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408 College of Business Administration, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

BOARD OF ADVISORS Mike Cardenas Chairman of the Board Headway Holdings | Joel Yu Faculty Adviser UP College of
Business Administration | Natalia Morales Chair Phi Kappa Phi Association | Mignon Ramos Philam Life |Anthony
Pangilinan President Business Works | Nadia Carlos Former Member Committee President AIESEC Philippines | Florian
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November 2, 2006

Dear Sir/Madam:

Greetings from AIESEC!
Present in over 800 universities in 94 countries, AIESEC is the international platform for
young people to discover and develop their potential so as to have a positive impact in
society. To date, we run more than 350 conferences, provide 5,000 leadership positions to
our members, and provide young individuals access to almost 4,000 work-abroad
opportunities of durations lasting until 18 months each year.

The work-abroad stage of the AIESEC Experience, also called the International
Traineeship Exchange Program (ITEP), encourage the youth to be globally oriented
and to go beyond their comfort zones. AIESEC in the Philippines has been sending out
Filipino Trainees to work in ay of the other 91 AIESEC member countries, and equivalently,
has been receiving foreign trainees to work in our country.

This November, we are once again holding the International Traineeship Recruitment
period. We aim to look for highly qualified and motivated individuals who are eager to
learn and experience different cultures, and are competent and open-minded enough to
work alongside people of different cultural backgrounds. The work categories are classified
into four: Management Traineeship, Development Traineeship, Technical Traineeship, and
Education Traineeship.

We would like to offer you this unique experience and are hereby inviting you to take part
of this opportunity to augment your personal and professional development, by applying to
be an AIESEC International Trainee. We hope that we have solicited your interest in the
AIESEC Exchange Program. Thank you very much and God bless.


Emmanuel S. Zarate
Vice President for Outgoing Exchange

Noted by
Iara Victoria Arcilla
Local Committee President
EXECUTIVE BOARD Iara Victoria Arcilla Local Committee President | Marlowe Emmanuel Javier Vice-President for
Incoming Exchange | Emmanuel Zarate Vice-President for Outgoing Exchange | Maribeth Dungao Vice-President for
People Development | Ma. Evanel Policarpio Vice-President for External Relations

408 College of Business Administration, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

Be a global Pinoy! Have a competitive edge in the global market.
Be an AIESEC trainee.

Are you eating a Chinese take-out or dining in Beijing?
The AIESEC Working Abroad Experience offers you an opportunity to work in a totally different
environment and experience different cultures by first-hand basis.
Are you reading case studies or developing global
Work in any of our international affiliated companies in any of our 91 countries. Showcase
what Filipinos are made of and learn more about international business operations.
Are you hitting the dance clubs or dancing samba in Rio?
The opportunity of working abroad that AIESEC offers gives you a chance to develop yourself
professionally and personally and, extend your networks overseas as well. Gaining friends
while working abroad is one of the most memorable things of your AIESEC Experience.
Do you like to travel or is the world your playground?
AIESEC Traineeships give you an access to a world of opportunities. AIESEC values
intercultural understanding and co-operation. It believes that people can develop a more
open-minded spectrum of the world through traveling.

"My whole AIESEC traineeship had been very extraordinary and unforgettable. Starting from
being SN where I instantly found very good friends to my matching process where I got matched
in just a week to my actual traineeship in Pereira where everything I experienced was way more
than what I expected it had really been beyond words to describe... A lot of new experiences
A lot of lessons learned A lot of new family/friends A second home A new life A better
person The things that being an AIESEC trainee and going on an AIESEC traineeship can
definitely bring one."
- Theofeliz Francisco
AIESEC Trainee to Columbia

408 College of Business Administration, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

International Traineeship Exchange Program
The Work Abroad Platform of AIESEC

Exchange is the most intense learning experience that we offer and links together our
global network. Each year, we provide over 4,000 members the challenging opportunity to
live and work in a foreign country in areas of management, information technology,
education, and development.

Steps to the process:
Selection and Application after joining and understanding AIESEC you can enter a
review process to assess your experiences and motivation for doing an AIESEC
Preparation AIESEC provides resources, trainings and support to prepare you to
live and work in another country. This includes visa processing.
Matching - You will be trained and given access to use our on-line database of jobs.
The more flexible you are the better.
Integration AIESEC members in your host chapter provide support and assistance
in getting setup while providing opportunities for cultural and social activities.
Re-Integration AIESEC supports you in making the readjustment process when
you return home.
Types of Exchanges:
Management internships related to administration, finance, accounting, marketing,
project management and HR.
Development usually with NGOs, internships usually relate to wide variety of issues
in community development.
Technical internships related to management and development in web, software,
networks, and databases, plus some engineering.
Education internships related to promotion, curriculum development, teaching, and
counseling in education sector.
Details and Logistics:
Duration: 2 to 18 months
Salary covers living costs except development internships
Matching takes 3-7 months
Application fee varies by country
Airfare not included

408 College of Business Administration, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

What does it take to be A Student Nominee?
To ensure the quality of the traineeship, AIESEC devised steps with a potential SN
should undergo before being raised:
1. Pre-selection
2. Introduction to AIESEC and LC Involvement
3. Ambassadors Night
4. Review Board Interview

Pre-selection Guidelines *

1. Eligibility
Potential Student Nominees (SNs) must be a full-time or part-time university
student or a graduate of a tertiary level education.
Potential SNs must be 18 30 years old.
Potential SNs must never been dismissed or been impeached in AIESEC.
Potential SNs must not have gone on an AIESEC traineeship for more than two
times prior to application.

