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I have compiled this document from the thoughts and ideas
scattered all over the Internet. Document is free of any copyrights
and can be disseminated without prior permission, provided the
integrity of the writing is not altered.
I have used some images in this document and I have no
knowledge about their copyright. If someone finds that I have
violated any copyright please inform me. Having said that I
would request to the possible holder of any such copyright that
kindly allow me to use the stuff because this booklet is not for
commercial purpose and is being presented price-free for the
benefit of those who are searching hard to enlighten their minds
with a greater Truth.

Ladla Sarkar
April, 2014.

The physical sciences have come a long way in the past decades
and technological progress has been astounding. New
technologies have provided much-improved material standards
and financial security in many parts of the world. However,
calamities such as global warming, environmental pollution,
terrorism, armed conflict and the exploitation and suppression of
millions of people constitute such severe problems that if they are
not corrected soon, our civilization and our planet are headed
toward catastrophe.
On the psychological and social level, humanity's greed and
selfishness have led to huge economic differences between
countries and between the inhabitants of any given country. The
gap between rich and poor becomes wider and wider. Some
people are incredibly rich, while millions, for example in Africa,
starve to death or live an absolutely minimal existence.
The ego is to be held responsible for most of these calamities. The
basic ego patterns, we recall, are resistance, control, power, greed,
defense and attack. These are the qualities of the present state of
the human mind, which will eventually lead us all to disaster
unless a radical change of consciousness takes place.
Vclav Havel, former president of Czechoslovakia, had already
warned the world in 1990, when addressing the US Congress:
"Without a global revolution in the sphere of human
consciousness, nothing will change for the better in the sphere of
our being as humans, and the catastrophe toward which this
world is headed - be it ecological, social, demographic or a
general breakdown of civilization - will be unavoidable."
The biggest obstacle facing the emergence of a new consciousness
and a new world is the human ego, with its destructive feelings
and insatiable greed.
It is unfortunate that modern civilization gives its full support to
many human egoistic activities, more or less accepting the motto
'Every man for himself.' I believe that this attitude is founded on
the belief system that life is basically meaningless, without
purpose, and that you have to try to get the most out of it for
yourself, even at the cost of others. This, of course, is not true. Life
is not accidental, and we must realize that everybody on this
planet is united and has a common destiny.
Fortunately, I believe that many people are beginning to see the
dire consequences of the ego's many selfish activities. On the
financial-political level we have a world financial and economic
crisis threatening our present materialistic lifestyle. The Earth is
beginning to choke on its own garbage, creating global pollution,
and excess energy expenditure is creating global warming and
climate problems.
How can spiritual science deal with the puzzle of God and the
problem of creation? Recently an interesting book was published:
The God Theory by astrophysicist Bernard Haisch. Haisch argues
that there is an eternal all-encompassing omnipresent
Consciousness that is God, to whom we are all connected via our
individual consciousness. God's Consciousness is based on all
living beings in the universe, thus we are all (plants, animals and
humans) carriers of it and our experiences are also God's
experiences. 'The point of a created universe is to experience it.
Haisch, also believes that Consciousness is primary to the
physical world: 'It is my contention, and the crux of the God
Theory, that ideas created by a spiritual Consciousness are the
cause and basis of the physical world.' This is another way of
saying that the universe is the body of God. According to Haisch,
there is nothing in modern science that contradicts the 'God
Theory'. The only difference between the God Theory and
modern science is that Consciousness pre exists.
The basic problem modern science has in understanding creation
is the deep-rooted belief that something can evolve out of
nothing. Haisch: 'Creation of something out of nothing is
impossible and God is all there is.' But is it possible to say
anything about how the universe was created - how it all started?
According to Haisch, originally the unmanifest God existed as an
all-pervading Consciousness. But in order to know (experience)
himself He had to split himself up into a part that saw and
another part that was seen. At this point, the One became the
many and they were all manifestations of God's Consciousness.

Methods for a Scientific Study of Consciousness:
Neuroscience (How consciousness relates to the brain)
Cognitive Science (Computer Models and Artificial
Philosophy (The easy and the hard problems)
Physics (Quantum theory)
Most neuro scientists support Reductive Materialism which holds
that consciousness is an Epiphenomenon of brain processes. The
theory asserts that at a sufficiently high level of brain
organization, consciousness emerges. This so called Emergence
Theory has its own flaws.
Cognitive Science is a relatively new and very popular
discipline closely associated with computer science. Cognitive
scientists work with computer models, robots, Artificial
Intelligence, voice recognition and Neural Networks to mention a
few areas.
Is it possible to construct a robot/computer with a consciousness?
This is a hot issue among cognitive scientists who firmly believe
that one day they will be able to construct a robot simulating a
human being so closely that you may be fooled (This is also called
the 'Turing Test'). This may be so, but is it possible to construct a
robot with feelings? A happy robot or a sad robot? This is hardly

The 'Easy' and the 'Hard' Problem of Consciousness
The philosophers discuss the 'easy problem' and the 'hard
problem' of brain and consciousness. A great number of brain
functions such as perception, language, learning and memory can
all be explained in terms of natural brain science. However, the so
called 'hard problem' of consciousness proposed by Australian
philosopher David Chalmers goes like this:
"How can we explain that a physical system, no matter how
complex and well organized it is, can cause an experience
(qualia)? Why do these (brain) processes not go on 'in the dark'
without any subjective quality? This is the phenomenon which
makes consciousness a real mystery."

The Quantum Theory of Consciousness
Quantum mechanics (or quantum theory) is a physical science
dealing with the behaviour of matter and waves on the scale of
atoms and subatomic particles. Below are some of the basic
principles of quantum theory:

Sir Roger Penrose's theory
A hot theory of quantum mechanics and consciousness was
proposed by the British physicist/ mathematician Sir Roger
Penrose in his bestseller book 'The Emperor's New Mind'
from1989. Penrose does not believe that computers/ robots will
ever get a consciousness similar to humans. Man made computers
will never have feelings and never be able to be creative. The
below figure shows some of Penrose's assumptions and

Quantum mechanics is based on statistical predictions
At a deep level in the physical body's microcosmos, matter exists
as a mixture of particles and waves. A wave packet sometimes
behaves as a particle and sometimes as a wave depending on the
observer and/or the measurement. There is always an
uncertainty associated with these quanta. The reactions of matter
are always predictable, since they are determined by physical
laws. However, the behaviour of a single atom is highly
Practically applied quantum physics is mostly about prediction of
the behaviour of matter under certain conditions. Here quantum
physics has proved very useful and effective. A little lump of
matter consists of millions of atoms, and that is why the
researchers can predict the behaviour of matter. However, if they
look at the individual atoms and electrons, uncertainty arises.
Now it is impossible to predict the behaviour of a single atom - it
seems to depend on the researcher's intention and method of
measurement. Thus the predictions of quantum mechanics are
statistical predictions which can only be made on large numbers
of objects (millions of molecules or atoms).

Quantum mechanics and the etheric body:
The Indian mystic Osho said, when the quantum physicists, with
their new methods, went from the world of matter to the
subatomic world, they went - without knowing it - from the
physical to the etheric plane. According to Osho, if you go deep in
the physical body to the microcosmic level there is a more subtle
electrical body called the etheric body. The etheric body is sort of
a blue print of the physical body. In the etheric body, also called
the emotional body, feelings, sensations and thoughts exist as
waves while they exist as particles in the physical body. At a
certain level of attention, the waves and wave packets at the
etheric level collapse into particles at the physical level. This is of
course a quantum mechanical process.
During fear, the etheric body shrinks and during love it expands.
All our energy and vitality comes from the etheric body. If it is
always contracted, as is the case in many stressed people, you cut
yourself off from your source and from life, and sickness and
death will ensue.

The physical world is real only at a certain level of
When we look at the causal world, it is rigidly bound by cause
and effect. But when we reach a higher dimension of
consciousness we find that the rigid walls of matter melt. Space
and time lose their rigidity, and there is a mingling of the past,
the present, and the future. Looking at the whole thing from this
point of view, what we think about the universe - the laws, the
effect and cause - is a product of our own consciousness. In our
dimension of consciousness, the world is not illusory. It is real.
But in the next higher state of consciousness it loses its solidity.

Triune Brain
US brain researcher Paul MacLean has developed a captivating
model of brain structure and evolution which he calls the Triune

The Triune Brain


We actually have three brains, one on top of the other, each
corresponding to a separate major evolutionary step. The oldest
brain, the reptilian brain, which we share with fish and reptiles, is
comprised of the spinal cord, the brainstem and the midbrain,
including the hypothalamus. This is the location of the neural
mechanisms involved in basic needs associated with reproduction
and self preservation: heart regulation, blood circulation,
respiration, food intake, sexual and rage behaviors.
A much later structure in brain development is the limbic system,
which we share with mammals. This is comprised of the
amygdala, the hippocampus and the septum. It is involved in
complex emotions and memory functions and is the primary seat
of feelings.
Finally, surmounting the rest of the brain, there is the neo-cortex,
which is clearly the most recent evolutionary brain structure. It
has been estimated that it consists of some 100 billion neurons
(brain cells). However, a Danish professor, Bente Pakkenberg, has
calculated the number to be around 20 billion, with men having
around 4 billion more than women. With the growth of this
massive neo cortex, a variety of cognitive functions developed,
providing us with the ability to think, analyse and plan for the
According to psychologist Arthur Janov, these three
interconnected brains - brainstem, limbic system and neo-cortex -
are the seats of what he calls the 'survival mind', the 'feeling
mind' and the 'thinking mind' respectively. Thus, we have three
different levels of consciousness based on specific brain structures
that evolved over eons of time.

