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Hindu Hardliner Modis Victory

Plunges South Asia into an era of darkness

By Latheef Farook-May 20 near Colombo, Sri Lanka
he s!ee"ing #i$tory of %arendra Modi, &indu
nationalist Bharata 'anata Party, B'P, "rime ministerial $andidate, res"onsible for the killings of
thousands Muslims in (u)arat in 2002, is a #i$tory for &indu ultra nationalist *ashtriya
S!ayamse#ak Sangh-*SS-and $or"orate $onglomerates and not for the Muslims+
he *SS !orked tirelessly, sin$e its establishment almost ,0 years ago, to $ome to "o!er+ his
dream !as fulfilled this !eek !ith the #i$tory of its front man %arendra Modi as Prime
hus the ele$tion of Modi, des"ised and ostra$i-ed by the !orld in$luding .nited States and
.nited /ingdom !here he !as
refused an entry for his role in the geno$ide of (u)arati Muslims, sho!ed that the largest
demo$ra$y in the !orld has $hosen militant &indu fundamentalism+
he Congress led go#ernment0 a$$used of !ides"read $orru"tion, in$om"eten$e, failure to
sol#e unem"loyment, $ost of li#ing, e$onomi$ de#elo"ment and other su$h burning issues !as
led by an ine1"erien$ed leader, *ahul (andhi+ 2n the other hand Modi, !ho !as fully ba$ked
by #ery !ell organi-ed grass root militant organi-ation *SS, the mainstream media and
$or"orate, "romised moon and stars to usher in an era of "ros"erity !here milk and honey
!ould flo!+
.nder the guise of good go#ernan$e Modi and the &indu ultra nationalist for$es managed to
market their $ommunal agenda #ery su$$essfully by selling dreams to "eo"le+
he B'P also s"ent billions, a$$ording to some $ommentators in the %34, around *s 50,000
$rores, in their ele$tion $am"aign+ 6ndian $or"orate and their mainly Brahmin $ontrolled
mainstream media marketed Modi as the 7only "ana$ea8 for 6ndia9s e$onomi$ ills+
he media began "ro)e$ting him as if he had already !on the ele$tion e#en before the ele$tion
!as held+ hroughout the ele$tion $am"aign the 6ndian media failed to highlight Modi9s dark
"ast and ho! he used state ma$hineries to $ommit geno$ide on (u)arati Muslims in February
hus bet!een the $ongress and the B'P, #oters de$ided to go for Modi "a#ing the !ay for the
$eremonial burial of de$e"ti#e se$ularism+ 6n doing so "eo"le dismissed Modi9s $rime re$ords
demonstrating 6ndia9s des$end to!ards &indut#a e1tremism !hi$h has been tearing a"art this
an$ient $ountry sin$e 6ndia9s inde"enden$e in 5,:;+
*SS training $am"+
2n the day of his ele$tion as "rime ministerial $andidate !as announ$ed, his B'P $olleagues in
.ttar Pradesh !ere busy killing s$ores of Muslims in Mu-affaranagar and dis"la$ing more than
50,000 Muslims to grab Muslim o!ned "rime lands+
3es"ite all talks of good go#ernan$e Modi9s intense hatred to!ards Muslims remains
un$hanged as demonstrated by his refusal to field a single Muslim $andidate in the entire
(u)arat des"ite the "resen$e of si-able Muslim "o"ulation there+ his ha""ened in other states
6n any $i#ili-ed so$iety a "erson of Modi9s ba$kground !ould ha#e been $ondemnd, ostra$i-ed
and isolated+ &o!e#er, it has not ha""ened in 6ndia !here killing Muslims is a <ualifi$ation to
flourish in "oliti$s as B'P leaders like L+/+ Ad#ani, Modi and others "ro#ed+ Modi has be$ome
a $elebrated hero to be ele$ted as "rime minister and that too !ith a s!ee"ing ma)ority+
2nly "arallel is 6srael !here notorious mass murderers su$h as Mena$hem Begin, Ariel Sharon
and =it-hak Shamir !ere ele$ted as "rime ministers and the so $alled $ham"ions of human
rights in the .S and >uro"e e#en a!arded Mena$hem Begin $o#eted %obel Pri-e+ he *SS
and its de$e"ti#e fronts in$luding B'P en)oy #ery $ordial relations !ith 6srael+ here !ere e#en
6ndian go#ernment re"orts dis$losing that 6srael transferred through >uro"e more than *s ?000
