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The History of the House of Rothschild

Andrew Hitchcock
The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, their tentacles reaching
into many asects of o!r daily lives, as is doc!mented in the following timeline" However, before
yo! #!m to thetimeline, lease read this inval!able introd!ction which will tell yo! who the
Rothschilds are as oose to who they claim to be" The Rothschilds claim that they are $ewish,
when in fact they are %ha&ars" They are from a co!ntry called %ha&aria, which occ!ied the
land locked between the 'lack (ea and the )asian (ea which is now redominantly occ!ied
by *eorgia" The reason the Rothschilds claim to be $ewish is that the %ha&ars !nder the
instr!ction of the %ing, converted to the $ewish faith in +,0 A"-", b!t of co!rse that did not
incl!de converting their Asiatic .ongolian genes to the genes of the $ewish eole"
/o! will find that aro0imately 901 of eole in the world today who call themselves $ews are
act!ally %ha&ars, or as they like to be known, Ashkena&i $ews" These eole knowingly lie to
the world with their claims that the land of 2srael is theirs by birthright, when in act!al fact their
real homeland is over 300 miles away in *eorgia"
(o, ne0t time yo! hear an 2sraeli 4rime .inister bleating abo!t the so5 called ersec!tion of the
$ews, consider this, every 4rime .inister of 2srael has been an Ashkena&i $ew" Therefore when
all these 4rime .inisters have c!rried favo!r with the 6est for their re5establishment of a
$ewish homeland, they have knowingly and deliberately lied to yo!, as they were never from
that region, and they well know it, beca!se it is they who call themselves Ashkena&i $ews"
The 'ook of Revelation, )hater 2, 7erse 9, states the following which wo!ld aear to be
abo!t these Ashkena&i $ews8
92 know thy works, and trib!lation and overty, (b!t tho! art rich) and 2 know the blashemy of
them which say they are $ews, and are not, b!tare the synagog!e of (atan": The most wealthy
bloodline in the world bar none and the leader of the Ashkena&i $ews in the world today is the
Rothschild family" As yo! will see in the timeline, the Rothschilds have obtained this osition
thro!gh lies, mani!lation and m!rder" Their bloodline also e0tends into the Royal ;amilies of
<!roe, and the following family names8 Astor= '!ndy= )ollins= d!4ont= ;reeman= %ennedy=
.organ= >enheimer= Rockefeller= (assoon= (chiff= Taft= and 7an -!yn" However, these are
not the only bloodlines to worry abo!t" /o! are robably aware of the cent!ries old ratice
!ndertaken by many Ashkena&i $ews whereby they wo!ld change their name, in order for them
to aear art of the dominant race of the co!ntry in which they lived, so as they co!ld obtain
infl!ential ositions in that co!ntry, which they wo!ld then e0loit to serve their real masters
elsewhere" There is lenty of evidence to rove the Rothschilds contin!e that decetive
;!rthermore the Rothschilds are known to sire many children secretly that they can !t into
ositions of ower when re?!ired" This started with the very first man who took the name
Rothschild, who had a secret si0th son" ;inally, remember the world is a diverse lace, 2 co!ld if
2 wanted change my name to Rothschild, or any of the names listed above, and that wo!ld not
make me art of this family anymore than converting to $!daism in +,0 A"-" will make these
Ashkena&is $ewish"
4lease, therefore, do not a!tomatically ass!me someone yo! see with the name Rothschild or
any of the names listed above are art of the Rothschild criminal network" ;!rthermore and
most imortantly, the ma#ority of Ashkena&i $ews are innocent and not art of this network"
)heck the facts o!t for yo!rself first, this article is designed to inform eole who the enemy is,
not single o!t eole of a artic!lar race or eole with a artic!lar s!rname, who may have
nothing to do with this Rothschild criminal network"
@+,A8 .ayer Amschel 'a!er, an Ashkena&i $ew, is born in ;rankf!rt, *ermany, the son of
.oses Amschel 'a!er, a money lender and the rorietor of a co!nting ho!se"
.oses Amschel 'a!er laces a red sign above the entrance door to his co!nting ho!se" This
sign is a red he0agram (which geometrically and n!merically translates into the n!mber BBB)
which !nder Rothschild instr!ction will end ! on the 2sraeli flag some two cent!ries later"
@+CA8 *!tle (chnaer, an Ashkena&i $ew (f!t!re wife of .ayer Amschel 'a!er), born to
resected merchant, 6olf (alomon (chnaer"
@+B08 -!ring this decade .ayer Amschel 'a!er works for a bank owned by the >enheimersD
in Hanover, *ermany" He is highly s!ccessf!l and becomes a #!nior artner" 6hilst working at
the bank he becomes ac?!ainted with *eneral von <storff"
;ollowing his fatherDs death, 'a!er ret!rns to ;rankf!rt to take over his fatherDs b!siness" 'a!er
recognises the significance of the red he0agram and changes his name from 'a!er to
Rothschild, after the red he0agram or sign signifying BBB hanging over the entrance door (9Rot,:
is *erman for, 9Red,: 9(child,: is *erman for, 9(ign:)"
Eow .ayer Amschel Rothschild, he discovers that *eneral von <storff is now attached to
the co!rt of4rince 6illiam 2F of Hesse5Hana!, one of the richest royal ho!ses in <!roe, which
gained itsD wealth by the hiring o!t of Hessian soldiers to foreign co!ntries for vast rofits (a
ractice that contin!es today in the form of e0orting, 9eacekeeing,: troos thro!gho!t the
He therefore makes the *eneralDs re5ac?!aintance on the rete0t of selling him
val!able coins and trinkets at disco!nted rices" As he lans, Rothschild is s!bse?!ently
introd!ced to 4rince 6illiam himself who is more than leased with disco!nted rices he
charges for his rare coins and trinkets, and Rothschild offers him a bon!s for any other b!siness
the 4rince can direct his way"
Rothschild s!bse?!ently becomes close associates with 4rince 6illiam, and ends ! doing
b!siness with him and members of the co!rt" He soon discovers that loaning money to
governments and royalty is more rofitable than loaning to individ!als, as the loans are bigger
and are sec!red by the nationDs ta0es"
@+B98 .ayer Amschel Rothschild is given ermission by 4rince 6illiam to hang a sign on the
front of his b!siness remises declaring that he is, 9." A" Rothschild, by
aointment co!rt factor to his serenehighness, 4rince 6illiam of Hana!":
@++08 .ayer Amschel Rothschild draws ! lans for the creation of the 2ll!minati and entr!sts
Ashkena&i $ew, Adam 6eisha!t, a )ryto5$ew who was o!twardly Roman )atholic, with its
organi&ation and develoment" The 2ll!minati is to be based !on the teachings of the Talm!d,
which is in t!rn, the teachings of Rabbinical $ews" 2t was to be called the 2ll!minati as this is a
G!ciferian term which means, keeers of the light"
.ayer Amschel Rothschild marries *!tle (chnaer"
@++A8 Amschel .ayer Rothschild born, the first of .ayer Amschel RothschildDs sons" He like all
his brothers who follow him, will enter the family b!siness at the age of @2"
@++,8 (alomon .ayer Rothschild born"
@++B8 Adam 6eisha!t officially comletes his organisation of the 2ll!minati on .ay @ of this
year" The !rose of the 2ll!minati is to divide the goyim (all non5$ews) thro!gh olitical,
economic, social, and religio!s means" The oosing sides were to be armed and incidents
were to be rovided in order for them to8 fight amongst themselves= destroy national
governments= destroy religio!s instit!tions= and event!ally destroy each other"
6eisha!t soon infiltrates the )ontinental >rder of ;reemasons with this 2ll!minati doctrine and
establishes lodges of the *rand >rient to be their secret head?!arters" This was all !nder the
orders and finance of .ayer Amschel Rothschild and the concet has sread and is followed
within .asonic Godges worldwide to the resent day"
6eisha!t also recr!its 2,000 aid followers incl!ding the most intelligent men in the field of arts
and letters, ed!cation, science, finance,and ind!stry" They were instr!cted to follow the
following methods in order to control eole"
@) Hse monetary and se0 bribery to obtain control of men already in high laces, in the vario!s
levels of all governments and other fields of endeavo!r" >nce infl!ential ersons had fallen for
the lies, deceits, and temtations of the 2ll!minati they were to be held in bondage by alication
of olitical and other forms of blackmail, threats of financial r!in, !blic e0os!re, and fiscal
harm, even death to themselves and loved members of their families" 2) The fac!lties of
colleges and !niversities were to c!ltivate st!dents ossessing e0cetional mental ability
belonging to well5bred families with international leanings, and recommend them for secial
training in internationalism, or rather the notion that only a one5 world government can !t an
end to rec!rring wars and strife" (!ch training was to be rovided by granting scholarshis to
those selected by the 2ll!minati"
A) All infl!ential eole traed into coming !nder the control of the 2ll!minati, l!s the st!dents
who had been secially ed!cated and trained, were to be !sed as agents and laced behind the
scenes of all governments as e0erts and secialists" This was so they wo!ld advise the to
e0ec!tives to adot olicies which wo!ld in the long5r!n serve the secret lans of the 2ll!minati
one5world consiracy and bring abo!t the destr!ction of the governments and religions they
were elected or aointed to serve"
,) To obtain absol!te5control of the ress, at that time the only mass5comm!nications media
which distrib!ted information to the !blic, so that all news and information co!ld be slanted in
order to make the masses believe that a one5world government is the only sol!tion to o!r many
and varied roblems"
@+++8 Eathan .ayer Rothschild born" @+3,8 Adam 6eisha!t iss!es his order for the ;rench
Revol!tion to be started by by .a0imilien Robesierre in book form" This book was written by
one of 6eisha!tDs associates, Favier Iwack, and sent by co!rier from ;rankf!rt to 4aris"
However en ro!te there, the co!rier is str!ck by lightning, the book detailing this lan discovered
by the olice, and handed over to the 'avarian a!thorities"
As a conse?!ence, the 'avarian government orders the olice to raid 6eisha!tDs masonic
lodges of the *rand >rient, and the homes of his most infl!ential associates" )learly, the
'avarian a!thorities were convinced that the book that was discovered was a very real threat by
a rivate gro! of infl!ential eole, to !se wars and revol!tions to achieve their olitical ends"
@+3C8 The 'avarian government o!tlaw the 2ll!minati and close all the 'avarian lodges of the
*rand >rient"
.ayer Amschel Rothschild moves his family home to a five storey ho!se in ;rankf!rt which he
shares with the (chiff family"
@+3B8 The 'avarian government !blish the details of the 2ll!minati lot in a doc!ment entitled,
9The >riginal 6ritings of The >rder and (ect of The 2ll!minati": They then send this doc!ment
to all the heads of ch!rch and state thro!gho!t <!roe, b!t sadly their warning is ignored"
@+338 %almann ()arl) .ayer Rothschild 'orn"
@+398 -!e to the <!roean ignorance of the 'avarian governmentDs warning, the 2ll!minatiDs
lan for a ;rench Revol!tion s!cceeded from this year to @+9A" This revol!tion was a bankersD
dream, it established a new constit!tion and assed laws that forbade the Roman )h!rch from
levying tithes (ta0es) and also removed its e0emtion from ta0ation"
@+908 .ayer Amschel Rothschild states,
9Get me iss!e and control a nationDs money and 2 care not who writes the laws": @+9@8 The
Rothschilds get, 9control of a nationDs money,: thro!gh Ale0ander Hamilton (their agent in
*eorge 6ashingtonDs cabinet) when they set ! a central bank in the H(A called the ;irst 'ank
of the Hnited (tates" This is established with a 20 year charter" @+928 $acob ($ames) .ayer
Rothschild born"
@+9B8 Amschel .ayer Rothschild marries <va Hana!"
@+938 $ohn Robison !blishes a book entitled, 94roofs of a )onsiracy Against All the Religions
and *overnments of <!roe )arried on in the (ecret .eetings of ;reemasons, 2ll!minati and
Reading (ocieties": 2n this book, 4rofessor Robison of the Hniversity of <dinb!rgh, one of the
leading intellects of his time, who in @+3A was elected general secretary of the Royal (ociety of
<dinb!rgh, gave details of the whole Rothschild 2ll!minati lot"
He advised how he had been a high degree mason in the (cottish Rite of ;reemasonry, and
had been invited by Adam 6eisha!t to <!roe, where he had been given a revised coy of
6eisha!tDs consiracy" However, altho!gh he retended to go along with it, 4rofessor Robison
did not agree with it and therefore !blished his aforementioned book" The book incl!ded
details of the 'avarian governmentDs investigation into the 2ll!minati and the ;rench Revol!tion"
That same year on $!ly @9th, -avid 4aen, 4resident of Harvard Hniversity, lect!red the
grad!ating class on the infl!ence ill!minism was having on American olitics and religion"
At the age of 2@, Eathan .ayer Rothschild leaves ;rankf!rt for <ngland, where with a large s!m
of money given to him by his father, he sets ! a banking ho!se in Gondon"
@3008 (alomon .ayer Rothschild marries )aroline (tern"
@30B8 Eaolean states that it is his,
9ob#ect to remove the ho!se of Hess5)assel from r!lershi and to strike it o!t of the list of
owers": >n hearing this, 4rince 6illiam 2F of Hesse5Hana!, flees *ermany, goes to -enmark
and entr!sts his fort!ne val!ed at JA,000,000 at that time to .ayer Amschel Rothschild for
safekeeing" Eathan .ayer Rothschild marries Hannah 'arent )ohen the da!ghter of a wealthy
Gondon merchant"
@3038 Eathan .ayer Rothschild has his first son born Gionel Eathan de Rothschild"
@3@08 (ir ;rancis 'aring and Abraham *oldsmid die" This leaves Eathan .ayer Rothschild as
the remaining ma#or banker in <ngland"
(alomon .ayer Rothschild goes to 7ienna, A!stria and sets ! the bank, ." von Rothschild
!nd (Khne"
@3@@8 The charter for the Rothschilds 'ank of the Hnited (tates r!ns o!t and )ongress votes
against its renewal" Eathan .ayer Rothschild is not am!sed and he states,
9<ither the alication for renewal of the charter is granted, or the Hnited (tates will find itself
involved in a most disastro!s war": However the Hnited (tates stands firm and the )harter is
not renewed, which ca!ses Eathan .ayer Rothschild to iss!e another threat, 9Teach those
im!dent Americans a lesson" 'ring them back to colonial stat!s": @3@28 'acked by Rothschild
money, and Eathan .ayer RothschildDs orders, the 'ritish declare war on the Hnited (tates"
The Rothschilds lan was to ca!se the Hnited (tates to b!ild ! s!ch a debt in fighting this war
that they wo!ld have to s!rrender to the Rothschilds and allow the charter for the Rothschild
owned ;irst 'ank of the Hnited (tates to be renewed" .ayer Amschel Rothschild dies" 2n his will
he lays o!t secific laws that the Ho!se of Rothschild were to follow8 all key ositions in the
family b!siness were only to be held by family members= only male members of the family were
allowed to articiate in the family b!siness, this incl!ded a reorted si0th secret bastard son (2t
is imortant to note that .ayer Amschel Rothschild also has five da!ghters, so today the sread
of the Rothschild Iionist dynasty witho!t the Rothschild name is far and wide, and $ews believe
the mi0ed offsring of a $ewish mother is solely $ewish)= the family was to intermarry with itDs
first and second co!sins to reserve the family fort!ne (of the @3 marriages by .ayer Amschel
RothschildDs grandchildren, @B were between first co!sins L a ractice known today as
inbreeding)= no !blic inventory of his estate was to be !blished= no legal action was to be
taken with regard to the val!e of the inheritance= the eldest son of the eldest son was to become
the head of the family (this condition co!ld only be overt!rned when the ma#ority of the family
agreed otherwise)"
This was straightaway the case and Eathan .ayer Rothschild was elected head of the family
following his father, .ayer Amschel RothschildDs death"
$acob ($ames) .ayer Rothschild goes to 4aris, ;rance to set ! the bank, de Rothschild
Eathaniel de Rothschild, the son in law of $acob ($ames) .ayer Rothschild, born"
@3@,8 6ith regard to the JA,000,000 4rince 6illiam 2F of Hesse5Hana! had entr!sted to .ayer
Amschel Rothschild for safekeeing, for an acco!nt of what haened ne0t we t!rn to the
$ewish <ncycloaedia, @90C edition, 7ol!me @0, age ,9,, which states,
9According to legend this money was hidden away in wine casks, and, escaing the search of
EaoleonDs soldiers when they entered ;rankf!rt, was restored intact in the same casks in
@3@,, when the elector (4rince 6illiam 2F of Hesse5Hana!) ret!rned to the electorate
(*ermany)" The facts are somewhat less romantic, and more b!sinesslike": This last line
indicates the money was never ret!rned by Rothschild to 4rince 6illiam 2F of Hesse5Hana!"
