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Just as in any sales presentation, the most critical moment is "the close." Here's where the action
takes place. There is no standard method for concluding a letter. In some cases, the entire state-
ment of the offer is delayed until the last two or three paragraphs. More often, however, the basics
of the offer have already been woven into the body copy of the letter, and the letter concludes with
a reminder of the next step to be taken or a restatement of the primary benefit to be gained if
action is taken.
But, since so many readers move down to the signature on a letter before starting to read a letter,
it is important to have an interest-arousing conclusion. It often catches the eye as the reader is
checking to see who the letter is from. Equally important is a postscript, since it will be the first
thing read after the recipient has viewed the signature.
As a handy reference file, I've included a number of typical concluding paragraphs of direct mail
letters and a selected group of effective postscripts.
The following letter closes have been selected at random and show a variety of typical conclud-
ing paragraphs.
Go ahead. Put us on the line. Send the enclosed card today. And
we'll send you the Kroy brochure, complete with sample, absolutely
free. Or if you prefer, call us today Toil-Free 1 -800-328-1306
and we'll be glad to answer any questions you might have.
Either way, we're ready for you. With the best machine in the
Roy Beauchamp for Kroy Inc.
Do mail the Form today, please. You won't regret it. That's also guar-
Thank you for reading my letter and I do hope to hear from you in
just a day or two.
John P. Walsh for Enter Magazine 1
I'll look for your Preferred Reservation Card on my desk. It's a plea-
sure and a privilege for me to bring you a series of collector's plates
as worthy of your attention as these are!
Hershell Lewis for American Collector Club
It's a simple invitation with no strings attached. Why not accept it
now? Please sign the enclosed card and mail it back to me today.
This offer expires December 31,1982. Thank you.
Ed McLean for Industrial Automation Reporter
So take a few minutes to relax and browse through the colorful
brochure. Decide which luscious foods you want and phone or
mail your order today.
Omaha Steaks International
As you can see, you have nothing to lose by finding out if Wards
Wide World of Travel is for you and you have a whole, wide,
wonderful world to gain.
Mail your Official Entry Certificate today . . . and have the opportu-
nity to become a winner!
Montgomery-Ward Enterprises
So please enroll now, while you're thinking of it. It'll take but a few
moments for you to join the finest Auto Club in the country. I know
you'll enjoy being with us.
Montgomery-Ward Enterprises
The sooner you act, the sooner protection begins. So get your
WCCSS Enrollment Certificate in the mail today.
Montgomery-Ward Enterprises 2
Don't miss this very unusual opportunity to receive the finest skin care
system money can buy. Send us your Gift Certificate/Analysis right
Don't go on wondering how much better your skin could be. Find out
by giving it the benefits of EUROPA.
Act now and get ready for beautiful results!
The Europa System
Give yourself a chance to see what it's like to feel really great
healthier, more energetic (more alive!). Sign the Certificate and mail
it in the postpaid envelope, so we can rush our gift of good health to
Montgomery-Ward Enterprises
This unusual offer may be withdrawn at any time, so we suggest you
return the order certificate in the enclosed postpaid envelope today.
Richard Silverman for The Hirsch Organization Inc.
FREE extra bonus! Would you like a free reprint of one of the out-
standing Esquire features published in recent years? Return the reply
card subscribing to Esquire promptly, and it's yours.
A list of these features is enclosed. Simply check the one you want
on the reply card, return it in the postpaid envelope, and get started
on this delightfully habit-forming magazine. Do it now while the sup-
ply of reprints lasts. We can't wait to make you an Esquire friend.
Dick Neff for Esquire Magazine
But act now mail in the enclosed postage-free card today. It is a
fact that each year Thomas Register is sold out. Because TR is the
most complete directory, it is always the most wanted directory, so
mail the card today for your 7 volume set for 10 day Free
Examination with no obligation to buy it! and be sure.
Bill Steiner for Thomas Publishing Company 3
This offer is available for a limited time only. To take advantage of
this saving just initial and return your New Subscriber Invitation card
enclosed. You need send no money now we will bill you later.
Bill Steiner for American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
Why not send in your renewal today? Take advantage of the
money-saving prices for 2 and 3 year subscriptions, too. You'll be
glad you did!
Bill Steiner for Autobody Magazine
But you must act right away to get your free copy of "Investors'
Questions Answered" along with your subscription to The Financial
Times, because copies of the booklet are limited. Simply initial the
enclosed certificate and mail it to me today. We will gladly bill you
Bill Steiner for The Financial Times of Canada
Remember, you needn't send one cent now. (You can pay later, after
your magazines start.) So pick the magazine or magazines you
want. There are nearly half a hundred best-sellers on your coupons.
