The $a"
,ith a" Aries ,i8e is sa8er ,ith a $ale secretary. 28 she>s "ot 8irst ,ith you i" every
,ay5 you>ll soo" ,o"-er ,here all the i"te"se passio" a"- thrilli"g e$otio" ,e"t so
8ast. /he" the Aries ,o$a" has %ee" really hurt5 she tur"s 8ro$ 8ire to ice. .er 8ire
%u$s hot a"- -ies 'uic7ly. .er ice ca" %e eter"al. Me$ori3e that5 i8 you care -eeply
a%out her-a"- it>s -ou%t8ul that she>ll sta"- 8or you cari"g a%out her a"y other ,ay.
Aries plays 8or 7eeps.
She puts the love- o"e o" a pe-estal5 e:pecti"g hi$ to live up to a" i$possi%le
i$age o8 per8ectio"5 stu%%or"ly re8usi"g to loo7 at his clay 8eet5 u"til they %eco$e
too $u--y 8or eve" her to $iss. Never critici3e the lover5 hus%a"- or chil-re" o8 a"
Aries ,o$a" u"less you>re ,eari"g a" as%estos suit. She>s capa%le o8 %ei"g
-e$a"-i"g5 sel8ish5 a"- $a7i"g cutti"g re$ar7s ,he" you -a$pe" her hope8ul
pla"s. =et5 she ca" also %e ge"tle5 -evote- a"- cooperative ,he" she>s $et hal8,ay.
Si"ce she pre8ers the co$pa"y o8 $e" to ,o$e"5 a"- solicits a-$iratio" 8ro$ every
$ale she $eets5 %e he "i"e or "i"ety5 you>ll have ple"ty o8 cha"ces to 8eel the sta%s
o8 those little gree" $o"sters o8 ;ealousy. (orget it. As 8iercely possessive as she is
o8 you5 she ,o">t put up ,ith your possessive"ess o8 her 8or a" i"sta"t. The Aries
girl i"sists o" co$plete 8ree-o$5 %e8ore a"- a8ter $arriage. =ou>ll have to trust her
,herever she goes a"- ,hatever she -oes5 though she ,o">t have that 7i"- o8 8aith
i" you ?u"less she>s lear"e- the har- ,ay to 7eep her e$otio"s u"-er co"trol i8 it
7ills her5 ,hich it al$ost ,ill@. 2t>s "ot as %a- as it sou"-s5 %ecause she>ll %e 8aith8ul5
o"ce she>s really yours. A" Aries girl is sel-o$ a%le to love t,o $e" at the sa$e
ti$e. She>s si$ply too ho"est 8or such -eceptio". 4arri"g u"usual circu$sta"ces5
she>ll let you 7"o, clearly that love is -ea- %e8ore goi"g ahea- i" total co$$it$e"t
to so$eo"e else.
This ,o$a" is capa%le o8 -eep passio" a"- $ystical i-ealis$5 ,ove" together i"
stra"ge patter"s. 2" a"y relatio"ship she 8eels is real a"- 8orever a8ter5 there ,ill %e
"o hol-i"g %ac75 "o 8e$i"i"e ,iles5 co'uettish tric7s or silly ga$es. .er love5 li7e
her speech a"- actio"s5 is -irect. There>s so$ethi"g clea" a"- 8resh a%out the utter
si$plicity o8 her e$otio"s5 %ut eve" so5 they o8te" get her i"to ,aters ,ay over her
hea-. =ou $ay have to ta$e her a little5 %ut she>ll accept 2t ,ith surprisi"g -ocility
i8 she really loves you.
Mars 8e$ales are o8te" career girls. They ca" ha"-le al$ost a"y pro8essio" a $a"
ca" ha"-le5 8ro$ stoc7%ro7i"g to real estate. They ca" also tur" a "ice a"7le or
pro8ile i" strictly 8e$i"i"e occupatio"s li7e $o-eli"g a"- acti"g. 2t $ay %e -i88icult
to get her to give up her ;o% 8or you5 i8 it>s a real career or pro8essio". She $ay toss
it over%oar- 8or a perio-5 ,hile she>s su88use- ,ith the glo, o8 ro$a"ce a"-
picturi"g a story%oo7 cottage 8or t,o %esi-e the sea ?typical o8 the Arie"
i$agi"atio" that lea-s straight to the happy part a"- ig"ores the -ull part@. 4ut ,he"
the cottage %egi"s to "ee- a pai"t ;o%5 the roo8 starts to lea7 a"- the 8irst 8i"e rapture
-i$s slightly5 she $ay %e a":ious to -ig out her social security car- agai". Let her.
She>ll %e 8ar happier a"- $ore lovi"g-eve" $ore ge"tle-i8 she>s allo,e- to 8ill her
i-le hours ,ith so$ethi"g that i"terests her. Mars e$otio"s5 u"8ul8ille-5 ca" loo7 8or
$olehills o8 8rustratio"s to %uil- i"to huge $ou"tai"s o8 trou%le.
There>s practically "othi"g this ,o$a" ,o">t tac7le. 28 it>s a challe"ge or ;ust
so$ethi"g she thi"7s she ,a"ts to %righte" her li8e5 she>ll $a7e so$e 7i"- o8 a sta%
at it ,hether it>s practical or "ot. 2 7"o, a" Aries ,o$a" ,ho ,as 8orce- 8or
8i"a"cial reaso"s to live 8or several years i" 5 t,o roo$s ,ith a hus%a"-5 8ive active
chil-re" a"- a -og.
That 7i"- o8 a" arra"ge$e"t ca" get a little cra$pe-5 a"- ;ust co"te$plati"g it
$ight give a ,o$a" ,ith a"y co$$o" se"se a 8e, -ou%ts. Not a Mars 8e$ale. This
o"e cope- so$eho,5 though she $ay have let it goa- her i"to a 8e, ta"tru$s. 2" the
$i--le o8 the situatio"5 ,he" a" astrologer rea- her "atal chart a"- poi"te- out that
her pla"etary aspects sho,e- a lo"g perio- o8 great har-ship i" her li8e5 she ,as
pu33le- a"- i"trigue-. </he" -oes it loo7 li7e it $ight happe"A< she ,a"te- to
This sa$e i$pulsive Aries ,o$a" got a su--e" urge o"e -ay to a-- a"other -og to
the group ca$pi"g out i" t,o roo$s. She 8elt the 8a$ily>s $ale pet "ee-e- a 8e$ale
co$pa"io". .e loo7e- lo"eso$e. 4esi-es5 the chil-re" thought it ,as a rollic7i"g
goo- i-ea. The -iscovery that the seco"- -og ,as">t house%ro7e" thre, her o"ly
te$porarily. Li7e a -eter$i"e- -rill sergea"t5 she assig"e- every $e$%er o8 the
8a$ily their tur" at scru%%i"g the carpet. A8ter she sa, that it ,oul- "ever %e the
sa$e agai"5 she surveye- the situatio" a"- $a-e a -ecisio". To get ri- o8 the seco"-
-ogA &8 course "ot. She ,as secretly hopi"g there ,oul- %e puppies so$e-ay soo".
The $o"ey ,oul- ;ust have to co$e 8ro$ so$e,here to get a "e, rug. (u""y
thi"g-it -i-. As 8or the puppies5 she ,as sure so$e $iracle ,oul- happe" to $ove
the e"tire cro,- i"to a "e, apart$e"t %e8ore the happy eve"t. (u""y thi"g-it -i-.
Miracles have a ,ay o8 happe"i"g to those ,ho %elieve i" the$. Aries ,o$e"
certai"ly %elieve. So$eti$es to the poi"t o8 8oolish"ess. .er rash ,ays ca" get her
i"to so$e co$plicate- pic7les5 a"- she $ay have a 8e, gray hairs %e8ore she lea$s
ho, to avoi- the sa$e pic7le t,ice. Aries is "ot "ote- 8or lear"i"g 8ro$ e:perie"ce.
The spirit is ,illi"g5 %ut the -ispositio" is hea-stro"g. There>s "o use to try to
cautio" a typical Aries 8e$ale ,ith the %i%lical ,ar"i"g5 <*ri-e goeth %e8ore a 8all.<
.er i"terpretatio" o8 the phrase5 si"ce she 8irst hear- it i" Su"-ay School5 is </he"
your pri-e goes5 you 8all.<
Never ,orry that your Aries girl ,ill succu$% to the char$s o8 a ,ol8. She>s
i$$u"e to ,olves a"- play%oys5 a"- i" 8ar $ore -a"ger o8 %ei"g se-uce- %y a"
i-ealist ,ith a cause5 pre8era%ly a lost cause. 4ut eve" ,ith hi$5 she>ll assert her
i"-ivi-uality 8re'ue"tly. 2t ,ill "ever %e co$pletely co"'uere- i" the Mars ,o$a"5
though it ca" %e su%-ue- %y the right $a". She>ll %uy you gi8ts5 loa" you $o"ey5
"urse you through ill"ess5 a"- help you get a ;o%.
A"- she>ll e:pect the sa$e 8ro$ you.
She>ll -e"y it vehe$e"tly ?she -oes al$ost everythi"g vehe$e"tly@5 %ut ,he" she>s
$isera%le5 you shoul- %e $isera%le. /he" she>s happy5 you shoul- %e happy. To
Aries5 love is e'ual shari"g. She>ll e:pect to share your ra3or5 your %a"7 accou"t5
your 8rie"-ships a"- your -rea$s. 2" retur"5 you ca" share hers. &8 course5 her ra3or
$ay %e %ro7e"5 her %a"7 accou"t a little over-ra,"5 her 8rie"-ships slightly
scattere- a"- her -rea$s too large 8or you to s,allo,. 4ut she>s "ot sel8ish ,ith
the$. Feepi"g a secret 8ro$ her ca" -rive her ,il-5 a"- it>s "ot a goo- i-ea to -rive
a" Aries ,il-. Do">t ever e$%arrass her %y your gra$$ar5 clothi"g or %ehavior i"
pu%lic. She ,o">t e$%arrass you5 at least "ot i" these $atters.
To i";ure her pri-e or -a$pe" her e"thusias$ ,ill al$ost %rea7 her heart. &thers
,ill co"sta"tly %e -oi"g ;ust that to her. The ,orl- rese"ts a 8e$ale ,ho tal7s %ac7
to it5 a"- ,ho thi"7s she>s s$arter tha" everyo"e else. /he" she -iscovers she
really -oes">t ru" the u"iverse a8ter all5 she>ll co$e ru""i"g i"to your ar$s i" tears5
her ,orl- all -ar7 a"- -is$al. The" you>ll have a cha"ce to see her as she really is5
-e8e"seless a"- vul"era%le i" the e:tre$e5 8or all her outer co"8i-e"ce. She>s "ot
really Tug%oat A""ie. She>- ;ust li7e to %e. She a-$ires stre"gth a"- tries to i$itate
it. The Aries i-ealis$ a"- opti$istic 8aith i" hu$a" "ature is o8te" -ashe- to %its %y
reality. !o$8ort her ,ith te"-er"ess at these ti$es5 a"- you>ll pro%a%ly "ever lose
her. Al,ays -e8e"- her agai"st her e"e$ies. She ca" "ever 8orgive you i8 you 8ail to
8ight 8or her or ta7e her si-e. ?4ut %e prepare- to $a7e up ,ith the$ ,he" she -oes5
,hich $ay %e 'uic7ly.@ At least she>s laya%out it. She>ll also -e8e"- you. A" Aries
,o$a" ,ill thro, a,ay 8a$e or 8ortu"e -e8ia"tly right i" the 8ace o8 a"yo"e ,ho
hurts a 8rie"- o8 hers. 28 she loves you5 her i"-ig"atio" ,ill have "o %ou"-s. These
,o$e" are "othi"g i8 "ot loyal.
As a ,i8e5 she $ay %e 'uite a ha"-8ul. There ,ill pro%a%ly %e outsi-e i"terests5
%ecause ho$e ,ill sel-o$ %e e"ough 8or her creative e"ergies. Do">t e:pect her to
%e a happy little cric7et5 chirpi"g a,ay co"te"te-ly %y the hearth. She>ll %e a
co$pete"t e"ough coo75 a"- she>ll 7eep the house spa"7i"g clea"-at least the part
that sho,s. She>ll se, o" %utto"s a"- iro" shirts5 too5 %ut she ,o"Ht li7e it. Still5
she>ll -o it ,he" it>s "ecessary. ?A" Aries >o$a" ca" -o al$ost a"ythi"g ,he" it>s
"ecessary.@ .er re is $ore li7e that o8 a glitteri"g -ia$o"- tha" li7e the Aar$5
co$8orti"g glo, o8 the 8ireplace. There>s u"-e"ia%ly %rittle si-e to her "ature5 a"-
she $ay agitate you $ore 8te" that she soothes you. 4ut she>s e:citi"g a"- certai"ly
ever %ori"g. The" there are al,ays those $o$e"ts o8 o8t"ess that %elie her stro"g
-rive-8or a $a" ,ho has tie patie"ce to %ri"g the$ out. Mars ,o$e" are al,ays
o8ter i"si-e tha" a"y %ut those ,ho have %ee" really close 3 the$ ever 7"o,. .er
co"versatio" ,ill %e very i"telli-Be"t a"- very 8re'ue"t. Do">t hi-e %ehi"- the
"e,spaper .t %rea78ast. She>ll e:pect co$pa"io"ship 8ro$ you5 or you .a" ;ust
scra$%le your o," eggs.
=ou>ll rarely 8i"- her co$plai"i"g o8 ill"ess or 8atigue. iut ,he" she>s i" pai"5 she>ll
e:pect to"s o8 sy$pathy. Mthough you $ay have to sit o" her to get her to go to Ne-
,he" she has a ragi"g 8ever5 %e prepare- to ,ait o" icr ha"- a"- 8oot ,he" she has
a toothache.
This is "ot the ,o$a" to call a"- tell you>ll %e ,or7i"g ate at the o88ice5 u"less you
e";oy creati"g (ourth o8 July ire,or7s i" the $i--le o8 (e%ruary. She ,o">t $i"-
7eep-"g the gravy hot5 %ut she ,o">t li7e "ot 7"o,i"g ,here Oou really are5 a"-
,hat you>re really -oi"g5 a"- she $ay Ball %ac7 to 8i"- out. The Aries ,i8e ,ill
pro%a%ly $a7e a" i:celle"t i$pressio" o" your %oss5 i8 you ca" 7eep her 8ro$
9elli"g hi$ ho, to ru" his %usi"ess. She ,o">t $i"- goi"g 9Nut to %ri"g ho$e the
%aco" ,he" you>re te$porarily out PNt a ;o%5 %ut she ca" "ever respect a $a" ,ho
$a7es less $o"ey tha" she -oes ?though a" Aries ,o$a" ,oul- "ever leave a $a"
8or this reaso"-she>- %e $ore i"cli"e- to $a7e e:cuses 8or hi$@. 28 she has a rare
spell o8 letti"g hersel8 go5 the 8irst ,or- o8 -isapproval 8ro$ you ,ill se"- her
8lyi"g %ac7 to the $irror a"- per8u$e %ottle. ?2" this ,ay5 she>s as 8e$i"i"e as +ve
hersel8.@ A 8latteri"g co$$e"t a%out your secretary>s "e, hair style ,ill -o the sa$e
thi"g5 %ut it>s $ore -a"gerous. 4esi-es5 you ,ere ,ar"e- to hire a $ale secretary.
There>s a vai" strea7 i" a Mars ,o$a" ,hich $a7es her se"sitive a%out everythi"g
8ro$ her age to a" i""oce"t re$ar7 a%out ho, tire- she loo7s5 ,hich she $ay ta7e
as a hi"t that you thi"7 she loo7s li7e a" ol- hag.
Feep the passio" a"- ro$a"ce alive i" your $arriage5 or she>ll %e $isera%ly
u"happy. Aries ,ill ,aste little ti$e cha"gi"g a"y situatio" ,hich causes
u"happi"ess5 a"- that ca" lea- to a hasty separatio" or a" i$pulsive -ivorce. 2"
$ost cases5 letti"g her ha"-le the 8a$ily chec7%oo7 ,oul- %e u",ise5 %ut you ca"
try it5 i8 the %a"7 is ga$e.
As a $other5 she>ll see that the %a%y is clea"5 happy5 healthy a"- love-. She
pro%a%ly ,o">t pic7 hi$ up every ti$e he cries5 8uss over hi$ or overCprotect hi$.
4ut her chil-re" ,ill get lots o8 ,ar$5 i$pulsive 7isses a"- %ear hugs. A" April
$other ,ill teach her you"gsters to %elieve i" leprechau"s. She>ll ta7e the$ 8or
,al7s i" the par75 a"- poi"t out the spar7li"g "ec7laces le8t o" the la," %y the
8airies ,he" they -a"ce- u"-er the $oo" ,here others $ight see o"ly the early
$or"i"g -e, o" the grass. Aries ,o$e" create a $agic ,orl- o8 8a"tasy 8or their
chil-re". 2t>s ,here they live the$seves. She ,o">t %e a per$issive pare"t5 she>ll
i"sist o" strict -iscipli"e5 a"- ,ill pro%a%ly %e very 8ortu"ate i" raisi"g her o88spri"g
to %e i"-epe"-e"t a-ults. .er 8avorite ,eapo"s o8 chil- psychology are9 a ,oo-e"
pa--le5 %e-ti$e stories a"- goo-"ight 7isses.
This ,o$a" ca" %e u"reaso"a%ly te$pera$e"tal5 a"- create so$e viole"t sce"es.
4ut her 'uic7ly arouse- te$per ,ill splatter li7e su$$er hailsto"es a"- soo" $elt
a,ay. She>ll "ever hol- a gru-ge5 see7 reve"ge5 i"-ulge i" sel8-pity or %itter"ess.
A8ter a" e$otio"al stor$5 her opti$istic5 April "ature ,ill retur" li7e the rai"%o,
su--e"ly appeari"g a8ter a sho,er. Lots o8 people ,ill tell you a" Aries ,o$a" is
co$pletely $asculi"e5 %ut -o">t you %elieve the$. She>s all ,o$a" u"-er"eath her
8lashi"g5 8orce8ul e:terior5 perhaps too $uch ,o$a" 8or the average $a". 4ut5 o8
course5 a 7"ight i" shi"i"g ar$or is">t a" average $a". Are there a"y lo"ely5
courageous 7"ights out thereA This is the 8air la-y o8 your -rea$s5 ,orth all the
-rago"s you>ll have to slay to ,i" her.
Do">t 8orget that she %ruises easily5 i" spite o8 her %right5 %rave s$ile. ?That>s ;ust
her shiel- agai"st hurt.@ 28 you ca" tur" the ra$ i"to a la$%5 you>ll have a ,o$a"
,ho is ho"est a"- passio"ate5 loyal a"- e:citi"g-though she $ay %e a little
i$pulsive5 %ossy a"- i"-epe"-e"t. /ell5 you ca">t have everythi"g5 you 7"o,. The
Aries girl ,ill help you 8i"- your lost illusio"s a"- she>ll have a 8ierce 8aith i" all
your -rea$s. =ou -o">t have a"yA 4orro, so$e o8 hers. She has ple"ty to spare. 28
you %elieve i" her ;ust hall as $uch as she %elieves i" you5 you coul- $a7e so$e
$iracles together.

The A12+S !hil-

<All 2 7"o, is so$ethi"g co$es at $e 5 Li7e a Jac7-i"-lhe-%o: A"- 2 go up li7e a
S7y 1oc7etL<
/hile *apa is passi"g out the cigars5 the cri$so"-8ace- little Aries %a%y ,ill yell 8or
atte"tio" i" the %assi"et. .o, -are you ig"ore hi$ a"- tal7 to the "urseA /ho>s the
%oss arou"- here a"y,ayA
=ou ,o">t a"y $ore tha" get hi$ i" the ta:i o" the ,ay ho$e %e8ore that 'uestio"
,ill %e e$phatically a"s,ere-. =our Mars i"8a"t is the %oss. Do you have a"y
-ou%tsA They>ll 8a-e a,ay ,he" he>s ol- e"ough to sit i" the high chair a"- %a"g his
spoo" o" the tray i8 you leave hi$ alo"e too lo"g. .e>ll "ever tease you or %e su%tle
a%out his pre8erre- -iet. There>s "ot a su%tle %o"e i" his stro"g5 active5 %roa--
shoul-ere- little %o-y. The Aries tot ,ill spit out his vegeta%les as i8 they ,ere shot
8ro$ a ca""o"5 a"- ru% the cereal %o,l o" his ti"y5 %al- hea- to $a7e it 'uite clear
that this is -e8i"itely "ot the 8oo- %a%y li7es. The girls ,ill %e as -irect i" their
actio"s as the %oys. May%e $ore so5 though you har-ly e:pect such 8ierce
-eter$i"atio" 8ro$ a so8t5 little $iss. Di- 2 say so8tA April>s $etal is iro"5 a"-
April>s sto"e is the -ia$o"-5 the har-est su%sta"ce 7"o," to $a".
.e>ll pro%a%ly ,al7 earlier tha" other %a%ies5 a"- certai"ly ,ill tal7 earlier. .e
,o">t %e easy to co"trol. Say5 <No5 "o5< to a" Aries to--ler5 a"- he>ll sha7e his
chu%%y little 8i"ger right %ac7 at you i" -e8ia"ce. Discipli"e shoul- %e starte- 'uite
you"g. 4e o" guar- agai"st 8alls a"- i";uries to the hea- or 8ace. .e>s acci-e"t-
pro"e5 to put it $il-ly. Feep sharp 7"ives out o8 reach5 ,atch out 8or %ur"s a"-
scal-s. 28 there>s a"ythi"g hot or 8or%i--e" arou"-5 you ca" ;ust %et the Aries chil-
,ill stic7 his curious 8ist i" it i$pulsively. =ou thi"7 that ,ill teach hi$ a lesso"A
Not this you"gster. .e>ll try to %rea7 his o," recor-.
Teethi"g ti$e $ay %e 8everish a"- severe. 4a%y ,ill co$e through the or-eal ,ith
little -i88iculty5 %ut ,ill youA .
/he" he gets a little ol-er5 you $ay get the %reath s'uee3e- out o8 you ,ith o"e o8
his lovi"g %ear hugs. Aries chil-re" are usually a88ectio"ately -e$o"strative5 e:cept
8or the 8e, Mars you"gsters ,hose early e$otio"al e:perie"ces 8ree3e their
"or$ally ,ar$ hearts. These are the sa-5 'uieter little sheep. 4ut their hor"s are ;ust
as -a"gerous.
4etter "ot as7 relatives to %a%ysit ,ithout ,ar"i"g the$. 28 poor Au"t Mau-e
%ravely ta7es hi$ ,hile you have a %rie8 vacatio"5 thi"gs coul- %eco$e a little
strai"e-. She>ll catch your Aries tot ,ith his %usy ha"- i" the sugar %o,l5 a"-
pro%a%ly $a7e the $ista7e o8 sta$pi"g her 8oot i" -ispleasure. That ,ill %oth
surprise a"- outrage the little ra$ i"to sta$pi"g his o," s$all 8oot5 a"- %ursti"g out
,ith his 8irst co$plete se"te"ce5 <Au"t >Mo->--o">t you tell $e su$pi">.< So 'uai"t.
4et she ,o">t <tell hi$ so$ethi"g< agai" soo". ?=ou $ight have to co$e ho$e a
little early. .e %ro7e his %ig toe ,he" he sta$pe- his 8oot.@
As he gro,s ol-er a"- stro"ger5 a8ter havi"g 8ought $easles5 $u$ps5 chic7e" po:
a"- scarlati"a5 a"- ,o" ha"-s -o,". ?a %attle ,ith ger$s is "o co"test ,ith the
'uic7ly recuperati"g Mars "ature@5 your Aries chil- ,ill %egi" to sho, a patter" o8
te$per. =ou>ll "otice that he or she ca" %e $ost u"reaso"a%le ,he" th,arte-5 %ut
the a"ger ,o">t last lo"g. A8ter a perio-ic e:plosio"5 the Aries %oy or girl ,ill %ea$
a large5 %right a"- ,i""i"g s$ile your ,ay.
.e>ll share his toys ,ith a$a3i"g ge"erosity ,ith you5 his play$ates5 the $ail$a"5
the "eigh%or>s %ull-og a"- the alley cat. .o,ever5 his ge"erosity ,ill e"- i8 o"e o8
the$ hurts his 8eeli"gs or gets i" the ,ay o8 so$ethi"g he ,a"ts to -o or
so$e,here he ,a"ts to go. The" loo7 out 8or 8ire,or7s.
Aries %oys a"- girls $ay 8all i"to the early ha%it o8 "eglecti"g ho$e,or75 a"- usi"g
your $ore o%e-ie"t little !apricor"5 !a"cer5 irgo or *isces chil- as a" e:a$ple
,ill har-ly i$press hi$. ?2>$ assu$i"g you -o">t have $ore tha" o"e Aries
o88spri"g. The pla"ets -o">t -o that to pare"ts very o8te".@ 2"stea- o8 sha$i"g the
Mare you"gster i"to stu-yi"g5 challe"ge hi$. .e>ll lap up a challe"ge li7e that
8avorite stray alley cat o8 his laps up crea$. Just tell hi$ ?or her@ that he>s pro%a%ly
;ust slo,5 or "ot as %right as the other stu-e"ts5 i"8erior i" so$e ,ay5 %ut you -o">t
$i"-. =ou love hi$ a"y,ay. Myl->.o, .the -ust ,ill 8ly o88 those school%oo7s5 as
he sets out to prove ,hat a ri-iculous theory that is. So$eo"e ,ho ca" top hi$A
That ,ill %e the -ay-or "ight.
A8ter you>ve ,atche- the $agic o8 such strategy at ho$e5 tip o88 his teacher. She>ll
get -o," o" her 7"ees a"- tha"7 you. 28 she has $ore tha" o"e Aries stu-e"t i" her
class5 she $ay se"- you a 8ive-pou"- %o: o8 ca"-y. Actually5 Mars you"gsters ca"
lear" a"ythi"g i" "othi"g 8lat5 "ever 8orget it5 a"- %ree3e through their stu-ies5 i8
they apply the$selves. Not all pare"ts 7"o, ho, to acco$plish this. They $ay
spe"- years ,o"-eri"g ,hy Mi7e a"- Maggie test ,ith such a high 2.6.5 a"- still
$a"age to stay i" the thir- gra-e 8or 8our years. They "ee-">t ,orry too $uch5
ho,ever5 %ecause little Mi7e a"- Maggie ,ill $a7e up 8or lost ti$e ,ith the spee-
o8 a %ullet5 o"ce they get out i" the ,orl- a"- 8i"- out people are s$arter tha" they
are. A couple o8 hu$iliatio"s to the Mars ego5 a"- they>ll cra$ so 8iercely5 they>ll
s7ip a 8e, gra-es.
=our April you"gster ,ill have a vivi- i$agi"atio"B he>ll %e as -rea$y a"-
se"ti$e"tal as a story%oo75 %ut he>ll 7"o, very ,ell ho, to get his %rea- toaste- at
the sa$e ti$e. 28 there is such a co"tra-ictory thi"g as a har-5 practical i-ealistic
-rea$er5 it>s your Aries chil-. .e>s as "aive as he is toughB as ge"tle as he is pushy.
All these co"8licti"g traits are ,ove" i"to his 8iery little "ature. =ou>ll $arvel at it
a"- ,o"-er a%out it. So ,ill your 8rie"-s later o"5 "ot to $e"tio" his %oss5 his 8uture
e"e$ies a"- the u"suspecti"g soul he $arries.
Aries chil-re" ,ill ta7e the lea- ,ith play$ates5 start "e, ga$es a"- i"ve"t "e,
i-eas 8or the ga"g. They>ll i"sist o" havi"g their o," ,ay or %utt their hea-s agai"st
authority5 so you>- %etter -eci-e to set -o," so$e 8ir$ rules i" the %egi""i"g. The
Aries chil- ,ho is">t trai"e- to o%ey i" his youth ,ill %e taught so$e crushi"g
lesso"s i" $aturity. 1e$e$%er that his heart is as so8t as %utter5 a"- it hi-es -eep-
seate- 8ears o8 %ei"g -isli7e- a"- u"love-5 -espite his %rave 8ro"t. 1e;ectio" o8 his
%right -rea$s or -a$pe"i"g o8 his e:citi"g e"thusias$ ,ill se"- hi$ ru""i"g ho$e
to you i" tragic tears. .ol- hi$ very close ,he" this happe"s. .is heart ,ill %e
%ro7e". (or all his rash -o$i"eeri"g ,ays5 the Aries i-ealis$ is se"sitive a"- it
%ruises ,ith the slightest %u$p. .e>ll %e getti"g ple"ty o8 - those %u$ps o" his
"aive5 hope-8ille- opti$is$ -uri"g his li8eti$e5 a"- he "ee-s $ore protectio"
agai"st the$ tha" you $ight thi"7.
.e %elieves i" 8airy go-$others ,ith $agic ,a"-s5 a"- gia"ts ,ho ca" topple over
,hole cities ,ith o"e s,eep o8 a po,er8ul ha"-. 0"8ortu"ately5 Aries chil-re"
"aively i-e"ti8y ,ith these t,o o$"ipote"t types. /he" they -iscover that there are
gia"t 7illers out there i" the %rutal ,orl--a"- %lu"t realists5 ,ho ca" $a7e those
$agic ,a"-s pathetically i$pote"t5 they>ll ta7e so$e har- tu$%les. 4ut they>ll get
%ac7 up5 %rush the$selves o885 a"- push 8or,ar- agai" i"-e8i"itely. They>ll teach
that -ull5 u"i$agi"ative ol- ,orl- a thi"g or t,oI There $ay %e a 8e, sears %e8ore
it>s over5 %ut -o">t cou"t your Mars chil- out o8 the 8ight5 "o $atter ho, $a"y ti$es
he>s 7"oc7e- -o,". /ait 8or hi$ to holler <0"cle.< =ou $ay have a lo"g ,ait.
.i-e %irth-ay prese"ts i" a sa8e place. .ell %e i$patie"t5 a"- u",illi"g to ,ait 8or
surprises. Do">t -estroy his 8aith i" Sa"ta !laus a"- the +aster 4u""y too soo". To
8irst %elieve 8iercely5 a"- the" lea$ "ot to %elieve5 toughe"s his e$otio"s. 2t>s a
"ecessary lesso". .is allo,a"ce ,ill %ur" a hole right through his poc7et5 %ut he>ll
cheer8ully give you his last -i$e 8or the $il7$a". =our Aries -aughter $ay pay the
"eigh%orhoo- %ullies a "ic7el a -ay to stop steppi"g o" a"ts. A" Aries chil- ha"-le-
harshly i" the i$pressio"a%le years ca" sho, a -e8e"sive cruel strea75 %ut gui-e-
ge"tly a"- ,isely5 he>ll i"sist o" his rights ,ith less 8orce5 a"- sho, a giga"tic
ge"erosity a"- sy$pathy 8or his 8ello, $a". Do">t give hi$ or-ers5 al,ays as7 hi$
to -o thi"gs ,ith a cheer8ul s$ile5 a"- he>ll 7"oc7 hi$sel8 out to please you. Never
-estroy his co"8i-e"ce. 2t>s as i$porta"t to hi$ as the air he %reathes. .e $ay ru"
a,ay 8ro$ ho$eB the Mars i"-epe"-e"ce sho,s early5 %ut he>ll co$e %ac7 ,iser.
Teach hi$ that it>s u"7i"- to -o$i"ate $ee7er you"gsters. .e truly -oes "ot ,a"t to
%e u"7i"-.
4ei"g arou"- col-5 "egative people ca" ,ou"- hi$ -eeply5 %ut "othi"g ,ill ever
%rea7 his spirit. ?1e$e$%er the -ia$o"-.@ .e>ll pro%a%ly %e ,il- a%out %oo7s a"-
%e a" e:celle"t rea-er5 yet he $ay "ot %e a":ious to settle -o," to 8our years o8
college. Aries is too i"tereste- i" getti"g i"to the actio" o8 choppi"g -o," all those
challe"gi"g %ea"stal7s. 4ut -o">t give up too 'uic7ly. .e ca" use the a--itio"al
-iscipli"e o8 higher e-ucatio" to help his $i"- catch up ,ith his 8la$i"g e$otio"s
a"- su--e"5 pu33li"g %ursts o8 sharp i"tuitio". The $ore he %al7s at the i-ea o8 a
rigi- scholastic sche-ule a"- pre8ers the 8ree-o$ o8 tryi"g out a 8e, ;o%s5 the $ore
you ca" %e sure he "ee-s the sche-ule.
.e>ll have to lea$ respo"si%ility5 %ut you>ll teach hi$ this a"- other thi"gs 8aster
through -irect logic a"- ho"est a88ectio". 4oth appeal to hi$. *are"ts a"- teachers
shoul- "ever 8orget that Aries chil-re" glo, u"-er praise a"- -ogge-ly procee- to
top their o," e88orts5 %ut they sputter li7e 8irecrac7ers u"-er attac7 a"- lose all
i"ce"tive to try. Tell hi$ ,hat you li7e a%out hi$5 a"- he>ll -o less that you -o">t
li7e. Aries you"gsters live up to e:actly ,hat>s e:pecte- o8 the$5 i"clu-i"g those
,ho hi-e their %ur"i"g -rive u"-er a cal$er perso"ality. This chil- $ust al,ays %e
7ept %usy5 or hell ,a"-er i"to trou%le. 2-le"ess spells -a"ger. .e "ee-s stac7s o8
sleep to re"e, all that scattere-5 $isplace- e"ergy.
.ell love stories a%out %rave5 shi"i"g heroes ,ho co"'uere- "e, ,orl-s. 4ut he
also %elieves i" leprechau"s a"- ,ishi"g ,ells5 a"- he>ll co"ti"ue to %elieve i" the$
lo"g a8ter you>ve %ro"3e- those little Aries %a%y shoes a"- ,elco$e- the 8irst
gra"-chil-. 28 you lea- your Mars chil- ge"tly5 ,ith co"sta"t love5 he>ll gro, up
,ith the ,o"-er8ul po,er to -rea$ the i$possi%le -rea$-a"- $a7e it co$e true.

The A12+S 4oss
</ell "o, that ,e have see" each other5< sa- the 0"icor"5
<i8 you>ll %elieve i" $e5 2>ll %elieve i" you. 2s that a %argai"A<
The Aries %oss ,o">t %e popular ,ith la3y e$ployees. 28 you>re loo7i"g 8or a
te$porary so8t spot to 8ill i" the ti$e ,hile you see7 a per$a"e"t career5 or a place
to pic7 up a little spe"-i"g $o"ey -uri"g a lull i" your li8e5 you>- %e ,ell a-vise-
"ot to ,or7 8or a" Aries. This $a" si$ply ca">t a%i-e hal8-hearte- ,or7 or a lac7 o8
e"thusias$ i" those arou"- hi$. .e>ll e:pect you to %e as -evote- to the co$pa"y
as he is5 a"- ;ust as i"te"tly co"cer"e- ,ith its 8uture pote"tial. .e>ll pro%a%ly hire
you 8ast5 pro$ote you 8ast-a"- poi"t out your $ista7es ;ust as 'uic7ly.
28 he suspects you are coasti"g5 you>re lia%le to get a %lu"t a"- -irect-to-the-poi"t
to"gue-lashi"g5 ,ith "o 8eeli"gs spare-5 %ut you>ll also get a seco"- cha"ce5 perhaps
eve" a thir- or 8ourth o"e5 i8 you a-$it you>re ,ro"g a"- pro$ise to -o %etter. =ou
$ight as ,ell %e prepare- to ,or7 overti$e 8or the Aries %oss 8re'ue"tly. .e>ll
e:pect it. &" the other ha"-5 i8 he>s a typical Aries5 he pro%a%ly ,o">t 8ro," at the
cloc7 or gla"ce at his ,rist,atch ,he" you arrive late i" the $or"i"g or ta7e a"
e:tra hal8 hour or hour 8or lu"ch. .e>s "ot a cloc7 ,atcher hi$sel8. 4ecause o8 his
highly i"-ivi-ual perso"ality5 he>ll u"-ersta"- that you ca">t tur" o" creativity li7e a
light s,itch at "i"e i" the $or"i"g a"- tur" it o88 agai" at 8ive i" the a8ter"oo". .e>s
a %oss ,ho ,ill o8te" as7 you to ,or7 a" e:tra Satur-ay5 %ut he>s also li7ely to
accept the e:cuse o8 your gra"-$other>s 8u"eral ,he" you ,a"t to atte"- that
%ase%all ga$e5 though you>- get the ti$e o88 ;ust as easily %y telli"g the truth. .e
ca" see ,hy5 o" su--e" i$pulse5 you>- li7e to root 8or your tea$ o" a spri"g -ay.
Though he>ll usually %e ge"erous ,ith vacatio"s5 salaries5 raises a"- all such
$atters5 he>ll 8ully e:pect you to -rop everythi"g-perso"al pla"s5 e$otio"al ties5
travel co$$it$e"ts or ,hat-have-you-i8 so$ethi"g o8 great i$porta"ce pops up at
the o88ice. 2 hate to say it5 %ut 2 -o 7"o, o8 o"e Aries %oss ,ho ha- a %usi"ess crisis
re'uiri"g the rou"--the-cloc7 services o8 a value- e$ployee. The 8act that the
%usi"ess e$erge"cy occurre- o" a -ay this e$ployee ,as. sche-ule- 8or a"
appeara"ce as a %ri-e ,as i"ci-e"tal. /hat i8 she ha- $a-e pla"s 8or si:
%ri-es$ai-s5 a 8lo,er girl5 a ri"g-%earer5 a"- a receptio" 8or three hu"-re-
The Aries %oss coul-">t u"-ersta"- ,hy all that coul-">t %e postpo"e-5 i"clu-i"g the
ho"ey$oo"5 8or a" urge"t $eeti"g co"cer"i"g a $illio" -ollar -eal ,hich coul- put
the co$pa"y o" the %ig %oar-. .e ,oul- %e ,illi"g to -elay his o," $arriage 8or
such a crisis5 so ,hy ,oul-">t youA /hat>s the $atter5 are">t you loyalA This is
a-$itte-ly a" e:tre$e case5 %ut you>ve %ee" ,ar"e-.
2t>s a rare Aries %oss ,ho is">t $ore lavish tha" the or-i"ary e$ployer at !hrist$as-
ti$e. Depe"-i"g o" ho, stro"g a" Aries he is5 you ca" cou"t o" getti"g a larger
%oius chec7 tha" your 8rie"-s i" other o88ices-or eve" a har--pic7e-5 e:pe"sive gi8t5
,hich coul- %e so$ethi"g yol>ve %ee" ,a"ti"g 8or a lo"g ti$e. A Mars %oss is "ot
li7-y to %e sti"gy ?u"less there>s a co"8licti"g Moo" sig" or isce"-a"t@.
.e>s "ot as suscepti%le to 8lattery as other astrological sigis5 %ut it ,o">t hurt you to
pay hi$ a si"cere co$pli-$eit "o, a"- the". 28 you let hi$ 7"o, i" a straight-
8orvar- ,ay that you appreciate hi$ as a" e$ployer5 you a-"ire his e88icie"cy a"-
you thi"7 he>s ;ust a%out the s$irtest %oss i" to,"5 your ;o% security is guara"tee-.
.ovever5 -o or say this o"ly i8 you really %elieve it a"- $e." it. .e ,ill have
co"te$pt 8or a" e$ployee ,ho guiAles his praises ;ust to $a7e poi"ts5 ,hile he>s
secretly -oi%t8ul o8 the ra$>s a%ility to hea- the co$pa"y. The Arts is "ot or-i"arily
a goo- ;u-ge o8 character5 %ut he>g so e"sitive to other people>s opi"io"s o8 hi$ that
he ca" prety ,ell tell i8 he>s -isli7e- %y those arou"- hi$ -ay a8t88 -ay. To %e li7e-
is his secret "ee-. =ou $ight "ever guss it 8ro$ his sel8-co"8i-e"t air a"- his %rave
8ro"t5 %utu"-e$eath all that s,agger he>s -esperately i" "ee- o8 theapproval o8 his
8ello, $a". That i"clu-es you5 his ,i8e a"- his -og-eve" the stra"ger o" the
elevator. Despite tha sur8ace i"-epe"-e"ce5 "othi"g $a7es hi$ happier thai to %e
loo7e- up to a"- recog"i3e- as the capa%le pero" he 7"o,s he is. &" the other ha"-5
"othi"g ca" $ale hi$ as -epresse-5 cra"7y a"- so$eti$es -o,"right pety as
suspecti"g that those ,ho ,or7 8or hi$ -o"t appove o8 his $etho-s or -o">t reali3e
his value a"- pot."tial.
2 you hear a ru$or that the co$pa"y is a%out to go %ai7rupt5 -o">t loo7 arou"- 8or
a"other ;o% too 'uic7ly. =oi $ay "ot "ee- a "e, ;o%5 a8ter all. 28 a"y%o-y ca" pu0
theco$pa"y out o8 trou%le5 save it at the last $i"ute 8ro$ 8i"acial -isaster u"-er the
$ost -ire circu$sta"ces5 a"- $ale the e"tire operatio" see$ rather li7e Moses
parti"g the1e- Sea5 it>s your Aries %oss. .e>s i"-epe"-e"t5 -ari"g a"c ve"tureso$e.
.is -rive ?u"li7e the $ore e$otio"al -ire o8 the Scorpio@ is vital5 8ro$ the spirit5
a"- al$ost al,ys i-ealistic. ?.e $ay lose out to the e'ually -eter-r"iie- Scorpio
pitte- agai"st hi$5 ho,ever5 a"- %e u"a%le to "atch the stea-y ruthless"ess o8 *luto-
though hell recover 8ro$ the loss a"- ,i" so$e,here else.@
Aries i"itiates. 28 there>s a suggestio" %o: arou"- the o88ice a"- you -rop i" e"ough
,or7a%le5 creative i-eas5 you>re al$ost sure to a-va"ce to a high positio" 'uic7ly
,ith this $a". .e appreciates e$ployees ,ho care e"ough a%out the co$pa"y to
$a7e suggestio"s a"- ,ho are origi"al i" their thi"7i"g-as lo"g as they $a7e it
per8ectly clear they have "o i"te"tio"s o8 tryi"g to outshi"e hi$.
/ill po,er is o"e o8 the stro"g 8eatures o8 the Aries $a". .e 8ights o88 all $i"or
ail$e"ts a"- he ,o">t give i" to serious ill"ess either. So$eti$es he ca" -elay or
e"tirely preve"t -isease %y sheer positive thi"7i"g. 28 he -oes have a col- or virus
i"8ectio" ?pro%a%ly acco$pa"ie- %y a high 8ever@5 he>ll get -resse- to co$e i" to the
o88ice 8or so$e urge"t %usi"ess a"- %y the ti$e he arrives5 the 8ever $ay %e go"e5 to
the $ysti8icatio" o8 his -octor a"- the suspicio" o8 his e$ployees that he ,as really
at ho$e goo8i"g o88.
The Mars ,ill is so 8a"tastically stro"g that your Aries %oss ?,ho ,ill pro%a%ly %e
8airly luc7y at ga$%li"g@ ca" go to the racetrac7 a"- practically root his horse i"to
the lea-. =ou>re %ou"- to 8eel the e88ect o8 such a 8orce8ul perso"ality5 so e:pect
ple"ty o8 8ire,or7s5 e:cite$e"t5 chaos a"- i"te"se activity arou"- the o88ice. =our
%usi"ess -ay ,ill sel-o$ %e u"eve"t8ul. So$ethi"g ,ill al,ays %e happe"i"g.
There ,ill %e "othi"g lethargic a%out hi$5 a"- there ha- %etter "ot %e a"ythi"g
lethargic a%out you. =our Aries e$ployer ,ill pro%a%ly have little i"terest i" a"y
previous %a- ;o% recor- you hel- %e8ore or i" the reaso"s ,hy your 8or$er %oss $ay
have 8ire- you. .e>s the %est %et to approach u"-er these circu$sta"ces. 4ecause o8
his co"victio" that he>s goi"g to $a7e the 8uture ,hat he ,a"ts it to %e5 Aries is
sel-o$ %othere- or co"cer"e- %y the past. =ours or his.
The Mars e:ecutive is too prou- to let others 7"o, they>ve hurt hi$. 2" spite o8
'uic7 out%ursts o8 te$per ?,hich ,o">t last lo"g or %e vi"-ictive5 a"- ,ill %e 8or-
gotte" as soo" as they>re over@5 he ,ill hi-e 'uite ,ell those thi"gs ,hich truly
a88ect hi$ -eeply. The ra$ ,o">t a-$it his -epe"-e"ce o" a"yo"e %ut hi$sel8. .e
-oes "ee- others-8ar $ore tha" he ,ill ever a-$it5 %ut his 5 stre"gth co$es 8ro$
i"si-e5 a"- he ca" al,ays 8i"- a ,ay . o8 goi"g it alo"e ,he" he $ust.
28 you ca" a-$ire his e"ergy a"- courage5 though you 8i"- it i$possi%le to i$itateB
i8 you ca" $a7e up 8or his i$pulsive5 slap-ash ,ays %y patie"tly 8illi"g i" the
-etails he>s overloo7e- i" his haste ?a"- -o this u"o%trusively@5 he>ll pro%a%ly pay
you $ore $o"ey tha" you ca" $a7e a"y,here else a"- you>ll %e ,ith hi$ 8or li8e.
Tact8ully atte$pt to 7eep hi$ 8ro$ -oi"g or sayi"g rash thi"gs hell regret later.
1e$i"- hi$ ge"tly that those to ,ho$ he -irects his te$porary righteous a"ger
$ay %e ery 2$porta"t *eople a"- they coul- react i" a ,ay ,hch ,ill hurt his
%usi"ess i8 he alie"ates the$.
That>s the i$porta"t thi"g to re$e$%er a%out your Aries %oss. 2" spite o8 his great
i"-epe"-e"t spirit5 ,he" his i-ealistic5 opti$istic e"thusias$ gets hi$ i" over his
hea-5 he really "ee-s your help5 8aith a"- loyalty. #ive these to hi$ i" a%u"-a"ce
a"- you>ll "ever 8i"- a pi"7 slip i" your pay e"velope. =ou ,o">t have to ,orry
,he" $issi"g a ta:i i" rai"y ,eather $a7es you late 8or ,or75 i8 you "ee- a"
e:traC,ee7>s vacatio" ti$e 8or a" operatio"-or a%out so$eo"e you"ger a"- $ore
e88icie"t replaci"g you. More tha" a"y other 7i"- o8 %oss5 he>ll repay loyalty ,ith
loyalty. Feep a 8ull supply o8 aspiri" i" the -es7 -ra,er 8or 8re'ue"t e$erge"cies5
polish up your s$ile5 -o">t ta7e his out%ursts seriously-a"- you ca" thro, a,ay the
classi8ie- a-s. =ou>ll ,a"t to stay ,here the actio" is.

The A12+S +$ployee
<O sca- it very lou- a"- clear
2 ,e"t a"- shoute- i" his ear
A"- ,he" 2 8ou"- the -oor ,as loc7e-
2 pulle- a"- pushe- a"- 7ic7e- a"- 7"oc7e-.
<4ut it>s "o use goi"g %ac7 to yester-ay 4ecause 2 ,as a -i88ere"t perso" the".<
A ;o% i"tervie, ,ith a prospective Aries e$ployee5 i8 he>s a typical ra$5 $ight ru"
so$ethi"g li7e this9
+M*L&=+19 2 see 8ro$ your resu$e a"- re8ere"ces that you>ve %ee" ,ith si:
-i88ere"t 8ir$s i" the past t,o years5 Mr. 4ootsi7aris.
A12+S9 !all $e !harlie5 Mr. (la:$a". =es5 2 %elieve i" tryi"g to a-va"ce $ysel8.
/he" you outgro, a ;o%5 ,hat>s the poi"t o8 stayi"g i" a positio" ,here there>s
"othi"g $ore you ca" lear" a"- "othi"g $ore you ca" co"tri%ute to the co$pa"yA
+M*L&=+19 That>s ;ust ,hat %others $e5 !har-uh5 Mr. 4ootsi7aris. 2>$ a8rai- you
$ay outgro, us i" a short > ti$e5 also5 a8ter ,e>ve spe"t the $o"ey to trai" you.
A12+S9 2 thought that $ight co"cer" you. 4ut you -o">t have to ,orry. 2>ve
i"vestigate- your co$pa"y5 a"- 2>$ sure 2 ,oul-">t 8eel restless5 %ecause 2 ca" see
there>s ple"ty o8 opportu"ity ,ith you 8or a"yo"e ,ho really tries. 2>ve al,ays
,a"te- to ,or7 ,ith a really great5 creative a"- progressive $a"age$e"t. They>re
so rare that 2>- rather ,ait >til there>s a" ope"i"g here tha" go a"y,here else.
Nee-less to say5 the %oss ,ho ca" overco$e his i"itial shoc7 at such a" u"usual
i"tervie, is li7ely to hire the Aries o" the spot. That 7i"- o8 si"cere e"thusias$ 8or
the Q co$pa"y is har- to co$e %y i" these -ays o8 seeurity-B $i"-e- a"- u"io"-
co"scious e$ployees-"ever $i"- the E a%rupt"ess a"- the superego.
.iri"g a" Aries ca" %e the s$artest $ove you ever $a-e D or the largest hea-ache
you>ve ever 7"o,"5 -epe"-i"g o" 5 ho, you ai$ this co$%usti%le5 $isgui-e-
$issile. Ai$i"g 2 hi$ to,ar- a routi"e5 "i"e-to-8ive ;o% is the ,ro"g -irec-D tio". 2"
the %egi""i"g5 he $ay shi"e li7e a silver -ollar to D i$press you5 %ut it ,o">t %e lo"g
%e8ore he>s restless a"- D u"happy. A"- he>ll let you 7"o, it i" u"$ista7a%le ,ays5 D
li7e co$i"g i" a little later each -ay5 ta7i"g e:tra ti$e 8or D lu"ch5 or ,riti"g
perso"al letters at his -es7. These are E all -a"ger sig"als that your Aries e$ployee
is "ot satis8ie-. D .e>s still e:tre$ely valua%le to your 8ir$5 %ut he>s %ore-5 ; a"-
,he" the ra$ gets %ore-5 his virtues are 'uic7ly %urie- ( u"-er his shortco$i"gs.
*ut your Aries ,or7er i" a positio" ,here he has co$plete 8ree-o$ to $a7e
-ecisio"s5 a"s,era%le i8 possi%le5 o"ly to you. 28 you ca" -o it ,ithout hurti"g o88ice
$orale5 allo, hi$ to co$e to ,or7 at o-- hours. A8ter a short perio- you>ll "otice
that5 although he $ay appear as late as te" or eleve" i" the $or"i"g5 or ta7e t,o
hours 8or lu"ch5 hell also %e the very last o"e to leave at "ight5 especially a i8 there>s
e:tra ,or7 to get out. .e>s $ore li7ely tha" a"y o8 your other e$ployees to accept
a--itio"al assig"$e"ts as a challe"ge5 ,ithout co$plai"i"g.
Ma"y a". Aries ,ill la%or u"til the ,ee s$all hours5 i8 it>s "ecessary5 or i8 there>s a"
e:citi"g pro;ect u"-er ,ay5 a"- pro%a%ly %e $ore 8a$iliar to the "ightly clea"i"g
,o$a" tha" to the early $or"i"g s,itch%oar- receptio"ist. =ou ,o">t 8i"- hi$
getti"g e-gy or pee7i"g at the cloc7 arou"- 8ive o>cloc75 so ,hy shoul- you %e 8ussy
i8 it>s t,e"ty $i"utes past te" ,he" he arrives i" the $or"i"gA That>s his reaso"i"g5
a"- there>s a certai" logic i" it.
The Arie" is co"stitutio"ally u"a%le to 7eep to a tight a"- u"i8or$ sche-ule5
regar-less o8 sta"-ar- o88ice proce-ure. .is great5 creative e"ergy co$es o" hi$ at
all hours5 a"- it ca">t %e a-;uste- to 8it so$eo"e>s i-ea o8 the proper ,or7i"g -ay.
.e $ay as7 to leave early so$e a8ter"oo" 8or pressi"g perso"al reaso"s5 %ut hell
co$e %ac7 later the sa$e "ight to %u$ the $i-"ight oil5 or pop i" %e8ore the %ir-ies
chirp the 8ollo,i"g $or"i"g to $a7e up the ,or7 he>s $isse-. &"e thi"g Aries ca">t
sta"- is to tur" i" ,or7 ,hich is less per8ect tha" he 7"o,s he ca" -o. Despite his
careless"ess ,ith -etail a"- his -is-ai" o8 "or$al o88ice routi"e5 that 'uality is too
goo- to $iss. 2t>s ,orth putti"g up ,ith the Mars i"-epe"-e"ce to ta7e a-va"tage o8
his ,o"-er8ul -eter$i"atio" to succee-5 ,hich ,ill o%viously %e"e8it your
co$pa"y5 i8 you>re astute e"ough a"- patie"t e"ough to utili3e it properly.
Mo"ey is "ever his pri$e reaso" 8or ,or7i"g. .e ,ill i"sist o" %ei"g pai- ,hat he>s
,orth ?,hat he thi"7s he>s ,orth@ 8or the sa7e o8 ego a"- status5 %ut $o"ey is "ever
his $ai" o%;ective. .e>s $otivate- %y success5 a"- cash is al,ays seco"-ary. .e
$ay 8re'ue"tly as7 to %orro, $o"ey5 %ecause the ra$ usually lives %eyo"- his
i"co$e. Still5 a" e:tra pat o" the %ac7 ,ill o8te" get $ore out o8 hi$ tha" a" e:tra
8ive -ollars a ,ee7 i" his pay e"velope. &8 course5 you $ay have to ta$e his "atural
-esire to ta7e over everyo"e else>s -epart$e"t5 si"ce he>s %ursti"g ,ith i-eas o8 ho,
everyo"e i" the 8ir$ coul- get ,here they>re goi"g 8aster5 i"clu-i"g you. 4ut i8 you
ca" lea$ "ot to ta7e o88e"se at his 8re'ue"t a"- i$perti"e"t suggestio"s5 youll 8i"- a
%o"us o8 origi"al a"- pro8ita%le thoughts.
Al,ays put Aries i" the actio" ;o%5 i" a positio" ,here he ca" get out a"- pro$ote
the 8ir$ a"- $i: ,ith people. Never put hi$ %ehi"- a -es7 ,here he has to -o the
sa$e thi"g -ay a8ter -ay u"-er the scruti"y o8 a"other e$ployee. Aries ,ill ta7e
or-ers ,illi"gly 8ro$ very 8e, people5 si"ce he %elieves very 8e, people are
superior to hi$. .e u"-ou%te-ly thi"7s you are5 or he ,oul-">t have gotte" $i:e-
up ,ith you i" the 8irst place. &"ce he>s sure you u"-ersta"- a"- appreciate his
e88orts5 he>ll pro%a%ly %e the $ost loyal5 har--,or7i"g a"- co$pete"t e$ployee o"
your payroll. 4ut put hi$ i" a" i"8erior positio" a"- he>ll %e relucta"t to $a7e a"y
%ut the $ost per8u"ctory e88ort.
Naturally5 he ca">t al,ays start at the top5 though he>- li7e to. 28 he $ust %egi" at the
%otto$ a"- lear" a "e, tra-e or pro8essio"5 try to a-- so$e 7i"- o8 i$porta"t-
sou"-i"g respo"si%ility to his -aily -uties5 so he>ll at least thi"7 he>s at the top. 2t
allo,s hi$ to save 8ace ,ith hi$sel8. To %ri"g out his %est5 he "ee-s to 8eel that the
place coul-">t ru" ,ithout hi$. The ra$ is a "atural pro$oter. .e>ll pro$ote your
%usi"ess to his ,i8e a"- 8rie"-s e"thusiastically5 to ca% -rivers5 ,aiters a"- a"yo"e
else ,ho ,ill liste"-at the $ovies5 i" the s,i$$i"g pool-a"- "ot ;ust -uri"g the
hours he>s %ei"g pai- to -o so. .e>ll tur" everyo"e 8ro$ his %ro7er to his i"sura"ce
$a" i"to a %ooster 8or your 8ir$. (e, people ?e:cept Leos@ ca" e'ual hi$ i"
%ri"gi"g i" "e, accou"ts5 savi"g custo$ers you thought ,ere hopelessly lost a"-
putti"g over the largest5 $ost a$%itious sche$es you ca" -evise-especially ,he" he
thi"7s you>re -epe"-i"g o" hi$ to co$e through.
28 there>s ever a"y 7i"- o8 8i"a"cial trou%le5 your Aries e$ployee is "ot o"e to -esert
a si"7i"g ship. .e>ll stic7 ,ith you through the crisis5 a"- possi%ly a-- a 8e, i-eas
o8 his o," a%out ho, to solve it. The Arie" is literally u"a%le to co"ceive that
a"ythi"g or a"yo"e he %elieves i"5 i"clu-i"g hi$sel85 ca" 8ail. &%viously5 such a
trait ca" %e $ighty ,elco$e so$e %lac7 -ay.
As7 this e$ployee to ,or7 o" ,ee7e"-s or holi-ays5 ta7e a te$porary cut i" salary
-uri"g a" e$erge"cy or per8or$ so$eo"e else>s ;o% i" a--itio" to his o," i" case o8
ill"ess or vacatio"5 a"- he>ll sel-o$ co$plai". Just %e sure you tha"7 hi$ ,ar$ly
a"- let hi$ 7"o, you ho"estly appreciate it. There>s little he ,o">t -o to get
e"thusiastic approval 8ro$ you. Never give so$eo"e else cre-it 8or ,or7 he>s -o"e5
"ever $a7e hi$ 8eel guilty a%out %ei"g late5 -o">t co$pli$e"t others too o8te" ,he"
he>s arou"-5 -o">t harp o" his $ista7es-especially i" 8ro"t o8 other people-a"- "ever
give hi$ the i$pressio" you ,ish he>- stay i" his place. &ther,ise5 he>ll %e irrita%le5
8rustrate- a"- la3y. =ou ,o">t have to 8ire hi$. .e>ll $ost li7ely 'uit %e8ore you get
arou"- to it. 2t>s usually "ot "ecessary to scol- the ra$5 a"y,ay. .e>ll %e the 8irst to
apologi3e 8or errors he>s co$$itte- through his "atural haste a"- i$pulsive"ess5 i8
he>s $et hal8,ay5 a"- he>ll si"cerely try "ot to repeat the$. +ve" i8 he>s "ot al,ays
success8ul i" that atte$pt5 his i"te"tio"s are a-$ira%le. =ou $ay ,a"t to trai" hi$
tact8ully a"- privately "ot to %e so rash a"- over-co"8i-e"t5 %ut "ever %rea7 his
spirit. 28 you try5 you>ll 8ail5 a"- the atte$pt ,ill ;ust lose you all that re8reshi"g a"-
valua%le opti$is$.
/he" you recog"i3e his tale"ts5 Aries ,ill literally 7"oc7 hi$sel8 out to top
hi$sel8. !riticis$ ,ill "ever acco$plish its i"te"-e- purpose ,ith hi$. 4esi-es5
he>s $ore o8te" right tha" ,ro"g ,ith his hu"ches5 "o $atter ,hat so$e o8 the
e:perts ,ho have %ee" arou"- 8or years $ight thi"7. Aries has a" u"ca""y a%ility to
u"-ersta"- to-ay ,ith a clarity "ot possesse- either %y those ,ho cli"g to yester-ay
or those ,ho pi" all their hopes o" to$orro,. So it pays to liste" to hi$5 eve"
though his eager"ess a"- his sure"ess that he>s right $a7es hi$ -rop his $a""ers
"o, a"- the"5 ,ith a lou- a"- u"pleasa"t thu-.
As soo" as you ca"5 give hi$ a raise or a title to let hi$ 7"o, he>s -oi"g ,ell a"-
that you>re please-5 a"- %y all $ea"s5 as 'uic7ly as you ca"5 let hi$ either ,or7
alo"e or lea- others. Let hi$ 8eel he>s your perso"al associate. 2t>s i$perative that
those -eali"g ,ith a" Aries i" a"y ,or7i"g or pro8essio"al capacity reali3e that he
,ill pour out a" a$a3i"g "u$%er o8 valua%le co"tri%utio"s to the pro;ect at ha"-
o"ly i8 he 8eels that5 i" so$e ,ay5 he>s i$porta"t. /he" his e:cite$e"t a"- his
i-ealis$ are -a$pe"e-5 he 'uic7ly loses i"terest5 %eco$es -ishearte"e- a"- sta"-s
%ac7 to let others ta7e over-glu$ a"- $isera%le-a" u""ecessary ,aste o8 rare a"-
use8ul tale"t. 0"less the ra$ is allo,e- to pro$ote5 create a"- origi"ate5 he>s "o use
to hi$sel8 or a"yo"e else. Logic a"- 7i"-"ess ,ill reach hi$ every ti$e.
4ecause he>s a "atural i""ovator a"- lea-er5 Aries is at ho$e i" al$ost a"y career or
pro8essio". There are "o special places ,here he thrives %est. /hether it>s a gree"-
house or a police statio"-,hether he ,ears a 8ire$a">s hat or a surgeo">s $as7-he
$ust %e i" charge. The 8iel-s o8 a-vertisi"g a"- pu%lic relatio"s attract hi$5 si"ce
they give hi$ a cha"ce to pro$ote5 a"- he ta7es to selli"g li7e a -uc7 ta7es to
,ater. 4ut you ca" place hi$ i" a"y ;o%5 8ro$ teachi"g to truc7i"g-8ro$
%roa-casti"g to %uil-i"g -a"- he>ll 8it right i"to the slot5 i8 the slot is ,i-e e"ough to
ta7e up his e:cess e"ergy a"- ego.
=ou $ay ru" across a ra$ ,ho hi-es his -rive u"-er a cal$er5 $ore co"trolle-
$a""er5 %ut -o">t 7i- yoursel8 i"to thi"7i"g you ca" push hi$ i"to the cor"er. That>s
8or little Jac7 .or"er5 "ot hi$. .is place is i" 8ro"t-ava"t-gar-e. !ha""el his
a%ilities a"- he>ll $a7e a heap o8 $o"ey 8or you5 as ,ell as give you u"s,ervi"g5
u"'uestio"e- loyalty-especially ,he" the chips are -o,". 28 you -o a little
co$parative shoppi"g arou"-5 you>ll 8i"- those virtues are cheap at hal8 the price.
<O shall sit here< he sai-5 <o" a"- o885 8or -ays a"- -ays.<

TA010S5 the 4ull
April 21st through May 21st
.o, to 1ecog"i3e TA010S
The TA010S Ma"
The TA010S /o$a"
The TA010S !hil-
The TA010S 4oss
The TA010S +$ployee

.o, to 1ecog"i3e TA010S
<Ta7e care o8 the se"se5 a"- the sou"-s ,ill ta7e care o8 the$selves.<
A travel %ug 8rie"- o8 $i"e5 ,ho has %ee" every,here at least t,ice5 tol- $e he ,ill
"ever 8orget his 8irst trip to souther" Spai" o" a tra$p stea$er. &"e -ay5 ,hile he
,as o" -ec7 a-$iri"g the vie,5 a huge $ass o8 soli- roc7 loo$e- ahea- i" the
-ista"ce5 risi"g gra"-ly out o8 the %right5 %lue Me-iterra"ea". So$eo"e o" the ship
shoute-5 <Loo7I The 1oc7 o8 #i%raltarI< A,e- a"- i$presse-5 $y 8rie"- s"appe- a
picture o8 it 8or the 8ol7s %ac7 ho$e5 the" tur"e- to a %ore- tee"ager i" the "e:t
-ec7 chair5 a"- ,a:e- poetic. <2s">t it %eauti8ulA< he as7e-. <To"s o8 ,ater have
%eate" agai"st it through the ce"turies5 stor$s have lashe- at it5 ar$ies have
assaulte- it5 civili3atio"s have co$e a"- go"e5 %ut it ;ust sits there. Nothi"g ever
cha"ges it5 a"- "othi"g ca" $a7e it $ove.< The tee"ager ya,"e-. <=eah. 1e$i"-s
$e o8 $y ol- $a".<
.is 8ather ,as %or" i" May. A"- that>s ho, you recog"i3e Taurus5 the %ull. The
$ost 8ertile places to loo7 8or hi$ ,oul- %e a 8ar$5 a %a"7 or a real estate o88ice5
%ut you>ll also 8i"- hi$ gra3i"g i" other pastures. There are Taurea" e"gi"eers5
$ovie stars5 cler7s5 gar-e"ers5 7i"gs a"- 'uee"s5 chi$"ey s,eeps5 %utchers5 %a7ers
a"- ca"-le-> stic7 $a7ers. =ou ca" al,ays tell the %ull %y his stro"g5 sile"t attitu-e.
0"til you get to 7"o, hi$ %etter5 his le"gthiest $o"ologues ,ill pro%a%ly %e <=ep5<
<Nope5< <Tha"7s5< <So lo"g5< a"- 8re'ue"tly <0h-uh5< a su%stitute 8or <Nope.< 28 he
ha- a stro"g #e$i"i5 Aries or Sagittarius i"8lue"ce at %irth5 he $ay %e a little
ga%%ier a"- ,al7 ,ith $ore %ou"ce. 4ut the typical Taurea" pre8ers to $ove
-eli%erately a"- spea7 spari"gly.
Li7e #i%raltar5 he is soli- a"- stea-y a"- "othi"g -istur%s his tra"'uility. =ou ca"
thro, ,ater o" hi$ or light a 8ire %et,ee" his toes. =ou ca" %eat o" his chest ,ith
cle"che- 8ists5 glare at hi$ hyp"otically or shout at the top o8 your lu"gs. Taurus
,o">t %u-ge a" i"ch. &"ce his $i"- is set5 he 8ol-s his ar$s cal$ly a"- -igs i" his
heels. .e stic7s out his rather pro$i"e"t chi"5 8lares his "ostrils5 pi"s %ac7 his ears
a"- you>ve ha- it.
The %ull sel-o$ rushes 8or,ar- to sto$p o" your toes. .e si$ply ,a"ts to %e le8t
alo"e. Do">t -istur% hi$ a"- he>ll re$ai" co"te"te-. *ress hi$ a"- he %eco$es
o%sti"ate. Shove too har-5 tease too $uch5 a"- %e prepare- 8or viole"t rage. .e ca"
go 8or $o"ths a"- years o" e"-. e:hi%iti"g per8ect poise a"- co"trol5 i"hali"g the
8ragra"ce o8 the posies a"- ig"ori"g the "ervous clac7i"g a"- cluc7i"g all arou"-
hi$. The" so$e u"e:pecte- -ay5 a pushy perso" ,ill pile o"e stra, too $a"y o" his
%roa- %ac7. .e>ll s"ort5 %egi" to pa, the earth5 "arro, his eyes-a"- charge. #et out
o8 the ,ay as 8ast as you ca" a"- ru" 8or your li8el The Taurea" te$per is sel-o$
-isplaye- i$pulsively5 %ut ,he" the %ull gets $a-5 he ca" -estroy everythi"g i" his
path5 up to a"- i"clu-i"g Scorpios. Destroy is "ot the right ,or-. De$olish is %etter.
2t $ay %e so$e ti$e %e8ore the -ust settles a"- peace reig"s agai". So$e Taurea"a
have such co"trol that they o"ly charge o"ce or t,ice i". a ,hole li8eti$e. +ve" the
'uic7-te$pere- o"es ,o">t erupt $ore tha" o"ce or t,ice a year5 i8 that o8te". Still5
it>s %est to re$e$%er that Taurus usually -oes">t get ;ust a little $a- or a""oye-. 28
the i"ci-e"t is large e"ough to roc7 his "or$ally placi- e$otio"s5 you ca" cou"t o"
%li"- 8ury5 "o or-i"ary a"ger.
2 7"o, o"e Taurus $ale ,hose ,i8e ha- "ever see" hi$ a"gry -uri"g all the years
o8 her $arriage5 u"til o"e "ight i" a cro,-e- supper clu%. A" o%"o:ious -ru"7
stu$%le- over to their ta%le a"- $a-e a" o88-color re$ar7. She e:pecte- her
hus%a"- to ha"-le the $a" 8ir$ly5 ,ith his usual sel8-co"trol5 a"- she ,as as
shoc7e- as the rest o8 the custo$ers ,he" the Taurea" su--e"ly stoo- up5 shove-
over t,o ta%les5 li8te- the $a" i" the air5 a"- se"t hi$ 8lyi"g to the other si-e o8 the
roo$5 "early -e$olishi"g the %a"-sta"-. Not a ,or- ,as e:cha"ge-. 2 trust this ,ill
$a7e you properly cautious. 4e8ore eve" ,i"7i"g at a stra"ge ,o$a"5 it ,oul- %e
,ise to 7"o, her escort>s %irth-ay.
=ou ca" e:pect $a"y May people to actually rese$%le a %ull5 the $e" that is5 a"-
the ,o$e" %or" u"-er the Su" sig" ,ill have a" i"ta"gi%le5 elusive %ovi"e 'uality
a%out the$. The loo7 i" the 8e$ale Taurea">s eyes ,ill %e sere"e a"- li$pi-5 yet
stea-y. She ,ill $ove grace8ully5 i"-ole"tly5 %ut ,ith a suggestio" o8 hi--e"
stre"gth. As 8or the $ales5 the "ec7 ,ill o8te" %e thic7 or $uscular5 the shoul-ers5
chest or %ac75 or all three5 %roa- a"- stro"g. The e"tire %o-y ,ill %e ,ell
proportio"e-5 ,hether short or tall. The ears are usually s$all a"- close to the hea-.
/he" they eat5 they che, slo,ly5 a"- or-i"arily have e:celle"t -igestio"s. =ou
$ay "otice a loc7 o8 hair ?rese$%li"g the %ull>s 8oreloc7@5 or a curl that ha"gs i" the
ce"ter o8 the 8orehea-. Not all5 %ut $a"y Taurea"s have curly or ,avy hair. 2t>s
usually -ar75 li7e the eyes a"- s7i". +ve" the occasio"al %lo"-e5 light-eye- a"- 8air-
s7i""e- Taurus people ,ill "ever suggest 8ragility o8 $i"- or character.
Naturally5 you ca">t e:pect every Taurea" to loo7 li7e (er-i"a"- the %ull or +lsie
the co,. 2t>s true that they 8re'ue"tly have large5 ge"erous %o-ies5 ra"gi"g 8ro$
$uscular to plu$p to 8at. 4ut i8 you get that i$age too set i" your $i"-5 you ,o">t
recog"i3e the s7i""y o"es5 a"- it>s i$porta"t to lear" to spot the$5 too. /hat are
you goi"g to -o ,he" you tur" o" televisio" a"- The Late5 Late Sho, 8eatures
Taurea"s 4i"g !ros%y5 (re- Astaire or #ary !ooperA Do">t let it thro, you. (or all
his *iscea" light"ess o8 8oot5 a"- his airy #e$i"i char$5 (re- Astaire is a" earthy
Taurus. The other pla"etary i"8lue"ces i" his chart ca">t cha"ge that. Just as7 his
8rie"-5 choreographer .er$es *a"5 or a"yo"e else close to the -a"ci"g lege"-. As7
the$ ho, tough it is to get this T,i"7letoes to go so$e,here he -oes">t ,a"t to go
or -o so$ethi"g he -oes">t ,a"t to -o. 4i"g !ros%y is also 8a$ous 8or his u"ru88le-
perso"ality a"- his cal$5 easygoi"g $a""er. ?That ,as pro%a%ly o"e o8 4i"g>s so"s
o" the tra$p stea$er.@ As 8or #ary !ooper5 ta7e a"other loo7 at the tall5 la"7y
8ra$e o8 that hero o8 the vi"tage co,%oy sho,s. .is soli- 8eet see$ to %e gro,i"g
right out o8 the grou"- as i8 they ,ere roote- there. .e $oves across your televisio"
scree" ,ith slo, -eli%eratio"5 a"- the total "u$%er o8 co$plete se"te"ces the actor
spea7s i" those ol- ,ester"s is roughly u"-er a -o3e". ActorA (ollo,i"g the
ve"era%le .olly,oo- syste$ o8 type casti"g5 #ary !ooper al,ays super%ly playe-
#ary !ooper. A"- li7e $a"y a"other Taurea" you>ll $eet a,ay 8ro$ stage a"-
ca$era5 the !ooper love sce"es 8eature a ro$a"tic girl5 ,ho cries5 <2 love you
$a-ly5 passio"ately. 2 ca">t live ,ithout you. =ou>re $y ,hole li8e5 -arli"g. Tell $e
you care. Say you 8eel the sa$e ,ay. Do you love $eA Do youA< /hat a"s,er -oes
the poor girl get 8or her torre"t o8 se"ti$e"tA <=ep.< ?4ut it ca" %e stra"gely
Taurus is stro"gly attracte- to the opposite se:5 %ut aggressive pursuit o8 a"y 7i"- o8
pleasure is">t i" his %ag o8 tric7s. .e pre8ers to attract people to hi$. /hy shoul- he
,aste his e"ergy chasi"g the$ over the cou"trysi-eA A short trip to a 8ar$ a"- so$e
astute o%servatio" o8 the la,s o8 "ature ,ill $a7e it clear ho, the Taurea" e$otio"s
are activate- i" %oth love a"- 8rie"-ship. *assivity is the typical %ehavior. Taurea"s
,oul- rather e"tertai" hospita%ly at ho$e tha" go to the trou%le o8 visiti"g. The
e88ort re'uire- 8or sci"tillati"g popularity -oes">t appeal to the %ull>s "ature. 28 you
,a"t hi$5 you ca" call hi$. .e>ll %e there. Thro, out the li"e o8 co$ra-eship or
ro$a"ce5 a"- hell pic7 it up5 i8 it i"terests hi$. .e>ll 7"o, ,hat > to -o ,ith it5 too5
,hich is">t al,ays true o8 the $ore gregarious sig"s.
Taurus sel-o$ ,orries5 8rets or che,s his "ails. .e ca" pout a"- %roo- ,he" thi"gs
-o">t suit his 8a"cy5 %ut he>s "ot the "ervous5 t,itchy type. 2t>s his "ature to %e stoic5
a"- ta7e thi"gs i" his stri-e5 a"- "othi"g really alters this %asic te"-e"cy.
2 7"o, a Taurea"5 ,ho is %oth a" attor"ey a"- a certi8ie- pu%lic accou"ta"t5 a
-ou%le career that ,oul- give a"yo"e ple"ty to ta7e i" stri-e5 especially at ta: ti$e.
No,5 this Taurus $ay %ite his "ails a little. All right5 he %ites the$ a lot. .e tal7s
8aster tha" 2 -o ?,hich is pretty 8ast@5 a"- he -oes have a couple o8 ,orry creases i"
his 8orehea-. 4ut there>s a heavy #e$i"i i"8lue"ce i" his "atal chart that causes the
-eceptive spee-5 a"- i8 you loo7 %ehi"- the ,hirli"g actio" o8 his -y"a$ic outer
i$age5 you>ll still -iscover a Taurus. .is %rai" $ay calculate li7e light"i"g5 %ut his
-erisio"s are $a-e slo,ly a"- care8ully. .is actio"s are pre-icta%le5 his character is
stro"g5 a"- you ca" as7 his ,i8e ;ust ho, $uch o8 a pushover he is ,he" she tries to
get hi$ to -ress up a"- go so$e,here o" the "ights he>- rather stay ho$e. =ou ca"
also as7 his clie"ts ,ho try to rush hi$ i"to closi"g -eals 'uic7ly. .e>ll liste"
patie"tly a"- pleasa"tly5 %ut the papers -o">t get sig"e- u"til the %ull $a7es up his
$i"- it>s the right $ove. &h5 yes5 he>s a Taurus5 "ever $i"- the #e$i"i ,it a"-
agility. (lighty actio" is "ot a$o"g his vices. .e rushes slo,ly5 a"- that>s "ot a "o"
Taurus people are ho$e 8ol7s. There>s scarcely a %ull ,ho -oes">t love to lu:uriate
u"-er his o," roo8 a"- stretch out a$i- co$8orta%le5 8a$iliar surrou"-i"gs. !ha"ge
upsets hi$ ?u"less there>s a #e$i"i5 Sagittarius or A'uarius Moo" or asce"-a"t@. 28
the Taurus you 7"o, -oes">t o," his o," ho$e5 he>s -rea$i"g a%out it5 a"- he ,ill
so$e-ay. .e>s close to the earth5 a"- the love o8 the la"- ,ill co$e to hi$
eve"tually5 o"e ,ay or a"other. 28 he>s 8orce- to live i" a cro,-e- apart$e"t
%uil-i"g5 hell pro%a%ly have a ,i"-o, %o: 8ull o8 gera"iu$s or petu"ias. /he" the
"oisy clatter o8 the city threate"s to press i" too close5 hell -eter$i"e-ly gra% his
8ishi"g pole a"- hea- 8or a 'uiet5 pastoral spot. Let the ,orl- spi" at too -i33y a
pace 8or hi$5 a"- Taurus si$ply gets o88 8or a spell u"til it slo,s -o,". 28 he has "o
8ishi"g pole or ,i"-o, %o: outlet5 he $ay -a%%le i" real estate5 a"- $a7e arra"ge-
$e"ts 8or other people>s $ortgages5 ,hich gets hi$ out to the su%ur%s occasio"ally.
There>s al,ays a co""ectio" ,ith the la"-5 ho,ever re$ote5 li7e ha"gi"g arou"- the
race trac75 or ta7i"g his Su"-ay stroll through the par7 a"- -ri"7i"g i" the sights
a"- 8ragra"ces o8 "ature.
The average %ull is super%ly healthy5 ,ith a stro"g co"stitutio". 2t ta7es a lot to put
hi$ o" his %ac75 %ut o"ce he>s -o,"5 he $ay recuperate slo,ly5 partially -ue to his
stu%%or" re8usal to o%ey the -octor. .is "atural i"cli"ar tio" to -istrust opti$is$
-oes">t pro$ote spee-y recovery5 either. The se"sitive areas 8or acci-e"t a"-
i"8ectio" are the throat5 "ec75 legs5 a"7les5 repro-uctive orga"s5 the %ac7 a"- the
spi"al area. !ol-s o8te" tur" i"to sore throats5 a"- over,eight %rought o" %y the
lege"-ary Taurea" love o8 8oo- a"- -ri"75 $ostly 8oo-5 ca" put a strai" o" the heart5
a"- plague the %ull ,ith poor circulatio"5 ,ea7 a"7les5 varicose vei"s a"- other
chro"ic co$plai"ts. #out is a"other possi%ility. Most May people5 ho,ever5 ca"
easily stay healthier tha" the rest o8 us i8 they avoi- o%esity5 lethargy a"- 7i-"ey
i"8ectio"s. Let>s %e %lu"t. 28 the %utt -ri"7s to e:cess or gets 8at a"- la3y5 he>ll lose
his sple"-i- physi'ue a"- his ro%ust goo- health. &"e o8 the $ai" causes 8or his
ill"esses is a lac7 o8 cou"try air a"- e:ercise. .is syste$ al,ays "ee-s it5 eve"
though his o%sti"ate ,ill $ay -e"y it.
Spea7i"g o8 o%sti"acy5 there>s "o use telli"g a Taurea" .e ?or she@ is o%sti"ate. 2"
the %ull>s $i"-5 he>s "ot stu%%or" at all. .e>s patie"t. 2t>s a $atter o8 se$a"tics. .e>s
"ot har-hea-e--he>s ;ust se"si%le a"- 8ir$. (or the li8e o8 hi$5 he ca">t see ,hy
people ;u-ge hi$ so u"8airly.
The truth is that Taurus is as stu%%or" as a hu$a" ca" %e a"- "ot actually tur" i"to
soli- sto"e. Taurea" $e" a"- ,o$e" see$ to %e glue- to %oth their seats a"- their
opi"io"s. A Taurus hus%a"- ,ill re8use to acco$pa"y his ,i8e to a 8rie"->s house i8
there are "o co$8orta%le chairs there 8or hi$ to sit i". She ca" plea- i" vai". .e ;ust
,o">t go. A Taurus ,o$a" ,ho -oes">t approve o8 her hus%a"->s cro"ies si$ply
,ill "ot tal7 to the$. Still5 the %ulls ca" also clai$ the virtue o8 patie"ce ,ith
;usti8icatio". Ma"y a Taurea" %ears e$otio"al a"- physical %ur-e"s i" sile"ce 8or
years ,ithout co$plai"t. The higher the trou%les pile up5 the $ore stre"gth Taurus
8i"-s to %ear the$. .is loyalty a"- -evotio" to 8a$ily a"- 8rie"-s o8te" surpass all
u"-ersta"-i"g. Lots o8 Taurus $e" a"- ,o$e" -eserve gol- $e-als 8or courage
u"-er %lo,s o8 8ate that ,oul- have lo"g ago %ro7e" the %ac7 o8 those %or" u"-er
other Su" sig"s. (i"e. 2>ll go alo"g ,ith a,ar-i"g a %lue ri%%o" i" recog"itio" o8 the
Taurus 8ortitu-e. 4ut he>s still stu%%or".
There>s very little that tur"s his appetite 8ai"t. The %ull ca" usually eat a"ythi"g
8ro$ 8rie- peppers to chocolate ,hippe- crea$ ca7e5 sour pic7les a"- tur"ips-all at
the sa$e $eal-,ithout a trace o8 i"-igestio". Stea7 a"- %ee8-are usually his
8avorites5 a"- he loves to clea" up the le8tovers. 28 alcohol is a--e-5 the Taurea" ca"
closely. rese$%le Fi"g .e"ry 2225 happily gorgi"g at a royal %a"'uet. ?&8 course5 a
irgo asce"-a"t ca" 7eep hi$ o" ra, carrots a"- lettuce5 ,ashe- -o," ,ith pru"e
The Taurea"s> 8u""y %o"es are tic7le- %y %roa- a"- slapstic7 co$e-y. Ma"y o8
the$ 8ail to catch su%tle satire5 %ut they>ll ho,l ,he" so$eo"e slips o" a %a"a"a
peel or gets a custar- pie i" the 8ace. Taurus hu$or is ,ar$ a"- earthy5 play8ul a"-
re$i"isce"t o8 (alsta88. These people are sel-o$5 i8 ever5 really cruel or vi"-ictive.
2t>s a stra"ge 8act that cruel Taurea"s o8te" have $a"y pla"ets i" Aries at %irth. The
t,o sig"s -o">t see$ to $i: ,ell i" the sa$e horoscopes. .itler is a goo- e:a$ple.
No,5 a%out the su%;ect o8 $o"ey-the %ull a"- his $o"ey are sel-o$ parte-. Not
every Taurea" is a $illio"aire5 %ut you ,o">t 8i"- $a"y o8 the$ sta"-i"g i" li"e 8or
8ree soup. Taurus li7es to %uil- e$pires slo,ly a"- surely. .e starts ,ith a soli-
8ou"-atio"5 the" gra-ually a--s a story at a ti$e5 u"til he>s %uilt a sta%le %usi"ess
a"- a %a"7 accou"t ,ith $uscles. &--ly5 Taurus li7es to accu$ulate po,er5 alo"g
,ith cash5 %ut si$ply 8or the se"sual e";oy$e"t o8 possessi"g it. They o8te" tur"
over the actio" to su%or-i"ates. Just 7"o,i"g the po,er is there alo"g ,ith the
-ollars see$s to satis8y the Taurea" "ee- 8or security. /hy shoul- he %e %othere-
,ith the e88ort o8 $a"ipulati"g all the stri"gsA There are !apricor"s a"- !a"ceria"s
arou"- to -o that5 ,hile he s"oo3es5 s$ells a -aisy or eyes the pretty girls. 2t>s
e"ough that every%o-y 7"o,s ,ho o,"s the pasture. Soo"er or later5 $o"ey ,ill
co$e to Taurus5 a"- it usually stic7s li7e glue ,he" it -oes. The %ull pri3es his cash
a"- his possessio"s as he -oes his 8a$ily5 %ut he>s "ot sti"gy. The Taurea" ge"erous
heart a"- poc7ets are ,i-e ope" to real 8rie"-s i" real trou%le.
.e>s i$presse- %y %ig"ess. The larger a %uil-i"g5 the gra"-er it is to hi$5 a"- he>ll
,al7 right past the $o"7eys at the 3oo to stare i" 8asci"atio" at the po,er8ul
elepha"ts. Taurus ,ill 8ace huge a"i$als ,ith $ag"i8ice"t courage5 %ut he 8ears a
$ouse. A tiger o" the loose ,o">t cause the %ull to 8lic7er a" eyelash5 ,hile a ti"y
,asp ca" se"- hi$ cli$%i"g up the "earest tree i" "ervous pa"ic.
(i"e pai"ti"gs a"- great sy$pho"ies stir hi$ -eeply. +very Taurea" o,"s so$e
evi-e"ce o8 the e"us love 8or art a"- $usic5 i8 it>s o"ly a" ol- !aruso recor-5 or a
$useu$ postcar- o8 a" early a" #ogh tuc7e- u"-er the s,eat shirts he ,ears
,he" he>s out ;oggi"g o" ,ee7e"-s. Ma"y Taurus $e" a"- ,o$e" have %eauti8ul
voices. So$e o8 the$ si"g pro8essio"allyB others ,ar%le i" the %ath5 soa7 i" rich oils
a"- -rea$ o8 gilt-e-ge- security. Music ,ill al,ays touch their lives i" so$e ,ay5
a"- -ra,i"g or pai"ti"g are o8te" either ho%%ies or careers.
The se"suous %ull is tra"'uili3e- %y the color o8 the s7y. Sha-es o8 %lue %athe his
e$otio"s ,ith peaceB also rose a"- pi"75 i" a lesser ,ay5 %ut "ever re-5 as a"y
$ata-or coul- tell you. The gree"s a"- %ro,"s o8 "ature cal$ a"- soothe hi$ too.
#ree" paper $o"ey a"- a %ro,"sto"e house ,ill 7eep hi$ per8ectly co"te"te-.
Although Taurea" i-eas are al,ays se"si%le5 they ca" also spar7le ,ith the clarity
a"- -epth o8 8i8tee" precious sapphires that a-- up to si: 7i"-s o8 goo- 8ortu"e5 as
he -ou%les his $o"ey u"-er the %e"ig" s$ile o8 the go-s. There>s "othi"g s$all
a%out Taurus5 i"clu-i"g his capacity 8or lasti"g love a"- his pote"tial 8or ,ealth.
!opper5 the Taurea" $etal5 is a" e:celle"t co"-uctor o8 electricity a"- heat5 a"- it
glo,s ,ith %ur"ishe- %eauty through years o8 use a"- ,ear. Let the e:cita%le o"es
scurry a"- s'ua%%le 8or 8irst place. The %ull>s 8i:e- "ature "ee-s "o 8la$i"g torches
to light the ,ay to the security he see7s. +ve"tually success ,ill co$e to hi$5 a"-
he ,ill %e rea-y. 4ecause the 8ar-o88 e"us sho,ers hi$ ,ith the love o8 lu:ury5 he
pays -early 8or his possessio"s a"- treasures the$ 8or a li8eti$eB yet he>s the s,or"
e"e$y o8 ,aste a"- e:travaga"ce. .is ho$e is his castle-a"- let "o $a" -istur% the
peace o8 the %ull. Taurus is as patie"t as ti$e itsel85 as -eep as the 8orest5 ,ith a
-epe"-a%le stre"gth that ca" $ove $ou"tai"s. 4ut he>s stu%%or".
(a$ous Taurus *erso"alities
(re- Astaire 4al3ac
Lio"el 4arry$ore 2rvi"g 4erli" Joha""es 4rah$s !atheri"e5 the #reat *erry !o$o
#ary !ooper &liver !ro$,ell 4i"g !ros%y Salva-or Dali Stephe" A. Douglas
6uee" +li3a%eth 0 Du7e +lli"gto" +lla (it3geral- .e"ry (o"-a Margot (o"tey"
Sig$u"- (reu- 0lysses S. #ra"t
/illia$ 1. .earst Au-rey .ep%ur" .itler
.e"ry J. Faiser /illie Mays =ehu-i Me"uhi" la-i$ir Na%o7ov 1o%espierre
Sugar 1ay 1o%i"so" 4ertra"- 1ussell /illia$ Sha7espeare 4ishop (ul8o" Shee"
Toots Shor Fate S$ith 4ar%ra Streisa"- Nor$a Tal$a-ge Shirley Te$ple .arry S.
Tru$a" &rso" /elles

.=our (rie"-ly 4a"7er

The TA010S Ma"
</hy5 2 ,oul-">t say a"ythi"g a%out it5 eve" i8 2 8ell o88 the top o8 the housel<
<. . . &"ly you>- %etter "ot co$e very close 2 ge"erally hit everythi"g 2 ca" see-
,he" 2 get really e:cite-.<
*erhaps you picture the typical Taurus $a" as a 'uiet5 practical soul5 as se"si%le a"-
-o,"-to-earth as a" ol- pair o8 shoes. 2t>s true-he is. =ou $ay also o%serve that he>s
slo, to $ove to actio"5 -eli%erate a"- care8ul. True agai". There8ore5 you -e-uce5
it>s o"ly logical to assu$e he>s "ot very ro$a"tic. *ositively 8alse.
/here -i- you get the i-ea you ca" a"aly3e the Taurea" "ature %y usi"g pure logic
alo"eA *ro%a%ly 8ro$ so$e Li%ra 8ello, ,ho>s tryi"g to $a7e a" i$pressio" o"
you. /ell5 he>s ,ro"g. Logic is">t very help8ul ,he" you>re tryi"g to solve the ri--le
o8 a stro"g5 $asculi"e sy$%ol li7e the %ull5 ,ho>s rule- %y a lovi"g5 peace8ul pla"et
li7e e"us. Se"- that Li%ra $a" ,ith his clever $i"- %ac7 to the li%rary.
The %u0 $ay ta7e a lo"g ti$e -eci-i"g i8 he ,a"ts you 8or his ,o$a". .e>s "ot
goi"g to e:ecute a 8lashy s,a" -ive i"to the pool o8 ro$a"ce a"- -iscover o" the
,ay -o," that so$eo"e 8orgot to 8ill it ,ith ,ater. 4ut o"ce he>s $a-e up his $i"-
that you>re the o"e5 a"- o"ce he sets his $i"- o" ,i""i"g you5 he>ll $a7e the Li%ra
lover loo7 li7e a 8u$%ler. .e>ll eve" put the s$itte" lio" a"- the passio"ate Scorpio
to sha$e. That se"si%le5 practical5 slo,5 -eter$i"e- Taurus $ale is capa%le o8
se"-i"g you o"e pi"7 rose each -ay u"til you surre"-er to his proposal-o8 $arriage-
or ,hatever. .e ca" eve" ,rite a poetic so"g or verse5 a"- %ash8ully $ail it to you
,ithout sig"i"g it5 7"o,i"g you>ll guess the se"-er. Taurus ca" %e a te"-er5 ge"tle
a"- protective lover. .is se"sual "ature ,ill $a7e hi$ vul"era%le to your e:otic
per8u$e5 the s$ooth"ess o8 your s7i" a"- so8t"ess o8 your hair. .e $ay "ot say so
i" 8lo,ery la"guage to your 8ace5 %ut he ,ill 8i"- a ,ay to co"vey the $essage. The
Taurus se"se o8 touch is a ta"gi%le thi"g.
This "egative5 8i:e- earth sig" is 8ull o8 co"tra-ictio"s i" love. A Taurea" ,ill li7e
to see you -ress i" lu:urious 8urs a"- rich colors. .e $ay %uy you a 8ragra"t %u"ch
o8 8resh5 spri"g violets 8or your 8urs 8ro$ the little ol- la-y o" the cor"er5 a"- leave
a large tip i" her %as7et %ecause she re$i"-s hi$ o8 his $other. ?=ou5 ho,ever5 ,ill
-e8i"itely "ot re$i"- hi$ o8 either his $other or his sister -e:cept ,he" it co$es to
protecti"g you 8ro$ the ru-e gla"ces o8 other %ulls ,ho try to $ove i".@ Music ,ill
stir his e$otio"s a"- put hi$ i" the $oo- 8or love. .e>s al$ost sure to have a
8avorite so"g that re$i"-s hi$ o8 you each ti$e he hears it. 2t>s the o"e he 7eeps
playi"g o" the ;u7e %o:.
28 you "ee- $ore proo8 o8 the ro$a"ce i" his soul5 the typical Taurus $a" ,ill help
you %uil- your hope chest ,ith %irth-ay gi8ts o8 chi"a a"- silver5 a"- at !hrist$as
he>ll re$i"- you o8 Sa"ta hi$sel8 ,he" he co$es calli"g5 loa-e- -o," ,ith
$ysterious pac7ages a"- se"ti$e"tal tri"7ets. .e>ll suggest $oo"light s,i$s5
pic"ics i" cool5 seclu-e- ,oo-s5 a"- ,al7s -o," cou"try la"es u"-er the stars. .is
,ill %e the largest5 8a"ciest5 $ost elo'ue"t ale"ti"e the post$a" ever -elivere- o"
(e%ruary 14th. /he" a Taurus $a" courts you5 he courts you. .e -oes">t 8ool
arou"-. =ou>ll pro%a%ly %e ta7e" to -i"e i" gla$orous restaura"ts5 ,ith so8t lights
a"- violi"s5 a"- he>ll "ever 8orget the -ate you 8irst $et or a"y other i"ti$ate a""i-
versary %et,ee" you. (or the love o8 %uttercups5 ho, $uch ro$a"ce -o you "ee-A
2t>s per8ectly true that the %ull is">t a ,il- -rea$er li7e the A'uaria" $ale. Taurus
,ill "ever s,eep you o88 your 8eet li7e a Leo5 or pro$ise to ta7e you 8loati"g a,ay
to live ,ith hi$ i" a 8airy castle5 -ri8ti"g o" pi"7 clou-s 8orever a"- a -ay5 li7e a"
Aries. .e>s $ore li7ely to -rop %y o" 8oot so$e Satur-ay "ight5 ,ith the architect>s
%luepri"ts 8or the house he pla"s to %uil- 8or you5 out o8 real lu$%er a"- ,ith real
cash. .e>ll pro%a%ly $a7e the -o," pay$e"t o" the property5 or at the very least5 o"
the apart< $e"t lease5 %e8ore you %eco$e e"gage-. This $a" $ea"s %usi"ess. /he"
the %ull li8ts you across his threshol- a"- pla"ts you 8ir$ly i" his su%sta"tial ho$e5
,hich ,o">t %ear the 8ai"test rese$%la"ce to a 8airy castle5 you ca" %e sure the
$ortgage is secure at the %a"7. That>s har-ly so$ethi"g to co$plai" a%out. =ou>ll
,o"-er ,hy you ever ,a"te- to %e ,rappe- i" those pi"7 clou-s5 o"ce you>ve %ee"
,ar$ly a"- s"ugly e"8ol-e- i" the so8t Taurea" %la"7et o8 security. =ou>ll %e too
%usy e";oyi"g your "e, 8ur"iture a"- chec7i"g accou"t ?or the certai"ty that they>re
;ust arou"- the cor"er@ to ,eep 8or $isty -rea$s that pro%a%ly ,oul-">t have co$e
true a"y,ay. That is5 i8 you>re a 8e$ale ,ho appreciates soli- value. Not every
,o$a" -oes5 $ore>s the pity. 4ut se"si%le girls5 8ro$ eightee" to eighty5 value the
peace8ul5 easygoi"g ,ays o8 the %ull a"- his cal$5 sta%le "ature. .is se"ti$e"tal
gestures a"- pleasa"tly earthy ,ooi"g ca" %e ;ust as satis8yi"g as the soul8ul5 poetic
sighs o8 $ore color8ul lovers5 or the -ashi"g e:cite$e"t o8 the 8lashier Do" Jua"s5
'uite o8te" eve" $ore so. As7 a"y ,o$a" ,ho>s %ee" se"si%le e"ough to get hersel8
goo- a"- love- %y a stro"g Taurea". There are lots o8 co"te"te- co,s a"- happy
hei8ers arou"-.
A Taurus $a" pla"s 8or to$orro, care8ully. As the s'uirrel stores his "uts ,he"
they>re ple"ti8ul i" the su$$er5 to provi-e security 8or the col-5 %arre" ,i"ter-the
te$porary pleasures o8 a %right a8ter"oo" ,ill "ever -istract Taurus 8ro$ prepari"g
8or the -ays ,he" the slush piles up at the cur%. 2t>s a 8u""y thi"g5 %ut the hus-C
%a"-s ,ho are 8i"a"cially a%le to ta7e or se"- their ,ives to (lori-a i" Ja"uary are
o8te" %or" i" May.
Naturally5 there are -ra,%ac7s to a ro$a"tic escapa-e ,ith a Taurus $ale-all is "ot
peaches a"- per8ectio". (or o"e thi"g5 youll have to %rush up o" your la-yli7e
%ehavior. No Taurus $a" is goi"g to put up ,ith a lou-5 $asculi"e 8e$ale ,ho
crac7s a ,hip li7e a" a"i$al trai"er. 28 you have a"y 8orce8ul opi"io"s5 -o">t shove
the$ -o," his throat or %rag a%out your %rai"po,er i" pu%lic. *rivately5 he respects
a 8e$ale ,ith i"tellige"ce ?though he places a higher pre$iu$ o" plai" co$$o"
se"se@5 %ut you>- ;ust %etter let hi$ %e the %right o"e o8 the tea$ ,he" you>re out
together -a"ci"g chee7 to chee7-eve" i8 you>re ;ust sitti"g i" a restaura"t5 7"ee to
7"ee. Ma7e li7e the e$a"cipate- ,o$a" i" 8ro"t o8 his 8rie"-s a"- he>ll have o"e o8
t,o reactio"s. 28 he>s a pri$itive Taurea" ?a"- you>- %e surprise- ho, $a"y o8
those there are@5 he>s li7ely to give you a shove a"- a sha7i"g5 $ay%e eve" a goo-
s$ac7 i" the right place ,he" you get
ho$e-or ,orse5 %e8ore you get ho$e. 28 he>s a $ore sophisticate- type5 he>ll si$ply
cla$ up o" you i" 8ro"t o8 everyo"e a"- sit there li7e a large chu"7 o8 col- sto"e5
re8usi"g to spea7 a ,or- the rest o8 the "ight5 u"til you>re so e$%arrasse- you ,ish
the 8loor ,oul- s,allo, you. =our 8rie"-s ,ill %e $ost u"co$8orta%le5 too. 2t ca"
really -a$pe" a" eve"i"g5 "ot to $e"tio" cra$p your style.
=our 8irst i$pulse ,ill %e to try to u"-o the -a$age5 %ut tryi"g to ;olly hi$ out o8
his stu%%or" $oo- %e8ore it>s ru" its course is literally i$possi%le. 2t>s li7e tryi"g to
$ove the 1oc7 o8 #i%raltar. As a $atter o8 8act5 i8 you atte$pt to tease hi$ %ac7
i"to "or$al social %ehavior5 you $ay ,ish you ha- ;ust let hi$ sul7. A hu"7 o8 col-
sto"e is i"8i"itely $ore accepta%le tha" his reactio" to your coa:i"g a8ter you>ve
a"gere- hi$. *ush hi$ too 8ar a"- he>ll tur" 8ro$ a sile"t sphi": i"to a %ello,i"g
%ull5 ,ho $ay very ,ell let loose so$e $ighty earthy la"guage5 ,hich ,ill cause
your chee7s to 8la$e eve" pi"7er. +ither that5 or he>ll say cal$ly to the group5
<+:cuse $e 8or %rea7i"g up the party5 %ut 2 have to -rag this ,o$a" ,ith the te"t
8lap $outh ho$e a"- teach her a 8e, lesso"s.< =ou>ll hi-e 8ro$ everyo"e you 7"o,
8or ,ee7s a8ter,ar-s. A"- all %ecause5 ,he" he>s hol-i"g the group spell%ou"- ,ith
his su$$ary o8 the political sce"e5 you i"terrupt hi$ ,ith a re$ar7 li7e5 <&hN
ho"ey5 -o">t %e so "aive. +veryo"e 7"o,s 0tter%ach ta7es %ri%es. /ith his recor-
he coul-">t get electe- chair$a" o8 the 4oy Scout coo7ie sale5 let alo"e
!o"gress$a". =ou -o">t 7"o, ,hat you>re tal7i"g a%out5< at ,hich poi"t he>ll -ig i"
those heels5 8ol- his ar$s across that %ee8y chest5 a"- %egi" to pout-or clo%%er you-
,hichever. 28 you see hi$ reach 8or his coat5 you $ight as ,ell put o" yours5 too. A
Taurus $a" ,ill sel-o$ leave his ,o$a" alo"e ,ith the ,olves5 u"protecte-5 "o
$atter ho, a"gry she>s $a-e hi$. .e>ll ta7e her alo"g5 %y the hair5 i8 "ecessary. So
-o">t get a"y i-eas o8 stayi"g %ehi"- to get sy$pathy 8ro$ the others. /he" he
leaves5 you leave. A"- 2 ,oul- stro"gly a-vise you to apologi3e %e8ore you get
ho$e. .e ,o">t. 1u""i"g to Ma$a>s ar$s ,o">t -o a"y goo-. =ou share his %e- a"-
%oar-5 as lo"g as he pays the re"t. Mother-i"-la, i"ter8ere"ce is a%out the last thi"g
the typical %ull ,ill sta"- 8or. The 8irst ti$e you try that <ru""i"g ho$e to Mother<
routi"e ,ill pro%a%ly %e the last. A8ter they o"ce e:perie"ce his 8ury5 your pare"ts
,ll pre8er to 7eep the -oor loc7e- a"- let you ha"-le your o," pro%le$s.
2 7"o, a Taurus $a" ,ith a" aggressive ,i8e ,ho 8ou"- au"i'ue solutio". .e
si$ply re8uses to go out ,ith her i" pi%lic. .er irresisti%le 8orce $et a" i$$ova%le
o%;ect- t$. She ca" go out a"- ro% other $e" o8 their $as-cili"ity all she ,a"ts5 "ot
Taurus5 the %ull. .e>s very 8o"- o9 his positive $ate5 a"- they have rather a "ice
tea$ go"g i" $a"y ,aysB they respect each other tre$e"-ously -%ut u"til she lear"s
to su%$it5 7eep her $outh close-5 ai- let hi$ %e the $a"5 she>s 8orce- to go to
parties5 roeti"gs a"- the theater ,ithout a" escort. This particular Tiurea" has
re8use- to acco$pa"y her ever si"ce the ti$e t%y ;oi"e- several other couples 8or
-i""er at a 8a"cy pice. .is ,i8e gra%%e- the $e"u 8ro$ hi$ a"- or-ere- 8a- the
,hole group. She $a-e u"8latteri"g re$ar7s a%out hi haircut a"- his tie -uri"g the
8irst course5 a"- supplie- t% pu"ch li"e to three o8 his ;o7es -uri"g the e"tree. 2S@,
she goes to social 8u"ctio"s alo"e5 ,hile her Taurus "ate re8uses to %u-ge 8ro$ his
castle. =ou ca">t really %7$e the %ull. .e>s ;ust %ei"g true to his Su" sig". 2t>s s8ll a
soli- $arriage5 %ut you $ay "ot %e so luc7y. So A">t te$pt your Taurea" %y shovi"g
hi$ arou"-.
.e>s e:tre$ely patie"t5 %ut he ,o">t ,ear a ri"g i" his ">se. .e -oes">t "ecessarily
,a"t a cli"gi"g vi"e5 either. .>s too practical5 a"- he li7es his 8ree-o$ too $uch to
ei;oy a 8e$ale ,ho stic7s to hi$ li7e ru%%er ce$e"t a"- cies at the -rop o8 a ha"7y.
.e -oes">t $i"- a ,o$a" ,th so$e 8ire a"- spu"7. 2t i"trigues hi$ a"- %ala"ces hs
o," stea-ier $aturity. /ith a s$ile o8 -etache- a$use-"s"t5 he>ll ,atch her
cheer8ully sca$peri"g arou"- i" tpical 8e$i"i"e 8ashio"5 as o"e ,oul- ,atch a
%elove-5 petty 7itte" playi"g ,ith a %rightly colore- %all o8 ya$. Jst so 7itty 7"o,s
,he" the %ull gives a stro"g tug o" t% yar"5 it>s ti$e to stop the 8u" a"- ga$es a"-
liste" to t% voice o8 her $aster. No o"e ca" %e 7i"-er5 $ore ge"tle ai- truly tolera"t
tha" a Taurus $a"5 ,he" his $as-cli"ity is secure. .e>ll -o a"ythi"g i" the ,orl- 8or
the ,N$a" he loves e:cept allo, her to ,ear the pa"ts. Tiurus $ay so$eti$es
%ehave li7e a clu$sy circus %ear5 ai- his hu$or is o8te" rough a"- ri-iculous. 4ut
he ,ill "Rt play the role o8 the 8ool a8ter the party is over.
The %ull e";oys shoppi"g arou"- a"- he>ll sel-o$ rush pill $ell i"to a serious
courtship. The pu33le- girl he>s %ee" ta7i"g to the $ovies every Satur-ay "ight 8or a
year $ay ,o"-er i8 he>s ever goi"g to catch 8ire. 2t ta7es ti$e 8or hi$ to ,or7 up
e"ough stea$ i" the %oiler to get the e"gi"e goi"g at 8ull spee-5 %ut o"ce he>s set his
sights o" a particular 8e$ale5 he ca">t %e si-etrac7e-. .e $ay eve" 8orget to %e
se"si%le a"- cautious. The typical Taurus $a" is %li"- to a"y ,ar"i"gs o8
i"co$pati%ility ,he" he>s %ee" pierce- %y !upi->s arro,. The $ore his 8rie"-s poi"t
out possi%le stu$%li"g %loc7s5 the $ore o%sti"ate he gets5 a"- you 7"o, ho,
o%sti"ate that ca" %e. !o"se'ue"tly5 the Taurea" 8re'ue"tly $a7es the $ista7e o8
getti"g ta"gle- up ,ith 8ire a"- air sig"s5 ,he" he>s %etter o88 ,ith earth a"- ,ater5
i" $ost cases. So$eti$es5 it ,or7s out %e"e8icially. &pposites ca" attract5 a"- stay
attracte-. 4ut ,he" it -oes">t5 Taurus ,ill ta7e a lo"g ti$e to get over the scars o8 a
-ivorce %e8ore he>s rea-y to settle -o," agai" ,ith a ,i8e ,ho $ore closely
$atches his o," -ispositio" a"- outloo7.
The 8i"a"cial picture ,ith a Taurus $a" is usually e:celle"t. *ai"t it pi"7 a"- rosy.
(e, Taurea"s ,ill 8ail to accu$ulate at least security5 i8 "ot ,ealth. So$e o8 the$
play the ga$e o8 Mo"opoly ,ith real $o"ey. A"- they ,i". 4oth real estate a"-
cash are easily co"'uere- %y the %ull.
.e pro%a%ly loves the cou"try5 8oot%all5 8ishi"g a"- ca$pi"g. 28 "o"e o8 these5 he
li7es 8lo,ers5 gar-e"i"g or lo"g ,al7s. .e pre8ers to rea- %oo7s a%out the -ashi"g
heroes o8 ol-e" -ays or the %iographies o8 e$pire %uil-ers5 rather tha" sophisticate-
8ictio" or -eep philosophy. Most Taurus $ales su%scri%e to several $e">s
$aga3i"es5 so$e earthy a"- practical5 others 8eaturi"g glossy pages o8 8e$i"i"e
.e>s the ulti$ate i" a $a">s $a"5 so -o">t ever serve hi$ those -ai"ty tea
sa"-,iches ,ith the crusts slice- o88. .e li7es goo-5 ol--8ashio"e- ho$e coo7i"g5
,ith. ple"ty o8 potatoes a"- gravy5 a"- apple pie li7e Mo$ use- to $a7e. #et
yoursel8 a goo- coo7%oo7. .e>ll also %e ,illi"g to ta7e you out to -i"e 8re'ue"tly.
Typical Taurea"s -o">t e:pect their ,ives to %e 7itche" slaves. ?4ut he $ay $ess up
your pots a"- pa"s ,he" he plays Su"-ay che8 a"- e:pects you to play %us %oy.@
As a pare"t5 he>s a per8ect -elight. .e>ll thi"7 it>s i$porta"t to have a so" to carry o"
the 8a$ily "a$e5 %ut hell love the little girls ,ith special te"-er"ess. Taurus $e"
$a7e lovi"g5 a88ectio"ate5 ,ar$ a"- sy$pathetic 8athers. .e>ll set high sta"-ar-s
8or the chil-re" a"- e:pect the$ to respect property a"- possessio"s. The Taurea"
-a- is patie"t. .e ,o">t $i"- i8 the chil-re" lear" their lesso"s slo,ly5 so lo"g as
they get the$ correctly. .is attitu-e is that you"g $i"-s shoul- %e trai"e- gra-ually
to,ar- $aturity. =ou $ay 8i"- that he puts too $uch e$phasis o" $aterial $atters
a"- sho,ers the$ ,ith e:pe"sive gi8ts that spoil the$. 4ut he>ll also sho,er the$
,ith his ti$e a"- -evotio"5 a"- the 8ir$ ha"- o8 -iscipli"e ,ill %e there ,he" it>s
"ee-e-. 2" ge"eral5 li8e ,ith 8ather5 i8 he ,as %or" i" May5 ca" %e a ,ar$
e:perie"ce5 over8lo,i"g ,ith love-e:cept 8or those rare occasio"s ,he" the %ull
charges i" %li"-5 8urious a"ger5 a"- the ,hole 8a$ily has to hi-e %ehi"- the pia"o.
The typical Taurea" hus%a"- is ge"erous to a 8ault ,ith his ,i8e. .e ,o">t -e"y you
"ice clothes5 per8u$e a"- %au%lesB attractive %ut practical 8ur"iture a"- a 8ull pa"-
try. The %ull sel-o$ s7i$ps o" 8ur"ishi"gs5 clothi"g or 8oo-. Still5 $o"ey ,o">t
%u$ a"y "oticea%le holes i" his poc7ets ?u"less there are i$pulsive 8i"a"cial aspects
i" his "atal chart@. .e loves lu:ury5 %ut he>s ;ust as e"a$oure- ,ith value5 a"- he>ll
$a7e sure his cash %uys $ore tha" a sales$a">s hot air.
This $a" ,ill ,or7 har- a"- "ee- lots o8 rest. See that he gets it5 %ecause he ca" %e
'uite a gru$py grouch ,he" he>s tire- a"- out o8 sorts. Do">t ever "ag hi$ or
accuse hi$ o8 %ei"g la3y. That>s li7e ,avi"g a re- 8lag i" his 8ace. .e lives li8e at
his o," leisurely pace5 a"- he ,o">t %e rushe- or pushe-. .is spee-o$eter is set at
o"e spee---eli%erate. Atte$pts to $a7e hi$ spi" $errily through a co"ti"ual rou"-
o8 ,hirl,i"- social activity are -oo$e- to 8ailure. .e ,ill e";oy e"tertai"i"g i" his
o," ho$e5 %ut he>ll pre8er a 8e, people o8 co$pati%le i"terests to large cro,-s.
2"vite ol- 8rie"-s5 or those ,ho have serious goals a"- a$%itio"s5 a"- he>ll %ehave
pleasa"tly a"- hospita%ly. 28 you i"sist o" clutteri"g his castle ,ith e$ptyhea-e-5
8rivolous #o-#o types5 he $ay ;ust -isappear 8ro$ the sce"e-so$eti$es
4uy hi$ o"e o8 those papa %ear chairs that stretches out i"to a recli"i"g positio".
No lou- "oises5 %lari"g ra-ios a"- T sets5 chaos a"- scattere- toys5 please. Feep
your ho$e 8ull o8 $usic5 %eauty a"- peace. 1e$e$%er that the trousers 8it hi$
%etter tha" they -o you. 4e his ,o$a"5 a"- you coul-">t as7 8or a %etter $a". No
o"e else ,ill ever treat you ,ith such gracious co"si-eratio". .e really -eserves to
%e respecte- 8or it. Taurus love is si$ple5 plai" a"- ho"est. .is a88ectio"ate "ature
a"- 8latteri"g atte"tio" ,ill $a7e you sure you are love-5 i" spite o8 all your little
8aults a"- 8aili"gs that other $e" ,oul- co"sta"tly critici3e. Taurus gives e"-uri"g
loyalty a"- -evotio"5 ,ith a 8aith8ul heart. That a--s up to e$otio"al security. !o$-
%i"e- ,ith 8i"a"cial security a"- ro$a"ce5 there>s little else to as7 8or. So all right5
he>s stu%%or"5 %ut re$e$%er that stu%%or""ess tur"e- upsi-e -o," is patie"ce5 a"-
that>s a rare virtue.
#et a "ice5 8urry5 8lu88y %la"7et ?Taurus loves thi"gs that 8eel so8t to the touch@5 tuc7
it arou"- hi$ ,he" he>s i" his papa %ear chair5 a"- rea- hi$ the stoc7 $ar7et report.
4e sure he gets his hot %ath ,ith sce"te- oils a"- lots o8 8ragra"t soap. Serve hi$ a
%ig %o,l o8 rich porri-ge. The" you>re sure to have a stro"g5 ge"tle $a"5 ,ho ,ill
protect you 8ro$ all the stor$s. !o"te"t$e"t is the ,or-. Does">t it have a co3y