The encycloaedia goes on to state, 9Eathan .ayer Rothschild invested this JA,000,000 in, gold
from the <ast 2ndia )omany knowing that it wo!ld be needed for 6ellingtonDs enins!la
camaign": >n the stolen money Eathan made, 9no less than fo!r rofits8 i) >n the sale of
6ellingtonDs aer which he bo!ght at C0 cents on the dollar and collected at ar= ii) on the sale
of gold to 6ellington= iii) on its re!rchase= and iv) on forwarding it to 4ort!gal": @3@C8 The five
Rothschild brothers work to s!ly gold to both 6ellingtonDs army (thro!gh Eathan in <ngland)
and EaoleonDs army (thro!gh $acob in ;rance), and begin their olicy of f!nding both sides in
wars" The Rothschilds love wars beca!se they are massive generators of risk free debt" This is
beca!se they are g!aranteed by the government of a co!ntry, and therefore the efforts of the
o!lation of that co!ntry, and it doesnDt matter if that co!ntry loses the war beca!se the loans
are given on the g!arantee that the victor will hono!r the debts of the van?!ished"
6hilst the Rothschilds are f!nding both sides in this war, they !se the banks they have sread
o!t across <!roe to give them the oort!nity to set ! an !nrivalled ostal service network of
secret ro!tes and fast co!riers" The ost these co!riers carried was to be oened ! by these
co!riers and their details given to the Rothschilds so they always were one ste ahead of
c!rrent events"
;!rthermore, these Rothschild co!riers were the only merchants allowed to ass thro!gh the
<nglish and ;rench blockades" 2t was these co!riers who also ket Eathan .ayer Rothschild !
to date with how the war was going so he co!ld !se that intelligence to b!y and sell from his
osition on the stock e0change in accordance with that intelligence"
>ne of RothschildDs co!riers was a man named Rothworth" 6hen the o!tcome of the 'attle of
6aterloo was won by the 'ritish, Rothworth took off for the )hannel and was able to deliver this
news to Eathan .ayer Rothschild, a f!ll 2, ho!rs before 6ellingtonDs own co!rier"
At that time 'ritish bonds were called cons!ls and they were traded on the floor of the stock
e0change" Eathan .ayer Rothschild instr!cted all his workers on the floor to start selling
cons!ls" The made all the other traders believe that the 'ritish had lost the war so they started
selling frantically"
Therefore the cons!ls l!mmeted in val!e which was when Eathan .ayer Rothschild discreetly
instr!cted his workers to !rchase all the cons!ls they co!ld lay their hands on"
6hen news came thro!gh that the 'ritish had act!ally won the war, the cons!ls went ! to a
level even higher than before the war ended leaving Eathan .ayer Rothschild with a ret!rn of
aro0imately 20 to @ on his investment"
This gave the Rothschild family comlete control of the 'ritish economy, now the financial
centre of the world following EaoleanDs defeat, and forced <ngland to set ! a new 'ank of
<ngland, which Eathan .ayer Rothschild controlled"
2nterestingly @00 years later the Eew /ork Times wo!ld r!n a story stating that Eathan .ayer
RothschildDs grandson had attemted to sec!re a co!rt order to s!ress !blication of a book
which had this insider trading story in it" The Rothschild family claimed the story was !ntr!e and
libello!s, b!t the co!rt denied the Rothschilds re?!est and ordered the family to ay all co!rt
'ack to @3@C, this is the year Eathan .ayer Rothschild makes his famo!s statement,
92 care not what !et is laced !on the throne of <ngland to r!le the <mire on which the
s!n never sets" The man who controls 'ritainDs money s!ly controls the 'ritish <mire, and 2
control the 'ritish money s!ly": He wo!ld go onto brag that in the @+ years he had been in
<ngland he had increased the N20,000 stake given to him by his father, 2C00 times to NC0
million" The Rothschilds also !se their control of the 'ank of <ngland to relace the method of
shiing gold from co!ntry to co!ntry and instead !sed their five banks sread across <!roe to
set ! a system of aer debits and credits, the banking system of today"
'y the end of this cent!ry, a eriod of time that was known as the, 9Age of the Rothschilds,: it is
estimated that the Rothschild family controlled half the wealth of the world"
However something that did not go well for the Rothschilds this year was the )ongress of
7ienna, which started in (etember, @3@, and concl!ded in $!ne of this year" The reason for
this )ongress of 7ienna, was for the Rothschilds to create a form of world government, to give
them comlete olitical control over m!ch of the civili&ed world"
.any of the <!roean governments were in debt to the Rothschilds, so they fig!red they co!ld
!se that as a bargaining tool" However the Tsar Ale0ander 2 of R!ssia, who had not s!cc!mbed
to a Rothschild central bank, wo!ld not go along with the lan, so the Rothschild world
government lan failed"
<nraged by this, Eathan .ayer Rothschild swore that some day he or his descendants wo!ld
destroy the Tsar Ale0ander 2Ds entire family and descendants" Hnfort!nately he was tr!e to his
word and @02 years later Rothschild f!nded 'olsheviks wo!ld act !on that romise"
2nterestingly, world government fanatic and Ashkena&i $ew, Henry %issinger, did his doctoral
dissertation on the )ongress of 7ienna"
@3@B8 The American )ongress asses a bill ermitting yet another Rothschild dominated central
bank, which gives the Rothschilds control of the American money s!ly again" This is called
the (econd 'ank of the Hnited (tates and is given a twenty year charter" The 'ritish war
against the America therefore ends with the deaths of tho!sands of 'ritish and American
soldiers, b!t the Rothschilds get their bank"
@3@38 ;ollowing the ;rench sec!ring massive loans in @3@+ in order to hel reb!ild after their
disastro!s defeat at 6aterloo, Rothschild agents bo!ght vast amo!nts of ;rench government
bonds ca!sing their val!e to increase"
>n Eovember Cth they d!med the lot on the oen market ca!sing their val!e to l!mmet and
;rance to go into a financial anic" The Rothschilds then steed in to take control of the ;rench
money s!ly" This was the same year the Rothschilds were able to loan NC,000,000 to the
4r!ssian government"
@32@8 %almann ()arl) .ayer Rothschild was sent to Eales, 2taly" He wo!ld end ! doing a lot
of b!siness with the 7atican and 4oe *regory F72 s!bse?!ently conferred !on him the >rder
of (t" *eorge"
Also, whenever the 4oe received %almann, he wo!ld give him his hand rather than the
c!stomary toe to kiss, which showed the e0tent of %almannDs ower over the 7atican"
@3228 The emeror of A!stria made the five Rothschild brothers 'arons" Eathan .ayer
Rothschild chose not to take ! the title"
@32A8 The Rothschilds take over the financial oerations of the )atholic )h!rch, worldwide"
@32+8 (ir 6alter (cott !blishes his nine vol!me set, The life of Eaolean and in vol!me two he
states that the ;rench Revol!tion was lanned by the 2ll!minati (Adam 6eisha!t) and was
financed by the money changers of <!roe (The Rothschilds)"
@3A28 4resident Andrew $ackson (the +th 4resident of the Hnited (tates from @329 to @3A+),
r!ns the camaign for his second term in office !nder the slogan, 9$ackson And Eo 'ankO: This
is in reference to his lan to take the control of the American money system to benefit the
American eole, not for the rofiteering of the Rothschilds"
@3AA8 4resident Andrew $ackson starts removing the governmentDs deosits from the
Rothschild controlled, (econd 'ank of the Hnited (tates and instead deosits them into banks
directed by democratic bankers"
This ca!ses the Rothschilds to anic and so they do what they do best, contract the money
s!ly ca!sing a deression" 4resident $ackson knows what they are ! to and later states,
9/o! are a den of thieves viers, and 2 intend to ro!t yo! o!t, and by the <ternal *od, 2 will ro!t
yo! o!t": @3A,8 The 2talian revol!tionary leader, *!isee .a&&ini, is selected by the 2ll!minati
to direct their revol!tionary rogram thro!gho!t the world and wo!ld serve in that caacity !ntil
he died in @3+2" @3AC8 >n $an!ary A0, an assassin tries to shoot 4resident $ackson, b!t
mirac!lo!sly both of the assassinDs istols misfired" 4resident $ackson wo!ld later claim that he
knew the Rothschilds were resonsible for that attemted assassination" He is not the only one,
the assassin, Richard Gawrence, who was fo!nd not g!ilty by reason of insanity, later bragged
that owerf!l eole in <!roe had hired him and romised to rotect him if he were ca!ght"
The Rothschilds ac?!ire the rights in the AlmadPn ?!icksilver mines in (ain" This was at the
time the biggest concession in the world and as ?!icksilver was a vital comonent in the refining
of gold or silver this gave the Rothschilds a virt!al world monooly"
@3AB8 ;ollowing his years of fighting against the Rothschilds and their central bank in America,
4resident Andrew $ackson finally s!cceeds in throwing the Rothschilds central bank o!t of
America, when the bankDs charter is not renewed" 2t wo!ld not be !ntil @9@A that the Rothschilds
wo!ld be able to set ! their third central bank in America, the ;ederal Reserve, and to ens!re
no mistakes are made, this time they will !t one of their own bloodline, $acob (chiff, in charge
of the ro#ect"
Eathan .ayer Rothschild dies and the control of his bank, E" ." Rothschild Q (ons is assed
on to his yo!nger brother, $ames .ayer Rothschild"
@3A+8 The Rothschilds send one of their own, A!g!st 'elmont, an Ashkena&i $ew, to America to
salvage their banking interests defeated by 4resident Andrew $ackson"
@3,08 The Rothschilds become the 'ank of <nglandDs b!llion brokers" They set ! agencies in
)alifornia and A!stralia"
@3,@8 4resident $ohn Tyler (the @0th 4resident of the Hnited (tates ;rom @3,@ to @3,C) vetoed
the act to renew the charter for the 'ank of the Hnited (tates" He goes on to receive h!ndreds
of letters threatening him with assassination"
@3,,8 (alomon .ayer Rothschild !rchases the Hnited )oal .ines of 7Rtkovice and A!stro5
H!ngarian 'last ;!rnace )omany that wo!ld go on to be one of the to ten global ind!strial
'en#amin -israeli, an Ashkena&i $ew (who wo!ld go on to become 'ritish 4rime .inister twice
L the only admitted Ashkena&i $ew to do so) !blishes )oningsby, in which he characterises
Eathan .ayer Rothschild as,
9the Gord and .aster of the money markets of the world, and of co!rse virt!ally Gord and .aster
of everything else" He literally held the reven!es of (o!thern 2taly in awn, and .onarchs and
.inisters of all co!ntries co!rted his advice and were g!ided by his s!ggestions": @3,C8 The
*reat American 4atriot, Andrew $ackson (+th 4resident of the Hnited (tates) dies" 'efore his
death he is asked what he regarded his as greatest achievement" He relies witho!t hesitation,
92 %illed The 'ank,: This is in reference to the fact he banished the Rothschilds (econd 'ank of
the Hnited (tates in @3AB" $acob ($ames) .ayer Rothschild (who by now had married his niece,
'etty, (alomon .ayer RothschildDs da!ghter), now known as 'aron $ames de Rothschild, wins
the contract to b!ild the first ma#or railway line across the co!ntry"
This was called the )hemin -e ;er -! Eord and ran initially from 4aris to 7alenciennes and
then #oined with the A!strian rail network b!ilt by his brother (and wifeDs father L all so!nds a bit
sordid doesnDt it) (alomon .ayer Rothschild"
@3,+8 Gionel -e Rothschild now married to the da!ghter of his !ncle, %almann ()arl) .ayer
Rothschild, is elected to the arliamentary seat for the )ity of Gondon"
A re?!irement for entering arliament was to take an oath in the tr!e faith of a )hristian" Gionel
-e Rothschild ref!sed to do this as he was $ewish and his seat in arliament remained emty
for @@ years !ntil new oaths were allowed" He m!st have been an inval!able reresentative for
his constit!ency, bearing in mind he co!ld never vote on any bill as he never entered
arliamentO 2 wonder how he managed to kee his arliamentary seat for @@ yearsS
@3,38 %arl .ar0, an Ashkena&i $ew, !blishes, 9The )omm!nist .anifesto": 2nterestingly at the
same time as he is working on this, %arl Ritter of ;rankf!rt Hniversity was writing the antithesis
which wo!ld form the basis for ;reidrich 6ilhelm Eiet&scheDs, 9Eiet&scheanism": This
Eiet&echeanism was later develoed into ;ascism and then into Ea&ism and was !sed to
forment the first and second world wars"
.ar0, Ritter, and Eiet&sche were all f!nded and !nder the instr!ction of the Rothschilds" The
idea was that those who direct the overall consiracy co!ld !se the differences in those two so5
called ideologies to enable them to divide larger and larger factions of the h!man race into
oosing cams so that they co!ld be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying
each other, and artic!larly, to destroy all olitical and religio!s instit!tions" The same lan !t
forward by 6eisha!t in @++B"
<va Hana!, Amschel .ayer RothschildDs wife dies"
@3,98 *!tle (chnaer, .ayer Amschel RothschildDs wife dies" 'efore her death she wo!ld
nonchalantly state,
92f my sons did not want wars, there wo!ld be none": @3C08 )onstr!ction begins this decade on
the manor ho!ses of .entmore in <ngland and ;erriMres in ;rance, more Rothschilds .anors
will follow thro!gho!t the world, all of them filled with works of art" $acob ($ames) Rothschild in
;rance is said to be worth B00 million francs, which at the time was @C0 million francs more than
all the other bankers in ;rance !t together"
@3C28 E"." Rothschild Q (ons begins refining gold and silver for the Royal .int and the 'ank of
<ngland and other international c!stomers"
