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Your partner in world-class healthcare

Sime Darby Healthcare Sdn Bhd
Lot 2, Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang
Seksyen U2, 40150 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan,

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Sime Darby Healthcare is a world class medical group with a truly Asian touch. Armed
with years of growing local medical institutions into internationally accredited
institutions, Sime Darby Healthcare combines a well blend of Asian perspective to
modern hospital management and administration.

Sime Darby Healthcare Group (SDH) is a business division of one of Southeasts largest
conglomerates, Sime Darby Berhad which has a global presence in more than 20
countries. The Healthcare Group, one of the 6 divisions of the conglomerate, comprises
four medical centres and a nursing and health sciences college.

1. Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya(SDMC SJ) a multi-disciplinary tertiary
hospital and houses a world class Cancer & Radio surgery Centre.
2. Sime Darby Medical Centre Ara Damansara (SDMC AD) - a tertiary centre of
excellence for brain, heart, joints and spine.
3. Sime Darby Specialist Centre Megah [SDSC M] a day care ambulatory centre.
4. Sime Darby Medical Centre ParkCity [SDMC PC] to be a dedicated tertiary
Women & Child Centre.
5. Sime Darby Nursing & Health Sciences College [College] an up and rising
medical sciences college.

What do we provide in Management & Consultancy?

As a key player in the local and regional medical industry, Sime Darby Healthcare has
more than 26 years experience managing its flagship hospital, Sime Darby Medical
Centre Subang Jaya (SDMC SJ). The Management &Consultancy division is made up of
experienced healthcare professionals.
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We undertake to help investors who are planning to build hospitals, operators who want
to manage their facilities more effectively and efficiently, and hospital administrators
who wish to improve the quality of care for the patients they serve. Our advisory
services are provided in the following categories:

Design and Planning
Design and layout of a new or existing medical facility to achieve operational
efficiency and patient safety.
Medical equipment needs appropriate for the services provided
Manpower planning, recruitment and labour productivity improvement

Operation and Administration
Design patient / customer-centric work processes
Operating policies and procedures development
Nurse competency enhancement and implementation of good nursing
Patient safety practices using the international standard of JCI (Joint
Commission International) as a guide
Corporate and clinical governance leadership structure
Hospital Management Information System system selection and
Human resource training and development, including customer service skills

Marketing and Customer Service Management
Strategies for marketing, branding and communication
Customer service excellence and complaint management
Cultural transformation to help employees embrace change in an increasingly
competitive healthcare environment

Quality and Risk Management
Risk management, incident investigation and root cause analysis
Emergency response plans, e.g. Code Red (Fire), Code Blue (CPR)
Hospital performance measurement
Quality tools
Accreditation to JCI

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Why choose Sime Darby Healthcare?

Sime Darby Healthcare is committed to the delivery of patient care with the best clinical
and comprehensive customer-focused healthcare services. At a glance we are backed by
all these and more:-
1. Our people we have a pool of the best talents in the country running our
2. Our care we provide customer-focused service delivered with genuine care
and integrity.
3. Our services we are an established JCI accredited healthcare provider in
Malaysia with multiple quality awards.
4. Our consultants we have with us the key opinion leaders in their field of
expertise, overseas-trained and extremely innovative medical professionals.
5. Our technology we have invested in highly sophisticated and current
medical facilities to ensure world class diagnostics excellence and treatment

Our Experience in Management &Consultancy Services

Sime Darby Healthcares (SDH) venture into management & consultancy began in
1986 when it secured a contract with Malaysias largest petroleum company,
Petronas to manage its ambulatory care clinic in the east coast of Malaysia. Besides
seeing to the healthcare needs of its employees and their families, SDH also handles
emergency evacuation for its off-shore operation up to today.

In recent times, SDH was appointed by Hoan My Medical Corporation (HMMC), a
private hospital group in Vietnam that owns six hospitals, two International Clinics, a
Women Breast Center and Healthcare Management Organization Corporation. HMMC
is currently building a new Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City which it will open before end
of 2012. SDH was to guide the Hoan Mys management team to set up the new
hospital which was then under construction. Its project scope includes a review of
layout plan of the new hospital, recommend the appropriate medical equipment,
manpower plan, recruitment and training needs analysis, patient safety practices in
accordance with the JCI Standard, and much more. SDH recently completed its
contract after the hospital group was bought over by Fortis. All in all, SDH spent
eight months on the project with positive results which HMMC deeply appreciated.

