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Final Examination

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Test I. True or False
Direction: Write true if the statement is true and false if the statement is False.
Do not write T or F.

_________1. One of the bases in determining when the engine is subject for overhauling is loose compression.
_________2. The compression pressure of gasoline engine under normal condition is 130 psi.
_________3.The cylinder block provides a smooth cylinder for the reciprocating movement of the piston.
_________4. Twenty percent or more compression pressure difference between cylinders affects so much engine
vibration and therefore subject for overhauling.
_________5. The compression pressure of the diesel engine is 450 to 550 psi.
_________6. Piston pin purpose is to link the piston and connecting rod and at the same time provides bearing
surface for the piston.
_________7. Four stroke cycles, four cylinder engine produces four power strokes every two revolution.
_________8. The piston rings are made for the purpose to help in cooling of the piston?
_________9. The purpose of compression ring is to allow crankcase oil to supply lubricating oil of the cylinder
_________10. The first and second ring grooves are for compression ring.
_________11. The amount of the cylinder wears in the upper portion of the cylinder form a ridge or shoulder.
_________12. Thrust force is greater during power stroke when the piston is moving downward than during
compression stroke.
_________13. The cause of cylinder wear is due to the thrust developed between the piston and the cylinder face.
_________14. Gasoline is the best cleaning compound for overhauling of automotive engine.
_________15. Wet sleeve is replaceable in nature and always directly in contact with coolant.
_________16. Inspection is necessary to determine the amount of wear in the cylinder block.
_________17. Piston must be as light in the weight as possible to lessen inertia force developed by starting and
stopping them at the end each of stroke.
_________18. The holes in the crankshaft is the passage of oil and water.
_________19. Usually the crankshaft is made of cast aluminum alloy.
_________20. Out of round wear on the main bearing journals and crankpin is due to the greater pressure imposed
on the bearing journal during power and compression stroke.

Test II: Multiple Choices
Direction: Read the sentence carefully and write the letter of your choice.

_________1.The system that supply the engine parts with oil to prevent or minimize the actual contact between
any two moving surface.
A) lubrication system B) lubrication C)lubricants D) All of the obove
_________2. A series of event repeated by itself.
A) Stroke, B) piston, C) cycle, D) movement
_________3 In an engine cylinder, which the piston moves in traveling from BDC-
TDC. A) Cycle B) stroke C) piston D) top dead center
_________4. Tools used to measure tightness of bolt?
A) Feeler gauge B) close wrench C) power handle D) torque wrench
_________5. A movable part, fitted into cylinder which can receive for transmit
motion as a result of pressure change in fluid.
A) Crankshaft B) camshaft C) Piston D) gear
_________6. Device that can close and opened or closed to allow or stop the flow of fluid
A) Thermostat valve B) expansion valve C) valve D) piston
_________7.One of the bases of overhauling is
A) Dark smoke B) excessive oil consumption C) loss compression D) engine knock
_________8. The engine which has a series of cams for operating valve mechanism
A) Valve B) crankshaft C) block D) camshaft
_________9. The main body of the engine where in almost engine parts are attached
A) Cylinder head B) crankcase C) oil pan D) cylinder block
_________10. Space between the piston and cylinder head in which the fuel burned
11. The main reason in checking main bearing by the use of plastic gauge
A) Determine the lubrication for the bearing and journal
B) A simple activity which mean nothing
C) Check end play
D) all of the above
_________12. A part of the engine wherein crankshaft rotates
A) Oil pan B) crankcase C) piston D) cylinder block
_________13. Tools used to measure spark plug gap, contact point.
A) Micrometer B) feeler gauge C) plastic gauge D) wire gauge
_________14. Instruments which measure engine compression
A) Tachometer B) test lamp C) multi tester D) compression tester
_________15. Hammer which is used by mechanics
A) Mallet B) ball pen hammer C) pliers D) rubber mallet
_________16. Tools used to remove spark plug.
A) Open wrench B) spark plug wrench C) close wrench D) pliers
_________17. Tools used for driving screws
A) chisel B) spanner C) pliers D) screw driver
_________18. The most economical cleaning compound for cleaning engine is
A) Gasoline B) kerosene C) diesel fuel D) parts cleaner
_________19. A thin layer of soft material such as, paper, cork, rubber, or copper,
Place between two flat surfaces to make a tight seal.
A) valve B) gasket C)plastic gauge D) sealant
_________20. Overhauling job, all parts of the engine should be put
A) Anywhere B) everywhere C) scramble all parts D) segregate,
Tag and put in a proper place.

Test III. Illustration
1. Show the diagram on how to measure the cylinder block warpage 10 pts.
2. Draw the process or method on how to tighten and loosen the cylinder head bolt 10pts.

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