Brain Waves
The brain and its billions of cells operate on electricity. The brain
is electrically active day and night throughout life. When large
groups of neurons in the brain are coordinated or coherent
(working in synchrony), small electrical potentials build up to
form so-called brain waves. The electrical signals can be
measured by electrodes placed on the scalp using conductive
After amplification, they are fed to a computer and displayed on
the screen. This method of brainwave measurement is called
electroencephalography (EEG).
The more neurons that are working in synchrony, the higher the
voltage or amplitude of the electrical oscillations measured in
microvolts. The faster the neurons work together, the higher the
frequency of the oscillations measured as cycles per second or
Hertz. These two parameters, amplitude and frequency, are the
primary characteristics of brain waves.
Brain waves may be divided into five different categories
according to their frequency:
The slowest waves, called delta waves, are dominant during
coma and deep sleep.
The next slowest, theta waves, are associated with drives,
emotions, trance states and dreaming.
In the middle of the frequency band are the alpha waves.
They are the prime indicators of conscious attention and
represent a sort of gate between the outer and inner world
and between the conscious and the unconscious.
Beta waves are fast waves indicating an aroused, mentally
active and concentrated state.
Finally, we have the fastest waves, called gamma waves.
They reflect intense focus and alertness. As we shall see later,
they are also found in some higher states of consciousness.
Both delta and theta waves reflect unconscious states, whereas
alpha, beta and gamma waves indicate conscious states.

Five Types of Brain Waves

Brain Waves, Frequencies and Functions

A basic principle of the EEG is that the more active or aroused the
brain, the higher the brainwave frequency. On the other hand,
during states of drowsiness and sleep, slow brain waves prevail.
Also, the EEG frequency reflects the direction of attention. When
attention is directed towards the inner, mental world, slow theta
and alpha wave frequencies prevail, and when attention is
focused on the outer world, fast frequencies in the beta and
gamma range tend to dominate.

Brainwave Frequencies and Levels of Consciousness
Brainwave frequency reflects levels of consciousness associated
with different brain structures and brain functions. While the
older, deep structures of the brain are associated with slow brain
waves (delta and theta), the more recent structures on top of the
brain (neo-cortex) are associated with faster brainwave
frequencies (alpha, beta and gamma). As a general rule, the
brainwave frequency reflects the maturity of the brain structure.
The faster the frequency, the more mature (and the more active)
the brain.
Brain Structure and Levels of Consciousness Reflected by
Brainwave Frequency:


In a newborn baby, only the reptilian part of the brain is fully
developed, providing the baby with the basic physiological
functions necessary for survival. At this age, slow delta waves are
the most characteristic rhythms of the brain. These reflect the
survival and reproductive functions of the deep brain structures
and are the signatures of instinct and survival.
The limbic system matures in the young child, and up to the age
of six, slow theta waves predominate.
They are indicative of limbic system functioning and their
appearance in the EEG is closely associated with emotional
activity. Thus theta waves reflect activity at the brain's emotional
(limbic) level and are the signature of feelings.
As the neo-cortex matures in the child, the theta rhythms are
gradually replaced by the faster alpha and beta waves, reflecting
the development of the neo-cortex and the 'thinking mind'. By the
age of six or seven, most children have well-established alpha
rhythms, at least in the rear part of the brain.
Since the frontal lobes mature later than the rest of the neo-cortex,
theta waves often prevail in the frontal regions until the age of 12
to 14, at which time the slightly faster alpha waves become
dominant. This frequency increase in the frontal lobes correlates
with the child's ability to cope with and control emotions.

Brainwave Frequencies Reflect Brain Functions and Levels of
There are three basic levels of consciousness, each associated with
its own specific brain structure:
Deep sleep, dream sleep and the waking state. Sleep and dream
sleep are unconscious states, and are the most basic altered states
of consciousness we know.
It is interesting to see what happens in the brain when we go to
sleep at night. If we have been watching TV, it will probably have
stimulated our brain to generate fast beta waves. When going to
bed afterwards, we lie down, close our eyes and relax. In that
state of awake mental relaxation, our brain will normally produce
alpha waves, the signature of the brain's idle state. Next, we
become drowsy and lose contact with the environment. Now the
alpha waves drop down and theta waves tend to appear. In this
state (the hypnagogic state), unconscious or subconscious
material is likely to surface in the form of mental imagery,
fantasies and dreamlike pictures. In my own research I have
found that the more emotional conflicts a person has, the more
theta waves appear in this state. Then eventually we fall into deep
sleep, where the brain produces slow delta waves. This is a state
of deep unconsciousness.
During the process of falling asleep it looks as though the brain
descends through the different stages of evolution. At first the
neo-cortex (human brain) falls asleep and the alpha activity
disappears. Next, the limbic system (mammalian brain) falls
asleep and the brainwave activity becomes even slower. Finally,
only the delta waves of the deep brain structures (the reptilian
brain) are active, supporting the vital functions of the body. Thus
during the night we regress down through the levels of
consciousness and experience their associated realities. This
seems to be a necessary restorative and healing process for the
body and the mind.
We experience the same process in reverse when waking up.
From deep sleep, the limbic system wakes up and we start
dreaming. This is of course an unconscious state. Nevertheless it
will cause an activation of the EEG (especially in the right
hemisphere), which may look as if we are awake.
During the dream state, theta waves often prevail, reflecting
emotional activity in the limbic system of the mammalian brain.
Eventually the whole neo-cortex will wake up and start
producing alpha or beta waves.
It seems very likely that if we ignore our emotional problems
while awake, they will haunt us in our dreams. Such problems
are usually associated with the limbic system, which is active
during dreaming. In the dream state the neo-cortex seems to be
more or less asleep and therefore cannot repress emotions, which
may then appear in our dreams. The moral is that the more you
deny your emotional problems, the more likely they are to
emerge in your dreams and disturb your sleep.

Meditation and Brain Waves
Fifty years ago Bagchi and Wenger found increased EEG alpha
activity in the brain during meditation (Bagchi and Wenger 1957)
and since then many studies have confirmed that finding. It has
also been established that if you meditate very deeply, the brain
starts producing slow theta waves, signifying access to
subconscious, emotional and dreamy states.
About the same time as Bagchi and Wenger published their
study, two Frenchmen, Das and Gastaut, published the results of
a study where they had found increased alpha waves during
meditation substituted by fast beta and gamma waves, up to 40
Hz, during what they called ecstasy (Das and Gastaut 1955). This
study was the first to point out the occurrence of 40 Hz gamma
waves during meditation, even though the significance of these
waves was not quite understood.
More recently US professor Richard Davidson and his group at
the University of Wisconsin studied a group of Tibetan monks
during meditation. Tibet's Dalai Lama sent eight of his most
accomplished meditators to Davidson's laboratory for the study.
Using quantitative EEG, Davidson's most important finding was
a strong increase of gamma activity in the frontal cortex during
Classical meditation as it is practiced in the Hindu tradition in
India takes place with closed eyes and with the attention directed
inwards towards the body, for example focusing on the breath or
on a mantra. This is designed to calm the thinking mind. During
this form of meditation most studies have found increased alpha
activity, especially in the posterior part of the brain.
In the Buddhist Zen tradition, meditation is often done with open
or half-open eyes. Instead of focusing on the body, the meditator
practices what is sometimes called objectless meditation, where
they concentrate on love, compassion or thankfulness. This was
the kind of meditation Richard Davidson was studying when he
found strongly increased gamma activity in the brain.
During deep meditation more and more neurons in the brain are
recruited and work in synchrony at a slower and slower pace,
building up the amplitudes (voltage) of alpha and theta waves. I
suggest this is an attempt by the brain to confront, contain and
eventually integrate unresolved emotional stress and conflict in
the unconscious.
During deep meditation it is very important that alpha activity
dominates theta activity most of the time. The moment theta
waves become stronger than alpha ones, you become
unconscious. That is hardly meditation! So, when you meditate,
there are at least two pitfalls to avoid. One is that you start
thinking, which will suppress alpha activity; the other is that you
get drowsy, which will also decrease the alpha waves. If you can
maintain a state of relaxation where your mind is calm but still
very alert and focused on the inner world, then you are
meditating in the right way and your alpha activity will be at a
Apparently meditation shuts down the left hemisphere, so that
right-hemisphere activity prevails, and simultaneously hampers
the frontal lobes. It looks as if it turns the left hemisphere into a
passive observer of what is going on in the right hemisphere and
the unconscious. There is hypothesis that the left hemisphere is
the seat of the ego.
The process seems to be accompanied by a lowering of the
brainwave frequency (more alpha/theta waves), especially in the
frontal lobes and in the left hemisphere. During this process,
dissolution of the ego - also called ego death - will often be
experienced. This can be a very scary experience. But if you open
your eyes and start talking or doing something, this will activate
the left hemisphere and the frontal cortex and immediately pull
you (more or less) out of the altered state.
In order to understand the power of coherence and synchrony,
we shall turn to an old metaphor. If a regiment of soldiers walks
at random across a bridge, nothing will usually happen to the
However, if they march in step, there is a risk that the bridge will
crash. Such is the power of coherence. Similarly, a laser light,
where all the photons are completely aligned and the light is
coherent, has such power that it can burn through thick iron
Imagine the enormous brain power that would emerge if billions
of brain cells were synchronized and totally coherent in the
frontal cortex - the brain would behave like a Bose-Einstein
condensate, becoming into a 'superconductor' with a focus like a
laser beam.
When spiritual energy starts arousing in you, the last vestige of
past actions is being thrown out and all the negative influences
express themselves and are expelled. At this time you may be
angry, afraid or full of sexual fantasies and passion. You may also
experience lethargy, indolence and depression and. The tendency
to procrastinate is very strong and you just want to sleep and
sleep. This stage of evolution is known as purgatory. There would
be mechanical micromotions in the body and pulsating magnetic
fields around the head, as well as electric skin potentials for
tracing the movement of energy through the body.

