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EDCF389R Mixed Methods Design Based Research (74265)
!""er 2#$4 ession $
8%3#&M' $$%3#&M (B 3$6
Fina) *))a+!s Dra,t
&nthon* -. /etrosino0 /h.D.
442'& anche1 B)dg
/hone23oice Mai)% 5$2'232'968$ 4ext% (5$2) 577'$96$
E'"ai)% a56etrosino7a!stin.!texas.ed!
Office Hours
8ednesda*s% $2'$6" and 4h!rsda*s 3'46". 9o! are a)so :e)co"e to "a;e an appointment to
"eet :ith "e to disc!ss *o!r 6rogress0 :or;0 or e<a)!ation at any time.
Course Description & Goals
Producing credible research that employs rigorous methodologies to evaluate interventions is important,
but not sufficient to transform teaching and learning at scale. Research must also be relevant, usable,
and inform ongoing efforts to improve systems. Design-Based Implementation Research (DBIR) is an
emerging approach to research that combines learning sciences and policy research methods and
perspectives to address persistent problems of practice, particularly related to implementation. In this
talk, we will define DBIR, describe its key principles, and present examples of DBIR from our own
research. The class will identify key opportunities and challenges to developing MIxed Methods and
DBIR as an interdisciplinary approach to research on interventions for learning that support systemic
4he 6!r6ose o, this co!rse is to introd!ce st!dents to Design'Based Research (DBR) "ethods in
ed!cation. 4raditiona) research "ethods ha<e +een critici1ed ,or ,ai)ing to *ie)d !sa+)e ed!cationa)
;no:)edge0 and DBR has +een 6ro6osed as a too);it to enhance ed!cationa) research and
o!tco"es. DBR in<o)<es the design and in<estigation o, ed!cationa) inter<entions in rea)':or)d
settings. 8ang and =anna,in (2##60 6.6) s!""ari1e DBR as0 >a s*ste"atic +!t ,)exi+)e
"ethodo)og* ai"ed to i"6ro<e ed!cationa) 6ractices thro!gh iterati<e ana)*sis0 design0
de<e)o6"ent0 and i"6)e"entation0 +ased on co))a+oration a"ong researchers and 6ractitioners in
rea)':or)d settings.?
DBR is a "!)ti'disci6)inar* and "ixed "ethods a66roach% 8hen de<e)o6ing inter<entions DBR
designers dra: insights ,ro" <ario!s disci6)ines (e.g.0 socio)og*0 )earning sciences0 instr!ctiona)
design). 8hen researching these inter<entions0 again DBR researchers dra: ,ro" a <ariet* o,
,ie)ds (e.g.0 teacher ed!cation0 c!rric!)!" theor*) and ,ro" n!"ero!s "odes o, in@!ir*.
4he co!rse is not a s!+stit!te ,or @!antitati<e or @!a)itati<e co!rses. t!dents enro))ed in this
co!rse "!st ha<e a)read* st!died @!antitati<e and @!a)itati<e a66roaches to ed!cationa) research
or 6)an to do so in the near ,!t!re ,or co"6)etion o, their 6rogra" o, :or;. 8e :i)) +e dra:ing !6on
a +road +ase o, ;no:)edge and "ethods to e<a)!ate inter<entions that :e :i)) re<ie: and
/age $ o, $$
t!dents enro))ed in the co!rse :i)) ha<e the o66ort!nit* to
Aain critica) a:areness o, DBR "ethods in ed!cation.
Ex6)ore di,,erent :a*s to thin; a+o!t ed!cationa) research.
Beco"e ,a"i)iar :ith the 6ossi+i)ities0 )i"its0 and cha))enges o, DBR a66roaches
De<e)o6 the a+i)it* to design0 cond!ct0 and e<a)!ate DBR st!dies and inter<entions.
t!dents interested in !nderstanding and i"6ro<ing )earning and teaching 6ractice in rea)':or)d
settings :i)) ,ind i""ediate re)e<ance to this co!rse.
&)tho!gh to6ics are 6redeter"ined0 :e :i)) +e re'<isiting the s*))a+!s thro!gho!t the se"ester (and
6erha6s re<ising it) to ens!re that :e create the +est )earning ex6eriences 6ossi+)e ,or *o!. B in<ite
*o! to ta;e "a5or res6onsi+i)it* ,or *o!r )earning0 and *o!r co))eag!esC )earning0 and B ho6e that
together :e :i)) +e a+)e to create a )earning en<iron"ent that :i)) ,)o!rish o<er the d!ration o, the
Course Web Page
B :i)) !se B)ac;+oard as a centra) re6ositor* ,or co!rse doc!"ents and on)ine disc!ssions. 9o! can
access o!r co!rse section +* <isiting htt6s%22co!rses.!texas.ed!2 and c)ic;ing on the Courses ta+.