The TA010S /o$a"
/ithout5 the 8rost-the %li"-i"g s"o,5 The stor$-,i"->s $oo-y $a-"ess- /ithi"5 the
8irelight>s ru--y glo,5 A"- chil-hoo->s "est o8 gla-"ess.
2 re$e$%er a co"versatio" 2 o"ce ha- ,ith a ,riter ,hose $other ha- %ee" %or" i"
May. 2" -iscussi"g her pare"t>s ha%its a"- character5 the girl happe"e- to $e"tio"
that <Mother ,as a tall ,o$a".< <=ou $ust ta7e a8ter your 8ather the"5< 2 re$ar7e-5
si"ce the girl hersel8 ,as o"ly o8 average height. She s$ile-. A"- 2 shall "ever
8orget ,hat she sai-. <2 -i-">t $ea" i" i"ches. Mother ,as shorter tha" 2 a$. That
,as ;ust soul tal7.< The girl ,as a *isces5 the sig" that loo7s -eep i"si-e you.
She ,as right. A Taurus 8e$ale is a tall ,o$a". +ve" i8 she $easures u"-er 8ive
8eet5 she ca" reach tall e"ough to $eet al$ost a"y e$erge"cy li8e chooses to thro,
hA ,ay. 2" $a"y ,ays5 the Taurea" 8e$ale is the salt olthe earth5 a co$%i"atio" o8
$ost o8 the sterli"g 'ual-itis every $ale loo7s 8or a"- sel-o$ 8i"-s. She $ay have a
Oiole"t te$per that ,oul- 8righte" a stro"g $a" i"to ru"i"g 8or the ,oo-s ?or at least
-uc7i"g u"-er a ta%le--th@5 %ut she ,o">t go o" a ragi"g ra$page ,ithout go-
provocatio". &r-i"arily5 i8 you -o">t tor$e"t her %Co"- hu$a" e"-ura"ce5 or i8 (ate
-oes">t ha"- her a reJ2y rough %u"ch o8 car-s5 she>ll play the ga$e o8 li8e 88>rly5 ,ith
cool5 a-$ira%le cal$. .er ca"-or a"- >%sic ho"esty are u"-ilute- ,ith "or$al
8e$i"i"e tric7s ay tears. The Taurea" girl has $ore $oral a"- e$otio"al corage
tha" $a"y a tough $ale5 %ut she has e"ough co"-8iRe"ce i" her o," se: to let you
%e the %oss5 i8 you ,a"t th ;o%. 28 you -o">t 8ill it5 she $ay gra% co"trol a"- ru" tt"gs
hersel85 %ut she>- $uch rather have it the other ,y arou"-. She see7s a real $a".
That>s %ecause she ho,s she>s a real ,o$a"5 a"- she>s prou- o8 it. To her5 %R"g a
,o$a" -oes">t "ecessarily $ea" %ei"g a" i"corrigi-%1 8lirt5 a $e"tal 8lu88 %all or a
$e,i"g 7itte" ,ho prete"-s to %e ,ea7 to get her o," ,ay. 2t ,o">t %e lo"g %e8ore
yRu see she has a $i"- o8 her o,"5 a"- it>s 'uite stro"g 8ilough "ot to have to resort
to teasi"g to gai" a" o%-JeBtive.
There>s e"ough sel8-co"trol i" the average Taurus ,o$-S(s $a7e-up to hol- %ac7 a
tea$ o8 horses ?a 8air i-ea olthe 8orce o8 her hi--e" ,ill@5 i8 she chooses to e:ercise
it. Let>s hope she -oes. /ith a" Aries or Leo asce"-a"t 01 Moo"5 she $ay %e
capa%le o8 occasio"al cruelty or 8C'ue"t e$otio"al stor$s a"- ,ith heavy *isces or
6$i"i i"8lue"ces i" her "atal chart5 she $ay %e $ore re.tless a"- ,averi"g-%ut the
typical Taurea" 8e$ale prac-tiies sel8 restrai"t i" all areas at $ost ti$es. 2t>s a goo-
th"g5 %ecause her "or$ally placi- e:terior co"ceals a se"sual "ature that coul- sta"-
a little chec7i"g.
Me" al,ays appreciate her gracious te"-e"cy to ta7e *tople as they are5 ,ithout
'ui%%li"g. She>s as $uch at hS$e ,ith a scie"tist ,ho stu-ies tsetse 8lies i" the
!o"go as ,ith the s,or- s,allo,er i" the si-e sho,. They>re ->i"g ,hat co$es
"aturallyB they>re "ot pho"ies a"- that>s ,hat cou"ts ,ith her. .er close 8rie"-s $ay
%e ,eir- Matures straight out o8 the ,orl- o8 Toulouse-Lautrec5 01 they $ay %e
Nor$a" 1oc7,ell pai"ti"gs co$e to li8e.
4ut they ,ill %e real people5 "ot stu88e- shirts or statues. /he" she ru"s across
so$eo"e she -isli7es5 she -oes">t start a %ig ca$paig" to -estroy hi$ or challe"ge
his i-eals a"- $otives. She si$ply avoi-s hi$. The Taurus ,o$a" ca" sho, 8rigi-
i"-i88ere"ce to her e"e$ies5 %ut i8 she cou"ts you as a 8rie"-5 she>ll %e loyal through
all your ups a"- -o,"s. .er -eter$i"atio" to stic7 ,ith you ,oul- $a7e the
relatio"ship %et,ee" Da$o" a"- *ythias loo7 li7e a casual ac'uai"ta"ce.
=ou ca" -rive a Ma:,ell5 cli$% a 8lag pole5 get loc7e- up i" the po7ey or ,ear
-aisies i" your hair. =ou are her 8rie"-5 a"- so$eho, she>ll ;usti8y your actio"s.
There>s ;ust a s$all catch here. She>ll -ogge-ly e:pect you to retur" her %li"-
allegia"ce a"- u"s,ervi"g loyalty. 28 you -o">t give her your co$plete -evotio" i"
retur"5 she ca" sul7 i" the co$er li7e a gloo$y5 gray clou- o8 represse- rese"t$e"t.
This is">t the sa$e thi"g as ;ealousy5 ho,ever. The average Taurus ,o$a" ,ill ta7e
the $asculi"e ho%%y o8 girl ,atchi"g i" stri-e. 0"li7e the Aries or Leo ,o$a"5 she
,o">t tur" scarlet ,ith rage every ti$e you ope"ly a-$ire a pretty girl. 2t ta7es $ore
tha" a casual 8lirtatio" or 7issi"g a goo- ?8e$ale@ 8rie"- goo-"ight o" the chee7 to
arouse her Taurea" a"ger. 28 you go %eyo"- the %ou"-s o8 her i-ea o8 8air play5 she
ca" %e a holy terror o" ,heels5 %ut the li"e is -ra," ,ith ge"erous stro7es. She>ll
have to %e really presse- to the ,all i" so$e ,ay to e:plo-e i" typical Taurus 8ury.
=ou ca" go ahea- a"- ,i"7 at that attractive cashier5 %ut -o">t test her patie"ce too
8ar. 2t -oes have a li$it5 %ou"-less as it appears to %e. 28 you>ve "ever see" her $a-5
leave ,ell e"ough alo"e.
These ,o$e" are">t -o$i"ate- %y strictly $e"tal goals. That>s "ot $ea"t to i$ply
that the Taurus 8e$ale is">t s$art a"- clever. She ca" $atch %rai"s ,ith the
%rightest $e" a"- ,o$e"5 %ut she>s "ot 8iercely i"tereste- i" 8iguri"g out the theory
o8 relativity or -elvi"g i"to a%stractio"s. Multiple u"iversity -egrees -o">t i$press
or thrill her. Just o"e is su88icie"t to gai" her respect. *ractical co$$o" se"se a"-
the a%ility to u"-ersta"- the 8u"-a$e"tals o8 a"y su%;ect is5 to her5 esse"tial. 4ut the
typical Taurea" girl is">t a" i"tellectual ,ho rea-s the philosophers 8or 7ic7s5 a"-
i"tricate i-eologies are "ot her 8orte. She>s a soli-5 practical thi"7er5 ,ith "o 8rills or
sho,y $e"tal gy$"astics. .er 8eet are pla"te- o" terra 8ir$a5 a"- there are
-e8i"itely "o ,i"gs attache- to her soli- heels. Taurus ,o$e" are sel-o$ restless-
they 7eep their hea-s a"- thieir %ala"ce. The Taurea" perspective re$ai"s "or$ally
straight a"- true5 ,ith "o t,ists a"- tur"s or -istortio"s ?though a #e$i"i Moo" ca"
put her i" a %it o8 a ,hirl@.
She>s strictly a physical creature. That ,ill u"-ou%te-ly i"terest you5 %ut to i"terest
her5 a" o%;ect or a" i-ea has to appeal to her 8i"ely tu"e- se"ses. She -oes">t ,a"t to
hear that it>s <goo- 8or her5< that <every%o-y else is -oi"g it5< or that it ,ill
<sti$ulate her $e"tally.< That sort o8 persuasio" ,ill $a7e her ya,". To respo"-
,ith ge"ui"e e:cite$e"t5 she has to -erive so$e se"sual satis8actio" 8ro$
everythi"g she -oes.
=oull sel-o$ see a Taurus ,o$a" stu88i"g a 8e, arti8icial %loo$s i" a vase. .er
8lo,ers $ust %e real5 a"- have a$ ho"est 8eel or 8ragra"ce. She>ll gather huge
%u"ches o88 pussy,illo, a"- %itters,eet i" the spri"g a"- 8all5 a"- 88lll the house
,ith stur-y $u$s a"- -ahlias i" the su$$er. .er per8u$e ,ill usually %e e:otic
a"- li"geri"g5 though so$e Taurea" ,o$e" lea" i" the opposite -irectio"5 a"-
pire8er the o-or o8 s'uea7i"g clea" hair a"- s7i". Taurus girls ,ill %e visi%ly $ove-
%y 8reshly ,ashe- sheets saturate- ,ith the s,eet s$ell o8 su"shi"e or the -elicious
aro$a o8 %rea- %a7i"g i" the ove". She>s spiritually arouse- %y the sce"t o8 the
$or"i"g paper5 the i"to:icati"g o-or o8 "e,ly cut grass a8ter a spri"g rai"5 %ur"i"g
,a: ca"-les or the s$o7e 8ro$ a pile o8 s$ol-eri"g a"itu$" leaves. This shoul-
clue you to use a goo- %ra"- oS8 shavi"g lotio"5 ru% so$e -a$p "e,spri"t o" your
ears5 t$c7 a %ur"e- lea8 i" your lapel a"- tur" o" the spri"7lers ;$st %e8ore you 7iss
her goo-"ight. 0"pleasa"t o-ors a88ect her ;ust as -rastically5 i" a reverse ,ay. This
is "ot a girl ,ho ,ill appreciate a pet s7u"75 eve" i8 he has %ee" -eo-ori3e-. Do">t
ta7e her o" a 8ish 8ry u"less you ta7e alo"g a ca" o8 8loral spray. 2t>s the coo7i"g
o-or that causes the pro%le$. The 8ragra"ce o8 8ish 8resh out o8 the strea$ is
-i88ere"tB that>s "atural. The sta%les ,o">t o88e"- her -elicate "ostrils5 either. Mother
Nature agai". =ou $ay have to $a7e a care8ul list i8 you ,a"t to ,oo her ,ith
ol8actory success.
!olors se"- her se"ses soari"g5 too5 the richer the %etter. +very sha-e o8 %lue5 8ro$
po,-er to i"-igo5 ,ill ,ea7e" her stro"g resista"ce. So ,ill rose a"- pi"7. /ear a
%lue tie a"- a shoc7i"g pi"7 shirt ,he" you visit her5 %ut "ot at the sa$e ti$e.
1e$e$%er5 she also has a se"se o8 har$o"y5 a"- you -o">t ,a"t to loo7 li7e a co-e-
.er 8oo- $ust taste ;ust right5 a"- she>ll usually spri"7le o" the seaso"i"g
ge"erously ?u"less she has a irgo or !apricor" asce"-a"t@. 4e sure to ta7e her to
places ,ith the %est che8s5 %ecause 8lat ha$%urgers a"- %la"- pea soup leave her
e$otio"ally col-. 28 you>re luc7y5 she>ll i"vite you 8or a ho$e-coo7e- $eal5 a"- you
$ay propose %e8ore -essert is serve-. /he" this girl ties o" a" apro"5 it>s "ot ;ust to
$a7e ci""a$o" toast. 2t>s al,ays a goo- i-ea to -rop i" o" her ,ith a" e$pty
sto$ach. A typical Taurus ,o$a" ca" coo7 her ,ay right i"to your heart5 a"- her
7itche" is a real $a" trap.
.ar$o"ious sou"-s a"- %eauti8ul visual e88ects -ra, her li7e a $ag"et. Most
Taurea" ,o$e" have a $ar7e- tale"t 8or5 or a" appreciatio" o8 $usic a"- art. .er
-oo-les o" the telepho"e pa- are o8te" very clever -ra,i"gs. !o"certs a"- art
e:hi%its are a goo- %et o" -ates5 a"- Niagara (alls or the #ra"- !a"yo" are the %est
choices 8or a ho"ey$oo". She>ll %e ecstatic at the sight o8 "ature>s gra"-eur.
28 you ca">t a88or- Niagara5 ta7e her to a" a$use$e"t par7. She>ll pro%a%ly love to
ri-e o" a 8er"s ,heel5 8eel the sharp ,i"- across her chee7s5 ,atch the colore- lights
a"- liste" to the calliope $usic. ?The roller coaster ,ill appeal $ore to her Aries
a"- #e$i"i sisters.@ 2t>s a rare Taurus girl ,ho has "ever %ee" o" a 8ar$ "or hi7e-
i" the cou"try-,ho -oes">t love horse%ac7 ri-i"g a"- 8ishi"g. /ith all her
se"suality5 the Taurea" 8e$ale is a to$%oy at heart. The earth %ec7o"s her ,ith a
se-uctive call-a"- she respo"-s %y thro,i"g her ar$s arou"- Mother Nature i"
ho"est rapture. 28 you ,a"t her to thro, her ar$s arou"- you i" ho"est rapture5 %e
sure you -o">t play raucous $usic o" your recor- $achi"e5 eat garlic ,ithout
gargli"g or ,ear clashi"g colors.
(i"ally5 there>s the se"se o8 touch. Taurus ,o$e" are the o"es ,ho co$plai" that
your s,eater is <scratchy.< 2t -oes">t <8eel "ice.< They ca" al$ost tell the color o8 a
8a%ric %y stro7i"g it ,ith their eyes close-. The $aterials she ,ears ,ill %e so8t a"-
lu:urious to the touch5 "ever irritati"g5 a"- she>ll pro%a%ly -ress ,ith si$plicity a"-
taste. .er se"suous "ature $ay "ot stretch to i"clu-e 8ussy li"gerie a"- -ai"ty
clothi"g ?%arri"g a *isces or Leo asce"-a"t or Moo"@. She pre8ers sports,ear a"-
plai"5 e:pe"sive out8its ,ith "o e:cess tri$$i"gs5 a"- she -resses $ostly 8or
co$8ortB her practical "ature ta7i"g over i" the costu$e -epart$e"t. 28 she happe"s
to have a heavy A'uaria" i"8lue"ce i" her chart5 she ca" go a little cuc7oo i" stores
o" occasio"5 %ut eve" the" her o88%eat selectio"s ,ill serve a utilitaria" purpose.
As you get to 7"o, her %etter5 you>ll reali3e that this girl ca" %e a to,er o8 stre"gth.
She>s sel-o$ -e$a"-i"g5 e:cept i" the area o8 loyalty5 a"- her -ispositio" is ge"-
erally eve"5 -o,"-to-earth a"- pleasa"t. *eople love her straight8or,ar-5 easy-goi"g
$a""er-it>s as rela:i"g as a ,ar$ %ath. She>s pro%a%ly 8o"- o8 ,ar$ %aths hersel85
,ith lots o8 lotio"s a"- oils a"- %u%%les. Taurea" %athroo$s o8te" loo7 li7e
!leopatra>s private 'uarters. =ou 7eep e:pecti"g to see a slave appear a"- start
,avi"g a pal$ lea8 8a".
=ou $ight have to 8i"- out the har- ,ay that a Taurus ,o$a" -oes">t li7e to %e
co"tra-icte-5 especially i" pu%lic5 %ut ,hy -o that5 ,he" you ca" lear" the easy ,ay
%y u"-ersta"-i"g her Su" sig"A 1e$e$%er that she li7es to -o thi"gs slo,ly. 28 you
hurry her or rush her5 she>ll %eco$e a"gry5 a"- it is">t ,ise to $a7e a Taurea"
8e$ale a"gry. .er te$po ra"ges 8ro$ slo, to -eli%erate a"- stea-yB it sel-o$ raises
to i$pulsive5 %ut it ca" reach viole"t5 ,he" she>s goa-e- too 8ar.
Motherhoo- %eco$es her "icely. 2t %le"-s s$oothly ,ith her sere"e -ispositio" a"-
$atches her %ovi"e "ature %eauti8ully. She>ll cu--le little %a%ies a"- a-ore to--lers5
%ut as the you"gsters gro, ol-er5 she $ay %e too strict a"- -e$a"-i"g. There>s a"
u"%e"-i"g5 stu%%or" strea7 i" Taurea" 8e$ales that $a7es it har- 8or the$ to accept
easily the $ultiple a"- co"8usi"g cha"ges o8 a-olesce"ce. The Taurus $other
%eco$es a"gry ,he" her -iscipli"e is th,arte-. She ,o">t sta"- 8or -iso%e-ie"ce or
-e8ia"ce. All the 8ury o8 the %ull is arouse-. She>ll also 8i"- it -i88icult to tolerate
la3i"ess or sloppi"ess5 a"- the chil-re" ,ill pro%a%ly 7eep their roo$s "eat-or else.
The Taurea" love o8 %eauty a"- har$o"y preve"ts cal$ accepta"ce o8 u"ti-y ha%its.
Messy you"gsters a"- sloppy surrou"-i"gs ca" $a7e her see re-. &utsi-e o8 these
8e, 8aili"gs5 she>ll pro%a%ly %e a goo- pare"t5 $ore o8 a 8rie"- to her chil-re" tha" a
$other i$age as the years pass. Most o88spri"g o8 a May-%or" ,o$a" re$e$%er
her >as a ,ar$5 $ater"al i$age i" the early years a"- a pal ,ith a se"se o8 hu$or i"
their later years. The i"%et,ee" years-,he" youth8ul i$patie"ce clashes ,ith the
%ull>s 5 8ir$ -eter$i"atio"-$ay leave a 8e, u"pleasa"t $e$ories. D She>ll 8iercely
a"- loyally -e8e"- the$ 8ro$ outsi-e hurts Da"- teach the$ to i$itate her o,"
ho"est courage.
? Taurus 8e$ales are "ever sissies. They sel-o$ ,hi"e or D co$plai". This is a
,o$a" ,ho ,ill 'uietly ta7e a ;o% to D support a hus%a"- i" $e-ical school or ,or7
at ho$e i8 D there>s a te$porary 8i"a"cial crisis i" the 8a$ily. She > -oes">t have a
la3y %o"e i" her %o-y5 -espite her o8te" 2 slo,5 -eli%erate $ove$e"ts a"- "ee- 8or
8re'ue"t rest perio-s. Taurus 8e$ales are har- ,or7ers. She ca" cli$% I a stepla--er
to pai"t or scru% the ,alls ,ith the stre"gth o8 9 a $a"5 %ut she "ee-s that a8ter"oo"
"ap to 7eep her stur-y. 9 She>ll ,al7 prou-ly %esi-e her $a"5 a"- sel-o$ try to pass
hi$ or sta"- i" his sha-o,. Ma"y a Taurea" ,i8e helps her hus%a"- ,ith his
stu-ies5 i8 he>s ta7i"g special courses i" a pro8essio"al career5 or types up the
%usi"ess correspo"-e"ce he %ri"gs ho$e 8ro$ the o88ice. She>s a" e:celle"t
help$ate i" these areas. Taurea"s "ever e:pect to %e supporte- ,ithout co"tri%uti"g
their share5 a"- they>re $isera%le ,ith a $a" ,ho -oes">t co"tri%ute his5 though
they>ll try to $a7e the %est o8 it. Taurus ,o$e" -isli7e ,ea7"ess i" a"y 8or$.
.er i$passivity to pai" a"- e$otio"al stress is al$ost 9 $iraculous5 o8te" eve"
surpassi"g that o8 the Scorpio iv-$ale. 2 re$e$%er a sce"e 2 o"ce ,atche- i" a
hospital. A Taurus ,o$a" ,as goi"g upstairs 8or serious surgery5 so serious that her
cha"ces o8 survivi"g the operatio" ,ere very s$all5 a"- she 7"e, it. 2t ,as a
calculate- ris7. As her hus%a"- ,atche- her %ei"g place- o" the cart that ,oul-
,heel her to the operati"g area5 she "otice- the tears i" his eyes. 4ut she "ever
co$$e"te-. She $a-e ;o7es i"stea-5 u"til the "urses giggle- a"- eve" the -octor
s$ile-. The last thi"g her 8a$ily hear- her say as the or-erlies ,ere pushi"g a"-
pulli"g5 tryi"g to get the cart i"to the elevator5 ,as typically Taurea". 2"stea- o8
gla"ci"g %ac7 at her love- o"es ,ith a tear8ul loo7 o8 8are,ell5 she raise- up o" o"e
el%o, a"- spo7e to the you"g $e" 8ir$ly. <4e8ore you put $e %ac7 o" this thi"g
agai"5 get so$e oil a"- grease those -a$"e- ,heels.< A Taurus ,o$a" "ever lets
se"ti$e"t i"ter8ere ,ith practicality.
A $a" ,ho $arries a 8e$ale %or" i" May ,o">t $arry a cry %a%y or a gol- -igger.
She>ll e:pect hi$ to provi-e 8or her a"- $a"age the 8a$ily 8i"a"ces se"si%ly. She>ll
also ,a"t the %est 'uality ,he" it co$es to 8oo- a"- 8ur"ishi"gs. 4ut she>ll al,ays
7eep a sharp eye out 8or %argai"s5 a"- %e ,illi"g to ,ait 8or the lu:uries she craves.
6uic7 8ortu"es ,ithout a soli- 8ou"-atio" -o">t appeal to her se"se o8 sta%ility.
She>- rather see you %uil- care8ully 8or the 8uture. Ma7i"g a goo- i$pressio" is
i$porta"t to her5 a"- lots o8 Taurea" ,o$e" e"courage their hus%a"-s to ai$ 8or a
secure 8uture %y i"viti"g i"8lue"tial people to -i""er. A Taurus ,i8e is the soul o8
This is a girl ,ho ,ill stay up "ight a8ter "ight ,ith a sic7 chil- a"- pray hi$ %ac7
to health ,ith a roc7-%ou"- 8aith-the 7i"- o8 ,o$a" ,ho ca" te"-erly reple"ish a
$a">s store o8 hope ,he" the ,orl- has -e8eate- hi$5 i"8usi"g hi$ ,ith her o,"
%rave5 -au"tless e:a$ple. She>s as -epe"-a%le a"- pre-icta%le as a gra"-8ather
cloc75 as capa%le o8 patchi"g a %ro7e" pipe or 8i:i"g a %lo," 8use as she is o8
%a7i"g a cherry pie or se,i"g o" a $issi"g %utto". There>s al,ays roo$ e"ough a"-
love e"ough i" her heart to ,elco$e stra"gers a"- relatives to her hearth5 a"- her
house ,ill ,ar$ you ,he" you>ve ;ust co$e i" out o8 a stor$. Li7e $y 8rie"- sai-5
a Taurus 8e$ale is <a tall ,o$a".<

The TA010S !hil-
<2t>ll %e "o use putti"g their hea-s -o," a"- sayi"g5 >!o$e up agai"5 -earI> . . . OO O
ti7e %ei"g that perso"5 8ll co$e up9
28 "ot5 2>ll stay -o," here. ...<
2t $ay %egi" to %e evi-e"t that your "e,%or" %a%y is a Taurea" ,he" you try to
-ress hi$ to ta7e hi$ ho$e 8ro$ the hospital. <*ut your little ar$s i"si-e your "ice
s,eater #ra"-$a 7"it 8or you5< you>ll $ur$ur i" te"-er5 $ater"al to"es. </hy are
you cle"chi"g your little 8ists a"- hol-i"g your ar$s so sti88A Let go5 li7e a goo-
little %a%y. *lease5 let go.<
<Let $e try5< says your hus%a"-. <&7ay5 co$e o" "o,5 Fi-. Let>s get those ar$s i"
the sleeves. +asy -oes it. .eyI Di- you hear $e5 !harlieA Let go. Move your ar$s.
Move the$I<
The "urse co$es i". <Do">t %e upset5< she .says. <2t>s al,ays har- to -ress the$
,he" they>re little. My5 ,hat a goo- %a%y. /i-e a,a7e5 %ut he -oes">t $a7e a
<=es5 he>s 'uiet5< says your hus%a"-. <4ut he 7eeps 8ol-C i"g his ar$s across his
chest5 a"- 2 ca">t pull the$ apart .e>s so stro"g5 2 ca">t eve" pry the$ apart.<
<2 -o">t thi"7 he ,a"ts his s,eater o"5< you re$ar7 u"easily5 a $other>s i"tuitio"
%egi""i"g to rise.
The "urse approaches your little %ull ,ith pro8essio"al e88icie"cy. <2>ll -o it. All
right "o,5 upsy -aisyI 2" the sleeve-8ist 8irst-that>s the ,ay.<
She 8orces the ti"y ar$ through the ope"i"g i" the s,eater. Su--e"ly5 your s$all
%ull>s 8ace tur"s a -eep5 %luish-purple-re- color5 a"- a ,ail is hear- that %ri"gs every
"urse o" the 8loor rushi"g i"to the roo$. ?2t>s $ore o8 a roar tha" a ,ail. The i"ter"
-o," the hall thought the %oiler ha- e:plo-e- i" the %ase$e"t.@ =our Taurus %a%y
is ;ust a""ou"ci"g that he -oes">t appreciate %ei"g pushe-. 2t>s a ,ar"i"g. A"- it
,ill %e repeate-.
=our "eigh%ors ,ill hear the sa$e sou"- every ti$e you try to press your May chil-
i"to -oi"g so$ethi"g he -oes">t ,a"t to -o. There ,ill %e lots o8 little pro%le$s li7e
tryi"g to stu88 oat$eal i"to a $outh that>s glue- shut5 pressi"g a" iro" leg i"to a pair
o8 ru%%er pa"ties5 a"- tryi"g to 8orce a chu%%y5 pi"7 %o-y5 su--e"ly tur"e- to
u"yiel-i"g ce$e"t5 i"to the %athtu%. =ou>ll lose lots o8 ,eight a"- -evelop stro"g
$uscular co"trol. Mothers o8 Taurus chil-re" al,ays have $uscles li7e *opeye5
though they o8te" loo7 as haggar- as &live &yl.
&utsi-e o8 %ei"g ;ust plai" pig-hea-e-5 the Taurus %a%y is a -elight to raise. *are"ts
o8 Taurea" %oys a"- girls ,ill 8i"- their you"gsters cu--ly a"- lovi"g. They a-ore
%ei"g s'uee3e- a"- hugge- a"- pette-. The little %ull ,ith a co,lic7 or curly
8oreloc7 ,ill ;u$p up o" your lap to get a 7iss a"- leave you out o8 %reath ,ith his
%ear hugs. .e>ll give your 8rie"-s the sa$e a88ectio"ate treat$e"t5 i8 he trusts the$.
The ti"y Taurus girl ,ill 8lirt 8ro$ the high chair to get a" e:tra helpi"g o8 -essert.
She>s pro%a%ly
Da--y>s little girl. .e>ll 8i"- it har- to resist her li$pi- char$5 as -i88icult as
Mo$$y 8i"-s it to resist her Taurea" so">s 'uiet s,eet"ess. The chil-re" o8 %oth
se:es ,ill %e stro"g5 healthy a"- athletically i"cli"e-. The %oys ,ill %e all %oys5
so$eti$es little terrors5 8ull o8 8u"5 stur-y a"- tough. The little girls ,ill %e all
8e$ale5 ta7i"g care o8 their -olls li7e s$all $others5 7eepi"g thi"gs ti-y a"- playi"g
house. So$e o8 the$ ,ill %e to$%oys5 a"- you>ll catch the$ cli$%i"g trees or
shooti"g $ar%les ,ith the %oysB
%ut esse"tially5 they have all the char$s o8 8e$i"i"ity to call o" ,he" they choose5
a"- they>ll choose o8te".
Taurus you"gsters see$ to %e ge"erally $ore co$pete"t5 eve" as to--lers5 tha"
other chil-re". (or o"e thi"g5 they>re e$otio"ally sta%le5 sel-o$ su%;ect to -eep
$oo-s o8 -epressio"5 8its o8 i$pulsive"ess or sho,-o88 te"-e"cies. They ca" %e
"egative a"- stu%%or"5 so$eti$es shy a"- ti$i-5 %ut there are 8e, o8 the "or$al
ha"g-ups a"- gro,i"g pai"s. Taurea" -ispositio"s are "or$ally cal$ a"- pleasa"t.
They>re "ot easily ru88le- or -istur%e-. +:cept ,he" they %al7 at %ei"g pushe- too
8ar or too har-5 their perso"alities are s$ooth5 cheer8ul a"- 'uite pre-icta%le. There>s
a $aturity a%out the$ that chil-re" %or" u"-er other Su" sig"s ?e:cept !apricor"
a"- Scorpio@ lac7. +ve" the very you"g Taurea"s are usually 'uite ,ell-%ehave- i"
8ro"t o8 co$pa"y5 %ut they>ll act as i8 the cat got their to"gues i8 they>re 8orce- to %e
the ce"ter o8 atte"tio". Leave the$ alo"e to play i" the co$er a"- the cha"ces are
that visitors ,ill %e i$presse- at ho, ,ell they>ve %ee" trai"e-.
A Taurea" you"gster 'uietly $i"-s his o," %usi"ess5 a"- the you"g %ull ,ill
sel-o$ e$%arrass you %y ru-e"ess or a s$art-alec7y attitu-e. .o,ever5 i8 you
challe"ge his te$per %y teasi"g hi$ ?,hich he ca">t sta"-@5 %y applyi"g stea-y
pressure5 or -e$a"-i"g that he -o so$ethi"g his $i"- is -ea- set agai"st-he ca"
tur" %elligere"t. The o"ly ,ay out o8 such -e8ia"ce is love. Never 8orce. A Taurea"
chil- ,ho>s %ee" 8orce- %y ol-er people too o8te" $ay tur" i"to a sile"t5 $oo-y5
cruel a-ult. 1e$e$%er that he ca">t re$ai" stu%%or" agai"st physical
-e$o"stratio"s o8 a88ectio". A lovi"g s'uee3e or a %ig5 8rie"-ly 7iss a"- a cheer8ul
s$ile ,ill coa: hi$ out o8 his o%sti"acy. Al,ays spea7 ge"tly a"- logically. =elli"g
a"- harsh voices raise- i" co$$a"- ,ill ;ust $a7e hi$ shut his eyes a"- ears. .e
ca" resist -iscipli"e a"- or-ers u"til -oo$s-ay. .e ca"t resist a88ectio" 8or a
+ve" ,he" he>s very you"g5 his $i"- ,ill respo"- to co$$o" se"se. 28 it sou"-s
reaso"a%le to hi$5 hell -o it- %ut he>ll ,a"t a practical e:pla"atio". Nothi"g co$pli-
cate-. Just the plai"5 ho"est5 u"var"ishe- truth. <=ou have to go to %e- "o, %ecause
2 say so5< ,ill get you "o,here at all. That>s "either se"si%le "or reaso"a%le to hi$.
.o,ever5 a so8tly spo7e" -eclaratio" li7e5 <=ou have to go to %e- "o, %ecause
,e>re goi"g to tur" out the lights. 28 you -o">t5 ,e ca">t let you go out to play
to$orro,5 %ecause you>ll %e too tire-5< ,ill pro%a%ly get hi$ i"to his sleepers a"-
rea-y 8or the sa"-$a". 2t also ,or7s to say5 <.op i"to your ,ar$ %e- "o,5 %et,ee"
your "ice5 clea" sheets5 ,hile 2 tuc7 i" your so8t %a%y %ear %la"7et. The" 2>ll rea-
you a little story.< No $atter ho, stu%%or" he has %ee"5 he>ll al$ost al,ays tur"
i"to a -ocile a"gel at those ,or-s. .is is a very se"sual "ature5 a"- -escri%i"g the
8eel o8 thi"gs sel-o$ 8ails to stri7e a respo"sive chor-. *ushi"g hi$ to give i" to
your -e$a"-s is %oth 8utile a"- -a"gerous to his 8uture perso"ality.
!olors a"- sou"-s ,ill a88ect his -ispositio" a"- his e$otio"s -eeply. 4right5
clashi"g ora"ges a"- re-s i" his roo$ ,ill $a7e hi$ restless a"- o%sti"ate. *astel
sha-es5 especially pi"75 rose a"- all to"es o8 %lue5 ,ill pro-uce al$ost $agical
results. This chil- ,ill react to colors visi%ly. 28 they>re har$o"ious to his Taurea"
vi%ratio"s5 he>ll re$ai" tra"'uil. 28 they>re -iscor-a"t5 they ca" literally -a$age his
e$otio"al sta%ility. Lou- "oises ,ill have the sa$e e88ect.
2t>s a goo- i-ea to give a Taurus chil- $usic or si"gi"g lesso"s as soo" as possi%le.
Al$ost every o"e o8 the$ ,ill have a lo,5 so8t5 $elo-ious voice5 a"- $a"y o8 the$
have co"si-era%le vocal or $usical tale"t5 a"- you>ll ,a"t to -iscover it ,hile he>s
you"g e"ough to %e trai"e- i" the right -irectio". +ve" i8 he>s "ot goi"g to $a7e
$usic his career5 he>ll e";oy liste"i"g to it o" his o," little recor- player i" his
roo$. .e $ay pre8er the classics to $o-e$ sou"-s or "ursery rhy$es. .e>ll
pro%a%ly li7e to -ra,5 color or pai"t5 a"- the cha"ces are goo- that he $ay have
so$e real artistic a%ility. 4e sure your Taurus has lots o8. paper a"- colore- pe"cils.
2t>s his 8avorite ,ay o8 e:pressi"g hi$sel8.
Teachers usually 8i"- the Taurus chil- a cre-it to the class. 0"less there are
a88licti"g pla"et positio"s i" 8he "ativity5 Taurea" %oys a"- girls ,ill %e i"-ustrious
i" school5 lear" their lesso"s $etho-ically a"- have e:celle"t po,ers o8
co"ce"tratio". They>re "ot ,hi3 7i-s li7e the #e$i"i a"- A'uaria" or Aries
stu-e"ts5 %ut they pro%a%ly ,o">t %e tar-y or thro, spit %alls i" stu-y hall5 though
they $ay %rea7 up i8 Teacher gets her 8i"ger caught i" the pe"cil sharpe"er. The
Taurus you"gster is or-i"arily 'uite o%e-ie"t. .is $i"- a%sor%s slo,ly5 %ut he
"ever 8orgets ,hat he>s lear"e-5 o"ce a 8act or -ate is $astere-. These %oys a"- girls
usually -o ,ell o" tests5 %ecause they prepare 8or the$ care8ully. They>re o8te"
chose" lea-ers o8 group activities5 -ue to their love o8 8air play-a"- also -ue to their
o%vious co$$o" se"se a"- goo- ;u-g$e"t.
The Taurus chil- $ay give his el-ers a 8e, %a- $o$e"ts %ecause o8 his
stu%%or""ess5 %ut they>ll %e 8e, a"- 8ar %et,ee". &"e $other o8 a you"g Taurea" 2
7"o, too7 her so" to school o"e -ay a"- ,as sorry she -i-">t stay ho$e a"- 7eep
out o8 it. The little %ull ha- i"sulte- his teacher %y i"sisti"g her 8acts ,ere ,ro"g.
So;vas the author o8 the te:t%oo75 "aturally. The "e:t -ay5 his $other $arche- hi$
to the teacher>s -es7 ,ith the 8ir$ co$$a"-5 <Apologi3e to Miss Applegar-e"5
Sa$$y.< That ,as a%out "i"e o>cloc7 i" the $or"i"g. At "oo"5 i" the pri"cipal>s
o88ice5 the $other ,as hear- ,earily repeati"g the or-er5 <Apologi3e to Miss
Applegar-e"5 Sa$$y.< Later i" the -ay5 a8ter the stu-e"ts ha- %ee" -is$isse-5 the
;a"itor ,as gatheri"g up trash %as7ets. As he passe- the o88ice5 he hear- a stra"ge5
8ara,ay5 tre$%li"g voice5 al$ost ghost-li7e5 8loati"g 8ro$ the i""er sa"ctu$.
<Apologi3e to Miss Applegar-e"5 Sa$$y5< it sai-. <(or the last ti$e5 apologi3e.<
Through the close- -oor ca$e the hollo, sou"- o8 a ,oo-e" pa--le %ei"g applie-.
The" sile"ce. The "e:t -ay5 the little %oy ,as %ac7 at his -es7. .e ha- outlaste- the
teacher5 his $other a"- the pri"cipal. .e "ever -i- apologi3e. 4ut he $a-e the
ho"or roll.
&"ce you>re resig"e- to the 7"o,le-ge that "othi"g this si-e o8 a -erric7 ,ill $ove
your Taurus you"gster ,he" he -igs his stur-y toes i" the earth5 you>ll e";oy
,atchi"g hi$ gro, up. .ell pro%a%ly get to"s o8 -irt o" his clothes playi"g ,ith his
toy truc7s a"- tractors-a"- the hair o8 little Taurea" %oys has the o--est ,ay o8
s$elli"g li7e a ,ar$ %ir->s "est5 "o $atter ho, o8te" you ,ash it-%ut he ,o">t lose
his report car- or his $ar%les. .e ,o">t -rive Da->s car too 8ast a"- e"- up
,rappi"g it arou"- a telepho"e pole ,he" he>s ol-er. .e $ay rai- the re8rigerator5
a"- eat the 8rie- chic7e" you ,ere savi"g 8or -i""er5 or %e tough o" the "e,
8ur"iture. 4ut he>ll %e $ighty easy o" your heart ,he" he gets %ig. A"- he ,o">t
8orget your %irth-ay. =our little Taurus girl $ay tear her party -ress cli$%i"g i"to
her tree house5 or go i"to a rage ,he" so$eo"e %rea7s o"e o8 her precious
possessio"s. 4ut she>ll help you %a7e gi"ger%rea- $e"5 a"- you>ll al,ays %e
,elco$e i" her lovely ho$e a8ter she>s happily >settle- -o," ,ith her o," 8a$ily.
=our gra"-chil-re" ,ill pro%a%ly %e ,ell-%ehave-5 i" either case.
1aise your little %ull or hei8er i" a co3y5 s"ug at$osphere o8 love. Surrou"- hi$
,ith visi%le a88ectio" i"stea- o8 i"visi%le %ar%e- ,ire 8e"ces. Do">t pull o" his ho$s
too har-5 a"- let hi$ gra3e at his o," cal$ te$po. (ill his ears ,ith $usic a"- his
eyes ,ith %eauty5 a"- he>ll 8ill your heart ,ith peace so$e-ay. +ve" Miss
Applegar-e" ,ill 8orgive hi$.

The TA010S 4oss

<.a, the creatures or-er o"e a%out5 a"- $a7e o"e repeat lesso"sI<
<2 se"t to the$ agai" to say 2t ,ill %e %etter to o%ey.<
=ou say you have o"e o8 those s,eet Taurus %osses ,ho "ever "ags or 8usses5 a"-
you -o">t "ee- a"y a-vice or tips o" ho, to ha"-le that co$place"t5 -ear5 -ocile
creatureA =ou have hi$ ;ust ,here you ,a"t hi$-i" the pal$ o8 your ha"-A /ell5
you>re certai"ly lear"i"g your Su" sig"s ;ust i" ti$e to avoi- a -isaster. 4e8ore it>s
too late5 you>- %etter $e$ori3e the o"e $a;or rule 8or -eali"g ,ith a Taurea"
e:ecutive9 Do">t try his patie"ce too 8ar.
2t>s a tougher rule tha" it see$s. 28 he>s a typical Taurus %oss5 he has such e"or$ous
patie"ce5 it>s -o,"right te$pti"g to try it. .is $a""er is so peace8ul a"- his
-ispositio" so spa-y5 you>re apt to thi"7 o8 hi$ as <goo- ol- Mr. 4eari$ple.< The"
you>ll start treati"g hi$ li7e a "ice5 shagBy %ear5 ,ho>s a little stu%%or" perhaps5 %ut
7i"-ly a"- per8Rctly har$less. =ou>ll re$e$%er the happy e"-i"g to the 8iol-iloc7s
story5 a"- let your guar- -o,". That>s ;ust ,hai you shoul- "ot -o. 2t coul- %e the
%egi""i"g o8 the e"-.
=es5 2 7"o, that #ol-iloc7s got a,ay ,ith eati"g *apa 4eai>s porri-ge5 sitti"g i" his
%ig chair5 a"- "appi"g o" his S-. 4ut %ears are "ot %ulls. Do">t co"8use your a"i"als.
Just %ecause they get the$ $i:e- up i" the stoc1. $ar7et -oes">t $ea" you shoul-
get the$ $i:e- up i" tie o88ice. 4ears live i" the ,oo-s5 a"- so$eti$es go a8te9
ho"ey. 4ulls live o" the 8ar$5 a"- so$eti$es go a8ter pusly people. 4ears ca"
s'uee3e stra"gers har- i" a spirit o8 8i"5 %ut they $ea" "o har$. They>re play8ul.
4ulls ca" -estoy trespassers a"- chi"a shops i" %li"- 8ury5 o" purpose. They>re
-a"gerous. +"- o8 3oology lesso".
TN-ay5 you>re sa8e. 4ut ,ho 7"o,s ,hat to$orro, $ay %rirsA 2t $ay %ri"g you
su--e" regret that you trie- the patiB"ce o8 your Taurus %oss too 8ar. =ou $ay ,ish
you ha-i>t i$pose- o" his goo- "ature ,ith such casual co"8i-e"t. 2t>s "ot har- to
see ho, you got o" the ,ro"g path. 2t %ppe"s all the ti$e to people ,ho ,or7 8or
Taurea" e:eiutives. .e>s so $ee7 a"- u"-ersta"-i"g ,he" you tur" i" i letter that>s
sloppily type-5 you $ay "ot %other to cheB7 your spelli"g too o8te" a8ter,ar-s. .e>s
so co"si-erate ,he" you $ess up the 8igures o" your se$ia""ual rep>rt5 you $ay %e
a little careless ,ith your $ath o" ot%r papers. Si"ce he -oes">t yell a"- glare at you
,he" you ta7e a" e:tra hal8 hour at lu"ch5 you $ay try 8or a" i:tra hour the "e:t
,ee75 a"- gra-ually stretch it to t,c hours. 2t>s so easy to sli-e i"to a 8ool>s para-ise.
.ave yoi allo,e- yoursel8 to -ri8t i"to these la3y ha%its u"-er the spell o8 your
Taurea" %oss>s easy-goi"g perso"ality a"c 'uiet $a""erA =ou>- %etter ha"g o"e o8
those <Da"ger-(erocious 4ull< sig"s ?the 7i"- you see out i" the coi"try@ over your
-es7. 2t $ight save your li8e very so-5 or at least your ;o%5 a"- so$eti$es o"e is
pretty syo"y$ous ,ith the other. =ou ca">t very ,ell say to yoir la"-lor-5 <2>$ sorry
2>$ three $o"ths %ehi"- o" $y ret95 %ut 2 have">t 8ou"- a "e, ;o% yet. 2 got 8ire-
8ro$ $y las o"e ,ith "o "otice5 %ecause5 you see5 2 ha- this %oss ,hN ,as %or" i"
May-a"- 2 -i-">t u"-ersta"- a%out the
Taurea" te$per %ecause o8 the e"us rulership. 2t ,as that -ar"e- e"us that
8oole- $e.< 28 you 8i"- a la"-lor- ,ho ,o">t give you a" i$$e-iate evictio" "otice
a8ter that e:pla"atio"5 you $ust live i" the la"- o8 &3.
2t>s $uch easier to practice your Su" sig" 7"o,le-ge i" the %egi""i"g. The reaso"
your %oss ,as so "ice a"- u"ru88le- ,he" you type- that letter5 $a-e those $ista7es
i" the report a"- li"gere- so lo"g over your lu"ch hour5 ,as "ot %ecause he>s a "ice5
shaggy %ear pushover. Nor ,as it %ecause he>s too shy a"- ti$i- to e:press his
,ishes or e:ert his authority. (ra"7ly5 he -i-">t see a"y poi"t i" e$%arrassi"g you
%y $a7i"g a %ig 8uss over o"e or t,o or eve" a 8e, goo8s. .e 8igure- you ha-
e"ough co$$o" se"se ?re$e$%er that phrase@ "ot to repeat yoursel8 li7e a %ro7e"
recor-. .e -eci-e- to ,atch you patie"tly to see i8 you ,ere practical e"ough to
pro8it %y past errors o" your o,". AyeI There>s the ru%I .is patie"ce ,as care8ully
calculate- to,ar- a -e8i"ite purpose-to test you5 a"- to give you a cha"ce to prove
your $ettle. .e a-$ires people ,ho lear" the 7"ac7 o8 -iscipli"i"g the$selves.
.e>s a sel8-$a-e $a". /hy shoul-">t you %eA .e>s ,illi"g to give you the
.e is -eter$i"e- to give everyo"e a 8air %rea7. .e ,o">t ;u-ge hastily. .e ,o">t
e:pect $iracles over"ight5 "or ,ill he $i"- i8 you>re a little slo, i" catchi"g o" to
his $etho-s a"- his very set proce-ures. =ou>ll %e give" a cha"ce to 8i"- your ,ay
arou"-5 a"- hell loo7 the other ,ay $ore tha" o"ce i8 you stu$%le i" the -ar7. 4ut
$a7e "o i""oce"t5 "aive $ista7es a%out his ulti$ate goal. .e ,a"ts thi"gs -o"e his
,ay. .is ,ay coul- co"ceiva%ly %e the ,ay thi"gs ,ere -o"e ,he" the S$ith
4rothers got together a"- -eci-e- to cure coughs5 %ut to hi$5 it>s the trie- a"- true5
prove" $etho-. 4esi-es those 8ello,s still cure his coughsI As lo"g as his $etho-s
7eep $a7i"g $o"ey5 he>s goi"g to %e loyal to the$. .e>s ,illi"g to ,aste ple"ty o8
his huge supply o8 patie"ce to 8i"- e$ployees ,ho 8it his ce$e"t $ol-. .o,ever5
o"ce you>ve presse- his patie"ce too 8ar5 he ,ill 8irst %al75 the" s"ort i" a"ger5 a"-
8i"ally shout5 <=ou>re 8ire-I<-possi%ly at the top o8 his lu"gs. ?At least it ,ill see$
lou-5 %ecause it ,ill %e so e$phatic.@ =our o"ly ,ar"i"g ,ill pro%a%ly ,ill %e that
he 8aile- to a"s,er your cheer8ul5 u"suspecti"g5 <#oo- $or"i"g5< the previous -ay.
F"o, %eyo"- a"y -ou%t that he>s "ot goi"g to cha"ge his $i"- a8ter he>s -eci-e- to
sac7 you. Nothi"g cha"ges the Taurus $i"-5 o"ce it>s $a-e up. .e $ay give you a
ge"erous slice o8 severa"ce pay5 %ecause he -oes">t ,a"t that col--hearte- la"-lor-
to thro, you a"- your sic7 gra"-$other a"- the t,elve chil-re" out i" the s"o,.
4ut he ,o">t give you a"y $ore cha"ces o"ce he>s 8ir$ly co"vi"ce- hi$sel8 that
you>re -ea- ,eight to the co$pa"y he cherishes o"ly a sha-e less tha" he -oes his
,i8e. 2t>s "ot that he is u"7i"-. =our $e$ory is short i8 you thi"7 that. .is is "ot.
1ecall5 as you rea- the classi8ie- a-s 8or a "e, ;o%5 ho, 7i"- he ,as 8or all those
$o"ths ,he" you ,ere so care8ully ta7i"g a-va"tage o8 his 8aith i" you.
The Taurea" %oss is a thoroughly practical soul. Although he "ee-s to 8eel that his
%usi"ess allo,s hi$ to e:press the %eauty i" his "ature creatively5 he "ee-s eve"
$ore to succee- $aterially. Taurus $e" are "ever satis8ie- to ru" a s$all %usi"ess.
They ,a"t to %uil- it i"to a possi%le e$pire. The Taurus %oss ,o">t %e co"te"t
,ithout so$e e:pa"sio"5 ho,ever $i"or. There ,ill %e "o -ra$atic5 s,eepi"g
cha"ges5 a"- progress ,ill procee- o"e step at a ti$e. .ell %uil- gra-ually5 ,ithout
8lash or 8a"8are5 %ut he>ll %uil-. .e stic7s to a"ythi"g he starts a"- 8i"ishes ,hat he
%egi"s5 a"- he>ll e:pect you to -o the sa$e thi"g.
Do">t try too $a"y short cuts. .e ,a"ts his 8acts plai"5 "ot 8a"cy. Taurus %osses
have "o $ore patie"ce ,ith the art o8 gil-i"g the lily tha" !apricor" e:ecutives.
&"e o8 his 8avorite phrases ,ill %e5 <#et to the poi"t5< %ut he>ll say it ,ithout ra"cor
or sarcas$. Le"gthy preli$i"aries i" e:plai"i"g i-eas $a7e hi$ "ervous5 though
he>ll retai" his out,ar- i$$o%ility.
2t ,ill %e 8rustrati"g ,he" he re8uses to %u-ge a" i"ch 8or your $ost e:citi"g
co"cepts5 a"- ,he" he ,o">t let you try out that "e, syste$ you rea- a%out i"
(ortu"e ?or pic7e- up 8ro$ your %rother-i"-la,5 ,ho>s such a crac7er;ac7
pro$oter@. #ra"te-5 so$eti$es he>s ,ro"g 8or re8usi"g to liste" to progressive
i-eas5 a"- you>ll 8eel s$ug ,he" a"other co$pa"y tries the$ 8irst success8ully. 4ut
over the lo"g haul5 ,he" the 8i"al score is tallie-5 hell co$e out ahea-. /hat i8 that
"e, ga-get he stu%%or"ly re;ecte- as <a hare%rai"e- a%ortio" o8 so$e schi3ophre-
"ic>s -ay-rea$< ru"s i"to a s"ag5 a"- the co$pa"y that 3oo$e- ahea- %y usi"g it
su--e"ly goes %a"7rupt ,he" the ga-get %ac78iresA The" your s$ug"ess ,ill %e
replace- %y a 8oolish 8eeli"g5 a"- 8i"ally %y respect 8or this so$eti$es gru$py5
o8te" o%sti"ate5 %ut 7i"-ly a"- u"-ersta"-i"g %oss5 ,ho has such a practical hea- o"
his stur-y shoul-ers.
Taurus e:ecutives usually pre8er 8oot%all to %ase%all5 a"- peace to "oisy argu$e"ts.
.e>ll al,ays try 'uiet co$$o". se"se -iscussio"s to avoi- e$otio"al sce"es.
1e$e$%er5 co$$o" se"se is his 7ey phrase. 4ut that -oes">t $ea" he>s lac7i"g i"
i$agi"atio" or appreciatio" o8 the 8i"er thi"gs i" li8e. =ou>ll %e pretty sure to $a7e a
large hit ,ith hi$ i8 you ,ear goo- per8u$e a"- polish your "ails ,ith a rosy ti"t ?i8
you>re a girl5 that is@. .e loves "ice s$ells a"- soothi"g5 pastel colors. =oull also
please hi$ i8 you occasio"ally %ri"g hi$ a ;ar o8 ho$e-$a-e vichys-soise your
$other coo7e--%ut you>- %etter call it potato soup. (a"cy "a$es a"- titles -o">t
i$press hi$ as $uch as they $a7e hi$ u"easy. Me" ,ho ,or7 8or a Taurea"
shoul- ,ear 'uiet5 %lue ties5 se"si%le shoes5 a"- 7eep their 8eet o" the grou"-5 "ot
o" his -es7.
=ou $ay cha8e at his stu%%or"5 %ull-hea-e- attitu-e at least o"ce a ,ee75 %ut
re$e$%er this a%out your Taurus -%oss9 he>s also stu%%or" a%out %ei"g loyal to
people ,ho "ever let hi$ -o,". 4e o"e o8 those people5 a"- you>ll "ever have to
8ear the -a"gerous %ull. .e>s really 'uite ge"tle i8 the re- 8lag o8 -e8ia"ce is">t
,ave- i" his 8ace too o8te". #ra% so$e co"crete %loc7s5 a"- help hi$ %uil- his
e$pire. .e>ll %e gla- to share it ,ith you5 i8 you -eserve it. *ro$otio" he
u"-ersta"-s. (eather%e--i"g he -oes "ot. <#oo- ol- Mr. 4earu$ple< ,ill e:pect
you to carry your o," ,eight5 %ut he>ll al,ays give you a li8t ,he" the loa- gets
heavy. .e>s stro"g a"- -epe"-a%le. .e says ,hat he $ea"s a"- he $ea"s ,hat he
says. =ou ,o">t "ee- a" i"terpreter. 28 he says you>re a %loc7hea-5 leave 'uic7ly a"-
'uietly a"- -o">t 'ui%%le. 28 he says <=ou>ll -o ,ell e"ough5< you have real ;o%
security. That $ea"s you>ve passe- his test o8 loyalty5 si"cerity5 a%ility a"-
pote"tial. Move to the hea- o8 the class. =ou>ve $a-e the ho"or roll.
!o"gratulatio"sI Do">t let it s,ell your hat si3e5 a"- you have a pro$isi"g 8uture
ahea- o8 you.

The TA010S +$ployee
</ell5 2 "ever hear- it %e8ore ... %ut it sou"-s u"co$$o" "o"se"se.1
(irst o8 all5 2 hope you -o">t have your Taurus e$ployee ,or7i"g 8or you as a
sales$a". 28 you -o5 have his horoscope chec7e- as soo" as you ca". .e $ay have
so$e pla"ets i" #e$i"i5 Aries5 Leo or *isces. 2" that case5 you ca" sa8ely let hi$
co"ti"ue to pe--le your ,ares. &ther,ise5 you each ,oul- %e %etter o88 i8 you
ge"tly ease- hi$ ?8or goo-"ess sa7es5 -o">t push hi$@ i"to so$e other positio" ,ith
your co$pa"y.
As a pro$oter or sales$a"5 he $ay "ot $a7e the %est possi%le i$pressio" o" your
clie"ts. 2" givi"g a spiel to a custo$er5 his "or$al attitu-e ,oul- %e5 <28 you ,a"t it5
ta7e it. 28 you -o">t5 $ove alo"g.< The average Taurus e$ployee is">t a%out to
per8or$ a 8ast %uc7 a"- ,i"g 8or a prospective %uyer. Nor is he "ote- 8or his gol-e"
to"gue a"- outpouri"g o8 i$agi"ative5 -escriptive phrases. 0"less you call <0$ph<
a"- <#u$ph< a"- <M$$ .$$< a"- <Mu$ph< i$agi"ative5 -escriptive phrases.
Not that he -oes">t have $a"y sterli"g 'ualities. .e -oes. 4ut they>re usually "ot the
7i"- to s,ay people or press the$ i"to sig"i"g o" the -otte- li"e. .e>s 8ar $ore
li7ely to tell the$ ,hy they shoul-">t get i"volve-.
The $ost i$porta"t reaso" Taurea"s sel-o$ gravitate to selli"g5 ho,ever5 is relate-
to the %asic Taurus "ee- 8or security. .e $ust 8eel a se"se o8 security i" his ,or75 or
his pote"tial 8or success-,hich ca" %e tre$e"-ous-,ill %e $ar7e-ly -ilute-. No
$atter ho, large the possi%le re,ar- $ay %e5 i8 it 8luctuates5 the Taurus e$ployee
,ill pre8er the sa8ety o8 7"o,i"g ho, $a"y -ollar %ills he ca" cou"t each ,ee7. A
Taurea" o" straight co$$issio" is usually o"e o8 the u"happiest hu$a" %ei"gs i"
the ,orl-. A set salary5 plus a %o"us i"ce"tive 8or sales5 ,oul- co$e closer to
givi"g hi$ the se"se o8 achieve$e"t he "ee-s5 %ut eve" so the positio" o8 sales$a"
is">t the i-eal spot 8or the %ull.
&8 course5 there are a 8e, e:ceptio"s to the rule5 i" a--itio" to the a8ore$e"tio"e-
pla"etary i"8lue"ces. Most Taurea"s ca" ha"-le certai" lo,-pressure sales pitches
,ith -isti"ctio"5 i8 the pro-uct is soli- a"- sta%le5 ,ith %uilt-i" security. 4ut the list
is short. (ar$ e'uip$e"t5 tractors5 $a"ure sprea-ers5 truc7s a"- $o,i"g $achi"es
or such ,oul- %e right up his alley. Those he coul- sell. .e tal7s the sa$e la"guage
as the people ,ho %uy the$. Mo"ey is a"other ite$ he ca" ha"-le o" either si-e o8
the -es75 a"- selli"g cash $ay eve" %e a specialty. Tra"slate-5 that $ea"s he>s a
super $a" to have i" charge o8 the loa" -epart$e"t5 i8 your %usi"ess is %a"7i"g. 4ut
let>s %e truth8ul5 ho, $uch persuasio" is "ee-e- to co"vi"ce a" i"solve"t $a" he
"ee-s $o"eyA
There $ay %e a couple o8 other categories ,here he coul- shi"e as a sales$a". 1eal
estate5 8or i"sta"ce. A Taurea" is per8ectly at ho$e sho,i"g people through houses
or telli"g the$ a%out the value o8 the la"-. .e>ll poi"t to the vie, a"- say5 <0$ph.<
The" hell -escri%e the la"-scapi"g possi%ilities ,ith a" ecstatic <#ru$ph.< A8ter
that5 he>ll -e$o"strate the plu$%i"g a"- closet space ,ith <M$$ .$$5< a"-
8i"ally -iscuss the 8i"a"ci"g ,ith a 8ir$ <Mu$ph.< .ar- as it $ay %e to %elieve5 the
a"s,er 8ro$ the prospective ho$e %uyer ,ill pro%a%ly %e5 <=ep. 2>ll ta7e it.< A8ter
,hich the Taurus sales$a" ,ill a"s,er5 <&7ay. =ou>ve got it.< &r so$ethi"g
si$ilar. The tric7 here is that the Taurea" ho"esty a"- o%vious -epe"-a%ility
i$presses people ,ho are soc7i"g -o," e"ough $o"ey 8or a house. The" there>s the
8iel- o8 e-ucatio". .e %elieves i" 8ir$ 8ou"-atio"s a"- 8acts ,ith such 8ervor5 a"-
he has such 8aith i" prepari"g 8or the 8uture5 alo"g ,ith a positive -istaste 8or
ig"ora"ce5 that he coul- tal7 a girl i"to ta7i"g the e"gi"eeri"g course at M.2.T. .e
,oul-">t see a"ythi"g silly at all a%out a 8e$ale stu-yi"g e"gi"eeri"g. To hi$5
practical is practical5 regar-less o8 se:.
There>s also a possi%ility that a Taurea" ,ith a #e$i"i asce"-a"t or Mars i" #e$i"i
,oul- $a7e a superior ra-io or T a""ou"cer. The typical5 $usical to"es o8
Taurea" speech couple- ,ith #e$i"i char$ a"- gli%"ess ca" $a7e hi$ a "atural i"
such $e-ia. The"5 too5 i8 the right pla"ets ,ere i" Aries at %irth5 their i"8lue"ce
coul- co"ceiva%ly co$%i"e ,ith his Taurus Su" to give hi$ e:ceptio"al pro-
$otio"al or pu%lic relatio"s a%ilities5 though he ,oul- "ever %e a high-pressure
type. 2>$ a8rai- that ;ust a%out covers the territory 8or a Taurus sales$a". 2" $ost
other areas5 a"- ,ithout the proper a--itio"al pla"etary i"8lue"ces5 he>s $uch %etter
o88 -oi"g thi"gs that co$e $ore "aturally to his i$pertur%a%le "ature.
&"e o8 those thi"gs is 7"o," i" politics as hol-i"g the ce"ter together5 a" a%ility
,hich is also e:tre$ely valua%le i" the %usi"ess ,orl-. /hatever -es7 he>s assig"e-
to5 he>ll root hi$sel8 %ehi"- it ,ith -eter$i"atio" to succee-5 a"- he pro%a%ly ,ill.
.e>ll ,or7 slo,ly a"- ai$ 8or per8ectio"5 ,hich he usually achieves i8 he>s le8t
alo"e a"- "ot pushe- too 8ast. The $ore respo"si%ility the positio" re'uires o8 hi$5
the s$arter you>ll %e to put hi$ i" charge. =ou>ll sel-o$ e";oy the services o8 a
$ore -epe"-a%le5 trust,orthy a"- ho"est e$ployee. .ell see7 to help your co$-
pa"y e:pa"-5 "ot his o," ego. A success8ul Taurea" ,earS the sa$e hat si3e as he
-i- ,he" he ,as still tryi"g.
Much as he -isli7es cha"ge5 i8 he>s a" e:ceptio"al Taurus5 you ,o">t 7eep hi$
8orever. .e ,o">t leave %ecause he>s 8lighty5 %ut 8or a %asic reaso" that>s part o8 his
"ature. &"ce he>s esta%lishe- the gro,th o8 your co$pa"y5 he>s "ot the type to
re$ai" there a"- ru" it 8or you. Taurus is $ore i"tereste- i" %uil-i"g po,er a"-
,ealth. .e li7es his 8ree-o$ too $uch to %e tie- to the co"sta"t $a"ipulatio"s o8
gui-i"g a co$plicate- %usi"ess5 or o8 %ei"g the u"see" cog. .e>s relia%le a"-
co"te"t to stic75 %ut he ,a"ts to %e 8ree to co"ti"ue to %uil- i"stea- o8 %ei"g tie- up
,ith i"tricate -etails. /he" there>s "o $ore i"ce"tive to gro, ,ith your 8ir$5 he>ll
8eel the lege"-ary Taurea" itch to lay his o," 8ou"-atio" a"- erect his o," e$pire5
$i"or or $a;or.
A Taurus e$ployee5 ,hether he>s e:ceptio"al or average5 is al,ays a" outsta"-i"g
,or7er5 a"- o"e o8 his $ost e"-eari"g 'ualities is his ,illi"g"ess to ta7e or-ers
,ithout rese"t$e"t. The reaso" %ehi"- it is si$ple. .e has a" i""er co"victio" that
the ,ay to %eco$e a %oss ,ho gives or-ers is to %e 8irst a cheer8ul su%or-i"ate ,ho
ta7es or-ers. .is respect 8or authority is %ase- o" his 7"o,le-ge that ,he" he
%eco$es a" e:ecutive5 he>ll e:pect his e$ployees to 8ollo, his -irectio"s. As a %oss
hi$sel85 hell have -e8i"ite a"- pro%a%ly rigi-ly set i-eas a"- $etho-s. There8ore. he
8i"-s "oth$e stra"ae or u"pleasa"t a%out your i"siste"ce o" a-heri"g to a 8i:e-
patter" ,he" he ,or7s 8or you. As 8ar as he>s co"cer"e-5 you>re i" charge.
Such a" attitu-e is o%viously 'uite a %o"us5 %ut -o">t let his 7i"-ly -ispositio" "or
his se"si%le ac'uiesce"ce to superiors 8ool you i"to thi"7i"g he ca" %e easily shove-
arou"-. .e has a sort o8 Machiavellia" -etach$e"t to,ar- those ,ho thi"7 they>re
$a"ipulati"g hi$5 a"- he>ll ha"-le the$ ,ith s$ooth tact a"- -iplo$acy. =et5 i8
you loo7 closely5 you>ll see his to"gue is i" his chee7 ,hile he>s hu$ori"g the
aggressive people ,ho try to -rive hi$. 2" the e"-5 Taurus ,ill have his o," ,ay.
.is success is eve" $ore assure- %y his a%ility to ,ait as lo"g as "ecessary u"til he
,i"s out over the pushy types. .o,ever5 ,he" his perso"al e$otio"s are tra$ple-
o" or his -eep pri-e is hurt5 his cool stea-i"ess $ay -isappear a"- %e replace- %y a
chil-ish stu%%or""ess. 1e$e$%er5 that ,hile he>s pouti"g5 he>s co$%usti%le5 a"-
lia%le to e:plo-e 8i"ally i" a 8ierce -isplay o8 te$per. 2t ,o">t last lo"g5 a"- the %ull
,ill %e o$i"ously 'uiet a8ter such a <charge5< %ut i8 the cause is">t recti8ie-
i$$e-iately5 he>ll si$ply leave5 a"- he ,o">t gla"ce %ehi"- hi$. /he" a Taurus
goes out the -oor5 he has le8t. There ,o">t %e a"y sheepish retur"s to try agai". The
%ac7 o8 his %roa- shoul-ers ,ill %e the last you see o8 hi$. Nothi"g you ca" say or
-o ,ill persua-e hi$ to reco"si-er. The %ull $a7es up his $i"- so slo,ly i" the
8irst place5 there>s "ever a"y "ee- to ta7e a seco"- loo7 at the $atter. Taurea"
8oresight preclu-es the "ee- 8or hi"-sight. Si"ce his is such a se"sual5 lovi"g "ature5
you ca" pro%a%ly 8i"- ple"ty o8 e:-s,eethearts ,ho ,ill sa-ly tell you that ,he" he
,aves goo-%ye he -oes">t co$e %ac7 8or e"cores. 2" %oth love a"- %usi"ess5 people
8re'ue"tly $a7e the $ista7e o8 thi"7i"g the Taurea">s patie"ce is eter"al5 ;ust
%ecause it ta7es hi$ so lo"g to lose it.
The 8e$ale Taurea" e$ployee is usually a real ;e,el. 28 she>s a typical Taurus5 she>ll
have a 'uiet5 lo,-pitche- voice a"- soothi"g $a""er. These ,o$e" "or$ally $a7e
great e:ecutive secretaries. +$erge"cies -o">t thro, the$ o88 %ala"ce. A crisis
%ri"gs out the %est i" the$5 a"- that>s co"si-era%le. She $ay %e a %it slo,er tha" the
others ,ith typi"g a"- -ictatio". She>s "ot e:actly a 8ire%all5 a"- you>ll "ever see her
ri-i"g a $otorcycle to ,or75 %ut her ;o% ,ill get -o"e. /ell -o"e. Li7e the $ales5
she 8eels that i8 a ;o% is ,orth -oi"g at all it>s ,orth -oi"g ,ell5 to the very %est o8
her a%ility. +very May perso" has that $otto chisele- so$e,here per$a"e"tly. This
girl ,o">t ya," i" your 8ace ,he" you>re e:pou"-i"g your pet theories. 28 the i-eas
are practical5 shell pro%a%ly co"verse ,ith you a%out the$ li7e a $a". .er vie,s
,ill %e ,orth %eari"g5 a"- her approach ,ill %e se"si%le a"- logical. 4ut -o">t let
that give you the i$pressio" she>s "ot a real 8e$ale.
4e care8ul. This is "ot a ,o$a" ,ho ,ill or-i"arily %eco$e i"volve- i" casual
o88ice 8lirtatio"s. She ca" cut up a"- %e loa-s o8 laughs5 %ut u"-er"eath her ,ar$5
%ovi"e hu$or is a $i"- 8ir$ly set o" $arriage. 28 she accepts a -i""er i"vitatio"
t,ice5 she>s pro%a%ly alrea-y si3i"g you up as a goo- provi-er 8or a li8eti$e5 "ot ;ust
a" e:citi"g -ate 8or a rai"y Thurs-ay. These ,o$e" are 'uite serious a%out the
sta7es i" a"y ro$a"tic ga$e. 28 you 8it the 'uali8icatio"s o8 a Taurea" 8e$ale as
hus%a"- $aterial5 you>re "ot a" or-i"ary $a" %y a"y%o-y>s sli-e rule. The $a" i"
the co$pa"y ,ho>s the recipie"t o8 the Taurus ,o$a">s atte"tio"s is the $a" to
,atch. .e>s goi"g so$e,here. 28 it happe"s to %e yoursel85 you $ay soo" lose a
peach o8 a secretary5 %ut you>ll get a ,i8e i" a $illio"5 ,hich shoul- %ri"g you out
(e$ale Taurus e$ployees are pleasa"t to have arou"- %ecause they s$ell "ice5 they
loo7 "ice5 they>re gracious a"- they -o">t s$o7e cigars5 a$o"g other thi"gs. ?0"less
you happe" to have o"e ,ith a" Aries Moo" or asce"-a"t5 ,ho ,oul- s$ell a"-
loo7 ;ust as "ice5 %ut ,ho $ight very ,ell s$o7e cigars a"- shout a little.@
Taurus people o8 %oth se:es hate to sleep i" stra"ge %e-s5 a phrase they>re 8o"- o8
repeati"g. There8ore5 $ost Taurea" $e" a"- ,o$e" pre8er to spe"- their vacatio"s
at ho$e. 4arri"g a #e$i"i Moo" or Sagittarius asce"-a"t5 the grass ,ill al,ays
loo7 %oth gree"er a"- thic7er i" the %ull>s o," %ac7yar-. /he" he>s o" vacatio"5
se"sually sippi"g le$o"a-e a"- i"hali"g the sce"t o8 8lo,ers 8ro$ his ha$$oc75
you ca" sa8ely call hi$ i" 8or a" o88ice e$erge"cy. .ell pro%a%ly o%lige ,ith a
goo--"ature- gri"5 a"- eve" 8eel it>s his -uty to help out. 4ut -o">t i$pose too o8te".
There>s a li$it to his patie"t accepta"ce o8 repeate- i$positio"s5 a"- it>s 8oolhar-y
to ris7 $a7i"g hi$ a"gry to -iscover that li$it. Stop ,hile you>re ahea-.
The %ull ,or7s happily as a 8lorist5 i" the livestoc7 or poultry i"-ustry5 i"
super$ar7ets or i" the ,holesale 8oo- i"-ustry. .e $a7es a goo- -octor or
e"gi"eer5 too. A"- he ca" %e 'uite co"te"te- i" a" artistic career. The sou"- o8
$usic a"- the visual hyp"otis$ o8 art pull hi$ $ag"etically. .e>s "ever $ore at
ho$e tha" ,he" he>s e:pressi"g hi$sel8 creatively5 through his se"ses5 as lo"g as
the 8i"a"cial re,ar-s are sou"- a"- the 8ou"-atio" is">t sha7y.
A Taurus so"g,riter is usually $isera%le5 especially -uri"g the lea" years5 %e8ore he
,rites his 8irst %ig hit. 4ut ,he" he co$%i"es his creative tale"t ,ith the $ore
sta%le5 secure tas7 o8 pro-uci"g recor-s or arra"gi"g scores5 he>s i" his o," ele$e"t.
=ou>ll 8i"- that every Taurea" si"ger or co$poser5 ,ithout e:ceptio"5 eve"tually
e"-s up i" the pro-uctio" e"- o8 the $usic %usi"ess to so$e -egree.
A8ter the %ull has 8ou"- the right $ea-o,5 ,here the opportu"ities gro, ple"ti8ully5
he sel-o$ see7s cha"ge or "e, 8iel-s to co"'uer. .e>ll ,eigh5 %ala"ce a"- soa7 up
7"o,le-ge o8 his career through years o8 -evotio" to it. .e ca" put up ,ith a lot5 i8
he>s co"vi"ce- hi$sel8 there>s a 8uture5 a"- i8 the occupatio" 8its hi$ s"ugly or
<8eels goo-< to hi$. Taurus is i"cre-i%ly capa%le o8 perseveri"g u"til the re,ar-
co$es5 %ut o"ly ,he" he>s at the ce"ter o8 thi"gs5 "ever ,he" he>s i"securely
che,i"g arou"- the e-ges a"- hopi"g 8or a %rea7. &"ce he 8eels the "ecessary se"se
o8 achieve$e"t a"- security %e"eath hi$5 a"- o"ce he>s pla"te- hi$sel8 i" a
positio" ,here he ca" %uil- ever higher5 he $oves 8or,ar- ,ith co"8i-e"ce. The"
he %eco$es irresisti%le to the elusive5 8ic7le go--ess o8 success. 2t ,o">t tur" his
hea-. .e>ll stay 8aith8ul to her5 %ut he>ll put her i" her place-a"- it ,ill %e a li8elo"g
love a88air.

J>OO ta7es all the ru""i"g you ca" -o5
to 7eep i" the sa$e place.
28 you ,a"t to get so$e,here else5
you $ust ru" at least t,ice as 8ast as that(J

#+M2N25 the T,i"s
May 22"- through Ju"e 21st
.o, to 1ecog"i3e
The #+M2N2 Ma"
The #+M2N2 /o$a"
The #+M2N2 !hil-
The #+M2N2 4oss
The #+M2N2 +$ployee

.o, to 1ecog"i3e #+M2N2
<2 ,ish you ,ou-">t 7eep appeari"g A"- va"ishi"g so su--e"ly. =ou $a7e o"e
'uite gi--yI< This ti$e it va"ishe- 'uite slo,ly5 %egi""i"g ,ith the e"- o8 the tail5
a"- e"-i"g ,ith the gri"5 ,hich re$ai"e- 8or so$e ti$e a8ter the rest o8 it ha- go"e.
28 there are ti$es ,he" a #e$i"i perso" $a7es you thi"7 you>re seei"g -ou%le5
-o">t ru" out a"- cha"ge your glasses. Just re$e$%er that #e$i"i is the sig" o8 the
t,i"s5 a"- there are t,o -isti"ct si-es to his cha"gea%le perso"ality. No, you see it5
"o, you -o">t. /as it love you thought you caught 8leeti"gly o" those $o%ile
8eaturesA .ateA +cstasyA 2"tellige"ceA 2-ealis$A Sorro,A JoyA The $ercurial
cha"ges o8 a #e$i"i>s e:pressio" are as 8asci"ati"g to ,atch as the psyche-elic
lights i" a -iscothe'ue. 2t>s har- to tell ,here reality e"-s a"- illusio" %egi"s. They
%le"--the" they separate.
F"o,i"g ,here to loo7 8or this versatile creature re'uires a little 8orethought. .e
$ay %e o"e place to-ay a"- so$e,here else to$orro,. Su--e"ly5 too. A #e$i"i
ca" cha"ge his clothes5 his ;o%5 his love li8e or his resi-e"ce as 8ast as he cha"ges his
$i"-5 a"- that>s pretty 8ast. (i"-i"g a goo- e:a$ple to stu-y $ay 7eep you hoppi"g.
=ou coul- try a %oo7store. .e>s a %ro,ser5 %ecause he ca" get the gist o8 the
co"te"ts i" a %rie8 sca""i"g o8 the pages. ?2t>s "o acci-e"t that Joh" (. Fe""e-y ,as
a spee- rea-er.@ Mercury people also have that "asty ha%it o8 rea-i"g the last page
8irst. 28 you 7"o, a #e$i"i ,ho has ever rea- a %oo7 8ro$ %egi""i"g to e"- ,ithout
getti"g %ore- hal8,ay through5 se"- hi$ to the S$ithso"ia" as a curio ?or chec7 his
"atal chart to see i8 he has Taurus5 !apricor" or o"e o8 the $ore persiste"t sig"s o"
the asce"-a"t@. #e$i"is li7e to s7ip %ac7 a"- 8orth i" a %oo75 a patter" o8 actio"
they also pre8er ,he" it co$es to thi"gs other tha" rea-i"g.
=ou>re sure to 8i"- a #e$i"i or t,o s7i$$i"g through the halls a"- $atchi"g ,its
,ith people i" a ra-io statio"5 a pu%lic relatio"s 8ir$5 a pu%lishi"g house5 a
telepho"e a"- . s,eri"g service5 a" auto sho,roo$ or a" a-vertisi"g age"cy-i8 you
ca" catch o"e %et,ee" appoi"t$e"ts. - /he" you>ve 8ou"- this 'uic7silver perso"5
stu-y hi$ care8ully5 eve" i8 you -o get e:hauste- 8ollo,i"g hi$ arou"-. The 8irst
thi"g you>ll "otice is a "ervous e"ergy that 8airly s"aps5 crac7les a"- pops i" the air
arou"- hi$. 28 he has a Scorpio5 Li%ra5 !a"cer or !apricor" $oo"5 he $ay "ot
vi%rate ,ith so $uch o%vious crac7le5 %ut the s"ap a"- pop are late"t5 a"- you>ll
se"se their prese"ce u"-er the i"8lue"ce o8 the other pla"etary positio"s. A"
occasio"al #e$i"i ,ill spea7 slo,ly5 %ut $ost o8 the$ tal7 8ast. All o8 the$ liste"
Ma" or ,o$a"5 #e$i"i is i$patie"t ,ith co"servative stic7-i"-the-$u-s5 or ,ith
people ,ho ca">t $a7e up their $i"-s ,here they sta"- o" particular issues. #e$i"i
7"o,s ,here he sta"-s5 at least 8or the $o$e"t.
0"less there>s a co"8licti"g asce"-a"t5 the #e$i"i %uil- is ge"erally sle"-er5 agile
a"- taller tha" average. Ma"y o8 the$ have s$all5 sharp 8eatures5 as i8 they ,ere cut
i" a ca$eo. =ou>ll 8i"- so$e ,ith %ro," eyes5 o8 course5 %ut the $a;ority o8 those
rule- %y Mercury ,ill have %eauti8ul5 crystal-clear ha3el5 %lue5 gree" or gray eyes
that t,i"7le a"- -art here a"- there. #e$i"is "ever rest their eyes o" o"e o%;ect 8or
$ore tha" a 8e, seco"-s. 2" 8act5 their alert5 'uic7-$ovi"g eyes are o8te" the easiest
,ay to recog"i3e the$. The co$ple:io" te"-s to %e rather pale5 yet they usually ta"
easily5 a"- that>s the ,ay to spot the$ i" the su$$er. ?2" the ,i"ter5 they o8te" have
,i"- %u$s 8ro$ s,oopi"g -o," a s7i slope.@
There>s a" eager"ess a%out #e$i"is5 a" i$$e-iate5 sy$pathetic 8rie"-li"ess5 a"-
u"usually 'uic75 %ut grace8ul $ove$e"ts. The hair ca" %e light or -ar7 or %oth-li7e5
strea7e-. T,i"s5 re$e$%erA The "ose is li7ely to %e lo"g a"- straight or -ai"ty-i"
either case5 pro%a%ly ,ell 8or$e-. There>s 8re'ue"tly a rece-i"g hairli"e i" the $e"
?8ro$ all that activity i" the %rai"5 perhaps@5 a"- %oth se:es "or$ally have rather
high 8orehea-s.
2t>s usually a $ista7e to try to pi" #e$i"is -o," to either o"e place or o"e i-ea. 2t>s
al,ays a $ista7e to challe"ge the$ to a %attle o8 ,its5 %ecause they ca" tal7 the$-
selves i" a"- out o8 situatio"s ,ith the greatest ease. They thi"7 8ast o" their 8eet ?or
i" a"y other positio"@B they ca" %e sharply satirical5 a"- they>re $ore clever tha" al-
$ost a"y%o-y. So$e Mercury people ta7e a $ischievous -elight i" -isco"certi"g
slo,er $i"-s ,ith their light"i"g 8ast $e"tal processes. .o, ,oul- you li7e to get
i"to a" argu$e"t ,ith #e$i"i 4o% .opeA
A Ju"e perso" ,ill so$eti$es appear to light "ear you5 li7e a" i"'uisitive %ir-5
survey the sce"e ,ith e:cite- curiosity5 the" -art o88 i" a -i88ere"t -irectio" al$ost
%e8ore you ca" say hello. 2 o8te" ;oi" a #e$i"i 8rie"- i" Li"-y>s 8or cheeseca7e a"-
so$e casual co"versatio". .e>s thirty-8ive to 8orty years ol-5 %ut he loo7s li7e a
college stu-e"t5 ,hich is typical o8 #e$i"i>s ageless appeara"ce. (or a ,hile ,ell
tal7 pleasa"tly5 i"terrupti"g each other a"- easily %ou"ci"g 8ro$ o"e topic to
a"other. The" 2>ll search i" $y purse 8or a co$pact or a pe"cil5 loo7 up-a"- li7e
so$e -isappeari"g artist i" a $agic act5 $y #e$i"i 8rie"- has va"ishe- i"to thi" air5
ta7i"g the chec7 ,ith hi$. ?The $ore u"evolve- types use this agility to leave you
,ith the chec7.@ /he" he pulls o"e o8 those 8ast -issolves5 2 gla"ce arou"- the roo$
a":iously5 a"- su--e"ly5 there he is-$a7i"g a pho"e call or ,avi"g to $e gaily as
he s7ips out the -oor to ,ho-7"o,s-,here.
This particular #e$i"i ,as rece"tly e"gage- to a ,o"-er8ul A'uaria" girl ?i8
a"yo"e ca" cope ,ith a" elusive #e$i"i5 it>s a" A'uaria"@5 a"- a ,ee7 %e8ore the
,e--i"g5 8ive ,oul- get you t,e"ty a"y,here o" 4roa-,ay that he ,oul- 8i"- a
,ay to slip out o8 the "oose-that so$eho,5 he ,oul-">t $a7e it to the church o"
ti$e. 4ut he -i-. #e$i"is ca" surprise you. +specially ,he" they>re i" love.
&"e o8 $y 8avorite #e$i"ia"s is a Mercury ,o$a" ,ho-typically-ru"s 4elles
Li$ite-5 a Ne, =or7 a"s,eri"g service. The play. The 4ells Are 1i"gi"g5 ,as
%ase- o" her li8e. *ossi%ly -ue to %ei"g glue- to the telepho"e t,e"ty hours a -ay5
she>s "ot 'uite as light o" her 8eet as she ,as ,he" she use- to %righte" 4illy 1ose>s
chorus li"e. =ou coul-">t call her agile5 si"ce she sel-o$ gets a cha"ce to leave her
s,itch%oar-5 %ut still she gives the i$pressio" o8 8lyi"g arou"-5 eve" ,he" she>s
i$$o%ile. Li7e $ost #e$i"i 8e$ales5 she has a" e:tre$ely pretty5 i"teresti"g 8ace5
,ith i"tellige"ce sta$pe- o" every 8eature5 a"- her 'uic7 Mercury ha"-s 8lutter i"
the air li7e lively %ir-s.
0si"g $ore char$ a"- ,it tha" the la, allo,s5 she cheer8ully solves everyo"e>s
pro%le$s i" the t,i"7li"g-o8 o"e o8 her clear5 %lue eyes. 2>ve ,atche- this ,o$a"
< 8i"- a %a%y sitter a"- a pair o8 ger%ils 8or a custo$er5 $a7e out the grocery list5
,rite thirty-t,o chec7s ?o"e o8 her 8avorite occupatio"s@5 pho"e a 4roa-,ay
pro-ucer o" a-yacht i" the !ari%%ea"5 se"- "i"e telegra$s5 8ol- the 8a$ily lau"-ry5
8igure the ,ee7>s ,or7i"g sche-ule 8or her operators5 8i"- her hus%a"->s %lue tie5
,rite -o," the -irectio"s 8or the shop ,here he coul- pic7 up so$e tropical 8ish 8or
their so"5 s"ap 8our *olaroi- pictures o8 the -og5 ope" a"- rea- her $o"thly %ills
?the" a%se"tly 8ile the$ i" the ,aste%as7et@5 help a casti"g o88ice locate a" actress
,ho spea7s si: la"guages5 a"- give t,elve clie"ts a ,a7e-up call -all i" the space o8
a little over a" hour ,ithout leavi"g her s,ivel chair. #o top that.
The secret is i" the #e$i"ia" -uality. They ca" -o t,o. thi"gs at o"ce ,ith less
e88ort tha" it ta7es $ost o8 us to -o o"e. Mercury ,o$e" o8te" iro"5 8ee- the %a%y
a"- tal7 o" the pho"e at the sa$e ti$e. So$e people s,ear that all #e$i"is ,ere
%or" ,ith a pho"e i" each ha"-.
A"y 7i"- o8 routi"e ca" $a7e a typical #e$i"ia" 8eel li7e a -roopy %ir- i" a cage
,ith his ,i"gs clippe-. These people rese"t -ru-gery a"- $o"oto"y al$ost 8iercely.
0sually5 they are">t the $ost pu"ctual souls i" the ,orl- ?u"less they happe" to have
a irgo asce"-a"t5 i" ,hich case they %eco$e hu$a" alar$ cloc7s@. The typical
#e$i"i5 ho,ever5 al,ays arrives late5 "ot %ecause he 8orgets the ti$e5 %ut %ecause
so$ethi"g caught his i"terest o" the ,ay a"- si-etrac7e- hi$. The restless
Mercurial "ature -e$a"-s co"sta"t e:cite$e"t a"- cha"ge or the spirit %eco$es
-e;ecte- a"- $orose.
28 you have a Mercury 8rie"-5 you>ve pro%a%ly alrea-y e:perie"ce- a co$$o"
#e$i"i ha%it that ca" %e so a""oyi"g it ca" give you ulcers. .e>ll suggest so$e
activity to you5 li7e -roppi"g over to his apart$e"t ?it ,ill sel-o$ %e a house-too
per$a"e"t@5 catchi"g a" ol- .u$phrey 4o-gart 8il$ ,ith a" &ur #a"g co$e-y
?-ou%le 8eature5 "aturally-he -oes">t play si"gles@5 -rivi"g out to a $i"iature gol8
ra"ge to practice a little putti"g or stoppi"g i" Jac7 De$psey>s 8or a 8e, 4loo-y
Marys. =ou>re tire- a"- you>re o" the ,ay ho$e. =ou tha"7 hi$ a"y,ay5 %ut as7
8or a rai" chec7. The #e$i"i argues ,ith you. !o"vi"ci"gly. .e tur"s o" those %a%y
%lues ?or gree"s or %ro,"s@ a"- ,eaves a cocoo" o8 char$ arou"- you. .e tal7s so
8ast a"- his s$ile is so persuasive that5 a8ter a ,hile5 you give i". =ou>ll go. .e has
a 8e, erra"-s to ru"5 so he says he>ll $eet you o" the co$er i" a%out a" hour. That
you -i-">t e:pect so you start to %ac7 out5 %ut he tur"s o" his tech"i'ue agai"5 a"-
you 8i"ally agree to $eet hi$. 2t>s a real -rag5 7illi"g the hour5 a"- %esi-es5 your 8eet
hurt5 %ut you $a"age to -o it5 a"- you sho, up o" the co$er at the appoi"te- ti$e.
#oo- ol- Ji$ is a hal8 hour late a"- a little out o8 %reath ,he" he gets there. #uess
,hatA .e>s cha"ge- his $i"-. .e>s really %eat. .e>s -eci-e- to call it a -ay5 hit the
sac7-a"- $a7e the sce"e to$orro, "ight. =ou -o">t $i"-5 -o youA &"ly a #e$i"i
coul- avoi- a soc7 i" the ;a, at that poi"t. 4ut he -oes. =ou 8orgive hi$5 a"- ,hat>s
really ri-iculous is that you>ll actually $eet hi$ the "e:t "ight5 li7e you ha- goo-
se"se or so$ethi"g. =ou>ve o"ly yoursel8 to %la$e 8or succu$%i"g to the irresisti%le
#e$i"i sales pitch. 28 you get stoo- up agai" the 8ollo,i"g eve"i"g5 you have it
co$i"g. 2t serves you right 8or letti"g hi$ s,eet tal7 you.
There>s a -eep-seate- "ee- i" all Ju"e people to -isguise their true $otives. Li7e the
*isces they 8eel a co$pulsio" to %ehave i" a ,ay e:actly opposite to their real -e-
sires. 4ut this a$a3i"g #e$i"i versatility a"- 8acility o8 speech $a7es the$ terri8ic
politicia"s5 "ot to $e"tio" e:perts i" the 8iel- o8 hu$a" relatio"ships. A #e$i"i
7"o,s ho, to s,erve you 8ro$ your $ost stu%%or"ly hel- co"victio"s. .e ca" t,ist
you li7e a pret3el ,ith his $e"tal 7arate5 get you to agree ,ith hi$ a"- love hi$ 8or
-oi"g it to you. 4ut i8 trou%le -evelops5 he 7"o,s i"sti"ctively ;ust ,here the
s7eleto"s are %urie- i" your closet5 a"- he ca" use his 8ast $i"- a"- clever to"gue to
rattle those %o"es -a"gerously.
There>s a stra"ge thi"g a%out #e$i"is a"- ,riti"g. The Su" sig" itsel8 rules ,riti"g.
There8ore5 practically every Mercury $a" or ,o$a" ca" tur" a clever phrase a"-
stri"g ,or-s together i"tellige"tly. =ou>ll 8i"- ,hole sle,s o8 the$ ,riti"g
speeches5 co$$ercials5 -ocu$e"taries5 plays a"- %oo7s. 4ut the %oo7s ,ill %e
"ovels5 te:t%oo7s5 "o"8ictio" or %iographies. ery sel-o$ ,ill you 8i"- the
#e$i"ia" ,riti"g his o," li8e story. A"- it>s e:tre$ely rare to 8i"- o"e ,ho li7es to
,rite perso"al letters. The typical #e$i"i hates to a"s,er correspo"-e"ce. .e>ll
procrasti"ate 8or ,ee7s.
2t $ay see$ to %e co"tra-ictory at 8irst5 %ut the reaso" is clear5 ,he" you reali3e the
relucta"ce o8 Mercury people to %e pi""e- -o," to a" opi"io". They hesitate to put
their thoughts o" paper %ecause they i"sti"ctively 7"o, that ,hat they %elieve
to-ay5 they $ay "ot %elieve to$orro,- a"- they -o">t ,a"t to %e co$$itte- i"
,riti"g. (e, #e$i"is "ee- to %e ,ar"e- %y their attor"eys to <Say it5 -o">t ,rite it.<
They ,ere %or" ,ith that -e8e"se $echa"is$. There are a" asto"ishi"g "u$%er o8
#e$i"i authors ,ho choose to use a pseu-o"y$-a"- eve" the average #e$i"ia"
,ill eve"tually 8i"- so$e reaso" to a-opt a" alias -either a co$plete cha"ge-a
-i88ere"t spelli"g5 or at the very least5 a "ic7"a$e. The rule is so co"siste"t5 you ca"
,i" a "ice "est egg %etti"g o" it ,ith all the #e$i"is you 7"o,.
Al$ost every #e$i"i spea7s5 u"-ersta"-s or rea-s $ore tha" o"e la"guage a"-
(re"ch is the 8avorite. &"e ,ay or a"other5 the #e$i"i ,ill triu$ph ,ith ,or-s. .e
cut his teeth o" /e%ster>s 0"a%ri-ge-. .e ca" sell ice cu%es to a" +s7i$o or -rea$s
to a pessi$ist. 28 you happe" to catch hi$ i" so$e -o-ge5 he ca" cha"ge the su%;ect
so 8ast5 a"- -irect the co"versatio" a,ay 8ro$ hi$sel8 so a-roitly5 that the ,hole
a88air e"-s ,ith you o" the carpet i"stea- o8 hi$. So$eti$es the Mercury te"-e"cy
to 8ool people ca" lea- to -isho"esty or cri$i"al activity5 %ut "ot as o8te" as you>ve
%ee" le- to %elieve. Although his tale"ts ca" te$pt a" occasio"al #e$i"i to live i" a
,e% o8 lies a"- -eceptio"5 $ost o8 the$ are too i-ealistic 8or a li8e o8 cri$e. Still it
$ust %e a-$itte- Mercury gives the$ superior e'uip$e"t 8or success i" that 8iel--
a"- they ca" %e %rillia"t co" artists i8 they choose. /ith their $a"ual -e:terity5 i8
they pic7 a poc7et5 8orge a chec7 or cou"ter8eit a sa,%uc75 at least they>re "eat
a%out it a"- sel-o$ get caught.
28 you co$e across a s$ooth-tal7i"g use- car sales$a" ,ho ,as %or" i" Ju"e5 a"-
he tells you the %lue Stu-e%a7er ha- ;ust o"e 8or$er o,"er-a little ol- la-y ,ho
-rove it o"ly to church every Su"-ay $or"i"g-you>- %e ,ise to as7 the "a$e o8 the
church a"- chec7 ,ith the little ol- la-y ?u"less she>s a #e$i"i5 too@. 4ut seriously5
u"less the a88lictio"s a"- pla"etary positio"s i" the "atal chart are $ar7e-5 the
$a;ority o8 #e$i"is are ho"est-a"- so$e o8 the$ are eve" pai"8ully ho"est to a
8ault. They see$ to go 8ro$ o"e e:tre$e to a"other. =et5 they all-petty thie8- co"
$a"-a"- upsta"-i"g citi3e" ali7e-,ill %e u"a%le to resist putti"g a light coat o8
var"ish o" a story at ti$es. &8 course5 that>s "ot lyi"g. That>s i$agi"atio".
As pro$oters5 all Mercury people are a%solutely super%. They have "o e'ual5 "ot
eve" Aries. The pro$otio"s ca" %e strictly a%ove%oar-5 %ut 8e, people are stro"g
e"ough to outlast the co$%i"atio" o8 char$ a"- sharp i"tellect #e$i"i -ishes out5
a"- that alo"e $ay %e ta7i"g u"8air a-va"tage. /he" a #e$i"i tac7les a ,orth,hile
pro;ect- to sell so$ethi"g $a"7i"- -eeply "ee-s a"- ,a"ts5 the a"gels s$ile o"
hi$5 a"- ,e ca" tha"7 those %or" u"-er this Su" sig" 8or $a"y great a"- lasti"g
i$prove$e"ts ,hich have %e"e8ite- all o8 us. At heart5 every Mercury-rule- perso"
is a sales$a"5 eve" the #e$i"i Jesuit priests a"- *rotesta"t $issio"aries. Ta7e t,o
e"tirely -iverge"t e:a$ples ,hich prove it. #e$i"i Joh" (. Fe""e-y sol- the ,hole
,orl- a shi"i"g i-eal-a"- #e$i"i Michael To-- sol- 4roa-,ay a -rea$ or t,o.
+ach i" his o," ,ay5 a Mercury chil-. 4oth the ,orl- a"- 4roa-,ay are "otori-
ously ;a-e- a"- har- to sell.
#e$i"is "ee- to rest their %usy %rai"s ,ith t,ice as $uch sleep as a"yo"e else.
0"8ortu"ately5 si"ce they>re so suscepti%le to i"so$"ia5 they rarely get e"ough.
Nevertheless5 they shoul- try har- to achieve rest5 rest a"- $ore rest5 to heal those
;a"gle- "erves a"- re"e, the over-active %rai" cells5 %ecause "ervous e:haustio" is
a co"sta"t threat. #o%s o8 8resh5 u"pollute- air a"- %arrels o8 %right su"shi"e are
also "ecessities to 7eep the$ out o8 hospitals. A lac7 o8 a"y o8 these5 plus
suppressio" o8 activity-ca" $a7e #e$i"is suscepti%le to acci-e"ts a"- i"8ectio"s
i"volvi"g the shoul-ers5 ar$s5 ha"-s a"- 8i"gers. The lu"gs $ay %e ,ea75 also the
i"testi"es. *ro%le$s i"volvi"g the 8eet5 %ac75 eli$i"atio"5 arthritis5 rheu$atis$ a"-
$igrai"e hea-aches are al,ays a possi%ility 8or the Mercury people ,ho "eglect
their health. The o-- thi"g is that the #e$i"i ca" su88er a" e$otio"al %rea7-o,"
$ore easily 8ro$ %ore-o$ a"- co"8i"e$e"t tha" 8ro$ over-activity.
Deep i"si-e his searchi"g5 i$patie"t "ature5 the #e$i"i see7s a" i-eal5 a"- his chie8
pro%le$ is i" recog"i3i"g ,hat it is. 2t coul- %e a"ythi"g5 si"ce his i$agi"atio"
7"o,s "o %ou"-aries. Mo"ey5 8a$e5 ,ealth5 love a"- career are "ever 'uite e"ough.
Mercury calls #e$i"i higher a"- higher-o" a"- o"-a%ove a"- %eyo"-5 ,ith a
se-uctive pro$ise o8 so$ethi"g al,ays ;ust a little %etter. The grass al,ays loo7s
gree"er ;ust across the roa-. The s7y is %luer over a"other ocea". The starJ shi"e
%righter i" a -i88ere"t place. /hat is it he see7sA *erhaps so$e hi--e"5
u"-iscovere- co"ti"e"t ,ithi" hi$sel8. #e$i"i is the $e"tal e:plorer.
.is eyes are sharp a"- his tale"ts are $ultiple. .e has a %rillia"t hu$or5 tact5
-iplo$acy a"- a-roit"ess-yet he lac7s persiste"ce a"- patie"ce. .e thro,s a,ay the
precious ol- too 'uic7ly 8or the u"trie- "e,5 the" lives to regret the i"sta"t -isposal.
2" spite o8 all the people arou"- hi$5 he shares his -eepest e$otio"s o"ly ,ith his
o"e co"sta"t co$pa"io"-his other t,i" sel8. The air is his ele$e"t a"- his real
ho$e. .e>s a stra"ger to earth.
#e$i"i ca" char$ a %ir- right out o8 its tree a"- give it 8ive "e, so"gs to si"g. 4ut
the restless Mercurial $i"- ca" too easily overloo7 the %lue%ir- o8 happi"ess
,aiti"g ,ist8ully year a8ter year i" his o," %ac7yar-. .e ,ears clear yello,s5
gree"s a"- %lues5 silver a"- gray-a"- his $oo-s re8lect his glitteri"g a'ua$ari"e
;e,el. .e has the light touch5 echoe- i" the -elicate 8ragra"ce o8 the lily-o8-the-
valley5 a"- he has %reathe- the 8resh pro$ise o8 the gree"est 8er"s i" the -eepest
part o8 the 8orest. 4ut the col- $etal o8 Mercury -ivi-es #e$i"i ,ith t,i" -esires5
u"til he stops-a"- ,aits-a"- liste"s-to his o," heart%eat
(a$ous #e$i"i *erso"alities
4e""ett !er8 Joh" Dilli"ger Arthur !o"a" Doyle 4o% Dyla"
Du7e o8 +-i"%urgh la" (le$i"g +rrol (ly"" Ju-y #arla"- *aul #augui" Tho$as
.ar-y 4o% .ope Al Jolso"
Joh" (. Fe""e-y 4eatrice Lillie Marily" Mo"roe !ole *orter 1osali"- 1ussell
*ra"coise Saga" /allis Si$pso" Michael To-- 1u-olph ale"ti"o /alt /hit$a"
(ra"7 Lloy- /right 4righa$ =ou"g

