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{TS/ORCON} The information contained in this document is classified TOP SECRET
with ORCON. {Only the originator may release the information} Only !"# has access
to Pro$ect %&uarius. No other go'ernment agency( to include the military( has access
to the information contained in this )riefing. There are only two co*ies of Pro$ect
%&uarius and the location is +nown only to !"#. This document will )e destroyed
after the )riefing. No notes( *hotogra*hs( or audio recordings( may )e made of this
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PRO!ECT %./%R0/S
{TS/ORCON} {PRO1OR232%NCE} Contains "4 'olumes of documented information
ted from the )eginning of the /nited States 0n'estigation of /nidentified 6lying
O)$ects {/6Os} and 0dentified %lien Crafts {0%C}. The Pro$ect was originally es5
ta)lished in "789( )y order of President Eisenhower( under control of NSC and !"#.
0n "744( the Pro$ect:s name was changed from Pro$ect ,leem to Pro$ect %&uarius.
The Pro$ect was funded )y C0% confidential funds {non5a**ro*riated}. The Pro$ect
was originally classified SECRET )ut was u*graded to its *resent classification in
2ec "747 after Pro$ect ;lue ;oo+ was closed. The *ur*ose of Pro$ect %&uarius was to
collect all scientific( technological( medical and inteligence information from
/6O/0%C sightings and contacts with alien life forms. This orderly file of collec5
ted information has )een used to ad'ance the /nited States S*ace Program.
{TS/ORCON} The *roceeding )riefing is an historical account of the /nited States
,o'ernment:s in'estigation of %erial Phenomenas( Reco'ered %lien %ircrafts and
Contacts with E<traterrestrial =ife 6orms.
P%,E " of 7 TOP SECRET
E>EC/T0?E ;R0E60N,
{TS/ORCON} 0n !un "7@A( a ci'ilian *ilot flying o'er the Cascade mountains
of 1ashington State o)ser'ed nine flying discs( {later referred to as /6Os}. The
Commander( %ir Technical 0ntelligence Center of the then %rmy %ir 6orce( )ecame
concerned and ordered an in&uiry. This was the )eginning gof the /nited States
0n'ol'ement with /6O in'estigations. 0n "7@A an aircraft of e<traterrestrial orgin(
crashed in the desert of New e<ico. The craft was reco'ered )y the military.
6our %lien {non homo5sa*iens} )odies were reco'ered in the wrec+age. The %liens
were found to )e creatures not related to human )eings {%tch "}. 0n late "7@7(
another %lien aircraft crashed in the /nited States and was reco'ered *artially intact
)y the military. One %lien of e<traterrestrial origin sur'i'ed the crash. The
sur'i'ing %lien was male and called itself( BE;EC. The %lien was thoroughly in5
terrogated )y military intelligence *ersonnel at a )ase in New e<ico. The %lien:s
language was translated )y means of *icturegra*hs. 0t was learned the %lien came
from a *lanet in the Deta Riticuli star system( a**ro<imately @- light years from
Earth. E;E li'ed until !un "E( "78#( when he died of an une<*lained illness. 2uring
the time *eriod E;E was ali'e( he *ro'ided 'alua)le information regarding s*ace
technology( origins of the /ni'erse( and e<o)iological matters. 6urther data is
contained in %tch #.
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{TS/ORCON} The reco'ery of %lien aircrafts lead the /nited States on an e<n5
tensi'e in'estigati'e *rogram to determine whether these %liens *osed a direct
threat to our national security. 0n "7@A( the newly created %ir 6orce initiated
a *rogram to in'estigate incidents in'ol'ing /6Os. The *rogram was o*erated under
three different code names3 ,rudge( Sign and finally ;lue ;oo+. The original
mission of the %ir 6orce *rogram was to collect and analyFe all re*orted sightings
or incidents in'ol'ing /6Os and determine whether the information could )e in5
terru*ted as ha'ing any )earing on the security of the /nited States. Some in5
formation was e'aluated with the idea of using the gained data to ad'ance our
own s*ace technology and future s*ace *rograms. 7- *ercent of the estimated "#(---
re*orts analyFed )y the %ir 6orce were considered hoa<es( e<*lained aerial
*henomenas or natural astronmical o)$ects. The other "- *ercent were considered
legitimate %lien sightings and/or incidents. Gowe'er( not all /6O sightings or
incidents were re*orted under the %ir 6orce *rogram. 0n "789( Pro$ect ,leem was
initiated )y order of President Eisenhower( who )elie'ed the /6Os *resented a threat
to the national security of the /nited States. Pro$ect ,leem( which )ecame Pro$ect
%&uarius in "744 was a *arallel re*orting for /6O sightings and incidents.