An analysis of the physical body shows that it is made up of
billions of cells, which in turn consist of molecules, atoms and
electrons. In the final analysis we see that the physical body is not
made up of dense matter but of vibrating electrically charged
electrons and other elementary particles. In short, the physical
body is made up of electrical vibrations and energy.
Individuals have been experiencing awakening state throughout
history. In an article co-authored by Charles Tart, 38-year-old
Californian resident Allan Smith described a Samadhi-like
experience, which he called an experience of 'Cosmic
Consciousness', that he had one evening in 1976:
"There was no separation between myself and the rest of the
universe. In fact, to say that there was a universe, a self, or any
'thing' would be misleading - it would be an equally correct
description that there was 'nothing' as to say that there was
'everything'. To say that subject merged with object might be
almost adequate as a description of the entrance into Cosmic
Consciousness, but during Cosmic Consciousness there was
neither 'subject' nor 'object'. All words or discursive thinking had
stopped and there was no sense of an 'observer' to comment or to
categorize what was 'happening'. In fact, there were no discrete
events to 'happen' - just a timeless, unitary state of being
Perhaps the most significant element of Cosmic Consciousness
was the absolute knowingness that it involves. This knowingness
is a deep understanding that occurs without words. It was certain
that the universe was one whole and that it was benign and
loving at its ground." (Smith, Tart 1998: 100-101)
Osho believes that the state of Samadhi (spiritual absorption)
involves an opening up of the bridge between the brain
hemispheres and a merging of the left and right hemispheres:
"If this bridge is strengthened so much that the two minds
disappear as two and become one, then integration, then
crystallization, arises. What [the Russian philosopher] George
Gurdjieff used to call crystallization of being is nothing but these
two minds becoming one, the meeting of the male and the female
Thus, Osho says, during Samadhi there is a union between the
male and the female principle, which is reflected in the merging
of the left and right hemispheres.
Following this analysis of Samadhi, it seems obvious that it is
creation in reverse: the ego is lost, subject and object disappear
and there is a feeling of oneness with God. Osho also states that it
marks the return to the creator:
"Samadhi is a state of super-consciousness, of transcendental
consciousness. Consciousness now is only conscious of itself.
Consciousness has turned upon itself; the circle is complete. You
have come home."
Alpha waves reflect the brain's idle function in the awake
condition - a conscious state of being without any doing. They
represent a gate between the outer and the inner world - and
between the conscious and the unconscious. When we relax with
closed eyes, most of us produce a certain number of alpha waves.
The moment we start doing something - concentrating, thinking,
listening, etc. - the alpha waves are blocked or reduced in
amplitude (fewer microvolts). Also, if we get drowsy, alpha
activity drops. Thus, in order to stay in the high alpha state, we
must be relaxed but at the same time very alert and attentive.
Alpha waves reflect a calm, open and balanced mind with a free
flow of energy in the brain. Alpha activity also reflects conscious
access to the body and its feelings, thus indicating good body
awareness. Athletes and people in good physical condition tend
to have alpha levels well above average. Physical and mental
tensions usually block the energy and reduce alpha activity.
Permanently blocked alpha activity may lead to various stress
symptoms and burnout.
In order to produce alpha waves you must control your attention
and direct it toward your inner body, ignoring all outside stimuli.
When thoughts appear, you should not follow them or start co-
operating with them. Ignore them or see them for what they are
and let go of them, just as you let go of tension in your body.
The most effective way to increase your alpha level is to give up
all resistance and surrender to the present situation. However, it
is important that this is done with full awareness; if you become
drowsy, the alpha waves will drop instantly.

The Brains Response to Stress

A person with a high alpha level has an efficient brain and goes
without effort from one task to another. It is interesting to notice
that virtually all children up to the teenage years have lots of
alpha waves. Many adults, however, suppress their alpha over
the years, mostly due to the accumulation of stress.
Gamma waves are actually very fast beta waves, with frequencies
up to and around 40 cycles per second. The 40 Hz gamma activity
was originally studied by Professor John Jeffrey at the
Neuroscience Unit at the University of Birmingham. The
scientists there found these frequencies to be associated with
higher levels of brain organization, 'binding' information from all
the senses together in one whole conscious experience.
Since gamma rhythms disappear under general anesthesia, they
seem to be associated exclusively with higher mental activity and
consciousness. They can be seen all over the brain, but are most
prominent in the prefrontal cortex, which is the seat of the
executive functions such as the direction of attention and the
regulation of emotions.
Gamma waves may be seen as the muscles of the brain.
Whenever you really need to achieve the utmost, physically or
mentally, through intense focus, gamma waves are called for.
Gamma waves are associated with will, focus and unity of
experience. In a number of subjects it has been found that frontal
gamma training is the most effective way to increase a person's
ability to focus. Also, we have found indications that this training
increases energy levels, willpower and the ability to stay present
in the moment.
The monks studied by neuroscientist Richard Davidson (Lutz and
Davidson 2004) had unusually high levels of gamma in the frontal
area, especially when they meditated, but also at rest.
It usually takes 10-15 minutes of training before people reach a
preliminary maximum of gamma activity. In successfully trained
people, we expect to see a steady increase of gamma over perhaps
20-30 minutes. However, the moment the subject starts thinking,
they will lose focus and the gamma level will fall abruptly.
It is interesting that in the old yoga treatises there are descriptions
of how a state of unbroken fixity of attention can be achieved:
"The target to be attained is that the observing mind and the
object contemplated should fuse into one. This can occur in only
two ways: Either the object dissolves into consciousness and only
the seer remains intensely conscious of himself, or he loses his
own identity and become one with the object on which the mind
is fixed."
There is a fusion of the observing mind and the observed. This
state is sometimes experienced as a light trance; however, the
person is very conscious and alert and does respond immediately
to questions. The high gamma state is a conscious trance. The
word 'trance' only refers to the fact that awareness has been
extremely narrowed.

How spiritual experience is different from altered state of
When people have mystical experiences involving fantastic
visions through the use of meditation, drugs, biofeedback or
other mind-altering techniques, they are not in a higher state of
consciousness but rather in a lower state confronting the
subconscious mind, experiencing a reality akin to dreaming, a
state which is likely to be associated with increased right-
hemisphere activity. Mystical and spiritual experiences are thus
principally different subjectively as well as objectively, since they
are based on different brain structures.
People who use marijuana, psilocybin, mescaline or ayahuasca
may experience very entrancing visions but they also experience a
loss of intellect and judgement. But in the case of a genuine
spiritual experience, 'all normal faculties of mind are enhanced,
not blunted'
In the higher state of consciousness you can see the real world
even more real. You can see the same things magnified, without
any visions or strange creatures or projections. You see the same
thing expanded, and you see yourself by means of this expansion,
one with the creation around you - without the least loss of
precision of intellect, or sight, or smell. In a genuine mystical
experience, there is clarity, lucidity. In fact, the clarity and
lucidity are a hundred times more powerful than in normal
consciousness. It is not like a dream or a drug experience.
The New Brain, with its more energized frontal lobes, together
with an active and better integrated right hemisphere, causes
profound changes in perception. As already noted, Andrew
Newberg theorizes that when the frontal cortex is activated and
the parietal areas somewhat deactivated (as is the case during
certain types of meditation), the subject experiences a state of
Absolute Unitary Being - a primary reality of oneness with the
universe and everything in it. As the New Brain develops, the ego
dissolves as the activity shifts from the left to the right
hemisphere. This shift causes less preoccupation with time and
more focus on the present moment. This is what is called
It is hard to conceive that in isolation the left-hemisphere mind
can be conscious of itself or that the right-hemisphere mind can
be conscious of itself. However, it is quite conceivable that either
hemisphere can be conscious of the other (because they are
connected via the corpus callosum) and that this is a necessary
condition for being self-conscious, self-reflective and present.
Thus presence is when each hemisphere is conscious of its
counterpart, when there is direct contact and communication
between the left and the right sides of the brain.

Multiplexing and wholeness of the experience:
It is interesting that the stream of consciousness consists of
successive moments of cognition. According to this philosophy, a
single moment of attention is focused on only one of the five
physical senses at a time, or on the thinking mind. If the attention
switches quickly enough between the senses (multiplexing), all
the inputs will appear simultaneous and merge into a coherent
experience. This would work similar to a movie where 24
separate frames are shown per second, resulting in the experience
of smooth, realistic movements on the screen.
Consciousness philosophers have long been wondering how all
the inputs from the different senses come together in the brain to
form a whole experience. This is called the 'binding problem'. Jill
Taylor gives an illustration of the above theories from her right-
hemisphere perspective:
"Time stood still because that clock that would sit and tick in the
back of my left brain, that clock that helped me establish linearity
between my thoughts, was now silent Instead of a continuous
flow of experience that could be divided into past, present and
future, every moment seemed to exist in perfect isolation."
Fast 40 Hz gamma brain waves have been associated with the
'binding' of sensory inputs together in the brain to form a whole
experience. If we assume, with VanRullen, that the multiplexing
(scanning) frequency correlates with the EEG frequency, it is
certain that scanning the sensory inputs at 40 cycles per second
would bind the inputs together to one whole experience.
We know that when the brain operates at slow frequencies (below
8 Hz), such as delta and theta, we are unconscious/asleep, and
during conscious states, the brain operates at faster frequencies in
the alpha and beta band. As we have seen, there is evidence that
in the super-conscious or awakened state the brain operates at
very fast gamma wave frequencies, especially in the brain's
prefrontal area, where it is assumed the 'binding' process takes
place. One hypothesis would be then that sensory information, as
well as thoughts and feelings, is 'updated' from various brain
areas to the prefrontal cortex at a speed corresponding to the
brainwave frequency. The brain of a normal, awake and
conscious person usually operates at between 10 and 20 cycles per
second. At very fast brainwave frequencies, such as the 40 Hz
gamma, the scanning of the sensory inputs will be so fast that it
will generate high-resolution perception. That may be why an
awakened person experiences the world in HD. This model also
accounts for an awakened person's ability to perceive even the
smallest details in the environment.
As already noted, when the EEG frequency drops below 8 Hz, we
are asleep. However, what would happen if it were possible to
lower the brainwave frequency below 8 Hz without falling
asleep? (This is actually what may happen during an ayahuasca
trip when the ego is falling apart.) An Indian master offers an
the senses are coordinating at a particular speed whereby you
are feeling that you are seeing, touching as though all these things
are going on at the same time. It is this illusion that creates the
sense of 'Me' and 'I' [the ego]. If this is slowed down, you all
vanish... But you will still be very functional, you will in fact be
very efficient. The sense of separateness would completely be
gone It's a simple thing - the senses have to be slowed down a
little bit - and behold; you are not there. What is there is only life.
You will feel you are one with the universe, completely one.
So, in order to maintain focus and perceive unity in experience,
the frontal lobes must be running brainwave frequencies above 8
Hz. But in order to perceive unity with cosmos and everything in
it, I suggest that they must be running much faster brainwave
frequencies in the 40 Hz gamma range. At the same time, the Old
Brain (the parietal lobes) must slow down its frequencies,
probably below 8 Hz, and also shift its activity toward the right
hemisphere. I suggest these are the necessary conditions for an
awakened person to experience the oneness state.