The #+M2N2 Ma"
<2 coul- tell you $y a-ve"tures- %egi""i"g 8ro$ this $or"i"g-<
<At least 2 7"e, ,ho 2 ,as ,he" 2 got up this $or"i"g5 %ut 2 thi"7 2 $ust have %ee"
cha"ge- several ti$es si"ce the".<
4ei"g i" love gives you a "ice se"se o8 ,ar$ security. There>s that heave"ly
co$8ort o8 al,ays 7"o,i"g so$eo"e. is goi"g to %e there ,he" you "ee- hi$-that
you "o lo"ger ,al7 alo"e. All the -ou%ts you 7"e, %e8ore ;ust $elt a,ay. That is5
u"less you>re havi"g a ro$a"ce ,ith a Mercury $a"5 ,hich $ight ta7e the e-ge o88
that <,ar$ security.< 2" 8act5 you>ll a-;ust $uch %etter to a #e$i"i i8 you se"- hi$
out 8or a loa8 o8 %rea- o" Mo"-ay a"- -o">t e:pect hi$ %ac7 u"til Thurs-ay. Never
loo7 8or hi$ u"til you see hi$ co$i"g-a"- -o">t ha"g o"to his coat-tails ,he" he
,a"ts to leave.
&"ce you>ve schoole- yoursel8 to accept his restless5 u"pre-icta%le spirit5 there>s a
goo- cha"ce o8 $a7i"g it ,or7. 4ut "ot i8 you>re goi"g to i"sist o" <that heave"ly
co"a8ort o8 al,ays 7"o,i"g so$eo"e is goi"g to %e there.< =o$>ll pro%a%ly "ever
7"o, 8or sure ,he" this $a" is goi"g to %e a"y,here5 a"- that ca" %ri"g %ac7 so$e
o8 those -ou%ts ro$a"ce is suppose- to $elt a,ay. 2t>s true that ,he" you>re i" love
,ith a #e$i"i5 you ,o">t ,al7 alo$e. =ou $ost certai"ly ,o">t. =ou>ll have at least
t,o people to ,al7 ,ith you-a"- %oth o8 the$ ,ill %e hi$. .e ,as %or" u"-er the
sig" o8 the t,i"s5 you 7"o,. 2" his case5 they>re "ever i-e"tical t,i"s. The -ual
"ature o8 #er$i"i co$%i"es t,o co$pletely -i88ere"t perso"alities. =o$ $ight
eve" %e i"volve- ,ith o"e o8 those Mercury $e$ ,ho are triplets or 'ui"tuplets5
a"- i8 so5 you have 'uilte a cro,- to 7eep you co$pa"y5 eve". ,he" you>re alo"e
,ith hi$.
The typical #e$i"i is the 8avorite o8 every hostess. .e li7es people. The $ore the
$errier. 2t>s a rare #e$i"ia" ,ho>s "ot a per8ectly -elight8ul co"versatio"alist. .e
has e:'uisite taste5 he>s loa-e- ,ith ,itty re$ar7s5 a"- his co$pli$e"ts are
$asterpieces o8 ,ar$ si"cerity. 0sually a $aster o8 i$pecca%le $a""ers a"- social
a-roit"ess5 he 7eeps the party $ovi"g i" $ore ,ays tha" o"e.
=ou 7"o, those scave"ger hu"ts5 ,here people pair o88 ,ith a list o8 ,hac7y ite$s
to collect5 li7e a hair 8ro$ the hea- o8 a 8a$ous $ovie star a"- a piece o8 the %lotter
o" the -es7 o8 the chie8 o8 police5 a"- the couple ,hich has rou"-e- up the $ost
ite$s o" the list gets the pri3eA 2t>s the #e$i"i>s 8avorite 7i"- o8 party5 %ecause it
co$%i"es the highest possi%le e:posure to people o8 all 7i"-s ,ith the highest
possi%le opportu"ity to $ove arou"- 8ro$ place to place-a"- he see7s %oth.
28 you $eet hi$ 8irst at a social a88air ,here he>s per8or$i"g his 8asci"ati"g $ultiple
perso"ality act5 you have">t a cha"ce. =ou>ll %e co"vi"ce- he>s the $ost e:citi"g5
i"teresti"g5 i"tellige"t $a" you>ve ever co$e across. No o"e coul- 'uarrel ,ith that
a"alysis. .e pro%a%ly is. 2t>s "o ,o"-er you>re e:cite- a"- i$presse-. 4ut %e8ore
you let hi$ cha"ge your "a$e5 %e sure you>re capa%le o8 >tac7li"g a" u"certai"
8uture ,ith a $a" ,hose ,hi$s $ay cha"ge ,ith the ,i"-5 a"- ,hose goals i" li8e
$ay shi8t -rastically %e8ore the ho"ey$oo" is eve" over. #e$i"ia" /alt /hit$a"
o"ce ,rote the li"es9 <Do 2 co"tra-ict $ysel8A ... 2 co"tai" $ultitu-es.< /hether he
reali3e- it or "ot5 he ,as su$$i"g up the Mercury "ature.
&"e -ay your #e$i"i $a" $ay call o" you ,ith a chatteri"g $o"7ey perche- o" his
shoul-er a"- suggest goi"g to a 8lea circus. .e>ll %ri"g you 8lo,ers5 per8u$e5 a
pho"ograph recor- or a couple o8 %oo7s5 $ay%e eve" o"e he ,rote hi$sel8. The
hours ,ill spee- %y as you happily su" yoursel8 i" his cheer8ul -ispositio"5 laugh at
his %right5 Blever ;o7es a"- $elt u"-er his gay5 galla"t char$. .e>ll ay <2 love you5<
a hu"-re- -i88ere"t ,ays5 li7e "o o"e ilse i" the ,orl- coul- -o.
The "e:t -ay5 he>ll pho"e you a"- %rea7 a -ate 8or "o iarthly reaso" ,hatsoever5
causi"g you to i$agi"e all sorts o8 thi"gs. /as he o"ly ;o7i"g a%out lovi"g youA 2s
he > Bei"g so$eo"e elseA 2s he i" trou%leA =our 8ears $ay %e <ue. The" agai"5 they
$ay %e 8alse. A ,ee7 later5 he>ll sappear5 8ull o8 sarcastic re$ar7s5 $oo-y a"-
.e>ll %e i$patie"t5 critical a"- petula"t. .e $ay critici3e your shoes5 your lipstic7 or
your literary taste5 a"- have so$e pretty cutti"g -ou%ts a%out the possi%ility o8 your
happi"ess together. +ither all this5 or he>ll %e sulle" a"- trou%le-5 his $i"- 8ar a,ay5
-ista"t a"- aloo8. No use as7i"g ,hy5 you ,o">t get a" a"s,er that $a7es a"y
28 you survive that e:perie"ce5 a 8e, $ore -ays ,ill 8i"- you visiti"g a" art gallery5
theater5 $useu$5 li%rary or opera ,ith your #e$i"i $a"5 a%solutely hyp"oti3e- %y
his 7"o,le-ge a"- ,i-e i"terests. .ell %e u"usually te"-er5 8ull o8 8ragile5 %utter8ly
-rea$s a"- i$agi"ative hopes 8or to$orro,. The" he>ll propose. Li7e that. 6uic7 as
light"i"g. =ou>ll 8orget all the thu"-er a"- stor$ clou-s5 all the rai" that 8ell %e8ore5
say <yes5< %e8ore he cha"ges his $i"--a"- there you are-e"gage- to a" e"ig$a.
=es5 2 sai- e"ig$a. 28 you e:pect a"ythi"g else5 li7e a $a" ,ho>s sta%le a"- patie"t5
,ho ,ill ge"tly play Dar%y to your Joa" ,hile li8e a"- love gli-e o" as s$oothly as
a go"-ola -o," a ro$a"tic ca"al i" e"ice5 you>re hea-e- i" the sa$e -irectio" as a
$erry-go-rou"-. 2" circles. #et o88 8ast a"- "ever $i"- a%out gra%%i"g the %rass
ri"g. Do">t let the gay5 light-hearte- $usic se-uce you i"to 8ollo,i"g a pai"te-
sce"e o8 co"sta"tly cha"gi"g colors5 ,ith sha-es o8 -reary gray as li7ely to sho, up
as su""y yello, or %liss8ul %lue. 28 you>re a" i"cura%le ro$a"tic5 see7i"g per8ect
har$o"y5 you>re i" $ore tha" a little -a"ger.
No $atter ,hat the rest o8 his "atal chart says5 i8 the Su" ,as i" #e$i"i ,he" he
,as %or"5 this $a" ,ill "ot re$ai" to$orro, ,hat he is to-ay5 "or ,ill he have a"y
lasti"g $e$ory o8 yester-ay. 2" o"e ,ay or a"other5 he ,ill cha"ge. #ra"te-5 the
cha"ges $ay al,ays %e 8or the %etter a"- he $"siste"tly ai$ higher. 4ut the
ele$e"t o8 cha"ce is al,ays there. 28 you>re a ga$%ler5 you $ay very ,ell hit the
;ac7pot ,ith hi$5 a"- 8i"- a glorious $e"tal a"- e$otio"al co$pati%ility to
cele%rate o" your gol-e" ,e--i"g a""iversary. 4ut all goo- ga$%lers 7"o, the
o--s %e8ore they place their %et. Just %e sure you -o. T,o rare e:ceptio"s to
#e$i"ia" i"sta%ility o8 purpose see$ to %e *resi-e"t Fe""e-y a"- +"gla"->s 6uee"
ictoria. .o,ever5 7eep i" $i"- that Joh" Fe""e-y ha-5 at all ti$es a $ultitu-e o8
i"terests5 ,hich cha"ge- co"sta"tly5 a"- 6uee" ictoria ?,ho ,as very close to
%ei"g a Taurus %y pla"etary positio"@ %rought a%out a great $a"y i$porta"t cha"ges
i" her cou"try>s custo$s. A"y,ay5 very 8e, o8 us $arry 7i"gs5 'uee"s or presi-e"ts5
,ho have %ee" 8orce- %y circu$sta"ces to $ature a"- Settle i"to a set patter".
A" e:celle"t e:a$ple o8 #e$i"ia" -uality o8 e:pressio" is the co"8essio" o8 a
,o$a" ,ho ,as e:pose- to it. The Mercury-rule- $a" ,as a pro-ucer5 a"- the
,o$a" ,as a 8a$ous5 -ar7-haire- *isces actress. A8ter a ,ee7e"- party ,ith
8rie"-s as the guest o8 the #e$i"i o" his %oat5 -uri"g ,hich he ,as ope"ly
i"sulti"g5 ru-e a"- aloo8 to her5 %y tur"s5 the actress ,as -is$aye- a"- pu33le-.
Later5 she $a-e the re$ar75 <2 -o">t 7"o, ,hat>s ,ro"g ,ith hi$. .e $ust hate $e.
2>ve "ever -o"e a"ythi"g to hi$5 yet he har-ly spo7e a ,or- to $e all ,ee7e"-.<
Ah5 %ut -o">t you see5 she ha- -o"e so$ethi"g to hi$. She ha- $a-e hi$ 8all i"
love ,ith her. The e$otio" ,as serious e"ough 8or hi$ to $arry her soo" a8ter the
i"ci-e"t. 4ut ho, -i- he react to his 8irst 7"o,le-ge o8 a 8eeli"g o8 te"-er"ess
to,ar- herA As though she ,ere Lucretia 4orgia.
.er e:perie"ce pro%a%ly ,o">t 7eep you 8ro$ leapi"g i"to a ro$a"ce ,ith a
Mercury $a". Still5 it $ight soothe the ,ou"-s o8 a 8e, o8 you girls ,ho have %ee"
su88eri"g 8ro$ the col- actio"s o8 a #e$i"i ,ho>s pro%a%ly helplessly i" love ,ith
you a"- cleverly co"ceali"g it 8or his o,"5 u"8atho$a%le reaso"s. #e$i"is have a"
u"co"scious urge to -isguise their true i"te"t5 to 8e"ce ,ith others ver%ally a"-
cloa7 their $otives ,ith -ual actio"s. 2" ge"eral5 they see7 to co"8use you. The"
,ith true #e$i"ia" i"co"siste"cy5 they>ll tur" right arou"- a"- %e so -irect5 they>ll
8airly ta7e your %reath a,ay ,ith their 8ra"7"ess a"- %lu"t"ess.
Lovi"g a #e$i"i is easy a"- 8u"5 i8 you -o">t try to get too close. There>s a i""er
core that %elo"gs o"ly to hi$5 that he>ll "ever share ,ith a"other hu$a" %ei"g5 eve"
you. Feep thi"gs cool a"- light5 a"- -o">t %e overly passio"ate or -ra$atic. Do">t
%ore hi$5 al,ays e:cite hi$ a"- your #e$i"i ro$a"ce ca" %e very special. Do">t
re%el agai"st his cha"gea%ility. !ha"ge ,ith hi$. 4e as alert a"- i"tereste- i" li8e as
he is. &ther,ise5 the love a88air coul- %eco$e ;ust o"e o8 those thi"gs. .e see7s a
$e"tal co$pa"io" a%ove all else. &"e ,ho ca" $atch his ,its5 eve" top hi$ "o,
a"- the"5 %ecause he>s "ot a" egotist. .e>s a realist5 a"- he thrives o" $e"tal
challe"ge. The last thi"g he ,a"ts is a -oor$at or a -ull $ouse. Let your %rai" sho,
through5 your 8e$i"i"e i$age. 2t ,o">t scare hi$ o885 as it $ight so$e $e". 2t ,ill
spi" hi$ arou"- i" the right -irectio"-to,ar- you.
#e$i"is te"- to -iscar- ol- 8rie"-s 8or "e, o"es5 %ut "ot %ecause they>re heartless.
Their o," perso"alities 8luctuate a"- a-va"ce so rele"tlessly5 it>s o"ly "atural 8or
the$ to see7 those ,ho $atch their i"terests at the ti$e. A"y,here #e$i"i ha"gs
his hat is ho$e. There>s sel-o$ a"y -eep5 lasti"g attach$e"t to ol- $e$ories5
places5 people a"- thi"gs. Duri"g a lo"g perio- o8 lo"eli"ess5 he ca" she- so$e
se"ti$e"tal tears5 %ut it>s the lo"eli"ess that -oes it5 rather tha" "ostalgia 8or
yester-ay. .e>s gregarious5 a"- he hates-eve" 8ears-%ei"g alo"e 8or e:te"-e-
perio-s. 28 you ca" hit hi$ ,ith the $essage that you>ll %e a part"er ,ho ,ill al,ays
%e arou"-5 %ut ,ho ,o">t lea" o" hi$ "or e:pect hi$ to lea" o" you5 he>ll pro%a%ly
co"si-er sig"i"g a lo"g-ter$ co"tract. 4ut re$e$%er those o--s. Ma"y #e$i"is
$arry $ore tha" o"ce5 although $ultiple $arriage is $ore li7ely to occur ,he" they
,e- too you"g tha" i8 they ,ait 8or $aturity. Not every #e$i"i has t,o ,ives5 %ut
he>ll have t,o o8 al$ost everythi"g else-perhaps t,o cars5 t,o apart$e"ts5 t,o
college -egrees5 t,o ;o%s5 t,o -rea$s5 t,o pets5 t,o ra3ors5 t,o ho%%ies5 t,o
a$%itio"s. .e li7es to -ou%le up.
My goo- #e$i"i 8rie"- (ra"7 4lair5 N4! "e,s$a" o" the <To-ay< sho,5 eve"
ta7es his a""ual vacatio" at t,o separate ti$es -uri"g the year. .is ho%%iesA .e
pilots his o," private pla"e5 sails his o," %oat a"- plays a $ea". ga$e o8 gol8. ?2>$
"ot sure5 %ut 2 thi"7 (ra"7 $ay %e o"e o8 the triplet #e$i"is.@ .e plays t,o $usical
i"stru$e"ts5 has $ultiple chil-re"5 $ultiple a,ar-s a"- trophies o" his o88ice ,all
at N4!5 $ultiple 8rie"-s5 t,o shi8ts at the "et,or7 ?o"e 8or the <To-ay< progra$5
a"other 8or recor-i"g <+$phasis< a"- special sho,s@5 t,o electric ra3ors i" his -es7
a"- at least a -o3e" -rea$s a"- pla"s at a ti$e5 ,hich cha"ge a%out every si:
$o"ths. .e has ;ust o"e ,i8e. ?.e $ust have a !a"cer or Taurus asce"-a"t.@ =ou>ll
"ote that he>s also i" a typically #e$i"i occupatio"-%roa-casti"g. Mercury rules
co$$u"icatio" a"- "e,s. .e certai"ly has the #e$i"i char$ a"- $a"ual -e:terity.
(ra"7 o8te" pours a glass o8 to$ato ;uice5 -ictates to his secretary5 pho"es his ,i8e5
shaves5 a"- pac7s his %rie8 case-so$eho, all at o"ce. #e$i"is are e:perts at sleight
o8 ha"-.
2" 8i"a"cial $atters5 the -uality ta7es over agai". A Mercury $a" $ay %e at 8irst
8a%ulously ge"erous5 the" a%ruptly tur" $iserly. 28 you average out his t,i"
attitu-es5 $y guess is that the ge"erosity ,oul- ,i"5 ha"-s -o,". #e$i"i has little
-esire to accu$ulate either $o"ey or 7"o,le-ge. 2" each case5 he pre8ers to a%sor%
it5 sort it5 a"- give it %ac7 i$prove-. .e>s the co$$u"icator ,hose 8u"ctio" is to
create ever "e,5 origi"al i-eas a"- serve others through the versatility o8 his 'uic75
%rillia"t $e"tal processes.
/ill he %e 8aith8ul to youA 2" his 8ashio"5 yes5 he ,ill. There are a thousa"- a"s,ers
to that 'uestio" ,here Mercury is co"cer"e-. .e li7es to co"verse a"- he li7es to
$i:. .e>s also stra"gely attractive to ,o$e"5 so there $ay %e occasio"s 8or
,hispers a"- suspicio"s. 4ut you ca" cou"t o" this9 2t>s a rare #e$i"i $a" ,hose
-eeply i"grai"e- se"se o8 8air"ess ,ill let hi$ %e -isho"est i" his actio"s i8 you
have 8aith i" hi$. 2 $ea" real 8aith a"- real trust. Not the 7i"- that secretly ,o"-ers.
.e>ll al,ays %e a%le to se"se i8 you secretly ,o"-er. Mercury $i"-s o8te" i"tercept
your private thoughts as though you ,ere %roa-casti"g the$. .o,ever5 it>s "ot a
goo- i-ea to e:pect a #e$i"i hus%a"- to give all 8e$ales a col- shoul-er ;ust
%ecause he ,ears a ,e--i"g %a"-. (e$ales are part o8 the sce"e5 a"- #e$i"i $ust
$a7e the sce"e. 28 they>re arou"-5 he>ll tal7 to the$-$ay%e eve" laugh ,ith the$ or
have a -ri"7 ,ith the$. 2t>s o"ly "atural 8or Mercury to co$$u"icate5 regar-less o8
the se: o8 the liste"er. 4ut that -oes">t $ea" he has to ro$a"ce the$.
2t>s true that there are lots o8 #e$i"ia"s ,ho are ;ust plai"5 outright pro$iscuous5
yet "o $atter ,hat you>ve hear-5 there>s al,ays a cause. To %e $istruste- or $is-
u"-erstoo- i" a"y area -eeply -istresses a Mercury $a". 2t 8rustrates a"- -epresses
hi$5 a"- such a" u"happy #e$i"i ca" 8ly here a"- there5 see7i"g relie8 8ro$
ta"gle- e$otio"s. /he" he>s 8ree 8ro$ a 8eeli"g o8 $e"tal isolatio"5 a"- has "othi"g
to prove to a"yo"e5 he loses the co$pulsio" to e:peri$e"t a"- ta7e 8lights o8 8a"cy.
A ,o$a" ,ho has per8ect $e"tal har$o"y ,ith a #e$i"i "ee- "ever 8ear
e$otio"al or physical u"8aith8ul"ess. That>s so true o8 these $e"5 it>s al$ost a cut
a"- -rie- rule. 4ut he ,o">t %e chai"e- u"reaso"a%ly. To e:pect your #e$i"i "ot to
s$ile %ac7 ,he" so$eo"e s$iles at hi$5 ,hether it>s a chil- or a" a-ult5 a $a" or a
,o$a"5 is to e:pect the su" "ot to shi"e. .is cheer8ul5 8rie"-ly "ature see7s
co$pa"io"ship co"sta"tly. 2t coul- %e the co"-uctor o" the co$$uter trai" or the
,aitress at the co88ee shop arou"- the co$er 8ro$ ,here he ,or7s. Do">t try to
sti8le hi$. /he" a"yo"e tries to co"8i"e the #e$i"i>s spirit5 he ca" %eco$e as
elusive a"- as u"pre-icta%le as the ,i"- itsel8.
/ith the you"gsters5 hell %e a %u--y5 %ut "ot a -iscipli"aria"5 a"- he>ll teach the$ a
lot %e8ore they eve" get to 7i"-ergarte". They>ll pro%a%ly love to co"8i-e i" hi$5
%ecause he>ll sel-o$ %e shoc7e- or harsh i" his ;u-g$e"t. .e 7"o,s ho, to love
,ithout s$otheri"g. The relatio"ship %et,ee" the #e$i"i a"- his chil-re" is usually
very close5 %ut perhaps a %it loose5 eve" though that $ay sou"- co"tra-ictory. As
a88ectio"ate5 e:citi"g a"- lively as he is ,ith you"g people5 he $ay 8ail to i"sist that
they 8ollo, routi"es5 si"ce he -isli7es routi"es so $uch hi$sel8. There>s also a
te"-e"cy to critici3e their %ehavior o"e -ay a"- approve o8 it the "e:t -ay5 ,hich
ca" co"8use the$. Although hell $a"age a goo- lecture5 you>- %etter e:pect the
spa"7i"gs a"- really serious -iscipli"e to 8all i" your -epart$e"t. #e$i"i 8athers
te"- to spoil their chil-re".
.is i$agi"atio" $ay ru" a,ay ,ith hi$5 a"- cause hi$ to $a7e a" occasio"al
state$e"t he ca">t %ac7 up. =ou>ll have to $a7e hi$ see the i$porta"ce o8 7eepi"g
his ,or-. 1egar-less o8 all his goo- i"te"tio"s5 a 8e, o8 his 'uic7 i$pulsive
pro$ises $ay %e %ro7e". 28 the chil-re" -o">t tie hi$ -o," i" a"y ,ay5 or 7eep hi$
8ro$ his $ultiple activities5 he>ll e";oy the$ e"or$ously. &"e ,or- o8 ,ar"i"g9
Although he ,ill sel-o$ pu"ish the chil-re" physically5 the #e$i"i proclivity 8or
su--e"5 sti"gi"g5 sarcastic speech $ay cause -eep ,ou"-s i" little hearts or create a
hurt ,hich ca" %e re$e$%ere- 8or a li8eti$e. There $ay also %e a relucta"ce to
sho, a88ectio" i" the 8or$ o8 7isses a"- hugs5 u"less a co"scious e88ort is $a-e to
overco$e the "atural #e$i"ia" cool"ess. =et5 2>ve 7"o," so$e #e$i"i pare"ts
,ho see$ to give the ,ar$th they ca">t release to Ca-ults i" a%u"-a"ce to their
chil-re". See that the you"gsters -o">t co"8i"e hi$ "ee-lessly5 -o">t as7 hi$ to
%a%ysit u"less he o%viously ,a"ts to5 a"- he>ll ta7e to 8atherhoo- "icely5 ,ith o"e
chil- or a -o3e".
Jealousy is so$ethi"g you $ay "ever have to ,orry a%out ,ith a #e$i"i hus%a"-5
%ecause possessive"ess is "ot a typical #e$i"i trait. 28 suspicio" occasio"ally
,hispers i" his ear5 he>ll usually %rush it a,ay ?u"less a" a88lictio" i" the "atal chart
i"-icates other,ise@. So$e -egree o8 ;ealousy is "atural i" everyo"e5 o8 course5 %ut
it>s "or$ally "ot e:aggerate- i" a #e$i"i. Love is "ot a strictly physical relatio"ship
,ith this $a". .e hears $ore5 sees $ore a"- 8eels $ore through his se"ses tha"
others -o5 a"- Mercury helps hi$ recor- the $ost -elicate i$pressio"s vivi-ly. .is
love has such a" airy5 elusive 'uality5 it $ay see$ to lac7 the earthy passio" o8
other Su" sig"s. 4ut i8 you>re "ot see7i"g a ,il- cave $a" ,ho ,ill -rag you i"to
the ,oo-s %y the hair5 he shoul- %e a $ore tha" satis8actory lover. .e>ll spea7 o8 his
e$otio"s ,ith ro$a"tic5 i$agi"ative phrases5 a"- 8ill the hu"ger o8 your heart ,ith
the stra"ge %eauty o8 his i-ealis$.
1e$e$%er that the typical e$otio"al col-"ess o8 Mercury ca" %e ,ar$e-
co"si-era%ly i8 you %oth hear the sa$e $usic a"- -rea$ the sa$e -rea$s. .e $ust
e:perie"ce a total %le"-i"g o8 the $i"- a"- the spirit %e8ore the physical passio"s
catch up i" i"te"sity. That $ay see$ o%li'ue5 %ut it>s the o"ly real roa- to his heart.
=ou>ll have to get use- to the ,or- <i8.< .e>ll say5 <28 2 love- you5 ,e coul- . . .< a"-
<28 2 love- you5 there $ight %e . . .< a"- so$eti$es "ever 8i"ish the se"te"ce. =ou
$ay have to liste" ,ith your heart a"- 8i"ish it 8or hi$. 4lot out the ,or- <i8.< .e
o"ly uses it as a s$o7e scree" or as a sa8ety precautio". .arsh5 critical "aggi"g a"-
co"ti"ual e$otio"al sce"es ,ill surely -ull the e-ge o8 the 8i"e5 se"sitive #e$i"i
love. Try to s'uee3e a pu--le o8 $ercury i" your ha"-. /hat happe"sA 2t -issolves
i$$e-iately i"to hu"-re-s o8 spar7li"g silver %alls that 'uic7ly escape through your
tightly cle"che- 8i"gers. &"e #e$i"i $a" ,hose ,i8e thought she 7"e, hi$ very
,ell ,rote the 8ollo,i"g li"es ;ust %e8ore he le8t her5 a"- she 8ou"- the$ a$o"g his
papers a8ter the -ivorce9
<2"to the -rea$ you ca$e
A"- across the so8t carpet o8 $y reverie you ,al7e-
/ith ho%"ail %oots ...<
=ou>ll o8te" rea- or hear it sai- that #e$i"is $ust al,ays have t,o loves at o"ce.
This #e$i"i -uality5 hi"ti"g at -eceptio"5 is so 8re'ue"tly $e"tio"e-5 it $ay cause
u"8ou"-e- a":iety. May 2 $o-i8y that -escriptio"A A #e$i"i "ee-s t,o loves. Not
"ecessarily t,o ,o$e". That>s a ri--le. 28 you truly u"-ersta"- hi$5 youll 7"o, the
a"s,er to it.

The #+M2N2 /o$a"

Though she $a"age- to pic7 ple"ty o8 %eauti8ul rushes as the %oat gli-e- %y5 there
,as al,ays a $ore lovely o"e that she coul-">t reach. <The prettiest are al,ays
8urtherI< she sai- at last5
,ith a sigh at the o%sti"acy o8 the rushes i" gro,i"g so 8ar o88.
.ave you al,ays secretly thought 4righa$ =ou"g ha- a se"satio"al i-ea ,he" he
a-vocate- several ,ives 8or o"e $a"A Do you i",ar-ly e"vy the +aster" pote"tates
,ith their hare$sA =ou "ee-">t resig" yoursel8 to ro$a"tic /alter Mitty -ay-rea$s.
Just $arry a #e$i"i girl. That ,ay5 you>ll %e guara"tee- at least t,o -i88ere"t
,ives5 a"- o" occasio"al ,ee7e"-s5 as $a"y as three or 8our.
Naturally5 there>s a s$all catch. The -i88ere"ce %et,ee" a girl %or" u"-er the sig" o8
the t,i"s a"- a hare$ is her appare"t lac7 o8 i"terest i" earthy passio". 2t>s har- to
get her to settle -o," lo"g e"ough to ta7e passio" or a"ythi"g else very seriously.
.er $i"- is al,ays traveli"g5 a"- she 7eeps up a pretty goo- ru""i"g co$$e"tary
si$ulta"eously. 4ut loo7 a little -eeper. So$e,here5 hi--e" a$o"g the several
,o$e" ,ho $a7e up o"e #e$i"i 8e$ale5 is a ro$a"tic o"e-o"e ,ho is capa%le o8
i"te"se passio"5 i8 you ca" $a"age to $a7e the $e"tal5 spiritual a"- physical
%le"-i"g co$plete. .o, to -evelop her a"- still e";oy all the other ,o$e" %ottle-
up i"si-e the #e$i"ia" perso"ality $ay create a pro%le$. 2 ca" tell you that o"e
#e$i"i girl e'uals several ,o$e". 4ut 2>$ a8rai- it>s up to you to -elve i"to the
a-va"ce- alge%ra o8 sorti"g the$ out. +ach i"-ivi-ual case is -i88ere"t.
.er age ,ill %e a" i$porta"t clue to ,hat you ca" e:pect5 %ecause u"til she $atures5
ro$a"ce is o"ly a ga$e to her. She ca" %e 8ic7le a"- u"pre-icta%le to a" i"cre-i%le
-egree. (irst she>ll %e ecstatically carrie- a,ay %y your s$ile a"- your voice5 eve"
the ,ay you ,al7. The" she>ll reverse her ecstasy a"- critici3e everythi"g 8ro$ your
soc7s to your haircut5 a"- she usually -oes it ,ith such clever5 sharp sarcas$5 you
$ay "ee- io-i"e 8or your ,ou"-s. No,5 -o">t let this put you out o8 the $ar7et 8or a
#e$i"i ,o$a". 1e$e$%er you>re getti"g at least t,o 8or o"e5 a"- that>s
i"-isputa%ly a %argai".
Mercury 8e$ales are">t as heartless as they see$ to %e >at ti$es. Their active
i$agi"atio"s create $a"y 8a"tasies. 1o$a"ce is the easiest ,ay they ca" e:press
the$5 a"- #e$i"is have at least t,ice as $uch to e:press as other ,o$e". A
#e$i"i $a" ca" %e a pro-ucer5 a si"ger5 a sailor5 a la,yer5 a" actor5 a sales$a" a"-
the chair$a" o8 a 8e, %oar-s o8 -irectors all at o"ce-a"- e:press hi$sel8 a-
i"8i"itu$. 4ut a ,o$a" ca">t very ,ell s,i"g all that5 or she ,oul- %e co"si-ere- a
little 8rea7ish. Not that Mercury girls -o">t pursue careers. They -o. Al$ost every
last o"e o8 the$. 4ut u"-er the e:isti"g co"-itio"s o8 society5 a career still -oes">t
o88er her as $a"y opportu"ities as ro$a"ce to try out her $yria- theories a"-
practice her e$otio"al gy$"astics.
The #e$i"i girl "ee-s your pity5 "ot your a"ger. 2t>s pai"8ully -i88icult 8or her to
really co$$it hersel8 to o"e perso" at a ti$e. /hile she>s %ei"g i$presse- ,ith a
$a">s $e"tal a%ilities a"- his i"tellige"t ,it5 a"other si-e o8 her is "otici"g his
a"tipathy to,ar- the arts or his lac7 o8 respo"se to $usic a"- poetry. /he" she
8i"-s so$eo"e ,ho>s appropriately creative5 ,ho>s at ho$e at the %allet or i" the
literary ,orl-5 the -uality pops up agai". 1ight i" the $i--le o8 a stroll through the
$useu$5 her other sel8 ,ill %egi" to ,o"-er i8 he>s practical e"ough to $a7e a
livi"g or i8 he has e"ough co$$o" se"se to 7"o, ,here he>s goi"g. 2 trust you>re
%egi""i"g to have a $ore sy$pathetic u"-ersta"-i"g o8 the co"8licts peculiar to
those %or" i" Ju"e.
#ive her cre-it. Shell usually $a"age to 7eep her %e,il-er$e"t at her o," co$ple:
character to hersel85 a"- "ot %ur-e" you ,ith it. She>s a lively a"- gay co$pa"io".
Most o8 the ti$e ?,he" the $oo- is o" the up-s,i"g@5 she>ll spar7le ,ith a vivacious
perso"ality5 a$use you ,ith her clever5 ,itty re$ar7s5 a"- co"verse i"tellige"tly
a%out al$ost a"y su%;ect u"-er the su". She e";oys all the se"ti$e"tal gestures o8
ro$a"ce a"- has "o trou%le $a7i"g co"'uests. No ,o$a" you>ve ever $et ,ill
-elight you ,ith $ore i$agi"ative ,ays o8 lovi"g you a"- such appeali"g char$.
She ca" 8lutter her lashes ,ith -elicate 8e$i"i"ity5 %ut she>s "ot at all helpless ,he"
it co$es to ear"i"g her o," livi"g. A #e$i"i ,o$a" ca" play the gi--y party girl
to per8ectio"5 8latteri"g a helpless5 trappe- $ale right out o8 his $i"- a"- his %a"7
%oo7. 4ut she ca" s$oothly cha"ge i"to a -e$ure a"- a-ori"g house,i8e5 8ro$
,hich she ca" 'uic7ly s,itch i"to a serious i"tellectual ,ho stu-ies the great
philosophers a"- tal7s a%out politics or poetry %rillia"tly5 the" su--e"ly tur" i"to a
%u"-le o8 ra, e$otio"5 8ull o8 "erves5 tears a"- 8ears. She>s certai"ly "ot stu88y or
28 you thi"7 this is a" e:aggeratio"5 re$e$%er the late Marily" Mo"roe. +very $a"
she ever 7"e,5 8ro$ !arl Sa"-%urg to her hair-resser5 sa, her as a totally -i88ere"t
perso" tha" the other $e" ,ho thought they 7"e, her5 too. *lace a photograph o8
her as the se-uctive love go--ess "e:t to a picture o8 her ,eari"g hor"-ri$$e-
glasses5 a %a%ush7a a"- "o $a7e up5 seriously i"te"t o" a lecture a%out 1ussia"
authors. The" a-- a thir- a"- 8ourth shot o8 her i" a gi"gha$ apro"5 lear"i"g to
%a7e a cheese sou$e 8or a hus%a"- ,hose athletic tale"ts a"- ,ar$5 hu$a"
'ualities she ,orshipe--a"- ,al7i"g se-ately %esi-e a"other hus%a"- ,hose
i"tellectual a%ilities a"- literary tale"t she -eeply respecte- a"- a-$ire-. A-- t,o
$ore photos. &"e sho,i"g her ,ith a tear-stai"e- 8ace5 8ull o8 lo"gi"g5 a8ter losi"g
her thir- %a%y-a"other shot o8 her i" a %i7i"i5 gaily laughi"g ,ith a ha"-so$e
(re"ch $ovie star o" the 1iviera. These are "ot pose- pictures. They ,ere s"appe-
,he" she ,as">t eve" loo7i"g5 let alo"e see7i"g pu%licity. 2t>s a per8ect e:a$ple o8
the eye o8 the ca$era e:posi"g all the ,o$e" co"tai"e- i" o"e #e$i"i 8e$ale5 ,ho
success8ully 7ept her $ultiple "ature hi--e" %ehi"- the i$age she chose to pro;ect
the $ost 8re'ue"tly.
=our Mercury-rule- girl lo"gs to %e <really5 truly i" love5< %ut it 7eeps elu-i"g her.
She year"s 8or $otherhoo-5 %ut o8te" that elu-es her5 too. She 8i"-s a -i88ere"t
per8ectio" i" each $a" she $eets5 as she restlessly searches 8or the o"e $a" ,ho
has all the 'ualities she "ee-s 8or happi"ess.
=ou>ll 8i"- her a great pal. The Mercury girl ,ill go alo"g ,ith you o" a"ythi"g
8ro$ scu%a -ivi"g to spee- raci"g-%icycli"g or %a-$i"to". She>ll sho, a" i"terest i"
all the out-oor sports5 a"- still $a"age to loo7 as so8t a"- 8e$i"i"e as a po,-er
pu885 ,ith a $i"- as 8ast as a ,hip. The #e$i"ia" sharp $e"tality ,ill sho, clearly
,he" her curiosity is e:cite- %y a"y "e, su%;ect. .er Mercurial $i"- ,ill let her
see all the i"tricacies o8 your creative i-eas5 a"- she>ll pro%a%ly thro, i" a 8e,
pro$otio"al sche$es o8 her o,". As lo"g as you -o">t -e$a"- co"siste"cy 8ro$
her5 she>ll %e co$pletely 8asci"ati"g.
2t>s o"ly 8air to ,ar" you that this girl ca" si"cerely %elieve she>s i" love5 a"- 8i"-
other $e" attractive at the sa$e ti$e. 0"less she>s "ear you all the ti$e5 she ca"
8orget you 'uic7er tha" a ,o$a" %or" u"-er a"y other Su" sig". 2t>s her "ature to
accept cha"ge5 eve" see7 it. 0"til she lea$s to co"trol her -evote- courtship o8 co"-
sta"t activity5 "eglecti"g to cultivate patie"ce a"- sta%ility5 the #e$i"i 8e$ale ca"
$a7e 'uite a $ess o8 her li8e- a"- yours. (ortu"ately 8or the $e" i" love ,ith the$5
$ost #e$i"ia" ,o$e" settle -o," i"to a -eeper u"-ersta"-i"g o8 their o," "atures
%e8ore it>s too late.
&"ce you>ve propose- to her a"- she>s accepte-5 you ca" pity all those $e" ,ho are
-oo$e- to a li8e o8 $o"oga$y ,ith ;ust o"e ,o$a". =ou>ll have several ,ives
,he" you $arry your #e$i"i.
/i8e Nu$%er &"e ,ill %e a%le to a-;ust to a"ythi"g you re'uire o8 her. 28 you
re'uire 8aith8ul"ess5 she ca" $a"age that5 too5 provi-i"g you>re i"teresti"g e"ough
to have ,o" her real love. 2 re8er to that %le"-i"g o8 $e"tal5 spiritual a"- physical
co$pati%ility5 ,ith the physical part a--e- last5 li7e the papri7a5 a8ter the other three
are ,ell $i:e-. This ,i8e ,ill "ever sul7 i8 you ta7e a "e, ;o% out o8 to,". /ith
her i"ge"uity5 taste a"- se"se o8 color5 she ca" $a7e a "e, ho$e loo7 lovely ,ith a
light touch o8 her -ai"ty5 clever ha"-. 4esi-es5 she>ll love the a-ve"ture5 a"- there
,ill %e "o "aggi"g reproaches that you>re ga$%li"g ,ith 8uture security. The
e:cite$e"t o8 "e, hori3o"s i"terests her $ore. She $ay have a surprisi"gly goo-
hea- 8or %usi"ess a"- she>ll %ac7 all your origi"al i-eas. =ou ca" cou"t o" her to go
to ,or7 i8 you "ee- e:tra i"co$e5 a"- she>ll %e pretty practical a%out ho, to spe"-
it. Although she $ay give a" out,ar- i$pressio" o8 8lighti"ess5 she>s "ot as "ighty
as she appears. She>s a thi"7er5 a"- a very clever o"e5 u"-er"eath all the %right s$all
/i8e Nu$%er T,o ,ill %e $oo-y. =ou $ight ;ust as ,ell e:pect it. She>ll have her
satirical $o$e"ts ,he" she ca" %e cy"ical a"- 8lippa"t5 %y tur"s. At the sa$e ti$e5
she>ll challe"ge you $e"tally. 4ut a $a" "ee-s to %e sti$ulate-5 -oes">t heA #o
ahea-5 top her i" a" i"tellectual argu$e"t. ?2t>s ,hat she secretly ,a"ts a"y,ay.@
This ,i8e ,o">t %e easily shoc7e- %y li8e or have a"y preco"ceive- pre;u-ices. She
$ay -eci-e to $arch i" a protest para-e or ;oi" a sit-i" a"- 8orget to co$e ho$e
u"til $i-"ight. /hat i8 you -o have to ;oi" the 8ello,s ,hile she>s out $a7i"g a
speech or goi"g to "ight school to pic7 up a 8e, e:tra cre-itsA At least she pro%a%ly
,o">t hou"- you ,ith Q suspicious 'uestio"s a%out ,ho you ,ere ,ith5 ,here you
,ere5 a"- ,hat you ,ere -oi"g. Do">t 'uestio" her5 either. =ou>re o" the ho"or
syste$. So is she. This o"e is a highly i"-epe"-e"t i"-ivi-ualist.
/i8e Nu$%er Three ,ill %e %ore- a"- -epresse- ,ith house7eepi"g routi"es. The
%e-s ,ill %e u"$a-e a"- the -ishes ,ill sta"- i" the si"7 ,hile she -ay-rea$s5
rea-s or ,rites the outli"e 8or a play. She $ay serve you a ca" o8 %ea"s 8or >-i""er
,ithout eve" %otheri"g to ope" the ca". 4ut you ca" have the $ost soul-satis8yi"g
co"versatio"s ,ith her i"to the ,ee5 s$all hours. She>ll sy$pathi3e ,ith your
8rustratio"s at the ,ay li8e has treate- you. She>ll satis8y %oth your e$otio"al a"-
your i"tellectual cravi"gs5 %e curious a%out your opi"io" o8 4u--his$ a"- e:cite-
a%out your atte$pts to ,rite a so"g. 2" short5 she>s pretty goo- co$pa"y. She>ll %e
very a88ectio"ate5 too5 si"ce you have">t %ugge- her a%out -usti"g a"- %a7i"g a"-
all that "o"se"se. This ,i8e $ay $a7e a $ess o8 the chec7%oo7 "o, a"- the". 4ut
i8 you suggest a su--e" ca$pi"g trip or a 8e, -ays i" Las egas5 she>ll
e"thusiastically pac7 her suitcase ,ithout a %u"ch o8 silly o%;ectio"s5 li7e ho, it>s
goi"g to a88ect the %u-get or ,ho ,ill 8ee- the Sia$ese cat a"- ,hat i8 the %athtu%
lea7s ,hile you>re go"e.
/i8e Nu$%er (our ,ill %e a gay a"- laughi"g $other. She ,o">t let the chil-re"
restrict her5 %ecause she>ll pro%a%ly have too $a"y pro;ects goi"g co"sta"tly to
s$other the$ ,ith over-protective"ess. They>ll i$itate her i"-epe"-e"ce a"-
%e"e8it %y it. 28 a"yo"e as7s her ho, $uch ti$e she spe"-s ,ith the$5 she>ll
pro%a%ly a"s,er5 <2" our 8a$ily5 it>s "ot a $atter o8 ho, $uch ti$e. 2t>s a $atter o8
ho, $uch love.< A"- she>ll %e right. The chil-re" $ay "ot al,ays o%ey her5
%ecause she>s i"cli"e- to %e e$phatic o"e -ay5 the" $elt a"- give i" the "e:t5 %ut
the you"gsters ,ill love their lo"g tal7s ,ith her. .er i$agi"atio" ,ill $atch theirs5
a"- they>ll a$use each other. She>ll pro%a%ly %e a per$issive $other5 %ut she>ll
,orry a%out scholastic averages5 a"- she>ll pro%a%ly i"sist o" goo- gra-es. They
,o">t get %y ,ithout -oi"g their ho$e,or7 i8 she ca" help it5 although they $ay get
%y ,ithout ha"gi"g up their clothes.
/i8e Nu$%er (ive ,ill %e a %eauti8ul hostess5 a" e:pert at the ,hole ca"-lelight5
8lo,ers a"- sterli"g silver routi"e. =ou ca" %ri"g a"yo"e5 8ro$ your %oss to the
#over"or ho$e to -i""er5 a"- she>ll %e so gracious a"- char$i"g5 they>ll "ever ,a"t
to leave. Shell orga"i3e her li8e e88icie"tly a"- e88ortlessly5 -ress li7e a 8ashio"
$o-el a"- love the theater. =ou ca" ta7e her to art galleries a"- co"certs- she>ll %e
right at ho$e i" a"y 7i"- o8 society. +veryo"e ,ill stare at you e"viously a"-
,o"-er ,ho the gla$orous ,o$a" is ,ho ha"gs o" your ar$ so s,eetly. She>ll %e
ro$a"tic a"- ultra-8e$i"i"e5 $ay%e eve" ,rite you a poe$ 8or your %irth-ay. =ou>ll
,a"t to %uy her velvet -ressi"g go,"s a"- e:pe"sive per8u$es5 %ecause her
gracious style ,ill $a7e you 8eel li7e a cou"try s'uire. 28 you $e"tio" a trip to
+urope5 her eyes ,ill spar7le. She>s a sophisticate.
/ell5 there you are. 2 $ay have $isse- a 8e, girls i" your #e$i"i hare$. +very
hus%a"- i" to," ,ill %e gree" ,ith e"vy ,he" they see you ,ith a -i88ere"t ,o$a"
every -ay. 28 they as7 you ho, you get a,ay ,ith it5 play it cool. *olyga$y is
agai"st the la,5 you 7"o,.
=our #e$i"i ,o$a" ,ill "ever ta7e a trai" ,he" she ca" 8ly. She>ll "ever %e sile"t
,he" she ca" spea7. She>ll "ever tur" a,ay ,he" she ca" help. A"- she>ll "ever
,al7 ,he" she ca" ru". .er $i"- is 8ull o8 so $a"y thoughts a"- her heart is 8ull o8
so $a"y hopes5 she $ay see$ to "ee- a co$puter to sort it all out. &r -oes she ;ust
"ee- so$eo"e ,ho ca" ru" %esi-e her a"- toss -rea$s ,ith her-8ro$ here to
to$orro,A 28 you>re that $a"5 she -oes">t -are loo7 over her shoul-er to see i8
you>re "ear. So$e -eep5 u"e:plai"e- 8ear ,ithi" her 7eeps her 8ro$ ever loo7i"g
%ac7. /he" you 8i"ally $atch her spee-5 get her to slo, -o," to your pace. =ou
ca" -o it5 i8 you hol- her ha"- tightly a"- "ever let it go. Though Mercurial "orth
,i"-s -rive her o"5 secretly she $ay lo"g to rest a,hile $ore tha" you 7"o,. Do
hurry a"- try to reach her. She "ee-s you.

The #+M2N2 !hil-
</ill you ,al7 a little 8asterA<
sai- a ,hiti"g to a s"ail5 <There>s a porpoise close %ehi"- us5
a"- he>s trea-i"g o" $y tail.<

28 the stor7 ;ust -elivere- a #e$i"i %a%y to your house5 sharpe" your roller s7ates
a"- sha7e the co%,e%s out o8 your %rai". =ou>ll "ee- to %e 8ast a"- alert 8or the "e:t
8i8tee" to t,e"ty years5 a"- you $ight as ,ell start right "o,5 ,hile your little
%u"-le 8ro$ Mercury is still pi""e- -o," i" his cri%. 2t ,o">t %e lo"g %e8ore he
lear"s to ,al7 a"- tal7. 28 you>re "ot rea-y to 8ly %esi-e hi$5 he $ay slip i" a"- out
o8 your 8i"gers li7e a glo% o8 air. Di- you ever try to hol- o" to a glo% o8 airA
The 0.S. !e"sus 4ureau 8igures prove that there are $ore $ultiple %irths -uri"g the
perio- o8 #e$i"i5 the t,i"s5 tha" at a"y other ti$e o8 the year. So your Ju"e eve"t
$ight have %ee" t,i"s-or $ore. NoA Do">t %e too sure. =ou $ay %e a%le to cou"t
o"ly te" toes a"- te" 8i"gers5 ,hich a--s up to o"e i"8a"t i" $ost cases5 %ut "ot
"ecessarily i" the case o8 a #e$i"i i"8a"t. There $ay have to %e a cha"ge i" your
co"cept o8 $athe$atics. =ou>ll see ,hat 2 $ea" soo" e"ough ,he" he starts to
cra,l. 2t ,ill happe" a -o3e" ti$es a -ay. =ou>ll s,ear you ;ust this seco"- sa, hi$
,ith his ha"- i"si-e the electric $i:er i" the pa"try. 4ut ho, coul- that %eA There
he is5 all the ,ay out o" the 8ro"t porch5 %liss8ully che,i"g the petu"ias. .o, ca"
he %e t,o places at o"ceA 1e$e$%er that your o88spri"g is rule- %y Mercury. .e>s
that #ree7 go- you see picture- i" %oo7s ,ith ,i"gs o" his 8eet5 ,eari"g a %right
silver hel$et. Stic7 a 7itche" pa" upsi-e -o," o" your #e$i"i %a%y>s hea- 8or a
hel$et5 a"- use your i$agi"atio" 8or the ,i"gs sprouti"g out o8 his chu%%y little
pi"7 heels.
See the rese$%la"ceA
2 have "ever perso"ally approve- o8 those har"ess-li7e attach$e"ts they sell to
$others to strap arou"- their to--lers ,he" they ta7e the$ out shoppi"g. 2t al,ays
$a7es $e thi"7 the ,o$a" is ,al7i"g her -og. .o,ever5 2 ,oul- stro"gly a-vise
the $other o8 a #e$i"i chil- to %uy t,o or three o8 the$5 ;ust to %e o" the sa8e si-e.
=our 8irst thought $ight %e that5 i8 %a%y is goi"g to %e that active5 a stur-y plaype"
is a $ust. 2 ca" see your logic5 eve" sy$pathi3e ,ith it5 %ut 2>$ "ot so sure a%out
plaype"s a"- #e$i"i chil-re". !o"8i"e$e"t i" a s$all space ca" a$ou"t to cruelty
,ith a little #e$i"ia"5 ,hose e"tire "ature urges hi$ to see75 to e:plore5 to lear".
+ve" ,orse tha" the physical curtail$e"t is the $e"tal .%ore-o$ o8 %ei"g stuc7 o"
o"e little %lue a"- pi"7 plastic recta"gular pa-5 ,ith the ,hole e:citi"g ,orl- out
there to see a"- e";oy. *erio-s o8 %ei"g coope- up i" a plaype" shoul- %e %rie8. Too
$uch restrictio" a"- ha$peri"g o8 the #e$i"ia" 8ree-o$ ca" lea- to e$otio"al
-epressio" he $ay "ot outgro, so easily. 1e$e$%er5 he>s a" air sig"5 a"- air $ust
$ove. Ma7e sure he has a variety o8 toys a"- ple"ty o8 %right %oo7s to loo7 at ,he"
you $ust 7eep hi$ 8e"ce- i".
&8 course5 he ,o">t stay there lo"g5 o"ce he>s ha- it. Mercury rules the vocal chor-s5
a"- ,he" your little #e$i"i tot -eci-es to e:ercise his tale"t i" this -irectio"5 youll
,o"-er ho, all that "oise coul- possi%ly co$e out o8 o"e s$all $outh. 4et you
ta7e hi$ out o8 the plaype" 8ast. 0"less you have u"-ersta"-i"g "eigh%ors5 ,ho are
a little har- o8 heari"g.
#e$i"i chil-re" o8te" $a7e ol-er5 $ore placi- people "ervous ,ith their %ir--li7e5
'uic7 $ove$e"ts. #ro,"ups are al,ays telli"g the little #e$i"ia" to stop 8i-geti"g5
or to %e patie"t a"- -o o"e thi"g at a ti$e. 4ut -oi"g t,o thi"gs at a ti$e is "atural
to these you"gsters. /hat sto-gy or poise- people call 8i-gety is5 to the #e$i"i5
$erely his "or$al state o8 activity. 2t>s ,ro"g to $a7e hi$ 8eel he ,oul- get $ore
approval i8 he trie- to i$itate the slo,er5 less lively people. .e shoul- %e taught to
slo, -o," a little5 perhaps5 8or his o," goo-5 %ut his %asic "ature ca">t %e cha"ge-
,ithout 8rustrati"g his "atural i"cli"atio"s. /e shoul- try to re$e$%er that the
'uic7 #e$i"i chil- ,ho a""oys his $ore i"troverte- el-ers-a"- the 'uiet5 care8ul
!apricor" chil- ,ho irritates his $ore aggressive el-ers5 are si$ply %ei"g
the$selves. 4ei"g yoursel8 is al,ays har- e"ough to -o5 ,ithout people tryi"g to
8orce a perso"ality cha"ge.
Love your #e$i"i chil- 8or ,hat he is-a 8rie"-ly5 alert5 i"'uisitive a"- precocious
little perso". =ou ca">t tur" the 8ire8ly i"to a s"ail or the s"ail i"to a 8ire8ly. Nor ca"
the leopar- cha"ge his spots. 2 $ight a-- that5 i8 so$eo"e tries to scru% the$ o885
he>ll %e a $ighty u"happy5 "eurotic leopar-.
&8 course5 you are">t raisi"g leopar-s. =ou>re raisi"g a %right5 i"teresti"g5
e"thusiastic chil-. 4ut the a"alogy is logical. Let those spots o8 -uality i" your
#e$i"i you"gster re$ai". So$e-ay he $ay $a7e you prou- o8 a %uil-i"g he
-esig"e- a"- a literary pri3e he ,o"B a"- ,he" he $a"i8ests such a -ou%le tale"t5
you>ll ,o"-er ,hy you ever trie- to sta$p hi$ i"to a si"gle $ol-. 28 he leaps a%out
as though he has ;u$pi"g %ea"s i"si-e hi$ he>s ;ust practici"g the 8ast re8le:es he
,as %or" ,ith. .is 8ire8ly $i"- ca" co"8use you5 %ut re$e$%er that it>s pursui"g a
thousa"- 8a"cies5 sorti"g the$5 -eci-i"g ,hich to -iscar- a"- ,hich to treasure.
Teachers ,ill usually "otice right a,ay that these %oys a"- girls have "o trou%le
lear"i"g to rea-. #e$i"i al$ost i"ve"te- ,or-s. They ,o">t $i"- %ei"g calle- o" to
recite5 a"- they $ay s$ile as the rest o8 the stu-e"ts sigh5 ,he" a the$e is assig"e-.
These you"gsters -elight i" co$$u"icati"g ,ith others a"- shari"g their 7"o,le-ge
ver%ally or o" paper. Ma"y o8 the$ are $echa"ically i"cli"e- a"- a$%i-e:trous. 2t>s
"ot u"usual to 8i"- a #e$i"i chil- ,ho ,rites ,ith his le8t ha"- a"- -ra,s ,ith his
right. .e $ay %ite his "ails5 %ut his 8i"gers are "or$ally sli$ a"- 8le:i%le5 ,hich
$a7es hi$ a-ept at $agic tric7s a"- playi"g $usical i"stru$e"ts. So$e-ay it coul-
$a7e hi$ a 8i"e surgeo"5 -e"tist or ,atch$a7er. #e$i"i ha"-s are se"sitive5
e:pressive a"- capa%le.
There>s usually a $ar7e- a%ility to $i$ic others. The #e$i"i se"se o8 sharp ,it a"-
satire appears early. At ho$e or i" school5 the #e$i"i chil- lives i" a ,orl- o8
$a7e-%elieve a"- reality5 co"sta"tly %le"-i"g5 ,here truth is o8te" portraye- as
8a"tasy5 a"- 8a"tasy is -isguise- as truth. .e $ay give the i$pressio" o8
e:aggerati"g or eve" telli"g lies. 4ut he ;ust ca">t help splashi"g a little color arou"-
,he" he>s relati"g a" i"ci-e"t5 a"- he o8te" co"vi"ces hi$sel8 it really happe"e-
that ,ay. At such ti$es5 he shoul- %e ha"-le- ge"tly5 si"ce he>s actually stretchi"g
a"- e:ercisi"g his vivi- i$agi"atio". 1ather tha" $a7e hi$ 8eel guilty 8or havi"g a"
i$agi"atio"5 he shoul- %e tol- al,ays to spea7 the truth a"- ,rite the story -o," o"
paper. &"ce he $asters this5 hell %e a%le to see the -i88ere"ce %et,ee" the -rea$
a"- the 8act5 i"stea- o8 %ei"g lost so$e,here %et,ee" the t,o ,orl-s. #e$i"i
you"gsters ,ho are">t allo,e- to e:press a"- co$$u"icate "aturally $ay retreat
i"to a hal8-,orl- o8 illusio" i" sel8--e8e"se. 2t>s a goo- i-ea to start hi$ o" 8oreig"
la"guages early-,hich he>ll pro%a%ly lear" e88ortlessly. Li7e the Sagittarius chil-5
he>ll 8i"- %i-li"gual tale"ts ,ill co$e i" ha"-y %ecause he>ll tal7 a lot a"- travel a
The #e$i"i chil- ,ho argues ,ith you that he ca" -o his ho$e,or7 a"- liste" to
the ra-io at the sa$e ti$e is pro%a%ly telli"g the truth. 28 his gra-es %ac7 hi$ up5
,hy "otA #e$i"is are "ever satis8ie- ,ith o"e pursuit at a ti$e. 2t>s as i8 they ha-
t,o lives to live i" o"ly o"e li8eti$e5 so they $ust a%sor% all they ca"5 as 8ast as
they ca". The chie8 -a"gers are a lac7 o8 patie"ce a"- a" u",illi"g"ess to persist
u"til a thi"g is thoroughly lear"e-. These you"gsters have to %e -iscourage- 8ro$ a
te"-e"cy to let the"-'uic7 i"tellects a"- gli% ,its s7i$ over 7"o,le-ge ,ithout
co$pletely u"-ersta"-i"g it.
=our #e$i"i chil- $ay 8i"- it har- to %e pu"ctual5 %ecause he>s al,ays ru""i"g i"to
so$e "e, -iscovery o" his ,ay to a"y,here. .e $ay also 8i"- it har- to liste"
,ithout i"terrupti"g5 %ecause he>s caught the thought i"sta"tly a"- -oes">t ,a"t to
hear the -etails. .e $ay te"- to repeat hi$sel85 %ut he ,o">t allo, you to -o so5
,hich 'uite "aturally $ay irritate people. 2" the classroo$5 he ca" %e -istracte- %y a
8ly5 a piece o8 colore- paper or a ,isp o8 s$o7e outsi-e the ,i"-o,. 2t>s "ever easy
to get his atte"tio"5 %ut ,he" you -o5 you>ll %e richly re,ar-e- %y the #e$i"ia">s
i"te"t curiosity a"- 8latteri"g i"terest.
=our tee"age #e$i"i %oy ,ill practically live o" the telepho"e5 go stea-y ,ith a
-i88ere"t perso" each ,ee75 cha"ge his $i"- a hu"-re- ti$es a%out his 8uture
career5 -rive the car a little too 8ast5 putter ,ith the e"gi"e a"- 8i: your ,asher. The
girls ,ill %e popular a"- %e a%le to tur" o" a sho,er o8 tears or a su""y s$ile li7e a
light s,itch. These you"gsters ,ill 7eep you o" your toes a"- 7eep you you"g.
/he" your #e$i"i chil- 8i"ally gro,s up5 lots o8 people ,ill tell you
-isapprovi"gly that <he has too $a"y 8i"gers stuc7 i" too $a"y pies.< =ou>ll s$ile
the"5 a"- they $ay %e a""oye-. 4ut you>ll %e re$e$%eri"g o"e spri"g -ay ,he" he
,as seve". .e stuc7 his 8i"gers i" your chocolate

pies5 his 8ather>s shavi"g crea$5 the 8ish %o,l5 the gar%age ca"5 a pot o8 hot soup
a"- a" electric soc7et. =ou ,ere 8urious. Later5 at t,ilight5 you ,atche- hi$ ru"
arou"- chasi"g light"i"g %ugs i" the grass. A8ter a ,hile5 you sighe-5 a"- as7e-
yoursel8 alou-5 </hy $ust he rush arou"- soA /hy $ust he get i"to everythi"gA
/hat i" the ,orl- is he searchi"g 8orA< .e overhear- you a"- it trou%le- hi$.
=ou>ll "ever 8orget the loo7 i" his %right5 clear eyes ,he" he a"s,ere-. <#ee5
Mo$$y ... 2 -o">t 7"o,. 4ut -o">t you ,orry. 2>ll 8i"- it.<

The #+M2N2 4oss
.e sai-5 <2 loo7 8or %utter8lies
that sleep a$o"g the ,heat 1 $a7e the$ i"to $utto"-pies5
A"- sell the$ i" the street. 2 sell the$ u"to $e"5< he sai-5
</ho sail o" stor$y seasB
A"- that>s the ,ay 2 get $y %rea--
A tri8le5 i8 you please.<
&"e -ay your #e$i"i %oss ,ill %e a ,al7i"g cloc7 ,hose ca$era eye recor-s each
seco"- you ta7e past your co88ee %rea7. &" a"other5 he ,o">t eve" "otice i8 you
co$e %ac7 three hours late 8ro$ lu"ch. =ou ca" try 8lippi"g a coi" to pre-ict his
cha"ges. 2t>s a%out as sa8e as a"ythi"g else. 2 reali3e that it ,oul- %e a %ig help to
7"o, ,hich -ay he>s goi"g to ta7e ,hat attitu-e.
4ut the #e$i"i e:ecutive -oes">t 7"o, hi$sel8 ,hich si-e o8 the %e- he>s goi"g to
get out o" each $or"i"g5 a"- si"ce he -oes">t 7"o,5 you ca" see that 2 ca">t tell you.
The sa8est ,ay is "ot to e:pect hi$ to %e to-ay ,hat he ,as yester-ay5 a"- cross
your 8i"gers a%out to$orro,.
This $a" ca" %e a %rillia"t5 though restless5 e:ecutive9
.e>s $ore at ho$e i" the presi-e"t>s chair tha" the other $uta%le sig"s o8 irgo5
*isces or Sagittarius ,oul- %e5 %ut he>s "ot e'uippe- to co$$a"- or lea- others 8or
his e"tire li8eti$e. A #e$i"i ,ho thi"7s he>s co"stitute- to ru" a large co$pa"y
,ith cal$ assura"ce is ;ust 7i--i"g hi$sel8 ?al,ays co"si-eri"g the e:ceptio"s to
the rule5 li7e a Su" sig" #e$i"i ,ith a Leo asce"-a"t a"- a Li%ra Moo"5 8or
e:a$ple@. 2" the 8irst place5 it>s har- 8or hi$ to sit still %ehi"- a -es7 8or $ore tha"
a" hour at a ti$e. *resi-e"t Fe""e-y5 o"e o8 the rare #e$i"is e'uippe- to ta7e o"
the %ur-e"s o8 lea-ership5 solve- that pro%le$ "eatly. .e si$ply release- his
"ervous e"ergy %y $a7i"g his roc7i"g chair 8ly.
=our Mercury-rule- %oss $ust $ove arou"-. #e$i"i is a" air sig"5 a"- -i- you
ever see air sta"- stillA 2t $ay see$ to so$eti$es o" a hot5 hu$i- -ay ?a"- so ,ill a
#e$i"i i8 you catch hi$ i" a rare $o$e"t@5 %ut that>s o"ly a" illusio" i" %oth cases.
The typical #e$i"i %oss ,ill ,ear a hole i" the carpet paci"g up a"- -o," i8 he>s
cage- up i" a" o88ice too lo"g. .e>s happier as a $a"age$e"t co"sulta"t5 a"
e88icie"cy e:pert or a vice presi-e"t i" charge o8 trou%le-shooti"g tha" ,he" he>s
8orce- i"to the co"8i"i"g $ol- o8 a "i"e-to-8ive positio"5 "o $atter ho, 8a"cy the
title. .e -eals ,ith i-eas5 pri"ciples a"- a%stractio"s. The hu$-ru$ a"- $aterial
respo"si%ilties o8 the average e:ecutive eve"tually -epress his soari"g spirit.
There8ore5 ,he" a #e$i"i parachutes hi$sel8 i"to a" e:ecutive spot5 he>ll %e 'uic7
to e:ercise his acute -iscri$i"atio" a"- -elegate authority to others arou"- hi$.
These care8ully chose" specialists ,ill really ru" the %usi"ess5 8reei"g his o," rest-
less $i"- 8or progressive sche$es a"- origi"al pla"s that ,ill -ou%le the co$pa"y>s
pro8it a"- lo,er its overhea-. .e>s i$patie"t ,ith -ull5 $u"-a"e -etails.
28 your co$pa"y ;ust hire- a #e$i"i as your superior you ca" e:pect so$e cha"ges
to %e $a-e i" short or-er. The slo,est 8or$ o8 co$$u"icatio" arou"- the place ,ill
pro%a%ly %e ca%legra$s5 a"- he $ay re'uire a 8e, $ore %utto"s o" his telepho"e
tha" his pre-ecessor. =our "e, #e$i"i %oss ,o">t %e o" the ;o% a ,ee7 %e8ore he>s
i"'uisitively po7e- arou"- i"to every area o8 the operatio". As soo" as he lear"s
,hat>s %ei"g -o"e a"- ho, it>s %ei"g -o"e5 he>ll ,a"t to 7"o, ,hy. The a"s,er5
</e>ve al,ays -o"e it this ,ay5< ,ill cause his %right eyes to tur" to ice cu%es that
coul- 8ree3e you at thirty paces. #e$i"i is "ot eve" slightly i"tereste- i" or
i$presse- ,ith tra-itio". /he" he>s tol- so$ethi"g is a" ol- custo$5 that>s reaso"
e"ough 8or hi$ to cha"ge it. The typical Mercury %oss ,ill Qhave the 8ur"iture
$ove- arou"- 8re'ue"tly5 -rive his
secretary i"to a 8it o8 the 8i-gets o"ce a ,ee7 ,ith a "e, i-ea 8or a 8ili"g syste$
that ,ill ,or7 $ore e88icie"tly5 a"- cha"ge the ,or7 sche-ules %ac7 a"- 8orth u"til
he 8i"-s o"e that clic7s ,ith hi$.
There>s o"e thi"g you ca" cou"t o"5 a"- o"e o8 the 8e, thi"gs you ca" cou"t o"
co"siste"tly ,ith a #e$i"i. .e 95 ,ill "ever %e $o"oto"ous. .e>ll sel-o$ %e
-og$atic either. ? .is opi"io"s are 8le:i%le. =ou ca">t $islea- hi$ or co"8use .
the issue5 %ecause his 'uic7silver $i"- ,ill i"sta"tly re-uce the 8rills5 pe"etrate the
s$o7e scree"s a"- e:pose all si-es o8 the 'uestio" ,ith crystal clarity. That $ea"s
he also 5 e:poses o88ice i"trigues ,ith little -i88iculty. So$eti$es5 you>ll s,ear he
has eyes i" the %ac7 o8 his hea--a"- a" y e:tra pair o8 ears there5 too. Spea7i"g o8
his a"ato$y a"- such5 it>s eve" har- to cre-it hi$ ,ith ;ust o"e pair o8 > 8eet5 si"ce
there ,ill %e ple"ty o8 occasio"s ,he" he appears 2 to %e t,o places at o"ce.
Never 8ear that your #e$i"i e$ployer ,ill hate you or %e your e"e$y. (e, people
i"terest hi$ lo"g e"ough 8or that 7i"- o8 i"te"sity. =ou ,o">t %e i" his thoughts 8or
$ore tha" a" hour or so at a ti$e. That>s "ot lo"g e"ough to ,or7 up a"y viole"t
8eeli"gs5 8or or agai"st. 4esi-es5 he has a pretty 8air u"-ersta"-i"g a%out ho, the
other perso" 8eels.
2t $ay pu33le you to -iscover that5 although your #e$i"i e$ployer is a"
i"-ivi-ualist i" every ,ay5 he $ay "ot treat you as a" i"-ivi-ualist. 2t see$s
i"co"siste"t5 %ut the" this is a -ual sig"5 ,ith $ore tha" o"e surprise. 2 -o">t $ea"
that he ,o">t respect your i"-ivi-ual opi"io"s.. .e ,ill. 2t>s ;ust that he -oes">t
al,ays see you perso"ally as a" i"-ivi-ual. The #e$i"ia" $i"- is so a%stract that
he o8te" sees o"ly %asic -esig"s i" %oth o%;ects a"- people. All 7i"-s o8 people are
8asci"ati"g to hi$5 %ut he te"-s to categori3e the$ accor-i"g to their a%ilities5 i-eas
a"- pote"tial.
=et this o-- vie,poi"t -oes">t $a7e hi$ u"attractive as a hu$a" %ei"g. 6uite the
co"trary. +ve" though his approach is 8ar $ore ratio"al tha" e$otio"al5 he li7es
people so $uch5 they ;ust ca">t help li7i"g hi$ %ac7. /ithout the co"sta"t challe"ge
o8 hu$a" co"tact5 he ,oul- -ry up a"- 8loat a,ay. Mercury -e$a"-s that he %e gre-
garious a"- live vicariously or %e $isera%le. =ou>ll rarely see hi$ %y hi$sel8. .e
$ay classi8y people %y types a"- re$ai" -etache- e$otio"ally5 %ut he "ee-s the$
=our #e$i"i %oss ,ill pro%a%ly have co"si-era%le po,ers o8 persuasio". .e ca"
,hee-le you i"to or tal7 you out o8 $ost a"ythi"g5 si$ply %y -ousi"g you ,ith a
%uc7et o8 that irresisti%le char$ a"- ,it o8 his. 4ut it>s a co$pe"sati"g tale"t he ,as
give" %y the pla"ets at %irth5 that hi-es a %asic col-"ess o8 "ature. #e$i"i lives i"
vague5 airy palaces i" the s7y the average perso" ca">t reach. .is true character5
-espite his sur8ace ,ar$"ess5 is cool5 aloo8 a"- lo"ely5 i" the 8i"al a"alysis5
searchi"g 8or so$ethi"g i"si-e itsel8 $ore tha" 8ro$ others5 "o $atter ho,
8re'ue"tly he see7s their co$pa"y. =et5 he>s "ot u"sy$pathetic. .is $a""er ca" %e
ge"tle a"- co$passio"ate5 %ut at the sa$e ti$e5 he o88ers his sy$pathy a"-
u"-ersta"-i"g the sa$e ,ay he o88ers love a"- 8rie"-ship-8ro$ a -ista"ce.
.e>ll have a" e:celle"t se"se o8 hu$or5 a"- you ca" ,i" hi$ over ,ith a ;o7e $ore
'uic7ly tha" ,ith tears. .e>s "ot overly se"ti$e"tal5 %ut hell al,ays see the
ri-iculous si-e o8 thi"gs. A se"se o8 hu$or is a prere'uisite to true i"tellige"ce5 so
it>s "ot surprisi"g to 8i"- it i" the Mercury people5 though so$eti$es it $ay %e
ti"ge- ,ith sharp sarcas$. There ,ill al,ays %e a slight ,hirl o8 co"8usio" arou"- a
#e$i"i-ru" o88ice-a"- co"sta"t activity. -4ut he ,o">t %e the o"e ,ho is co"8use-.
#e$i"i sorts it all out a"- clears the $u--y ,aters o8 all the gu"7. .is 'uic7 eye
a"- his trigger 8ast %rai" ,or7 i" per8ect sy"chro"i3atio". The eye ,ill pro%a%ly
have a t,i"7le i" it. .e>ll %e the co$pa"y>s %est sales$a"5 $a7e speeches a"-
e"tertai" a lot. A"- he>ll pro%a%ly travel so $uch5 he $ay 7eep a suitcase rea-y to
8ly at a $o$e"t>s "otice. 28 he 8lirts ,ith the pretty "e, secretary5 %etter tell her he>s
"ot the least %it serious5 ;ust sharpe"i"g his char$ a little.
+";oy this %oss ,hile you ca"5 %ecause #e$i"is get su--e"ly %ore- a8ter they>ve
$a-e 8i"a"cial or %usi"ess successes5 a"- they rush o88 to the "e:t challe"ge lo"g
%e8ore retire$e"t ti$e. 4e8ore he goes5 lea$ ,hat you ca" a%out his strategy. 2t>s
really 8a"tastic. .e>s a" e:pert at -ou%le tal7. .e>ll ru" arou"- a" argu$e"t i"
circles5 $i: you up5 tur" you arou"-5 the" ,i" you over to his si-e %e8ore you
reali3e ,hat>s happe"e-. =et5 as clever as he is i" co$petitive situatio"s5 he>s still a"
i"cura%le -rea$er5 a"- a s$ashi"gly goo- storyteller. *ay "o atte"tio" to ,hat
"atio"ality he says he is. /hether he ,as %or" i" 2srael5 Australia or A8gha"ista"5
every si"gle #e$i"i i" the ,orl- is 2rish at heart. .o, else coul- he possess such a
,o"-er8ul gi8t o8 %lar"eyA Notice all those gree" ties he ,ears. /hat -i- 2 tell you-
pure !ou"ty !or7.

The #+M2N2 +$ployee
<The ti$e has co$e5< the /alrus sai-5
<To tal7 o8 $a"y thi"gsB
&8 shoes-a"- ships-a"- seali"g ,a:-Q
&8 ca%%ages-a"- 7i"gs- A"- ,hy the sea is %oili"g hot-
A"- ,hether pigs have ,i"gs.<
=et5 ,hat ca" o"e poor voice avail Agai"st three to"gues togetherA
Do you have so$e e$ployees arou"- your o88ice ,ho tal7 8ast5 $ove 8ast a"- thi"7
8astA Do they loo7 you"g a"- act you"g5 8orget a%out their agesA Are they
u"pre-icta%le5 restless5 origi"al a"- i$patie"tA /hat a s$art $a" you areI =ou>ve
go"e a"- hire- yoursel8 so$e #e$i"is.
2t>s easy to u"-ersta"- ,hy. /ith all that char$ a"- guile5 "ot to $e"tio" 8lashi"g
i"tellect a"- creative i$agi"atio"5 you pro%a%ly coul-">t help yoursel8. No, that
you>ve ha- a cha"ce to ,atch these Mercury people i" actio"5 you>ve lear"e- that
they ca" ta7e a" a%stract i-ea a"- re-uce it to a 8or$ula %etter tha" a"yo"e else i"
the o88ice. =our A'uaria" e$ployee ca" thi"7 i" ,il-ly a%stract ter$s5 your Aries
e$ployee ca" toss out so$e re--hot i-eas5 s$othere- i" e"thusias$5 a"- the irgos
ca" orga"i3e the -etails $eticulously. 4ut #e$i"i ca" -o all three.
4e8ore you 8ire those other people5 ho,ever5 re$e$%er that the #e$i"i -oes">t have
the i"te"se -rive o8 the Aries5 "or the ,illi"g"ess to ,or7 overti$e. .e also lac7s
the 8i:e- a"- stea-y purpose o8 the A'uaria" a"- he>ll "ever u"-ersta"- the e"-less5
-evote- -e-icatio" o8 the irgo. /e ,o">t cover the other Su" sig"s. =ou get the
ge"eral i-ea. =our #e$i"i e$ployee is "ot a o"e-$a" sho,5 all %y hi$sel85 eve" i8
he is a -ual perso"ality. .e>ll co$e closer to it tha" a"yo"e else5 %ut you>ll "ee- the
other ,or7ers ;ust the sa$e.
#e$i"is share ,ith irgo5 Aries5 Leo a"- Scorpio a %uilt-i" a%ility to -eal ,ith
e$erge"cies. They ca" $eet a crisis s,i8tly. The typical #e$i"i ,ill $a7e i"sta"t
-ecisio"s a"- go i"to actio" ,hile $ost o8 the people arou"- hi$ are still polishi"g
their s7is. .e>s easily %ore- ,ith routi"e5 happiest ,he" he>s 8ree5 so -o">t try to
chai" hi$ -o," to the ,or7 %e"ch. .e>- rather -o a stretch o8 ti$e i" Si"g Si"g
tha" ,or7 8or a cloc7-,atcher. At least i" priso" he coul- tur" his curious $i"- to
stu-yi"g the %ehavior o8 the i"$ates. 2>- si"cerely li7e to poi"t out here that the
#e$i"i %ehi"- %ars is a lo"ely $a" ,ho coul-">t 8i"- the right "iche 8or his
$ultiple tale"ts i" a" over-orga"i3e-5 co"8or$ist society. Ma"y a #e$i"i 8orger or
petty thie8 is %asically as ho"est as the ;u-ge ,ho se"te"ce- hi$5 a"- t,ice as
i-ealistic. /he" #e$i"i is $a-e to 8eel guilty a%out his vivi- i$agi"atio" a"-
restless e"ergy i" chil-hoo-5 the" co"sta"tly critici3e- %y the %usi"ess ,orl- 8or
%ei"g too progressive a"- re8usi"g to 8it i"to stale patter"s5 his high se"se o8 $oral
a"- $e"tal ethics %eco$es -istorte-5 a"- he stri7es out o" the o"ly origi"al path he
8eels is le8t to hi$.
Most #e$i"is are so gli%ly persuasive they ca" tal7 people i"to %uyi"g thi"gs they
coul-">t possi%ly eve" use. 2t>s "ever a $ista7e to utili3e their tale"ts i" sales or pro-
$otio"al activities. /he" the #e$i"i>s silver to"gue gets through e:tolli"g the
virtues o8 your 8ir$5 you ,o">t eve" recog"i3e it yoursel85 eve" i8 you>re a %li"-
egotist a%out your o," co$pa"y. Se"- your #e$i"i $a" out to sell the pu%lic5 or to
,hee-le your custo$ers a"- clie"ts i" restaura"ts a"- o" gol8 courses. &r se"- hi$
o" the roa- to gather up a" avala"che o8 goo- ,ill a"- or-ers 8or %usi"ess. 28 you
$ust 7eep hi$ i" the o88ice5 %e care8ul ,here you place hi$. .e -oes">t rese"t
supervisio" as 8iercely as Leo or Aries5 %ut he ,ill %eco$e "ervous a"- i"a-e'uate
i8 he>s co"8i"e- a"- u"a%le to e:press hi$sel8. /he" this happe"s5 your #e$i"i
e$ployee ,ill %rea7 his shac7les a"- %ree3e o88 to $ore 8ree-o$ ,ithout a"
i"sta"t>s regret. No, -o">t ru" i" a"- ta7e a hasty pee7 at his -es7 to see i8 he>s still
there. .e ,o">t 8ly a,ay or -isappear i"to thi" air u"til he>s ha- a cha"ce to tell you
his reaso"s a"- ta7e his cha"ces o8 ,i""i"g you over to his poi"t o8 vie,. 0"less
you hear -i88ere"tly5 -irectly 8ro$ hi$5 he>s pro%a%ly as happy as a ,i"ge-
$esse"ger 8ro$ the go-s coul- %e here $ earth5 -oi"g ,hatever it is you have hi$
applyi"g his agile $i"- to. 28 there>s a" o88ice pool o8 a"y 7i"-5 you $ay see your
Leos5 Aries a"- Sagittarius people -oi"g lots o8 sho,y %etti"g5 %ut you ca" %et your
ol- 4roo7ly" Do-gers %utto" hat it ,as pro%a%ly $aster$i"-e- %y o"e o8 those
strea7s @8 light"i"g you e$ploy ,ho ,as %or" i" Ju"e. The #e$i"i vo">t thro,
e:travaga"t su$s o8 $o"ey i"to a co$plicate- $%%le sche$e as rea-ily as Leo5 the
lio". .e>s $ore li7ely 9o ris7 his security i" a situatio" ,here there>s a challe"ge o
his ,its5 ,here there>s 8ast actio" a"- a 'uic7 retur". .is co"versatio" ,ill %e 8ull o8
phrases li7e <Let>s give it i spi"5< <2t>s ,orth a 8lyer5< a"- <2>ll try a"ythi"g o"ce.<
A"- he ,ill5 too. Try a"ythi"g o"ce5 that is. T,ice is out.
.e>s %ore- %y the".
=our #e$i"i e$ployee $ay %e co"spicuous %y his a%se"ce or a%se"t-$i"-e-"ess
?sa$e thi"g@5 -uri"g %ase%all seaso" or gol8i"g play-o88s. Most Mercury people
e";oy these sports5 a"- $a"y o8 the$ have participate-5 tha"7s to the u"ca""y
#e$i"ia" -e:terity. There>s little he ca">t -o ,ith the sy"chro"i3atio" o8 his
i"tellige"ce a"- his clever ha"-s5 a"- that ca" i"clu-e calculati"g precisely ho, to
s,at a ,hite %all over the 8e"ce or $a7i"g a hole-i"-o"e o" the gree". Sports o8te"
attract hi$ as a ,ay to ,or7 o88 all that "ervous e"ergy. 2" the lo"g ru"5 ho,ever5
the #e$i"i pre8ers to e:ercise his ,its a"- give his $i"- a ,or7out5 so he ca" %at
ple"ty o8 ho$e ru"s 8or your 8ir$. Still5 he shoul- %e e"courage- to e"gage i"
physical activity. 2t ,ill ,ear hi$ out so he ca" sleep. All #e$i"is are pro"e to
i"so$"ia. Ma"y #e$i"i e$ployees ,ho ,or7 i" o88ices ,here they>re re'uire- to
%e o" the ;o% early i" the $or"i"g ca" %e recog"i3e- %y the circles u"-er their eyes.
=our #e$i"is ,ill 7eep the o88ice hu$$i"g ,ith %usy activity5 lots o8 ;o7es a"-
gay chatter. 4ut they>ll get thi"gs -o"e. The Mercury secretary $ay %e the 8astest
typist i" the cro,-5 a"- 'uic7 to catch your -ictatio". Nor$ally5 i8 she>s a typical
#e$i"i5 she>ll %e a%le to 8or$ a" i"tellige"t5 clearly-state- letter ,ith ;ust a hi"t
8ro$ you a%out the su%;ect $atter. 2" spite o8 her secretarial tale"ts5 you $ight %e
%etter o88 to put her out i" 8ro"t ,here she ca" char$ the people ,ho ,al7 i" the
-oor a"- ru" the s,itch%oar- 8or you. ?Doi"g t,o thi"gs at o"ce a"- ;uggli"g the$
e:pertly is "o pro%le$ 8or a Mercury girl.@ =ou>ll have 8e,er -isgru"tle- people
calli"g you. Not o"ly ,ill she s,eet tal7 stra"gers cleverly5 she>s "ot apt to scra$%le
the cor-s a"- cut you o88 i" the $i--le o8 a call to Fala$a3oo to co""ect you ,ith
2>- %etter ,ar" you "ot to -iscuss raises5 %o"uses5 co$$issio"s a"- such ,ith a
#e$i"i5 i8 you ca" possi%ly help it. 0se a ste$ !apricor" or a -og$atic Taurus or a
"o-"o"se"se irgo as your $i--le $a". 28 you -o">t5 the #e$i"i $ay tal7 you i"to
givi"g hi$ a higher positio" ,ith the 8ir$ tha" you have availa%le ,ithout 8iri"g
your ,i8e>s %rother a"- t,ice as $uch $o"ey as you $a7e yoursel8. .e>ll $a7e it all
see$ per8ectly logical. 2t>s $uch sa8er to avoi- 8i"a"cial hu--les ,ith a persuasive
#e$i"i. 28 you>re ga$e5 go ahea- a"- try it. 4ut you $ay co$e out o8 the hu--le
havi"g pro$ise- hi$ a ,ee7ly e:pe"se accou"t that ,oul- support a couple o8
irgos a"- !a"ceria"s 8or a year.
=ou>re li7ely to trip over a 8e, %ro7e" hearts i" the o88ice hall,ays ,he" you have
Mercury e$ployees. A 8lirtatio" or t,o a $o"th a"- a rather 8ic7le ,ay o8 cha"gi"g
his $i"- is the average %ehavior %e8ore $aturity. There>s a youth8ul air o8
irrespo"si%ility a%out $a"y a #e$i"i ?u"less the "atal chart i"-icates a $ore sta%le
"ature@. .e has a $i"- at least a $illio" years ol-5 a"- the e$otio"s o8 a tee"ager.
.e>ll loo7 li7e o"e5 too.
The truth is that the #e$i"i5 li7e *eter *a"5 hates to gro, up. A"- li7e *eter5 he
"ee-s a /e"-y as s$art as he is to clea" house 8or hi$ every spri"g5 letti"g hi$
co$e a"- go as he pleases. 28 you>re the 7i"- o8 %oss to play o88ice !upi-5 -o">t
i"tro-uce hi$ to a"y other 7i"- o8 girl5 or you $ay have to loa" hi$ $o"ey to pay
his ali$o"y shortly a8ter,ar-s.
Do you ,a"t to $a7e your o88ice really s,i"gA *ut your Aries e$ployee a"- your
#e$i"i e$ployee together i" a roo$ to -iscuss a "e, pro;ect. The" stu88 so$e
cotto" i" your ears to protect the$ 8ro$ a sou"- li7e o"e hu"-re- a--i"g $achi"es
a"- t,o hu"-re- tic7er tapes all goi"g at o"ce. Sta"- close %y ,ith a %ig5 stro"g "et
to catch all the pi"7 %alloo"s that ,ill %e 8lyi"g through the air. #ather the$ up5
ta7e the$ i" to your o88ice5 a"- stu-y the$ care8ully %e8ore you stic7 a pi" i" the$.
&"e o8 the$ is li7ely to co"tai" a $illio" -ollar i-ea.
.e thought he sa, a" Al%atross
That 8luttere- rou"- the la$p9
.e loo7e- agai"5 a"- 8ou"- it ,as
A pe""y-postage-sta$p. <=ou>- %est %e getti"g ho$e5< he sai-5 <The "ights are very

!AN!+15 the !ra%
Ju"e 22"- through July 23r-
.o, to 1ecog"i3e
The !AN!+1 Ma"
The !AN!+1 /o$a"
The !AN!+1 !hil-
The !AN!+1 4oss
The !AN!+1 +$ployee

.o, to 1ecog"i3e !AN!+1
<2 ca">t e:plai" $ysel85 2>$ a8rai-. %ecause 2>$ "ot $ysel85 you see5<
<&h5 $y 8ur a"- ,his7ersi< 2t is this5 it is this that oppresses $y soul.
The %est ti$e to hu"t 8or hu$a" cra%s is %y the light o8 the silvery Moo". 2t>s
usually easier to recog"i3e the$ at "ight5 ,he" they>re all -resse- up to go
-rea$i"g5 ,rappe- i" vivi- i$agi"atio". Moo"light %eco$es the$ %eauti8ully. 2t
goes ,ith their $a"y $oo-s5 a"- it $atches their cha"gi"g e$otio"s.
=ou>ll gather lots o8 clues to the !a"ceria" "ature %y -oi"g so$e Moo"-ga3i"g o" a
clear "ight i" the cou"try. 2t $ay %e har- to see it through the s$og i" the city5 %ut
you ca" al,ays stu-y a" al$a"ac. Notice the Moo">s cha"gi"g shape a"-
appeara"ce. As it ,a:es a"- i"creases i" light5 it slo,ly gro,s i"to a per8ect5 rou"-
%all i" the s7y. /he" it ,a"es5 it gra-ually -isappears5 so there>s "othi"g visi%le %ut
a thi" sliver o8 light ,ith a 8ai"t5 silver shi$$er.
The !a"ceria">s passi"g $oo-s are sy"chro"i3e- to the Moo"5 a"s,eri"g to the
sa$e $ysterious lu"ar i"8lue"ce that causes the ti-es o8 the ocea" to 8lo, i" a"-
out. =et5 the Moo" -oes">t really cha"ge at all. 2t ;ust see$s to. Li7e,ise5 the
!a"ceria" re$ai"s the sa$e perso" through all his 8luctuati"g highs a"- lo,s. Such
-epe"-a%le perio-icity-co"sta"t i" its i"co"sta"cy-$a7es the cra% easy to recog"i3e5
o"ce you 7"o, the phase he>s i" ,he" you see hi$.
=ou $ay 8irst co$e across hi$ ,he" he>s laughi"g the <cra3y lu"ar laugh.< 2t>s
i"escapa%ly co"tagious. 2t ru"s up a"- -o," the scales ,ith a -eep5 throaty
u"-erto"e. 2t giggles a"- gurgles5 the" 8i"ally erupts i" a lou- cac7le that sou"-s
e:actly li7e t,o hu"-re- he"s layi"g t,o hu"-re- per8ect eggs. 2" his li8e-o8-the-
party $oo-5 youll have "o trou%le 8i"-i"g the !a"ceria". .ell %e the 8u""iest o"e i"
the roo$5 a laugh a $i"ute. 28 he>s "ot per8or$i"g hi$sel85 the" he>ll %e gri""i"g at
so$eo"e else>s a"tics. No o"e li7es a ;o7e %etter tha" !a"cer5 a"- his 8u""y si-e is
all the $ore startli"g ,he" it pops up so i"co"gruously 8ro$ his "or$ally 'uiet5
ge"tle perso"ality. Lu"ar hu$or ru"s -eep. 2t>s "ever shallo, or super8icial5 %ecause
it ste$s 8ro$ the se"sitive o%servatio" o8 hu$a" %ehavior. !a"cer $ay "ot ,ear his
lu"ar laugh every -ay5 %ut he ca" al,ays -ig it out o8 his ol- tru"7 i" the %ase$e"t
at a $o$e"t>s "otice.
These people -o">t pa"t a8ter the spotlight li7e the e:tro-verte- Leos or-clo,"ish
Sagittaria"s5 %ut !a"ceria"s have a" u"ca""y se"se o8 pu%licity5 ,he" it pleases
the$ to %e "otice-. Do">t let that u"assu$i"g $a""er 8ool you. They secretly e";oy
atte"tio"5 a"- they>ll soa7 up a"y hea-li"es they get. =ou ,o">t 8i"- !a"cer
pursui"g 8a$e ,ith passio" ?he pursues "othi"g ,ith true passio"@5 %ut he certai"ly
,o">t shri"7 8ro$ it. .e>s 8ar $ore li7ely to %as7 i" the re8lecte- glo, o8 applause
tha" to ru" a,ay. !a"cer $ay hi-e 8ro$ thi"gs5 %ut you ca" %e sure that apprecia-
tio" is "ot o"e o8 the$.
28 you>re the 7i"- o8 perso" ,ho catches col- easily5 ,ear your rai"coat ,he" you
e:pose yoursel8 to the -a$p"ess o8 a !a"ceria" i" a $ela"choly $oo-. .e ca" ,rap
you i" ,et %la"7ets u"til you shiver a"- sha7e. !a"cer ca" tur" %luer tha" a"
i"7,ell5 a"- -ro," you i" -epressio" -eeper tha" the 8loor o8 the ocea". .is 8ears
are usually ,ell covere- %y the "utty lu"ar hu$or5 %ut they are al,ays ,ith hi$5
hau"ti"g his -ays a"- "ights ,ith a vague se"se o8 "a$eless -a"gers5 lur7i"g i" the
sha-o,s. *essi$is$ is "ever 8ar a,ay5 al,ays rea-y to spoil those %eauti8ul "ights
o8 8a"cy. A !a"ceria" ca" ta7e the -rea$iest trips to the stars o" the gossa$er
,i"gs o8 his i$agi"atio"5 i8 he lea$s to ig"ore that harpi"g i""er voice ,hich 7eeps
"aggi"g hi$ a"- ,ar"i"g hi$ he $ight get lost i" outer space. 4ut u"til he lea$s to
co"'uer his 8ears5 they 8or$ his Achilles> heel5 a"- they hurt every ti$e he starts to
8ly too high.
.is tears are "ever croco-ile tears. They 8lo, 8ro$ the -eep rivers o8 his 8ragile a"-
vul"era%le heart. =ou ca" ,ou"- his se"sitive 8eeli"gs ,ith a harsh gla"ce or a
rough t- to"e o8 voice. !ruelty ca" %ri"g o" %ri$$i"g eyes or a >co$plete
,ith-ra,al ?2t>s a" o-- thi"g that !a"ceria"s sel-o$ get 8eversB they>re $ore li7ely
to su88er 8ro$ the chills.@ 2t ,o">t %e easy to spot the cra% i" this $oo-5 %ecause
,he" he>s hurt5 he -isappears i"to reproach8ul sile"ce. So$eti$es5 he ca" retaliate
,ith a" al$ost scorpio" reve"ge5 %ut he>ll usually -o it secretly5 sel-o$ ope"ly ,ith
the Scorpio>s 8i"e co"te$pt 8or co"se'ue"ces. Most o8 the ti$e5 ho,ever5 hell tur"
a,ay 8ro$ getti"g eve"5 co"te"t to hi-e u"-er his protective shell. &"ce you>ve
,ou"-e- hi$5 you ca" po7e at hi$ ,ith a sharp stic7 8or -ays a8ter,ar-s a"- "ot
reach hi$. .e ,o">t a"s,er his pho"e5 his -oor%ell or his $ail. 2" the $i-st o8
u"certai"ty5 -espair a"- sa-"ess. !a"cer people see7 retreat a"- solitu-e. Just li7e
real cra%s.
That>s a"other $oo- !a"ceria"s have. !ra%%y. The perso" ,ho gave you a cra"7y
a"s,er ,he" you as7e- 8or the ti$e5 the o"e ,ho "early s"appe- your hea- o88
,he" you as7e- hi$ to pass the salt-,as pro%a%ly a !a"cer perso" goi"g through
o"e o8 his occasio"al cra%%y spells that $a7es hi$ hate the ,orl-. .e>s "ot a"gry
,ith you. .e>s -isappoi"te- ,ith li8e. .e>ll get over it5 a"- %e his o," s,eet5 ge"tle
a"- u"-ersta"-i"g sel8 ,he" the Moo" cha"ges. !o"sult the -aily paper 8or the "e:t
'uarter5 or ,ait u"til the ti-es co$e %ac7 i".
There are t,o %asic !a"cer types. The 8irst 7i"- has a Q ha"-so$e rou"- 8ace5 so8t
s7i"5 a ,i-e5 gri""i"g $outh5 al$ost circular eyes5 rather a %a%y-8ace- loo7. Thi"7
o8 the $a" i" the $oo". That>s a per8ect i$age. The seco"- type is $ore co$$o".
The u"$ista7a%le <loo7 o8 the cra%< is i$$e-iately "oticea%le i" the 8ace. =ou>ll
see a 8airly large s7ull5 a" overha"gi"g %ro, a"- high chee7%o"es. The %ro,s
the$selves ,ill see$ to 7"it together i" a sort o8 per$a"e"t 8ro," ,hich5 stra"gely5
is">t o88e"sive5 %ut rather i"teresti"g. There>s a pro"ou"ce- lo,er ;a,5 a"- the teeth
are either pro$i"e"t or irregular i" so$e ,ay. The eyes are s$all a"- usually 8ar
apart. So$eti$es you>ll see a !a"ceria" ,ho co$%i"es %oth the lu"ar 8ace a"- the
cra% 8ace %ut each is so -isti"ctive that5 eve" ,he" they>re %le"-e-5 it>s easy to
recog"i3e the$ as Moo" people5 %or" u"-er the sig" o8 the cra%. So$e o8 the$ are
i"-isputa%ly plu$p5 %ut the great $a;ority have a stri7i"gly %o"y structure. The
ar$s a"- legs $ay %e e:tra lo"g i" proportio" to the rest o8 the %o-y. The shoul-ers
,ill %e %roa-er tha" average5 a"- o8te" the ha"-s a"- 8eet are either u"usually ti"y
or 'uite large. Most !a"ceria"s are a little top heavy5 a"- they ,a--le slightly ,he"
they ,al7 8ast. /hether the %o-y is plu$p or ,iry5 the ,o$e" ,ill usually ,ear a
s,eater si3e co"si-era%ly larger tha" the s7irt si3e. &r they>ll %e a%solutely 8lat-
cheste-. +ither ,ay5 this particular characteristic is 'uite $ar7e-. There is "ever a
$i--le grou"- 8or this part o8 the a"ato$y ,ith 8e$ale cra%s.
All lu"ar people have e"or$ously e:pressive 8eatures. A thousa"- $oo-s play
8leeti"gly across their 8aces i" the course o8 a co"versatio". Do you 7"o, so$eo"e
,ho so$eti$es cac7les ,il-ly5 the" ,eeps -espo"-e"tly5-,ho occasio"ally s"aps at
you irrita%ly5 a"- the" hi-es ,he" you hurt hi$A Does he "or$ally treat you ,ith
ge"tle co"si-eratio"A 28 he>s gru885 yet 7i"-ly5 a 8asci"ati"g co"versatio"alist ,ith
-eep ,ells o8 creative i$agi"atio"5 that perso" ,as pro%a%ly %or" i" late Ju"e or
!a"eeria"s have such co"trol o8 i$agery5 a"- their $oo-s are so i"te"se5 they ca"
$a7e you 8eel the$5 too. Their i$agi"atio" sei3es ;oy a"- -espair5 horror a"- co$-
passio"5 sorro, a"- ecstasy5 a"- hol-s each e$otio" 8ast ,ith a rete"tive $e$ory.
Li7e $irrors a"- ca$eras5 they a%sor% i$ages a"- re8lect the$ 8aith8ully. +very
e:perie"ce is e"grave- o" the heart as a photograph is etche- o" a "egative plate.
They "ever 8orget a"y o8 the lesso"s li8e has taught the$ "or -o they 8orget the
lesso"s history has taught $a"7i"-. A !a"ceria" reveres the past a"- is usually
patriotic to the core. .istorical 8igures i"trigue hi$ as $uch as his o," a"cestors
-o. .e o8te" collects a"ti'ues5 ol- treasures a"- a"cie"t relics a"- has a" i"satia%le
curiosity a%out yester-ay. !a"cer is a sort o8 $e"tal archaeologist5 al,ays -iggi"g
8or $ore 8asci"ati"g 8acts.
.e>s also a ,ell o8 secrecy. *eople auto$atically co"8i-e their secrets to the cra%5
%ut ,ith his se"sitive e$otio"s he alrea-y 7"o,s ,hat>s o" their $i"-s. !a"ceria"
co$passio" is -eep a"- highly i"tuitive. There>s har-ly a secret he ca">t strip "a7e-5
i8 he chooses. 2t>s a o"e-,ay street5 ho,ever. .e>ll eve"tually soa7 up all there is to
7"o, a%out you5 %ut you>ll "ever guess his o," private thoughts. .e guar-s his
i""er 8eeli"gs care8ully 8ro$ pryi"g eyes. The typical !a"cer perso" -oes">t li7e to
-iscuss his perso"al li8e5 %ut he>s -elighte- to hear a%out yours5 as his lu"ar
i$agi"atio" lets hi$ easily guess the parts you leave out. !a"cer sel-o$ ;u-ges5
ho,ever. .e si$ply gathers5 a%sor%s5 re8lects.
Although the cra% gives %ac7 e$otio"s li7e a $irror5 he ,o">t give up ta"gi%le
thi"gs ,ithout a struggle. Ta7e a stroll alo"g a"y %each a"- o%serve the ha%its o8
the real cra%. /he" he gra%s a" o%;ect ?a"- $a7e sure it>s "ot your %ig toe@5 he>ll
ha"g o" 8or -ear li8e. .e>- rather lose a cla, tha" let go. 28 the cra% -oes sacri8ice a
cla,5 he gro,s a "e, o"e5 so he ca" gra% hol- o"ce $ore ,ith the sa$e te"acityB
a"- let that %e a lesso" to you ,he" you>re tryi"g to get a !a"ceria" to give up
so$ethi"g he or she really ,a"ts. !a"cer ,ill "ever reli"'uish a treasure- o%;ect5
a"- that ca" ra"ge all the ,ay 8ro$ a %elove- 8rie"- or relative to a title or a
positio"-8ro$ a" ol- ti"type photo to a pair o8 8ra33le- house slippers5 ,ith the soles
hal8 ,or" a,ay.
/hile you>re still o" the %each5 ta7e a 8e, $ore "otes o" the custo$s o8 the real
cra%. The ,ay he ,al7s5 8or i"sta"ce. 28 his eye is o" that %ig toe5 he>ll "ever co$e
8orth -irectly a"- hea- 8or your 8oot. (irst5 he $oves %ac7,ar- a 8e, paces. The"
he $oves si-e,ays. Su--e"ly5 ,ithout ,ar"i"g5 he cra,ls to the other si-e. .e
al,ays appears to %e $ovi"g i" the opposite -irectio". 4ut he>s ,atchi"g every
seco"-. 28 that -elicious toe starts to get a,ay 8ro$ hi$5 he>ll $ove straight 8or,ar-5
a"- you>- %etter ru" i8 you -o">t ,a"t those cla,s to -ig i". .e $ea"s %usi"ess
,he" he sees he has a cha"ce o8 losi"g the $orsel he covets. The hu$a" cra%
i$itates these tactics precisely. !a"ceria"s "ever go -irectly a8ter ,hat they ,a"t.
Their strategy is to $ove i" every -irectio" %ut straight ahea-. They>ll play this
shi8ti"g ga$e i"-e8i"itely5 u"til it loo7s as i8 so$eo"e else is a%out to gra% the pri3e.
The" the car-s are playe- 'uic7ly a"- cleverly-!a"cer lu"ges 8or,ar-5 ta7es hol-
8ir$ly5 a"- re8uses to let go.
They %ehave $uch the sa$e ,ay ,he" it co$es to ge"erosity a"- givi"g. !a"cer>s
heart is too so8t "ot to %e touche- %y so$eo"e>s "ee-. .e truly cares a"- he ,a"ts to
help. 4ut he>ll sit %ac7 cautiously a"- ,ait to see i8. there>s a"yo"e else ,ho $ight
$ove i" 8irst. /hy shoul- he 8oolishly s'ua"-er his ti$e or $o"ey i8 it is "ot
"ecessaryA /he" all other sources 8ail5 ,he" "o other help sho,s a"y sig" o8
$ateriali3i"g. !a"cer ,ill rescue the struggler at the last $i"ute. .e>ll let you go
-o," t,ice5 %ut he>ll save you ;ust %e8ore you su%$erge the thir- ti$e. .e>s too
7i"- to ,atch you -ro,"5 %ut he>s certai"ly "ot goi"g to get all ,et i8 there>s a li8e
guar- arou"-5 or i8 it loo7s as i8 you ca" s,i$ to shore yoursel8. 2t>s sel8-
preservatio"5 "ot sel8ish"ess or u"7i"-"ess. The cra%>s heart is so8t at the core5 u"-er
his har-5 co"servative outer shell. 4ut there>s ;ust so $uch o8 his ti$e5 his $o"ey
a"- his e$otio"s he has to give5 a"- he chooses to -istri%ute each ,isely. .is eve"-
tual gesture ,ill o8te" %e gra"- a"- ge"erous. =et5 i" his $i"-5 it>s o"ly se"si%le to
,atch a"- ,ait %e8ore plu"gi"g. No o"e coul- accuse hi$ o8 %ei"g i$pulsive.
/he" he -oes $a7e a $ove5 he>ll ,a"t so$e sort o8 trac7 recor- %ehi"- hi$-or
%ehi"- you. The cra% care8ully calculates his actio"s o" e:perie"ces5 either his o,"
or so$eo"e else>s. .e "ee-s the stre"gth o8 a" accepte- prece-e"t or the assura"ce
o8 8i"a"cial security as a 8ou"-atio". .e 8ears goi"g it alo"e ,ithout such a"
i"sura"ce policy5 ,hich is ,hy $ost o8 his ve"tures are success8ul a"- each 8i"al
$ove a coup -e grace5 e:ecute- ,ith 8i"esse. Naturally5 !a"ceria"s ,ill sel-o$
stu$%le i"to -eep holes i" the -ar7. /ith a 8iery Moo" sig"5 or a 8ire sig" o" the
asce"-a"t5 he $ay ga$%le o" a" occasio"al $a"euver5 %ut i8 he 8ails5 he>ll %e
$isera%le a%out goi"g agai"st his o," %etter i""er ;u-g$e"t. Leo or Sagittarius
i"8lue"ces $ay have -rive" hi$ to act5 %ut ,he" he 8alls %ac7 o" his o," Su" sig"
a8ter -e8eat5 $isery sets i". !a"cer te"-s to %roo- over $ista7es i"stea- o8
shruggi"g o88 %a- luc7 a"- tryi"g agai"5 a"- it ,ill %e so$e ti$e %e8ore he ta7es
a"other cha"ce.
Male or 8e$ale5 the !a"ceria" loves his ho$e ,ith a respect %or-eri"g o"
revere"ce. No -evout high priest o8 a"cie"t ti$es ever co"si-ere- his altar $ore
sacre- tha" !a"cer co"si-ers the place ,here he ha"gs his ol- hat. =ou>re lia%le to
"otice a sa$pler o" his ,all ,ith the ,or-s5 <There>s No *lace Li7e .o$e5 4e 2t
+ver So .u$%le.< ?=es5 2 7"o, the verse is %ac7,ar-s5 %ut his little girl $a-e it at
school5 a"- to hi$ it>s a $asterpiece5 a pearl %eyo"- price. A-$ire it o8te".@ .is
ho$e is ,here he plays5 lives5 loves5 -rea$s a"- 8eels sa8e. Though he $ay travel
over hal8 the earth i" co""ectio" ,ith his career5 "o !a"cer perso" is ever 'uite
happy ,ithout a hearth to call his o,". So$eti$e $a7e a poi"t o8 "otici"g the
e:pressio" o" the 8ace o8 a cra% ,ho has ;ust retur"e- ho$e 8ro$ a lo"g trip. *ure
No $atter ho, $uch $o"ey he piles up i" reserve5 !a"cer "ever 8eels really secure5
a"- "o $atter ho, $uch love he gets5 he al,ays "ee-s $ore. .is e$otio"s "ever let
hi$ %eco$e sure e"ough to rela: co$pletely. .e>s al,ays pili"g up ta"gi%les
agai"st so$e i$agi"ary 8uture -isaster. So$e !a"ceria"s actually 7eep %ig
car-%oar- carto"s o8 8oo- o8 all 7i"-s u"-er their %e-s. 2t 7eeps a,ay those
"ight$ares. =ou $ay thi"7 that>s stretchi"g the truth5 %ut ,he" ,as the last ti$e
you loo7e- u"-er a !a"cer>s %e-A 28 you -o">t 8i"- the ca""e- 8oo-s there5 loo7 o"
the closet shelves. =ou $ay 8i"- t,o -o3e" ca"s o8 papri7a a"- t,e"ty-eight %o:es
o8 8orti8ie- %rea- cru$%s he %ought o" sale i" 1)43. /hat>s he savi"g it 8orA Do">t
as7 ri-iculous 'uestio"s. There $ight %e a 8a$i"e so$e-ay. .e>s prepare-. ?Noah
$ust have %ee" %or" i" July. The 8loo- -i-">t catch hi$ ,ith his ru--ers -o,"5
either.@ /hy -oes">t he use all that papri7a a"- all those %rea- cru$%sA The a"s,er
to that o"e raises a"other 'uestio". /hy -oes">t he use those 8ourtee" pairs o8 "e,
pa;a$as a"- the seve" -o3e" cash$ere scarves he>s %ee" give" over the years as
gi8tsA They>re still i" the origi"al tissue paper. /ho 7"o,sA May%e he>s pla""i"g to
,rap the$ arou"- the a"i$als to 7eep the$ ,ar$ ,he" the "e:t 8loo- co$es.
!oul- %e. .e thi"7s that 8ar ahea-5 a"- he re$e$%ers yester-ay>s catastrophes
vivi-ly5 eve" i8 he ,as">t there.
=ou>ll o8te" 8i"- the !a"ceria" o" the ,ater. 28 he>s "ot s,i$$i"g5 he>s ,ater-s7ii"g
or at the very least5 ,a-i"g. 0"less there>s so$e -e8i"ite pla"etary a88lictio" i" his
"atal chart that $a7es hi$ 8ear the ,aves5 he>ll usually %e 8ou"- spe"-i"g $ost o8
his leisure ti$e o" a %each. Lots o8 !a"cer people o," their o," %oats. .e>- $uch
rather have a tri$ little ship he ca" escape to tha" a -o3e" color televisio" sets a"-
8i8ty li$ousi"es. So$e cra%s have 8a%ulous yachts5 %ut eve" i8 it>s a ro,%oat or a
ca"oe5 he>ll %liss8ully ro,5 pa--le or steer it to happi"ess. 2t>s as though the
!a"ceria" has a special5 private -rea$ that>s %ee" lost out there so$e,here i" the
-eep ,aters5 a"- he 7eeps see7i"g it. &ver hal8 the cra%s you $eet ,ill %e ,ee7e"-
sailors. May%e it>s the $oo" a"- the ti-es calli"g hi$. /hatever it is5 he>s "ever as
$oo-y ,he" he>s happily ,al7i"g his o," -ec7 i" the te""is shoes he %ought ,he"
he gra-uate- 8ro$ college. ?Do">t ever suggest that he %uy "e, o"es. There>s o"e
thi"g you have to u"-ersta"- a%out these people. 28 it>s ol-5 it has value. 28 it>s "e,5
it>s suspect.@
!a"ceria" e$otio"s ca" %e stro"ger tha" the physical %o-y. /orry a"-
apprehe"sio" ca" $a7e hi$ ill5 a"-
2 cheer8ul"ess ca" $a7e hi$ ,ell. &8te"5 he 8ears 8i"a"cial J collapse or the loss o8
so$eo"e he "ee-s e$otio"ally. 28 his security is threate"e-5 either at the %a"7 or i"
his heart5 he ca" 8all i"to a -epressio" ,hich u"co"sciously courts sic7"ess or
acci-e"t. .is active i$agi"atio" ca" %e $or%i- e"ough to tur" a $i"or ill"ess i"to a
grave or chro"ic o"e. /he" he gets gloo$y5 he respo"-s poorly to positive
state$e"ts. The" he>s apt to thi"7 you>re u"7i"- 8or "ot sy$pathi3i"g ,ith hi$. 4ut
sy$pathy is the last thi"g !a"cer "ee-s ,he" he>s sic75 "ever $i"- ,hat he says. 28
he gro,s $ela"choly a%out 8earso$e possi%ilities5 he i"vites real trou%le5 a"- he>ll
ta7e t,ice as lo"g to get ,ell.
The $ost vul"era%le areas are the chest or %reast regio"5 the 7"ees5 7i-"eys5 %la--er
a"- s7i". The hea- a"- 8ace areas are also se"sitive5 as are the sto$ach a"- the
-igestive syste$. !a"ceria"s practically i"ve"te- ulcers. 4ut those ,ho 7eep sere"e5
a"- ,ho call o" their $arvelous se"se o8 hu$or to see the$ through their $oo-s5
ca" easily stay ,ell u"til a ripe ol- age. 28 they get a 8ir$ grip o" happi"ess a"-
re8use to let go5 the cra%s have the po,er to cli"g to li8e ,ith the sa$e te"acity that
they cli"g to those ol- "e,spapers a"- pot hol-ers. !heer8ul"ess5 opti$is$ a"-
laughter5 ta7e" -aily i" large -oses5 ,ill 7eep their $i"-s a"- %o-ies healthy. As
!a"cer i$agi"es hi$sel8 to 8eel5 so shall he actually 8eel. No other sig" is so pro"e
to let "egative thoughts %ri"g o" ill"ess5 yet "o other sig" ca" create such $iracles
o8 sel8-heali"g. 2t>s a stra"ge co"tra-ictio"5 a"- it ,oul- i$$e"sely %e"e8it all
!a"ceria"s to po"-er it.
Lots o8 !a"cer people have very gree" thu$%s. They pro-uce so$e %eauti8ul
gar-e"s that are te"-e- a"- ,atere- ,ith lovi"g care. Most o8 the$ also have very
gree" savi"gs accou"ts5 ,hich they cultivate ,ith the sa$e -evotio". Mo"ey cli"gs
to !a"cer5 a"- they li7e the 8eel o8 it5 so they allo, it to cli"g. They spe"- 8rugally5
to say the very least. +ve" ,ith i$pulsive i"8lue"ces i" the "atal chart5 !a"cer ,ill
7eep a 8e, -ry %ills asi-e 8or a rai"y -ay. 28 he tells you he>s %ro7e5 he $ea"s he>s
-o," to his last 8e, thousa"-. To hi$5 that>s a -esperate situatio". No o"e is a $ore
capa%le $a"ager o8 8u"-s tha" the cra% ?although Taurus5 !apricor" or irgo $ay
ru" a close seco"-@. .e>s a" e:pert at accu$ulati"g cash a"- $a7i"g it gro, li7e the
trees a"- 8lo,ers he pla"ts. 2t ,ill sel-o$ -,i"-le i" his te"acious ha"-s or ru"
through his shre,- 8i"gers5 a"- you ,o">t catch hi$ tossi"g %u"-les o8 it out the
,i"-o, 8or the sheer ;oy o8 getti"g ri- o8 it. .is ge"erosity is e:cee-e- o"ly %y his
cautio". !a"ceria" Joh" D. 1oc7e8eller5 Sr. pro%a%ly thought he ,as %ei"g
,ic7e-ly e:travaga"t ,he" he ha"-e- out all those -i$es to s$all chil-re"B
it tic7le- hi$ to go o" such a ,il- spe"-i"g spree a"- teach eco"o$y at the sa$e
ti$e. Still5 the cra% ,ill share ,hatever he has ,illi"gly ,he" so$eo"e he li7es or
loves is i" real "ee-. A chil- ,ill "ever 8ail to $ove hi$ to part ,ith cash5 %ut hell
co$e -o," har- o" a grocer ,ho overcharges hi$ t,o ce"ts o" a ca" o8 %ea"s.
*oo- so$eho, represe"ts security to !a"ceria"s. 28 &l- Mother .u%%ar- ha- %ee"
%or" i" July5 she ,oul- "ever have recovere- 8ro$ 8i"-i"g the cup%oar- %are.
/hether he actually eats it or "ot5 the cra% 8eels sa8er ,he" the lar-er is 8ull a"-
over8lo,i"g. Just tal7i"g a%out 8oo- %ri"gs a rosy glo, to his e:pressive 8ace5 a"-
stories o8 starvatio" ,ill actually horri8y hi$. !a"ceria"s care -eeply a%out the
hu"gry5 a"- they 8eel a respo"si%ility to,ar- every e$pty sto$ach i" the ,orl-.
?The "ote- $athe$aticia"-astrologer !arl *ay"e To%ey has poi"te- out that
!a"ceria" Nelso" 1oc7e8eller ca$paig"e- i" super$ar7ets ,ith the political
sloga"5 <.e !ares.<@ /asti"g 8oo- is a cri$e to !a"cer. =ou>ll get all the seco"-
helpi"gs you ,a"t5 %ut %e sure you clea" up the plate.
There>s a stro"g $ater"al i"sti"ct i" %oth se:es. They>re al,ays tryi"g to stu88 hot
8oo- i"to you5 or %u"-le you up agai"st the -a$p5 "ight air. !a"ceria"s %a%y their
8rie"-s a"- love- o"es a"- hover over the$ protectively. 2t>s har- to tell ,hich stirs
the lu"ar e$otio"s $ore -eeply-chil-re"5 8oo- or $o"ey.
The cra%>s se"sitive "ature is covere- ,ith a har- shell5 a"- he>s ,ise e"ough to
avoi- the stor$y seas. .al8 the ti$e he lives o" -ry la"-5 the other hal8 i" -eep
,aters. .e ,ears the lu$i"ous5 pale gol- a"- shi$$eri"g colors o8 $oo"light5 a"-
hi-es his po,er8ul e$otio"s %ehi"- the pale gree"5 $auve a"- lave"-er ti"ts o8
There>s a touch o8 Moo" $a-"ess i" every !a"ceria". .e 7"o,s a ,il- a"- secret
place ,here t,o lilies a"- seve" ,hite roses gro, a$o"g the iris. So$eti$es the
$e$ory o8 this 8ara,ay gar-e" causes hi$ to e:plo-e ,ith laughter. No, a"- the"
it causes hi$ to ,eep ,ith sa-"ess. !a"cer patie"tly gathers the e$eral-s5 pearls
a"- $oo"-sto"es carelessly -roppe- i" the sa"- %y others5 as he ,aits 8or the ti-es
to ,ash his silver -rea$s ashore.
(a$ous !a"cer *erso"alities
Joh" 6ui"cy A-a$s Louis Ar$stro"g 2"g$ar 4erg$a" Milto" 4erle Julius !aesar
Ja$es !ag"ey Marc !hagall Jea" !octeau #eorge M. !oha" !alvi" !ooli-ge.
*hyllis Di0er Stephe" (oster Joh" #le"" &scar .a$$erstei" +r"est .e$i"g,ay
.e"ry 222
.ele" Feller !harles Laughto" #ertru-e La,re"ce A""e Li"-%ergh #i"a
Lollo%rigi-a Marcel *roust 1e$%ra"-t
Joh" D. 1oc7e8eller Nelso" 1oc7e8eller 1ichar- 1o-gera 1e- S7elto" 4ar%ara
Sta",yc7 1i"go Starr .e"ry D. Thoreau Joh" /a"a$a7er Du7e o8 /i"-sor

