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Mohammad Droubi Project Management 10-4-2012

Moss and McAdams Accounting Firm

1. If I were Palmer; first of all, I would be frustrated to know that one of my valuable team
members would be joining another team. Second, I would then take action and find
another associate who is dedicated to auditing work, so Palmer's projects can be
completed and more productively. Also, If I were Palmer I would transfer the employee
from the auditing department to the consulting department.

2. Palmer should not have agreed to split Olds time and also should have talked directly to
Olds about his declining performance as soon as the problem was noticed. In addition to
that more communication should exist. Also, he could have fought more strongly in the
beginning to have Olds and arrange meeting between the three parties and discuss.

3. Advantages:
Resource can be shared across multiple projects as well as within functional divisions-
more mind sharing and opinions it is specialized of clients- Clear structure-resources
can be shared.

Any situation in which resources are being shared across projects lends itself to conflict
and competition among project managers- weak chain of command-reporting to two
managers create aggressive and conflict-ambiguous processes and procedures-create
problems and tension.

4. The management at M & M must create policies that eliminate the need for resource
sharing and find a better way to assign or allocate resources amongst the various
projects. Also, Improve communication within the company. Refuse employee sharing in
different department. Establish healthy relationship between organizational functions.
Doing better communication channel.