2. Potential SN must be willing and capable of paying for the financial
requirements involved in the traineeship:

a. Processing Fees

Application Fee (First Installment)
Application for Development (DT)
and Educational Traineeship (ET) PhP 2,000.00

Application for Management (MT)
and Technical Traineeship (TT) PhP 2,500.00

Second Installment (Upon Raising)
DT and ET candidates PhP 2,000.00
MT and TT candidates PhP 2,000.00

Third Installment (Upon Matching)
DT candidates PhP 1,500.00
ET candidates PhP 2,500.00

MT and TT candidates
Realized in Asia Pacific Region and Africa Php 3,000.00
Realized in Eastern Europe, Central and South America Php 4,000.00
Realized in North America and western Europe Php 5,500.00

Upon matching the SN should remit an SN BOND amounting to PhP 3,000.00 together
with the installment payment for insurance of return to the Local Committee (LC). The
bond will be returned to the SN upon re-integration.

b. Transportation/travel expenses
c. First month living allowance
d. Extra money for miscellaneous expenses during his/her stay in the country

3. The potential SNs skills, academic and working background should coincide
with the qualifications needed by available TN pools based on research.

408 College of Business Administration, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

4. A potential SN must be independent, open-minded, of good moral character,
has a thirst for learning, some who welcomes change.

5. A potential SN must have a genuine interest to go on a traineeship abroad
temporarily for personal and professional growth and development.

Introduction to AIESEC *
A Potential SN is introduced to AIESEC through many ways: Returning SNs may be
invited to speak about their experiences abroad. Trainees who are currently in our country
may be invited to speak as well about how they are getting along in a different environment
and culture here in the Philippines. The conditions of participation in the exchange program
such as the refund scheme will also be discussed. Participants will also be asked to fill out
forms such as the Application form, Student Questionnaire and the SN Resume in order to get
a general idea of what they expect out of the traineeship and their contact information for
future use of the LC.
Ambassadors Night *
This seminar should be an active to jump start the series of preparation activities that
the Local Committee has planned for the Potential Student Nominee. In this seminar,
returning SNs, Trainees, and Applicants will be asked to give useful tips that may help the
potential SNs when they get to their designated countries. Discussions on cultural preparation
such as intercultural communication and culture shock could be expected. This may also be
the only change for the potential SN from Different LCs to meet and interact with one another.

As mentioned, the Ambassadors Night is not the only preparation activity for the
potential SN. Participation in activities of the Local Committee and community immersion
activities should also be part of the SNs preparation.
Review Board Interview *
Potential SNs or traineeship applicants, just as any other job application, have to go
through a screening process which will be base on the following criteria:
Understanding of the purpose of AIESEC and exchange
Vision for themselves and the society; Reasons for interest and motivation
Knowledge of AIESEC in the home country, AIESEC in other countries, and
cooperation opportunities
Personality, adaptability, open-mindedness, awareness and maturity
Language proficiency (where applicable), academic qualification pertaining to
their course of study, skills and other information that needs to be certified.
Matchability, ability to meet travel costs, and other logistical information
related to making the actual exchange possible.
Understanding that AIESECs exchanges are for cultural and working
experience and not to get a permanent job in another country.
Students should understand the importance of going back home after the

408 College of Business Administration, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

Frequently Asked Questions +

Do I get to choose the country of Destination?

The student Nominee (SN) will be given the privilege to choose his/her countries of
preference. However, the keyword is PREFERENCE. These countries will be given priority in
the initial stages of matching. However, there is no guarantee that he/she will be matched
with any of these countries. The preferred job description should be of greater importance
than the country of destination.

How much will I earn from this traineeship?

The AIESEC ITEP is not a means to earn money. The amount of stipend given varies
per country. It is computed based on the minimum cost of living for that specific country.
The stipend given to foreign management trainees working in the Philippines is ate least
P15,000 a month.

Where will I stay upon arrival in the country of destination?

AIESEC has international standards to follow for reception of incoming trainees. The
hosting AIESEC local committee is tasked to arrange for the SNs accommodations before
he/she arrives in their country depending on his preferences and economic capacity.
Reception activities are also organized upon arrival of the SN.

How do I get matched?

There are three ways to get a match:
1. Through he matching Engine (InsightXP)
2. Through Direct Match via spam mail sent to
3. Through Direct Match via partner LCs abroad
*Work experience and proficiency in foreign languages increases matchability.

Contact Us +

Emmanuel S. Zarate
Vice President for Outgoing Exchange
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Vice President for Incoming Exchange
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