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The ITC, the Independent Television Commission, regulates commercial television in the UK.
They make rules for everything: the content of programmes and advertising, the appropriate
time to transmit certain materials, the technical quality of transmissions, etc. If broadcasters
dont follow ITC rules, they are penalised. The Independent Television Commission also
investigates complaints from the audience and publishes the results regularly. Here are some
Three viewers complained about an advertisement for a famous fried chicken restaurant. They
said it gave the impression that you received more than three pieces of chicken when you
ordered chicken strips and that the container with sauce in the advert was larger than the one
they sold in the restaurant.
The ITC decided that the visual content of the advert clearly gave the wrong impression. As a
result, the advertiser had to change the image of the sauce container and add a title saying 3
for 2.15 pounds.
Another programme showed people taking extraordinary risks. Once one of them ate six
glasses in front of the camera. Six TV viewers complained that children at home might do the
same thing.
The ITC considered that the act was clearly presented as something very dangerous and not as
something that children should do themselves. Consequently, the ITC decided that there was
nothing illegal about the programme.
1. The ITC decides the appropriate time to show some programmes.
2. The ITC keeps its decisions secret.
3. The TV advert for the chicken strips showed more food than you actually got in the
4. The advertiser for the chicken restaurant had to change some things in the TV advert.
5. The ITC penalised the broadcasters of the last programme mentioned in the passage.

6. __________to the cinema last Saturday?
A) Have you gone B) Did you go C) Went you
7. Both of them are good secondary schools, but this one is _______ than the other.
A) nearer B) more nearer C) more nearly
8. Liz __________some tea when her son came back home.
A) was having B) has had C) has
9. Youve never been to a Chinese restaurant, _______?
A) have you B) dont you C) arent you
10. You are never _________ to learn.
A) enough old B) older enough C) too old
11.You have done your homework _______ than yesterday.
A) more bad B) worst C) worse
12. Your sister would have more friends if she ________ out every day.
A) would go B) went C) will go
13. The play will start _______ .
A) at half an hour B) at half hour C) in half an hour
14. My house _________ in 1945.
A) was building B) was built C) built
15. Do you give and get presents _________ Christmas Day?
A) on B) in C) at
16. If Liz ___________ busy now, well come back later.
A) will be B) is C) would be
17. My father is very __________ with the choice I made.
A) pleasing B) pleasant C) pleased
18. Its the twins birthday tomorrow. What _________ them?
A) will buy B) do we buy C) shall we buy
19. I _________ breakfast in the morning because Im always late.
A) havent B) dont have C) have never got
20. She is interested in _________ foreign languages.
A) to learn B) learning C) learn
21. _________ fast you drive!
A) How B) What C) What a
22. We dont have enough money, _________ we cant go skiing next month.
A) so B) but C) as
23. A greengrocers is a place ________ you can buy fruit and vegetables.
A) where B) which C) that
24. People __________ work nights should be paid more.
A) what B) who C) which
25. Which word has a different vowel sound?
A) work B) third C) horse
26. Which word has the same consonant sound as the?
A) thanks B) than C) thought
27. Which word has the same stressed syllable as doctor?
A) famous B) Japan C) believe
28. Which word is pronounced the same way as hear?
A) her B) here C) hair
29. - Could you tell me where the cinema is?
-Walk _______ the station and youll see it.
A) as soon as B) as far as C) as quick as
30. A _________ is somebody who represents people with legal problems.
A) plumber B) lawyer C) sailor
31. If you hate meat, you dont eat _______.
A) beef B) grapes C) cabbage
32. Which of the following are not usually worn by a man?
A) tights B) socks C) slippers
33. When I got to work, I _________ my coat and hung it up behind the door.
A) put on B) tried on C) took off
34. My brothers son is my ________.
A) nephew B) niece C) cousin
35. Which of the following is usually found in the kitchen?
A) armchair B) sink C) wardrobe