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Family Portraits Pricing guide
Creation fee (session fee)
*Choose studio or outdoor 1 hour session - $75.00 (6 or less people, add $10/person over 6)
*or Combination studio & outdoor (consecutive 2 hour session) - $125.00
Fee includes consultation and viewing/ordering session. Creation fee is due at time of book-
ing to hold your date and time for you.
Friends and family collection
Value $750 (save $120!)

16x20 custom wall por-
trait with frame (group
A) Or canvas
11x14 mounted wall
2-sets of wallets (8/set)
CD with 15 images

Hugs and Kisses Collection
Value $475 (save $65.00!)

11x14 custom wall por-
trait framed (group A)
or canvas
1 set of wallets (8)
CD with 10 images

The Forever Collection
Value $295 (save $40.00!)

11x14 wall portrait
1 set of wallets (8)
CD with 5 images

The Family Print Collection
Value $105 (save $10.00)

1 set of wallets

*Prints and packages ordered at the viewing/ordering session may be ordered at a dis-
count as well as other incentive products will be available.
*You will be scheduled a viewing session 2 weeks after your session. This is a great time
to be prepared to purchase your prints due to discounts. If you are unable to purchase at
this time, you will be offered an option to put the images on-line for 2 weeks for an addi-
tion fee of $10.00. All products will then be purchased at full price and incentives will no
longer be available.
*After 4 months, images will be deleted and can no longer be ordered.
*Digital images may ONLY be ordered through the packages.
*All images within the packages include minor retouching.

Gallery Art Block (21x21) - $320.00
Canvas gallery wrap (16x20) - $210.00
Wall portrait framed 24x30$350.00(frame group A)
Collage of 5 family images framed 16x20$210.00
(use your custom wording)
Fleece blanket w/ family portrait (50x60)- $75.00
Custom cards (5x7) double sided$57.00
Accordion books $59.99 (set of 3 identical)
Session proof book $45.00 (all images from session in a
book with 9 images per page (8x10 size pages)

A La Carte Pricing

Set of wallets (8) - $25.00
4x6 or 5x7$15.00
11x14 with frame $120.00
16x20 with frame $170.00
20x24 with frame $295.00
24x30 with frame $350.00

*Many additional products available.please inquire.