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Cancer: Prevention &


Amira Ayad PhD
The Holistic Healing Institute
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Cancer Prevention & Healing

Recently, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people developing cancer. Million
new cancer patients are diagnosed every year and the numbers are increasing at frightening rates.
With a contaminated environment and a weak body system that is fed on over- processed, high
sugar and fat, low vitamin and mineral and highly depleted food, we are progressively losing our
ability to fight in the ferocious battle against cancer. We are further exhausted by our stressful
modern life, sedentary lifestyle, and total disconnection from nature and everything natural. We
lack a nurturing support system and fail to deliver compassion, love and forgiveness even to our
own selves.
Urgent measures are now required to affect real changes in our lives and in the life of our loved
ones. We need to assume responsibility for our own health and healing and start implementing
the change that we want to see in the world around us. But where can we start?

First, let's define cancer. Cancer is a malignant tumor that grow uncontrollably, interfere with
normal metabolic and organ functioning, and have the ability to metastasize and invade other
Dr. Balch, in her book Prescription for nutritional healing, identified 7 classic signs for different
types of cancers. She grouped them in the acronym: CAUTION:
1. Change in bowel or bladder habits
2. A sore that does not heal
3. Unusual bleeding or discharge
4. Thickening or lump in breast or elsewhere
5. Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing
6. Obvious change in a wart or mole
7. Nagging cough or hoarseness

Scientists, on their side, talked about tens
of common risk factors ranging from
age, unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits,
geographic, diet, environment,
hormones, genetics, family history,
physical activity, electromagnetic
radiations, pollution... and the list
goes on and on. The truth is, no one
really knows where it comes from.
No one could possibly predict is
appearance or even its
disappearance. Cancer is a result of
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hundred of lifestyle, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and genetic factors that interact in
their own mysterious pattern to yield health or manifest a dis-ease. According to Dr. Lipton, the
internationally recognized cell biologist and author of Biology of Belief, 95% of cancers are
not caused by genetic inheritance. Environmental conditions and energetic makeup are major
cause of cancer development. When cells are subjected to unfavorable environmental conditions
(including emotional traumas, mental abuse or energy leak), they cant perform optimally which
may trigger this already present gene. If environmental conditions are under control (nutritional
health, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, energy flow) these genes arent triggered
and the disease is never manifested.

This is why I feel that most of us are looking for answers in the wrong places. The main concern
of the conventional medicine and health care system is the secondary prevention manifested as
early detection and supply of adequate pharmaceutical treatments and pain relief. Nevertheless,
according to the World Health Organization (WHO), 40% of the cancer burden can be reduced
by adopting healthier lifestyle and avoiding or limiting the exposure to risk factors
. And, even if
the disease does manifest, we need to concentrate on restoring health and healing on all human
levels (body, mind, heart and soul) rather than just fighting in a merciless battle.

"The land and seed theory" :
"The land and seed theory" is a traditional Ayurvedic (Indian traditional medicine) health theory
which states that if you are strong enough, cancer doesnt stand a chance
. According to
Ayurveda, our body is like a land available for cancer seeds to grow. If
the land is infertile, the seeds will shrivel and die.
We can render our land infertile for cancer
growth by strengthening it so it becomes
impermeable and impenetrable. Our land will
hold a tough barrier that will stop the seeds at
bay. The barrier in case of our body is our
immune system. When it is strong and tough,
no matter what risks it is subjected to, it
wont crumble under the attack, even if this
risk is cancer. According to the theory, the
more hostile the surrounding environment
is, the stronger the body should be in order
to overcome the threatening risks. The worst case scenario

World Health Organization, 2006.
Sharma, 2002.
copyrights 2012. The Holistic Healing Institute Page 5

in this theory is when the seed is active and strong (cancer risk factors are ample and the body is
in great environmental hazards) and the land is fertile (weak body and poor immunity), then, the
disease is triggered.