@3CA8 Eathaniel de Rothschild, the son in law of $acob ($ames) .ayer Rothschild, !rchases
)hTtea! 'rane .o!ton, the 'ordea!0 vineyard of .o!ton, and renames it )hTtea! .o!ton
@3C,8 )aroline (tern, (alomon .ayer RothschildDs wife, dies"
@3CC8 Amschel .ayer Rothschild dies"
(alomon .ayer Rothschild dies"
%almann ()arl) .ayer Rothschild dies"
@3C38 Gionel -e Rothschild finally takes his seat in arliament when the re?!irement to take an
oath in the tr!e faith of a )hristian is broadened to incl!de other oaths" He becomes the first
$ewish member of the 'ritish arliament"
@3B@8 4resident Abraham Gincoln (@Bth 4resident of the Hnited (tates from @3B0 till his
assassination in @3BC) aroaches the big banks in Eew /ork to try to obtain loans to s!ort
the ongoing American civil war" As these large banks were heavily !nder the infl!ence of the
Rothschilds, they offer him a deal they know he cannot accet, 2,1 to AB1 interest on all
monies loaned"
Gincoln is very angry abo!t this high level of interest and so he rints his own debt free money
and informs the !blic that this is now legal tender for both !blic and rivate debts"
@3B28 'y Aril J,,9,AA3,902 worth of GincolnDs debt free money has been rinted and
distrib!ted" He states of this,
96e gave the eole of this re!blic the greatest blessing they ever had, their own aer money
to ay their own debts": That same year The Times of Gondon !blishes a story containing the
following statement, 92f that mischievo!s financial olicy, which had its origin in the Eorth
American Re!blic, sho!ld become ind!rated down to a fi0t!re, then that government will
f!rnish its own money witho!t cost" 2t will ay off debts and be witho!t a debt" 2t will have all the
money necessary to carry on its commerce" 2t will become rosero!s beyond recedent in the
history of civili&ed governments of the world" The brains and the wealth of all co!ntries will go to
Eorth America" That government m!st be destroyed or it will destroy every monarchy on the
globe": @3BA8 4resident Abraham Gincoln discovers the Tsar of R!ssia, Ale0ander 22 (@3CC
@33@), was having roblems with the Rothschilds as well as he was ref!sing their contin!al
attemts to set ! a central bank in R!ssia" The Tsar then gives 4resident Gincoln some
!ne0ected hel" The Tsar iss!ed orders that if either <ngland or ;rance actively intervened in
the American )ivil 6ar, and hel the (o!th, R!ssia wo!ld consider s!ch action a declaration of
war, and take the side of 4resident Gincoln" To show that he wasnDt messing abo!t, he sent art
of his 4acific ;leet to ort in (an ;rancisco and another art to Eew /ork"
The Rothschild banking ho!se in Eales, 2taly, )" ." de Rothschild e figli, closes following the
!nification of 2taly" The Rothschilds !se one of their own in America, $ohn -" Rockefeller, to
form an oil b!siness called (tandard >il which event!ally takes over all of its cometition"
@3B,8 Rothschild, A!g!st 'elmont, who by now is the -emocratic 4artyDs Eational )hairman,
s!orts *eneral *eorge .c)lellan as the -emocratic nominee to r!n against 4resident
Abraham Gincoln in this yearDs election" .!ch to the anger of 'elmont, 4resident Gincoln wins
the election"
@3BC8 2n a statement to )ongress, 4resident Abraham Gincoln states,
92 have two great enemies, the (o!thern Army in front of me, and the financial instit!tions in the
rear" >f the two, the one in my rear is my greatest foe": Gater that year, on Aril @,, 4resident
Gincoln is assassinated, less than two months before the end of the American )ivil 6ar"
;ollowing a brief training eriod in the Rothschilds Gondon 'ank, $acob (chiff, a Rothschild,
born in their ho!se in ;rankf!rt, arrives in America at the age of @3, with instr!ctions and the
finance necessary to b!y into a banking ho!se there" The !rose of this was to carry o!t the
following tasks"
@" *ain control of AmericaDs money system thro!gh the establishment of a central bank" 2" ;ind
desirable men, who for a rice, wo!ld be willing to serve as stooges for the 2ll!minati and
romote them into high laces in the federal government, the )ongress, (!reme )o!rt, and all
the federal agencies" A" )reate minority gro! strife thro!gho!t the nations, artic!larly targeting
the whites and blacks" ," )reate a movement to destroy religion in the Hnited (tates, with
)hristianity as the main target" Eathaniel de Rothschild becomes .ember of 4arliament for
Aylesb!ry in '!ckinghamshire" @3B38 $acob ($ames) .ayer Rothschild dies, shortly after
!rchasing )hTtea! Gafite, one of the fo!r great remier grand cr! estates of ;rance" He is the
last of .ayer Amschel RothschildDs sons to die"
@3+08 Eathaniel de Rothschild dies"
@3+@8 An American *eneral named, Albert 4ike, who had been enticed into the 2ll!minati by
*!issee .a&&ini, comletes his military bl!erint for three world wars and vario!s revol!tions
thro!gho!t the world, c!lminating into moving this great consiracy into its final stage"
The first world war is to be fo!ght for the !rose of destroying the Tsar in R!ssia,as romised
by Eathan .ayer Rothschild in @3@C" The Tsar is to be relaced with comm!nism which is to be
!sed to attack religions, redominantly )hristianity" The differences between the 'ritish and
*erman emires are to be !sed to forment this war"
The second world war is to be !sed to forment the controversy between facism and olitical
&ionism with the sla!ghter of $ews in *ermany a lynchin in bringing hatred against the *erman
eole" This is designed to destroy fascism (which the Rothschilds created) and increase the
ower of olitical &ionism" This war is also designed to increase the ower of comm!nism to the
level that it e?!alled that of !nited )hristendom"
The third world war is to be layed o!t by stirring ! hatred of the .!slim world for the !roses
of laying the 2slamic world and the olitical &ionists off against one another" 6hilst this is going
on, the remaining nations wo!ld be forced to fight themselves into a state of mental, hysical,
sirit!al and economic e0ha!stion"
>n A!g!st @Cth of this year, Albert 4ike writes a letter (now catalog!ed in the 'ritish .!se!m)
to *!isee .a&&ini in which he states the following,
96e shall !nleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall rovoke a great social cataclysm
which in all its horror will show clearly to all nations the effect of absol!te atheism= the origins of
savagery and of most bloody t!rmoil" Then everywhere, the eole will be forced to defend
themselves against the world minority of the world revol!tionaries and will e0terminate those
destroyers of civili&ation and the m!ltit!des disill!sioned with )hristianity whose sirits will be
from that moment witho!t direction and leadershi and an0io!s for an ideal, b!t witho!t
knowledge where to send its adoration, will receive the tr!e light thro!gh the !niversal
manifestation of the !re doctrine of G!cifer bro!ght finally o!t into !blic view" A manifestation
which will res!lt from a general reactionary movement which will follow the destr!ction of
)hristianity and Atheism= both con?!ered and e0terminated at the same time":
4ike, who having been elected as (overeign *rand )ommander of the (cottish Rite of
;reemasonryDs (o!thern $!risdiction in @3C9, was the most owerf!l ;reemason in America" He
wo!ld retain that ost for A2 years !ntil his death in @39@" He also !blished a book on the
s!b#ect in @3+2 entitled, 9.orals and -ogma of the Ancient and Acceted (cottish Rite of
;reemasonry,: in which he candidly states the following, 9GH)2;<R, the Gight5
bearerO (trange and mysterio!s name to give to the (irit of -arknesssO G!cifer, the (on of the
.orningO 2s it he who bears the Gight, and with its slendors intolerable blinds feeble, sens!al or
selfish (o!lsS -o!bt it notO: @3+28 4rior to *!isee .a&&iniDs death this year, he makes
another revol!tionary leader named Adrian Gemmy his s!ccessor" Gemmy will be s!bse?!ently
s!cceeded by Genin and Trotsky, then by (talin" The revol!tionary activities of all these men are
financed by the Rothschilds" @3+A8 The loss making Rio Tinto coer mines in (ain, are
!rchased by a gro! of foreign financiers incl!ding the Rothschilds" These mines reresented
<!roeDs largest so!rce of coer"
@3+C8 >n $an!ary @ of this year $acob (chiff, now (olomon GoebDs son5 in5law after marrying
his da!ghter, Teresa, takes control of the banking ho!se, %!hn, Goeb Q )o" He goes on to
finance $ohn -" RockefellerDs (tandard >il )omany, <dward R" HarrimanDs Railroad <mire,
and Andrew )arnegieDs (teel <mire" This is all with Rothschild money"
He then identifies the other largest bankers in America at that time" They are, $"4" .organ who
controls 6all (treet, and the -re0els and the 'iddles of 4hiladelhia" All the other financiers,
big and little, danced to the m!sic of those three ho!ses" (chiff then gets the <!roean
Rothschilds to set ! <!roean branches of these three large banks on the !nderstanding that
(chiff, and therefore Rothschild, is to be the boss of banking in Eew /ork and therefore
E . Rothschild Q (ons !ndertake a share iss!e to raise caital for the first channel t!nnel
ro#ect to link ;rance to <ngland, with half of its caital coming from the Rothschild owned
)omagnie d! )hemin de ;er d! Eord"
This year Gionel -e Rothschild also loans 4rime .inister 'en#amin -israeli the finance for the
'ritish government to !rchase the shares in the (!e& )anal, from %hedive (aid of <gyt" This
was done as the Rothschilds needed this access ro!te to be held by a government they
controlled, so they co!ld !se that governmentDs military to rotect their h!ge b!siness interests
in the .iddle <ast"
@3+B8 >tto von 'ismarck states,
9The division of the Hnited (tates into two federations of e?!al force was decided long before
the civil war by the high financial ower of <!roe" These bankers were afraid that the Hnited
(tates, if they remained in one block and as one nation, wo!ld attain economical and financial
indeendence, which wo!ld !set their financial domination over the world" The voice of the
Rothschilds redominated" They foresaw the tremendo!s booty if they co!ld s!bstit!te two
feeble democracies, indebted to the financiers, to the vigoro!s Re!blic, confident and self5
roviding" Therefore they started their emissaries in order to e0loit the ?!estion of slavery and
th!s dig an abyss between the two arts of the Re!blic":
@3+98 Gionel de Rothschild dies" @3308 Rothschild agents begin formenting a series of ogroms
redominantly in R!ssia, b!t also in 4oland, '!lgaria and Romania" These ogroms res!lted in
the sla!ghter of tho!sands of innocent $ews, ca!sing aro0imately 2 million to flee, mainly to
Eew /ork, b!t also to )hicago, 4hiladelhia, 'oston and Gos Angeles"
The reason these ogroms were initiated, was to create a large $ewish base in America, who
when they arrived, wo!ld be ed!cated to register as -emocrat voters" (ome twenty years later,
this wo!ld res!lt in in a massive -emocratic ower base in the Hnited (tates and be !sed to
elect Rothschild front men s!ch as 6oodrow 6ilson, to the 4residency, to carry o!t the bidding
of the Rothschilds"
@33@8 4resident $ames A" *arfield (The 20th 4resident of the Hnited (tates who lasted only @00
-ays) states two weeks before he is assassinated,
96hoever controls the vol!me of money in o!r co!ntry is absol!te master of all ind!stry and
commerceand when yo! reali&e that the entire system is very easily controlled, one way or
another, by a few owerf!l men at the to, yo! will not have to be told how eriods of inflation
and deression originate": <dmond $ames de Rothschild has a son .a!rice de Rothschild"
@33A8 After B,000 feet of t!nnel in the channel t!nnel ro#ect being e0cavated, the 'ritish
government halt the ro#ect citing the fact that it wo!ld be a threat to 'ritainDs sec!rity"
@33C8 Eathaniel Rothschild, son of Gionel -e Rothschild, becomes the first $ewish eer and is
takes the title of Gord Rothschild"
@33B8 The ;rench Rothschild bank, de Rothschild ;rMres obtains s!bstantial amo!nts of
R!ssiaDs oil fields and forms the )asian and 'lack (ea 4etrole!m )omany, which ?!ickly
becomes the worldDs second largest oil rod!cer"
@33+8 >i!m trafficker in )hina, <dward Albert (assoon, marries Aline )aroline de Rothschild,
the grand5da!ghter of $acob ($ames) .ayer Rothschild" Aline )arolineDs father, *!stave,
together with his brother, Alhonse, took over the RothschildDs french arm following their father
$acobDs death"
The Rothschilds finance the amalgamation of the %imberley diamond mines in (o!th Africa"
They s!bse?!ently become the biggest shareholders of this comany, -e 'eers, and mine
recio!s stones in Africa and 2ndia"
@3338 EoPmie Halhen, f!t!re wife of .a!rice de Rothschild born"
@39@8 The 'ritish Gabo!r Geader makes the following statement on the s!b#ect of the
9This blood5s!cking crew has been the ca!se of !ntold mischief and misery in <!roe d!ring
the resent cent!ry, and has iled ! its rodigio!s wealth chiefly thro!gh fomenting wars
between (tates which o!ght never to have ?!arrelled" 6henever there is tro!ble in <!roe,
wherever r!mo!rs of war circ!late and menDs minds are distra!ght with fear of change and
calamity yo! may be s!re that a hook5nosed Rothschild is at his games somewhere near the
region of the dist!rbance":
)omments like this worry the Rothschilds and towards the end of the @300Us they !rchase
Re!ters news agency so they can have some control of the media" @39C8 <dmond $ames de
Rothschild the yo!ngest son of $acob ($ames) .ayer Rothschild visits 4alestine and
s!bse?!ently s!lies the f!nds to fo!nd the first $ewish colonies there, this is to f!rther their