Many are only $2.98 or even less. All are far below rates offered to
the general public.
The only thing is, there may not be another chance to save like this,
because Clearing House bargains are available only by mail.
Moreover, publishers limit the number of new subscriptions we may
accept at these reduced rates, and some offers will surely be with-
drawn soon.
So please don't delay. Take your pick now and mail your order at
once, while all these money-saving bargain prices are still in effect.
Marvin Barckley for Publishers Clearing House
As president of the "world's largest bookstore" and the largest retail-
er of bargain books in America, I assure you that this is the best bar-
gain we have ever offered. Please hurry our supplies are limited,
and going fast.
Barnes & Noble Bookstores, Inc. 4
So why not send for your free gifts today! They're yours to keep no
matter what you decide about future sets. And remember, by trying
Happy Plants Cards you have nothing to lose, and a green thumb to
Patricia Kelly for Grolier Enterprises, Inc.
Remember, you get every book on approval. You can cancel at any
time. You can buy as many or as few as you wish even none at
all. That is your privilege.
Harry Walsh for Grolier Enterprises, Inc.
Mail your Enrollment Form today. The open enrollment period ends
October 15, 1982. The sooner you enroll, the sooner you can start
enjoying the fine, reassuring protection of Playboy Hospital Plus.
Hal Laurence for Playboy Preferred, Inc.
There's no need to send money now. Just return the card by itself or
in the postage-paid envelope. We'll bill you later.
Virginia Daly for U.S. News & World Report
So act now! Try a membership for one year and see for yourself how
much you get in return. Simply complete the enclosed application
form and mail it today. Don't let any time fly before you cash in on
all the benefits of membership in AOPA.
Virginia Daly for Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assn.
In view of the desirability of this offering, you may wish to place your
order now for one or more stamps by calling toll-free 800-243-9438
and charging your credit card. Please call us during office hours,
9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Eastern time.
Or, if you prefer, use the order form below. All orders will be shipped
within sixty days of receipt. Early orders will earn first priority.
I look forward to your early response.
Malcolm Decker for The Gold Collection Ltd. 5
Send your membership check today and come soon and often to
your three museums. You'll be reminded again and again that
belonging to your Museum Society is an open door to the best things
life has to offer.
Dick Trenbeth for The Art Institute of Chicago
It's easy to give yourself all of this peace of mind and driving plea-
sure. Just complete the enclosed membership application and rush it
to us with your check or credit card authorization today before
your next flat tire, winter stall, or radiator boil over causes costly
delays and frayed tempers. You'll be glad you have your own AAA-
Chicago Motor Club membership all year long, and you'll thank
your friend for recommending you.
Dick Trenbeth for The Chicago Motor Club
So if you're thinking, "Maybe I should what can I lose" please
do! You can't lose anything. You can change your mind later. And
you may make your life richer than you ever thought possible!
Guideposts Magazine
Just sign the "Request Form" and mail it back in the postage-paid
envelope. Then, when you "Sign & Fly," you can forget about air-
plane flight insurance. We'll do the remembering and handle all the
details for you. Sign and return your request form TODAY.
Tom Brady for American Express
To discover the enjoyment the Concerto 800 Electric Home Organ
can bring your family, mail the postpaid card today for your no-
obligation 15-day Free Trial!
Jim Kobs for American Peoples Press, Inc. 6
We hope you will accept this invitation. It will mean a great deal to
us if you do so, and we are certain it will mean a great deal to you.
But whether you wish to accept this invitation to become an
Honorary Fellow or not, please let us know within 14 days. We have
contracted for a special clerical task force which will be available for
processing new memberships, and your prompt reply will help them
complete their tasks within the time allotted. Thank you for the cour-
tesy of your reply.
Jim Kobs for Harry S. Truman Library Institute
What if you don't agree? What if the lighter is not for you for any
reason at all? Perfectly OK. Just return the Jerrican. And back will
come your refund. Every penny. And no foot-dragging, either. No
need to explain anything. Just return the lighter. And that will be that.
You'll still have my thanks for giving the G.I. Jerrican Lighter the
So complete and mail the Free Examination Form enclosed. The
moment I get it, I'll rush your lighter out to you. But please don't wait.
Because they are going fast. Send for your G.I. Jerrican Lighter,
today. You don't risk a cent when you do!
