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Selection is usually a series of hurdles or steps. Each one must be successfully

cleared before the applicant proceeds to the next. The time and emphasis placed on
each step will of course vary from one organization to another organization and
indeed from job to job with in same organization. The sequencing of steps may also
vary from job to job and organization to organization.
For example: some organization may give importance to testing, while others may
emphasis interviews and reference check.


1. Inviting applicant
2. screening or pliminary interview
3. application blank
4. selection test
5. employment interview
6. medical examination
7. reference check
8. final approval

A company is known by the people its employees. In order to attract the people
with the talent, skills and experience accompany has to create favorable
impression on the applicants right from the stage of inviting application or
reception .whoever meets the applicant initially should tactful and able to
extend help in friendly and courageous way .employment possibilities must be
presented honestly and clearly.

Preliminary interview is generally planned by large organization to cut the
cost of the selection by allowing only the eligible candidates to go through the
further stage s in selection. A junior executive from the hr department may elicit
responses from applicants on improve items determining the suitability of an
applicant for a job such as age, experience, pay expectations, attitude, location
choice. This is courtesy interview helps the departments screen out obvious
misfits. if the departments finds the candidate suitable, prescribed applications
form is given to applicants to fill and submits.

Application form is a traditional and widely used device for collecting
infomations from candidate’s .small firms’ designs neither application form nor
experience etc. on a plain sheet of paper .but big companies use different types
of applications forms for different jobs. The applications form should provide all
information’s relevant to selection. But references to caste religion birth place
may be avoided as it is regarded an evidence of discriminations .generally
applications forms contains following information

A. Identifying information; name, address, telephone no.etc.

B. Personal information; age, sex, place of birth, martial status, dependents.
C. Physical characteristics; height, weight, eye sight.
D. Family back ground
E. Education; academic, technical and professional.
F. Experience; job need, employers duties performed, salary drawn.
G. Reference
H. Miscellaneous; extra curricular activities, hobbies, games and sports.

Psychological test are being increasingly used in employee selection. A test is
as ample of some aspect of an individual’s attitudes, behavior and performance. It
also provides systematic basis for comparing the behavior, performance and
attitude of two or more persons. Tests are based on assumptions that individuals
differ in their job related traits which can be measured. Test helps to reduce
bias in selection by serving as supplementary screening device. Test is helpful in
better matching of candidates and the job. Test may also reveal qualification
which remains covered in application forms and interview.
Some of the commonly used employment tests may be stated thus;
A. aptitude test.
B.personality test.
C.simulation test.
D.Assessment test.

A. aptitude test ;aptitude test measure an individuals potential to learn

certain skills clerical mechanical, mathematical etc. these tests indicate
whether or not and individuals has ability to learn a given job quickly and
efficiently .in order to efficient office staff . Aptitude tests are necessary.
B. Personality tests; of entire test require for selection, personality tests
have generated lot of heat and controversy. The definition of personality, methods
of measuring personality factors and the relationship between personality factors
and actual job criteria has been the subject of discussion. Researchers have also
questioned whether applicants answer all the items truthfully or whether they try
to respond in a socially desirable manner.
C. Simulation test; simulation tests is a exercise which duplicates many of
activities and problems an employee faces while at work. Such exercise are
commonly used for hiring managers at various level of organization.toassess the
potential of a candidate for managerial positions ,assessment centers are commonly
D. Assessment test; an assessment tests is an extended work sample it uses
procedures that incorporate graph and individual exercise are designed to simulate
the type of work which the candidate will he expected to do. Initially a small
batch of applicants comes to the assessment center. Their performance in the
situational exercise is observed and evaluated by a term of 6to8 trained

An interview is a conversation between two persons. In selection, it involves
a personal, observational and face to face appraisal of candidates for employment.
Interview is a selection and no of selection procedure is complete without one or
more personal interviews. The information collected through application a test can
be cross checked in the interview.
A selection interview sereves three purpose
A.obtaning information about the background education training work history
and interest of candidates. information to candidate about the company the specific job and human
resource policies.
C.Establishing a friendly relationship between the employer and candidates.

Applicants who have crossed the above stages are sent for physical
examinations either to the company’s physician or to a medical officer approved
for the purpose such examinations serve the following purpose.
a. It determines whether the candidates are physically fit to perform the job
those who are physically unfit are rejected.
b. It reveals existing disabilities and provides a record of employee’s health
at the time of selection.
c. It prevents the employment of people suffering contagious diseases.
d. It identifies candidates who are other wise suitable but require specific
jobs due to physical handicaps and allergies.

The applicant is asked to mention in his application form, the names and
address of two or more persons who know him well. These may be previous employers.
Heads of educational institutions or public figures, the organizations contacts
them by mail or telephone. They are requested to provide their frank opinion about
the candidates without incurring any liability. They are assumed that all
information supplied will be kept confidential.
In most of the organization, selection process is carried by the H.R.
DEPARTMENTS. The decisions of these departments are recommendatory. The candidates
short listed by the department are finally approved by executives of the concerned
departments. Employment is offered in the form of the appointment letter
mentioning the post, the rank, the salary grade, the date by which the candidates
should join and other terms and condition in brief. In some organization s
contract of services on judicial paper is signed by the both candidate and the
representative of the organization. Appointment is generally made on probation of
one or two years. After satisfactory performance during this period, the candidate
is finally confirmed in the job or permanent basis or regularized.