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2013-05-20 07:44:00
DeltaV, Fieldbus, Easy
DeltaV is different from other control systems. DeltaV is built from the ground up to support
FOUNDATION fieldbus (FF) and implements several unique features designed to make it easy to
deploy Fieldbus and harness the power of Fieldbus. Other systems limit fieldbus capabilities to the
same level as hardwired I/O, do not have the same features, and cannot claim the same benefits.
DeltaV has passed the Fieldbus Foundation Host Profile Registration (HPR) profile meeting the
requirements of host profile 61, compliance level b (i.e. 61b).
Easy Fieldbus Project
DeltaV has both hardware and software features that make it easy to deploy FOUNDATION
fieldbus. These features reduce project cost, time, and risk.
Integral Fieldbus Power Supply

The DeltaV S-series H1 card has the option of a built in bus power supply. This
eliminates the need for separate fieldbus power supply components thus eliminating
the need for a separate marshalling panel, drastically reducing footprint and weight.
The trunk lands directly on H1 card. Fewer intermediate wire connections in the
panel simplify drawings and FAT etc. Both fieldbus power supply and interface
support redundancy as an option. Coupler or field barrier can be used to support non-
hazardous area, zone 2, zone 1, or zone 0 devices. A built in power diagnostics
monitor loading and output.
Automatic Device Integration

The DeltaV Explorer Add Device Type Wizard makes adding support for new device
types and versions easy by loading the DD files on the DeltaV ProPlus station they
are automatically copied to all station in the system. There is no need to install DTMs
or other software each machine. No license key management. No Windows conflicts.
DD files for new device types can easily be downloaded from the Emerson website.

With Guardian Support the DeltaV DD Update Manager will automatically or semi-
automatically download the latest DD files for new device types and versions keeping
the system up to date. This avoids last minute scramble for file when a new device
type or version has to be commissioned.
Easy Control Strategy Configuration

Function blocks, links, mode, status, alerts, and parameters etc. in the DeltaV
controller card work the same way as in fieldbus devices, using the IEC 61804-2
function block diagram programming language. This includes status propagation and
the built-in interlocks. That is, there is only one programming language to master to
build regulatory control strategies, and its graphical. Homogenous controller
configuration using the same blocks and links as fieldbus devices. Other systems not
built around FF so cannot fully utilize FF benefits like status propagation.

The same DeltaV Control Studio software is used to configure controls executed in
the system controller as in the fieldbus devices for Control-In-the-Field (CIF). CIF
and Control-In-the-Controller (CIC) can be mixed in the same loop. Status is
propagated from blocks in a transmitter on one bus, through blocks in the controller,
to blocks in a positioner on another bus. Conventional and fieldbus devices can be
mixed in the same loop. There are no additional steps to configure CIF. The function
block and communication schedule is created automatically for the chosen control
response period. Values and status can be seen online. Both online and offline
configuration is supported. Other systems not built around FF cannot fully utilize FF
benefits like CIF.

DeltaV Control Studio control strategy templates work for conventional and fieldbus
devices as well as for CIC and CIF.

DeltaV Explorer protects devices by warning if scripts write to non-volatile memory.
Easy FAT

The DeltaV Virtual IO Module and Mimic software are able to virtually simulate
fieldbus devices, so that actual physical fieldbus devices need not be connected to test
control strategy, graphics, faceplates, historian, and alarms etc. at FAT. This saves a
large amount of time at system staging and minimizes problems uncovered at site.
Device Factory Setting Upload

If devices (I/O blocks) come pre-configured from the factory, from DeltaV Explorer
it is possible to upload the factory setting in these blocks into the DeltaV database at
commissioning preserving the device's operational setting as configured by the
manufacturer's expert. This saves time when the device is replaced. This feature is
also useful if field changes are made using a laptop, handheld field communicator, or
local operator display on device. This is in addition to reconciling transducer blocks
from the intelligent device management software.

DeltaV Explorer has a device commissioning function that enables fully automatic
device commissioning, without the technician touching the software as long as it is
the correct device type and revision. That is, device commissioning using only a
screwdriver, similar to hardwired devices but without the need for five point test and
manual parameter comparison. The system automatically reconciles and downloads
the configuration and logs the process in the background. The device tag is assigned
to the device from the factory or on the bench before connecting it to the bus.
Device Commissioning Wizard

DeltaV Explorer has a wizard that takes the technician step-by-step through the
process of commissioning a Fieldbus device, including automatic address assignment
to avoid human errors like address duplication etc. The guided procedure continues
with comparison and reconciliation between the configuration in the device and
system database, and lastly the configuration download. This wizard takes the
mystery out of Fieldbus device commissioning. Other systems do not implemented
wizards to make Fieldbus easy.
Device Decommission Wizard

DeltaV Explorer has a unique decommissioning wizard to guide the technician step-
by-step taking a device out of operation in an orderly manner without generating
nuisance alarms or potential trouble when device is reused in another location.