Sig Rosenblum for Pembroke-Court Company
So please check the enclosed Super-Life brochure. Here's the plan
made for the inflation squeeze. A plan of pure-protection. Low cost,
high-benefit protection. An "impossible plan" they said, when we
first proposed it. And yet, here it is Super-Life. For you and
those you love. Please complete and mail the conditional enrollment
form, today!
Sig Rosenblum for APA Insurance Services
The pamphlet is free. Please send for it today, won't you? Just com-
plete and mail the card, and I'll do the rest.
Sig Rosenblum for Prodynamics, Inc. 7
Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to read my
letter. I hope to hear from you soon and to be able to pamper
you in the months ahead with Indian River's finest citrus.
John Lyle Shimek for Hale Indian River Groves
If your coffee hasn't done much for you lately, do something special
for yourself right now. Treat yourself to the wonderful experience of
savoring the extra richness and aroma of Coffee House coffee
then go back to Dick and Jane coffee, if you can!
John Lyle Shimek for The Coffee House
I don't see how any man who really likes good cigars could lose too
much sleep over how he's going to come out on this one. Why lose
any more time either? Why not simply look over the enclosed folder,
check your choice of wrapper and shape on the enclosed card and
mail it to me right now? You don't even have to send money. We'll
bill you.
John Lyle Shimek for Thompson Cigar Co.
Look it over. Discuss it with your boss. See why P.S. is exactly "your
cup of tea" a sophisticated, intelligent service for secretaries of
like kind!
And the cost? Negligible when you consider the benefits to be
derived. The enclosed order card will give you the full story. Why not
mail it today?
Julie Spector for The Bureau of Business Practice
It won't cost you a penny more to mail the enclosed postpaid card
TODAY. Tomorrow, something else may divert your attention and
your foremen, who are responsible for much of the effectiveness of
your organization, are worthy of all the consideration you can give
them now and in the future.
Julie Spector for The National Foremen's Institute 8
Please make haste, if you will, since this proposal will last only so
long as extra copies of our current issue are available. Once they're
gone, this offer goes with them. A good proposition you're not like-
ly to see again for the next nine or ten months, if then. And thank
you for having come this far.
Julie Spector for Horizon Magazine
To take advantage of our "dynamite" offer, simply return the post-
paid Reservation Card I've enclosed with this letter. You'll receive
your first issue, posthaste, with a trial subscription you may cancel
immediately (or anytime in the future). No matter what you decide,
the sample copies are yours to keep. Could anything be fairer?
Shell Alpert for Clemprint Inc.
So please don't delay. Return the enclosed reply card now, while
you're thinking about it, and I'll take care of everything for you.
Shell Alpert for The Center for Small Business Advancement
But right now, all I ask you to do is look and that doesn't cost any-
thing! Why delay? Such fun and festivity await you. Return the order
card and let The Dinner Party Cookbook plan your next party.
I will eagerly wait to hear from you.
Emily Soell for Knapp Press
To repeat your first issue of GEO is free. Your subscription is not
a condition of this special offer. So send back your reply card in the
postage-paid envelope provided. And prepare to share the plea-
sures of GEO, a most remarkable magazine with a fresh point of
view of the human adventure.
Emily Soell for Knapp Communications 9
With interest in the Civil War at its current fever pitch, First Edition
copies of Antislavery are certain to be grabbed up quickly. Orders
from libraries and educational institutions alone will put copies at a
premium; so will demands from collectors and bibliophiles who rec-
ognize the value of obtaining an initial printing.
in order to avoid disappointment, may we therefore suggest that you
return the advance reservation form (enclosed) at your earliest con-
Bill Jayme for The University of Michigan Press
And you can try Science 82 at our risk. Just return the enclosed card,
and we'll send you the next issue to examine free at no cost, oblig-
ation or commitment. We'll also send you a bill of $12 an imme-
diate savings of $3.00 off the regular subscription price for one year.
If you decide Science 82 doesn't live up to your expectations, all you
have to do is write "cancel" on the bill and return it to us.
May we look for your subscription reservation by return mail so
you won't have a lengthy wait before your first issue arrives? Thank
you and welcome to mysteries! enigmas! whodunnits! To answers!
explanations! solutions! Welcome to Science 82.
Bill Jayme for Science 82 Magazine
For extra-fast service, call us Toll Free with your credit card order at
(800) 228-9055.
And keep this promise in mind:
You must be pleased with everything you order from us or we'll
replace your order or refund your money, whichever you prefer. You
have my word on it.