Stress may in fact act as a facilitator in the birth of the New Brain.
Increasing stress levels in people will eventually cause a shift in
dominant hemisphere activity to the right side. When this
happens, people will be confronted with their unconscious, and
the agonizing birth of a New Brain will begin.
After a breakdown caused by stress, people usually recover, but
often their personal values and sometimes even their personality
change. Often they become less materialistic, more sociable, more
compassionate and concerned about other people and their well-
being. I believe that these personality changes are based on
underlying neurological changes in the brain that could be due to
a shift in brain activity from the left to the right hemisphere. Here
again, I see the right brain as a 'default' mechanism, a primary
brain to fall back on in times of severe stress and change.
Originally, perhaps only a few thousand years ago, the right
hemisphere was dominant for most functions and behaviour, as
suggested by Julian Jaynes. In other words, in ancient times the
right hemisphere was the prime carrier of human consciousness.
Since a child's development seems to reflect the development of
the human species, it should not come as a surprise that small
children (up to around two years) are totally dominated by their
right hemisphere. Elkhonon Goldberg (2005) says that the right
hemisphere is dominant in the early years, but as the child grows
the left hemisphere gradually becomes more dominant.
A gradual shift from right to left hemisphere dominance takes
place in all young children at around the age of two, coinciding
with the development of language functions in the left
hemisphere. And I also believe that the same change of
hemisphere dominance from the right to left side took place in
our ancient predecessors.
According to anthropologists, many indigenous people (for
example the Hopi Indians of North America and the aboriginal
Australians) perceived a different reality from us. They had softer
ego boundaries and felt less separate from their tribal companions
and from nature. Above all, they saw nature and everything
around them as alive; to them there was no such thing as an
inanimate object.
To sum up the theory in its entirety: in ancient times people were
totally dominated by their right brain hemisphere, which was
then the primary carrier of their consciousness. At some point,
however, certain brain functions (such as language, logic and
analysis) lateralized to the left hemisphere. From then on people
became more and more dependent on their left, verbal, analytical
brain hemisphere. This development probably came about
because life circumstances demanded advanced mental abilities
such as verbal communication, abstract thinking and the ability to
plan ahead of time. During the last few decades of the
information age, this tendency has accelerated enormously, to the
extent that most people, at least in the Western world, have got
completely 'lost' in their left hemisphere, building up their egos
(with which they are totally identified) and at the same time
losing the connection with who they really are.
Long evolutionary voyage from the right to the left hemisphere is
coming to a turning point, where a large number of people on the
planet will begin to reconnect to their right hemisphere in their
search for meaning and for a lost Self. The egotistic left
hemisphere has overburdened the body and nervous system so
much that many people have reached breaking point. You might
call this the 'bankruptcy' of the ego.
Following a collapse of the ego due to stress, burnout or some
other life-changing incident, many people embark on a quest to
find their true, authentic Selves - Selves which were probably lost
a long time back in early childhood (as suggested by Arthur
Janov in his bestseller The Primal Scream). Since the real Self is
not to be found in the external world (left hemisphere), they have
to look inward (to the right hemisphere), and that, I believe, is
what more and more people are doing today. I think they are
trying to recover a repressed and forgotten authentic Self that still
resides in their right hemisphere, latent but holding the potential
of the peace, joy and excitement they haven't felt since they were
small children. Whether they enter therapy, meditate or take
mind-expanding substances, I think they are all searching for a
lost Self.
I believe that following the collapse of the ego, it is time to return
to the real Self and to recognize the primacy of the right
hemisphere. Of course we still need to use the logical left brain,
but it should not be running the show all by itself anymore; it
should be a servant, not a master. Now is the time to open up to
that huge realm of genuine peace, joy, love and compassion that
is latent in all of us in the right hemisphere. This is what must
happen if we are to have a new and better world.

For learning purposes, we may divide consciousness into two
broader categories namely Noumenal Consciousness and
Phenomenal Consciousness. Noumenal Consciousness is also
called as Primordial Consciousness, Unidentified Consciousness,
Pure Consciousness, Unity-Consciousness, Infinite
Consciousness, Godhead or Divine Consciousness, Universal
Consciousness and Subjective Consciousness. This Consciousness
is infinite eternal and unchangeable while the Phenomenal
Consciousness is relative, evolutionary, susceptible to internal
and external conditions and finite in time and space. It evolves
itself and can be altered by changing the affecting conditions and
even can be disintegrated by death. Phenomenal Consciousness
can further be categorized into several sub-categories. In fact all
these sub-categories are possible evolutionary stages; by passing
through these stages from lower to higher grade Phenomenal
consciousness can awaken to its Primordial unaltered state of
God-consciousness. Enlightenment is a state in which
Phenomenal Consciousness reawakens and starts experiencing
and identifying itself again as the Unity-Consciousness. These
evolutionary stages set for Phenomenal Consciousness are 1)
Elemental Consciousness 2) Plant Consciousness 3) Reptilian
Consciousness 4) Mammalian Consciousness 5) Human
Consciousness 6) Spiritual Consciousness and finally 7) Unity
Consciousness. Unity Consciousness by nature is an "out of the
body experience". This exalted state of consciousness is also
named as Liberation, Nirvana, Mukti, Moksha, Enlightenment,
Self Realization etc.

In the year 1905, Albert Einstein proved that we can break matter
down into smaller components and that, when we do, we move
beyond the material realm and into a realm in which everything
is energy.
This is the Law of Vibration, a law of nature that states that
nothing rests; everything moves; every-thing vibrates. The
lower the vibration, the slower the vibration; the higher the
vibration the faster the vibration.
The difference between the manifestations of the physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual result simply from different levels of
vibrating energy or frequencies. So, while the feelings of fear,
grief and despair vibrate at a very low frequency, the feelings of
love, joy and gratitude vibrate much quicker.
The most common unit of measure for frequency is the Hertz,
which is one vibrational cycle per second. So a frequency of 460
Hz means that there are 460 cycles of vibration occurring every
single second.
Dr. Max Planck claims that:
"All the physical matters are composed of vibration."
At the very leading edge of biophysics today, scientists are
recognizing that the molecules in our bodies are actually
controlled by these frequencies. In 1974, Dr. Colin W.F. McClare,
PhD, an Oxford University Bio-Physicist, discovered
that frequencies of vibrating energy are roughly one-hundred
times more efficient in relaying information within a biological
system than physical signals, such as hormones,
neurotransmitters and other growth factors.
Although most frequencies exist outside of our normal range of
perception, all can be perceived as both colors and sounds. There
are seven colors in a rainbow and seven notes in the musical
scale. So the color blue is also heard as the musical key of D,
which vibrates at 587 Hz. But what is most interesting is that, if a
frequency is vibrating fast enough, its emitted as a color of Light.
If we wanted to convert sound to Light, we would simply raise its
frequency forty octaves. This results in a vibration in the trillions
of cycles per second. So, if a pianist could press a key way above
the eighty-eight keys that exist on a piano, that key would
produce Light. They could create a chord of Light in the same
way they can create a chord of sound. And it would be seen as
colors of Light because it would be moving at the speed of Light.
[Such a hypothetical key board would be as long as a distance of
millions of kilometers]
The philosophical and scientific basis for this Law of Vibration
can be found in quantum physics and in Einsteins Theory of
Relativity. Energy is related to matter and the speed of
Light. This is Einsteins famous E = mc
When two frequencies are brought together, the lower will
always rise to meet the higher. This is the principle of
resonance. So, when a piano is tuned, a tuning fork is struck, and
then brought close to the piano string that carries that same
musical tone. The string then raises its vibration automatically
and attunes itself to the same rate at which the fork is vibrating.
Using this principal of resonance, we can actually increase
the speed at which the molecules in our bodies vibrate, through
our thoughts of love, joy and gratitude. When atoms slow down,
third dimensional matter is created; when they speed up, the
higher dimensions of consciousness can be reached. And the
higher our consciousness is raised, the closer to Spirit we become.

