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Patrick Stephen Cua,

" #er$u$ " I%S% N% &&&&&&&&&
Fr' E$ta(a
Richar) Sant$,
* """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" *

The c!plainant i$ Patrick Stephen Cua, ( le+al a+e, !arrie), Filipin an), (r
purp$e$ ( thi$ cri!inal c!plaint, ,ith p$tal a))re$$ at' -./ 0el Mnte A#enue,
1ue2n Cit3%
The re$pn)ent i$ Richar) Sant$, a%k%a% 4Ricar)5, ( le+al a+e, !arrie), Filipin
natinal, an) ,ith the (ll,in+ a))re$$, ,here $u!!n$ an) ntice$ !a3 6e $er#e), t
,it' .78 Bana,e Street, 1ue2n Cit3%

Thi$ i$ a cri!inal c!plaint (r ESTAFA in#l#in+ the $u! ( Ten Millin Pe$$
9P:;,;;;,;;;%;;< ari$in+ (r! (rau) 63 the re$pn)ent%
A(ter ha#in+ 6een )ul3 $,rn t accr)in+ t la, here63 )ep$e an) $a3'
9:< Thi$ c!plaint"a((i)a#it i$ 6ein+ (ile) t char+e Richar) Sant$ a%k%a 4Ricar)5,
Filipin, ( le+al a+e, an) ,ith re$i)ence at .78 Bana,e Street, 1ue2n Cit3 ( the
cri!e ( ESTAFA un)er Article =:8 ( the Re#i$e) Penal C)e, c!!itte) a$ (ll,$'

9a< I a! a $n ( a ren,ne) (a!il3 ( arti$t$ ,h ha#e an e*tre!e appreciatin
(r the art$% I 6eca!e a cllectr ( paintin+$ (r! the ti!e I $tarte) tra#ellin+ in Eurpe
an) +in+ t it$ !u$eu!$%
96< On Ma3 :-, .;:., ,hile I ,a$ in >u++enhei! Mu$eu! Bil6a, ne ( the
!$t (a!u$ !u$eu!$ in Eurpe, I !et Ricar) ,h! I 6eca!e ea$il3 (rien)$ ,ith
e$peciall3 ,hen I kne, that he i$ al$ a Filipin ,ith the $a!e )e+ree ( appreciatin
,ith the art$ a$ I )%
9c< On Ma3 :7, .;:., t, )a3$ a(ter ,e initiall3 !et an) the la$t )a3 6e(re ,e
6th + 6ack t the Philippine$, ,e ha) c((ee t+ether an) ra!e) arun) the
),nt,n ( Bil6a% Ricar) ((ere) !e (r $ale ( P:;,;;;,;;; a +enuine !a$terpiece
paintin+ ( the ren,ne) painter, Pa6l Pica$$ "" The Ol) >uitari$t ,hich Pica$$
!a)e in :/;=% Ricar) !entine) that hi$ +reat +ran)(ather ac?uire) it a$ a +i(t (r!
Pica$$ hi!$el( $ince hi$ (ather $a#e) Pica$$ (r! an acci)ent in Ta+u$ Ri#er at
Alc@ntara, Spain ne ti!e, an) the3 ,ere +) (rien)$%
9)< Cn$i)erin+ the tru$t I ha#e (r hi! an) hi$ e*tre!e appreciatin (r the art$,
e$peciall3 that I a! an a#i) (an ( Pa6l Pica$$, I a+ree) t 6u3 the paintin+ an) pa3
in (ull a!unt a$ $n a$ ,e + 6ack t the Philippine$% Ricar) a+ree), an) he $ai)
that ,e Au$t !eet in Star6uck$, Ta(t n Ma3 .=, .;:.%
9e< On Ma3 .=, .;:., Ricar) an) I !et% I pai) the hi! Ten Millin Pe$$
9P:;,;;;,;;;< in (ull a!unt% I a+ree) that the paintin+ ,ill 6e )eli#ere) in three )a3$%
9(< On Ma3 .-, .;:., The Ol) >uitari$t !a$terpiece paintin+ ( Pica$$ arri#e) at
!3 hu$e% I ,a$ ,ith !3 (rien)$ at that ti!e ,h are Mika Li! an) Carl,in On+ ,h
are all pr(e$$inal an) $ucce$$(ul arti$t$% I e#en 6a$te) the paintin+ $a3in+ that I
actuall3 6u+ht it (r Ten Millin Pe$$ Au$t the ther )a3 (r! !3 (rien) ,h i$ a
+ran)$n ( a (rien) ( Pica$$ hi!$el(% Carl,in, a #er3 !eticulu$ 6rilliant arti$t, lke)
int the )etail$ ( the paintin+$ an) (un) ut that it i$ nt authentic% Mika a+ree) that it
i$ (ake, an) $ai) I ,a$ )e(rau)e) 63 the ne ,h $l) t !e the paintin+%
9+< I i!!e)iatel3 calle) Ricar)% Un(rtunatel3, it $ee!e) that Ricar) chan+e)
hi$ nu!6er t a#i) 6ein+ reache) 63 an3ne%
9h< On Ma3 .7, .;:., I ,ent t the A3ala Mu$eu! t ha#e the +enuit3 ( the
paintin+ checke)% The paintin+ ,a$ le(t t the Mu$eu! (r three )a3$ (r in$pectin (
the +enuit3 ( the paintin+% It ,a$ cn(ir!e) that it i$ (ake thru+h the letter the Mu$eu!
$ent t !e% I ,a$ #er3 )epre$$e) an) le(t ,ith n chice 6ut Au$t t pick up the paintin+
(r! the Mu$eu! an) keep the paintin+ ,ith !e ne#erthele$$%
9.< A$ I a! alrea)3 pre$entl3 ( le+al a+e, I a! per$nall3 (ilin+ thi$ (r!al c!plaint
a+ain$t Richar) Sant$ aka 4Ricar)5%