8e :i)) !se 6!+)ished 5o!rna) artic)es0 +oo; cha6ters0 and o6en access "ateria)s to st!d* this
to6ic. 4he D4 )i+rar* 6ro<ides access to the "a5orit* o, these and the rest are ,ree)* a<ai)a+)e
on)ine. Materia)s that are on)* a<ai)a+)e in 6rint ,or" and constit!te re@!ired reading ,or this co!rse
ha<e +een 6)aced on reser<e at the /CE )i+rar* ,or *o!r con<enience.
Course Structure
Class Sessions and Attendance
&ttendance is "andator*.
Bn case *o! need to "iss a c)ass session0 6)ease in,or" "e in ad<ance (exce6t in case o,
e"ergenc*0 o+<io!s)*).
Class Participation
C)ass 6artici6ants are re@!ired to read assigned readings0 contri+!te to ,ace'to',ace or on)ine
disc!ssions0 and 6artici6ate "axi"a))* in a)) c)ass acti<ities. 9o!r 6artici6ation :i)) i"6ro<e
e<er*oneCs ex6erience and )earning.
t!dents are re@!ired to%
/re6are a)) assigned readings ,or disc!ssion and contri+!te to disc!ssions
Cond!ct on')ine or o,,')ine )iterat!re research
Co"6)ete assign"ents re)ated to co!rse to6ics
Late Work Policy
&)) :or; is d!e on its s6eci,ied date0 exce6t in e"ergenc* sit!ations. B, :or; is t!rned in )ate :itho!t
6rior cons!)tation :ith the instr!ctor0 the assign"ent :i)) recei<e 1ero "ar;s. Bn case the instr!ctor
has agreed to a))o: *o! t!rn in )ate :or;0 *o! :i)) +e s!+5ect to a 1! point deduction for eac"
#$%"ours t"at t"e &or' is late.
/age 2 o, $$
File Backups
9o! are res6onsi+)e ,or *o!r ,i)es. 9o! "!st +ac;!6 a)) *o!r ,i)es to *o!r o:n dis;0 CD'Ro"0 or ;e*
dri<e. B :o!)d s!ggest that *o! 6!rchase a ;e* dri<e or !se a ,ree)*'a<ai)a+)e +ac;!6 ser<ice )i;e"
Performance Outcomes (Point Values)
/resentation2Disc!ssion o, a DBR 6ro5ect 3# /oints
/ractitioner Bnter<ie: $5 /oints
Bnter<ention Design2Re,ine"ent 4# /oints
Research /ro6osa) 4# /oints
/artici6ation $4 /oints
(otal 1$ Points
Performance Outcome Descriptions
o, a DBR 6ro5ect
Dates to choose ,ro"%
C)ass 8 on:ard
Co))a+orati<e acti<it*
&s 6art o, a gro!6 co"6osed o, 2 to 3 indi<id!a)s0 *o! :i)) se)ect one
o, the dai)* sessions )isted on the )e,t and )ead a disc!ssion o, one or
t:o readings that *o! se)ect that 6resent and e<a)!ate a DBR
9o! can !se one "our to an%"our%and%a%"alf to disc!ss the readings.
9o! are re@!ired to in<o)<e !s (the a!dience) in disc!ssing2exa"ining
the readings. &)) st!dents :o!)d ha<e read the assigned 6a6er0 so
"a;e s!re that *o!r disc!ssion is not ,oc!sing on s!""ari1ing the
6a6er(s). Be creati<e in *o!r teaching strategies and )earning
4he st!dents :ho are not teaching on a s6eci,ic :ee; are sti))
res6onsi+)e ,or readings and 6artici6ating tho!ght,!))* in the sessions.
Research /ro6osa)
D!e date%
C)ass 8
Bndi<id!a) acti<it*
9o! :i)) de<e)o6 a research 6ro6osa) (5'6 6ages) de)ineating :hat
"ethods and a66roaches *o! :i)) !se to e<a)!ate the inter<ention that
*o! created on the tas; a+o<e.