long term ob#ective of creating a Rothschild owned co!ntry"
@39+8 The Rothschilds fo!nd the Iionist )ongress to romote Iionism (a olitical movement
with the sole aim of moving all $ews into a sing!larly $ewish nation state) and arrange its first
meeting in .!nich" However d!e to e0treme oosition from local $ews, who are ?!ite hay
where they are, this meeting has to be moved to 'asle, (wit&erland and takes lace on 29
A!g!st" The meeting is chaired by Ashkena&i $ew, Theodor Her&l, who wo!ld state in his
92t is essential that the s!fferings of $ews"become worse"this will assist in reali&ation of o!r
lans"2 have an e0cellent idea"2 shall ind!ce anti5(emites to li?!idate $ewish wealth"The anti5
(emites will assist !s thereby in that they will strengthen the ersec!tion and oression of
$ews" The anti5(emites shall be o!r best friends": Her&l is s!bse?!ently elected 4resident of the
Iionist >rganisation which adots the, 9Rothschild Red He0agram or (ign,: as the Iionist flag
which C@ years later will end ! as the flag of 2srael" <dward Henry Harriman becomes a
director of the Hnion 4acific Railroad and goes on to take control of the (o!thern 4acific
Railroad" This is all financed by the Rothschilds"
@3938 ;erdinand de Rothschild dies"
@90@8 The $ews from the colonies set ! in 4alestine by <dmond $ames de Rothschild, send a
delegation to him which tell him,
92f yo! wish to save the /ish!v (The $ewish settlement) first take yo!r hands from it, andfor
once ermit the colonists to have the ossibility of correcting for themselves what needs
correcting": <dmond $ames de Rothschild is very angry abo!t this and states, 92 created the
/ish!v, 2 alone" Therefore no men, neither colonists nor organisations have the right to interfere
in my lans": The Rothschild banking ho!se in ;rankf!rt, *ermany, ." A" von Rothschild !nd
(Khne, closes as there is no male Rothschild heir to take it on" @9028 4hilie de Rothschild
@90C8 A gro! of Rothschild backed Iionist $ews led by *eorgi Aollonovich *aon attemt to
overthrow the Tsar in R!ssia in a )omm!nist )o!" They fail and are forced to flee R!ssia only
to be given ref!ge in *ermany"
The $ewish <ncycloaedia (7ol" 2, ",9+) states,
92t is a somewhat c!rio!s se?!el to the attemt to set ! a )atholic cometitor to the
Rothschilds that at the resent time the latter are the g!ardians of the aal treas!re": @90B8
The Rothschilds claim that d!e to growing instability in the region and increasing cometition
from Rockefeller (the Rockefeller family are Rothschild descendants thro!gh a female bloodline)
owned (tandard >il, this is why they sell their )asian and 'lack (ea 4etrole!m )omany to
Royal -!tch and (hell" This is another e0amle of the Rothschilds trying to hide their tr!e
wealth" @90+8 Rothschild, $acob (chiff, the head of %!hn, Goeb and )o", in a seech to the Eew
/ork )hamber of )ommerce, warns that,
9Hnless we have a )entral 'ank with ade?!ate control of credit reso!rces, this co!ntry is going
to !ndergo the most severe and far reaching money anic in its history": (!ddenly America
finds itself in the middle of another tyical r!n of the mill Rothschild engineered financial crisis,
which r!ins as !s!al r!ins the lives of millions of innocent eole thro!gho!t America and
makes billions for the Rothschilds" @9098 $acob (chiff fo!nds the Eational Advancement for the
Association of the )olo!red 4eole (EAA)4)" This was done to incite black eole into roiting,
looting and other forms of disorder, in order to ca!se a rift between the black and white
comm!nities" $ewish historian, Howard (achar, states the following in his book, 9A History of
the $ews in America,:
92n @9@,, 4rofessor <merit!s $oel (ingarn of )ol!mbia Hniversity became chairman of the
EAA)4 and recr!ited for its board s!ch $ewish leaders as $acob (chiff, $acob 'illikof, and
Rabbi (tehen 6ise": >ther Ashkena&i $ew co5fo!nders incl!ded $!li!s Rosenthal, Gillian 6ald
and Rabbi <mil *" Hirsch" 2t was not !ntil @920 that the EAA)4 aointed its first black
resident, $ames 6eldon $ohnson" .a!rice de Rothschild marries Ashkena&i $ew, EoPmie
@9@@8 6erner (ombart, in his book, 9The $ews and .odern )aitalism,: stated that from @320
on, it was the,
9Age of the Rothschild,: and concl!ded that there was, 9>nly one ower in <!roe, and that is
Rothschild": @9@28 2n the -ecember iss!e of, 9Tr!th,: maga&ine, *eorge R" )onroy states of
banker $acob (chiff, 9.r (chiff is head of the great rivate banking ho!se of %!hn, Goeb, and
co, which reresents the Rothschilds interests on this side of the Atlantic" He has been
described as financial strategist and has been for years the financial minister of the great
imersonal ower known as (tandard >il"
He was hand in glove with the Harrimans, the *o!lds, and the Rockefellers in all their railroad
enterrises and has become the dominant ower in the railroad and financial ower of
America": @9@A8 >n .arch ,, 6oodrow 6ilson is elected the 23th 4resident of the Hnited
(tates" (hortly after he is ina!g!rated, he is visited in the 6hite Ho!se by Ashkena&i $ew,
(am!el Hntermyer, of law firm, *!ggenheim, Hntermyer, and .arshall, who tries to blackmail
him for the s!m of J,0,000 in relation to an affair 6ilson had whilst he was a rofessor at
4rinceton Hniversity, with a fellow rofessorDs wife" 4resident 6ilson does not have the money,
so Hntermyer vol!nteers to ay the J,0,000 o!t of his own ocket to the woman 6ilson had
had the affair with, on the condition that 6ilson romise to aoint to the first vacancy on the
Hnited (tates (!reme )o!rt a nominee to be recommended to 4resident 6ilson by
Hntermyer" 6ilson agrees to this"
$acob (chiff sets ! the Anti -efamation Geag!e (A-G) in the Hnited (tates" This organisation
is formed to slander anyone who ?!estions or challenges the Rothschild global consiracy as,
(trangely eno!gh, the same year that they do this they also set ! their last and c!rrent central
bank in America, the ;ederal Reserve" )ongressman )harles Gindbergh stated following the
assing of the ;ederal Reserve Act on -ecember 2A,
9The Act establishes the most gigantic tr!st on earth" 6hen the 4resident signs this 'ill, the
invisible government of the monetary ower will be legali&edVV"The greatest crime of the ages
is eretrated by this banking and c!rrency bill": 2t is imortant to note that the ;ederal Reserve
is a rivate comany, it is neither ;ederal nor does it have any Reserve" 2t is conservatively
estimated that rofits e0ceed J@C0 billion er year and the ;ederal Reserve has never once in
its history !blished acco!nts" @9@,8 The start of 6orld 6ar 2" 2n this war, the *erman
Rothschilds loan money to the *ermans, the 'ritish Rothschilds loan money to the 'ritish, and
the ;rench Rothschilds loan money to the ;rench"
;!thermore, the Rothschilds have control of the three <!roean news agencies, 6olff (est"
@3,9) in *ermany, Re!ters (est" @3C@) in <ngland, and Havas (est" @3AC) in ;rance"
The Rothschilds !se 6olff to mani!late the *erman eole into a fervo!r for war" ;rom aro!nd
this time, the Rothschilds are rarely reorted in the media, beca!se they own the media"
@9@B8 >n $!ne ,, Ashkena&i $ew, Go!is -embit& 'randeis is aointed to the (!reme )o!rt of
the Hnited (tates by 4resident 6ilson as er his agreed blackmail ayment to (am!el
Hntermyer some three years earlier" $!stice 'randeis is also the elected leader of the <0ec!tive
)ommittee for Iionist Affairs, a osition he has held since @9@,"
The middle of 6orld 6ar 22" *ermany were winning the war as they were being financed by the
Rothschilds to a greater e0tent than ;rance, 2taly and <ngland, beca!se Rothschilds, did not
want to s!ort the Tsar in R!ssia, and of co!rse R!ssia was on the same side as ;rance, 2taly
and <ngland"
Then a significant event occ!rred" *ermany, altho!gh they were winning the war and not one
foreign soldier had set foot on their soil, offered armistice to 'ritain with no re?!irement of
rearations" The Rothschilds were an0io!s to make s!re this didnDt haen as they were
e0ecting to make far more money off this war, so they layed another card they had ! their
6hilst the 'ritish were considering *ermanyDs offer, Rothschild agent Go!is 'randeis sends a
Iionist delegation from America to 'ritain to romise to bring America into the war on the side of
the 'ritish, rovided the 'ritish agree to give the land of 4alestine to the Rothschilds"
Must See: Video: Gog and Magog in the Modern Age
The Rothschilds wanted 4alestine for the following reason" They had great b!siness interests in
the far east and desired their own state in that area along with their own military which they
co!ld !se as an aggressor to any state that threatened those interests"
The 'ritish s!bse?!ently agree to the deal for 4alestine and the Iionists in Gondon contact their
co!nterarts in America and inform them of this fact" (!ddenly all the ma#or newsaers in
America that ! to that oint had been ro5*erman t!rned on *ermany r!nning roaganda
ieces s!ch as8 *erman soldiers were killing Red )ross E!rses= *erman soldiers were c!tting
off babies hands, etc, in order to mani!late the American !blic against the *ermans"
This same year, 4resident 6oodrow 6ilson, ran a re5election camaign !nder the slogan, 9Re5
<lect The .an 6ho 6ill %ee /o!r (ons >!t >f The 6ar":
>n -ecember @2, *ermany and her allies offer eace terms to end the war"
@9@+8 As a res!lt of *ermanyDs offer of eace the Rothschild war machine goes into overdrive in
America, sreading roaganda which leads to 4resident 6ilson !nder the instr!ctions of
American Iionist leader and (!reme )o!rt $!stice, Go!is -embit& 'randeis, reneging on his
romise to the electorate and taking America into the first world war on Aril B"
As er the Rothschild Iionist romise to the 'ritish, to take America into the war, they decide
they want something in writing from the 'ritish to rove that they will !hold their side of the
bargain" The 'ritish ;oreign (ecretary, Arth!r $ames 'alfo!r therefore drafts a letter which is
commonly known as the, 9'alfo!r -eclaration,: which is rerinted below"
;oreign >ffice Eovember 2nd, @9@+
-ear Gord Rothschild,
2 have m!ch leas!re in conveying to yo!, on behalf of His .a#estyDs *overnment, the following
declaration of symathy with $ewish Iionist asirations which has been s!bmitted to, and
aroved by, the )abinet"
His .a#estyDs *overnment view with favo!r the establishment in 4alestine of a national home
for the $ewish eole, and will !se their best endeavo!rs to facilitate the achievement of this
ob#ect, it being clearly !nderstood that nothing shall be done which may re#!dice the civil and
religio!s rights of e0isting non5$ewish comm!nities in 4alestine, or the rights and olitical stat!s
en#oyed by $ews in any other co!ntry"
2 sho!ld be gratef!l if yo! wo!ld bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Iionist
/o!rs sincerely,
Arth!r $ames 'alfo!r
The Rothschilds order the e0ec!tion by the 'olsheviks they control, of Tsar Eicholas 22 and his
entire family in R!ssia, even tho!gh the Tsar had already abdicated on .arch 2" This is both to
get control of the co!ntry and an act of revenge for Tsar Ale0ander 2 blocking their world
government lan in @3@C at the )ongress >f 7ienna, and Tsar Ale0ander 22 siding with
4resident Abraham Gincoln in @3B," 2t is e0tremely imortant for them to sla!ghter the entire
family incl!ding women and children in order to make good on the romise to do so made by
Eathan .ayer Rothschild in @3@C" 2t is designed to show the world what haens if yo! ever
attemt to cross the Rothschilds"
H"(" )ongressman >scar )allaway informs )ongress that $" 4" .organ is a Rothschild front
and has taken control of the American media ind!stry" He states,
92n .arch, @9@C, the $"4" .organ interests, the steel, shib!ilding, and owder interest, and
their s!bsidiary organi&ations, got together @2 men high ! in the newsaer world and
emloyed them to select the most infl!ential newsaers in the Hnited (tates and s!fficient
n!mber of them to control generally the olicy of the daily ressV VThey fo!nd it was only
necessary to !rchase the control of 2C of the greatest aersVAn agreement was reached"
The olicy of the aers was bo!ght, to be aid for by the month, an editor was f!rnished for
each aer to roerly s!ervise and edit information regarding the ?!estions of rearedness,
militarism, financial olicies, and other things of national and international nat!re considered
vital to the interests of the !rchasers":
@9@98 2n $an!ary, Ashkena&i $ews, %arl Giebknecht and Rosa G!0emb!rg, are killed as they
attemt to lead another Rothschild f!nded )omm!nist co!, this time in 'erlin, *ermany" The
7ersailles eace conference is held to decide rearations that the *ermans need to ay to the
victors following the end of the first world war" A delegation of @@+ Iionists headed ! by
Ashkena&i $ew, 'ernard 'ar!ch, bring ! the s!b#ect of the romise of 4alestine for them" At
this oint the *ermans realised why America had t!rned on them and !nder whose infl!ence,
the Rothschilds"
The *ermans, nat!rally, felt they had been betrayed by the Iionists" This is beca!se, at the
time the Rothschilds made their deal with 'ritain for 4alestine, in e0change for bringing America
into the war, *ermany was the most friendly co!ntry in the world towards the $ews, indeed the
*erman <manciation <dict of @322 g!aranteed $ews in *ermany all civil rights en#oyed by
Also, *ermany was the only co!ntry in <!roe which did not lace restrictions on $ews, even
giving them ref!ge when they had to flee from R!ssia after their first attemted )omm!nist co!