The Illusion of Self
We think of ourselves as separate beings isolated from the rest of
the world, with our skin forming the barrier between inside and
outside. This sense of separateness runs deep within the human
psyche, guiding our thinking about such fundamental issues as
being, life, and (particularly) death. Among Westerners, the
notion of isolation extends outward to embrace humanity and
exclude the nonhuman world; in this conception, humans exist
outside, usually above, nature. The end result of all this
externalization is billions of skin-encapsulated egos, each of us
consumed by thoughts of furthering our own ends and protecting
ourselves from the outside world.
But what if we are not separate at all? What if we are fully
immersed into the ebb and flow of everything around us? Would
such knowledge change how we think and act? Despite its near
ubiquity, we can state with confidence that the notion of a
separate self is largely illusory. The most obvious challenge to the
concept of separateness is our need to consume air, water, and
food. At what point did your last breathe, sip, or bite cease to be
part of the outside world and become you? The truth is that we
constantly exchange matter with the outside world, replacing
every atom in our bodies every seven years or so. And your
metabolism is intimately linked to Earths metabolism. Energized
by sunlight, life converts inanimate rock into nutrients, which
then pass through plants, plant-eaters, and animal-eaters before
being decomposed and returned to the inanimate Earth. Humans
fit into this amazing planet-scale metabolic system as major
consumers of plants and animals. Isolation from any aspect of this
metabolic flow translates to death.
If all that isnt enough to dampen your sense of separateness, how
about the fact that the body you identify with consists not of one
life form but many? Your mouth alone contains more than 700
distinct kinds of bacteria. Carving out a variety of roles over
every square millimeter of tongue, teeth, and gums, many of
these microbial partners serve as armed guards, improving health
by fighting disease-causing bacteria. Others can cause dental
cavities if you dont brush. Your skin and eyelashes are equally
loaded with bacteria (no matter how long you shower) and your
gut has a bevy of bacterial sidekicks (on the order of another 500
varieties) that are essential to converting food to useable
nutrients. Although this still leaves several bacteria-free regions
in a healthy body (e.g., brain, spinal cord, blood stream, etc.),
current estimates indicate that, of the 10 trillion cells that compose
your physical self, 9 out of 10 are not human cells. This means
that your body is home to more life forms than there are people
on Earth, or stars in the Milky Way galaxy.
If your bias is to count genes instead of cells, the truth of the
matter becomes even starker. You house about 30,000 human
genes, versus about 100 times as many bacterial genes. In short,
depending on how you make the calculation, you are somewhere
around 1-10% human, and 90-99% nonhuman. A large-scale, five-
year research effort called the human microbiome project (HMP)
is currently underway. Five main body areas are being targeted in
the HMP -- skin, mouth, nasal cavity/lungs, vagina, and gut --
but the goal is to identify and characterize all the microbes
inhabiting the human body. If youre immediately inclined to
regard these multifarious bacterial hitchhikers as freeloaders, or
even parasites, keep in mind that these trillions of microbes are
indispensable to your health, helping to regulate not only your
physical well beingdigesting food, processing vitamins,
keeping out bad bacteria, etcbut perhaps your mental and
emotional vigor as well.
And just in case you attempt to cling to some kind of special
status for your human cells, it turns out that even they are likely
the result of ancient evolutionary mergers with bacteria. Each of
your human cells contains a mitochondrion, a membrane-
enclosed organelle that is responsible for generating most of the
cells energy, as well as such activities as cell signaling, growth,
and death. Hundreds of millions of years ago, mitochondria
evolved from certain types of bacteria that were engulfed by
other bacterial forms. A mutually beneficial relationship
developed between the host cells and the newly incorporated
bacteria and this successful partnership was passed on to all
animal cells, including our own. A similar merger occurred in the
evolution of another cell structure called chloroplasts, which are
big players in plants and other photosynthesizing life forms. So, if
you continually exchange matter with the outside world, if your
body is completely renewed every few years, if you are walking
colony of trillions of life forms, and if your human cells still
incorporate bacterial ancestry, exactly what is this self that you
view as separate? You are not an isolated being. Youre an
ecosystem, a complex, self-regenerating amalgam of life forms
that interact communally to form a larger whole. Metaphorically,
to think of your body as a machine, as current bias would hold, is
inaccurate at best and destructive at worst. Youre far more akin
to a whirlpool, a brief, ever-shifting concentration of energy in a
vast river thats been flowing for billions of years.
Weve only begun to fathom the implications of this profound
notion, but its one that deserves to be disseminated and
discussed widely. Dissolution of our separate selves can help us
see the world in new, more accurate, and even sustainable ways.

Quantum Exploration
Science tells us that everything is made of energy. The atoms and
molecules of your body, the chair beneath you, and the stars
above you are actually made of highly complex arrangements of
tiny packets of energy (quanta) with great distances (relatively
speaking) between them.

But what is energy?
Quantum theorists now seriously suspect that energy has no
physical origin. The closer we look at the composition of energy,
the faster its physical properties disappear. At the sub-atomic
level, packets of energy pop in and out of existence, vibrate at
certain speeds, spin in peculiar directions, and communicate
instantaneously across vast distances. According to Einstein, this
is impossible in a three-dimensional space-time universe, so
much of what creates our physical world must be taking place
beyond the realm of physicality!
When you dig down deep enough, energy is affected by the
expectations of the observer and Newtonian physics does not
apply. Energy can only be described in terms of wave-forms of
information that contain undetermined potentials
(uncertainties), probabilities, and relationships with other wave-
forms. The wave-forms collapse to become physical energy
quantum packets in agreement with other energy packets when
an observer expects to perceive an outcome. Energy only becomes
physical matter when we step back and look at the big picture.
A popular theory with quantum scientists is that our Universe
was created by a collision of two or more hyper-dimensional
membranes (infinitely large wave-forms of information). The
collective implosion of these membranes created our three-
dimensions and caused the Big Bang of vibrating energy that
composes our Universe.
The merging of these membranes formed the basis and
background energy fabric of our reality. Some scientists even
suggest that this fabric may be conscious, or that the fabric of our
Universe is actually consciousness itself, as consciousness is the
only "unified field that can accommodate the properties and
behavior of energy at both non-physical and physical levels. All
information and potential, i.e., energy, is born from this all
encompassing, ever-present consciousness!

From consciousness to energy
Consciousness, the non-physical origin of all, or pure potential,
becomes physical energy by embedding vibrational information
in wave-forms that collapse into particles when they enter our
three-dimensional Universe. (A biological parallel would be to
think of vibrational information as Reality DNA.) These particles
arrange themselves to become stars, planets, plants, animals,
opportunities, and people according to the information
embedded in their wave-forms. All energy, and therefore all
matter, is consciousness being realized.
You are an individuated consciousness who, as a part of God, has
self awareness and free will. Your thoughts are vibrations that
affect the fabric of the Universe and cause wave-form potentials
to become reality. Your dominion over this process is
orchestrated by the Law of Attraction. All potential for the
expression of God Consciousness, the origin of all experience,
exists outside of our time-space reality (physicality).
Every possible thought, action, result, relationship, interaction,
and outcome infinitely compounded exists in God
Consciousness as a hyper-dimensional construct until the
attention of an individuated consciousness (such as a human)
focuses on an outcome and expects it to occur. If his expectation is
sufficient and not neutralized by contradictory vibrations (beliefs
or thoughts), his focus causes the construct to expand until it
enters our physical world and becomes energy. That energy is
attracted to the energy of the consciousness that focused on it,
and it appears as the expected outcome. Law of Attraction! (The
law of attraction states that every positive or negative event that
happened with you was attracted by you. Say that a special friend
loaned you money when you didn't have any. You attracted that,
even without your awareness of using the law. Say that teacher,
classmate, client, or co-worker gave you a hard time during the
day. You attracted that, too. Again, we are using the law every
second of every day. But no law is bigger than God and God can
not be restricted by the application of any law. Your wish, liking
and disliking can not alter the path of fate. You can wish only for
those things that God is willing to give you. And you can not
know it beforehand that what God is willing to give you. So, it is
advised that always act in good faith but be ready to surrender to
that what comes from God).
Every thought and action fulfills the potential for a specific
expression of consciousness. As consciousness is infinite, every
fulfillment of potential creates an infinite number of new possible
universes in which different decisions and actions may take place
to fulfill the newly created potential.
It is mind boggling to think that everything we think and do
creates an infinite number of alternate universes where we make
other decisions and take different actions. But when I consider
that God Consciousness is unlimited by its nature, I find it
reassuring to know that I AM so much more than this singular
mind in this singular body!

How This Applies to You
What you want already exists as potential in God Consciousness,
where all things are possible. To attract it into your reality, focus
on it and expect it to appear. You dont have to earn it, be worthy
of it, or sacrifice anything for it, because you are it in essence,
you are connected to it by virtue of who you are.
Let your hearts desire come to you by not resisting or restricting
it with limiting beliefs. If you block it because you dont believe
you are good enough to have it, then you are not remembering
who you really are. If you block it because you dont think there
is enough of it to go around, then you are not remembering who
you are and who everyone else really is. If you block it because
you think there is only one way to get there, one specific person
for you, or one solution to your situation, then your control issues
are keeping you from remembering the unlimited resources that
are your birthright.
If youve stuck with me this far you have a better idea of how the
Law of Attraction works. Consciously using it to create a better
reality is what this booklet is all about. Take on the Practices that
appeal to you and go easy until your life begins unfolding
according to your own vision. Relax into the process. Success
comes from who you are, for what you do flows from there.
Trust in God and thus in yourself and take your steps in faith.
Despite the way conditions may seem, focus on what you want
and give thanks for receiving what you've asked for, especially
before you have it. If you are worrying about the way things are
now rather than eagerly anticipating the way things are going to
be, you are doubting who you are and resisting the very things
you deserve to have including health, abundance, peace of mind,
and loving relationships.
Remember, your role is to desire and trust. It's up to God
Consciousness, from which you spring, to turn potential into
reality for you, if you allow it! When you remember who you are,
you are compelled to make feeling good about yourself your
number-one priority. You naturally keep your eye on the goal
and let the Law of Attraction work out the details along the way.
When your mind and heart are open you dont limit your options
or create resistance. Good stuff flows to you, through you, and as
There is no need to panic or fret about anything. There is no
virtue in worrying and no benefit in denying yourself. In fact, it
will keep you from attracting what you want! Of all the Practices,
this is the most powerful and it requires the highest act of courage
because whatever is going on in your life, it requires you to turn
away from fear and toward the magnificence of who you really
are. Its also the most effective form of prayer.