If the device shall be removed temporarily for calibration or check etc. in the
workshop with intention to put it back into the same place, the wizard will clear the
address but maintain the tag and configuration in which case it is faster and easier to
put the device back into operation afterwards.

Alternatively, if the device shall be removed permanently for replacement, the wizard
will clear its address as well as tag and entire configuration. This ensures faster
detection when device is reused elsewhere and avoids potential conflicts. The wizard
takes care of this so the technician doesn't have to.
Express and Batch Download

Fieldbus enables the whole device configuration to be downloaded in one go from the
system rather than setting parameters one by one using a handheld field
communicator. In normal operation, non-real-time data such as indication and
configuration download is not allowed to interfere with real-time control. However,
during the pre-commissioning stage of the project no control is running yet. DeltaV
Explorer permits control communication to be suspended freeing up all bandwidth
for configuration download for faster completion. Moreover, a batch download
feature is available that instead of downloading one by one, permits multiple
networks to be selected and initiated at the same time. The multiple download runs
unattended, producing a report on completion thus speeding up commissioning
Skid Device Import

At plant site, DeltaV Explorer imports the package unit database exported after
acceptance test in the fabrication yard optionally retaining the fieldbus device
identification and commissioning state, thus eliminating the time required to
commission them again.
Valid Options

For fieldbus the device configuration can be built and checked together with the
system configuration. There is no need to configure each device on the bench. DeltaV
Control Studio only displays valid engineering unit and channel selections etc.
supported by the device (not every conceivable option in the Fieldbus standard which
does not apply to the particular device). This takes the guesswork out of
Easy Fieldbus Operations & Maintenance
DeltaV has both hardware and software features that make it easy to operate and maintain
FOUNDATION fieldbus, and to exploit its potential. These features result in increased availability
(reduces downtime), greater throughput, and higher quality (yield). At the same time DeltaV FF
features also result in lower cost of operations & maintenance, lower cost of energy and utilities, as
well as lower cost of waste and rework.
Faceplates and Detail Page

DeltaV faceplates are not limited to the same information as hardwired devices and
loops. DeltaV Operate has standard device alarm faceplate, loop faceplate, and detail
page created specifically to take full advantage of Fieldbus features.

The Device Alarm Faceplate is accessed from the alarm banner in a single click and
makes full use of the Fieldbus device alarm indication. The intelligent device
management software is accessed directly in a second click.

The Loop Faceplate displays full Fieldbus status, provides full support for fieldbus
mode, and makes full use of fieldbus process alarm indication. The faceplates for
CIC and CIF loops are the same.

The Loop Detail Page provides full access to Fieldbus limits and alarms levels as
well as tuning, makes full use of alarm indication, and displays full Fieldbus status
and errors.
Device Diagnostic Alarm Management

Fieldbus provides more diagnostics (see separate white paper) and digitally integrate
more of the devices than hardwire. But, device diagnostics alarms only annunciated
in a dedicated maintenance console go unused and do not become part of daily
maintenance practices. PlantWeb Alerts is a device diagnostics alarm management
technology implemented across Emerson's devices and in DeltaV Alarm & Event
subsystem. In the PlantWeb architecture, device diagnostics alarms are prioritized
and categorized using the PlantWeb Alerts mechanism to ensure alarms are relevant
and indicate severity according to EEMUA 191. This is over and above standard
time-stamping in the device. NAMUR NE107 compliant devices supported.

Each DeltaV Operate console filters device alerts to only show device problems that
will affect the process within minutes or hours. This enables device diagnostics to be
put to good use, yet prevents nuisance "alarm flooding".
Fast Control Unleashed

Control-in-the-Field (CIF) reduces the number of links that need to be communicated
and ensures loop is time synchronized from sensor to actuator for true 250 ms
response period, even 150 ms, resulting in faster and tighter control than for CIC or
hardwired 4-20 mA loops. See separate white papers on advantages of digital control
and of CIF.

DeltaV Control Studio makes deploying CIF easy, including ability to optimize block
execution order for no unnecessary delay.