Co!rse 6artici6ation
D!e date% Fngoing
9o! are re@!ired to +e an active participant d!ring c)ass ti"e. Being
an acti<e 6artici6ant "eans co"6)eting assigned readings0
as;ing2ans:ering "eaning,!) @!estions0 and +eing a critica) thin;er. B,
*o! a+so)!te)* "!st "iss a c)ass0 arrange :ith a c)ass"ate
+e,orehand to 6ro<ide detai)ed notes to *o!. 9o! are sti)) res6onsi+)e
,or the in,or"ation co<ered in c)asses that *o! "iss.
% )ssignment rubrics and detailed guidelines &ill be "anded out in class %
Rele*ant Policies
/age 3 o, $$
Course rop
-!)* $# is the )ast da* o, the o,,icia) add2dro6 6eriodG a,ter this date0 changes in registration re@!ire
the a66ro<a) o, the de6art"ent chair and !s!a))* the st!dentCs dean. /)ease see
htt6%22registrar.!texas.ed!2ca)endars2$4s!""er ,or "ore detai)s.
Policy On AA
t!dents :ith disa+i)ities "a* re@!est a66ro6riate acade"ic acco""odations ,ro" the Di<ision o,
Di<ersit* and Co""!nit* Engage"ent0 er<ices ,or t!dents :ith Disa+i)ities0 47$'62590
Accommodations for !eligious "olidays
B* D4 &!stin 6o)ic*0 *o! "!st noti,* "e o, *o!r 6ending a+sence at )east ,o!rteen da*s 6rior to the
date o, o+ser<ance o, a re)igio!s ho)* da*. B, *o! "!st "iss a c)ass0 an exa"ination0 a :or;
assign"ent0 or a 6ro5ect in order to o+ser<e a re)igio!s ho)* da*0 *o! :i)) +e gi<en an o66ort!nit* to
co"6)ete the "issed :or; :ithin a reasona+)e ti"e a,ter the a+sence.
#mergency #$acuation Policy
Fcc!6ants o, +!i)dings on 4he Dni<ersit* o, 4exas at &!stin ca"6!s are re@!ired to e<ac!ate
+!i)dings :hen a ,ire a)ar" is acti<ated. &)ar" acti<ation or anno!nce"ent re@!ires exiting and
asse"+)ing o!tside. Fa"i)iari1e *o!rse), :ith a)) exit doors o, each c)assroo" and +!i)ding *o! "a*
occ!6*. Re"e"+er that the nearest exit door "a* not +e the one *o! !sed :hen entering the
+!i)ding. t!dents re@!iring assistance in e<ac!ation sha)) in,or" their instr!ctor in :riting d!ring
the ,irst :ee; o, c)ass. Bn the e<ent o, an e<ac!ation0 ,o))o: the instr!ction o, ,ac!)t* or c)ass
instr!ctors. Do not re'enter a +!i)ding !n)ess gi<en instr!ctions +* the ,o))o:ing% &!stin Fire
De6art"ent0 4he Dni<ersit* o, 4exas at &!stin /o)ice De6art"ent0 or Fire /re<ention er<ices
Policy on Sc%olastic &isconduct and is%onesty
cho)astic "iscond!ct is +road)* de,ined as Han* act that <io)ates the rights o, another st!dent in
acade"ic :or; or that in<o)<es "isre6resentation o, *o!r o:n :or;.H cho)astic dishonest*
inc)!des0 (+!t is not necessari)* )i"ited to)% cheating on assign"ents or exa"inationsG 6)agiari1ing0
:hich "eans "isre6resenting as *o! o:n :or; an* 6art o, :or; done +* anotherG s!+"itting the
sa"e 6a6er0 or s!+stantia))* si"i)ar 6a6ers0 to "eet the re@!ire"ents o, "ore than one co!rse
:itho!t the a66ro<a) and consent o, a)) instr!ctors concernedG de6ri<ing another st!dent o,
necessar* co!rse "ateria)sG or inter,ering :ith another st!dentIs :or;.
&cade"ic dishonest* in an* 6ortion o, the acade"ic :or; ,or a co!rse :i)) +e gro!nds ,or a:arding
a grade o, F or J ,or the entire co!rse.
efinition of 'rades
& ' achie<e"ent that is o!tstanding re)ati<e to the )e<e) necessar* to "eet co!rse re@!ire"ents.
B ' achie<e"ent that is signi,icant)* a+o<e the )e<e) necessar* to "eet co!rse re@!ire"ents.
C ' achie<e"ent that "eets the co!rse re@!ire"ents in e<er* res6ect.
D ' achie<e"ent that is :orth* o, credit e<en tho!gh it ,ai)s to "eet ,!))* the co!rse re@!ire"ents.