failed there in @90C"
Eevertheless, the Rothschilds had held ! their side of the bargain to sill the blood of millions
of innocents and as a res!lt, 4alestine is confirmed as a $ewish homeland, and whilst its
handover to the Rothschilds takes lace it is to remain !nder the control of 'ritain as the
Rothschilds control 'ritain" At that time less than one ercent of the o!lation of 4alestine was
$ewish" 2nterestingly, the host of the 7ersailles eace conference is its boss, 'aron <dmond de
The 7ersailles eace conference is also !sed as an attemt by the Rothschilds to set ! a world
government !nder the rete0t of ending all wars (which they create)" This was called the,
9Geag!e of Eations": ;ort!nately not eno!gh co!ntries acceted it and so it soon died"
>n .arch 29th The Times of Gondon reorts on the 'olsheviks in R!ssia,
9>ne of the c!rio!s feat!res of the 'olshevist movement is the high ercentage of non R!ssian
elements among its leaders" >f the twenty or thirty commissaries, or leaders, who rovide the
central machinery of the 'olshevist movement, not less than +C1 were $ews": 2t is reorted that
the Rothschilds were angry with the R!ssians beca!se they were not reared to allow them to
form a central bank within their nation" They therefore gathered gro!s of $ewish sies and sent
them into R!ssia to dr!m ! a revol!tion for the benefit of the common man, which was act!ally
a takeover of R!ssia by a Rothschild controlled satanic elite" These $ewish sies were, in age
old decetive Ashkena&i tradition, given R!ssian names, for e0amle Trotsky was a member of
the first gro! and his original name was 'ronstein" These gro!s were sent to areas
thro!gho!t R!ssia to incite riots and rebellion"
The $ewish 4ost 2nternational <dition, week ending $an!ary 2,th @99@, confirms 7ladimir Genin
was $ewish" Genin is also on record as having stated,
9The establishment of a central bank is 901 of comm!ni&ing a nation": These $ewish,
Rothschild f!nded 'olsheviks wo!ld go on in the co!rse of history to sla!ghter B0 million
)hristians and Eon5$ews in (oviet controlled territory" 2ndeed the a!thor Aleksandr
(ol&henitsyn in his work, 9*!lag Archielago, 7ol 2,: affirms that Iionist $ews created and
administered the organi&ed (oviet concentration cam system in which these tens of millions of
)hristians and Eon5$ews died" >n age +9 of this book he even names the administrators of
this the greatest killing machine in the history of the world" They are Aron (olts, /akov
Raoort, Ga&ar %ogan, .atvei 'erman, *enrikh /agoda, and Eaftaly ;renkel" All si0 are
Iionist $ews" 2n @9+0 (ol&henitsyn wo!ld be awarded the Eobel 4eace 4ri&e for literat!re"
E" ." Rothschild Q (onsD are given a ermanent role to fi0 the worldDs daily gold rice" This
takes lace in the )ity of Gondon offices, daily at @@00 ho!rs, in the same room !ntil 200,"
@9208 6inston )h!rchill (whose mother, $enny ($acobson) $erome, was $ewish meaning he is
$ewish !nder Ashkena&i law as he was born of a $ewish mother) writes in an article in the
2ll!strated (!nday Herald, dated ;ebr!ary 3th,
9;rom the days of 2ll!minati leader 6eisha!t, to those of %arl .ar0, to those of Trotsky, this
worldwide consiracy has been steadily growing" And now at last this band of e0traordinary
ersonalities from the !nderworld of the great cities of <!roe and America, have gried the
R!ssian eole by the hair of their heads and become the !ndis!ted masters of that enormo!s
@92@8 Hnder the orders of $acob (chiff the )o!ncil on ;oreign Relations ();R) is fo!nded by
Ashkena&i $ews, 'ernard 'ar!ch and )olonel <dward .andell Ho!se" (chiff gave his orders
rior to his death in @920, as he knew an organisation in America needed to be set ! to select
oliticians to carry on the Rothschild consiracy,and the formation of the );R was act!ally
agreed in a meeting on .ay A0, @9@9 at the Hotel .a#estic in 4aris, ;rance" The );R
membershi at the start was aro0imately @000 eole in the Hnited (tates" This membershi
incl!ded the heads of virt!ally every ind!strial emire in America, all the American based
international bankers, and the heads of all their ta0 free fo!ndations" 2n essence all those eole
who wo!ld rovide the caital re?!ired for anyone who wished to r!n for )ongress, the (enate
or the 4residency"
The first #ob of the );R was to gain control of the ress" This task was given to $ohn -"
Rockefeller who set ! a n!mber of national news maga&ines s!ch as Gife, and Time" He
financed (am!el Eewho!se to b!y ! and establish a chain of newsaers all across the
co!ntry, and <!gene .eyer also who wo!ld go on to b!y ! many !blications s!ch as the
6ashington 4ost, Eewsweek, ant The 6eekly .aga&ine"
The );R also needed to gate control of radio, television and the motion ict!re ind!stry" This
task was slit amongst the international bankers from, %!hn Goeb, *oldman (achs, the
6arb!rgs, and the Gehmanns"
@92C8 This yearDs $ewish <ncycloaedia, states of the e0istence of Ashkena&i $ews (who
reresent aro0imately 901 of so5called world $ewry), with the startling admission that the so
called enemy of the $ews, <sa! (also known as <dom, see *enesis AB8@), now act!ally
reresents the $ewish race, when on age ,2 of 7ol!me 7 it is stated,
9<dom is in modern $ewry": (o what theyDre basically saying is that these Ashkena&i $ews, who
reresent 901 of the so5called $ewish o!lation, are act!ally gentiles or goyim themselves"
@92B8 E" ." Rothschild Q (ons refinance the Hndergro!nd <lectric Railways )omany of
Gondon Gtd which has a controlling interest in the entire Gondon Hndergro!nd transort system"
.a!rice de Rothschild has a son, <dmond de Rothschild"
@9298 The Rothschilds crash the Hnited (tates economy by contracting the money s!ly"
@9A08 The first Rothschild world bank, the, 9'ank for 2nternational (ettlements ('2(),: is
established in 'asle, (wit&erland" The same lace as where AA years earlier the first ever 6orld
Iionist )ongress was held"
@9AA8 >n $an!ary A0, Adolf Hitler becomes )hancellor of *ermany" He drives $ews, many of
which were )omm!nist o!t of *overnmental ositions within *ermany" As a res!lt of this, in
$!ly, the $ews hold a 6orld )onference in Amsterdam d!ring which they demand that Hitler re5
instate every $ew back to his former osition"
Hitler ref!ses and as a res!lt of this, (am!el Hntermyer, the Ashkena&i $ew who blackmailed
4resident 6ilson,and is now the head of the American delegation and the resident of the
whole conference, ret!rns to the Hnited (tates, and makes a seech on radio which was
transcribed in the ;rom the Eew /ork Times, .onday, A!g!st +, @9AA" 2n the seech he made
the following statements,
9Vthe $ews are the aristocrats of the worldV>!r camaign isVthe economic boycott against all
*erman goods, shiing and servicesV6hat we are roosingVis to rosec!te a !rely
defensive economic boycott that will !ndermine the Hitler regime and bring the *erman eole
to their senses by destroying their e0ort trade on which their very e0istence deendsV V<ach
of yo!, $ew and *entile alikeVm!st ref!se to deal with any merchant or shokeeer who sells
any *erman5made goods or who atroni&es *erman shis or shiing":
As two thirds of *ermanyDs food s!ly had to be imorted, and co!ld only be imorted with the
roceeds of what they e0orted, if *ermany co!ld not e0ort, two thirds of *ermanyDs
o!lation wo!ld starve, as there wo!ld be not eno!gh food for more than one third of the
o!lation" As a res!lt of this boycott, $ews thro!gho!t America, wo!ld rotest o!tside and
damage any stores in which they fo!nd any rod!cts with, 9.ade in *ermany,: rinted on them,
ca!sing stores to have to d!m these rod!cts or risk bankr!tcy"
>nce the effects of this boycott began to be felt in *ermany, the *ermans, who had
demonstrated no violence towards the $ews ! to this oint, simly began boycotting $ewish
stores in the same way the $ews had done to stores selling *erman rod!cts in America"
Rothschild financed 2'., s!ly machines to the Ea&is which rod!ce !nch cards to hel
organi&e and manage the initial identification and social e0!lsion of $ews, the confiscation of
their roerty and their e0termination"
>n Eovember @B, 4resident Roosevelt recogni&es the Iionist regime of (talin in R!ssia witho!t
cons!ltation with )ongress even as 3,000 Hkrainians march in rotest in Eew /ork"
Also this year, 4resident Roosevelt, born of a $ewish mother, therefore satisfying Ashkena&i
r!les of being $ewish, orders the all5 seeing eye to be laced !on all new dollar bills along with
the motto, 9Eov!s >rdo (eclor!m": This is latin for, 9A Eew >rder of the Ages":
@9A,8 (wiss banking secrecy laws are reformed and it becomes an offence res!lting in
imrisonment for any bank emloyee to violate bank secrecy" This is all in rearation for the
Rothschild engineered (econd 6orld 6ar in which as !s!al they will f!nd both sides"
<dmond de Rothschild dies"
@9AB8 6ith regard to the increase in anti5semitism in *ermany, (am!el Gandman (at the time,
secretary to the 6orld Iionist >rganisation), in his @9AB book, *reat 'ritain, The $ews, and
4alestine states the following of the Hnited (tates entry into 6orld 6ar @,
9The fact that it was $ewish hel that bro!ght H(A into the 6ar on the side of the Allies has
rankled ever since in *erman esecially Ea&i minds, and has contrib!ted in no small meas!re
to the rominence which anti5(emitism occ!ies in the Ea&i rogramme": @9A38 >n +th
Eovember, a $ew, Herschel *ryns&an, assassinated <rnst vom Rath, a minor official at the
*erman <mbassy in 4aris" As a res!lt of this *erman hostility towards $ews in *ermany started
to t!rn violent" The Rothschilds A!strian banking ho!se in 7ienna, (" ." von Rothschild !nd
(Khne, closes following the Ea&i occ!ation of A!stria"
@9A98 2"*" ;arben the leading rod!cer of chemicals in the world and largest *erman rod!cer
of steel dramatically increases its rod!ction" This increased rod!ction is almost e0cl!sively
!sed to arm *ermany for the (econd 6orld 6ar" This comany was controlled by the
Rothschilds and wo!ld go on to !se $ews and other disaffected eoles as slave labo!r in the
concentration cams" 2"*" ;arben also created the lethal Iyklon ' gas that was !sed to
e0terminate the $ews"
>n @ (etember, the (econd world war starts when *ermany invades 4oland" This was
beca!se the *erman leadershi were a )hristian leadershi, who !nderstood that (oviet
R!ssia was led by Rothschild f!nded )omm!nists, and they feared that as the (oviet Hnion
grew in strength, these $ewish )omm!nists wo!ld invade and wie all the )hristians off the
@9,08 Hans#!rgen %oehler in his book, 92nside The *estao,: states the following, of .aria Anna
(chicklgr!ber, Adolf HitlerDs grandmother,
9A little servant girl"came to 7ienna and became a domestic servant"at the Rothschild
mansion"and HitlerDs !nknown grandfather m!st be robably looked for in this magnificent
ho!se": This is backed ! by 6alter Ganger in his book, 9The .ind >f Hitler,: in which he states,
9AdolfDs father, Alois Hitler, was the illegitimate son of .aria Anna (chicklgr!ber".aria Anna
(chicklgr!ber was living in 7ienna at the time she conceived" At that time she was emloyed as
a servant in the home of 'aron Rothschild" As soon as the family discovered her regnancy she
was sent back home"where Alois was born": >n the s!rface, it wo!ld aear Hitler was !nlikely
to be a Rothschild, b!t then again, when yo! discover the benefits that the Rothschilds got o!t
of this war, both financially and olitically, a Rothschild connection does not aear as
o!tlandish as it may initially seem" @9,@8 4resident Roosevelt takes America into the second
world war by ref!sing to sell $aan any more steel scra or oil" $aan was in the midst of a war
against )hina and witho!t that scra steel and oil, $aan wo!ld be !nable to contin!e that war"
$aan was totally deendent !on the Hnited (tates for both steel scra and oil" Roosevelt
knew this action wo!ld rovoke the $aanese to attack America, which they s!bse?!ently did at
4earl Harbor"
@9,28 4rescott '!sh, father of f!t!re American 4residentsD *eorge Herbert 6alker and *eorge
6, has his comany sei&ed !nder the, 9Trading 6ith The <nemy,: Act" He was f!nding Hitler
from America, whilst American soldiers were being killed by *erman soldiers"
Must See: Video: Gog and Magog in the Modern Age
$ews are also being sla!ghtered by these same soldiers" 2nterestingly the A-G never critici&es
any of the '!shes for this"
@9,A8 ;ebr!ary @3th, Iionist, 2&aak *reenba!m, head of the $ewish Agency Resc!e
)ommittee, in a seech to the Iionist <0ec!tive )o!ncil states,
92f 2 am asked, co!ld yo! give from the H$A (Hnited $ewish Aeal) monies to resc!e $ews, 2
say, no and 2 say again noO: He wo!ld go onto state, 9>ne cow in 4alestine is worth more than
all the $ews in 4olandO: This is not a s!rrise, the whole idea of Iionist s!ort for the sla!ghter
of innocent $ews was to scare the s!rvivors into believing that their only lace of safety was
2srael" How else do yo! think the Iionists co!ld ens!re $ews leave the bea!tif!l <!roean cities
in which they live, in order to settle in a desertO @9,,8 >n B Eovember Gord .oyne, 'ritish
.inister Resident in the .iddle <ast was assassinated in )airo by two members of the $ewish
terrorist gro!, the (tern *ang, led by f!t!re 4rime .inister of 2srael, /it&hak (hamir" He is also
resonsible for an assassination attemt against Harold .ac.ichael, the High )ommissioner of
the 'ritish .andate of 4alestine, this same year"
2nterestingly he also masterminds another s!ccessf!l assassination this year against the Hnited
Eations reresentative in the .iddle <ast, )o!nt ;olke 'ernadotte who, altho!gh he had
sec!red the release of 2@,000 risoners from *erman cams d!ring 6orld 6ar 22, was seen by
/it&ak (hamir and his terrorist collaborators as an anti5Iionist"
2n 'retton 6oods, Eew Hamshire, two f!rther Rothschild world banks are created"
The 2nternational .onetary ;!nd (2.;), and the 6orld 'ank"
@9,C8 The end of the (econd 6orld 6ar" 2t is reorted that 2"*" ;arben lants were secifically
not targeted in the bombing raids on *ermany" 2nterestingly at the end of the war, they were
fo!nd to have only s!stained @C1 damage"
The trib!nals held at the end of the (econd 6orld 6ar, to investigate Ea&i 6ar )rimes,
censored any materials recording 6estern assistance to Hitler"
The Rothschilds take a giant ste towards their goal of world domination when the second,
9Geag!e of Eations,: called the, 9Hnited Eations,: was aroved this year"
@9,B8 >n $!ly 22 the f!t!re 4rime .inister of 2srael, Ashkena&i $ew, -avid 'en5*!rion, orders
another f!t!re 4rime .inister of 2srael, Ashkena&i $ew, .enachem 'egin, to carry o!t a terrorist
attack on the %ing -avid Hotel in 4alestine, to try and drive o!t the 'ritish" As a res!lt of this 9@
eole were killed, most of them civilians8 23 'ritish, ,@ Arabs, @+ $ews, and C others" Aro!nd
,C eole are in#!red"
.enachem 'egin went on to ro!dly roclaimed himself as, 9the father of modern terrorism":
$!st to !t the gravity of the attack on the %ing -avid Hotel into ersective, it was at the time
the biggest death toll as a res!lt of single terrorist action ever and was only s!rassed over forty
years later by the 'ombing of 4an Am flight @0A over Gockerbie"
@9,+8 The 'ritish who rior to 6orld 6ar 2 declared that there wo!ld be no more immigration of
$ews to 4alestine in order to rotect the 4alestinians from their acts of terror against both them
and 'ritish soldiers, transfer control of 4alestine to the Hnited Eations" The Hnited Eations
resolve to have 4alestine artitioned into two states, one &ionist and one arab, with $er!salem
to remain as an international &one to be en#oyed by all religio!s faiths"
This transfer was sched!led to take lace on .ay @C, @9,3" The Hnited Eations had no right to
give Arab roerty to anyone, as indeed even tho!ght the $ews owned B1 of 4alestine at that
time, resol!tion @3@ granted the $ews C+1 of the land leaving the Arabs who at that time had
9,1 with only ,A1"
2nformation collected by the A-G in its sy oerations on H( citi&ens is !sed by the Ho!se
(elect )ommittee on Hnamerican Activities" (!bcommittee )hair )lare Hoffman dismisses the
A-GDs reorts on s!sected comm!nists as 9hearsay":
@9,38 2n the (ring of this year, the Rothschilds bribe 4resident Harry (" Tr!man (AArd
4resident of the Hnited (tates @9,C @9CA) to recognise 2srael (Rothschild owned Iionist not
$ewish territory) as a sovereign state with J2,000,000 which they give to him on his camaign
They then declare 2srael to be a sovereign $ewish state in 4alestine and within half an ho!r
4resident Tr!man declared the Hnited (tates to be the first foreign nation to recognise it"
The ;lag of 2srael is !nveiled" -esite tremendo!s oosition the emblem on the flag is a bl!e
colo!red version of the Rothschild, 9Red He0agram or (ign":
This angers many $ews who realise this He0agram was !sed in the ancient mystery religions as
the symbol of, 9.oloch,: (described as a demon of !nwilling sacrifice and is also interestingly
the name of the stone owl the elite worshi at 'ohemian *rove), and, 9Astaroth,: (described as
the Gord Treas!rer of Hell)"
The He0agram was also !sed to reresent (at!rn, which has been identified as the esoteric
name for, 9(atan": This indicates that anyone killed in the name of 2srael is act!ally a sacrifice to
(atan" These dissenting $ews believe the, 9.enorah,: the oldest $ewish symbol sho!ld be !sed
and ointed o!t that the He0agram is not even a $ewish symbol, b!t of co!rse as the Rothschild
Iionists !se it that is what ends ! on the Rothschild, 2 mean Iionist, 2 mean 2sraeli flag"
2n the early ho!rs of Aril @9, @A2 $ewish terrorists from the 2rg!n gang, led by f!t!re 2sraeli
4rime .inister.enachem 'egin, and the (tern gang, led by f!t!re 2sraeli 4rime .inister /it&hak
(hamir, br!tally massacre 200 men, women and children as they are sleeing eacef!lly in the
Arab village of -eir /assin"
;ollowing the Hnited Eations transfer of 4alestine to an indeendent $ewish state and an