So let's look at the cancerous seed first. What factors contribute to its strength and add to its
There are 3 main factors that contribute to cancer development: External, internal and lifestyle

External factors:
This is the environment that surrounds us be it pollution from air or water, chemicals in
our sea, rivers and lands, additives added to our food or pesticides and herbicides sprayed
on our crops.
Internal factors:
These are the genetic predisposition which most scientists now agree that they do not
play a major role in determining the actual manifestation of cancer. Another internal
factor is infections. some viral infections have been established as causative agents of
human cancer like Epstein-Barr virus, human papilloma virus, and hepatitis B & C
Lifestyle factors:
These include poor diet, sedentary life style and lack of
exercise, smoking, drinking, stress, and sun exposure.
These are the ones we can actually control. And, the good
news is, according to Harvard University School of
public health, poor diet, lack of exercise, and unhealthy
lifestyle elements are responsible for about 65% of
cancer deaths

And, if we take another total look at the main 3 factors,
we will find that all these factors have two things in
common: They all increase our exposure to damaging
free radicals or increase our susceptibility to their
damaging effects; and they all compromise our
immunity. This is why many experts believe that
boosting our body's immune system and controlling

Carrillo-Infante, et. al., 2007.
Balch, 2000
copyrights 2012. The Holistic Healing Institute Page 6

free radicals and their oxidative damage to our cells and DNA is a major goal in cancer
prevention and treatment.
To summarize, for the cancerous seeds to lose it power and vitality, we need to 2 two main
Detoxification to get rid of all free radical-generating toxins that contribute to cell
damage. And this does not stop at physical detox, but extends to emotional, mental and
spiritual detoxifications as we shall later see.
Boosting immunity

This was about the cancerous seed, now, let's look at the land it grows in?
For a seed to grow, it needs the proper nutrients that feeds and nurtures it. So, what are the
nutrients cancer seeds are seeking from our body?
Research show that cancerous cells thrive when it is surrounded by three things:
1. Acidity: Cancer cells love acidic environment which is fulfilled through eating junk food,
refined carbohydrates and animal proteins. To render its land unwelcoming we need
foods that alkalinize our body. Many studies show that vegetarian and sometimes even
vegan diet is a best protocol for controlling cancerous cells growth. Please note that I am
not advocating total vegetarianism or vegan living for good, but, many studies show that
this is a very powerful tool until our system restores its health and starts healing. Leafy
greens, raw food, bean sprouts, and chlorophyll are all great alkalinizing and detoxifying
agents as we shall later see in more details.

2. Sugar: Cancer cells thrive on sugar. They need
much higher 'doses' to sustain their growth and
proliferation. In PET scan
, labeled (radioactive)
glucose is injected into the patient who will be then
examined under a specified machine. the images
obtained from the test show that cancer cells take up
at least 10 times more glucose than normal cells do.
That's why, in cancer treatment no refined or simple
sugars are allowed. Some natural health advocates
even recommend eliminating or at least minimizing
high-sugar fruits and honey.

Positron emission tomography (PET) scan is a type of imaging test that helps physicians see how the organs and
tissues inside the patient's body are functioning.
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3. Anaerobic environment: cancer cells thrive in the absence of oxygen. So, properly
'oxygenating' our cells is a very crucial way of fighting cancer growth. The cheapest,
easier and widely available way of oxygenation is: breathing. Taking the time to calm
down, breathe and relax is essential tool for not only cancer fight, but for all health and
healing issues.

Holistic Approach to Cancer Prevention and Healing:
Now that we are familiar with how, why and where cancer cells grow and thrive, and before
digging into more holistic healing details I need to clear a very important point.
Many alternative healing modalities have shown great promises in cancer prevention and
healing. Yet research is still in its infancy, and cancer won't wait. Most cancerous cells spread,
grow, and metastasize very quickly. Yes, cancer patients have to support their immune system to
help their body fight its own battle from inside out, and yes, they need to dig for the emotional/
spiritual/ mental pattern and root cause hidden in their cell memories, yet, meanwhile, they need
to be very closely monitored by their physicians. Conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals are
sometimes essential to stop the ferocious spread of cancer while we gradually support our body
on its healing journey. Please, do not believe anyone who claims having the 'miracle cure' for
cancer whether this 'cure' is conventional or alternative. A holistic approach is needed. An
approach that integrates all modalities and knowledge and chooses the best suited for every
situation. I am against using unnecessary or un-needed pharmaceuticals, yet I am also against
quackery and heroic claims that may put your life and the life of your loved ones in danger.
Nutritional, orthomolecular, herbal and energy treatments suggested here are all preventive
and/or supportive measures that are essential yet may not
sometimes be sufficient by themselves to stop
cancerous spread. Everyone is different. Everyone
of us has his/ her specific needs. Not all these
measures are necessary (nor recommended) for
each and everyone. Please consult your physician
and/or health care provider before taking any
supplements especially if you are on medication.