' achie<e"ent that is satis,actor*0 :hich is e@!i<a)ent to a C' or +etter (achie<e"ent re@!ired ,or
an is at the discretion o, the instr!ctor +!t "a* +e no )o:er than e@!i<a)ent to a C'.) ''''
F (or J) ' Re6resents ,ai)!re (or no credit) and signi,ies that the :or; :as either ($) co"6)eted +!t
at a )e<e) o, achie<e"ent that is not :orth* o, credit or (2) :as not co"6)eted and there :as no
agree"ent +et:een the instr!ctor and the st!dent that the st!dent :o!)d +e a:arded an B (see
a)so B).
/age 4 o, $$
4he grading ,or this co!rse is as ,o))o:s
& 9# K $##L
B 8# K 89L
C 7# K 79L
D 6# ' 69L F Be)o: 6#L
(ncomplete 'rades
4he grade o, HBH is not a reg!)ar grade and cannot +e gi<en :itho!t special arrangements under
unusual circumstances+ Bt cannot +e gi<en "ere)* to extend the ti"e a))o:ed to co"6)ete co!rse
re@!ire"ents. B, ,a"i)* or 6ersona) e"ergenc* re@!ires that *o!r attention +e di<erted ,ro" the
co!rse and that "ore ti"e than !s!a) is needed to co"6)ete co!rse :or;0 arrange"ents sho!)d +e
"ade :ith the instr!ctor o, the co!rse +e,ore the @!arter ends and consent o+tained ,or recei<ing
an HBnco"6)eteH or HBH grade. 4hese arrange"ents sho!)d +e "ade as soon as the need ,or an HBH
can +e antici6ated. & :ritten agree"ent sho!)d +e 6re6ared indicating :hen the co!rse
assign"ent :i)) +e co"6)eted. B re@!ire an HBnco"6)eteH grade ,or a co!rse to +e re"o<ed :ithin
t:o :ee;s into the se"ester i""ediate)* ,o))o:ing its recei6t.
!eceipt of Final 'rade
Feed+ac; and grades :i)) +e sent <ia the !ni<ersit*Cs sanctioned <en!es. 9o!r grades :i)) a)so
+eco"e a<ai)a+)e on)ine a,ter the* are 6osted. ,ou are more t"an &elcome to ma'e an
appointment &it" me to discuss your progress- &or'- or e*aluation at any time .
Course Sc"edule
Class 1% .une /0 Introduction & Class O*er*ie&
8hat the co!rse is a+o!t
o Readings
o tr!ct!re
o &ssign"ents M ex6ectations
o Mini'Design 4as;% Creating a =igh choo) C!rric!)!" to attract 8o"en and
Minorities in Co"6!ter cience
(as's for ne1t class
o Read% Ber)iner0 D. C. (2##2). Ed!cationa) Research% 4he =ardest cience o, &)).
Educational Researcher0 31(8)0 $8'2#.
o Read% B!r;hardt0 =.0 M choen,e)d0 &. (2##3). B"6ro<ing ed!cation research%
4o:ards a "ore !se,!)0 "ore in,)!entia) and +etter',!nded enter6rise. Educational
Researcher, 32(9)0 3'$4.
Class #% .une 20 Criti3uing and Impro*ing 4ducational Researc"
4he nat!re o, Ed!cationa) Research
Criticis"s o, Ed!cationa) Research
Exercise% 8hat do :e :ant ed!cationa) research to achie<eN
(as's for ne1t class
/age 5 o, $$
o Read% Bro:n0 &. ($992). Design Ex6eri"ents% 4heoretica) and Methodo)ogica)
Cha))enges in Creating Co"6)ex Bnter<entions in C)assroo" ettings. The Journal
of the Learning Sciences0 2(2)0 $4$'$78.
o Read% Co))ins0 &. ($992). 4o:ard a design science o, ed!cation. Bn E. can)on M 4.
FChea (Eds.)0 New directions in educational technolog (66. $5'22). Je: 9or;%
6ringer'3er)ag. &<ai)a+)e at% htt6%22cct2.edc.org2cctho"e2re6orts2tr$.ht")
o Bnc)!de a s"a)) DBR exa"6)e to read
Class 5% .une 110 Design 41periments
DBRCs =istorica) Roots% Design Ex6eri"ents
Disc!ssion o, Bro:n and Co))ins
(as's for ne1t class
o Read% Co++0 /.0 Con,re*0 -.0 diessa0 &0 Eehrer0 R.0 M cha!+)e0 E. (2##3). Design
Ex6eri"ents in Ed!cationa) Research. Educational Researcher0 32($)0 9'$3.
o Bntro 6a6er' "o<e c)oser to intro% Read% Design'Based Research Co))ecti<e. (2##3).