Re*orts collected under Pro$ect %&uarius were considered actual sightings of %lien
aircrafts or contact with %lien =ife forms. ost re*orts were made )y relia)le
military and defense de*artment ci'ilian *ersonnel.
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{TS/ORCON} 0n "78E the /nited States reco'ered a third %lien aircraft from
the desert of /tah. The aircraft was in e<cellent flying condition. The aircraft
was a**arently a)andoned )y the %liens for some une<*laina)le reason( since no %lien
=ife forms wer found in or around the aircraft. The aircraft was considered a
technological mar'el )y /nited States Scientists. Gowe'er( the o*erating instrumen5
tations of the aircraft were so com*le<ed that our scientists could not interru*t
their o*eration. The aircraft was stored in a to* security area and analyFed
throughout the years )y our )est aeros*ace scientists. The /nited States gained a
large 'olume of technological data from the reco'ered %lien aircraft.
% detailed descri*tion and further information regarding the aircraft is e<*lained
0n %tch 9.
P%,E @ of 7 TOP SECRET
{TS/ORCON} Se'eral inde*endent scientific in'estigations at the re&uest of
the %ir 6orce and C0%( were initiated during the era of Pro$ect ;lue ;oo+. !"#
decided that officially( the %ir 6orce should end their in'estigation of /6Os.
This decision was arri'ed at during the H H H H meeting {%tch @} in "744. The reason
was twofold. 6irst( the /nited States had esta)lished communication with the
%liens. The /nited States felt relati'ely sure the %liens e<*loration of earth
was non5aggressi'e and non5hostile. 0t was also esta)lished that the %liens *resence
did not directly threaten the security of the /nited States. Secondly( the *u)lic
was )eginning to )elie'e that the /6Os were real. The NSC felt this *u)lic feeling
could lead to a nationwide *anic. The /nited States was in'ol'ed in se'eral sen5
siti'e *ro$ect during this time *eriod. 0t was felt that *u)lic awareness of these
*ro$ects would ha'e $eo*ardiFed the future s*ace *rogram for the /nited States.
Therefore( !"# decided that an inde*endent scientific study of the /6O *henonena
would )e needed to satisfy *u)lic curiosity. The final official study of the /6O
*henomena was accom*lished )y the /ni'ersity of Colorado under %ir 6orce contract.
The study concuded that sufficient data did not e<ist that would indicate /6Os
threatened the security of the /nited States. The final conclusion satisfied the
go'ernment and allowed the %ir 6orce to officially ste* out of the /6O in'estigating
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{TS/ORCON} 1hen the %ir 6orce officially closed Pro$ect ;lue ;oo+ in 2ec "747(
Pro$ect %&uarius continued o*eration under control of NSC/!"#. The NSC felt in5
'estigations of /6O sightings and incidents had to continue in secrecy without
any *u)lic +nowledge. The reasoning )ehind the decision was this3 if the %ir
6orce continued its in'estigation of /6Os( e'entually some uncleared and un)riefed
%ir 6orce or defense de*artment ci'ilian officials would o)tain the facts )ehind
Pro$ect %&uarius. O)'iously {for o*erational security reasons} this could not
)e allowed. 0n order to continue the in'estigation of /6O sightings and incidents
in secrecy( in'estigators from C0%/2C2 and !"# were assigned to military and other
go'ernmental agencies with ordes to in'estigate all legitimate /6O/0%C sightings
and incidents. These agents are *resently o*erating at 'arious locations throughout
the the /nited States and Canada. %ll re*orts are filtered either directly or
indirectly to !"#. These agents are collecting re*orts of /6O/0%C sightings and
incidents occurring on or near sensiti'e go'ernmental installations. {NOTE3 %liens
ha'e )een e<tremely interested in our nuclear wea*ons and nuclear research. any
re*orted military sightings and incidents occur o'er nuclear wea*ons )ases. The
%lien:s interest in our nuclear wea*ons can only )e attri)uted to the future threat
of a nuclear war on earth. The %ir 6orce ha'e initiated measures to assure the
security of the nuclear wea*ons from %lien theft or destruction}. !"# feels con5
fident the %liens are on an e<*loration of our solar system for *eaceful *ur*oses.