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Useful drinks:

Drink vegetable juices like beet (roots and greens), carrots,
cabbage, asparagus.
Fruit juices (berries, black cherry, black currants)
Add fresh wheat or grass barley grass to your drinks. If
fresh is not available you can use grass powder and
spirulina powder from health food stores.
Aloe Vera juice is also very beneficial. You can cut off the
bitterness using 5-6 drops of lemon oil, or lemon juice,
some raw unfiltered honey or unprocessed stevia.

Nutrition Recommendation:

The most essential step in restoring health is looking at what you feed your body with. A healthy,
nutritious, and easily digestible diet is a corner stone in any healing process.

Shift to a healthy wholesome diet eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Chose organic
local produce as much as possible. Raw vegetable and fruits carry the amazing healing
energy of the sun. drink green vegetable and fresh grass (barley and wheat grass) juices.

Get your carbohydrates from whole grains. Avoiding refined sugars and carbs helps
regulate your blood sugar level which is essential for hormonal balance and
energy production. Seven servings of
whole grains, like wheat, oat, bran,
and millet, a day is recommended.
Nuts, seeds and unpolished brown rice
are also good source of fibers and
healthy nutrients.
Reduce your meat and fat intake and
supply your protein needs mainly from
beans, legumes, seeds, nuts and lentils.
Many health experts advocate shifting to
Vegan diet or at occasional hormone-free,
free range, organic animal protein to fight cancer as animal
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protein is known for shifting the body towards the acidic side which is favored by
cancerous cells.
Vary your food to ensure the intake of a wide range of the beneficial phytonutrients. An
easy way to reach this is to vary the colors on your plate: dark green leafy vegetables
like spinach and rocket are good sources of folate and vitamin C. They also contain large
amounts of chlorophyll, a detoxifier and potential anticancer agent. Orange and yellow
vegetables, like carrots, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotenes
powerful antioxidant. Red vegetables, like tomatoes, carrots, watermelons and papayas
supply lycopene which shows promising activity against prostate cancer.
Anthocyanidins are complex flavonoids that produce blue, purple or red colors. Food
rich in these phytochemicals include beets, purple and red grapes, and purple cabbage.
Anthocyanidins support connective tissue regeneration and are anti-oxidants, anti-
cancerous and anti-inflammatory.
Boost your fibers intake. High fiber diet is a known protective against colon cancer.

Benefits of fibers in the diet:
There are two types of fibers, Soluble and insoluble fibers. Both types are highly beneficial for
human health:
Fibers clean the intestinal tract and prevent constipation. They bulk up the stool and
speed up the elimination of body waste. The less time these wastes remain in the
intestines the less contact the toxins in them will have with the cells, thus reducing the
risk of colon cancer.
Fibers also help stabilize blood sugar level and insulin secretion. This is another anti-
cancer role, knowing the fact that insulin encourages rapid cell reproduction and
promotes inflammation thus helps the spreading of tumor. Sugar is also the favorite
nutrient for cancer cells besides its weakening effect on the immune system, so
stabilizing BSL controls cancer risks.
Fibers help satisfy ones appetite thus controlling body weight and reducing obesity risks
which in turn reduces cancer risks.
Fibers stimulate the body to produce substances that regulate the growth of the cells
lining the colon.
Fibers bind to and hold bile acids easing their excretion from the body. This action helps
getting their digestive benefits without the harm of their excess.
Soluble fibers help lower low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL) which is linked to
heart diseases. High cholesterol can also contribute to cancer development by clogging
and causing stagnation in the body thus disturbing normal cell functions.

