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• A Hybrid Time Divisioning Scheme for Power Allocation in DMT-Based

DSL Systems- Feb’08
• A New Dual-Channel Mac Protocol for Multihop Ad Hoc Networks-2006
• A Performance Study Of Mobile Handoff Delay in IEEE 802.11-Based
Wireless Mesh Networks-2008
• Adaptive Routing in Dynamic Ad Hoc Networks-2008
• Analysis of IEEE 802.11e for Delay Sensitive Traffic In Wireless Lans-
• Backup Path Set Selection in Ad Hoc Wireless Network using Link
Expiration Time-2007
• Call Admission Control Optimization in Wimax Networks-July’08
• Code Shift Keying Impulse Modulation for Uwb Communications-
• Contention-Based Qos Mac Mechanisms for Vbr Voip In Ieee 802.11e
Wireless Lans-2008
• Novel Channel Interference Reduction In Optical Synchronous Fsk-Cdma
Network Using a Data-Free Reference-Apr’08
• Performance Improvement in Wireless Networks Using Cross-Layer Arq-
• Performance Of Optical Burst Switched Networks for Grid Applications-
• Power Allocation And Scheduling for Ultra-Wideband Wireless
• Biometrics Security In WiMAX.
• IEEE 802.16/WiMax Security.


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• An Fpga-Based Architecture For Real Time Image Feature Extraction
• An Improving Model Watermarking With Iris Biometric Code-2007
• Automatic Recognition Of Exudative Maculopathy Using Fuzzy Cmeans
Clustering and Neural Networks
• Reconstruction of Underwater Image By Bispectrum-2009
• Hierarchical Contour Matching for Dental X-Ray Radiographs-2007
• Robust Image Watermarking Based On Multiband Wavelets and
Empirical Mode Decomposition-Aug’07
• Image Segmentation Using Iterative Watersheding Plus Ridge Detection
• Real-Time System for Monitoring Driver Vigilance-Mar’08
• Robust Dwt-Svd Domain Image Watermarking:Embedding Data in all
• A Vlsi Architecture For Visible Watermarking in a Secure Still Digital
Camera (S2dc) Design (Corrected)-Aug’08
• Measurement Based Channel-Adaptive Video Streaming for Mobile
Devices over Mobile WiMAX-Jan’08
• Prediction-based reversible data hiding


• Optimized Software Implementation of A Full-Rate IEEE 802.11a

Compliant Digital Baseband Transmitter on a Digital Signal Processor-
• Active Noise Cancellation With a Fuzzy Adaptive Filtered-X Algorithm
• Design And Analysis of Bit Interleaved Coded Space-Time Modulation-
• Non-Symmetric Decompanding for Improved Performance Of
Companded Ofdm Systems –Aug’07
• Implementation of IEEE 802.11 A Wlan Baseband Processor-2008

Verilog Course Team

Dream IT, We make U to Deliver
• Signal Adaptive Subband Decomposition for Adaptive Noise


• A Performance Study of Mobile Handoff Delay in IEEE 802.11-Based

Wireless Mesh Networks-2008
• Analysis of IEEE 802.11e For Delay Sensitive Traffic in Wireless Lans-
• Backup Path Set Selection in Ad Hoc Wireless Network Using Link
Expiration Time-2008

• A Multicode Approach for High Data Rate UWB System Design-Feb’09
• Cooperative Localization in Wireless Networks-2009
• RangingWith Ultrawide Bandwidth Signals in Multipath Environments
• A Robust Radio Frequency Identification System Enhanced with Spread
Spectrum Technique-2009
• Ultra-Wide-Band Propagation Channels-2009
• A Medium Access Control Scheme for Tdd-Cdma Cellular Networks
With Two-Hop Relay Architecture-May’09
• An Efficient Data Extraction Mechanism for Mining Association Rules
from Wireless Sensor Networks-2009
• A New Parameter For Uwb Indoor Channel Profile Identification-May’09
• Application of Support Vector Machine and Genetic Algorithm for
Improved Blood Cell Recognition-Jul’09

• Particle Swarm and Genetic Algorithms applied to the identification of
Induction Machine Parameters

Verilog Course Team

Dream IT, We make U to Deliver
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About Verilog Course Team

Verilog Course Team is a Electronic Design Services (EDS) for VLSI / EMBEDDED and
MATLAB, delivering a wide variety of end-to-end services , including design ,
development, & testing for customers around the world .With proven expertise across
multiple domains such as Consumer Electronics Market ,Infotainment, Office Automation,
Mobility and Equipment Controls. Verilog Course Team is managed by Engineers /
Professionals possessing significant industrial experience across various application
domains and engineering horizontals . Our engineers have expertise across a wide
range of technologies, to the engineering efforts of our clients. Leveraging
standards based components and investments in dedicated test lab infrastructure;
we offer innovative, flexible and cost-effective Services and solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide cost effective, technology independent, good quality reusable
Intellectual Property cores with quality and cost factor are our important constraints
so as to satisfy our customers ultimately. We develop and continuously evaluate systems so
as to pursue quality in all our deliverables. At our team,
we are completely dedicated to customer’s requirements. Our products are designed and
devoted to empower their competitive edge and help them succeed.


Verilog Course Team offers training for corporate and students alike. The Courses have been
designed , taking into consideration the industry demands . Students can choose either the
standard package of course content that meets most of the industry standard requirement
or their own choice of study . Workshops, Seminars, Short-term courses and Career-oriented
courses are offered to the students within their campus for their convenience.


We deliver broad range of innovative solutions across diverse

industries leveraging its deep knowledge of disparate technologies. We use a global

Verilog Course Team

Dream IT, We make U to Deliver
solutions delivery model that combines domain expertise with mature processes and software
tools, delivering high quality solutions to client specification, in challenging timeliness.

Our Engineers are Expertise in the following areas,

• AMBA ,PCI EXPRESS ,USB - Protocols
• FPGA Prototype
• VxWorks, QNX, uClinux, uCos-II, RTLinux as well as custom RTOS
• Programming Development – Assembly, C/C++.
• Compilers – Borland C++, Microsoft Visual C++, IAR, Codevision, RealView
• Signal Processing
• Neural Networks
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