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Social Media Revolution:

Creating Value
for your B2B Business
Ira Kaufman President
Patsy Stewart Director Social Media
Presented at
About the Presenters

Ira Kaufman, President, Ira challenges owners and senior executives to clarify their goals and
translate them into a consistent Brand and Integrated Media Marketing Strategy. He combines 30 years
of rich experiences with businesses and nonprofits to guide them to leverage the power of social media
for marketing, recruitment and organizational development . Ira collaborates with a team of experts to
design interactive environments to create long term business value by integrating traditional advertising,
online marketing, public relations and social media. His strong values and sensitivity to organization
innovation and change are the foundation of his work. Ira has a PhD in Marketing and serves as a
consultant, public speaker, and lecturer for companies and Senior Executive programs .
Patsy Stewart, Director Social Media and Training, Patsy is responsible for designing and
implementing social media strategies as part of an Integrated Media Marketing plan. She specializes in
working with clients to generate conversations that create relationships. Patsy is well known throughout
Virginia as a speaker, trainer and thought leader in Social Media. She manages a recruitment team that
was recognized as one of the top 50 recruiters nationally using Twitter/social media. She is a national
speaker, contributor to business publications and she authored the ebook, "How to Grow Your Digital
Will B2B Companies
Embrace Social Media?
B2C outpaces B2B on social media

B2B Magazine's "2010" outlook 6 of 10
B2B companies will increase social media
Social Media Marketing
Strategic Imperative
1. Provide Roadmap to
navigate the world of
digital media
2. Ask the right questions
3. Develop a mindset that
integrates marketing
efforts instead of seeing
each as a silo
Three Parts
Part 1: Social Media Revolution the Case

Part 2: The Integrated Strategy

Part 3: Social Media Marketing Tactics

Social Media
Marketing is a
Business Reality,
its Beyond the
How are your preparing
to maintain your
competitive position?
Are You Leveraging
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Revolution
What are Your
Leaders Saying?
There will be a huge change over the next
year for American Chemistry Council
and chemical firms in the way we engage
in debates and communicate our
message We will be de-emphasizing TV
and billboards and focus more on
advocacy and social media.
Randy Dearth CEO, LANXESS
E-News Survey
Adhesives and Sealants industry is tracking
social media trends
More than 60% use LinkedIn
Nearly 40% use Facebook
Adhesives and Sealant Industry interest in
social media is growing. Social media presents a
great opportunity for companies to market their
products in new ways.. It is not going away!
ASI Magazine editor, Teresa McPherson

Social Media Emerging Power
80% Adult Internet Users have used Social Media
72% been using Social Media < 90 days
Demographics +10hrs/wk: 30-39yrs (45%), 50-59 yr(39%)
Social Media Industry Report 2009 by Michael Stelzner
Total US minutes devoted to social media surged 210% >2008
80% female Internet users are a fan of a product or brand on
a social network
60% of Ad Agencies support clients with social media
76% small business not found social media useful in
generating business. (Citi Survey)
82% US Executives use social media for brand building, 60%
for networking, 32% for customer service and 25% for
competitive monitoring. www,

Facebook 400+ million active users
Twitter 105+ million users
LinkedIn 65 million users
Social Media Live Update

Clicking this link will show you how
social media has been embraced.
Notice the elapsed time.

Changes in the Marketplace
Customers Mindset

Globalization Interdependence
Control of media; consumer is publisher
Conversations generate exposure, sales
Transparency open source
Collaboration rules
Innovation compressed
People use technologies to get things that
they need from each other, rather from
Old 4Ps Marketing 1.0
Value Creator Customer
Marketing 2.0
Value Builder as
- Company
- Employer
- Partner
Product (WEB2.0 Brand)
Price ($, time, ease)
Promotion (Integrated Marketing)
Job Seeker
Thought Leaders
Participation (Conversations)
Place (online, offline)
Marketing Rules are Changing
It was Its now
Pushing message to client Pulling client to the message
One way message Interactive conversation
Business generated content User generated content
Interrupt client- direct immediate
Engage, build relationship
Attention economy Attraction economy
Hard to measure results Real time metrics
Coveting information Sharing information
Charging for entry block entry Giving free ebooks, product
Social Media Benefits B2B
Anticipate market trends
Identify alliances
Increase touchpoints
Feedback on innovation
Develop company as thought leader
Company chatter- warning of innovation
within/outside your industry

Arizona Chemical
Company position: We have a sustainable
alternative to petro chemicals

Social Media Marketing Approach
Establish Arizona Chemical as Thought Leader
Transfer PR and case studies to blog posts
Increase current one position in top 20 in
Google Search to 3+ positions on first page

Social Media Provides Value
We are tripling social media spending over the
past three years and experiencing "great
returns on this investment. COO

Our head of Social Media is the customer

We achieved cost savings by a 20% reduction
in call center activity as customers go to
community website for answers

Clearly Social Media is a Valued
The Adhesives and Sealants Industry is
a late comer to social media.
Your keys to success are:
Strategy - Integration - ROI
The Choice is Yours !
The Question is not IF your company will adopt
Social media
Competitive Landscape is OPEN;
many opportunities
Will you position your company as a
Innovator/Early Adopter or Laggard?

Pres. Obamas team used Integrated
Media Marketing quite successfully!

Their conclusion >50% of new media
campaigns fail without a strategy!