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Some food have special benefits in fighting cancer: Citrus fruits
are good source of the anti-oxidant
Vitamin C. The cabbage family
(cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli) are
powerful detoxifiers and offer great
protection against cancer. The sulfur
compounds in onion and garlic have a
known ability to fight cancer. The
ancient Egyptian pharaohs used to feed
their workers on onions while building
the pyramids to give them strength.
Broccoli important for phase II liver detoxification as are the medicinal mushrooms like
Mitake, Shiitake, and Raishi.
Lignans and other phytochemicals in whole grains, seeds, beans, Legumes like chickpeas,
and red beans, peas, and lentils reduce risk of hormone-associated cancers, osteoporosis,
and cardiovascular diseases.
Glucosinolates in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage,
horseradish, and cauliflower are powerful anticancer compounds. D-glucaric acid in
broccoli, Brussels sprouts and cauliflowers is effective against cancer of breast, lung,
liver and skin.
Green plants like spinach and grain
grasses contain chlorophyll powerful
anticancer and antioxidant and
Eat lots of yellow and deep orange
vegetables like pumpkins, squash, yams
and carrots. Beta carotenes in yellow and
deep orange vegetables like are powerful
antioxidants and precursors of vitamin A
in the body.
Snack on apples, berries (blueberries,
raspberries, strawberries), brazil nuts, cantaloupes, cherries, oranges, plums, sugar-free
tart cherries and jams. Cherries and berries contain anthocyanidins antioxidant, anticancer
and circulatory and heart tonics.
Selenium is a powerful antioxidant known for its protective action against cancer and its
role in protein digestion. It is found naturally in brazil nuts, tuna, turkey, pinto and navy
Learn healthy cooking. Prepare your own fresh healthy food. Learn new healthy cooking
techniques and whenever possible avoid deep fried, barbequed and charbroiled foods;
these methods of cooking generate harmful toxins and potential carcinogens. Seek free-
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range organic animals whenever possible and remove the skin and fatty parts of your
poultry before cooking as most carcinogens are fat soluble.

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Phytochemicals: A New Promise in Cancer Prevention and Cure
Phytochemicals are huge group of natural plant compounds that not only provides much of the flavor and color of our edible plants; but
also provide amazing biological and medicinal activity. Many phytochemicals offer anti-oxidant, anti-cancer, anti-microbial activities,
organ tonicity, detoxification, hormonal-like actions, and the list goes on and on.
How do they work?
Cancer chemoprevention by phytochemicals may be one of the most feasible approaches for cancer control (Nishino, 2000). These
nature miracles have the amazing power of healing the body from inside out. There are thousands of them; each has its specific
mechanism of action. Some are anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, immune-enhancing, or anti-hormonal; others execute their effect
through modification of metabolism or enzymatic activity, influencing cellular action and cell differentiation, suppression of
proliferation of cancerous cells, or interruption of blood supply to the tumor (Tsuda, et al., 2004). Yet, others affect body detoxification,
enhance excretion of carcinogens, suppress inflammation, and/or inhibit tumor growth (Johnson, 2007)
Phytochemicals and cancer prevention:
Controlling free radicals and oxidative damage to our cells and DNA is a primary goal in cancer prevention and treatment. And here
comes the role of phytochemicals. According to Dr. Balch, 7 to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables are found to reduce cancer risk by
about 30% .
This amazing action is largely attributed to their valuable nutrients and phytochemicals content:
Dark green leafy vegetables and broccoli contain lutein, a powerful antioxidant that decreases the risk of eye diseases and
macular degeneration and shows promising results in treating prostate and colon cancer.
Genistein and diadzein are antioxidant isoflavones found in soy products. They protect against prostate and breast cancer,
leukemia, and bladder cancer.
Inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) is a form of the B vitamin inositol, it is an anticancer possessing natural killer cells activity. It
shrinks tumors and prevents their growth. It is found naturally in whole grains, beans, lentils, veal, citrus fruits and nuts.
The organosulfur compounds in onions and garlic enhance immunity, improve blood circulation, and prevent oxidative damage.
Coumarins in celery, fennel, beets and citrus fruits offer a range of anticancer, antioxidant and immune boosting activities.
Laetrile found in raw and bitter almonds is a traditionally recognized anticancer remedy.
And, again, the list goes on and on
Future challenges:
Natural, God-given plants offer the perfect combination of balanced hundreds or may be thousands of phytochemicals, vitamins and
minerals that work in perfect harmony and synergy to deliver the needed benefit for our body. They are naturally available, ready for
our consumption and suitable for oral or topical usage. Yet, many challenges are still in the way. Much of the research on
phytochemicals has been conducted in vitro or on laboratory and test animals. For effective application in medicinal field, full risk
thorough analysis that determines the appropriate dosage, mode of application/administration, bioavailability, metabolism, long-term
biological effects are still highly required (Johnson, 2007).
Meanwhile, integrating fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, whole grain, legumes, herbs and spices in our everyday diet holds
tremendous health benefits. The word vegetable comes from the Latin word vegetare which means to invigorate or impart energy.
And this is exactly what vegetations do to us. With your everyday food choice you design your own state of health, not only your
physical health but also your emotional, psychological and mental well being. The amazing and varied range of nutrients you choose to
put on your plate in every meal gives your body the chance to heal, boost its immunity, detoxify and strengthen.
copyrights 2012. The Holistic Healing Institute Page 13