indeendent Arab state on .ay @C, the 2sraelis la!nched a military assa!lt on the Arabs with
blaring lo!dseakers on their tr!cks informing the Arabs that if they did not flee immediately,
they wo!ld be sla!ghtered"
300,000 Arabs with the recent memory of the -eir /assin massacre at the forefront of their
minds, fled in anic" They asked for hel from nighbo!ring Arab states, b!t those states did not
get involved as they were no match for the 2sraelis whose ! to date military hardware had been
s!lied by the $ewish (talinist regime in R!ssia" ;ollowing this assa!lt, the $ews now
controlled +31 of the former 4alestine as oose to the C+1 that had been given to them
illegally by the Hnited Eations"
The 4alestinians, many of them )hristians, were never aid comensation for their homes,
roerty and b!sinesses stolen from them d!ring this illegal $ewish assa!lt, and these eole
ended ! in sl!m ref!gee cities of tents" ;!thermore at least half of the 4alestinians in their
h!rry to flee, left their birth certificates behind" The (tate of 2srael then assed a law that only
those who co!ld rove citi&enshi were allowed to ret!rn to 2srael, th!s meaning these ,00,000
4alestinians co!ld not ret!rn and lost all their roerty they had left there"
Ashkena&i $ew, -avid 'en5*!rion, one of the father fo!nders of 2srael and its first 4rime
.inister, candidly describes Iionist aims in his diary (2@ .ay @9,3) as follows,
9The Achilles heel of the Arab coalition is the Gebanon" .!slim s!remacy in this co!ntry is
artificial and can easily be overthrown" A )hristian (tate o!ght to be set ! there, with its
so!thern frontier on the river Gitani" 6e wo!ld sign a treaty of alliance with this (tate" Th!s
when we have broken the strength of the Arab Gegion and bombed Amman, we co!ld wie o!t
Trans5$ordan, after that (yria wo!ld fall" And if <gyt still dared to make war on !s, we wo!ld
bomb 4ort (aid, Ale0andria and )airo"
6e sho!ld th!s end the war and wo!ld have b!t aid to <gyt, Assyria and )haldea on behalf
of o!r ancestors": @9,98 >n >ctober @, .ao Tse Ts!ng declares the fo!nding of the 4eoleDs
Re!blic >f )hina in Tiananmen (?!are, 'ei#ing" He is f!nded by Rothschild created
)omm!nism in R!ssia and also the following Rothschild agents8 (olomon Adler, a former
Hnited (tates Treas!ry official who was a (oviet (y= 2srael <stein, the son of a $ewish
'olshevik imrisoned by the Tsar in R!ssia for trying to forment a revol!tion there= and ;rank
)oe, a leading official of the Rothschild owned 2.;" @9C08 2srael asses their law of ret!rn,
g!aranteeing every $ew worldwide the right to dwell in the state of 2srael, however the
4alestinians even tho!gh they had lived there for @A00 years, were denied that right"
$ohn -avitt, former chief of the $!stice -eartmentDs internal sec!rity section notes that the
2sraeli intelligence service is the second most active in the Hnited (tates after the (oviets and of
co!rse both 2srael and the (oviet Hnion are r!n by an Ashkena&i $ewish leadershi"
@9C@8 >n @ Aril the 2sraeli (ecret 2ntelligence Agency the .ossad, which will go on to terrori&e
the world, is formed" The motto of the .ossad is robably the most disg!sting secret service
motto in the world, it is,
9'y 6ay >f -ecetion, Tho! (halt -o 6ar":
@9CA8 E" ." Rothschild Q (ons fo!nd the 'ritish Eewfo!ndland )ororation Gimited to develo
B0,000 s?!are miles of land in Eewfo!ndland, )anada, which comrised a ower station to
harness the ower of the Hamilton (later renamed )h!rchill) ;alls" At the time this was the
largest constr!ction ro#ect ever to be !ndertaken by a rivate comany"
@9C,8 9The Gavon Affair": 2sraeli agents recr!it <gytian citi&ens of $ewish descent to bomb
6estern targets in <gyt, and lant evidence to frame Arabs, in an aarent attemt to !set
AmericanW<gytian relations" 2sraeli defense minister, Ashkena&i $ew, 4inhas Gavon is
event!ally removed from office, tho!gh many think real resonsibility lay with -avid 'en5*!rion"
A hidden microhone lanted by the 2sraelis is discovered in the >ffice of the H( Ambassador
in Tel Aviv"
@9CC8 <dmond de Rothschild fo!nds )omagnie ;inanciere, 4aris"
@9CB8 Telehone tas are fo!nd connected to two telehones in the residence of the H( military
attachP in Tel Aviv"
@9C+8 $ames de Rothschild dies and it is reorted (by the Rothschild owned media) that he
be?!eaths a large s!m of money to the state of 2srael to ay for the constr!ction of their
arliament b!ilding, the %nesset" He states that the %nesset sho!ld be,
9a symbol, in the eyes of all men, of the ermanence of the (tate of 2srael": >n age 2@9 of his
book, 9Tales of the 'ritish Aristocracy,: G"*" 4ine, the <ditor of '!rkeDs 4eerage, states that the
$ews, 9have made themselves so closely connected with the 'ritish eerage that the two
classes are !nlikely to s!ffer loss which is not m!t!al" (o closely linked are the $ews and the
lords that a blow against the $ews in this co!ntry wo!ld not be ossible witho!t in#!ring the
aristocracy also": .a!rice de Rothschild dies in 4aris" @9B28 de Rothschild ;rMres establishes
2mPtal as an !mbrella comany for all their mineral mining interests"
;rederic .orton !blishes his book, The Rothschilds, in which he states,
9Tho!gh they control scores of ind!strial, commercial, mining and to!rist cororations, not one
bears the name Rothschild" 'eing rivate artnershis, the family ho!ses never need to, and
never do, !blish a single !blic balance sheet, or any other reort of their financial condition":
This attit!de reveals the tr!e aim of the Rothschilds, to eliminate all cometition and create their
own worldwide monooly" @9BA8 >n $!ne ,th 4resident $ohn ;" %ennedy (the ACth 4resident of
the Hnited (tates @9B@ @9BA) signs <0ec!tive >rder @@@@0 which ret!rned to the H"("
government the ower to iss!e c!rrency, witho!t going thro!gh the Rosthchilds owned ;ederal
Gess than B months later on Eovember 22nd , resident %ennedy is assassinated by the
Rothschilds for the same reason as they assassinated 4resident Abraham Gincoln in @3BC, he
wanted to rint American money for the American eole, as oose to for the benefit of a
money grabbing war mongering foreign elite"
This <0ec!tive >rder @@@@0, is rescinded by 4resident Gyndon 'aines $ohnson (the ABth
4resident of the Hnited (tates @9BA to @9B9) on Air ;orce >ne from -allas to 6ashington, the
same day as 4resident %ennedy was assassinated"
Another, and robably the rimary, reason for %ennedyDs assassination is however, the fact that
he made it ?!ite clear to 2sraeli 4rime .inister, -avid 'en5*!rion, that !nder no circ!mstances
wo!ld he agree to 2srael becoming a n!clear state" The 2sraeli newsaer HaDaret& on ;ebr!ary
C, @999, in a review of, Avner )ohenDs book, 92srael and the 'omb,: states the following,
9The m!rder of American 4resident $ohn ;" %ennedy bro!ght to an abr!t end the massive
ress!re being alied by the H"(" administration on the government of 2srael to discontin!e the
n!clear rogramVThe book imlied that, had %ennedy remained alive, it is do!btf!l whether
2srael wo!ld today have a n!clear otion": <dmond de Rothschild establishes Ga )omagnie
;inanciMre <dmond de Rothschild (G);), in (wit&erland as a vent!re caital ho!se" This later
develos into an investment bank and asset management comany with many affiliates" He
also marries his wife Eadine and they have a son, 'en#amin de Rothschild" @9BC8 2srael illegally
obtains enriched !rani!m from EH.<) (E!clear .aterials and <?!iment )ororation)"
@9B+8 The treatment of the 4alestinians by the Iionist $ews, finally ignites eno!gh anger in the
Arab world for <gyt, $ordan and (yria to mobilise on 2sraelDs borders" All of these three
co!ntries are s!ddenly attacked by 2srael and as a res!lt the (inai which incl!ded *a&a was
stolen from <gyt, and the 6est 'ank and the $ordan River stolen from $ordan"
As a res!lt of this, on $!ne 3, the 2sraelis la!nch an attack on the H(( Giberty with 2sraeli
aircraft and motor toredo boats, in an effort to blame it on <gyt, to bring America into the war
on their side, and of co!rse follow to the letter, their .ossad motto,
9'y 6ay >f -ecetion, Tho! (halt -o 6ar":
As a res!lt of their attack, A, American servicemen were killed and @+, wo!nded" 2srael lies as
!s!al, claiming it mistook this warshi that was flying a large Hnited (tates flag, for an ancient
o!t5of5 service <gytian horse carrier <l X!seir, that was @30 feet shorter" They also claim the
shi was in the war &one, when it was act!ally in international waters, far from any fighting" The
2sraeliDs attack on this warshi lasts for +C min!tes d!ring which time they shoot ! one of the
Hnited (tates flags, res!lting in the sailors deserately raising another one"
2n the aftermath of this attack, the American sailors who s!rvived are warned by the Hnited
(tates military not to disc!ss the matter with anyone d!e to, 9national sec!rity": This story gets
no rominence in the Rothschild controlled mainstream media and as !s!al 2srael is in no way
even reb!ked for their crimes by their s!bservient co!ntry of America"
The following day, $!ne 9th, 2srael illegally occ!ies the *olan Heights which it sei&es from
(yria" This area goes on to rovide 2srael with one third of its fresh water"
2sraeli *eneral .atityah! 4eled, is ?!oted in HaDaret& (@9 .arch @9+2) with the following
9The thesis that the danger of genocide was hanging over !s in $!ne @9B+ and that 2srael was
fighting for its hysical e0istence is only bl!ff, which was born and develoed after the war":
Another sickening and decetive statement b!t again at least heDs consistent with the .ossad
motto, 9'y 6ay >f -ecetion, Tho! (halt -o 6ar": de Rothschild ;rMres is renamed 'an?!e
Rothschild" @9B38 EoPmie Halhen, wife of .a!rice de Rothschild dies"
@9+08 6hile working for (enator Henry 9(coo: $ackson, Ashkena&i $ew, Richard 4erle is
ca!ght by the ;'2 giving classified information to 2srael" Eothing is done"
'ritish 4rime .inister <dward Heath makes Gord 7ictor Rothschild the head of his olicy !nit"
6hilst he is in that role 'ritain enters the <!roean )omm!nity"
@9+A8 2n his book, Eone -are )all 2t )onsiracy, *ary Allen states,
9>ne ma#or reason for the historical blacko!t on the role of the international bankers in olitical
history is the Rothschilds were $ewish "The $ewish members of the consiracy have !sed an
organisation called The Anti5-efamation Geag!e (A-G) as an instr!ment to try and convince
everyone that any mention of the Rothschilds and their allies is an attack on all $ews"
2n this way they have stifled almost all honest scholarshi on international bankers and made
the s!b#ect taboo within !niversities"
Any individ!al or book e0loring this s!b#ect is immediately attacked by h!ndreds of A-G
comm!nities all over the co!ntry" The A-G has never let the tr!th or logic interfere with its highly
rofessional smear #obs
"Act!ally, nobody has a right to be more angry at the Rothschild cli?!e than their fellow $ews
"The Rothschild emire heled finance Adolf Hitler"::
*eorge $" Ga!rer an emloyee of the Rothschilds controlled 2'., invents the H4) (Hniversal
4rod!ct )ode) barcode which will event!ally be laced !on every item traded worldwide and
bear the n!mber, BBB" The 'ook of Revelation, )hater @A, 7erse @+ thro!gh @3, states the
following in relation to this n!mber, 9And that no man might b!y or sell, save he that had the
mark, or the name of the beast, or the n!mber of his name" Here is wisdom" Get him that hath
!nderstanding co!nt the n!mber of the beast8 for it is the n!mber of a man= and his n!mber is
(i0 h!ndred threescore and si0":
The whole (atanic aims of the Rothschilds are now in f!ll view of the world, everything bo!ght
or sold carries the mark of the beast, BBB" E" ." Rothschild Q (ons 'ritish Eewfo!ndland
)ororation, )h!rchill ;alls ro#ect in Eewfo!ndland, )anada, is comleted"
E" ." Rothschild Q (ons also create a new asset management art of the comany which
traded worldwide" This event!ally became, Rothschild 4rivate .anagement Gimited"
<dmond de Rothschild, a great5grandson of $acob ($ames) .ayer Rothschild, bo!ght the cr!
bo!rgeois estate of )hTtea! )larke in 'ordea!0"
@9+B8 Ashkena&i $ew, Harold Rosenthal, aide to Ashkena&i $ew, (enator $acob $avits, states,
9.ost $ews do not like to admit it, b!t o!r god is G!cifer": @9+38 Ashkena&i $ew, (tehen 'ryen,
then a (enate ;oreign Relations )ommittee staffer, is overheard in a 6ashington -")" hotel
offering confidential doc!ments to to 2sraeli military officials" 'ryen obtains a lawyer, Eathan
Gewin, and the case heads for the grand #!ry, b!t is mysterio!sly droed" 'ryen later goes to
work for Richard 4erle"
@9+98 The <gytian52sraeli eace treaty in @9+9 was !nderwritten by Hnited (tates aid which
ledged JA billion ann!ally to 2srael from the Hnited (tates ta0ayer (not even a dro in the
ocean when yo! consider the amo!nt they make off the ;ederal Reserve)"
(hin 'et (the 2sraeli internal sec!rity agency) tries to enetrate the H( )ons!late *eneral in
$er!salem thro!gh a 9Honey Tra:, !sing a clerical emloyee who was having an affair with a
$er!salem girl"
'aron and 'aroness 4hillii de Rothschild in a #oint vent!re with Robert .ondavi, begin the
constr!ction of a yramid in Eaa 7alley, )alifornia, where the leaderWfo!nder of the )h!rch >f
(atan, Ashkena&i $ew, Anton Ga7ey, was based" This is known as >!s @ (which means, the
first work), and the front for this temle is that it is a winery"
@9308 The global henomenon of rivatisation starts" The Rothschilds are behind this from the
very beginning in order to sei&e control of all !blicly owned assets worldwide"
@93@8 'an?!e Rothschild is nationalised by the ;rench government" The new bank is called,
)omagnie <!roPenne de 'an?!e" The Rothschilds s!bse?!ently set ! a s!ccessor to this
;rench bank, Rothschild Q )ie 'an?!e (R)'), which goes on to become a leading ;rench
investment ho!se"
@9328 ;rom (etember @B to @3, f!t!re 4rime .inister of 2srael and then -efence .inister,
Ashkena&i $ew, Ariel (haron, orchestrates 2sraelDs invasion of Gebanon, which rovided ariel
lighting in order to facilitate the killing of between @000 and 2000 men, women and children in
the (abra and (hatila massacres"
@93C8 <!stace .!llins !blishes, 96ho >wns The T7 Eetworks,: in which he reveals the
Rothschilds have control of all three ma#or H"(" Eetworks, which are8 E')= )'(= and A')"
The Eew /ork Times reorts the ;'2 is aware of at least a do&en incidents in which American
officials transferred classified information to the 2sraelis, ?!oting (former Assistant -irector of the
;"'"2") Raymond 6annal" The $!stice -eartment does not rosec!te"
Richard (myth, the owner of .2G)>, is indicted on charges of sm!ggling n!clear timing devices
to 2srael"
E" ." Rothschild Q (ons advise the 'ritish government on the rivatisation of 'ritish *as" They
s!bse?!ently advise the 'ritish government on virt!ally all of their other rivatisations of state
owned assets incl!ding8 'ritish (teel= 'ritish )oal= all the 'ritish regional electricity boards= and
all the 'ritish regional water boards"
A 'ritish .4 heavily involved in these rivatisations is f!t!re )hancellor of the <0che?!er,
Eorman Gamont, a former Rothschild banker"
@93B8 .ordechai 7an!n! a technician at -imona, 2sraelDs n!clear installation, from @9+B to
@93C, discovers that the lant was secretly rod!cing n!clear weaons"
His conscience made him seak o!t and in @93B he rovided the Gondon (!nday Times with
the facts and hotos they !sed to tell the world abo!t 2sraelDs n!clear weaons rogramme"
His evidence showed that 2srael had stockiled ! to 200 n!clear warheads, with no debate or
a!thorisation from it own citi&ens" >n A0th (etember @93B, 7an!n! was l!red from Gondon to
Rome" There he was kidnaed, dr!gged and shied to 2srael"
After a secret trial he was sentenced to @3 years for, 9treason,: and, 9esionage,: (something
2srael are very familiar with) tho!gh he had received no ayment and had comm!nicated with
no foreign ower"
He goes on to be held in comlete isolation for @@ years, only allowed occasional visits from his
family, lawyer and a riest, cond!cted thro!gh a metal screen" Altho!gh he comletes his
sentence, the 2sraeli government contin!es to hold him against his will"
@93+8 <dmond de Rothschild creates the 6orld )onservation 'ank which is designed to
transfer debts from third world co!ntries to this bank and in ret!rn those co!ntries wo!ld give
land to this bank" This is designed so the Rothschilds can gain control of the third world which
reresents A01 of the land s!rface of the <arth"
>n Aril 2, the 6all (treet $o!rnal reveals the, 9Role of 2srael in 2ran5)ontra (candal 6onDt be
<0lored in -etail by 4anels":
@9338 The A-G initiate a nationwide cometition for law st!dents to draft anti5hate legislation for
minority gro!s" That cometition is won by a man named, $oseh Ribakoff, whose thesis
rooses that not only m!st hate motivated violence be banned, b!t also any words which
stim!late8 s!iscion= friction= hate= and ossible violence, these m!st also be criminalised"
This A-G ri&e5winning aer s!ggests that not only sho!ld state5 agencies monitor and restrict
free seech in general, b!t they sho!ld also censor all films that critici&e identifiable gro!s"
;!rthermore, even if the erson making the statement can #!stify it, for e0amle )hristians
critici&ing homose0!ality beca!se the bible e0ressly forbids it, Ribakoff asserts that the tr!th is
to be no defence in co!rt"
The only roof a co!rt will need in order to sec!re a conviction of hate seech is that something
has been said, and a minority gro! or member of s!ch gro! has felt emotionally damaged as
a res!lt of s!ch criticism" Therefore, !nder these roosals which the A-G will have forced into
law all over the world less than @C years later, $es!s )hrist wo!ld have been arrested as a hate
This law is designed to rotect the Rothschild consiracy from being revealed in that if yo!