A"-re, /yeth

The !AN!+1 Ma"
<2 so$eti$es -ig 8or %utter rolls5 &r set li$e- t,igs 8or cra%s9
2 so$eti$es search the grassy 7"olls (or ,heels o8 .a"so$-ca%s9
A"- that>s the ,ay5< ?he gave a ,i"7@ <4y ,hich 2 get $y ,ealth-
A"- very gla-ly ,ill 2 -ri"7 =our .o"or>s "o%le health.<
A tacitur" e:pert at circu$locutio" he is. A scatter%rai" a"- a chatter%o: he is "ot.
Do">t e:pect this $a" to %are his soul ,he" he 8irst $eets you. !a"ceria"s "ever
co"8i-e i" stra"gers5 a"- there are certai" thi"gs eve" their %est 8rie"-s -o">t 7"o,.
2t ,ill ta7e a lo"g ti$e a"- a 8air a$ou"t o8 patie"ce to really 7"o, hi$. 28 you
catch hi$ i" o"e o8 his ca"ta"7erous $oo-s5 you $ay "ot %e very a":ious to really
7"o, hi$5 %ut try agai". Do">t give up so easily.
.e ca" %e 8lirtatious a"- 8ic7le5 %ut he ca" also %e se"sitive a"- loyal. /ithout
,ar"i"g5 that ,ri"7le- 8ro," ca" %e replace- %y a ge"tle s$ile. .is cra%%y
co$plai"ts aa- gru88 $a""er ca" ,ar$ slo,ly i"to a te"-er to"e5 ;ust %e8ore he
%rea7s i"to a -eep chuc7le5 a $u88le- giggle or lou-5 hysterical lu"ar laughter.
/he" he>s sa- a"- ,ist8ul5 you>ll ,a"t to put your ar$s arou"- hi$5 a"- soothe
a,ay his $ela"choly. /he" he>s sho,i"g o88 his sharp5 i"tuitive $i"-5 you>ll stare
at hi$ i" a,e. .is cautio" ,ill i$press you. .is pessi$is$ ,ill -epress you.
.e ca" %e so courtly5 courteous5 a"- co"si-erate5 you hal8 e:pect hi$ to as7 you to
-a"ce the irgi"ia 1eel. There>s "o 'uestio" that he>s a ro$a"tic -rea$er5 yet he>s
so se"si%le a"- practical5 his e"e$ies $ay call hi$ <&l- Mar%le Nose< %ehi"- his
%ac7. /hat -o you -o ,ith a $a" li7e thisA
=ou try to u"-ersta"- hi$. These are">t cha"ges o8 perso"ality. They>re si$ply
lu"ar $oo-s5 $ovi"g across his co"scious"ess5 here to-ay-go"e to$orro,. 4oth
-uri"g a"- %et,ee" each $oo-5 the !a"cer $a" is true to hi$sel8. .is "ature "ever
-eviates 8ro$ its %asic $ol-5 -espite the cha"ges o8 e:pressio" that play o" his
8eatures. Al,ays try to re$e$%er that although a !a"ceria">s $a""er ca" %e rough
a"- aloo85 his heart is al,ays so8t a"- a88ectio"ate5 a"- so 8ull o8 se"ti$e"t it o8te"
$a7es hi$ 8eel too vul"era%le. The" he cra,ls i"to his co"ve"ie"t shell ?the o"e he
carries ,ith hi$ at all ti$es@5 sa8e 8or a ,hile 8ro$ his o," e$otio"s. =ou>ll thi"7
he>s a real cra% a"- give up ,he" he retreats i"to i";ure- sile"ce. 4ut the "e:t ti$e
he cautiously pee7s out to see the su"shi"e5 you>ll %e te$pte- all over agai" to get
close to hi$. 0"8ortu"ately5 a !a"cer $ale ca" %e a regular ,et -ishrag "o, a"-
the"5 -isparagi"g everythi"g a"- every%o-y5 a"- splashi"g gloo$ i" %ig5 %lue -rops
all over your ego. =et5 at other ti$es he ca" %e as 8u""y as a" ora"guta" ,ith the
hiccups. No ,o"-er you -o">t 7"o, ,hether to give hi$ a col- shoul-er or a ,ar$
hug. The te$perature cha"ges o8 a !a"ceria" coul- pu33le a"yo"e. (irst you shiver
u"-er his 8ree3i"g gla"ces5 the" you get s$othere- ,ith -evotio". .is $oo-s are the
$ea"est ,he" he>s the $ost a8rai- o8 losi"g so$ethi"g. May%e it>s you. 1eassure
hi$ you>re his a thousa"- a"- o"e ti$es. /or-s o8 love are $usic to his ears.
&8 course5 he $ay ,a-e i"to o"e o8 his loo"y spells right i" the $i--le o8 a te"-er
sce"e so$e "ight u"-er a 8ull Moo". Just ,he" you>re -ri8ti"g a,ay o" lovely
-rea$s5 he $ay o88er to tell you his 8avorite poe$. =ou>ll sigh5 lea" %ac7 o" his
shoul-er a"- close your eyes. The" he>ll cac7le so$ethi"g li7e5 <The stag at +ve ha-
-ru"7 his 8ill-,here -a"ce- the Moo" o" Mo"a">s rill. .e %le, his "ose a"- shi"e-
his shoes-a"- too7 a s,ig o8 Mou"tai" %oo3eI< 2t $ay ;olt you out o8 your $agic
spell5 %ut that 8ull Moo" ca" -o stra"ge thi"gs to the lu"ar e$otio"s. /hat 2 $ea"
is5 he ca" %e as "utty as a cuc7oo5 eve" i8 he is s$art e"ough to $a7e a $illio"
-ollars a"- 7eep it.
2>$ gla- ,e %rought up $o"ey. =ou ,ill %e too. 28 you>re the 7i"- o8 girl ,ho li7es
to pay the re"t o" ti$e5 you>re i" love ,ith e:actly the right $a". .e>s al$ost as
8o"- o8 security as he is o8 you. =ou $ay have a slight e-ge5 %ut you ca" sa8ely
co"si-er $o"ey your ,orst rival. .e>s goi"g to pursue it ,ith -e-icatio" a"- a sort
o8 'uiet5 religious 8ervor 8or $ost o8 his -ays. ?The "ights $ay %ri"g other thi"gs to
pursue.@ 2t>s "ot the ,orst 8ate you coul- e:perie"ce. (i"a"ces have 8asci"ate- hi$
si"ce chil-hoo-5 a"- savi"g ,ill %e su%sta"tially $ore attractive to hi$ tha"
spe"-i"g. .e>s "ot e:actly sti"gy5 %ut let>s say it>s "ot li7ely you>ll ever see hi$
lighti"g his pipe ,ith a -ollar %ill 8or a parlor tric7. The !a"ceria" se"se o8 hu$or
sel-o$ ta7es i" the topic o8 col-5 har- cash. Mo"ey is "ot a laughi"g $atter to the
cra%. .e coul- pro%a%ly a-- a colu$" o8 8igures i" his hea- %e8ore he lear"e- the
alpha%et5 a"- ha- a paper route ,he" he ,as eleve". Do">t %e surprise- i8 you 8i"-
he still has his 8irst piggy %a"75 u"ope"e-. The ti"7le o8 silver a"- the rustle o8 8ol--
i"g gree" paper soothe his "erves5 %ut he ,o">t %rag a%out his Du" a"- 4ra-street
rati"g. !a"ceria"s sel-o$ collect cash 8or status. They collect it 8or its o," s,eet
sa7e. 2" 8act5 he ,ill pro%a%ly %elittle his 8i"a"cial ,i3ar-ry. .e>s <;ust a poor %oy5
tryi"g to ear" a livi"g5 a"- getti"g alo"g the %est he ca".< =ou $ay eve" 8eel so
sorry 8or hi$5 you>ll o88er to get hi$ a loa" at the %a"7. Do">t. .e pro%a%ly o,"s
part o8 it.
A 8ire sig" o" the asce"-a"t $ay give hi$ a rare e:travaga"t urge5 ,hich he>ll resist
,ith a-$ira%le courage. +ve" i8 he gives i" to a" occasio"al spe"-i"g spree to cheer
hi$sel8 out o8 a %lue $oo-5 it ,o">t %eco$e a ha%it. 4e-8oi-e you start $u$%li"g
<tight,a-< u"-er your %reath5 you shoul- 7"o, that the !a"cer $a" has a"
i"teresti"g i-ta o8 eco"o$y. .e>- rather ta7e you out to the %est restaura"t5 a"- get
,hat he pays 8or5 tha" ris7 o88e"-i"g his se"sitive tastes ,ith over-coo7e- la$%
chops a"- i"-i88ere"t service i" a seco"--rate place. .e thi"7s it>s silly to ,aste
$o"ey o" a cloth coat5 ,he" a $i"7 or chi"chilla ,ill a$orti3e itsel8 over the years.
A goo-5 co"servative !a-illac or 4e"tley is a sa8er i"vest$e"t5 i" his opi"io"5 th'"
a cheap car that -epreciates as soo" as you -rive it arou"- the co$er. 6uality a"-
thri8t are sy"o"y$ous to the !a"ceria". There5 2 thought that ,oul- %ri"g the
spar7le %ac7 to your eyes.
Tve" the $ost poetic a"- -rea$y !a"ceria"s5 ,ho spe"- their lives i$$erse- i"
$usic5 art or other cultural pursuits5 have a shre,- se"se o8 the value o8 cash. A
lu"ar artist $ay pai"t i" a" attic5 %ut you "ee-">t se"- hi$ a"y !are pac7ages. There
are pro%a%ly so$e stoc7s a"- %o"-s hi--e" i" the ra8ters. .e ,o">t -o"ate his
pai"ti"gs5 either. .e>ll sell the$ 8or a pretty price5 i8 he>s a pro8essio"al. 4ut they>ll
%e ,orth it. /he" a !a"cer perso" tac7les a career5 he>s sure to %e at the top o8 it.
.e>s loa-e- ,ith artistic tale"t. =ou $ight suggest that your !a"cer $a" -esig"
your !hrist$as car-s. They>re sure to %e lovely5 eve" i8 he>s o"ly a" a$ateur.
28 he>s a true !a"ceria"5 he ,o">t %e ,il- a%out sports clothes. There>s a certai"
8or$ality a%out his toilet. /hether %e>ss ,orth %illio"s or o"ly a 8e, paltry
thousa"-s5 he li7es co"servative cuts a"- goo- tailori"g. .e o8te" lea"s- to colllar
%utto"s ?yes5 they still sell the$-to !a"ceria"s@5 (re"ch cu88s a"- e:pe"sive shirts
he gets ,holesale5 usually ,ithout $o"ogra$s ?too sho,yB he pre8ers to %e i"co"-
spicuous@. +ve" ,he" he>s short o8 cash 8or a %rie8 perio- ,hiile he>s ,or7i"g o" his
8irst $illio"5 his shoes ,ill %e poliishe- a"- his soc7s ,ill stay up. Duri"g a"y
sha7y 8i"a"cial perio- ?a"- it ,ill %e te$porary@5 a !a"cer $ale ,ill. so$eho,
e:u-e a" air o8 ge"teel rich5 or o"e ,ho has 7"o," %etter -ays. 28 he has">t5 he ,ill.
(airly su%sta"tial a$ou"ts o8 $o"ey ,ill so$e-ay co$e to this $a"5 or he>ll %e
give" the opportu"ity to ear" large su$s o8 it. .e ,o">t al,ays %e ,ealthy5 %ut a
!a"ceria" i" the u"-e$rsloy$e"t li"e is as rare as a pi"eapple tree i" Si %eria. .is
secret $otto is that <all play a"- "o ,or7 gives Jac7 a s7i""y %ill8ol-5< a"- he
pre8ers his ,allets pleasi"gly plu$p.
Let>s hope you 8i"- his $other co"ge"ial. 2" 8act5 let>s pray you -o. 2t>s 8airly certai"
she>ll pop up i" his co"versatio" 8re'ue"tly5 i" re$ar7s li7e5 <My $other "ever
,ears $uch $a7eup5 a"- she>s a %eauti8ul ,o$a". Do">t you thi"7 your eye sha-o,
is a little heavy5 s,eetheartA< &r <=ou use 8ro3e" pies a"- i"sta"t potatoesA My
$other use- to %a7e her o," %rea- ,he" 2 ,as a you"gster.< This parago" o8 virtue
is 'uite li7ely to pop up ;ust as o8te" i" perso"5 ,he" you least e:pect it. <Darli"g5 2
have to ca"cel our -ate 8or the theater to"ight. 2>$ -rivi"g Mother out to the cou"try
8or a 8e, -ays.< To put it $il-ly5 the !a"cer $a" $ay %e relucta"t to -ethro"e
Ma$a a"- cro," you as his "e, 'uee". .e>s a terri%ly -o$esticate- cra%5 8or all his
occasio"al stirri"gs o8 ,a"-erlust5 a"- i8 his $other $a-e his ho$e co3y5 he>ll %e i"
"o hurry to leave it. !a"ceria"s are either very5 very close to their $others or
co$pletely alie"ate- 8ro$ the$. The relatio"ship is "ever casual. Those ,ho -o">t
revere the $ater"al pare"t are either a-opte-5 or ;ealousy o8 the 8ather>s place i" the
$other>s a88ectio" has cause- a" e$otio"al %loc7. The" there ca" %e a" u""atural
col-"ess a"- isolatio".
/ith the typical cra%5 ho,ever5 the pro%le$ is 8ar $ore li7ely to %e close"ess.
There>s "o use hi-i"g the 8acts o8 li8e. 28 you>re i" love ,ith this $ore co$$o" type
o8 !a"ceria"5 you>ll have to cultivate his $other5 a"- you>ll have to %e her rival
,hile you>re sho,eri"g her ,ith co$pli$e"ts. 2t>s "ot easy to cultivate a"- co$pete
at the sa$e ti$e5 %ut that>s the strategy you>ll "ee-. Do">t ever let her get the e-ge
o" coo7i"g a"- ho$e$a7i"g. Let her teach you ho, to %a7e le$o" chi88o" pie.
.e>ll li7e that -you t,o girls getti"g alo"g so "icely. The" tur" arou"- a"- -o a
%rillia"t %ee8 Stroga"o88 o" your o,". 4e sure to spoil hi$ at least as $uch as she
-oes5 a"- that $ay %e a lot. .e>s pro%a%ly gro," accusto$e- to %ei"g co"si-ere-
the apple o8 her eye. 4ei"g 8usse- over5 8e- regularly5 catere- to5 hovere- over ,he"
he>s sic75 a"- tuc7e- i" %e- te"-erly at "ight ca" tur" hi$ i"to a $ighty s,eet cra%.
!a"cer $e" ,ill "ever a-$it it5 %ut they love to %e pette- a"- %a%ie- %y 8e$ales.
There are certai" traits5 ho,ever5 ,hich ca" eve" up the score i" your relatio"ship.
(or o"e5 he>ll %e a pretty goo- che8 hi$sel8. .e $ay surprise you ,ith his a%ility to
,hip up a gour$et $eal. /he" this $a" i"vites you to co$e up to his apart$e"t 8or
-i""er5 he>s usually 'uite serious. +ve" i8 he as7s you to loo7 at his etchi"gs5 there
$ay %e "o ulterior $otive. The typical !a"ceria" $ale is a -evotee o8 the 8i"er
thi"gs i" li8e. 2" plai" tal75 he -iga culture. (or all you 7"o,5 he $ay actually o,"
so$e rare etchi"gs or at least a 8a%ulous recor- collectio". =ou>re 8airly sa8e i"
ris7i"g a" u"chapero"e- trip to his roc7y cave5 %ecause the typical lu"ar $a" is the
soul o8 galla"try ,ith ,o$e". .ell usually %e a ge"tle$a" u"til you stop %ei"g a
la-y. 2t>s the ,ay they -i- it i" #ra"-$a>s -ay5 a"- to hi$5 those ,ere the goo- ol-
-ays. ?That>s pro%a%ly #ra"-$a>s photograph o" the $a"tel.@ As7 hi$ a%out his
8a$ily tree. .e>ll love to tell you. Most !a"ceria"s -elight i" their %ac7grou"-s a"-
their %loo- li"es. .e li7ea ol- thi"gs5 8ro$ #ra"-$a hersel8 to that +ightee"th !e"-
tury 8ruit,oo- ta%le he %ought the 8irst ti$e he ,e"t to +urope.
28 he as7s to ta7e your picture5 -o">t gra% your %a%ush7a a"- ru". *hotography is a
co$$o" lu"ar ho%%y5 a"- 8e, !a"cer $ales live their lives ,ithout at least o"e
ca$era. &8 course5 he coul- have e"us i" Scorpio or a Leo Moo"5 so $ay%e it
,oul- %e $ore -iscreet to chec7 his "atal chart %e8ore you agree to a"ythi"g.
/hatever it is5 ;ust say5 <2>- love to5 -ear5 %ut -o you $i"- i8 2 call $y astrologer
8irstA 2>ll "ee- your %irth-ay.< 28 he thi"7s you>re ;esti"g5 you ca" straighte" that out
right a,ay. Just tell hi$ that J. *. Morga" sel-o$ $a-e a $ove i" the stoc7 $ar7et
,ithout co"sulti"g astrologer +va"geli"e A-a$s5 ,ho ,as the gra"--aughter a"-
great-gra"--aughter o8 Joh" 6ui"cy A-a$s a"- Joh" A-a$s. The co$%i"atio" o8
%oth history a"- $o"ey ,ill ope" his eyes ,i-e ,ith i"terest.
The !a"cer $a" $ay go 8or 'uite a spell ,ithout i"viti"g you to see either his
etchi"gs or his 8ruit,oo- ta%le. Although he $ay e"gage i" light 8lirtatio"s5 it $ay
%e $a"y years %e8ore he %eco$es seriously e"a$oure-5 %ecause it is">t easy 8or hi$
to 8i"- a ,o$a" he 8eels is ,orthy o8 his i"terest. /he" he 8i"-s her5 he>ll %e
%eauti8ully se"ti$e"tal5 a"- he>ll lavish her ,ith gi8ts a"- a-$iratio". 4ut his
sta"-ar-s are high. Not every girl ca" $eet the$. Most cra%s are a8rai- o8 %ei"g
%ur"e-5 a"- "ot ,ithout cause. A $is$atche- allia"ce ,hich ,oul- cause o"ly a
8e, sa- ,ee7s o8 rea-;ust$e"t 8or the average $a" ca" %e a -isaster to the cra%.
/he" so$ethi"g separates hi$ 8ro$ a part"er he>s allo,e- hi$sel8 to get close to5
he ca" carry a torch 8or $a"y years.
.e>s "aturally shy o8 rushi"g i"5 %ut o"ce he>s sure5 he ,o">t %e easily re%u88e-.
!a"ceria"s ca" play the role o8 the ro$a"tic lover art8ully. A8ter he>s -eclare-
hi$sel85 a"- has so$e hope o8 ,i""i"g you5 his ti$i-ity ,ill s,itch to te"acity
over"ight5 a"- you>ll 8i"- yoursel8 %ei"g courte- %y a" ear"est5 -eter$i"e- $a" ,ho
,o">t ta7e "o as a" a"s,er 8or a"y proposal he has i" $i"-. .e>s li7ely to stu88
hi$sel8 i" your $ail%o: ?8iguratively5 o8 course@5 ca$p o" your -oor$at a"-
$o"opoli3e your pho"e. 2t>s har- to sli-e a,ay 8ro$ the grip o8 the cra%. =ou
pro%a%ly ,o">t ,a"t to5 o8 course. Lots o8 girls are loo7i"g 8or a $oo"lit ,orl- li7e
his to -rea$ i"5 ,here so$eo"e ,ill hol- the$ tightly a"- protect the$ 8ro$ the
%ig5 %a- ,ol8 at the -oor.
No, that you 7"o, he>s "ot a sloppy -resser or a spe"--thri8t5 that he ca" pro%a%ly
coo7 li7e a -rea$5 has e:celle"t taste5 is loo7i"g 8or a" ol--8ashio"e- girl li7e the
girl ,ho $arrie- -ear ol- -a-5 a"- that he ca" %e a cooi"g love%ir- ?,he" he>s "ot
i" a s"appy $oo-@5 ,hat other i"8or$atio" coul- you possi%ly "ee-A .o, is he as a
8atherA That>s the %est "e,s o8 all. !a"ceria"s are all $others at heart. +ve" the
/hat 2 really $ea" to say is5 he>ll %e a 8i"e pare"t5 %ecause o8 the sa$e cari"g5
ge"tle5 sy$pathetic5 a"- u"-ersta"-i"g "ature you 8ell i" love ,ith yoursel8. .e>ll
have i"8i"ite pa-e"ce ,ith the chil-re"5 %e ge"ui"ely i"tereste- i" every $ashe-
toe5 %ro7e" toy a"- toothache. .ell ,ear a paper hat at their %irth-ay parties5 %e a
pie- piper 8or all the 7i-s o" the %loc75 a"- spe"- cou"tless hours e"tertai"i"g the
little people. !a"cer -a-s are prou- o8 their so"s a"- 8iercely protective o8 their
-aughters. /he" they>re s$all5 he>ll %e ;ust the gra"-est -a--y you coul- i$agi"e.
.o,ever5 a-olesce"ce $ay chu$ up the ,ater so$e,hat. .e>- li7e his love- o"es
to lea" o" hi$ 8orever5 a"- ,he" they sho, sig"s o8 i"-epe"-e"ce5 he $ay %eco$e
a cra"7y cra% agai" 8or a perio-5 as he re%els agai"st their -esire to e:peri$e"t ,ith
the ,orl- outsi-e.
.ell pace the 8loor u"til he ,ears a hole i" the carpet ,he" you"g .e"ry has the car
out a8ter $i-"ight or ,he" pretty Lucy stays at the -a"ce past her cur8e,.
1e$e$%er ho, 8igures i$press hi$A 0se plai" ar th$etic to $a7e hi$ see the error
o8 his ,ays. <2t>s li7e this5 -earest. 1ight "o,
,e have t,o chil-re". /he" they get $arrie-5 ,e $ight have si: or eight
gra"-chil-re"5 li7e -ivi-e"-s at the %a"7. 9
Si: or eight a--s up to $ore happi"ess tha" t,o5 rightA< ?=ou have hi$ there.@ <2>$
so gla- you agree5 luv. No, ,ill you please tell us ,here you hi- Lucy>s ,e--i"g
go,"5 a"- ,ill you please ta7e those ha"-cu88s o88 .e"ry so he ca" pic7 up his
$arriage lice"seA< Do">t try it -uri"g a 8ull Moo". .e $ight $isu"-ersta"-.
4esi-es5 "o !a"ceria" ca" thi"7 straight ,he" the lu"ar vi%ratio"s are stro"g. 2t>s
har- 8or hi$ to give up co"trol5 %ut ,he" he>s re$i"-e- that he still has you to cli"g
to5 his grip ,ill
/ell5 that>s all i" the 8uture. =our i$$e-iate pro%le$ is to e"tice your cra% to $ove
-irectly to,ar- a proposal soo"5 i"stea- o8 cleverly -o-gi"g 8ro$ si-e to si-e a"-
s7irti"g the issue. =ou $ight try prete"-i"g you>re leavi"g hi$ 8or a %ol-er5 cave
$a" type. 0sually the cra% ,ill stop his %ac7,ar- -irectio" ,he" the o%;ect-that>s
you -sho,s sig"s o8 getti"g a,ay. 4ut that re'uires scouti"g arou"- 8or a"other $a"
to ,a7e hi$ up. A"- that ca" %e a real %ore5 si"ce he ,atches you so closely.
The easiest ,ay to get hi$ i" the $oo- to ta7e hol- tightly a"- stop playi"g
scra%%le every "ight is to ,or7 o" his e$otio"s5 ,hich are al,ays right %elo, the
sur8ace o8 his a--i"g $achi"e $i"-. Music5 poetry5 8lo,ers5 %eauti8ul clothes5
e:pe"sive per8u$e spari"gly use-5 so8t ,or-s a"- s,eet caresses are all ,eapo"s
,hich shoul- $o, -o," his ,ea7 resista"ce to ro$a"ce. Do">t overloo7 that -irect
li"e %et,ee" his heart a"- his sto$ach. !ut out %a%y pictures 8ro$ $aga3i"es5 leave
your se,i"g $achi"e out i" 8ull vie,5 ta7e up the he$s o8 your s7irts a" e:tra i"ch5
a"- %a%y hi$ a little. /ear o"e o8 those %racelets $a-e o8 8oreig" coi"s. That ,ill
stri7e t,o se"sitive chor-s-travel to 8ara,ay shores-a"- cash. &"e "ight he>ll
i$pulsively as7 you i8 you>- li7e to $eet his $other. The very "e:t $or"i"g 8eel
per8ectly sa8e to or-er your i"vitatio"s a"- your trousseau. =ou ,ill have ,o" the
heart o8 a $oo-y lu"ar $a" ,ith a thousa"- secret -rea$s-a"- the approval o8 his
%est girl. The" you ca" <sail a,ay 8or a year a"- a -ay< a"- <-a"ce %y the light o8
the $oo"< ,hile you <eat ,ith a ru"ci%le spoo".< 4o" voyageI Do">t 8orget-"ever
thro, a,ay his %attere- ol- hat5 his tor" te""is shoes5 his sta$p collectio" or his
gra-e school report car-s. They>re his treasures. 4e sure to ta7e your u$%rella
alo"g. There ,ill %e so$e -a$p "ights. May 2 say that you loo7 %eauti8ul i" your
chi"chillaA 4ut o8 course. A ,o$a" is %eauti8ul o"ly ,he" she is love--a"- you are.

The !AN!+1 /o$a"
. . . +choes 8a-e a"- $e$ories -ie9
Autu$" 8rosts have slai" July.
Still she hau"ts $e5 pha"to$,ise5 Alice $ovi"g u"-er s7ies Never see" %y ,a7i"g
There>s so -ou%t a%out it. 2" the %egi""i"g5 you>ll have trou%le -eci-i"g i8 your
!a"ceria" girl is a ge"tle $oo" $ai-e" or a ,il- loo"y-%ir-. 2" the e"-5 you still
,o">t 7"o,.
Duri"g the rai"y seaso"5 she>ll -ro," you i" her sorro,s. /he" the su" pee7s
through the clou-s agai"5 she>ll -ou%le you up ,ith laughter5 a"- touch you ,ith
te"-er"ess. +:perie"ci"g her $oo-s is li7e ,atchi"g o"e o8 those ol--ti$e sile"t
$ovies ,here hysterical slapstic7 hu$or co$es o" ;ust %e8ore the *erils o8 *auli"e
thriller5 a"- the e"tire sho, is %ac7e- %y the ti""y pia"o i" the pit So$eti$es the
tu"e is lively a"- gayB the" it gets $ela"choly a"- %lue. The $usic is varia%le5 to
suit the occaC sio"5 "ever stag"a"t or $o"oto"ous. So it is ,ith the !a"cer girl.
She>s ;ust a little $a-5 slightly sa- a"- super%ly i$agi"ative. She also 7"o,s ho, to
save the she7els.
Naturally5 you ca">t loo7 u"-er her $attress u"til a8ter you>ve $arrie- her. Mo-esty
is a thi"g ,ith her. 4ut you ca" sa8ely $a7e a %et she pro%a%ly has a" ol- soc7
there5 stu88e- ,ith gree" %ills a"- silver coi"s. She $ay have a" e:travaga"t
asce"-a"t or Moo" sig"5 %ut eve" so5 she>ll> have a 'uarter or t,o stuc7 u"-er the
potte- a3alea5 or salte- a,ay i" the 8ol-s o8 that lace ta%lecloth she got 8or her
%irth-ay te" years ago a"- still has">t ever use-. &pe" &"e o8 her %oo7s o8 poetry5
a"- a ,ri"7le- -ollar %ill $ay 8all out5 %li"7i"g at the light o8 -ay. A !a"cer 8e$ale
ca" go o" a su--e" spe"-i"g spree ,he" she>s %ee" hurt a"- "ee-s %al$ 8or her
i";ure- ego5 %ut $ost o8 the ti$e her outgo ,ill lag co"si-era%ly %ehi"- her i"co$e.
=our savi"gs accou"t $ay %e o8 u"usual i"terest to her5 a"- $o"ey $ay %e o"e o8
her 8avorite topics o8 co"versatio". She ,o">t loo7 -o," o" you i8 you -o">t have it5
so lo"g as you>re the 7i"- o8 $a" ,ho tries to get it. She>ll help you $a7e it a"-
save it5 %ut you>re o" your o," ,he" it co$es to ,asti"g it. Do">t go too 8ar5 or
she>ll see your $utual security slippi"g a,ay. /he" you give this girl a terri%ly
e:pe"sive gi8t5 a"- she says5 <=ou shoul-">t have -o"e it5< let $e tell you5 she
$ea"s it.
To ta7e her $i"- o88 i"sura"ce5 $ortgages5 re"t5 %ills a"- her !hrist$as clu%
%ala"ce at the %a"75 %u"-le her o88 to the seashore at $i-"ight 8or a ,al7 i" the
$oo"light. That>s ,he" shell %e at her %est. The Moo" ,ill pull out all her secret
-rea$s5 a"- the "ear"ess o8 the ,ater $ay loose" her 8our hu"-re- a"- three
i"hi%itio"s. =ou>re lia%le to see her ,hole ra"ge o8 e$otio"s i" the space o8 a" hour.
The" you ca" choose the o"e you li7e the %est a"- e"courage her to cultivate it. A
stra"ge tra"s8or$atio" ,ill ta7e place ,he" you get the typical !a"ceria" girl alo"e
o" a %each u"-er a 8ull Moo". That cool a"- reserve- la-y you see i" the -ayti$e5
or eve" the giggly5 outrageous 8lirt you "otice o" a" occasio"al eve"i"g i" a
restaura"t or theater5 ,ill su--e"ly %eco$e a creature 8ro$ a"other ,orl- ,he" the
$ag"etic rays o8 the Moo" shi"e i" her eyes a"- the co$pelli"g sou"- o8 the sur8
8ills her ears. She>ll tur" i"to a sea "y$ph5 ,ho ca" soar ,ith you as 8ar as your
i$agi"atio" ca" reach. 2t ,ill ,or7 "i"e ti$es out o8 te"5 a"- the te"th ti$e you
pro%a%ly pic7e- a "e, Moo". That ,o">t acco$plish the sa$e purpose. She>ll %e
shy a"- s,eet ,he" the Moo" is ,a"i"g %ut ,hat you really ,a"t is a Moo" that>s
8ull e"ough to arouse all her late"t tale"ts. 0"-er its spell5 at the right ti$e i" her
perso"al e%% a"- 8lo, o8 e$otio"s5 she ca" ,rite a poe$5 co$pose a so"g or tear
the veil o88 $ysteries the philosophers have po"-ere- 8or ce"turies. Naturally5 she
$a7es a" i"teresti"g co"versatio"alist at these ti$es. To say the very least.
=ou shoul- 7"o, that there are t,o -isti"ctive approaches ,he" a !a"ceria"
8e$ale is i" love ,ith you. The 8irst is ge"tle a"- ,o$a"ly5 shy5 $o-est a"-
pleasa"tly tre$%ly. The seco"- is rather stic7y. This last type ,ill use every tric7 o8
+ve to sit as close as possi%le to you i" the %ooth. 2t ca" %e very e:citi"g5 o8 course5
i8 you really care 8or her. 4ut i8 you>re ;ust %ei"g 8rie"-ly5 a"- she -eli%erately
s'uee3es your ha"- or %usses you o" the chee7 ;ust as the girl you 8ou"- at the e"-
o8 the rai"%o, ,al7s %y5 the ga$e $ay lose so$e o8 its 8lavor. =ou ca" go alo"g
,ith the gag5 %ut 2 7"o, o"e $a" ,ho -i-5 a"- the other girl5 ,ho ,as 8or real a"-
-i-">t play ga$es5 7ept o" ,al7i"g. .e ,as le8t ,ith a cli"gi"g cra% ,ith a 8it o8 the
giggles. This 7i"- o8 !a"ceria" ,o$a" ca" %e a real threat to true love a"- happy
ho$es. (ortu"ately5 she is i" the $i"ority. Still5 eve" o"e ca" cause a lot o8 trou%le.
As you 7"o, 8ro$ the other Su" sig"s5 8e, ,o$e" are per8ect. The Aries girl is
al,ays ru""i"g arou"- haili"g her o," ta:is a"- %utti"g her hea- agai"st %ric7
,alls5 the Sagittarius girl is shoc7i"gly outspo7e"5 the Scorpio girl ca" 8righte" you5
#e$i"i ca" %e 8ic7le5 Leo too prou-- a"- so o". !a"cer ,o$e" or-i"arily have
"o"e o8 these 8aults.
Nevertheless5 there are so$e <-o">ts< to re$e$%er ,ith her. She hates to %e
critici3e-5 she is -eeply ,ou"-e- %y ri-icule5 a"- she ;ust ca">t sta"- %ei"g re;ecte-.
&"e5 t,o5 three. They>re %asics. Sel-o$ ope"ly aggressive5 the typical !a"ceria"
hesitates. =ou>ll have to $a7e the 8irst $ove. 28 she $oves a"y,here at all5 it ,ill %e
%ac7,ar-s or si-e,ays. /ith her %asically shy "ature a"- 8ear that she ,o">t %e
accepte-5 she echoes .the $ale o8 the Su" sig". 2 7"o, o8 a !a"cer ,o$a" a"- a
!a"cer $a" ,ho5 8or seve" hours5 sat close to each other o"e "ight i" her apart$e"t5
u"-er the prete"se o8 loo7i"g at $aga3i"es. /hile their pulses pou"-e- sile"tly5
they ,e"t through a stac7 o8 %ac7 issues5 the $or"i"g a"- eve"i"g papers5 a"-
,or7e- a 8e, cross,or- pu33les. Neither cra%5 you see5 ,a"te- to $a7e the 8irst
4e 7i"- to her $other5 or she>ll "ever 8orgive you. Mother is a la-y she ,o">t li7e to
see a%use-. The !a"cer girl>s se"se o8 hu$or -oes">t react 8avora%ly to $other-i"-
la, ;o7es. A"- "ever rea- her 8ive-year--iary. 2t pro%a%ly has a loc7 a"- 7ey5
a"y,ay. !a"ceria"s li7e to 7eep secrets. They>re "ot $uch 8or true co"8essio"s5
u"less you>re the o"e -oi"g the co"8essi"g.
The 8ears o8 your lu"ar lovely ca" really ha"g you up5 alo"g ,ith her. She>s a8rai-
she is">t pretty e"ough5 she is">t s$art e"ough5 she is">t you"g e"ough or she is">t
ol- e"ough. 2t $a7es "o -i88ere"ce i8 she has a 8igure li7e e"us -e Milo5 a 8ace li7e
.ele" o8 Troy a"- a $i"- li7e Aristotle9 she>ll still 8eel i"a-e'uate. Assure her that
she>s you"g5 she>s lovely5 she>s e"gage-5 a"- she has you. A%out t,e"ty ti$es a -ay
shoul- %egi" to $a7e a -e"t. .er $oo-s ,ill cha"ge o" the average o8 8our ti$es a
$o"th5 ,ith each 'uarter Moo" plus $i"or 8luctuatio"s t,ice a -ay- re8lecti"g the
ti-es. She>s sort o8 pre-icta%le i" a" u"pre-icta%le 7i"- o8 ,ay. 2t $ay $a7e her
8asci"ati"g a"- $ysterious5 %ut so -oggo"e aggravati"g youll 8eel li7e ,hac7i"g
her. Duri"g o"e o8 her %lue spells5 she $ay eve" %e a8rai- she>s "ot a goo- coo75
,hich is utterly ri-iculous5 %ecause the typical !a"ceria" ,o$a" ca" $a7e a (re"ch
che8 loo7 li7e the $ess sergea"t you ha- at %oot ca$p. This ,o$a" is">t a"
auto$atic ca" ope"er or a 8ro3e" 8oo- 8a". She ,oul- rather shell her o," peas a"-
%a7e her o," %iscuits. .er casseroles are se"satio"al5 her potatoes are 8lu88y5 her
vegeta%les are crisp a"- cru"chy5 a"- she tops it all o88 ,ith heave"ly stra,%erry
;a$. !a"cer ,o$e" are very 8rie"-ly ,ith their ove"s. The 7itche" ,ill %e her
8avorite roo$ %y 8ar ?"e:t to the "ursery@. She>ll 8uss over you li7e a $other he"5
a"- you>ll pro%a%ly love it.
Most $e" -o.
2" a--itio" to the o%viously u";usti8ie- 8ear a%out her culi"ary s7ill5 she $ay %e
a8rai- you -o">t love her e"ough. That shoul- %e easy 8or a"y re--%loo-e- $ale to
re$e-y. #o ahea- a"- prove it-as o8te" as you li7e. She>ll %e %eauti8ully receptive.
&"ce you>ve tur"e- o" the gree" light5 she>ll happily recog"i3e the sig"al5 ,hich
$ay re$ove her 8eeli"gs o8 i"a-e'uacy5 %ut ,hich creates a "e, pro%le$.
Truth8ully5 a8ter you>ve ,o" the !a"ceria" 8e$ale5 she $ay %e ;ust a little te"acious-
li7e5 she>ll "ever let go o8 you as lo"g as she lives. That>s "ot %a-. There Sre $e"
,ho starve 8or such loyalty. =ou>ll "ever starve 8or either 8oo- or a88ectio" ,he"
you>ve %ee" luc7y e"ough to ,i" her 7i"- o8 love. The loo"y laugh that
acco$pa"ies it ca" %e 7i"- o8 7ic7s5 too. .er rich hu$or is eve" ,ar$er a"- -earer
,he" you thi"7 o8 all the sarcastic sire"s ,ith their cy"ical ,it a"- hypocritical
2t>s %rutally u"8air to toy ,ith the heart o8 this girl5 %ecause shell love5 ho"or5 o%ey
a"- "ag you a little ,ith si"cere -evotio". /hy e"courage such rare love u"less you
$ea" to reciprocate ,ith e'ual ar-orA 1e$e$%er her te"acity. =ou $ay o"ly %e
8lirti"g lightly5 %ut you>ll have a har- ti$e calli"g the e"- o8 the i""i"g. She ,o">t
hear the ,histle. There>s "othi"g shallo, or super8icial a%out the se"ti$e"ts o8 a
!a"cer ,o$a". /he" she o,"s a $a" or a teacup5 it>s hers 8orever.
She $ay "ot over,hel$ your 8rie"-s ,ith her vivacity a"- spar7li"g 8lattery5 %ut
she ,o">t 8ail to i$press you ,ith her char$. July ,o$e" pre8er to save their
-eepest e$otio"s 8or people closest to the$. A8ter you>ve -ate- other girls a"-
co$pare- the$ to her5 you $ay go ru""i"g right %ac7 to your 8e$ale cra%5 a"- %eg
her to ha"g o" agai". Tightly.
The tric7iest aspect i" ha"-li"g her is to 7eep her 8ro$ cra,li"g i"to the al,ays
ha"-y5 tough !a"ceria" shell. .er 8eeli"gs are so se"sitive a"- te"-er5 the slightest
u"i"te"tio"al re$ar7 ca" ,ou"- her harshly. 2t>s har- to 7"o, ,he" she>ll su--e"ly
%eco$e vul"era%le to hi--e" $ea"i"gs. =ou coul- ,alt3 i" so$e "ight a"- say5
<=our hair loo7s gorgeous5< a"- she>ll get a tear i" her eye. /hyA 4ecause you
i"si"uate- her hair loo7e- 8right8ul the last ti$e you sa, her. !a"cer ,o$e" ca" %e
'uite touchy. They cry a lot. Al,ays have a 8resh ha"-7erchie8 rea-y.
(e$ales %or" u"-er the sig" o8 the cra% are">t "ecessarily sti"gy5 %ut they have this
little ha%it o8 savi"g thi"gs. =ou coul- say it>s a -o,"right co$pulsio". She>ll
sel-o$ thro, a,ay pieces o8 stri"g5 %utto"s5 ;ars5 ca"s5 hus%a"-s5 or ol- -ress
patter"s. /ho are you to say she ,o">t 8i"- a purpose 8or those tor" theater stu%s5
8a-e- love letters a"- use- tea %agsA So$e-ay i" the u"pre-icta%le 8uture5 she $ay
"ee- the %ur"e--out 8uses she 7eeps i" the -ra,er ,ith those %ro7e" !hrist$as
or"a$e"ts. Do">t as7 her ho, she>s goi"g to 8i"- a use 8or t,o hu"-re- stoc7i"gs
a"- gloves5 lo"g -ivorce- 8ro$ their $ates. She ,ill5 she ,illI This is">t the girl to
ta7e 7i"-ly to so$eo"e ,ho %ur"s a hole i" the heirloo$ %e-sprea- her great-au"t
Matil-a 'uilte-. +verythi"g has a se"ti$e"tal value5 i"clu-i"g ca"cele- chec7s 8ro$
1)U2 a"- her ol- #irl Scout %a-ges. She treasures the thi"gs she o,"s a"- guar-s
the$ ;ealously. That5 o8 course5 i"clu-es you. She>s "ot so $uch ;ealous as
possessive. There>s a sha-e o8 -i88ere"ce.
/o$e" %or" u"-er the 8ire sig"s $ay strai" a"- protest agai"st li8e>s -elays a"-
-isappoi"t$e"ts5 %ut the !a"cer girl usually 8eels "othi"g ca" %e cha"ge- or
overco$e %y getti"g all stirre- up. /he" thi"gs -o">t go her ,ay5 she $ay she- a
8e, 'uiet tears alo"e5 %ut her "or$al reactio" ,ill %e to 8ol- her ha"-s sere"ely a"-
,ait patie"tly 8or thi"gs to right the$selves. *atie"ce is o"e o8 her loveliest virtues.
/he" she>s -epresse-5 ho,ever5 youll have to 8i"- a ,ay to ta7e her out o8 hersel8.
Try to catch her %e8ore she has %urro,e- too -eep. She -oes have a ,ay o8 ,a"ti"g
to %e %a%ie-. The -esire to %e a little spoile- %y love- o"es see$s to %e %urie- -eep
i" the !a"ceria" "ature. She "ee-s -esperately to 7"o, you ca">t live ,ithout her.
a"- so$eti$es shell go to great le"gths to arouse your pity a"- protective i"sti"cts5
;ust to %e assure- she $ea"s a lot to you. 2t>s really very little 8or her to as75 ,he"
she gives so $uch i" retur". 4ut -o">t %e 8oole- %y her ,ea7"ess -uri"g these
episo-es. That helpless little %a%y ,ho see7s your %ig5 stro"g ar$s to 7eep out the
col-5 cruel ,orl- is per8ectly a%le to $a"age %y hersel85 i8 she $ust. 2" the $i--le o8
a 'uarrel5 ,he" your lu"ar girl loo7s up at you ,ith her eyes all ,et a"- -e,y a"-
8righte"e-5 re$e$%er that a8ter you leave a"- are sa8ely arou"- the cor"er5 she>s
li7ely to -ry her eyes5 put a stac7 o8 recor-s o" the player5 a"- cal$ly clea" out her
closets. &8 course5 you ca">t rule out the ti$es ,he" her -epressio" is real5 i"stea-
o8 a typical !a"ceria" %i- 8or sy$pathy. Those "ights you>- %etter stay5 liste" to the
$usic ,ith her5 a"- hol- her ha"- te"-erly.
There>s "o e"- to the heroic sacri8ice a !a"cer ,o$a" ,ill %e capa%le o8 8or those
she loves. The %ravery she ca">t see$ to $uster 8or hersel8 a"- her o," 8ears is
there shi"i"g ,he" so$eo"e close "ee-s her to %e stro"g. She>ll "ever let you -o,"
,he" thi"gs get really -is$al5 a"- the" she>ll re$i"- you $ore o8 a giga"tic5 rugge-
roc7 tha" a 8ragile5 silvery $oo"%ea$. .er chil-re" ,ill also 8i"- her a to,er o8
stre"gth a"- re8uge. She>ll help the$ 8i"- their ,ay ,ith se"sitive u"-ersta"-i"g.
They>ll cli"g to her5 a"- the ,ar$th o8 her love ,ill $a7e their ho$e as rich a"-
co$8orta%le a"- %right as a palace5 eve" i8 it>s a shac7. =ou $ight su88er a slight
loss o8 atte"tio" ,he" the %a%ies co$e alo"g. !a"cer rules $otherhoo-5 you 7"o,.
There ,ill still %e roo$ 8or you5 %ut you>ll have to $ove over a 8e, i"ches. ?A
chil-less !a"ceria" ,o$a" ,ill love a" a"i$al or her 8rie"-s ,ith her store- up
$ater"al a88ectio"5 a"- the pets a"- pals ,ill %e 8ortu"ate.@ Li7e %a%y %ir-s5 her
you"gsters ,ill pro%a%ly %e 8e- every ti$e she 8i"-s their $ouths ope"5 a"- al,ays
the 8oo- ,ill %e hot a"- "ourishi"g.
Nothi"g is too goo- 8or her 8a$ily. /he" a chil- s"ee3es5 he>ll get ploppe- i"to %e-
,ith $e-ici"es5 hot tea a"- chic7e" %roth u"til he gets ol- e"ough to resist. The
o88spri"g o8 a !a"cer $other ,o">t get a,ay ,ithout ,eari"g his thic7 s,eater o" a
col- "ight5 his scar8 a"- $itte"s i" the s"o, or his galoshes i" the rai". A chil- has
to have lots o8 ,ill po,er to 8ight the cra%>s protective solicitu-e. .e has to %e pretty
tough "ot to get spoile-5 too. 2t>s o8te" 'uite a ;olt ,he" he goes out i"to the ,orl-
a"- 8i"-s out he>s "ot the ce"ter o8 everyo"e>s u"iverse. Such co$plete -e-icatio"
a"- -evotio" ca" give hi$ a ,o"-er8ul 8eather%e- o8 security to 8all %ac7 o" ,he"
li8e gets too real5 %ut it ca" also $a7e hi$ a%"or$ally -epe"-e"t o" ho$e ties5 a"-
u"a%le to see his o," 8aults. 2t>s o8te" i$possi%le to tell ,hether a !a"cer $other
ties her chil-re" to her apro" stri"gs or they choose to tie the 7"ot the$selves. She>ll
save every spelli"g test paper5 prou-ly ha"g clu$sy crayo" -ra,i"gs o" the ,all
a"- te"-erly ,rap %a%y shoes i" tissue paper. Those little ,ri"7le- %its o8 ,hite
7i-s7i" are precious5 %ecause the lu"ar pare"t ,ith her clear5 photographic $e$ory
,ill recall a chil->s 8irst steps lo"g a8ter he>s 8lo," a,ay 8ro$ the "est. The 8light
itsel8 $ay %e pai"8ul. !a"cer ,o$e" are relucta"t to give up their you"gsters to the
ties o8 $arriage. They te"- to ha"g o" too har- a"- too lo"g5 a"- thi"7 "o o"e is
goo- e"ough 8or the$. So$eti$es5 the pote"tial %ri-e or groo$ o8 a $a" or ,o$a"
,ith a July pare"t has to pass everythi"g %ut the i"7 %lot test to get approve-.
2 o"ce 7"e, a !a"cer $other ,ho use- to $eet her s$all so" every -ay a8ter
school. .e ,oul- al,ays co$e %ursti"g through the -oor li7e a ;et-propelle- roc7et5
a"- i$$e-iately ru" 8uriously arou"- the schoolyar- a 8e, ti$es %e8ore he ca$e
"ear her. &"ce5 ,he" she ,as acco$pa"ie- %y her sister5 the au"t starte- to go a8ter
the little %oy5 %ut the !a"cer $other stoppe- her. <No5 let hi$ %e5< she sai- 'uietly.
<.e>s ;ust ,or7i"g o88 stea$. .e>ll %e %ac7 ,he" he>s through ru""i"g.< (i"ally her
so" ,al7e- over to her5 too7 her ha"- a"- sai-5 <Let>s go ho$e. Mo$. 2>$ hu"gry.<
That su$s up the ,hole attitu-e o8 the lu"ar 8e$ale to,ar- all 8or$s o8 love5 a"-
$ost o8 all to,ar- her $ arriage. 2t>s her stra"ge %ra"- o8 possessive"ess that>s
u"sha7a%le5 %ut "ever aggressive. She 7"o,s5 i" her secret heart5 that "o $atter ho,
8ar a,ay you go to 8ollo, your -rea$5 youll al,ays co$e %ac7 agai" a"- she>ll %e
there patie"tly ,aiti"g. .er eyes ,ill still %e %eauti8ul ,ith the Moo" $agic you
re$e$%er5 the 7itche" ,ill s$ell -eli-ciously o8 ,ar$ spices5 a"- she>ll as7 you
ho, thi"gs ,e"t5 ho, you 8eel. 28 thi"gs ,e"t %a-ly a"- you 8eel $isera%le5 shell
tell a ;o7e to get you to laugh. The" she>ll 8ill your sto$ach5 a"- a8ter you>re rela:e-5
she>ll ge"tly s$ooth a,ay your ,orries ,ith her se"si%le a-vice a"- her rich hu$or.
Later5 i" the 8irelight5 you>ll loo7 at her sere"e 8ace a"- as7 yoursel8 all over agai"5
<2s she really a Moo" $ai-e" 8ro$ so$e $isty gar-e" or a lova%le loo"y %ir-A< 4ut
the a"s,er ,o">t see$ very i$porta"t.

The !AN!+1 !hil-
Dear5 -ear5 ha, 'ueer everythi"g is to-ayI A"- yester-ay thi"gs ,e"t o" ;ust as
/rite it -o," so you>ll re$e$%er it a"- "ot %e surprise- every -ay o8 your li8e9
your !a"cer %a%y ,ill cha"ge his $oo-s as 8re'ue"tly as you cha"ge his -iaper. 2t>s
a stra"ge "e, ,orl- 8or the lu"ar i"8a"t. .e>ll %e 8asci"ate- %y -elicious thi"gs to
eat a"- -ri"75 a"- he>ll love all the color8ul pictures ,hich pass %e8ore his sharp
little eyes5 a"- i$press the$selves o" his i"-eli%le $e$ory. /hat he e:perie"ces
,ill "ever leave hi$. /he" he>s ol- a"- gray5 your !a"ceria" %oy or girl ,ill
re$e$%er every 8eeli"g a"- e$otio"5 a"- %e a%le to give it %ac7 as a" e:act i$age.
&"e o8 the -earest !a"ceria" ,o$e" 2 ever 7"e, ,as %or" i" +urope5 a"- ,he" she
,as ill5 she ,oul- si"g every ,or- o8 the 1ussia" lulla%ies she ha- hear- as a chil-5
eve" though she ca$e to A$erica al$ost hal8 a ce"tury ago. Most o8 us ,oul- %e
luc7y i8 ,e re$e$%ere- the tu"e or ,or-s to <1oc7a%ye 4a%y.<
(ro$ %rea78ast u"til %e-ti$e5 the %usy $i"- o8 the !a"ceria" chil- ,ill %e
recor-i"g ,hat he sees a"- hears.
2t>s -i88icult 8or ,orl-ly a-ults to 8ollo, hi$ up his Moo" $ou"tai" o8 -rea$s or go
%esi-e hi$ as he ,a-es i" the strea$s o8 his lu$i"ous i$agi"atio". .is e$otio"s
are rich5 color8ul a"- varie-5 %ut 8or all that5 he $ay %e lo"ely.
*layi"g ,ith lu"ar %a%ies ca" %e loa-s o8 8u". They>re 8u""y little creatures5 ,ith
-roll e:pressio"s a"- eyes that al$ost tal7 %y the$selves. Their 8eatures co"sta"tly
eo"-tort ,ith tears5 t,ist ,ith a gri$ace or sprea- ,i-e ,ith s$iles. 2t>s i"teresti"g
to ,atch those elastic e:pressio"s5 %ut you $ay 8re'ue"tly ,ish you coul- pre-ict
,he" he>s goi"g to giggle5 or get that 8ara,ay loo7 i" his eye as he liste"s to the
curious $usic every Moo" chil- hears.
These you"gsters have $ore e$otio"al "ee-s that *isces %oys a"- girls. Much $ore
tha" ,ith a"y other chil-re"5 the stro"gest i"8lue"ce o" !a"ceria"s is al,ays the
early ho$e e"viro"$e"t. (ro$ i"8a"cy through the tee"s5 you"g cra%s are
tre$e"-ously -epe"-e"t o" the reactio"s o8 their pare"ts a"- their %rothers a"-
sisters. =our lu"ar chil- $ay %e too shy to e:press his real i""er -esires5 %ut he
secretly ,a"ts to %e $a-e over5 cu--le- a"- a-ore-. 28 he -oes">t get atte"tio" a"-
approval 8ro$ his 8a$ily5 relatives a"- 8rie"-s5 the re;ectio" ca" si$ply crush hi$. 2
have a close 8rie"- ,ho ,as %or" i" July. Late o"e "ight i" her 7itche" ?,here
elseA@5 ,e ,ere tal7i"g a%out her chil-hoo-.
She tol- $e5 </he" 2 ,as a little girl i" gra-e school5 $y pare"ts gave $e te" or
8i8tee" ce"ts a ,ee7 to spe"-. 4ut 2 "ever spe"t it. 2 save- it5 so 2 coul- give a
<(or ,hatA< 2 as7e- her.
A ,ist8ul loo7 passe- across her ,o"-er8ully $o%ile 8eatures. </ell5 2 use- to o88er
8i8ty ce"ts at the e"- o8 each $o"th to the 8rie"- ,ho treate- $e the "icest.<
At 8irst 2 ,as a$use-5 a"- starte- to re$i"- her o8 all t8ae ca"-y a"- treats she ha-
$isse- %y passi"g out her e"tire allo,a"ce 8or 7i"- treat$e"t5 %ut so$ethi"g i" her
eyes cha"ge- $y $i"-.
Although your you"g !a"ceria" $ay %rie8ly tur" i"to a re%el ,ithout a cause i"
a-olesce"ce5 -uri"g his te"-er years the little cra% is usually easy to $a"age a"-
-iscipli"e. .is i""er li8e is very real to hi$5 a"- he>ll happily play %y hi$sel8 8or
$a"y hours. .e $ay eve" have a" i"visi%le play$ate calle- so$ethi"g li7e 4oris or
4etty5 ,ho helps hi$ $a7e $u- pies5 pla"t i$agi"ary 8lo,ers or play co,%oy a"-
2"-ia". The $a7e-%elieve 4oris or 4etty are al,ays ,ell-%ehave- a"- courteous.
They ,ill al,ays let the !a"cer you"gster ,i"5 a"- they>ll give i" to his -esire to %e
a ge"tle lea-er ,ithout a $ur$ur. So$eti$es these i$agi"ary play$ates ,ill
-isappear 8or ,ee7s at a ti$e5 %ut they>ll retur" as soo" as a real5 live "eigh%orhoo-
chu$ or school$ate ,ou"-s those little lu"ar 8eeli"gs or %osses the Moo" chil-
arou"- too $uch. As -ocile a"- 'uiet as $ost !a"ceria"s are. !a"cer is a car-i"al
Su" sig" o8 lea-ership. Despite their te"-er e$otio"s a"- ge"tle $a""ers5 they are
"ot 8ollo,ers. There>s a great -eal o8 i"-epe"-e"t thi"7i"g a"- i"-ivi-ualis$.
28 your o88spri"g 8ollo,s the patter" o8 $ost July chil-re"5 he>ll get his ,ay a"- %e
slightly spoile- arou"- the e-ges. 2t>s the s'uea7y hi"ge that gets the $ost oil. .e
,o">t e:actly s'uea75 %ut he ca" get $ighty ,eepy ,he" he>s ig"ore- or treate-
harshly. Tal7 a%out tearsI A Moo" chil- ca" cry rivers a"- 8loo- a roo$. 2t>s as i8
so$eo"e le8t the 7itche" spigots ru""i"g. 28 all that -a$p"ess -oes">t get hi$ the
te"-er sy$pathy he $ust have 8or healthy e$otio"s5 the little !a"ceria" %oy or girl
,ill gro, up i"to a -ry-eye- a-ult ,ith a %arre" heart5 u"a%le to give or receive love
easily-see7i"g solitu-e5 8or$i"g very 8e, ,ar$ 8rie"-ships-a"- %eco$e a recluse i"
ol- age.
/he" such a se"sitive little cra% is i" your care5 it>s really urge"t to laugh a"- cry
,ith hi$ a"- to cal$ his 8ears. .ell have a ,hole passel o8 the$. =our o,". lu"ar
chil- $ay "ot have each o"e o" the list5 %ut he>s sure to have 'uite a 8e,. .e ca" %e
a8rai- to go to sleep i" the -ar7 ,ithout a so8t "ight light5 a8rai- o8 8ire a"- $atches5
a8rai- o8 8ast cars a"- lou- "oises. .e ca" 8ear stra"gers5 large a"i$als5 %right
lights5 8oo- he>s "ever taste- %e8ore5 light"i"g a"- thu"-er.
Lots o8 you"g loo"y-%ir-s get the %lues ,he" it rai"s. A spri"g or 8all sho,er ca" -o
stra"ge thi"gs to the i""er "ature. 2t ca" $a7e hi$ su--e"ly ,a"t to ,rite a poe$5
pai"t a picture or $a7e $usic. At other ti$es5 it ca" cause hi$ to hi-e his 8righte"e-
little hea- u"-er the %e-sprea-5 ,hile his %otto$ hal8 protru-es a"- tre$%les
This chil- re'uires $uch e$otio"al e$pathy to -evelop his 8i"e5 lovi"g5 artistic a"-
creative 'ualities. 28 it is give" ,holehearte-ly i" his 8or$ative years5 it ,ill help
hi$ gro, i"to a patie"t5 ge"erous5 'uietly co"8i-e"t a"- ope"-hearte- a-ult. 28
atte"tive u"-ersta"-i"g is -e"ie- hi$5 his "atural co$passio" a"- ge"tle"ess $ay
%e ,arpe- a"- t,iste- i"to sel8-pity a"- %itter5 sile"t %roo-i"g. (ear5 u"less cope-
,ith early5 ca" %eco$e illogical pre;u-ice a"- hatre-. Little cra%s ,ho have %ee"
stu"te- i" their e$otio"al gro,th so$eti$es tur" i"to suspicious s"appers5 o8te"
reve"ge8ul a"- eve" suici-al. At %est5 these $oo-y5 u"happy $e" a"- ,o$e" lea-
sa-5 u"eve"t8ul lives5 u"less they $a7e a -ra$atic -ecisio" to %ury the$selves i"
%uil-i"g a 8i"a"cial e$pire or -evelopi"g a late"t tale"t. +ither o"e ca" $erci8ully
replace the love a"- a88ectio" ,ithhel- 8ro$ the ge"tle lu"ar heart ,he" it ,as the
$ost vul"era%le -i" chil-hoo-.
2t ca">t %e e$phasi3e- e"ough that these se"sitive chil-re" ca" i$agi"e hurts or
slights5 a"- -rea$ up a re;ectio" ,hich "ever e:iste-. Special care has to %e ta7e" to
co"vi"ce the$ that they>re goo-5 s$art5 pretty5 ha"-so$e5 love- a"- ,a"te-. Ma"y
pare"ts se"se this5 ,hich is ,hy lots o8 little cra%s are pa$pere- so $uch at ho$e
that they get 'uite a shoc7 as a-ults ,he" they -iscover the ,orl- ta7es a cool5
-isi"tereste- vie, o8 their perso"al -esires. No ,o"-er so $a"y !a"ceria"s 8o"-ly
re$e$%er Ma$a a"- practically %uil- a shri"e to her as they gro, ol-er. No o"e
else ,ill ever agai" care 'uite so $uch. The %ig 'uestio" ,ith a Moo" chil- is
al,ays ,hether to %e overly 8ir$ a"- ,arp hi$5 or overly per$issive a"- spoil hi$.
(i"-i"g the $i--le roa- is "ever easy5 a"- the pro%le$ ca" 7eep you up a 8e,
"ights. The 7ey,or- is9 rela:. Love usually 8i"-s the ,ay. The %est 8or$ula is a
goo- ol--8ashio"e- spa"7i"g ,he" he "ee-s it5 ,ith ple"ty o8 hugs a"- 7isses a"-
lots o8 physical e:pressio"s o8 a88ectio" at all other ti$es.
Teachers "or$ally 8i"- the !a"ceria" %oys a"- girls ,hi33es i" history. They
sel-o$ 8orget -ates or eve"ts. That>s %ecause5 tha"7s to their $irror-li7e se"sitivity5
they ca" rea- a%out so$ethi"g that happe"e- years ago5 a"- al$ost %elieve they
,ere there. 28 *aul 1evere5 Tho$as Je88erso"5 or A%raha$ Li"col" the$selves
coul- retur" a"- tell their stories5 they pro%a%ly ,oul-">t %e recou"te- ,ith $uch
$ore color tha" the typical you"g !a"ceria" uses ,he" he -iscusses the happe"i"gs
o8 the -i$ a"- -usty past. 2t>s as i8 they actually sa, the 4attle o8 Le:-i"gto"5 the
sig"i"g o8 the Declaratio" o8 2"-epe"-e"ce a"- the shot 8ire- o" (ort Su$ter.
There>s har-ly a -etail they ca">t i$agi"e. 2t>s easy to see ,hy so $a"y o8 these
se"sitive %oys a"- girls go o" the stage5 %eco$e creative photographers or 8ollo, a
-isti"guishe- career i" $usic or art. 2"structors o8 the you"g lu"ar $i"- $ay "o,
a"- the" co$plai" o8 stu%%or""ess or -ay-rea$i"g5 %ut it>s "ot o8te" that either
8aili"g %eco$es pro"ou"ce- e"ough to %e really trou%leso$e. There $ay %e so$e
e:aggerati"g. The %oy $ay -escri%e the or-eal o8 %ei"g attac7e- i" the ,oo-s %y a
-a"gerous %ear to e:plai" so$e scratches cause- %y a 8all 8ro$ his o," 8ro"t porch.
The girl $ay give a sa- recital o8 ho, she ,as loc7e- out ,ith "o supper %y cruel
pare"ts5 a8ter ,hat ,as o"ly a $il- argu$e"t ,ith her 8a$ily. 4ut a 8e, tall tales
ca" %e e:pecte- ,he" you co"si-er the stro"g $e"tal i$pressio"s create- %y
rea-i"g a-ve"ture stories ,ith the lu"ar i$agi"atio". /he" there>s real heartache5
i"stea- o8 $a7e-%elieve trage-y5 the typical !a"ceria" chil- ,ill "or$ally re$ai"
'uiet a"- -ecli"e to spea7 a%out it. There>s a" ol- !hi"ese prover%9 <.e ,ho is
really hurt--oes">t tal7.<
Li7e the Li%ra" chil-5 happy !a"ceria" you"gsters ca" ru" up the 8a$ily 8oo- %ill to
8a"tastic proportio"s a"- soothi"g hurt 8eeli"gs cause- %y the "ic7"a$e (atty is
co$$o". 28 there>s a lot o8 %roo-i"g or "ervous"ess5 the "ic7"a$e $ay %e S7i""y.
2t>s %est to %ypass all "ic7"a$es ,ith Moo" chil-re". They shoul- "ever %e tease-.
Most you"g cra%s loo7 8or,ar- to ,or7i"g 8or pay5 a"- they>ll scour the
"eigh%orhoo- 8or o-- ;o%s. =our !a"cer chil- ,ill %egi" early to cut grass5 s,eep
leaves a"- %a%ysit. .e>ll retur" %ottles 8or re8u"-s5 help ha"g out the lau"-ry5 assist
the trash $e"5 sell le$o"a-e at the cur%5 or a"ythi"g else he ca" thi"7 o8 that ,ill
$a7e his poc7ets ;i"gle. The pe""ies5 "ic7els5 -i$es5 'uarters-a"- 8i"ally the -ollars
he $a7es ,ill %e care8ully accou"te- 8or5 a"- a goo- portio" o8 the$ save-. A8ter a
,hile5 you $ay %e a%le to save so$e yoursel8-o" his allo,a"ce. .e>ll pro%a%ly sup-
ply his o," spe"-i"g $o"ey soo"er tha" other chil-re"5 a"- %e prou- o8 it. =ou>ll
8i"- hi$ easy o" your poc7et-%oo7 i" $a"y ,ays. These chil-re" o8te" ,or7 their
,ay through college. The %oys ,ill have a healthy curiosity a%out the %usi"ess
,orl-. The girls ,ill %e e88icie"t i" cash $atters5 too5 %ut they>ll also spe"- lots o8
ti$e ,ith their -olls a"- %a7i"g %ro,"ies5 practici"g 8or their 8uture careers as
The !a"cer chil- ,ill 7eep you a$use- ,ith his ;o7es a"- his co"tagious laugh. .e
ca" $a7e 8u""y 8aces that loo7 li7e .allo,ee" $as7s5 a"- he sees the hu$or i"
every 8acet o8 the hu$a" para-e as it passes. #ive hi$5 i8 possi%le5 a little plot o8
earth he ca" call his o,"5 ,here he ca" pla"t thi"gs ,ith his gree" thu$% a"- ,atch
the$ gro,. .e>ll %e te"-erly co"cer"e- ,ith relatives ,ho are ill5 8i"a"cial
e$erge"cies i" the 8a$ily5 a"- the -i88iculties o8 his 8rie"-s a"- "eigh%ors. Lu"ar
you"gsters love %oo7s a%out heroic people ,ho %rave- har-ships to -o great -ee-s5
a"- they>ll %e especially ge"tle a"- sy$pathetic ,ith a"i$als. 4ut i8 they 8eel
cruelly treate- the$selves5 they $ay pass o" the cruelty5 or rather5 re8lect it to others
s$aller tha" the$selves i" a sort o8 <7ic7 the cat< progressio". =ou"g cra%s ca" live
up to the "a$e a"- %e 'uite cra%%y5 %ut such $oo-s sel-o$ last $ore tha" a 8e,
hours5 %e8ore they>re replace- %y a lova%le loo"y gri".
As you tur" o88 the la$ps at %e- ti$e5 you $ay ,o"-er5 as all pare"ts -o a%out a
-ay i" the "ot too 8ar -ista"t 8uture ,he" the little hea- that 7eeps poppi"g up <8or
o"e $ore -ri"7 o8 ,ater< ,ill %e $issi"g. The house ,ill %e still the"5 a"- e$pty o8
his alter"ati"g tears a"- laughter5 a8ter the 8u""y5 i$agi"ative little cra% cra,ls
a,ay to raise his o," 8a$ily. /ill he 8orgetA Not i8 he ,as %or" i" late Ju"e or July.
=ears ca" go %y5 a"- he $ay sail o" -ista"t seas5 %ut you ca" 7eep his %ea" %ag-the
o"e he gave you that Satur-ay a8ter"oo" you 'uarrele--o" his -resser. A"- you ca"
leave her rag -oll i" its place o" the ,i"-o, seat. =our Moo" chil- ,ill co$e ho$e
agai" > $a"y ti$es throughout every to$orro,-to $eet ol- $e$ories a"- retur" to
the past. No $atter ho, $a"y $iles separate hi$ 8ro$ yester-ay5 a"y,here he lives
is al,ays ha"-y to ho$e. Feep the coo7ie ;ar 8ull

The !AN!+1 4oss
<=ou see5< he ,e"t o" a8ter a pause5 <i8s as -,ell to
%e provi-e- 8or everythi"g. That>s the reaso" the horse has all those a"7lets
arou"- his 8eet.< <4ut ,hat are they 8orA< Alice as7e-5 i" a to"e o8
great curiosity. <To guar- agai"st the %ites o8 shar7s5< the F"ight
A8ter lear"i"g a%out the !a"ceria" se"se o8 hu$or5 you $ay have the i$pressio"
that the o88ice o8 a !a"cer %oss is a real 8u" place5 ,ith everythi"g e:cept co"8etti
a"- a so$$elier to serve cha$pag"e. The e$ployees ,ill all %e straight $e"5 a"-
the lu"ar e:ecutive is the sta"--up co$ic ,ith the clever o"e-li"ers. 2t ,ill %e li7e
goi"g to ,or7 i" a "ightclu% every -ay. /ell5 "o-"ot e:actly.
28 you ,or7 8or a T or $ovie 8u""y$a"5 all that ;ust $ight apply. A"y,here else5
you>- %est -ust the co"8etti o88 your shoul-er5 straighte" your tie a"- 8orget the
;o7es. The serious5 har--,or7i"g !a"eeria" e:ecutive -oes">t go 8or hilarity o" the
;o%. .is ,or7i"g hu$or ca" co"sist o8 a"ythi"g 8ro$ laughi"g at a" over-co"8i-e"t
co$petitor 8alli"g o" his 8ace to a 8ai"t chuc7le ,he" you as7 hi$ to -ou%le your
salary %e8ore you have prove- yoursel8. 4oth o8 these situatio"s ,ill stri7e his 8u""y
ri%s a"- %ri"g a ,i-e gri". Nothi"g else ,ill arouse $uch $irth or $a"y giggles.
The hu$or is still there5 %e"eath his crisp %usi"ess 8ace a"- his s"o,-,hite collar5
%ut it ,ill %e use- spari"gly o" the ;o%. Most o8 his laughs at ,or7 ,ill %e save- 8or
the hu$a" co$e-y o8 errors5 or to ease so$eo"e>s "ervous"ess5 a"- the to"e ,ill
usually %e 7i"-ly. Seve" hours a"- 8i8ty-"i"e $i"utes out o8 every eight ,or7i"g
hours5 ho,ever5 ,ill %e hu$orless5 eve" gri$.
2 -o">t $ea" to 8righte" you i"to thi"7i"g he>s Si$o" Legree ?though there are a 8e,
!a"ceria" %osses o8 that type scattere- arou"- the ,orl-@. 2t>s ;ust that your ;o%
u"-er a !a"cer %oss ,ill %e $ore secure i8 you see that your trousers are crease-5
your hair is parte- "eatly5 a"- your %rai" is operati"g at a sharp level tha" i8 you tell
a 8e, 8ast o"es5 happily tryi"g to play seco"- %a"a"a. The top %a"a"a you>re tryi"g
to i$press is o88 -uty i" the hu$or $ill ,hile he sits %ehi"- that polishe- $ahoga"y
-es75 ,ith his $other>s picture o" o"e si-e5 a"- the group picture o8 his 8a$ily o"
the other. !a" you i$agi"e ,hat ,oul- have happe"e- to a $e$%er o8 !alvi"
!ooli-ge>s ca%i"et i8 he pulle- the o"e a%out <,ho ,as that la-y 2 sa, you ,ith last
"ight< i" the $i--le o8 a $eeti"gA 2 7"o, a" e$ployee ,ho $a-e a serious error i"
'uoti"g a shippi"g -ate to a value- clie"t. /he" his !a"ceria" superior calle- hi$
i" 8or a" accou"ti"g5 prepare- to %e 7i"-5 he cheer8ully sai-5 <4oss5 2 si"cerely
regret $y stupi-ity5 a"- i8 you>ll give $e a couple o8 -ays5 2>$ sure 2 ca" co$e up
,ith several e:celle"t e:cusesI< .e ,oul- have %ee" a screa$ i" ol--ti$e
vau-eville5 %ut he got the hoo7 8ro$ his u"a$use- !a"cer e$ployer.
.ope8ully5 you ,ill pro8it 8ro$ the large egg that e$-i ployee lai- at his last
per8or$a"ce. The !a"cer %oss is i" D %usi"ess 8or o"e purpose o"ly. To $a7e
$o"ey. *erio-. 2 Mo"ey. 2t>s $a-e o8 gree" a"- %lac7 pri"te- paper5 a"- D it has
-i88ere"t "u$%ers i" the upper co$ers5 sig"i8yi"g I ho, $uch po,er5 prestige5 a"-
lu:ury it ,ill %uy. =ou tra-e it 8or har- ,or7. The har-er you ,or75 the $ore pieces
o8 this gree" a"- %lac7 pri"te- paper you get a"- the larger the "u$%ers are i" the
upper co$ers. That>s his philosophy5 i" a cra% shell. 2t ,oul- %e ,ise to $a7e it
So you thi"7 he>s a little stu88y5 -o youA May%e i8 he rela:e- $ore5 a"- stoppe-
%ei"g so strict a%out goo8i"g o885 -a"- create- a 8rie"-lier at$osphere5 he ,oul- "ot
o"ly %e $ore success8ul5 he ,oul- %e happier5 too. .as that occurre- to youA
#la"ce at a copy o8 /ho>s /ho i" !o$$erce a"- 2"-ustry. The su$$er %irth-ays
,ill %e the heaviest5 a"- July ,ill top the$ all. The" ta7e a"other loo7 at the "a$es
o8 the !a"ceria"s at the e"- o8 <.o, to 1ecog"i3e< this Su" sig". .e $ust %e -oi"g
so$ethi"g right.
/hatever %usi"ess he is i"5 the !a"cer %oss is really i" his ele$e"t ,he" it co$es to
tra-i"g-8ro$ horses to stoc7s-a"- a"ythi"g i" %et,ee". .e is a past $aster at
8iguri"g out ,hat people ,a"t a"- supplyi"g it at a su%sta"tial pro8it.
The lure o8 cash $ay eve" have ta7e" hi$ a,ay 8ro$ the e-ucatio" he ,a"te-5 a"-
he %eca$e a sel8-$a-e $a". 2t "ot5 the" you ca" sa8ely ,ager a $o"th>s paychec7
that5 ,hile he ,as i" college he ,as ,or7i"g part-ti$e a"- setti"g a little $oola
asi-e. /hat a$ 2 sayi"g5 collegeA This $a" pro%a%ly ha- his 8irst e$ploy$e"t at
the age o8 si: or seve"5 goi"g to the co$er store to get $il7 or %rea- a"- chargi"g
his -oti"g $other t,o ce"ts 8or the trip. As7 hi$ ,he" he %ega" his 8irst salarie-
;o%. =ou>ll pro%a%ly get 'uite a shoc7. 4ut it ,ill i"crease your status ,ith hi$.
.e>ll respect you a"- $a7e a $e"tal "ote that you>re thi"7i"g right. 4y the ,ay5
,atch those $e"tal "otes he $a7es. .e has a $e$ory li7e a" elepha"t. !a"cer
%osses sel-o$ 8orget a thi"g. That i"clu-es ,hat ti$e you arrive5 ,hat ti$e you
leave a"- ho, $a"y ti$es you visit the ,ashroo$ ,hile you>re there. 4ut hell also
re$e$%er the "ights you staye- late a"- the ti$e you ,or7e- all ,ee7e"- to help
hi$ ,ith a" i$porta"t co"tract5 a"- you>ll %e ;ustly5 eve" ge"erously5 re,ar-e-.
.e $ay have i"herite- ,ealth a"- positio"5 %ut the !a"cer %oss ,ill sel-o$ rest o"
his 8a$ily>s laurels. .e has to prove he ca" stac7 up the gol- pieces o" his o,".
Still5 he>s "ot gree-y. .e>s truly sy$pathetic a"- charita%le5 ,ithout %ei"g "aive
a%out it. To hi$5 charity %egi"s at ho$e. .is 8a$ily co$es 8irst. Ne:t5 his %usi"ess.
A8ter that5 it>s your tur"-a"- every%o-y else>s. No o"e ca" %e as %ig-hearte- a"-
8i"a"cially ge"erous ,he" the recipie"t is -eservi"g5 a"- ,he" there>s really
"o,here else he ca" go 8or help. The cra% ,ill $a7e his gesture the"-a"- it Q ,o">t
%e s$all. Just re$e$%er that there>s a ,i-e %erth %et,ee" ho"est charity a"- rash
speculatio". .e has a so8t heart5 %ut he -oes">t have a so8t hea-.
2" reality5 your !a"cer %oss is a -eeply se"sitive5 ge"tle perso"5 a"- %asically
i"secure. Success cal$s $a"y o8 his i""er 8ears5 a"- that>s ,hy he pursues it so
-evote-ly. /he" he>s hurt5 a"- that $ay %e 8ar $ore 8re'ue"tly tha" you reali3e5 he
cra,ls i"to his har- shell. 2t>s also a !a"ceria" -e8e"se ,he" he -oes">t get ,hat he
,a"ts5 a"- it o8te" ,or7s to his a-va"tage. *eople al,ays 8eel sorry 8or a cra% ,ho
has retreate- i"si-e his shell5 a"- so$eti$es they>ll pro$ise 'uite a %it to coa: hi$
%ac7 out.
There are lots o8 8e$ale !a"ceria" %osses5 too. Al$ost every si"gle !a"cer ,o$a"
you>ll ever $eet has ,or7e- at so$eti$e i" her li8e5 is ,or7i"g "o,5 or is %ossi"g
you "o,. She $ay %e i" love ,ith love5 %ut it ,ill have a rival i" her ;o% that ca"
,i" i" a ,al7. She ,o">t %e happy ,ith e$otio"al security alo"e5 eve" i8 she
so$eti$es thi"7s she ,oul-. To all !a"ceria"s5 happi"ess is a t,i"-$o"ey a"-
a88ectio" i" e'ual $easure. The 8e$ale cra% pro%a%ly -etests house,or75 a"y,ay.
Most !a"cer ,o$e" -o. 28 you>ve hear- -i88ere"tly5 it>s %ecause o8 the attach$e"t
they have to the 7itche". Actually5 these ,o$e" ,oul- $uch rather co$pete i" a
$a">s ,orl-5 ,ith all their se"si-;tive 8eeli"gs5 tha" -ru-ge through the -aily routi"e
o8 ; s,eepi"g a"- -usti"g a"- -usti"g a"- s,eepi"g5 ,ith a" i occasio"al $oppi"g
thro," i" to relieve the $o"oto"y. D They hate to a-$it it5 a"- their ho$es are
usually pleasa"t D e"ough places5 clea" or $essy5 %ut they -o -isli7e %ei"g B
house,ives. The a88ectio" a"- protectio" that goes ,ith it 2 is -a"-y5 %ut the
8ur"iture polish they ca" -o ,ithout 2" $ost ,ays5 the ,o$e" e:ecutives -o">t
-i88er esse"tially 8ro$ the $e"5 ,ith o"e e:ceptio". The girl cra%s -o"t ,ear
trousers a"- ,hite shirts a"- ties. They ,ear ge"tle s$iles to hi-e te"-er hearts a"-
har- shell $i"-s5 usually toppi"g it o88 ,ith 8e$i"i"e a"- ro$a"tic clothi"g.
All !a"cer %osses have a re$ar7a%le i"sight i"to your 8eeli"gs. They>ll u"-ersta"-
everythi"g you say ,ith u"ca""y accuracy5 a"- the u""ervi"g part is that they>re
also perceptive e"ough to se"se the $ea"i"g o8 the ,or-s you leave u"spo7e"5 so
,atch ,hat you leave u"spo7e". !a"ceria"s are">t really lo"ers. They $ay act li7e it
at ti$es5 ,he" they>re passi"g through a cra"7y or -epresse- $oo-5 %ut they usually
surrou"- the$selves ,ith people. Solitu-e is 8ear8ul to $ost cra%s5 e:cept to those
,ho have sought it %ecause o8 very -eep ,ou"-s very early i" li8e5 a"- eve" they
are $isera%le alo"e5 though they $ay "ot co"sciously reali3e it.
2t>s goo- to ,or7 8or a !a"ceria" e:ecutive. =oull 2e a$ $ore i" o"e $o"th 8ro$
hi$ tha" you ,ill i" a year 8ro$ other %osses. The $ost i$porta"t thi"g you>ll lear"
is co"si-eratio". A !a"cer %oss -rives a har- %argai"5 %ut he>s 8air ,hile he>s %ei"g
shre,-. *layi"g a ga$e o8 ,i" or lose ,ith the %ig guys ,ho hol- the %lue chips is
o"e thi"g. Ta7i"g a-va"tage o8 the i""oce"t is a"other.
2 .e>s esse"tially a 7i"- a"- -ece"t $a"5 ,ho>s $ove- to -eep pity %y %oth cruelty
a"- $is8ortu"e. !ourtesy a"- co$passio" are">t ol--8ashio"e- ,or-s to hi$. They
are part o8 his ge"tle$a">s co-e. 28 your i"te"tio"s are si"cere5 your $otives are
sou"- a"- your heart is ho"est5 he>ll %ac7 you through $ista7e" opi"io"s a"-
perso"al trou%les.
The cra% ,aits patie"tly a"- te"aciously5 ,ith %oth eyes ,i-e ope". .is $i"-
re$ai"s alert a"- practical5 %ut his heart -rea$s5 a"- the -rea$s are as $agic as the
$oo"light that stirs hi$. They ca" ta7e hi$ o" a gla$orous5 e:citi"g trip arou"- the
,orl-5 or i"spire hi$ to %uil- a to,eri"g i"-ustry that uses its e:cess pro8its to
e"courage scie"ti8ic research ,hich ,ill help hu$a"ity. 4ut every -rea$ is %uilt o"
a soli- 8ou"-atio". .is poetry is %eauti8ul5 %ut it al,ays $a7es se"se.
As 8or that ;o7e5 $a7e sure you tell it to hi$ at lu"ch5 "ot o" co$pa"y ti$e. 28 it>s
a%out plai" people a"- has a goo- poi"t5 hell laugh. The" you>ll 8i"- out ,hat he>s
really li7e. /atch his eyes5 a"- you>ll see that the lu"ar laugh is a %right a"- %rave
a"s,er to i""er 8ears a"- hurts that o"ly the patie"t cra%5 ,ith his ge"tle heart a"-
tough shell5 coul- -are to give.

The !AN!+1 +$ployee
<A"- they -re, all $a""er o8 thi"gs- everythi"g that %egi"s ,ith a" M- .. . such as
$ouse-traps5 a"- the $oo"5 a"- $e$ory5 a"- $uch"ess. . . .<
2t>s al,ays "ice to have a !a"ceria" ,or7 8or you5 %ecause he actually ,or7s 8or
you. .e -oes">t ,or7 8or glory or a $isty chi$era5 a"- he -oes">t stop %y each -ay
%ecause he has a crush o" the receptio"ist. .e "ever thi"7s o8 his ;o% as a ,ay to
e:press his ego or as a" a$usi"g ,ay to pass the ti$e %et,ee" co88ee %rea7s. .e
,or7s 8or the si$plest> reaso" i" the ,orl-. Security. Mea"i"g5 o8 course5 his pay-
=ou shoul- u"-ersta"- i$$e-iately that a !a"ceria" paychec7 $ust %e $a-e o8
elastic. 2t ,ill have to gra-ually stretch %igger a"- %igger. As ti$e goes o"5 a"- he
gathers e:perie"ce5 proves his loyalty a"- sho,s his tale"ts or a%ilities5 he>ll e:pect
$ore $o"ey. .is i"co$e $ust al,ays e'ual his output5 a"- his output ,ill stea-ily
i"crease. The paychec7 ,ill have to $atch it or he>ll %e 8orce- to -o so$ethi"g
co$pletely agai"st his "ature-let go o8 his ;o% a"- go else,here. 2t>s "ever easy 8or
the cra% to let go o8 a"ythi"g-tooth%rushes5 ol- get-,ell car-s5 shoe-stri"gs5 soc7s5
girls5 e$pty %all-poi"t pe"s or ;o%s. .e gets a 8ir$ grip a"- you ca">t pry hi$ loose.
Depe"-a%ility a"- te"acity ,ere the $aterials use- i" %uil-i"g his "ature5 a"- they
,ere use- ,ith a lavish ha"-. They serve hi$ ,ell o" his a$%itious cli$% to
success. .e $ay sha7e a"- shiver a"- tre$%le a little o" the ,ay ,he" the shar7s
appear a"- his e$otio"s are cut to the 'uic75 %ut all that ,ill %e 7ept sa8ely e"case-
i"si-e his tough shell o8 -eli%erate purpose. Despite the cra%>s appare"t ge"tle"ess5
!a"cer is a car-i"al sig"5 ,hich $ea"s !a"ceria"s ,ere %or" to ta7e respo"si%ility-
to lea-5 "ot %e le-. They>ll accept -iscipli"e 8ro$ the %oss ,ith cal$ -ocility ,hile
it>s "ecessary5 %ut "ever 8orget ,hat>s %ehi"- their ,illi"g"ess to 8ollo, or-ers
grace8ully. /he" the cra% o%e-ie"tly serves5 he>s really servi"g his o," secret
purposes. .is ;o% happe"s to represe"t a" i$porta"t %ric7 i" the large e-i8ice he>s
%uil-i"g. As soo" as the stur-y structure is co$plete-5 he ,ill ta7e over a"- rule. 2"
other ,or-s5 he is ai$i"g 8or a" e:ecutive positio". 2t "ever leaves his $i"- 8or a"
i"sta"t. 2t>s %est you 7eep it i" yours also5 8or o%vious reaso"s.
.is $otivatio" i" layi"g those %ric7s ,ith such stro"g $ortar is sel-o$ a -esire 8or
po,er. *restige -oes">t goa- hi$ o"5 as it -oes the !apricor"5 the goat5 "or ego5 as it
-oes Aries5 the ra$. .e>s -rive" to accu$ulate cash a"- a" u"sha7a%le positio" o8
authority 8or -i88ere"t reaso"s. !a"ceria"s "ee- the security o8 7"o,i"g that all their
to$orro,s are sa8e5 so they ca" 8i"ally rela: a"- live ,here their hearts are-i"
yester-ay. That ta7es $o"ey. A"ti'ues are e:pe"sive. So are huge5 ol- houses a"-
lu:urious -i""ers5 serve- graciously. !ollecti"g ol- autographs re'uires a lot o8
cash5 too5 a"- ha"-so$e 8ra$es to hol- portraits o8 a"cestors are">t cheap. #oo- hi-
8i sets 8or classical $usic cost ple"ty o8 -i$es. 4esi-es5 the !a"cer e$ployee $ay
"ee- u%sta"tial su$s to support relatives ,ho have $ove- i" -uri"g a trou%le-
spell5 or a" o88spri"g $ay %e i" "ee- o8 $ore $o"ey 8or a variety o8 reaso"s. 2"
a--itio"5 the cra% has a $ultitu-e o8 8ears5 %oth real a"- i$agi"ary. They 8or$ a
co$plicate- "et,or7 o8 "aggi"g sel8--ou%ts a"- 8eeli"gs o8 i"a-e'uacy5 ,hich
authority a"- lea-ership ,ill ease the ,ay "ovocai"e -ulls pai".
.e "ee-s o"e $ore thi"g. A88ectio". Naturally5 that>s "ot your respo"si%ility. Still5 it
helps to %e a,are o8 it. So$e--ay you $ay have to give hi$ a s'uee3e o8 the ha"-
a"- a speech o8 ,ar$ gratitu-e i"stea- o8 a raise. 2t ,o">t %e a su%stitute 8or cash %y
a"y $ea"s5 %ut it $ight $a7e hi$ -eci-e to stay arou"- a little lo"ger. Appreciatio"
is soothi"g to the !a"ceria"5 %ut it ,ill "ever co$pletely replace his se"ti$e"tal
attach$e"t to his %a"7 %ala"ce.
So -o">t go over%oar- a"- get i"to the ha%it o8 sayi"g5 <1oc7y5 ol- %oy5 2 ca">t pay
you the $o"ey you>re ,orth "o,5 %ut 2 love you $a-ly.< .e $ay $isu"-ersta"-
your $otive a8ter a ti$e or t,o. That is5 he $ay thi"7 you>re i"si"cere. 4e e'ually
cautious ,ith your 8e$ale !a"ceria" e$ployees. =ou coul- easily %e $isu"-erstoo-
%y the$. The !a"cer ,o$a" is shy a"- ti$i- ,ith stra"gers5 %ut she recog"i3es a
ro$a"tic sig"al 8ro$ $iles a,ay ,ith 8righte"i"g spee-. 28 she>s si"gle5 you>- %etter
hope you are5 %ecause she>ll get that te"-er5 possessive loo7 i" her eyes5 a"- you>ll
have 'uite a ti$e getti"g out o8 the "oose. 28 she>s $arrie-5 she>ll 8ree3e you col- or
s"ap at you u"til you>re properly respect8ul. #ive your lu"ar people love5 %ut try to
re$ai" i$perso"al a%out it. 2 7"o, that>s li7e sayi"g5 <.a"g your clothes o" a
hic7ory li$%5 %ut -o">t go "ear the ,ater5< %ut that>s the ,ay it is. The strategy is
so$ethi"g you>ll have to 8igure out 8or yoursel8.
Just as surely as !a"ceria" Stephe" (oster ,rote <My &l- Fe"tuc7y .o$e5< the
sy$%ol o8 ho$e ,ill e"ter the lives o8 these e$ployees o"e ,ay or a"other. =our
lu"ar secretary>s $other $ay -rop %y 8re'ue"tly to lu"ch ,ith her -aughter-a"- a
8e$ale cra% ,or7i"g respo"si%ly as a cler7 i" a -epart$e"t store 8or years ,ill ,al7
out su--e"ly i8 her so" is i" trou%le or ill5 a"- "ee-s her. That sales$a" ,ho ,as
%or" i" July ,ill e";oy a %it o8 travel5 i8 he>s a %achelor ?as lo"g as so$e o"e calls
his $other every -ay ,hile he>s go"e to see i8 she ,a"ts a"ythi"g@. 4ut i8 he>s
$arrie-5 he $ay "ot appreciate %ei"g se"t out o8 to," or %ei"g as7e- to sacri8ice
holi-ays at ho$e 8or %usi"ess e$erge"cies.
28 you have a"y !a"ceria" e$ployees ,ho are goi"g through a separatio" or
-ivorce5 you have a pro%le$ o" your ha"-s that $ay -isrupt your sta88 8or ,ee7s.
They>ll sprea- a clou- o8 gloo$ over the o88ice. 28 it>s a 8e$ale5 -ou%le your or-er o8
Flee"e: 8or the po,-er roo$. There ,ill %e perio-s o8 $oo-y ,eepi"g5 a"- she
$ay spe"- a lot o8 ti$e i" court. The ;u-ge ,ill a,ar- her su%sta"tial ali$o"y or
else. 28 support $o"ey 8or chil-re" is i"volve-5 she $ay "ee- a $o"th o88. *hysical
-esertio" is %a- e"ough5 %ut the threat o8 losi"g 8i"a"cial security ,ill arouse every
ou"ce o8 te"acity i" her5 a"- that>s a lot o8 ou"ces. !ra%s o8 %oth se:es ta7e a %ro7e"
ho$e very har-. =our %est %et a%out this !a"ceria" ho$e 8i:atio" is to ha"g a poe$
o" the ,all o8 every o88ice. <.o$e 2s /here The .eart 2s.< Just %e"eath it5 ha"g o"e
o8 those arra"ge$e"ts o8 rare coi"s5 o" a %ac7grou"- o8 lave"-er velvet5 8ra$e- i"
sterli"g silver. .ave you $isse- the poi"tA They ,o">t.
/he" there>s so$ethi"g you ,a"t to -iscuss ,ith the !a"cer e$ployee5 a"- you
,a"t to put hi$ i" a receptive 8ra$e o8 $i"-5 ta7e hi$ to lu"ch or -i""er.
!a"ceria"s a-ore people ,ho i"vite the$ 8or a $eal. Not o"ly -oes it $ea" he ,o">t
have to pic7 up the chec75 %ut 8oo- spells security i" capital letters. Just ,atch his
eyes light up. .e $ay "ot %e a %ig eater hi$sel85 %ut he>s still $ore co"te"te- a"-
peace8ul ,he" there>s a" a%u"-a"ce o8 8oo- arou"-. 4e sure you ta7e hi$ to o"e o8
the 8i"est restaura"ts i" to,". .e>ll love the lu:ury5 si"ce he>s "ot payi"g the %ill.
!a"ceria"s are i"-ustrious ,or7ers. =ou ca" rely o" the$ to %e stea-y a"- relia%le
u"-er all circu$sta"ces5 e:cept o"e. !a"cer is a ,ater sig"5 a"- people %or" u"-er
the three ,ater sig"s e";oy li'ui-s i" all 8or$s. 28 the aspects %et,ee" the pla"ets
,ere a88licte- at %irth5 o"e o8 these 8or$s $ay %e a hu"-re- proo8. The !a"ceria"
,ith a -ri"7i"g pro%le$ is rare5 %ut i8 you shoul- happe" to co$e across a July-%or"
e$ployee ,ho 8ills the air ,ith the cra3y lu"ar laugh too 8re'ue"tly5 or ,ho ,eeps
$ela"choly tears co"ti"ually5 he $ay %e e";oyi"g so$ethi"g stro"ger tha" Java o"
his co88ee %rea7s. Do">t 8or$ the opi"io" that every *isces5 Scorpio or !a"cer
perso" is a "ipper. True5 people %or" -uri"g these perio-s are $ore o8te" 8ou"-
-ro,"i"g their sorro,s tha" others5 %ut that>s a" overall statistic5 coveri"g $illio"s
o8 hu$a"s5 a"- you ca" "ever use it ,he" ;u-gi"g people i"-ivi-ually. Most o8 the
!a"ceria"s you $eet ,ill %e so%er. 2" 8act5 they $ay %e so so%er you ,ish they
,oul- rela: a little over a coc7tail.
They ta7e their ,or7 seriously5 a"- the$selves eve" $ore so. The lu"ar se"se o8
hu$or is ,ar$ a"- ,o"-er8ul5 8ull o8 se"sitive i"sight i"to hu$a" "ature5 %ut ,he"
so$eo"e>s ,it hits a te"-er spot5 the cra% $ay %e -eeply hurt. 2t>s %est to let hi$
$a7e the ;o7es. /ith his 7i"- heart a"- his sharp perceptio"5 it>s u"li7ely that he>ll
,ou"- a"yo"e u"-er the guise o8 co$e-y. The typical !a"ceria" e$ployee ,o">t
scatter his pu"ch li"es -uri"g ,or7i"g hours o" co$pa"y ti$e5 %ut ,he" you ta7e
hi$ to -i""er5 he $ight 7eep you chuc7li"g 8ro$ the to$ato ;uice through the
cherries Ju%ilee. !ra%s ca" %e utterly 8asci"ati"g co"versatio"alists5 u"less they>re i"
a gloo$y $oo-5 i" ,hich case o"e ,or- a" hour5 s"appe- out %rie8ly5 ,ill %e a%out
par. They ca" pout %eauti8ully. 4ut they ca" also spea7 $ag"etically5 a"- s,ay your
e$otio"s easily through their a%ility to play o" people.
!a"ceria"s 8eel thi"gs. No o"e ca" %e $ore te"-er a"- sy$pathetic tha" a !a"cer
perso" ,he" you "ee- a 8rie"-5 a"- "o o"e ca" %e cra"7ier ,he" they suspect
so$eo"e is tryi"g to ta7e so$ethi"g 8ro$ the$5 either e$otio"ally or ta"gi%ly.
/he" the %a"7 state$e"t -oes">t %ala"ce5 they $ay 8ro," i" sulle" sile"ce 8or
hours a8ter,ar-s5 a"- i8 a cra% thi"7s a" associate is a8ter his or her ;o%5 there ca" %e
so$e pretty chil-ish %ehavior5 as a prelu-e to a 8ight-to-the--eath 8or possessio" a"-
o,"ership. The victi$ $ay "ot eve" suspect ,ar has %ee" -eclare- u"til the victory
has %ee" ,o". !a"ceria"s have $ore secrets tha" J. +-gar .oover5 Ja$es 4o"- a"-
Sherloc7 .ol$es co$%i"e-. They sel-o$ a-vertise their $oves i" a-va"ce5 a"-
they al$ost "ever reveal their true i""er thoughts5 e:cept to those ,ho are so close
to the$ there>s little cha"ce the co"8i-e"ce ,ill ever %oo$era"g.
The cra% -oes ,ell i" a"y positio" that lets hi$ use his "atural a%ilities. .e>s o8te"
success8ul i" $ercha"-isi"g5 tra-i"g5 $a"u8acturi"g a"- %uyi"g 8or large chai"s.
The %a7i"g5 ca""i"g5 pac7i"g a"- -istri%utio" o8 8oo-s attracts $a"y a !a"ceria".
Art ?pai"ti"g or sculpti"g@5 -esig"i"g a"- i"terior -ecorati"g5 $usic5 $useu$s5
,riti"g5 accou"ti"g5 real estate5 chil-re">s clothi"g5 social ,or75 acti"g a"-
-irecti"g5 photography5 gar-e"i"g5 lecturi"g5 teachi"g5 %a"7i"g5 oil5 co$$erce5
shippi"g a"- politics are all typical !a"cer careers. Ma"agi"g hotels or restaura"ts5
co"trolli"g theaters a"- arra"gi"g loa"s are also "atural occupatio"s 8or lu"ar
=our 8e$ale !a"cer e$ployee loves %a%ies5 chil-re"5 $e"5 8lo,ers5 ,ar$ly heate-
o88ices5 courtesy5 ro$a"ce5 coo7i"g5 $ovies5 %oo7s a"- $o"ey. She>s se"sitive5 re-
spo"sive to 7i"-"ess5 respo"si%le a"- e:tre$ely capa%le.
She>s $oo-y.
=our $ale !a"cer e$ployee loves %a%ies5 chil-re"5 ,o$e"5 respect5 a-$iratio"5
,ar$ly heate- o88ices5 courtesy5 ro$a"ce5 coo7i"g5 $ovies5 %oo7s a"- $o"ey. .e>s
se"sitive5 respo"sive to 7i"-"ess5 respo"si%le a"- e:tre$ely capa%le. .e>s $oo-y.
/ell5 ca" you tell the -i88ere"ce %et,ee" the %oy a"- girl cra%s o" the %eachA 4oth
se:es are ge"tle a"- -rea$y5 yet as se"si%le a"- practical as re- 8la""el u"-er,ear.
=ou>ll %e gla- you hire- the$ ,he" %usi"ess ta7es you a,ay 8ro$ the o88ice $ore
tha" you li7e. They love to ,atch the store.
The 6uee" tur"e- cri$so" ,ith 8ury5 a"-5 a8ter glari"g at her 8or a $o$e"t li7e a
,il- %east5 %ega" screa$i"g5 <&88 ,ith her hea-iI

S.= *0SS=!ATS
VTis the voice o8 Lo%sterH 2 hear- hi$ -eclare55
W=ou have %a7e- $e too %ro,"5 2 $ust sugar $y hair.X

L+&5 the Lio"
July 24th through August 23r-
.o, to 1ecog"i3e
The L+& Ma"
The L+& /o$a"
The L+& !hi-
The L+& 4oss
The L+& +$ployee