There exists nothing other than vibration. The Body is Symphony
of Sound and Vibration. The energy of the heart, right down to
our DNA is musical and rhythmic in nature.
Energy of consciousness is believed to be the connecting link
between God and man. The divine currents are always playing a
symphony of ethereal music; however, it does not become
audible until we have progressed spiritually enough to hear with
the inner ear. Additionally, many mystics, ancient and modern,
have reported seeing various colors with the inner eye(s) while in
meditation. Light and Sound is also viewed as synonymous with
each other in the ancient scriptures. They are Interconnected and
part of the Whole within the wave/particle duality.
The musician is very close to mysticism, far closer than the
philosopher ... because music is meaningful without any words; it
is meaningful simply because it rings some bells in your heart ...
creates a synchronicity between you and itself.
There is an ongoing battle between the positive and negative
forces, the dark vs. light. Scientifically speaking, there is no
difference, just differences in frequencies and amplitudes. Simply
speaking, we are all one. Light and shade, long and short, black
and white, can only be experienced in relation to each other; light
is not independent of shade, nor black of white. There are no
opposites, only relationships. Life starts with the knowledge of
diversity, but the awareness of unity is the pinnacle of life.
Spirit and Matter are but the two poles of the same thing, the
intermediate planes being merely degrees of vibration. They
show that One and the Many are the same, the difference being
merely a matter of degree of Mental Manifestation.

Before the birth of atoms, before protons, neutrons and electrons,
there is the vibrating string of energy. This theory, popularly
known as string theory or superstring theory is one of the newest
upstarts in science and is now a popular field of study. String
theory claims that everything in our universe, from the planets
swirling through space to the tiniest subatomic particle, is at its
most basic level made up of microscopic strands of energy. This
conclusion has important implications for our understanding of
why energy, sound and vibration are at the frontier of progress in
many fields, including the healing arts. What do scientists mean
by strings of energy and what do they look like? Through
complex mathematical formulas, physicists theorize that these
fundamental strings are incredibly tiny, thin and elastic, like a
rubber band. To give you an idea of the size of a string, it is
estimated to be about 10
centimeters, which is about a millionth
of a billionth of a billionth of a billionth of a centimeter. These
strings can take the form of a loop with a closed end or a strand
with open ends. They can twist and wiggle. They can merge with
each other and they can break apart. If everything is made up of
these basic strings, what is it that makes one particle of matter or
one object different from another? Its all in the way the string
vibrates, say physicists.
Think of it like this: the basic stuff from which everything else
is made is like a guitar string. Depending on how we pluck a
guitar string, we will hear different notes, or frequencies.
According to string theory, the vibrating strings that form the
fabric of all matter also produce a number of different notes. But
in the microscopic world, these notes are various subatomic
particles. Which notes (or kinds of particles) we get depends on
how the string moves and how much energy accompanies the
For example, a string that vibrates one way is what we call an
electron with its specific properties of mass and charge. Another
string vibrates in a way that is characteristic of a photon, the
particle that makes up light. In addition, the four forces of nature
(gravity, electromagnetism, and the strong and weak nuclear
forces) can also be explained by the particular pattern of a strings
In other words, if we go to the deepest and most indivisible level
of matter, we find patterns of vibration, and the vibrational
pattern is what gives a particle its specific properties. Light is just
one part of a larger spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. We
now know that lightincluding infrared (not visible to humans),
visible and ultraviolet lightas well as other waves, such as radio
waves and gamma waves, are all created by the same
phenomena, the interplay of electricity and magnetism.
All matter is composed of vibrating strands of energy, so are we.
In this scenario, the body itself is literally a symphony of strings.
Our cells, organs and tissues vibrate. Billions upon billions of
frequencies interact with each other and resonate within us. Just
as importantly, those vibrations constantly interact with what's
happening in our environment. In short, in a world where
vibration reigns supreme, the sounds and vibrations that fill the
world outside of us can influence and change the vibrations
inside of us, affecting our health and well being for better or for
worse. The converse would also be truethe vibrations
emanating from inside of us affect and change what takes place in
the environment outside of us.
In our modern culture, where for many "seeing is believing", how
do we know that what sages and energy practitioners say about
the power of sound is true? Is there evidence that vibration and
sound can affect matter, interact with our molecules and
stimulate healing? And if so, can we measure their effects?
In the eighteenth-century, German scientist and musician Ernst
Chladni, known as the father of acoustics, took a step toward
answering these questions. He demonstrated, in simple, visual
experiments that sound affects matter. When he drew a violin
bow around the edge of a plate covered with fine sand, the sand
formed various geometric patterns, as shown below.

Chladni figures.
Pictures of Sound: Making Invisible Vibrations Visible

In the 1960s, Dr. Jenny placed sand, fluid and powders on metal
plates, which he vibrated with a special frequency generator and
a speaker. His experiments produced beautiful and intricate
patterns that were unique to each individual vibration (see
photographs below). Moreover, these varying patterns remained
intact as long as the sound pulsed through the substance. If the
sound stopped, the pattern collapsed. For many, these
experiments show that sound can indeed alter form, that different
frequencies produce different results and that sound actually
creates and maintains form.

Left Image: The development of a pattern in sand (step by step).
Right Image: Swinging water drops (by Hans Jenny)

Sand patterns as a function of the size of the plate


Although best known for his stunning cymatic images, Dr. Jenny
was also an artist and musician as well as a philosopher, historian
and physical scientist. Perhaps most important, he was a serious
student of natures ways with keen powers of observation.
Whether it was the cycle of the seasons, a birds feathers, a rain
drop, the formation of weather patterns, mountains or ocean
wavesor even poetry, the periodic table, music or social
systemsDr. Jenny saw an underlying, unifying theme: wave
patterns, produced by vibration.

The vowel A in sand


Sound structures in the water drop as a function of the
wavelength and a function of the extent

Our Cells Respond to Sound
The implications of Dr. Jennys work are vast, especially for the
field of healing and vibrational medicine. If sound can change
substances, can it alter our interior landscape? Since patterns of
vibration are ubiquitous in nature, what role do they play in
creating and sustaining the cells of our own bodies? How do the
vibrational patterns of a diseased body differ from the patterns
the body emanates when it is healthy? And can we turn the
unhealthy vibrations into healthy ones? While Dr. Jenny did not
focus on the healing possibilities of sound and vibration, his work
inspired many whose destiny it was to do just that.
Two other researchers who have created visually compelling
evidence of the power of sound are Japanese scientist Masaru
Emoto and Fabien Maman. Maman, a French composer,
acupuncturist and bioenergetician, and Helene Grimal, a
biologist, experimented with both healthy and cancer cells to see
how they would respond to the voice and to various instruments.
Maman reports that among the dramatic effects of sound they
captured in their photographs was the progressive destabilization
of the structure of cancer cells. Maman says that when he played
sounds that progressed up the musical scale, the cancer cells
eventually exploded.
Japanese scientist Dr. Masaru Emoto has shown the potent effects
of sound by photographing water crystals. His work is published
in his series of books Messages from Water and was featured in
the movie What the Bleep Do We Know!? In his remarkable
experiments, he played classical music and folk songs from Japan
and other countries through speakers placed next to water
samples. He then froze the water to make crystals and compared
the crystalline structure of different samples. With each musical
piece, the water sample formed different and beautifully
geometric crystals. When he played heavy metal music, the water
crystals basic hexagonal structure broke into pieces.
In another experiment, Dr. Emoto taped various words and
phrases to jars of water. Afterward, he photographed the crystals
formed when these water samples were frozen. Words or phrases
such as thank you, love/appreciation and love thyself produced a
variety of beautiful geometric forms. On the other hand, phrases
such as you make me sick or you fool produced crystals that were
disconnected or chaotic.
The implications of these simple experiments are profound. Since
our bodies are made up of 70 percent water, imagine how the
sounds and vibrations that fill our external environment affect
our internal environment, our very cells. Imagine how the words
we speakabout ourselves and othersaffect not only our own
health but also the health and well-being of those in our lives.

Science of Awakening
Introduction: Recent advances in brain research using brain
imaging techniques such as SPECT, fMRI and EEG have indicated
that the human brain is already hard wired for enlightenment. It
seems that the brain, over millions of years of evolution, has been
prepared for the experience of unity with Cosmos or oneness
with God.

Andrew Newberg, professor of nuclear medicine at the
University of Pennsylvania, is author of the acclaimed book Why
God Wont Go Away. In an attempt to bridge science and spirit
Newberg studied eight Tibetan Buddhist practitioners during
meditation using SPECT scan. The images he captured showed
that the brains prefrontal cortex during deep meditation lit up in
a red color indicating an increase in blood flow and neural
activity in that area. At the same time, surprisingly, the upper
rear part of the brain called the parietal area turned a dark blue
shade indicating a sudden drop of brain activity in that area
which Newberg calls the Orientation Association Area (OAA).
Newberg theorizes that when the meditator withdraws from the
outside world, sensory input to the OAA is blocked and the
neural activity in that area is shut down. At the same time due to
the intense concentration (on a mantra, on God or guru) the
prefrontal cortex or the Attention Association Area (AAA) is
strongly activated and will now assume the role as the brains
new experiential center.
The OAA is the area which gives us the ability to orient ourselves
in space and time and which gives our bodies a sense of physical
limits and the self a sense of separateness from the rest of the uni-
verse. When the OAA is deactivated the physical limits of the
body and the sense of separateness disappears. The brain can no
longer create a boundary between self and the outside world, or
locate itself in physical reality. As a result, Newberg says, the
brain has no choice but to perceive that self as endless,
interwoven with everyone and everything. This is the state
Newberg calls Absolute Unitary Being. We prefer to call it the
Oneness State.
Newbergs research suggests that the process of awakening is not
only due to psychological change or a change in philosophy and
values. No, it is primarily due to a fundamental change in brain
function with a shift in brain dominance from the parietal (OAA)
to the prefrontal (AAA) area. When the over-activity in the OAA
is decreased and the under-activity in the AAA is increased, there
is a shift of the brains command center and the individual wakes
up to a higher level of consciousness and to a new reality which
seems to be even more real than the old one.
Richard Davidson. Some of Newbergs findings have been
corroborated by neuroscientist Richard Davidson, University of
Wisconsin. Davidson collaborated with Tibets Dalai Lama who
sent eight of his most accomplished meditators to Davidsons
laboratory for a scientific study.
Using both EEG and fMRI scans, Davidson studied the monks
during deep meditation and found very high activity in the
prefrontal cortex - especially on the left side which has to do with
feelings of joy, happiness and compassion. The EEG recordings
during deep meditation showed extremely powerful Gamma
waves in that same area of the brain.
Since there were no detailed descriptions of the monks levels of
spiritual development in the above studies we have no idea
whether any of them were in a permanent awakened state.