So, truly you have no risk at all. That's why I hope you'll take advan-
tage of my special sale to order plenty of Omaha Steaks. They'll help
make the most of the last full month of summer.
Omaha Steaks International
So order while you're thinking about it. You'll bask in the compli-
ments of your friends and family members. From now on, they'll
think of you with a little more admiration. After all, you showed them
the time of their lives!
Omaha Steaks International 10
Find out how. Call us at the toll-free number that appears on the front
of this letter. You'll speak directly with a Bell Business Consultant who
is prepared to answer your questions and recommend ways your
company can utilize the Selling Existing Customers application,
along with Outward WATS, to increase sales and boost profitability.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Bell System
To enter your subscription, you need only mail the accompanying
application. No payment is required at this time. But please note that
your reply is requested by July 31,1982.
The Franklin Mint
But please note that the enclosed authorization is solely for your per-
sonal use as a registered Franklin Mint collector. It may not be trans-
ferred to anyone else. And, to be considered valid, your private
commission authorization must be mailed no later than March 31,
The Franklin Mint
Do drop the form in today's mail, please. It's really the only way you
can be sure that it does get done and that there will be a copy of
Volume I, Number I left for your home.
I wish there were more parents like you.
John P. Walsh for Children's Television Workshop
To subscribe, fill in the reservation card and return it in the postage-
paid reply envelope. If you prefer, you may charge your subscription
to your BankAmericard or Master Charge card, or if you'd rather,
we can bill you later.
I sincerely hope you'll join us today. For more than 50 years,
Architectural Digest has been serving people with your kind of taste,
your kind of style, your kind of imaginative approach to life. All of
us here would be proud and happy to be of service to you and your
family, too.
Linda Wells for Knapp Communications 11
So turn on that mighty mind of yours. Fill out the enclosed reserva-
tion card and mail it in the postage-paid envelope today. No need
to send money now; we'll bill you later at the low rate of just $12 for
a year-long membership, including a one-year subscription to
Natural History, a monthly magazine.
Twelve dollars a year for a magazine that really respects your intel-
ligence. Plus valuable cultural benefits. Plus the knowledge you are
furthering scientific research and discovery!
It all adds up to something bigger and better than any computer
could figure out. I sincerely hope you'll accept our invitation today.
Linda Wells for American Museum of Natural History
Please do not send money now. Because Portfolio is so very different
from other, older art magazines, we'd like you to try it before you
buy. And then? Well, seeing is believing, as they say so welcome
to Portfolio as a friend and Charter Subscriber!
Linda Wells for Portfolio Magazine
So come! Come home to Agatha Christie now! Shut the door on the
workaday world and sip sherry by the colonel's fire. Let the maid lay
out your evening clothes. Then dress, eat a hearty dinner and play
the Murder Game into the night.
Linda Wells for Agatha Christie Collection
Send no money now! We want you to see the Premier Issue first.
Read it! Enjoy it! Use it to achieve new physical and emotional fit-
ness! If Self doesn't help you look better, feel better, understand your-
self better and like yourself better, don't pay us a single cent!
You've nothing to lose! A new self to gain! So jog off to the mailbox
with your card this minute!
Linda Wells for Self Magazine 12
Ordering is easy. Just fill in the enclosed order form and send it to
Breck's U.S. Reservation Center at 6523 North Galena Road, Peoria,
Illinois 61656. We'll take over from there. Our Dutch Bulb experts
will select the very finest sprouted bulbs, carefully plant them in a pot
with our special growing medium and pack them for safe shipment.
We'll ship them to each of the addresses you've given us and then
bill you the way you request.
Dick Hodgson for Breck's
But I must mention one caution. We have only a limited quantity of
these exceptional Lilacs and when they are shipped we won't have
any more for at least another year. Orders will be filled on a first
come, first served basis. So I would urge you to send your reserva-
tion now.
Dick Hodgson for Spring Hili Nurseries
Order Without Risk. Even then there's no risk for you since every
Breck's bulb is fully guaranteed to grow and bloom. If, for any rea-
son, you are not fully pleased with your Crown Royal Daffodils upon
receipt, after planting or once they grow and bloom, all you have to
do is write Breck's anytime before July 1, 1987. We'll refund every
cent you paid or send you a replacement without charge, whichever
you prefer. We won't ask any questions. You, and you alone, will be
the judge.