.o, to 1ecog"i3e L+&
2t loo7e- goo--"ature-5 she thoughtB
still5 it ha- very lo"g cla,s a"- a great $a"y teeth5 so she 8elt it ought to %e treate-
,ith respect.
.as a"yo"e sai- to you lately5 <Do">t -o $e a"y 8avors5< %ut -a33le- you ,ith a"
utterly gorgeous s$ile as he sai- itA =ou>ve %ee" e:pose- to the %ig cat. Do">t
,orry5 you>ll recover. /hat>s a little scorche- spot here a"- thereA 2t>s "ot at all
u"usual 8or Leo to -isplay his arroga"t pri-e a"- his su""y play8ul"ess at the sa$e
ti$e5 ,hich is ,hy he gets a,ay ,ith $ur-er.
Leo5 the lio"5 rules all the other a"i$als. Leo5 the perso"5 rules you a"- every%o-y
else. ?=es5 yes5 2 7"o, he really -oes">t. 4ut please -o">t tell hi$. 2t ,oul- %rea7 his
%ig5 ,ar$5 egotistical heart.@ 2t>s %est to hu$or hi$. The" he>ll purr5 i"stea- o8
roari"g a"- scari"g you hal8 to -eath. The lio" alter"ates %et,ee" %ei"g
e"ergetically gregarious a"- %eauti8ully i"-ole"t5 as he sti8les a lu:urious ya,". 28
you ,a"t to stu-y the %east5 hit all the %right5 spar7li"g places arou"- to,". At least
hal8 the people you see livi"g it up i" style ,ill %e Leos. The shyer pussycats ,ill %e
at ho$e livi"g it up. Leo hates the -ar7 a"- %ore-o$ e'ually.
28 you see o"e ,ho %lushes easily $a7e sure you are">t getti"g a %lush co"8use-
,ith a 8lush o8 pri-e or ego. There>s $ore -i88ere"ce %et,ee" a %lush a"- a 8lush
tha" a letter o8 the alpha%et. .is 8ace $ay %e pi"7 %ecause he>s %ee" -a"ci"g too
har-. .is chee7s $ay %e su88use- ,ith a rosy glo, %ecause the love o8 his li8e ;ust
passe- %y. 4ut his high color is">t cause- %y i"troversio" or sel8-e88aci"g ti$i-ity.
There are "o i"troverte- Leos. There are o"ly Leos ,ho prete"- to %e i"troverts.
That>s i$porta"t to re$e$%er. =ou $ay 8i"- a 8e, lio"s ,ho 7eep their ruli"g Su"
-i$$e- a"- go a%out %ei"g stro"g5 -ig"i8ie- 1Y4 a"- -eter$i"e- 'uietly. Do">t let
that so8t purr 8ool you. +ve" the ge"tle Leos are i",ar-ly sol- o" their royal right to
rule 8rie"-s a"- 8a$ily as they pee7 out 8ro$ %ehi"- the curtai"s a"- ,atch 8or their
cha"ce o" stage. 28 you -o">t %elieve $e5 ;ust choose a 'uiet Leo ,ho>s prete"-i"g
to %e a" i"trovert5 a"- attac7 his pri-e. Ta7e so$ethi"g a,ay 8ro$ hi$ ,hich he
%elieves is right8ully his5 give hi$ or-ers a"- sho, hi$ "o respect. =ou>ll hear that
suppose-ly ge"tle cat roar 8ro$ here to the 3oo. 2t ta7es a %rave soul to challe"ge
hi$ ,he" he>s -e8e"-i"g his rights a"- his -ig"ity. So$e Leos $ello, ,ith age5 %ut
the lio" "ever really lo,ers his prou- hea-. Never.
As 8or the physical attri%utes o8 this Su" sig"5 ;ust loo7 arou"- 8or people ,ho
rese$%le a lio" or a lio"ess5 ,ith a $a"e o8 hair that s,eeps %ac7 o88 the 8ace5 a"- a
-eceptively la3y loo7. Leos ,al7 straight a"- prou-5 ,ith the s$ooth gli-e o8 the
cat. The 8e$ales co$%i"e lithe grace ,ith a hi--e"5 'uiveri"g i"te"sity. This last
,ill %e -isguise- %y a so8t5 usually cal$ a"- stea-y "ature. 4ut -o">t 8orget that the
lio"ess is al,ays rea-y to pou"ce i8 she 8eels threate"e-. .er cla,s are sheathe-5
%ut sharp.
=ou>ll "otice a co$$a"-i"g air a"- stately %eari"g5 as Leo loo7s -o," o" all the
$ere $ortals %e"eath hi$. &r-i"arily5 the $ove$e"ts a"- speech are -eli%erate.
Leos sel-o$ tal7 8ast5 ru" or eve" ,al7 'uic7ly ?u"less there>s a" Aries or #e$i"i
asce"-a"t or Moo"5 8or e:a$ple@. =ou ,o">t ig"ore the lio" 8or lo"g i" a group.
.e>ll either get the ce"ter o8 the stage ,ith -ra$atic state$e"ts a"- actio"-or hell
get it %y pouti"g a"- sul7i"g %ehi"- the potte- pal$s u"til so$eo"e rushes over to
as7 ,hat>s ,ro"g. The sig" pro-uces its share o8 %lue eyes5 %ut $a"y Leos5
especially the 8e$ales5 have -ar7 %ro," eyes that are 8irst so8t a"- ge"tle5 the" s"ap
a"- crac7le ,ith 8ire5 o8te" rou"- i" shape a"- slightly tilte- at the co$er. The hair
is -ar7 or re--ish %lo"-e a"- usually ,avy5 ,or" i" a ,il-5 careless style that
ups,eeps5 sta"-s out 8ully o" the top a"- the si-es or is slee7e- -o," tightly5 o"e
e:tre$e or the other5 a"- there>s a "oticea%le ru--y co$ple:io".
Leos have a stra"ge e88ect o" people that>s -o,"right 8u""y to ,atch. 2t>s har- to
sta"- i" 8ro"t o8 the lio" ,ithout -ra,i"g yoursel8 up to 8ull stature5 sto$ach i"-
shoul-ers %ac7. 2 really -o">t 7"o, ,hether ,e peasa"ts -o this i" i$itatio" o8 the
royal $a""er o8 the Leo ,e>re 8aci"g or to gather courage 8or a possi%le lecture5 8or
they -o love to give 8ree a-vice. They have a 7"ac7 8or telli"g you ,ith a slightly
superior5 co"-esce"-i"g $a""er e:actly ho, you shoul- $a"age your li8e.
This love o8 teachi"g is ,hy so $a"y Leos e"- up as e-ucators5 politicia"s a"-
psychiatrists. The e:asperati"g thi"g is that they>re 'uite goo- at ratio"ali3i"g thi"gs
a"- s$oothi"g out the ,ri"7les i" your li8e. Too %a- they ca">t $a"age their o,"
a88airs ,ith as $uch ease a"- 8i"esse. Still5 this is ,hat $a7es the lio" so -o,"right
lova%leB his ho"est superiority a"- e:celle"t a%ilities5 i"co"gruously $i:e- up ,ith
a terri%le5 tra"spare"t vul"era%ility o8 ego. The prou-5 -ig"i8ie- cat vul"era%leA =es
i"-ee-. .e>s -eeply ,ou"-e- ,he" you -o">t respect his ,is-o$ a"- ge"erosity. To
su%-ue hi$5 si$ply 8latter hi$. Ni"e ti$es out o8 te"5 he>ll tur" 8ro$ a roari"g %east
i"to a %ash8ul5 -ocile 7itte"5 al$ost visi%ly rolli"g a"- %as7i"g i" the ,ar$th o8
co$pli$e"ts. 2t>s this ,ea7"ess ,hich is the /aterloo 8or $a"y a ste$5 autocratic
Leo. .is va"ity is his Achilles> heel. (attery acts li7e cat"ip to hi$5 lac7 o8 respect
%li"-s hi$ ,ith rage a"- %oth e:tre$es $a7e hi$ i"capa%le o8 %ala"ce- ;u-g$e"t.
There are so$e Leos ,ho co"trol these te"-e"cies success8ully5 %ut they>re al,ays
late"t i" the Su" sig" a"- prese"t to so$e -egree.
Try it so$eti$e. 2" the $i--le o8 receivi"g o"e o8 his lectures5 i"terrupt respect8ully
a"- tell your Leo 8rie"- he loo7s positively $ag"i8ice"t i" that s,eater. The result
,ill pro%a%ly %e a" a%rupt 8all 8ro$ -ig"ity5 as the lio" %lushes a"- says5
co$pletely -isco"certe-5 <1eallyA =ou really thi"7 2 -oA< 2" $ost cases5
appreciati"g the i"tellect ,or7s as ,ell as co$pli$e"ti"g the appeara"ce.
Leo ;ust ca">t help 8eeli"g superior a"- %ehavi"g -ra$atically "o, a"- the". &"e o8
$y chil-re" has a" August-%or" teacher. She ca$e ho$e 8ro$ school o"e -ay to
say5 <Mother5 $y teacher is so 8u""y. .e>s a,8ully s$art a%out everythi"g5 %ut
so$eti$es he ru"s arou"- the roo$ a"- ,aves his ar$s i" the air a"- shouts5 >2>$
surrou"-e- %y i-iotsI> /e al,ays giggle5 %ecause ,e 7"o, he -oes">t $ea" it.<
*oor lio"5 eve" the chil-re" 7"o, his roar is ,orse tha" his %ite. 2t>s o"ly 8air to
re$i"- you that you $ay stu$%le o" o"e ,ho has a" a88licte- Mars or Mercury
,ith5 say5 Scorpio risi"g5 a"- the" the %ite ,ill %e $ore serious5 %ut ,e>re spea7i"g
"o, o8 the typical cat 2" $a"y ,ays5 Leo is e:tre$ely astute. .ell sel-o$ ,aste his
e"ergy tryi"g to get ,ater 8ro$ a -ry ,ell5 as Aries o8te" -oes5 ,hich $a7es hi$ a
super% orga"i3er a"- a ,ise -istri%utor o8 -uties. .is co$$a"-s are surprisi"gly
e88ective ,he" he to"es -o," the -ra$atics5 %ecause he ca" %e a $aster o8 the
si$ple5 straight8or,ar- speech5 eve" i8 it s$ac7s slightly o8 theatrics. Leo e:presses
approval ge"erously a"- ope"ly5 a"- ca" give al$ost e$%arrassi"gly e:travaga"t
co$pli$e"ts. .e>s "ot at all %ash8ul a%out his -ispleasure5 either. /hatever he says5
he usually $ea"s. 2t ca" soothe or %u$5 %ut it "ever 8ails to leave a" i$pressio".
The regal ,ays o8 this Su" sig" are sple"-i- ,he" the Leo $a" or ,o$a" is host or
hostess. They $a7e you 8eel you are %ei"g e"tertai"e- i" a royal palace. =ou 7eep
e:pecti"g to see a coach a"- 8oot$a" pull up outsi-e the -oor at a"y $o$e"t to
-rop o88 Marie A"toi"ette5 or5 at the very least5 Nell #,y" a"- Ma-a$e Du 4arry.
Leos surrou"- their guests ,ith heaps o8 super% 8oo-5 8i"e ,i"es5 %eauti8ul ,o$e"5
a"- so8t $usic. 2 $ust a-$it 2 -o 7"o, o"e lio" ,ith stro"g irgo pla"ets i" his
"atal chart ,ho serves -ice- cucu$%ers spri"7le- ,ith her%s5 parsley a"- ,heat
ger$ at parties5 %ut the other tri$$i"gs are lu:uriously leo"i"e5 al,ays i"clu-i"g
the 8e$i"i"e guests. Such pulchritu-eI Louis Z2 "ever ha- it so goo-. 4ut a8ter
Louis Z2 the -eluge-a"- a8ter $a"y a Leo>s ro$a"tic -a"ci"g a"- -i"i"g co$es a
-eluge o8 proposals5 passio"5 tears5 a"ger5 apologies5 a"- ;ust plai" se"ti$e"tal
No, that ,e 8i"- ourselves o" the su%;ect o8 ro$a"ce5 ,hich is a pretty co$$o"
place to 8i"- yoursel8 ,he" you>re i"volve- ,ith the lio"5 either i" perso" or o"
paper5 ,e shoul- "ote that you ,o">t 8i"- $a"y %achelors or spi"sters %or" u"-er
this Su" sig". 28 you co$e across o"e5 -o">t 8or$ a -e8i"ite opi"io" u"til you>ve
-iscreetly chec7e- the closet. There>s usually a para$our hi-i"g "ear%y a"y lio">s
lair. .e $ay "ot %e $arrie- ,he" you 8irst $eet hi$5 %ut he>ll %e i" love5 or ;ust
a%out to %e5 or hell have rece"tly %ro7e" a ro$a"tic shac7le5 a"- ,ill %e ,eari"g a
pathetic5 lost loo7. The 8iery pri-e o8 Leo causes ple"ty o8 shattere- love a88airs a"-
$arriages. A lio" $i"us his $ate is usually a ,oe8ul sight to %ehol-5 %ut ,he" his
pri-e has %ee" i";ure- %y a lover or a legal $ate5 he ca" -rop his sa--eye- loo7 a"-
%eco$e pretty 8ierce a"- ,il- i"stea-. Still5 there>s "o o"e ,ho ca" %ear $ore i"
stoic -ig"ity5 or a-;ust $ore courageously to -epressi"g co"-itio"s ,ith sheer 8aith
a"- opti$is$ ,he" it>s "ecessary.
Si"ce 8orgive"ess a"- sy$pathy o8 spirit are part o8 the %ig cat>s i""er "ature5 the
reco"ciliatio"s are a%out as 8re'ue"t i" Leo>s e$otio"al li8e as the splits5 o"ce the
8ire,or7s o8 outrage- -ig"ity have sputtere- out a"- he gets lo"ely. .e>s al$ost
co"ti"ually i" the throes o8 passio"5 "ot ;ust ,ith the opposite se:5 %ut ,ith li8e
itsel8. Li8e ,ithout love5 to %oth lio"s a"- shy pussycats5 is li7e a plug ,ithout a
soc7et. The Su" 8orgets to shi"e 8or the$ ,he" ro$a"ce -ies.
These $e" a"- ,o$e" "ever lea" o" others. 2"stea-5 they pre8er to %e lea"e- o".
1espo"si%ility to,ar- the ,ea7 a"- helpless appeals to the$. Leo $ay roar
theatrically that everyo"e -epe"-s o" hi$ a"- he>s 8orce- to carry the ,hole loa-5
%ut -o">t pay a %it o8 atte"tio" to his co$plai"ts. .e loves it. Try to relieve hi$ o8
his %ur-e"s or le"- a helpi"g ha"-5 a"- youT2 see ho, 'uic7ly Leo ,ill -is-ai"8ully
re8use your help. Accepti"g 8i"a"cial ai- is so$ethi"g he especially pre8ers to
avoi-. Though he $ay %e %ro7e 8re'ue"tly5 he>s al,ays certai" he>ll 8i"- so$e ,ay
to li"e his poc7ets agai" soo". ery 8e, Leos are cautious ,ith cash. =ou $ay 8i"-
a" occasio"al o"e ,ho ,as 8righte"e- %y a %ill collector at a" early age5 a"-
%ehaves as i8 he>s hea-e- 8or -e%tor>s priso" a"y $o$e"t. 4ut the typical lio" is a
spectacular ga$%ler at heart5 o8te" ,il-ly e:travaga"tB eve" the rare cat ,ho
pi"ches pe""ies ,ill -ress e:pe"sively5 a"- al,ays loo7 ,ell tur"e- out. .e ,a"ts
8irst class a"- lu:ury all the ,ay5 a"- he>ll spe"- 8reely o" 8u" a"- pleasure. Leo
,ill give $o"ey to al$ost a"y%o-y. 28 he>s as7e- 8or a loa" a"- he>s short o8 cash5
hell o8te" go out a"- %orro, it 8ro$ so$eo"e else %e8ore a-$itti"g that the Fi"g
is">t i" a positio" to help his >"ee-y su%;ects. That>s a last resort5 ho,ever5 %ecause
Leos are $orti8ie- to %e 8orce- to tur" to others 8or $o"ey5 a-vice or
e"courage$e"t. They have e"ough ego to supply ?heir o," e"courage$e"t5 they>re
clever e"ough to accu$ulate their o," pot o8 gol--a"- goo-"ess 7"o,s they -o">t
see7 a-vice rea-ily. &"e see7s a-vice o"ly 8ro$ those a%ove hi$5 a"- ,ho is
superior to the lio"A
Leo o8te" ru"s high 8evers5 is pro"e to acci-e"ts5 su--e"5 viole"t ill"esses a"- is
usually i$$u"e to chro"ic5 li"geri"g -isease. Si"ce they sel-o$ -o a"ythi"g
hal8,ay5 these people either ra-iate i"cre-i%le vitality or else co$plai" that they>re
"ot lo"g 8or this ,orl-5 the latter a typical reactio" to lac7 o8 appreciatio" a"-
starvatio" 8or a88ectio". Leos see$ to have either super%ly stro"g hearts or so$e
sort o8 ,ea7"ess i" the heart area. They $ay su88er 8ro$ pai"s i" the %ac7 a"-
shoul-ers5 spi"al trou%les5 acci-e"ts to the legs or a"7les5 pro%le$s relati"g to the
repro-uctive orga"s a"- hoarse"ess or sore throats. 4ut they recuperate ,ith vigor
8ro$ sic7"ess5 a"- their $ai" -a"ger is careless"ess a%out health or getti"g up too
soo" ,he" ill"ess stri7es. To stay i" %e- a"- %e ,aite- o" 8latters the Leo va"ity at
8irst5 %ut ,he" he reali3es he>s playi"g the role o8 ,ea7 i"stea- o8 stro"g5 his spells
o8 i"capacitatio" are 'uic7ly co"'uere-.
There>s "o i"%et,ee" ,ith the Su"-rule-. They are either -rea-8ully careless a"-
sloppy or $eticulously "eat a"- or-erly. They rather e";oy gossip5 a"- they 8eel hurt
or le8t out i8 so$ethi"g is goi"g o" arou"- the$ they -o">t u"-ersta"-. Leos are
8i:e- i" "ature. 2t>s har- to s,ay the$ 8ro$ a set path5 though they ca" s,ay others
,ith co"vi"ci"g oratory. They accu$ulate o"ly so that they ca" -istri%ute to others5
o"ce they>ve provi-e- the$selves ,ith a glitteri"g thro"e co$plete ,ith a so8t5
8eather pillo,. They ca" sho, as $uch 8erocious e"ergy as a stea$ roller5 a"- the"
%e as sleepily la3y as the cat5 stretchi"g out a"- s"oo3i"g i" the su". /he" they
,or75 they ,or7. /he" they play5 they play. /he" they rest5 they rest. Most lio"s
have a" i$pressive ge"ius 8or cheer8ully -elegati"g $essy a"- u"pleasa"t ;o%s to
others5 ,hile they atte"- to i$porta"t $atters5 li7e -eci-i"g ,ho shoul- %e electe-
*resi-e"t a"- ho, the ,ar shoul- %e ,o".
Surprisi"g hi$sel85 ,he" a real e$erge"cy 8alls o" Leo>s stro"g shoul-ers5 he>ll
carry it lightly a"- "ever shir7 his -uty5 helpi"g the -e8e"seless5 protecti"g the
8righte"e- ?though he $ay %e t,ice as 8righte"e- hi$sel8 i"si-e@5 cheeri"g the
$ela"choly a"- tac7li"g his true respo"si%ilities ,ith courage. This is the i"%re-
Leo "ature5 ,hich ,ill shi"e 8orth a8ter the play%oy phase has %ee" tuc7e- a,ay
,ith his gau-y ha"--pai"te- ties a"- that guitar he use- to play.
The "e:t ti$e you>re o" the receivi"g e"- o8 the lio">s prou- roar5 re$e$%er the
6uee" o8 .earts ,ho co"sta"tly shoute-5 <&88 ,ith his hea-5< ,hite everyo"e>s
hea- staye- securely 8aste"e- o". 1e$e$%er the co,ar-ly lio" i" <The /i3ar- o8
&3< ,ho te"-erly "urse- his %eauti8ul tail i" i";ure- -ig"ity5 a":iously searchi"g
the ,orl- over 8or the gi8t o8 true courage5 o"ly to 8i"- he ,as really the %ravest o"e
o8 the group ,he" the real crisis ca$e.
Leo is a 8iercely loyal 8rie"-5 a ;ust %ut po,er8ul e"e$y5 creative a"- origi"al5
stro"g a"- vital-,hether he>s a 'uiet or a 8la$%oya"t lio"5 8or there are %oth 7i"-s.
.e -resses i" glorious rai$e"t5 appropriate to his color8ul perso"ality. /e overloo7
his arroga"ce5 his so$eti$es i"su88era%le ego5 his rather ri-iculous spells o8 va"ity
a"- la3i"ess5 %ecause his heart5 li7e his $etal5 is pure gol-.
4ri$$i"g over ,ith 8u" a"- ge"erosity5 the gay5 a88ectio"ate lio" pra"ces i" a 8iel-
o8 poppies ,he" his Su" is high i" the s7y-a"- the -ice he thro,s ,ith co"8i-e"ce
%ear the "u$%ers o"e a"- 8our. Leo prou-ly ,ears a topa3 8or luc75 the" pushes it
too 8ar5 %ut he has a true i""er -ig"ity a"- grace that lets hi$ carry his $is8ortu"es
,ith courage. The ,ar$5 yello, rays o8 his cheer8ul hope -eepe" to ora"ge i" the
su"set>s glo,5 a"- his "ights are %right ,ith a thousa"- stars.
(a$ous Leo *erso"alities
#racie Alie" Lucille 4all +thel 4arry$ore 4er"ar- 4aruch 4ill <!ou"t< 4asic
Davi- 4elasco Napoleo" 4o"aparte /alter 4re""a" 1o%ert 4ur"s (i-el !astro
Julia !hil- Arle"e Dahl !ecil 4. DeMille +--ie (isher

Joh" #als,orthy
Al8re- .itchcoc7
Al-ous .u:ley
!arl Ju"g
Jac'ueli"e Fe""e-y
*ri"cess Margaret 1ose
&g-e" Nash
Dorothy *ar7er
/alter Scott
#eorge 4er"ar- Sha,
*ercy 4ysshe Shelley
1o%ert Taylor
Mae /est

The L+& Ma"
< >Tis love->tis love that "u7es the ,orl- go rou"-I<
/he" #ray ,rote the li"es a%out a 8lo,er <%or" to %lush u"see" a"- ,aste its
s,eet"ess o" the -esert air5< he certai"ly ,as">t -escri%i"g a Leo. =ou $ight see
this $a" %as7i"g i" the %right su"light5 a"- you $ay 8i"- hi$ $a7i"g 8lo,ery
speeches5 %ut it ,o">t %e i" the solitu-e o8 the -esert. Most li7ely it ,ill %e o" a
stage or i" 8ro"t o8 a circle o8 a-ori"g 8rie"-s a"- relatives. .e $ay ,aste $o"ey5
%ut he>s "ot a%out to ,aste his s,eet"ess i" the e$pty air. There ,ill al,ays %e a"
There you are5 i" a "utshell. The secret o8 s"ari"g the lio" is that si$ple. 4e his
au-ie"ce. Totally -i88ere"t 8ro$ the relucta"t irgo a"- A'uaria" $ales5 your Leo
pal ,ill happily succu$% to the throes o8 -elicious ro$a"ce5 i8 you play your car-s
right5 a-ore hi$5 8latter hi$5 a"- respect hi$.
2s he a 8la$%oya"t August $aleA /ear -ar7 glasses a"- su%$it to his %rillia"t
su"light. 2s he o"e o8 the ge"tle5 'uiet LeosA Do">t %e ta7e" i" %y his slee7 so8t"ess.
Stro7e hi$ the ,ro"g ,ay a"- spar7s ,ill 8ly. 1e$e$%er5 he>s o"ly playi"g the role
o8 the $ee7 soul. 4e"eath his courteous $a""er a"- patie"t 8i:ity are s$ol-eri"g
8ires o8 prou- -ig"ity a"- arroga"t va"ity5 rea-y to 8la$e up a"- %u$ the pushy
8e$ale silly e"ough to thi"7 she ca" rule hi$.
The lio" ,ill %e a chivalrous a"- galla"t suitor5 te"-erly protective a"-
se"ti$e"tally a88ectio"ate. =ou ,o">t "ee- to lay $uch o8 a trap to te$pt hi$ i"to
ro$a"tic a-va"ces. &"e $ight say Leos possess a 7i"- o8 i"sta"t passio". Just a--
opportu"ity-$i: ,ell ,ith ca"-lelight a"- lush violi"s-a"- love>s i" %loo$ li7e the
re-5 re- rose. As a $atter o8 8act5 you ca" leave out the ca"-les a"- $usic i8 they>re
"ot ha"-y5 a"- ;ust use the 8irst i"gre-ie"t. Sa$e thi"g.
28 love is $issi"g 8ro$ his li8e5 the 8iery lio" ,ill si$ply pi"e a,ay--ra$atically5 o8
course. .e has to %e ,orshipe- or -ie5 a"- you ca" ;ust a%out ta7e that literally. Leo
$ales sel-o$ spare e:pe"ses ,he" they>re courti"g. =ou>ll %e ta7e" to the %est
restaura"ts5 sho,ere- ,ith per8u$e a"- 8lo,ers5 prou-ly escorte- to the theater a"-
you>ll tie a ri%%o" arou"- so$e pretty 8a"tastic love letters. To tell you the truth5
you>- have to have a heart $a-e o8 sto"e to resist.
4y "o,5 you>re pro%a%ly thi"7i"g you>ve got it $a-e.
Thi"7 agai". That leo"i"e ro$a"ce ,o">t %e co$pletely trou%le 8ree. =ou $ight
ta7e a lesso" 8ro$ the pa$pere- 8avorites o8 royalty. Leo ,ill i"vite you i"to his
-e" a"- ,ar$ you at the hearth o8 his %ig heart5 %ut the lio">s lair ca" tur" i"to a
plush5 lu:urious priso". 2s he ;ealousA The a"s,er is <=es5< a"- you ca" spell it ,ith
%ig electric light %ul%s. =ou %elo"g to hi$5 %o-y5 soul5 a"- $i"-. .e>ll tell you ,hat
to ,ear5 ho, to part your hair5 ,hat %oo7s to rea-5 ,hich 8rie"-s are %est 8or you
a"- ho, to orga"i3e your -ay %etter. .e>ll ,a"t to 7"o, ,hy you ,ere go"e 8or t,o
hours shoppi"g ,he" you sai- you>- %e %ac7 i" o"e hour5 ,ho you $et o" the ,ay5
,hat they sai-- a"- he>ll eve" pout i8 you -o">t tell hi$ ,hat you>re thi"7i"g as you
stare out the 7itche" ,i"-o, ,hile you>re scra$%li"g his eggs. A8ter all5 you coul-
%e thi"7i"g o8 a"other $a". Just -o">t ever 8orget the 8orce o8 his i$pulsive te$per
,he" it>s arouse-. Teasi"g hi$ %y occasio"al 8lirtatio"s to prove to hi$ you are still
-esira%le is a%solute 8olly. .e 7"o,s you>re -esira%le. .e "ee-s "o proo8
,hatsoever. 4esi-es5 your Leo $a" is lia%le to 8latte" your i""oce"t $asculi"e
8rie"-s to the 8loor-i8 "ot put the$ i" the hospital-,he" he>s pushe- too 8ar.
All is "ot roses a"- ho"ey i" a love a88air ,ith a lio"5 a"- that i"clu-es the 'uiet
pussycats alo"g ,ith the 8lashy tor" cats. There>s "o -i88ere"ce i" the %asic "ature.
+very ,o$a" i" love ,ith a Leo shoul- get a copy o8 A""a a"- the Fi"g o8 Sia$
a"- stu-y it ,ell. The Sia$ese $o"arch ,as a typical Leo a"- youll get i"valua%le
tips 8ro$ A""a>s tech"i'ue. (irst the provocative challe"ge to i"terest hi$5 the"
8i"al 8e$i"i"e su%$issio" a8ter you>ve taught hi$ you ,o">t %e co$pletely
-evoure-. Truly5 her story is a $ust. Sleep ,ith it u"-er your pillo,.
4e prepare- to %ala"ce his great e"thusias$s ,ith cal$ reaso" a"- ,illi"g to soothe
hi$ as he %lo,s up pro%le$s i"trN h"op. ?ti$e"sio"s. The ee"tle Leos -o this
'uietly5 %ut ,hat>s the -i88ere"ceA /hether he roars a"- rages %ecause his
e$ployees re8use- to o%ey hi$5 or pouts o" the %ac7 porch %ecause the "eigh%ors
s"u%%e- hi$ the e"- result is i-e"tical. .e "ee-s your sta%ility to %ala"ce his
irratio"al pri-e. 28 you -o">t possess it yoursel85 your love $ay tur" i"to a co"sta"t
%attle royal. =ou>ll %e %rea7i"g up a"- $a7i"g up ,ith such spee- that your
asto"ishe- 8rie"-s ,ill as75 </here>s the 8ireA< /hereA /hy5 right i"si-e your co3y
lio">s -e". .
Do">t try to %e a career girl. .e>ll "ever sta"- 8or it .e>s your career. The lio" $ay
per$it his $ate to go out hu"ti"g 8or a 8e, s7i"s ,he" the %a"7 accou"t gets lo,5
%ut she>- %etter $a7e it clear the ;o% co$es last5 a8ter hi$ a"- the ho$e "est. .e
,o">t tolerate co$petitio" 8ro$ a $ale or a" outsi-e i"terest. 28 you>re %rave e"ough
to accept these challe"ges5 go ahea- a"- %uy your trousseau5 %ut %e sure it>s stylish.
.e>ll ,a"t to sho, you o88 i" his o," +aster *ara-e5 i" Dece$%er as ,ell as i"
ApriL +$%arrass hi$ %y appeari"g i" pu%lic loo7i"g a"ythi"g %ut 'uee"ly a"- you
$ight $iss a 8a$iliar 8ace i" the church ,hile the choir is si"gi"g <&h5 *ro$ise
A8ter you>re $arrie-5 $ate-5 a"- -eeply love-5 cou"t your re,ar-s. =our Leo
hus%a"- ,ill %e as 7i"- a"- goo--hearte- as Fi"g Arthur5 provi-e- you let the
8a$ily revolve arou"- hi$. 28 he gets the respect he -e$a"-s5 hell repay it %y
pouri"g out ge"erosity. =ou $ay %e tol- ho, lovely you loo7 repeate-ly5 he>ll
pro%a%ly give you a large allo,a"ce5 a"--,o"-er o8 ,o"-ers5 ,ith his ro$a"tic -is-
positio"-he>ll %e li7ely to re$ai" 8aith8ul. There>s al,ays a %etter cha"ce o8 that a8ter
$arriage tha" ,he" he>s si"gle5 a"- 2>ll tell you ,hy. The lio" is usually too la3y to
chase pretty 8aces5 o"ce he>s 8ou"- a lio"ess ,ho ,ill capa%ly ru" his 7i"g-o$5
,hile he lu:uriously s"oo3es i" the ha$$oc7. .ell play a88ectio"ately ,ith his
cu%s5 protect his $ate 8ro$ all -a"ger5 a"- thrill her ,ith his a$%itio" to rise to a
positio" o8 i$pressive superiority i" his career.
=ou ,ill lea- a" active social li8e ,ith your Leo hus%a"-5 as lo"g as he gets his
%eauty sleep. 4ut there ,ill %e a 8e, "ights out ,ith the %oys5 a"- there $ay also %e
so$e ;uggli"g o8 8i"a"ces5 -ue to su--e" ga$%li"g urges5 or a cha"ce i"vest$e"t he
thought ,oul- pay o88. A Leo $a" 2 7"o, o"ce %ought te" shares i" a" oil ,ell.
Although he ,as o"lv o"e verv $i"or stoc7hol-er a$o"g thousa"-s5 a%out t,ice a
$o"th5 he ,oul- visit the site o8 the -rilli"g a"- loo7 i$porta"t. /he" a"yo"e
as7e- hi$ ,hat he ,a"te-5 he ,oul- tell the$5 <2>$ ;ust chec7i"g to see ho, thi"gs
are goi"g ,ith $y ,ell.< The -rillers treate- hi$ ,ith great respect. They thought
he ,as a $e$%er o8 the 4oar- o8 Directors.
Ta7e it all i" stri-e-there are co$pe"satio"s. .o, ca" he scol- you 8or %uyi"g that
e:pe"sive $i"7 hat a8ter he lost the price o8 a $i"7 coat i" a little ga$e ,ith the
8ello,s or a8ter he spe"t your savi"gs at a" auctio" o" t,o %o: cars o8 8ol-e-
car-%oar- carto"s i" assorte- si3es5 ,he" he too7 a "otio" to go i"to the $ail or-er
%usi"essA ?The" he coul-">t use the$ %ecause it tur"e- out that they ,ere sta$pe-
all over ,ith the ,or-s <1at *oiso"< a"- a large s7ull a"- cross%o"es.@ Feep hi$
a,ay 8ro$ auctio"s i8 you have to loc7 hi$ up5 %ecause he has a" irresisti%le urge to
%i- higher tha" a"y%o-y o" a"ythi"g at a"y ti$e .e>ll %e 'uite the chec7 gra%%er i"
pu%lic too5 cheer8ully sayi"g5 <The treat>s o" $e5< ,ith the $o"ey 8or the "e,
8ree3er. Leo ,oul- %e right at ho$e i" Te:as or Las egas5 ,here he ,oul-
i"sta"tly %e recog"i3e- as a high roller ?u"less his Moo" or asce"-a"t -ictates eco"-
There>s o"e thi"g a%out the lio" you $ay 8i"- very ha"-y. Al$ost all Leos have a
$arvelous 7"ac7 8or 8i:i"g thi"gs. 2t ca" %e a"ythi"g 8ro$ a %ro7e" -oor 7"o% or a
stu%%or" %athroo$ 8aucet to a tape recor-er or a co$plicate- stereo hi-8i set. 28 he>s
a typical Leo5 he ,o">t %e a%le to resist tryi"g his ha"- at $a7i"g so$ethi"g ,or7
,he" it>s o" the %li"7. 28 all else 8ails5 he>ll give the o88e"-i"g $achi"e or ,hatever a
resou"-i"g 7ic7 i" sple"-i- leo"i"e a"ger5 a"- su--e"ly the -oor 7"o% ,ill tur"5 the
,ater ,ill spray li7e Niagara (alls5 the tape recor-er ,ill start tal7i"g a"- the hi-8i
,ill start si"gi"g. There see$s to %e so$ethi"g $echa"ical a%out this Su" sig". Lots
o8 Leo $e" ca" ta7e e"gi"es apart a"- put the$ %ac7 together agai"5 har-ly soili"g
their ha"-s i" the process. .e>s "ot the type to let a hi"ge ha"g 8or $o"ths u"-
scre,e- or a carpet lie o" the 8loor u"tac7e-. A surprisi"g "u$%er o8 lio"s are
e:perts at $a7i"g their o," 8ur"iture a"- %uil-i"g a" e:tra roo$ o" the house ,ith
"o pro8essio"al help. .e $ay have his o," ,or7shop i" the %ase$e"t. Do">t
co$plai" a%out a little sa,-ust o" the 8loor. 2t 7eeps hi$ co"te"te--a"- ho$e at
The lio" is the li8e o8 $ost parties5 %ut he>s "o 8ool. .e ,ears the ;ester>s $as7 to get
atte"tio"5 a"- his au-ie"ces usually se"se they>- %etter respect hi$ -uri"g his
te$porary play8ul spells. 1egar-less o8 appeara"ces5 there>s "othi"g easygoi"g
a%out the i""er "ature o8 your Leo $a". .e>s 8ar $ore stea-8ast a"- te"acious tha"
he see$s. .e 7"o,s ,hat he ,a"ts5 a"- he usually gets it. .e>s pretty goo- at
7eepi"g it5 too.
28 you e:pect hi$ to %e 8aith8ul -uri"g the courtship5 %e sure you 7eep hi$ ,ell
"ourishe- ,ith ro$a"ce a"- a88ectio" or his huge "ee- 8or love a"- a-$iratio" ,ill
$a7e hi$ stal7 all over the ;u"gle i" search o8 it. 28 your relatio"ship is real a"-
-eep5 he>ll pro%a%ly %e true to you5 %ut his eyes $ay ,a"-er a %it. &ther tha"
7eepi"g hi$ %li"-8ol-e-5 there>s very little you ca" -o a%out that. Leo appreciates
%eauty5 so i8 you>re the type to get ;ealous over a" appreciative gla"ce at a"other
8e$ale5 you>- %etter get tolera"t 8ast. A Leo $a" ,hose la-y love leaves hi$
%ecause o8 his 8lirti"g ,ill %e ho"estly hurt a"- asto"ishe-. .e>s e"tirely capa%le5
the"5 o8 8a7i"g a"ythi"g 8ro$ a heart attac7 to a tear-stai"e- 8are,ell "ote to get you
to sy$pathi3e a"- ru" %ac7 i"to his %ig5 ,ar$ ar$s5 a"- hell %e so co"vi"ci"g
you>ll 8eel li7e a cruel $o"ster. 0"less you e";oy e$otio"al5 -ra$atic sce"es
yoursel85 it>s $uch less trou%le to u"-ersta"- hi$ i" the 8irst place. .is capers ,ill
pro%a%ly %e i""oce"t a"- har$less a"y,ay5 i8 you>re treati"g hi$ right. Never
overly se"sitive to the 8eeli"gs o8 others5 i" spite o8 their %asic 7i"-"ess5 $ost Leo
$e" are so ,rappe- up i" the$selves that they ca" %e %rutally 8ra"7 a"- u"tact8ul.
4ut his -a33li"g s$ile soo" clears the air. The ,ar$ lio" -oes">t have a $alicious
%o"e i" his stro"g5 grace8ul %o-y. .e $ay %lo, o88 terri8yi"g stea$5 yet $alice is
"ot a part o8 his $a7e-up a"- he ca">t cope ,ith real cruelty ?u"less there>s a"
a88lictio" i" his "atal chart@. .e ,ill e";oy sports5 %ut as he gro,s ol-er5 he ,ill
pre8er to ,atch the$ 8ro$ the co$8ort o8 his pa--e- thro"e5 ,hile you ,ait o" hi$.
Not al,ays5 %ut very o8te"5 there>s a" o-- t,ist to Leo $ales. 0"li7e the !apricor"5
,ho see7s to rise socially through ,e-loc75 the lio" so$eti$es te"-s to $arry %e-
"eath hi$. .e has as $uch -esire 8or social status5 %ut he ;ust ca">t resist ac'uiri"g a
<su%;ect< to ,ho$ he>s superior. So$eti$es he $a7es a ,ro"g choice5 a"- the
shri"7i"g violet ,ho sat a-ori"gly at his 8eet $a7es a surprise $ove to gra% the
sceptre a,ay 8ro$ hi$. /he" that happe"s5 the -ethro"e- Leo is a $isera%le
hus%a"- ,ho .,ears the tragic co$pressio" o8 a" e:ile- $o"arch.
2t>s sa-. %ut true- that Leos sel-o$ raise large 8a$ilies. Ma"y o8 the$ have "o
chil-re"5 are separate- 8ro$ the$5 or raist a" o"ly chil-. Too %a-5 %ecause they
$a7e ,ar$5 ,o"-er8ul 8athers5 perhaps so$e,hat too per$issive %et,ee" ste"
tal7s a%out prope> %ehavior. =our o88spri"g $ay cha8e u"-er his -e$a"-s a"- %e
%ore- ,ith his lo"g lectures5 %ui they>ll soo" lear" ho, to 8latter hi$ i"to su%-
$issio". .e>11 i"sist o" their respect a"- get it5 %ut they>re lia%le to ,hee-le hi$ out
o8 a"ythi"g %y the clever usage o8 <=es5 Sir. =ou>re right. Sir.< There8ore5 the real
-iscipli"e $ay %e up to you. The chil-re" $ay rese"t his arroga"t ,ays. %ut Leo
8athers are al$ost al,ays re$e$%ere- ,ith a88ectio" i" later years. &"e tip. Do">t
give the you"gsters $ore atte"tio" tha" you give hi$5 or you $ay e"- up ,ith 'uite
a lot o8 trou%le o" your ha"-s i" the 8or$ o8 a gia"t %ruise- ego5 ,hich ,ill %e
"early i$possi%le to heal.
.o, ca" you si3e up the pu33li"g $ale LeoA 2s he 7i"-hearte- or -a"gerous5
ge"erous or cruelly sel8ishA 2s he really a socia%le 8ello, ,ho loves peopleA Does
he gai" his reputatio" 8or superiority u"-er 8alse prete"ses5 or -oes he5 li7e the real
lio"5 -eserve to %e calle- Fi"gA &%viously5 %y his o," sta"-ar-s at least5 he -oes
-eserve to %e the Lor- a"- Master i" his love li8e a"- his career. =ou have to a-$it
that he>s usually highly success8ul i" %oth ro$a"ce a"- %usi"ess.
/hether the Leo $a" is truly a 7i"g5 or ;ust a prete"-er to the thro"e5 ,e $ay "ever
7"o,. 4ut there are several thi"gs you -o 7"o, a%out your o," lio". .e has i"-
satia%le appetites5 a"- he>s as prou- as a peacoc7. .e has a$ e"or$ous "ee- to
co$$a"- a"- to %e love- %y those he rules. 1e$e$%er that Leo secretly 8ears he
$ay 8ail a"- %e ri-icule-. 2t>s a co"sta"t i""er torture5 a"- the true source o8 his
va"ity a"- e:aggerate- -ig"ity. =et5 ,he" his "o%ility has %ee" arouse- %y a great
cause5 he 7"o,s "o 8ear. &"ly the" -oes the lio" lear" that the $ag"i8ice"t stre"gth
a"- courage he>s %ee" prete"-i"g to have has really %ee" there all alo"g.
=our Leo $ay -rive you ,il- %y his a"tics -uri"g courtship5 %ut he>s "ot at all a %a-
$ate 8or a lo"g ter$ possi%ility. 28 you -o">t $i"- su%$ergi"g your ego5 a"-
%uil-i"g your li8e arou"- his5 o"ce you>ve ta$e- this $a"5 you>ll %e a-ore- a"-
youll "ever %e lo"ely agai". 4esi-es5 he ca" 8i: those %athroo$ 8aucets.

The L+& /o$a"
J >Tis a" ho"or to see $e5 a 8avor to hear9
>Tis a privilege high to have -i""er a"- tea Alo"g ,ith the 1e- 6uee"5 the /hite
6uee" A"- $eI<
There>s o"e thi"g the Leo ,o$a" pro%a%ly o,"s that you ,o">t li7e. A scrap%oo7
o8 pictures a"- $e$e"tos 8ro$ all her ol- %oy8rie"-s. 2t>s "o use tryi"g to get her to
%ur" it5 %ecause the lio"ess is se"ti$e"tal.
She>s "ot a ,all8lo,er. She>s a su"8lo,er. !ha"ces are she>s ri-iculously popular5
a"- you>ll have ple"ty o8 co$petitio" i8 you ,a"t her to -esce"- to usi"g your "a$e
8or the rest o8 her li8e. =ou ,ill %e a 8e, leaps ahea- i8 your "a$e is St. .oy$e or
Mou"t%atte"5 !a%ot or Lo-ge. A"ythi"g that sou"-s royal or "o%le or i$porta"t. 2
ho"estly ca">t i$agi"e a Leo ,o$a" $arryi"g a"y%o-y ,ith the "a$e !ar%u"7le or
S$ith. 2t>s possi%le. A"ythi"g is possi%le. 4ut she>ll pro%a%ly cha"ge S$ith to
Most li7ely5 she>ll %e the social lea-er o8 her group5 lor-i"g it over lesser ,o$e"
li7e a 'uee"5 %ut ,ith such -isar$i"g ,ar$th a"- such a %eauti8ul s$ile5 "o o"e
really $i"-s. *erhaps the other girls se"se she ,as %or" to rule a"- -ictate styles5
custo$s a"- $a""ers. A"y,ay5 it ,oul-">t -o $uch goo- to try to usurp her
Nature see$s to have sho," so$e pre;u-ice ,he" she 8ashio"e- the lio"ess ,ith
e"ough vivacity5 clever"ess5 grace5 %eauty5 a"- ;ust plai" se: appeal 8or at least
three ,o$e"5 ,ith so$e le8t over. 28 you>re the victi$ o8 a" i"8eriority co$ple:5
you>- %etter set your sights o" a %ir- ,ith less %rillia"t 8eathers. Do">t e:pect to
ta$e her i"to a -ocile little $ai- ,ho ha"gs o" your every ,or-. The $a" ,ho
e:pects a Leo girl to ,orship at his 8eet is livi"g i" a 8ool>s para-ise. !o"si-er
yoursel8 luc7y i8 she $eets you hal8,ay5 respects you5 is ,illi"g to %e your part"er
a"- allo,s you to possess her e$otio"ally. 4y the very act o8 per$itti"g you to love
her5 she>s practically 7"ighte- you5 8or heave">s sa7e. Seriously5 you coul- -o-a lot
,orse. A lio"ess is a lot o8 ,o$a". She>s rather a lu:ury ite$5 "ot availa%le i" the
%argai" %ase$e"t.
2t pays to re$e$%er that the Leo 8e$ale ca" act up a stor$5 a"- prete"- to %e as
s,eet a"- har$less as a %o,l o8 ;elly %ea"s. She $ay have a voice li7e a ,hisper5
ge"tle5 courteous $a""ers a"- %ig5 so8t eyes that spar7le -elight8ully ,he" she %ats
her lashes. A Leo 8e$ale ca" appear to %e as s$ooth a"- cal$ as a cool a"- placi-
la7e. &" guar-. That>s ;ust a role she assu$e- %ecause it got goo- revie,s. 1e$ove
her as the star o8 your love pro-uctio"5 cast her i" the part o8 the u"-erstu-y or
seco"- lea-5 a"- you>ll soo" 8i"- out ;ust ho, shy a"- su%$issive she is">t. &8
course5 $ost o8 the Leo ,o$e" to ,ho$ you pay ho$age ,ill ope"ly $a7e it clear
that they>re too prou- a"- -ig"i8ie- to ta7e a"y "o"se"se. 2>- ;ust hate to see you
stu$%le i" case you get i"volve- ,ith the other 7i"- o8 lio"ess5 ,ho hi-es hei
cla,s5 %ut sharpe"s the$ every -ay ;ust the sa$e.
The 8irst step ,he" you>re courti"g this girl is to go prepare- ,ith gi8ts. 2t -oes">t
$a7e $uch -i88ere"ce ,hat they a-e5 so lo"g as they>re e:pe"sive5 i" e:celle"t taste5
a"- you>re -resse- properly ,he" you o88er the$. The" you shoul- practice
-i88ere"t ,ays o8 co$pli$e"ti"g her. *lease %e origi"al a"- creative. *hrases li7e
<=ou se"- $e5 4a%y5< a"- <=ou>re really cool5 s,eetheart5< ,ill get you thro,"
right out o8 the palace5 %ac7 ,ith the peasa"ts5 ulgarity a"- sla"g %oth leave her
ice col-. 1e$e$%er5 you>re ,ooi"g royalty. She ca">t e:ist ,ithout 8latteri"g
appreciatio"5 %ut 7eep i" $i"- that she a-$ires your $asculi"ity5 a"- she has "o
-esire to tur" you i"to a he"pec7e- ,ea7li"g. A Leo ,o$a" coul-">t love you i8
you ,ere">t stro"g. 2t>s ;ust that she ,o">t per$it you to i"sult her ,ith a
co"-esce"-i"g attitu-e. 2" her $i"-5 she is -e8i"itely "ot the ,ea7er se:.
Lots o8 Leo girls are athletic a"- e";oy sports5 %ut you>- %e s$arter to ta7e your
lio"ess to the theater tha" to the %all par7. The stage a"- 8ootlights ,ill "ever 8ail to
$ag"eti3e a"- tra"s8igure her. ?4etter %uy orchestra seats. (orget the %alco"y.@
!hoose a play i" ,hich the heroi"e %ehaves the ,ay you ,a"t her to %ehave that
"ight5 a"- your cha"ces are %etter tha" average that she>ll act the part u"co"sciously
a"- "ever $iss a" i"8lectio". A8ter the 8estivities are over5 -o">t ta7e her to a
ha$%urger sta"- a"- e:pect her to sit at the cou"ter $u"chi"g 8re"ch 8ries %ecause
she>s so $uch i" love ,ith you. =ou>re %etter o88 to ta7e her out less o8te" to $ore
gla$orous places. She>s "ot "ecessarily a gol- -iggerB i" 8act5 she>s usually ge"erous
-she ,o">t o%;ect to 8re'ue"t Dutch -ates a"- she>ll pro%a%ly sho,er you ,ith
al$ost as $a"y gi8ts as you give her. 4ut she>s ;ust plai" u"co$8orta%le i" sha%%y
surrou"-i"gs. The poorest Leo ,o$a" i" the ,orl- ,ill $a"age to accu$ulate
e"ough pe""ies to %uy -raperies 8or the ,i"-o,s5 ri"gs 8or her 8i"gers a"- %ells 8or
her toes. No, a"- the" she $ay go slu$$i"g5 out o8 curiosity5 %ut o"ly as a
spectator5 aloo8 8ro$ the cro,-. *overty -epresses her a"- $a7es her physically ill.
28 you -ress li7e a slo% a"- o88er her a shac75 you have">t got a cha"ce.
There>s a story a%out a "o%le (re"ch,o$a" ,ho tur"e- to her lover i" the gar-e"s
o8 ersailles a"- as7e-5 <Darli"g5 -o the co$$o" people 7"o, this e:'uisite
e$otio" o8 loveA< /he" she ,as assure- that they -i-5 she crie- out i" i";ure-
surprise5 <2t>s e"tirely too goo- 8or the$I< She ,as pro%a%ly a Leo.
Do">t %la$e the lio"ess 8or her occasio"al arroga"ce a"- va"ity. 2t>s her "ature to
8eel hersel8 a%ove the co$$o" $asses. *eople sel-o$ rese"t it5 %ecause the Leo
,o$a" ,ho>s ,ar$ly love- a"- respecte- ca" %e the 7i"-est a"- $ost ge"erous o8
8e$ales5 ,ith a ,o$a"ly co$passio" 8or chil-re" a"- 8or the helpless a"- the
8orsa7e". =ou ca">t really e:pect her to step -o," 8ro$ a thro"e that>s her %irthright.
28 she>s a typical Su" chil-5 she>s so gracious a"- -a33li"g that $ost people gla-ly
give her cre-it 8or %ei"g out o8 the or-i"ary. Truth8ully5 she is. She>s i"tellige"t5
,itty5 stro"g5 a"- capa%le5 yet -eliciously 8e$i"i"e at the sa$e ti$e. No o"e i" his
right $i"- coul- call that co$$o".
A little 8lattery ,ill get you every,here ,ith your Leo la-y. =ou>ve alrea-y 8ou"-
out it>s her secret ,ea7"ess. A"- here>s a"other secret5 i8 you pla" to $arry her9
eve"tually5 she>ll tire o8 her gil-e- cage a"- ,a"t to roa$ the ;u"gle to see ,hat>s
-oi"g ,ith all the other cats out there. !o"8i"e$e"t i"si-e 8our ,alls a"- u"-er o"e
roo8 ca" soo" ro% her o8 her spar7le. Let her have her career. Shell ,ither o" the
vi"e i8 she>s 8orce- to %e ;ust a haus-8rau5 u"less you have e"ough $o"ey to allo,
her to %e a co"sta"t hostess a"- a" e:travaga"t ho$e -ecorator.
The Leo girl usually $a7es a ;e,el o8 a ,i8e. =ou>ll sel-o$ see her -resse-
8ru$pily i" a tatty %athro%e5 ,eari"g curlers a"- ,ri"7le crea$. Not that she s7ips
the %eauty treat$e"ts. The typical lio"ess ,ill spe"- hours i" 8ro"t o8 the $irror a"-
a 8ortu"e o" cos$etics5 %ut she ,a"ts you to see the results5 "ot the strategy. There
$ay %e ti$es ,he" you 8eel you>re supporti"g her hair-resser>s e"tire 8a$ily. Ma"y
a hus%a"- o8 a Leo ,o$a" 8i"-s hi$sel8 plea-i"g5 <.o"ey5 -o you have to spe"- so
$uch $o"ey at the %eauty parlorA< 4ut 8e, lio"esses li7e to -o their o," hair. A
sha$poo a"- set $a7es the$ 8eel pa$pere-5 a"- 8eeli"g pa$pere- -oes so$ethi"g
8or every Leo.
0"less she has a !a"cer5 irgo or !apricor" asce"-a"t5 you $ay have to ,atch her
,ith charge accou"ts. Leos easily slip over%oar- ,he" it co$es to spe"-i"g 8or 8i"e
8eathers5 8ur"ishi"gs 8or the ho$e or gi8ts 8or 8rie"-s. .er ,ar-ro%e ca" %e 'uite
e:te"sive. She ca" loo7 luscious i" eve"i"g go,"s5 -rippi"g ,ith se'ui"s a"-
rhi"esto"es5 or lo,-cut5 -ressy out8its. 4ut she>ll pro%a%ly pre8er casual clothes a"-
sports,ear5 i8 she>s a typical Leo girl. She li7es tailore- cuts a"- rich $aterials5 %ut
"ot "ecessarily 8rills a"- ru88les. So8t cash$eres5 goo- 2talia" 7"its a"- i$porte-
+"glish t,ee-s are her 8avorites. .er taste is usually e:celle"t5 i8 a %it e:pe"sive.
A" occasio"al Leo ,o$a" ,ill over-o a"- %ury her se"se o8 style i" gau-y5
shoc7i"g clothes5 %ut she>s a" e:ceptio" to the ge"eral rule o8 the tra-itio"al leo"i"e
e:'uisite 8lair 8or 8ashio".
=ou>ll 8i"- her a super% hostess ,he" you %ri"g the %oss ho$e 8or -i""er. .e>ll
thi"7 you>re a ge"ius to have ,o" her. She>ll pro%a%ly $a7e a hit ,ith his ,i8e5 too5
%ecause the lio"ess is popular ,ith %oth $e" a"- ,o$e"5 a"- each se: gets treate-
to her 8rie"-ly s$ile a"- her outgoi"g perso"ality e'ually. A"yo"e ,ho happe"s to
%e sta"-i"g i" her %right su"light 8eels the ,ar$th. Leos sel-o$ cast a sha-o,.
As a $other5 shell pour love o" her chil-re" ge"erously a"- lavish a88ectio" o"
the$. 2t ,o">t %e easy 8or her to see their 8aults5 %ut ,he" she -oes5 she>ll %e strict.
Si"ce she ca">t sta"- %ei"g ta7e" 8or gra"te-5 i8 the chil-re" -o">t respect her she
ca" pout i" regal sile"ce. Ma"y Leo $others have a peculiar ,ay o8 spoili"g the
chil- ,ithout spari"g the ro-5 'uite a co"tra-ictio" ,he" you thi"7 a%out it. She
$ay ro$p a"- play ,ith her cu%s5 have lo"g5 chu$$y tal7s ,ith the$5 %ut shell
also teach the$ to s"ap to atte"tio" li7e sol-iers5 polish their $a""ers5 a"- %e
o%e-ie"t to their el-ers. At the sa$e ti$e5 there>s a -a"ger o8 provi-i"g a sha-e too
$uch spe"-i"g $o"ey5 a"- givi"g i" to re'uests 8or lu:uries. 2" a ,ay5 you $ight
say she treats her o88spri"g li7e pette- $e$%ers o8 a royal 8a$ily5 -eeply love-5 %ut
e:pecte- to $i"- their p>s a"- '>s5 especially i" pu%lic. She>ll %e 8iercely prou- o8
their acco$plish$e"ts5 a"- heave" help the outsi-er ,ho atte$pts to hurt the$ or
;u-ge the$ u"8airly. /ith all this5 she ,o">t s$other the you"gsters. She>s too
i"-epe"-e"t to hover over the$ every seco"-. She>ll lea- her o," li8e5 7eepi"g a
,atch8ul eye out 8or her cu%s5 8ro$ a -ista"ce. Ma"y Leo ,o$e" are ,or7i"g
$others5 %ut their you"gsters sel-o$ starve 8or atte"tio". The career-$i"-e- Leos
usually $a"age to %ala"ce $otherhoo- a"- a ;o% ,ith per8ect aplo$%.
There are ti$es ,he" she>ll lose her -ig"ity a"- poise a"- %eco$e a rolloc7i"g5
play8ul lio"ess5 ,ith a 8lair 8or pure slapstic7. She ca" roar ,ith laughter li7e a
healthy a"i$al5 %ut ,he" the $o$e"t is go"e5 the sati" voice a"- regal %eari"g
retur". No o"e ca" s'uelch a 8resh re$ar7 or a ru-e 'uestio" ,ith as $uch col-
co"te$pt as a Leo 8e$ale. She -oes">t appreciate 8a$iliarity 8ro$ stra"gers.
Although she>ll clo," arou"- a"- %e surprisi"gly casual ,ith i"ti$ates5 outsi-ers
are e:pecte- to 7eep their place.
2" the area o8 8aith8ul"ess5 the Leo ,o$a" $ay re$i"- you o8 the ol- toast5 <.ere>s
to $e a"- here>s to you5 a"- here>s to love a"- laughter-2>ll %e true as lo"g as you-
"ot a si"gle $i"ute a8ter.< +"ough sai-.
Do">t %e ;ealous o8 her 7"ac7 8or %ei"g the ce"ter o8 atte"tio" i" a roo$8ul o8
a-$iri"g $ales. .ea-s al,ays tur" ,he" the lio"ess s$oothly gli-es %y. She 8eels
it>s o"ly "atural 8or $e" to pay court to her. She $ay e"courage $asculi"e
co$pli$e"ts a"- i"-ulge i" light5 i""oce"t 8lirtatio"s5 %ecause her -eep "ee- 8or
applause a"- a-ulatio" covers a stra"ge 8ear that she>s "ot 8e$i"i"e e"ough a"- she
$ust co"sta"tly reassure hersel8 that she>s -esira%le. 2t -oes">t $ea" she>s "ot still i"
love ,ith you5 ;ust %ecause she s$iles at your %est 8rie"- a"- tells hi$ she a-ores
his "e, sports ;ac7et. 4ut -o">t try telli"g her %est 8rie"- you li7e her "e, . irt.
That>s a ,hole -i88ere"t %all ga$e. /hat>s sauce 8or the ga"-er is "ot sauce 8or the
goose5 to reverse the ol- "ursery rhy$e. 28 she hears you call your secretary
a"ythi"g $uch $ore i"ti$ate tha" <Miss /hat>s-her-"a$e5< your purri"g 7itte"
$ay scratch.
&8 course5 it>s "ot 8air. 4ut i8 you ,a"t to %e the prou- possessor o8 all those
gorgeous %rillia"tly-colore- 8eathers5 you have to $a7e a 8e, co"cessio"s. A8ter all5
o,"i"g a peacoc7 is har-ly the sa$e thi"g as o,"i"g a cuc7oo %ir- or a cooi"g
pigeo". .u$or her va"ity. She>ll pro%a%ly %e i$porta"t i" her o," right5 %ecause
8e, Leo ,o$e" ca" resist co$peti"g ,ith $e" 8or prestige5 i8 "ot i"co$e. =our
lio"ess coul- %e a"ythi"g 8ro$ a" actress to a surgeo".
&"e o8 $y %est 8rie"-s a"- 8avorite Leos is a ,ell-7"o," Ne, =or7 psychiatrist.
#ra"te-5 it>s a career ,hich per$its her to lecture a"- a-vise ?Leo>s 8avorite
pasti$e@5 %ut she gives her cou"sel ,ith such a ,ar$ s$ile5 spar7li"g eyes a"- -eep
co$passio"5 her patie"ts 8eel %etter ;ust %ei"g i" the sa$e roo$ ,ith her. .er
hus%a"- pays her all the respect a"- a-oratio" she -e$a"-s as her royal right5 %ut
he has a pro8essio" o8 his o," to $atch hers. .e>s a gi8te- ,riter a"- poet5 tale"ts
,hich al,ays i$press the se"ti$e"tal Leo. They share e'ual %illi"g i" 8ro"t o8 the
8ootlights5 yet he>s the $a" a"- the %oss %ehi"- the sce"es. A per8ect success
8or$ula 8or ta$i"g the lio"ess.
A"- that>s the 7ey to a s$ooth relatio"ship ,ith your Leo girl. Do">t let her s$other
you-%ut -o">t try to top her. Just paste a %ig5 %right star o" her -ressi"g roo$ -oor5
a"- pu88 up your ego. =ou>re 'uite a guy5 you 7"o,-to have ,o" the ha"- o8 the
prou- lio"ess. Tell $e5 ho, -i- you $a"age to -o itA

The L+& !hi-
<T,ee-le-u$ a"- T,ee-le-ee Agree- to have a %attleB
(or T,ee-le-u$ sai- T,ee-le-ee .a- spoile- his "ice5 "e, rattle.<
1e$e$%er the ga$e you use- to play calle- (ollo, the Lea-erA 1e$e$%er the
little 8ello, ,ho al,ays sul7e- ,he" he -i-">t get to %e lea-erA 28 he ,as the sa$e
pal ,ho loa"e- you $o"ey to %uy licorice stic7s a"- +s7i$o pies ,he" your
allo,a"ce ra" out5 you $ust have ha- a Leo i" your "eigh%orhoo- ga"g.
The typical lio" cu% is su""y5 happy5 play8ul5 a"- ;olly ,he" he gets his o," ,ay.
/he" he -oes">t5 stor$ clou-s gather out o8 "o,here5 alo"g ,ith a thu"-erous roar5
or a hurt5 %roo-i"g ,ith-ra,al. +ve" i8 he -oes see$ to %e a %it 8ull o8 hi$sel85 the
you"g Leo shoul-">t %e co"sta"tly put -o,". Suppressi"g his e"thusias$ a"- high
spirits ca" cause -eep scars that $ay -ar7e" his Su" 8or years. Little lio"s a"-
lio"esses have a ha%it o8 %ossi"g the other chil-re" ,hich o8te" a""oys the $others
o8 $ore i"hi%ite- you"gsters5 %ut they shoul- %e restrai"e- ge"tly a"- "ever scol-e-
harshly i" 8ro"t o8 play$ates. The great pri-e o8 the Leo reacts viole"tly to a" attac7
o" va"ity5 especially i" pu%lic.
2t>s goo- to e"courage the "atural lea-ership i" Leo chil-re"5 %ut they shoul- %e
taught that everyo"e $ust have his tur"5 %ecause that>s the 8air ,ay5 eve" i8 they are
stro"ger tha" the others.
The leo"i"e se"se o8 ;ustice ,ill usually cause the you"gster to see the light. .e>s
"ot $aliciously aggressive. .e ;ust has a co$pulsio" to hea- 8or the 8ro"t o8 the
para-e. These %oys a"- girls have a stro"g urge to sho, o885 a"- it>s har- to
-iscourage i8 it>s allo,e- to get out o8 ha"-. The little lio" is the o"e ,ho prou-ly
sta"-s o" his hea- i" the schoolyar- or ,al7s o" a 8e"ce to thrill the girls. /ise
pare"ts ,ill %egi" early to $a7e the Leo chil- reali3e that sho,i"g o88 is really very
u"-ig"i8ie-. This "or$ally ,or7s li7e a char$5 si"ce Su"-rule- chil-re" have a"
i""ate se"se o8 -ig"ity.
=ou>ll "otice it i" the ti"iest Leos. There>s a sort o8 regal %eari"g5 ,hich creates the
i$pressio" that %a%y is $o"arch o8 all he surveys. The ter$ <.is $a;esty5 the %a%y<
,as coi"e- to -escri%e a Leo i"8a"t. Little cu%s ,ill %egi" early to rule the roost5
,rappi"g $other a"- -a--y a"- the e"tire reti"ue o8 relatives arou"- their 8i"gers
,ith very little e88ort. 2t>s the o--est thi"g5 %ut a s$all lio" sitti"g o" his thro"e-2
$ea" i" his high chair-covere- ,ith pru"e ;uice a"- egg yol75 a"- "ee-i"g a cha"ge
o8 -iapers5 ,ill so$eho, $a"age to 7eep his -ig"ity i"tact. 2t co$es "aturally to a
Leo %a%y to allo, -oti"g pare"ts a"- a-$ir-5 i"g 8rie"-s to pay ho$age to hi$5
,hile he graciously accepts their atte"tio"5 gi8ts5 a"- "atteri"g tri%utes. .e 8i"-s
a-oratio" very easy to ta7e. Notice the please-5 s$ug loo7 o" his 8ace ,he"
stra"gers stop to $a7e a 8uss over hi$.
=our Leo chil- ,ill %e $ore rec7less tha" the average you"gster5 ta7e $ore cha"ces
a"- %e $ore active. The" ,ill co$e those perio-ic spells o8 leo"i"e la3i"ess5 ,he"
he>ll lie arou"- the house too tire- to li8t a 8i"ger5 e:cept to $otio" 8or you to ,ait
o" hi$. Leave hi$ alo"e a"- $a7e hi$ u"-ersta"- "o o"e is his serva"t. 28 he
,a"ts so$ethi"g5 he ca" get it hi$sel8 ,he" his e"ergy retur"s. &ther,ise5 a
spoile- Leo chil- ca" %eco$e a regular tyra"t. No, a"- the"5 o8 course5 it -oes">t
hurt to %ri"g hi$ a %oo75 ha"- hi$ a glass o8 chocolate $il7 or other,ise per8or$ a
8rie"-ly 8avor. 4ut a little such su%$issio" to the lio">s ,hi$s is ple"ty5 u"less you
have a secret urge to %e a la-y-i"-,aiti"g or a pri"ce>s e'uerry. Leo you"gsters ,ho
have %ee" trai"e- that they $ust respect the rights o8 others i8 they are to %e
respecte- the$selves ca" %e lots o8 8u" to live ,ith. They>re as play8ul a"-
a88ectio"ate as those a-ora%le little cu%s you see at the 3oo5 a"- li7e the cu%s5 they
"ee- strict a"- lovi"g -iscipli"e. The ,ar$ 7iss a"- the tough %irch ro- ,ill %oth
have to %e e$ploye- 8re'ue"tly %y lio" ta$ers. +ither o"e ,ithout the other is
al,ays i"e88ective a"- -a"gerous.
There arc t,o 7i"-s o8 Leo %oys a"- girls. The 8irst 7i"- are the e:troverts5 gay5
cheer8ul5 outgoi"g5 ,ar$ a"- ge"erous5 i8 a %it pushy at ti$es. The others are
'uieter5 al$ost ti$i- o" the sur8ace. Such out,ar-ly %ash8ul little lio"s $ay have
su88ere- a serious %lo, to their va"ity 8ro$ -o$i"eeri"g pare"ts or 8ro$ too $uch
atte"tio" %ei"g pai- to %rothers a"- sisters. Secretly5 they "ee- po,er a"- applause
as $uch as the others. The -a"ger i" such situatio"s5 i8 they>re prolo"ge-5 is that the
Leo chil- ,ill either get the atte"tio" he see7s later i" li8e %y 8orci"g issues at the
,ro"g ti$e ,ith the ,ro"g people5 or retreat i"to pai"8ul shy"ess a"- -estructive
8rustratio". Leo ego5 u""aturally %ottle- up 8or lo"g perio-s5 is $ost u"healthy.
As you"gsters5 Leo %oys $ay li7e to play ,ith sol-iers a"- e";oy ga$es o8
challe"ge ,ith a stro"g ele$e"t o8 cha"ce. The little 8e$ale Leo ,ill %e la-yli7e5 i8
stro"g-,ille-5 $ay e";oy "ice clothes a"- %ei"g tol- she>s pretty5 a"- ,ill pro%a%ly
li7e %ei"g give" respo"si%ilities arou"- the house. A" occasio"al Leo girl is a
to$%oy5 %ut va"ity ,ill eve"tually ,i" out5 a"- the phase passes. Do">t e:pect these
you"gsters to e";oy ta7i"g out the gar%age or cleari"g the 8loors. They ,ill re%el
agai"st $e"ial tas7s5 so assig" the$ $ore i$porta"t a"- -ig"i8ie- -uties that give
the$ a se"se o8 authority.
Teachers ca" e:pect the Leo stu-e"ts to -o a little i"structi"g o8 their o,". They
love to e:plai" thi"gs to others5 a"- "othi"g -elights the$ $ore tha" playi"g the
role o8 su%stitute i"structor ,he" the teacher has to leave the roo$. 2t puts the$ i"
the spotlight. Nor$ally5 the Leo chil- le8t i" charge at school ,ill a-$i"ister
-iscipli"e happily5 %ut "o, a"- the" his play8ul spirit ,ill co$e 8orth5 a"- the
teacher ca" retur" to 8i"- a three-ri"g circus i" progress.
=ou"g Leos ca" lea$ 8ast ,he" they ,a"t to. They>re i"tellige"t5 a"- are o8te"
richly re,ar-i"g to the patie"t teacher5 %ut they have a te"-e"cy to %e a little la3y
a%out lear"i"g. They pre8er to sli-e %y o" su""y perso"ality a"- i"gratiati"g char$.
Teachers ca" %e a little su" %li"-e- %y their s$iles a"- co$pli$e"ts5 a"- it>s "ot
u"usual 8or little cu%s to get %etter gra-es tha" they -eserve. They $ay have to %e
8orce- to -evelop goo- stu-y ha%its. &" seco"- thought5 8orci"g is a ,aste o8 ti$e.
The easiest ,ay to raise the gra-es o8 a Leo chil- is to appeal to his va"ity5 to $a7e
hi$ ,a"t to %e superior to the others. That ,ill usually tur" the tric7. /he" he>s
goo-5 pat hi$ o" the %ac7 so he really 8eels it. Light taps ,o">t -o. No $atter ho,
$a"y co$pli$e"ts he gets5 he>s al,ays hu"gry 8or $ore.
These chil-re" ,ill pro%a%ly re'uire $ore spe"-i"g $o"ey tha" their $ore 8rugal
8rie"-s. =our Leo chil- $ay give a,ay $ost o8 his spare "ic7els5 %ut he ,o">t short-
cha"ge hi$sel85 either. 2t>s a goo- i-ea to teach hi$ the rule the 1oc7e8eller chil-re"
,ere taught a%out 8i"a"ces9
<#ive so$e5 spe"- so$e5 save so$e.< +specially the last
/he" they gro, ol-er5 the you"g lio"s a"- lio"esses ,ill "otice the opposite se:
$uch soo"er tha" you"gsters %or" u"-er other Su" sig"s. +:pect a tur%ule"t
a-olesce"ce5 %ecause your Leo chil- ,ill %e up a"- -o," e$otio"ally a hu"-re-
ti$es a -ay. 4oth his 8rie"-ship a"- his ro$a"ces ,ill %e terri%ly -ra$atic5 a"- 8ull
o8 color8ul ecstasy a"- heart%rea7. All Leo chil-re" love to go to parties. #ive the$
ple"ty o8 8ree-o$5 or they>ll si$ply ta7e it. .arsh or-ers -estroy their pri-e a"-
-ig"ity. 28 you %uil- the courage a"- 8latter the ego o8 your you"g Leo %y telli"g
hi$ si"cerely you 7"o, he ca" -o it5 he>ll prou-ly %e stro"g 8or you.
2t>s "ever a" easy tas7 to raise a" August chil-. There ,ill %e $o$e"ts ,he" you
8eel your cage- lio" ,ill "ever %e ta$e-. 4ut he ca" %e5 i8 you re$e$%er that he
"ee-s ge"tle a"- co"ti"uous -iscipli"e-a"- love a"- a88ectio" are the t,o $agic
7eys that u"loc7 his gol-e" heart. 2t>s "ot the lio"s ,ho ,ere a-ore- as chil-re" ,ho
gro, up i"to u"happy a-ults. 2t>s the little cu%s ,ho ,ere e$otio"ally starve- a"-
"eglecte-. 1e$e$%er that he>ll prete"- to %e very %rave5 %ut secretly 8ears he is">t.
.ug hi$ tightly every "ight a"- love hi$ ,ith all your heart.

The L+& 4oss
<No, -o">t i"terrupt $e5 2>$ goi"g to tell you all your 8aults
2t pu33le- her very $uch at 8irst 4ut a8ter ,atchi"g it a $i"ute or t,o She $a-e it
out to %e a gri".
=ou have a Leo %oss a"- you>ve ,or7e- 8or hi$ 8or over a yearA 1eallyA =ou $ust
%e a very goo- liste"er.
=our Leo %oss ,ill pro%a%ly 8eel that corporate ta:es5 gover"$e"t regulatio"s a"-
u"io" rules ,ere all i"ve"te- as a perso"al co"spiracy agai"st hi$5 %ut he>ll -ispose
o8 the$ easily. Most lio"s are e:celle"t orga"i3ers a"- per8ect ge"iuses at
-elegati"g authority. .is ,ay o8 i$ple$e"ti"g such a""oyi"g situatio"s is to tur" to
you a"- -ictate5 ,ith great "ourish5 so$e resou"-i"g phrases o" the ge"eral su%;ect5
the" ,ave his ha"- regally5 a"- ,ith a gorgeous s$ile say vaguely5 <=ou ta7e it
8ro$ there.< The" he>ll pro%a%ly a-- that he>- li7e the report co$plete- a"- place-
o" his -es7 as soo" as possi%le. <Ta7e your ti$e5< he>ll say. <As lo"g as 2 get it
%e8ore "oo" to$orro,.< Leos are "ot 8o"- o8 -etails. They pre8er to pai"t the picture
i" %ol- stro7es a"- let you ,orry a%out %otherso$e tri8les li7e 8igures a"- statistics.
The classic e:a$ple o8 a Leo %oss is o"e 2 7"o, ,ho calle- i" his secretary to
-ictate a" a"s,er he ha- prepare- 8or a" especially i$porta"t clie"t. <.ave you -e-
ci-e- ,hat you ,a"t to sayA< as7e- the i""oce"t girl5 shortha"- %oo7 ope"5 pe"cil
poise-. <=es5 2 have5< s$ile- her Leo e$ployer. <Tell hi$ $ay%e. #ot thatA May%e.
=ou 8ill i" all the other stu88.< /ith those $aster8ul i"structio"s5 he cheer8ully ,e"t
to lu"ch ,here he e"tertai"e- several people at a" e:pe"sive %istro5 playe- a 8e,
rou"-s o8 gol85 retur"e- to the o88ice arou"- 8ive o>cloc7 a"- ,a"te- to 7"o, i8 the
letter ,as rea-y. 2t ,as. ?The secretary ,as a irgo.@ A8ter rea-i"g it ,ith sole$"
approval5 the Leo reache- 8or the pho"e a"- 'uote- the letter to a" associate. .is
,or-s 8loate- through the o88ice -oor to the lo"g-su88eri"g secretary. <.o, -o you
li7e itA< he as7e- i"to the receiver. <2 thi"7 2 -i- a" e:celle"t ;o% o8 putti"g the
,hole situatio" together a"- $a7i"g it clear ,here ,e sta"-5 -o">t youA &8 course5
2>ve al,ays ha- a ,ay o8 e:pressi"g $ysel8. My ,i8e is al,ays telli"g $e 2 shoul-
%e a ,riter5< he 8i"ishe- $o-estly.
This $ay %e a so$e,hat e:tre$e case5 %ut you ,ill 8i"- echoes o8 such a" attitu-e
li"geri"g i" the air i8 you have a typical Leo %oss. #ive hi$ all your origi"al i-eas.
.e>ll love you 8or it. August-%or" e:ecutives te"- to 8avor e$ployees ,ho a--
creative thi"7i"g to the 8ir$. .o,ever5 %e prepare- to see hi$ gri""i"g li7e a
!heshire !at the "e:t -ay as he procee-s to orga"i3e the pla" you gave hi$ the
"ight %e8ore5 tossi"g out the startli"g co$$e"t5 <2t>s o"e o8 the %est i-eas 2 ever
ha-.< .e ho"estly %elieves he thought o8 it 8irst. Truly. &8 course5 you triggere- his
i$agi"atio"5 ,hich is ,hy you>re so valua%le to hi$. 4ut it ,as his i-ea. 1e$e$%er
No, a"- the" your Leo %oss $ay see$ a ti"y %it u"grate8ul. Li7e he>ll toss a huge
stac7 o8 letters o" your -es7 %ecause he ca">t %e %othere- or %ore- rea-i"g the$
hi$sel8. The" the "e:t $or"i"g5 ,he" you>re %leary-eye- 8ro$ stayi"g u"til
$i-"ight to 8i"ish the e:tra ,or7 he thre, at you5 hell sha7e his lio">s $a"e
-isapprovi"gly5 a"- $u$%le a co$$e"t o" the sloppy co"-itio" o8 your -es75 as he
,al7s to his o," plush lair. &h5 yes5 he>s al$ost sure to have a lu:urious private
o88ice. 2t $ay have so8t .lights5 $usic5 8lo,ers5 a -o,"-cushio"e- so8a a"- a cherry-
,oo- -es7. +ve" i8 the %u-get is s$all5 you>ll sel-o$ 8i"- hi$ surrou"-e- %y
pi"eapple crates a"- -i"gy ,i"-o, pa"es ,ith "o -raperies. The ,alls $ay %e
covere- ,ith e:celle"t pri"ts o8 goo- pai"ti"gs or photos o8 hi$sel85 ta7e" ,ith
i$porta"t -ig"itaries. A"y a,ar-s or certi8icates he>s ear"e- ,ill %e "eatly 8ra$e-5
a"- hu"g i" a pro$i"e"t
A"other Leo %oss 2 7"o, ha- a" assista"t ,ho ,or7e- overti$e every "ight a"- all
-ay o" Satur-ays a"- Su"-ays 8or three $o"ths o" a special pro$otio". She also
$a"age- to $ove 8ili"g ca%i"ets5 pac7 huge %o:es o8 $ercha"-ise a"- cha"ge the
%ottles i" the ,ater cooler every other -ay. Mea",hile5 she 8ou"- ti$e to -o her
%oss>s !hrist$as shoppi"g a"- pic7 up his clea"i"g o"ce a ,ee7. &"e %right5 su""y
$or"i"g she overhear- hi$ si"gi"g her praises to a vice presi-e"t o8 the 8ir$. <That
.ester is a real ;e,el5< he ,as sayi"g. <2 -o">t 7"o, ,hat 2>- -o ,ithout her. The
girl is really 8a"tastic. &8 course5 she>s a little %it la3y5 %ut you ca">t e:pect to 8i"-
everythi"g i" o"e perso".<
Di- .ester 'uit o" the spotA 2 shoul- say "ot. /hy shoul- she let a little thi"g li7e
that %other herA She>s a s$art girl5 ,ho 7"o,s that a"yo"e>s e88orts see$ -ra% ,he"
they>re co$pare- to her %oss>s 8a%ulous vitality ?i" %et,ee" his -aily %eauty "aps o"
the velvet chaise lou"ge i" his private o88ice@. /hy shoul- she leave a %oss ,ho
"ever 8ails to a-$ire her "e, -ressA She ,oul- har-ly ha"- i" her resig"atio" to a
$a" ,ho prese"te- her ,ith a topa3 %racelet 8or her %irth-ay5 a set o8 /ater8or-
crystal 8or her hope chest5 a"- ,ho so s,eetly u"-erstoo- that the color o8 her
type,riter $a-e her "ervous. .e eve" pai"te- it %right yello, 8or her5 though he
,as a little sloppy5 a"- so$e o8 the pai"t -rippe- o" the 7eys. 2t ca$e o88 o" her
8i"gers 8or ,ee7s a8ter,ar-s5 %ut she -i-">t $i"-5 %ecause it ,as a pleasure to ,ash
her ha"-s every hour ,ith the sce"te- soap he 7eeps i" the ,ashroo$.
.er Leo %oss helpe- her 8ather 8i"- a "e, ;o%5 pai- her $other>s hospital %ill5 a"-
ge"erously gave i" to her re'uests to hire her cousi" i" the $ail roo$. 4esi-es5 she>s
prou- o8 his reputatio" i" his pro8essio". .e ,o" t,o a,ar-s last yearB he>s -ictati"g
a %oo7 to her a%out his li8eB
he>s liste- at the top o8 the %est -resse- $e" i" +s'uireB
he>s -eeply i" love ,ith his ,i8e5 a-ores his chil-re"5 a"- has cause- the 8ir$>s
pro8its to go s7y high5 i" spite o8 those ,il- cha"ces he too7 a couple o8 ti$es. .e
sel-o$ "otices i8 she ta7es e:tra ti$e at lu"ch. Last ,ee75 he 8ou"- her a larger
apart$e"t ,ith lo,er re"t a"- scol-e- her 8ia"ce %ecause he ,as">t treati"g her
right. 6uitA /hat -o you $ea"5 'uitA
28 you>re a $a" ,ho ,or7s 8or a Leo e:ecutive5 you have so$e special pro%le$s. 4e
origi"al5 -ari"g5 creative5 a"- har- ,or7i"g. 4ut re$e$%er that he ,ill al,ays %e
$ore origi"al5 -ari"g5 creative a"- har- ,or7i"g tha" you -T" his eyes. Say <=es<
to $ost o8 his %rai"stor$s ?a"- he>ll .ave 'uite a pac7 o8 the$ i" the course o8 a
,ee7@. 28 you $ust say <No5< prece-e it ,ith a huge co$pli$e"t a"- close it ,ith
a"other o"e. Sa"-,iche- i" %et,ee" that 7i"- o8 appreciatio"5 he $ight accept it.
4ut %e tact8ul a"- procee- care8ully.
+ve" the ge"tler5 less sho,y Leo e:ecutives "or$ally li7e to sprea- su"shi"e5 a"-
have oo-les o8 -elight8ul char$. /he" your leo"i"e %oss gets every last ou"ce o8
cre-it he -eserves5 plus a" e:tra helpi"g o8 respect 8or goo- $easure5 he>ll $a7e you
glo, ,ith his praise o8 a ;o% ,ell -o"e. .e>ll "ever %e sti"gy ,ith co$pli$e"ts. .e
,o">t hol- %ac7 his -isapproval either. The lio" is apt to poi"t out your $ista7es
,ith very little -iscretio". +$ployees ,ith ultra se"sitive "atures ,oul- %e happier
,or7i"g else,here. So ,oul- those ,ith large egos o8 their o,". There>s $ore tha"
a trace o8 arroga"ce i" your Leo e$ployer5 %ut it>s pro%a%ly te$pere- ,ith goo--
"ature- opti$is$. .e>ll 7eep thi"gs hu$$i"g a"- ru""i"g s$oothly. Leos ,ere
%or" to co$$a"-5 ,ith a" e"via%le tale"t 8or assig"i"g the right ;o%s to the right
people a"- seei"g that they>re 8i"ishe- o" ti$e.
&88ice i"trigues ,ill a"ger hi$. .e si$ply ca">t sta"- people 7eepi"g secrets 8ro$
hi$. .e $ust 7"o, everythi"g that>s goi"g o". Do">t %e a""oye- i8 your Leo %oss is
a %it "osey a%out your private a88airs or gives you lectures o" ho, to ru" your
perso"al li8e. 2t>s really a sta$p o8 royal approval. 2t $ea"s he li7es you e"ough to
,a"t to protect you %y givi"g you the a-va"tage o8 his superior ,is-o$.
Leo %osses ca" %e very 8u""y. They ca" have 8ear8ul rages5 a"- the" pout %ehi"-
close- -oors 8or hours ,he" they thi"7 they>ve %ee" i"sulte-. They $elt u"-er
8lattery -espite the$selves. They -ress ,ell5 eat ,ell a"- sleep ,ell. They>re ,ar$
a"- ge"erous to a 8ault5 a"- i8 they get the respect they -e$a"-5 they ca" tur"
8ailure i"to victory over"ight ,ith a" a,eso$e stre"gth o8 character. The lio" gets
tre$e"-ous i""er satis8actio" 8ro$ givi"g or-ers5 a"- -eliveri"g lectures is
so$ethi"g he>s especially 8o"- o8 -oi"g.
=ou $ay have the 7i"- o8 Leo e$ployer ,ho hi-es his hu"ger 8or the spotlight
u"-er a 'uiet -e$ea"or. 4ut the typical -ig"ity5 pri-e a"- va"ity o8 the Su" sig" is
;ust as $uch a part o8 his %asic "ature as it is ,ith the -ra$atic types. A"y -ou%tsA
Try to pu"cture his ego i" the s$allest ,ayB the" sta"- %ac7 out o8 ra"ge.
&"e Leo %oss 2 ha-5 ,ho 8ell i"to the 'uiet pussycat category5 use- to call a special
$eeti"g o8 the e"tire sta88 i" his o88ice every Tues-ay $or"i"g. The oste"si%le
reaso" ,as to i$prove ,or7i"g relatio"ships5 %ut the real $otive %ehi"- those
,ee7ly sessio"s ,as that they ,ere the shy Leo>s %ig cha"ce to -eliver his thoughts
to a captive au-ie"ce. 4less his heart5 it ,as his $o$e"t o" stage.
/he" he>s treate- right5 there>s "o o"e o" earth ,ho ca" %e as lova%le as the lio".
/hat i8 he -oes see7 a-$iratio" i" huge -oses to 8ee- his i"satia%le va"ityA Most o8
the ti$e5 he ho"estly -eserves to %e a-$ire-. .e $ay plagiari3e your i-eas a"- ro%
you o8 cre-it "o, a"- the". =ou $ay ,eary o8 liste"i"g to his co"-esce"-i"g
a-vice a"- o8 telli"g hi$ ho, super he is. 4ut "o other %oss ,oul- have let you
7eep the %a%y carriage right "e:t to your -es7 that ti$e you lost your sitter. &8
course5 you ,oul- have pre8erre- the ti$e o88 to care 8or the i"8a"t at ho$e. 4ut the
%oss "ee-e- you at the o88ice. A"- a8ter all5 he>s the %a%y>s #o-8ather.

The L+& +$ployee
The su" ,as shi"i"g o" the sea5
Shi"i"g ,ith all his $ight9
.e -i- his very %est to $a7e
The %illo,s s$ooth a"- %right-A"- this ,as o--5 %ecause it ,as
The $i--le o8 the "ight.
28 your e$ployee is a typical Leo5 it ,ill %e al$ost i$-D possi%le to ig"ore hi$. 28
he>s a 'uiet Leo5 it ,oul-">t J %e ,ise to ig"ore hi$. The $ore aggressive lio" ,ill
8orce ; you to appreciate his tale"ts a"- recog"i3e his value %y D si$ply telli"g you
ho, ,o"-er8ul he is. The shy pussycat
type ,ill pout u"til you give hi$ the sa$e treat$e"t. D 2t a--s up to the sa$e thi"g.
Do">t ig"ore your Leo e$-> ployees.
/hether the lio" roars 8ro$ ce"ter stage or %i-es his ti$e i" the ,i"gs5 he is prou-.
.e is -ig"i8ie-. .e 7"o,s his superiority a"- he -oes">t ,a"t a"yo"e to overloo7 it.
B Leos are "ot the 7i"- to hi-e their light u"-er a %ushel. D 28 tri%ute is">t pai- to their
va"ity5 %oth types o8 lio"s ,ill 8i"- a"other sava""ah to ho"or ,ith their prese"ce.
They ca">t %ear to %e u"-eresti$ate-.
All Leos love titles. The %igger a"- 8a"cier5 the %etter. B &88er the lio" a su%sta"tial
raise5 %ut give the 8ello, at the "e:t -es7 the title o8 <!hie8 o8 &88ice !oor-i"atio"5<
a"- the lio" ,o">t tha"7 you 8or the e:tra cash i" his pay e"velope. .e>ll %e too %usy
%roo-i"g over the i"crease- status o8 his co-,or7er5 ,ho coul-">t possi%ly -eserve
such a pro$otio" as $uch as he -oes5 o8 course.
2t>s "ot perversity that causes hi$ to i"sist o" his rights. .e ,as %or" to %e the
$aster o8 all he surveys. Lea-ership is a" i"here"t part o8 his "ature a"- i$possi%le
to root out co$pletely. Leo is 8ully e'uippe- to ta7e charge. .e 8eels useless a"-
helpless5 as ,ell as u",a"te-5 ,he" he>s "ot assu$i"g so$e 7i"- o8 o%ligatio". 28
there>s "othi"g else availa%le to %uil- his se"se o8 i$porta"ce5 hell get it %y ha"-i"g
out 8ree a-vice to his 8rie"-s a"- 8a$ily. Stra"gers ,o">t %e "eglecte-5 either. Leo
scatters his pearls o8 ,is-o$ i$partially. .e>ll tell you ho, $uch you shoul- pay
8or havi"g a" e:tra roo$ %uilt over your garage5 cou"sel your secretary a%out her
ali$o"y pro%le$s5 i"8or$ the clea"i"g ,o$a" ,hat 7i"- o8 oi"t$e"t to use o" her
sore toe5 a"- e:plai" to the $ail$a" ho, he coul- $a7e his -eliveries $ore
e88icie"tly. The less i$porta"t he is o" the ;o%5 the $ore seriously he>ll practice his
cou"seli"g service5
2 7"o, o"e Leo $a" ?the 'uiet type@ ,ho ,or7e- 8or a large co$pa"y. (or years5
his 8a$ily ha- the vague i$pressio" that he ,as the -istrict sales $a"ager. 2"
reality5 he ,as a" or-i"ary sales$a" a"- a route supervisor5 as ,ell as o"e o8 the
$ost i"-ispe"sa%le $e" i" the co$pa"y. Si"ce he coul-">t %e sales $a"ager u"til
the ,ell-'uali8ie- $a" ,ho hel- the title ha- retire-5 the Leo s,allo,e- his i";ure-
pri-e5 a"- satis8ie- his leo"i"e va"ity %y allo,i"g his 8a$ily to assu$e he ha- the
.is e"or$ous se"se o8 respo"si%ility ,as evi-e"t i" his co"siste"t loyalty a"-
-evotio" over the years. .e spe"t a 'uarter o8 a ce"tury supplyi"g creative
a-vertisi"g i-eas to the 8ir$ that pai- o88 i" stea-ily risi"g pro8its. At the sa$e ti$e5
he co$pete"tly supervise- the co$pa"y>s truc7 routes at all hours5 i" all 7i"-s o8
,eather5 a"- ,aite- 8or the recog"itio" he -eserve-5 %ut his pro$otio" to the top
positio" ,as al,ays ;ust arou"- the cor"er. /he" the sales $a"ager 8i"ally retire-5
a you"ger $a" ,as %rought i" 8ro$ Ne, =or7 to ta7e over. That ,as the -ay the
Leo 'uit. There ,as a heavy !apricor" i"8lue"ce i" his chart5 so the situatio" ,as
easier 8or hi$ to %ear tha" it ,oul- have %ee" 8or the typical Leo5 %ut he>ll carry the
scars o8 the -eep ,ou"- to his pri-e all his li8e. There>s "othi"g i" this ,orl- as sa-
as the sight o8 the -ig"i8ie- lio" ro%%e- o8 the respect he -esperately see7s a"- has
ho"estly ear"e-.
=ou ha- %etter $a7e a "ote that the leo"i"e se"se o8 respo"si%ility5 ,hich ca" %e so
i$pressive5 usually -oes">t sho, itsel8 u"til $aturity. 2" his youth5 the lio" is the
classical play%oy5 pra"ci"g ;oyously through -ays a"- "ights o8 ,i"e5 ,o$e" a"-
so"g5 ,eari"g the 8lashiest clothes i" the group5 $a7i"g everyo"e laugh at his
clo,"-li7e a"tics a"- roari"g ,he" so$eo"e steps o" his $ag"i8ice"t tail.
2t>s usually ,ise to use you"g Leo e$ployees i" pro$otio" a"- sales. They>re
"atural sho,$e"5 a"- they>ll 7eep your custo$ers happy ,ith their ,ar$5 su""y
-ispositio"s. Later5 as they $ature5 the %ig cats ca" gra-ually %e ease- i"to the top
positio"s5 ,here they>ll usually live up to every %it o8 respo"si%ility you give the$.
2t>s a s$art %oss ,ho 7"o,s at ,hat poi"t the lio" has gra-uate- 8ro$ the role o8
play%oy pri"ce to the ;ust5 -ig"i8ie- 7i"g.
2t>s a stra"ge thi"g a%out Leos o8 %oth se:es. 0"-er"eath their %rave 8ro"ts5 they
secretly 8ear they have "o real courage They ca" %ehave ,ith the $ost e:asperati"g
pri-e a"- outrageous va"ity5 -isplay i"su88era%le ego5 e:hi%it perio-s o8 pure
la3i"ess. The" alo"g co$es a crisis or e$erge"ce5 either o" the ;o% or i" their
perso"al lives. Su--e"ly5 to everyo"e>s surprise5 the lio" a"- lio"ess sho,
the$selves to %e the stea-y o"es. &"ly u"-er great pressure5 ,eighe- -o," %y the
heaviest %ur-e"s li8e has to o88er5 -oes the i""er stre"gth %or" i" this Su" sig" co$e
8orth i" all its glory.
Jac'ueli"e Fe""e-y>s chil-hoo- o8 ease a"- co$8ort le8t people totally u"prepare-
8or her i"cre-i%le courage i" the 8ace o8 u"spea7a%le trage-y. The Leo ,ith the
reputatio" o8 a play%oy ,ill surprise his 8rie"-s ,he" he %ravely a"- cheer8ully
supports a" i"vali- ,i8e a"- t,o el-erly au"ts a8ter a thoughtless5 care8ree5
irrespo"si%le youth. Those %or" u"-er the sig" o8 the Lio" a"- rule- %y the Su"
"ever guess ,hat a,eso$e po,er they possess u"til the test co$es. 0"til that ti$e5
al,ays re$e$%er5 they are o"ly prete"-i"g to %e stro"g. The lio">s 8ierce roar hi-es
a" i"8eriority co$ple: ,hich is totally u""ecessary.
28 Leo ca">t %e the %oss5 the" he $ust have a positio" ,here he ca" -isplay his
tale"ts a"- a%ilities to the ,orl- i" so$e ,ay. A8ter cha"gi"g ;o%s a -o3e" ti$es
%ecause he has">t a-va"ce- to at least a vice presi-e"cy5 the typical Leo ,ill usually
hea- 8or a pro8essio" ,here he ca" %e his o," %oss. 28 the role o8 e:ecutive or
lea-er is -e"ie- the$5 they>re happier as teachers5 sales$e"5 -octors5 la,yers5
$a"agers5 cou"selors5 spea7ers5 a""ou"cers5 actors5 actresses5 ,riters or eve"
plu$%ers a"- tourist gui-es. The lio" see7s a" occupatio" ,hich allo,s hi$ to give
his superior 7"o,le-ge to others i" so$e $a""er5 or to sta"- i" the %right spotlight
o8 pu%licity. They shi"e the %rightest i" the 8iel-s o8 politics a"- pu%lic relatio"s.
Feep i" $i"- that the Leo e$ployee ,ill either %eco$e a" e:ecutive o" your o,"
level i" a reaso"a%le le"gth o8 ti$e5 or he>ll leave. .e ca" "ever %e co"te"t to ,or7
%ehi"- the sce"es. The applause he "ee-s is out 8ro"t. Still5 you>re luc7y to have the
lio" 8or ,hatever perio- he re$ai"s ,ith you. .e>ll ,or7 har-er tha" al$ost a"yo"e
else to sho, you ,hat a ,o"-er8ul perso" he is5 a"- a stea-y supply o8 co$pli$e"ts
,ill i"spire hi$ to a poi"t ,here he>ll sho, a" u"%elieva%le vitality 8ar %eyo"- the
li$its o8 "or$al e"-ura"ce. /ithhol-i"g 8lattery 8ro$ your Leo e$ployee ,ill ro%
you o8 at least 8i8ty perce"t o8 his pote"tial value.
See that your lio"ess gets her va"ity plu$pe- up regularly too. &ccasio"ally %ri"g
her a yello, rose to tuc7 i" her hair5 a"- "ever $i"- the ,hispers o8 the gossips.
=ou ca">t a88or- to lose her. The gossips -o">t have her virtues a"- a%ilities. Tell her
8re'ue"tly ho, lovely she loo7s5 ho, s$art she is5 a"- occasio"ally ha"- her co$-
pli$e"tary tic7ets to a co"cert or a gala a88air. Al,ays t,o tic7ets5 please5 %ecause
the Leo girl ,ill i"varia%ly %e $arrie-5 %e i" love or have a special %oy 8rie"- i" all
As 8or the lio"5 ta7e hi$ to lu"ch o8te"5 i" a" e:pe"sive restaura"t5 ,here i$porta"t
people ca" see hi$ ,ith the %ig $a". Let %oth your $ale a"- 8e$ale Leo e$ployees
%e the o"es to trai" "e, ,or7ers ,he" you ca". They ,o">t $i"- the e:tra ,or75
they>ll %e prou- o8 the respo"si%ility a"- they>ll love telli"g others ,hat to -o a"-
ho, to -o it.
A little astrological psychology5 cleverly applie-5 ca" $a7e your prou-5 touchy
Leos a real cre-it to the co$pa"y. They>ll -ecorate the o88ice ,ith their grace a"-
e"thusias$. Surrou"- the$ ,ith %right lights5 vivi- yello, or ora"ge -raperies a"-
carpets5 a"- the $ost e:pe"sive -es7s a"- type,riters you ca" a88or-. Nothi"g
-epresses a Leo>s spirit $ore tha" havi"g to ,or7 ,ith sha%%y5 o%solete e'uip$e"t5
u"less it>s ,or7i"g ,ith pessi$istic5 u"i$agi"ative people.
They>ll "ee- ge"erous e:pe"se accou"ts a"- a little e:tra ti$e 8or lu"ch. Meals are
social occasio"s 8or Leos5 a"- they use such opportu"ities to practice their art o8
pro$oti"g. Just give the$ the %arest i-ea to start ,ith5 a"- they>ll e:plo-e it i"to a
-ra$atic ca$paig" ,hich $ay %ri"g i" lots o8 "e, custo$ers. =ou ca">t e:pect
the$ to operate at 8ull spee- ,he" they have to ,atch the cloc7 a"- ,orry a%out
$o"ey. Leos ca" %e 8ast ,ith 8igures5 %ut so$eho, they sel-o$ lear" the 7"ac7 o8
cou"ti"g pe""ies.
As 8or the cloc75 it cra$ps their style. The lio" is easy to ta$e5 ,he" you 7"o,
ho,. 1ela: the rules slightly a"- let -o," the %ars a little. These e$ployees ca">t %e
8e"ce- i"5 or they>ll sul7 a,ay the hours a"- lose their %right i"ce"tive.
2t>s s$art to hire a Leo. .e>ll a-- a -ash o8 e:cite$e"t a"- he ca" carry so$e
giga"tic loa-s o" his %ac7 ,ithout co$plai"i"g. .e "ee-s a rich -iet o8
co$pli$e"ts5 authority5 raises5 titles a"- 8ree-o$5 %ut it>s "ot too high a price to pay
8or his i"tellige"ce5 loyalty5 8aith5 i-eas a"- se"se o8 respo"si%ility. A8ter all5 ho,
$a"y %osses have royalty o" the payrollA (ee- %oth your %ig cats a"- shy pussycats
ple"ty o8 cat"ip5 a"- they>ll ;usti8y it %y %ei"g your %iggest %oosters5 as prou- o8
your co$pa"y as i8 they o,"e- it the$selves. The lio">s heart is as %ig as his ego.
<28 seve" $ai-s ,ith seve" $ops
S,ept it 8or hal8 a year5 Do you suppose5< the /alrus sai-5
<That they coul- get it clearA< <2 -ou%t it5< sai- the !arpe"ter5
A"- she- a %itter tear.