$rore to ultra nationalist &indu organi-ations to in$ite anti Muslim riots+
6n fa$t $ommon hatred to!ards Muslims brought 6srael and &indu e1tremists together+6t is also
$ommon kno!ledge that 6srael $onsiders Modi as their best 6ndian friend+
Follo!ing his #i$tory Modi #isited B'P head<uarters in %e! 3elhi on 5; Friday 205: !here he
!as seated ne1t to B'P leader L+/+Ad#ani+ @ho is Ad#aniA Ad#ani led a rath yathra, !hi""ed
u" anti Muslim hysteria and triggered anti Muslim riots during !hi$h thousands of inno$ent
Muslims !ere killed, their "ro"erties burnt besides the usual sadism of ra"ing Muslim
!omen+ 6n its !ake Ad#ani led the mob !hi$h demolished more than :00 year old Babri
Mas)id in Ayodya+
Later in the e#ening Modi #isited sa$red &indu $ity of 4aranasi for (anga Aarthi at 4aranasi
(hats+ 6n the stage seated ne1t to Modi !as Amith Shah+ @ho is this Amith ShahA
Amith Shah, general se$retary of the B'P !as Minister of State for &ome Affairs in the
(u)arat under Chief Minister Modi , but had to resign in 2050 after he !as arrested on $harges
of ha#ing ordered a series ofen$ounter killings by the State Poli$e+
Shah s"ent o#er three months in Sabarmati 'ail in Ahmedabad in $onne$tion !ith the
Sohrabuddin $ase+ Sohrabuddin Sheikh and his !ife /auser Bi !ere abdu$ted by (u)arat9s
Anti-errorism S<uad from &yderabad and killed in a fake en$ounter near (andhinagar in
%o#ember 200B+ his #ery same Amith Shah, $urrently out on bail in the $ase, is the most
trusted ad#iser of Modi+
2n 5? Sunday 205: Modi met *SS leaders and B'P leader Ad#ani+ 2n the same day, dis$losing
the *SS gri" on Modi, dis$ussions !ere under!ay in the %34 on8 ho! mu$h "o!er should
be gi#en by *SS to Modi and !hat $ontrol the *SS should ha#e on him8+
&is #i$tory $elebrations in %e! 3elhi and other "la$es !ere "urely saffron sho!s !here
se$ular &indus and minorities es"e$ially Muslims !ere $om"letely ke"t out+
An *SS !oman9s training $am"
Commenting on this, an AFP re"ort stated that0 millions of 6ndian Muslims fear that &indu
nationalist Modi9s landslide ele$tion !ill fuel religious dis$rimination, intoleran$e and e#en
bring bloodshed, but some are "re"ared to gi#e him a $han$e+
&o!e#er, B'P leader .ma Bharati !ho $laimed that *SS ideology runs in her bloodstream said
that 7Muslims need not fear under Modi8+
@ho is .ma BhartiA .ma Bharti rose to national "rominen$e !hen she be$ame one of the
ma)or fa$es of the*am)anmabhoomi mo#ement alongside L+ /+ Ad#ani and others+ &er fiery
s"ee$hes hel"ed the mo#ement a$hie#e the momentum that it did+ 6n 3e$ember 5,,2 she !as
one of se#eral "rominent Sangh Pari#ar figures "resent at a rally in Ayodhya that de#elo"ed
into a riot that $ulminated in the demolition of the Babri Mas)id+ Bharti !as indi$ted for
in$iting a mob to #iolen$e by the Liberhan Commission that "robed the in$ident+
hese are the great leaders and this is the state of affairs in the 6ndian "oliti$s+
Commenting on Modi9s #i$tory Sri Lanka9s #eteran leftist "oliti$ian Minister 4asude#a
%anayakkara said 7the $olossal #i$tory of B'P led by Modi heralds the da!n of #ery dark era
for South Asia8+
Modi began his "oliti$al $areer as a member of *SS, a shado!y all-male organi-ation dra!ing
ins"iration from &itler and Mussolini that trains militia-like grou"s of men and indo$trinates
them into ideologies of ra$ial $leansing+ he ideology of ra$ial $leansing in$ludes moral
san$tion for the ra"e, im"regnation and murder of non-&indu !omen, and the "re#ention of the
biologi$al re"rodu$tion of the other ra$e+
he *SS killed father of the nation Mahatma (andhi and !as res"onsible for around :?,000
anti Muslim atta$ks sin$e inde"enden$e in 5,:; destroying Muslim lo$alities besides