Orthomolecular measures:
I always prefer getting my vitamins and nutrients needs from foods and natural whole herbs, but
sometimes this isn't enough, a more concentrated amount is needed to boost body defenses or
compensate for deficiencies. Many nutritional supplements have shown promises in cancer
prevention and treatments. Here are the most famous examples:
Chlorophyll, Coenzyme Q10, Coenzyme A, and DMG (Dimethylglycine) are known for
enhancing oxygen utilization by the cells, thus improving and boosting cell oxygenation
and as I mentioned earlier, oxygen is an important enemy of cancer cells. Co enzyme Q
10 is also important for liver detoxification. Coenzyme A helps in RNA and DNA repair,
support immune system detoxification, adjust metabolism, ease depression And fatigue
and increases energy
Vitamin C and bioflavonoids are powerful antioxidant, anticancer and promote
production of interferon in the body. Some alternative medicine cancer healing clinics
now use high doses of Vitamin C as an IV drip to kill cancer cells. This treatment, they
claim releases hydrogen peroxide. Normal cells have catalase enzyme that breaks this
chemical into water and oxygen, while cancer cells lack catalase so they get intoxicated
by it.
A good multi vitamin and
mineral formula (including
Vitamin A, carotenoids and
vitamin E antioxidants,
Magnesium, and Selenium
minerals but contains no iron)
is needed to normalize body
functions and immunity.
Additional B complex could be
taken to improve circulation,
metabolism and liver functions.
Melatonin is also powerful
antioxidant and helps adjusting sleep pattern as many cancer patients
suffer from insomnia and pain that disturb their sleep. Good night sleep is essential for
body healing and cells regeneration, not to mention its importance for reducing stress
levels and clearing negative mental patterns.
Shark cartilage have been seen to block angiogenesis, a fancy medical terminology
simply meaning the creation of new blood vessels that feed the growing tumor.
Flaxseed oil, fish oil and EPA protect against and prevent the spread of cancer.
Superoxide dismutase (SOD) destroys free radicals and methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM)
has shown good anti cancer potentials.
Multi enzyme complex and proteolytic enzymes are sometimes needed to boost digestion
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Herbal recommendations:
Include herbs in your daily routine either as food spices or as herbal teas alternating
between them for a complete maximum benefit. Herbs offer a wide range of
phytonutrients and antioxidants. Many common culinary herbs have great antioxidant and
anticancer properties like: ginger, cumin, coriander, peppermint, dill, fennel, fenugreek,
sage, basil, cardamom, cayenne pepper, rosemary, turmeric thyme and marjoram.
Some herbs and especially useful against cancer like: Astrugalus, birch, burdock root,
cats claw, cranberry, dandelion, Echinacea (boosts immunity), fennel, green tea, licorice
(not used if you suffer from high blood pressure), milk thistle, parsley, red clover,
boswellia, and suma.
Recent studies showed potential antioxidant and/ or anti-mutagenic action associated with
Old traditional drinks like liquorice, hibiscus, tamarind, lemon ginger, and carob.

Try growing your own greens avoiding harmful pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. You
do not need a garden; you can grow them in your balcony, on your window sill or even in
little pots on your kitchen counters.
Nigella, the black cumin or the black seed is known for
its immune boosting,
anti-inflammatory and
antioxidants abilities.
Sprinkle the freshly
crushed seeds on your
food or salad, or mix them
with cottage cheese and
leave for 2 days in the
refrigerator till the seeds oil
gets infused into the cheese.
You can also the black seed
oil, 1 teaspoon in the
morning mixed with a drop
of honey or eaten with a piece of whole wheat toast. The oil should be kept in dark glass
bottles away from light and heat, preferably refrigerated to minimize oxidation.
Kelp and seaweeds are great source of minerals.
Medicinal mushrooms (maitake, shiitake and/or reishi) contain beta glucans and other
immune-boosters and anti-tumors medicinal compounds. They are usually available in

Schuppan et al., 1999; Rosa et al., 2006; Kumazawa et al., 2002.
copyrights 2012. The Holistic Healing Institute Page 15

dried or frozen form in big chain supermarkets and health food stores. Thye can be added
to stews and casseroles or made into soups.

Things to avoid

As we agreed, we need to make the 'land' totally infertile for cancerous cell growth.