21#&5 the irgi"
August 24th through Septe$%er 23r-
.o, to 1ecog"i3e
The 21#& Ma"
The 21#& /o$a"
The 21#& !hil-
The 21#& 4oss
The 21#& +$ployee

.o, to 1ecog"i3e 21#&
<&"ly $ustar- is">t a %ir-5< Alice re$ar7e-. <1ight as usual5< sai- the DuchessB
</hat a c8ear ,ay you have o8 putti"g thi"gsI<
irgo is the sig" o8 the virgi"5 %ut you ca">t ta7e the sy$%olis$ too literally. 2 ca"
assure you that a Septe$%er %irth-ay is "o guara"tee o8 virgi"ity. Although lots o8
irgos re$ai" %achelors a"- spi"sters5 there are also ple"ty ,ho 8i"ally settle i"to
co""u%ial %liss. They $ay "ot -o so ,ith a"y su--e" %urst o8 8ire a"- passio"5
%ecause $arriage is "ot a "atural state 8or the irgi"ia" "atureB yet it>s surprisi"g
ho, $a"y o8 the$ $aster its tea$,or75 a"- they>re al$ost al,ays -evote- to their
Marrie- or si"gle5 it>s 8airly si$ple to spot the irgo i" pu%lic. (or o"e thi"g5 he
,o">t %e $a7i"g $uch "oise. .e>s "ot e:actly garrulous5 a"- he>ll sta"- out as a
lo"er. See that ge"tle5 attractive $a" over there i" the co$er5 ,ith the thesaurus
u"-er his ar$A The o"e ,ith the tic7-toc7 $i"-5 clic7i"g a,ay the hours "eatly a"-
$etho-ically "otici"g the s$allest -etailsA 28 you loo7 closely5 you ca" al$ost see
hi$ $easuri"g each $i"ute 8or ,hat it>s ,orth. .e>s a irgo. See that 'uiet girl ,ith
the %eauti8ul5 so8t eyes5 ,aiti"g 8or the %usA Notice her spic7-a"--spa" ,hite gloves5
her cool $a""er. She>ll have the e:act coi"s 8or the 8are rea-y i" her ha"-. She
,oul-">t -rea$ o8 as7i"g the %us -river to cha"ge a 8ive -ollar %ill. She>s a irgo.
Social gatheri"gs are "ot the %est hu"ti"g grou"-s ,he" you>re searchi"g 8or these
per8ectio"ists. =ou>re $ore li7ely to 8i"- the$ ,or7i"g late at the o88ice tha" %ei"g
gregarious at a coc7tail party. 2t>s "ot easy 8or irgos to rela: su88icie"tly to e";oy
the care8ree social s,i$5 %ecause they>re %asically u"co$8orta%le i" cro,-s. They
so$eti$es $a7e atte$pts to 8ollo, the party routi"e5 through pure 8rustratio"5 %ut
-uty ,histles too i"siste"tly to allo, 8or $uch 8rivolity. So$eti$es5 irgo ca"
$a7e !apricor" loo7 li7e a goo--ti$e .arry5 a"- that>s really goi"g so$e. =ou>ll
sel-o$ see the$ %lo,i"g %u%%les i" the air or %uil-i"g castles i" the sa"-. irgos
are too %usy to -ay-rea$5 a"- they>re usually too tire- at "ight to ,ish o" stars.
The 8irst thi"g you>ll "otice a%out the typical irgo is the -e8i"ite i$pressio" he
gives that there>s a serious pro%le$ o" his $i"- he>s struggli"g to solve-or a vague
8eeli"g that he>s secretly ,orrie- a%out so$ethi"g. .e pro%a%ly is. /orry co$es
"aturally to hi$. &"e $ight eve" say he>s a88ectio"ately attache- to the ha%it. 2t>s a"
i"ta"gi%le thi"g5 a"- elusive5 %ut his -elight8ul s$ile ,ill al,ays see$ to %e hi-i"g
so$e great trou%le.
Although the asce"-a"t a"- other "atal positio"s ca" $o-i8y the typical Jac7 Spratt
spare 8igure5 you ca" ge"erally loo7 8or a rather ,iry %uil-5 a"- u"usually lovely5
'uiet eyes. irgo eyes are o8te" so asto"ishi"gly clear you ca" al$ost see your
re8lectio" i" the$. They spar7le ,ith i"tellige"ce a"- clarity o8 thought. There>s a
purity a"- tra"'uility o8 e:pressio" o" irgo 8eatures that see$s to -e"y those
secret ,orries. Most o8 the$ are e:tre$ely attractive5 ,ith -elicate "oses5 ears a"-
lips. There>s certai"ly "o lac7 o8 grace a"- char$5 a"- there $ay %e a %it o8 va"ity
,hich pops up at o-- $o$e"ts. irgos are very critical o8 their o," photographs
a"- 8ussy i" the e:tre$e a%out ho, they loo75 %oth o" 8il$ a"- i" perso". 28 you>re
o%serva"t5 you>ll catch the$ pri$pi"g i" 8ro"t o8 a $irror ,he" they thi"7 "o o"e is
loo7i"g. They>re al,ays ,ell tur"e- out5 a"- usually $eticulous5 i8 co"servative5
-ressers. irgo Maurice !hevalier ,oul- rather %e caught ,ithout a so"g tha"
,ithout his %outo""iere a"- his tie tac7.
The irgo is "or$ally a s$all perso"5 certai"ly "o gia"t5 %ut he>s $uscular5 a"- he
has 8ar $ore stre"gth tha" his 8ragile appeara"ce suggests. These people ca" sta"-
$ore i"te"se ,or7 over a lo"ger perio- o8 ti$e tha" the tougher5 $ore %ra,"y
sig"s-i8 they ca" avoi- a "ervous %rea7-o," i" the process. Although they>re e:-
ter"ally capa%le a"- cool5 i""er a":ieties g"a, a,ay at the$5 upsetti"g their
-igestio" a"- their e$otio"al %ala"ce. Tac7li"g $ore ,or7 tha" they ca" sa8ely
$a"age5 a"- the" strai"i"g the$selves to the %rea7i"g poi"t to 8ul8ill the o%ligatio"s
is %ehi"- $a"y a irgo>s ragge- "erves. They ,ere $ea"t to %e cal$ a"- soothi"g
,he" their i"tricate a"- -elicate $echa"is$s are ru""i"g s$oothly a"- the ,heels
are">t clogge- ,ith %rai" 8atigue.
irgos are u"'uestio"a%ly -epe"-a%le a"- si"cere. Nevertheless5 they>re capa%le o8
prete"-i"g to %e sic7 ,he" they -o">t ,a"t to go so$e,here or -o so$ethi"g. At
these ti$es5 the late"t irgi"ia" tale"t 8or acti"g co$es 8orth. &ccasio"ally5 they
$a"age to co"vi"ce the$selves o8 such i$agi"ary ills5 %ut the cool eye a"- clear
hea- o8 Mercury-rule- people i"sure that $ost i"sta"ces o8 such sel8--eceptio" are
short-live-. They are 8asti-ious a"- e:acti"g i" groo$i"g5 eati"g5 ,or7i"g a"-
ro$a"ce. =our "eat irgo 8rie"- ,ho loo7s as i8 he ;ust steppe- out o8 the sho,er
pro%a%ly ;ust -i-. .e ta7es $ore %aths a"- sho,ers tha" a"y 8our people you 7"o,
put together. .e also has very precise i-eas a%out health5 little patie"ce ,ith
la3i"ess5 a"- very 8e, illusio"s a%out li8e a"- people5 eve" ,he" he>s i" love. Male
or 8e$ale5 ro$a"ce "ever clou-s irgo>s eyes ,ith a thic7 e"ough 8il$ to %li"- hi$
to a"y e:isti"g 8la,s a"- shortco$i"gs i" either the relatio"ship or i" the love- o"e.
To use the i-io$ o8 the -ay5 irgo al,ays <7"o,s ,here it>s at5< though the sla"g-
hati"g irgos ,ill shri"7 i" -istaste 8ro$ that phrase.
&8 course5 you shoul-">t get the i-ea that everyo"e %or" i" late August or Septe$%er
is 8ussy5 prissy a"- -og$atic. Lots o8 irgi"ia"s shi"e ,ith a clever Mercury ,it-i8
you catch their si-e re$ar7s-a"- they pro;ect a %right5 Mercurial char$ that>s har-
to resist. Sophia Lore" is a irgo5 ,hich shoul- settle that poi"t o"ce a"- 8or all.
=ou $ay ru" across a irgo ,ho is so %usy 7eepi"g the cor"ers o8 his ?or her@ $i"-
"eat a"- or-erly that he>s %eco$e careless a%out his clothi"g or his surrou"-i"gs5
,hich $ay 8ool you ,he" you catch hi$ i" a" o88 $o$e"t. 4ut ,ait. Soo"er or
later you>ll 8i"- hi$ pic7i"g up a pi" 8ro$ the rug5 %rushi"g his hair or pi"chi"g a
piece o8 li"t o88 his shoul-er.
Although they -rea$ very 8e, i$possi%le -rea$s5 irgos o8te" have the
i"co"siste"t trait o8 loo7i"g li7e lovely -rea$ers-as i8 they ,ere all ,rappe- up i"
the very rai"%o,s their logical $i"-s re8use to %elieve i" or 8ollo,.
/he" they>re a""oye- %y vulgarity5 stupi-ity or careless"ess5 irgos ca" su--e"ly
%eco$e cra"7y5 irrita%le5 scol-i"g a"- "ervous. 4ut $ost o8 the ti$e they>re ge"tle
8ol75 a"- 'uite "ice to have arou"-5 especially arou"- the sic7 roo$. So$e o8 the
8i"est "urses are %or" u"-er this sig"5 8ull o8 e88icie"t sy$pathy a"- crisp capa%ility.
/he" you have a hea-ache5 your irgo 8rie"- is the o"e $ost li7ely to ru" to the
-rugstore 8or you. 28 you>re at his place5 he ,o">t have 8ar to go5 %ecause there ,ill
pro%a%ly %e a $i"iature -rugstore right i" his house. .is %athroo$ $e-ici"e ca%i"et
is usually loa-e- -o," ,ith pate"t relie8s 8or sto$ach-ache5 co"stipatio"5 upset
liver or aci- i"-igestio". *ee7 i"si-e so$eti$e. .e>ll "ever ta7e a -rug u"less he>s
8a$iliar ,ith each i"gre-ie"t a"- ho, it ,or7s5 so hell %e a" e:pert at telli"g you
,hich re$e-y ,ill %e %est 8or your hea-ache5 -epe"-i"g o" ,hat cause- it. irgos
,ho travel o8te" ta7e their porta%le -rugstores right alo"g ,ith the$. They $ay
carry a" e:tra suitcase5 ;ust 8or the pills a"- %ottles. 28 they>re use- to a certai" %ra"-
o8 soap or lotio"5 they>ll tuc7 that i"5 too. 2t ,oul- %e a -isaster i8 they happe"e- to
get stuc7 i" a to," ,here they -i-">t sell ,hat the irgo is accusto$e- to usi"g. .e
usually %uys his soap> a"- su"-ries %y the case5 %ecause it>s cheaper-or at least %y
the -o3e"-,hich is a"other reaso" he -oes">t li7e to purchase thi"gs e" route.
So$eti$es a irgo ,ill eve" tote his o," ,ater ,ith hi$ o" trips. Do">t laugh- -o
you 7"o, ,hat ca" happe" to a perso">s sto$ach ,he" .certai" 8oreig" %o-ies i"
stra"ge -ri"7i"g ,ater e"ter the -igestive syste$A irgos ca" tell you. /he" these
people 8or$ ha%its5 they 8or$ ha%its5 a"- ta7i"g a vacatio" or a %usi"ess trip is "o
e:cuse to %rea7 the$. 28 he>s use- to .7eepi"g his soc7s i" the $i--le le8t-ha"-
-ra,er o8 the %ureau at ho$e5 that>s ,here the soc7s go i" the hotel roo$. 28 it>s o"e
o8 those %ureaus ,ith o"ly three large -ra,ers5 a"- "o choice o8 le8t or right5 it ca"
really ha"g hi$ up 8or a,hile. .e $ay e"- up ;ust leavi"g the$ i" the suitcase5 %ut
his sleep ,ill %e restless. The "e:t $or"i"g5 the ,aitress i" the hotel -i"i"g roo$
,ill 'uic7ly lear" that 2 ,he" the irgo says three-$i"ute eggs5 he -oes">t $ea" 2
t,o $i"utes a"- 8orty-8ive seco"-s. &r ,he" he says su""y-B si-e up5 he -oes">t
$ea" su""ysi-e -o,". A"- hell > -e8i"itely %ase his tip o" her atte"tio" to such
A irgo $ay critici3e your state$e"ts ,ith hairsplitti"g argu$e"ts ,hich -rive you
,il-5 %ut i8 you are i" a ;a$5 D he>ll also 'uic7ly step i" to tur" thi"gs right si-e up
agai" Q ,ith "o $otive e:cept to serve. 28 the ;o% you tac7le- has you so %ogge-
-o," i" %ori"g -etails you -espair o8 $eeti"g the -ea-li"e5 irgo ,ill roll up his
sleeves a"- pitch i" ,illi"gly. 2t>s "ot ego that $a7es hi$ itch to ta7e over ,he"
thi"gs are i" a sha$%les. 2t>s ;ust that his or-erly Mercurial $i"- ca">t sta"-
procrasti"atio"5 "eglecte- -etails or co"8usio" o8 purpose. .e $ay eve" straighte"
thi"gs out %e8ore he>s as7e-5 ,ith "o i"te"tio" o8 ru-e"ess5 %ecause %ri"gi"g or-er
out o8 chaos is i"sti"ctive ,ith hi$. .e>s the 7i"- o8 guest ,ho ,ill happily help the
hostess clea" up a8ter the party. 4ut he>s also the 7i"- o8 guest ,ho ,ill "otice
i$$e-iately that you have care8ully place- the Satur-ay 1evie, o" the co88ee ta%le
to hi-e a" ugly stai"5 a"- arra"ge- the cushio"s o" the couch to cover the cigarette
Li7e the Li%ra"5 irgo is 'uic7 to -e"y his ha%its a"- traits. .e has a" appare"t
%li"-"ess to his 8aults a"- he see$s u"a%le to see his o," ,ea7"esses i" as clear a
light as he sees everythi"g else. 4ut the truth is that he -oes see the$-a"- he sees
the$ i" such i"8i"ite -etail that he ca">t %ear to hear the$ ge"erali3e-. Try to tell a
typical irgo he>s critical5 a ,orrier5 8ussy5 "eat or u"usually co"cer"e- ,ith -iet
a"- health5 a"- you>ll 8ace a 8iat -e"ial. /ho5 hi$A .e>s "ot li7e that at all. 2 still
have the te"-page letter 8ro$ a irgo house,i8e5 ,ritte" i" a ti"y5 precise
ha"-,riti"g5 i" ,hich she care8ully -etails all the reaso"s ,hy the -escriptio"s o8
her Su" sig" -o">t 8it her5 "ever reali3i"g that the very or-erly 8or$ a"- le"gth o8
her hairsplitti"g co$plai"t ,as givi"g her a,ay.
<2>$ ;ust "ot "eat5< she ,rote. <My house is terri%ly sloppy.< 4ut the" she co"ti"ue-5
<A8ter all5 2 -o have t,o very s$all chil-re"5 ,ho co"sta"tly $a7e $esses ,hich
-rive $e cra3y. 2 pic7 up a8ter the$ every seco"- o8 the -ay.< ?She the" procee-e-
to ite$i3e her e"-less chores5 o"e %y o"e5 very care8ully.@ <2 try to 7eep thi"gs i" a
particular spot5 a"- 2 "ever ,aste ti$e rea-i"g or ,atchi"g T li7e $y "eigh%ors
-o. 4ut thi"gs are still u"ti-y ,he" $y hus%a"- gets ho$e 8or -i""er. 2 -o">t thi"7
he has a"y right to co$plai"5 %ecause 2 -o ,or7 till a8ter $i-"ight ,hile he>s
sleepi"g5 getti"g the house i" shape 8or $or"i"g. 2 coul-">t get %rea78ast i" a -irty
7itche". Dirt %ree-s ger$s5 a"- sic7"ess sprea-s 8ast i" a 8a$ily. 4ut %e8ore he
leaves 8or ,or7 everythi"g>s a $ess agai". So this "eat"ess thi"g a%out irgos really
a""oys $e. 2>$ really "ot "eat. 2>$ also "ot a ,orrier "or a hypocho"-riac. 2 "ever
critici3e $y hus%a"->s $ista7es ,ith the chec7 %oo75 at least "ot very o8te"5 %ecause
it>s "ot a ,i8e>s place to -o that. . . . 2>- li7e to %e "eat5 %ut ,hat ca" 2 -o ,ith the
chil-re" a"- allA 1eally5 i8 you coul- see ho, they . ..< a"- so o". ?Naturally5 she
care8ully i"clu-e- a sel8-a--resse-5 sta$pe- e"velope 8or a reply.@ The last li"e i"
her letter ,o"-ere-5 <!a" you tell $e ,hy the -escriptio"s o8 $y Su" sig" -o">t 8it
$e at allA< So$e-ay 2 pla" to have those pages 8ra$e- a"- ha"g the$ o" the ,all
u"-er a sy$%ol o8 irgo.
=ou shoul- %e a%le to pic7 out a irgo i" a roo$8ul o8 people ,ith "o trou%le. .e>s
i"capa%le o8 sitti"g still 8or very lo"g. A8ter a ,hile5 he>ll %eco$e visi%ly restless
a"- pace the 8loor or cha"ge chairs li7e a ;u$pi"g ;ac75 a"- pro;ect a vague se"se o8
urge"cy as i8 he>s late 8or a"other appoi"t$e"t so$e,here. At the sa$e ti$e5 the
8acial e:pressio" ,ill portray a certai" tra"'uility5 h7e a $as7. The 8ull -a$age
cause- %y irgo>s "ervous i"te"sity sel-o$ sho,s co$pletely o" the outsi-e5 %ut it
surely ca" $ess up the -igestive syste$ i"si-e. That>s ,hy you>ll o8te" 8i"- the$
carryi"g a roll o8 Tur"s 8or the tu$$y.
2t>s i$porta"t to $e"tio" here the still u"see" pla"et ulca"5 the true ruler o8 irgo5
si"ce its -iscovery is sai- to %e i$$i"e"t. The -iscovery o8 the true ruler o8 a sig"
cha"ges the characteristics o8 those %or" u"-er it. To give o"ly o"e e:a$ple5 -uri"g
the perio- ,he" %oth A'uarius a"- !apricor" ,ere rule- %y Satur"5 the (e%ruary-
%or"5 such as A%raha$ Li"col"5 clearly sho,e- the $ela"choly traits o8 that pla"et.
4ut ,he" 0ra"us ?the sy$%ol o8 electro"ics a"- space5 a"- the true ruler o8
A'uarius@ ,as Discovere--i" its proper ti$e i" the u"iversal pla"- M.'uaria"s %ega"
to re8lect 'ualities o8 restless -iscovery5 $- a $ore electric5 u"pre-icta%le5
progressive perso"ality5 Buch as that o8 0ra"us-rule- A'uaria" (ra"7li" D. 1oose-
velt. Ma"y astrologers 8eel that ulca"5 the pla"et o8 thu"-er5 ,ill %eco$e visi%le
through telescopes ,ithi" a 8e, years. Shortly %e8ore or a8ter ulca" $oves close
e"ough to the earth to %e see"5 irgos "o, livi"g5 as ,eu as those %or" i" the
8uture5 ,ill lose $uch o8 the Mercurial @ressure that causes the prese"t "ervous
strai". Mercury Aei"g $ore co$pati%le ,ith the airy sig" o8 #e$i"i tha" ,ith the
earthy irgo. The thu"-erous ulca" ,ill also yvs to irgos their astrological
i"herita"ce o8 courage a"- so"8i-e"ce5 a"- ,ill release $a"y o8 the typical irgo
"hi%itio"s. A8ter ulca" is -iscovere-5 the last re$ai"i"g ria"et to %e i-e"ti8ie-5 ac
cor-i"g to a"cie"t pre-ictio"s5 is >Apollo5 the true ruler o8 Taurus. The" each Su"
sig" ,ill a"s,er to the vi%ratio"s o8 its right8ul ruler-t,elve sig"s a"- t,elve
heave"ly %o-ies. 2t>s i"teresti"g to "ote that ulca"5 i" #ree7 $ythology5 is the
la$e go- ,ith the %rillia"t $i"-. Ma"y irgos have a slight li$p5 or else so$e
peculiar a"- u"usual 'uality to the ,al7 or posture.
=ou ,o">t 8i"- those people lavish i" a88ectio" or i" spe"-i"g $o"ey. They>re
"or$ally pru-e"t i" %oth areas5 givi"g their love 'uietly a"- stea-ily ,ith little
-e$o"stra-tive"ess5 a"- ha"-li"g cash ;ust as co"servatively. Stra"gely5 as ,illi"g
as irgos are to give e88icie"t service to others5 they have a" al$ost "eurotic a"-
i"te"se -isli7e o8 accepti"g 8avors the$selves. They -o">t ,a"t to %e o%ligate- to
a"yo"e 8or a"y reaso". A"- they -o">t ,a"t to -epe"- o" a"yo"e %ut the$selves 8or
a"ythi"g. The -eeply i$%e--e- 8ear o8 -epe"-e"ce i" ol- age is ,hat $a7es $a"y
o8 the$ live so eco"o$ically as to %e calle- sti"gy. 4ut that>s really too harsh a
,or-. /he" there>s ple"ty o8 security a"- "o "ee- to ,orry a%out the 8uture5 irgo
,ill spe"- $o"ey $ore 8reely5 although eve" the" it ,ill %e spe"t ,ith 8ull value
receive-- -or %ac7 to the store 8or a re8u"-.
Though he has a%solutely "o sy$pathy 8or %eggars or i-le ,astrels5 he is u"8aili"gly
ge"erous ,he" a 8rie"- is i" trou%le. The irgo ,ho is al$ost $iserly ,here his
perso"al "ee-s are i"volve- ,ill $a7e char$i"g gestures o8 8i"a"cial ai- to those
,ho really -eserve it5 or to people he really li7es or loves. 4ut you>ll "ever 8i"- hi$
thro,i"g $o"ey a,ay carelessly5 %ecause ,aste is o"e o8 his pet peeves. irgos
la%or har- 8or ,hat they have5 a"- e:travaga"ce "ever 8ails to shoc7 the$. They
usually have a 8e, sharp thi"gs to say a%out spe"-thri8ts a"- people ,ho are too
la3y to ,or7.
There>s o"e thi"g that ,ill re$ove so$e o8 the sti"g o8 irgo>s criticis$5 ho,ever5
a"- that>s the 7"o,le-ge that he>s secretly as critical o8 hi$sel8 as he is o8 you. .e
;ust ca">t help seei"g the 8la,s5 %ecause he ,as %or" to "otice the ti"iest crac7 i" the
vase. .e ,o">t ta7e to late"ess a"y $ore 7i"-ly tha" he -oes to ,aste8ul"ess.
Actually5 to %e late is ,aste o8 a 7i"-. 2t>s a ,aste o8 ti$e5 a"- to irgo5 ti$e is the
stu88 o8 ,hich li8e is $a-e. So %e pu"ctual i8 you ,a"t to avoi- his sti"gi"g
-isapproval. (ra"7 Si"atra>s 8rie"-s have lear"e- that ,he" the si"ger says <-i""er
at eight5< he $ea"s eight5 a"- "ot eight-8i8tee" or eight-thirty. Although Si"atra is a
,ar$5 8iery Sagittaria" %y Su" sig"5 he -oes have a irgo asce"-a"t ,hich also
e:plai"s ,hy he>s so pai"sta7i"g a%out rehearsi"g a"- such a %ug 8or -etail i" $usic
arra"ge$e"ts. +very "ote a"- every to"e $ust %e e:actly correct ,he" he recor-s or
the sessio" ,ill %e repeate- u"til he>s satis8ie-. A-- such $eticulous a"- i$pecca%le
taste to the Sagittarius 8ire a"- ,ar$th a"- you ca" see ,hy he sells a so"g.
2t>s har- to u"-ersta"- ,hy irgi"ia"s are so$eti$es calle- sel8ish5 si"ce they
usually 8i"- $ore satis8actio" i" servi"g others tha" i" satis8yi"g their o," perso"al
a$%itio". The sel8ish la%el pro%a%ly arises 8ro$ the irgo a%ility to say <"o< a"-
really $ea" it. .e gives 8reely o8 his ti$e a"- e"ergy5 %ut he ,o">t go %eyo"- the
poi"t o8 reaso"a%le"ess. /he" -e$a"-s %eco$e e:cessive5 irgo ,ill %al7 a"-
$a7e his o%;ectio"s 'uiet clear5 perhaps too clear. As $uch as he loves to poi"t out
the 8la,s o8 others5 he 8iercely rese"ts ope" criticis$ o8 his o," $ista7es. /he" a
irgo $a7es a" error5 ,hich ,ill %e rare5 poi"t it out tact8ully i8 you ,a"t to 7eep
his 8rie"-ship.
irgos are surprisi"gly healthy5 i" spite o8 their traveli"g -rugstores ?u"less they
,orry the$selves i"to ill"ess through over,or75 $e"tal te"sio" a"- pessi$is$@.
They ta7e goo- care o8 their %o-ies a"- they>re 8ussy a%out their -iets. Still5 they
$ay co$plai" a%out $i"or ail$e"ts5 such as upset sto$ach5 i"-igestio"5 chro"ic
pai"s i" the i"testi"al area5 hea-aches a"- 8oot pro%le$s ?re$e$%er ulca"5 the
la$e go-@. They shoul- %a%y the$selves ,he" they have a chest col-5 %ecause
they>re suscepti%le to lu"g ail$e"ts i8 their i"-ivi-ual pla"ets are a88licte- i" the
"atal chart. They $ay %e plague- ,ith pai"s i" the hips5 ar$s5 shoul-ers- gout5
arthritis5 rheu$atic trou%les a"- so$eti$es sluggish liver a"- %ac7 aches. 4ut the
irgo>s co"cer" a%out his o," health ,ill preve"t $ost serious ill"ess. Ma"y o8
the$ are vegetaria"s. 28 "ot5 you ca" %et they 7"o, e:actly ,hat they shoul- eat a"-
ho, it shoul- %e coo7e-. No, a"- the" you $ay co$e across a ger$-co"scious
irgo ,ho ,ears ru%%er gloves to $i: a $eat loa8 or %oils his tooth-%rush every
"ight5 %ut that>s a" e:tre$e. Still5 eve" the average irgo ,ill %e sure to ,ash his
ha"-s ,ith vigor %e8ore a $eal.
irgos li7e cats5 %ir-s a"- s$all5 helpless creatures. They also li7e truth5
pu"ctuality5 eco"o$y5 pru-e"ce a"- -iscreet selectivity. They hate gushy se"ti$e"t5
-irt5 vulgarity5 slop-pi"ess a"- i-le"ess. Theirs is a practical "ature5 ,ith e:cessive
-iscri$i"atio"-the true i"-ivi-ualists5 ,hose 7ee" perceptio" 7eeps their -esires
clear o8 $u--y5 ,ish8ul thi"7i"g. A 8resh %ree3e %lo,s through the -rea$ o8 a
irgo5 s,eepi"g it 8ree o8 ,isps o8 ,il-5 i"accurate 8a"cies. &"ce he>s lear"e- to
$aster li8e>s co$plicate- -etails5 i"stea- o8 letti"g -etails $aster hi$5 he ca" shape
his o," -esti"y ,ith $ore certai"ty tha" a"y other Su" sig".
!ool gree" ;a-e a"- pure plati"u$ co$ple$e"t hi$ a"- %ri"g hi$ luc7. 4ut
irgi"ia" goo- 8ortu"e is al,ays 8ollo,e- %y 8ive 7i"-s o8 lo"eli"ess5 a"- -uty>s
clario" call is "ever still ,ithi" these ge"tle hearts. Do">t 8orget that the shy5 ,ist8ul
s$ile o8 irgo hi-es a secret or t,o. 4oth the 'uic7silver o8 Mercury a"- the -ista"t
thu"-er o8 ulca" ru" through his 'uiet %loo-5 as he -resses i" his 8avorite colors o8
gray5 %eige5 "avy %lue5 all sha-es o8 gree" a"- star7 ,hite. 0"-er"eath his serious
$a""er lies the alluri"g aura o8 the irgi"-purity o8 thought a"- purpose5
sy$%oli3e- %y the irgo hyaci"th. &"ce you>ve 7"o," the 8ragra"ce o8 this +aster
8lo,er5 you>re "ever 'uite 8ree o8 its spell. 2t retur"s each spri"g to hau"t the
$e$ory. irgo has its o,"5 secret ,ay o8 $a7i"g the heart re$e$%er.
(a$ous irgo *erso"alities
*ri"ce Al%ert Laure" 4acall 1o%ert 4e"chley 2"gri- 4erg$a" Leo"ar- 4er"stei"
Si- !aesar Maurice !hevalier Theo-ore Dreiser 6uee" +li3a%eth 2 .e"ry (or- 22
#reta #ar%o Arthur #o-8rey #oethe
Joh" #u"ther Ly"-o" Joh"so" +lia Fa3a" Joseph Fe""e-y La8ayette D. ..
La,re"ce Sophia Lore" .. L. Me"c7e" /alter 1euther !ar-i"al 1ichelieu *eter
Sellers 1o%ert Ta8t
/illia$ .o,ar- Ta8t 1oy /il7i"s

The 21#& Ma"
</hy5 i8 a 8ish ca$e to $e5 a"- tol- $e he ,as goi"g o" a ;our"ey5 2 shoul- say5
>/ith ,hat porpoiseA> < <Do">t you $ea" >purpose>A< sai- Alice. <2 $ea" ,hat 2
say5< the Moc7 Turtle replie- i" a" o88e"-e- to"e.
/e $ay as ,ell get this out i"to the ope" right a,ay. Do">t pi" your hopes o" a
irgo $a" i8 your heart is hu"gry 8or ro$a"tic -rea$s a"- 8airy tales5 or you>ll 8i"-
yoursel8 o" a starvatio" -iet. A love a88air ,ith a irgo ,ill -u$p a ,ar$
se"ti$e"talist o" the col- grou"- ,ith a har- thu-5 a"- it ca" hurt.
This $a" lives al$ost e"tirely o" a practical5 $aterial level5 a"- he has little use 8or
the a%stractio"s o8 story%oo7 ro$a"ce. &8 course5 the ,hole pro%le$ $ay %e
aca-e$ic a"y,ay5 si"ce it ,ill ta7e "o little e88ort to %ri"g hi$ a"y,here "ear the
threshol- o8 a $a"-,o$a" relatio"ship i" the 8irst place. .e>s "ot the type to
sere"a-e you %e"eath your %ou-oir ,i"-o,. =ou>ll have a lo"g5 lo"ely ,ait o" your
$oo"lit %alco"y u"til he starts cli$%i"g the rose trellis ?or the 8ire escape5 i8 you
live i" a ,al7-up@.
Actually5 irgos are -eeply i"volve- ,ith love 8ro$ earliest chil-hoo-5 %ut "ot the
1o$eo-Juliet 7i"- o8 love. .is chie8 ,ay o8 e:pressi"g the ,or- is co"cer"e- ,ith
u"sel8ish -evotio" to 8a$ily5 8rie"-s a"- those ,ea7er or $ore -isorga"i3e- tha"
hi$sel8. .e ,as %or" ,ith a" i"sti"ctive love o8 ,or75 love o8 -uty a"- -iscipli"e
a"- -evotio" to the helpless. +ve" the u"evolve- irgo5 5,ho -oes">t 'uite reach
such heights5 8eels slightly guilty that he is">t livi"g up to a sel8less i-eal i" so$e
The 7i"- o8 love ,hich -isplays itsel8 i" -ra$atic e$otio"s5 se"ti$e"tal pro$ises5
tear8ul -eclaratio"s a"- $ushy a88ectio"5 "ot o"ly leaves a irgo $a" col-5 it ca"
8righte" hi$ i"to catchi"g the "earest %us or trai" out o8 to,". ?*la"es are too 8ast
a"- too e:pe"sive 8or hi$5 u"less he>s really -esperate.@ 4ut he ca" %e $elte- i8 the
te$perature is ;ust right5 eve" though he see$s to %e $a-e o8 a co$%i"atio" o8 steel
a"- ice. There are -e8i"itely ,ays to the irgo heart. Secret ,ays. Aggressive
pursuit is "ot o"e o8 the$. Neither is co'uetry "or se:uality5 as $a"y a 8lirtatious
va$p a"- sli"7y sire" has lear"e-5 to her surprise a"- -isappoi"t$e"t.
irgos see7 'uality rather tha" 'ua"tity i" ro$a"ce. Si"ce 'uality is at pretty $uch
o8 a pre$iu$ i" a"y category5 they have 8e, real love a88airs5 a"- the 8e, they -o
have are -esti"e- to %e u"luc7y or sa- i" so$e ,ay5 $ore o8te" tha" "ot. irgo>s
reactio" to such a -isappoi"t$e"t is "or$ally to %ury hi$sel8 i" the har-est ,or7 he
ca" 8i"-5 stay a,ay 8ro$ society i" ge"eral5 a"- %e t,ice as cautious at the "e:t
opportu"ity. =ou ca" see that you>ll have to use co"si-era%le strategy a"- patie"ce.
The %asic irgi"ia" i"sti"ct is chastity5 a"- he>s tur"e- 8ro$ it o"ly 8or a goo- cause
or 8or a $ighty goo- ,o$a". Ma"y irgos-though a-$itte-ly "ot all-ca" live ,ith
celi%acy 8ar $ore easily tha" a"y other Su" sig"5 ;ust as they put up ,ith rules o8
-iscipli"e they -o">t u"-ersta"-5 %ecause o%e-ie"ce to 8ate ,ithout struggli"g co$es
"aturally to the$. 28 8ate -ecrees a si"gle li8e5 irgo is prepare- to accept it ,ithout
e:cess regret or e$otio"al trau$a5 so there are lots o8 irgo %achelors arou"--%ut
still5 i" their 'uiet ,ay5 they ca" $a"age so$e very poetic5 i8 8ragile5 love a88airs.
Although he>s "ever o%vious5 irgo ca" %e a $aster o8 the art o8 su%tle se-uctio". A
couple o8 ge"eratio"s o8 ,o$e" ,ho have tre$%le- i"si-e ,he" a certai" (re"ch-
$a" s$iles his shy5 ge"tle s$ile ca" tell you all a%out it. Maurice !hevalier -i-">t
%eco$e a lege"- %ecause he has a si"gi"g voice li7e !aruso5 you 7"o,. .e $ay "ot
%e o8 $y ge"eratio"5 %ut 2 too get %utter8lies i" the heart regio" ,he" 2 see or hear
The irgo $a" is a %le"- o8 sharp i"tellect a"- soli- earth. .e ca" %e -etache-
e"ough to %rea7 lots o8 hearts ,ith a cool 7i"- o8 8lirti"g5 %ut his critical a"alytical
se"se a"- his 8asti-ious -iscri$i"atio" sel-o$ allo, these 8re'ue"t e:cursio"s to
leave the plato"ic are"a. 2t has to %ur" ,ith a ,hite heat to pro-uce real passio" i" a
irgo. .is $o-esty a"- selectivity alo"e preve"t u"-ue pro$iscuity. &8 course5
there $ay %e a" occasio"al 8all i"to a" earthy5 physical e:perie"ce5 %ut such
i"-iscretio"s are the e:ceptio"5 rather tha" the rule. The rule is aloo8 i"terest. 2 7"o,
p"e irgo $a" ,ho accepte- a part i" o"e o8 those really ra, <8or a-ults o"ly<
8il$s5 %ut he -i- it strictly 8or the cash-he ,as 8lat %ro7e at the ti$e-a"- he still
%lushes ,he" a"yo"e $e"tio"s it. Naturally5 a $a" is a $a"5 a"- "ot all irgo9
re$ai" tech"ical virgi"s5 %ut they -o al,ays e$ai" puu i" outlool-. There>s
i"varia%ly so$ethi"g clea" i"- chaste a%out irgo love5 ,hich is "ever allo,e- to
%eco$e soile---cve" i" the $i-st o8 passio"- -"o $atter vhat u"8ortu"ate eve"ts
$ay give the out,ar- appeara"ce p8 casualtiesC.
.e>ll ta7e his o," precious ti$e a%out 8i"-i"g a love o%;ect5 %ecause he>s as critical
a"- pai"sta7i"g i" the selectio" o8 a ,o$a" as he is i" his eati"g5 groo$i"g5 health
Ea"- ,or7 ha%its. Do">t try to 8ool hi$ or lie to hi$. =our ;virgo lover hol-s "o
illusio"s. .e ,a"ts a -ece"t5 ho"est ?a"- ge"ui"e relatio"ship. .e 7"o,s very ,ell
ho, s$all Dhis cha"ces are o8 8i"-i"g it5 %ut it>s useless to e:pect hi$ Dto accept
a"ythi"g less. 28 circu$sta"ces ever -o i"volve Dhi$ i" a sor-i- a88air5 you ca" %e
certai" he ,o">t re$ai" Di" its clutches 8or lo"g.
D .e is a -i88icult $a" to stir e$otio"ally. .e ca" go 8or Da lo"g ti$e ,ithout 8eeli"g
a"y %ur"i"g "ee- 8or a per$a-2"e"t $ate. 2t>s e"ough to $a7e you cry i8 you>ve set
your D cap 8or hi$. =ou>ll ,o"-er i8 he>s $a-e o8 $ar%le or i8 he D,as %or" ,ithout a
heart. No5 he is">t $a-e o8 $ar%le Da"- yes5 he -oes have a heart. 4e patie"t. To her
,ho ?,aits co$es eve"tual success.
D No, a"- the" a curious5 8rustrate- irgo $ay try a D 8li"g at -eli%erate
pro$iscuous %ehavior5 si$ply to see i8 Dhe>s lac7i"g i" $asculi"ity. .e>s "ot5 o8
course5 a"- as D soo" as he -iscovers it5 he see7s "o $ore arti8icial e:pe-Drie"ces to
prove hi$sel8. No cool5 clear a"- collecte- irgo ca" %e i$$u"e to the call o8
hu$a" "ature 8otever5 %ut o"ce he -oes succu$%5 hell %e shy a%out a-$itti"g it.
/he" he>s o" the threshol- o8 su%$issio"5 he>ll cover his true 8eeli"gs ,ith
ela%orate casual"ess. There is $ore tha" a spar7 o8 su%-ue-5 %ut e:tre$ely re8i"e-
acti"g tale"t i" irgo. .e ,ill prete"- to %e -isi"tereste- as cleverly as he prete"-s
to %e ill ,he" he>s "ot e";oyi"g hi$sel8 at a party. Do">t e:pect hi$ to respo"- ,ith
a"y great -isplay o8 ecstatic surre"-er eve" a8ter he>s co$$itte-5 a"- ,hile he>s still
-eci-i"g i8 you>re really the o"e 8or ,ho$ he>ll 8orsa7e his si"gle state5 he>ll play it
$ighty cool5 i"-ee-.
&"ce he>s -eci-e- it>s 8or real5 ho,ever5 he>ll -eclare hi$sel8 ,ith touchi"g
si$plicity. .is love ,ill %ur" ,ith a stea-y 8la$e5 "ever 8luctuati"g li7e the love o8
other Su" sig"s5 a"- it ,ill give ,ar$th over the years ,ith ,o"-er8ul
-epe"-a%ility. 2s that so %a-A The o"e 'uality o8 8airy tale ro$a"ce a%out irgo is
that5 i8 he>s ge"ui"ely i" love5 he ,ill ,ait 8or years to clai$ his true $ate5 or travel
over a thousa"- $ou"tai"s to %ri"g her ho$e to his hearth. .e>s capa%le o8
e"or$ous sacri8ice i" the pursuit o8 that o"e -ai"ty 8oot he>s -iscovere- ,ill 8it the
glass slipper. There>s "o -e"yi"g that the 8la$e is stro"g5 o"ce it>s %ee" 7i"-le-. 2t>s
al$ost i$possi%le to e:ti"guish it. =ou>ll %e as eter"ally a-ore- as !i"-erella
hersel8. The tric75 2 suppose5 is i" the Qorigi"al 7i"-li"g. 2t>s a rare 8oot that 8its his
glass slipper. irgo is e"or$ously particular.
A8ter you>ve caught hi$5 hell sel-o$ i8 ever i"vite your ;ealousy5 a"- he>ll %e
-eter$i"e- to overco$e a"y rough spots cause- %y 8i"a"cial pro%le$s5 relatives or
outsi-e i"ter8ere"ce. .e>ll sho, i"cre-i%le stre"gth through e$otio"al a"- $aterial
har-ships5 as lo"g as you re$ai" %y his si-e. =ou coul-">t as7 8or a $ore te"-er5
ge"tle co$pa"io" ,he" your heart is %ro7e" 8or a"y reaso" %y a cruel ,orl- or
,he" you>re physically ill. .e ,o">t sho,er you ,ith $o"ey5 %ut you>ll %e ,ell
supplie- ,ith "ecessities5 a"- he ,ill sho,er you ,ith co"si-eratio".
A irgo $a" is i"varia%ly 7i"-ly a"- thought8ul a%out all those little thi"gs ,hich
$atter to ,o$e". .e has a crystal clear $e$ory a"- pro%a%ly ,o">t 8orget special
-ates5 though he $ay %e a %it $ysti8ie- as to ,hy you thi"7 they are so i$porta"t.
.e ,o">t %e ,il-ly5 passio"ately ;ealous5 yet irgo $ales are possessive i" the
e:tre$e. This sou"-s li7e a 8i"e li"e to -ra,5 %ut it>s i$porta"t. +ve" though he
-oes">t thro, e$otio"al sce"es o8 ;ealousy over the atte"tio"s other $e" pay you5
his -eeply roote- pos-sessive"ess shoul- ,ar" you that a little 8ree-o$ goes a lo"g
,ay. The ,i8e o8 a irgo ,ho ,a"-ers too 8ar a,ay 8ro$ the ho$e 8ires too o8te"
$ay 8i"- hersel8 ,ithout a hus%a"- to retur" to. irgos are utterly loyal a"- they
-isli7e -estroyi"g 8a$ily ties i"te"sely5 %ut ,he" their se"se o8 -ece"cy has %ee"
8i"ally outrage- they ,o">t hesitate to $a7e a col-5 clea" %rea7 i" the -ivorce court.
No $essy5 co$plicate- trial separatio"s 8or the$. /he" it>s over5 it>s over. #oo-%ye
a"- goo- luc7. +ve" the irgo>s sharp5 u"usually e:celle"t $e$ory ,o">t cause hi$
to cry se"ti$e"tal tears over the past5 si$ply %ecause he>s a%le to -iscipli"e his
$e$ory as 8ir$ly as he -oes his e$otio"s. Sel8--iscipli"e is part o8 his very "ature.
The irgo $a" ,ith his $i"- $a-e up $oves o"-a"- havi"g $ove- o"5 all your
tears a"- apologies are useless i" getti"g hi$ to cha"ge his $i"-. .e>ll "ever 8all
victi$ to the illusio" that glui"g together the %ro7e" pieces ,ill recreate per8ectio"
i" ,hat has o"ce %ee" seriously 8la,e-.
28 your heart is set o" a irgo $a"5 you>- %etter %rush up your thi"7i"g cap a"-
,ear it ,he" he>s arou"-. irgos hate ig"ora"ce5 stupi-ity a"- sloppy thi"7i"g
al$ost as $uch as they hate -irt a"- vulgarity5 a"- that>s a lot. The girl ,ho s"ares
the irgo heart ha- %etter %e s$artly -resse- ,ith a si3a%le %rai" u"-er her "eat hair
style-a"- you>ll "otice 2 sai- "eat hair style. irgos loo7 8or ,o$e" ,ho are clea"
i" %o-y a"- $i"-5 a"- ,ho -ress ,ell5 %ut "ot i" 8lashy e:tre$es o8 8ashio".
=ou ,o">t have to %e Julia !hil-5 %ut 8or goo-"ess sa7es5 -o">t ever %e "aive
e"ough to thi"7 a irgo hus%a"- ,ill let you 8ee- hi$ out o8 ca"s. A pleasure-
see7i"g5 sel8ish5 $e"tally la3y ,o$a" ,ill "ever $a7e it ,ith a irgo $ale5 eve" i8
she>s 8airly oo3i"g ,ith se: appeal. This is the very last $a" i" the ,orl- you ca"
e:pect to 8i"- ru""i"g o88 ,ith a topless #o-#o girl5 though he $ight loa" her his
s,eater i8 she>s chilly. /he" it co$es right -o," to the "itty gritty5 he>s loo7i"g 8or
a ,i8e-"ot a $istress i" a"y se"se o8 the ,or-.
irgo $e" have "o stro"g year"i"g 8or 8atherhoo-5 as a rule. Their particular 7i"-
o8 ego -oes">t see$ to re'uire chil-re" 8or e$otio"al 8ul8ill$e"t5 a"- irgos te"- to
have s$all 8a$ilies. =et5 o"ce a chil- or chil-re" have %ee" %or"5 the irgo is a"
e:tre$ely co"scie"tious pare"t5 a"- ,ill "ever ta7e his respo"si%ilities lightly. .ell
spe"- $a"y hours teachi"g his you"gsters s7ills a"- tra"s$itti"g hia o," high
sta"-ar-s o8 co"-uct. .e>ll %e cheer8ully ,illi"g to help ,ith ho$e,or7 a"- ,ill
pro%a%ly $a7e "o e"- o8 sacri8ices 8or ho%%ies5 $usic lesso"s5 ca$p a"- especially
college. A irgo 8ather ,ill place great e$phasis o" i"tellect a"- trai" his chil-re"
rigi-ly i" $atters o8 ethics5 courtesy a"- goo- citi3e"ship. +ve" the -ivorce- irgo
,ill eve"tually see to it so$eho, that his o88spri"g are ,ell are- 8or5 ,herever they
$ay %e5 a"- that they get a" e-u-atio". !hil-re" o8 irgo 8athers usually gro, up
,ith %oth love a"- respect 8or %oo7s a"- lear"i"g. =ou>ll sel-o$ 8i"- a
irgo<<pare"t spoili"g a chil-5 a"- there ,ill al,ays %e ple"ty o8 "ecessary
-iscipli"e. All this is 8i"e5 %ut there $ay %e a "ee- 8or $ore physical e:pressio"s o8
love %et,ee" a irgo 8ather a"- his you"gsters5 si"ce a88ectio" is "ot so$ethi"g that
co$es "aturally to hi$. 0"less a serious e88ort is $a-e i" this area 8ro$ %a%yhoo-
o"5 there>s $ore tha" a s$all cha"ce that he>ll o"e -ay -iscover a" i"sur$ou"ta%le
%arrier has gro," %et,ee" hi$ a"- the o88spri"g he loves so -eeply. There>s also a
te"-e"cy to %e too critical5 to e:pect too $uch too soo" a"- %e too strict.
A irgo ,ill e:pect you to 8uss a %it over his health5 %ut hell ,ait o" you ,he"
you>re sic75 too5 a"- allo, you to %e a regular !a$ille. .e $ay have his cra"7y a"-
$oo-y spells "o, a"- the"5 perhaps eve" 8re'ue"tly. 4ut o"e thi"g is sure. 28 you
leave hi$ alo"e5 he ,o">t go out o8 his ,ay to start a" argu$e"t ,ith you. Just let
hi$ get over his gru$pi"ess a"- he>ll surprise you ,ith te"-er"ess to $a7e up 8or it.
Let hi$ ,orry. 2t>s goo- 8or hi$5 sort o8 a irgo $e"tal e:ercise. 4ut ,he" you see
it>s a88ecti"g his physical state5 s"ap hi$ out o8 it %y suggesti"g so$ethi"g
i"teresti"g or -i88ere"t to -o. 2t is">t har- to catch the $e"tal atte"tio" o8 a irgo5
though it $ay %e har- to 7eep it.
No, that you 7"o, ,hat you>re i" 8or5 i8 you>re still i" love ,ith that irgo $a"5
you ca" loo7 8or,ar- io a pretty co"te"te- 8uture. =ou>ll have a hus%a"- ,ho>s alert
a"- ,ell-i"8or$e-5 ,ho ,o">t e:pect you to ,ait o" hi$ ha"- a"- 8oot or e:pect
you to ru" arou"- loo7i"g se:y all the ti$e ,ith a -a% o8 per8u$e %ehi"- each ear
a"- a rose i" your teeth. ?Although he $ay e:pect you to go arou"- ,ith a ca7e o8
soap i" each ha"-.@
.ell %e relia%le a"- pleasa"t5 i8 you>re tact8ul a%out his 8aults. .e ,o">t have $a"y
o8 the$ a"y,ay-u"less you call the ,ay he ru"s his 8i"ger across the 8ur"iture every
"ight5 loo7i"g 8or -ust5 a 8ault. Little ha%its li7e that. No $atter ,hat he -oes5 try
"ot to "ag hi$. 1e$e$%er5 he>s "ot co"stitute- to %e a%le to ta7e the critical
a"alysis he applies to others. #et use- to his ha%it o8 critici3i"g you5 a"- laugh it o88
,ith the reali3atio" that he ca">t help %ei"g such a se"sitive hairsplitter. &"ce that
rese"t$e"t is out o8 the ,ay5 you ca" rela:5 a"- really e";oy your %right5 loyal
irgo. .e>s "ot a" a"gel. There are "o ,i"gs sprouti"g o" his shoul-ers. 4ut lots o8
,ives ,ill %e ;ealous o8 you.
A8ter all5 ho, $a"y ,o$e" are $arrie- to a har-,or7i"g5 ha"-so$e $a" ,ho>s
"eat a"- ti-y arou"- the house5 ,ho re$e$%ers a""iversaries a"- per8or$s
$iracles ,ith the chec7%oo7A .o, $a"y ,ives have a s$art hus%a"- ,ho -resses
,ell5 sel-o$ goes out ,ith the %oys or $a7es passes at other ,o$e"5 a"- is usually
ge"tle a"- co"si-erateA Loo7 closely agai". 2s that ;ust the re8lectio" o8 the street
lights arou"- his hea-5 or coul- it %e . . . A No5 it coul-">t possi%ly %e a halo. Not
a8ter the ,ay he s"appe- at you ,he" you spille- the %uttere- popcor" i" his lap at
the theater to"ight. &8 course "ot. That cra"7y characterA Still5 there is a 7i"- o8 a"
aura. A"- ,he" he s$iles-a"- you ca" see yoursel8 i" his clear eyes-,ell5 he>ll -o
u"til so$eo"e ,ith real ,i"gs co$es alo"g.

The 21#& /o$a"
She ha- "ever 'uite 8orgotte" that
i8 you -ri"7 $uch 8ro$ a %ottle $ar7e- <poiso"5<
it is al$ost certai" to -isagree ,ith you5
soo" or later.
So$eti$es she scol-e- hersel8 so severely as to %ri"g tears i"to her eyes.
Do you visuali3e the irgo girl as a ge"tle5 virgi"al $ai-e"5 pure as the -rive"
s"o,A =ou $ay %e a%out to get so$e illusio"s shattere-. She is "o /hite 1oc7
"y$ph i" a gau3y tu"ic5 7"eeli"g %y the pool. Sorry to spoil your i$age.
A irgo ,o$a" ca" leave her hus%a"- 8or a $a" she $et %esi-e so$e 8ara,ay
ocea"5 %ear her lover>s chil- %e8ore the %e"e8it o8 $arriage5 a"- 8ace a hostile ,orl-
,ith her hea- hel- high. That>s "ot very $ai-e"ly or virgi"al. There>s a lot to lea$
a%out this te"-er5 8ragile little sy$%ol o8 spotless ,o$a"hoo-. (or o"e thi"g5 her
spi"e is $a-e o8 stai"less steel.
2t>s 'uite true that she>s %asically shy. No argu$e"t there. irgo girls -o">t cli$% o"
soap %o:es to $a7e 8iery5 aggressive speeches or chop up saloo"s ,ith hatchets5 li7e
!arry Natio". They -o">t get arreste- 8or -ru"7e" -rivi"g5 either5 a"- 111 give you a
8ive -ollar %ill 8or every o"e you 8i"- 8eature- i" a %urles'ue sho,. 4ut a irgo
,o$a" is a ,o$a". She has all the "ecessary ,iles a"- ,eapo"s5 i"clu-i"g a
-eter$i"atio" to pursue happi"ess ,herever the path happe"s to lea- her. A 8e,
pric7ly thor"s alo"g the ,ay ,o">t cause her either to 8ai"t or cry ,ea7ly 8or help.
/he" you hear o8 a irgo ,o$a" ,ho has outrage- the la,s o8 society5 %e sure you
rea- %et,ee" the li"es. She is %asically pure-$i"-e--true. 4ut so is love. 1eal love.
A"- irgo is "ot i"tereste- i" a"y other 7i"-. She>ll cli$% the tallest $ou"tai"s a"-
stor$ the ragi"g seas i" galoshes a"- a pea ;ac7et5 o"ce the spirit o8 Mercury has
%ee" e:alte-5 ,hich ca" co"si-era%ly -i$ that ,ispy5 chi88o" i$age. 1e$e$%er5
too5 that irgo>s true ruler5 the -ista"t ulca"5 is the go- o8 thu"-er. A irgo
,o$a" ,ho recog"i3es her $arriage as i$per8ect a"- 8i"-s a-love ,ithout a 8la,
?or thi"7s she has5 ,hich is the sa$e thi"g@5 ,o">t hesitate to cut 8or$er ties. /he"
she uses the 7"i8e5 she>ll %e as cool a"- precise as a surgeo". Much as she hates to
%rea7 the 8a$ily circle5 the irgo hates hypocrisy $ore.
&"ce she>s accepte- a love as true a"- i-eal5 the purity o8 her o," co"cept o8 the
relatio"ship reig"s supre$e over all the pieces o8 legal paper i" the ,orl-. She>s the
o"e ,o$a" i" the 3o-iac ,ho ca" %e -ea-ly practical a"- -ivi"ely ro$a"tic at the
sa$e ti$e. That situatio" o8 the love a88air %esi-e so$e 8ara,ay ocea" $ay see$
casual a"- i$$oral o" the sur8ace. Actually5 it>s a pre-icta%le e:a$ple o8 a
irgi"ia" %ehavi"g true to character ,he" caught i" a -i88icult -ecisio". She>ll
su88er ago"ies o8 e$%arrass$e"t over the co"-e$"atio" o8 society i" such a" a88air5
%ut that ,o">t alter her course o8 actio" a"y $ore tha" it ,ill alter the purity o8 her
$otivatio". 2t>s a per8ect e:a$ple o8 the 8ir$ practicality o8 irgo>s earth ele$e"t5
%le"-e- ,ith the $e"tal5 airy5 i-eal-see7i"g Mercury. There>s a ,hite heat to irgo
love5 o"ce it>s ig"ite-5 that ca" put the passio"s o8 other Su" sig"s to sha$e %y its
very i"te"sity a"- si"gle"ess o8 purpose. 2g"iti"g it $ay ta7e so$e ti$e5 ho,ever.
2 ,ill a-$it that the 8iery5 physical aspect o8 love $ay %e so$e,hat su%-ue- i" the
typical irgo 8e$ale5 %ut there>s a $ysterious5 'uiet5 ,aiti"g 'uality i" this ,o$a".
a"- <passio" o8 the spirit< is a $ost satis8actory su%stitute to $e" ,ho pre8er the
-elicacy o8 u"-erstate$e"t i" ro$a"ce.
She>s a per8ectio"ist5 %ut that -oes">t $ea" that she hersel8 is per8ect. She has her
"egative traits5 a"- they ca" %e very tryi"g. To %egi" ,ith5 irgo 8e$ales have this
-ogge- %elie8 that "o o"e ca" -o thi"gs as or-erly a"- as e88icie"tly as they ca".
/hat really -rives you ,il- is that- usually-"o o"e ca". They>re also stic7lers 8or
pro$pt"ess. Di- you ever 7eep a irgo ,o$a" ,aiti"g 8or a -ateA /he" she>s upset
or cra"7y5 she ,o">t rage a"- stor$ a"- %rea7 %ottles over your hea-5 %ut she ca" %e
shre,ish a"- 8ussy ,he" you>ve a""oye- her. =ou $ight as ,ell e:pect a 8ra"7
scol-i"g. A" occasio"al irgo ,o$a" ca" co$e pretty close to %ehavi"g li7e a
virago5 %ut $ost o8 the$ -o">t carry it that 8ar. Ta7e her 8lo,ers. A-$it you>re
,ro"g a"- -o">t argue. 2t ,o">t -o you a %it o8 goo-5 you ca">t ,i" ,ith a irgo.
The earth is her ele$e"t5 so she appreciates the creatio"s o8 "ature5 a"- the posies
,ill so8te" her irritatio". As 8or the apologies5 7eep the$ %rie8 a"- accurate. The
irgi"ia" is "o%o-y>s 8ool. .er clarity o8 visio" ,ill spot a" ela%orate lie %y the
s$oothest tal7er5 a"- the 8ai"test s$ear o8 lipstic7 o" the e-ge o8 a collar. She $ay
%e pure-$i"-e-5 %ut she>s certai"ly "ot "aive.
2>$ "ot i$plyi"g that she>ll go through your lau"-ry5 at least "ot %e8ore you>re
$arrie-. A8ter that5 it ,ill %e i" her house5 a"- she ,o">t 8eel so guilty a%out it.
This girl has a $e"tal %loc7 ,he" it co$es to a-$itti"g she>s ,ro"g-li7e a %loc7 o8
,oo- right i" 8ro"t o8 her %rai"-so you>- %e s$art to ta7e the %la$e right a,ay.
Most o8 the ti$e5 she>ll %e right5 8rustrati"g though it $ay %e. So ,hy 8ight itA /he"
you>ve put her %ac7 i"to her "or$al $oo-5 she>s such a" e:'uisite -elight5 you ,o">t
care ,ho ,o" or lost.
28 you ca" %ear the ,ou"- to your $ale ego5 you $ight pro8it 8ro$ ta7i"g her
8i"a"cial a-vice5 or letti"g her ha"-le the %u-get. She>s co"cise a"- practical5 a"-
she catches ti"y errors eve" a !*A $ight overloo7. ?0"less there are a88lictio"s i"
her "atal aspects5 or she has a" i$pulsive asce"-a"t.@
4rush up o" your $a""ers a"- your gra$$ar i8 you>re -ati"g a irgo 8e$ale. She
,o">t ta7e 7i"-ly to a%use o8 the la"guage5 s,eari"g or -ri"7i"g 8ro$ the 8i"ger
%o,l. Do">t che, celery close to her ear a"- it>s %etter i8 you pass up cor"-o"-the-
co% altogether. That>s e"ough o8 a challe"ge at a"y ti$e5 let alo"e tryi"g to eat it
-ai"tily i" 8ro"t o8 her. Tell the ,aiter to cut it o88 a"- serve it to you o" the plate.
=ou>ll "ever pass i"spectio" ,ith sloppy clothi"g5 either. &"ce i" love ,ith a irgo5
you $ight as ,ell resig" yoursel8 to shavi"g t,ice a -ay5 a"- the sa$e goes 8or
sho,ers. Splash o" a8ter shave lotio"5 %rush o88 the li"t5 spruce up your hair5 ,ear a
8resh shirt5 $i"- your $a""ers5 a"- polish your shoes %e8ore you go a-courti"g this
girl. A"- here>s a very valua%le tip9 the "e:t ti$e you>re late5 prete"- you -o">t
reali3e ,hat ti$e it is. /al7 i" her -oor a"grily. /he" she as7s you ,hat>s ,ro"g5
tell her that silly5 ri-iculous5 %laste- li%rary ?that>s a%out as pro8a"e as you>ll -are to
get@ 7eeps closi"g 8ive $i"utes %e8ore they>re suppose- to5 accor-i"g to their rules.
2t ,oul-">t %e so %a- "o, a"- the"5 %ut they loc7 the -oors o" you every "ight ,he"
you have all those heavy scie"ti8ic ;our"als to put a,ay. She>ll 8orget all a%out the
Do">t ta7e her to the racetrac7 a"- let her see you thro, a,ay a ,ee7>s pay o"
#ol-e" !ha"ce i" the 8i8th5 o" the "ose. Save your o88-color stories 8or the $e" at
lu"ch5 a"- tell her co"sta"tly you>re gla- she>s "ot the 8lighty type5 =ou are5 are">t
youA She>s "ot a cli"gi"g vi"e5 either. irgo goes to "o e:tre$es. She ca" ta7e care
o8 hersel85 tha"7 you. 4ut she -oes">t have to act li7e a $a" to -o it.
Do">t overpo,er her ,ith your physical char$s or %ear hug her o" the su%,ay5 a"-
-o">t rush the goo-"ight 7iss o" the 8irst or eve" the te"th -ate-,ait 8or %etter
thi"gs. 2" ge"eral5 u"-erplay the ,hole sce"e. Move i" slo,ly5 ,ith grace a"- taste5
or you>ll e"- up i" the orchestra pit ,ith all the other %a";o thu$pers. Spea7i"g o8
the theater5 she>ll pro%a%ly love it. *ara-es5 too. The po$p a"- pagea"try5 the
-ra$atic e$otio"5 give her a" outlet 8or her o," tightly co"trolle- e$otio"s.
4esi-es5 she>s o"e great critic. .er highly -evelope- i"tellect a"- artistic taste co$-
%i"e to give her a 7ee" perceptio". 28 you coul- $a7e 4roa-,ay pro-ucers
u"-ersta"- this5 you>- %e sho,ere- ,ith 8ree passes to out-o8-to," ope"i"gs. A
irgo ,o$a" ,ill call the critics> revie,s i" a-va"ce al$ost every ti$e.
Discri$i"atio" is o"e o8 her 7ey,or-s. She loves plays5 co"certs a"- %oo7s5 %ut
she>s severely critical o8 the co"te"t. She>s ;ust as critical o8 your tie a"- ho, you
,ear your hair5 ,hat you -o a"- ,hat you say. To critici3e is as "atural to her as
%reathi"g is to you. irgo is the eter"al per8ectio"ist5 a"- ,ithout her5 ,e ,oul- all
%e pretty Q"essy a"- sloppy arou"- the e-ges. Do">t cr itici3e her5 lo,ever. That>s
agai"st the rules. The gol-e" rule -e8i"itely -oes "ot apply here. /hat she -oes to
you5 you>- %etter "ot -o to her. .er crystal-clear thi"7i"g $a7es her i",ar-ly as
a,are o8 her o," i$per8ectio"s as she is o8 yours5 a"- she ;u-ges hersel8 8re'ue"tly
a"- harshly5 ,hich is ,hy she 8eels she -oes">t "ee- a"y help 8ro$ you. &8 her it
ca" %e truly sai- that she>s <her o," ,orst critic.<
&"e "ice thi"g a%out %ei"g i" love ,ith this ,o$a" is that she>ll -o all your
,orryi"g 8or you5 a"- possi%ly eve" e";oy it. She>ll 7eep you 8ro$ goo8i"g ,ithout
ro%%i"g you o8 your $a"hoo-5 a" art that ,o$e" %or" u"-er other Su" sig"s $ight
,ell i$itate.
As 8or the $atter o8 8aith8ul"ess5 you $ay hear o8 a rare irgo 8e$ale ,ho5 8or her
o," u"8atho$a%le reaso"s5 has -eci-e- to toss a,ay virtue ,ith a ve"gea"ce5 %ut
there>s usually a -esire to prove so$ethi"g to hersel8 at the %otto$ o8 such a spree5
a"- it ,o">t last lo"g. irgo 8e$ales ,ho ta7e a" occasio"al ,hirl -o," the
pri$rose path o8 pro$iscuity are clever e"ough to cover up the lapse5 a"- such
%ehavior is $ost certai"ly a" e:ceptio". &r-i"arily5 i8 she really loves you5 you>- %e
sa8e to trust the typical irgi"ia" ,o$a" ,ith the se:iest $a" you 7"o, o" a -esert
isla"- 8or a $o"th. (or t,o $o"thsA /ell5 irgos are hu$a"5 you 7"o,. They>re
"ot ,al7i"g5 tal7i"g co$puters. They have hearts ,ar$er tha" people suspect5 a"-
e$otio"s that ca" thu"-er ,ith 8eeli"g5 eve" i8 they -o">t care to re"t a %ill%oar- to
a-vertise it. The e$otio"al "ature o8 irgo is co"trolle-5 %ut "ot "o"e:iste"t.
1e$e$%er that. 2t ,ill give you courage.
The irgo girl is a""oyi"gly $eticulous a%out s$all thi"gs5 %ut she ca" also %e the
7i"-est5 $ost ge"erous a"- a88ectio"ate little creature i" the ,orl-. !o"si-er her
per8ectio"is$ a virtue5 i"stea- o8 a vice. /ith all the i$pulsive"ess ra$pa"t i" the
,orl-5 ,hat ,oul- ,e -o ,ithout the sharp eye a"- $i"- o8 irgoA +ve" ,hile
she>s irritati"g you ,ith her critical ,ays5 there>s a lova%le 'uality a%out her that>s
-o,"right irresisti%le. 4ut o8 course you>ve alrea-y -iscovere- that5 or you ,oul-">t
%e shavi"g t,ice a -ay a"- goi"g to the li%rary every "ight. .er $o-est $a""er a"-
so8t5 clear eyes have -o"e their ;o% ,ell. =ou>ve pro%a%ly eve" 8ou"- out ho, $uch
8u" she is ,he" people -o">t pic7 o" her5 a"- ,hat a clever ,it lies i"si-e that pretty
hea-. 2t>s a lovely a"- stra"ge thi"g that ,he" irgo ,o$e" laugh it o8te" sou"-s
li7e the peal o8 little %ells.
She has "o illusio"s5 so -o">t try to sell her a"y pho"y i-eas. To her5 truth is %eauty-
a"- %eauty is truth. #et use- to her e$ptyi"g the ash trays every three seco"-s5 %e
7i"- to her stray 7itte"s5 a"- she>ll per8or$ the pipe a"- slippers routi"e ,ith
8e$i"i"e grace. She>ll share hersel8 cautiously5 o"ly ,ith o"e she trusts5 a"- little
thi"gs $ea" a lot to her. Despite her $o-esty a"- "atural shy"ess5 she>s tough
e"ough a"- stro"g e"ough 8or others to 8i"- co$8orti"g ,he" -ar7 clou-s gather.
The 'uiet courage a"- -eep se"se o8 respo"si%ility o8 irgo ,o$e" o8te" acts as a
$agic glue to hol- large 8a$ilies together. She>ll pro%a%ly %e a goo- coo75 a"- she>ll
"ever poiso" you ,ith her soup. =our house ,ill %e clea" a"- co3y5 a"- the %ig
%o,l o" the co88ee ta%le ,ill hol- apples i"stea- o8 chocolate ca"-ies ?%a- 8or the
teeth a"- ge"eral health@.
=ou>ll pro%a%ly "ever see your you"gster ru""i"g arou"- the "eigh%orhoo- ,ith a
ru""y "ose5 a ;a$-stai"e- 8ace or tor" s"ea7ers. =ou ,o">t 8i"- ti"y 8i"gers scatter-
i"g your to%acco or colori"g o" your private papers5 either. She>ll %e a 8ir$
-iscipli"aria". irgo ,o$e" sel-o$ have $ore tha" o"e or t,o chil-re"5 a"- -o">t
see$ to "ee- $otherhoo- to satis8y their 8e$i"i"ity. 4ut o"ce %a%y has %ou"ce-
i"to her li8e5 she>ll "ever "eglect his physical5 $oral or e-ucatio"al "ee-s. She $ay
"ot supply his e$otio"al "ee-s as easily5 %ut i8 she>s sure o8 your love a"- 7"o,s
she>s appreciate-5 she>ll rela: a"- give her o88spri"g ple"ty o8 ,ar$ a88ectio". Little
o"es o8te" 8i"- irgo $others -elight8ully 8u""y a"- ge"tle. They>ll %e 8ir$5 a"- try
to i"still goo- ha%its5 %ut they have a te"-er touch that tells a chil- he>s securely
1e$e$%er the poe$ that says you shoul-">t %uy %rea- ,ith your last si:pe"ce5 %ut
<hyaci"ths 8or the soul<A #ive this ,o$a" %oth. =ou $ay o8te" catch her %usy ,ith
se,i"g or $e"-i"g5 a"- i8 you have a really typical irgo ,i8e5 your house $ay %e
8ull o8 the heave"ly $i:e- 8ragra"ce o8 8resh 8lo,ers a"- hot ho$e-$a-e %rea-
%a7i"g crisply i" the ove". 2t>s pretty "ice to co$e ho$e to. She>ll -ust o88 all your
ol- -rea$s a"- $a7e the$ shi"e agai"5 a"- you>ll have a ,o$a" ,ho ,ill "ever
%orro, your ra3or or use your tooth%rush 8or her $ascara. She>ll "urse you li7e a"
a"gel ,he" you>re ill5 a"- she ,o">t e$%arrass you %y 8lirti"g ,ith your %est 8rie"-.
She>ll -ress "eatly a"- %e a%le to tal7 ,ith you a%out so$ethi"g %esi-es -iapers a"-
%eauty parlor gossip. =ou>ll get every ou"ce o8 loyalty a"- -evotio" you -eserve.
She ,o">t thro, e$otio"al sce"es o8 ;ealousy or thro, your $o"ey a,ay 8oolishly.
She>ll 7eep your secrets i" her heart5 help you orga"i3e your ,or75 a"- pro%a%ly
,o">t get ,ri"7le- i" $i--le age. No, really5 is">t all that ,orth $i"-i"g your
$a""ers a"- 7eepi"g your 8i"ger"ails clea"A .er eyes are cool pools o8 pure love5
a"- ,he" she s$iles5 she ca" light up a ,hole roo$ ,ith her ra-ia"ce. 4etter 7eep
her. =ou $ay "ever get so luc7y agai".

The 21#& !hil-
4ut 8our you"g oysters hurrie- up5
All eager 8or the treat9
Their coats -,ere %rushe-5 their 8aces ,ashe-5
Their shoes ,ere clea" a"- "eat-
As he tries to i$itate the sou"-s he hears i" the "ursery5 the ti"y irgo i"8a"t carries
the see- o8 a sel-o$-$e"tio"e- irgi"ia" tale"t 8or acti"g. The a%ility to $i$ic
$a"i8ests itsel8 al$ost 8ro$ %irth. The irgo %a%y is alert a"- 'uic75 yet at the sa$e
ti$e $ore peace8ul a"- tra"'uil tha" other i"8a"ts5 a co"tra-ictio" ,hich
8oresha-o,s a 8uture perso"ality that ,ill soothe a"- irritate %y tur".
Do">t try to 8ee- your little irgo applesauce ,he" he ,a"ts peaches or you $ay %e
i" 8or a lo"g siege. =ou>ll e"- up ,ith applesauce all over the high chair5 %ut %a%y
,o">t e"- up ,ith a spec7 o8 it i" his sto$ach i8 he -oes">t li7e it5 though he>ll s$ile
char$i"gly as he 8ir$ly tur"s his hea- a,ay. .e $ay surprise you %y pre8erri"g
spi"ach to ice crea$. irgo>s $eticulous selectivity a%out 8oo- sho,s early.
Asi-e 8ro$ %ei"g 8ussy eaters a"- a" occasio"al spell o8 8ret8ul i"-igestio"5 raisi"g
a irgo you"gster is a pleasa"t e:perie"ce5 ,ith little co"8lict a"- 8e, ta"tru$s.
+ve" ,he" they>re very s$all5 these chil-re" are i"cli"e- to %e "eat a"- put a,ay
their toys cheer8ully. =our irgo you"gster $ay %e %ash8ul a"- 'uiet i" co$pa"y or
cro,-s5 %ut arou"- 8a$ily a"- 8rie"-s the cat certai"ly ,o">t get his to"gue. .e>ll
pro%a%ly tal7 early a"- 8lue"tly5 e:cept i" 8ro"t o8 stra"gers. A irgo chil- is
sel-o$ trou%leso$e5 a"- he>s a ,o"-er8ul co$pa"io" as $other -oes her house-
,or7. .e>ll happily i$itate ,hatever she is -oi"g a"- he>ll usually $i"- the 8irst
ti$e he>s tol-5 ,ith little scol-i"g "ecessary.
2" school5 irgos are apt to %e teacher>s pets5 si$ply %ecause they>re the easiest %oys
a"- girls to -iscipli"e a"- the o"es ,ho stu-y their lesso"s care8ully. 2t>s a -elight to
i"struct the typical5 %right irgo chil- ,ith ge"tle $a""ers. !riticis$5 ho,ever5
shoul- %e use- spari"gly. Too $uch stress o" $ista7es ,ill cause hi$ to ,orry
u"-uly5 so$eti$es to the poi"t o8 actual ill"ess.
A lecture i" 8ro"t o8 the class ,ill %e pai"8ully $orti8yi"g5 a"- it $ay s$other the
-esire to lea$ 8or a lo"g perio-. irgo you"gsters "ee- to %e tol- o"ly o"ce5 'uietly5
i8 a" error has %ee" $a-e. They>ll %e ;ust as co"cer"e- as the teacher ,ith correcti"g
it5 perhaps $ore so.
&8te" the $u"-a"e chores5 -isli7e- %y the rest o8 the class5 ,ill %e accepte- as
i$porta"t respo"si%ilities %y irgo chil-re". They>re e88icie"t5 -epe"-a%le little
people5 ,ith a serious5 %ut 8rie"-ly5 pleasa"t -ispositio"5 though they>re se"sitive
e"ough to %eco$e cra"7y i8 tease- %y $ore e:tro-verte- class$ates. The irgo
chil- is $ar7e-ly a-apta%le5 pro%a%ly ;ust as a-ept at pai"ti"g sce"ery as he> is at
e-iti"g the school paper. 2t ,oul-">t hurt to suggest that the irgo you"gster try out
8or -ra$atics. .e ,o">t see7 the spotlight5 %ut he $ight sho, a surprisi"g a%ility to
i"terpret characters ,ith co"vi"ci"g reality5 i8 he ca" overco$e his stage 8right.
irgo>s ho"esty a"- care8ul atte"tio" to -etails $a7e hi$ a 8avorite choice to gra-e
papers ,he" the teacher "ee-s help. As a class $o"itor5 he>ll %e ethical a"- alert.
4ut there are occasio"s ,he" the teacher ca" get a re- 8ace ,he" she>s $a-e a"
erro"eous state$e"t ?teachers %ei"g o"ly hu$a"@ a"- the "or$ally shy5 'uiet little
irgo raises his ha"- to poi"t out the $ista7e i" "o u"certai" ter$s. irgo stu-e"ts
,a"t to 7"o, the ,hys a"- the 8acts. They>ll rarely 'uestio" authority5 %ut they ,ill
'uestio" 7"o,le-ge i" %oo7s u"less they 7"o, ,hat>s %ehi"- it. The pri"te- ,or-
o8te" is">t e"ough 8or the i"'uisitive5 pai"sta7i"g irgo $i"-. These chil-re" "ee-
ple"ty o8 e-ucatio"al toys5 a"- ,he" they>re very you"g they shoul- %e rea- to as
$uch as possi%le. They>ll %eco$e $ost u"happy $is8its as a-ults i8 they have">t
receive- a 8ull e-ucatio". To 7"o, less tha" others tur"s irgos i"to irrita%le
i"troverts ,ho are pai"8ully e$%arrasse- %y their i"a-e'uacies.
2t>s %est to ig"ore the irgo tee"ager ,he" he or she %egi"s to "otice the opposite
se:. Teasi"g a girl a%out her 8irst %oy 8rie"- ca" give her a per$a"e"t e$otio"al
scar5 a"- pro%i"g i"to a %oy>s -ates ca" hea- hi$ to,ar- %achelorhoo-. irgos -o">t
easily accept close relatio"ships lea-i"g to $arriage5 a"- the path shoul- %e $a-e as
s$ooth as possi%le.
=ou>ll have to supply your irgo chil->s e$otio"al "ee-s ,ith sig"s o8 physical
a88ectio". .e>ll "ever sho, you ho, -eeply he -esires this 7i"- o8 love5 %ut the lac7
o8 it ,ill stro"gly a88ect his 8uture relatio"ships. +ve" very pretty a"- very s$art
little girls-a"- very ha"-so$e5 clever little %oys have to %e co"vi"ce- they>re
i"teresti"g. 2t>s har- 8or the$ to %elieve that their $o-est u"assu$i"g ,ays are as
attractive as the $ore aggressive perso"alities o8 their 8rie"-s. The irgo ego ca"
sta"- lots o8 e"courage$e"t ,ithout %eco$i"g e:cessive5 so -o">t %e sti"gy ,ith
%ear hugs5 7isses5 si"cere co$pli$e"ts a"- pats o" the %ac7. =our irgo chil- "ee-s
large5 -aily -oses o8 such e$otio"al vita$i"s5 alo"g ,ith his co- liver oil.
.e>ll have $a"y e:act ha%its5 a"- hell co$plai" i8 his %elo"gi"gs are $ove- or his
privacy i"va-e-. .e -oes certai" thi"gs at certai" ti$es5 a"- i8 his perso"al sche-ule
is upset5 he ,ill %e5 too. 2t $ay %e -a"gerous to as7 hi$ 8or a 8ra"7 opi"io"B
other,ise5 he>ll usually %e re8reshi"gly polite to co$pa"y. This chil- ,ill critici3e
every $e$%er o8 the 8a$ily5 so$eti$es ,ith a$usi"g5 %ut cutti"g i$itatio"s o8 their
8aults. .e>ll pro%a%ly as7 8or his o," roo$ early a"- %e 8ussy a%out your coo7i"g.
No lu$ps i" the $ashe- potatoes5 please5 a"- "ot so $uch seaso"i"g i" the stu88i"g.
4ut he>ll sho, a" e:celle"t se"se o8 respo"si%ility %e8ore $ost other chil-re" have
lear"e- the alpha%et. .e>ll %e sy$pathetic ,ith Mother>s hea-aches a"- Da--y>s
8i"a"cial pro%le$s. =ou ca" e:pect hi$ to try si"cerely to $a7e goo- gra-es at
school5 ,illi"gly help arou"- the house a"- $a"age his allo,a"ce care8ully.
Although he>s 8ar 8ro$ a $o-el o8 per8ectio"5 a"- you>ll 8eel li7e sha7i"g hi$ Rvhe"
he $a7es you ta7e the %ea"s out o8 the chili5 or re8uses to ,ear the shirt you ;ust
iro"e- %ecause it has t,o s$all ,ri"7les-$ost o8 the ti$e5 a irgo chil- is a ;oy to
have arou"- the house.
These chil-re" shoul- have a 7itte" or a %ir-5 so they ca" lear" the lesso"s o8 love
'uietly a"- u"o%trusively5 %y cari"g 8or the helpless. Do">t %uy hi$ a St. 4er"ar- or
a police -og. 28 he>s a typical irg$ia" you"gster5 he>ll pre8er a s$aller pet. .e>ll %e
8asci"ate- %y o"e o8 those a"t villages. /atchi"g the ti"y a"ts i"-ustriously goi"g
a%out their %usi"ess at close ra"ge shoul- really i"trigue his curious5 practical little
Liste" to hi$ ,he" he tal7s. .e has a ,is-o$ %eyo"- his years. =ou ca" a88or- to
7eep "aggi"g at a $i"i$u$5 %ecause he>ll try very har- to please you i8 he 7"o,s
e:actly ,hat you e:pect o8 hi$. 1e$e$%er that his i$agi"atio" "ee-s ple"ty o8
%oosti"g a"- lots o8 roo$ to gro,5 or it ca" easily %eco$e sti8le-. =ou "ee- "ever
,orry a%out spoili"g hi$ or givi"g hi$ too $a"y illusio"s. The irgo chil- is $a-e
o8 ster"er stu88 tha" that.
#ive hi$ all the lovely -rea$s you ca" cro,- i"to his heart. Such %right $o$e"ts
o8 8a"tasy ,ill guara"tee hi$ a $uch-"ee-e- e$otio"al %ala"ce ,he" he gro,s up.
4e very sure he has a secret star to ,ish o". Me$ories o8 $agical -ay-rea$s ,ill
7eep hi$ 8ro$ %ei"g lo"ely i" the years to co$e5 a"- there ,ill %e $a"y occasio"s
8or 8uture lo"eli"ess. 0"li7e other chil-re"5 the you"g irgo $ay "ot %e very 8o"-
o8 8airy stories a"- $a7e-%elieve. .e>s a true little realist. *erhaps that>s ,hy he
"ee-s the$ $ost o8 all.

The 21#& 4oss
</e ca" tal75< sai- the Tiger-lily9
<Q,he" there>s a"y%o-y ,orth tal7i"g to.>
28 you have a irgo %oss5 %e 7i"- to hi$. .e>s pro%a%ly secretly trou%le- a"-
u"happy. irgos are "ot %or" to %e high-po,ere- e:ecutives ,ho lea- others
8orce8ully a"- they soo" regret the -ecisio" to %ite o88 $ore tha" they ca" che,. &8
course5 -ue to i"-ivi-ual pla"etary positio"s a"- aspects i" the "atal chart5 there are
certai"ly so$e irgos ,ho are e:tre$ely co$pete"t i" positio"s o8 po,er5 %ut
they>re 8e, a"- 8ar %et,ee". =ou ca" pro%a%ly cou"t the o"es you 7"o, o" the toes
o8 o"e 8oot.
The typical irgo is at his %est as the po,er %ehi"- the thro"e5 the o"e ,ho
-epe"-a%ly carries through the origi"al D8 i-eas o8 others. .e>s happier a"- $ore
success8ul i" the J chec7$ate positio" o8 chair$a" o8 the %oar- tha" as the
presi-e"t o8 a huge corporatio" ,ho has to cope ,ith the pro%le$s o8 his e$ployees
a"- prese"t a ;olly co$pa"y i$age. The very last thi"g $ost irgos ,a"t is to
glori8y the sel8 a"- %eco$e a liste"i"g post 8or everyo"e>s trou%les5 #oo-"ess
7"o,s5 they have e"ough trou%les o8 their o," to 7eep the$ %usy ,orryi"g 8or a
li8eti$e5 eve" i8 $a"@ o8 the$ are i$agi"ary.
!opi"g ,ith the pressure o8 %ei"g respo"si%le 8or the i$pulsive actio"s o8
progressive associates5 8iri"g or-ers a1 su%or-i"ates5 a"- pushi"g pu%lic relatio"s5
,hile ;uggli"g the 8i"a"ces o8 %ig e$pires5 re'uires a thic7er s7i" a"- e 8atter ego
tha" the average irgo possesses. &"e reasor he>s such a" u"happy $is8it as a"
e:ecutive is %ecause he te"-s to see the trees clearly a"- co$pletely $iss the 8orest
-yet this is the very trait ,hich $a7es hi$ such ac i"-ispe"sa%le ;e,el as the $a"
,ho gui-es the presi-e"t ol the 8ir$. .e $ay "ot %e the o"e ,ho sees the %ig
picture5 %ut he ca" erase the 8u33i"ess 8ro$ the pictures the $ore aggressive people
pai"t so carelessly. 28 a"yo"e ca" $a"ipulate co$plicate- pro;ects a"- see the$
through ,ith T $i"i$u$ o8 -isastrous $ista7es5 it>s a irgo. .e ca" ta7e the ,il-est
sche$es ,ith a thousa"- -a"gerous5 -a"gli"g loose e"-s a"- $a7e the$ ,or7. A
tale"t li7e that shoul- "ever %e ,aste- up 8ro"t ,here there>s "ot e"ough privacy to
acco$plish his $eticulous $iracles. 2" 8act5 i8 he>s 8orce- to per8or$ his
orga"i3atio"al $agic %e8ore a pu%lic au-ie"ce5 the irgo is li7ely to loo7 as i8 he>s
-ou%le-tal7i"g5 ,he" he>s really "ot. The irgo ,hose hi--e" va"ity has cause- hi$
to %e put i" such a positio" usually e"-s up accuse- o8 this very thi"g.
A irgo ,ill pull 8e, pu"ches ,he" he>s as7e- 8or a critical opi"io"5 a"- let>s 8ace
it5 a" e:ecutive o8te" has to s$ile a"- say <yes< ,he" he $ea"s <"o5< a"- 8ro," a"-
say <"o< ,he" he $ea"s <yes.< 2t>s all part o8 the ga$e. 4ut a irgo calls a tur"ip a
tur"ip5 a"- he>s %e,il-ere- ,he" people tur" o" hi$ %ecause he -i-">t prete"- it
,as a tulip.
!o"se'ue"tly5 the irgo i" a high-po,ere- positio" so$eti$es resorts to -eceptio"
i" sel8--e8e"se5 a"- -si"ce -eceptio" is e$phatically "ot o"e o8 his i""ate tale"ts5 he
e"-s up %ei"g accuse- o8 %ei"g -o,"right sly a"- hypocritical. /hat a pity5 ,he"
irgo hates hypocrisy so $uch. 4ut that>s the price he pays 8or sitti"g i" a chair he
,as">t $ea"t to occupy. The e"-less5 chatty lu"cheo"s ,ith clie"ts ,ho have to %e
,i"e- a"- -i"e- a"- catere- to ,oul- -rive the average irgo i"to a her$it>s cave
a8ter a 8e, $o"ths5 a"- a 8e, years o8 it $ight actually give hi$ a serious $e"tal
A"y irgo ,ho searches his o," soul eve"tually co$es up ,ith the 7"o,le-ge that
he>s %etter o88 -oi"g the actual ,or7 o8 ru""i"g the $achi"ery i"si-e the
orga"i3atio" a"- letti"g so$eo"e else pose 8or the pictures. 28 he>s truly -e-icate- to
his ,or7 ?is there a irgo ,ho is">tA@5 he secretly scor"s the social a"- political
e:tra-curricular activities the hea- o8 a 8ir$ is 8orce- to e"gage i"5 %ecause it causes
hi$ to "eglect his -uties-a"- %e assure- that "eglect o8 -uty is "ot so$ethi"g a
irgo ta7es lightly.
Still5 i8 the %usi"ess is a s$all o"e ,ith5 say5 u"-er a -o3e" e$ployees5 a irgo $ay
-o very ,ell as the captai" o8 the tug%oat. .e certai"ly ,o">t let it hit a"y
u"8oresee" s"ags %ecause he>ll have every pote"tial -a"ger charte- i" -etail5 upsi-e
-o," a"- %ac7,ar-s. 4ut %ig %usi"ess a"- the typical irgi"ia" si$ply -o">t %le"-5
al,ays allo,i"g 8or the occasio"al e:ceptio" to the rule. A irgo ,ith a !a"cer
asce"-a"t a"- a !apricor" Moo"5 8or e:a$ple5 ,oul- %e a horse o8 a -i88ere"t gait.
Such a irgo at the hea- o8 a large co$pa"y ca" %e a real ,i""er5 ;ust as the
average irgo at the hea- o8 a s$all co$pa"y is usually success8ul. They also e:cel
i" lea-i"g scie"ti8ic5 e:peri$e"tal groups5 ,here pai"sta7i"g research is the
This %oss ,ill "ot overloo7 the sloppy $ista7es o8 a secretary ,ho co"sta"tly
$isspells ,or-s5 ,ears i"7 %lots o" her thu$%s a"- 8orgets to ,ater his gera"iu$s.
=ou>ll have to %e alert a"- o" your toes i8 you ,a"t a pro$otio" 8ro$ irgo. Never
tell hi$ the appoi"t$e"t is 8or three o>cloc7 ,he" it>s really 8or t,o-8orty-8ive5 or
you>ll 8ace a cra"7y5 irrita%le %oss ,ho ,o">t hesitate to poi"t out your 8u$%le ,ith
hairsplitti"g 8ra"7"ess. As 8or re$i"-i"g hi$ i" sel8--e8e"se that he hi$sel8 $islai-
the papers he "ee-e- 8or the sa$e $eeti"g5 8orget it. 2"stea- o8 causi"g hi$ to %e
$ore tolera"t o8 your errors i" relatio" to his o," - e:cee-i"gly rare goo8s5 he>s 8ar
$ore li7ely to glare at you ,ith e:tre$e a""oya"ce. Try it $ore tha" o"ce a"- you
$ay e"- up ,ithout a ;o%. A little criticis$ goes a lo"g ,ay ,ith your irgo %oss.
&" his si-e5 that is. As 8ar as you>re co"cer"e-5 resig" yoursel8 to ple"ty o8 it.
There>s ;ust o"e ,ay out a"- o"e ,ay o"ly. Do">t $a7e $ista7es. 2t>s really 'uite
&"ce you>ve a-;uste- to his per8ectio"ist attitu-e5 youll 8i"- your eagle-eye- irgo
%oss is 7i"--hearte- a"- 8air. .e ,o">t ,a"t to hear the -etails o8 your latest
ro$a"ce5 si"ce se"ti$e"t %ores the typical irgo5 %ut he>ll liste" ,ith sy$pathy to
your re'uest 8or a leave o8 a%se"ce %ecause your le8t s$all toe"ail "ee-s atte"tio".
Sic7 leave ,ill %e u"-erstoo-. &88ice 8lirtatio"s a"- careless ha%its ,ill "ot. Feep
your -es7 ti-y5 -o">t 8lash arou"- the o88ice i" $i"i s7irts a"- heavy $a7e-up5 "ever
%rush your hair over his papers5 a"- liste" care8ully to all his i"structio"s. 28 he
approves o8 your groo$i"g5 your ,or7 ha%its a"- your %rai"5 he ca" %e a
surprisi"gly ge"erous a"- 7i"-ly5 co"si-erate $a" to ,or7 8or. .e has his little
i-iosy"crasies5 %ut -o">t ,e allA
Me" ,ho ,or7 8or a irgo %oss 8ace a slightly -i88ere"t pro%le$. .e>ll e:pect you
to co$e up ,ith creative i-eas a"- to %e aggressive i" the area o8 pro$otio" a"-
sales$a"ship. 2" 8act5 he>ll -epe"- o" you to 8ill i" these gaps i" his o," $a7e-up.
Just %e sure you ha"-le yoursel8 ,ith $o-esty. .e 7"o,s you have $ore -irect
-rive tha" he -oes5 %ut he>s also a,are that he has $ore orga"i3atio"al a%ility5 "ot to
$e"tio" practicality a"- cautio"5 a"- he ,o">t %e thrille- i8 you let it %eco$e
o%vious that you coul- ru" thi"gs ,ithout his close supervisio". .e>s u"-ou%te-ly
correct. .e usually is5 ,hich $ay %e a little 8rustrati"g u"til you get use- to it a"-
lear" to respect hi$ 8or it.
=our irgo %oss $ay have a -ra,er 8ull o8 i"-igestio" re$e-ies a"- a $i"- 8ull o8
8acts a"- 8igures5 %ut he also has a heart 8ull o8 co$passio" a"- the a%ility to
straighte" out i"ter-o88ice -isagree$e"ts. .e ,o">t give out Jaguars5 or $i"7 capes
as !hrist$as %o"uses5 %ut he ,ill pay you ,hat you>re ,orth a"- ,o">t cheat you.
1e$e$%er that he>s e"tirely capa%le o8 si3i"g up e:actly ,hat you are ,orth5 too.
2t>s -i88icult5 i8 "ot i$possi%le5 to 8ool hi$.
Do">t e:pect hi$ to get e:cite- a%out gla$orous %u%%le pro$otio"s. .e $ay "ot %e
overly i$agi"ative5 %ut he has e"ough i$agi"atio" to visuali3e such %u%%les
%ursti"g ,ith a lou- %a"g a"- a spray o8 ,ater5 ,hich $ay leave you all ,et. 4e
sure your suggestio"s a"- $etho-s o8 ,or7i"g have a sou"- 8ou"-atio" i" 8act5 or
he>ll -is$iss your sche$es as -ay-rea$s a"- he $ay -is$iss you5 too. =ou $ay get
i$patie"t 8re'ue"tly ,ith his co"sta"t splitti"g o8 hairs a"- 8ault8i"-i"g criticis$5
%ut a8ter all5 you ca">t ;ust say to a superior that <2t>s a -rag to "ag.< So you $ight as
,ell accept his critical ha%its grace8ully. 2t ,o">t hurt you to let hi$ shape you up a
%it5 a"y,ay.
Al,ays tell hi$ the truth. 2t>s useless to lie to hi$. (ra"7ly5 your irgo %oss $ay
strai" at g"ats-%ut hell sel-o$ s,allo, a ca$el.
28 you give hi$ the u"-ersta"-i"g support a"- respect
he "ee-s5 he>ll "ever hurt you. 2"si-e5 he>s really a ge"tle soul a"- o8te" terri%ly
lo"ely5 $arrie- or si"gle. .e -oes">t $a7e 8rie"-s easily5 a"- hell %e touchi"gly
grate8ul 8or your e"courage$e"t. Li7e all irgos5 he lives ,ith a secret -rea$ a"-
is">t "early as isolate- 8ro$ e$otio" as he see$s to %e. Let hi$ 7"o, you>ve
-iscovere- that his %ar7 is ,orse tha" his %ite ?eve" though his %ar7 is ge"tle a"-
'uiet@5 a"- he>ll step -o," 8ro$ his ivory to,er. Never $i"- i8 the other e$ployees
call hi$ sti"gy. #o to hi$ ,he" you>re really i" trou%le a"- see ho, ,ro"g they

The 21#& +$ployee
</he" you say >hill5> < the 6uee" i"terrupte-5 <2 coul- sho, you hills5
i" co$pariso" ,ith ,hich
you>- call that a valley.< <A hill ca">t %e a valley5 you 7"o,.
That ,oul- %e "o"se"se-<
The 1e- 6uee" shoo7 her hea-. <=ou $ay call it >"o"se"se> i8 you li7e5< she sai-5
<4ut 2>ve hear- "o"se"se5 co$pare- ,ith ,hich > that ,oul- %e as se"si%le as a
28 you have a irgo e$ployee ,ho>s a typical irgi"ia"5 treasure hi$ ?or her@ a"-
pla"5 slo,ly a"- care8ully5 to $"vp. hi$ to the oositio" o8 your assista"t. Do">t -o it
too 'uic7ly or hell 8eel u"prepare- a"- relucta"t. (ast a-va"ces -o">t tic7le the
irgo ego5 they ;ust alar$ hi$ a"- $a7e hi$ suspect that you>re too i$pulsive 8or
hi$ to trust.
=ou "ee-">t sho,er this e$ployee ,ith %o"uses. &" the other ha"-5 -o">t u"-erpay
hi$ either. .e>s ,ell a,are o8 his co$para%le a"- curre"t $ar7et value5 a"- he
,o">t hesitate to $ove o"5 regar-less o8 his %asic loyalty a"- sta%ility5 i8 he 8eels
you>re %ei"g u"8air or u"reaso"a%le. 2t>s %ee" sai- that irgos give service ,ithout
thought o8 re,ar-5 ,hich has create- a %it o8 a pro%le$ i" se$a"tics. 2t>s $ore
accurate to say that they give service ,ithout thought o8 perso"al ego grati8icatio"
?though they secretly -esire this $ore tha" they let o"@. The irgo e$ployee 8ully
e:pects to %e pai- 8or his e88orts5 %ecause $o"ey is i$porta"t to hi$. 2t>s "ot the
cash itsel8 as a status sy$%ol5 "or the !a"ceria" -esire to accu$ulate that $otivates
hi$. 2t>s his i"%re- 8ear o8 goi"g o" relie8 so$e-ay ,he" he>s ol- a"- sic7 a"-
8ee%le a"- 8orce- to -epe"- o" others. The very thought o8 such a situatio" gives the
typical irgo goose %u$ps. .e>ll pro%a%ly %e 8ar healthier i" his ol- age tha" $ost
o8 the other 3o-iac sig"s. Though o8te" ,ea7 i" chil-hoo-5 irgo gathers physical
stre"gth as the years a-va"ce. Still he>ll secretly ,orry a%out his health a"- his
8i"a"cial 8uture. The t,i" $e"tal i$ages o8 the hospital a"- the poorhouse are "ever
8ar 8ro$ his thoughts5 so you ca" see ,hy irgos are 'uietly a$%itious to a-va"ce
i" their ,or7 u"til they reach a positio" ,here they ca" achieve 8i"a"cial security
8or to$orro,. At this poi"t5 a"- at this poi"t o"ly5 the "ervous irgo i"te"sity
%egi"s to u",ri"7le a"- he ca" rela:. &8 course5 irgos "ever co$pletely rela:5 %ut
let>s say he is "ot 'uite as ;u$py as he ,as %e8oreB he %ites his "ails less5 a"- his
allergies let up a little.
=ou>ll -iscover that he has a per8ect eye 8or -etail5 so$eti$es a little too per8ect to
%e co$8orta%le. Just %ecause you>re the %oss ,o">t 7eep hi$ 8ro$ catchi"g your
$ista7es a"- poi"ti"g the$ out i" typical5 %lu"t irgo 8ashio". *ositio"s a"- titles
are">t sacre- to hi$9 per8ectio" is-though5 ,ith typical irgo char$5 hell pro%a%ly
give you $ore out,ar- courtesy a"- respect tha" his associates -o.
/hatever his 8aults5 you ca" al,ays cou"t o" these e$ployees5 $ale or 8e$ale5 to
e:hi%it stro"g a"alytical a%ility a"- e:celle"t taste. .is ?or her@ sharp se"se o8
-iscri$i"atio" $a7es the typical irgo ,or7er a" e:celle"t critic5 ,ith the 7"ac7 o8
spotti"g the ,ea7 log i" the 8e"ce5 "ot to $e"tio" the ,ea7est li"7 i" the chai"5 ,ith
'uic7silver accuracy a"- spee-. irgo ,or7ers are a-apta%le a"- versatile5 clear-
thi"7i"g5 precise5 i"tellige"t a"- relia%le. They>ll "ever tur" i" sloppy ,or7 a"- they
have "o paN tie"ce ,ith a ;o% hal8 -o"e or la3i"ess. That i"clu-es your o,"
occasio"al la3i"ess. The %oss ,ho ta7es a -ay o88 to play gol8 $ay retur" to the
o88ice to 8i"- the irgo e$ployee eyei"g hi$ ,ith a thi"ly -isguise- loo7 o8 -is-
approval5 though the o%e-ie"t5 $a""erly irgi"ia" ,ill pro%a%ly 7eep sile"t a%out
irgos usually shi"e $ore i" %usi"esses ,hich give service to the pu%lic i" ge"eral.
*u%lishi"g5 the literary 8iel-5 $e-ici"e5 phar$acy5 a"ythi"g to -o ,ith 8oo-5
scie"ti8ic la%oratories5 service age"cies o8 all 7i"-s5 %oo77eepi"g a"- accou"ti"g-all
these areas are co$pete"tly a"- e88icie"tly ha"-le- %y the a-ept5 syste$atic irgo.
No ti"y -etail is u",orthy o8 his co"si-eratio"5 a"- he>ll stay overti$e ,ithout a
thought i8 so$ethi"g is "ot 'uite right a"- "ee-s his atte"tio".
=ou ca" 8eel co$pletely sa8e i" letti"g your irgo e$ployee ,or7 ,ithout
supervisio". .is se"se o8 ethics a"- respo"si%ility are total. 4esi-es5 he>- pro%a%ly
pre8er to ,or7 either 'uietly alo"e or co"8i-e"tly %esi-e you tha" %e e:pose- to a"y
possi%le criticis$ 8ro$ 8ello, ,or7ers. irgo ,or7s 'uic7ly5 %ut it $ay "ot %e
o%vious at 8irst. That>s %ecause he 8eels i"secure ,ith short cuts a"- is "ever
satis8ie- u"til all the 8acts have %ee" chec7e-. .e $ay appear to %e slo, si$ply
%ecause he>s -oi"g a thorough ;o%. Actually5 his $i"- ,or7s as 8ast as Mercury5
though $ere spee- ,ill "ever %e allo,e- to replace cautious5 $etho-ical
Although a-vertisi"g is">t a "atural at$osphere 8or his realistic5 practical approach5
he $ight %e valua%le i" so$e positio" ,here he ca" patie"tly pic7 up the pieces o8
those creative %rai"stor$s that occasio"ally %lo, s7y high5 a"- $a7e sure that the
8a%ulous i-eas ,hich have %ee" so ;oyously tosse- i"to the pro$otio"al hat -o">t
have large holes i" the$.
2t ,oul- "ot %e a-visa%le to se"- your irgo e$ployee out to pro$ote your
co$pa"y or sell your pro-uct. .e>s a %it too ho"est a"- plai" spo7e" to pai"t a"y
glo,i"g >ctures 8or your pote"tial custo$ers5 a"- his %asic "ature A C'' shy a"-
retiri"g to push either hi$sel8 or your 8ir$ ,ith a"y great go%s o8 e"thusias$. ery
8e, irgos $a7e eoo- sales$e"5 o"ly the rare e:ceptio"s to the rule.
.e>ll -ress "eatly5 spea7 ,ith ge"tle -ictio"5 %e as clea" as a %ar o8 2vory soap5 a"-
pro%a%ly have a -es7 that>s so ti-y it loo7s positively "a7e-. =ou $ay co$e across a
irgo ,ith a slightly cluttere- o88ice5 %ut "ever 8ear. .is $i"- is">t cluttere-. .e
7"o,s the e:act or-er o8 the appare"t -isor-er5 a"- ;ust ,here to put his 8i"ger o"
,hatever he ,a"ts. .is -es7 $ay loo7 li7e a heap o8 trash to you5 %ut he 7"o,s the
,herea%outs o8 every postage sta$p a"- paper clip.
/he" irgos %eco$e really "oticea%ly u"ti-y5 either at ho$e or at ,or75 it>s al$ost
al,ays a sy$pto$ o8 e$otio"al u"happi"ess-;ust as the sa$e thi"g is true o8 a
Sagittaria" ,ho su--e"ly %eco$es "eat a"- $eticulous.
4ite your to"gue ,he" you get a" urge to critici3e a irgo>s ,or7. .e>ll pro%a%ly
catch his o," $ista7es %e8ore you -o. A"y "ecessary criticis$ shoul- %e give"
%rie8ly a"- 'uietly5 a"- a"y u""ecessary criticis$ shoul- %e 8orgotte". 2t ta7es very
little to ,ar$ his heart to loyalty a"- gratitu-e5 %ut it also ta7es very little to cause
irgo to %ristle a"- 8ret a"- sul7. Still5 as 'uic7 as he is to pout over i$agi"e-
slights5 he>s ;ust as 'uic7 to help ,ithout %ei"g as7e- ,he" you>re i" trou%le. Duri"g
a real crisis5 you>ll s,ear he>s gro," t,o 8eet taller.
Never 8orce irgos to ,or7 arou"- ,il-5 %right colors. 2t -istur%s their 'uiet i""er
"ature. #ive the$ the $ost $o-er"5 $ost e88icie"t e'uip$e"t you ca" a88or-5 a"-
they>ll $a7e goo- use o8 it. They -o">t li7e "oise a"- co"8usio" ,he" they ,or7.
They also -o">t li7e irregular sche-ules. Let the$ have a regular -ay o88 a"- stic7 to
it. They>ll ,or7 overti$e i8 you "ee- the$5 %ut they hate the i"security a"-
co"8usio" o8 cha"gi"g shi8ts. Their e$otio"al re'uire$e"ts are hi--e"5 %ut they are
there ;ust the sa$e5 a"- a certai" a$ou"t o8 ope" appreciatio" $ay %e -esperately
Although the typical irgo sel-o$ i"-ulges i" esoteric or i$agi"ative ,or75 you
,ill occasio"ally 8i"- a 8e, ,ho -o. 4ut re$e$%er that they are still irgos. The
irgo astrologer ,ill split hairs over his occult i"vestigatio"5 the irgo poet ,ill use
precise $eter5 the irgo pai"ter ,ill co"ce"trate o" -etail a"- the irgo actor or
actress ,ill $a.ster the per8ect -ialect or acce"t 8or the role ,ith pai"sta7i"g stu-y.
Never let it thro, you ,he" so$eo"e %or" u"-er a certai" Su" sig" -oes">t see$ to
%e -oi"g ,hat cot"es "aturally5 as 8ar as his choice o8 career is co"cer"e-. FeBep
o%servi"g a"- you>ll see he>s still %ei"g true to his %asic "ature.
>&"ce you>ve gra-ually $ove- your irgo e$ployee 8ro$ the %otto$ ?,here he
,o">t $i"- starti"g5 %y the ,[y@ to the positio" o8 your right-ha"- $a" or your gal
(ri-ay5 you ca" rela: a"- really play so$e gol8 8or a chia"ge5 co"te"t i" the
7"o,le-ge that so$eo"e totally relia%le is coveri"g you %ac7 at the o88ice. &8
course5 you $5ay 8eel a little guilty ,he" you retur"5 u"-er the re-prroach8ul
e:pressio" i" those lovely5 clear irgo eyes. =ou "iiea" you "ever "otice- ho,
attractive your irgo e$-plloyee isA Loo7 agai".
/ill you5 ,o">t you5 ,ill you5 ,o">t you5 ,ill you ;oi" the -a"ceA
The 8urther o88 8ro$ +"gla"-5 the "earer is to (ra"ce.
<!o"trari,ise5< co"ti"ue- T,ee-le-u$5 <i8 it ,as so5 it $ight %eB
a"-5 i8 it ,ere so5 it ,oul- %eB
%ut as it is">t5 it ai">t.
That>s logic.<

L241A5 the Scales
Septe$%er 24th through &cto%er 23r-
.o, to 1ecog"i3e
The L241A Ma"
The L241A /o$a"
The L241A !hil-
The L241A 4oss
The L241A +$ployee

.o, to 1ecog"i3e L241A
<=our 8ace is the sa$e as every%o-y has-
the t,o eyes5 so ... "ose i" the $i--le5
$outh u"-er. 2t>s al,ays the sa$e.
No,5 i8 you ha- the t,o eyes
o" the sa$e si-e o8 the "ose5 8or i"sta"ce-
or the $outh at the top-
that ,oul- %e so$e help.<
Li%ra"s hate to %e ru-e5 yet they>ll straighte" the croo7e- picture o" your ,all a"-
s"ap o88 your %lari"g T s88t. Li%ra"s love people5 %ut they hate large cro,-s. Li7e
ge"Kle -oves o8 peace5 they go arou"- $e-iati"g a"- patchi"g tip 'uarrels %et,ee"
othersB still they e";oy a goo- argu$e"t the$selves. They>re goo-"ature- a"-
pleasa"t5 %ut thCy ca" also %e sul7y5 a"- they %al7 at ta7i"g or-ers. Li%ra?is are
e:tre$ely i"tellige"t. At the sa$e ti$e5 they>re i"cre-i%ly "aive a"- gulli%le. They>ll
tal7 your ear o885 yet they>re ,o"-er8ully goo- liste"ers. Li%ra"s are restless people.
4ut they sel-o$ rush or hurry. Are you co$pletely co"8use-A =ou>re "ot alo"e.
There>s a 8rustrati"g i"co"siste"cy to tlSis Su" sig" that pu33les the 0%ra"s
the$selves as $uch SKit -oes others.
Lots o8 people ,ill tell you that Li%ra is all love aiS- %eauty a"- s,eet"ess a"-
light. That>s 8i"e5 as 8ar as it goes5 %ut it stops a little short o8 accuracy. 2t also stops
short o8 +uge"e &>Neill. Just %ecause the sig" is sy$%oli3e- %y the gol-e" scales o8
;ustice5 -o">t ever thi"7 that Li%raAS are al,ays per8ectly %ala"ce-. 2t see$s to %e a
logical -e-uctio". A8ter all5 the purpose o8 scales is to %ala"o\. .o,ever5 -i- you
ever ,atch the %ala"ci"g process o" a pair o8 ol--8ashio"e- phar$aceutical scalesA
The ulti$ate goal is to get %oth si-es eve"5 %ut ,hat happe"sA (irst o?ie si-e is lo,5
the" the other. 0p a"- -o,"5 a"- they -ip u"til there>s per8ect %ala"ce. Drop i"to a
8rie"-ly "eigh%orhoo-. phar$acy a"- ,atch the$ i" actio". ?Just tell the -ruggist
you>re tryi"g to 8i"- out ,hat $a7es Au"t Martha tic7.@
Never agai" ,ill you have a $e"tal picture o8 a Li%ra" as a cal$5 per8ectly
%ala"ce-5 s,eet5 gracious a"- char$i"g i"-ivi-ual =ou>ll have a $e"tal picture o8 a
perso" ,ho has that 7i"- o8 -ispositio" hal8 the ti$e. The other hal8 o8 the ti$e5
Li%ra ca" %e a""oyi"g5 'uarrelso$e5 stu%%or"5 restless5 -epresse- a"- co"8use-.
Li%ra is 8irst up5 the" -o,". .e s,i"gs o"e ,ay5 the" a"other. Su--e"ly5 li7e the
scaels-per8ect %ala"ceI 2t>s heave"ly. 4ut there is al,ays that perio- o8 ,eighi"g a"-
-ippi"g %e8ore the $o$e"t o8 heave"ly %ala"ce is achieve-.
The physical appeara"ce o8 these people $ay re'uire al$ost as $uch co"ce"tratio"
as the perso"ality. There>s "o such thi"g as a typical Li%ra 8eature5 u"less i8s the
e"us -i$ple. Li%ra" 8eatures are al$ost al,ays eve" a"- ,ell-%ala"ce-. They>re
pleasi"g5 %ut "ot very "oticea%le5 so it>s easier to start ,ith the -i$ples. There ,ill
usually %e a couple i" the chee7s or o"e i" the chi". 28 they>re "ot i" the 8ace5 you
$ight chec7 to see i8 the 7"ees are -i$ple-. Ma"y Li%ra" 7"ees are. 4ut %e care8ul.
ery 8e, girls ,ill %elieve you ,he" you tell the$ you ,ere stari"g at their 7"ees
<%ecause 2 ,a"t to see i8 you ,ere %or" i" &cto%er.< 4e -iscreet5 %ut chec7. /ith
the $e"5 o8 course5 the trousers rule out that clue5 u"less you>re o" the %each or
playi"g te""is. Do">t get -iscourage- i8 you 8i"- -i$ples5 the" -iscover the perso"
,as "ot %or" i" &cto%er. Those 8etchi"g -i$ples have a right to %e there5 %ecause he
or she ,ill have a Li%ra asce"-a"t5 so your guess is still correct.
A8ter you>ve rule- the e"us -i$ples i" or out5 "otice the e"tire e88ect o8 the 8ace. 2t
,ill al,ays ,ear a $ar7e-ly pleasa"t e:pressio". +ve" ,he" the Li%ra" is a"gry5
so$eho, he or she ,ill $a"age to loo7 $il-5 or at the very least5 "eutral. e"us
voices are typically s,eet a"- clear as a %ell5 a"- these people sel-o$ raise the$ to
a shrill or %ello,i"g pitch. A Li%ra" is the o"ly perso" o" earth ,ho ca" say5 <2 hate
you a"- 2>$ goi"g to pu"ch you i" the "ose5< a"- sou"- as i8 he>s reciti"g
4ro,"i"g>s <.o, Do 2 Love TheeA< The $outh is usually %o,-shape-5 a"- the lips
,oul- have %ee" -escri%e- i" #i%so" girl -ays as <lips li7e cherry ,i"e.< 2" 8act5
the typical Li%ra 8ace re$i"-s you o8 "othi"g so $uch as a %o: o8 %o"%o"s. &r a
sugar coo7ie. So$e o8 the$ loo7 li7e hu$a" lollipops5 or a cara$el su"-ae toppe-
,ith rich5 ,hippe- crea$. They li7e to eat those thi"gs5 too5 a"- i8 a"y Li%ra"s are
rea-i"g this5 they>re pro%a%ly ,ea7 ,ith hu"ger %y "o,.
The ,o$e" are al$ost i"varia%ly pretty5 a"- the $e" are usually ha"-so$e. Still5
"ot all o8 the %eauti8ul people i" the ,orl- are Li%ra"sB e"us %eauty is i" a class %y
itsel85 a"- it>s "ot al,ays easy to separate it 8ro$ the goo- loo7s o8 other Su" sig"s.
My o," secret ,ay to recog"i3e the$ is to %egi" %y thi"7i"g a%out the s,eet
e:pressio"s o8 D,ight +lse"ho,er a"- 4rigitte 4ar-ot5 a"- the" go o" 8ro$ there.
The trou%le is that so$eti$es the ,o$e" ,ill loo7 li7e 27e a"- the $e" li7e 4ar-ot.
=ou have to $a7e allo,a"ces.
2>$ "ot i$plyi"g that the Li%ra ,o$a" is $asculi"e.
Most o8 the$ are a%out as 8e$ale as the average $a" ca" sta"- ?u"less there>s a"
aggressive asce"-a"t@. A"- 2 certai"ly -o "ot i$ply that Li%ra $e" are 8e$i"i"e.
They>re usually 'uite virile $ale a"i$als. 4ut there>s "o -e"yi"g that they have a
purity o8 8eature that 7eeps you 8ro$ Q getti"g the$ $i:e- up ,ith pri3e 8ighters or
,restlers. +ve" the rare Li%ra" ,ho $ight %e calle- ugly5 a"- it ,ill %e $ost
u"usual to 8i"- o"e5 has such a char$i"g e:pressio" you>re persua-e- to co$$e"t
that there>s real %eauty o8 character i" his ?or her@ 8ace.
=ou>ll "ever $eet a Li%ra" ,ho -oes">t have a s$ile li7e a so8t5 ,hite clou-. That
e"us s$ile coul- $elt a chocolate %ar at t,e"ty paces. /he" it hits you 8ull 8orce5
it has e"ough ca"-le po,er to tra"s8igure eve" plai" or -o,"right ho$ely 8eatures-
literally5 "ot 8iguratively.
Most Li%ra"s are 8ull o8 curves5 rather tha" a"gles. Their hair is o8te" curly. They>re
"ot "ecessarily 8at ?though a Taurus asce"-a"t ca" pro-uce so$e pretty plu$p
pigeo"s@. Still5 they ca" 8ool you5 go o" a -iet a"- cut 'uite a tri$ 8igure. 4ut eve"
so5 the curves ,ill %e there i" spots5 rather li7e a sli$ hourglass shape. 0si"g 4ar-ot
o"ce $ore as a" e:a$ple5 o"e certai"ly coul- "ot call her 8at-%ut coul- o"e call her
s7i""yA There>s o"e $ore tric7 i" $asteri"g the e"us appeara"ce a"- physical
characteristics. =ou>ll "otice a %right5 lilti"g laugh that ri"gs ,ith $erri$e"t. &"ce
you>ve hear- it5 you ,o">t soo" 8orget it.
No, you $ight thi"7 that to %e %or" attractive a"- -i$ple-5 to see7 8air"ess a"-
loveli"ess5 to %e pleasi"g a"- easily please-5 is a %lessi"g. =ou $ight i$agi"e that
ge"tle"ess a"- i"tellige"ce5 grace a"- u"-ersta"-i"g are the gi8ts o8 a 8airy
go-$other. =ou $ight %e right. /he" the Li%ra scales are %ala"ce-5 i8s utterly
-elight8ul5 li7e $eeti"g a" a"gel 8ro$ para-ise. The pro%le$ is that 8airy
go-$other. She 7eeps rappi"g o"e si-e o8 the .scales ,ith her ,a"- a"- the" the
other5 $a7i"g Li%ra -ip %ac7 a"- 8orth. She ca">t see$ to $a7e up her 8ic7le $i"-
,hether she $a-e a $ista7e or "ot5 a"- she passe- her i"-ecisio" o" to Li%ra"s.
(irst they>ll tal7 up a stor$ a"- $o"opoli3e the co"versatio". The" they>ll liste"
i"te"tly5 ,ith 8latteri"g i"terest. /he" others are 8ighti"g5 theyll play the role o8
peace$a7er5 a"- s$ooth everyo"e>s ru88le- 8eathers. The" they>ll tur" right arou"-5
-eli%erately ta7e the other si-e i" -iscussio"5 a"- start a" argu$e"t 8or the pure
relish o8 it.
They see7 har$o"y. =et5 lots o8 Li%ra"s i"-ulge i" e:cessive eati"g5 -ri"7i"g or
love-$a7i"g5 co$pletely upsetti"g the coo7ie cart5 "ot to $e"tio" thro,i"g
har$o"y out o8 7ilter. 2" 8act5 you>ll co$e across a 8e, Li%ra"s ,ho ,ill re$i"- you
o8 Dr. Dolittle>s <push $e-pull you< a"i$al.
The Su" sig" itsel8 is 7"o," as La3y Li%ra5 a"- that>s a"other i"co"siste"cy. (or
-ays5 ,ee7s or $o"ths o" e"-5 Li%ra"s ca" %e too %usy to play. They>ll %ur" gallo"s
o8 $i-"ight oil5 the" rise a"- shi"e i" ti$e to hear the rooster cro,. 2t ,ears you out
;ust to ,atch the$. Su--e"ly5 they>ll plop -o," i"to a chair5 say5 <2>$ %ushe-5< a"-
give the %est i$itatio" o8 la3i"ess you>ve ever see" ?especially a8ter all that 8re"3ie-
activity@. &"ce they>ve ploppe-5 you ,o">t catch the$ $ovi"g a $uscle i8 they ca"
help it. 2t ,ill %e a" e88ort 8or the$ to pic7 up a spoo" or raise a glass ?though they
,ill $a"age@. 28 there>s a"yo"e arou"- ,ho>s ,illi"g5 they>ll e:pect to %e ,aite- o"5
ha"- a"- 8oot. /he" the scales have -ippe- -o," to,ar- lethargy5 you coul-">t
$ove Li%ra ,ith a stea$ shovel. .ell tal75 rea-5 ya,"5 s"oo3e5 ,atch T or stare
out the ,i"-o,5 a"- see$ %arely a%le to $a7e it i"to the %e-roo$ ?though he>ll
$a"age@. All the "aggi"g a"- shouti"g i" the ,orl- ,o">t i$press hi$. 2t>s as i8 he
,ere i" a"other ,orl-. A8ter a perio-5 ,he" he>s recoupe- his 8orces5 hell 8eel a
spurt o8 e"ergy5 get up5 a"- start chuggi"g -o," the trac7 agai". .is "ose ,ill go
%ac7 to the gri"-sto"e5 a"- his ha"-s a"- 8eet ,ill 8ly. &"ce $ore5 he>ll ,or7 li7e a
$ule i" har"ess5 7eepi"g a $iraculous %ala"ce a"- a stea-y5 eve" pace5 as he
har$o"iously pla"s his chores ,ith e88icie"t ease. Although Li%ra is "ot a -ual sig"5
$ost o8 their 8rie"-s thi"7 they 7"o, t,o -i88ere"t people. Try to tell so$eo"e ,ho
has 8re'ue"tly see" a Li%ra" i" the $i-st o8 a" ups,i"g that Li%ra is la3y5 a"- hell
stare at you %la"7ly. !o"versely5 i8 you try to tell so$eo"e ,ho has %ee" e:pose- to
the Li%ra lassitu-e that this creature is a %u"-le o8 po,er8ul -rive5 he>ll retort ,ith5
<That la3y %u$A =ou $ust %e 7i--i"g.<
Li%ra"s 7"o, i"sti"ctively that to restore har$o"y to the %o-y5 they $ust alter"ate
their active spells ,ith co$plete rest. Their perso"al arra"ge$e"t o8 ge"es a"- cells
a"- electrical i$pulses -e$a"- it5 a"- $ost o8 the$ are pretty a-ept at $a"agai"g
this -elicate physical %ala"ce. .o,ever5 har$o"y o8 the $i"- a"- e$otio"s is">t
al,ays as i"sti"ctive ,ith the$. They ca" ,eep ,ith over8lo,i"g se"ti$e"t5 tur"
sharply sarcastic5 the" %e as %right a"- cheer8ul as the 8irst ro%i" i" spri"g. 2t>s "ot at
all the -uality o8 #e$i"i. The Li%ra" is co"sta"tly -ippi"g -eeply i"to o"e e$otio"
a"- the" the other %y tur"s5 ,hich is">t the sa$e thi"g as the co$plete cha"ge o8
character o8 the #e$i"i t,i"s. There>s a -eep rich"ess to Li%ra>s e$otio"s5 "o
$atter ,hich e$otio" is high or lo, at a give" $o$e"t5 a"- a philosophic approach
to %oth sorro,s a"- ;oys that sel-o$ 8ails to s$ooth thi"gs out eve"tually.
A" i"sti"ct 8or sa"ity 7eeps $ost Li%ra"s $e"tally healthy a"- physically 8it.
0sually5 they avoi- serious %rea7-o,"s o8 %o-y a"- $i"-. The %iggest threat to
their health is over i"-ulge"ce o8 so$e 7i"-. +ati"g s,eets ca" %ri"g o" o%esity5
sto$ach -isor-ers a"- $ottle- s7i". +:cessive use o8 alcohol ca" cause severe
7i-"ey a"- %la--er Q-istur%a"ces5 ,hich i" tur" result i" viole"t hea-aches o8
$igrai"e i"te"sity. #ivi"g i" to -epressio" ca" cause itchy se"satio"s i" the s7i"
a"- eve" %oils. The %reast area is a se"sitive part o8 the %o-y5 a"- so$eti$es there
are 8oot pro%le$s a"- i"testi"al -isor-ers though these are">t as co$$o". 0lcers
%eset $a"y a Li%ra"5 "ot 8ro$ ,orry as $uch as 8ro$ a%use o8 the -igestive syste$
a"- the topsy-turvy e$otio"al $a7e-up. #e"erally5 Li%ra"s are healthier tha" $ost
people5 u"less they push the$selves too %ar-5 a"- 8orget to ta7e those "ecessary rest
perio-s. The e88ect o8 peace a"- har$o"y o" e"us health is $iraculous. /he"
they>re ill5 they "ee- e"or$ous a$ou"ts o8 prolo"ge- rest5 ,ith "o -iscor-a"t
e$otio"al situatio"s to plague the$5 pleasa"t %oo7s5 so8t $usic a"- soothi"g ,or-s.
Such a" at$osphere rarely 8ails to put the typical Li%ra" %ac7 o" his 8eet 'uic7ly.
The Li%ra character is $a-e up o8 ;ust a%out e'ual parts o8 7i"-"ess5 ge"tle"ess5
8air"ess5 plai" cusse- argu$e"ta-tive"ess5 stu%%or" re8usal to capitulate5
philosophical logic a"- i"-ecisio". 2t>s %est to e:a$i"e these i"gre-ie"ts i" -etail.
The argu$e"tative"ess5 8or i"sta"ce. A Li%ra" ,ill argue ,ith you a%out ,hat ti$e
it is i8 he thi"7s your ,atch is t,o seco"-s o88. Do">t try to get a,ay ,ith a
ge"erali3atio" li7e9 <Tee"agers are rui"i"g the cou"try.< =ou>ll get a logical5 care8ul
-issertatio" a%out the *eace !orps a"- ho, $a"y ,o"-er8ul you"gsters there are i"
the ,orl-5 eve" i8 his o," chil-re" are -e8ia"t -rop-outs. Ma7e a re$ar7 li7e5 <The
la, is so corrupt to-ay that all ;u-ges a"- la,yers are -isho"est5< a"- he>ll go o" 8or
hours a%out the -ivi"e protectio" o8 ;ustice i" this cou"try5 the virtues o8 the ;ury
syste$ a"- the pro%le$s o8 la,-$a7ers5 goi"g %ac7 to 1o$a" la, a"- co"ti"ui"g
through the !o-e Napoleo". Never say casually5 <2t>s 8oolish to live i" the city ,he"
you ca" live i" the cou"try. There>s "o co$pariso".< That last phrase especially is a
huge $ista7e. Just $e"tio" the ,or- co$pariso"5 a"- the average Li%ra" is o88 a"-
ru""i"g. .e ca" co$pare all "ight lo"g5 ,ith re8resh$e"ts at i"tervals. .e>ll e:tol
the %eauties a"- a-va"tages o8 the cities co$pare- to rural areas9 -escri%e ; the
%right lights5 ho"7i"g ta:i hor"s5 theaters5 $useu$s a"- D par7s i" glo,i"g ter$s-
eve" i8 he hi$sel8 lives i" su%ur%ia D a"- you coul-">t %last hi$ out ,ith -y"a$ite.
2t ,oul-">t D $a7e a %it o8 -i88ere"ce i8 you too7 the opposite vie, i" D a"y o8 these
cases. The Li%ra" ,oul- the" e:pou"- o" the ?risi"g tee"age cri$e rate5 the
corruptio" o8 the courts a"- Ethe ;oys o8 cou"try livi"g. .e -oes">t really care ,hich
si-e 2 he ta7es i" a goo- argu$e"t5 as lo"g as it>s the other si-e. So$eti$es5 i8 he
gets %ore-5 he ca" s,itch si-es i" the $i--le. Tell hi$ you li7e a $ovie a"- he>ll tell
you ,hat>s ,ro"g ,ith it. !ritici3e it a"- hell praise it. 1ave a%out a "e, %oo7 a"-
he>ll list its shortco$i"gs. 28 you 8ou"- it -ull5 he>ll poi"t out its virtues. Throughout
all this co"sta"t5 logical -e-uctio"5 the Li%ra" ,ill try to re$ai" 8air. Li%ra -rea-s
the appeara"ce o8 pre;u-ice5 u";ust accusatio" a"- %li"- 8aith e'ually. /hat he
see7s is the real truth5 the e:act %ala"ce that gives the correct a"s,er5 a8ter ,eighi"g
all possi%ilities.
2t>s a" a-$ira%le trait5 o8 course5 %ut all that ,eighi"g ca" -rive a positive perso"
si$ply ,il-. 2t ca" -rive the Li%ra" hi$sel8 i"to a state o8 co"sta"t i"-ecisio". +ve"
the $ost co"trolle- e"us $e" a"- ,o$e" -isli7e $a7i"g i"sta"t -ecisio"s ,ithout
ta7i"g all the possi%ilities i"to co"si-eratio". (air"ess ca" %e a 8etish. The Li%ra"
ge"eral5 ,ith his 'ualities o8 %ala"ce-5 har$o"ious ;u-g$e"t5 $a7es a" e:celle"t
strategist5 a"- thought8ul pla""i"g ca" ,i" a %attle %e8ore it>s 8ought. .is a%ility to
see all si-es5 to s$ooth "erves a"- cal$ a"gry te$pers ca" $a7e hi$ the 8i"est 7i"-
o8 $e-iator5 %ri"gi"g people ,ho hate a"- $istrust each other together5 a"- getti"g
the$ to ,or7 i" har$o"ious cooperatio". .o,ever5 ,ar $a7es all Li%ra"s secretly
heartsic7. They hate %loo-she-. A" &cto%er-%or" o88icer i" the ar$e- services ,ill
let so$eo"e else $a7e i"sta"t -ecisio"s u"-er 8ire5 ,hile he %rillia"tly charts the
strategic $a"euvers that ,ill save thousa"-s o8 lives i" the lo"g ru"5 a"- still ,i"
8or his si-e.
This a"tipathy to $a7i"g a -ecisio" ca" tur" i"to 'uite a stale$ate ,ith the o"es
,ho have a-verse a88lictio"s %et,ee" their pla"ets at %irth. There are so$e ,ho
ca">t -eci-e ,hich shoe to put o" 8irst i" the $or"i"g5 let alo"e ,hich si-e o8 the
%e- to get out o8. +ve" the average Li%ra" you $eet at the o88ice or at a party ,ill
al,ays re8lect to so$e -egree this te"-e"cy to ,eigh thi"gs %ac7 a"- 8orth u"til you
get the ;itters5 a"- the ti$e 8or -ecisio" is lo"g past. They>ll say5 <28 2 -o this5 such
a"- such ,ill happe". &" the other ha"-< ?,hich is o"e o8 their all-ti$e very
8avorite phrases@ <i8 2 -o that5 the" such a"- such coul- occur.< Those scales ca" -ip
cra3ily up a"- -o," li7e a see-sa,. Nothi"g is $ore pai"8ul to ,atch tha" a
-ou%t8ul Li%ra" tryi"g to $a7e up his $i"- ,hy5 ,here8ore5 a"- ,hether to. .e
-oes">t li7e to %e hurrie- or pushe- ,hile he>s -eci-i"g5 either. A" i$patie"t perso"
ca" tur" the airy Li%ra" i"to a su--e" spell o8 earth stu%%or""ess that ,oul- $a7e
Taurus5 the %ull5 loo7 li7e a gulli%le pushover. 2$patie"ce is o"e 'uality $ost
Li%ra"s ca">t sta"-. (lighty5 rash5 i$pulsive people ,ho -o">t stop to co"si-er the
co"se'ue"ces give the$ the ;itters.
2t>s a$usi"g that Li%ra"s ,ill al,ays i$$e-iately -e"y their 2"-ecisive"ess. The
8irst thi"g they>ll say ,he" you>re -escri%i"g their Su" sig" ,ill %e5 <2>$ "ot
i"-ecisive at all. That>s "ot accurate. 2t certai"ly -oes">t -escri%e $e.< .i-e your
s$ile. Tra"slate-5 his -e"ial $ea"s that5 although he ta7es a -evilishly lo"g ti$e to
$a7e up his $i"- ?,hich he very co"ve"ie"tly 8orgets@5 o"ce he>s reache- a
co"clusio"5 he>s 'uite gu"g-ho a%out it. 28 he>s %ee" allo,e- su88icie"t ti$e5 his
eve"tual5 8i"al -ecisio" ,ill %e carrie- out ,ith such 8orce8ul co"victio" that it $is-
lea-s hi$ i"to thi"7i"g he>s 8ir$ a"- -ecisive. Do">t let it $islea- you. A"y,ay5
,he" he tells you he has "o trou%le $a7i"g up his $i"-5 he>s ;ust starti"g a typical
Li%ra" argu$e"t5 a"- you ca" tell hi$ so. 2t ,ill -o hi$ goo- to reali3e that5 eve" i"
the $i-st o8 his o%;ectio"s to his astrological traits5 he>s provi"g the truth o8 his Su"
sig". /he" he -e"ies your a"alysis o8 hi$5 ;ust say s$ugly5 <2 e:pecte- you to ta7e
that attitu-e. Li%ra"s al,ays argue every poi"t.< 2t ,ill -rive hi$ crac7ers5 %ut it
$ay help hi$ reali3e the truth5 a"- the truth is ,hat he see7s. .e>s %ou"- to see the
logic i" that. Telli"g hi$ he>s %ei"g u"8air a"- re8usi"g to co"si-er %oth si-es ,ill
ta7e hi$ -o," a "otch or t,o5 also.
ery 8e, Li%ra"s are $ar7e-ly ecce"tric or sho,-o88s. Most o8 the$ are as
,holeso$e a"- as ,ell-%ala"ce- as a "eat 8iel- o8 ,heat5 s,ayi"g %ac7 a"- 8orth
grace8ully i" the ,i"-. They>re "or$ally scrupulously ho"est i" %usi"ess -eals5 a"-
there>s very little careless"ess a%out the$. Li%ra ,oul- rather ta7e his ti$e a"- get it
right tha" $a7e a 8alse start a"- have to repeat the process. They hate e:aggeratio"5
a"- they>re repelle- %y e$%arrassi"g -isplays o8 a"ger a"- passio"5 though they
the$selves ca" %e guilty o8 %oth e:tre$es i8 they>re presse- %eyo"- their e"-ura"ce.
Most Li%ra"s have a 8a"tastic a%ility to co"ce"trate a"- to po"-er -eep su%;ects.
They are %or" ,ith a" a88ectio" 8or %oo7s5 a"- such a respect 8or the pri"te- ,or-
that $a"y o8 the$ scor" paper%ac7s. They 8eel it>s "ot a %oo7 u"less it>s a
har-cover5 a"- s$ells a"- 8eels li7e a %oo7. =ou>re al$ost sure to 8i"- a" e:te"sive
li%rary i" every Li%ra" ho$e.
They love the har$o"y o8 sou"-s5 colors5 poetry a"- the proper use o8 ,or-s5 %oth
,ritte" a"- spo7e". 1arely -o they escape the i"8lue"ce o8 the arts. A Li%ra" is a
ge"tle5 te"-er lover o8 all that>s goo- a"- clea" a"- lovely u"-er"eath ,hatever
i$age he $ay pro;ect ,he" that 8airy go-$other raps o"e si-e o8 his scales. .e>s a"
artistic soul at heart5 ,ho e";oys sprea-i"g the so8t %lue a"- pastel sha-es o8 e"us
at parties a"- cultural occasio"s. So8t light5 $ello, $usic5 i"teresti"g co"versatio"5
goo- 8oo- a"- 8i"e ,i"es tur" hi$ o". .is $i"- has %oth the %rillia"ce o8 the
-ia$o"- a"- the s$ooth"ess o8 the opal. .e $oves i" the cha"gi"g ele$e"t o8 air
a"- re8lects the use8ul"ess .o8 copper5 his har$o"i3i"g $etal. There>s a touch o8 the
cool5 Li%ra" $i"t i" his alert reaso"i"g a"- his sharp se"se o8 ho"or5 a"- si:
-i$e"sio"s o8 peace shi"e -o," o" hi$ 8ro$ e"us.
To truly u"-ersta"- Li%ra5 you $ust u"-ersta"- the ri--le o8 the scalesB o"e si-e
heape- high ,ith &cto%er>s vivi-5 gol-e" leaves5 suggesti"g %ris75 autu$" ,eather-
the other si-e hol-i"g s7y %lue %u"ches o8 shy violets5 -re"che- i" the 8resh sce"t o8
April rai". /he" the scales -ip5 %right opti$is$ tur"s i"to sile"t pa"ic5 ,eighe-
-o," ,ith lo"ely -epressio". /he" they %ala"ce5 they pro-uce a per8ect har$o"y
%et,ee" his rich5 crac7li"g i"tellect a"- his a88ectio"ate5 sy$pathetic heart. The
seaso"s hol- Li%ra>s secret. /i"ter is too col- 8or hi$. Su$$er is too hot. .e $ust
%le"- the$ %oth i"to a per8ect 8all a"- spri"g.
(a$ous Li%ra *erso"alities
Julie A"-re,s 4rigitte 4ar-ot Davi- 4e"-#urio" Sarah 4er"har-t !harles 4oyer
!harlie 4ro," Tru$a" !apote D,ight +ise"ho,er T. S. +liot /illia$ (aul7"er
Mahat$a #a"-hi #eorge #ersh,i" #raha$ #ree"e .ele" .ayes 1ita .ay,orth
!harlto" .esto" De%orah Ferr Joh" Le""o" /alter Lipp$a"" (ra"3 Lis3t Mic7ey
Ma"tle Marcello Mastroia""i Niet3sche +uge"e &>Ne88l Dr. J. 4. 1hi"e +lea"or
1oosevelt +- Sulliva" Michael To--5 Jr. &scar /il-e Tho$as /ol8e