9=< The ele!ent$ ( e$ta(a are t )e(rau) anther 63 a6u$e ( cn(i)ence r 63 !ean$
( )eceit, )a!a+e an) preAu)ice capa6le ( (inancial e$ti!atin i$ cau$e) the ((en)e)
part3 r thir) per$n, an) that the ((en)e) part3 !u$t rel3 n the (al$e preten$e,
(rau)ulent act r (rau)ulent !ean$ c!!itte) 63 the ((en)er%
9B< Ba$e) n the (re+in+, it i$ 6e3n) c!plain that re$pn)ent Richar) Sant$
c!!itte) the cri!e ( e$ta(a puni$ha6le un)er Art% =:8 ( the Re#i$e) Penal C)e% He
)e(rau)e) !e t 6elie#e that the paintin+ i$ +enuine% Thi$ cn$titute$ $tatutr3 e$ta(a a$
)e(ine) in ur la,$%
Applicable Laws
8%:% Article =:8 ( the Re#i$e) Penal C)e n )eceitC$,in)lin+ 9e$ta(a< pr#i)e$ an3
per$n ,h $hall )e(rau) anther 63 an3 ( the !ean$ !entine) therein $hall 6e
puni$he) 63 the penalt3 ( pri$in crreccinal in it$ !a*i!u! peri) t pri$in !a3r
in it$ !ini!u! peri), i( the a!unt ( the (rau) i$ #er :.,;;; pe$$ 6ut )e$ nt
e*cee) ..,;;; pe$$, an) i( $uch a!unt e*cee)$ the latter $u!, the penalt3 pr#i)e)
in thi$ para+raph $hall 6e i!p$e) in it$ !a*i!u! peri), a))in+ ne 3ear (r each
a))itinal :;,;;; pe$$D 6ut the ttal penalt3 ,hich !a3 6e i!p$e) $hall nt e*cee)
t,ent3 3ear$D provided that the (rau) 6e c!!itte) 63 an3 ( the (ll,in+ !ean$'
:% Eith un(aith(ulne$$ r a6u$e ( cn(i)ence, na!el3'
Richar) Sant$ a%k%a% 4Ricar)5
96< B3 misappropriating r cn#ertin+, t the preAu)ice ( anther, !ne3, +)$, r
an3 ther per$nal property received by the offender in trust or on commission, or
for administration, or under any other obligation involving the duty to make
delivery of or to return the same, e#en thu+h $uch 6li+atin 6e ttall3 r partiall3
+uarantee) 63 a 6n)D r 63 )en3in+ ha#in+ recei#e) $uch !ne3, +)$, r ther
.% B3 !ean$ ( an3 ( the (ll,in+ false pretenses or fraudulent acts executed
prior to or simultaneously with the commission of the fraud'
9a< B3 u$in+ (ictitiu$ na!e, r (al$el3 preten)in+ t p$$e$$ p,er, in(luence,
?uali(icatin$, prpert3, cre)it, a+enc3, 6u$ine$$ r i!a+inar3 tran$actin$, r 63 !ean$
( ther $i!ilar )eceit$%
96< B3 preten)in+ t ha#e 6ri6e) an3 >#ern!ent e!pl3ee, ,ithut preAu)ice t the
actin (r calu!n3 ,hich the ((en)e) part3 !a3 )ee! prper t 6rin+ a+ain$t the
((en)er% In thi$ ca$e, the ((en)er $hall 6e puni$he) 63 the !a*i!u! peri) ( the
5.2. Article =:- 9ther (r!$ ( $,in)lin+< ( the Re#i$e) Penal C)e pr#i)e$ that the
penalt3 ( arre$t !a3r in it$ !ini!u! an) !e)iu! peri)$ an) a (ine ( nt le$$ than
the #alue ( the )a!a+e cau$e) an) nt !re than three ti!e$ $uch #alue, $hall 6e
i!p$e) upn 4any person who, to the prejudice of another, shall execute any
fictitious contract.
8%=% Article =:7 9ther )eceit$< ( the Re#i$e) Penal C)e pr#i)e$ that the penalt3 (
arre$t !a3r an) a (ine ( nt le$$ than the a!unt ( the )a!a+e cau$e) an) nt
!re than t,ice $uch a!unt $hall 6e i!p$e) upn an3 per$n ,h $hall )e(rau) r
)a!a+e anther 63 any other deceit not mentioned in the preceding articles of
this chapter.