DeltaV supports control in the H1 card, having a large library of function block types
that are executed in the interface card synchronized with the devices on the fieldbus,
thus achieving CIF performance. That is, CIF is not just for simple loops.
Sophisticated control strategies incorporating multiple PID blocks, arithmetics, and
selector blocks etc. can be built.

DeltaV Control Studio by default only uses scheduled real-time communication for
closed loop control, not for indication, thus achieving faster control right "out of the

Emerson devices execute function blocks very fast, resulting in shorter response
periods. The schedule is created automatically and can be reviewed from DeltaV

From DeltaV Explorer the time slot for links can be configured short for fast devices
such as those from Emerson, resulting in shorter macrocycle (control response
Real-Time Status in Control Strategy

Control strategies in DeltaV are not limited to the same device status as hardwired
loops. The full real-time fieldbus status information such as validity, limit condition
for windup protection, fault state, and back-calculation/initialization is propagated
through, and used by function blocks in the DeltaV controller card. This enables the
control strategy to distinguish between device problems and process problems to
reduce spurious trips, enable tighter control, safety, and provide bumpless transfer
with hand operated valves etc. for easier operation.
CIF Auto Tuning

The same DeltaV InSight software performs on-demand auto-tuning for PID in both
the DeltaV controller and fieldbus devices. That is, with DeltaV, auto tuning is
available also for CIF. The test is done the same way for both CIC and CIF and
recommends tuning. The loop remains under control during test. CIF is not just for
simple loops anymore.
Fieldbus Status in Historian

The DeltaV historian is not limited to the same information as hardwired devices.
The fieldbus validity and limit status associated with process variables and other
values is very useful for validating data and for troubleshooting. The DeltaV Event
Chronicle collects and logs important status as an integral part with the value without
additional configuration work or tag count. Status is not lost in historical records.

In the DeltaV Historian Viewer the fieldbus status is clearly displayed adjacent to
value and time-stamp and as a different color in trends. Status is also included in
generated reports. There is no need to compare historical trend, process alarm &
event log, and device alarm & event log in three different software applications as
they appear on the same DeltaV screen.
Integrated Device Diagnostics

Fieldbus provides more diagnostics, for more categories of devices, and faster than
hardwired counterparts (see separate whitepaper). However, device diagnostics only
displayed in a dedicated maintenance console will not become a natural part of
normal work practices. However, DeltaV Operate consoles have an integrated
intelligent device management client. In just two clicks from device diagnostics
alarm, the full device diagnostics is displayed using standard EDDL, just as intended
by the device manufacturer. No proprietary DCS faceplates are used. Yet operators
are prevented from changing device configuration.

See separate white paper on integrated device management and smart diagnostics
Integrated Communication Statistics

DeltaV Diagnostics displays the communication statistics captured for each fieldbus
port and device to track error rate without the need for temporary connection of
external bus monitor. This is a helpful tool in initial installation validation and
periodic check for problems.

See separate white paper on bus diagnostics
EDDL Device-Level Access and Device Wizards

The AMS Suite: Intelligent Device Manager part of the asset management
application integrated with DeltaV guides the technician step-by-step through
complex tasks such as calibration, setup, and diagnostics using wizards (EDDL
methods) created by the device manufacturer's experts. Wizards take the mystery out
of fieldbus devices. "Device-level access" groups all diagnostics on one page, and all
setup/configuration on one page, regardless of internal blocks in the device, this
making troubleshooting and setup much easier.

DeltaV has a device replacement function that enables fully automatic device change-
out, without the technician touching the software as long as it is the same device type
and compatible revision. That is, field replacement using only a screwdriver. The
system automatically reconciles and downloads the configuration and logs the
process in background. The tag is assigned to the device on the bench before
connecting it to the bus.
Device Replacement Wizard

For devices without a manufacturer defined No Download list, DeltaV Explorer
provides a device replacement wizard to guide the technician step-by-step through a
semi-automatic process to change out the device.
Expert Know-How

DeltaV Books Online (BOL) is an integrated Windows help system covering all
aspects of DeltaV including fieldbus know-how such as design, configuration,
installation, check-out, commissioning, and troubleshooting etc.
Job Responsibility Focus

Function block control strategy configuration is done from DeltaV Control Studio
while configuration of resource block and transducer blocks is done from AMS
Device Manager thus enabling a distinction between instrumentation and system
disciplines desired in most plants. Device factory configuration is preserved during
control strategy download.