Design'+ased research% &n e"erging 6aradig" ,or ed!cationa) in@!ir*. Educational
Researcher0 32($)0 5'8.
Class $% .une 150 6rom Design 41periments to Design%7ased Researc"
Conte"6orar* disc!ssions s!rro!nding DBR
(as's for ne1t class
o Mo<e to +eginning :hen disc!ssing science o, ed! and :anting to "a;e d+r "ore
scienti,icN Fr re"o<e Read% ha<e)son0 R. -.0 /hi))i6s0 D. C.0 4o:ne0 E.0 M Fe!er0 M.
-. (2##3). Fn the cience o, Ed!cation Design t!dies. Educational Researcher0
32($)0 25'28.
o Read% Bannan'Rit)and0 B. (2##3). 4he Ro)e o, Design in Research% 4he Bntegrati<e
Eearning Design Fra"e:or;. Educational Researcher0 32($)0 2$'24.
Class 8% .une 1/0 D7R Issues and 4ducational Researc"
Design as cience
Design as Research
(as's for ne1t class
o Read% Co))ins0 &. -ose6h0 D. M Bie)ac1*c0 O. (2##4) Design research% 4heoretica)
and "ethodo)ogica) iss!es. Journal of the Learning Sciences0 13($)0 $5'42.
o Read% -ose6h0 D. (2##4). 4he /ractice o, Design'Based Research% Dnco<ering the
Bnter6)a* Bet:een Design0 Research0 and the Rea)'8or)d Context. Educational
!schologist, 3"(4)0 235'242.
Class /% .une 190 ("eory- :et"odology and Practice
&)igning theor*0 "ethodo)og*0 designing and 6ractice
(as's for ne1t class
o Mo<e c)oser to +eginning K "a*+e :ith rit)andCs ,ra"e:or; t!d*% &)) nine ste6s in
/age 6 o, $$
the >=o: do B get started :ith Design'Based Research? 4!toria) ,ro" the Dni<ersit*
o, Aeorgia at% htt6%226ro5ects.coe.!ga.ed!2d+r2enact#$.ht"
o Read% Dede0 C. (2##4). B, Design'Based Research is the &ns:er0 8hat is the
P!estionN & Co""entar* on Co))ins0 -ose6h0 and Bie)ac1*cG diessa and Co++G
and Fish"an0 Marx0 B)!"entha)0 Ora5ci;0 and o)o:a* in the -E 6ecia) Bss!e on
Design'Based Research. Journal of the Learning Sciences, 13($)0 $#5'$$4.
o /ractitioner Bnter<ie: D;4 Fcto+er 5.
o &dd another criti@!e 6a6er
Fro" this 6oint on:ards0 tea"s o, st!dents :i)) se)ect readings ,or the rest o, the c)ass.
Dr. /etrosino :i)) 6ro<ide a )ist o, artic)es that descri+e DBR inter<entions0 and st!dents
:i)) se)ect :hich one(s) the* :o!)d )i;e to st!d* and disc!ss :ith the rest o, the gro!6.
Class <% .une #0 =IR(;)> C>)SS
Class 9% .une #50 ?Doing@ D7R and its criti3ues
=o: do B >do? DBR
Criti@!es o, DBR
(as's for ne1t class
o Reading assigned +* gro!6 Q$
Class 2% .une #80 D7R ProAect B1
DBR /ro5ect Disc!ssion
Bn'c)ass design2e<a)!ation tas;
(as's for ne1t class0
o Reading assigned +* gro!6 Q2
Class 1% .une #<0 D7R ProAect B#
DBR /ro5ect Disc!ssion
Bn'c)ass design2e<a)!ation tas;
(as's for ne1t class
o 4hree inter<entions D;4 to (ony and to your partner on (7D
CClass 11% .une 50 DO 6)C4%(O%6)C4 C>)SS+
Meet :ith *o!r 6artners to 6resent to the" *o!r three inter<entions0 disc!ss the"0 and
gather ,eed+ac; on ho: to re<ise2i"6ro<e the".