EHEREFORE, pre!i$e$ cn$i)ere), it i$ re$pect(ull3 pra3e) that a(ter ntice an)
hearin+ the re$pn)ent 6e in)icte) (r ESTAFA t prtectCpre$er#e the ri+htCintere$t (
the c!plainant t rec#er hi$ clai! ( Ten Millin Pe$$ 9P:;,;;;,;;;%;;<, plu$
e*e!plar3 )a!a+e$ ( P.;;,;;;%;;, !ral )a!a+e$ ( P.;;,;;;%;;, attrne3F$ (ee$ (
P.8;,;;;%;; plu$ 8G ( the rec#era6le a!unt$, an) c$t$ ( $uit%
Makati Cit3, Au+u$t :8, .;:.%
Patrick Stephen Cua
LTO 0ri#erF$ Licen$e N%
& AB-"B7"HB/=H. &
E*pirin+ n &.;:=";=".7&
A$$i$te) B3'
Cun$el (r the C!plainant
Unit .=, One Rck,ell
Makati Cit3 H;:
Tel% N% 7H.8B.=D Fa* N% 7B-.88/%
Rll N% B8-H7, =C.HC/-
IBP Li(eti!e Me!6er N% :/;H
IBP Manila Chapter
PTR :;:-/;/, :CHC::, Makati Cit3
MCLE C!pliance N% IJ":=.-, .C=C::
SUBSCRIBE0 an) $,rn t 6e(re in Makati Cit3 !e thi$ &:8th& )a3 ( Au+u$t
.;:., a((iantCc!plainant $h,in+ hi$ ((icial i)enti(icatin )cu!ent a$ $tate) a6#e%
A)!ini$terin+ A$$i$tant Cit3 Pr$ecutr
A3ala Mu$eu!
Makati A#enue cr% 0e La R$a Street Makati Cit3, Philippine$%
L-= 9.< H8HH::H t .:
0ear Mr% Cua,
Ee re+ret t in(r! 3u that a(ter thru+h in$pectin ( the paintin+ 3u ,n ""
The Old Guitarist b Pabl! Picass! "" ,e (un) ut that it i$ nt +enuine% Yu !a3
pick it up at an3 ti!e 3u are a#aila6le t ) $%
Thank 3u%
Mr% Cal#in Tin+$n
Mu$eu! 0irectr