critici&e the Rothschilds criminal cabal, yo! will be targeted as anti5semitic, and th!s risk
4hilie de Rothschild dies"
@9398 .any of the satellite states in <astern <!roe, thro!gh the infl!ence of *lasnost, become
more oen in their demands of freedom from )omm!nist governance in their Re!blics"
.any revol!tions haen in @939, most of them involving the overthrow of their resective
)omm!nist governments and the relacement of them with Re!blics"
Th!s, the hold the )omm!nists had over <astern <!roe (the 2ron )!rtain) becomes very weak"
<vent!ally, as a res!lt of 4erestroika and *lasnost, )omm!nism collases, not only in the
(oviet Hnion b!t also in <astern <!roe"
2n R!ssia, 'oris /eltsin (whose wife is the da!ghter of $oseh (talinDs marriage to Rosa
%aganovich) and the Re!blican government takes stes to end the ower of the )omm!nist
arty by s!sending and banning the arty and sei&ing all their roerty"
This symbolised the fall of )omm!nism in R!ssia, and res!lted in the start of a mass e0od!s of
+00,000 $ews from the former (oviet Hnion to 2srael"
2n the 2sraeli $o!rnal, Hotam (2, Eovember @939), there is a reort of a seech that then 2sraeli
-e!ty ;oreign .inister, Ashkena&i $ew, 'inyamin Eetanyah!, gave to st!dents at 'ar 2lan
Hniversity in which he states,
92srael sho!ld have e0loited the reression of the demonstrations in )hina, when world
attention foc!sed on that co!ntry, to carry o!t mass e0!lsions among the Arabs of the
territories": The Gondon and 4aris Rothschilds anno!nce the la!nch of a new s!bsidiary,
Rothschild *mbH, in ;rankf!rt, *ermany" @99@8 ;ollowing the 2ra?i invasion of %!wait on
A!g!st 2, @990, on $an!ary @B of this year the Hnited (tates and 'ritain began an aerial
bombing camaign of targets within 2ra?" >n 2, ;ebr!ary the gro!nd camaign commenced
which was to last @00 ho!rs !ntil on ;ebr!ary 23 when a horrendo!s war crime occ!rred"
This crime was the sla!ghter of @C0,000 2ra?i troos with f!el air bombs" These 2ra?is were
fleeing on a crowded highway from %!wait to 'asra" 4resident *eorge Herbert 6alker '!sh
ordered Hnited (tates military aircraft and gro!nd !nits to kill these s!rrendering troos, they
were then b!lldo&ed into mass !nmarked graves in the desert, some still alive"
4resident '!sh then ordered a cessation of hostilities" 6hat was the significance of this
sla!ghter and 4resident '!sh declaring the war over on this dayS 6ell it was the day the, 9-ay
of 4!rim,: fell on this year" This the day the $ews celebrate their victory over Ancient 'abylon,
now based within the borders of 2ra? and a day when the $ews are enco!raged to get bloody
revenge against their erceived enemies"
At the 'ilderberg )onference on $!ne B to 9 of this year, in 'aden5 'aden, *ermany, -avid
Rockefeller (a Rothschild) made the following statement,
96e are gratef!l to the 6ashington 4ost, the Eew /ork Times, Time .aga&ine, and other great
!blications whose directors have attended o!r meetings and resected their romises of
discretion for almost ,0 years" 2t wo!ld have been imossible for !s to develo o!r lan for the
world, if we had been s!b#ected to the lights of !blicity d!ring those years" '!t the world is now
more sohisticated and reared to march towards a world government" The s!er5national
sovereignty of an intellect!al elite and world bankers is s!rely referable to the national a!to5
determination ractised in ast cent!ries":
@9928 2n .arch, former ;ederal Reserve 'oard )hairman, 4a!l A" 7olker became )hairman of
the <!roean banking firm, $" Rothschild, 6olfensohn and )o" (tehen 'ryen, ca!ght offering
confidential doc!ments to 2srael in @9+3, is serving on board of the ro52sraeli $ewish 2nstit!te
for Eational (ec!rity Affairs while contin!ing as a aid cons!ltant, with sec!rity clearance, on
e0orts of sensitive H( technology"
9The (amson >tion,: by (eymo!r ." Hersh reorts,
92llicitly obtained intelligence was flying so vol!mino!sly from GA%A. (a secret 2sraeli
intelligence !nit, a Hebrew acronym for (cientific Giaison '!rea!) into 2sraeli intelligence that a
secial code name, $H.'>, was added to the sec!rity markings already on the doc!ments"
There were strict orders, Ari 'en5.enashe recalled, 9Anything marked $H.'> was not
s!osed to be disc!ssed with yo!r American co!nterarts": The 6all (treet $o!rnal reorts
that 2sraeli agents aarently tried to steal Recon >tical 2ncDs to5secret airborne sy5camera
system" >n (etember @Bth 'ritainDs o!nd collases when c!rrency sec!lators led by
Rothschild agent, Ashkena&i $ew, *eorge (oros, borrow o!nds and sell them for -e!tsche
.arks, in the e0ectation of being able to reay the loan in deval!ed c!rrency and to ocket the
This res!lts in the 'ritish )hancellor of the <0che?!er, Eorman Gamont, anno!ncing a rise in
interest rates of C1 in one day and as a res!lt drives 'ritain into a recession which lasts many
years as large n!mbers of b!sinesses fail and the ho!sing market crashes"
This is right on c!e for the Rothschilds, after they had rivatised 'ritainDs state owned assets
d!ring the @930Us, driven the share rice !, and then collased the markets so they co!ld b!y
them ! for ennies on the o!nd, a carbon coy of what Eathan .ayer Rothschild did to the
'ritish economy @30 years before, in @3@2"
2t cannot be overstated that the )hancellor of the <0che?!er at that time, Eorman Gamont, rior
to becoming a .4, was a .erchant 'anker with E" ." Rothschild and (ons, who he #oined after
reading <conomics at )ambridge"
@99A8 Eorman Gamont leaves the 'ritish government to ret!rn to E" ." Rothschild and (ons as
a director, after his mission to collase the 'ritish economy to rofit the Rothschilds is
;ormer )ongressman, 4a!l ;indley !blishes his seminal book, -eliberate -ecetions8 ;acing
the ;acts Abo!t the H"(" 2sraeli Relationshi"
2n this book he lists the BC Hnited Eations .ember Resol!tions against 2srael from the eriod
@9CC to @992, and the A0 Hnited (tates vetoes on 2sraelDs behalf which if not made wo!ld have
seen 2srael have 9C resol!tions against them at this oint"
Eo matter, even with 2sraelDs !et the Hnited (tates heling them terrorise others, the BC
Resol!tions assed against 2srael are more than all the Resol!tions assed against all other
co!ntries combined"
Eot that 2srael care too m!ch abo!t the views of the Hnited Eations when yo! consider that less
than two weeks after 2sraelDs attack on the H(( Giberty (an attack designed to sink the Giberty
and blame it on <gyt romting the H(A into a war with <gyt on behalf of 2sraeli Gies,
remember the .ossad motto, 9'y 6ay >f -ecetion, Tho! (halt -o 6ar:), the 2sraeli ;oreign
.inister, Aba <ban, stated of the Hnited Eations,
92f the *eneral Assembly were to vote by @2@ votes to @ in favor of, 92srael,: ret!rning to the
armistice lines (re $!ne @9B+ borders), 92srael,: wo!ld ref!se to comly with the decision,: Eew
/ork Times @9 $!ne @9B+" The A-G is ca!ght oerating a massive sying oeration on critics
of 2srael, Arab5Americans, the (an ;rancisco Gabor )o!ncil, 2G6H Gocal @0, >akland
<d!cational Association, EAA)4, 2rish Eorthern Aid, 2nternational 2ndian Treaty )o!ncil, the
Asian Gaw )a!c!s and the (an ;rancisco 4olice" -ata collected was sent to 2srael and in some
cases to (o!th Africa" 4ress!re from $ewish organi&ations forces the city to dro the criminal
case, b!t the A-G settles a civil laws!it for an !ndisclosed s!m of cash"
@99C8 ;ormer atomic energy scientist, -r %itty Gittle claims the Rothschilds now control 301 of
the worldDs !rani!m s!lies giving them a monooly over n!clear ower"
The -efense 2nvestigative (ervice circ!lates a memo warning H( military contractors that,
92srael aggressively collects (H() military and ind!strial technology": The reort stated that 2srael
obtains information !sing, 9ethnic targeting, financial aggrandi&ement, and identification and
e0loitation of individ!al frailties,: of H( citi&ens" @99B8 A *eneral Acco!nting >ffice reort,
9-efense 2nd!strial (ec!rity8 6eaknesses in H( (ec!rity Arrangements 6ith ;oreign5>wned
-efense )ontractors,: fo!nd that according to intelligence so!rces, 9)o!ntry A,: (identified by
intelligence so!rces as 2srael, 6ashington Times, 22 ;ebr!ary @99B), 9cond!cts the most
aggressive esionage oeration against the Hnited (tates of any H( ally": A df file of the reort
is here8 www"gao"govWarchiveW@99BWns9B0B,"df An !nformated te0t version is here8
The $er!salem 4ost (A0 A!g!st @99B) ?!oted the reort, 9:)lassified military information and
sensitive military technologies are high5riority targets for the intelligence agencies of this
co!ntry": The reort described, 9An esionage oeration r!n by the intelligence organi&ation
resonsible for collecting scientific and technologic information for (2srael) aid a H(
government emloyee to obtain H( classified military intelligence doc!ments": The 6ashington
Reort on .iddle <ast Affairs ((hawn G" Twing, Aril @99B) noted that this was,
9a reference to the @93C arrest of $onathan 4ollard, a civilian H( naval intelligence analyst who
rovided 2sraelDs GA%A. esionage agency an estimated 300,000 ages of classified
H( intelligence information": www"washington5reort"orgWbackiss!esW0,9BW9B0,0@,"htm
The *A> reort also noted that, 9(everal citi&ens of (2srael) were ca!ght in the Hnited (tates
stealing sensitive technology !sed in man!fact!ring artillery g!n t!bes":
An >ffice of Eaval 2ntelligence doc!ment, 96orldwide )hallenges to Eaval (trike 6arfare:
reorted that,
9H( technology has been ac?!ired (by )hina) thro!gh 2srael in the form of the Gavi fighter and
ossibly (A. (s!rface5to5air) missile technology": $aneDs -efense 6eekly (23 ;ebr!ary @99B)
noted that, 9!ntil now, the intelligence comm!nity has not oenly confirmed the transfer of H(
technology (via 2srael) to )hina": The reort noted that this, 9reresents a dramatic ste forward
for )hinese military aviation": (;light 2nternational, @A .arch @99B)" Amschel Rothschild, ,@, is
strangled with the heavy cord of his own towel robe in his hotel room in 4aris" ;rench 4rime
.inister orders the ;rench 4olice to close their investigation, and, R!ert .!rdoch, born of a
$ewish mother and so a $ew by Ashkena&i standards, instr!cts his editors and news managers
aro!nd the world to reort it as a heart attack, if they need to reort it at all"
>n @2 .ay Hnited Eations Ambassador and Ashkena&i $ew, .adeleine Albright, when
aearing on B0 .in!tes, was asked the following by corresondent Gesley (tahl, in reference
to the years of Hnited (tates led economic sanctions against 2ra?,
96e have heard that half a million children have died" 2 mean, that is more children than died in
Hiroshima" And, yo! know, is the rice worth itS: To which Ambassador Albright relied, 92 think
that is a very hard choice, b!t the rice, we think, the rice is worth it": Her comments ca!se no
!blic o!tcry" 2n fact, the holoca!st of half a million 2ra?i children is ositively admired by
the Hnited (tates government when yo! consider less than 3 months later, 4resident )linton
aointed Albright as secretary of state" 6hilst aearing before the (enate )ommittee, who
were considering her aointment, Albright is literally choming at the bit for the blood of more
2ra?i children and she states, 96e will insist on maintaining to!gh HE sanctions against 2ra?
