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DAY 1 Married to a Workaholic

DAY 2 We’re “just friends”

DAY 3 Pandhandling a Profession
DAY 4 Working Mom vs. Stay-at-
home Mom
DAY 5 Money and Friends
DAY 6 To be a Success
DAY 7 Being young vs. Being old
DAY 8 You, The Media and Violence
DAY 9 Traditions in the Modern age
DAY 10 The Meaning of Society
DAY 11 Rich world, Poor world
DAY 12 I’m a Believer
DAY 13 The Government
DAY 14 Media and Honesty
DAY 15 Marriage and Divorce
DAY 16 Brother – Sister relationship
DAY 17 Becoming a sworn virgin
DAY 18 I love trees
DAY 19 My husband is a Mama’s boy
DAY 20 Forced into a marriage of