(as's for ne1t &ee'
o Reading assigned +* gro!6 Q3
/age 7 o, $$
Class 1#% .uly #0 D7R ProAect B5
DBR /ro5ect Disc!ssion
Bn'c)ass design2e<a)!ation tas;
(as's for ne1t &ee'0
o Re,ined Bnter<ention D;4 to George on Do* 2+
.uly $0 DO C>)SS HO>ID),
Class 15% .uly <0 D7R ProAect B/ E>)S( D), O6 C>)SSF
DBR /ro5ect Disc!ssion
C)os!re% B"6ro<ing ed!cation thro!gh design'+ased research
Co!rse e<a)!ation
.uly <0 Submit your final proAect by $05 p+m+
)cademic Integrity
Dni<ersit* o, 4exas =onor Code
4he core <a)!es o, 4he Dni<ersit* o, 4exas at &!stin are )earning0 disco<er*0 ,reedo"0 )eadershi60
indi<id!a) o66ort!nit*0 and res6onsi+i)it*. Each "e"+er o, the !ni<ersit* is ex6ected to !6ho)d
these <a)!es thro!gh integrit*0 honest*0 tr!st0 ,airness0 and res6ect to:ard 6eers and co""!nit*.
Each st!dent in this co!rse is ex6ected to a+ide +* the Dni<ersit* o, 4exas =onor Code. Ree the
D4 =onor Code a+o<e.S &n* :or; s!+"itted +* a st!dent in this co!rse ,or acade"ic credit :i)) +e
the st!dentIs o:n :or;.
9o! are enco!raged to st!d* together and to disc!ss in,or"ation and conce6ts co<ered in )ect!re
and the sections :ith other st!dents. 9o! can gi<e Hcons!)tingH he)6 to or recei<e Hcons!)tingH he)6
,ro" s!ch st!dents. =o:e<er0 this 6er"issi+)e coo6eration sho!)d ne<er in<o)<e one st!dent
ha<ing 6ossession o, a co6* o, a)) or 6art o, :or; done +* so"eone e)se0 in the ,or" o, an e'"ai)0
an e'"ai) attach"ent ,i)e0 a dis;ette0 or a hard co6*.
ho!)d co6*ing occ!r0 +oth the st!dent :ho co6ied :or; ,ro" another st!dent and the st!dent :ho
ga<e "ateria) to +e co6ied :i)) +oth a!to"atica))* recei<e a 1ero ,or the assign"ent. /ena)t* ,or
<io)ation o, this Code can a)so +e extended to inc)!de ,ai)!re o, the co!rse and Dni<ersit*
disci6)inar* action.
D!ring exa"inations0 *o! "!st do *o!r o:n :or;. 4a);ing or disc!ssion is not 6er"itted d!ring the
exa"inations0 nor "a* *o! co"6are 6a6ers0 co6* ,ro" others0 or co))a+orate in an* :a*. &n*
co))a+orati<e +eha<ior d!ring the exa"inations :i)) res!)t in ,ai)!re o, the exa"0 and "a* )ead to
,ai)!re o, the co!rse and Dni<ersit* disci6)inar* action.
/age 8 o, $$
Ot"er ;ni*ersity Dotices and Policies
Dse o, E'"ai) ,or F,,icia) Corres6ondence to t!dents
&)) st!dents sho!)d +eco"e ,a"i)iar :ith the Dni<ersit*Is o,,icia) e'"ai) st!dent noti,ication
6o)ic*. Bt is the st!dentIs res6onsi+i)it* to ;ee6 the Dni<ersit* in,or"ed as to changes in his
or her e'"ai) address. t!dents are ex6ected to chec; e'"ai) on a ,re@!ent and reg!)ar
+asis in order to sta* c!rrent :ith Dni<ersit*'re)ated co""!nications0 recogni1ing that
certain co""!nications "a* +e ti"e'critica). Bt is reco""ended that e'"ai) +e chec;ed
dai)*0 +!t at a "ini"!"0 t:ice 6er :ee;. 4he co"6)ete text o, this 6o)ic* and instr!ctions ,or
!6dating *o!r e'"ai) address are a<ai)a+)e at htt6%22:::.!texas.ed!2its2he)62!t"ai)2$564 .
Doc!"ented Disa+i)it* tate"ent
&n* st!dent :ith a doc!"ented disa+i)it* :ho re@!ires acade"ic acco""odations sho!)d contact
er<ices ,or t!dents :ith Disa+i)ities (D) at (5$2) 47$'6259 (<oice) or $'866'329'3986 (<ideo
6hone). Fac!)t* are not re@!ired to 6ro<ide acco""odations :itho!t an o,,icia) acco""odation
)etter ,ro" D. (Jote to Fac!)t*% Detai)s o, a st!dentCs disa+i)it* are con,identia). Fac!)t* sho!)d
not as; @!estions re)ated to a st!dentCs condition or diagnosis :hen recei<ing an o,,icia)
acco""odation )etter.)