Totally avoid refined sugars, sweets, and processed carbohydrates. Why? Cancer cells
lost their ability to use oxygen, they are anaerobic and enter into default mode of energy
production called fermentation or glycolysis. Under normal healthy conditions, our cells
undergo what is called aerobic respiration, in
which 1 glucose molecule is turned into 38
ATP molecules. ATP, or adenosine
triphosphate, is a coenzyme used as energy
carrier in all living cells, it is like the energy
currency that enables cells to transfer, store
and/or use energy for all metabolic functions.
Now, if oxygen is not widely available like in
strenuous muscle exercises, or when the cells
lose their ability to use oxygen, as the case of
cancer cells, anaerobic respiration takes place.
In this case, every glucose molecule yields only
2 ATP molecules and lots of lactic acid. This
means that the cells become 19 times less
efficient in producing energy. This is why after
strenuous exercise, it is crucial to cool down with
some stretching and gentle moves to give the chance to the muscle cells to use oxygen
again for respiration and dissipation of the accumulated lactic acid.
In case of cancer, though, the cells totally lost the ability to use oxygen, so to compensate
for all this lost energy, they need at least 19 times more glucose to survive than normal
cells do.
Stop all unhealthy habits. Do not smoke and avoid environmental tobacco smoke, passive
smokers are subjected to similar harm. Avoid alcohol consumption and drug abuse. If
you are a smoker, seek assistance to help you quit. Check alternative approaches like
visualization, hypnosis and group therapy. Do not consume processed or refined foods,
saturated fats, salt, sugar, artificial sweeteners, soft drinks white flour, alcohol, caffeine,
animal protein especially luncheon, hot dogs and smoked and cured meats. Avoid fast
food chains and reduce your intake of salt, smoked and commercial pickled food. All
these add toxins into your system which adds insult to injury.
copyrights 2012. The Holistic Healing Institute Page 16

Limit consumption of dairy products to few servings as all animal products are acid
forming which we are avoiding at the moment. When you choose your dairy, make sure
you are consuming organic, hormone-free products. Good choices are the ones easier in
digestion like kefir, yogurt, buttermilk or raw cottage cheese.

Life style recommendation:

In general, we all need to educate ourselves about natural health. long gone the ear when patients
go the doctor to 'fix them'. We now know that we are the one responsible for our own health and
Read health books. and if you suffer from certain health condition, read about it from
trustworthy sources. Knowledge gives you power to change your life and alter your
world. Every morning, renew your intention and clear your heart before going out to face
the world. This take care of your mind, rearrange old way of thinking and gives
motivation to heal and prosper.
Breathing. Breathing. Breathing. I cannot stress this hard enough. Cancer cells are
anaerobic. The simple act of breathing drawn them in their most hated toxin 'oxyegen',
which in the same time is the best healer for your healthy cells.
Get physically active. Simple gentle aerobic
exercises like walking, swimming,
jogging, cycling... boost your heart,
blood vessels, and immunity. They
also relieve stress, clear the mind and
uplift the mood. Studies show that
regular exercise restores your energy,
boosts your stamina, empowers your
immunity, oxygenates your tissues and
drives away negativity and depression.
If you do not have the time to exercise,
try to include some activities in your
daily routine; for instance, park the car a
station away from your destination and
enjoy a walk or climb the stairs instead of using the elevator, visit your friend instead of
calling him on the phone or go to the supermarket instead of asking for delivery.

Perform meditation and relaxation exercises every day. I do not like to impose on my
clients specific techniques or complicated procedures. Meditation and relaxation
exercises should flow naturally and easily. Just make the intention to deeply relax for 10
or 20 minutes. Sit in a calm place where you won't be interrupted. Turn off your phone.
copyrights 2012. The Holistic Healing Institute Page 17