But let me urge you to place your order promptly. The quantity of
these superior Daffodils we've been able to reserve is very limited
and all orders must be filled on a first come, first served basis. I'll
look forward to serving you.
Dick Hodgson for Breck's
I sincerely hope you will want to take advantage of this special
opportunity to obtain a collection of these truly exceptional Lifetime
Peonies. There's no risk involved since you'll have the opportunity to
inspect and approve every root before you pay a cent and then will
be fully covered by Breck's Guarantee of Complete Satisfaction.
Dick Hodgson for Breck's 13
Just as important as the closing paragraphs of a letter is the postscript. Since it is generally the
first part of a letter read thoroughly, it can entice a reader to want to find out more about your
proposition. Here are some representative postscripts used by top direct mail copywriters.
P.S. In today's tighter money market you must run your business
more efficiently than ever. To recoup every $100 you waste on
expenses, your company may have to generate up to $1,000
or more in sales. That's why the $3 per month you'll spend sub-
scribing to Business Monthly becomes so valuable. Our coming
article on inventory control, for example, may save you up to
$1,000 per year on one inventory item alone.
United Media International, Inc.
P.S. If you have a friend or relative that you feel would like to know
about our unique "tools," just let us know (feel free to use the
enclosed postage-paid envelope) and we'll mail them color
brochures on our products.
DRI Industries
P.S. The enclosed leaflet tells about another, different kind of good
value from Publishers Clearing House. I thought you might like
to take a few moments to look at it.
Publishers Clearing House
P.S. Even if you don't wish to enroll or call us now, I value your opin-
ions as a Cardmember. I would appreciate your spending a few
moments to complete and return the enclosed survey so we can
better serve you and your fellow Diners Club Cardmembers.
Diners Club Gifts
P.S. With Alex service you get choice. See the enclosed brochure for
details on all our rental packages starting from just $49.95 a
month. There's one just right for you. Simply call toll-free 1-
Bell Atlantic Mobile Systems 14
P.S. Perhaps some of your friends or relatives have an interest in rug
making. We'd be pleased to send them a free copy of our 1986
Rug Book with your compliments. I'm enclosing a special friend-
ship card which you can use to send us their names and
addresses. We'll make sure they get their free Rug Book
Wool Design, Inc.
P.S. Be sure to return your special Bonus Certificate before its expi-
ration date to save $5.00 on your first Wool Design rug kit.
Wool Design, Inc.
P.S. I'd like to send you a very special gift to thank you for reserv-
ing Breck's Spring Garden Collection for shipment this fall. With
every Collection, I'll include six gorgeous Blue Moon Tulips
absolutely free. This is one of the most distinctive Tulip varieties
ever grown in Holland and I know you'll enjoy the big, dramatic
orchid-lavender blooms in your spring garden and bouquets.
P.S. Let me urge you to place your order promptly. Only a limited
number of these special Dutch bulbs have been prepared for
1985 Holiday blooming and they will be shipped on a first
come, first served basis.
P.S. I would like to urge you to place your rose reservation as soon
as possible. While we will do our best to fill every order we
receive, we can only guarantee Spring 1985 delivery for those
reservations we receive by November 30, 1984.
Spring Hill Nurseries
P.S. To claim your introductory discount, please enclose the "dis-
count check" with your order, or mention it when you telephone.
This check will entitle you to a discount of $10 if you order 6
filets, or $20 if you order 12 filets. Note that the check expires
on October 31, so please order promptly.
Omaha Steaks International 15
P.S. Please note that the prices on your order form have already
been changed to reflect the extra 20<C per pair discount we're
offering in this sale. We've done the work, you get the savings!
P.P.S. You'il notice that our deadline for ordering is August 31. Please
observe that deadline. I hate to say no to an order, but rules are
P.S. Our gift package is for the man in your organization who pur-
chases merchandise for your vending machines. Please forward
this letter to this "Key Man." Thank you.
The Nestle Company
P.S. If you are experiencing roof maintenance problems on some of
your buildings, you'll want to learn about our re-roofing solu-
tion, too. Just let us know on the reply card, and we'll send our
re-roofing brochure.
Armco Building Systems
P.S. For faster service, please call Susan Smith toll-free. Her number
is 1-800-327-2782.
Cushman Fruit Co., Inc.
P.S. You needn't send money now. When you receive your
Certificate of Insurance, look it over thoroughly. Take up to 10
days to make up your mind. If you decide you don't want it,
send it back and you'll owe nothing.
Playboy Preferred, Inc.