/)ease noti,* "e as @!ic;)* as 6ossi+)e i, the "ateria) +eing 6resented in c)ass is not
accessi+)e (e.g.0 instr!ctiona) <ideos need ca6tioning0 co!rse 6ac;ets are not reada+)e ,or
6ro6er a)ternati<e text con<ersion0 etc.).
/)ease noti,* "e as ear)* in the se"ester as 6ossi+)e i, disa+i)it*'re)ated acco""odations
,or ,ie)d tri6s are re@!ired. &d<anced notice :i)) 6er"it the arrange"ent o,
acco""odations on the gi<en da* (e.g.0 trans6ortation0 site accessi+i)it*0 etc.).
Contact er<ices ,or t!dents :ith Disa+i)ities at 47$'6259 (<oice) or $'866'329'3986
(<ideo 6hone) or re,erence DCs :e+site ,or "ore disa+i)it*'re)ated in,or"ation%
Beha<ior Concerns &d<ice Eine (BC&E)
B, *o! are :orried a+o!t so"eone :ho is acting di,,erent)*0 *o! "a* !se the Beha<ior Concerns
&d<ice Eine to disc!ss +* 6hone *o!r concerns a+o!t another indi<id!a)Cs +eha<ior. 4his ser<ice is
6ro<ided thro!gh a 6artnershi6 a"ong the F,,ice o, the Dean o, t!dents0 the Co!nse)ing and
Menta) =ea)th Center (CM=C)0 the E"6)o*ee &ssistance /rogra" (E&/)0 and 4he Dni<ersit* o,
4exas /o)ice De6art"ent (D4/D). Ca)) 5$2'232'5#5# or <isit htt6%22:::.!texas.ed!2sa,et*2+ca).
P dro6 /o)ic*
4he tate o, 4exas has enacted a )a: that )i"its the n!"+er o, co!rse dro6s ,or acade"ic reasons
to six (6). &s stated in enate Bi)) $23$%
>Beginning :ith the ,a)) 2##7 acade"ic ter"0 an instit!tion o, higher ed!cation "a* not
6er"it an !ndergrad!ate st!dent a tota) o, "ore than six dro66ed co!rses0 inc)!ding an* co!rse
a trans,er st!dent has dro66ed at another instit!tion o, higher ed!cation0 !n)ess the st!dent
/age 9 o, $$
sho:s good ca!se ,or dro66ing "ore than that n!"+er.?
E"ergenc* E<ac!ation /o)ic*
Fcc!6ants o, +!i)dings on the D4 &!stin ca"6!s are re@!ired to e<ac!ate and asse"+)e o!tside
:hen a ,ire a)ar" is acti<ated or an anno!nce"ent is "ade. /)ease +e a:are o, the ,o))o:ing
6o)icies regarding e<ac!ation%
Fa"i)iari1e *o!rse), :ith a)) exit doors o, the c)assroo" and the +!i)ding. Re"e"+er
that the nearest exit door "a* not +e the one *o! !sed :hen *o! entered the +!i)ding.
B, *o! re@!ire assistance to e<ac!ate0 in,or" "e in :riting d!ring the ,irst :ee; o, c)ass.
Bn the e<ent o, an e<ac!ation0 ,o))o: "* instr!ctions or those o, c)ass instr!ctors.
Do not re'enter a +!i)ding !n)ess *o!Cre gi<en instr!ctions +* the &!stin Fire De6art"ent0 the D4
&!stin /o)ice De6art"ent0 or the Fire /re<ention er<ices o,,ice.
Student Honor Code
>&s a st!dent o, 4he Dni<ersit* o, 4exas at &!stin0 B sha)) a+ide +* the core <a)!es o, the Dni<ersit*
and !6ho)d acade"ic integrit*.?
;ni*ersity Code of Conduct
>4he core <a)!es o, 4he Dni<ersit* o, 4exas at &!stin are )earning0 disco<er*0 ,reedo"0 )eadershi60
indi<id!a) o66ort!nit*0 and res6onsi+i)it*. Each "e"+er o, the !ni<ersit* is ex6ected to !6ho)d
these <a)!es thro!gh integrit*0 honest*0 tr!st0 ,airness0 and res6ect to:ard 6eers and co""!nit*.?