The L241A Ma"
<2" $y youth5< sai- his (ather5 <2 too7 to the la,. A"- argue- each case ,ith $y
A"- the $uscular stre"gth5 ,hich it gave to $y ;a,5 .as laste- the rest o8 $y li8e.<
=ou>ll get ple"ty o8 8ree a-vice 8ro$ this $a". .ell have the per8ect solutio" to all
your pro%le$s a"- a" a"s,er 8or every 'uestio" you as7. 4ut there>s "o use
e:pecti"g hi$ to %e the a"s,er to all your girlish -rea$s. .e>ll cha"ge so$e o8
the$ a"- argue ,ith others. A Li%ra $ale ca" %e as cra"7y as a croco-ile ,ith
poiso" ivy5 a"- his ha%it o8 ratio"ali3i"g everythi"g5 i"clu-i"g love5 ,ill -rive you
to 8re"3y-or leave you li$p ,ith -e8eat.
Still5 2 $ust ,ar" you that o"ce you>re caught a"- e"$eshe- i" the Li%ra" char$5 it
,o">t %e easy to %rea7 a,ay. Tryi"g to escape 8ro$ a %ear trap is a ci"ch5 co$pare-
to li%erati"g yoursel8 8ro$ a Li%ra" $a". 28 you try to ru"5 he>ll persua-e you to stay
,ith such logical5 i"tellige"t argu$e"ts you coul-">t hope to top the$ u"less you
gra-uate- 8ro$ .arvar- La, School. 2" a--itio" to usi"g his u"$atche- reaso"i"g
po,ers o" you5 he>ll tur" so s,eet a"- ge"tle you>ll 8orget the 8rustrati"g
i"co"siste"cies o8 his "ature that upset you %e8ore. The" he>ll s$ile at you a"-
so$ethi"g ,ill happe" i"si-e. =our heart ,ill tur" over.
(ro$ that $o$e"t o"5 the %attle ,ill %e lost. .is -rea$s ,ill %e your -rea$s5 a"-
"othi"g ,ill $atter so $uch as $a7i"g hi$ happy. =ou>ll see7 that s$ile a"- "ee-
it to survive the ,ay a thirsty traveler "ee-s ,ater. &"ly a really har--hearte-
.a""ah coul- resist a Li%ra" s$ile5 a"- she>- have to su$$o" all her -eter$i"atio"
to avoi- %ei"g $ag"eti3e- %y its purity. The Li%ra" char$ is "ot li7e the hyp"otic
persuasio" o8 the Scorpio. The attractio" o8 Li%ra is logicul a"- real5 "ot
super"atural i" a"y se"se. There>s "o %lac7 $agic a%out it5 ;ust co$$o" se"se
su%$issio" to his heave"ly aura.
&" the other ha"-5 to use his 8avorite catch phrase5 there ,ill %e ti$es ,he" those
Li%ra scales -ip %ac7 a"- 8orth ,ith cra3y co"tra-ictio". =ou>ll have to shout at
hi$5 push hi$ i"to the la7e5 or sta"- o" your hea- to get his atte"tio" a"- 8orce hi$
to $a7e a $ove. Do">t %e so "aive as to thi"7 love ,ill %e s$ooth a"- eter"ally
tra"'uil5 eve" i8 he is rule- %y e"us. 28 you>re up o" your 1o$a" $ythology5
you>re a,are that e"us ha- her o88 -ays. Still5 ,he" the scales %ala"ce5 li8e ,ith
Li%ra ca" %e as i"to:icati"g as a go%let o8 gol-e" a$%rosia5 ,ith lots o8 laughs a"-
a casual 8ree-o$ 7"o," o"ly to the go-s ,ho cavort o" &ly$pus.
Ma7i"g up his $i"- is a chore "o less stre"uous to the average Li%ra" $ale tha"
ta$i"g a ,il- %u88alo5 a"- o"ce he>s $a-e it up5 he>s lia%le to cha"ge it ,ith "o
,ar"i"g i8 he suspects he>s $a-e a $ista7e. There>s a ,o$a" 2 7"o, /ho hope- to
go i"to a %usi"ess part"ership ,ith a Li%ra"5 a"- she lear"e- the har- ,ay a%out this
lege"-ary Li%ra i-iosy"crasy. They ha- a %rea78ast appoi"t$e"t together o"e
su$$er $or"i"g5 a"- %oth o8 the$ ,ere 8ull o8 e"thusiastic5 opti$istic pla"s 8or the
8uture. A8ter he -roppe- her o88 o" the ,ay to his o88ice5 she %ega" to ,orry. .is
pro$ises ,ere al$ost too goo- to %e true5 so she pho"e- hi$5 ;ust to $a7e sure she
ha-">t %ee" -rea$i"g. .e ,as still e:cite-5 he repeate- all his pro$ises a"-
a$%itious pla"s5 a"- they $a-e a -ate to get together agai" the 8ollo,i"g ,ee7.
4e8ore they hu"g up5 he guesse- ,hat ,as o" her $i"- a"- reassure- her. <4y the
,ay5< he re$ar7e-5 <2 ,a"t to say so$ethi"g5 si"ce 2 ,o">t see you agai" 8or a 8e,
-ays.< .e hesitate- slightly ?she $isse- that clue@5 the" co"ti"ue- ,ith co"victio".
<2 ,a"te- to tell you that5 ,ell-2 guess ,hat 2 ,a"te- to say is -o">t ,orry. 2 ,o">t
cha"ge $y $i"-. /e>ll go through ,ith it5 ;ust the ,ay ,e pla""e-.<
The "e:t ,ee75 ,he" he -i-">t call5 she pho"e- hi$ agai". </ere you out o8 to,"A<
she as7e-. <No5< he sai- slo,ly. <2 -i-">t call you %ecause 2 ,a"te- to thi"7 it over.<
A lo"g pause. <2 thi"7 2 shoul- try so$ethi"g ,ith a s$aller %u-get 8irst. /e>ll get
together o" our pro;ect "e:t spri"g. 2 pro$ise. 2t>s ;ust that5 ,ell5 2>ve -eci-e- it>s
%est to ,ait u"til the"5 a"- put it o" the shel8 8or a ,hile5 you 7"o,A<
(ille- ,ith "atural rese"t$e"t a"- -isappoi"t$e"t a8ter such a" u"e:pecte-
let-o,"5 she $a-e a -ecisio" o8 her o,". She ,oul- "ever spea7 to hi$ agai". The
$a" ,as o%viously u"-epe"-a%le5 u"trust,orthy a"- cruel5 %esi-es. A $o"th later
she passe- hi$ o" the street5 a"- he stoppe- to say hello. !aught o88 guar-5 she
sta$$ere- a" aloo85 cool se"te"ce or t,o o8 greeti"g5 a"- i"sta"tly regrette- that
she ha-">t cut hi$ -ea-. The" he s$ile-. That -i- it. She ,as o"ce $ore his
stro"gest %ooster. .e coul- -o "o ,ro"g5 eve" to her. To this -ay she -e8e"-s hi$
8iercely5 a"- i8 she hears that o"e o8 his -rea$s got shattere-5 she has a" illogical
-esire to help hi$ pic7 up the pieces so he>ll s$ile agai".
No,5 i8 that coul- occur ,he" a ,o$a" is i"volve- ,ith a Li%ra $a" o"ly i" a
%usi"ess ,ay5 ca" you i$agi"e your state o8 $i"- a"- your a%ility to i"sulate
yoursel8 i8 you shoul- happe" to 8all i" love ,ith o"e o8 these i$possi%le char$ersA
=ou si$ply ca">t %e too care8ul. Steel yoursel8 to tur" your hea- ,he" he s$iles.
Stu88 cotto" i" your ears ,he" he starts his co"vi"ci"g argu$e"ts i" that s$ooth-as-
sil7 voice that $a7es the %ac7 o8 your "ec7 ti"gle.
The ,or- love a"- the ,or- Li%ra are practically sy"o"y$ous. Li%ra i"ve"te-
ro$a"ce5 a"- re8i"e- it to a" art ,ith eve" $ore 8i"esse tha" Leo5 Scorpio a"-
Taurus5 ,hich is sayi"g a lot. The -elicate strategies o8 !upi- are i"%re- Li%ra"
tale"ts. .e>ll use every tric7 ,ith casual ease a"- sel-o$ 8ail to get the girl.
.o,ever5 o"ce he gets her5 he is">t al,ays sure ,hat to -o ,ith her. .avi"g
thoroughly char$e- her i"to ,illi"g su%$issio"5 he hesitates. Shoul- he ta7e
a-va"tage o8 her helpless state or shoul- he propose $arriageA &r %othA &r "eitherA
The $e"tal struggle %egi"s5 a"- li8e i" the gar-e" o8 +-e" ,ith this particular A-a$
%eco$es> co"si-era%ly less tha" ecstatic.
.e ,o">t lose i"terest i" the opposite se: u"til he>s at least "i"ety. 2t $ay %e purely
a" aca-e$ic i"terest i8 he>s happily $arrie-5 %ut the su%;ect ,ill "ever %ore hi$5
eve" i8 he o"ly speculates ,hat it ,oul- %e li7e to ,hirl each pretty girl he sees
arou"- a" i$agi"ary %allroo$.
Si"ce the art o8 love-$a7i"g co$es so easily-a"- shoc7i"gly early-to the Li%ra
$ale5 a"- si"ce he al$ost al,ays ,ears the cro," o8 success o" his ro$a"tic e:cur-
sio"s i"to love>s ;u"gle5 he gets ta"gle- up ,ith a lot o8 cli"gi"g vi"es. Li%ra hates
to hurt a"yo"e>s 8eeli"gs5 though he re$ai"s %liss8ully u"a,are o8 the -a$age -o"e
,he" he>s i" a" argu$e"tative $oo-. .e hates to say "o5 a"- sel-o$ reali3es that
postpo"e$e"t is $ore u"7i"- tha" a" outright %rea7 o8 a" a88air ,hich has "o
cha"ce o8 happi"ess. 2" the opposite situatio" ,he" the $utual 8eeli"g is as close to
su%li$e as hu$a"s ever reach o" this earth5 the prolo"ge- ago"y ca" %e e'ually
tortuous. &"ly a" A'uaria" ca" %e $ore shy o8 $a7i"g a -rastic $ove i" o"e
-irectio" or a"other. 28 he se"ses he>s %ei"g u"8air to so$eo"e i" his o," li8e5 to
you-or to so$eo"e i" your rece"t ro$a"tic past-there ,ill %e "o e"- to his pai"8ul
i"-ecisio". 4ei"g u"8air is5 to hi$5 a cri$e roughly o" a level ,ith $ur-er. The
relucta"ce to %e cruel ca" push hi$ i"to a $ista7e" proposal o8 $arriage5
pre-esti"e- 8or the -ivorce courts Q-or else his e"-less procrasti"atio" ca" cause hi$
to $iss ?he love o8 his li8e. So you ca" see his attitu-e is a t,o-e-ge- s,or-5 ,hich
ca" either slice a,ay true love or cut hi$ a piece o8 i"-igesti%le $atri$o"y. Tossi"g
out 8alse se"ti$e"t is the cure 8or %oth.
The te"-e"cy to,ar- 8ic7le"ess i" Li%ra $e" ca">t %e -e"ie-. They -o te"- to tri8le5
especially i" youth. The "atural Li%ra i$pulse is to to si3e up every thir- or 8ourth
,o$a" they co$e across5 a"- ,eigh her possi%ilities o8 %ei"g the true soul $ate.
They o8te" get 8rie"-ship a"- love hopelessly co"8use-. Surprisi"gly5 it>s "ot o8te"
that the Li%ra" ,ill su88er 8ro$ a %ro7e" heart5 8or all his -a%%li"g a"-
e:peri$e"ti"g. .e ca" 8orget ,ith i"sulti"g 'uic7"ess5 a"- %e less apt tha" a"yo"e5
e:cept perhaps a #e$i"i or Sagittarius $ale5 to allo, hi$sel8 to regret the $e$ory
o8 u"re'uite- love or a ro$a"ce that ,as 8ate- "ever to %e. .e $ay sustai" a 8e,
%ruise- spots5 %ut there ,ill %e "o per$a"e"t -a$age5 e:cept i" very u"usual cases.
The" the hurt ca" %e -evastati"g %eyo"- i$agi"atio". 4ut it happe"s so rarely you
,o">t 8i"- $a"y e:a$ples. 2t>s easier to 8i"- a so8t-hearte-5 guileless Li%ra $a" i"
the clutches o8 a passio"ately -eter$i"e- 8e$ale ,ho has $a-e hi$ 8eel that
-eserti"g her ,oul- %e a si" seco"- o"ly to %rea7i"g all the te" co$$a"-$e"ts at
o"ce. !aught i" such a "et5 he ca" %e a pretty $isera%le priso"er o8 love. 4ut %oth
e:tre$es are the e:ceptio"s5 a"- $ost Li%ra $e" $a"age to 7eep 8ree e"ough to
e";oy ro$a"ce to the 8ullest5 ,ithout letti"g se"ti$e"tal ties rope the$ i".
.e is">t too i"tereste- i" rooti"g out your secrets. .e $ay see$ to %e5 at 8irst gla"ce5
%ut ta7e a seco"- loo7. &8te" he $isses ,hat>s goi"g o" t,o i"ches u"-er his "ose.
+veryo"e ,ill "otice ,hat>s happe"i"g %ut hi$. Though he>ll argue u"til hell 8ree3es
over5 his purpose is "ot to -ig out perso"al $otives5 %ut to -,ell o" a%stract theories
so that he ca" reach a %ala"ce- ;u-g$e"t. .is 'uestio"s are">t ai$e- at u"coveri"g
a"yo"e>s hi--e" "eurosis. .e ;ust ,a"ts to sort the 8acts a"- asse$%le the$ i" the
proper places. .e>ll -iscuss pros a"- co"s ,ith %rillia"t logic a"- astute
ratio"ali3atio"5 a"- his co"clusio" ,ill usually %e 8air5 accurate5 se"si%le a"-
practical. Not eve" Solo$o" i" all his ,is-o$ coul- top a typical Li%ra">s 8i"al5
%ala"ce- -ecisio". 4ut he -oes">t have the i"cli"atio" to 8igure the perso"al "ua"ces
or e$otio"al ta"gles that lie ;ust %e"eath the sur8ace. The 8acts a"- the 8acts alo"e
are su88icie"t. The *iscea"5 Scorpio or A'uaria">s -eep pe"etratio" o8 character
,oul-5 to his $i"-5 $u--y the crystal-clear picture he see7s. .e i"sti"ctively 8eels
that such psychological e:a$i"atio" is out o8 his li"e. 2t is.
28 you>re e:travaga"t5 he>ll si$ply -e-uce that you spe"- $o"ey li7e ,aterB
there8ore you are">t a goo- cre-it ris7. The 8act that you see7 e$otio"al security %y
,asti"g cash is">t i" his 8iel-. .e>s "ot your psychiatrist. 28 you>re sti"gy5 he>s o"ly
i"tereste- i" care8ully e:a$i"i"g your thri8t to 8or$ a" accurate appraisal o8 your
custo$s. There>s "o -esire to u"cover your secret 8ear o8 losi"g your i"-epe"-e"ce
through poverty. *ro$iscuity ,ill $a7e hi$ argue agai"st its pit8allsB 8rigi-ity ,ill5
%ri"g o" eve" le"gthier -iscussio"s a%out isolatio" 8ro$ hu$a" co$pa"io"ship. 4ut
he>ll avoi- lear"i"g a%out the trau$atic e:perie"ces that %rought o" the 8or$er5 or
the -eep-seate- 8eeli"gs o8 i"a-e'uacy that triggere- the latter. Li%ra is the ;u-ge.
=ou>ll see lots o8 ;u-ges ha"-i"g -o," 8air -ecisio"s5 %ase- o" ,eighi"g the 8acts i"
the case5 %ut you ,o">t 8i"- $a"y o8 the$ as7i"g you ,hy the color re- $a7es you
"ervous5 or sy$pathi3i"g ,ith your co$pulsio" to loc7 your hus%a"- out %ecause
he ,ore those re--stripe- pa;a$as. Al,ays re$e$%er that the Li%ra" argues ,ith
o"ly a" a%stract curiosity. .e appears to %e a pro%er5 %ut he>s "ot. Nor is he as "osy
a"- gossipy as he see$s to %e. 2t>s li7e %rea7i"g the seal o8 the co"8essio"al to pry a
secret give" i" co"8i-e"ce 8ro$ the typical Li%ra".
All this $a7es hi$ terri%ly trust,orthy5 %ut a little har- o" your 8eeli"gs. =ou ca"
co"8i-e i" hi$ ,ith 8aith. 4ut you>ll su88er ,he" he $isses se"si"g your i""er$ost
"ee-s. .e ,a"ts to please you5 %ut there>s sel-o$ e"ough u"-er-sta"-i"g o8 your
sile"t hopes to satis8y all your lo"gi"gs ?u"less there>s a ,ater sig" o" the asce"-a"t5
or the Moo" is i" a ,ater sig"@. Just %ecause he>s a" e:pert lover tech"ically -oes">t
$a7e hi$ the soul o8 e$pathy i" relatio" to your $oo-s. .e has e"ough trou%le
copi"g ,ith his o,". Nothi"g ca" %e $ore irritati"g tha" ,he" you rush to hi$ ,ith
a story a%out ho, so$eo"e has hurt you -eeply. =ou see7 sy$pathy5 a"- ,hat -o
you getA .is 8irst 'uestio" ,ill %e5 </hat -i- you -o to hi$ ?or her@A< The" he>ll
poi"t out ,here you ,ere ;ust as $uch i" the ,ro"g5 u"til you coul- screa$ ,ith
u"satis8ie- i"-ig"atio". #o ahea- a"- screa$5 he still ,o">t ta7e si-es i8 he thi"7s
you>ve %ee" u"8air5 a"- the e$otio"al i$plicatio"s ,ill escape hi$.
Trou%le i"varia%ly arises 8ro$ this Li%ra" lac7 o8 a,are"ess o8 the part"er>s "ee- to
%e u"-erstoo- i" -epth. 2t $ay see$ u"%elieva%le that he ca" %e so i"tuitive a%out
the a%stract5 so %rillia"tly logical i" -e-uctio"5 so capa%le o8 clear5 ope"-$i"-e- a"-
ope"-eye- -eli%eratio"5 a"- still %e so aggravati"gly o%tuse a%out ,hat $a7es you
ache or thrill i"si-e. 4ut it>s o"e o8 those i"co"siste"cies you have to live ,ith5 i8
you live ,ith a Li%ra". .is ge"tle"ess a"- that s$ile5 o8 course5 $a7e it easier to
0"less there are 8i"a"cial a88lictio"s i" his "atal chart5 he ,o">t %e tight ,ith the
%u-get. &" the co"trary5 the typical Li%ra" has a rather lavish ha"- ,ith cash. .e
%elieves i" spe"-i"g it o" o%;ects or activities that %ri"g %eauty or happi"ess. 4e
prepare- to %e a goo- hostess5 %ecause his ho$e ,ill %e a regular hospitality ce"ter
at $ost a"y hour o8 the -ay or "ight ?e:cept -uri"g those ti$es ,he" he>s resti"g
a"- ,o">t ta7e 7i"-ly to %ei"g -istur%e- %y -oor%ells5 telepho"es or people@. Do">t
-rag hi$ to cro,-e- places ,here he>s 8orce- to 8eel the press o8 8lesh a"- ,here
the "oise o88e"-s his se"se o8 har$o"y. !ro,-s o8 stra"gers a88ect his i""er
e'uili%riu$. All Li%ra"s have a" i"sti"ctive -istaste 8or physical co"tact ,ith
$asses o8 hu$a"ity. .is social li8e ,ill %e ge"erously spri"7le- ,ith i"tellige"t5
spar7li"g people5 %ut ,he" the group e:pa"-s to over a couple o8 -o3e" ,ar$
%o-ies5 he>ll Struggle 8or air. A Li%ra $a" ca" su--e"ly leave you alo"e i" a
cro,-e- theater ,ith "o e:pla"atio". .e -oes">t hate you. .e ,as ;ust overco$e
,ith claustropho%ia5 a typical 0%ra" a88lictio".
The 8astest roa- to the -isi"terest that lea-s to -ivorce (8s a -isor-erly ho$e. Feep
the ra-io a"- T sets to"e- -o,"5 a"- -o">t let the o-or o8 coo7i"g pe"etrate hia
se"sitive "ostrils. 28 you $ust $a7e o"io" soup a"- garlic %rea-5 spray pi"e-sce"te-
-eo-ora"t arou"- u"til the house s$ells li7e the great "orther" ,oo-s. A ,i8e ,ho
serves a Li%ra" hus%a"- %rea- right out o8 the ,rapper5 $a7es hi$ use paper to,els
8or "ap7i"s a"- leaves the $il7 %ottle or cereal %o: out ,here he ca" see the$ is
%ea-e- 8or the li8e o8 a "ot-so-gay -ivorcee soo"er tha" she $ay thi"7. .a"gi"g
stoc7i"gs across the sho,er ro- is out. (orgetti"g to -ust or $a7e the %e-s ca" 7eep
hi$ i" a co"sta"t state o8 e$otio"al -iscor-. .ell retreat 8ro$ the -ishar$o"y ,ith
lo"ger a"- lo"ger "aps a"- $ore a"- $ore "ights out alo"e5 a"- eve"tually5 there
,ill %e "o co$$u"icatio". .e $ay %e as sloppy as si: pigs hi$sel85 %ut he>ll e:pect
you to pic7 up his soc7s a"- 8ol- the papers %e scatters o" the 8loor. 28 the
chartreuse -raperies clash ,ith a $aroo" rug5 he ca" pout 8or years5 a"- you>ll "ever
7"o, ,hy. 4etter 7eep the -ecor pastel. /ith the typical Li%ra" 7i"-"ess5 he $ay
"ot co$plai"5 %ut his secretary a"- her e:'uisite taste $ay loo7 $ore attractive to
hi$ every -ay.
The Li%ra $ale hates co"8usio"5 a"- he really "ee-s har$o"y to re$ai" sta%le. .is
ho$e $ust %e a %eauti8ul5 'uiet oasis 8ro$ the ;a"gli"g -iscor- o8 the outsi-e ,orl-5
or those scales $ay re$ai" per$a"e"tly out o8 %ala"ce. Si"ce he sel-o$ pro%es
$otives5 you>ll have to %e s$art e"ough to guess ,hy he>s "ever ho$e or ,hy he
sleeps all the ti$e ,he" he is. 1e$e$%er that he>s ,ea7 o" i"trospectio"5 so you
$ust %e the a"alyst. .e>ll "ever suspect his u"happi"ess ste$s 8ro$ seei"g you
covere- ,ith col- crea$ a"- the you"gsters covere- ,ith ;elly. .e $ay "ot reali3e
he hates the ora"ge sho,er curtai" or that the lithograph o8 #eorge /ashi"gto"
crossi"g the Dela,are ,hich ha"gs over the $a"tle goes agai"st his artistic grai".
.e ,o">t 'uite u"-ersta"- ,hy he 7eeps 8orgetti"g to 7iss you goo-"ight a"- goo-
$or"i"g5 %ut his logical $i"- ,ill tell hi$ so$ethi"g is o88 %ala"ce5 a"- he>ll su88er
8ro$ it $ore tha" he lets o". *ic7 up the papers a"- toys5 spruce5 0p the house5 -a%
o" your %est per8u$e5 ta7e the curlers out o8 your hair5 tur" -o," the televisio"5 %uy
so$e heave"ly %lue sho,er curtai"s a"- get a goo- Degas pri"t to replace #eorge
over the $a"tle. =oull ,a7e up so$e $or"i"g a"- 8i"- you>re $arrie- to a
co$pletely "e, $a" /ith a .otally cha"ge- attitu-e.
The chil-re" ,ill al,ays %e"e8it 8ro$ his se"se o8 8air"ess. .e>ll $a7e sure the
%iggest you"gsters -o">t ta7e a-va"tage o8 the %a%y5 or the you"gest -oes">t %rea7
the ol-est>s %icycle spo7es. Li%ra" 8athers ,ill e:ercise -iscipli"e ,ith 'uiet
authority5 a"- they>ll try to give a logical reaso" 8or pu"ish$e"t5 ,hich ,ill sel-o$
%e a-$i"istere- i" a"ger. Li7e you5 the chil-re" ,ill $elt u"-er his char$B a"- li7e
you5 they>ll also cha8e u"-er his co"sta"t -e%ati"g a"- challe"gi"g. Stra"gely5 a
Li%ra $a" usually -oes">t loo7 8or,ar- e"thusiastically to the %irth o8 chil-re". 4ut
a8ter they arrive5 he ,eighs the a-va"tage o8 their love agai"st lo"eli"ess5 plu"ges
i"to 8atherhoo- ,ith a si"cere -esire to e";oy it5 a"- "or$ally e"-s up as a -oti"g
pare"t. .o,ever5 he>ll "ever allo, pare"tal a88ectio" to replace his ro$a"tic 8eeli"gs
8or you. /ith typical Li%ra"s o8 %oth se:es5 the $ate co$es 8irst5 o88spri"g seco"-.
=ou "ee-">t 8ear that his love 8or you ,ill -ecrease as the 8a$ily i"creases-
assu$i"g5 o8 course5 you got ri- o8 those chartreuse -raperies or the $aroo" rug5
o"e or the other- a"- that the -irty -ishes -o">t co"ti"ually pile up i" the si"7.
&"e 8i"al ,or- o8 astrological a-vice. 28 you>re i" love ,ith a Li%ra $a"5 a"- you>re
sure it>s $ea"t to %e5 go right ahea- a"- propose ,hatever it is you ,a"t to propose5
up to a"- i"clu-i"g $arriage. .ell %e relieve- that you too7 the i"itiative. 4ut ,atch
out 8or that perverse strea7-,hich causes hi$ to let you -eci-e5 a"- the" ,he" it
-oes">t ,or7 out5 cheer8ully poi"t out that <=ou $a-e the -ecisio". 2 -i-">t.< Ma7e
sure you 7"o, ,hat you>re -oi"g5 or you>ll "ever hear the e"- o8 it. There>s o"ly o"e
,ay to eve" the score ,ith hi$. Say <=es5 2 -eci-e-. 28 2 ha- le8t it up to you5 ,e>-
still %e sta"-i"g u"-er that la$ppost i" the rai" sayi"g >2 love you5> a"- ,e>- %oth
have caught p"eu$o"ia.< .e>ll argue ,ith you5 "aturally5 %ut ;ust %e8ore or a8ter you
%ou"ce the teapot o88 his hea-5 he>ll acci-e"tally s$ile5 a"- there you>ll %e-sta"-i"g
u"-er that la$ppost i" the rai" agai"5 sayi"g <2 love you5< o"ce $ore. 2 %elieve this
is ,here 2 ca$e i".

The L241A /o$a"
A"- so she ,e"t o" ta7i"g 8irst o"e si-e
a"- the" a"other a"- $a7i"g 'uite a co"versatio" o8
it altogether...
She ge"erally gave hersel8 very goo- a-vice ?though she sel-o$ 8ollo,e- it@ ...
&"ce a chil- as7e- $e a 'uestio" that ,as">t easy to a"s,er. </hy is it5< he ,a"te-
to 7"o,5 <that la-ies ,ear trousers a"- $e" use pretty s$elli"g colog"eA< 2" typical
Aries style5 2 -ashe- o88 a" i$pulsive reply. </ell5< 2 tol- hi$ 'uic7ly5 %e8ore he
coul- thi"7 o8 a"y $ore e$%arrassi"g ri--les5 <that>s %ecause there>s a little %it o8
,o$a" i" every $a"5 a"- there>s a little %it o8 $a" i" every ,o$a". No, let>s play
Loo7i"g %ac75 2>$ rather prou- o8 $y i"sta"t Mars ,is-o$. That state$e"t is true
to so$e -egree o8 all the Su" sig"s5 a"- it>s super-true o8 Li%ra. =ou ca" 8i"- a trace
o8 the opposite se: i" the $ost virile5 rugge- Li%ra" $ale5 a"- e"us plays the sa$e
tric7 o" the 8e$ale scale %ala"cer.
She $ay %e as -ai"ty as a 8lu88y5 ,hite %u""y a"- she $ay ,hisper ,ith ge"tle
persuasio". She ca" -ress i" sil7s a"- laces5 a"- her hair ca" s$ell o8 8ragra"t
colog"e. She $ight eve" loo7 li7e a little -oll you coul- li8t ,ith o"e ha"- ?though a
Taurus or Sagittarius asce"-a"t ,oul- $a7e her co"si-era%ly $ore he8ty@. 4ut ,ith
all her 8e$i"i"ity5 s,eet $a""eris$s a"- lovely grace5 this girl ,ears a pair o8
trousers ,ith surprisi"g ease5 a"- they>ll 8it her rather "eatly. .er $e"tal processes
operate ,ith $ale logic a"- they ca" $atch yours i" a"y -iscussio" you care to
start. They ca" eve" top yours o" occasio"5 although the 8e$ale si-e o8 the Li%ra
,o$a" is usually too s$art to let you catch o" to that u"til you>re sa8ely past the
ho"ey$oo". Duri"g the $ati"g seaso"5 she>ll %e care8ul "ot to %eat you at chess5 %ut
she ,o">t hi-e her sharp $i"- %ehi"- those so8t -i$ples 8orever. +ve"tua4y5 you>ll
%e treate- to a -isplay o8 her %rai" po,er.
Most Li%ra ,o$e" ,ill air their clever ,its a"y ti$e a su%;ect appears ,ith the
slightest possi%ility o8 -e%ate. 2t coul- %e a"ythi"g 8ro$ ,hy you shoul-">t ,ear
%utto" -o," collars to ,hat>s 7eepi"g you 8ro$ getti"g a raise at ,or7. ?She>ll 8eel
the latter is partly your 8ault a"- partly your %oss>s 8ault. +verythi"g ,ith Li%ra e"-s
up as si: o8 o"e a"- hal8 a -o3e" o8 a"other-;ust so it all co$es out eve".@ 28 you
re8use to rise to the %ait5 she>ll argue ,ith hersel8. A Li%ra girl ca" start a
-o""y%roo7 alo"e5 pursue it alo"e a"- 8i"ish it alo"e5 i" a gra"- 8lourish. =our o"ly
co"tri%utio" $ay %e <4ut ,hyA< or <2 -o">t thi"7 so5< %ut so$eti$es that>s all she
"ee-s to -eliver a %rillia"t $o"ologue5 ,hich $ay last 8or a" hour or $ore. Through
it all5 ho,ever5 you>ll pro%a%ly %e -ro,"i"g i" her char$. She>ll tur" o" that
u"%eara%ly -elicious s$ile every thir- se"te"ce or so5 a"- you>ll e"- up cha"gi"g
your $i"- as e88ortlessly as she cha"ges her se: %y ta7i"g over the $a">s
prerogative5 the" s,itchi"g %ac7 to a cu--ly love %u""y. She>ll co"vi"ce you ,ith
pure clear logic. =ou ,o">t lose $uch-e:cept your pri-e5 a"- you>ll har-ly $iss that5
u"-er the spell o8 that ge"tle Li%ra" s$ile. She>s usually right5 %ecause her 8i"al
-ecisio"s are as care8ully co"si-ere- as those o8 the Supre$e !ourt. Li%ra" 8e$ales
-o">t "ee- $uch e"courage$e"t to start a ver%al co$pariso" goi"g %et,ee" a"y t,o
poi"ts o8 vie,. A politically active seaso" ,ill give her lots o8 cha"ces to sharpe"
her rhetoric a"- her argu$e"tative tale"ts. She $a7es a great political ,or7er5 o"ce
she>s $a-e up her $i"- ,hich si-e a"- ,hich ca"-i-ate is right.
Asi-e 8ro$ the typical Li%ra pe"cha"t 8or ,eighi"g everythi"g t,ice to $a7e sure
she -i-">t $iss a poi"t5 she ca" %e 'uite a lot o8 ,o$a" 8or a $a" ,ho>s i"tereste-
i" ro$a"ce or co$pa"io"ship or %oth. .er te"-e"cy to argue is really %ase- o" a
si"cere -esire to reach a" i$partial -ecisio". 2t coul- %e ,orse. At least she -oes">t
$a7e up her o," rules as she goes alo"g5 or stu%%or"ly resist all reaso"5 li7e ,o$e"
%or" u"-er so$e other Su" sig"s. 4esi-es5 $ost o8 her opi"io"s are prese"te- ,ith
-iplo$atic tact5 ,hich so$e,hat so8te"s the %lo,.
*erhaps the %est ,ay to get you to appreciate your Li%ra ,o$a" is to give you a
'uic7 ru"-o," o" ,hat you ,oul- 8ace ,ith other Su" sig"s i" a si$ple situatio".
Let>s say you>re -iscussi"g the su%;ect o8 calli"g car-s. Shoul- people use the$
to-ay5 is it ol--8ashio"e-5 a"- ,hat shoul- they loo7 li7eA Ta7e a 8ast 8light arou"-
the 3o-iac. *rete"- you>re the o"ly $a" i" a roo$ ,ith t,elve ,o$e". ?That shoul-
%e a pleasa"t suppositio".@ The -iscussio" ,oul- ru" so$ethi"g li7e this9
Aries9 Do">t "ee- the$. 2 use the telepho"e. Taurus9 2t>s rare that 2 go calli"g.
*eople visit $e. #e$i"i9 !alli"g car-sI /ho has ti$e 8or calli"g car-sA
Leo9 /ell5 i8 they ,ere really ,il-5 a"- i$pressive loo7i"g-
irgo9 2>ll have to chec7 +$ily *ost a"- see e:actly ,hat she says.
Sagittarius9 My ga,-I =ou $ea" people st88l ta7e ti$e 8or that ;u"7A
Scorpio9 28 they>re "ot ho$e5 they $iss $e. 28s their loss5 "ot $i"e.
A'uarius9 2 ,o"-er i8 it>s rai"i"g outsi-eA 2 thought 2 hear- thu"-er.
!a"cer9 !ar-s are so i$perso"al. 2>- rather ,rite a "ote.
*isces9 2 al,ays se"se ,he" people are">t there5 a"- 2 o"ly 2 call o" the$ ,he" 2 get
a su%li$i"al $essage they ,a"t to see $e.
!apricor"9 The custo$ is per8ectly proper. 4ut there>s "o 2 poi"t i" -iscussi"g the
-esig". 28 it>s "ot e"-D grave-5 it>s "ot a calli"g car-.
Li%raB /ell5 it all -epe"-s. 28 you ,a"t to -o the correct thi"g5 you shoul- have
the$. 2t>s a char$i"g gesture. &" the other ha"-5 usi"g the$ $ight see$ prete"tious
to-ay5 a"- the $o-er" ,o$a" is too %usy to %other ,ith the$. &8 course5 you have
to co"si-er the reaso" %ehi"- the custo$. The" agai"5 there are people ,ho ca">t
a88or- calli"g car-s. 28 i8>s a strai" o" the %u-get5 they are">t really "ecessary.
Loo7i"g at the other si-e o8 it5 ho,ever5 2 ca">t help 8eeli"g the %eauty a"- grace o8
yester-ay is $issi"g i" to-ay>s 8ra"tic pace5 so it $ight %e $o"ey ,ell spe"t. 2
suppose they shoul- %e e"grave-. =et5 it>s true that so$ethi"g -i88ere"t ,oul-
re8lect the i"-ivi-ual perso"ality. A creative perso" coul- -esig" his o,". 4ut such
i"-ivi-ual car-s $ight %e $isu"-erstoo- %y very social people5 you 7"o,A 2 $ea"5
the 1oc7e8ellers ,oul- thi"7 it ,as gauche. &" re8lectio"5 ,ho calls o" the 1oc7e-
8ellersA =our o," 8rie"-s ,oul- love your %ei"g origi"al5 %ut plai" e"gravi"g is
pro%a%ly $ore accepta%le. At least 2 thi"7 it shoul- %e. 4ut still-,ell ...
No, she>s ru" out o8 pros a"- co"s5 a"- she 8ro,"s slightly5 u"-er the strai" o8
sorti"g out her o," argu$e"ts a"- tryi"g to -re-ge up a" actual5 8ir$ -ecisio" 8ro$
the lot.
=ou ca" see the Li%ra" 8e$ale is "othi"g i8 "ot 8air5 a"- co$$itte- to %ala"ce-
;u-g$e"t all arou"-. =ou $ay get a little %ore- ,ith her -igressio"s o" $u"-a"e
su%;ects such as calli"g car-s5 %ut you>ll si"cerely appreciate her e88orts at 8air"ess5
a"- her a%ility to ;u-ge correctly %y ,eighi"g all si-es5 ,he" it co$es to so$ethi"g
that really $atters. &ther ,o$e" $ight toss o88 opi"io"s that re8lect their o,"
i"-ivi-ual "atures5 a"- sel-o$ care $uch a%out ,hat you thi"75 or a%out a 8air
a"s,er. To a Li%ra ,o$a"5 there>s "o such thi"g as ,hat she thi"7s is right. =our
opi"io" -eserves as $uch respect as hers a"- *lato>s5 u"til the -ecisio" is $a-e5
%ase- o" the 8la,s i" her argu$e"ts5 yours a"- all the philosophers.
Most e"us girls ,or7 %oth %e8ore a"- a8ter $arriage. They see7 cash 8or the lovely
thi"gs it ca" %uy. The Li%ra %ir- "ee-s lots o8 8i"e 8eathers 8or her lu:urious "est.
She loves %eauti8ul clothes5 e:pe"sive per8u$es5 classical $usic a"---i- so$e%o-y
say she ,as $asculi"eA =es5 2 -i-. &"e si-e o8 her. 4ut you ,ill %arely "otice her
har- hea- ,he" it ,ears such pretty hair--os. Mostly5 Li%ra" ,o$e" "ee- ple"ti8ul
su$s o8 $o"ey to re$ove the$ 8ro$ the s'ualor a"- ugli"ess o8 -iscor-a"t
surrou"-i"gs5 ,hich ca" actually $a7e the$ e$otio"ally a"- physically ill. 4ut
there>s a"other reaso" she ,or7s5 a"other reaso" she ,a"ts $o"ey. .er $a". 28
there>s o"e thi"g a Li%ra 8e$ale treasures a%ove all else o" this te$poral earth5 it>s
the $a" she>s chose" to love5 ho"or a"- $a"age.
She hates to play solitaire. *art"erships5 i" %oth %usi"ess a"- ro$a"ce5 co"stitute
her -eepest ."ee-. She -oes">t li7e to ,or7 alo"e5 a"- she>s literally i"capa%le o8
livi"g alo"e. li%ra ,o$e" ,ho visit astrologers have o"ly t,o 'uestio"s they really
care a%out. 28 it>s "ot o"e5 it>s al,ays the other. +ither9 </he" ,ill 2 $eet so$eo"e 2
really loveA< or </he" ,ill 2 8i"- so$eo"e to go i"to %usi"ess ,ith $eA< /ith her5
$arriage is a ;oi"t ve"ture5 a"- the rules are al$ost as strict as those i" a corporate
setup. =ou are the presi-e"t o8 the associatio"5 a"- you>re ho"ore- as such. She>s the
chair$a" o8 the %oar-5 ,ho ,ill 7eep you 8ro$ $a7i"g $ista7es5 i" her o,"
8e$i"i"e5 protective ,ay. .er "ature is %uilt 8or tea$,or7. She>ll ,a"t to participate
i" as $a"y o8 your i"terests a"- activities as possi%le. She>s ,illi"g to e"tertai" i"
her hus%a"->s %ehal85 a"- she>s 8e$ale e"ough to 8ollo, his lea- ,he" he ,a"ts to
cha"ge his career5 $ove to a"other city5 or cultivate "e, 8rie"-s. That>s all his
-epart$e"t. She>s o"ly there to s$ooth the ,ay a"- %e sure he -oes">t goo8 a"ythi"g
%y i$pulsive actio"s a"- ill-co"si-ere- ;u-g$e"t.
=ou really have to give her cre-it. The typical Li%ra ,o$a" has "o -esire to %e a
sto"e arou"- her hus%a"->s "ec7. She si$ply ,a"ts to re$ove all the sto"es i" his
path. She>s "ot "early as -o$i"eeri"g o" the sur8ace as she is i",ar-ly5 %ecause the
last thi"g she ,a"ts to -o is $a7e a lot o8 positive state$e"ts you ca" hol- her
respo"si%le 8or later. She>ll trea- ge"tly i" $ost cases ?u"less she has a" Aries
asce"-a"t-a"- i8 you>re $i:e- up ,ith a ,o$a" ,ho ha- a -ou%le car-i"al
i"8lue"ce li7e that at %irth5 you have a si3a%le pro%le$@.
The average Li%ra 8e$ale is highly i"tellectual a"- has a$a3i"g po,ers o8 a"alysis5
,hich ca" %e a real help i" solvi"g your %usi"ess pro%le$s. She sel-o$ lets her
e$otio"s 7eep her 8ro$ -ispassio"ate -ecisio" or a-%ala"ce- vie,5 a"- she ca"
usually give you %etter a-vice tha" your %a"7er. Naturally5 her a%ilities alo"g these
li"es ca" cover a $ultitu-e o8 vices. Not o"ly that5 %ut i8 she>s a typical e"us girl5
she o88ers her pearls o8 ,is-o$ o" a silver platter o8 char$ a"- a$ia%le suggestio".
.er iro" ha"- ,ears a so8t5 velvet glove5 a"- she ca" "u-ge you o88 the ,ro"g trac7
a"- i" the right -irectio" so ge"tly5 you>ll s,ear the s,itch ,as e"tirely your o,"
i-ea. A" Aries5 Scorpio5 Leo or Taurus $a" ,ill "or$ally put his Li%ra" ,i8e o" a
pe-estal a"- ,orship her. That>s o"ly 8air5 %ecause she ,orships hi$5 too. &utsi-ers
,ho visit the love "est o8 a properly $ate- Li%ra" a"- her hus%a"- $ay 8eel as
though they ,ere seei"g A-a$ a"- +ve5 %e8ore the s"a7e ca$e alo"g a"- spoile-
everythi"g. ?T,o Li%ra"s ,e- to each other i"varia%ly %eco$e cooi"g love%ir-s or
s"arli"g a-versaries. They>ll go to o"e e:tre$e or the other5 so$eti$es o" a
per$a"e"t %asis5 so$eti$es every other -ay.@
There are $a"y re,ar-s ,he" you>re livi"g ,ith a Li%ra 8e$ale. She>ll "ever ope"
your $ail. 2t si$ply ,oul-">t occur to her to %e so -isho"ora%le. She>ll "ever reveal
your %usi"ess secrets to your 8rie"-s or e$%arrass you i" 8ro"t o8 your %oss. She>ll
pro%a%ly char$ hi$ i"to su%$issio"5 too5 ,ith the sa$e s$ile she use- to $elt your
heart ,he" you 8irst $et her. There are so$e Li%ra ,o$e" ,ith a88licte- Mars
positio"s ,ho $ay over-i"-ulge i" e:cessive e$otio"s at ti$es5 or eat a"- -ri"7
$ore tha" is goo- 8or the$5 %ut they>re 8e, a"- 8ar %et,ee". +ve" i8 a e"us 8e$ale
-oes occasio"ally trip over her o," scales5 soo"er or later she>ll grace8ully achieve
her "or$al state o8 heave"ly har$o"y. There ,ill %e $o$e"ts ,he" you>ll ,o"-er
i8 she>s a" a"gel or -evil5 %ut the a"gels 8ight o" her si-e $ore o8te" tha" "ot.
=ou pro%a%ly ,o">t co$plai" o8 lac7 o8 physical proo8 o8 her love5 %ecause she>s as
se"ti$e"tal as ol- lace5 a"- as a88ectio"ate as a ,o$a" has a"y right to %e.
Although she>s si"cere a%out her %illi"g a"- cooi"g5 those s,eet gla"ces5 te"-er
touches5 ,ar$ hugs a"- 8re'ue"t 7isses are also a pretty e88ective s$o7escree" 8or
her hi--e" $asculi"e -rive. There>s "o la, that says si"cerity ca">t have a practical
=our ho$e $ay loo7 li7e o"e o8 those $aga3i"e a-s 8or ,all-to-,all carpeti"g. The
colors ,ill har$o"i3e5 a"- the 8ur"iture ,ill %e i" goo- taste. *ictures ,ill ha"g
straight5 a"- $eals ,ill usually %e serve- o" ti$e. /ith $ost e"us girls you ca"
also cou"t o" cloth "ap7Cs5 sterli"g silver5 8lo,ers o" the ta%le5 goo- chi"a5
ca"-lelight5 ,i"e5 so8t $usic a"- a %ala"ce- $e"u. Ta7i"g i"to co"si-eratio" her
clever $i"- a"- her spar7li"g ,it5 there>s "ot a ,hole lot $ore you coul- as7. 4ei"g
a ,o$a" is sort o8 a li8eti$e occupatio" to her5 a"- she>s %ou"- to arrive at
per8ectio" so$e,here alo"g the li"e. The $asculi"e si-e o8 her ,ill rarely -istur%
you5 u"less you>re o"e o8 those i$possi%le $ales ,ho ,a"t to go shouti"g arou"-
li7e Fi"g .e"ry
222 a"- e:pecti"g the ,o$e" i" your li8e to %ehave li7e o%e-ie"t co"sorts5 8ear8ul
o8 losi"g their hea-s i8 they gay a"ythi"g other tha" <yes< or <"o.< =our Li%ra" co"-
sort ,ill -e8i"itely say $ore tha" <yes< or <"o.< She li7es to tal7. 4ut she>ll also
$a7e a 8latteri"g liste"er5 ,he" you have a "ee- 8or a goo- au-ie"ce. This ,o$a"
is %oth tough a"- so8t at the sa$e ti$e5 a"- it>s "ot every 8e$ale ,ho ca" $a"age
that -elicate %ala"ci"g act.
.er s,eet $a""ers a"- s$ooth a%ility to cool your 8evere- %ro, ca" lea- you to
thi"7 she>s ,ea7 a"- helpless5 or that she>ll %e 8luttery a"- 8e$i"i"e ,he" a crisis
erupts. 28 so5 you>re $uch $ista7e". That -ear5 ,o$a"ly little creature is co$pose-
o8 "i"e parts steel. Just %ecause you $isse- it ,he" she ,as shre,-ly a"- %ravely
pla""i"g to hoo7 you -uri"g those early chess ga$es ,he" she 7ept letti"g you %eat
her5 you shoul-">t re$ai" %li"- 8orever. &pe" your eyes ,i-e the "e:t ti$e there>s a
8a$ily e$erge"cy5 a"- see ,ho 7eeps the %oat 8ro$ roc7i"g. /ho really -oes it5 2
$ea". The truth "ee-">t ro% you o8 your $asculi"ity. No o"e %ut you ,ill 7"o, ho,
$uch you "ee- her helpi"g ha"- at the hel$ ,he" thi"gs get choppy. Shell "ever
%rag a%out it5 or ta7e a"ythi"g a,ay 8ro$ you-e:cept a large part o8 the
respo"si%ility. 4e grate8ul she>s so -epe"-a%le. 4esi-es5 she loo7s 7i"- o8 cute ,he"
she ,ears her slac7s to gar-e" or to the super$ar7et5 -oes">t sheA /o$e" i"
trousers are all right5 as lo"g as they have e"ough se"se to ,ear 8rilly orga"-y to
parties a"- sli"7y sil7 i" privacy. She -oes. &"e o8 her $ost valua%le assets is her
a%ility to hi-e her sharp5 7ee" $i"- %ehi"- utter 8e$i"i"ity.
The chil-re" ,ill %e love- a"- te"-erly care- 8or %y a Li%ra $other5 %ut i" all
ho"esty5 they ,ill co$e i" a poor seco"- to you. They>re ;u"ior part"ers5 %ut you are
the presi-e"t o8 the co$pa"y5 a"- shell "ever 8orget that %asic 8act. They>ll get a
large chu"7 o8 her heart5 %ut she>ll "ever allo, the$ to steal the co$er she gave to
you %e8ore they ca$e alo"g. 28 their play i"ter8eres ,ith your rest5 she ca" %e pretty
strict5 a"- i8 they -iso%ey you5 shell %e a"grier tha" i8 they -iso%eye- her. The
you"gsters ,ill %e s,eet a"- clea" as i"8a"ts5 "eat a"- polite as a-ults-u"less you
spoil the$ a"- she -oes">t i"ter8ere %ecause you>re the lor- a"- $aster. 2t>s ;ust
a"other o"e o8 those -ecisio"s she $ay leave i" your ha"-s so she ca" avoi- $a7i"g
the ,ro"g ;u-g$e"t The Li%ra $other is "or$ally ge"tle5 yet 'uite 8ir$ ,he" the
"ee- arises. .er chil-re" are "ever "eglecte- or ig"ore-5 %ut the truth o8 the $atter
is that the reaso" she ,a"te- to %eco$e a $other i" the 8irst place ,as so she coul-
give you $ore happi"ess that ,ay. &"e o8 the 8irst thi"gs she>ll teach the$ ,he"
they lear" their prayers is to say5 <#o- %less Da--y.< She>ll "ever per$it the$ to
-isrespect their 8ather. Still5 i8 you get a little over%eari"g5 she>s a pretty so8t pillo,
8or their tears5 a"- she $ay s"ea7 the$ a pepper$i"t stic7 %ehi"- your %ac7 ,he"
you>ve put your 8oot -o," too severely.
2t>s true that she $ay "i%%le o" s,eets too o8te" a"- get 8at. She $ay li"ger too lo"g
at the -a"ce or over the ,i"e %ottle. There $ay %e ti$es ,he" she>s a little %ossy5
a"- &ther $o$e"ts ,he" she tal7s your ear o88. 4ut these thi"gs ,ill o"ly occur
,he" her e$otio"al scales are te$porarily o88 %ala"ce. They ,ill "ever 8ail to settle
i"to eve" stea-i"ess ,he" the occasio"al -ippi"g is over. 0"less so$e%o-y sta"-s
there ,ith his 8oot o" o"e o8 the$5 Li%ra" scales al,ays eve"tually %ala"ce
the$selves. 28 o"e si-e is a little lo,5 a-- so$e a88ectio" a"- it ,ill rise. 28 the other
si-e -rops 8ro$ the ,eight o8 too $uch sa-"ess5 lighte" it ,ith u"-ersta"-i"g a"-
her-%eauti8ul har$o"y ,ill retur".
/hat other ,o$a" coul- loo7 li7e a pri"cess ,he" you ta7e her to the %all5 the"
tur" right arou"-5 lace up her %oots5 3ip up her re- plai- lu$%er ;ac7et5 a"- help you
sa, logs 8or the 8ireplaceA She has s,eet"ess e"ough 8or the 8irst a"- stre"gth
e"ough 8or the seco"-. 28 her "a$e is *eg5 you>ll %e ,histli"g <*eg-0-My-.eart.< 28
it>s Sally . or Mary5 you>ll happily hu$ <My #al Sal< or si"g <Mary 2s a #ra"- &l-
Na$e.< 2" case the so"g ,riters have 8orgotte" to pay her a tri%ute5 ,rite your o,"
$elo-y i" ,alt3 ti$e5 ,ith a goo-5 stro"g %eat5 a"- -e-icate it to your Li%ra
,o$a". (ortissi$o.

The L241A !hil-
<She>s i" that state o8 $i"-5< sai- the /hite 6uee"5 <That she ,a"ts to -e"y
so$ethi"g-o"ly she -oes">t 7"o, ,hat to -e"yI<
<My5 ,hat a %eauti8ul %a%yI< *are"ts o8 &cto%er i"8a"ts hear that phrase so o8te"5
they ca" %e 8orgive" 8or 8eeli"g s$ug. The little Li%ra" -oes see$ to %e a plu$p5
pi"7 a"gel5 right out o8 the pages o8 a %a%y %oo7. /ith his s,eet e:pressio" a"-
those pleasa"t5 ,ell-%ala"ce- e"us 8eatures5 he>s 'uite a char$er. .e sel-o$ 7ic7s
o88 his %la"7ets i" re--8ace-5 screa$i"g rage5 or pu"ches Mo$$y i" the "ose ,he"
she tries to give hi$ his %ottle. .e>s too ,ell-$a""ere- 8or such ,il- she"a"iga"s.
/he" he s$iles5 it lights up the ,hole "ursery. <My5 ,hat a -ear5 goo- %a%yI So
'uiet a"- cal$. So chu%%y a"- -i$ple-. Surely a gracious 8airy touche- hi$ ,ith
her $agic 7iss.<
2 -o">t li7e to play the role o8 the $ea" ol- ,itch at the royal christe"i"g5 %ut ,oul-
you $i"- chec7i"g to see i8 he has a -i$ple i" his chi"A Most Li%ra" %a%ies -o.
=ou 8ou"- itA /ell5 ;ust 8or 8u"5 you $ight tur" to the last page o8 your %a%y recor-
%oo7 a"- ,rite a li"e #ra"-$a ,as 8o"- o8 'uoti"g. <Di$ple i" chi"-Devil ,ithi".<
?#ra"-$a $ay have secretly stu-ie- astrology.@ There ,ill co$e a ti$e i" the
8uture ,he" you>ll gla"ce at that li"e a"- sile"tly pay tri%ute to her ,is-o$.
2t $ay %e so$e $or"i"g ,he" he>s sitti"g at the ta%le5 slo,ly stirri"g his spoo" i"
8irst o"e -ish5 the" a"other. The -ish o" the right co"tai"s his poache- egg5 all
"icely $ashe- the ,ay he li7es it. The -ish o" the le8t co"tai"s his oat$eal5 all
"icely covere- ,ith %ro," sugar5 the ,ay he li7es it. 4oth are getti"g ice col-5 a"-
he has">t ta7e" a %ite. 2s">t he hu"gryA =es5 he>s starve-. Does he have a 8everA No5
he 8eels 8i"e. 2s he a"gry a%out so$ethi"gA No5 "ot at all. The" ,hy -oes he sit there
so stu%%or"ly a"- 7eep pushi"g his spoo"-arou"- li7e thatA /hy ,o">t he ta7e a
%ite o8 so$ethi"gA
.e ca">t -eci-e ,hich to eat 8irst-the eggs or the cereal. =ou ;ust co$pou"-e- the
co"8usio" %y givi"g hi$ a glass o8 ora"ge ;uice a"- a piece o8 toast to try to te$pt
hi$. That ,as a $ista7e. No, he>ll "ever %e a%le to $a7e up his $i"-. 4etter ;ust
8orget %rea78ast to-ay. To$orro, $or"i"g5 give hi$ o"e thi"g at a ti$e. (irst5 the
ora"ge ;uice. .e -ri"7s it. The" the cereal. .e eats it. Ne:t the eggs. .e loves the$.
(i"ally5 the toast. As he sits there che,i"g happily5 you>ll %e a$a3e- that he ate all
his %rea78ast i" less tha" te" $i"utes. =ou have ;ust lear"e- the $ost i$porta"t
lesso" i" raisi"g a Li%ra chil-. Never give hi$ a choice. .e hates to $a7e a
28 there>s a"ythi"g a Li%ra" chil- hates ,orse tha" $a7i"g up his $i"-5 it>s havi"g to
$a7e up his $i"- i" a hurry. Do">t rush hi$. Let>s say he>s lear"e- to -ress hi$sel8
a"- i" the e:cite$e"t o8 such a" a-ve"ture5 over a perio- o8 ,ee7s5 he 8orgot his
typical i"-ecisio". No, getti"g -resse- is 7i"- o8 ol- hat to hi$. =ou give hi$ a
start %y helpi"g hi$ i"to his trai"i"g pa"ts. =ou lay out his overalls5 shirt5 shoes a"-
soc7s. .e sits there. <#et -resse-5 .arvey.< .e sits there. <.urry up a"- get
-resse-5 .arveyl< Q
The "e:t thi"g you 7"o,5 you>ll %e telli"g people your Li%ra chil- is stu%%or".
That>s "ot 8air. A Taurus chil- is stu%%or". Not a Li%ra chil-. =ou are tryi"g to rush
hi$ i"to -eci-i"g 'uic7ly ,hich soc7 goes o" ,hich 8oot 8irst. The ,hole thi"g is
-i88icult e"ough5 %ut ;ust ,he" he ha- $a-e up his $i"- to put the le8t soc7 o" the
right 8oot5 you shoute- at hi$5 -istur%e- his e'uili%riu$5 a"- "o, he>s %ac7 ,here
he ,as i" the %egi""i"g. /hich soc7 8irstA =ou see5 it>s your 8ault5 "ot his. .o,
-oes a"yo"e e:pect hi$ to $a7e such a $o$e"tous -ecisio" i8 people are al,ays
shouti"g a"- holleri"g a"- yelli"g at hi$A 2t hurts his ear -ru$s5 a"- %esi-es5 it
$a7es hi$ 8orget ,hat he ,as a%out rea-y to -eci-e.
2t>s the 7i"- o8 thi"g that ca" $a7e you a little tre$%ly5 especially i8 you>re the
"ervous type5 a"- you>re "ot the o"ly o"e. So$e-ay there ,ill %e a ,o"-er8ul girl
he>s i" love ,ith. They ,ill %e -iscussi"g $arriage. /he" a"- i8. .ell sit there.
Shoul- heA &r shoul-">t heA The girl ,aits patie"tly. .ell have the sa$e pai"e-
e:pressio" o" his pleasa"t 8eatures he has right "o,. (i"ally5 <.arvey5 are ,e goi"g
to get $arrie-A< .e sits there. The"9 <.arvey5 ,he" are ,e goi"g to get $arrie-A<
*oor girl. That>s the sa$e $ista7e you $a-e ,ith the ora"ge ;uice a"- toast 8io, he
has t,o thi"gs to -eci-e. Not o"ly shoul- they get $arrie-5 %ut ,he". =ou>ll have to
have a tal7 ,ith her.
4ut that>s 'uite a 8e, years o88. To-ay it>s the shoes a"- soc7s. /al7 over to hi$
8ir$ly a"- say5 <.arvey5 let>s "ut this soc7 o" this 8oot 8irst.< Say it i" ge"tle to"es.
Do">t screa$ or %e shrill. 28 you ca"5 put the ,or-s to $usic a"- si"g it to hi$. .e>ll
love that. No,5 you have re$ove- t,o o%stacles. =ou helpe- hi$ -eci-e5 a"- you
create- a pleasa"t at$osphere. 2" 8ive $i"utes5 he>s -resse-. That>s ,hat the girl ,ill
have to -o so$e-ay. She>ll have to si"g to hi$ so8tly5 </e>re-getti"g-,e--o"-Ju"e
2Yth< ?to the tu"e o8 <.ere !o$es the 4ri-e<@. 28 she>s the shy type5 you $ay have
to ,ait a lo"g ti$e to %eco$e a gra"-pare"t. The happy e"-i"g to the story is this9
28 you trai" hi$ to $a7e up his $i"-5 ,ithout pushi"g5 shovi"g or tryi"g to rush
hi$5 the girl ,ill pro8it5 too. 4y the"5 he ,ill have $astere- his i"-ecisio".
Li%ra chil-re" ,hose pare"ts have co"8use- their -elicate %ala"ce %y co"sta"tly
i"sisti"g that they -eci-e thi"gs too 8ast o8te" gro, up ,ith 'uite a "eurosis a%out
choices. Suggest a solutio" to hi$ ge"tly5 over a"- over agai". +ve"tually5 he>ll pic7
up the 7"ac7 a"- you>ll have helpe- hi$ overco$e o"e o8 his greatest -i88iculties.
Sho, hi$> ho, it>s -o"e. That>s all. .e $ay appear to %e stu%%or"5 %ut he>s ;ust
reacti"g i" typical Li%ra" 8ashio" to -iscor-a"t i"terruptio" a"- the e$otio"al
trau$a o8 %ei"g rushe- through his care8ul $o$e"t o8 -ecisio". .e>- li7e to please
you5 he really ,oul-5 %ut he ca" %e e88icie"t o"ly> ,he" there>s har$o"y o8 sou"-5
color a"- thought i" his. ,orl-. Te"sio" $a7es it ha"g croo7e-5 li7e a lopsi-e-
picture. /he" hasty gro,"ups 8orce a you"g perso"ality i"to the ,ro"g $ol-5 it
$ay har-e" i"to a" o-- shape.
?2t $ay help you 8eel less 8rustrate- to 7"o, a%out $y 8rie"-5 a -e"tal tech"icia"
,hose ,i8e prese"te- hi$ ,ith t,o Li%ra chil-re"5 three years apart5 %oth girls. =ou
ca" ;ust i$agi"e ,hat ,e"t o" i" that house every $or"i"gi (our shoes-8our soc7s-
8our 8eet-a"- t,o co"8use- s$all $i"-s. 0"til the pare"ts -iscovere- astrology5
those little Li%ra girls ,e"t %are8oot "early every -ay.
2t ,ill also help i8 you re$e$%er the reaso" %ehi"- your chil->s hesita"cy. Li%ra
%oys a"- girls are %or" ,ith $i"-s that see7 the truth. They>re 7i"--hearte-5 a"-
they ,a"t to %e 8air. =our you"gster -rea-s $a7i"g a $ista7e or $is;u-gi"g
so$ethi"g. .e hates to hurt your 8eeli"gs5 %ut his "ature 8orces hi$ to see7 that
%ala"ce- a"s,er %e8ore he rushes pell $ell i"to thi"gs5 i"clu-i"g soc7s. Still5 that
Li%ra cautio" %uil-s character a"- it>s great 8or avoi-i"g acci-e"ts a"- 7eepi"g out
o8 trou%le5 %oth "o, a"- i" the 8uture. Thi"7 positive. The little Li%ra" $ay ta7e so
lo"g -eci-i"g ,hether or "ot to -ra, a %lue tur7ey o" your livi"g roo$ ,all5 you>ll
catch hi$ %e8ore the -a$age is -o"e.
28 your Li%ra you"gster is %ei"g 8alsely accuse- o8 stu%%or""ess5 it $ay %e that you
7eep the volu$e too high o" the ra-io or T. *erhaps the colors i" his %e-roo$ lie
%ehi"- his restless"ess at "ight. #arish5 clashi"g to"es ,ill 7eep his e$otio"al
scales -ippi"g %ac7 a"- 8orth. All sha-es o8 %lue a"- pastels ,ill 'uiet hi$5 a"- it
really ,or7s5 too. *lay $usic-%ut so8tly-,he" you ,a"t hi$ to eat5 get -resse- or
pic7 up his toys. 28 the sou"-s a"- colors arou"- the Li%ra" chil- are -iscor-a"t5 his
actio"s ,ill $atch. 4ei"g 8orce- to %e a ,it"ess to a"y 7i"- o8 viole"ce ca" -estroy
so$ethi"g -eep i"si-e hi$ 8orever. +ve" as a" i"8a"t5 he>ll ;er7 or tre$%le i8 he
hears a su--e" "oise. The Li%ra chil- "ee-s peace5 'uiet a"- rest i" large -oses.
That %ri"gs us to a"other pro%le$. Li%ra la3i"ess. 2t is">t actually la3i"ess at all. .e
plays har-5 8or lo"g perio-s5 the" he $ust rest. .e is">t loa8i"g. .e>s ;ust gatheri"g
hi$sel8 together. The Li%ra" patter" -e$a"-s perio-s o8 activity-the" i"activity. 2t>s
the o"ly ,ay he ca" $a"age to stay e$otio"ally a"- physically healthy. 28 he>s $a-e
to 8eel guilty a%out it5 he>ll really %e la3y5 i" sel8--e8e"se. /he" you see the Li%ra"
you"gster %ei"g i-le5 -o">t 8uss. .e>ll soo" have his i""er scales %ala"ce- agai" a"-
%e rea-y 8or actio". .e>s ;ust rechargi"g his e"ergy. .is pla"ets $a-e hi$ that ,ay.
.e ca">t cha"ge it.
e"us chil-re" are e:perts at so8te"i"g har- hearts. They have such char$i"g
$a""ers5 they ,hee-le so s,eetly a"- ,ho coul- resist those s$iles a"- -i$plesA
The little Li%ra">s ge"tle5 e"-eari"g ,ays ca" tur" his pare"ts i"to t,o large ge"ies
,ho gra"t his every ,ish a"- -esire ?"ot to $e"tio" various assorte- $agic elves i"
the 8or$ o8 -oti"g relatives@. !o"se'ue"tly5 these you"gsters o8te" start their school
-ays so spoile- they>re ,ell "igh i$possi%le to ha"-le. A8ter all5 you ca">t treat a tot
li7e a pri"ce or pri"cess 8or years5 a"- the" e:pect hi$ to ta7e or-ers. =ou"g
Li%ra"s -o">t "ee- -iscipli"e as $uch as they "ee- less co--li"g.
The average Li%ra chil-5 raise- ,ith the proper %ala"ce5 is a -elight to his teachers.
Their $i"-s are %right a"- logical5 they>re 8o"- o8 -e%ate a"- they have a great
curiosity that $a7es the$ goo- stu-e"ts. .o,ever5 o"ce they start to rea- a"- lear"
8acts5 %oth you a"- the teachers $ay %e su%;ecte- to co"sta"t argu$e"ts.
2t "ever ,or7s to $a7e a 8lat state$e"t to a Li%ra %oy or girl. Al,ays give %oth
si-es o8 a"y issue5 or they>ll thi"7 you>re %ei"g u";ust. /he" you give the e-ge to
o"e si-e5 the Li%ra stu-e"t ,ill $a7e a %ig issue out o8 -e8e"-i"g the other si-e u"til
he 8orces you to %e 8air. 28 you>re partial to the pros5 the you"g Li%ra"s ,ill al,ays
$a7e a goo- case 8or the co"s5 ,hich ca" give the$ a reputatio" 8or %ei"g re%els5
,he" "othi"g coul- %e 8urther 8ro$ the truth. These chil-re" ,ill %e stic7lers 8or
o%eyi"g the rules5 as lo"g as they>ve co"vi"ce- the$selves the rules are">t loopy.
The scales $ust al,ays %ala"ce5 or Li%ra 8eels a" u"pleasa"t tug. .e>ll argue a,ay
u"til he 8eels thi"gs have %ee" 8ace- s'uarely5 a"- the scales o8 ;ustice are har$o-
"iously li"e- up. &cto%er-%or" %oys a"- girls al,ays sharpe" the ,its o8 their
pare"ts a"- i"structors5 %ecause it ta7es so$e goo-5 logical thi"7i"g to 7eep up ,ith
the$. They>ll argue ,ith you a%out everythi"g 8ro$ the "e,spaper hea-li"es to
,ho>s right or ,ro"g i" a 8a$ily -isagree$e"t. The Li%ra chil- ,o">t li7e to hear
gro,"ups gossip. To hi$ a co"8i-e"ce is sacre-5 a"- he also 8ro,"s o" hasty
;u-g$e"ts o8 character. .ell ta7e the si-e o8 your ,orst e"e$y i8 he thi"7s you are
Never i"va-e his privacy. .e ,o">t i"va-e yours. 4e Sure $ealti$es are pleasa"t.
The girls ,ill coa: you to use ca"-les a"- 8lo,ersB the %oys ,ill ,a"t a %ala"ce-
$eal a"- ,ill pro%a%ly love s,eets. There $ay %e so$e pro%le$s ,ith over,eight
a"- the %athroo$ scales ,ill get a ,or7out.
&"e %lessi"g a%out havi"g Li%ra chil-re" is that i8 they have">t retreate- i"to
rese"t$e"t through harsh ha"-li"g they>ll usually %e "eat a"- clea" ,ithout %ei"g
8orce-. Most o8 these %oys a"- girls hate $esses a"- a" u"ti-y house so $uch
they>ll help to 7eep it "eat. Si"ce Li%ra is %oth $usical a"- artistic5 you $ay have a
%u--i"g co$poser or artist i" the 8a$ily5 so $a7e sure he has a" 1-opportu"ity to
-evelop a"y late"t tale"ts.
The ti"y Li%ra girl $ay -ust your e:pe"sive po,-er all over her -ress5 pour your
%est per8u$e over her curly %ea-5 a"- hate to get out o8 the %athtu%. She>s ;ust
reacti"g to Li%ra>s love o8 %eauty a"- pleasa"t thi"gs5 li7e sce"ts a"- ,ar$ ,ater.
/he" she>s a tee"ager5 she>ll $o"opoli3e the %athroo$ 8or hours ,ith her %u%%le
%aths a"- use up all your guest soap. 1e$e$%er5 she see7s har$o"yB a"- to her5
peace5 %eauty a"- co$8ort e'ual har$o"y.
The Li%ra %oy $ay -rive you to -istractio" ,ith his s"oo3es i" the ha$$oc75 a"-
his irritati"g ,ay o8 al,ays 7"o,i"g $ore tha" you -o a%out su%;ects that shoul- %e
over his hea-s. ?=es5 so$eti$es you>ll s,ear he has t,o.@ 4ut those perio-ic "aps
are re8reshi"g his e"ergy. 2t -i-">t -ie5 it>s ;ust reple"ishi"g itsel8. As 8or his 7"o,-
it-all attitu-e5 he $ay %e practici"g o" you 8or a 8uture career as a la,yer. Ta7e a"
opti$istic vie,. The ;ury ,ill so$e-ay %e his captive au-ie"ce5 %ut you ca" al,ays
go start -i""er or hi-e %ehi"- the eve"i"g paper. +"courage %oth %oys a"- girls to
,rite i8 they 8eel a" urge. 1e$e$%er that Li%ra rules %oo7s5 too.
The tee"agers o8 %oth se:es ,ill 7eep a co"sta"t clou- o8 ro$a"ce ha"gi"g over the
house. There $ay %e so $a"y cases o8 puppy love youll 8eel as though you live i" a
se"ti$e"tal 7e""el-%ut eve" this shall pass a,ay. Those ,e--i"g %ells ,ill ri"g
so$e-ay5 a"- your Li%ra o88spri"g ,ill raise a "ice5 peace8ul5 %ala"ce-5
har$o"ious5 argu$e"tative 8a$ily. So$e su""y &cto%er $or"i"g you $ay o"ce
agai" sta"- i" 8ro"t o8 a hospital "ursery5 a"- hear a "urse or visitor coo5 <My5 ,hat
a %eauti8ul %a%yI So -ear a"- goo-. So 'uiet a"- s,eet.< A"- you>ll say5 ,ith all
your har- ear"e- ,is-o$5 <=es5 %ut -o you see that -i$ple i" his chi"A<

The L241A 4oss
<0"i$porta"t5 o8 course5 2 $ea"t5< the Fi"g hastily
sai-5 a"- ,e"t o" to hi$sel8 i" a" u"-erto"e5 <2$porta"t-u"i$porta"t-u"i$porta"t-
i$porta"t- as i8 he ,ere tryi"g ,hich ,or- sou"-e- %est5
28 you>re a $a"5 you pro%a%ly thi"7 your Li%ra %oss i8 o"e hec7 o8 a regular guy5 8air
a"- s'uare5 al,ays o" the level. 28 you>re a ,o$a"5 you $ay %e a little %it i" love
,ith hi$5 ,hether you reali3e it or "ot. e"us vi%ratio"s are po,er8ul.
The Li%ra e:ecutive is "or$ally o"e hal8 o8 a part"ership si"ce his u"co"scious
-esire is al,ays to %ri"g t,o thi"gs or t,o people together. +$otio"ally5 the urge is
co"su$$ate- through a" early $arriage or a shoc7i"gly early love a88air. 2"
%usi"ess5 he satis8ies his %ala"ci"g 8u"ctio" %y co$%i"i"g his char$ a"- i"tellect
,ith a part"er ,ho co$ple$e"ts his o," perso"ality5 a"- supplies ,hatever tale"ts
a"- a%ilities he lac7s. ?.e ,o">t lac7 $a"y.@
.e $ay "ot sit %ehi"- a -es7 as o8te" as other %osses. That>s %ecause he li7es to sit
o" the 8e"ce. 2t>s "ot that he 8i"-s it $ore co$8orta%le. 2t ca" %e 'uite pai"8ul.
Notice his u"happy e:pressio" ,hile he>s seate- there. 2t>s a struggle5 as he ta7es
t,o opposi"g i-eas a"- ,eighs the$5 %ac7 a"- 8orth. &"ce he>s achieve- a 8air a"-
i$partial -ecisio"5 he>ll %e %ac7 at his -es75 happily s,irli"g i" his co"tour chair
agai". 4ut ,hile he>s o" the 8e"ce he ca" %e $ighty har- to 8atho$.
The Li%ra %oss is e:tre$ely restless a"- 8ull o8 outgoi"g activity5 yet he "ever
see$s to %e i" a hurry5 a co"tra-ictio" 8e, people ca" $a"age. 2t>s li7e ,atchi"g a
s7ill8ul Juggler. /ith all that restless activity5 you e:pect hi$ to -rop his poise a"-
%rea7 i"to a "ervous ru" at a"y $o$e"t5 Just as you e:pect the ;uggler to -rop o"e
o8 the %alls he>s tossi"g. 4ut "either -oes. 4or" ,ith a "atural a88i"ity 8or the
ele$e"t o8 air5 the Li%ra" acco$plishes eve" 8re"3ie- actio" ,ith so $uch easy
grace5 he al$ost see$s to %e sta"-i"g still. 2t>s li7e a $ovie i" slo, $otio". The
activity "ever stops5 %ut the pro;ector is set at a peculiar spee-.
2" spite o8 his o8te" shy5 ge"tle $a""er5 this $a" is "ot a" isla"-. There>s al,ays a
"ee- to e:press hi$sel8 i" so$e ,ay5 to co$$u"icate ,ith others. Though $ost o8
his co$$u"icati"g is -o"e through speech5 he ca" also tell you ,hole volu$es ,ith
his s$ile. .e>s sure to %e i"tellige"t5 %ut i8 Mercury ,as a88licte- %y a-verse aspects
at his %irth5 he $ay still %e tryi"g to co"vi"ce hi$sel8 that he is. Ma"y Li%ra"
%osses are persuasive tal7ers a"- great -e%aters ,ho ca" s,ay a ,hole roo$8ul o8
people e88ortlessly. +ve" the shy Li%ra" e:ecutive ,ho sel-o$ tries to gra%
atte"tio" ca" argue logically a"- co"vi"ci"gly5 although this type ,ill pro%a%ly pla"
everythi"g i" his $i"- %e8ore he spea7s. That>s ,hy he>s so 'uiet 8or such lo"g
perio-s. .e>s -eci-i"g ,hat he ,a"ts to say. 28s usually sa8er to ta7e his state$e"ts
straight a8ter he>s passe- through o"e o8 his sile"t $oo-s. .e>s less li7ely to cha"ge
his $i"-. 28 he>s rushe- i"to $a7i"g a -ecisio"5 hell $ull it over a8ter,ar-s5 reali3e
his 8irst thoughts ,ere hasty a"- -o a co$plete tur"a%out.
=ou $ay 8i"- hi$ see7i"g your opi"io" 8re'ue"tly. 4e8ore you -eci-e he thi"7s
you>ve a %rillia"t %rai"5 re$e$%er that there are several $otives 8or his 8latteri"g
i"terest i" your i-eas. (irst o8 all5 he ,a"ts to %e 8air. .e -oes">t ,a"t to $a7e either
a" u";ust or u"popular -ecisio". A"other reaso" he 8eels co$pelle- to gather up all
the pros a"- co"s o8 a" issue is %ecause5 ,ithout access to all the availa%le 8acts5 he
8eels i"capa%le o8 $a7i"g a ,ise assess$e"t.
The typical Li%ra %oss ,ho>s tryi"g to $a7e up his $i"- ,hether to say <yes< or
<"o< to a" i$porta"t -eal ,ill ta7e a -e$ocratic poll o8 his ,i8e5 the elevator $a"5
his secretary5 the clea"i"g ,o$a" a"- his pu%lic relatio"s $a"5 a"- it ca" have
so$e pretty ,eir- results. 2t>s -i88icult 8or a tire- clea"i"g ,o$a" to give a logical
opi"io" o" ho, the propose- split $ight a88ect the sharehol-ers o8 the "o"-voti"g
stoc7. She $ay "ee- so$e ti$e to po"-er it. ?She ca">t thi"7 straight ,he" her 8eet
The elevator $a" $ay have a little trou%le graspi"g the costs i"volve- i" a pro;ecte-
$erger o8 t,o large corporatio"s. (or o"e thi"g5 ]405000 8or attor"eys> 8ees $ay
see$ e:travaga"t to hi$. .e pai- his la,yer 8orty -ollars o"e ti$e 8or legal a-vice5
a"- he 8elt li7e a spe"-thri8t.
That vice-presi-e"t ,ho co"ti"ues to -ra, his salary ,hile he>s i" the hospital ,ith
a "ervous %rea7-o," ,ill really thro, the Li%ra">s secretary. A8ter all5 she>s %ee"
o" the verge o8 a $e"tal crac7-up 8or several years5 a"- "o%o-y ever co--le- her
li7e that.
The clea"i"g ,o$a" 8i"ally $a7es up her $i"-. (orget the stoc7 splitB she>s "ever
truste- that ,or-. 2t ,as ,he" her ol- $a" split out that she %a- to start $oppi"g
8loors to support the seve" 7i-s.
The Li%ra">s ,i8e says5 <Do ,hat you thi"7 %est5 -ear5< %ut she $a7es it clear she
privately thi"7s he shoul- ta7e a "egative sta"- %ecause she -oes">t li7e the ,i8e o8
o"e o8 the $a;or stoc7hol-ers.
The pu%lic relatio"s $a" "ever cha"ges his opi"io"B
<Da$" the torpe-os-8ull spee- ahea-I<-is his a-vice o" all pro%le$s.
(i"ally5 the co"se"sus is co$plete. Ar$e- ,ith this e:pert a"alysis5 the Li%ra %oss
,ill still $a"age to arrive at a $ore logical5 se"si%le 8i"al -ecisio" tha" "i"e out o8
te" $e" ,oul- $a7e. 2t>s a$a3i"g5 %ut he -oes it so$eho,.
There coul- %e still a"other reaso" he see7s so $a"y vie,poi"ts ,he" he>s $a7i"g
up his $i"-. .e $ay %e o"e o8 those rare Li%ra"s ,ho $a"euvers to shi8t the %la$e
8or a possi%le $ista7e to so$eo"e else>s shoul-ers. /he" thi"gs 8all through5 he ca"
al,ays shrug a"- say5 </ell5 it ,as">t $y i-ea to %ac7 a,ay. The clea"i"g ,o$a"
thought it ,as a %a- $ove.<
.o,ever5 a Li%ra %oss ,ho>s $a"age- to achieve har$o"y a"- u"ity o8 his $i"-
a"- e$otio"s ca" %e a regular ,ell o8 ,is-o$. (or all 2 7"o,5 you $ay ,or7 8or
o"e. There are lots o8 the$ arou"-5 a"- they>re "ice %osses to 7"o, ,he" you have
a pro%le$. They ca" co$e up ,ith a" a"s,er that "o o"e else coul- have thought
o85 ta7i"g everythi"g i"to co"si-eratio" a"- givi"g you a" out that>s %oth 8air a"-
The cha"ces are that the ,alls o8 your Li%ra %oss>s o88ice are "ot %are-although the
picture o8 the girl o" his cale"-ar $ay %e. The ,alls ,ill "or$ally %e covere- ,ith
pictures5 trophies5 a"- goo- pri"ts5 hu"g i" %ala"ce- positio"s5 a"- the 8ili"g
ca%i"ets ,ill %e -uste-. =ou ca" %et that there>s a ra-io or recor- player so$e,here
arou"- so he ca" tu"e i" to $elo-ious sou"-s ,he" thi"gs get too -iscor-a"t a"- his
"erves get -a"gerously ;i"gle-;a"gle- 8ro$ the co"8usio" o8 -aily routi"e. The
colors i" his o88ice ,ill sel-o$ %e ,il-. No e:otic li$e gree" or %rillia"t ta"geri"e
that hurt his eyes. .o,ever5 there $ay %e ;ust a touch o8 the orie"tal $oti8. So$e
Li%ra"s see$ to lea" slightly i" that -irectio". *erhaps it>s %ecause o8 the lege"-ary
'uiet5 ge"tle $a""er o8 livi"g i" the 8ar east or the peace8ul har$o"y o8 +aster"
philosophy. .e $ay "ot go so 8ar as to have 8lo,ers o" his -es75 %ut i8 your Li%raa
%oss is a 8e$ale5 she pro%a%ly ,ill.
There are $ore 8e$ale %osses %or" u"-er Li%ra tha" a"y &ther sig"5 though Aries5
!apricor"5 Leo a"- !a"cer ru" a close seco"-. Assu$i"g that he is a she5 your
Li%ra %oss ,ill al$ost surely have a %ig potte- pla"t i" the o88ice5 plus a large
$irror. Music ,ill %e arou"- her so$e,here5 too. She $ay "ot procrasti"ate 'uite
as $uch as the $e" o8 the sig"B si"ce it>s $ore -i88icult 8or a ,o$a" to achieve a
level o8 co$$a"-5 she ha- to co"trol her i"-ecisio" or she ,oul-">t have $a-e it to
the top o8 the tote$ pole. Li7e her $asculi"e cou"terpart5 the Li%ra" 8e$ale %oss
,ill try to %e 8air. She>ll liste" to o88ice s'ua%%les a"- %e a%le to see %oth si-es ,ith
e'ual clarity. =ou $ay catch her hi-i"g %ehi"- her -oor5 ,eighi"g her gol-e"
scales5 ,he" the -ecisio" is i$porta"t5 %ut there>s o"e area ,here she ,o">t ta7e
lo"g to $a7e up her $i"-. Love. She>s either alrea-y -eci-e- $arriage is "ot 8or
her5 or she>s co"sta"tly a little -rea$y-eye- 8ro$ a rece"t ro$a"ce. 2t>s a rare Li%ra"
8e$ale5 e:ecutive or "ot5 ,ho ca" live ,ithout a vale"ti"e i" her li8e. Though she>s
a" e:pert at hi-i"g her a8ter-8ive activities5 2 ca" assure you she>s "ot playi"g a
solitary ga$e o8 !hi"ese chec7ers every "ight. She $ay curl up ,ith a goo- %oo7
o" a rai"y Mo"-ay5 %ut $ost ,ee7e"-s ,ill 8i"- her -oi"g the to," i" a ro$a"tic
ha3e. The ha3e5 ho,ever5 ,ill %e te$porary. .er $i"- is too sharply logical to let
se"ti$e"t co$pletely %li"- her. (e, Li%ra"s o8 either se: let the heart rule the hea-.
Their hea-s are too har- a"- too %right to su%$it to the so8t rays o8 e"us ,ithout a
8ight5 a"other o8 Li%ra>s stra"ge i"co"siste"cies.
This la-y %oss ,ill pro%a%ly %e u"-e"ia%ly pretty or %eauti8ul. 28 she>s "either5 you>ll
thi"7 she is ,he" that e"us s$ile 8lits over her plai" 8eatures. .er char$i"g social
graces $ay 8ool the custo$ers a"- clie"ts5 %ut i8 you>ve ,or7e- 8or her a"y le"gth
o8 ti$e5 you>ll %e a,are that her grace8ul s,eet"ess covers a $i"- ,hich -oes">t
$iss a tric7 or a treat$e"t.
She>ll have her cross -ays5 a"- she ,ill pro%a%ly co"tra-ict hersel8 e"ough to leave
you up i" the air "o, a"- the". 2" the -iscipli"e area she>s so$e,hat harsher tha"
the $ale Li%ra". 28 you $a7e a $ista7e5 she>ll 7"o, it i"sti"ctively5 a"- you>ll get a
stro"g $essage that she -oes">t ,a"t to see it $ultiply i"to -aily errors. .er voice
,ill %e so8t5 or slightly hus7y5 ,ell-$o-ulate- a"- perhaps a little -ra,li"g5 a"-
she>ll sel-o$ raise it. ?/ith a" Aries5 #e$i"i or Sagittarius asce"-a"t5 the air $ight
get a little %lue ,he" she sees re-.@
The la-y Li%ra %oss o8te" loo7s as i8 she shoul- %e o" the list o8 the <Te" 4est
Dresse- /o$e"5< a"- $ay%e she actually is. (e$ale e$ployees che, their "ails
,ith e"vy at her ,ar-ro%e5 8urs5 ;e,els a"- per8u$es. The $e" e$ployees react as
you $ight e:pect. +very last o"e o8 the$. +:cept 8or the lio"s5 scorpios5 %ulls5 goats
a"- ra$s5 ,ho 8eel that ,or7i"g 8or a ,o$a" is li7e servi"g ti$e at Leave",orth.
The rest ,ill succu$% to her -i$ple- char$ ,ith "ary a struggle.
/he" you>re te$pte- to treat her li7e o"e o8 the girls5 -o">t get too chu$$y. .er
8rie"-ly attitu-e $ay see$ to e"courage co"8i-e"ces5 %ut she ,o">t tolerate po,-er
roo$ gossip5 a"- she>ll sta$p out a"y sig"s o8 it at the ,ater cooler. She -i-">t get
,here she is %y havi"g a loose to"gue. Li%ra"s o8 %oth se:es treat a co"8i-e"ce as a
sacre- trust. So$e o8 the$ $ay tal7 a lot5 a"- they all a-ore to argue5 %ut they>re "ot
gossips. There>s a -i88ere"ce.
4oth the $ale a"- 8e$ale Li%ra %osses lea" to,ar- lo"g5 pleasa"t lu"ch hours. 28
they -o">t ta7e the$5 you shoul- see that they -o5 %ecause they ,o">t %e their usual
li%eral selves ,he" they>re hu"gry or tire-. All e"us e:ecutives ,oul- %e %etter o88
i8 they 8ace- up to their "ee- 8or perio-ic rest a"- s"oo3e- 8or a" hour or so each
-ay. =ou $ight get the e$ployees to chip i" to %uy a" attractive so8a 8or his o88ice5
i8 you ,a"t to 7eep your Li%ra %oss %ala"ce-. .e>s a cat "apper5 %ut he $ay 8eel
guilty a%out it. The -ay he co$es to ,or7 ,eari"g a %lue e:pressio" a"- sporti"g
re- eyes5 ,ith -roopy5 gray %ags u"-er the$5 is a -ay you>ll ,a"t to avoi- hi$.
0"less he has a stro"gly i"-epe"-e"t asce"-a"t hell pro%a%ly %elieve i" u"io"s.
A"ythi"g 8air is o7ay ,ith hi$. .is se"se o8 ;ustice $a7es hi$ a "atural i"
$e-iati"g -isputes. The Li%ra" vie,poi"t o" $o"ey is sel-o$ "eutral. .e>ll either
%e the sti"giest %oss i" to," or the $ost ge"erous. So$eti$es5 he $ay ta7e tur"s9
%e a tight,a- i" Dece$%er a"- a Sa"ta !laus i" July. There ,ill al,ays %e a
-e8i"ite attitu-e at a"y give" $o$e"t. .e tips either a "ic7el or a 8ive spot.
Soo"er or later5 you>ll %e i"vite- to his ho$e. Al$ost every Li%ra" e:ecutive
eve"tually ,a"ts to e"tertai" his e$ployees u"-er his o," roo85 a"- he>ll %e a"
i$pecca%ly gracious host.
.e>s pro%a%ly the soul o8 galla"try i" 8ro"t o8 ,o$e"5 a"- at the sa$e ti$e a $a">s
$a". The sure ,ay to ear" his -is8avor is to %e lou-5 vulgar a"- opi"io"ate-.
1e$e$%er that har$o"y is his $i--le "a$e. !reate it ,he" you ca"-"ever -estroy
it or -isrupt it-a"- he>ll ,a"t you arou"- ,ithout 7"o,i"g e:actly ,hy.
.is occasio"al i"-ecisive"ess $ay a""oy youB he $ay procrasti"ate a"- his -rea$s
$ay "ee- a little push "o, a"- the". Still5 there>s that s$ile5 the respect you have
8or his 'uiet i"tellige"ce5 a"- his ,illi"g"ess to $eet you hal8,ay. .e -oes">t ,a"t
you to top hi$5 yet he ,o">t e:pect you to %e his slave. .e>s "either a pusher "or a
"agger5 a"- he>ll "ever %etray your trust. /he" you a-- it all up5 the scales %ala"ce
i" his 8avor. .is is a %le"-i"g "ature. =our Li%ra %oss really "ee-s your cooperatio"
to %e a co$plete perso" hi$sel85 a"- a $a" ,ho "ee-s you ca" get a 8ir$ grip o"
your loyalty5 i8 "ot o" your heart. .ave">t you 8elt the tugA

The L241A +$ployee
<2 ,ish they>- get the trial -o"e . . . A"- ha"- rou"- the re8resh$e"tsI<
There ,as o"ce a Li%ra" -esig"er ,ho ,as %rought to the ,est coast to -o the
costu$es 8or a %ig $ovie5 a"- he sat i" his suite i" a posh 4everly .ills hotel 8or si:
8ull ,ee7s ,ithout $a7i"g a si"gle s7etch. 2t ,as">t %ecause he lac7e- i-eas. .e
,as over8lo,i"g ,ith the$. 2t ,as the carpeti"g - that hi-eous5 shrill5 peacoc7 %lue
carpeti"g. 2t gave hi$ $igrai"e "ight$ares. .e coul-">t eve" thi"7 straight5 let
alo"e create5 a"- he -i-">t ,a"t to cha"ge his suite %ecause he li7e- the vie, o8 the
pal$ trees.
(or al$ost t,o $o"ths the 8il$ ,as hel- up u"til the pro-ucer 8i"ally -iscovere-
the pro%le$. As soo" as he ,as $a-e a,are o8 the Li%ra">s aesthetic -i88iculties5 the
o88e"sive 8loor coveri"g ,as replace- %y "e, ,all-to-,all carpeti"g i" a"
accepta%le5 su%-ue- rose sha-e. 28 you>re ,o"-eri"g ,hy the pro-ucer ,as so
u"-ersta"-i"g5 he ,as a #e$i"i. /hether or "ot the -esig"er>s co$plai"t ,as
reaso"a%le -i-">t co"cer" hi$. The #e$i"i si$ply ,a"te- to get thi"gs $ovi"g as
'uic7ly as possi%le5 a"- he too7 the spee-iest ,ay out. 4oth A'uaria" a"- #e$i"i
%osses are 8a%ulous ,he" it co$es to ha"-li"g the -elicate e"us te$pera$e"t.
There>s a" i"ta"gi%le e$pathy %et,ee" air sig"s. They>re all 8loati"g arou"- o"
so$e 7i"- o8 clou-5 %ut at -i88ere"t altitu-es.
*lease -o">t get the i$pressio" that you shoul- ru" right out a"- 8i"- a rug sales$a"
i8 you have a Li%ra e$ployee. Not all people %or" i" late Septe$%er or &cto%er are
irreplacea%le artists ,ith such se"sitive "erves. 4ut eve" the average Li%ra
e$ployee ,ill ,or7 $ore happily i8 his surrou"-i"gs -o">t -istract hi$.
.e>ll also %e $ore e88icie"t i8 he is">t o88e"-e- %y the people he ,or7s ,ith every
-ay. A rough5 sor-i-5 u"har-$o"ious at$osphere $ay -epress hi$5 %ut u"co"ge"ial
co-,or7ers ,ill really se"- hi$ i"to a %lue 8og. .e>s as co"scious o8 the vi%ratio"s
o8 perso"alities as he is o8 the vi%ratio"s o8 colors5 especially i" close 'uarters. 28
your Li%ra e$ployee has see$e- co"8use- lately5 or "ot hi$sel8B i8 he>s %ee" tur"i"g
i" sloppy ,or7 ,hich -oes">t $eet his usual sta"-ar-5 he>s "ot "ecessarily slippi"g.
*erhaps he>s allergic to the $ail %oy or the clea"i"g ,o$a". ?2 hope it>s "ot his o,"
secretary. The co"sta"t5 a%rasive pai" ,oul- %e u"%eara%le.@ 2t $ight eve" %e the
%lotter o" his -es7. #ive hi$ a "ice5 "e,5 clea" o"e5 pre8era%ly i" a %a%y %lue5
cha"ge the clea"i"g ,o$a">s shi8t a"- 7eep the $ail roo$ sta88 a,ay 8ro$ hi$.
Notice ho, his ,or7 i$proves i$$e-iatelyA .e ,as ;ust o88 %ala"ce.
/he" those Li%ra scales get tipsy5 a"ythi"g ca" happe". 4oth the $ale a"- 8e$ale
Li%ra"s ca" tur" -isgru"tle- a"- la3y a"- o88er "o e:cuse 8or their sulle" sile"ces.
Such a cha"ge 8ro$ their "or$al s,eet"ess a"- cal$ is %ou"- to u"settle your o,"
$i"- a little5 too. .o, ca" a"yo"e ,ith such a" attractive -i$ple i" his ?or her@ chi"
%e so -isagreea%leA 2t>s easy. .o, ,oul- you li7e your scales to %e tippe-
si-e,aysA 2t>s "ot a pleasa"t 8eeli"g-rather li7e %ei"g o" a %oat that>s rolli"g 8ro$
port to star%oar- o" a choppy ocea". So$ethi"g $ay have happe"e- at ho$e to tur"
hi$ arou"-. /hatever the cause5 it>s a ,aste o8 a":iety to let yoursel8 get -istur%e-
,he" the Li%ra scales are u"%ala"ce-. 2t sel-o$ ta7es lo"g 8or the Li%ra" to get
the$ s,i"gi"g har$o"iously agai". The" peace a"- tra"'uility ,ill reig" o"ce $ore
i" your o88iceB your Li%ra">s ,or7 ,ill %e as i"spire- as ever5 a"- you>ll retur" to
$elti"g as usual ,he" you get ,ar$e- %y that i"co$para%le e"us s$ile.
28 there>s a u"io" o8 a"y 7i"- co""ecte- ,ith your co$pa"y5 the cha"ces are the
Li%ra" e$ployee ,ill %e right i" there -e8e"-i"g e'ual rights a"- 8air ,ages. 2" 8act5
lots o8 people %or" u"-er this Su" sig" $a7e u"io"s their li8e ,or7. The $ost
i$porta"t thi"g to all 0%ra"s is har$o"y. *er8ect ;ustice is their i-eal. 0"io"s o88er
hi$ ;ust too goo- a cha"ce to pass up 8or his "atural tale"t i" settli"g -isputes.
28 there>s "o u"io" to call 8or his 8air ;u-g$e"t5 the" he>s pro%a%ly the o"e ,ho
%eco$es the peace$a7er ,he" o88ice 'uarrels rage. The typical Li%ra" is
%eauti8ully a-ept at cleari"g the air o8 -isagree$e"ts. .e -e8e"-s %oth si-es ,ith a
total lac7 o8 pre;u-ice 8or either5 $a7es opposi"g ,ra"glers see each other>s
vie,poi"t5 a"- 8i"ally tops it o88 %y getti"g everyo"e to sha7e ha"-s all arou"-. The
thi"g ,hich $ay co$pletely co"8ou"- you is that he ,ill i"stigate a 8e, heate-
argu$e"ts hi$sel8. 4ut you $ust re$e$%er that to hi$5 these are healthy -e%ates.
.e loves "othi"g $ore tha" %atti"g the pros %ac7 to the co"s5 the" s,itchi"g to
pitch the co"s agai"st the pros. 2" his eyes5 that>s "ot 8ighti"g. A goo-5 i"tellige"t
argu$e"t is pure e"tertai"$e"t. 2t>s %etter tha" goi"g to the $ovies. .e>s usually
cheer8ully u"a,are that he>s creati"g a"y te"sio" ,he" he -rives his poi"ts ho$e
,ith %rillia"t logic5 a"- causes others to stra"gle o" their ,ea7 suppositio"s. As
soo" as his ga$e o8 %rai" %usti"g reaches the poi"t ,here te$pers %eco$e
o%viously 8raye-5 he>s -is$aye-. The"5 i8 he>s a typical e"us perso"5 he>ll 'uic7ly
pour heali"g %al$s over the ope" ,ou"-s5 a"- 8latter everyo"e out o8 their %a-
hu$or ,ith the su"shi"e o8 his s$ile. (ra"7ly5 you coul- 7ill hi$ 8or $a"ipulati"g
you so casually.
Soothi"g his hurt 8eeli"gs ,he" he>s %ee" o88e"-e- is a"other $atter altogether. 2t>s
-i88icult to 8igure ;ust ,hat a""oys or pleases the Li%ra" e$ployee. /hat %rought a
t,i"7li"g laugh or a ,reath o8 tolera"t s$iles o"e -ay ca" %ri"g a severe 8ro," o8
i";ure- i""oce"ce the "e:t5 or vice versa. 2t>s those scales agai"5 o8 course. .o, ca"
Li%ra tell i" a-va"ce ,hat his $oo- ,ill %e to,ar- a"y give" su%;ect ,he" he
-oes">t 7"o, hi$sel8 ho, 8ar he>ll %e -ippi"g to o"e si-e or the otherA As7 his co-
,or7ers. Does that 8ello, ?or girl@ ,ith the -i$ple- gri" have u"pre-icta%le
reactio"sA =ou>ll get a"s,ers li7e5 </ell5 the other -ay 2 as7e- her i8 she ha- gai"e-
a little ,eight5 a"- she s$ile- at $e so s,eetly5 2 got the i-ea she thought it ,as
%eco$i"g. This $or"i"g 2 calle- her >!hu%%y> i" ;est5 a"- she ,o">t spea7 to $e.<
&r you>ll get a reply li7e5 </ell5 last ,ee75 he sho,e- $e a recor- he %ought at the
!olo"y 1ecor- Shop-o"e o8 those ol- #le"" Miller ^G>s-a"- 2 re$ar7e- that %ig
%a"-s are as out-ate- as -i"osaurs. .e ;ust gri""e-5 a"- sai- he ,as a stu-e"t o8
a"cie"t history. To-ay5 he hear- $e telli"g the receptio"ist that %ig %a"-s are
s'uare5 a"- he "early too7 $y hea- o88 a"- calle- $e a sic75 psyche-elic hippy. .e
ha- a great se"se o8 hu$or a%out it last ,ee7. .o, ,as 2 suppose- to 7"o, he
collects %ig %a"- al%u$s5 lights a ca"-le every "ight a"- liste"s to the$ li7e he>s i"
a cathe-ralA<
Li%ra ,ill love you to-ay 8or ,hat he hate- you 8or last $o"th5 a"- hell -espise you
to$orro, 8or ,hat he 8ou"- -elight8ul yester-ay. 2t>s a little -elicate to -eal ,ith his
cha"gea%le reactio"s5 %ut u"-er"eath all the ups a"- -o,"s5 the Li%ra "ature
re$ai"s %asically 8air a"- sa"e. .is 8ro,"s are o"ly s7i" -eep. .is s$iles are real.
2g"ore the 8irst a"- ha"g o" to the seco"-. 2" 8act5 "othi"g roc7s the typical e"us
perso" $ore tha" u""ecessary shouti"g a"- te"sio". .e>s 8ar $ore li7ely to avoi-
"asty sce"es tha" to court the$. There>s "ever a"y vi"egar i" the e"us a"ger.
There $ay %e a little ice arou"- the e-ges5 %ut ice -oes eve"tually $elt5 you 7"o,.
(e$ale Li%ra" e$ployees o8te" re$i"- you o8 a slice o8 ,hole ,heat toast. There>s
a sort o8 !a$p8ire #irl $ysti'ue a%out the$. &8 course5 a 8e, $ay have $aple
sugar sprea- o" the ,hole ,heat5 i" the 8or$ o8 -ove-li7e voices a"- so8t $a""ers5
%ut it>s a pleasa"t s,eet"ess. =ou>ll rarely 8i"- a e"us girl ,ho loo7s tough a"-
%attere- ,ith ;a-e- eyes a"- %lata"t se: appeal. .ers is $ore o8 a 8resh a"- $ello,
appeal5 li7e the re- a"- gol- hues o8 2"-ia" su$$er5 agai"st clear5 %lue s7ies. The
Li%ra cupca7es ,ho -rip ,ith syrupy ici"g are i" the $i"ority. =ou>ll pro%a%ly get
the i"sta"t i$pressio" that this girl ca" ha"-le hersel8 "icely i" a ga$e o8 touch a"-
She $ay li7e to go o" lo"g hi7es5 a"- spe"- a lot o8 ti$e at the li%rary. 28 "ot5 you
ca" sa8ely ,ager that she ta7es lo"g ,al7s5 a"- %elo"gs to a %oo7 clu%. The physical
activity a"- literary lea"i"gs are al,ays prese"t. 2t>s ;ust a $atter o8 -egree. 4ut
there ,ill %e lo"g rest perio-s %et,ee" the ,al7s or hi7es5 as she replaces e"ergy
,ith lassitu-e a"- lethargy. ?That>s ,he" she catches up o" her rea-i"g.@
=our Li%ra sales$a" $ay %e stu-yi"g 8or a la, -egree o" the si-e5 or he coul- have
a ho%%y that>s practically a seco"- career. .e $ay %e a pro8essio"al i" so$e area
outsi-e his ;o%5 a"- have a" e:pert 7"o,le-ge o8 -eep su%;ects you "ever -rea$e-
he ,oul- thi"7 a%out. &"e thi"g5 ho,ever5 you ca" %e sure he thi"7s a%out9 #irls.
/o$e". (e$i"i"e pulchritu-e. At least "i"ety perce"t o8 all Li%ra $ales su%scri%e
to a *lay%oy type $aga3i"e. +ve" i8 he>s %ash8ul a%out it5 the e"us $a" ,ill e";oy
a 8e, -iscreet gla"ces at the pictures o8 curvy %u""ies ,ho are ,eari"g little $ore
tha" a -a33li"g5 provocative s$ile. .e li7es seei"g the$ i" perso" eve" $ore5
,hich is ,hy you>ll 8re'ue"tly 8i"- hi$ 8ollo,i"g the "ightclu% circuit5 though he
$ay leave a8ter the 8loor sho, ,he" the "oisy cro,-s %egi" to topple his har$o"y.
The happily $ate- Li%ra" ,ill sel-o$ carry his i"terest i" the opposite se: a"y
8arther tha" o%vious visual appreciatio"5 %ut the si"gle &"es ca" %e real Lotharios.
Li%ra"s are al,ays either $arrie-5 e"gage-5 -ivorce- or i" the $i--le o8 a"
i$porta"t love a88air. They "ever pa--le their ca"oes alo"e. +choi"g across the %lue
lagoo"5 you ca" al,ays hear the stealthy 8ootsteps o8 a s'ua, or a %rave i" the
Li%ra">s lo-ge at eve"ti-e5 u"-er the pale $oo". (or every Li%ra .ia,atha5 there>s a
$ai-e"5 a"- you ca" reverse it.
Feep your lovely5 pretty Li%ra girls a"- your ha"-so$e5 ge"tle Li%ra $e" happy
,ith pipe--i" $usic ,hile they ,or7. Do">t ever shout at the$5 a"- %e sure you
al,ays give the$ logical reaso"s 8or -oi"g thi"gs. 1espect their i"tellige"ce5
%ecause they>ll have $ore o8 it tha" the average perso"5 a"- "ever su%;ect the$ to
28 they>re treate- right5 your Li%ra e$ployees ,ill "ever cause 8rictio" i" the o88iceB
they>ll %e a"gels o8 tact a"- -iplo$acy5 getti"g alo"g ,ith al$ost everyo"e. The
e"us ,or7er %ri"gs his o," perso"al aura o8 grace a"- %eauty to everythi"g he
touches. Let hi$ help you ,ith sales strategy5 a"- e"courage hi$ to atte"- the top
%rass %rai"stor$i"g $eeti"gs. Might as ,ell let hi$ get the ha"g o8 ho, the
e:ecutive level operates5 %ecause Li%ra is a car-i"al sig"5 a"- he ,o">t %e a"
e$ployee ,ithout status 8orever. .e ,a"ts to lea-5 a"- he>s ,ell-'uali8ie-. As soo"
as you ca"5 put hi$ i" charge o8 so$ethi"g5 the" ,atch ho, e88ortlessly %e ha"-les
re- tape5 petty grieva"ces5 7"otty pro%le$s a"- %ottle"ec7s. .e>ll -ress li7e a $a"
o8 -isti"ctio"5 a"- %ehave li7e o"e5 too. .e>s great 8or co$pa"y i$age. As 8or her5 a
e"us ,o$a" ,ill get ,hat she ,a"ts eve"tually5 i" her o," s,eet ,ay. 28 it>s a
pro$otio" she ,a"ts5 let her have it. She pro%a%ly ,o">t let you -o,". There>s 'uite
a s$art hea- o" those shapely shoul-ers. /hy "ot ta7e a-va"tage o8 itA
=our Li%ra e$ployee $ay have a little trou%le $a7i"g up his $i"- at ti$es. .is
trai" o8 thought "ever ru"s at %rea7"ec7 spee- ,he" the -esti"atio" is a -ecisio"5
%ut it sel-o$ goes o88 the trac7. A8ter he>s 8i"ally pulle- i"to the Statio"5 he>ll
pro%a%ly have the right a"s,er5 eve" i8 it ,as li7e ,atchi"g a t,o-hea-e- gira88e -o
his %e"-i"g e:ercises to get it out o8 hi$.
Li%ra"s are e:tre$ely artistic a"- $usically i"cli"e-5 ,ith a 8lair 8or la, a"- a
philosophical %e"t. They %ri"g their cal$i"g i"8lue"ce $ost o8te" to hospitals5 sho,
%usi"ess5 pu%lishi"g co$pa"ies5 the halls o8 scie"ce5 courtroo$s5 gar-e"s5 politics5
-epart$e"t stores5 i"terior -ecorati"g a"- the $i"istry. 4ut regar-less o8 ,here you
8i"- the$ sprea-i"g har$o"y5 the Li%ra" ther$ostat ,ill usually rea- a%out seve"ty
-egrees (ahre"heit. 2t sel-o$ plu"ges to 8ree3i"g or rises to scorchi"g. 2t>s li7e
havi"g a hu$a" air co"-itio"er i" the o88ice5 ,ith auto$atic repair service ,he" it
%rea7s -o,". =ou -o">t get guara"tees li7e that 8ro$ the $echa"ical 7i"-. =ou say
$achi"es ca">t tal7 %ac7A /ell5 that>s true5 %ut o" the other ha"--"o, ,ait a $i"ute-
stop ,eighi"g everythi"g 2 say5 %ac7 a"- 8orth. =ou sou"- li7e a Li%raI
<The horror o8 that $o$e"t5< the Fi"g ,e"t o"5
<1 shall "ever5 "ever 8orgetI<
<=ou ,ill though5< the 6uee" sai-5
<i8 you -o">t $a7e a $e$ora"-u$ o8 it<

the Scorpio"5 +agle or #ray Li3ar-
&cto%er 24th through Nove$%er 22"-
.o, to 1ecog"i3e
The S!&1*2& Ma"
The S!&1*2& /o$a"
The S!&1*2& !hil-
The S!&1*2& 4oss
The S!&1*2&