!nless and !ntil that regime comlies with relevant (ec!rity )o!ncil resol!tions": @99+8 An Army
mechanical engineer, Ashkena&i $ew, -avid A" Tenenba!m, 9inadvertently,: gives classified
military information on missile systems and armored vehicles to 2sraeli officials (Eew /ork
Times, 20 ;ebr!ary @99+)" The 6ashington 4ost reorts H( intelligence has interceted a
conversation in which two 2sraeli officials had disc!ssed the ossibility of getting a confidential
letter that then5(ecretary of (tate 6arren )hristoher had written to 4alestinian leader /asser
>ne of the 2sraelis, identified only as, 9-ov,: had commented that they may get the letter from,
9.ega,: the code name for 2sraelDs to agent inside the Hnited (tates"
H( ambassador to 2srael, .artin 2ndyk, comlains rivately to the 2sraeli government abo!t
heavy5handed s!rveillance by 2sraeli intelligence agents"
2sraeli agents lace a ta on Ashkena&i $ew and da!ghter of a Rabbi, .onica GewinskyDs,
hone at the 6atergate and record hone se0 sessions between her and 4resident 'ill )linton"
The %en (tarr reort confirms that )linton warned Gewinsky their conversations were being
taed and ended the affair" 2nterestingly, at the same time, the ;'2Ds h!nt for, 9.ega,: is called
>n 29 >ctober <dmond de Rothschild dies in *eneva" 2nterestingly on the e0act same day
Anton (&andor Ga7ey, the fo!nder of the )h!rch of (atan also dies, who in his book, 9(atan
(eaks,: he states in relation to The 4rotocols >f The <lders >f Iion,
9The first time 2 read the 4rotocols of the <lders of Iion, my instinctive reaction was, (o whatDs
wrong with THATS 2snDt that the way any master lan sho!ld workS -oesnDt the !blic deserve L
nay, demand L s!ch desotismS: %ofi Annan becomes (ecretary *eneral to the Hnited Eations"
He is married to Eane Gagergren, a Rothschild, who he wed in @93," @9938 The <!roean
)entral 'ank is set ! in ;rankf!rt, the city from which the Rothschilds originate"
20008 *eorge 6" '!sh is elected (so they tell me) 4resident of the Hnited (tates" '!sh and his
family claim to be descendants of the Ho!se of 4lantagenet which is descended from the Royal
Ho!se of $!dah"
200@8 >n (etember @@th the attack on the 6orld Trade )enter is orchestrated by 2srael with
the comlicity of 'ritain and America, !nder the orders of the Rothschilds as a rete0t for
removing the liberty of eole worldwide in e0change for sec!rity, #!st as haened with the
Reichstag fire in *ermany where the citi&ens were lied to in order to give ! liberty for sec!rity"
They also will !se the attacks to gain control of the few nations in the world who donDt allow
Rothschild central banks and so less than one month after these attacks, H( forces attack
Afghanistan, one of only + nations in the world who donDt have a Rothschild controlled central
Gess than a week before the 95@@ attack on C (etember, the so5called lead hi#acker .ohamed
Atta and several other hi#ackers made a still5 !ne0lained visit onboard one of 4ro 2sraeli
lobbyist, Ashkena&i $ew, $ack AbramoffDs casino boats"
Eo investigation is !ndertook as to what they were doing there" 2t is discovered that H( dr!g
agentsD comm!nications have been enetrated" (!sicion falls on two comanies, A.->)(
and )omverse 2nfosys, both owned by 2sraelis" A.->)( generates billing data for most H(
hone comanies and is able to rovide detailed logs of who is talking to whom"
)omverse 2nfosys b!ilds the taing e?!iment !sed by law enforcement to eavesdro on all
American telehone calls, b!t s!sicion forms that )omverse 2nfosys, which gets half of its
research and develoment b!dget from the 2sraeli government, has b!ilt a back door into the
system that is being e0loited by 2sraeli intelligence and that the information gleaned on H(
dr!g interdiction efforts is finding its way to dr!g sm!gglers"
The investigation by the ;'2 leads to the e0os!re of the largest foreign sy ring ever
!ncovered inside the Hnited (tates, oerated by 2srael" Half of the s!sected sies have been
arrested when 95@@ haens"
>n 95@@, C 2sraelis are arrested for dancing and cheering while the 6orld Trade Towers
collase" (!osedly emloyed by Hrban .oving (ystems, the 2sraelis are ca!ght with m!ltile
assorts and a lot of cash"
Two of them are later revealed to be .ossad" As witness reorts track the activity of the 2sraelis,
it emerges that they were seen at Giberty 4ark at the time of the first imact, s!ggesting a
foreknowledge of what was to come" The 2sraelis are interrogated, and then event!ally sent
back to 2srael"
The owner of the moving comany !sed as a cover by the .ossad agents abandons his
b!siness and flees to 2srael" The Hnited (tates *overnment then classifies all of the evidence
related to the 2sraeli agents and their connections to 95@@"
All of this is reorted to the !blic via a fo!r art story on ;o0 Eews by )arl )ameron" 4ress!re
from $ewish gro!s, rimarily A24A), forces ;o0 Eews to remove the story from their website"
Two ho!rs rior to the 95@@ attacks, >digo, an 2sraeli comany with offices #!st a few blocks
from the 6orld Trade Towers, receives an advance warning via the internet"
The manager of the Eew /ork >ffice rovides the ;'2 with the 24 address of the sender of the
message, b!t the ;'2 does not follow this !" The ;'2 is investigating C 2sraeli moving
comanies as ossible fronts for 2sraeli intelligence"
2t is revealed that rior to the attack millions of dollars of !t otions on both American Airlines
and Hnited Airlines, were traded" The ;'2 have romised to followed the !rchasers !, b!t
have never revealed their findings" That is beca!se this wo!ld lead directly to 2srael, the state
behind the 9@@ attacks"
;ollowing the 6orld Trade )enter attack, anonymo!s letters containing anthra0 are sent to
vario!s oliticians and media e0ec!tives" Gike the 95@@ attack this is immediately blamed on Al5
Xaeda , !ntil it is discovered that the anthra0 contained within those letters is a secific tye of
weaoni&ed anthra0 made by a Hnited (tates military laboratory"
The ;'2 then discover that the main s!sect for these anthra0 letters is a Ashkena&i $ew, -r"
4hili Iack, who had been rerimanded several times by his emloyers d!e to offensive
remarks he made abo!t Arabs" -r" 4hili Iack, was ca!ght on camera entering the storage
area where he worked at ;ort -etrick which is where the Anthra0 was ket" At this oint, both
the ;'2 and the mainstream media stoed making any !blic comments on the case"
$ewish -efence Geag!e )hairman since @93C, Ashkena&i $ew, 2rv R!bin is #ailed for allegedly
lotting to bomb a mos?!e and the offices of a Arab5American congressman" He dies shortly
after slitting his throat in a s!icide attemt, before he can be bro!ght to trial"
>ne week rior to the 6T) attack, the Iim (hiing )omany moves o!t of its offices in the
6T), breaking its lease and costing the comany JC0,000" Eo reason has ever been given, b!t
Iim (hiing )omany is half owned by the (tate of 2srael (The Rothschilds)"
>n >ctober A, 2sraeli 4rime .inister, Ariel (haron, makes the following statement to Ashkena&i
$ew, (himon 4eres, as reorted on %ol /israel radio"
9<very time we do something yo! tell me America will do this and will do thatV"2 want to tell yo!
something very clear, donDt worry abo!t American ress!re on 2srael" 6e, the $ewish eole,
control America, and the Americans know it": 20028 6ebsterDs Third Eew 2nternational
-ictionary (Hnabridged), re5 rinted in 2002, rovides a new definition of Anti (emitism which
has not been !dated since @9CB" 2t reads, 9Anti5(emitism8 (@) hostility toward $ews as a
religio!s or racial minority gro!, often accomanied by social, olitical or economic
discrimination (2) oosition to Iionism (A) symathy for the oonents of 2srael": 2t was
definition (2) and (A) that were added in the 2002 edition, #!st before the H(A decide to invade
2ra? !nder orders from the (tate of Rothschild, 2 mean 2srael" Also this year, the 4rime .inister
of 2srael, war criminal, Ariel (haron, orders the massacre in the $enin ref!gee cam in the 6est
'ank" 'est get that definition !dated to rotect these criminals" The -<A iss!es a reort that
2sraeli sies, osing as art st!dents, have been trying to enetrate H( *overnment offices"
4olice near the 6hidbey 2sland Eaval Air (tation in so!thern 6ashington (tate sto a
s!sicio!s tr!ck and detain two 2sraelis, one of whom is illegally in the Hnited (tates" The two
men were driving at high seed in a Ryder rental tr!ck, which they claimed had been !sed to,
9deliver f!rnit!re":
The ne0t day, olice discovered traces of TET and R-F military5grade lastic e0losives inside
the assenger cabin and on the steering wheel of the vehicle" The ;'2 then anno!nces that the
tests that showed e0losives were, 9false ositived,: by cigarette smoke, a claim test e0erts
say is ridic!lo!s"
'ased on an alibi rovided by a woman, the case is closed and the 2sraelis are handed over to
2E( to be sent back to 2srael" >ne week later, the woman who rovided the alibi vanishes"
200A8 The Hnited (tates invade 2ra? on @9 .arch, which this year is the holy, 9-ay of 4!rim,: in
the $ewish calendar" This, 9-ay of 4!rim,: is a day the $ews celebrate their victory over Ancient
'abylon, now based within the borders of 2ra?, how interesting"
6hat is also significant is that the revio!s H"(" led invasion of 2ra? ended on the -ay of 4!rim
ten years earlier with the sla!ghter of @C0,000 fleeing 2ra?is !nder the c!rrent 4residentDs father,
*eorge Herbert 6alker '!sh" 4!rim is also the time when the $ews are enco!raged to get
bloody revenge against their erceived enemies"
Ancient 'abylon, 2 mean 2ra?, is now one of si0 nations left in the world who donDt have a
Rothschild controlled central bank" This war is mainly abo!t stealing 2ra?Ds water s!ly for
2srael and is being fo!ght with the blood of the American military which the (tate of Rothschild, 2
mean 2srael control"
2srael has always str!ggled for water, it had to steal the *olan Heights from (yria which
rovided 2srael with one third of its fresh water AB years before, yet still in 2srael water e0traction
has s!rassed relacement by 2"C billion metres in the last 2C years"
This means the water is far more recio!s to them than the oil reserves which are the second
largest reserves of oil on the lanet"
.alaysian 4rime .inister .ahathir .ohamed states in a seech,
9$ews r!le the world by ro0y" They get others to fight and die for them": The 4olice )hief of
)lo!dcroft stos a tr!ck seeding thro!gh a school &one" The drivers t!rn o!t to be 2sraelis with
e0ired assorts" )laiming to be movers, the tr!ck contains #!nk f!rnit!re and several bo0es"
The 2sraelis are handed over to immigration" The contents of the bo0ers are not revealed to the
2srael deloys assassination s?!ads into other co!ntries, incl!ding the Hnited (tates" The H(
*overnment does not rotest"
200,8 Two years into an investigation of A24A)Ds (The American 2srael 4!blic Affairs
)ommittee the largest olitical lobbying gro! in the H(A with over BC,000 members whose
only !rose is to !se the H(A for the !roses of 2srael) ossible role as a sy front for 2srael,
Ashkena&i $ew, Garry ;ranklin, a mid5level 4entagon Analyst is observed by the ;'2
giving classified information to two officials of A24A) s!sected of being 2sraeli sies"
A24A) hires lawyer Eathan Gewin to handle their legal defense, the same lawyer who defended
s!sected 2sraeli sy (tehen 'ryen in @9+3" Garry ;ranklin worked in the 4entagon >ffice of
(ecial 4lans, r!n by Richard 4erle, at the time 4erle (who was ca!ght giving classified
information to 2srael back in @9+0) was insisting that 2ra? was crawling with weaons of mass
destr!ction re?!iring the Hnited (tates to invade and con?!er 2ra?"
There were no 6.-s, of co!rse, and 4erle has d!med the blame for the, 9bad intelligence,:
on *eorge Tenet" '!t what is known is that the 4entagon >ffice of (ecial 4lans was
coordinating with a similar gro! in 2srael, in Ariel (haronDs office"
6ith two s!sected 2sraeli sies (at least) inside the office from which the lies that la!nched the
war in 2ra? originated, it aears that the eole of the Hnited (tates are the victims of a deadly
hoa0, a hoa0 that started a war !sing the blood and money of American citi&ens for the
!roses of 2sraeli oression"
The leaking of the investigation of A24A) to the media on A!g!st 23th, 200, gave advance
warning to other sies working with ;ranklin" The damage to the ;'2Ds investigation was
comleted when Hnited (tates Attorney *eneral $ohn Ashcroft ordered the ;'2 to sto all
arrests in the case"
Gike the (tehen 'ryen case and the h!nt for, 9.ega,: this latest sy scandal seems destined
by officials who have their own secret allegiances to rotect, barring a massive !blic o!tcry"
4olice near the E!clear ;!el (ervices lant in Tennessee sto a tr!ck after a three mile chase,
d!ring which the driver throws a bottle containing a strange li?!id from the cab" The drivers t!rn
o!t to be 2sraelis !sing fake identifications" The ;'2 ref!ses to investigate and the 2sraelis are
Two 2sraelis try to enter %ings 'ay Eaval (!bmarine 'ase, home to eight Trident s!bmarines"
The tr!ck tests ositive for e0losives"
The Eational -irector of the A-G, Abraham H" ;o0man, !blishes a book entitled, 9Eever
AgainS The Threat >f The Eew Anti5(emitism,: in which he states that the Eew TestamentDs
9lie,: that the ancient 4harisees were resonsible for the death of )hrist, has been resonsible
for anti5semitism thro!gho!t the millennia and th!s the Eew Testament of the bible is, 9hate
seech,: and sho!ld be censored or banned"
200C8 >n $an!ary 20, 4resident '!sh makes the following statement as art of his second
ina!g!ral address, 96hen o!r ;o!nders declared a new order of the ages": This is not tr!e" The
fo!nders did not declare a, 9new order of the ages,: 4resident Roosevelt did when in @9AA, he
!t itDs latin translation, 9Eov!s >rdo (eclor!m,: on the dollar bill"
>n + $!ly the Gondon Hndergro!nd Eetwork is bombed" 2sraelDs ;inance .inister, 'inyamin
Eetanyah! is in Gondon on the morning of the attacks in order to attend an economic
conference in a hotel over the !ndergro!nd station where one of the blasts occ!rred, b!t stayed
in his hotel room instead after he had been informed by 2sraeli intelligence officials attacks were
There are now only C nations on the world left witho!t a Rothschild controlled central bank8 2ran=
Eorth %orea= (!dan= )!ba= and Gibya"
4hysics 4rofessor, (tehen <" $ones of 'righam /o!ng Hniversity !blishes a aer in which
he roves the 6orld Trade )enter b!ildings co!ld have only been bro!ght down in the manner
they were by e0losives" He receives no coverage in the mainstream media for his scientific and
rovable claims"
200B8 The <dmond -e Rothschild 'an?!e, a s!bsidiary of <!roeDs <dmond -e Rothschild
family bank gro! in ;rance, becomes the first foreign family bank that has obtained aroval of
the )hina 'anking Reg!latory )ommission and entered )hinaDs financial market"
The A-G r!thlessly leans on governments thro!gho!t the world to ass hate crimes legislation,
as they are scared that the criminal cabal that is 2srael and the Rothschilds is being e0osed
more and more on a daily basis, redominantly on the internet" Their #ob is to rotect this
criminal network and what better way to do it than by assing laws in which anyone who
e0oses a $ewish criminal becomes a criminal"
-avid 2rving is sentenced to three years in #ail in A!stria, for denying the holoca!st" 2t is
imortant to note that the only historical event yo! can be arrested for ?!estioning is the
holoca!st" This is beca!se this has been the Rothschilds greatest weaon in brainwashing
/>H, TH< (TH42- *>/O is that the $ews are so oor and ersec!ted when in act!al fact they
control the vast ma#ority of international finance and international cororations thro!gho!t the