Selected 7ibliograp"y
&nderson0 4.0 M hatt!c;0 -. (2#$2). Design'+ased research% & decade o, 6rogress in ed!cation
researchN Ed!cationa) Researcher0 4$($)0 $6'25. doi%$#.3$#22##$3$89U$$4288$3
Bara+0 . and @!ire0 O (2##4). Design'Based Research% /!tting a ta;e in the Aro!nd
Bannan'Rit)and0 B. (2##3). 4he ro)e o, design in research% 4he integrati<e )earning design
,ra"e:or;. Ed!cationa) Researcher. 32($) 2$'24.
Bro:n0 &. ($992) Design Ex6eri"ents.
Cron+ach0 E. -. M R. E. no: ($977)% &6tit!des and instr!ctiona) "ethods% a hand+oo; ,or
research on interactions. Je: 9or;% Br<ington.
Bro:n0 &.E. ($992). Design ex6eri"ents% 4heoretica) and "ethodo)ogica) cha))enges in creating
co"6)ex inter<entions in c)assroo" settings. 4he -o!rna) o, the Eearning ciences0 2(2)0
Co))ins0 &. ($99#). 4o:ard a Design cience o, Ed!cation. Je: 9or;0 J9% Center ,or 4echno)og*
in Ed!cation. htt6%22cct2.edc.org2cctho"e2re6orts2tr$.ht")
Co))ins0 &. ($992). 4o:ard a Design cience o, Ed!cation. Bn E. can)on M 4. FIhea (Eds.)0
New directions in educational technolog (66. $5'22). Je: 9or;% 6ringer'3er)ag.
Co++0 /.0 Con,re*0 -. diessa0 &.0 Eehrer0 R. and cha!+)e0 E. (2##3). Design Ex6eri"ents in
Ed!cationa) Research. Ed!cationa) Researcher. 32($) 9'$3.
Design'Based Research Co))ecti<e. (2##3). Design'+ased research% &n e"erging 6aradig" ,or
ed!cationa) in@!ir*. Ed!cationa) Researcher0 32($)0 5'80 35'37.!+s2DBRC2##3.6d,
/age $# o, $$
diessa0 &. (2##6). Designed'Based Research 4heor*2 and /ractice. /resented at the Eondon
Ono:)edge Ea+. 2 Jo<e"+er 2##6. htt6%22:::.);).ac.!;2<ideo2disessa$$")
=oad)e*0 C. (2##2). Creating context% Design'+ased research in creating and !nderstanding
CCE. Bn A. tah) (Ed.)0 Co"6!ter !66ort ,or Co))a+orati<e Eearning 2##2 (66. 453'462).
Mah:ah0 J-% Ea:rence Er)+a!" &ssociates.
=oad)e*0 C. inter<ie:% htt6%226ro5ects.coe.!ga.ed!2d+r2ex6ertinter<"
Oe))*0 &. E. (2##4). Design research in ed!cation% 9es0 +!t is it "ethodo)ogica)N -o!rna) o, the
Eearning ciences0 $3($)0 $$5'$28.
Mor0 9. (2#$#) I& Design &66roach to Research in 4echno)og* Enhanced Mathe"atics
Ed!cationI0 /hD thesis0 Bnstit!te o, Ed!cation0 Dni<ersit* o, Eondon
Ree<es0 4.0 =errington0 -. and F)i<er0 R. (2##5) Design Research% & ocia))* Res6onsi+)e
&66roach to Bnstr!ctiona) 4echno)og* Research in =igher Ed!cation. -o!rna) o, Co"6!ting
in =igher Ed!cation0 $6(2)0 97'$$6.
Ree<es0 4. inter<ie:% htt6%226ro5ects.coe.!ga.ed!2d+r2ex6ertinter<"
ando<a)0 8. inter<ie:% htt6%226ro5ects.coe.!ga.ed!2d+r2ex6ertinter<"
ha<e)son0 R. -. and 4o:ne0 E. (Eds.) (2##2) cienti,ic Research in Ed!cation. Jationa)
&cade"* /ress. 8ashington D.C.
ando<a)0 8. and Be))0 /. (2##4) Design'Based Research Methods ,or t!d*ing Eearning in
Context% Bntrod!ction
ha<e)son0 R. -.0 /hi))i6s0 D. C.0 4o:ne0 E.0 M Fe!er0 M. -. (2##3). Fn the science o, ed!cationa)
design st!dies. Ed!cationa) Researcher0 32($)0 25'28.
6ecia) Bss!e% Ed!cationa) /s*cho)ogist (3o)!"e 390 Bss!e 40 2##4)
/age $$ o, $$