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BesTV Indonesia is an affiliate to BesTV International, a subsidiary of Shanghai Media Group (SMG), China.
BesTV Indonesia and BesTV International are principally engaged in the provision of technical content and
marketing services for TV, computer and mobile terminals through media source platforms. The Company's
main business includes Internet protocol television (IPTV), mobile, smart television and network video,
broadcasting integration movie, television and multimedia production business.
BesTV China is also the pioneer and founder of Chinese IPTV business model in 2005 and has already grown
into the world's largest IPTV operator with more than 20 million effective IPTV users in China.
BesTV International operates its business in North Asia, Southeast Asia and Africa. BesTV has worked
enthusiastically to develop comprehensive strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers through close
cooperation, with the purpose of building the bridge between television and telecommunications industry,
sharing industry opportunities and realizing common development and keeping that in mind
BesTV Indonesia has partnered with Home Digital Media, a subsidiary of Home Cable Network [P] Limited
who is: An independent Delhi based MSO and a Class B ISP in India, spearhead by Mr. Vikki Choudhry the
visionary entrepreneur & Managing Director of Home Cable Network [P] Limited.
BesTV and Home Digital Media have joined hands in a strategic partnership to launch their OTT (Over the
Top)/ IPTV services launched globally that will be targeting the 25 Million Indian Diaspora living outside of
India by using the CDN Content Delivery Network of Akamai & Octoshape that has already been
integrated and successfully tested, BesTV and Home Digital Media have been working in close association
on this partnership project for the past 3 years now and have rolled out its global OTT services on the
various application platforms of Intan, MyTVapp, Relay TV and Home Digital Anytime/Anywhere TV.
This strategic association will provide Live TV channels, Movies and Music on Demand content through
various applications specially developed for Android, iOS, 3GPP and Windows with a tailored solution of
push and lev transcode made for low bandwidth with adaptive bitrates supporting multi format live
streaming for the Aviation and the Maritime Industry. Targeting about 90 Million passengers, travelling
every month. Where passengers on ships and Airlines can also watch excellent quality Live TV Indian and
International content on their handheld tablets, ipads and laptops while on the move.
Home Digital has a worldwide footprint through its Sillicon valley headquartered technology partner
company Gaian Solutions with R&D development Centres in India & China. Where Gaian is, a leading edge
media technology platform company that caters to all aspects of the content distribution, content
streaming, DRM, and also STB solution for delivery over Cable, Satellite, OTT and IPTV platforms.
For more information or clarification,
Hairi Soewarso + 6583395269 Email :
Vikki Choudhry + 91 98111 44467 Email:
Chandra Kotaru + 1 (415) 885-9569 Email: