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Title: Identfy the right mix of various marketng vehicles and channels to maximize the return on sales
Industry: Technology
Country: US
The client - Worlds leading computer Technology Company faced the following challenge
With the shrinking market for desktop and laptops they were looking for innovatve marketng solutons to sustain
sales and deal with tablet cannibalizaton
Identfy the right mix of various marketng mix vehicles and channels to maximize the impact of sales on marketng
Create a market mix model for three dierent regions - USA, UK and China adoptng a top down approach using
weekly level sales and marketng data. The model will determine each percentage contributon of each marketng
actvity on sales and calculate the return on investment
Perform variable selecton, transformaton and capture seasonality to tackle bias if any, that may be present due
dierent reasons and include the interacton between dierent media vehicles to understand each others eect
Once the model was build several scenarios were simulated to compute the best optmal marketng mix

Short term (14 week) ROI contributes to 99% of the long term ROI.
Short Term and long term periods on an average contributes 77.60% and 22.40% towards revenues
Magazine as a vehicle by itself is not a signicant driver of sales but I conjuncton (interacton) with other print
vehicles becomes signicant
Contributon of each marketng vehicle to sales Predicted versus actual value
Optmizer to determine the best output | 2
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