Integrated Media
Marketing Strategy

Five Steps
BASELINE (Assessment)
WHAT (Branding)
WHO (Strategic Positioning)
HOW (Marketing Mix)
ROI (Evaluation, Metrics)

Lets Start Where You Are !
Are your current marketing efforts
producing results?
What are your metrics in each media
Are you engaging your target markets?
How are you measuring success?
How do you touch your
business ecosystem?
Cytec Industries Touchpoints
Objectives: Promote innovation, partners
Tactics: technical articles; PR; webcasts

Increase Touchpoints using
Blog articles, PR, webcasts
Youtube Channel
Search engine optimization

Develop Value Proposition
Finding your Sweet Spot
Determine Voice (with
authority) and Personality
(logo, tagline)

5000 Coke Mentions/Day
Here is a taste

N = 1,276 posts*
*non-english language posts removed
Source: Analysis of Facebook for Sept 1
Evans Adhesives
New Product Introduction
Low temp, hot melt adhesives

Create value proposition
Generate Brand from feedback from user
base in packaging, outdoor advertising,
beverage, labeling industries
Promote via

Market Intelligence- integrated into
product life cycle
Touchpoint Conversion Analysis
Integrated Media Marketing Strategy

Solutions for Adhesives, Sealants
Source Globally, Sell Nationally. Service
Require Integrated Media Marketing Strategy:
Build Thought Leadership
Blog articles, case Studies

Develop Powerful Call to Action
Choose Tactics
Design Integrated Blueprint

social public

B2B Integrated Media Marketing
Synergize Build on each other

Webstats - Google Analytics
Site activity and analysis
Track results/call to action
Tracking URLS
Benchmark-competition vs
projections vs goals
Sustaining Your Edge
Measurement Monitoring Evaluation

Brand Power
Search positions
Generating Value
Integrated Media Marketing
Best Practices
Review your corporate legal framework
Design a strategy reflecting customer touchpoints
Integrate and synergize your media
Monitor competitions digital footprint
Develop social media employee policy
Design a proactive crisis strategy
Incorporate links as metrics
Evaluate RGV
(Resources Generating Value)

If you think and operate with
new models, you will realize
new results
In 2010 businesses will Integrate Marketing
Strategies to realize a powerful edge
If you dont respond, your competitive
advantage will be vulnerable
You are about to change how your company
relates to its customers

Social media is
a means to generate conversations

Stop thinking campaigns
Start thinking conversations

Translate conversations into Results
What is Social Media?
What is a Digital Footprint
Traces left by someones activity in a
digital environment
Passive Data collected about an
action without any client activation (e.g.,
IP information collected by a web server)
Active Created when personal data is
released deliberately by the user for the
purpose of sharing information about
oneself 20 Aug 2009.
Assess Your Digital Footprint
Google your
company name.

Print out the first
two pages of results
and save them for

Google Search is Getting
More Social

Getting Your Company Ready
Your Social Media Hub
H. B. Fuller
Who are your
B2B Targets ?
New alliances
(current, future)
What are they
engaging with?
Prepare Social Networking Profiles

Avatar or photo
140 characters
100 words
65 million Professionals
Avg income $109k
Avg age 37 - 52
Executives from all Fortune
500 companies are LinkedIn
Entrepreneurs 31%
Executives 18%
Decision Makers 42%
*From Advertising
Why Should You Be On
Acquire new customers
Locate vendors to outsource services
Build your industry network
Find peers in your respective industries
Share unique blog content
Keep an eye on your competition
Become thought leader of your industry

3 Degrees Separation (Kevin Bacon)
How Do I Get Started?
Create Your Profile with keywords
Add connections
Set preferences
Invite friends and colleagues
Join groups with your prospects and
Invite people from your Niche
Ask and answer questions

Should I Be Marketing on
Yes! Facebook is the #1 social destination
Surpassed Google as #1 Trafficked Site

More than 400 million active users
More than 1.5 million local businesses have pages
on Facebook
More than 20 million users become fans of Pages
each day
The Nielsen Company found the average time users
spend using Facebook per month grew nearly 10%,
topping seven hours
What are they looking for?
Getting news or product updates (67%)
Having access to promotions (64%)
Viewing or downloading videos/music (41%)
Submitting opinions (36%)
Connecting with other consumers (33%)

If your business has prospects on Facebook and
they would find any of the above interesting, you
should build a business fan page.

SOURCE: Pace University study, 12/08
Facebook Examples
What is Twitter?
Twitter is a free social networking and
micro-blogging service that enables its
users to send and read messages known
as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts
of up to 140 characters displayed on the
author's profile page and delivered to the
author's subscribers who are known as
followers. From Wikipedia

Twitter has 105,779,710 registered users. New
users are signing up at the rate of 300,000 per
180 million unique visitors come to the site every
75% of Twitter traffic comes from outside (i.e. via third party applications.)
Twitter gets a total of 3 billion requests a day via
its API.
Twitter's search engine receives around 600
million search queries per day.

Look and Listen
Monitor twitter for a few days
Add your first few tweets
Dont sell
Engage in conversations
Download twitter desk client (Seesmic,
Tweetdeck, Twirl)

Twitter Works
Social Video
Use video for blogs and
websites, facebook, twitter
Create a YouTube channel
Syndicate Your Videos
Use videos for events,
special services, customer
service, how-to
Video is Simple & Engaging
One of the most powerful ways to
reach mass audiences and
engage them online is with video.
Social Media Can Increase
Your Customer Touchpoints