.o, to 1ecog"i3e S!&1*2&
<The 'uestio" is . . . ,hich is to %e $aster- that>s all.<
A" e"cyclope-ia -escri%es a scorpio" as a "octur"al arach"i- that attac7s a"-
paraly3es its prey ,ith a poiso" i";ecte- %y the lo"g5 curve- tail5 use- 8or %oth
-e8e"se a"- -estructio". 2ts sti"g is so$eti$es 8atal.
*eople o8te" -ra, %ac7 visi%ly ,he" so$eo"e says he or she ,as %or" i"
Nove$%er5 $ur$uri"g5 <&h5 you>re a ScorpioI< either i" 8ra"7 8ear5 or i" a,e a"-
respect. So$eti$es there>s also a giggle that o%viously re8ers to the lege"-ary
Scorpio passio". Scorpios are 8e- up ,ith these reactio"s to their Su" sig"5 a"- ,ho
ca" %la$e the$A 4ut they are ruthless a"- -a"gerous5 rightA
/ro"g. 2t -epe"-s. (irst5 you>- %etter lear" ho, to recog"i3e the sig". 2" sel8-
-e8e"se perhaps-or %ecause you see7 a really superior hu$a" %ei"g.
Scorpio li7es to travel i"cog"ito. Tha"7s to his ,ell-co"trolle- "ature5 he usually
succee-s5 %ut there are a couple o8 short cuts ,hich ,ill $a7e it easier to pe"etrate
his -isguise at $i-"ight or at "oo".
Loo7 at the eyes. They ca" %e gree"5 %lue5 %ro," or %lac75 %ut they>ll %e pierci"g
,ith hyp"otic i"te"sity. Most people 8eel "ervous a"- ill at ease u"-er Scorpio>s
stea-y ga3e. =ou>ll have to %rea7 the spell a"- loo7 a,ay 8irst. .e>ll outstare you
every ti$e. 2t>s a 8oolproo8 i-e"ti8icatio" o8 the *luto perso"ality. Scorpio eyes %ore
-eeply i"to you5 $ercilessly5 as i8 they>re pe"etrati"g your very souL They are.
Ne:t5 liste" to hi$ spea7. The to"e ca" %e velvety so8t5 hus7y or sharply cutti"g5 the
speech slo, a"- $easure- or clippe- a"- staccato5 %ut ,hat he says ,ill "ever %e
sel8-e88aci"g. Scorpio has total ego. .e 7"o,s ,hat he is a"- he 7"o,s ,hat he is
"ot5 a"- "othi"g a"yo"e else thi"7s ,ill cha"ge this 7"o,le-ge. 2"sults roll right o88
his %ac75 a"- co$pli$e"ts -o">t $ove hi$ a 8ractio" o8 a" i"ch. .e "ee-s %o o"e to
tell hi$ his vices or his virtues. At %est5 he>ll cal$ly agree ,ith your appraisalB at
,orst5 he>ll suspect your $otives.
The "e:t ti$e you>re ,ith a group o8 people5 %ri"g up a -iscussio" o8 Su" sig"s.
Me"tio" that5 ,ith a little practice5 it>s 8airly easy to recog"i3e the$. /he" so$eo"e
8aste"s you ,ith a hyp"otic ga3e5 a"- states ,ith supre$e co"8i-e"ce5 <=ou ca">t
guess ,hat 2 a$5< say 8ir$ly5 <=ou>re a Scorpio.< 2t $ay %e the 8irst ti$e he>s ever
%li"7e-. 4ut his stare ,ill ,aver o"ly 8or a" i"sta"t5 a"- he>ll 'uic7ly regai" the cool
co$posure he e:hi%ite- %e8ore you e:pose- his care8ul -isguise. 28 you ever co$e
across a chatteri"g Scorpio ,hose eyes ,a"-er5 chal7 hi$ up as a" astrological
e:ceptio" as rare as the -o-o %ir-. There are so$e Nove$%er people ,ith heavy
pla"etary i"8lue"ces o8 restless"ess i" their "ativities5 %ut you>re tryi"g to lea$ to
recog"i3e the typical Scorpio. =ou>ll 8i"- very 8e, o8 the "ervous 7i"-. The "ature
ca" %e $o-i8ie- %y other "atal i"8lue"ces5 %ut o"ly slightly.
Most *luto people have po,er8ul physi'ues. The 8eatures are "oticea%ly heavy or
sharp5 a"- clearly -ra,"5 a"- the "ose is 'uite pro$i"e"t5 so$eti$es %ea7-shape-.
&r-i"arily5 the co$ple:io" is very pale5 al$ost tra"sluce"t5 a"- the %ro,s are heavy
a"- 7"it together over the %ri-ge o8 the "ose. There>s a crac7li"g5 electric vitality
a%out the very prese"ce o8 a Scorpio that gives hi$ a,ay. As 'uiet as he tries to %e5
such a vital 8orce ca">t %e hi--e" co$pletely. The $ales ,ill have a heavy gro,th
o8 hair o" the ar$s a"- legs5 o8te" ,ith a re--ish cast. Most Scorpios have -ar7ish
hair a"- eyes5 %ut -o">t overloo7 the 8rosty %lo"-e types5 o8 ,hich #race Felly a"-
4illy #raha$ are e:celle"t e:a$ples. (rosty o" the outsi-e5 that is. The poise-
sur8ace cal$ o8 the *luto character is care8ully -esig"e- to hi-e the %oili"g i""er
Such $astery o8 the perso"ality has to %e e"vie-. No $atter ho, his e$otio"s are
stirre-5 youll rarely see the$ re8lecte- o" Scorpio>s 8ro3e"5 i$$o%ile 8ace. These
people prou-ly a"- co"sciously practice a %la"7 e:pressio". They co$$a"- their
8eatures to re$ai" 8ir$5 a"- their 8eatures o%ey. ?They ,oul-">t -are -iso%ey a
Scorpio.@ =ou>ll sel-o$ see Scorpio give hi$sel8 a,ay %y %lushi"g or 8lushi"g5
8ro,"i"g or gri""i"g. S$iles are rare5 %ut ge"ui"e. The %o-y 8ollo,s the sa$e
or-ers as the 8ace. There ,ill rarely %e a"y ;u$pi"g5 su--e" starts or "ervous
.e>ll "ever 8li"ch ,ith e$%arrass$e"t or s,ell up ,ith pri-e. 1eactio" is al,ays
7ept at a %are $i"i$u$5 %ecause Scorpio>s art is to pro%e your "ature a"- $otives
rele"tlessly5 ,hile re$ai"i"g i"scruta%le hi$sel85 a"- he>s a" e:pert at it.
2t>s i$porta"t to re$e$%er that there is a particular type o8 Scorpio ,ho $oves a"-
spea7s rather 'uic7ly5 a"- appears to have a" ope"5 8rie"-ly $a""er. Loo7 -eeply
i"to his eyes a"- really thi"7 a%out so$e o8 his past actio"s5 his true %ehavior. .e>s
really ;ust playi"g a ga$e ,ith all his happy tal7. 2"si-e5 he>s as tough a"-
-eter$i"e- as the $ore typical5 poise- *luto people. *erhaps he>s eve" a sha-e $ore
-a"gerous %ecause his -isguise is %etter5 a"- he 8ools you $ore easily. Start treati"g
hi$ as !hariie-"ice-guy5 ,ho>s co$pletely har$less5 a"- you $ay %e courti"g so$e
trou%le. 4e o" guar- ,ith all Scorpios. 2 -o">t $ea" they>re ,ic7e-. They>re ;ust "ot
so8t or "aive. So$e Scorpios5 reali3i"g that their eyes e:pose their i""er i"te"sity5
,ear su"glasses 8re'ue"tly5 eve" at "ight.
1e$ar7 to a Scorpio that he has a great tale"t ,hich ,ill so$e-ay %e recog"i3e-5
a"- he s$oothly5 casually replies5 <=es. 2 7"o,.< As7 hi$ i8 he>ll -o you a 8avor5
a"- ?he a"s,er ,ill %e e'ually si$ple. <=es5 o8 course 2 ,ill5< or <No5 2 ca">t -o
28 you>re se"sitive5 -o">t as7 his opi"io" or a-vice. =ou>ll get the "a7e-5 %rutal truth.
=ou as7e- hi$5 hell tell you. Scorpio ,ill "ot pay a 8alse co$pli$e"t to gai" a poi"t
or ,i" a" ally. 2t>s %e"eath hi$ to 8latter. /he" he says so$ethi"g "ice to you5
treasure it. =ou ca" %e sure it>s si"cere a"- u"var"ishe-. 28 he says you have a goo-
voice5 stop si"gi"g i" the sho,er a"- gra% a $icropho"e. 28 he says you have a great
voice5 you ca" sa8ely au-itio" 8or the Met. .e $ay eve" e88ortlessly $ove a 8e,
$ou"tai"s out o8 your ,ay to help you alo"g. Do">t %elieve everythi"g you hear
a%out Scorpio sel8ish"ess. 2"stea-5 liste" to so$e o8 the grate8ul people ,ho have
%ee" o" the receivi"g e"- o8 his ,ise cou"sel a"- ge"erosity. Scorpio "aturally at-
tracts either 8iercely loyal a"- -e-icate- a-$irers5 or e"vious a"- spite8ul e"e$ies.
4ut eve" the latter give hi$ gru-gi"g respect5 a"- you>ll "otice they>re care8ul "ot to
challe"ge hi$ ope"ly. The e:a$ples o8 the 8e, ,ho -i- are vivi- a"- pai"8ul
re$i"-ers that cautio" is re'uire- i" a" attac7 agai"st Scorpio a"- his pla"et5 *luto.
1e$e$%er that *luto rules "uclear po,er.
=et5 there>s a hau"ti"g s,eet"ess a%out these people5 a"- o8te" a ge"tle sy$pathy
,ith the sic7 or -espairi"g. Scorpio>s touch ca" %e cool a"- te"-er5 as ,ell as hot.
.is Su" positio" gives hi$ several paths to 8ollo,. .e ca" i$itate the "octur"al
scorpio"5 ,ho ,ill sti"g others a"- eve" go"g hi$sel8 to -eath 8or the pure pleasure
o8 sti"gi"g- or he ca" i$itate the glorious5 soari"g path o8 his sy$%olic eagle5 ,ho
rises a%ove earthly li$itatio"s5 a"- uses his stre"gth ,isely a"- ;ustly. #reat
ge"erals li7e MacArthur5 presi-e"ts li7e Theo-ore 1oosevelt a"- scie"tists li7e
Ma-a$e !urie a"- Jo"as Sal7 are eagles. More 0"ite- 2 States presi-e"ts have
%ee" %or" u"-er this sig" tha" a"y other.
As 8or the "octur"al scorpio"s5 you $ay have %ee" stu"g %y a 8e, yoursel8. A"cie"t
astrology re8ers to the$ as serpe"ts. 2t>s "ot har- to guess ,hich category the o"es
you $eet %elo"g to. A 8e, *luto people 8all so$e,here %et,ee" the eagle a"- the
sti"gi"g scorpio"5 victi$s o8 their o," %lac7 $agic. These are the gray li3ar-s.
/ith the$5 supre$e sel8 sacri8ice %eco$es "eurotic co"cer" a%out the sel85 a"-
psychic a%ilities %eco$e 8ear8ul apprehe"sio"s o8 the lur7i"g evils ,hich $ay stri7e
at a"y $o$e"t. (orce8ul courage t,ists itsel8 arou"-5 a"- i"stea- o8 see7i"g the
ruthless reve"ge o8 the sti"ger scorpio"s-or risi"g a%ove such %itter"ess li7e the
eagles-they %itterly ,ith-ra, i" ta"gle- hatre-s at each $i"or i";ury5 hopi"g 8ate
,ill pu"ish their e"e$ies5 al$ost u"co"sciously ,illi"g -estructio" ,ithout -irect
The gray li3ar-s 8ail to -ra, o" the po,er o8 *luto i" their "atures-po,er that coul-
li8t the$ high a%ove all the u"8ortu"ate circu$sta"ces that surrou"- the$. 2" the
very teeth o8 trage-y5 this a,eso$e i""er stre"gth coul- give the$ a "e, li8e i" the
su"light. 4ut they see7 the -ar7 sha-o,s a"- lie -or$a"t5 a pathetic ,aste o8 the
%rillia"t pote"tial o8 their %irthright. Still5 Scorpio ca" "ever sli-e -eep e"ough i"to
the sli$e o8 %itter -epressio" to co$pletely lose the po,er o8 *luto. 2t>s "ever too
late 8or the gray li3ar- to tra"s8or$ hi$sel8 i"to a" eagle. That 7i"- . o8 -eep $agic
%elo"gs e:clusively to every perso" %or" 2 ii C-er the Su" sig" o8 Scorpio. All they
"ee- -o is to call o" it. Typical eagles have "o 8ear. 2" %attle they>ll lea- their $e"
i"to the very 8ace o8 -eath ,ithout a tre$or. +ve" the average *luto $a" or ,o$a"
%ravely 8aces a"ythi"g 8ro$ physical pai" a"- poverty to ri-icule a"- 8ailure ,ith a
prou- co"te$pt a"- co$plete co"8i-e"ce i" a" i""er a%ility to overco$e a"y %lo,.
Scorpio is i"te"sely loyal to 8rie"-s. <#reater love hath "o $a" tha" this5 that a $a"
lay -o," his li8e 8or his 8rie"-s.< So$e o8 the$ -o this literally5 8or 8rie"-s5 rela-
tives or love- o"es-i" %attle or i" a civilia" crisis. The Scorpio sol-ier leaps
i"sta"tly5 i"sti"ctively5 to %rave the %ullets a"- -rag his %u--y to sa8ety. The
Scorpio 8ire$a" gives his li8e to rescue the chil- i" the %ur"i"g %uil-i"g. So$eti$es
it see$s *luto people u"co"sciously see7 viole"ce -eli%erately5 as a challe"ge to
their stre"gth.
Scorpio "ever 8orgets a gi8t or a 7i"-"ess5 a"- it>s richly re,ar-e-. !o"versely5 he
also re$e$%ers a" i";ury or a" i";ustice5 %ut there are -i88ere"t ,ays o8 reacti"g.
The eagle ,ill crush the e"e$y so the e"e$y lea$s "ever to hurt hi$ agai"5 ,i" the
8ight5 a"- leave the -e8eate- to go his o," ,ay. The -ea-ly "octur"al scorpio" ,ill
8irst sti"g5 the" pla" -estructio"5 the" sti"g agai". .e>s "ot co"te"t ,ith $erely
eve"i"g the score. .e $ust totally -estroy the e"e$y5 or at least top hi$. The
typical scorpio" sti"ger ,ill lie a,a7e "ights 8iguri"g ho, to get eve". 28 a "eigh%or
-eli%erately scrapes his 8e"-er5 he>ll scrape t,o 8e"-ers o" the "eigh%or>s car the
"e:t -ay5 a"- $ay%e -rive over his care8ully pru"e- he-ges 8or goo- $easure.
These scorpio"s are sel-o$ co"te"t ,ith 8orci"g the shoe o" the other 8oot to teach
e"e$ies ho, it 8eels. They glue the sa"-al o" ,ith ce$e"t. .o,ever5 ,ith the gray
li3ar-s5 *luto reve"ge ta7es the 8or$ o8 %itter"ess hel- i"si-e 8or years5 ,hich
i"evita%ly causes -eep $ela"choly or actual5 li"geri"g physical ill"ess. Seethi"g
Scorpio rese"t$e"t5 tur"e- i",ar- a"- "ever e:presse-5 poiso"s ,ith -ea-ly
certai"ty. Tur"e- out,ar-5 it ca" create guilt5 %ecause the sti"ger scorpio" is
asha$e- to har$ the -e8e"se-less5 ,he" all is sai- a"- -o"e. There8ore5 it shoul- %e
tur"e- "either ,ay-i",ar- "or out,ar-. 2t shoul- %e co"'uere- %y loo7i"g up a"-
8orgetti"g5 li7e the eagle- "ever %y loo7i"g %ac7 i" a"ger a"- retaliatio".
The Scorpio health picture is typical o8 his "ature. .e ca" -estroy his %o-y ,ith
e:cesses5 $ela"choly or har- ,or7. 4ut he ca" also %uilt it %ac7 at ,ill 8ro$ a
critical ill"ess. *luto>s po,er is that stro"g. Scorpios are sel-o$ sic75 %ut ,he" they
are5 it>s usually serious. A lo"g rest a"- a cha"ge o8 attitu-e5 ,ith peace8ul
accepta"ce replaci"g %ur"i"g rese"t$e"t5 are the %est cures. They ca">t let ,ell
e"ough alo"e5 a"- o8 course5 they 7"o, $ore tha" the -octor a"- all the "urses. The
chie8 areas o8 attac7 8or ger$s a"- acci-e"ts are the repro-uctive orga"s5 the "ose5
the throat5 the heart5 spi"e5 %ac75 circulatory syste$5 legs a"- a"7les. aricose vei"s
a"- acci-e"ts i" sports are co$$o". They shoul- avoi- 8ire5 e:plosives5 "o:ious
8u$es a"- ra-iatio". =et5 you>ll 8i"- lots o8 the$ see7 occupatio"s that 8lirt ,ith
-a"ger alo"g these very li"es. So$eti$es they have chro"ic "ose %lee-s5 or surgery
is per8or$e- o" the "ose 8or so$e reaso".
Scorpio is -eeply i"tereste- i" religio"5 i"te"sely curious a%out all phases o8 li8e a"-
-eath5 passio"ately co"cer"e- ,ith se: a"- viole"tly -ra," %y a -esire to re8or$.
=et he>s also heroic5 -e-icate- to ties o8 8a$ily a"- love5 a"- ge"tly protective o8
chil-re" a"- ,ea7er souls. .e ca" %e a sai"t or a si""er. .e ca" e:peri$e"t ,ith the
-ar7est $ysteries this si-e o8 .a-es5 or he ca" scathi"gly revile si" a"- -eca-e"ce.
/hether he e$otes 8ro$ a pulpit5 at a %usi"ess $eeti"g5 or 8ro$ a stage5 his
hyp"otic appeal pierces through his au-ie"ce5 literally tra"s8i:i"g or tra"s8iguri"g
the$. 2t>s really rather 8righte"i"g. +ve" i8 the Scorpio has te$porarily allo,e-
%itter"ess5 -ri"7 or $ela"choly to -rag hi$ i"to the 4o,ery5 you ca" %et your ol-
copy o8 Da"te>s 2"8er"o that the other %u$s ,ill clear a path ,he" they see hi$
.e>s 8iercely possessive o8 ,hat he %elieves to %e his5 i"clu-i"g success5 %ut his
a$%itio" is "ever o%vious. .e 'uietly ,aits 8or the cha"ce to $ove ahea- all the
,hile he serves5 7"o,i"g he is 'uali8ie- 8or the positio" a%ove hi$. .e ta7es
co"trol slo,ly5 %ut very surely. Scorpio ca" -o ;ust a%out a"ythi"g he ,a"ts to -o.
28 he really ,a"ts it5 it>s $ost -e8i"itely "o lo"ger a -rea$. The -ar75 $agical a"-
$ysterious po,er o8 *luto tur"s -esire i"to reality ,ith cool5 care8ul5 8i:e- i"te"t.
Although a $or%i- -esire to 7"o, the ,orst o8 sic7 a"- -eprave- hu$a"ity ca"
create a gray li3ar- ,ho -a%%les i" -rugs a"- cruelty5 he ca" reverse the path to a
li8e o8 $e-ici"e5 ,here -rastic treat$e"ts ,ith the sa$e sy$%ols have a -eep
8asci"atio" 8or hi$. Although $a"y o8 the ru$ore- sa-istic surgeo"s are Scorpios5
it>s e'ually true that $a"y o8 the 8i"est $e-ical $e" i" the e"tire ,orl- are i"spire-
%y *luto to heal %oth the $i"- a"- the %o-y5 -iag"osi"g a"- treati"g ,ith stra"ge5
i"scruta%le 7"o,le-ge.
Scorpio ,as %or" 7"o,i"g the secrets o8 li8e a"- -eath5 a"- ,ith the a%ility to
co"'uer %oth i8 he chooses. 4ut astrology co"sta"tly a-vises hi$ that <he $ust
7"o, that he 7"o,s.< The a"cie"t $ysteries 8asci"ate his %rillia"t $i"-. &ut o8 his
po,er8ul e$pathy ,ith hu$a" "ature gro,s the outsta"-i"g -etective5 the co$poser
o8 great $usical ,or7s5 literature o8 -epth a"- per$a"e"ce5 or the actor ,ho
pro;ects ,ith u"usual -ra$atic i"te"sity. So$eti$es he lives alo"e5 "ear the sea5 as
stro"g a"- as sile"t as the ti-es. So$eti$es he 8aces the pu%lic5 ,eari"g a $as7 o8
cal$ reserve a"- co"trol5 to hi-e his i"te"se -esire to ,i". .e ca" %e a politicia" or
a televisio" star5 a" u"-erta7er or a %arte"-er5 %ut he>ll $a"age to top all his co$-
petitors. A"- hell -o it so e88ortlessly it ,ill see$ li7e a" act o8 8ate rather tha" his
o," po,er8ul ,ill.
&"e o8 the stra"gest patter"s i" astrology is the -eath o8 a relative i" the 8a$ily
,ithi" either a year %e8ore or the year a8ter the %irth o8 a Scorpio. A"- ,he" a
Scorpio -ies5 there ,ill %e a %irth i" the 8a$ily ,ithi" the year %e8ore or the year
a8ter. 2t happe"s at least "i"ety-8ive perce"t o8 the ti$e. *luto>s sy$%ol is the
triu$pha"t phoe"i: risi"g 8ro$ its o," s$ol-eri"g ashes5 a"- Scorpio perso"i8ies
the resurrectio" 8ro$ the grave. 4oth the gray li3ar-s a"- the sti"gi"g scorpio"s ca"
%eco$e prou- eagles ,ithout ever reveali"g the secret o8 their sorcery. No use to
as7-Scorpio ,ill "ever tell. 4ut he 7"o,s the eter"al truth o8 the circle co"tai"e- i"
the sy$%olic 3ero.
Nove$%er>s thistle is -a"gerous5 yet it gro,s e"t,i"e- ,ith the heavy5 la"gui-
%eauty o8 the Scorpio ho"eysuc7le. .ave you ever i"hale- that s,eet5
over,hel$i"g 8ragra"ce o" a still $i-su$$er>s "ightA The" you ,ill 7"o, ,hy
there are those ,ho %rave the thistles to see7 the ge"tle"ess o8 Scorpio-e:'uisite
ge"tle"ess. The e:plosive passio" o8 *luto has the rich5 -ar7 re- ,i"e color o8 the
%loo-sto"e. 4ut Scorpio steel is te$pere- i" a 8ur"ace o8 u"%eara%le heat u"til it
e$erges cool5 sati"y s$ooth-a"- stro"g e"ough to co"trol the "i"e spiritual 8ires o8
Scorpio>s ,is-o$.
(a$ous Scorpio *erso"alities
Marie A"toi"ette Ji$ 4ishop 1ichar- 4urto" 1ichar- +. 4yr- Joh""y !arso"
*ri"ce !harles !hia"g Fai-she7 Ma-a$e !urie !harles -e #aulle Marie Dressier
#eorge +liot #eorge #aliup 2"-ira #a"-hi 4illy #raha$ .etty #ree"
Fathari"e .ep%u$ #race Felly 1o%ert Fe""e-y ivie" Leigh Marti" Luther
Douglas MacArthur Margaret Mea- Maria""e Moore Ja,aharlal Nehru Mi7e
Nichols *a%lo *icasso Theo-ore 1oosevelt Jo"as Sal7 +ric Sevarei- 4illy Su"-ay

The S!&1*2& Ma"
A"- her eyes i$$e-iately $et those
o8 a large5 %lue caterpillar
that ,as sitti"g o" the top ,ith its ar$s 8ol-e-5 'uietly
s$o7i"g a lo"g hoo7ah . . .
The caterpillar a"- Alice
loo7e- at each other i" sile"ce5
28 you>re i" love ,ith a Scorpio $ale a"- the ,or- passio" 8righte"s you5 put o"
your trac7 shoes a"- ru" as i8 Fi"g Fo"g ,ere pursui"g you. .e is.
2>$ "ot spea7i"g o8 ro$a"tic passio" alo"e5 though that $ay %e at the hea- o8 the
list. 2 also re8er to passio"ate i"te"sity a%out politics5 ,or75 8rie"-ship5 religio"5
8oo-5 relatives5 chil-re"5 clothi"g5 li8e5 -eath a"- a"y other categories you ca" thi"7
up. A Scorpio $a" is "ot e:actly ,hat your psyche "ee-s i8 you>re repelle- %y
e$otio"al e:cess. Do">t loo7 %ac7. Just ru".
=ou>ll thi"7 2>ve ta7e" leave o8 $y se"ses i8 you>ve ;ust $et that particular *luto
perso". .e>s so cal$ a"- stea-y. .o, coul- a"yo"e ,ith such o%vious sel8-co"trol
%e passio"ate5 let alo"e -a"gerously soA .o, i"-ee-. 4ecause he>s o"ly %lu88i"g
,ith the sur8ace cool. 2"si-e5 his passio"s are as re- hot as that stove you %ur"e-
your ha"- o" ,he" you ,ere three or 8our years ol- a"- getti"g i"to thi"gs out o8
your reach. This $a" $ay also %e out o8 reach. .e>s si33li"g u"-er"eath his
-eceptively co"trolle- $a""er. Do">t touch. =ou 7"o, per8ectly ,ell ho, lo"g it
ta7es 8or %u$s to heal. 1e$e$%erA =our ha"- ,as sti"gi"g 8or ,ee7s a8ter that
episo-e ,ith the stove ,he" you ,ere i" your 4uster 4ro,"s. A8ter this e:perie"ce5
your heart ,ill %ur" 8or $o"ths5 $ay%e years5 a"- 8irst ai- 7its ,ill -o little goo-.
#ra"-$a>s 8avorite sayi"g5 <A" ou"ce o8 preve"tio" is ,orth a pou"- o8 cure5<
applies to %oth stove %ur"s a"- Scorpio si"ges5 so play it sa8e. Ma7e sure you 7"o,
,here you>re goi"g a"- ,ith ,ho$.
28 your Su" sig" gives you a" as%estos5 8ireproo8 "ature5 go ahea- a"- play ,ith
e:plosives. =ou $ay %e a%le to 7eep the 8la$es u"-er co"trol a"- have yoursel8 a
po,er8ul 8ire to ,ar$ your heart 8or a li8eti$e. *erhaps you>re passio"ate a%out
thi"gs yoursel8. (i"e. The" it>s si$ply a $atter o8 -egree o8 heat. 28 your passio" has
a" auto$atic ther$ostat5 so it ca" %e tur"e- -o," to cool ,he" his rea-s hot5 you>re
sa8e. Let>s prete"- you are. The girls ,ho are i" -a"ger shoul- %e i" the "e:t state
%y "o,5 i8 they ra" 8ast e"ough. They>ll tha"7 $e so$e-ay a8ter they>ve $arrie- a
"ice5 sa8e Li%ra" or !a"ceria".
As 8or you ,o$e" ,ho have a"aly3e- yourselves as sa8e i" a *luto relatio"ship5
let>s see i8 ,e ca" 8i"- ,hat>s hi--e" %ehi"- those hyp"otic5 pierci"g Scorpio eyes.
2t>s pretty certai" he has">t $a-e a "eutral i$pressio" o" you. .e>s either got you
thi"7i"g he>s %oyish a"- s,eet5 or that he>s ,ic7e- a"- passio"ate. ?There goes that
,or- agai".@ The trou%le is5 he>s "either. &r $ay%e 2 shoul- say he>s %oth. /ell5 this
is">t getti"g us a"y,here. Let>s start all over agai".
2" a ,or-5 this $a" is i"vi"ci%le. Just %ehi"- his 8rosty reserve is a huge pot o8
%oili"g stea$ that %u%%les a"- seethes co"ti"ually. 28 you>re luc7y5 he>ll 7eep the li-
o". tight 8or a li8eti$e5 %ut a -eep i";ury ca" %lo, it right o88 ,ith a %rillia"t
e:plosio". 2t>s 7i"- o8 8asci"ati"g to ,atch. i8 you>re "ot i" its -irect li"e o8
-estructio". Step asi-e5 i8 you 8eel it co$i"g. A"- -o">t -o a"ythi"g to cause it
.ell %e,il-er you ,ith his t,i" Scorpio traits o8 passio" a"- reaso". .e>s $aster o8
%oth9 i"tellect a"- e$otio"s rule hi$ e'ually. Scorpio is $ore tha" i"tellige"t. 28
he>s a highly evolve- speci$e"5 he>s also -eeply philosophical5 co"cer"e- ,ith
$ysteries o8 e:iste"ce5 a"- he>ll co$e close to 7"o,i"g the a"s,ers.
There are Scorpios ,ho ca" live a sparta" e:iste"ce i" a %are roo$5 -e"yi"g
the$selves every co$8ort 8or so$e o%scure5 aesthetic reaso"5 %ut the true "ature o8
the sig" is se"sual. Nor$ally5 Scorpio ,ill surrou"- hi$sel8 ,ith lu:ury. .e>ll lea"
to,ar- e:cesses i" 8oo-5 -rugs5 -ri"75 a"- yes-i" love. Most assure-ly i" love. .e>s
geare- 8or it5 ,ith co"8i-e"ce. 1o$a"ce ,ill "ever 8righte" hi$5 pu33le hi$5 or
catch hi$ u"a,are. 2t>s %ee" o" his $i"- ever si"ce he ro-e his 8irst %icycle. May%e
eve" his 8irst tricycle. &8 course5 you coul- co"ceiva%ly 7"o, a Scorpio ,ho is so
a%solutely i""oce"t-loo7i"g5 ,ith such -isar$i"g5 youth8ul char$ a"- lac7 o8
o%vious se-uctive $a""eris$s5 he>s co"vi"ce- you that passio" is over-rate- i"
*luto $ales. .e $ay eve" have 8rec7les5 a"- a ,hole -ra,er 8ull o8 4oy Scout
$erit %a-ges. 4ut as7 his ,i8e. Try so$ethi"g li7e5 <Say5 4ertha-or 1osalie-or
Sheila-or ,hatever-is your hus%a"-5 ,ell5 is he passio"ateA< She $ight su$$o"
e"ough -ig"ity to tell you it>s "o"e o8 your %usi"ess5 %ut your a"s,er ,ill $ost
li7ely %e hysterical laughter. 4et,ee" her peals o8 $irth5 she>ll %e re$e$%eri"g
$a"y -ays o8 his i"te"se5 passio"ate -eclaratio"s a%out air pollutio"5 house%rea7i"g
the -og5 "arcotics5 lo"g hair5 %irth co"trol5 a"- $a"y "ights o8 ... ,ell5 a"- $a"y
"ights. This ,ill %e true eve" i8 her hus%a"- loo7s li7e .uc7le%erry (i""5 a"-
-oes">t eve" re$otely rese$%le Fi"g Fo"g.
These $e" have a" e:plosive te$per that ca" stri7e a li8e-ti$e ,ou"-. /he" the
Scorpio lashes his -ea-ly tail5 the sti"g %ites har-. .e "ot o"ly e";oys ,i""i"g5 he
has to ,i". So$ethi"g i"si-e hi$ -ies ,he" he loses5 eve" i" s$all ,aysB yet o--ly
e"ough5 a *luto $a" "or$ally practices goo- sports$a"ship. Li7e all his other
e$otio"s5 -isappoi"t$e"t "ever sho,s o" those set 8eatures5 a"- his reactio"s are
rigi-ly co"trolle-5 i"clu-i"g his ro$a"tic i"te"tio"s. 28 there>s a goo- reaso" to
avoi- the relatio"ship5 hell %u$ i"si-e ,hile he>s pro;ecti"g a glacial cal$ out-
,ar-ly. .e>s also capa%le o8 torturi"g a girl cruelly %e8ore he 8i"ally -eci-es to gra%
her %y the hair a"- -rag her o88 to his ;u"gle o8 ho"eysuc7le vi"es. Naturally5 there
are so$e Nove$%er 8ello,s ,ho ,ill ge"tly propose o" %e"-e- 7"ee. They>ll
%ehave very properly5 ,ith or ,ithout a chapero"e5 %ut -o">t %e -eceive-. 2t>s
$erely the Scorpio -esire to 7eep -ig"ity at all cost. =our reputatio" $ust %e
spotless. .e ,o">t sta"- 8or ri-icule or cheap"ess5 8or all his erotic "ature.
*luto people ca" have either a Su"-ay School teacher horror o8 si"5 a" attitu-e
,hich pro-uces i"te"sely -e-icate- eva"gelistic religious lea-ers5 li7e 4illy
#raha$5 or they ca" %e -rive" %y curiosity to pe"etrate every -ar7 cor"er o8 the
hu$a" $ystery. So$eti$es5 %oth attitu-es are co$%i"e-5 resulti"g i" the hypocrisy
or sel8--elusio" o8 a" +l$er #a"try or a 1evere"- Davi-so" i" 1ai".
+very Scorpio is a la, u"to hi$sel85 a"- co$pletely u"co"cer"e- ,ith ,hat others
thi"7 o8 hi$. .e ,oul- li7e to %e respecte- as a goo-5 soli- citi3e"5 %ut i8 it
i"ter8eres ,ith a"y o8 his i"te"se i-eas or goals5 the" he coul-">t care less5 a"- those
,ho gossip ca" ;ust go to the place *luto rules. No"e o8 his i$porta"t -ecisio"s are
ha$pere- %y the opi"io"s o8 his 8rie"-s5 relatives5 "eigh%ors or e"e$ies. 2>$ sorry
to say5 "ot eve" %y you. Do">t ru" a,ay yet. Such %eauti8ul sel8-co"tai"$e"t a"-
sure"ess o8 purpose ca" create a $ighty attractive5 8ree spirit ,ho>s "ot al,ays
8ussi"g a%out ,hat people thi"7. Are ho"esty a"- courage a"- i"tegrity such %a-
%argai"sA They $ay have lost a little o8 their spar7le i" to-ay>s $ar7etplace5 %ut ru%
o88 the -ust they>ve collecte-5 a"- you ca" still get the$ appraise- as ge"ui"e.
2t>s 'uite a" e:perie"ce to see the Scorpio $a" operate u"-er a-versity>s %lac7
clou-s. /hile others are $u$%li"g a"- cru$%li"g a"- gru$%li"g5 he is at his
8orce8ul5 courageous %est. .e sel-o$ ,allo,s i" e"vy or sel8-pity5 a"- he -oes">t
happe" to thi"7 that li8e o,es hi$ a si"gle 8arthi"g. =ou ca" ;ust i$agi"e ho,
$uch ti$e that saves. 2"stea- o8 pouti"g i" hurt a"ger ,he" real trou%les hit5 he
$eets the$ hea- o". !o"'uer the$A 4ut o8 course.
That>s ,hat he ,as %or" to -o.
&"e thi"g is a little 8righte"i"g5 a"- $ay re'uire courage o" your part. Scorpio
loves $ystery a"- there>s "ot a si"gle o"e that crosses his path he ,o">t solve i"
-etail. Si"ce the eter"al 8e$i"i"e $ystery is a"y girl>s $ost pote"t -e8e"se a"-
o88e"se5 %ei"g strippe- "a7e- o8 your $ystery ca" leave you 8eeli"g a little e:pose-.
=ou>ll scarcely have a secret le8t ,he" he starts pro%i"g ,ith those %ur"i"g eyes a"-
pierci"g 'uestio"s.
.e has high sta"-ar-s5 a"- he ,o">t choose his 8rie"-s loosely. They>ll have to
$easure up. This is a $arvelous5 rare 7i"- o8 $a" ,ho ca" share a ;ug o8 spirits a"-
;o7e ,ith rough hu$or a$o"g other $e" li7e a %a,-y +li3a%etha"B the" tap that
-eep5 i"scruta%le "ature a"- tur" i"to as ge"tle a"- te"-er a lover as 1o%ert
4ro,"i"g. 28 there>s a"ythi"g $ore to as7 8or i" a $ale a"i$al5 2 -o">t 7"o, ,hat it
$ight %e. Su%$issive"ess a"- 8orgive"essA Detach$e"t a"- cautio"A That>s "ot 8air.
=ou 7"e, he ,as short o" those 'ualities %ac7 i" the %egi""i"g.
.e ca" %e cruel so$eti$es5 8or his o,"5 u"8atho$a%le reaso"s5 a"- he $ay eve"
e:hi%it a sa-istic se"se o8 ,it %y -escri%i"g you as 8at5 -u$py5 shre,ish a"- s'uare
i" 8ro"t o8 8rie"-s. 2t>s his private ;o7e. #ri"5 i8 it 7ills you. =ou>ve %ee" ,ar"e- that
Scorpio is co$pelle- to co"ceal his $otives5 a"- this te"-e"cy is">t ,atere- -o,"
i" love. 2t $ay eve" %e i"te"si8ie-. .e>s "ot a%out to -isplay his true e$otio"s i"
8ro"t o8 the ,orl- li7e a vul"era%le5 s$itte" school%oy. Later5 ,he" you>re alo"e5
he>ll tell you ,hat he really thi"7s.
Marriage gives you a certai" security5 %ut i8 he pulls so$e o8 his *luto tric7s %e8ore
the 7"ot is tie-5 it $ay hurt5 a"- you>ll 8ail to get the hu$or. Still5 -o">t eve" thi"7
a%out telli"g hi$ that his harsh5 sel8-su88icie"t ,ho-"ee-s-youA ga$e $a7es you
8eel li7e ;u$pi"g o88 a %ri-ge. The Scorpio $a" ,ill ;ust tell you to go ahea- a"-
;u$p. 2t $ay ta7e a ,hile to a-;ust to his perso"ality5 %ut it ,ill eve"tually toughe"
you up. 28 you>re too so8t5 you>ll %ruise easily ,ith a Scorpio. Never as7 hi$ ,hat he
thi"7s o8 a "e, -ress or hair--o5 u"less you>re prepare- to %e stu"g %y the %rutal
truth. At least you>ll 7"o, his positive state$e"ts are ho"est5 a"- "ot paste- together
,ith the stic7y glue o8 %ore-5 i"si"cere 8lattery. 2t>s %etter to %rave a goo-5 healthy
<=ou loo7 a,8ul5< "o, a"- the"5 a"- %e re,ar-e- %y a" occasio"al <=ou>re really
%eauti8ul5 you 7"o,5< tha" to s,allo, a co"sta"t -iet o8 vague re$ar7s li7e9 <=es5
-ear5 it>s lovely5 sugar. M$$$$-;ust 8i"e5 pigeo"5< 8ro$ other $e". Do">t you
thi"7 soA 2 -o. 4ut the"5 you>re the o"e ,ho has to live ,ith it.
/he" it co$es to ;ealousy5 you>- %etter trea- very5 very care8ully. .e coul- %u$
a"- erupt li7e Mou"t esuvius i" its hey-ay i8 you shoul- acci-e"tally ,i"7 "ear a
$a" ,he" a ci"-er gets i" your eye5 a"- i8 you ever give hi$ a real reaso" to %e
suspicious5 you>re a very %rave ,o$a". 4ut you>- %etter pac7 a,ay your o,"
;ealous strea7 i" the tru"75 a"- the" loc7 it. 2t ,ill $a7e "o i$pressio" at all to
-re"ch hi$ i" a"gry tears or reproach8ul recri$i"atio"s. No $atter ho, he %ehaves5
;ust say to yoursel85 <.e loves $e5 a"- he ,ill "ever -iscar- real love 8or physical
pro$iscuity. .e>s loyal to his -eep ties5 a"- he>s o"ly practici"g his hyp"otic art
,ith those girls.< Say it o"ce %e8ore each $eal5 i" the $or"i"g a"- at %e-ti$e.
+specially at %e-ti$e. /o$e" ,ill 8i"- hi$ irresisti%ly attractive5 %ut 7eep
re$e$%eri"g that i8 a"yo"e is stro"g e"ough to resist such co"ti"ual 8lattery a"-
te$ptatio"5 it>s a Scorpio. Does">t that $a7e you 8eel %etterA 2t shoul-. 2t>s true.
.e>ll pro%a%ly %e a ster" 8ather. The chil-re" ,o">t get a,ay ,ith a" ou"ce o8 la3y
or 8rivolous %ehavior. .ell teach the$ to respect property5 %ut he>ll also teach the$
to respect the$selves. =ou"gsters ,ill sel-o$ get the cha"ce to 8or$ a"y 8alse
values arou"- a Scorpio papa. Although he>ll love the$ ,ith as $uch si"cere
passio" as he puts i"to everythi"g else he cares a%out5 he ,o">t Sta"- 8or a"y
"o"se"se. .e>ll protect the$ ,he" they "ee- it5 %ut they>ll soo" get the $essage that
he e:pects the$ to sta"- alo"e. 28 they %orro, $o"ey 8ro$ hi$5 he>s lia%le to
charge the$ i"terest o" it5 %ut it>s 8or their o," goo-. They $ay "ot reali3e that u"til
he>s go"e so$e--ay5 %ut the lesso" ,ill eve"tually co$e ho$e to the$. Lots o8
chil-re" o8 Scorpio 8athers rese"t his high-ha"-e- authority a"- tight -iscipli"e
throughout chil-hoo-5 a"- especially -uri"g the re%ellious years5 %ut as a-ults5 they
reali3e ho, luc7y they ,ere to have his 8ir$ gui-a"ce. (ro$ "o other 8ather ca"
chil-re" lear" so $uch truth a%out the ,ay li8e really is. &8te" his o88spri"g ,ill
8i"- hi$ ge"tle a"- 8u""yB still there ,o">t %e a"y 'uestio" a%out ,ho is %oss. .e>ll
;o7e a"- laugh ,ith the$5 a"- give the$ a se"se o8 8ree-o$5 %ut the chal7 li"e ,ill
%e -ra,"5 a"- they>ll 7"o, "ot to cross it. +ve" as they rese"t his attitu-e o8
co$$a"-5 the chil-re" ,ill secretly a-$ire his stre"gth a"- try to i$itate it5 %ut
occasio"ally it ,or7s the other ,ay. A ge"tle chil- $ay 8eel %ullie- a"- co,e- %y
Scorpio po,er5 a"- retreat i"to "eurotic i"troversio"5 8eari"g to ris7 his -ispleasure.
The" you>ll have to re$i"- hi$ that a88ectio" a"- te"-er"ess so$eti$es get $ore
results tha" his "or$al5 u"%e"-i"g5 autocratic $a""er. Just %e sure you re$i"- hi$
tact8ully a"- respect8ully. A Scorpio $a" ,ill "ever allo, a ,o$a" to -ictate to
hi$. Never i" a $illio" years. .e is the $a" a"- you are the ,o$a"5 a"- i8 you
have a"y -ou%ts a%out it5 you ,ill %e set straight so surely that you>ll "ever "ee- %ut
o"e lesso". =et5 a Scorpio hus%a"- ,ith a ,i8e ,ho truly u"-ersta"-s hi$5 ,ill %e
te"-er5 sy$pathetic5 co"si-erate5 a"- repay her loyalty ,ith the 7i"- o8 love $ost
,o$e" o"ly rea- a%out a"- ,ish 8or.
2t ,o">t help $uch to try to resist this $a"5 o"ce the 8la$e has %ee" stirre- a"- he>s
-eci-e- he ,a"ts you. .ell hyp"oti3e you right out o8 all your goo- i"te"tio"s. The
$ag"etis$ o8 Scorpio $e" is al$ost ta"gi%le. =ou 8eel you ca" reach out a"- touch
it. /he" you -o5 you $ay get a surprise. 2t ,ill %u$ you o"ly i8 you>re over-
se"sitive a"- scorcha%le. 28 you>re patie"t a"- stro"g5 it ,ill %e li7e touchi"g cool
$ar%le. #irls are out o8 their league ,ith hi$. 2t ta7es a %rave ,o$a" to 8ly ,ith the
eagle a"- "ot crash. .e ca" soar higher tha" his sy$%olic %right star A"tares i" the
co"stellatio" o8 Scorpio5 the" -ip -o," su--e"ly to earthy e:pressio". .a"g o"
tightly5 %ut 7eep your eyes ope" ,i-e5 a"- you>ll see hori3o"s ,ith hi$ the ti$i-
,ill "ever see. Loo7 over there5 ;ust %eyo"- the tall 8ir trees--i- you ever i" your
,hole li8e e:perie"ce such a su"riseA Su"set ,ill %e ;ust as gra"-.

The S!&1*2& /o$a"
<!o"si-er a"ythi"g o"ly -o">t cry . . .<
The 8e$ale Scorpio has a -eep5 $ysterious %eauty. She>s $ag"etic5 prou- a"-
totally co"8i-e"t. 4ut she has o"e secret regret. She ,as "ot %or" a $a".
2 ca" al$ost 8eel the heat 8ro$ here ,he" *luto ,o$e" hear a%out that revelatio".
There>s "ot a Scorpio 8e$ale alive ,ho -oes">t thi"7 she>s all ,o$a"5 a"- you $ay
,o"-er ,hat 2>$ tal7i"g a%out yoursel85 i8 you>re i" love ,ith o"e. This girl
certai"ly has e"ough gla$our5 a"- she>s e"or$ously se-uctive. 4ut 2 -i-">t say she
loo7e- li7e a %oy5 "or -i- 2 i"te"- to i$ply she -oes">t -o a %a"g-up ;o% o8 %ei"g a
8e$ale. 2t>s ;ust that5 u"co"sciously5 she ,oul- pre8er to %e a $a". Less restrictio"-
$ore opportu"ity. 2t>s the o"e secret she eve" hi-es 8ro$ hersel85 a"- seei"g it
e:pose- ,o">t sit ,ell ,ith her.
&"ce the Scorpio girl has 8igure- out the -i88ere"ce %et,ee" %lue %ooties a"- pi"7
%ooties5 she>ll resig" hersel8 to ,eari"g the pi"7 o"es5 %ecause she>s 8a%ulous at
$a7i"g the %est out o8 a situatio". 4ut pi"7 is "ot her "atural color. The true sha-e
o8 her "ature is -ar7 $aroo"5 or -eep ,i"e-re-5 "ot a 8e$ale color at all. .o,ever5
to give her proper tri%ute5 she>s a%le to $a7e you thi"7 it is. 2 7"o, o"e ,ho>s great
at prete"-i"g to %e a 8ragile5 8lu88y 7itte". She purrs so co"te"te-ly $ost $e" guess
she>s a" ultra-8e$i"i"e *iscea". They topple i"to her trap a"- ,a7e up later5 sa--er
%ut ,iser. She is "o 7itte".
Scorpio ,o$e" have a scor"8ul co"te$pt 8or $e$%ers o8 their se: ,ho 8lop i" the
roles o8 s,eetheart5 ,i8e a"- $other5 o"ce they>re stuc7 ,ith the parts. A *luto girl
,ill co"trol her -esire to -o$i"ate5 ,hile she gives a glorious per8or$a"ce o8
,o$a"hoo-5 a"- she>ll -o it ,ith $ore 8i"ess tha" the $asculi"e Aries5 Leo or
Sagittarius girl. At least she>ll -o it -uri"g courtship. There $ay %e a 8e, cases
,he" the u"suspecti"g $ale gets a ru-e surprise a8ter he sha7es the rice out o8 his
shoes a"- the illusio"s out o8 his eyes. 0"li7e the Mars 8e$ale5 8or e:a$ple5 a
Scorpio ,ill su%-ue her -rive a"- $ag"eti3e a $a" ,ith the heavy per8u$e o8 her
e:otic gla"ce as she allo,s hi$ to use his lighter to ig"ite her cigarette. That>s 8ar
se:ier tha" aggressively stri7i"g a $atch hersel8 a"- %lo,i"g the s$o7e i" his 8ace5
a"- she 7"o,s it. She 7"o,s lots $ore. A"other girl $ight rush hea-lo"g i"to your
ar$s a"- shout her love 8ro$ the roo8tops. The Scorpio girl ,al7s to,ar- you
slo,ly5 se-uctively5 a"- sile"tly -elivers her private $essage. 2t>s pu33li"g5 %ut
these ,o$e" ca" loo7 se-uctive i" ;ea"s5 ;o-hpurs or %as7et%all shoes. May%e it>s
her hus7y voice that creates the i$age. 2 7"o, o"e ,ho ,ore a %ase%all cap
?ho"est@ the e"tire ti$e her 8uture hus%a"- ,as courti"g her5 a"- she spe"t a lot o8
ti$e tal7i"g a%out %atti"g averages. 4ut she ,as as se-uctive as Mata .ari ;ust the
sa$e5 a"- she got her $a". ?.e ,as hyp"oti3e-5 as usual.@
=ou ca" give her a tu$%le5 %ut she ,o">t 8all all over hersel8 reacti"g to your
overtures. Do">t e:pect her to %at lo"g5 s,eepi"g eyelashes at you5 a"- a-ore you
,ith %li"- -evotio". Lots o8 8e$ale Scorpios are to$%oys ,ith stu%%y eyelashes.
4esi-es5 ,ith those %eauti8ul5 $ysterious eyes that ca" rea- your $i"- so clearly5
she -oes">t "ee- a"y e:tra tri$$i"g. /hisper so$ethi"g ro$a"tic that ,oul- $elt
a"other girl out o8 her se"ses5 a"- the Scorpio girl ,ill si$ply give you a" i"te"se5
pe"etrati"g loo7 that ,ill see right straight through to your real i"te"tio"s. She>s a
hu$a" Z-ray $achi"e5 so -o">t 8lirt. 0"less you $ea" %usi"ess5 you>re ,asti"g her
ti$e a"- i"sulti"g her. 2 ,oul-">t a-vise you to i"sult a Scorpio. 2t>s ;ust "ot healthy.
28 you -o">t 7"o, ,hat 2 $ea"5 as7 so$eo"e ,ho has. .e $ay have so$e stories to
tell that ,ill curl your hair.
2>$ ,ell a,are that this -a"gerous 8e$$e 8atale ca" hi-e her po,er o8 retaliatio"
,ith a tre$ulous s$ile5 ge"tle $a""eris$s5 a"- the $ost %reathless voice this si-e
o8 a" a"gel. 4ut astrologers are e:pecte- to %e up o" these thi"gs. 2t>s $ore
i$porta"t 8or you to %e ,ell a,are. A8ter all5 you>re the o"e ,ho>s see7i"g to ta$e
her-or protect yoursel8 agai"st her-,hichever. *ro%a%ly %oth.
=ou ca" %e sure that heave" certai"ly has "o 8ury li7e that o8 a Scorpio ,o$a"
,ho>s lost her "or$al stea-y co"trol over those i",ar-5 seethi"g5 *luto e$otio"s.
She ca" %e over%eari"g a"- -o$i"eeri"g5 sarcastic a"- 8rigi-- the" tur" as hot as a"
ove" at U00 -egrees (ahre"heit. She ca" hate ,ith %itter ve"o$ a"- love ,ith 8ierce
a%a"-o". She ca" shrie7 li7e a 8urious %a"shee or ,hisper li7e a" a88ectio"ate turtle
-ove. &"e thi"g you ca" %e sure o8- she>s "ever ,ishy-,ashy.
The Scorpio ,o$a" has a -isco"certi"g gi8t that ca" $a7e icy shivers ru" up your
spi"e. 2t>s a peculiar 8or$ o8 %lac7 $agic5 a"- she ,eaves it so e:pertly it ca" see$
li7e real ,itchcra8t. =ou have very little cha"ce to escape5 o"ce her eyes $eet yours.
4ecause o8 her $ystical si:th se"se5 she ca" o8te" recog"i3e a 8uture $ate at 8irst
gla"ce5 a"- so$eho,5 she>ll tra"s8er this perceptio" i"sta"tly. =ou>ll have o"e o8
t,o reactio"s. =ou>ll %e hopelessly caught i" her spell5 a"- -o," you>ll go5 i" a
-i33y spi" to,ar- surre"-er5 or you>ll %e scare- right out o8 your soc7s5 a"- 8eel li7e
ru""i"g 8or help. /hat>s your rushA Stay arou"- a,hile. =ou $ight 8i"- out ,hat
li8e is all a%out. She 7"o,s. A"- she>ll teach you. A"y,ay5 you shoul- %e 8lattere-
that she co"si-ers you ,orth that stra"ge ga3e. A Scorpio ,o$a" ca">t e:cuse
,ea7"ess i" a $a". She loo7s 8or a$%itio" a"- courage. She ,a"ts a $ate ,ho ca"
-o$i"ate her a"- $a7e her prou-5 ,ithout -istur%i"g her secret i"-ivi-uality. .e>s
e:pecte- to %e stro"g5 $asculi"e a"- %etter-loo7i"g tha" average. A high -egree o8
i"tellige"ce is re'uire- to $atch her o," e:celle"t $i"-5 plus $ore tha" a passi"g
ac'uai"ta"ce ,ith a%stract5 philosophical ,is-o$. So put your soc7s %ac7 o" a"-
practice a superior s$ir7. +very%o-y you 7"o, ,ill thi"7 you>re pretty super to
have her stari"g at you. The $e" a"- ,o$e" %oth. 2t coul- ope" "e, vistas5 ,he"
you thi"7 a%out it. =our perso"al stoc7 shoul- 3oo$ several poi"ts higher tha" it
,as %e8ore she "otice- you.
.avi"g o"ce achieve- close"ess ,ith a 8e$ale Scorpio5 you ca" %e positive you>re a
u"i'ue a"- u"usual $a". =ou ca" also %e sure that her love 8or you is u"$atche- %y
a"y you>ll ever e:perie"ce-a"- you ca" ta7e that i" several ,ays. =ou>ll %e the $ost
i$porta"t i"terest i" her li8e. 28 she>s a typical *luto girl5 she>ll %oost you loyally5
a"- try to please you ,ith passio"ate i"te"sity. 28 you>re too har- to please5 she>ll
sho, her 8rustratio" ,ith passio"ate atte$pts to co"'uer your -isi"terest.
The ,or- <passio"ate< pro%a%ly caught your eye. Most $e" have hear- e:citi"g
ru$ors a%out the passio" o8 Nove$%er 8e$ales. 2t>s true. She>s %ri$$i"g over i"si-e
,ith passio"5 though it>s 7ept u"-er rigi- co"trol %y a poise-5 8rosty attitu-e to,ar-
stra"gers5 a"- a sur8ace s$ooth"ess suggestive o8 %lac7 velvet. 4ut the $ale se: is
too i"cli"e- to relate passio" strictly to ro$a"tic actio"B a"- that>s selli"g her short5
%ecause *luto>s -e8i"itio" o8 the ,or- is 8ar $ore e"co$passi"g. 2t>s i"volve- ,ith
her 8eeli"gs a%out everythi"g she touches. She>s "ever ;ust slightly i"tereste-. 2t>s
i$possi%le 8or her to %e -etache- or casual. She sel-o$ li7es or -isli7es a play5 a
%oo75 religio"5 8ur"iture or people. She either %itterly rese"ts or she i"te"sely
,orships. 28 o"e o8 these t,o passio"s ca">t %e arouse-5 the" she totally ig"ores5
,ith ice arou"- the e-ges. =et5 through it all5 she>ll re$ai" esse"tially u"touche- %y
e$otio"al stor$s5 ;u-gi"g at least 8ro$ her placi- e:terior5 ,hich al,ays -rapes
itsel8 arou"- her a8ter each $i"or or $a;or "uclear e:plosio". 2t $ay %e -i88icult to
co"vi"ce your $other-i"-la, that her -aughter really %ro7e all those -ishes a"- tore
all those -raperies to shre-s a8ter the 8ury has su%si-e- a"- her %lac7 velvet poise
has retur"e-. *eople $ay loo7 at you as i8 you>re a character assassi"ator. /hat -o
you $ea"A Sha$e o" you5 accusi"g that cool5 co"trolle-5 lovely girl o8 such a
te$per. =ou have $y sy$pathy5 i8 that>s a"y help.
She has such 8a%ulous virtues5 you $ight 7"o, her vices ,oul-">t %e s7i$py5 either.
So thi"7 a%out her goo- poi"ts. All right5 the"5 thi"7 a%out her goo- poi"ts a8ter that
lu$p o" your hea- has heale-.
4ecause she>s -ra," to i"vestigatio" o8 the sha-o,s5 she $ay at 8irst see$ to %e
te$pti"g5 8or%i--e" 8ruit5 a"- the -eep5 stra"ge e:pressio" i" her eyes i"te"si8ies the
i$pressio". 2t>s true that the Scorpio girl so$eti$es ,a"-ers i"to -a"gerous ,aters
i" her e88orts to pe"etrate li8e5 a"- si"ce there>s "ot the slightest trace o8 8ear i" her
?u"less she has a" a88lictio" to her Moo"5 a"- is 8ull o8 "a$eless terrors@5 her search
$ay i"-ee- ta7e her i"to so$e ,eir- %y,ays. 4ut the typical Scorpio ,ill e$erge
8ro$ a"y -iscovery still stro"g a"- pure. 28 she allo,s the ;our"ey to soil her i""er
spirit5 *luto ,ill pu"ish her ,ith a"guishe- re$orse a"- guiltB yet she ca" still call
o" her great stre"gth o8 character to rise agai"5 li7e the phoe"i:5 8ro$ the ashes o8
her e:peri$e"ts. 2" Fahlil #i%ra">s ,riti"gs5 the *rophet replies5 i" a"s,er to a
'uestio" a%out +vil5 <&8 the #oo- i" you 2 ca" spea75 %ut "ot o8 the +vil. (or ,hat
is +vil %ut #oo--torture- %y its o," hu"ger a"- thirstA /he" #oo- is hu"gry5 it
see7s 8oo-5 eve" i" -ar7 caves5 a"- ,he" it thirsts5 it -ri"7s eve" o8 -ea- ,aters.< A
per8ect -escriptio" o8 Scorpio.
She $ay have %ee" a 8asci"ate- spectator to a $illio" hu$a" 8oi%les5 a"- she $ay
have taste- a variety o8 e:perie"ces to savor the 7"o,le-ge. 4ut she ca"
$ysteriously e$erge 8ro$ all her e:ploratio"s a%ove suspicio"5 a"- still superior to
al$ost every other ,o$a" you 7"o,. She coul- %e the 7eeper o8 'uite a 8e,
secrets. 2t>s surprisi"g ho, $a"y -ar7 -ee-s are co"8esse- to Scorpios5 though their
o," i""er lives are $ar7e-9 <*rivate-Feep &ut.< She li7es to hear secrets5 %ut she>ll
sel-o$ tell a"ythi"g a"yo"e has co"8i-e- i" her5 "ot eve" to you ?u"less there>s a"
a88licte- Mercury i" her "atal chart@. =ou ca" also e:pect her to have a stac7 o8
secrets that relate to her perso"ally5 a"- -o">t try to pry the$ out o8 her. There>s a
private part to this ,o$a" you>ll "ever touch5 a part o8 her $i"- a"- soul that
%elo"gs strictly to her5 a"- there>s a%solutely "o trespassi"g there. She>s "ot
u"truth8ul5 i" 8act she>s $ore o8tie" too %rutally ho"est5 yet there ,ill al,ays %e
those special thoughts a"- 8eeli"gs she ,o">t co"8i-e to you or a"yo"e else.
A Scorpio ,o$a" ,ill %e i"cre-i%ly loyal to those she 8i"-s stro"g a"- -eservi"g5
%ut the ,ea7 o"es ,ill "ever %e ho"ore- %y her gla"ce. .er -ig"ity i" hu$a"
relatio"ships ca" $a7e her see$ aloo8 a"- s"o%%ish. 2" a ,ay5 she -e8i"itely is5
%ecause she practices a perso"al caste syste$5 a"- it>s $ore clearly $ar7e- tha" that
o8 her Leo a"- !apricor" sisters. All Scorpios are highly selective i" 8rie"-ships.
They>ll 7eep the ,orthy co$pa"io"s through a" e"tire li8eti$e5 a"- 8ree3e the
shallo,5 the co$$o" or the u",orthy. There>s a" i$$e"se store o8 persevera"ce
a"- -eter$i"atio" %urie- i" the "ature o8 a Scorpio ,o$a"5 a"- a"y ti$e she
chooses5 she ca" call o" these to help her $aster the e:cesses ,hich $ay te$pt her5
8ro$ -ri"7 a"- -rugs to sel8--estructive5 ruthless reve"ge a"- -a"gerous -epressio".
Soo"er or later5 she>ll pro%a%ly i"vestigate so$e 8or$ o8 the occult5 a"- a"cie"t
$ysteries a"- u"see" ,orl-s ,ill eve"tually have her respect5 though Scorpios ca"
ra"ge all the ,ay 8ro$ religious 8ervor to total atheis$ -uri"g a li8eti$e.
A Scorpio ,o$a" "ee- "ot %e a legal ,i8e to give ,i8ely love a"- -evotio". 28
circu$sta"ces %eyo"- your co"trol $a7e $arriage i$possi%le5 she>ll love you 8ro$
hell to %rea78ast5 a"- "ot give a ha"g ,hat the "eigh%ors thi"7. 2" $ost such
u"usual situatio"s5 the relatio"ship is real a"- ho"est a%ove a"- %eyo"- the shallo,5
sel8ish love o8 $a"y a legiti$ate $arriage. The hypocrisies o8 society ,ill "ever
7eep this courageous ,o$a" 8ro$ see7i"g the su". She a"s,ers to "o la, %ut her
o,"5 a"- i" her *luto heart5 she has $ore total u"-ersta"-i"g o8 the vo, <till -eath
-o us part< tha" hal8 the %ri-es ,ho %liss8ully $ur$ur the phrase.
.Despite her o," stro"g i"-ivi-ualis$5 the typical Scorpio girl ,ill let her $a" %e
the %oss. 2"stea- o8 oversha-o,i"g hi$ ,ith her 8orce a"- -rive5 she>ll apply her
tale"ts to help hi$ attai" his goals. =our 8uture ,ill %e i$porta"t to her5 a"- she>s
"ot li7ely to i"sist o" retai"i"g her o," career a8ter $arriage ?u"less you>ve
-isappoi"te- her -eeply or a seco"- ;o% is "ee-e- i" a te$porary -o$estic crisis@.
She $ay 8ight you ,il-ly i" private5 %ut she>ll -e8e"- you 8iercely i" pu%lic. She
,o">t sta"- 8or a"yo"e $alig"i"g you or ta7i"g a-va"tage o8 you. Those ,ho try
,ill 8eel the lash o8 her righteous a"ger. =our happi"ess ,ill al,ays co$e 8irst.
0"less there are a-verse aspects to her Su" sig" or asce"-a"t i" her "atal chart5
she>ll patie"tly help you persevere u"til you get ,hat you ,a"t5 a"- ,hile you>re
getti"g it5 she ,o">t ,hi"e or co$plai" or %eco$e restless5 though she $ight tur" a
little %itter i8 you lose your courage o" the ,ay. She>ll e:pect you to ai$ as high as
your a%ilities ,ill reach. A"ythi"g less $ay %ri"g o" so$e pretty sarcastic tau"ts
a"- reproaches5 especially i8 she has a" a88licte- Mercury.
Scorpio ,o$e" love their ho$es5 ,hich usually shi"e ,ith clea"li"ess5 taste a"-
co$8ort. Meals are serve- o" ti$e5 a"- thi"gs are ge"erally u"-er co"trol. 28 the
opposite is true5 so$ethi"g is $a7i"g her $ighty u"happy5 %ecause her "atural
i"cli"atio" is to %eauty a"- syste$. To the typical Scorpio ,o$a" spri"g clea"i"g is
li7e vacatio". They love to -ig i"to co$ers to see ,hat they ca" 8i"-. Just %e care8ul
she -oes">t 8i"- a"y cryptic "otes that s$ell o8 per8u$e i" your ol- ;ac7et poc7ets
,he" she>s cleari"g out the closets. Scorpio is u"reaso"a%ly suspicious5 eve" ,he"
there>s "o %asis 8or suspicio"5 so you ca" i$agi"e ,hat happe"s ,he" she 8i"-s a
real clue to possi%le i"8i-elity. *icture the shape o8 a $ushroo$ clou- a"- you>ll get
a ge"eral i-ea o8 ,hat $ay happe"5 8iguratively spea7i"g. 2t>s "o goo- %ei"g
suspicious o8 her5 "o $atter ho, $a"y opportu"ities ariseB a"- there ,ill %e a
goo-ly "u$%er o8 the$5 %ecause she "ever e:poses her -eepest 8eeli"gs. Naturally5
this ca" arouse a 8e, 'uestio"s o" your part. Just s,allo, the$5 alo"g ,ith the
lu$p i" your throat. Li7e that loc7e- chest or -ra,er she>s ha- si"ce chil-hoo-5
certai" thi"gs a%out her are o88 li$its. 2t ,ill get you "o,here to pro%e. 2 reali3e
8ully that it is">t 8air. So -oes she. 4ut that -oes">t cha"ge thi"gs a %it. That>s the
,ay it is. Ta7e her or leave her. =ou>ll pro%a%ly ta7e her. 2t>s al$ost i$possi%le to
leave her. 28 "othi"g else5 she>ll hau"t you the rest o8 your li8e. A-;usti"g to the
i-iosy"crasies o8 her "ature is easier tha" su88eri"g the "ight$ares that ,ill surely
result i8 you ,al7 a,ay. No o"e ,al7s a,ay 8ro$ a Scorpio. Not really. Di-">t you
7"o, thatA Those ,ho have trie- ca" e-ucate you. A"y,ay5 you have a very special
As $uch as she "ee-s the security o8 ho$e roots5 shell $ove i8 it>s "ecessary to your
career5 a"- ,ithout a"y visi%le 8li"chi"g at the uprooti"g. She $a7es a" e:celle"t
,i8e 8or a" ar$y or "avy $a" a"- a real ;e,el 8or a politicia". There>s "o o"e she
ca">t see through5 "o -eceptio" that escapes her. A Scorpio ,o$a" ca" tell you
e:actly ,ho ca" %e truste- a"- ,hich o"es you have to ,atch. The *isces ,i8e has
the sa$e a%ility5 %ut she $ay %e too so8t to critici3e5 too rea-y to $a7e e:cuses 8or
the 8aili"gs o8 others. Not so the Scorpio 8e$ale. 2" 8act5 she $ay 8re'ue"tly have to
chec7 her sharp to"gue a"- to"e -o," her %rutal a"alysis.
2" the %u-get -epart$e"t5 Scorpio ,o$e" are co$pletely u"pre-icta%le. She ca"
scri$p a"- save a"- pi"ch a pe""y u"til it %e"-s -ou%le5 the" have a su--e" spell o8
%ei"g $ag"i8ice"tly e:travaga"t. &"e thi"g is sure. She>ll e";oy $o"ey5 ,hether she
saves it i" a" ol- shoe or spe"-s it o" lu:ury. 4ut this ,o$a" al,ays lea"s heavily
to,ar- prestige5 a"- she ,o">t let cash co$pro$ise that. She>ll %e satis8ie- i8 you
choose a s$aller i"co$e5 as lo"g as it i"sures that you are your o," %oss5 ,ith the
pote"tial to rise to %eco$e so$e%o-y o8 i"8lue"ce5 Scorpio 8e$ales li7e po,er5 a"-
they ,ill sacri8ice $uch 8or it. =our po,er ,ill -o5 %ecause *luto allo,s her to %e
a-ept at livi"g vicariously through others ,he" it suits her. 1e$e$%er that although
she>ll sacri8ice a"- put up ,ith very little 8or a pla""e- goal5 she>s too prou- to live
a$i- sha%%y surrou"-i"gs 8orever5 a"- she>ll %eco$e $ighty sour a"- -isco"te"te-
i8 she>s 8orce- to -o so 8or a" u"reaso"a%le le"gth o8 ti$e. She>ll either try to 8orce a
cha"ge i" the 8a$ily 8ortu"es a8ter a certai" perio-5 or she>ll gra-ually retreat i"to
the -is$al ,orl- o8 the gray li3ar-5 out,ar-ly accepti"g a"- al$ost see$i"g to
e";oy poverty5 %ut i",ar-ly i"te"sely %itter.
She>ll %e possessive %ut she ,o">t ,a"t to %e possesse-. &"e o8 the ,orst traits o8
%oth $ale a"- 8e$ale Scorpios is a re8usal to see a"y vie,poi"t %ut their o," ,he"
the e$otio"s are i"volve-. 2t ta7es ,ee7s o8 i"trospectio" to %ri"g the$ arou"- to a
se$%la"ce o8 hu$ility. .er "atural i"terest i" the opposite se:5 eve" i8 it re$ai"s
plato"ic5 $ay give you as $uch reaso" to %e ;ealous o8 her as she is o8 you. She>ll
pro%a%ly 8asci"ate every $ale i" sight o" occasio"5 a"- you $ay have to sit %y
,hile they>re $es$eri3e-. 2t sel-o$ lea-s to a"ythi"g serious5 %ut it ca" cause so$e
u"co$8orta%le $o$e"ts. 2t ca" also lea- to so$e e:plosive -isagree$e"ts. 2" the
heat o8 %attle5 it pays to re$e$%er that her co$pulsio" to eve" the score usually
$a7es her the ,i""er i" a"y 7i"- o8 s7ir$ish. She gets the last ,or-. 28 you tell her
a lie5 she $ay tell t,o. 28 you stu%%or"ly re8use to 7iss her goo--%ye i" the $or"i"g
a8ter a ti885 she $ay re8use to 7iss you goo-"ight 8or a $o"th. Just let your $other
?or a"y%o-y>s $other@ critici3e her coo7i"g5 a"- the Scorpio ,o$a" $ay 8orget to
i"vite her to -i""er 8or several Su"-ays i" a ro,. A" acci-e"tal i";ury5 ho,ever5
she>ll 8orgive5 i8 she 7"o,s it>s u"i"te"tio"al. The Scorpio se"se o8 ;ustice is as
stro"g as the se"se o8 reve"ge. Most people 8orget this. She>ll re$e$%er every
7i"-"ess a"- give you %ac7 -ou%le 8or that5 too. 2t ,or7s %oth ,ays.
/ith the chil-re"5 her e:pressio" o8 love $ay lac7 a certai" te"-er"ess a"- ope"
-e$o"stratio"5 %ut the you"gsters ,ill pro%a%ly se"se her -eep -evotio" a"- 8eel
e$otio"ally secure a"y,ay. A Scorpio $other ,o">t let the tale"ts o8 her chil-re"
go u""otice- or gather -ust. She>ll spe"- $a"y a" hour e"couragi"g the$ to,ar-
higher goals5 a"- %e ,illi"g to provi-e a"y support they "ee-. .er o88spri"g ,ill
8i"- her stro"g a"- help8ul ,he" youth8ul pro%le$s arise5 %ecause her 7"o,le-ge o8
hu$a" "ature $a7es her a ,ise cou"selor. She>ll teach the$ to $eet -i88iculties
,ith her o," courage. 4ut she ca" %e %u"- to their 8aults5 a" attitu-e ,hich ca"
"aturally cause a lot o8 trou%le i8 it is">t recog"i3e- a"- chec7e- i" ti$e. A"yo"e
she i$agi"es is a threat to the happi"ess o8 her chil-re"5 i" a"y ,ay5 ho,ever s$all5
,ill %e crushe-5 a"- 2>$ a8rai- that i"clu-es her hus%a"-. She ,o">t appreciate it i8
he>s stricter ,ith the$ tha" she thi"7s he ought to %e.
A Scorpio ,o$a" ,ill so$eti$es "early -ro," you i" her passio" 8or livi"g5 yet i"
a real stor$5 her cool5 cal$ reaso" a"- steely stre"gth ,ill %e a li8e ra8t. Though she
,or7s her $agic i" stra"ge a"- secret ,ays5 her hau"ti"g eyes ,ill al,ays ga3e at
you ,ith %asic ho"esty5 eve" ,hile she re$ai"s ;ust %eyo"- the reach o8 hu$a"
u"-ersta"-i"g. She>s a little -a"gerous5 perhaps5 %ut u"-e"ia%ly e:citi"g. Let other
hus%a"-s cope ,ith the 8lighty girls. =ou>ve 7"o," the co$pelli"g $ystery o8 a
lovely ,itch ,ho %re,s a pretty goo- cup o8 tea a"- "ever %u$s your toast. ?/ell5
al$ost "ever.@ /he" the cup is e$pty5 let her rea- the tea leaves 8or you. She ca"-i8
she ,a"ts to.
=ou $ea" you -i-">t 7"o,A 2 tol- you there are thi"gs she 7eeps to hersel8....

The S!&1*2& !hil-
</hat else ha- you to lear"A< </ell5 there ,as Mystery ... Mystery5 a"cie"t a"-
,ith Seaography . . . Dra,li"g5 Stretchi"g
a"- (ai"ti"g i" !oils.<
The usual reactio" o8 prou- pare"ts at the 8irst gli$pse o8 their "e,%or" Scorpio
i"8a"t is please- surprise. <.e loo7s so $uch $ore >8i"ishe-> tha" the other %a%ies i"
the "ursery5< they $ur$ur. <.e>s cal$er too-a"- ;ust loo7 at ,hat a stro"g %o-y he
has.< That>s right5 eve" the ti"iest Scorpios "or$ally have e:traor-i"arily stro"g
%o-ies. They ,ere -esig"e- to $atch their e:traor-i"arily stro"g ,ills.
Scorpio chil-re" e";oy a goo- 8ight5 a"- they i"te"- to ,i" it. !o$pro$ise is "ot
o"e o8 their virtues. +ve" i8 they prete"- to give i"5 they>re ;ust %i-i"g their ti$e
u"til the co"test ca" %e resu$e- o" a"other 8ro"t5 ,here they have the a-va"tage.
As soo" as you 7"o, the stor7 is -ue i" Nove$%er or ?herea%outs5 go right out a"-
%uy a large5 stur-y plaype". =ou>ll "ee- o"e. A8ter %a%y arrives5 you ca" cli$%
i"si-e it a"- rea- a %oo7 or eat your lu"ch5 sa8e a"- secure %ehi"- the %ars. The
sales,o$a" $ay loo7 at you o--ly ,he" you lie -o," o" the %lue plastic %u""y
pa- to $easure its 8it5 %ut ig"ore her. 28 you ca">t ta7e the stare o8 a stra"ger5 ho,
are you goi"g to 8ace the %ur"i"g ga3e o8 your o," chil- ,ithout 8li"chi"gA The
Scorpio i"8a"t ,ill 8i: you ,ith his i"te"se eyes as soo" as he ca" see people
,ithout the 8u33y ha3e5 a"- you>ll %e hyp"oti3e- i"to o%eyi"g his every ,hi$.
*icture hi$ sitti"g cross-legge- o" the 8loor i" his -iaper a"- tur%a"5 playi"g his
8lute5 ,hile you s,ay %ac7 a"- 8orth helplessly5 li7e a s"a7e i" a %as7et. #oo- grie8I
So %etter start steeli"g yoursel8 agai"st his %lac7 $agic right "o,. #ive that
sales,o$a" a 8rosty stare right %ac7. 2t>s your $o"ey you>re spe"-i"g.
28 your actio"s see$ a little peculiar5 it>s "ot her %usi"ess to -ictate to you. =ou are
the custo$er. There8ore5 you are the %oss. /ith $i"or cha"ges5 this is the e:act
attitu-e you>ll "ee- to cope ,ith your you"g Scorpio. 2t>s your house. 28 your rules
see$ a little peculiar5 it>s "ot %a%y>s %usi"ess to -ictate to you. =ou are the $other.
There8ore5 you are the %oss. As you say it5 stare hi$ -o,".
=ou>ll have your ,or7 cut out 8or you5 %ut it>s a" i"teresti"g challe"ge. The Scorpio
chil- ,ill "ee- co"sta"t a"- 8ir$ -iscipli"e. =ou>ll have to i$press the 'ualities o8
co"si-eratio" 8or ,ea7er people5 %ei"g a goo- sport ,he" he loses5 respect 8or
authority a"- 8orgive"ess ,he" others hurt hi$. As you trai" his 8i"e character5
you>ll %e i$presse- yoursel8 ,ith his %rillia"t $i"- a"- $ag"etic perso"ality. .is
rare courage a"- ho"esty are ,ell ,orth "ourishi"g a"- protecti"g 8ro$ the
i"8ectio" o8 a super ego that ca" pervert or -estroy the$.
There are t,o roa-s 8or the Scorpio to choose-the high a"- the lo,. (or a ,hile5 you
$ay %e co"vi"ce- that he>s chose" the %ac7 alley %e8ore he>s eve" lear"e- to ,al7.
(luttery5 "ervous or so8t $others are %eate" %e8ore they start. =our little Scorpio
to--ler ,ill glare at you 8iercely ,he" you 8or%i- hi$ to touch so$ethi"g. #lare
%ac7 at hi$5 7i"-ly %ut 8ir$ly. 2t $ay %e -i88icult to acco$plish a 7i"-ly glare5 %ut
7eep practici"g. S$ile through your cle"che- teeth a"- say "o lou-ly5 ,ith
e$phatic co"victio". =ou>ll o"ly ,i" a te$porary struggleB it ,ill %e resu$e- agai"
a" hour later5 %ut it>s a step up that high roa-. +ve"tually5 the Scorpio you"gster ,ill
%egi" to a-$ire you 8or your stre"gth i" resisti"g hi$. .ell lear" o"ly 8ro$
so$eo"e he thi"7s is stro"ger tha" hi$sel8. &8 course5 he 7"o,s the victory is o"ly
-ue to his prese"t si3e5 a"- he>ll top you so$e-ay5 %ut $ea",hile5 he>ll give you his
gru-gi"g respect5 as lo"g as you>re %igger. 4y the ti$e he>s tall e"ough to ,restle
his ol-er %rother to the 8loor or ,i" a ga$e o8 2"-ia" -ea-loc7 ,ith his 8ather your
;o% ,ill %e -o"e. =ou>ll %e a little e:hauste-5 %ut prou-5 a"- he>ll %e ,ell o" the ,ay
to %eco$i"g a sple"-i- eagle5 i"stea- o8 a sti"gi"g5 reve"ge8ul scorpio". /ar"i"g9
4e sure there>s a ge"erous sprea-i"g o8 love a"- a88ectio" o" top o8 your 8ir$
-iscipli"e5 or he coul- %eco$e a $isera%le gray li3ar-5 torture- %y 8ears a"-
pho%ias5 %itter a"- ,ith-ra,".
4ecause o8 his %lu"t5 o8te" sarcastic speech a"- plai"-spo7e" $a""er5 he>ll see$ to
%e 8orthright a"- -irect5 %ut there ,ill still %e a great "ee- 8or privacy. .e has his
little secrets a"- you are "ot to pry. #ive hi$ a large $etal %o: ,ith a 7ey5 ,here he
ca" 7eep his perso"al possessio"s5 or a special -ra,er o8 his o," that "o o"e else i"
the 8a$ily ca" ope" %y strict agree$e"t. As 8e$ale Scorpios gro, ol-er5 they>ll
,a"t a -iary ,ith a 8oolproo8 loc7.
These you"gsters ,ill co"ceal their o," thoughts5 %ut tryi"g to hi-e thi"gs 8ro$
the$ is i$possi%le. They>ll 8erret out every e$%arrassi"g 8a$ily secret 8ro$ Au"t
4ertha>s 8alse teeth a"- 0"cle *ercy>s -ri"7i"g sprees to Da->s <rug< that hi-es his
%al- spot. They>re also ,hi33es at 8i"-i"g lost soc7s5 7eys5 %ill8ol-s a"- lipstic7s-
regular $i"iature sleuths ,ho use %oth ,itchcra8t a"- col- logic to solve a"y
There>s a $iraculous a%ility to ,ithsta"- pai". +ve" the stitches re'uire- to se, up
a" acci-e"tal cut ,ill usually %e %or"e ,ithout either tears or a"esthetic. =our
Scorpio you"gster is ,ise %eyo"- his years. There ,ill %e ti$es ,he" his i"sti"ctive
u"-ersta"-i"g is a %lessi"g. Da--ies ,ho are -iscourage- %y 8i"a"cial pro%le$s
o8te" 8eel the surprisi"g pressure o8 a %ear hug 8ro$ a little tot 8ar too you"g to
u"-ersta"- eco"o$ics. .e o"ly 7"o,s his 8ather is u"happy5 a"- he>ll ,a"t to
e:press his -esire to -estroy ,hatever is causi"g it. /he" she>s ill or -epresse-5 a
$other $ay get a" u"e:pecte-5 sile"t a"- te"-er touch 8ro$ a ti"y Scorpio ,ho has
so$eho, se"se- her sa-"ess.
Scorpio chil-re" are 8ille- ,ith %ou"-less loyalty to 8rie"-s a"- love- o"es. They
ca" %e pretty har- o" a"yo"e else. 28 a %a--te$pere- play$ate -eli%erately %rea7s
his roc7i"g horse5 the Scorpio you"gster $ay %rea7 the o88e"-i"g chil->s scooter5
8ire truc7 a"- %lac7%oar--a"- pu"ch hi$ i" the "ose %esi-es5 ;ust to $a7e sure he
7"o,s he>s steppe- o" a Scorpio>s tail. Naturally5 this $ust %e -iscourage-5 a"- 2
,ish you luc7. =ou ca" tell your Nove$%er chil- that reve"ge8ul a"ger ,ill co$e
ho$e to roost5 that he>s o"ly hurti"g hi$sel8 %y getti"g eve"5 %ut it ,o">t %e easy 8or
hi$ to see the logic. #et hi$ o"e o8 those %oo$era"gs they sell i" toy stores5 a"- let
hi$ thro, it ,ith all his 8orce. /he" it>s shoc7e- hi$ %y $agically retur"i"g to clip
hi$ o" the ear a 8e, ti$es5 he $ay get the $essage. 2t ,o">t %e as popular ,ith hi$5
o8 course5 as a $icroscope5 a %oo7 o8 $agic ga$es or a che$istry set These are
sure-8ire hits.
.is teachers ,o">t 7"o, ,hether to se"- hi$ to the hea- o8 the class or get out the
ol- %irch s,itch. Theyll B pro%a%ly e"- up -oi"g %oth. Scorpio %oys a"- girls have
sharp5 pe"etrati"g $i"-s a"- a" u"ca""y perceptio" o8 theories. They ca" %e
stea-ies o" the ho"or roll or the %iggest hoo7ey players i" the "eigh%orhoo-. #ive"
the goo- 8ortu"e o8 ,ise i"structors5 they>ll lea$ to rea- 'uic7ly a"- %e lea-ers o8
school activities.
The Scorpio chil- has a goo- cha"ce o8 %ei"g class vale-ictoria" i8 he>s gui-e-
a,ay 8ro$ his 8asci"atio" 8or the 8or%i--e". Feep hi$ active physically a"-
i"tereste- $e"tally5 a"- cha""el his passio"ate curiosity i"to scie"ce5 literature5
$e-ici"e or sports. +"courage his chil-ish -rea$s o8 %ei"g a space e"gi"eer5 sailor5
8ire$a"5 $i"ister5 e"tertai"er or eve" presi-e"t. Never try to 8orce hi$ i"to your
8avorite i-ea o8 the proper career. That>s a per8ect ,ay to se"- hi$ -o," that lo,
roa- to -a"gerous e:peri$e"tatio" i" the -ar7 alleys o8 li8e. .e 7"o,s e:actly ,hat
he ,a"ts5 a"- it>s a serious $ista7e to i$pose your ,ill. 4e loyal to hi$5 a"- "ever
%rea7 your ,or- or a pro$ise.
.e "ee-s opportu"ities to ,or7 o88 his giga"tic supply o8 %ottle--up e"ergy %ecause
he>ll see$ to %e $ore cal$ a"- rela:e- tha" he really is i"si-e. Displays o8 "erves5
argu$e"ts at $ealti$e a"- 8a$ily s'ua%%les at %e-ti$e ,ill %ri"g "ight$ares5 a"-
are e:tre$ely -etri$e"tal to %oth his $e"tal a"- physical health. .e has $a"y
i"te"se passio"s a"- %oili"g e$otio"s to $a"age5 a"- su%-ui"g his volatile "ature is
a tough tas7 8or hi$5 %ut he>ll co"trol it %eauti8ully ,ith care8ul gui-a"ce. 1ough5
thoughtless scol-i"gs that lac7 a logical e:pla"atio"5 a"- per$issive hu$ori"g are
e'ually -isastrous. Scorpios are 8asci"ate- %y -rugs5 so 7eep the$ out o8 reach. .ell
%e -ra," to 8ire5 too5 so -o">t leave $atches arou"-.
.e>ll love .allo,ee"5 $o"ster sho,s o" T5 scie"ce-8ictio" a"- ghost stories. .e>ll
also %e 8o"- o8 the opposite se:. Do">t %e shoc7e- i8 you catch your 8ive-year-ol-
Scorpio so" $a7i"g <$ysterious eyes< at the curly-hea-e- 8irst-gra-er "e:t -oor.
.e>s goi"g to %e a Lover so$e-ay. =ou>ll "ever preve"t that. 4ut you ca" preve"t
so$e 8uture ro$a"tic trage-ies %y teachi"g %oth se:es i" a-olesce"ce the
i$porta"ce o8 respo"si%ility i" a88airs o8 the heart. Scorpio -eeply respects the
8a$ily circle. +:plai" that careless ro$a"tic %ehavior -estroys it5 a"- he>ll liste".
/hatever he %eco$es5 he>ll %e the %est i" his chose" 8iel-. The Scorpio you"gster is
-eter$i"e- e"ough to get ,hat he ,a"ts5 a"- stro"g e"ough to ha"g o" to it. 4ut
-o">t let his sel8-su88icie"cy 7eep you 8ro$ givi"g hi$ your support. .e "ee-s it5
eve" though he appears to scor" approval. =ou>ll have to help hi$ 8i"- a ,orthy
goal to,ar- ,hich he ca" -irect the i""er passio"s that threate" to co"su$e hi$.
This is a stra"ge5 e"cha"te- chil-5 ,ith possi%ly a" i$porta"t -esti"y5 a"- he has
$iles to go %e8ore he reaches it. /al7 ,ith hi$ as lo"g as he "ee-s you5 the" let
hi$ ,al7 alo"e. .e>ll retur" sa8ely ,ith ,hatever pri3e he see7s. *luto gives hi$
great courage5 stre"gth a"- i"tellige"ce5 %ut it>s up to you to give hi$ ,hat he "ee-s
$ost9 a -aily e:a$ple o8 ho, to love-a"- %e love- i" retur".

The S!&1*2& 4oss
<Feep your te$per5< sai- the !aterpillar . . .
<=ou>ll get use- to it i" ti$e5< a"- it put the hoo7ah i"to its $outhB
a"- %ega" s$o7i"g agai".
*resi-e"t Theo-ore 1oosevelt>s a-vice5 <Spea7 so8tly-%ut carry a %ig stic75< is a
per8ect e:a$ple o8 Scorpio philosophy5 spo7e" %y a Scorpio. Although <Te--y<
1oosevelt ,as the 8irst o"e to say it5 every *luto perso" is %or" ,ith the phrase
carve- i"to his "ature. 2t>s the i"visi%le $otto ha"gi"g o" the ,all %ehi"- the -es7 o8
your Scorpio %oss. Me$ori3e it. .e has. 2 ,oul-">t $a7e a %ig issue out o8
-iscussi"g it ,ith hi$. Just ,atch hi$ practice it. Scorpios have a ,ay o8
-iscouragi"g certai" perso"al 'uestio"s a%out their o," tech"i'ues.
Li8e is a search 8or ,is-o$ a"- po,er to your so8t-spo7e" Scorpio %oss ,ith the %ig
stic7. .e ,a"ts to 7"o, all the secrets o8 heave" a"- hell-a"- ,hatever lies %e-
t,ee". Assu$e-ly5 you lie %et,ee". There8ore5 he>s e'ually i"te"t o" lear"i"g your
secrets5 a"- i" see7i"g 7"o,le-ge o8 ,hat>s goi"g o" i" your %usy little %rai"5 or
your %usy %ig %rai"5 as the case $ay %e. .e>ll "ever press you ope"ly or actively to
%are your soul5 %ut youll pro%a%ly -o it a"y,ay. 2t>s i"evita%le. &"e goo-5 lo"g5
stea-y ga3e 8ro$ > his hyp"otic *luto eyes is e"ough to pull out the -eepest
8co"8essio"s. 28 you have a"ythi"g o" your $i"- you>- Dather 7eep strictly private5
avoi- loo7i"g i"to those eyes pr avoi- ,or7i"g 8or hi$.
2 o"ce 7"e, a girl ,ho ,as a si"ger. She ra" i"to her 2corpio %oss at the airport o"e
su$$er a8ter"oo"5 o" his etur" 8ro$ a trip to !ali8or"ia5 a"- they stoppe- to have
o88ee. ?*luto po,er is o8te" as its height i" the su$$er5 or so$e i"co"siste"t reaso"
that has "othi"g to -o ,ith Nove$%er.@ She a"- a so"g,riter5 ,ho ,as a goo-
8rie"- tN8 the Scorpio5 ha- ;ust that $or"i"g co"8esse- to each %ther that they ,ere
-eeply i" love. Due to circu$sta"ces5 the -iscovery ha- to %e 7ept secret.
As they chatte- over co88ee5 the si"ger ,as co$pletely ?Ca%sor%e- %y the Scorpio>s
a"ec-otes a%out his trip. .is co"-Dversatio" ,as so 8asci"ati"g that she 8orgot all
a%out the D8ate8ul $eeti"g hours earlier. (i"ally5 the Scorpio gla"ce- Dat his ,atchB
he ,as late 8or a" appoi"t$e"t ,ith a pro-i -ucer a%out a $$ he hope- to -irect.
They claspe- ha"-s a"- she sai- goo-%ye5 a--i"g5 <2 B ,ish you luc7.< The Scorpio
co"ti"ue- to grip her ha"-5 2 loo7e- -eep i"to her eyes ,ith %ur"i"g i"te"sity5 a"-
a"-S s,ere- slo,ly5 <A"- 2 ,ish you love. 4ut 2 see you have S alrea-y 8ou"- it.
That>s goo-. =ou t,o are right together.< 2 4rea7i"g the ga3e 8irst ?as Scorpios
al,ays -o-they "ever D per$it you to -o it@5 he release- her ha"-5 s$ile- his cool5
$ysterious5 co"trolle- s$ile a"- ,al7e- a,ay. To this -ay5 the girl ca">t u"-ersta"-
ho, he 7"e,.
Let her e:perie"ce %e a lesso" to you. .e>ll -iscover your secret5 too. 2t -oes">t have
to %e love. 2t ca" si$ply %e that your 8ather -roppe- out o8 school i" the eighth
gra-e5 or your sister is -ati"g a $arrie- $a"5 or you have">t $a-e a pay$e"t i" si:
$o"ths o" your %a"7 loa"5 D or your *ersia" cat is e:pecti"g agai". May%e you use-
a D sa8ety pi" i"stea- o8 se,i"g the %utto" o" your coat5 or D your %rother hit your
sister-i"-la, o" the hea- ,ith a s7illet this $or"i"g. Little thi"gs li7e that you>- ;ust
as D soo" 7eep to yoursel85 %ut he>ll 7"o,. A"- so$eho,5 you>ll 7"o, that he 7"o,s.
2t>s -i88ere"t 8ro$ the *isces pe"etra-D tio". The 8ish gets psychic 8lashes. The
Scorpio si$ply D. 7"o,s. *sychic 8lashes have "othi"g to -o ,ith it. Neither Q -oes
A'uaria" i"tuitio". 2t goes $uch -eeper.
This *luto po,er also allo,s the Scorpio %oss to se"se your $oo-s5 a"- he>s the
7i"- o8 $a" ,ho ,ill sy$pathetically %ehave accor-i"g to those $oo-s5 ,hich ca"
%e a" i"-escri%a%ly soothi"g e:perie"ce. +specially a8ter co"sta"t e:posure to s,i8t5
thoughtless5 shallo, people ,ho "ot o"ly -o">t 7"o, ,hat>s -eep i"si-e you5 %ut
-o">t care e"ough o"e ,ay or the other to 8i"- out. +:posure to various 8or$s o8
such %rittle i"-i88ere"ce ca" $a7e the Scorpio e$pathy see$ pretty ,o"-er8ul %y
co$pariso"5 ,hich it is.
!o"trary to ,hat you $ight u"-ersta"-a%ly thi"75 the o88ice o8 a Nove$%er %oss
is">t al,ays e:plosive or eve" "ecessarily i$pressive. 2t $ay %e the 'uietest5
coolest5 cal$est spot i" the e"tire %uil-i"g. The *luto sel8-co"trol reaches out to
touch everythi"g arou"- it. ?0"less there>s a heavy #e$i"i5 A'uarius or Leo
i"8lue"ce i" his chart. +ve" so5 thi"gs ,ill sel-o$ get raucous or out o8 ha"-. The
pace ,ill %e a little 'uic7er5 that>s all.@ This $a">s co"trol over his o," "ature is
a,eso$e. .e>s i"-e8atiga%le i" ,hatever he sets out to -o5 a"- he pri-es hi$sel8 o"
"ot letti"g people 7"o, ho, -eeply he ,a"ts or "ee-s ,hat he see7s. .is
co$petitor ,ill "ever suspect ho, i"te"sely your Scorpio %oss -esires to co"'uer
hi$ u"til a8ter it>s a 8ait acco$pli a"- Scorpio has ,o". .e ca" see i"to you5 %ut "o
$a" ca" pe"etrate his -eepest 8eeli"gs. &"e o8 your *luto %oss>s $ost po,er8ul
,eapo"s is secrecy o8 purpose a"- i"te"t. .e hi-es his e$otio"s a"- -isguises his
$otives so totally that the e"e$y is 8orever e:pecti"g a" attac7 8ro$ the rear-or "o
attac7 at all- a"- the" %ei"g surprise- %y a su--e" $ove$e"t 8ro$ the right 8la"75
,here it>s least e:pecte- a"- ,he" it>s least a"ticipate-. That>s ,hat ,i"s %all
That>s also ,hat ,i"s prestige a"- success 8or the Scorpio e:ecutive. 28 he li7es you5
there>s "o li$it to ,hat he>ll -o to help you5 a-va"ce you or push your hopes a"-
-rea$s to 8ul8ill$e"t5 alo"g ,ith his. 28 he -oes">t li7e you5 there>s "o poi"t i"
rea-i"g this. =ou>ll "ever %e hire- i" the 8irst place5 or i8 so$eo"e else has hire-
you5 your e$ploy$e"t u"-er a Scorpio %oss ,o">t last lo"g. *luto e:ecutives rarely
have either sy$pathy or $ercy 8or those ,ho -o">t %elo"g o" the tea$. .is 8irst
co"cer" ,ill %e the tea$ ?,hich is sy"o"y$ous ,ith his perso"al goals@5 a"-
i"-ivi-uals co$e last. 2>$ ,ell a,are that those o8 you ,ith a Scorpio %oss are
alrea-y %ristli"g i" -e8e"se. .o, coul- a"yo"e accuse hi$ o8 a"ythi"g less tha"
per8ectio" a"- purity5 rightA Most people close to a *luto perso" have that attitu-e.
28 you -o">t5 you>re pro%a%ly 8illi"g i" o"
so$eo"e else>s vacatio".
This $a" has a ,ay o8 attracti"g people ,ho are i"-> te"sely loyal. .e>s usually
surrou"-e- %y -evote- 8rie"-s5 2 ,ith his e"e$ies re$ove- to a sa8e -ista"ce ?sa8e
8or Q the$5 that is@. 2t>s as i8 he -re, a circle. The chose" > sta"- i"si-e. &thers are
7ept a,ay %y so$e 8or$ o8 %lac7 ; $agic that preve"ts their steppi"g too close 8or
co$8ort ?his co$8ort5 that is@. 2t>s -i88icult5 i8 "ot i$possi%le 8or e"e$ies to rea-r
hi$. &"ce those $ag"etic eyes have si3e- up a perso" ,ho 8alls short o8 the
re'uire$e"ts5 he or she is %a"ishe-. That perso" si$ply -oes "ot e:ist to the
Scorpio. 2" his $i"-5 you>re "ot there. .e "either sees you "or hears you. .is ra-ar
,ill tell hi$ i8 you get "ear e"ough to %e -a"gerous. 2t gives o"e a" e$pty 8eeli"g
to %e loo7e- at as i8 you>re "ot there. 4ei"g a ghost ca" %e u"co$8orta%le5 so a8ter a
,hile the u",a"te- perso" 8a-es a,ay to ,here people ca" see hi$ a"- hear hi$-to
,here he ca" e:ist as a 8lesh a"- %loo- hu$a" %ei"g agai".
Do">t get the i$pressio" that5 to acco$plish his $iracles5 the Scorpio %oss has to
loo7 li7e Dracula a"- %reath\ -ea-ly 8u$es 8ro$ his "ostrils. .e "ee-">t ,ear a
%lac7 cape to practice his $ystery5 "or -oes he have to spea7 i" sepulchral to"es. 28
you>re a%out to e$%ar7 o" the a-ve"ture o8 ,or7i"g 8or a Scorpio e:ecutive5 the
8irst ti$e you see hi$ you>ll thi"7 the ,hole po,er thi"g is e:aggerate-.
.is physi'ue $ay very ,ell %e u"i$posi"g a"- he $ay have the 7i"- o8 s$ile you
see o"ly o" a stai"e--glass ,i"-o,. /he" it 8lashes o"5 you>ll $elt5 a"- thi"7
astrology $isle- you. .e>ll appear to %e a%out as -a"gerous as a" 2rish ,asher-
,o$a" si"gi"g a lulla%y. The" hell 8i: you ,ith his pe"etrati"g %lue or %ro,"-eye-
stare5 a"- 2 hope there>s a chair "ear%y 8or you to -rop i"to. 4y that ti$e5 you>ll %e
thoroughly hyp"oti3e- %y his $ag"etic char$. =ou $ight eve" catch yoursel8
,eavi"g %ac7 a"- 8orth5 ,ith al$ost i$percepti%le $otio"5 a,aiti"g i"structio"s.
.e "o, co"trols your e$otio"s. A8ter that5 "o o"e ca" reach you. 2t>s too late.
=ouT2 %e %li"-ly loyal to your "e,5 ,o"-er8ul5 7i"-5 ge"tle5 tale"te-5 %rillia"t
e$ployer5 a"- a"yo"e ,ho thi"7s he is -a"gerous is a ;ealous5 vi"-ictive crac7pot.
.e>s the s,eetest %oss a"yo"e coul- ever hope . to have.
S,eetA 0se a-;ectives i8 you $ust5 %ut s,eetA /o"-er8ul5 yes. Fi"-5 yes. Tale"te-
a"- %rillia"t-"aturally. Si"cere a"- loyal5 o8 course. *rotective a"- ge"tle5 yes agai".
Lovi"gA &h5 goo- heave"s5 yes. A thousa"- ti$es yes. 4ut . s,eetA +$phatically
"o. 2>- li7e to tell the alrea-y Scorpio- Q e$ploye-5 plus you ,ho are a%out to pass
through the portals5 that o"e o8 $y closest 8rie"-s is a Scorpio co$poser o8
e"or$ous tale"t5 a"- 2>ve passe- his $agic circle test. There>s also a ti"y Scorpio
,ho lives i" $y house I ?you "otice 2 still have co"trol-2 -i-">t say 2 live- i" his
house@ a"- 2>$ 7i"- o8 close to hi$5 too. So 2>$ "ot a$o"g the e"e$ies o8 your
Scorpio %oss. =ou ca" rela:. 4ut tha"7s to astrology5 2 $ay u"-ersta"- hi$ a %it
%etter tha" you -o. (or e:a$ple5 2>ll %et you thi"7 that5 i" a crisis5 he ,oul- ;ust
sta"- there cal$ly5 ,eari"g the sa$e s$ooth5 -etache- loo7 he puts o" ,he" he
gets out o8 his ,ar$ %e- every $or"i"g. .e ,oul- "ot. .e ,oul- u"-ergo a
co$pete tra"s8or$atio".
=our Scorpio %oss ca""ot tolerate -isplays o8 e$otio". .e 8eels that o"e $ust 7eep
o"e>s cool at all costs-2 $ea" at all costs. 4ut i8 the e$erge"cy -e$a"-s i"sta"t a"-
viole"t actio" ?as so$e e$erge"cies -o@5