indis$riminately killing Muslims+
4+3+ Sa#arkar, founder-hero of *SS, derides &indu kings for not ra"ing Muslim !omen in
$on<uered areas+ &indut#a leaders build u" hatred and fear of Muslim "o"ulation gro!th,
!ith the Muslim !oman "ortrayed as re"rodu$er of the ra$e+ his is e#ident in Modi9s
infamous $omment on the (u)arat relief $am"sC D*elief $am"s are a$tually $hild-making
fa$tories+ hose !ho kee" on multi"lying the "o"ulation should be taught a lesson+9 Ehe
&indu, 50 Se"tember 2002F+ 6t is a mistake, therefore, to think that #iolen$e against !omen is
s"ontaneous+ 6t !as "lanned, organi-ed and ensured through ideologi$al indo$trination+
he *SS !as banned during British rule and then thri$e by the "ost-inde"enden$e 6ndian
go#ernment G first in 5,:? !hen %athuram (odse, a former *SS member,
assassinated Mahatma (andhi0 then during the emergen$y E5,;BH;?F0 and after the demolition
of Babri Mas)id in 5,,2+ he bans !ere subse<uently lifted+
%umerous re"orts !ere "re"ared by se#eral inde"endent organi-ations on (odhra geno$ide
"ro#iding #i#id details of the atro$ities $ommitted by Modi and his gangsters+ 2ne su$h re"ort
!as "re"ared by @omen9sorgani-ations in 6ndia to seek gender )usti$e+ he re"ort "ublished in
the !ebsite /ra$ti#ist+org stated as follo!s0
3es"ite the gra"hi$ nature of the <uotes and instan$es $ited in a $ombined re"ort, there is
nothing !orse than the fa$t that Modi and others res"onsible for these a$ts are still not brought
to )usti$e for the $rimes against humanity+ 6t must be remembered that Modi san$tioned,
fuelled, and later, )ustified the "ogrom as a D$hain of a$tion and rea$tion+9
he ra"e of Muslim !omen !as a !ea"on to humiliate and to femini-e Muslim men, !ho
!ere des$ribed as not Dreal men+9
6n many instan$es, ra"e !as e1"li$itly $ited as a means to im"regnate Muslim !omen, and to
$reate a ne! generation of &indus from Muslims+ *a"e !as an a$t $arried out as "art of the
*SS ideology of ethni$ elimination of Muslims as a grou"+
As head of the state, Modi is $ul"able for the immunity en)oyed by the "oli$e in "er"etuating
#iolen$e against !omen+ Many !itnesses from Baroda said, the "oli$e hit the stoma$hs of
"regnant Muslim !omen, shouting, 7/ill them before they are born+8 6n S%9s a$$ount from
Baroda, the 3istri$t Poli$e Commissioner, entered a house, beat u" small girls and hit !omen
on the breasts and "ri#ate "arts+
Pregnant !omen !ere s"e$ially targeted as "oli$emen, like the &indu mobs, said Muslim
$hildren should not be born+ 6n other $ases, the "oli$e sim"ly !at$hed the #iolen$e, and
a$$ording to a la!yer from Anand, refused to re$ord $om"laints+
ea$hing to kill !omen-"erha"s Muslim !omenA
Prior to and follo!ing the 2002 "ogrom, the &indut#a grou"s had been targeting &indu
!omen, !ho had married or had any relationshi"s !ith Muslim men+ A &indu !oman married
to a Muslim man in Anand 3istri$t, re"orted that she !as "ubli$ly gang-ra"ed by men !ho said
she !ould be killed if she filed a "oli$e $om"laint+ 3ragged out of her home by a mob of 200-
2B0 "eo"le, she !as $arried to a dum", held do!n, stri""ed and ra"ed by nine men, !hile the
mob !as saying, 7Cut her to "ie$es, don9t lea#e her ali#e, !e don9t !ant her ali#e in the
(u)arat9s former Child @elfare Minister Mayaben /odnani MLA, !as senten$ed to 2? yrs in
)ail for aiding and abetting the mob+ She su""lied s!ords to mob and su"er#ised #aginal
mutilation of Muslim girls and !omen alike+
A s"e$ial $ourt des$ribed the (odhra riots as 7a bla$k $ha"ter in the history of 6ndian
Constitution8+ Additional Prin$i"al 'udge 'yotsna =agnik dubbed $ommunal riots as 7a $an$er
on $onstitutional se$ularism8
his #ery same Modi is "rime minister ele$t of 6ndia !ith a s!ee"ing ma)orityA