Oneness State and the Brain
Awakening depends on a Shift in Brain Function.
Professor Andrew Newberg, author of the acclaimed book Why
God Wont Go Away has studied Tibetan Buddhist monks
scientifically, using brain scans. He found that the brains of these
monks were functioning in a completely different way from the
brains of ordinary people. When the monks were in deep
meditation he found a shift in brain dominance from the rear to
the front part of the brain or - as we say - from the old to the new
When the frontal area of the brain is activated and supplied with
large amounts of high grade energy there is an awakening to a
higher state of consciousness, also called the Oneness State. This
shift in brain dominance, we suggest, is the biological foundation
of Enlightenment or Awakening as we prefer to call it.

Four levels of Reality
You awaken to a higher level of consciousness every morning
when you wake up from sleep. Actually you wake up twice, once
when you go from deep sleep to dream sleep and again when you
wake up to your normal daily consciousness. We suggest that it is
possible to wake up even from that state to a higher level of
Each of these four levels of reality is associated with a specific
brain structure and a specific brain wave frequency. At the lowest
level is the Reptilian brain with its survival functions reflected by
the slow delta waves. This is a part of the brain which is active
during deep sleep at night. When we start dreaming (REM sleep),
a higher level in the brain (Limbic System) steps in with all its
emotional activity indicated by theta brain waves. Eventually the
Neocortex wakes up, the brain now starts producing alpha and
beta waves and we wake up to our normal daily consciousness.
Now, the point is that we can awaken to an even higher level of
reality (the Oneness State) when the frontal area of the brain is
activated and starts generating high amplitude synchronous
gamma waves.

Bentov's Model

Itzak Bentov has developed a physical-physiological model,
which may shed some light on the meditation experience. When
the heart is pumping blood into the aorta, tiny mechanical
vibrations (micromotions) develop in the upper body. If the body
is completely immobile and respiration is slow and barely
perceptible as is the case in deep meditation these
micromotions will assume great regularity and oscillate at seven
cycles per second (7 Hz). Subsequently standing waves in and
above the audio frequency range will develop in the ventricles of
the brain. These may cause the high-pitched sounds meditators
sometimes hear which may herald the activation of the spiritual
Bentov further theorizes that the standing waves in the ventricles
will stimulate an electrical loop circuit in the sensory cortex
oscillating at 7 Hz which incidentally is within the EEG theta
frequency band. As this oscillating current passes through the
sensory cortex in a closed circuit, it will create different bodily
sensations starting in the toes and moving up the body to the

Kindling and brain functions:
According to Bentov, the 7 Hz oscillating current in the sensory
cortex set up by sitting immobile in meditation also passes
through the limbic system. Here it stimulates the pleasure canters
in amygdala thereby initiating the kindling phenomenon. Animal
experiments have shown that electrical stimulations of the
amygdala for a few seconds each day for two or three weeks
produce convulsions. Amygdala is the part of the brain most
amenable to kindling which tends to spread from the midbrain in
an orderly sequence to hippocampus, the occipital lobes and
finally to the frontal lobes. This travel of energy can be traced by
means of EEG measurements, since it is reflected by an increasing
amount of alpha waves spreading from the occipital to the frontal
The kindling phenomenon speeds up the electrical loop system,
which exists between the thalamus and the cortex. This extra
supply of energy from lower centers causes a diffuse activation of
the whole cortex reflected by increased synchronization and
coherence of brain wave activity within all frequency bands. As
the energy flows from the thalamus to the cortex and awakens
latent or unused parts of the brain (especially in the frontal lobes)
the whole brain begins to pulse as a unit generating coherent,
high amplitude brain waves within a broad frequency spectrum.
During rest maximum amplitude will be in the alpha band but
during intense focus high amplitude beta and gamma waves will
prevail, especially in the frontal area.

Meditation and modern physics
Interestingly this mechanism can be related to modern physics. A
condensate is a substance whose molecules have a greater order
and coherence than normal. In a Bose-Einstein condensate the
molecules not only have a high degree of order but they also
overlap and the condensate behaves like a unit. Examples of
Bose-Einstein condensates in inorganic matter are
superconductors and laser beams. However a scientist by the
name Herbert Frohlich showed that by feeding extra energy to
the cell walls of living tissue, the cells would line up in the most
orderly, condensed way we know the Bose-Einstein
condensate and the cell walls would start acting as a unit.
Apparently, when the brain is supplied with an extra amount of
high grade energy (as in meditation) it becomes a Bose-Einstein
condensate. Thus following Kundalini awakening, the brain
turns into a super-conductor with a focus like a laser beam.

The Power of Conscious Thinking:
It is important to understand that thoughts are not immaterial
phenomena without substance. Thoughts are electromagnetic
realities which influence our mind, brain and body. Thoughts are
mental food for the psychic structures of man, and we become
what we think. Most modern people are stressed and harassed by
their racing minds, which chase them around in the daytime and
keeps them awake at night. It is therefore important that we learn
to stop this racing mind and discipline our thinking.
In everyday life most people are preoccupied with an almost
constant inner dialog. We are constantly talking to ourselves,
continuously assessing the actions and behaviours of ourselves
and of others. This inner dialog is most of the time not conscious
all though it is the foundation on which we perceive and
experience reality. Our inner dialog also affects our feelings
which are the bodys reactions to our thoughts. Negative
thoughts therefore create negative feelings and hence stress and
Our inner voice evaluates, judges, compares and worries. Most
people live with such a tormentor in their head draining them of
energy. It is an awful burden not to be able to stop thinking but
most often we do not even realize this since it is a very common
condition. Up to 90 % of most peoples thoughts are meaningless
playbacks of old records.
The philosopher Ren Descartes is famous for his statement:
Cogito ergo sum which means I think, therefore I am.
However, the identification of thoughts with who you are is a
fundamental mistake. We are not identical with our thoughts.
Thoughts are merely tools for your consciousness which is behind
all perception, behaviour and experience.
Thinking is a useful tool if it is used well, i.e. used consciously.
However most thinking is not rational, not conscious and often it
becomes very destructive. For the most part we are not using the
thoughts, but the thoughts are using us. When we identify with
our thoughts, we let the tools take control over us.
To counteract the identification with thoughts and to discipline
our thinking we must start to observe, from a higher level, our
thoughts and the process of thinking itself. Most of our thoughts
are automatic and goes on and on more or less unconsciously.
They are just records of old patterns of thinking. Patterns we have
followed most of our lives. Though they are programmed in the
past they still manage to affect and control the way we are living.
It is very difficult to stop compulsive thinking. If you say to
yourself I want to stop thinking, that doesnt work. You cannot
stop a thought with another thought; the order must come from a
higher level. Instead you must raise your level of consciousness
one step up and imagine that you observe your thoughts and the
thinking process from a higher level. Try to be the silent watcher
on the hill.
The most effective way to raise your level of consciousness,
increase your focus and discipline your thinking is sitting quite in
meditation. This will train Gamma waves from the prefrontal
cortex. Gamma wave activates the frontal cortex and raises
consciousness above the thoughts. In this state there is no
habitual, unconscious thinking. You can still decide to think but
all your thoughts will be conscious. The Gamma state is a highly
lucid state in which you have a clear mind with a penetrating
focus leading to better intuition and creativity.
Observing a thought not only makes you aware of the thought
but it also makes you conscious of yourself as a witness to the
thought. A new dimension of consciousness has stepped in, the
habitual, compulsive thoughts have lost their power and will
gradually subside. As you learn to go into the high Gamma state,
you decide when to think, and in the empty spaces between the
thoughts, you will feel an inner peace and calmness. This is not a
state of trance - there is no loss of consciousness here. On the
contrary you are much more awake, aware and present, than in
the state where you identify with your thoughts.
In the high Gamma state with no thoughts, you become conscious
of your own being, of your own true nature. In exactly that state
you will realize that all that really matters such as beauty,
freedom, love, creativity, joy and inner peace, is found beyond

Interview with Erik Hoffmann
(Erik Hoffmann PhD is a retired Danish professor who has been
researching the human brain and consciousness for more than 30
years. He has a Master's degree in psychology from Copenhagen
University and worked there as an assistant professor at the
Psychology Department for eight years. He also worked as a
visiting professor at Rutgers University in New Jersey for several
terms and was a research director at the Primal Center in Los
Angeles for two years. Erik is the founder of the Mental Fitness &
Research Center in Copenhagen, working with brain wave
(neurofeedback) training. He has given talks at international
conferences, conducted numerous workshops and published a
number of articles in peer reviewed, scientific journals. His book
"New Brain, New World" has won much fame.)