Close your eyes and follow your breath for few cycles till you feel the tension gradually
dissipating. breathe into every muscle of your body, starts by your feet, feel them on the
ground, feel their muscles, tendons, and bones relax... move upward to your knees... your
thighs... your pelvis... if an area needs more time, give it time... No hurry... no stress...
and if any thoughts are intruding just gently push them away with your exhalation...
When you feel totally and fully relaxed from your feet to the top of your head, start
visualizing the healthy you as you want he/her to be. Vividly see the picture of your
health... feel it... What does it look like? What does it sound like? What does it small
When you are ready, slowly open your eyes and gently stretch. stay in your position till
you feel ready to move and resume your life and tasks. This will ensure keeping this
relaxed mental state for as long as you allow it to.
minimize any source of toxicity or pollution in your work and home environment. Use
only glass or stainless steel cookware and wooden cooking utensils. Avoid microwave
ovens, X-rays and sit away from TV or computer screens. Avoid all chemicals in hair
sprays, waxes, shampoos, cleaning products, pesticides, smoking and secondary
Manage and avoid stress in your life
using different relaxation techniques,
meditation and prayers. Keep a journal
that will help you explore, understand and
vent your emotions. Emotional factor pose
a very important risk in cancer, as Dr.
Norman Shealy said: Cancer often is
diagnosed one to two years following a
devastating emotional crisis
Drink a lot of water. Consume spring or
steam distilled water not tap water. Avoid
chlorinated water by using filters.
Control your weight. Maintaining a desired body mass index is shown to reduce the
occurrence of many cancers
. Besides, body fats constitute an internal source of extra
estrogen and a fertile storage for synthetic chemicals and toxins that our body fail to get
rid of.
Take the habits of reading the labels, keep away from food containing chemical
preservatives, synthetic additives and hydrogenated fats. Boycott suspected products with
substandard qualities or products with unclear labels to urge companies to ameliorate
their quality control and product standards.

Myss & Shealy, 1999.
Chao et al., 2004.
copyrights 2012. The Holistic Healing Institute Page 18

Apply sun protection. If you have an outdoor job, try to reduce exposure to the sun
between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Seek shade, use wide-brimmed hat, long sleeves cotton
clothes, sun glasses and apply a broad spectrum natural chemical-free sunscreen with a
high SPF value
Adopt a loving, caring and forgiving attitude and enjoy an active intimate and stable
social life. Dr. Andrew Weil said: Our spiritual selves resonate with others; if the
interconnection is positive, human connectedness is the most powerful healer, capable of
neutralizing many harmful influences on the material plane.

Raise your children on ethics and conscious behaviors. We do not want a future
generation importing substandard foods and using lethal chemicals, hormones and
fertilizers. Laws and legislations alone cannot protect the society. Strong honest nations
are the result of implanted ethics that lead to good manners and pure souls.

Household Carcinogens:
Indoor air pollution and household chemicals are among the most pressing personal health
concerns. And, we have thousands of them scattered around our homes: pesticides to control ants
and termites, flea collars on pets, insecticides and herbicides in the garden or plant pots, air
fresheners, cosmetics, deodorants, detergents, dry-clean sprays...
Most of these chemicals, if not all of them, are not
tested for long term effect on the human body
and are not subjected to proper toxicity
testing. Methylene chloride, for instence, the
propellant used in many aerosol products, is a
known carcinogen. Many chemicals used in
household products are volatile, they become air
borne and soon form part of our indoor eco-
system that we can easily inhale causing damage
to our lungs and to other body organs and cells as
they are taken into the bloodstream.
Recheck your household chemicals. Read all
labels carefully before purchasing any product. Get well informed about its uses and potential
hazards. Never put household products in food or beverage containers. Use only what is needed.
Do not overuse any product. As much as you can use organic, environmentally friendly and
natural alternatives. Only use sprays in well ventilated area. Get the sun and fresh air into your
home every day

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copyrights 2012. The Holistic Healing Institute Page 19

Energy pattern:

Holistic health practitioner and energy healers have connected cancer to some form of leak or
stagnation in the corresponding human chakra. Chakra is an energy center in the body that helps
to connect us to the outside world through healthy energy exchange. Each of our 7 major chakras
needs its share from our lifestyle, thinking patterns and choices. When we are feeding
them healthy foods, thoughts and emotions,
their energy flow healthily and freely
feeding all our organs and system with
health and vitality.

Our cells divide and reproduce on
regular basis. New healthy cells replace
the old one. Cancerous or faulty cells are
produced most of the time. But, as long as
out immune system is functioning properly
and our energy is freely flowing, our body
defenses can easily take care of these
abnormal cells without us even taking
Cancer results when the whole system gets out of balance, lots of toxins (whether physical,
mental, emotional or spiritual) are accumulating beyond our body capacity to manage and our
immunity is weak or inadequate also as a result of different physical, emotional or energetic
Energetically, cancer is a result of accumulation of negative emotional and mental patterns.
"Excessive fear, guilt feelings, the inability to cope with change, self-hate or denial, and
unfinished business" are the five main root causes of cancer according to Caroline Myss. When
we fail to outgrow life challenges and obstacles, when we stagnate into old patterns of thinking,
when we drawn in hatred and dark side of the soul, we are literally intoxicating our whole
system. The trick is to learn the lesson and release the pain associated with any situation. I know,
it is easy to say, but so hard to implement, I've been there, we've all been there. Tests are natural
part of being human, they are natural part of our life cycle. To heed the warning and pass the test,
though, we need to assume our responsibility We need to work on our ego, on our soul, on our
mental patterns and deeply held emotions. Denial and helplessness only makes matters worse.
Patience, determination and belief are crucial. First, belief in the Divine Power, Mercy, Justice,
and wisdom and then, belief in oneself, in our innate ability to surmount obstacles, to learn and
grow. "Endings are also beginnings, teaches Myss, every plant produces seeds before it dies"