Gowe'er( we must continue to o)ser'e and trac+ the %liens mo'ement until it is de5
termined that the %lien:s future *lans contain no threat to our national security or
the ci'iliFation of earth.
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{TS/ORCON} ost go'ernmental documents *ertaining to /6O sightings( incidents and
go'ernmental *olicies( including Pro$ect ;lue ;oo+( ha'e )een released to the
*u)lic under 6O0% or under 'arious other release *rograms. !"# felt the reamining
documents and information {not relating to Pro$ect %&uarius } relating to tech5
nological facts regarding %liens medical matters( the fact that an %lien was ca*tured
ali'e and sur'i'ed for three years under secrecy( can not )e released to the *u)lic
for fear the information would )e o)tained )y SG0S. There was other information
o)tained from E;E that was deemed sensiti'e and not releasa)le to the *u)lic.
Nota)ly( Pro$ect %&uarius ?olume 0>( which *ertains to tracing the %liens first
?isitation of earth )ac+ some 8(--- years. E;E re*orted that #(--- years ago his
ancestors *lanted a human creature on earth to assist the inha)itants of earth in
de'elo*ing a ci'iliFation. This information was only 'ague and the e<act identity or
)ac+ground information on this homo5sa*ien was not o)tained. /ndou)tfully( if this
information was released to the *u)lic( it would cause a worldwide religious *anic.
!9 has de'elo*ed a *lan that will allow release of Pro$ect %&uarius( ?olumes 0 thru
000. The release *rogram calls for a gradual release of information o'er a *eriod of
time in order to condition the *u)lic for future disclosures. %tch 8 of this
)riefing contains certain guidlines for future *u)lic releases.
{TS/ORCON} 0n the "7A4 !9 re*ort {%tch 4} ( it was estimated the %lien:s tech5
nology was many thousands of years ahead of the /nited States technology. Our scientists
s*eculate that until our technology de'elo*s to a le'el e&ual to the %liens( we cannot
understand the large 'olume of scientific information the /nited States has already
gained from the %liens. This ad'ancement of /nited States Technology may ta+e many
hundred of years.
". {TS/ORCON} PRO!ECT ;%N2O3 {PRO1OR23 R0SI} Originally esta)lished in
"7@7. Tis mission was to collect and e'aluate medical information from the sur5
'i'ing %liens creature and the reco'ered %lien )odies. This Pro$ect medically
e<amined E;E and *ro'ided the /nited States medical researchers with certain answers
to the e'olution theory. {OPR3 C0%} {Terminated in "7A@}.
#. {TS/ORCON} PRO!ECT S0,%3 {PRO1OR23 02N0,GT}. Originally esta)lished
as *art of Pro$ect ,leem in "78@. ;ecame a se*arate *ro$ect in "7A4. 0ts mission
was to esta)lish communication with %liens. This Pro$ect met with *ositi'e success
when in "787( the /nited States esta)lished *rimiti'e communications with the
%liens. On %*ril #8( "74@( a /S%6 intelligence Officer( met two %liens at a *re5
arranged location in the desert of New e<ico. The contact lasted for a**ro<imately
three hours. ;ased on the %lien:s language gi'en to us )y E;E( the %ir 6orce
officer managed to e<change )asic information with the two %liens {%tch A}. This
*ro$ect is continuing at an %ir 6orce )ase in New e<ico. {OPR3 !"#/NS%}.
9. {TS/ORCON} PRO!ECT SNO1;0R2J {PRO1OR23CET/S} Originally esta)lished
in "7A#. 0ts mission was to test fly a reco'ered %lien aircraft. This *ro$ect
is continuing in Ne'ada. {OPR3 /S%6/N%S%/C0%/!"#}
@. {TS/ORCON} PRO!ECT PO/NCE3 {PRO1OR2320>0E} Originally esta)lished
0n "74E. 0ts mission was to e'aluate all /6O/0%C information *ertaining to s*ace
technology. PRO!ECT PO/NCE continues. {OPR3 N%S%//S%6}
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