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More about Sime Darby Healthcare facilities

1. Sime Darby Medical Centre Subang Jaya

This is the flagship hospital of the Group. It started operations in 1985 as a community
based hospital servicing the suburbs of Kuala Lumpur. Over the years, it has grown to a
leading multi-disciplinary tertiary hospital in the country and the Asia Pacific region.
Along the way, it has earned the trust of being the leading private healthcare facility and
achieving accolades via local and international awards and accreditations

Brief overview:

ISO-accredited; multiple award winning 393-bed private hospital in Selangor,
Major awards include the Prime Ministers Quality Award (1998 and 2003), The
International Asia Pacific Quality Award (2000), Malaysia Branded Service
Champion Award 2009 (category: hospital) and Malaysia Business Ethics
Excellence Recognition Award 2010 (category: large organizations).
Regional referral centre for niche services, such as complex cancer treatments,
epilepsy surgery, vascular and interventional radiology, bone marrow transplants,
advanced laparoscopic weight-loss surgery, endoscopic spine surgery, minimally
invasive computer-assisted joint replacement surgery, urology, infertility
management and diagnostic cytogenetics.
Forefront of medical technology in the country, boasting the latest state-of-the-
art systems such as the 64-slice PET/CT scanner, 3-Tesla MRI, 3D High Dose Rate
brachy therapy, Dual Source CT scanner and Tomo Therapy Hi-Art system for
cancer treatment.
Achieved various clinical and surgical milestones in the fields of adult cardiac
surgery, paediatric liver transplant, cancer therapies and interventional radiology.
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Medical & surgical day centre providing a broad spectrum of specialist services at
affordable rates in Petaling Jaya.
Wide range of services such as cardiology, general medicine, obstetrics and
gynaecology, ENT, paediatrics, urology, cosmetic surgery, etc.
Well-supported by modern operating theatres, endoscopy, laboratory, pharmacy
and radiological facilities.
Centre of Excellence for womens health: Menstrual Clinic, Breast Imaging Centre,
Womens Wellness Programmes and Day-Care Cosmetic Surgeries.
ISO 9001:2008 accredited.


One of the pioneers in nursing education in Malaysia.
For the past 15 years, the College has an average annual pass rate of 98% for
examinations conducted by the Malaysian Nursing board.
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Distinction of bagging the Seri Zamrud Excellent Nurse Award from the Ministry
of Health Malaysia, in 2007.
Programmes offered - Diploma in Nursing, Diploma in Nursing (Assistant Nurse
Conversion programme), Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, Diploma in
Physiotherapy, Post-Diploma Professional Certificate in Peri-Operative Nursing,
Post-Diploma Professional Certificate in Critical Care Nursing, Post-Graduate
Certificate in Teaching Methodology, English Language Proficiency Programme,
Basic Healthcare Course and First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Skills


Centre of Excellence for brain, heart and spine & joint diseases; opening in
January 2012.
220-bed private medical centre in Ara Damansara, Selangor Darul Ehsan.
comprehensive and dedicated Brain Centre in the country.
Offers Stroke Clinic, comprehensive epilepsy management programme, EEG
studies laboratory & state-of-the-art equipment for early diagnostic and
treatment capabilities.
Spine & Joints Centre will focus on endoscopic spine surgeries and minimally
invasive computer-assisted total joint replacement surgeries.
Heart Centre offers the full spectrum of services ranging from cardiothoracic
surgeries to interventional cardiology and electrophysiology.
State-of-the-art Rehabilitation Unit with hydrotherapy pool, occupational therapy,
audiometry, musculoskeletal rehabilitation using wax and splints and a Child
Development Centre and speech therapy.
Services such as bedside admission (unlike the conventional admission process),
an interactive TV system in patients room, a premier lounge and separate access
to emergency consultation room and wards would be made available.
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300-bed private hospital in Desa ParkCity opening in 2012.
Centre of Excellence dedicated to comprehensive womens and childrens
healthcare with focus on breast oncology, child development and the treatment of
chronic diseases such as diabetes.

Contact us for more information

Lot 2, Jalan Lapangan Terbang Subang
Seksyen U2,40150 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan, MALAYSIA.

Tel: +(603) - 5639 1212
Fax: +(603) - 7846 0925

Your contact person:
Ms Wu Chin Huei
Vice President, Management Services
Sime Darby Healthcare Sdn Bhd

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