Myss & Shealy, 1999.
copyrights 2012. The Holistic Healing Institute Page 20

In his book, the Healing Mind, Dr. Paul Martin sees that some personality traits are associated
with cancer. He calls them type C personalities. These persons tend to suppress their emotions
and bottle up their anger, they lack assertiveness and proactivity; they helplessly comply with the
wishes and commends of others. These persons usually have a helpless and hopeless attitude
towards life conforming with the norms and passively accepting painful facts even if this
acceptance shreds their deeply held hopes and dreams and shatter their life meanings and
On his side, Dr. Emmitt Miller, in his book Deep Healing, sees stress as a crucial factor
associated with difficult life challenges, if coupled with the wrong mental self-image, this could
be of major contribution in tumor development. He sees that when conscious and unconscious
minds are in conflict, the disease results. It is this mental self-image that shapes our thoughts,
beliefs and behaviors and thus affects our psychological as well as physiological responses and
diminishes our defenses on the cancer battlefield.

Miller, 1997.
copyrights 2012. The Holistic Healing Institute Page 21

Before I leave you...

I hope after reading this book, you gained some insight about how to affect changes in your life
so as to gain more health and achieve healing. I want now to leave you with some brief
guidelines I see essential for health and healing:

1. Get Grounded:
Connect to the ground, to nature, to our
mother earth. Spend more time outdoors;
you cannot imagine the immense energy
earth and nature supply us with. If the
weather does not allow, get some indoor
plants for the time being.

2. Eat Healthy:
You owe it to yourself to take care of your
body. You wouldnt fill your exotic car with
cheap gasoline, why then, are would you fill
your body with cheap empty-calorie food.
Choose your food wisely and read your labels
carefully. Meanwhile, let's all pray to see the day when our environment and all our foods and
medicines are toxins-free!!!

3. Live Mindfully:
Turn off the autopilot. Live fully enjoying and benefiting from every moment of your life.
Involve all your senses in every day experience.

4. Simplify:
Simplify your physical life as well as your emotional, spiritual, and mental awareness. Go
around your house, get rid of the clutter, get rid of all your unused items, clothes or furniture, and
fill a charity box. Simplify your mind, reduce stress, breathe, relax and meditate. Simplify your
emotions, forgive, love and allow love and peace to touch your heart and soul.

5. Listen to Your Heart:
Trust it. Trust your intuition and deep heart whispers. When you simplify your mind and
emotions, when you practice forgiveness, piety and purity, you will experience the beauty of a
pure heart; and you will definitely learn so much.

6. Connect with the Greatest Power of All:
copyrights 2012. The Holistic Healing Institute Page 22

Connect with your Creator. Live with sincerity and purpose and let the Divine light touch your
spirit and guide you to the Right Path. Strengthen your connection with daily prayers,
supplications and Divine Remembrances (Dhikr Allah).

Finally, I want you to remember that it is always about choices: Your Choices!!!

Everyone has its own unique experience and unique needs. What do you need? What do you
miss right now in your life?

Is it love? Is it friendship? Is it forgiveness?
Intimacy? Joy? Health? Honesty? Hope?
Surrender? Mindfulness? Nurture? Passion?
Peace? Fun? self-empowerment? Trust?
Courage? Prosperity?

Reflect on your needs and on how to achieve
them. Reflect on your dreams... On your heart
desires. But most importantly, reflect on why
you want to draw these feelings/materials into
your life?
Visualize your life with these desired
traits/characters/feelings. How would it be? How
will it change? And, what can and will you do to affect those changes?


It's Your Life! Your Choices! Your Responsibility!

With health & Healing

Amira Ayad
The Holistic Healing Institute
June 2012

copyrights 2012. The Holistic Healing Institute Page 23

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