Q. What is consciousness?
A. Consciousness is the source of everything, including the
physical world. It is an inherent quality of the Universe.
Consciousness is infinite and omnipresent, and it bestows all life
forms with the ability to sense or experience.
Q. Where is consciousness located?
A. Consciousness is located everywhere; it is outside of physical
space/time in which it manifests itself through living organisms.
Q. There is a state of consciousness characterized by an
effortless, intuitive flow of energy and behaviour. Can you
describe this 'Flow-state'?
A. I call the Flow-state a 'Conscious Trance'. Its primary
characteristics are intense focus and a total absence of resistance
to what is. In the flow-state you are not doing the work. It is as if
the thinking mind is neutralized and all your actions are directed
intuitively by a higher intelligence. I propose that in the flow state
the old brain (the thinking mind) is subordinated the new brain
(the frontal cortex) which is very alert and conscious. Since all
mind activity is strongly reduced in that state, it may feel like a
trance. The flow-state is more akin to the Awakened state than to
Altered States.
Q. Can consciousness and its content be rationalized, i.e. be
described by natural science?
A. The causeless consciousness ('God' or 'I am') can never be
described or analyzed by natural science. However, all the effects
that consciousness has on energy and matter may be described
with mathematical precision provided you know all the variables.
All conscious processes must take place in some form of matter,
though not necessarily in physical matter, and can be accurately
described by natural laws.
Q. What is the relationship between consciousness and the brain?
Is Consciousness a product of brain processes, or can
consciousness exist independent of the brain?
A. Consciousness exists independent of the brain, which may be
seen as a device (a computer) operated by Consciousness. The
brain acts like a transformer station, which transforms
perceptions, thoughts and feelings into physical space/time -
possibly via quantum mechanical processes in the brain.
Q. Does the brain create physical space/time?
Consciousness exists outside of physical space and time.
However, the physical brain, in the awake state, keeps
consciousness focused in three dimensional space. Through a
sequencing process, the brain also transforms reality so that time
is experienced as a series of moments.
Q. Do animals such as reptiles and mammals have a
consciousness? Do bacteria and plants?
A. Consciousness pervades all matter and all living creatures
including bacteria and plants. Even inorganic matter has an
inherent, latent consciousness. Of course humans can be
conscious on a much higher level than animals. Humans can even
be conscious of the fact that they are conscious.
Q. Is consciousness all there is?
A. Consciousness is the original source of everything but there is
also energy. Life happens when consciousness plays with the
energy. This play is the basis of experience and that's what life is
all about. In Samadhi there is no experience of energy, there is
only consciousness experiencing itself.
Q. How did consciousness originate and how would you define
A. God is consciousness existing in the eternal now.
Philosophically one might say that In order to know him/herself
God had to split up into two parts, one which was seeing (the
Knower) and another one, which was seen (the Known). The
Knower is immaterial while the known are combinations of
energies manifesting as matter.
Q. How does the brain create the reality we experience?
A. There is a model called the 'Brain Projector Metaphor'
developed by US Professor Elkhonon Goldberg. He says that
inner models of reality, usually consisting of old conditionings
and belief systems, are projected to the Neocortex determining
the reality you experience.
Q. Do you have any influence on that process?
A. Yes, Modern brain research indicates that inner models of
reality are controlled by the frontal lobes and projected to the
sensory cortex as your personal reality. Elkhonon Goldberg says
that the frontal lobes possess the mechanism which can liberate
the organism from the past and project itself into the future. The
frontal lobes equip the organism with the ability to create neural
models of something that does not yet exist but something which
you want to exist. These inner models can then be projected by
the frontal lobes into the future where they are going to
materialize in the outer, physical world as your reality.
Q. Are these inner models of reality influenced by your belief
systems? And how does that work?
A. Yes, your belief systems determine the reality you experience.
When we want to create something, we start out with a thought,
an idea or an image of what we want. This idea works as a blue
print for the final creation. The blue print attracts and directs the
energy, so the goal or creation finally manifests on the physical
level. This means that you attract the things and situations you
most believe in. Your belief systems and expectations are
reflected by the physical world as your personal reality. Thus, the
physical world acts as a mirror for your thoughts and
expectations. You attract the things and situations you most
believe in. If you believe the world is a bad place, that's what you
will experience. Negative thinking, uncertainty and anxiety
attract the situations and the persons you try to avoid. On the
other hand, if your attitude is basically positive, you attract the
people and events, which correspond to your positive
expectations. That means that if you basically believe that the
world is a wonderful place, you will attract wonderful people and
Q. How is the brain's electrical activity (EEG or brain waves)
related to consciousness?
A. When the brain operates at slow brain wave frequencies such
as delta and theta you are unconscious. During conscious states
the brain operates at faster frequencies in the alpha and beta
band. There are some indications that in the superconscious or
awakened state you have an unusual high amount of very fast
gamma waves in the brains prefrontal area.
According to Buddhist thinking the stream of consciousness
consists of successive moments of cognition. A single moment of
attention is focused on only one of the five physical senses at a
time. I have the hypothesis that attention/consciousness is
updated from deep brain structures to the cortex at regular
intervals with a speed corresponding to the brain wave
frequency. We know from scientific studies that when the EEG
frequency is below 8Hz, the person is unconscious. We also know
that the higher the EEG frequency, the more alert the person is.
An Indian master, suggests that the brain in the conscious state
multiplexes (switches between) the sensory inputs with
sufficiently high speed to make all the inputs seem simultaneous.
This may actually be the solution to the so called 'Binding
Problem'. The binding of sensory information in the brain most
likely takes place in the prefrontal cortex and is most effective at
high brain wave frequencies, where all sensory inputs turn into a
very smooth and vivid experience. In the cinema you need 24
frames per second in order to experience smooth, realistic
movements. In order to have a coherent (conscious) experience,
the EEG frequency of the brain must be above 8Hz. Consider this
metaphor: The faster a TV screen is updated the more sharp and
real is the image on the screen. This is called High Definition TV.
If, for instance, the brain cycles at the 40Hz Gamma frequency,
the person will be very alert and present in the moment having
very vivid and real experiences.
Q. It has been proposed that quantum mechanical processes are
at work when the brain operates. Could it be that quantum
mechanics is the link between consciousness and the brain?
A. At a deep level in the physical body's microcosmos, matter
exists as a mixture of particles and waves so called wave
packets. A wave packet sometimes behaves as a particle and
sometimes as a wave depending on the observation. There is
always an uncertainty associated with these quantums. The
reactions of matter are always predictable, since they are
determined by physical laws. However, the behaviour of a single
atom is highly unpredictable.
Practically applied quantum physics is mostly about prediction of
the behaviour of matter under certain conditions. Here quantum
physics has proved very useful and effective. A little lump of
matter consists of millions of atoms, and by applying statistical
methods researchers can predict the behaviour of matter.
However, if they look at the individual atoms and electrons,
uncertainty arises. Now it is impossible to predict the behaviour
of a single atom - it seems to depend on the researcher's intention
and method of measurement. Thus the predictions of quantum
mechanics are statistical predictions which can only be made on
large numbers of objects. You can predict how many people will
die in Copenhagen next year but you cannot predict who will die.
Q. What about the so called subtle bodies are they associated
with the physical bodys microcosmos?
Yes, the etheric body is in the physical bodys microcosmos, it is
sort of a cellular consciousness. The Indian mystic Osho said,
when the quantum physicists, with their new methods, went
from the world of matter to the subatomic world, they went -
without knowing it - from the physical to the etheric plane.
According to Osho, if you go deep in the physical body to the
microcosmic level there is a very subtle, electrical body called the
etheric body. The etheric body is the connection to your roots and
to your LIFE.
Q. Is the physical world real?
A. Both yes and no. At our level of consciousness the world looks
very solid and real and it is. However, as in a higher state of
consciousness the world loses its solidity. Space and time lose
their rigidity, and there is a mingling of the past, the present, and
the future. From this perspective the world looks like just a
projection of consciousness. In answering the same question,
Eckhardt Tolle says diplomatically: The world is a temporary
manifestation of the real.

Faith and Science:
Is the rational approach to understand God a sin or impudence?
Is the faith and love for God a sheer absurdity or madness? Is
God really unknowable and unthinkable? Answer to all these
assumptions is a big NO. First thing we should realize is that life
is not a man vs. God or reason vs. faith situation. Life is not a war
between opposite poles rather it is ONENESS and interrelated.
Second thing we should be clear about is that God is not
inaccessible, unknowable and unthinkable. Because such
assumptions base only on the notion that Creator and Creation
are separate and are confronting each other. Believing in such
assumptions would be ridiculous. Because if God is really
unknowable, inaccessible and unthinkable then there could be no
bond and link between the Creator and creation. In fact such
assumptions would reduce God to merely an impossibility and
how an impossibility could exist in any manner whatsoever. How
an impossibility can be an object of faith?
Fact is that when we use scientific approach in spiritual sphere it
does not become invalid. Science is not against faith, rather
science is knowledge and knowledge always purifies, nourishes
and develops the faith in right direction. Knowledge plays as
catalyst to the exalted state of enlightenment. We can not divide
the life into phenomenon and noumenon. The noumenon is
constantly translating itself into phenomenon and All phenomena
are reducing and dissolving back into the noumenon. All
knowledge is phenomenal but all knowledge is about the
In short, when we speak on the spiritual matters in terms of
atoms, molecules, quantum, radiation, electromagnetism, energy,
vibrations, patterns, light and sound then we are not committing
any sin against spirituality or the divine, we are not becoming
impudent to God. All knowledge written or spoken serves only
one purpose and that is the unfoldment of Truth. Truth of life and
existence is undeniably One. If it is not One it is not Truth at all.
But Truth is immeasurable; it continues to be explored in an
infinite manner. This is the awe and majesty of the Truth that it is
infinite and mysterious. Truth never changes but our
assumptions about it keep changing endlessly. Because our
assumptions grow out of our capacity, conditions, available data
and many other ifs and buts. It would remain like so forever.
Knowledge and Intuition both together travel the path that leads
us towards God or Unified Truth.

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