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Healthy eating has always been a major factor in the development in students lives. This is especialy evident during their adolescence years. Being at university we are
constantly faced with choices as to what foods to eat when we are on our breaks. We are constantly encouraged to eat unhealthy fast food such as Macdonals or Burger
King . This is because it is much cheaper and therefore students can save more for other things. By implementing this mindset it encourages student to eat more unhealthy
foods, which is one of the leading causes to obesity in New Zealand. Infact according to TV3 (TV3, 2013) New Zealand had the fourth highest increase in terms of
fast food purchases. This is out of a ranking of 25 places around the world who have the highest obesity rates. There have been many different
tactics to combat this eperdemic for example according to NZ Herald (NZ Herald, 2014) New research suggests limiting food outlets around schools could
help combat the country's increasing obesity problem. This is a good idea however due to the price difference people will still buy unhealthy foods. This is why we came
up with the idea of student uni budget its is an accurate way of manaing your healthy eating. A sudent has to simple download our free app which works on all decives
from their given app store and login in with their student id numbers. From there they will be given locations of the top restraunts which implment healhy eating. Once
purchased they meal, this will lead to points being added to they card via the app. The more the student buys the more points, which can be used for discounts or free
meals in the future. This will actively enouracge students to eat healthier meals and will abloish obsiity once and for all.

3.1 Vision

Student Uni Budget is committed to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility in everything healthy eating related. We plan to implement and
encourage healhy eating through disocunts and premium prgogrames to get people lives back on track and ulimately abloish obserity in New Zealand



3.2 Industry Analysis
Industry: : Healthy Eating Industry

Force: High/Low: Justification:
Buyer power: Low This is because buyers dont have much power
because we are orginal and are the first of its kind
to create an app which implements healhy eating.
Supplier power: High Because there is only a few suppliers for us for


example the app store and the playstore. There
we will be heavily reliant on thses types.
Threat of new entrants: High This is because Student Uni Budget allows
students to generate points based on their
purchases. Also the cost of setting up such a app
is low cost therefore other competiors will do the
Threat of substitutes: Low This is because SUB is completely different to the
tradional means such as a recipe book and adopts
a new approach. This is why the threats of
alternatives of student uni budget is extrememly
Rivalry among existing
Low There are many alternatives out there such as
diet plans and ect but Student Uni Budget is the
only of its kind which truly encourages the
student to partake in healthy eating.


Overall attractiveness of the industry:
This industry requires low capital and is easy to maintain. The buying power being low, the supplier power is high, the threat of new entrants is
high, the threats of substitues is low and the rivalry amoung existing competitiors is low. Altogether these show that the healthy eating
industry is sure to prosper in the future.

3.3 Customers and Thei r Needs
Student Uni Budget will first we plan to start with students at the univeristy of auckland and then futhur expand to the rest of New
Zealand and hopfeully we can abblosh obseity in new zeland once and for all. This is because the main needs for the average student is
just to eat someone thing cheap however is often showed that cheap is not often healthy. Children are the greatest at risk because
they dont think wisely about their decisions and how it will affect their future. Infact (
and-conditions/obesity/obesity-key-facts-and-statistics) says that says that the childhood obesity rate has increased from 8% in
2006/07 to 11% in 2012/13. This figure contunues to climb unless we make a difference and do something

3.4 The Product and Service


Students are able to sign into our app using their student id numbers and when they buy a healthier food option for example subway. This
develops points, overtime these point can be used to create vouchers for discounts for futher meals in the future. It also shows the most
popular desinations of where they friends are visiting in real time by intergrating a social network to the student uni budget app.

3.5 Suppliers and Partners
Healthy alternatives such as subways and stpierres ware partnered up with Student Uni budget and offer cheaper prices on their foods
for university students and also integrate the point system.
Our partners would be fast food restraaunts too because as much as they are offering customers cheap prices they are want a cut and
more pablicity and due to this they will be helping us and we will be helping the

3.6 Strategy: Cost leadership
Justification 1: Our bussiness is targeting a broad market this is because everyone eats out at least one a week. However most students
are trying to save so they dont want to spend too much on food. Because of this they are limted to certain foods
Justification 2: The price stategy is going to be low because we want students to spend less so they can focus their money on more
important things such as saving up for car or ect instead of paying an excess on healthy foods


The overall strategy you picked for your business: Cost leadership, because it has equal benefits for everyone for example students get a good
healthy meal and the supplier ( food joints) get more customers so therfore more revenue will be produced.

3.7 Value Chain Activity:
The most important value chain activity for this business is technology development which is a support value activity. This is because our
business is heavily reliant on technology development to add value because this app relies on other companies being connected to our data
base. This value chain activity supports the strategy of focused low cost as this technology is the first of its kind to implement healthy eating
and will also be free for everyone who uses it.

3.8 Business Processes- Contunious Busi ness Process


For this business process itss aim for us to achieve the perfect system for our systems in order to meet our vision statement which is to provide customers with the
highest standards of social responsibility in everything healthy eating related. We hope that buy doing this and constantly receiving feedback it will futher help
improve our services





3.9 Functionalities
We will email our Engineers with feedback as to what can be improved or what ever the customer wants changed or altered
Update system constantly if problem occur

3.10 Systems


3.10.1. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK SYSTEM: Student Uni Budget application will act as a key performance indicator . It will show the the
performance has been constantly changing. It will allow us to constantly change our app to fit the customers needs and requirements. This
allows us to achieve our business statement which is to ensuring the highest standards of social responsibility in everything healthy eating related and
overall advocate healthy eating.
3.10.2. GENERATED VOUCHERS SYSTEMS: The automatic generated vouchers will dispact a generated voucher to all of our users on all
plateforms. For example Subway could provide our users with up to 50% on their next purchase. This app will be implmented on all of our
partners. Because of this students will hightly benefit as it will allow them to healthy healthy meals and help fight obesity.
3.10.3. VOUCHER REDEMPTION SYSTEMS: This will allow students to transfer those points into a working voucher and if they have
enough points then into a free meal for the future.

Value Chain
Processes Functionalities Specific Information
Broad Information


1. Continous customer

1. Receive customer feedback
2. Alter out software engineers on bugs and
3. Release update on future software
Feedback Support System

Transaction Support System
Customer Relationship


In conclusion, I believe Student Uni Budget is a great way to implement healthy eating. It is
virtually low cost and allows the student to be fully engaged with healthy eating. If we can
just change the mindset about how people think of food then in the future we will not deal
with obseity ever again.


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