P.S. Having your continued support is so important to me that I'm
enclosing your renewal card now, even though there's still a
month or two before it's due. Don't worry if you'd prefer
to wait, we'll be sure to jog your memory. But if you renew
today, you'll not only save the Association some money, you'll
allow us to devote our full attention to the pressing issues that
face aviation.
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Assn. 16
P.S. Want to save even more? Take a two-year subscription for just
$22.00, and save $21.00. You'll get 11 more regular issues
and another Buying Guide Issue as well!
Consumer Reports
P.S. Some special programs fill up fast. So don't delay. Return your
information request right now.
P.P.S. Remember by requesting information, you are not under any
obligation whatsoever. So please be sure to fill out your reply
card clearly and completely. This will enable us to send you the
information you want as quickly as possible.
U.S. Marine Corps
P.S. Women all over the world are benefiting from the new science
of age controlling skin care. Now you can experience the same
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The Europa System
P.S. While you're at it, why not get an early jump on the Christmas
list. There are a lot of goodies in this mailing that make excel-
lent gifts.
Haband of Patterson
P.S. I'm also going to send you an extra free gift: the electronic
"Everything Card" (a $49.95 value) described in the enclosed
folder. I know you'll like it!
Electronic Office
P.S. Of necessity, only a limited number of photography booklets and
current issues of GEO can be set aside for this generous intro-
ductory offer. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, you are urged
to post your reply within 15 days of receipt of this announcement.
Knapp Communications 17
P.S. If you're half the independent-minded "tough customer" I
believe you are, you're probably still looking for one last per-
suasive reason to take advantage of this offer.
You'll find it on the enclosed reply card. (It starts with the word,
U.S. News & World Report
P.S. I've also got a surprise Mystery Gift for you. Like surprises? I
have a special one for you. Order within 10 days, and with
your shoes and your Free Billfold, I'll also enclose a FREE
Mystery Gift. Can't tell you what it is. But it's yours to keep
even if you decide to send back the shoes.
The Stuart McGuire Co., Inc.
P.S. The enclosed note explains why you are being invited to
become a National Associate. Please take a moment to read it
Smithsonian Institution
P.S. If you already have a copier that you're pleased with, the Xerox
550 is still a great bargain for you. It's the ideal "second" copier
on heavy volume days. And it's great as a back-up unit when
your other copier is down. Don't forget you can charge it con-
veniently to your MasterCard, Visa, or American Express card.
Xerox Corp.
P.S. These days, it's more important than ever to make your business
as cost-efficient as possible. Our new rate structure could help
a business like yours do just that. Call us or mail the enclosed
postage-paid card today.
Southern Bell 18
P.S. I'd also like to mention the Double Cash Benefit feature. When
you and your wife are both under age 65 and insured in the
plan and are both hospitalized by any covered accident at the
same time, you EACH collect $100.00 a day, $3,000.00 a
month, for as long as you both remain hospitalized. That's a
total of $200.00 a day, $6,000.00 a month!
American Independent Businessman's Group Insurance Trust
P.S. Don't forget: there will be a wealth of useful information for you in
your free handbook, The Home Tool Kit.
Time-Life Books
P.S. Ever wondered what a "Management Grid" is? Or a "Linking
Pin"? Or a "Mix Model"? With your trial subscription, we'll
include a complimentary copy of Behavioral Science
Behavioral Sciences Newsletter
P.S. Be sure to check the enclosed Extra Free Bonus flyer and claim
the extra free gift it describes an added reward to you for
replying promptly. And also see the back of your Membership
Application for a special Gift Membership offer that saves you
a full 50%!
Cheeselovers International
While I was analyzing my file of letters for this book, I checked to see what types of complimen-
tary closes were most common. Here's what I found when I took a look at 853 letters:
443 used "Sincerely"
131 used "Cordially"
78 used "Sincerely yours"
64 used "Very truly yours"
24 used "Best regards" 19
21 signed with a name and title
17 used "Cordially yours"
14 used their name only
11 used "Good luck"
9 didn't have a signature
6 used "Best wishes"
6 used "Very sincerely"
5 used "Respectfully yours"
5 used "Faithfully yours"
4 used "Best of luck"
4 used "Peace"
4 used "Yours sincerely"
3 used "Thank you"
2 used "Yours very truly"
2 used "Yours truly"
The remainder used a variety of less common expressions, including "Happy Days/' "Yours for a
lower price," "Yours for happy feet," "Have a good day," "Why take a chance," "We look forward
to serving you," and "Good eating." 20