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Objective of EBS

Vision and Commitment

Our Strategy

What EBS does?

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Objective of EBS
EXL Business solution (EBS) is a consulting company of diversity. The objective of the company is
to provide management & financial consultancy of all sectors and industries. We are committed to
creating competitive advantage through unique solutions; building capabilities and mobilizing organi-
zations; driving sustainable impact and providing unparalleled opportunities for growth.
We have a team of experts and highly experienced professionals to meet our goals. Our team has
many years of experience in the financial sector and also has an understanding of current, cutting
edge methods and processes. This allows us to deliver top-notch services to our clients. Our unique
value proposition is our industry knowledge and experience. We are a full-service consulting compa-
ny with professionals who have worked in some of the most prominent, multinational, consulting and
accounting companies of our country.
Vision and Commitment

To serve others with a view to success and an aim to be the best in what we do.
Strategic thinking and problem solving is key to all business endeavors. We are aiming to create
value for our clients by delivering positive and substantial change, not simply presentations ideas.
The standard of our value creation is high and it is ERs goal to make sure that the clients capabili-
ties are enhanced, whereby the action they take allows them to execute their business in innovative
Our Commitment
To provide unique and acceptable solutions to complex business problems.
We are committed to providing only the best solutions for its clients by implementing world-class an-
alytical and quantitative methods. We believe we can help our client meet challenges head-on and
recommend strategies to achieve their goals and grow their business.

Strategy of EBS
Our strategy service can provide you with advice and solutions to better manage your business, im-
plement changes and utilize opportunities for growth.
Our team can work collaboratively with your management to understand key sources of underperfor-
mance, evaluate alternative courses of action and create a detailed plan of improvement. Our team
approaches business problems with objectivity and analytical rigor, utilizing a range of frameworks,
benchmarks, and customized solutions.
Shareholders value
Our strategy focuses exclusively on helping well-managed companies deliver superior shareholder
returns. We work with management to develop organizational capabilities that accelerate profitable
growth and improve shareholder value. We bring the discipline of the capital markets inside an or-
ganization, effectively maximizing shareholder value and growth.
Strategic, Operational and Financial Due Diligence
Through our strategic, operational, and financial accounting capabilities, ER consultants bring
unique and integrated skill sets to potential investors. We can identify value and highlight possible
issues and risks with a transaction.
Strategy Implementation
Through careful planning and analysis of potential issues at the very onset (the strategy develop-
ment stage), EXL is able to assist clients and put plans into action effectively. Understanding various
stake-holders of a project is an integral part of the process, together with clear ranking of where
time, effort and resources should be channeled
Financial Services
Financial Statement preparation
Reporting of Financial Statement
Accounts Reconciliation services
Financial Analysis services
Loan processing
Asset/Business Valuation
Asset Verification
Performance and Compliance Review
Basel II Implementation
Financial Services
To maintain a sustainable business escalation in the present
competitive business environment, it is indispensable to have a
sound Financial Stability which is only possible through proper
analysis of your business performance. EBS facilitates its clients
to comprehend its present and future financial potency which al-
low them to face the unforeseen business risks.
Taxation and VAT
Corporate Tax
Value Added Tax (VAT)
Other Indirect Tax
Individual Tax Including Expatriate Tax
Tax Advisory Services
Tax Planning & Tax Compliance
Tax Due Diligence

Taxation and VAT
It is very vital for a company to understand the appropriate Taxa-
tion and VAT methodology which can save millions as well as
avoid any unpredicted penalty from the Government. Our profes-
sional taxation and VAT experts can guide you how to maintain
proper relationship with BOI, NBR, VAT, Customs authority and
lead the best way to handle the overall taxation and VAT issues.
What EBS does?
simplifying IT
Business Advisory and
Transaction Services

Due Diligence
Preparation of business plan
Project Profile Preparation
Business Valuation
Corporate Restructuring
IPO Assistance
Capital Market Advisory
J oint Venture & Business Collaboration
Feasibility Study
Technical Collaboration
Company Formation
Setting up Liaison / Branch Office
Enterprise Risk Management
Information Security
Risk Management
Setting up Provident, Gratuity etc.
Market Research, Survey and Studies
Business Advisory and
Transaction Services
Advisory Services combines the strengths of global reach and
local relationships to deliver solutions to your business needs.
EBS Advisory Services supports you to set up and further im-
prove your business by identifying your competitive advantages
in the business community.
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Payroll Management
Book-keeping & Accounting
Secretarial Services
Personal Tax
VAT, TDS calculation
Provident Fund accounting
Statutory return preparation & filing
Quarterly return preparation & filing
Document Management and record keeping
Disaster Recovery
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is fast emerging as a flexi-
ble and controlling approach that business leaders adopt to at-
tain their strategic business aims. BPO refers to the delegation
of information technology based business processes to an exter-
nal provider (third party) that owns and manages the selected
process based on pre-defined performance criteria. It allows the
organization to focus on its core competencies enabling it to
manage growth and scale, reduce costs and enable migration of
best practices and processes from the outsourced partner.
simplifying IT
Management Consulting and Other Special

Development Project Management
Donor Funded Project Assistance
IT Systems Design and Implementation
Executive Search and Selection
Foreign Remittance assistance
Forensic Investigation
Training & Capacity Building
Financial System Design
Accounting Manual and Chart of
Accounts Preparation
All types of Survey
Work Permit & Visa Processing for
Corporate Governance Review
Management Consulting
and Other

Management consulting indicates both the industry and practice
of helping organizations improve their performance primarily
through the analysis of existing business problems and develop-
ment of plans for improvement. Because of our exposure to and
relationships with numerous organizations, we are well aware of
the industry "best practices". We provide organizational change
management assistance, development of coaching skills, tech-
nology implementation, strategy development, or operational im-
provement services which serve as the basis for recommenda-
tions for more effective or efficient ways of performing business
Information Technology and
Data Management Services

Process Integration
Data Digitalization
Software preparation
System Design for Computerized
bookkeeping and record keeping.
Design and Development of Management
information system
Data entry services
Data conversion Services
Data processing services
Data analysis
Data Scanning
Optical Character Reading (OCR)
Information Technology and Data
Management Services
Advisory Services combines the strengths of global reach and
local relationships to deliver solutions to your business needs.
EBS Advisory Services supports you to set up and further im-
prove your business by identifying your competitive advantages
in the business community.
Management Team
Our Management team is comprised of well respected and experienced individuals in the world of Fi-
nance & Risk Assessment. These individuals have numerous years of experience and are known
throughout the corporate sector for their integrity, commitment and drive for the development of fi-
nance. The collaboration of the said experience of the management team in all sectors of industry has
deemed them specialists in their profession.

The team is comprised of Chartered Accountants, Finance Specialists, Economists, Statisticians, IT
Specialists and Researchers. All members of the team have professional qualification in their areas of
specialization. Their experiences ranges from employment in local and international firms to providing
consultancy services.


Our Board of Directors & Advisors include individuals renowned in their respective fields and some of
the most distinguished and prominent persons in the business world in Bangladesh. Combined these
individuals possess a vast amount of experience in finance and accounting and are able to provide their
views and advice during management consultancy process at EXL. They can ensure that all advice
provided is therefore objective, transparent and up to the standards that befit our company.
Exl Business Solutions
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